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Re: Cringe Getting RP in another world

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I was high asf when I wrote this enjoy


Re: Uno



Several people were suddenly transported to an empty room with chairs and a big round table.


"Tf is this shit where are we?" Garfiel asked


"Calm down Garfiel I'm absolutely sure there is a very good explanation for all of this" Otto said in denial


The Crusch camp was staring at the room in confusion


"How Stryange~ How did we nyall get here?" Felix asked in astonishment


Wilhelm looked around the room and saw a bunch of cards laying on the big table


As he looked at the cards he realized he had absolutely no idea what the actual Kentucky fried fruck is written on the cards.


"Subaru-dono do you know what holy texts are written in these cards?"


Subaru took a look and instantly realized what it was


"Ahhhhhh!!! It's UNO!!!" he shouted


"What the hell are you blabbering about?" Priscilla shouted at the boy


But a certain helmet wearing Knight ran toward the boy


"You serious?" Al asked and he went to take a look


"My god I haven't seen this shit in years!"


"Subaru-kun is something wrong?" Emilia went forward along with Rem


"Oh it's nothing we were just talking about Uno"


"U???" Emilia asked


"No?" Rem finished her question


"Yes these cards are Uno Cards!" He told the two girls.


"Subaru it seems you know what's going on here mind telling us what?" Julius asked


"Well not really all I know are these cards"


"I see, it appears someone has kidnapped us and put us in an empty room with a big table and a pile of cards"


"Someone capable of such magic must be dangerous" Crusch told them


Is everyone present?


"Who said that?" Anastasia asked holding to her scarf


"Oi What the hell was that?!!?" Felt shouted


Oh yes it seems everyone is present let's get started


"Everyone be on your Guard! We don't know who this mysterious person is watch out for Ligma!" shouted Crusch


"My myyyyyy it appears the voice is making us participate in an eveeeeent." muttered Roswaal


We forgot our extra guests who will be joining our evening event!


"Extra Guests?" Subaru questioned


Just then 7 people have suddenly entered the room confused to what's going on


The Archbishops have arrived at the room


Everyone was shocked and began to ready their weapons to fight


"YOU!!!!!! I KILLED YOU WHY TF ARE YOU ALIVE?!!? YOU BASTARD!" Subaru screamed at the Green Haired Cultist




"WITCH CULTISTS!" Rem screamed as she prepared to summon her morning star yet nothing came


"Wha---Whats going on!" She yelled


"Tch Annoying peasants truly my esteemed presence has not been properly greeted, I was brought here without my permission yet you all choose to ignore my wonderful presence? Shameful! Disgusting! Vile! And you had the audacity to attack me when I was playing Sugondeez with my beautiful wives? This is a violation of my rights I demand to see the manager for this outrageous behavior against me!" Regulus shouted while snorting some of that good shit from his pocket.


"Regulus." Betelgeuse bent and started to slowly walk towards him.


"Nobody cares"


A Vein bursts from his forehead


"How dare you, I am here for no reason other than dragged by you lunatics then not only have you ignored and trampled on my kindness but threw away my complaints against me? Repulsive! Disgusting! You all should be-


"NOBODY CARESSSSSS" the 6 other bishops shouted in Unison


"You!!!!! Why you all!!!!!--"


"Regulus just shut up nobody cares about your rights" Subaru told the white haired Karen.


"You have no part in this plebian the fact that you all--"


Then suddenly tape appeared from the mouth of the bishop and he started to muffle sounds that should be rated +18


Well since everybody is here let's start the event


Just then everyone is shocked to see Reinhard and Pandora standing on a stage in front of them


We welcome everybody to this year's Uno event!


"Uno?" Was the reaction of everyone in the room


Right first things first let me explain how Uno Works


Everyone was too bewildered to even say a word


Right now everyone take a seat at the big round table


As everyone started to hand out chairs to the each other including the bishops they began to sat down and listened for the next instructions


"Um excuse me Tsu but there seems to be a missing chair for me." Roy told the cast


"Um who are you exactly?" Asked Ram


"I'm Roy Blyatencoise the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony!"


"This lovely lady has never heard of you before" Capella told the child


"I'm the brother of Lye!"


