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Take the Early Trolley

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You are extremely surprised this is happening at all. It's the first obstacle to get Pat to willingly leave the apartment, and another one entirely to have him move more than a foot outside said apartment. But something must have hit him this morning, because you're blinking awake at ungodly hours to see a small alligator cooking breakfast in your kitchenette, fresh off the subway. You very pointedly put away the knife you grabbed on instinct: you know how your friend feels about knives.

Pat. Why are you here so early.

Pat squeaks and almost dumps too much pepper onto the eggs. You catch the shaker before it can do irreparable damage. "You're up! Wow, it's not like you to be a sleepy gator."

You tell him that sleeping in is the best thing ever and he is dumb.

✓ Why are you here so early.
The party?

"My birthday was so much fun! Thanks for being there - it was so good to see my family and my best friend share delicious cake! And you helping me get unstuck from the curtains. That was also good."

You inform Pat that you are hungover from too many soda combinations and also from alcohol at the post-party party you two had in his apartment kitchen. But yes, you also had a good time. Celebrating another alligator journey around the alligator sun is always better with alligators you care about.

✓ Why are you here so early.
✓ The party?
Why the visit?

"Because..." Pat pauses for dramatic effect. He flips the egg and it becomes less egg shaped, but you prefer it that way anyways. "It's our friendship anniversary! Happy day after you didn't murder me and we became real friends!"

Oh gosh darn-it. You had a plan for this. You were going to head over to his place in the heart of Alligator New York City and surprise him with some tickets to a place he'd love. They're literally sitting in the drawer under the sink, mocking your late wake. Pat has absolutely devastated you in this act of friendship. You are destroyed. He collects the delicious breakfast, complete with eggs, tofu, pancakes and syrup and you both sit down to enjoy together. You slow cook in the appreciation, but also the salt of getting upstaged. Just a little. For flavor.

✓ Why are you here so early.
✓ The party?
✓ Why the visit?

"Oh uh," Pat shuffles his feet, "This is about as far as I planned. I think I also forgot to check the return trolly schedule to get back to the city. Why, did you have something planned?"

Nevermind, not all is lost. You can still win the title of best friend on best friendship anniversary day, a thing that is normal to want and possible to achieve.

You stand up and walk over to the drawer and pull out two tickets to the alligator super arcade. And Pat's face lights up like Alligator Christmas. You are both the best friends ever.