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The Red Flash

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In this story, Naruto has red hair.

Konoha was in sorrow at the recent death of their hero, and probably their strongest Hokage.
The most intense screams were heard in a room where a newborn baby's cries were forceful.

Konoha's Secret Room

"It's almost as though he's realized he's lost both of his parents."
"Says a tall guy with spiky white hair.

Only a couple of Konoha's shinobi were there in the room with the newborn infant boy to talk.

"Yes, we lost many fine shinobi today, citizens are still scared for their lives, and much of the country is on fire, but on top of it all, we lost Kushina Uzumaki, our Fourth Hokage and the final successor of the Uzumaki Clan. Worst of all, this youngster will have no notion what they look like "The second voice was that of an old guy in his late forties.

"What do you think we should do, Jiraiya-san, as this boy's godfather?"
Asked the elder gentleman.

Jiraiya started speaking in a low, regretful tone "I'm not certain, sensei. I'm sure Minato would want me to keep an eye on the kid, but I'm not sure what I'd be able to do since I have a lot of travel scheduled. What the village will do next is the real question. Minato died without a surviving heir."

As they waited for the former Hokage to speak, both men in the room went quiet.

"I shall assume the title of Hokage once again until I find a competent substitute to manage the village," Sarutobi remarked as he closed his eyes.

"Jiraiya, I have an assignment for you," he said to Jiraiya, a former pupil and one of his most devoted ninjas. He remarked that

"Sarutobi-sensei, what is this assignment you've given to me?" He asked, but his attention was pulled to the sobbing infant.

"I want you to utilize your spy network to fool the other villages so that we can repair our ninja squads and restore Konoha's defenses," Sarutobi said.

Jiraiya told the elderly kage, "I had no intention of employing my surveillance network for that reason, but it looks that I'm out of options. By the way, Sarutobi-sensei, you should alter the child's surname from Namikaze to Uzumaki."

Minato had numerous opponents in Iwa, including the Tsuchikage, as well as adversaries in other elements, so the senior Ninja knew what he meant. Few recall the Uzumaki clan, which has long ago slipped into oblivion. To top it all off, the infant 'Naruto' had his mother's red hair.

"I suppose I'll have to nickname the child Uzumaki." The decision was taken by the Hokage.

Jiraiya's eyes were filled with anguish and sorrow as he moved in closer to the infant, who had calmed down.

Naruto gently opened his eyes, which were a deep blue like the sea. Naruto was watching Jiraiya with bated breath.

"Would you look at that, similar eyes, and I believe his hair is already beginning to get spiky like Minato's," Jiraiya stated as she looked down at the kid.

The sage grinned and put his finger to his face. Naruto grinned and tried to move his small hands to his face, but he couldn't.

Sarutobi observed the grief in his eyes, but he also saw love.

"How about the whiskers? Is it due to the fact that he is a Jinchuriki? Kushina didn't have them, but her seal was distinctive, wasn't it?" Jiraiya raised his hand.

"No, those markings existed previous to the sealing, as far as we can ascertain.
So they're merely birthmarks, and if I had to guess, it's because his mother was carrying the Kyuubi when he was born "Hiruzen said.

Jiraiya nodded, understanding, and kept staring at the infant, who kept staring at him.

"I'll pay you a visit now and then," Jiraiya remarked, smiling and nodding to his sensei.

"I'm going to depart right now and will return as soon as possible. I should be on my way; if I have to go, I should do it as soon as possible. Keep the kid safe, sensei; I don't want to die and have to face Kushina if Naruto comes before. Oh, and I'm sad to hear of the passing of your wife."
Jiraiya stated this, and then he was gone, out the window, much to the Hokage's annoyance.


It was hazardous to face Kyuubi, but confronting the council was too much for the Hokage.

He was now faced with his second-greatest adversary. The Council of Konoha.

The civilian council and the elders, comprised of Koharu, Homura, and Danzo, deliberated on what to do next.

Sarutobi had assigned the care of the young Naruto to several of his ANBU and Kakashi Hatake, one of the village's greatest shinobi.

The civilian council was arguing about how horrible things were right now. How many people had died, and how much it would take to restore to normality. The clan leaders remained deafeningly quiet. Hiashi and Fugaku were both silent, buried in their own thoughts.

"What became of the fourth?" The chief of Clan Nara queried, looking at his Hokage.

"Not that I have anything against you, lord third," the clan leader said politely, "but the fourth is in the hospital."

Everyone could see the ancient Hokage's grief in his eyes.

Shikaku's eyes widened as he comprehended what was going on.
He was extremely acquainted with the expression. He'd seen that face before and didn't need confirmation to guess out what had happened to him.

"The Fourth died sealing the Kyuubi," the elderly man broke the stillness with.
There was nothing being spoken.

Shikaku dropped his sight as he realized his comrade and Hokage had passed away. Many members of the clan shared the same idea. Minato was a well-known Shinobi who died tragically.

"Where did he seal the Kyuubi?" Danzo asked quickly, breaking the stillness.
The Hokage's pupils constricted as he looked at him. Following that, the whole civilian council started to ask the same question.

Sarutobi lifted his hand to hush them. "He sealed Kyuubi into a baby.
Naruto Uzumaki," He responded cautiously, anxious about what others would think of the situation.

The civilian council was in a frenzy, demanding Naruto's execution, just as he anticipated.
'Kill the Demon,' or 'He's Weak now, Throw him out of the community.' When Sarutobi heard this reply, he unleashed his killing intent, making the whole civilian council to experience visions of their own doom. Even the bulk of the head clans were having difficulty breathing.

A particular Nara was silent; he recalled his buddy Minato informing him that his kid will be named 'Naruto.' He understood who Naruto was straight immediately.

"SILENCE," ordered Sarutobi Hiruzen, and the whole council became quiet. He gazed at every face on the council with a gloomy expression, offering nothing but anguish if they didn't keep quiet.

"Minato intended Naruto to be portrayed as a hero, not a monster; he's the one who prevents the Kyuubi from escaping and killing us all," explains Hiruzen.

The third stated it in a threatening tone. Some civilian council members wanted to speak out against it, but when they saw Lord Third's killing expression, they restrained their mouth.

"I will retake the cap and my position as third Hokage," he said. Everyone seems to be thinking the same thing. No one on the council objected to this, save Danzo, who seemed annoyed.
Because individuals like Hiruzen made Konoha weak, he longed to be the next Hokage.

"Who are Naruto's parents, Lord Third?" a Hyuga queried, his eyes welling up with tears.

Sarutobi had opted not to tell them because he was scared the knowledge would spread and the other four great shinobi villages would soon discover Minato had a son. Iwa would go to any extent to murder him in retaliation for what The Fourth did to them during their effort to seize the leaf village.

With a sad face, Sarutobi answered. "I'm not sure, but I know his parents were killed in the fight against Kyuubi."

The leader of the Hyuga clan disagreed, but remained silent. Shikaku Nara had already worked out who his parents were, he noted.

The fact that the youngster lacked parents aided the civilian council.Some of them had already began to think of injuring the demon, and the fact that they didn't have any parents to keep an eye on him made things simpler.

The elders were suspicious about the boy's father.
Danzo, on the other hand, understood precisely who it was and realized the youngster could be transformed into a legitimate weapon and useful to Konoha, just as Kumo had done with their Jinchuuriki.

After hearing a cough, Hiruzen turned to confront Danzo.

"I'd want you to give me the boy, Hokage-sama. I can teach him and turn him into a wonderful wea... Village ninja," Danzo proposed with a smile.

Hiruzen's and several of the clan leaders' eyes narrowed. "No. And the child has a name.
He shall be reared at the orphanage just like any other boy "The Hokage declared unequivocally.

Danzo was not pleased with this one. He reasoned that there had to be more methods to make him a weapon.

"Allow me to nurture him, Hokage-sama, with all due respect. He'd have a family and could be like a brother to my kid "Shikaku offered, and the majority of the council members were surprised since they didn't anticipate Shikaku to say such a thing.

"Please accept my apologies, but the request has been refused. Naruto cannot be given to any clan. He will grow up in an orphanage. He'll start at the academy when he's six years old."
The announcement was made by the Hokage. Despite the fact that he wanted to deliver Naruto to Shukaku. He was fully aware that he wouldn't be able to pull it off. The other clans, particularly the Uchiha clan, would be enraged.

Shikaku had no time to object. "You would let the Demon to enter the Academy and become stronger," shouted a civic council member.

The Hokage clinched his teeth and dilated his pupils. He was furious because Naruto had been referred to as a demon. He motioned with his palm, and the shouting man's head rolled to the floor, blood pouring everywhere. The citizens were taken aback, but they stayed quiet.

The Hokage paused for a few seconds to check whether anybody else was sick of their head.
Because there was nothing but quiet, the Hokage shifted the topic.

"Now that we've finished this. I'd want to talk about what we lost and how much it will cost to reconstruct." The Hokage chose to change the subject.

Throughout it all, one clan chief stayed mute. Clan Uchiha was led by Fugaku Uchiha. Fugaku was well acquainted with the boy's parents. Mikoto, his wife, was close to Kushina Uzumaki. He wasn't sure how his wife would react if she discovered he was being raised at an orphanage. He, on the other hand, was not excited about it.

The Hokage stated at the conclusion of the meeting that Naruto would never be mentioned as the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi again. That knowledge was classified as S-class, and revealing it would result in the death penalty.


While all of this was going on, a baby with red hair was napping. The seal in his stomach was completely invisible. To remain warm, he was covered in sheets. Naruto was dead asleep, yet he was the only one who noticed when his seal started to burn red for a few seconds and then stopped.


