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Your Little Flower

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    "A clearing close in the forest you'll find

A fabulous banquet, a fairy ball

If you close your eyes and you open your mind

The veil disappears and you'll see it all”

-Gary Stadler-

Deep in the woods of Narvaria, there is a majestic kingdom where hundreds of fairies live happily together, despite everyone having a lot on their plates. The guild is ruled by one of the heirs of Apollo, Montague. He is but a cruel leader, and all the fairies dedicate every ounce of their respect to him, for he listens to every single thing uttered by the syrupy mouths belonging to the fairies, no matter the circumstances. The Kingdom of Narvaria reigns the magical side of the world by manoeuvring a wide land in the midst of the woods where green ferns grow with smooth sailing, perky mushrooms pullulating on every inch of the ruddy soils and all kinds of flowers - wild, shy or reposed flowers bloom at the shine of the sun and sleep at the murkiness of the moon.

Spring, summer, fall and winter are the four consecutive horaes established by the discerning goddesses when the earth used to be all dry and ashy. The 28th day of the lunar globe’s orbital cycle marks the birth of a new fairy, who soon will be earmarked to one of the four seasons and will join the pixies guild in rejoicing the earth under the moderation of the season’s Aine.

Louis Tomlinson, known as the Aine of Spring is nothing but the spring mother to his spring pixies. Such a lavish amount of beauty can be beheld at one single glance at his face albeit it’s hard to do just that with naked eyes - the little creature flies like there’s no tomorrow! The glass wings attached to the curve of his protruding spines carry the thumb-sized fairy from the humidity of the woods to the evanescent clouds before crossing the luminous arc in the sky. His brown hair is silkier than velvet and his skin tastes as sweet as dandelion honey, and just to add the cherry on top, Louis possesses the magnificent facial features one would die to own. Eyes shine bright like a blue halo, nose as small as a rosebud, lips and cheeks beam in the pinkest hue. And of course, he’s not a fairy without the golden glitters dropping on the ground he walks on, or maybe flies over.

“Good morning, Melody! How was your sleep? Spring has finally arrived, are you excited?” Louis greets his neighbour as soon as the lilac petals of his bellflower bloom, revealing the morning sight of Narvaria’s neighbourhood. It looks different from yesterday with no ice on the ground and fresh grass in a variety of shades instead. Sunlight starts to seep into his sleeping chamber, providing nutrients to keep his shelter strong and healthy. He flies out of the floret, leaving a trail of golden glitter behind him before landing on the green grass where Melody is standing, stacking piles of damp leaves from the winter to nurse them before they wilt. Louis helps arrange the wet leaves to their place, making the process easier for Melody. She mouths him a ‘thanks’ before stepping back, using her glowing hands to direct a gust of air to dry the leaves.

When the green hue starts to cover the leaves, signaling that they’re back to being healthy again, Louis sends his spring pixie a quick thumbs up, making her blush.

“Good morning to you too, Louis. I did sleep well, thank you. And yes, I think that if it was not for you, I would be the most excited spring fairy when I woke up and saw that the snow wasn't here anymore.” The blonde fairy jokes, making both of them giggle.

“Well, you can be as excited as you want, but be sure to make this season the best spring we’ll ever have!” His Aine mode seeps into his mood at the reminder of him having to lead the pixies for this season.

“I will try my best, and so will the others.”

“Alright, all the best for today! I gotta go check up on Zayn, he must be sleeping like a log for the whole night.”

He pushes himself up and flips his wings to start flying as Melody nods and says her goodbye, but not before she reminds him about his annual task as the Aine of the Spring - saving the May rose from wilting before the end of the season. He nods even though he knows he’s not gonna rush into doing that, Louis knows that he still has a lot of time to complete the task, it’s only the beginning of March and the end of May is a thousand miles away ahead of him.

He flies over the cherubic mushroom, twists his body through the miscanthus and curves his body below the oak’s branches for a few minutes, humming over the tumult of the fairies around the area. It’s the time for Summer, Autumn and Winter fairies to have all the time they need for rest despite still having to work to keep the kingdom safe while the Spring fairies go outside to help the humans survive throughout the season. It’s the life of the fairies, they help humans to keep the earth a happy place despite having to conceal their existence from humans’ acknowledgement.

As he flips his glass wings and breaches through the air, he feels a light force in the breeze around him and hears a small buzzing sound. He makes sure that there is no obstacle ahead of him before looking back and smiles.


Babee has always been Narvarians’ favourite pet ever since the fluffy bee was born within the petals of Montague’s favourite sunflower. Everyone’s aware of the instant attachment between her and Louis, for the Spring fairy endows endless nourishment for the flowers that provide honey for Babee. She’s one of Louis’ best friends and they live to love each other beyond infinity!

Louis throws a flying kiss towards her direction and grins when the bee fuzzes slowly.

“You’re coming with me to see Zayn, yeah? Do you miss him?”

Louis takes a small turn at a shady corner that leads to the Winter fairies’ shelters after smiling at another buzz from Babee.

He floats in the air to spot the Aine of Winter’s sleeping chamber around the crowded turf, golden glitters trailing below him. He loves the Winter fairies’ flower bed, which is adorned with white flowers that represent the pureness of the white snow that falls during winter, and the sweet Alyssums add a touch of elegance to the whole area, although he doesn’t really fancy having to take his time to find a certain Winter chamber since they all look similar and white, and the only way to differentiate the chambers is by remembering their species and sizes. Once he locates Zayn’s closed Snowdrops, Louis flies downward and whistles for Babee to follow him.

He stops in front of the petal door, signalling for Babee to wait outside for a while since she wouldn’t fit in the narrow chamber and blows a puff of air on it, making it open and revealing a sleeping figure that belongs to Zayn. Being the Winter fairy’s best friend for a really long time gives him the privilege of bursting into his sleeping chamber at any time - well at least he decides that he can do that despite Zayn’s bitchy complaints about him making too much noise when he enters the floret.

“Morning little snowman!” His chirping voice provokes the sleepy groan from Zayn who is currently curled up at the left corner of the white flower. Louis smiles at the sleeping figure, shaking his head at the Aine of Winter. “You’re really taking the rest time to a whole other level, huh?”

“Shut up Louis, I haven’t had proper sleep for three months. Soon, when Spring ends, you’re gonna end up worse than me.” Zayn mumbles groggily, eyes still closed.

“Please don’t talk about the end of Spring, it literally just started a few hours ago.” Louis feigns offence as he walks towards where Zayn is laying, throwing his small body over the Winter fairy.

Zayn lets out another groan at the new pressure on his body, grumbling about how he shouldn’t have let Louis enter his sleeping chamber so easily. Knowing that his best friend wouldn’t budge any sooner, he finally gives up on going back to sleep and starts to slide his butt up, sitting up as he rubs out all the drowsiness from his eyes. Louis pouts since it’s clear his attempt to get a morning cuddle is diminished.

“Why aren’t you out of Narvaria already, then?”

“Geez, thanks. That definitely doesn’t sound rude at all.” Louis sticks out his tongue when Zayn gives a look that says ‘you know what I mean, stop being dramatic’. “I’m here to check up on you first before searching for the gardens, and also, how was Winter?”

You see, Winter fairies are assigned by Montague to ensure that humans don’t have to go to such a degree where they can’t tolerate the thick snow and the numbing weather- it’s the fairies’ responsibility to make Winter a season that is loved by humans. They subtly hide behind chimneys while trying their best to prevent the snow from completely covering the whole house and stay awake at night to make sure the fire in houses doesn’t smother for the sake of humans’ warmth and comfort.

God may offer angels, but without fairies, the world would be a dark place for everyone.

“Eh, it was better than last year, I guess. At least I didn’t get hit by a 5 year old’s snowball this time.” Zayn smiles.

“That’s an improvement!”

They talk for a few minutes, Zayn telling him about that one time where he was trapped inside a cookie jar during Christmas and was only able to get out an hour after he was trapped, before Louis notices that he can’t control his excitement to fly across the gardens across the village not far from Narvaria anymore. Zayn lifts his eyebrow and Louis’ fidgety hands as he stops talking.

“I can tell that you’re getting bored of my winter stories already.”

“What? No-“

“I was joking, Lou. I know you can’t wait to treat those flowers again.” Zayn shakes his head with fondness written in his eyes, making the tip of Louis’ nose redden.

“Yes, I love your Winter stories but-“

“You don’t need to explain it to me, I understand. Good luck for Spring, babe.” Louis mouths him a ‘thank you’ before hugging his best friend, giggling when Zayn groans at the wet kiss he leaves on his cheek. “Don’t be too playful.”

“You know I will not, I’m a grown fairy now.” Louis huffs.

“Yeah, that’s what I mean. Don’t play around with some handsome gardener now that you’re a grown up.”

“I won’t fall in love with humans!”

“Sure, whatever you say, flower.”


The Spring fairy takes a deep breath, holding onto Babee’s fluffy body as he reaches a secluded area concealed by a wooden fence and which would take Louis a few minutes to fly over it considering its ridiculous height. He is practically breathless after crossing the huge woods that locates Narvaria. After getting out of the thick woods, he stumbled upon a rusty sign board that said ‘Alnwick Village’ and tried to skim over the small village to find any garden that needed to be nourished. It wasn’t until he was about to give up after finding out that everything was already blooming and growing healthily in the village that he finally saw a small garden where the only thing that wasn’t brown and wilted was the small patches of wild grass that barely covered the dry ground.

Just like Winter, Spring fairies also contribute in making the season not only tolerable, but also cherishable for the humans since the season of blooming flowers is known to be the fresh breath of the Earth. Humans can plant all they want, but not everyone would be able to escape from the bad ramifications. The herbs, vegetables and floras may need water and sunlight to survive, but only surviving wouldn’t make the world green. They need love and blessings from the Spring fairies and Louis is more than ready to give his all to these creatures.

“Babee, I think I’ve finally found the garden.” He speaks into the air, waiting for the slight buzz to come before he rolls up his sheer pareo so it wouldn’t get stuck on the fence. He whistles for Babee to follow him as he crosses over the white fence, flipping his glass wings when the bee is right behind him.

