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KuroMaya mini fics

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I object

The subtle melody of the organ accompanies the delicate steps of a gorgeous woman as she makes her way to the center of the chapel decorated painstakingly for the occasion.

Her ash-blonde hair moves with every step she takes as if it was being rocked by a soft breeze. Her radiant smile and sparkling magenta eyes give her a mesmerizing look that takes everybody's breath away as well as it traps them in her beauty, captivating them.

They follow with their gazes the trail her wedding dress leaves behind itself until she reaches the last meters that separates her from her lover at the altar.

A slender hand is held out at her chivalrously which she gladly accepts it, smiling gratefully at her lover to get a wide and soft smile in return.

Once she finishes stepping up the last few stairs, both lovers are finally reunited at the altar of the chapel, looking at each other with a happy but timid smile on their faces.

Their hands intertwine and soon, green meets magenta, making the smile on their faces widen.

The priest clears his throat to gain the attention of the women in front of him as everybody remains silent, waiting for the ceremony that will join the ash-blonde and the pink haired girl right in front of them to begin.

 - If anyone knew why the couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace – the priest's grave voice announces, breaking the solemn atmosphere.

- I object!!

A new voice emerges from one of the benches as a woman can be seen rising up from her seat, and soon, numerous mumbles, giggles and groans can be heard simultaneously.

- Cut! Cut!

Claudine groans, bringing a hand up to cover her face in exasperation while Yachiyo giggles amused at the upcoming scene developing.

Claudine turns around and strides off the altar, marching furiously to an unabashed brunette.

- Here we go again~ – Kaoruko says naughtily, hiding her sly smirk behind her fan. Futaba just sighs heavily next to her.

- Tendou Maya – Claudine calls her name out irritated, poking Maya's chest with her finger as soon as she's in front of her – stop interrupting the rehearsals all the time.

- But ma Claudine, how could I not? Didn’t I tell you time ago that I’m a very jealous person? – Maya says unabashedly, taking Claudine’s hand to leave a chivalrous kiss on its back.

- Méchante va – Claudine mumbles, taking her hand back with a furious blush blossoming on her cheeks – it's just a play!

She huffs and turns around, afraid of embarrassing herself further if she stays any longer with Maya and also afraid of letting the brunette's charms enrapture her completely.

- I mean it Maya, stop interrupting – Claudine turns slightly around to warn Maya and glare at a giggling Kaoruko before she goes back to her position at the altar beside Yachiyo.

- I'll do my best ma Claudine but I can’t promise you anything – Maya says happily, bowing playfully with a cheeky smile on her face.

Claudine huffs again and lets Yachiyo’s soft giggle calm her down somehow.

- Are you okay? You seem a bit... worked up – Yachiyo says amusedly and Claudine can’t help but snort, glaring at her this time.

- Don’t start you too – she mumbles and Yachiyo just laughs, enjoying being able to tease her precious friend.

- Okay! Let's pick up from this take! Take number… urgh, I don't even know which one we are in anymore – the director says, pinching the bridge of her nose in desperation.

Nana laughs, filming everything in detail with her phone before zooming at the exasperated expression on Junna's face sat on her director’s chair.

The priest clears his throat once again to repeat the same words he said not many minutes ago for what feels the umpteenth time.

- If anyone knew why the couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your-

- I object!!

A loud groan can be heard as an ash-blonde glares at a certain sly brunette.

Claudine rolls up the skirt of her wedding dress to stomp furiously towards Maya who just looks at her in a mix of amusement and awe at how gorgeous she looks..

- Tendou Maya!! – Claudine yells the brunette's name angrily – I swear if you don't stop interrupting the rehearsals, I'll divorce you even before you ask me to marry you!!

She ends up saying, hitting Maya with her wedding bouquet, eliciting everybody's laughs.

- Urgh, let’s just call it a day – Junna says resigned, pinching the bridge of her nose again while Nana giggles and kisses her temple fondly.

Maya, upon hearing Junna's words, takes Claudine happily in her arms to carry her bridal style and leave the chapel as soon as she can.

- Tendou Maya! Put me on the floor right now or else-!

Claudine can’t even finish her squeaked threat as a pair of soft lips interrupts her in a greedy kiss and the brunette starts running away, carrying the ash-blonde in her arms while her laugh echoes around the place on her way out.

- Looks like we have a runaway bride – Kaoruko says laughing behind her fan and Futaba can’t help but snort amused.

- We really do.

At the end, the rehearsals and also the play therefore end up with the unexpected finale of Claudine as the runaway bride being carried out by Maya in her arms.