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1 Year Later

The village had been rebuilt, all the destroyed buildings and the flames weren't there anymore. Despite looking from the outside that nothing was wrong. Inside, you could still see that people hadn't forgotten about the Kyuubi, the demon who killed their loved ones and, most importantly, killed the fourth Hokage.

As people were walking around the street and busy doing their jobs and living their lives, The same couldn't be said for a baby crying in the orphanage.

The baby with red hair was crying. Despite being only a year old, Naruto could still say a few words and take a few steps, but that only worsened his situation.

Naruto was still tiny, but even he understood that he wasn't having the attention of anyone around him. Or if he did, he would get glares of hatred that made Naruto scared and sad.

Right now. Naruto was crying since he was alone in a room and there was no one else there. No other babies sleeping, just him. Suddenly the door opened, revealing a woman glaring at the 'demon brat' as everyone liked to call him.

Seeing someone, Naruto stopped crying and smiled at the woman; he was happy that someone had come for him despite having the cold feeling from her.

The woman got angry when he saw that the demon was smiling; that smile reminded her of her dead girl who died when the Kyuubi attacked. She glared at the monster, and his smile made her snap. She slapped him in the face.

Naruto immediately started crying and touching the place where it hurt. The woman smiled that she could break the demon and left the room. She Left Him to cry until he got tired. Naruto kept crying for 4 hours until he slept but woke up again after a few hours because he was hungry.

Naruto was given food only once or twice a day, But even then was given the bare minimum. If it were in the hands of people who worked there, they would let him starve, but the Hokage would visit once a month to check on him, and they knew. It would be dangerous to anger the Hokage. In the beginning, Hokage noticed from how Naruto looked like that he wasn't being fed. He had warned the people who worked in the orphanage to treat Naruto like the other children.

After three months

Naruto was crawling to the place where he knew they kept the food. His baby legs didn't make a sound, and he knew, if he was quiet, he could reach the room without anyone noticing. Naruto just hoped none of the other children would wake up in the middle of the night crying.

As Naruto reached the door, and was happy that no one was guarding it. At first, he couldn't reach the handle but then used a few books to reach it and slowly opened the door not to make a sound. Naruto looked inside and was even darker than it was in other rooms. The other room had windows, so the light of the moon brightened up the rooms slightly. This room had no windows that Naruto could see. He was scared, but he was hungry, so he swallowed a huge breath and decided to be brave and crawled slowly inside the darkroom.

Naruto slowly crawled to a jar with food that he knew the other children were fed with; he put his hands around the pot but couldn't move it. It was heavy for him. Naruto then tried to use his hands to open it where it was but to no success. He was disappointed, but he was hungry. His stomach started growling as to answer him.

Naruto tried again and again but had no success. Naruto felt tears in his eyes and decided to try one more time, and he started feeling something from his seal in the stomach. The seal started glowing red, and Naruto opened the jar. He smiled so much that even his eyes were smiling. Naruto felt the feel from his tummy but decided to ignore it.

Naruto then put his hand inside the jar and started eating with his little hands. That went on for almost an hour. Naruto then slowly closed the pot again and left the room quietly.

After 2 Years

Naruto was looking outside the windows as it was raining. It has been raining for five days now. Now Naruto was only three years and three months old. He was able to walk, talk, run and even knew how to read a little. He felt lonely in this place. He had seen how a woman would look and treat other children; they would always smile and be kind to them.

While no one was kind to him, they would all look at him with anger and coldness. He didn't know why. He couldn't understand what he could have done to make them hate him. The only person he knew that was kind to him was the older man with robes. He was the only one who gave him a kind smile, but Naruto could feel sadness coming from the older man whenever he saw him.

The older man told Naruto that he was the Hokage of the village and explained to Naruto what his job was.

Naruto understood that he was the strongest and the most important man in the village, but that confused Naruto; if he is, what he says that he is! Then why is he spending time with me? Naruto had asked himself but found no answers.

Naruto had heard other children calling certain people 'papa' and 'mama' in the orphanage. Naruto didn't know why he didn't have them. He had asked a woman who worked here where his parents were. She answered him.

They abandoned you, demon. No one would ever love you.

Naruto had run to his room crying after hearing that. Sometimes Naruto would see dreams of a woman with the most beautiful smile talking sweet words to him. She would call him 'sochi,' and she would kiss his cheek and his forehead. Naruto always saw her smile but never her face. The dream would always end when he tried to look at her face.

The only thing Naruto could remember from her was her long red hair. Just like his. Naruto had heard many children of his age or older calling him a tomato. Naruto didn't care that much; at least that was much better than being called a 'demon'.

But he heard many adults pointing out his hair and saying that was proof that he was a demon. Naruto then had wondered if everyone hated him because of his red hair, but he quickly pushed that thought away. That was just ridiculous to him and made no sense to him.

Naruto had also noticed the three whiskers in each cheek of his face. He wondered what they were and why he had them. For this question, Naruto decided to ask the older man once he revisited the orphanage.

Naruto had also noticed the weird drawn in his stomach. He had seen how the mysterious symbol would glow red sometimes. Naruto had an odd feeling in his tummy every time that happened.

Naruto hadn't asked anyone what that meant because he hadn't asked anything since the woman told him that his parents had abandoned him because he was a demon.

Now, as Naruto was looking at the rain, he felt someone coming towards his room. He knew this one wasn't the older man despite feeling powerful like him.

Naruto just hoped that whoever it was wasn't there to beat him or call him a 'demon'. The door slowly opened, and Naruto saw an older man walking inside.

White spiky hair, red markings under his eyes, a headband with the 'Kanji' for Oil, a traditional red geta with two yellow circles on each side of his cheek.

Naruto wondered who this one was, but he didn't feel anything sinister coming from him.


As he opened the door and looked at his godson, The first thing he noticed was how much he looked like Minato and Kushina. True, his hair was red but was spiky, just like Minato's hair, and his face looked a lot like Minato's. He wouldn't be surprised if Minato looked exactly like Naruto when he was the same age except for blonde hair.

His hair looked just like Kushina's hair. Red like blood and made somehow made him look cuter. But then the old Sannin looked at his eyes and saw that Naruto was afraid of him and could tell from his face that he wasn't happy here.

Jiraiya holds himself not to go immediately and beat up whoever made him this sad. Jiraiya decided to immediately let him know that he was friendly and that there was no need to be afraid.

"Naruto, don't be afraid of me. I'm a friend," Jiraiya said kindly to the young boy.

Naruto raised his eyebrow in confusion. "You are my friend?" He asked with a tiny voice but not wanting to be helpful.

The older man nodded with a kind smile. "I thought friends were supposed to be around my age. Why do I only get to get old people as friends?" Naruto asked innocently. No one from his age wanted to be his friend, and so far, the old man Hokage was the only one who Naruto could call a friend.

Jiraiya's eyebrow twitched slightly at being called old but let that go for now.

"I'm not that old, and what's wrong with a godfather visiting his grandson" Jiraiya responded, smiling and the moment he said that. He was hugged by Naruto, who had embraced his legs.

Jiraiya smiled, and Naruto was hugging him tightly, almost afraid that he would leave him. He started playing with Naruto's hair, and he looked up at him with tears in his eyes. But Jiraiya could tell Naruto was happy.

"Will I live with you? Please?" Naruto asked, hoping that he could leave this place. Jiraiya immediately frowned since he knew that he would be in the village only for a week and then leave again.

"How about you and I sit?" Jiraiya asked, and both of them sat in Naruto's bed. Naruto had noticed the feeling of sadness coming from the older man but decided to not ask about it.

Jiraiya sighed and took a deep breath. He turned to his grandson, who looked like his eyes were shining with happiness.

"Tell me Naruto how is your life here?" Jiraiya asked, despite knowing how his grandson might be treated here. From his face alone, Jiraiya knew Naruto was treated harshly.

Naruto frowned and lowered his gaze. Jiraiya felt stupid to ask that, so he decided to change the subject. "Tell me Naruto, do you know how to read and write?" Jiraiya asked, rubbing his hair.

Naruto turned his head to him. "I only know a little, I taught myself but is hard to find any books here", Naruto responded. Jiraiya was surprised that he knew how to read. He smiled and grabbed a book from his coat.

"The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi," Jiraiya said and gave the book to Naruto, who grabbed it and looked like someone just gave him the best gift in the world.

"I will teach you how to read and write. And after that, I will give you new books to read if you want to become a shinobi," Jiraiya added, smiling.

Naruto turned to his godfather. "Thank You," he repeatedly said, hugging both him and the book.

"Don't worry Naruto", Jiraiya said, hugging him back.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, and Naruto pulled back and opened the book on the first page.

Jiraiya was happy that Naruto wanted to learn, and he started teaching Naruto how to read and write.


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1 Day Earlier

The third Hokage was standing in his office as he was battling his immortal enemy, the enemy of all kages, an enemy that couldn't be defeated. The kage was staring at his eternal enemy, and the enemy was just mocking him. The kage started breathing heavily and shouted the name of his enemy.

Damn Paperwork

The hidden ANBU in the office were trying hard not to laugh at their kage's behaviour. Sarutobi sighed as he then started smoking his pipe. He relaxed a bit and started working on his paperwork again. How were you able to complete them so fast, Minato? The third asked himself. He had no answer, and perhaps being the fastest shinobi alive had its perks.

After what felt like an eternity, he was done with the pile in front of him and decided to read something. His hand moved to open a secret drawer of his desk when a blur entered his office through the window.

His ANBU's were immediately on alert, but Sarutobi knew who the idiot had come through the window.

"The door was just never an option?" The third asked in a monotone tone looking at Jiraiya.