An upsetting whine breaks through his mouth when he is met with a clearer sight of the dead garden. As someone who’s technically been spending his whole life as a caregiver for plants, his heart plummet with a striking agony at the saggy cabbages, blackish cucumbers, rotten tomatoes and dried leaves around the garden with no traces of wild flowers.

It is as if the whole garden was intentionally poisoned because there’s no way someone who owns a garden would let such a catastrophe happen even if Winter just strided. Louis knows that even during the freezing season, the worst case scenario that he can imagine wouldn’t include the plants dooming in the most disastrous way like he’s seeing right now. This is getting very suspicious.

He flies above the huge garden, eyes stinging from the threatening tears due to the calamity below him. He sees a small house where the garden ends, it is obvious whoever owns the red brick shelter also owns the garden and needs to be held accountable for the disaster that occured to it. The golden glitter that trails below him turns glowy red- Louis feels angry. The colour of his fairy glitter changes depending on his mood. You don’t want to mess with him if the pretty but piqued sparkles are bursting out of his angry little body.

The little fairy continues to observe with a dark pink face and little pout remaining on his lips, blue eyes darting around the whole area once again as he starts planning on the steps to clear this whole mess. The garden is wider than his own scope back in the woods, and he alone has to manage it. Well, Babee is here but the most that she can do is be his entertainer.

He flutters his wings until he reaches the first section of the garden- the vegetable ridges. He bites his lip, taking a deep breath as he closes his eyes, scrounging up all the energy he has before snapping out. Louis smiles mischievously before raising both of his hands to his sides, golden halos forming above his delicate palms mixed with glitters the same shade from Louis’ body. He throws the halos towards the cabbage bridge with maximum force, a tiny scream coming out of his mouth as his small chest is pushed downwards due to the powerful throw. Luckily for him, before his face could even collide with the dirty ground, Babee has already prepared to catch him beforehand. He opens his eyes and strengthens his grip around the fluffy figure, sighing in relief when he’s still alive.

“Thank you, Babee! You’re a lifesaver.” He drops a kiss on the buzzing animal before getting off her.

He floats around the air and looks for the cabbage ridge that he tried to treat just now. His heart leaps with gaiety when the old soil has now been revitalised and looks darker, richer and full of nutrients. The wilted cabbages are no longer yellow nor mouldy, but rather green and growing as if they’ve been planted by professionals. Louis did it! His spring magic works! He’s too happy and couldn’t help the squeal that comes out of his mouth as he twirls around the garden, spreading golden glitters all around.

Cabbages are done, tomatoes next!

He moves to the next ridge, scowling at the fiery aphids that are all over the poor tomatoes. His body starts to spasm out red glitter again, feeling annoyed at the pests.

“Shoo! Shoo! You don’t belong here, grr, let the tomatoes grow!” His heart drops when the aphids ignore him, meaning he has to use a harsher way to make them disappear. He doesn’t enjoy using cruelty on animals, they’re his best friends! But… tomatoes are also his best best friends.

He pouts before he forms a halo again, this time with lesser intensity because he doesn't want to hurt the stubborn aphids, he just wants them to stop hurting the tomatoes. He throws the halo towards them, instantly making the aphids fly around and fall on the ground. He gasps.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you guys, I’m so sorry!” He worries, nibbling his lip as he watches the aphids cluelessly crawl towards the small hole under the garden fence, leaving the garden as they realise they’re unwanted. Louis bites his finger, feeling a little bad.

Babee flies through his way and switches his attention towards the next ridge- corn. Yummy, he loves corn! The corns are not entirely damaged, they are growing but they don’t look healthy. Louis tsks when he sees the pale and shrinking corn through the slit of the dry sheath, obviously the plant wasn’t getting enough water in the soil. Louis throws another halo towards the old soil, beaming when he can practically see the colour change of the dirt before a wave of air rises from the root to the shoot of the corn plant, immediately making it look healthier than it’s ever been.

He continues to fly from one ridge to another and continues to nurture the poor plants in the garden. So far, he has treated cucumbers, carrots and watermelons. However, there’s still more to go– aubergines, grapes and so on. Not to mention he hasn’t touched the flower section of the garden yet. He needs to come again on another day, as it is impossible for him to finish the entire thing at once.

He takes a deep breath after he’s done with the watermelons. There are too many ferns around the ridge, causing the watermelons to refuse to grow. But he’s taken care of it, and the watermelons are as huge as bowling balls now. His arms are hurting a little because of all of the throws he’s made, so yes, he needs to stop for now and come again soon.

He hums softly as he flies around the ridges, check marking everything that was left unattained to predict the number of days needed for him to repair the whole garden. As he nearly reached the end of the garden, he heard loud steps thrumming against the ground. Louis sees a tall, bulky man dressed in a worn out undershirt, so tight it squeezes out his already bulging biceps and a dirty pair of juniper jeans, a brown hat covering his head as he walks out from the small house near the garden. He quickly pulls Babee to hide behind an aloe vera before the man can even notice them.

“That must be the gardener who owns this poor garden!” He whispers to Babee who struggles to conceal her antennae. “I wonder why he lets this disaster happen.”

Louis keeps an eye on the beefy gardener, gasping slowly when the man turns around to check the garden. Louis is aware that humans are extremely big compared to fairies, but this man is literally the size of a monster, good thing he doesn’t look as scary as one. He’s… hunky. His features are sharp and masculine, sending shivers cursing through Louis’ body and causing his glass wings to flutter giddily.

He can feel his smooth thighs brush underneath his lime pareo as he squirms from the newfound sensation that was crawling across his skin - penchant. He can’t help but whine weakly at the thought of being squished by the calloused hand belonging to the bulky man. He wants the huge thumb to caress his body and put some pressure on him like he’s some fairy toy.

The gardener picks up a pail full of liquid fertilizers without struggling despite exhaustion written on his face. He looks rather sad for someone who has a perfect physique for a man and Louis, forever an inquisitive creature, wants nothing more than finding out the possible issues that might have caused the dreamboat to look gloomy. He forgets all about the calamity of the garden when he senses a crestfallen sigh coming out of the man’s attractive lips as he stops in front of a damaged mulberry plant. And then Louis realizes. Oh.

He’s unhappy because it is not his fault that the garden is facing such a mishap.

Louis whistles softly for Babee to follow him to escape from their hiding, cautiously flitting behind the tall grasses to keep up with the man’s steps. The Spring Aine watches as the gardener sprays some fertilizers on the soil. Louis isn’t sure what he is looking for from his inspection, but once the gardener looks up and gazes over his poor garden in sorrow, he knows that he needs to help this man. It is obvious that whatever happened to the garden was out of the gardener's control. So, he deserves Louis’ succour just as much Louis deserves to see a happy sex god- he meant gardener with a handsome smile.

The fairy decides it's time to leave as the sky seemingly darkens and he wants to be able to reach his bellflower before it shrinks for the eventide. He takes a last glance at the attractive, but desolate human before gliding over the torn plants with Babee trailing behind him, exiting the peculiar garden.


If someone asks him if it is necessary for spring fairies to tender to their respective gardens every day, then the answer is no. Each year, Louis would visit his, well not his, but the garden that he’d found to care for the whole spring season at the most three times a week. There's really not much to do to do if the garden is already being supervised by its owner besides fixing the right amount of water or the intensity of sunlight if the gardener were to get inattentive on some hectic days, and maybe lazing around as they bask in the refreshing scent of the summery yard.

But that certainly does not stop Louis from littering his golden glitter in his garden every day for two weeks straight.

Today is the second Saturday of him snooping around the now recovering garden, still working on fixing the peonies arrangement he’d been fussing over since yesterday. The flowers might’ve been in a neat position right now if he wasn’t so busy creeping on the bulky gardener yesterday.

Louis has never come across such a good looking man that cares for plants in his life so you can’t blame him. Male fairies in his place are just, well obviously not big enough so he’d never have a crush on anyone there. Accuse him of being persnickety or having a lack of self-awareness, but if he’s a slut for beefy, tall and fairy destroyer men, then he would still be one.

The gardener he’s been biting his lips for and drooling over always comes out of his house late in the afternoon, confusion constantly washes over his gloomy eyes when his garden is blessed with a touch of refinement every day. His crossed eyebrows, bulged eyes, and jaw hanging low the first time he saw the recovered ridges of watermelons, tomatoes, corns and so on sent Louis’ cheeks strawberry pink and tiny giggles emitting from his mouth as his joyful golden glitter oozed out from his wings. The next day and the days after that pursued with more and more dubiety written on the gardener's face as the mischievous and tiny Louis discreetly threw more and more magic halos all over the recuperating garden.

Today though, Louis scowls at the stubborn peonies for not refusing to cooperate with him, and not to mention the fact that Babee has refused to accompany him for the day after being the victim of his fangirl screeching for a whole week. The bulky gardener has yet to show off his pussy eater face by which the exasperation inside Louis keeps growing.

“Can you just, oh my, this is tiring.” He flops his bum on a purple leaf of the sandcherry shrub near the peonies, glass wings droopy. Today is warmer than usual and his pareo is sticking to his sweaty skin, making him feel more tired than usual. He’s so desperate for some cold water. He might be a fairy, but he still needs food and drinks to survive. With a delicate groan, he stands up, brushing off the dirt from his supple ass before flying across the yard to find some crystal clear water.

His glass wings make a delicate flapping sound as he avoids the thorns of hedgy hollies, goosebumps arise on his skin as the thought of the ladybird hurting itself on the evergreen plant last week flees across his mind. As he skims over the garden, no sight of a water fountain could be seen, not that he’d ever stumbled upon one before as he spent the past two weeks here. Louis pouts as he slowly flies towards the house, trying his luck. He’s never got this far actually, never brave enough to lurk beyond the Abelias border that separates the yard and the house area. But he’s so thirsty.

A fortunate stroke of serendipity forges in his luck when a large vat that has been pushed against a brick wall appears as soon as Louis turns to check a hidden corner of the house.

“Oh, oh bless you Spring!” He squeals in gaiety at the sight of a dripping faucet above the vat. He looks around to see if anyone is walking towards the little corner that he assumes the outdoor shower belongs to the sexy gardener, crystals shining in his eyes when no one is around.