"Nope sorry who are you?" He responded in a cold tone


Roy was shocked to hear the words of his fellow bishops




"In all my years of aiding the cult never once have I heard if you nor seen your name in my gospel, are you perhaps a freeloader looking for attention? You are truly slothful…"


Beetlejuice told the boy then stood up to ask the Witch about something regarding his dehydration.


"Pardon my slothfulness but is there any beverage I can drink?" Asked Beetlejuice


Oh yes there's a bar over to your left


They all turned around and most of them were stunned by the person running the bar


"Holy Sh#t it's motherf#cking Dwayne Johnson!" Yelled Ricardo


"Hey everyone! I'll be your bartender today, if anyone wants a drink just come to me" Dwayne Johnson replied




"Sure thing bud" he handed out a glass of orange juice


As he took a sip he let out a burp not even Reinhard had a divine protection to remove the smell.


"Oh that's that good shit" Betelgeuse exclaimed


Now that I have everyone's attention we will now explain how Uno Works


Firstly everyone is given 8 cards to start each having a different color


Second, each of those cards have a number on them your task is to match the numbers toward a card placed on the desk regardless of the color


"So we can only place down a card if the card has the same number with the card on the table?" Asked Ram




Third, if you don't have a card that has the same number in your hands then you can pick one card on the desk until you get a card similar to the one placed


"But what if we don't get a similar card that's placed on the table even after picking one from the desk?" Julius questioned the Witch


Then you'll have to keep taking cards until you get one


"I'm confused….how you you exactly win this game??" Anastasia asked


Why that's simple but I'll get to that later on


Regulus starts to snort even more cocaine through is nostrils while sitting down.


"Disgusting" Sirius snarled


"We are in a space time room, it's perfectly legal, I don't see you getting arrested for stalking Betelgeuse 24 hours straight, I have my rights." Regulus spat back


Now every once in a while you will pick up cards that have different symbols each can change your position in the game


There is an Uno Reverse card which makes the recent person take another turn


A +4 card that makes the next person receive 4 cards and has to place a card according to the users choice


A block card that denies the next person a turn


A color card that allows the user to change the next color of the card placed


"Aahhhhh" a collective voice of the cast rang through the room


"But how do we exactly win tsu~?" Asked Lye


You win when you don't have any more cards to place, after placing you last card you shout Uno and you win


But if you don't say Uno you get 10 more cards from the deck


"But what exactly is the price for this if we win?" Asked Otto


You get free RP on your League of Legends account


Screams begin to emanate from the room



"Well why didn't ya say so! My amazin self is gonna win this for sure!" Garfiel yelled at the crowd


"Ha! As if! This lovely lady is going to get those sweet RP and buy Dawnbringer Yone!!" Capella glanced back at the demihuman.


"Betty can finally buy Nightbringer Yasuo I suppose!"


"Felix…….it's very important we win this I need to buy Star Guardian Urgot" Crusch told the cat boy with a serious expression.


"As if you fools will do any good on that RP I shall win this game to purchase Eternals"


"..........." Was everyone's response to Priscilla's words


"Really eternals? Truly you are the most slothful being I have ever encountered nobody cares if you achieve certain things on a champion what do you even get after buying them? A slightly shinier level 7 badge? You truly are slothful….."


"I hate you to the guts but even I have to agree with Betelgeuse" Subaru nodded to the man


"My goals are beyond your understanding" Priscilla turned her back while shedding a tear since she really wanted to buy Maokai's Eternals


"Rem shall seize this opportunity to buy Pool Party Syndra forgive me Subaru-kun"


"Well I certainly am not backing down to achieve my dream of buying Lunar Beast Aphelios"


"Well this is a challenge I cannot back down from as I need that RP to buy the new Bewitching Fiora skin" Julius answered with confidence


"Maybe I can finally buy Odyssey Aatrox….." Frederica muttered to herself


"I wonder if I can use the RP to buy Annieversary!" Petra shouted in excitement only to be met with pity from both the camps and archbishops alike


"I'm truly sorry Petra…..but you need to have been there for the 10th anniversary…" Otto tried to comfort the girl


Oh there's also a rule I forgot


This isn't a team game, you can't help each other or trade cards, any cheating will result in immediate disqualification



Now let the game begin………….