The sannin grinned and turned his face to his sensei. "No, windows are much better", he responded and walked to the chair on the other side of the desk. "How are things around the village?" Jiraiya asked.

"People still remember what happened three years ago, is not easy to forget for some," Sarutobi answered, and a frown appeared on Jiraiya's face.

"What about outside the village?" Sarutobi asked, smoking his pipe. His face turned from joking to serious within a second.

Sarutobi understood, and with a sign of his hand, his ANBU's left and activated a silence seal.

"What news do you have?" Sarutobi asked with a serious tone.

Jiraiya sighed. "I have news of an organization of missing nins," he said in a serious tone.

Sarutobi raised his eyebrow at this. It wasn't that much of a big deal for missing nins to create an organization. "Why is this important Jiraiya?" Sarutobi asked, knowing there was more to this.

"They all are made of S-Rank shinobis, and is called Akatsuki," Jiraiya said with a dreadful tone.

Sarutobi slightly paled at this. An organization made of S-Rank ninjas can be a big problem, he thought.

"And they're targeting the Jinchuurikis", and that organization just became far more dangerous in Sarutobi's mind.

Targeting Jinchuurikis?! For what reason can they somehow control them and wants their power to belong to them? Sarutobi asked himself and was slightly worried for Naruto.

"What do they want?" He asked, worried for Naruto, who was still only three years old.

Jiraiya shrugged his shoulders. "Who knows, but they're definitely not trying to reach world peace or anything like that", he responded and pinching the bridge on his nose.

"Do you think they work for any of the other villages?" He asked, thinking that they worked perhaps for Kumo or, god forbid, Iwa.

Jiraiya shook his head. "As far as I know 'No' " Jiraiya responded.

There was complete silence for a few minutes. "I want to meet Naruto", Jiraiya suddenly said. Sarutobi looked at him in total shock. He didn't expect Jiraiya to meet the kid, at least until he becomes a genin.

Sarutobi gave him a look like 'Why Now'.

"I want to meet him. I have waited long enough, and now my godson needs me more than ever," Jiraiya added with a serious tone and didn't care if his sensei would tell him 'No'.

"How long before they make any move?" Sarutobi asked with a serious tone, but Jiraiya could tell he was concerned.

"It will take some years, Naruto still has time but he needs to get stronger", Jiraiya responded and put his hand on the desk, ready to leave.

"Very well Jiraiya," The third said, and Jiraiya left through the same window he came.

4 Days after Jiraiya visited Naruto

Naruto was reading a book that his godfather had given him explaining what chakra is and how everyone had chakra. He had started reading like a mad man since his godfather tough him how to read and write. He told him, the more he read and wrote, the better he would be. Naruto listened to his godfather and started reading the first book he gave him.

To Naruto's surprise, the main character of the first book had his name. Naruto had asked him why? Naruto still remembered.

"Your father loved my book and decided to name you after that character."

His godfather had responded. Naruto could feel love and sadness coming from his godfather when he said that. When Naruto asked his godfather why his parents had abandoned him, Jiraiya had almost lost it.

' Jiraiya was looking as his godson was reading his first book. Looking at him now reminded him so much of Minato, the way his body moved, the way he stood and walked, all screamed 'Minato'. Jiraiya was already proud of him, and it had been two days since he met him. On the first day, Jiraiya had given Naruto real food to eat as much as he wanted.

On the first day after meeting Naruto, he ran to his sensei's office, asking him why Naruto was so skinny and why he had that look on his face. His sensei told him that he had already fired three women who worked in the orphanage for treating Naruto poorly.

Jiraiya was not surprised that Naruto was treated like that since apparently everyone in this damn village knew of his status as a Jinchuuriki. Sensei, of course, told him that the information had somehow leaked, and now every adult knew of Naruto being Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi.

Jiraiya wasn't happy at all, and straight-up told his sensei that if anyone dared to hurt Naruto, he would show no mercy. His old sensei nodded his head in agreement and said that Kakashi was the anbu in charge of protecting Naruto.

Now Jiraiya saw a confused look on Naruto's face. His blue eyes like ocean turned to Jiraiya, and for a moment, Jiraiya could have sworn it was Minato who was looking at him.

"Why the main character has my name Toad-Jiji?" Naruto asked, slightly confused.

Jiraiya smiled at the nickname; he had shown Naruto yesterday that he could summon toads and promised Naruto once he becomes a genin, he would be able as well.

"Well Naruto, Your father loved my book and decided to name you after that character", Jiraiya answered and was expecting Naruto to ask who was he. Still, instead, he asked something he never expected of him.

"Why did they abandoned me?" Naruto asked, lowering his face not to show his tears threatening to roll down his cheek.

Jiraiya's eyes widened, and they quickly put a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Naruto they didn't abandon you, they loved you more than anything else in the world," Jiraiya said truthfully and hugged his godson.

"People here told me that I was a demon and that my parents abandoned me," Naruto said, sobbing on Jiraiya's shoulder. Jiraiya clenched his teeth. He was already half convinced to beat up the people who told that kind of stuff to a child. He started rubbing his hair. "They loved you Naruto and never forget that," Jiraiya said quietly.

Naruto had cried for an hour and fell asleep. He then had asked his godfather who they were, but sadly no answer. He told him that he would tell him the moment he reached eight years old. Naruto could feel that he was telling him the truth.

Since he met his godfather, Naruto was smiling more frequently and gone was the sad face everyone saw him with; the smile, of course, had irritated many people who worked in the orphanage; they wondered why the demon was smiling.

Naruto, of course, had heard the way how people greeted his godfather 'Jiraiya-sama'. Naruto then knew his godfather must be an important person, and from what he could feel, he was almost as strong as the old man Hokage.

Naruto wondered why someone so important was his godfather; he knew whoever his parents were must have been important people to have people like toad-Jiji as their friend.

Naruto, of course, had no answers and just decided to wait until he reached eight years old. He knew that would be a long time, but he would make sure to make his parents proud.

As Naruto was reading a book about Chakra and Ninjutsu, he started feeling something from his tummy. He quickly shut the book and removed his white shirt quickly.

Naruto looked at the weird drawn on his tummy as it was glowing red. He wondered what it was, and he had forgotten to tell his godfather about it.

The feeling went away as quickly as it came. Naruto just shrugged his shoulders and decided to ignore it, but he knew that other children didn't have this drawing in their tummy.

Naruto returned to his book and started reading where he left it. He had asked him when he could start training. His godfather had told him that he was still very young to do physical exercise, and right now, he would teach him how to unlock his chakra and many other things.

Naruto then felt as someone was watching him; he quickly turned his head to look through the window of his room but couldn't see anyone there. He kept looking for a few seconds and then returned to his book.

Behind a tree, there was a man with a mask hiding and using genjutsu to camouflage himself and not letting out that much chakra not to be detected. He was wearing a white mask and looked much different than a normal anbu.

How did he feel me? He's still only three years old! The masked man asked himself as he kept looking at the weapon.

Lord Danzo will want to know this, he quickly shunsin away.

A Hidden Place

A man was standing in a chair waiting for reports about the weapon of the village and at the same time thinking of a way to have the weapon in his hands. If I train him, he will become a valuable weapon to the village and put Konoha where it belongs, the man thought.

The man was old, with a scar on his chin that looked like an 'X. His right arm was fully bandaged.

He heard from his ANBU's that the sannin Jiraiya had visited the boy; this didn't sit well with the man. He wanted the boy to be desperate, and then he could 'save' him, and he will have his complete trust.

The man was Danzosin, the leader of the anbu 'ROOT', which operated in the darkness and took orders from Danzo instead of the Hokage.

Suddenly one of his men who was ordered to watch over his weapon appeared in front of him kneeling.

"Report," Danzo ordered.

"I was watching the weapon as you ordered me Danzo-sama but the boy suddenly felt me and looked directly where I was for a few seconds and then returned to his reading," his anbu said.

Danzo put the finger on his chin. How can a 3-year-old boy feel an anbu? Danzo asked himself.

"Return to your post and inform me of anything else", He ordered.

"HAI", and the anbu disappeared.


He was waiting for his godfather to come, he would usually be here by now, but this time he was late. Naruto then felt him, and a second didn't pass, and toad-Jiji came through the door smiling at him.

Naruto immediately returned the smile and ran and jumped to his arms to hug him.

"How are you, my boy?" Jiraiya asked and rubbing his hair, making Naruto laugh.

"I'm good toad-Jiji", Naruto responded and pulled back and went back to his book.

"I wanted to ask you something?" Naruto asked, and Jiraiya told him to go on.

"Why do I have a weird drawn on my tummy?" Naruto asked innocently, but Jiraiya tensed slightly, which didn't go unnoticed by Naruto, and he wondered if he shouldn't have asked.

Jiraiya wondered how could have Naruto seen it; the seal would appear only if Naruto was doing something with his chakra, and Jiraiya was sure that Naruto hadn't unlocked it yet.

"How do you know about it?" Jiraiya asked carefully, and Naruto noticed his new tone.

"I - I had s-seen the drawn will glow red sometimes", Naruto answered nervously and slightly scared.

Jiraiya walked closer to Naruto and told him to remove his shirt. Naruto did as he was told and removed it. Jiraiya put his hand on Naruto's stomach, and the seal appeared.

Naruto was now tense and wondered if he had done something wrong. Jiraiya analyzed the seal and could see it was intact. Glowing red??!! Jiraiya asked himself but could see the seal was as perfect as when Minato sealed the Kyuubi.

Jiraiya then turned his eyes to Naruto and noticed the fear behind his eyes. "Don't worry Naruto, I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you", Jiraiya quickly said and smiled at him. Naruto felt relieved and wore his white shirt.