With dry lips, he sticks out his red little tongue as he floats below the faucet, waiting for another drip of water to fall. He could’ve dipped his tongue into the cold water in the vat, it would be easier that way but he can’t help but think about the possibility of the gardener mixing his sweaty clothes inside the wooden container when he showers. The fairy might find the sight of the gardener drenching in his sweaty clothes pleasurable, but he still has a right conscience to prevent him from actually drinking sweat literally, be it belonging to a hot man or not.

The big water drip that hits his tongue instantly gives him a wave of fresh energy, making him preen gratefully. What he doesn’t realize is the heavy footsteps belonging to the gardener approaching the outdoor shower and completely oblivious to the mischievous little fairy inside his private fragment.

Louis is knocked down with a feather when a loud rustling shoots from behind the walls that block the shower. He scrambles quickly to hide behind an abandoned pot on top of the shower, accidentally hitting his head with the faucet as he panics. Curiously spying the tall gardener in a not so creepy way– or at least that’s what he tells himself, he bends his ass a little and uses the pot as a support, ignoring his throbbing head.

His eyes grow when the curly gardener tosses his tight shirt and throws it over the walls where Louis was standing, causing the small creature to almost topple down. Rude. An impending scowl is about to make its way on Louis’ face, but is saved by the sight of a gloriously naked man who is already stepping into the pouring water from the shower.

He thinks he is safe, but well the voluntary shriek that comes out of his mouth proves him wrong. He tries to cover his betrayer-of-a- mouth before it’s too late, but it’s useless.

“What the fuck.” The naked man stares at him with an extreme degree of stupefaction burning around his stubbled face.

“Oh, oh. H-hi!” Louis panics. Firstly, he doesn’t know how to escape. Secondly, he doesn’t know how to react to the fact that he has literally exposed the whole community of fairies to a human. Thirdly and most importantly, he couldn’t stop dragging his eyes over the toned body dripping with water.

“What the hell are you?” The man quickly covers his lower part, much to Louis’ dismay. He knows that he’s sick in the head to even be thinking about how much it disappoints him at such a time but listen, he’s astonished.

“I-I’m a human! Just like you! But tinier and more... delicate, I think?” He feigns an innocent giggle as he tries to stop his glass wings from flipping nervously.

“Don’t lie!”

“Well, don’t scream at me!” Louis huffs, not liking the aggressive tone in the man’s voice.

He watches as the man shakes a little, looking around as if he’s trying to look for more bizarre and illogical things laying around his outdoor shower. He looks up at Louis again, frowning.

“Seriously, what the hell are you? A talkative fly?”

“Don’t call me that!” Louis gasps.

“Okay, then what are you? You’re freaking me out.”

A defeated pout plays on Louis’ mouth, knowing that there is no way for him to escape the question. He sighs before flying down to the man who steps back to give the fairy some space. He floats in front of the man, so close to the bridge of his nose.

“I’m a spring fairy.”


Louis frowns, “I’m a spring fairy. I’m taking care of your garden for the whole season.”

“Y-you’re a fairy? Fairies exist?”

“You’re literally talking to one right now.” Louis flies out of the small compartment, desperately needing some fresh air and spruce scent to fill in his nose so he can release some tension in his body.

The man quickly follows him outside after putting on his dirty clothes, clearly still confused. “I don’t understand. Fairies are not real. And a spring fairy? What the hell is that-”

“So who do you think has been repairing your garden these past two weeks?” Louis gets pissed off suddenly, upset that the man he has set his heart on is refusing to believe in him. The glitters that gush from his wings turn into warning red, bringing an extreme degree of shock on the gardener’s face.

“First you claimed you’re a fairy when you’re actually a talking fly and now you’re suddenly a flying chameleon?!”

More and more burning glitter pours out of Louis as he sets a scowl on his face. “Would you please stop? I am very angry right now. I turn red when I’m mad, please, please stop. I don’t like red glitters.”

The plea probably works wonders as when the frantic man gulps down, his eyes display some sort of emotion that shows he’s trying to take it in. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I just need some time to process this. My late moth- actually the whole society never believed in fairies.” The gardener frowns, before his eyes widen a little. “Though some claimed to be because they said they had actually seen them. But people call them lunatics. A-am I, am I crazy?” He panics, seeking for an answer that pulls a frown on Louis’ face.

“No, no. I swear we’re real. It’s rare for people to actually see us because…”


“Because we are supposed to hide from humans. There are fairies everywhere- not here, don’t worry. It’s only me.” Louis adds when the bulky man snaps his head around to check for any other fairies around his garden.

“Why only you?”

“Like I said, I’m a spring fairy so I have to find a garden to tend to for the whole season. Others are at other gardens, perhaps still doing their job properly without getting caught by the humans.” Louis pouts.

He lets the gardener absorb the information for a moment, “So you’re the reason that my garden turned out the way Bentley doesn’t want it to be?”

“Who’s Bentley?” Louis gets curious again, vex dissipating out of him as the gleaming golden sparkles return again. He flies to get closer to- “What’s your name?”

“Harry. Do fairies have a name or do I call you creepy pixie?”

“Of course I do! I’m Louis, and I’m not creepy.”

“In human society, categorizing spying on people who take showers as creepy is par for the course. Anyway, Louis suits you well. Tiny and delicate.”

Every sense of pique completely vanishes from him and is replaced with a delightfulness that is akin to the feeling when he sees a flower blooming right in front of his eyes, causing him to spark, literally, brighter and cheeks blush as pink as young, innocent strawberries.

“Really? I’m delicate?” He asks with twinkling eyes, legs kicking the air giddily.

“Very. Cute too, just, don’t creep up on me again.”

“Hmph, will not.” Too thrilled, he ignores the low voice inside his small brain that complains of disappointment in the agreement.

“Anyway, Brentley is an old friend of mine. We used to be so close and actually worked together to build this garden. He lived in a hut and had no jobs or land to tend to his own garden. So when the flowers bloom and fruit ripens, we would pluck and sell the harvest at the market and divide the money fairly between us. Everything was going so well until…”

Louis raises his eyebrows and twitches his lips when Harry displays an indignant frown on his face. “Until?”

The garden is silent for a while except for the crisp wind that brings a whiff of roses near them in the air.

“He started to ask for more and claimed that he did most of the jobs when in fact he barely came to the garden on weekdays and ruined some of the plants by putting little to no fertilizers,” Harry throws a ‘I know right’ look when Louis slowly growls, “so I started to get really pissed off. I don't know what happened to him but he was being so greedy and lazy. And one day, I sort of dropped all of my frustration in front of him when he came to ask for more money by telling him he wasn’t needed around the garden anymore.”

Harry continues as Louis’ small gasp adds more fuel to his fire. “He got really mad and started to throw punches at me. Good thing is, I’ve always been the strongest guy in this village.”

“Ah, yes! I can see.”

“So he got even madder because he couldn’t fight me and before he left, he threatened to destroy my garden, which I ignored because I thought he was only saying that in spur of the moment. But, as you can see. He sneaked into my garden when I wasn’t home and spilled something destructive all over the soil to make sure the plants could not grow. But before I could even catch him, the villagers said that he had already moved away from here.”

“Oh.” That’s why Harry looked so gloomy when he first saw him. The story tugs at Louis' heart, he suddenly feels sad all over again. It’s hard to fathom the fact that there is such an extent of cruelty and spite that took over someone’s heart to the point that they couldn’t care less if they damaged innocent creatures - all of this just to grasp the inkling of splenetic triumph that doesn’t even benefit both sides.

A wave of dismal washes over, dull blue glitter casting themselves into the air to reveal the somber of Louis' emotions.

“How many colours can your glitters change into exactly? What, your blood, or whatever it is that runs through your body is a rainbow or something?”

Pouting harder, Louis looks up. “Are you making fun of your fairy?”

“M-my fairy?”

“Yes, I chose to take care of your garden, Harry. I serve this garden that you own so technically you own me too.”

“Wow.” Bewilderment splashes upon Harry’s face at the realization. “I own a fairy, a pretty one too.”

Louis tries to will away the blush on his cheeks, “Anyway, my glitter changes colours depending on my emotions. Golden when I’m enjoying myself, red when I’m angry and blue when I’m sad.”

“Hm, very peculiar, but interesting. What happens if you don’t feel anything?”

“Still golden, but with lesser intensity.” Louis raises his eyebrow when he notices the rub on Harry’s chin is obviously a facade. “I can tell you have more questions to ask.”

The manly smile that displays on Harry’s face shakes Louis’ heart to the core. He never knew that some humans can be so attractive, he has only seen good looking ones before– during the previous springs, but they never make his tummy swirl with euphoria like Harry does. It’s probably his physical appearance too. Just one look at him and everyone knows he can upend a house. He hopes Harry also can upend his body too.

“Do fairies eat?”


“Do you sleep?”

“Of course.”

Harry contemplates a little before proceeding with the next question, “Do you have sex?”

“Wh- Why do you wanna know?” And once again, Louis’ cheeks tint like ripe strawberries.

“It’s a basic necessity too.”

Louis rolls his eyes playfully, “Yes, some do. Though I don’t know how because there's not a single fairy that is attractive enough to my eyes in where I live.”


“They’re just embarrassingly small!”

If there’s one thing about Louis, he is never the one to think first before blurting out the first thing that comes to his mind. Upon realizing his mistake, his first instinct is to cup his silly mouth and groan in a very fairy-like way- full of delicacy and softness, when Harry smirks at him. “I don’t judge. So, can you transform to a human’s size?”

He would rebel all his life if he was not able to transform into a human size because it can be a bit monotonous when you open your eyes in the morning and wander around the humans’ towns and all you can see is how small and vulnerable you are despite having the privileges to sneak around the wondrous places on Earth. He would resent being born a fairy if he couldn’t change his size whenever he wants. Except that he does.

But, he wouldn’t tell Harry just yet.

He would if he isn’t already attracted to him. It may sound a little poignant considering he only knew Harry for two weeks, and literally started talking to him a few minutes ago but he can’t help but take his silly little crush to another level. He already has feelings for someone that isn’t physically compatible with him but since when did Louis ever dwell on those things?

He may be one of the brightest fairy ever to exist in Narvaria but when it comes to relishing in the novelty of infatuation, and just to make it even more dramatic, it involves a human, he can’t avoid the edgy feeling that comes along with an alarming prudence. He doesn’t want to let Harry discover the special feature that he possesses just yet, and probably only for him to walk away sooner than he wants him to once he gets over his admiration for Lou- fairies.