"Don't worry about that Naruto, is nothing?" His godfather told him, but Naruto wasn't convinced. He knew that weird drawn wasn't normal but decided to keep it silent since his godfather didn't like to talk about it.

Jiraiya kept Naruto company for the whole day and gave him new books, each one of them for different things. One of them was also for Fuinjutsu. Jiraiya hoped that since Naruto was an Uzumaki and both his parents were good with seals, it would be easy for Naruto to learn it. He knew there was a danger that Naruto might figure out about the Kyuubi, but he hoped that wouldn't happen. Jiraiya would say that it was a seal to protect him if Naruto asked.


Going towards the orphanage was a woman around her 30s. She had bought some new clothes for her best friend's son. She knew he was treated unfairly and still was angry that Hokage had refused her to adopt Naruto. She had requested at least seven times to adopt him, but each time was rejected, she was going to ask for the 8th time, but her husband told her that the Hokage wouldn't change his mind.

She, of course, was angry and had cried that she couldn't help him.

She was followed by her older son Itachi Uchiha which was known through the village as a prodigy. Usually, she wanted to bring Sasuke since he was around the same age as Naruto, but he was still young, and perhaps it would be better to meet Naruto somewhere else and not in an orphanage. Also, things between the village and the Uchiha clan were a bit tense.

She reached the orphanage and asked the first woman she saw there.

"I'm sorry but where is the room of Naruto Uzumaki?" She asked, smiling but noticing the look of hatred in her eyes when she mentioned the name, so did Itachi, who knew what Naruto had sealed inside him.

"He's in room 13", she answered with venom in every word. They started walking towards Naruto's room and didn't bother to say 'thanks to the woman. After they walked away, she turned her eyes to her older son. "Treat Naruto kindly like I told you before we left home; never act like that stupid woman," she snarled.

"I know Kaa-chan, I know the difference between a kunai and a scroll", Itachi responded kindly.

They soon reached his room, and Mikoto noticed the words 'Demon' written all over the door and in the wall near the door.

She sighed and knocked on the door, "come in", she heard and opened the door and almost thought she saw her friend instead when she saw his red hair.

She then saw his eyes and noticed he was being wary of them.

"I'm not here to hurt you Naruto," she said kindly, trying to reassure him that she wasn't here for anything wrong.

Naruto only just kept looking at her like he was waiting for something. "My name is Mikoto, this one is Itachi and I brought you new clothes," she said smiling. Naruto slowly walked towards her and looked at the clothes in her hands. His eyes then turned to Itachi. And then back to Mikoto.

"Why?" He asked her.

That question broke her heart; he asked why they were being kind to him.

She wanted to say that she knew his mother, but she knew that information was still hidden for a reason.

"Because you remind me of someone Naruto-Kun", she responded and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I will see you again whenever I can", she promised.

Naruto smiled a little. "Thank you," he said.

Naruto would want to talk with who appeared to be Itachi but noticed he was much older than him.

She would want to stay longer, but she knew things between the Uchiha clan and the village weren't on good terms, and the last thing they needed was for them to think that she was trying to manipulate Naruto.

"See you later Naruto-Kun," she said, and Itachi followed her behind.

Naruto was left in his room and looked at his clothes and wondered if this was like having a mother.


Chapter Text

2 Days Later

Jiraiya was looking as his grandson was reading books about the clans of Konoha. He was reading about The Senju Clan, how they were able to make trees and how the first Hokage was able to build the whole village.

The book also mentioned important clans from other countries, but that was on the last pages. Jiraiya sadly knew that book had nothing about the Uzumaki clan, but he would tell Naruto himself once he grew up a bit more.

Jiraiya liked the way how Naruto was every time he would read; it reminded Jiraiya of Minato. But spending time with Naruto, he could see what Naruto had gotten from Kushina. He was a caring person like her, one who cared about the precious people more than anything else. But he also looked collected and not hot-headed, or maybe Jiraiya just still hasn't seen it yet.

Naruto had already read all the books Jiraiya had given him about Ninjutsu and chakra. He still had to read about Genjutsu and Fuinjutsu. But his godfather told him he needed to know about clans as well, and for their bloodlines.

Naruto, of course, had asked many questions like 'Why no other Senju can grow up trees' 'What is a bloodline?' 'Could The second Hokage really pull out water from the air itself?' And many other questions.

Jiraiya was happy that Naruto was so interested in books. He had already made a deal that a toad would come to Naruto every month with new books. So Naruto wouldn't get bored and would have something to do and spend time, but this thought reminded Jiraiya that he would have to leave tomorrow morning and do his duty as a spy.

That broke his heart; he wanted to stay here, but the village needed information for every possible threat, and he wanted to know more about the damn Akatsuki. Jiraiya thought to take Naruto with him, but he was afraid that being out there might bring Naruto unwanted attention. And not to mention was dangerous. Naruto was still only three years old for crying out loud.

Jiraiya was a Sannin and was known throughout the five great shinobi villages, and if the word spread that he had a child with him might make things worse. Sure he would be there to protect him, but people might figure out he's the fourth's son since he looked a lot like him. Spiky hair, except Naruto, had red hair like his mother. And Jiraiya knew he couldn't be with Naruto all the time.

Hell, some people might understand immediately he's an Uzumaki and might try to kidnap him because of his Uzumaki Blood. Like how Kumo tried with Kushina.

Jiraiya wasn't sure how he could even tell Naruto that he would leave, and he knew he wouldn't be back for at least five months.

Jiraiya sighed sadly and moved closer to his grandson. Naruto felt the sad feeling coming from toad-Jiji, so he decided to shut the book, and his blue eyes went to his godfather.

"Why are you sad, Toad-Jiji?" Naruto asked, not liking him being sad. Jiraiya was slightly surprised that the kid could tell he was sorry.

"Nothing Naruto, how about you and I go outside tonight, I want you to visit a place," Jiraiya said, smiling. Naruto knew there was something wrong but decided not to ask questions. Naruto wasn't sure if going outside was a brilliant idea since people didn't really like him. But he knew his toad-Jiji was there, so there was no danger.

Naruto quickly nodded his head with a bright smile, brighter than the sun itself and got up from his bed and walked closer to his godfather, who was leaning against the wall. Jiraiya smiled at him and walked close to him. Jiraiya leaned his hand close to Naruto. He quickly grabbed his hand, and to Naruto's surprise, Jiraiya pulled him up and made him sit on his shoulder.

"Wwoooohh," Naruto said, excited and slightly scared. He felt bigger now and put his hands on Jiraiya's hair and held tightly. His godfather saw Naruto grinning like never before.

"You ready?" Jiraiya looked up and saw Naruto's eyes shining with happiness, and Naruto nodded his head. Naruto felt tall and like he was a man from up here, and being like this gave him courage.

Jiraiya left the room, and the moment he left, he saw a woman looking at Naruto with hatred in their eyes. That made the bundle of joy on his shoulder feel uneasy. Jiraiya released a tiny bit of Killing Intent, and they gulped and backed away from them.

They soon left the orphanage, and now we're in the streets of Konoha. Naruto was looking everywhere curiously. He had never been away from the orphanage before. This was his first time, and he wanted to see how it was.

Jiraiya was happy that his godson looked delighted, but he kept an eye on people walking around them. He felt two anbu following them but paid no mind since they were anbu sent by his sensei.

Naruto felt the two people following them through the roofs. He knew they weren't civilians, but shinobi was like his godfather since he could feel they were much powerful than an ordinary person. He couldn't feel bad feelings coming from any of them. But he felt sadness from one of them.

People walking around didn't really recognize Naruto at first. Most of them just kept walking and minding their business, but some of them had stopped walking and were looking at Naruto specifically. His red hair, blue eyes and his whiskers.

Our redhead started feeling sad and uncomfortable when he began feeling anger and hatred coming from some of the people around them.

"Toad-Jiji, you should put me down," Naruto said, afraid that people would start hating his godfather as well.

Jiraiya looked up at him, surprised but understood immediately why he said that.

"Don't worry Naruto, just don't mind them", Jiraiya responded but frowned when he saw that more people were looking at Naruto angrily now.

As they kept on walking, more people had stopped and been looking at Naruto with hatred. Naruto swallowed a huge breath and felt sweat coming from his forehead, but then his godfather released a massive amount of killing Intent that made everyone take a few steps back. Some of them even started screaming and running away in fear. After a few minutes, there was no one looking at Naruto anymore. Jiraiya began to walk again, and Naruto was feeling better.

Naruto focused his eyes on the stone faces in the mountain. He knew each of them. The first one on the left was the first Hokage Hashirama Senju, which built the whole village with his wood abilities, and was known as 'God of Shinobi'.

He had also battled the legendary Madara Uchiha in Valley of The End. He was known to be able to control Tailed Beasts with his wood abilities. Naruto had heard about the Kyuubi like everyone else. And wondered if there's more than just Kyuubi out there.

Then was Tobirama Senju, which Naruto had read that was known for his high water affinity. No one was in the same lever as him; even ninjas from Kiri, known for their water affinity, weren't at his level. He had created many jutsus, one of them was Hirashin that the fourth Hokage was known for.

Then was old man Hokage, who looked younger in the stone face and in the picture in Naruto's book. Naruto couldn't really see him as young no matter how hard he tried; Naruto had read that titles of 'The Professor' and 'God of Shinobi' were given to him. Naruto wondered if Jiji-Hokage in his younger days was as strong as the First Hokage in his prime. He had decided to ask Jiji once he saw him again.

Then there was The Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Naruto thought he was the coolest Hokage of them all. He was known as the yellow flash of Konoha because he was a master of Hirashin. But when Naruto had seen the picture of the fourth, he could have sworn that he had visited the person before. His blue eyes were the same as Naruto's, and he knew it.