“Oh, um I can’t.”

“Ah, of course. Why did I even ask that- those fantasy stories might’ve gotten over me. Sorry.”

Louis bites his lips to prevent himself from revealing the truth.


March flies away smoothly like the shimmering sand inside an hourglass, carrying the pleasant memories shared within the days Louis has been spending with Harry. He spends less time in his sleeping chamber and more time in the now colourful garden that wouldn’t stop displaying ripening fruits and blooming flowers right before his eyes. He can’t say he misses his bellflower that much because he’s having way too much fun gliding over the white Magnolias whose scent resembles the purple petals in Narvaria. And maybe, just maybe, he finds incentives to keep tending to the garden with the presence of Harry by his side.

The both of them have been out and about around the village, especially after the gardener has told him he hasn’t been going out much ever since his garden has become a catastrophe. Louis would sit on his hard shoulder and let his feet dangle when the gardener brought him to the village market to sell his products, scared of getting lost in the pool of crowds.  In reality, he could just fly and try his best to spot the worn out farmer hat that Louis thinks should be replaced with a new one, but Harry seems to not care about being a stylish farmer that much so he just doesn’t dwell on it. But the little creature doesn’t want to take Harry’s manly, spruce scent that is secreted from the dripping sweat along his veiny neck for granted. He would grab every opportunity he could get to be near the farmer.

Having a companion as passionate as Harry when taking care of the garden makes sense considering the human was born to be a gardener at heart, having grown up with a gardener family background in the past and all is so much more fun compared to when he has to be careful not to be seen by humans like this. Harry and Louis are the epitome of Mr. and Mrs. Know-It-All when they work together around the tranquil ground.

“You’re supposed to water the plant first before putting in fertilisers!”

“Louis, I’ve been a farmer all my life and this is the only way of doing it. The fertilisers will soak in better into the soil when they’re dissolved by the water.”

“And the sole reason I exist in this world is to save every plant from delusional farmers like you. You shouldn’t let the fertilisers do all the work, Harry.”

“It’s organic based, chill.” Harry raises his eyebrow as he scoops some dark fertilizers from the bag.

“If you apply full strength fertilizer to a dry soil or root system, the plant may take up too much fertilizer all at once. I'm pretty sure some of the nutrients are taken up directly with the water entering the root. And just you know, before I got out of my mother’s womb, I’ve already been told that good plants should grow naturally despite their appearance. It’s just how it works.”

Harry smiles as he puts the fertilizers back into the bag, “At the end of the day, I’m always gonna let you win, huh?” He brushes his dirty hands on his pants. “I do know that, actually. But we’ll need the products soon, that’s why I’m trying to make them grow faster and richer.”

Louis cuts his eyes at that, “Over money?”

Harry shrugs, “Currently short of some due to the disaster last month. I have no choice.”

Sympathy floods him when the bulky man sits on a log defeatedly, so he quickly flies over to stand on Harry’s knee. Reaching out to touch the gardener’s scruffy chin, he slowly says, “Hey, you’ll get through it soon. You’ve been working every day and I’m sure your plants will give you the best products and will compensate for your struggle soon. Just don’t stop trying, it’ll be worth it.”

Harry grins, leaning into the touch. His hot breath hits Louis’ entire body and causes him to shiver. “Thank you, I needed that. I mean, I know it’s impossible for me to give up, but with you being here and constantly reminding me, everything just seems more feasible.”

His heart soars when a wider grin forms on Harry’s lips. He caused that, he always does. It makes Louis feel important in a new way- like he’s not only needed for a healthy plant's growth, but also to make someone feel hopeful again. Especially when that someone has now become an important part in his life.

“Always here to be your little cheerleader!”

“Hmm, my sweetest little cheerleader.” He must be the most sensitive creature ever to exist as the simple throw of fondness from Harry’s green eyes makes him scream internally. “I need to go clean up and will come back later. You wanna get inside first?”

“It’s fine, I want to play around.” He winks.

“Alright, don’t mess up my garden.”

“I will do just that, thank you.” He giggles when the tough man playfully rolls his eyes before getting inside his house.

Eyeing the closed door and making sure that Harry is not going to exit any sooner, he quickly looks at the young spinach before starting to form his magic halo, throwing it directly to the green plant. He bites his lips from grinning so hard from the acknowledgement that the plant will grow faster and richer. He makes the process slower so that Harry wouldn’t be suspicious of the change in rate, so they will most likely be able to harvest it by the next two weeks.

He may have also lied to Harry for the second time. Well, he actually never told him about his most special ability. Once again scared of the thought of the gardener losing interest in him, but it does feel like he’s lying to him.

He wants to tell the man so badly, to spill every truth about himself so the ties within them can uphold such an authenticity but his insecurity gets to him faster. He’s worried. He likes Harry so much, and he doesn’t want to lose him very soon.

Harry makes him feel pretty all the time, always complimenting every single detail that makes him feel special to be him, not because he's a fairy. He knows it’s such a stupid move to let himself be romantically drawn into humans, but it’s not completely impossible. Of course, there has never been a case where a fairy has been a human before, but it’s never been claimed as something illegal.

And perhaps Louis just enjoys living a little differently, a slightly non-monotonous life.

“I’m back.”

He jumps, well, more like jolts in the air when Harry's rough voice greets him again.

“That’s fast.”

“Why? Enjoying your time without me?”

“No!” He denies way too quickly for his liking.

He blushes when a wolfish grin appears on Harry’s face, “You milk my ego, little fairy.”

Milk your dick, when?

“Anyway, is there anything left to do?” Changing the topic seems like the only way he can find to divert Harry’s attention from his flushed face. Looking around to check for any remaining task, Harry shakes his head positively.

“Nope. This is all for today, I think. Wanna head in and eat something?”

As if Louis would refuse a single second to spend sweet little time with him.

They clear up the ground before entering Harry’s small house, warmth engulfing his body soon as he flies into the familiar place. The smile on his face doesn’t linger for long when he notices a bundle of used plastic wrappers thrown on the table in the living room with bread crumbs all over it.

“Harry, you nasty human!” He whines at the mess. “For someone who lives alone you do eat a lot, huh?”

Harry chuckles before smirking, “Who says I live alone? Maybe I’ve been hiding a farmgirl girlfriend all this time whenever you’re over.”

Louis stops breathing, mind racing with thousands of scenarios that certainly don’t bring him any joy. “What?”

“I’m joking Louis, oh god.”

Even the genuine smile on Harry’s face couldn’t calm the unsettling feeling in his heart. “Are you lying?”

“Louis, you do realise I barely go out to socialise with people except at the market to sell my products, let alone hooking up with people, right?”

“Well, who knows?” Louis bites his lips, still a little worried.

“Damn, you’re a jealous little fairy.”

“Please, I’m far from jealous. No reason to be.” Louis ignores Harry's teasing by moving towards the couch to plop his small body on it.

“Alright, letting you win, little flower. Ignore the mess, as always. I’ll clean it up later. I’m gonna prepare some food for us. Strawberries or bananas?”

“Strawberries, please! Don’t forget some honey too.”

If Harry’s ‘little flower’ didn’t cause his face to heat up before then the cheeky wink surely does now. He lets himself fall back to the thoughts of what Harry said might be true. He can’t help but feel a little insecure about the farm girl, whether they exist or not, because they might be prettier than him. He huffs annoyedly before reminding himself that he’s better than all humans. He’s a fairy and no fairy shall stoop lower than some random human by thinking he’s less perfect than them.

Just to feel even better, he acts upon his ability to clear all the mess that Harry made on the table by just one swipe of magical power. He even made the wooden table look shinier before deciding to clear up the whole living room. Dusting cupboards, cleaning the floor and refreshing the scent of the area with a hint of orange– all done within five minutes.

Louis looks around the living room with a satisfying smile and confidence settling in his heart.

“No farm girl could be a better wife than me.”

He lays there for a while as he waits for Harry to return with their food. It’s become their routine to eat together every day because Harry claims that Louis being there increases his appetite, which doesn’t make sense but he lets him get away with it.

The gardener walks into the living room as he carries a tray of warm food with a delighted grin on his face. “Wow, you cleaned it up? And the whole living room too?”

“Who else did? Certainly not your farm girl.” Louis replies with a hint of jealousy underneath his smug tone.

“Still jealous, huh? You’re so cute. Well, thank you for cleaning it up. That was fast and you did an amazing job.”

Louis preens and tries to hide his bashful face, but the blithe works faster by intensifying the golden shades of his glitter that fall around him, making him heat up at Harry’s deep chuckle.

“What did you make for yourself?”

Harry puts the food on the table, “Cabbage soup. Oh, got your strawberries and some honey too.”

“Cabbage soup again? That’s not even a proper meal for you. You need real food.” Louis fusses.

“That’s all I can make, Louis. Tried to cook some noodles the other day but my pan burned and I think I’m truly destined to eat processed food until I get myself a wife.”

“When are you getting a wife, then?”

“I don’t know, I’m too lazy to find one. What if you be my wife, Louis? That’ll make it easier.”

Louis wants to cry because Harry is clearly joking. He also wants to cry because he couldn’t stop his stupid fairy glitter from bursting excitedly. He ignores Harry’s question because he’s afraid he would unwittingly say yes, not to mention that his shy pink infatuation towards Harry is at its stake.

“You really need to take care of what you eat, Harry. You’re a big guy and big guys need big food.”

“You think I’m big?” Harry grins as takes a spoon and stir his soup.

“Harry, I’m serious.”

“Alright, alright I will try.” The gardener cuts up some strawberries and drizzles some honey on top of them before putting a small piece on his finger. “Here you go, little fairy.”

“Why don’t you drink your soup first?” Louis pouts.

“It can wait, I’m not that hungry.”

“No, if you don’t eat then I also won’t.” Louis scoffs as he stands on Harry’s muscly thigh.

The gardener sighs and picks up his spoon with his other hand, “Fine, we eat together.”

Louis giggles as he watches Harry feed himself the soup before biting the sweet strawberry on Harry’s finger, licking the trail of honey on the gardener’s huge finger. “Oh my, tastes so fresh! Is it from your garden?”

“Yes, just plucked them this morning because I knew you would want some.”

Harry always does this. It’s like he knows that Louis loves being catered to. He always deliberately does things that can easily trap Louis in between two distinctive feelings– fear and security. The thoughtful treatments that Harry could easily not do but does, is petrifying because Louis knows he’s slowly but steadily falling for him. He also finds safety under the attention and care but at what cost? Maybe it’s all just a facade because after all Louis is just an enchanted fairy that may be fascinating to Harry temporarily.

A big part of him wants to reveal the truth and see what kind of reaction that he might get upon seeing the same delicate Louis but in a different size. But a bigger part of him is engulfed by his scarediness so he decides to let time do the work.

“That’s sweet of you, thanks. It’s really good.” Harry keeps feeding the both of them throughout the evening and Louis leaves a kiss on the gardener’s cheek, upon his request before leaving his home.


“You don’t get it, Zayn! Yes, he’s a human. But he’s a special human.” Louis rolls on Zayn’s petal floor as he gets lost in his reverie.

“And you’re a fairy.” The Winter fairy points out as he walks towards him, sucking on some honey from a little dandelion.

“I’m afraid I don’t know where you are heading.”

“I can tolerate if you want to bleed my ear with your fangirling screams over this Harry guy if Babee can’t, but I need to stop you if you’re telling me you’re falling for a human. That’s not normal.”

“We are fairies, since when are we normal?” Louis scoffs.

“You do know if you end up with Harry then you can’t easily come back here, right? Well, unless-”

“Unless what, Zayn?”

“I’m not telling you this because I want you to do it but unless you ask for permission from Montague to leave Narvaria, which no one has ever done. Then maybe you can be with humans without having a limitation to meet- Louis I don’t like your expression right now.”

“What did I do!?” Trying to conceal his smile, Louis sits up and brushes off the glitter on the floor.

“Are you seriously thinking of leaving this place? Leaving your home? Leaving me?” Zayn looks at him incredulously.

“You could’ve not made it sound that bad. I mean, I still can visit here whenever I want to, especially during Spring because I obviously have duties here but can also enjoy myself out there at the same time. Don’t you want me to be happy?”

“Are you sure you’re gonna be happy with Harry? Does he even like you? You haven’t even told him about your ability yet.”

Ouch. That hurts.

How is he so confident that the safety and happiness that he feels whenever he’s at Harry’s garden wouldn’t be short-lived? Of course, he finds eternal serenity in the midst of the magical garden that grew because of him and Harry and it’s only fair to say that he basically can stack a claim over it, he’s sure Harry would be more than fine. The man always says how Louis is basically the queen of the garden and that if Louis were to pull a Bentley and steal his garden away from Harry, he wouldn’t mind. But would he still be happy without the presence of him as a lover?

He pouts and lets Zayn continue. “I don’t mean to make you feel bad but I’m trying to help you to be careful about your choices. I don’t want you to regret everything in the future. But, if you’re sure this is really what you want then you have to be honest with Harry and see if he feels the same.”

“But I’m scared. What if he doesn’t and, and what i-if he thinks that I’ve been lying to him all this time and he will hate me?” He’s so close to tears as every word keeps spilling from his wobbling mouth, and when Zayn pulls him into a hug, he completely breaks down.

“You have your own reasons, Louis. Try to explain to him and I’m sure that he’ll understand. You don’t need to be scared, okay?”

Louis slowly nods as the little pout remains on his lips, considering that maybe it would be good to listen to Zayn.


And he doesn’t.

Every morning, he wakes up with a new motivation to confess to Harry, but the energy soon dissipates when he arrives at the garden and is met with a smiling Harry covered in dirt, who welcomes him with so much warmth. He couldn’t do it.

He couldn’t deliberately be the one who kills his own happiness. Harry has been the greatest companion throughout the season and he doesn’t want to face any kind of rejection that would definitely affect his emotions.

It’s still early May and he knows he’s still got a task due before the season ends but he doesn’t want to do it. The thought of finishing his main task as the Spring fairy would pinpoint the ending of the season, meaning the time that he gets to spend with Harry is coming to an end annoys him. He feels selfish for not wanting to think about it and that all he wants to do is pretend like everything is alright and he’s living a perfectly sweet life with the man that owns his heart in their small house and beautiful garden.

The closest bond the pair could only imagine to have is within their grasp and Louis can’t help but feel like he’s in a no return situation. They’re currently in Harry’s bedroom with baskets of dried flowers and fresh vegetables scattered around the floor, the gardener claiming it’s a market day and he needs to sort the products fairly before he sells them. Being a good little fairy he is, Louis offers to help him with it, even though the most he can do is tie the knots around the vegetables because they’re too heavy for him to pick up and arrange in the basket.

They’ve been on it for a few hours and Louis just wants to cry because Harry keeps praising him for his good work and wouldn’t stop eyeing his every single movement with the fondest smile he’s ever sported.

“Are all fairies beautiful like you?” Harry shoots as he carries the heavy basket to an empty side, his sleeves stretching around his toned arms.

If his giddy glitter hasn’t embarrassed him enough, then the strawberry shades tinting on his cheeks certainly do. “I think so. We have our own way to express our beauty. And mine is by having the prettiest wings.” Louis giggles slowly despite his thumping heart.

Harry chuckles as he sits down on the floor and lifts his finger, letting Louis fly and stand on it. It’s an unspoken signal that has been established between them whenever Harry wants Louis close to him so they can talk.

“I can see that. Your wings are magnificent, little flower. But…”

Louis raises his eyebrow, “But?”

“I think you have other ways to express your beauty.”

The fairy grips his pareo to prevent himself from squealing while also trying to keep his giddy smile at bay. “How?”

“I think you’re beautiful in the way you care for nature, like you’re the mother of every little plant in this world. It’s lovely how you always talk so preciously about them deserving the utmost care and how you hope they would bloom into bewitching flowers, grow into rich fruits and sprout to be magical herbs.” Yes, yes Louis really wants to cry. “I wish I had the strength to go further and in depth about your physical beauty but I can’t quite find the accurate words to describe it, but the delicacy of your features is not comparable to any vocabulary. You’re a divine little fairy, Louis.”

He has never felt more appreciated before and it is honestly sending his mind spiraling down into the sack of endearment. He is in love.

“You’re making me blush.” He replies timidly, glass wings flipping excitedly, spreading whimsical glitters all around that makes Harry laugh.

“It’s true, you’re magical not only because you’re a fairy, but your personality is indeed spellbinding and I want you to know that.”

It is when all the diffidence that have been prodding his subconsciousness for the past weeks slowly dissipates, washing him with a new sense of confidence. Harry finds him interesting because he is himself. Maybe after all, there is happiness that is reserved for him in the future.

He realises that he should tell Harry everything. There is no reason for him to hide things anymore now that he is positive that Harry is genuine with his adoration towards Louis.

“Harry, I-”

“Ah, it’s getting late. I should get going to the market now, the seller is probably waiting for these cabbages already. You wanna come?”

“Oh, um no. I’ll wait here.”

Harry smiles, “I’ll try to be quick.”

He sighs heavily as he tries to not show his disappointment for not getting the chance to speak, everything inside him jumps and begs to be exposed. He wants to come clean and maybe try to find out Harry’s real intentions and what he is expecting for their future. Kissing the gardener's stubbled cheeks, he preens when Harry gently boops his head with his finger. “Take care!”



It has been almost two hours since Harry went to the market and regret starts to settle in him for refusing to tag along. He’s lounging on the sofa after flying around the house, pretending like he’s Harry’s girlfriend waiting for him to come home.

Except Louis would be the type of girlfriend that gets impatient whenever he doesn’t get any attention for more than an hour.

Wiggling his bum to discard the glitter on the sofa, he stands up and makes his way towards the opened window on top of the door. Harry never closes it, and doesn’t care if wild animals were to enter his house at night. Louis rolls his eyes when he remembers the way the man smugly told him he could befriend a snake because he was the flora and fauna king.

Spring will rise up to the sky to allow the blazing warmth of Summer to mask the ground soon. He likes spending his days in Harry’s house after flexing his little body in front of the man as they work in the garden– he would flip his wings near Harry’s ear who crouches down to dig the seed when he wants the gardener’s attention. Harry’s house is small, but so is Louis. And he feels safe whenever he gets to lay on it and with the presence of Harry.

This is the first time he goes out beyond the white fence of Harry’s house and garden on his own. The village is quiet, in a good way. Sounds of canaries aren’t as overwhelming as the ones on top of the mountain but rather enough to signal that they are alive and are there to keep the morning and evening tranquil. The people are quiet too, they just speak when necessary, just the way he likes. He would never compare Narvaria to the village though, because Louis finds happiness in both places - Narvaria’s forest humidity counterpoises the village’s serene warmth.

Louis flies through the familiar path that Harry and he always take whenever they go to the market, remembering every single growing tree that leads the way.

A loud commotion coming from the horde of people around the market makes him nervous as he slowly approaches the area. There’s no way he will be able to find Harry from above, the man’s curls are hidden underneath his silly hat and many people at the market wear the same silly hat.

He huffs as he cautiously lowers himself to the point where he can at least catch a glimpse of the humans’ faces. It’s risky, he knows it. He gives the chance for all these humans to spot him and make them freak out over the existence of the little creature. But Louis never dwells on the prospects of the consequence when he’s aiming for something that is the first thing on his mind. He needs to find Harry.

Louis tries to remember the stall that Harry always takes him to, the one owned by a short and chubby man who always has his torn apron on. Despite never speaking to him because he would usually hide behind Harry’s silly hat which surprisingly has a function, Louis doesn’t enjoy his loud voice and hoaxes whenever he tries to convince Harry to lower the price of the vegetables. Louis only gets to hiss slowly and pulls the strand of Harry’s curls whenever the gardener gives in to the persuasion.

“Oh my god!” A breathless shriek in front of him causes him to stumble in the air, eyes widen as the old woman covers her mouth as she looks at him.

“U-uh… hi hi, bye bye!” Panic takes over his state of mind, making him forget about finding Harry and scrambles to run away (in the air) from the woman. His glass wings flip ferociously as he makes his way to hide behind the walls of the market’s store. “Why, why…” He pants slowly as he floats in the air.