Naruto, of course, asked Jiraiya why he felt like he had seen the fourth before. At that moment, he noticed his godfather was very nervous and heard him mutter Just Like Him. Of course, Jiraiya just changed the subject, much to Naruto's annoyance.

Naruto had asked his godfather to learn Hirashin, but he told him that he still needed to know the basics before moving into complicated things like learning jutsus and Hirashin.

Jiraiya knew Minato had left Hirashin and Rasengan for Naruto in case anything happened to him. Jiraiya had decided to give them to Naruto when he reached eight years old.

But Jiraiya wasn't looking forward to telling Naruto about Kyuubi. He knew Naruto still hadn't asked why people hated him, but he knew he would ask that question sooner or later.

Naruto had told him about the kind lady named Mikoto who had given him clothes. Jiraiya, of course, knew her since Kushina had mentioned her, but he wondered if she had a purpose of meeting Naruto. He knew there was a chance that she just wanted to be kind to him out of her friendship with Kushina. But Jiraiya knew that things between Konoha and Uchiha clan weren't good and had heard some shinobis clamming that Kyuubi had a Sharingan the night he attacked.

Of course, maybe they had just thought they saw it, but Jiraiya knew Minato was a master at Fuinjutsu and would never let Kyuubi be released unless someone attacked them.

Now he made his way towards the favourite place of his mother. Naruto was busy looking at the face of the fourth Hokage in the mountain when he heard.

"Oooh look who we have here", he heard his godfather say towards three men who were walking towards them. In their shoulders were three kids.

The first man was giving Naruto and Jiraiya a warm smile. His hair was almost brown and tied like a cactus. He had a scar on his face and was wearing the usual Jonin outfit. With black sandals. On his shoulder was a boy who looked bored and ready to fall asleep; his hair was the same as his father.

The second man had long blond hair and was wearing a white outfit, and beneath it, Naruto could see the Jonin outfit. On his shoulder was a girl around his age with blond hair as her father. She was smiling at them.

The third one was a fat man with weird marks on his cheek. He wasn't smiling at them, and Naruto could feel the stare of the third one. And on his shoulder was a boy who also looked to have problems with his weight.

"Jiraiya-sama is good to meet you again. Who is the cute boy on your shoulder?" The first man asked, taking a step forward and giving Naruto a warm smile.

Jiraiya looked up at Naruto. "Ohh. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, shinobi-sama," He answered respectfully.

Jiraiya held a burst of laughter, and so did the girl.

"My name is Shikaku, and this lazy boy is my son is Shikamaru" Shikaku introduced himself and the boy on his shoulder who already looked half asleep.

Naruto waved his hand. Shikaku put Shikamaru on the ground. "Say hi, or do you want to walk back to your home," Shikaku said.

Shikamaru paled at the contest of walking. "This is troublesome. My name is Shikamaru Nara" Naruto smiled and jumped to the ground to get closer.

"Hi, Naruto-Kun. My name is Inochi Yamanaka. This princess is Ino," the blond said, and the girl waved at Naruto.

"Hello Tomato," she said smiling. Jiraiya expected Naruto to act the same way as his mother when she was called like that. But he just laughed.

Naruto didn't really mind the nickname since it was much better than being called a demon.

The third one took a step closer. "My name is Choza Akimichi. This one is Choji," the fat one said, a bit wary of Naruto, which Naruto and the adults noticed. Naruto waved his hand, and so did Choji.

Naruto turned his eyes to Shikamaru and Ino, who were standing close to him. "Do you want to come with us?" Naruto asked hopefully. Jiraiya was about to respond when he was interrupted.

"Of course we can stay outside a bit longer", Shikaku answered immediately. Shikamaru looked ready to protest, but his father glared at him.

"Very well, we're going to Ichiraku Ramen," Jiraiya said happily that Naruto could finally meet kids of his own age without glares.

Choji looked happy and was clapping his hands.

"Yeah", Naruto shouted, raising his fist in the air.

Soon they started walking towards Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto, Shikamaru, Ino and Choji were walking forward and talking, and the adults were a bit behind talking about different things.

"So Naruto, what is Jiraiya-sama to you?" Shikamaru asked curiously.

"He's my godfather."

Shikamaru's eyes widened slightly, and he murmured something under his breath.

"Wow. Really. He's one of three Sannins," the girl Ino shouted, surprised.

Naruto raised his eyebrows in confusion. "What's a Sannin?" He asked.

They all started looking at him like he had gone mad.

"Didn't your parents tell you about the sannins?" Ino asked, confused.

That question made Naruto sad, and his smile slowly disappeared and turned into a frown.

"I don't have parents," Naruto said quietly, almost like a whisper. He was feeling tears in his eyes But swallowed a huge breath. He didn't want to cry in front of them.

Ino lowered her head. "I'm sorry", she apologized with a sad tone; Choji looked saddened as well, and so did Shikamaru.

Naruto quickly shook his head. "Don't worry Ino-san. How about we talk about other things?" Naruto asked, wanting to change the subject.

"Very well. What do you like to do the most Naruto?" Choji asked curiously.

Naruto knew what he liked. "I like to read. And I like to spend time with toad-Jiji, and Hokage-Jiji," Naruto responded, smiling brightly.

All three of them looked at him, confused. "You mean. You call Hokage-sama, Jiji?" Ino asked but more like a statement. Naruto didn't understand why that was apparently a big deal but just nodded his head.

"What about you guys?" Naruto then asked and putting his hands behind his head.

"Well. I like to watch clouds, and sleep. Mostly sleep," Shikamaru replied, yawning. Naruto sweet dropped while Ino and Choji already knew his answer.

"Don't mind him. He's just lazy," Ino said, looking at Shikamaru and then her head turned to Naruto.

"I like to look at the flowers and spend time with my par . . . Friends," Ino responded, changing the answer.

Naruto knew what she was going to say but didn't mind. Now he had his godfather, and he was happier than ever.

"That's cool Ino", Naruto responded and smiled at Ino, which made her turn her face away. Naruto was confused while Shikamaru was murmuring. Troublesome blonde.

"I like to eat. Spend time with Shikamaru in a barbecue and any restaurant," Choji answered, smiling.

"Tell me Naruto, will you become a shinobi?" Ino asked, smiling at him.

"Of course. I will become a shinobi and become a Hokage dattebayo," Naruto shouted the last part with his eyes screaming determination.

All three of them looked shocked by Naruto's statement that he would become Hokage. At the same time, Jiraiya was looking at Naruto proudly.

I have no doubt you will, Naruto.


Chapter Text

Naruto was having the best moment of his life. He was talking to his new friends and for the first time in his life. Their parents weren't telling them to stay away from him or telling him to not talk to them.

When he met his godfather six days ago, Naruto was pleased to know that he wasn't alone, That he had someone to call family and wasn't a 'Demon' as everyone called him.

When toad-Jiji told him that his parents didn't abandon him but loved him, Naruto felt happier, but now he had friends.

"Why would you wanted to become Hokage?" He heard Shikamaru asking him.

Naruto grinned. "Because then people of the village will finally acknowledge me", He answered.

Shikamaru was thinking about what he meant when he said that 'he wanted people to acknowledge him. Choji just kept eating chips, while Ino smiled at him.

"That's a good dream", Ino commented, smiling at Naruto.

"What about you three? What're your dreams?" Naruto asked, turning his head to three of them.

Shikamaru shrugged his shoulders. "To Sleep", and everyone sweet dropped behind their heads.

Naruto was thinking, What kind of dream is that? He wondered, but at the same time though it was excellent.

Lazy as Always, Ino thought with annoyance. While Choji smiled Typical Shikamaru, he thought knowing Shikamaru was lazy.

Naruto then turned his head to Choji.

"I'm not sure. I haven't thought about it," Choji answered, and Naruto understood, and they still were very young to think about what they would do when they grew up.

Naruto then turned to Ino. "Well. I want to be a good kunoichi like my daddy," she said happily.

Naruto liked the dream and told her that it was a perfect dream.

They keep on walking, but the more they walk, the more people start sending Naruto glares, but not daring to do anything since Jiraiya-Sama and three respectful clan heads were there with three innocent children talking with the demon brat.

The adults notice immediately, and so does Naruto who's smile disappears and turns into a frown, Shikamaru on the other hand, could see something is not right with the way they were looking at them.

Ino started feeling uncomfortable and walked closer to her dad, and so did Choji.

Naruto looked around and felt bad that maybe his presence here was making things worse, and he felt tears in his eyes. Jiraiya had enough and unleashed his KI at the maximum that made many people drop unconscious on the ground, and some were having a hard time breathing.

After 2 minutes, no one was looking at Naruto anymore, and they soon reached their destination. Ino asked her father why people started staring at them like that, and he just told her that they were stupid people. Shikamaru didn't seem bothered by their glares.

While Naruto was keeping his head down and thinking that it was all his fault and his new friends would soon abandon him like all the other kids of his age, he then felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up and saw Shikaku-sama looking at him with a warm smile.

"Don't worry about them Naruto, they're just foolish people?" he said, and Naruto managed to smile.

"Here we are", he heard toad-Jiji said and pointing at a restaurant. Naruto looked at the name 'Ichiraku Ramen' and wondered what that was.

"Come on. All are on me," His godfather stated and put a hand on Naruto's head and rubbed his red hair. Choji looked to like the idea.

They were about to walk inside when the adults turned their heads to their left. Naruto turned as well when he saw Hokage-Jiji walking towards them.

"Hokage-sama, what a pleasant surprise," Shikaku said and took a step forward, and so did Jiraiya.