He has yet to relish in the fact that he’s been caught by a human when he hears the sound of footsteps approaching the store. He trembles in trepidation before he quickly transforms into human size. Green pareo is instantly replaced with a sleeveless pink blouse and blue jeans, painting his now longer legs that are still short compared to other humans and glass wings that are invisible to everyone except for himself.

“Excuse me? Did you, by any chance, see a fly that kinda looks like a pretty human around here?” The woman suddenly appears as soon as Louis is done checking his new attire. He wants to scowl at the word ‘fly’ because, god he’s not a fly and what is it with humans constantly calling him that? But this woman is nice enough to call him pretty so Louis lets it slip.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I’m afraid I haven’t seen such a creature here.” Louis answers politely. Is this how humans talk? He’s not sure.

The woman frowns, eyes confused. “Oh… I thought I saw one heading towards this direction. Probably just my silly old vision. Never mind, have a good day young man.”

“You too!” Louis waves at her with a smile that may seem a little too friendly, but he’s still panicking inside. As soon as he’s sure no one will look at him suspiciously, he exits the store and quickly scurries to get to Harry’s home, forgetting about finding the man due to his consciousness.

He should’ve done that in the first place but no, he’s way too clingy to even do such a simple thing such as waiting. Louis smiles at the villagers around the market, waving here and there to those who return his smile. As he judges whether the way he walks is human-like or not, he exits the market's entrance only to hear a hitch of air behind him.


His stride is put into a halt, his brain trying to decipher the familiar voice that he shouldn’t be hearing right now, not now. Sweat starts to trickle down his forehead, a mix of exhaustion from having to walk instead of fly and the splash of overwrought at the thought of his impending downfall. This isn’t happening, he’s been keeping the secret nestled deep inside him and he was about to reveal it in a proper way later today. Just not now.

“Louis.” Harry’s stern voice definitely has this control over him since he swiftly turns around with a bitten lip, face red and eyes layered with worry.

“H-hi, oh Harry! W-what are you doing here?” He fails to hold up the surprised grin on his face when Harry looks at him with an empty face that somehow screams vexation.


Stupid. Stupid Louis. You know why he is here!

Harry just eyes him up and down before shaking his head in disappointment instead of answering, pulling out a weak whimper from Louis. Harry’s upset with him.

Louis wants to smoothen the crossed eyebrows on Harry’s face and touch his tensed body gently and slowly so he will not feel scared of the obvious portrayal of displeasure towards him anymore. He wants Harry to look at him with the loving eyes like he always did before he found out about the truth in such a deceiving way.

There’s no use of playing dumb anymore, he doesn’t want to upset the gardener even more. “Harry, I can e-explain…”

His heart shatters when Harry lifts his finger, but not in the way that makes Louis’ eyes light up as he tries to suppress a squeal whenever Harry asks him to stand on the long digit, but instead an accusatory one. His finger is shaking, face is red as he looks as if he wants to spill out every possible thought inside him that will surely pull Louis under the rabbit hole.

Louis wants Harry to speak, he wants him to let it out and he’s going to apologize and then, maybe, they can kiss and make up after he’s forgiven. But even a fairy can only dream.

Every single breath Louis has had taken ever since he bloomed into a fairy was never as suffocating as this one. They were all even, fresh and unguarded--damp forest and the citrus scent mixed together with oxygen extracted from the evergreen plants used to be the only thing that Louis loved to take in every morning as he played around Narvaria with Babee. But ever since Harry, he found that there’s more for him to enjoy as he ventured outside of the woods. He discovered that the confusing herbal scents from Harry’s garden were somewhat nicer the more he spent lurking around the warm garden. Then he decided there’s more than just one scent that he loved to breathe in. Harry’s smile as they are surrounded by their plants makes every single breath with a tangling hint of the garden that Louis takes in smoother, fresher and completely undisturbed.

Harry doesn’t speak. He just looks at Louis with those painful disarrayed eyes before turning around and leaving the market.

“Harry, wait!” The man ignores Louis’ call as he gets further and further from the whining fairy. “Ugh!”

Louis decides to run after him, mouth never stops screaming for Harry. It reminds him of that one movie he watched with Harry where the girl begs for her boyfriend to stay because she wants to apologize after being caught cheating with his best friend. Ugh. Louis rolls his eyes in bitterness because firstly, he’s sadly not Harry’s girlfriend. Secondly, if he was, he would never cheat on him!

He quickens his steps as Harry disappears from his vision, groaning delicately when he remembers he could’ve just transformed back into his fairy self and flew which would have been easier and more effective. A heavy sigh escapes his mouth as he changes, not knowing why his brain is being silly today.

When he arrives in front of Harry’s house, the door is already locked.


Did he just lock me out?! Grr.

He puffs out a heavy breath, making him stumble a little in the air. He pouts annoyedly at the thought of Harry being so dramatic. Why are humans like this? He peers up from underneath his eyelashes and giggles mischievously when he sees the opened window above the door. Oh his dramatic and dumb Harry…

Flying through the gap, he enters the house in search of Harry. “H-harry?” He’s met with silence, making him nervous.

He feels guilty. Colourful bubbles of apologies are threatening to spill out of his mouth as he thinks of various and extra ways of uttering his sorry’s towards the gardener. Harry must be really angry at him. He wants to cry because Harry never gets angry, not towards him.

“Get out.”

Louis whips his head to face Harry who’s holding out a fly swatter and aiming the red stick towards his direction. The gardener is in the middle of his living room, still in the same outfit that he wore to the market.

“Harry, what?”

“Get out. Or I’ll use this to make you leave.”

Louis wants to cry. He can’t believe Harry’s going to hit him. “No!”

“You lied to me, Louis. I know I’m just a poor, stinky gardener. But I didn’t deserve to be lied to like this.”


“All my life I’ve been so alone because I just plant stupid plants, and I smell like dirt. No one ever wants me. No one should ever be nice to me. But why did you have to betray me like this? I know you don’t like me at all. Maybe I deserve this.” Louis rests his hands on his hips, scowling at the dramatic speech. It’s his turn to become angry. He’s really annoyed at how Harry thinks he doesn’t like him.

His glitters turns red as he internally lists down the legitimate reasons as to why his bubbling anger is valid;

  1. Harry accuses him of not liking him
  2. Harry wants to hit him with a fly swatter
  3. Harry doesn’t let him explain
  4. Most importantly, Harry doesn’t call him little flower!

“You’re annoying!”

“Louis, you lied to me.” Harry looks upset, but he also looks kinda stupid to Louis right now.

The fairy is red from head to toe, hot glitter sprinkling out of his body as he balls out a fiery halo in his hands before throwing it towards the fly swatter in Harry’s hand, making it disappear in just a blink of an eye.

“What the fuck.”

“Do. not. call. me. Louis.”

“That’s your name!”

“I’m your little flower! Call me your little flower!” Louis shouts angrily, breathing heavily as the scowl on his face slowly turns into a sad frown. The red glitter from his body dissipates gradually, turning into a dull blue. He’s sad.

“A-are you sad?”

Louis hisses at a confused Harry, making the gardener throw his palms in the air, shutting up.

“You didn’t let me explain.” Small tears escape his eyes as his voice is no longer laced with outrage, but it only morphs into a low, pitiful voice with a weak hint of insecurity and vulnerability.

Harry sighs, eyes turning soft as he looks at Louis. They’re standing in an awkward position when the couch is literally next to them, but that be damned for now. “Okay, little flower. I’m sorry. Please explain.”

Louis kinda wants to pinch himself for letting his heart leap like some desperate girl at the name, but he proceeds, breathing in the snot that trickles down his nostrils. “I-I actually can transform.”

“I can see that.”

Louis winces softly. “I was going to tell you, really. B-but I was scared.”

“Why, little flower?”

Louis groans softly as he covers his face with his hands. “It’s embarrassing.”

“It’s okay, you can tell me anything.”

Louis bites his wobbly lips, staring at Harry with a blurry vision. “I didn’t t-hic!” He closes his eyes, blushing. Why is he hiccuping now? Ugh. This is frustrating. He wants to explain, but he can’t stop hiccuping. “Hic!” It’s embarrassing, Louis wants to cry. And he does. “Mm..”

He hears Harry cooing, making him blush harder. Why does Harry have to watch him hiccuping? The gardener lifts his finger, except this time it is the unspoken ritual, and not the accusatory finger like before. Louis cries harder. “C’mere, little flower.”

Louis flutters his glass wings and wastes no time flying onto Harry’s finger. “Harry…” He pouts as he looks up to him.

“Tell me, baby.”

“I didn’t mean to lie or hide things from you but it’s just, I was attracted to you and I wanted you to give your attention to me so that you can maybe um, like me back or something.” Louis shuts his eyes a little, cheeks flaming. “But I didn’t want you to only pay attention to me just because I’m a fairy that has this stupid magic and can transform into a human. I love myself as a fairy, and I want you to think I’m special because I’m a fairy, not because of my magic, even though I also want you to appreciate my magic, uh, I don’t know. This sounds stupid. I want to cry again.”

Harry brings him closer, thumbing away the tears on his cheek that causes him to stumble a little. “I understand you. I get you, Louis.”

“Little flower.” Louis pouts.

The gardener chuckles, “I’m sorry, both are pretty names. It’s not embarrassing, little flower, I promise. I just wished you would’ve told me sooner that you like me, but I get where you’re coming from. Lucky for me, my feelings are not one sided. I found that you were just so entertaining to watch because you’re just simply an amazing creature. Yes, you being a fairy is a bonus for yourself because humans suck. But you’re so sweet Louis, not just a sweet magic fairy. You’re a beautiful Louis, not just a beautiful magic fairy. And you’re smart Louis, and again, not just a smart magic fairy. I like you because you’re Louis.”

“You like me.” Louis states with a tiny and amazed voice, feeling shy. He wants to tell Harry how happy he is, but he’s bashful. “I don’t know how to feel.”

Harry smirks, “Really? Your glitters say something else.”

Louis turns around, groaning softly at the shining golden glitters that fall generously from his glass wings. They’re glowing.