"I saw you with my crystal ball walking to this place so I decided that I needed a break from my war with paperwork", the old man said with a chuckle at the end.

Hokage then looked at the little kids. Ino was hiding behind her father. She knew who the Hokage was and was nervous. Choji had stopped eating and for once looked serious, while Shikamaru just looked bored.

The older man was about to say something when. "Hokage-sama is good to see you again", Naruto yelled and jumped to hug him. The Kage returned the hug, and Jiraiya smiled at the scene while the kids wondered how Naruto knew the Hokage-sama so well.

Naruto usually would call him either 'Hokage-jiji' or 'jiji'. Still, Jiraiya had told him always to show respect in front of others, so Naruto decided to call him with respect.

"Naruto my boy, how are you doing?" The Hokage asked and looked at Naruto, who looked much brighter and happier than when he saw him in the orphanage.

"I'm good Hokage-sama. Toad-Jiji is giving me many books to read is amazing," Naruto replied excitedly. Hokage laughed at the nickname while Shikaku chuckled, and so did Inoichi and Choza. At the same time, Ino and Choji were wondering how reading books could be amazing. And Shikamaru silently agreed with Naruto.

"Oh, toad-Jiji" the Hokage looked at Jiraiya grinning. "Well, that's good Naruto," he said and pulled him to the ground, and they together walked inside the restaurant.

Walking inside, Naruto saw a man with a girl older than him behind the desk.

"Oh Hokage-sama is good to have you here," the man said respectfully, looking at the Hokage.

"Is nothing, do you have enough Ramen for all of us"

"Of course", he replied happily, but then his eyes went to Naruto, and he froze. He looked at his face. Red Hair and bright blue eyes like the ocean, the man thought with a smile seeing the child of his two favourite customers.

For a moment, Naruto thought that the man would start glaring at him, but he was looking at Naruto with longing, and that confused him.

"What's your name, little buddy?" The man asked with a warm smile.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, future Hokage", he responded, grinning.

"Well, take a seat, future Hokage," He said with a smile, and soon everyone took a seat. Hokage seated close to Jiraiya, Inoichi, Shikaku and Choza. At the same time, Naruto was close to Shikamaru, Ino and Choji.

"Have you been here before?" Naruto asked, looking at his new friends. Shikamaru shooked his head, and so did Ino.

"I have been maybe three times", Choji replied and couldn't wait to eat.

"Naruto, you said you liked to read, what do you read?" Shikamaru asked interested.

"I read about Chakra, Jutsu, Ninjutsu, and I have started reading about clans of Konoha and their bloodlines. I will soon start reading about Genjutsu and Fuinjutsu," Naruto said happily.

Shikamaru looked interested, while Ino thought that it was a waste of time. Choji didn't look to either care or not care.

"Don't you think is a bit early to worry about ninja stuff? I will wait until I go to the academy," Ino asked.

He turned his blue eyes to her. "I don't have anything else to do in the orphanage. So I read and I really like to read," Naruto replied.

Ino raised her eyebrows in confusion while Shikamaru nodded in agreement with what Naruto said about reading.

"My godfather even promised me that he would teach me how to unlock my chakra when I read all the books he gave me", Naruto added happily and glanced at toad-Jiji, who was talking with Hokage-Jiji.

When Shikaku heard Naruto's response, he turned to Jiraiya. "Don't you think is a bit early to teach Naruto about all that. Shikamaru likes to read but teaching how to unlock chakra and all that comes after that. I will wait until Shikamaru reaches 5 years old to teach him that," Shikaku asked, thinking that Naruto was way too young to be taught that. He needed to enjoy his childhood and not spend time training. He will have a lot of time to do that once he enters the academy.

Jiraiya thought about it for a moment but quickly shook his head. "What you said might be true Shikaku-san, but the way I see how people look at Naruto. He doesn't have anyone there and needs to do something to spend his time. And He will have to worry about the Akatsuki when he grows up," Jiraiya thought the last part.

Shikaku understood what he meant and was still slightly angry that Hokage didn't let him adopt Naruto.

The Hokage frowned at Jiraiya's answer. He knew Naruto would need to be prepared.

Of course, none of the children could hear them except Naruto, who could somehow listen to what his toad-Jiji said. Not to anyone's else knowledge, the seal in his stomach started glowing red for a few seconds and then stopped.

The adults had ordered ramen for themselves and their children. Naruto was waiting for ramen and was talking with Shikamaru and Choji, while Ino was thinking if eating ramen would get her fat.

"Naruto, how do you know the Hokage?" Shikamaru asked. From what he saw, he knew Naruto must know very well to jump like that and hug him in front of so many people.

"Oh, well he visits me every month in the orphanage. He even tells me stories sometimes about the first Hokage and second Hokage" Naruto replied like it was no big deal.

Shikamaru was confused. Why would Hokage visit him every month? This is so troublesome. He thought and decided to stop thinking about it.

"Oh wow, that's amazing. I heard from father that Hokage is the strongest in the village," Ino replied excitedly.

But in her eyes, The Hokage didn't look like much, or maybe it was because of old age.

"Yes Hokage-sama is very strong, I can feel he's stronger than anyone else around here. Perhaps even stronger than toad-Jiji," Naruto said and glanced at Hokage-Jiji.

Shikamaru was about to ask what he meant by feeling their power.

"I hope you like it," the man who worked in the restaurant said and brought them ramen.

Naruto looked at the food, and to him, it looked delicious. Choji started eating immediately.

"Eat while is still hot Naruto," His godfather said, and Naruto tried a little at first, but then his eyes turned to stars.

"Wow," he shouted and quickly started eating like there was no tomorrow. Within a minute, the ramen was gone and in front of Naruto was an empty bowl.

"This is very delicious Chief-sama", Naruto stated, looking at the chief.

The man laughed. "No need for that kid. And my name is Teuchi and this one is Ayame" he introduced himself and looked down at his daughter, looking at Naruto with a smile.

"Hello Ayame-san, my name is Naruto."

The girl noticed the way Naruto smiled and his red hair. It reminded her of a woman with the same hair colour that had visited their place before. She turned to her father.

"Tou-chan he looks like Kushina-san", she whispered, looking up at her father. He nodded at her sadly.

"Don't mention it now," her father replied quietly.

"You can eat as much as you want Naruto-Kun," Jiraiya said, and he looked at him in awe.

"Four more bowls for Naruto", Jiraiya ordered, and Naruto couldn't wait for the food.

After ten more bowls, Naruto wasn't hungry anymore, and everyone was surprised to see him eat so much. He had eaten even more than Choji, who thought not to lose next time.

"This was amazing, thank you toad-Jiji" Naruto thanked his godfather.

Jiraiya paid for the food for everyone, and now they were staying in front of the Ichiraku Ramen.

"I think is time for us to leave," Shikaku said, and Shikamaru looked to agree, and so did Inoichi and Choza. Naruto frowned and slightly lowered his head.

Shikaku noticed that. "Don't worry Naruto-Kun, you will get to play with Shikamaru again. Whenever you want," he stated.

Naruto's face brightened, and he smiled at Shikaku.

"Troublesome", Shikamaru murmured.

"I hope we meet again, Shikamaru. Perhaps next time we can cloud watch together," he suggested, and Shikamaru looked to like the idea.

Naruto then turned to Ino. "I hope to meet again Ino-san," he said, and she just nodded her head and kept her face away.

"See you next time Naruto," Choji said and walked away with his father.

Shikaku and Inoichi said their goodbyes to the Hokage, Jiraiya and Naruto.

Jiraiya was pleased that Naruto had new friends now. Hokage looked up and saw that it was close to evening.

"Naruto, We will meet again soon," the Hokage said to the redhead, who couldn't stop smiling.

He turned to Hokage-Jiji. "Of course and soon I will take that hat dattebayo", Naruto stated and pointed the finger at the hat.

Sarutobi couldn't help but feel proud of Naruto. "I have no doubt Naruto-Kun. And I'm waiting for that day," he said proudly and hugged him.

After that, Hokage returned to his office with Naruto waving his hand at him.

Now was only Jiraiya and Naruto standing at the road.

"Naruto-Kun, I want to show you something else," Jiraiya said and offered Naruto to climb on his back. He nodded and climbed on his back.

"Hold tight", he advised, and they Shunsin away.

Naruto blinked his eyes, not understanding where he was right now. He looked around and noticed they were very high.

"Wow. Can you teach me how to do that toad-Jiji?" Naruto asked, looking at him with big puppy eyes. Jiraiya growled. "Soon," he said, and Naruto jumped in excitement.

His toad-Jiji started walking, and Naruto followed him.

"Here we are", His godfather stated, and Naruto jumped to the ground and followed him. Soon they reached the edge, and Naruto could see the whole village from up here.

The sunset made the village and everything look beautiful. Naruto enjoyed the view and was glad that he wasn't alone here.

"This view is amazing," Naruto said was lying in the grass close to Jiraiya.

After minutes of silence, Jiraiya sighed and decided to tell Naruto.

"I know you're sad about something toad-Jiji. Did I do something wrong?" Naruto asked, afraid that it was his fault. He had felt sadness coming from him the whole day.

Jiraiya quickly shooked his head and put a hand on his shoulder.

"No Naruto. You have done nothing wrong," Jiraiya said sadly and keeping his head low, not baring to look at Naruto.

"Do you remember when I told you that I worked outside the village to make sure the bad guys wouldn't come to attack the village?" Jiraiya asked.

Naruto remembered that he told him that on the second day when Naruto asked him where he had been all this time, and he told him that he needed to be outside the village for a long time to chase away the bad guys.