“Okay, I’m happy.” Louis admits slowly, preening when Harry mutters out a ‘so cute’. But then he remembers the previous incident, and he frowns. “But you were gonna hit me.”

“I’m sorry, little flower. I wasn’t gonna hit you, I promise. I was just shocked because of what I saw, I never expected it. But really, I would never do that. I was just trying to scare you which was, pretty dumb and I hope you can forgive me for that.”

“I should be the one who needs to apologize. I kinda lied to you.”

“You have a valid reason, you don’t need to apologize, baby. But if it makes you feel better, then you are forgiven.”

Louis likes Harry so much, he really does. Harry makes him feel mighty with the size he’s in, like he’s the only thing that Harry focuses on despite being a tiny creature. He is sweet to him and he understands him. That thought alone makes the wave of possession, jealousy and neediness crush Louis’ mind. He wants Harry to devote all his attention and care to him and him only.

“Can you kiss me?” The house is silent, the sound of Harry's warm breath tickles him from head to toe, and it spurs the giddiness inside him. Louis doesn’t care if he sounds desperate or needy for Harry’s attention, he just feels like he deserves it as much as Harry deserves his.

The glint in Harry’s eyes resembles the dew across the green mint leaves in his garden and causes Louis to jump– Harry had been waiting for him to ask. “I want it more than anything else, but what if I accidentally swallow you while we’re kissing? Would be good if I could have a taste of you, but I don’t think it’s in the way that I would enjoy.” Harry pulls a smirk.

Louis gasps, “You nasty human!” Harry is silly sometimes, he likes to joke about those things randomly which always makes Louis’ cheeks colour.

“I’m joking, but really. I want to kiss you so bad.”

“Can I transform?” Nervousness rushes through his blood at the prospect of having to properly show the special side of him to Harry for the first time.

The gardener lifts his eyebrow, “Baby, of course you can. You don’t need to ask me.”

“Um, just want to make sure if you’re okay with it.”

Harry thumbs his shoulder gently, “It’s not about me, you have the full authority to do what you want with your body. But of course, I’m excited to see that side of you. I want to know more about what makes you, you.”

Louis wants to say that Harry can also do whatever he wants to his body but decides against it, so he just smiles and closes his eyes instead.

Golden glow forms around him as he gradually increases the intensity of his glass wings flipping, sending the internal flow of blood inside his body to spark with a foreign energy. When he opens his eyes, he’s currently no longer on Harry’s finger, but instead in his firm hold.

Harry’s mouth forms a gap as he stares directly into his eyes, making him blush. “You’re so beautiful when you change, and oh, you look beautiful. I’m gonna die.” Louis falls into a fit of giggles when Harry tightens his hold around his back, eyes couldn’t stop fleeting across his face and body. “Are you even real, little flower? Or should I call you a big flower, now?”

Louis pouts, hugging Harry quickly and resting his head on his chest. Now that he could properly feel how hard Harry’s body is, he wouldn’t want to transform so soon. Harry is so big and so warm. “No… I’m still your little flower.”

A shy smile grows on his face when Harry’s chest vibrates as he laughs. “Mine, my little flower.” The fairy lets out a tiny whine when Harry drops a kiss on his head, letting the stamp of heat linger on the hair for a little longer. “Smells so good.”

“Kiss now?” Louis pleads, facing Harry with big eyes.

Harry leans down to connect their mouths together. His lips are soft yet rough at the same time, his kiss is gentle yet demanding and it’s nothing like Louis has ever experienced. He feels like he’s melting, every inch of his body dissolving into Harry’s. He could feel the penetration of care and warmth through their connected skin. His veins throb and Louis just wants to explode from the sweetest kind of pleasure he’s ever felt.

“So tiny…” Harry mutters out as he stares at Louis with these gone eyes before diving into the kiss again, as if he’s pleased with how breathless Louis sounds.

“Mm…” Kissing humans– Harry feels so good and Louis wants to do it all over again. He wants to squeal when Harry bites his bottom lip, and when Harry’s hand flees across his body and curves before they park on his ass.

“Your ass is surely another part of your magic side.” Harry hums, groaning as he feels Louis.

Louis could feel his tears forming at how hot he feels--his mind is a burning pink and his body is a savoury cantaloupe. He feels like he’s melted into a puddle of honey and is being set off to a sweet fire, the kind of fire that promises you the hottest warmth in the coldest winter.

Harry pulls away, chuckling at the soft whimper coming out of Louis’ peachy mouth. “Oh, I like you so much, little flower.” He thumbs away Louis’ tears with just one swipe.

“I like you too…”


The clock doesn’t stop ticking, giving zero chance for Spring to linger on the Earth beyond it’s given duration. The crisp heat from the upcoming Summer is politely inviting itself into the destruction of freshness from the drying ground and wilting flowers. Sitting inside the tiny bellflower in the dark garden is Louis, who’s relishing in the calefaction of the warm night’s breeze.

His mind is perplexed, it’s one of those moments where he needs to sit down by himself because no one in Narvaria ever cares to pause their fairy tasks to take a glance and spot those who might need some company behind the growing ivies. He can’t say he’s not glad, since silence is golden. But this silence feels ten times more overwhelming than the silence he’s ever been in before and it’s worrying. He can’t seem to find the tiny hole of light that would show him the correct path in the dark stillness.

Spring rose awaits his dainty touch somewhere around this village, he knows. She has limited time before she is completely gone, and when she does, Louis would be losing his title as the Aine of Spring. But then again, if he tends to the rose, he would still become the Aine of Spring and dedicate his life to rule the season every year. He was born to handle this, and he’s grown to love and accomplish every single thing about the delicacy and freshness of the season and he never wants to let it go. But then again, he’s also grown to love more than just an undried season. He also never wants to let go of Harry.

The gardener has become a part of his life and they’ve explored so many things together. Ever since Harry found out about his magic, Louis has been more than excited to boast whatever imaginary things he can do in front of the man, falling into a fit of giggles at the speechless look on Harry’s face every time.

“No fucking way.”


Louis giggled happily, still proud of what he’d just done. They had just finished working on the new ridges for the new plant in the garden and Louis claimed that he’s exhausted and hungry. Harry, of course, listened to him and quickly made his way to pick some strawberries for his little fairy. Except that the strawberries were all eaten by the bugs.


Harry had come back to Louis with a frustrated face, informing him about the little disaster and how he worked so hard to keep the strawberries red and sweet just for him. Blushing, Louis invited Harry to follow him to the plant and quickly balled up his magic halo and turned the strawberries all fresh and red again.


“I’m so smart!”


“Wow…are these edible?”


Louis scowled. “Of course they are!”


Harry ruffles his head playfully, easing out the pout on the fairy’s face.

A teary giggle slips from his mouth, eyes watering at the precious little moment he will forever store inside his mind.

But of course, the red flower that blooms beautifully at the peak of a plant always comes with the thorny stalk and poisonous pollen.

He doesn’t know if he and Harry--whatever it is that is going on between them will have to come to an end or not. He's never one who likes to dwell on things, but in this case, it’s clear that he needs to even if he doesn’t want to. He worries about their future every single day throughout the smiles and the kisses that he shares with the gardener, and the future has finally arrived.

“You okay?” Harry whispers into the silence of the night. He would pretend that he’s surprised, but he’s really not. Even if Harry has been discreet about his steps, Louis would always sense his presence everywhere even without a sign.

He looks up from the bellflower that Harry had planted just for him, smiling and asking the man to sit down on the ground.

“I don’t even know.” Harry lifts his finger, sensing that Louis needs to be close, really close to him at that moment. The fairy quickly moves and lays his butt on his skin. “I like you so much.”

Harry smiles, “I like you so so much.”

Louis groans softly, “I like you so so so much.”

“I like you so so so so so so so so so-”

Louis moves to close Harry’s mouth with both of his hands, pouting and giving that look that will make Harry give in. “Aren’t you gonna let your little flower win?”

“You left me no choice, you win, baby.” Harry smirks.

Louis pouts harder, “I have too many choices. I hate picking one.”

“Everyone does. I hope that whatever choices that you’re gonna make will make you happy.”

“But what if all choices that I have will make me happy but they will also come with complementary sadness?” He asks genuinely.

Harry goes silent, penetrating Louis with the look that is filled with utmost care and adoration. Then, he continues. “Baby, the only person that can choose your path in life is you. Always follow whatever you deem best for yourself. You shouldn't let the pros and cons of your situations dictate what choice to go with. You should decide what you truly want as you're the one that has to adapt to your final decision no matter what you choose. You shouldn’t have to adjust yourself to fit into something that’s not flexible for you. So, whatever choices that you have, you pick them. Pick everything that promises you even an ounce of happiness because I know you are strong enough to quash the sadness that dares to take a peek into your life. You’re strong, little flower.”

And Louis listens to him.


It is thrilling, really. Creeping through the grey alley roofed by the dark sky with a splash of electric blue in the early morning, with just one thing set on his mind makes him feel like a powerful spectre as his eyes flee across the cold field. His sapphire irises skim over the area, searching for a tiny glint of golden red that he’s sure hidden somewhere amongst the darkness and if he tries harder, he will be able to find it.

Louis crosses the bushes where cold and sleeping bugs are hanging on the sticks and wet leaves, scrounging all the frosty comfort before the Sun rises. He hisses slowly when his glass wings accidentally hit a thorn from one of the bushes, quickly shaking them and smearing the glitters to get rid of the pain.

“Ah, there you are!” Not far from where he’s floating, he sees a blinking light hidden behind some moisty rocks. This is it, all this time he’s been worrying over what this broken little creature is capable of– either ruining or creating his future. Now is the time for him to determine his own fate.

The Spring Rose looks innocent, half alive with her tilted posture as Louis approaches her. Some darkening red petals have fallen on the ground, signaling that the Spring Rose is still counting on whatever time that she has left before the season ends. Maybe also defeatedly, foreseeing her extinction if Louis decides to ditch her in this coldness. Lucky for her, never in a million years would a loyal Spring fairy would commit such a thing.

Louis’ heart leaps when he sees the golden shine around the flower brighten as he comes closer, reminding him over and over again that he was born for this. He bloomed into this Earth with the responsibility of taking care of Spring, and he will treat this magic rose with utmost care and love--something that he has so much to give.

Closing his eyes, he smiles as he feels the silkiness of his eyelashes fluttering over his cheeks. Harry was right. All he needs to do is choose himself, and the presentiment that surges through his body when the incandescent globe starts to fill out his tiny palms is really worth his choice.


“Right, okay. You treated the Spring Rose, which means you did your task as the Spring fairy, and you’re supposed to continue your legacy by staying here.” Zayn points his finger to the ground, eyes closed as he tries to sum up the obvious thing that he needs to say next. As someone who controls the cold winter, he sure can’t be cool about the things that shouldn't even concern him that much. “Y-you’re going to stay here, yeah, you are. So, I don’t understand why you asked for Montague to turn your sleeping chamber into a flower bud.”

Louis smiles calmly, shaking his head at his disheveled looking friend. “I mean, you were correct about the continuing my legacy part. However-”

“No, you’re not…” Zayn gives him a deadly stare. His brown eyes leer through Louis’ direction and that honestly is a little dramatic in his opinion.

“I told him, Zayn.” Rolling his eyes, he slowly approaches the Winter fairy. “I know you are skeptical about this because I told you how scared I was of the possibility that he might- whatever, that didn’t happen. I can a- hey don’t be mad at me.” A little pout makes its way across his pink lips.

“You’re gonna leave me. You’re gonna leave this place.”

“I’m not leaving you.”

“Shut up.”

“Stop!” Louis is becoming frustrated, he lets out a long whine and purposely elongates his pouty lips which he knows will let him get his way. He knows it’s childish, but apart from fairy magic, he was also blessed with a pretty face that could make him win everyone’s hearts.

Louis tries to suppress his smile when Zayn sighs, looking at him with a hard gaze that stores the softest fondness behind it. “I’m just worried about you. I’m not gonna see you as frequently as I do now.”

“I wish I could assure you that’s not gonna happen but let’s be real, that’s life. I can always visit you whenever I want but yeah, we’re not gonna see each other as much as we do now. That doesn’t mean the ties between us will erode like the time we spent together. Of course it pains me to know that I have to give up half of the things that made me, me. I mean, Narvaria literally nourished me! But-”

“-but there’s a better life for you out there.” Zayn completes for him with a tiny smile. Louis can feel the sparkles forming in his cerulean blues as he returns the grin.


“Louis, I care for you just like you do for me. Trust me. I just want you to be happy- no, that’s actually not even enough. You’re an angel, you deserve more than just happiness. You deserve to make your own choice. I’m sorry if I came off selfish earlier but I was still trying to comprehend the fact that things are gonna change a little after this, but it’s for the better.”

“Thank you.”

“Come here.” Zayn opens his arms, chuckling as Louis gasps.

“I love you! You’re the perfect friend I will ever have.” He throws his body on his friend before letting the tiny sobs escape his mouth. Right, he’s the dramatic one now.

“Love you more. Please don’t forget about me.” The Winter fairy squeals as Louis pinches his nipple. They stay like that for a while before Zayn starts to whisper. “And don’t forget to send this Harry guy a death threat from me. I’ll make sure to bury his body underneath the iceberg if he dares make you cry.”


It does feel a little heavy as the entire Narvaria waves through his way once he says his goodbye to them. He thanks everyone and makes it clear that he’ll come back to tend to his duty next Spring, receiving a loud chorus of cheers from his spring pixies. At least his departure is done with immense support and the fairies made sure not to show any sort of displeasure upon his leaving, that is if they feel that way which Louis doesn’t think so. Of course, they let him know about their dejection that their leader is leaving, but they have also promised him to do their best as Spring pixies. Louis has never felt like a proud mother before.

Summer has trapped the globe with its salty heat, and the combination of wind and warmth as Louis flies in the air slaps his exposed thighs happily. He hears a low ruckus from behind but decides to ignore it so he can focus on his destination instead. Although, the more he ignores, the louder the buzzing sound gets, distracting his endeavour.

“Babee! What’re you doing here?”

The blue bee shyly rolls around the air at Louis’ realization.

“You’re following me?” Louis giggles when the bee nods. “Oh, Babee, you love me too much. We’ll take care of each other, yeah?”

They continue gliding across the sky for a few more minutes before flying down towards the familiar garden. There Harry is standing in the middle of the rainbow garden as he looks up to them. A pink rush of giddiness quickly flows through him at the sight of his…right, he’s sure the term friend is no longer applicable to the gardener if you look back to the beyond platonic treatment that man has been offering him for the past few weeks. But, he’ll settle with his Harry for now because he has made it clear that he has dedicated all his care, attention and literally any kind of love language you could name of only for Louis.

“Little flower.”

There’s passion and there’s also tenderness in the way Harry calls him by the name. It tugs at his heart and secretes the red and blue fireworks through Louis’ adrenaline; purple fog invigorates the sparks that threaten to burst out through his skin due to the overwhelming flush that he has to contain every time Harry is around. The desire to be touched in him gets too strong and the burning ardor only intensifies from time to time. The ironic pink blush that creeps upon his cheeks only displays his shyness though, still not letting him have what he truly wants. He knows the wait is going to be worth it.

“Harry, my Harry.”

As soon as his feet touch the rough skin of Harry’s finger, he releases the golden glitter around him, causing the gardener to chuckle. “How did it go?”

Biting his lower lip, he stares into the bright green in Harry’s lovely eyes. God, he likes this human so much. “Perfect.”

“Good. You lead your own life, baby.”

“I do!”

They get inside the house, leaving Babee to wander around the garden. Still lingering on Harry’s finger, Louis admires the changes around the small house and he couldn't help but notice how they progressively bring more light into the space. There’re his golden sparkles that litter across the brown trim which Harry refused to let them get cleaned as they remind him of Louis’ happiness, the orchids on top of the shelves that have been pushed against the corner next to the stairs for when Louis feels like hiding from Harry every time he doesn’t pay enough attention to him and most prominently the consistent cleanliness around the space ever since Harry said Louis’ voice was sweet he would listen to him talking all day and night but he couldn’t let the fairy stay mad at him forever over the mess around the house.

Harry sits down on the couch before throwing a sly smile at Louis, his eyes suggesting something that the fairy has yet to decipher, but be that as it may, his cheeks blush at the feasibility of Harry’s libido along the stare. “Can I kiss you?”

Louis gulps. He will never shut his mouth about how Harry never forgets to ask before kissing him. It’s a simple action, but Louis is always sensitive when it comes to Harry and if he wants to squeal every time the man looks in his way, then no one is stopping him. “Please.”

Louis quickly transforms into his human size, which is something that has become a routine that he enjoys doing and is able to get used to now. It’s a part of him that he rarely had the chance to dwell on before this as there was never a circumstance that required him to do so and he’s glad to know that transforming into human size only brought him more opportunities. Falling on top of Harry’s lap, the man instinctively cradles Louis’ tiny waist to avoid him from toppling over like the last time when they were about to cuddle on the couch. The action makes Louis giggle shyly, Harry always makes him shy and he likes it.

The beginning of their kiss is always shy.

The tiny smile curving prettily on Louis’ lips after their noses touch always appears shy.

The gasp he lets out as Harry’s kiss gets firm is slow, short and delicate before it turns into a small bite of his own lips--a shy bite.

Their kiss would usually end up with a shy Louis with a shy grin and a shy pink blush on his cheeks squirming on his laps. But maybe today, Harry has a plan on how to turn his timidness into something more.

Louis closes his eyes as he receives the signal from Harry that this is going to escalate to a higher place– somewhere that they may be able to feel free to explore more. Their lips move like the ocean– synchronous as the waves and the tides, shallow breaths like the water that hits the beach and Louis feels as if he’s drowning.

Harry pulls away slowly, “You are so captivating, and I can’t let you not hear how I’m infatuated by you. I’m in love with you.”

“Oh-” Louis’ small gasp is cut off by Harry’s surging kiss that applies burning heat on his lips. “H-harry. I love you too.”

“Yeah?” The shining gems in Harry’s eyes cause Louis to nod enthusiastically.

“Very. Want you so bad.”

“Oh, I’m so weak for your pleading.”

“Hope you’re strong at something else.” The innuendo slips through his lips like the wine made from Harry’s grapes and it makes the gardener grin wolfishly.

“I can assure you I am, but I would love to give you a better presentation.” Harry raises his eyebrows for an answer.

“Your room?”

Our room.”

Being trapped underneath Harry’s sweaty body is far from suffocating like when he’s trapped between the flower buds around the garden. Instead of feeling tied down, the flimsy touches and incessant kisses dropped by Harry across his naked body sends him flying above the vast lavender field with warm heat of the summer casting upon his body. The only pressure he can indulge in is the sweet pressure that comes from the weight of Harry’s figure on top of him, and the pressure alone makes him feel safe.

“Your beauty is indescribable. I wish I could feel the burn on the tip of my fingers whenever they touch your sunny skin so it would remind me how lucky I am to have this chance.” Harry whispers as he drags his rough lips across Louis’ protruding hip bones.

Louis feels a drop of tear sipping into the curve of his earlobe, he feels overwhelmed with each breath he takes in, and feels his heart soar for each breath that he lets out.

He’s never been with a human physically before, but Harry does make his first time the most heavenly experience ever. He cradles him with his strong arms as he takes the crying fairy underneath him, not forgetting to whisper out sweet nothings to his ears as he gives Louis an authentic pleasure that the both of them can never forget.

“Harry-” Louis is reaching his high and his vision is blurry, but the physical contact between him and Harry guides him thoroughly towards his first orgasm with a human, and it’s absolutely an exquisite feeling.

“You look like you’ve been sent to me from heaven, little flower.” Harry gasps as Louis weakly smiles at him, a little gasp coming out from his mouth when he feels something thick and hot painting him inside.

Harry falls on Louis slowly before peering up at him as they take in each other’s flushed appearances and appreciate the hazy moments they’re in.

“Maybe I’ve been sent from heaven, or maybe not. It doesn’t matter as long as my final destination is you.” Louis speaks slowly, finger tracing Harry’s broad shoulder delicately, causing the man to grin.

“I love you my fairy, my little flower.”

“Go to sleep little flower

And all your dreams will come to pass

Don't cry for the change of the season

This time was never meant to last”

-Peter Bradley Adams-