He nodded. "I will need to leave tomorrow Naruto," he said sadly, and Naruto felt tears on his eyes and then rolling down his cheek.

"Can I come with you?" He asked with a tiny voice.

"No Naruto is too dangerous out there" " but I swear I will listen to everything you say. Please," Naruto begged and hugged his Jiji arm, not wanting him to go away and leave him alone.

Jiraiya felt his heart was breaking. Naruto was sobbing in his arm and holding it tightly.

"Naruto, You won't be alone. I will return as soon as I can. Don't forget about your new friends," Jiraiya said quietly and put a hand on his shoulder.

There was complete silence again for a few minutes, and Naruto kept crying his eyes out.

"How long?" Naruto suddenly asked when he stopped crying.

Jiraiya wanted to say that he would return very soon, but he knew it would take at least five months, and if he lied. That would break Naruto's heart.

Jiraiya turned to Naruto and hugged him tightly. "Five months, five months Naruto," he said quietly.

"A toad will come to you every month to give you new books for you to read, alright," Jiraiya said, and Naruto nodded his head against his shoulder.

"Now. Once I return I will tell you about your mother," Jiraiya said.

"Thank You toad-Jiji," Naruto said quietly and stayed like that for 30 minutes.

"I love you toad-Jiji."

"I love you too Naruto-Kun."

In a forest

"Kaa-chan where are we going?" A little girl with red hair was asking her mother as they kept walking through the forest. It has been raining for two days now. Since her father died from the shinobis, it had started to rain. The ground was muddy, and her feet were all aching.

"Soon Asha, very soon we will go home", her mother replied, turned to her daughter, and started walking towards her daughter, who was four years old.

Asha saw her mother picking her up in her arms. Asha's eyes focused on a weird drawn that was in her mother's right hand.

Her mother made a few hands seals with her right hand.

"Uzumaki Style - Rainforest," her mother said, and it started raining even more.

"We will soon find our home, Asha", her mother promised with a smile. Her purple eyes look at her daughter with love.

Soon Asha, soon.


Chapter Text

Naruto was crying, he tried to hold his tears,, but he couldn't no matter how hard he tried. Naruto was in front of Konoha's gate about to say goodbye to his godfather, who would leave to chase away the bad people. Hokage-Jiji was standing close to him.

Jiraiya had a sad face looking down at his grandson in all but blood. He slowly kneeled to his level and put his hand on his shoulder. Naruto removed his tears with his hand and looked at his godfather.

"Naruto stops crying, I will be back in no time," Jiraiya said with a grin, trying to ease the pain in both of their hearts. Naruto nodded and swallowed hard not to let more tears fall.

"Remember what I told you. Read and train, and I will be back in no time. And I will teach you how to unlock your chakra and do cool jutsus. Like your father," Jiraiya said, smiling. Naruto looked at his eyes, surprised.

He leaned closer. "Next time we see each other. We're gonna talk about your mother," he promised and his hand fist on his heart. Naruto's frown slowly disappeared, and he smiled at his godfather. Jiraiya trusted Naruto would be able to keep the secret.

"I will read and train as hard as I can. Toad-Jiji. And when I become a shinobi I will bring peace so you won't ever have to leave again," Naruto promised with the fist on his heart.

Jiraiya felt like he saw Minato and Kushina smiling behind Naruto. Their hands-on his shoulders.

I have no doubt Naruto Jiraiya thought and hugged him, and Naruto hugged him back.

They slowly pulled away, and Jiraiya got up and looked at his sensei.

"Take care of him," he said, and the old Hokage nodded his head.

Jiraiya waved his hand at Naruto, and so did Naruto.

"Bye Toad-Jiji", Naruto yelled at the top of his lungs as Jiraiya shunsin away from the gate.

The old Hokage expected Naruto to cry again, but instead, he was smiling.

He saw Naruto murmuring something under his breath.

"Time to read. Old man Hokage," Naruto said and turned to walk away. The old Hokage smiled at the young boy. He did not doubt that Naruto would become a great shinobi in the future. He turned to look at Naruto and saw what Hashirama-sensei and Tobirama-sensei always talked about.

The Will of Fire is strong within you, Naruto.

He soon returned to the orphanage; much to his displeasure, he reached his room and didn't bother to look at the word 'Demon' written in front of his door. Naruto hadn't asked his godfather why people treated him and hated him. Hokage-Jiji would always change the subject.

Naruto thought to maybe ask his godfather next time he sees him. Not having toad-Jiji here made the whole room feel colder. He looked at the frog wallet his godfather gave him today before he left. Naruto glanced down at the shirt the kind Uchiha lady had given him. It was a black shirt with a symbol of fire in the back.

He wore a second shirt since he felt cold. He went to the book about Fuinjutsu. He had finished the books about chakra, how it worked and other things. The book for Taijutsu, but that book wasn't that necessary to read since the essential part of Taijutsu was to train outside rather than read about different types.

In the book for clans of Konoha and clans outside Konoha, Naruto read about Senju, Uchiha, Nara, Yamanaka, Nara, Akimichi and many other clans.

He looked at the title. The Art of Fuinjutsu Level 1.

He opened the book on the first page, and his eyes went to the author's name.

Utari Uzumaki

Naruto's eyes widened at the last name. He had always thought he had no clan; his last name 'Uzumaki' was just a random the Hokage had given him. And he was sure that neither the Hokage nor toad-Jiji had mentioned anything about an Uzumaki clan.

He then remembered that nothing was mentioned about 'Uzumaki' even in the book talking about the clans of Konoha.

Naruto wondered if maybe he was just looking too deeply into this. After all, toad-Jiji promised him to tell him about his mother once he returned.

He smiled, remembering that, And started reading about Fuinjutsu.

After 6 Hours

Naruto had read a quarter of the book. He found all this fascinating. To him looked easy.

Naruto wanted to seal something in a scroll, but he had no brush to draw any seal, and he had no scroll. And he had no kunai to seal anywhere. He shrugged his shoulders and decided to ask Hokage-Jiji the next time he saw him.

He kept reading and read that the art of Fuinjutsu was very hard to learn; the number of people mentioned to have been masters at Fuinjutsu in Konoha could be counted with only the fingers of one hand.

What is the limit? Naruto wondered if someone could seal other things other than ninja tools like kunai or shurikens. He understood that the book he was reading now. It had only the basics of Fuinjutsu, but it still was the most extensive book compared to the other books. This book had even more pages than the book about clans.

Naruto shut the book and took the second book about Fuinjutsu.

The Art of Fuinjutsu Level II and Level III

He wondered how many levels there were, but he had only two books for now. Naruto hoped the toads would give him more. Next month. He smiled and decided to sleep since he was tired.

After four days

Naruto was reading the first book for the third time now. He found the seals very interesting, but at the same time, he wondered why he had a seal on his tummy. Naruto understood the weird drawn on his tummy was not a drawn but a seal, but he couldn't understand why he had it.

He understood seals are used to seal things; some advanced seals were used to make traps. He wondered what he could have locked inside him; Naruto was sure that it wasn't a shuriken or kunai.

Naruto was using a pencil trying to write seals on a blank paper, but it wasn't working. He wondered if he needed a brush to write seals. Or maybe he was doing something wrong.

Naruto understood that he needed to unlock his chakra to do something but wanted to try if he could do something before he unlocked his chakra, but he understood he needed to wait until he unlocked his chakra.

Naruto put the finger on his chin and decided to remove his shirt. He looked down at his tummy but couldn't see the seal. He wondered if he could understand what was sealed in him. He knew he had to wait until it started glowing red which was ultimately random as Naruto understood it so far.

"When Jiji comes I will ask him how to unlock my chakra," Naruto said to himself and decided to go outside.

Naruto was looking as children of his age were playing with other children; they laughed and talked to each other. His bright face slowly disappeared; Naruto hoped he could meet with his friends again, But he knew they had their own houses and had no business to visit the orphanage.

He looked up at a roof where he could feel two anbu watching him. Naruto smiled at them and was half convinced to wave his hand at them.

One of the anbu had a mask that looked like a dog. He saw Naruto waving at them, and he wondered how the kid could know they were there. Jiraiya-sama had told him that he was an excellent sensor but to detect an Anbu at age three. That was no small feat.

"Will you talk to the kid?" The other anbu asked. She had long purple hair and was wearing a bear mask. She was good at kenjutsu. The dog knew her name, Yūgao Uzuki.

The anbu dog, known as Kakashi Hatake, thought for a moment.

"I might", he answered after a moment of silence. For a long time, he had wanted to meet the son of his sensei. But he still felt guilty for not being able to protect anyone important to him. His teammates, his sensei that was like a father to him, Kushina-san.

Kakashi thought that maybe he was cursed to watch everyone he cared for die in front of him.

Kakashi saw Naruto standing on the ground, looking at the other kids playing. They kept standing looking after Naruto for the rest of the day until he returned inside.

Secret Place

Danzo was waiting for the reports of his team. He had sent a large group of his anbu to find a family of Uzumaki survivors. He didn't know if they were or not, but it was worth experimenting if they were. They were known for their long life. And Danzo believed their cells could be beneficial. Especially the girl could become a good shinobi in his hands.

The father and mother weren't necessary, and he could just kill them or use their bodies for experiments.

As he was waiting, he was thinking about how to put the Kyuubi brat on his hands. He knew Jiraiya would be a bad influence on him, and only Danzo knew how to use a shinobi properly.

The old toad is gone for now. The stupid villagers could be helpful for once, Danzo thought with a slight smirk on his face.

I could use their hatred towards him, Danzo thought.

Yes, he will be mine like his mother should have been. A weapon for the village. You stopped me once, Hiruzen but not twice. There are many ways to break a child's will.

Suddenly one of his anbu kneeled in front of him. "Danzo-sama report from the Uzumaki mission," the anbu said respectfully, his face hidden behind his mask. His eyes were emotionless.


"We were able to find the family, but the mother and daughter were able to escape. We tried to capture the father but in his last breath, he activated a seal that destroyed his body. We lost 6 men, sir. We left 20 anbu looking for the child, but it started raining and we couldn't follow them," he reported.

Danzo was disappointed at his men, but he wondered what he meant. "What do you mean? Why rain didn't let you follow them?" Danzo asked, quite interested.

"I don't know Danzo-Sama, our sensors couldn't detect them anymore. And three anbu felled dead in the ground after a minute of walking around the rain," he replied.

Now Danzo was quite shocked. Interesting jutsu. Someone must be pretty capable of using Water jutsus to be able to make rain.

"I want my new weapons found. I want both the girl and the woman alive."

Ashara Uzumaki - 3 Days Later

We have been in the run for a week now. The ground was all muddy; her legs were itching everywhere. Her clothes were full of mud around. Her mother would once a day wash her clothes with her water jutsus.

Asha couldn't understand why this was happening, why the weird shinobis attacked them. They were peaceful people and did nothing except fishing.

Her mother was getting more tired each day; she would leave her with a clone at least three times a day and return when she found something to eat.

"Kaa-chan when will tou-chan return?" Asha asked, not understanding where her father was. Her mother's eyes were saddened for a moment, and Asha was sure she would cry.

She was about to apologize. "He will return soon Asha. He just has something to do with the ninjas that came to our house," she replied and fought back her tears.

Asha knew her mother wasn't telling her the truth but decided not to ask more questions.

They were using a tree to cover themselves from the rain. Looking at the rain now, Asha wondered why it hadn't stopped raining since they left their home.

"Why is raining so much?"

"It helps Asha-chan, this way the bad people won't find us", her mother replied, tired and breathing heavily.

"Kaa-chan where are we going?" She asked with a tiny voice. She felt her mother's hand on her long red hair.

"To a new home my sweetheart", she replied kindly and removing the dirt from her hair.

Asha didn't want to leave her old home. She was happy there with her kaa-chan and tou-chan. She always thought that her home was the most beautiful home to exist. She remembered the sea close to their home and would sometimes just stare at the sea near their house. It was beautiful. She always liked it and occasionally would dream as the sea was talking to her.

Outside her home was a treehouse that she sometimes would hide when she played with her parents. Asha didn't want any other home. The tiny house close to the ocean and with a treehouse was the best home. She felt hot tears in her eyes when she thought about her house. Almost like her mother could feel her sadness.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" She asked and making her daughter turn her face to her.

"I want to return to our home", she replied, tears rolling down her cheek.

Her mother smile slowly disappeared. "I know that, but we will soon have a new home. You will love it," she replied in a tired voice. Asha noticed her mother looked very tired now, and she saw that it had stopped raining now.

She was breathing heavily, her legs could hardly bring her to this point, but she knew they needed to leave soon.

"We need to leave," she said in a serious tone. She slowly tried to stand on her feet and used the tree close to her to stand.

"Kaa-chan, you're tired. We should rest," her tiny ruby said. She smiled but knew they didn't have time to rest.

She put a smile on her face for her daughter; she couldn't let her get scared. "Don't worry, I'm well rested now", she replied and grabbed her hand. And they left towards their new home.


Chapter Text

Niko Uzumaki - After three days

She felt exhausted; that's the only thing she felt. Her legs felt numb; her skin was irritated everywhere. She would catch up on blood every few hours. Niko made sure her daughter wouldn't see her. But she knew her face was getting paler. Her red hair had started losing its colour. They had begun becoming grey, losing their pigment.

She couldn't understand why all this was happening. Horrible people destroyed her homeland; they were a peaceful clan. But it seems in this world people didn't care. As long as they viewed you as an enemy and not an ally, you needed to be destroyed despite fighting only when they were threatened.

Niko could still remember her home, and it was the most beautiful place in the world. She had escaped along with her parents and a friend of hers. Her parents died shortly after they found a peaceful place to call 'Home'.

Reaijo Uzumaki is her friend, then her lover and then her husband. He was all she had for some many years. Their love grew when their family grew; her daughter, Ashara Uzumaki. Or as Reaijo liked to call her 'his ruby'.

Niko didn't know why he called her like that, but Asha always liked when Reaijo called her that. Niko was sure that she had found her new home; she had a family that she loved. But people still remembered the Uzumaki clan. People still remember their abilities.

Niko felt multiple people coming towards them. She swallowed a huge breath; she was scared, but for her daughter. Not herself. I won't let these monsters take my baby, Niko thought, angry. She clenched her teeth And took all her courage. She grabbed Asha's hand and put her to hold behind her back.

Niko glanced at her daughter. She knew her tiny ruby was scared. "Just hold tight my baby. I will protect you," she promised and started jumping from tree to tree. The ground was still muddy, despite that she stopped her jutsu three days ago.

As they made their way, She felt a kunai flying towards them. A chain quickly came out of her hand and blocked the blade. But she knew whoever threw that wasn't alone. She felt her senses skyrocket. She promptly landed on the ground avoiding a fireball jutsu that burned the tree she was standing on.

"Mama", her daughter screamed, scared. Niko looked around and saw herself getting surrounded by at least 20 shinobi. All of them were wearing masks. Niko knew they were anbu, but she felt that something was off with them.

Her daughter covered her face in her back, not daring to look at the shinobis surrounding them. She was crying. Niko narrowed her eyes at the anbu.

"What do you want?" She asked, her voice high. She was breathing heavily. Niko knew that she didn't have that long before everything was over for her.

"Come with us. Danzo-Sama wants his weapons," one of the emotionless ANBU's replied. His hand goes to a kunai on his jacket.

Niko didn't know who the man was, but she knew from the way the anbu talked. This man was dangerous and looked at them as weapons.

She knew her chances of winning were thin.

She looked behind at her daughter, who was still standing on her back; she covered her face. Niko gave her a sad smile before turning to the anbu.

I'm sorry, my ruby. I'm sorry, Reaijo. I have failed our family, she thought And started raising all her chakra left. She slammed her hands together.

"I won't let your monsters to hurt my daughter", she screamed, and the ground started shaking. One ANBU jumped from the ground to a tree and jumped in her direction with a sword in his hand. Ready to slice her legs.

Niko felt a tear rolling down on her cheek. She screamed.

"Uzumaki Style: Chains of Hell", she shouted, and hundreds of chains came out from the ground moving at High Kage Speed. The anbu with the sword tried to swing at the chain. But he was quickly surrendered by chains. The others tried to run away but were quickly captured. And so was every shinobi around Niko. They tried to break free, but the chains were strong. They all were black chains, and some of them slightly shining.

All of them couldn't get out, but they felt their chakra running lower and lower. One of them tried to hand signs but couldn't move his arms, not even a cm. They all had no emotions, but now they were looking at Niko with fear in their eyes. She took a deep breath and prepared to kill them all.

"Please No", one of them shouted, but the chains quickly ripped them apart. Their arms, legs and heads were ripped apart from their body. The sound of their bodies ripped apart was heard; it was a terrible sound. The blood fell in the muddy ground like rain. Niko slightly smiled, seeing that all of them had died.

She looked behind her and saw that her red crystal was safe. She smiled for the first time since they were attacked. "Is alright now Asha. They're gone," she said gently. Her daughter slowly moved her head away, but Niko didn't let her look at the bodies.

Asha looked at her mother, but then she was her hair slowly turning completely white. "Kaa-chan. Your hair," she said, afraid.

Her mother suddenly felt a massive pain in her stomach; she felt like something was ripping her apart. She fell to her knees And caught a tremendous amount of blood that completely covered her hand that she tried to stop the blood. No, No, So soon, Niko thought, knowing her time was gone now.

She quickly put her hands on her daughter's shoulder and made her look at her. She kept breathing heavily, her throat dry. Her eyes felt dry too.

"Listen to me, Asha. I need you to go away now," she said as her breathing was getting worse.

Her daughter quickly shooked her head, and tears streamed down her cheek.

"No. No, I won't leave you. Not like Tou-chan. He told us to leave and now he's gone. I won't leave you," she shouted, crying and hugged her mother tightly. Niko wanted to speak again, but she could hardly breathe; she tried to but couldn't talk. Her words were stuck in her throat. Her sight was getting fuzzy; She soon felt herself hitting the ground. Her eyes looked at her daughter as she was looking down at her with tears in her eyes. Her tears fell on her face, but her whole body was numb. She could hardly feel anything.

Seira, please take care of my daughter Niko thought as her sight was getting fuzzier.

Niko felt herself wanting herself to sleep. She felt more tired than ever before. She looked back at her life what she had accomplished. And she had done nothing.

I couldn't protect my homeland. I couldn't defend my parents. I couldn't save my husband. I never found Kushi-chan. She thought about her friend. Will I see you soon? She asked herself.

She then remembered that her life wasn't a complete failure. Her daughter. The best thing that ever happened in her life.

I failed to protect my daughter, she thought and wanted to cry.

She looked up at her daughter again. Her red hair was shining because of the light of the moon. Be safe, Asha. I know you will survive, she thought and felt herself losing the feeling of her body. She couldn't feel her legs anymore. She felt a tear rolling down her right eye. She then heard a voice calling to them. She saw her daughter looking in a specific direction. Be Safe, Ashara.

Uzumaki Style: Chains of Hell (S-Rank to SS-Rank if used with Sage Chakra)

Cost: The Life of the user of the Jutsu.


Chapter Text

After three months

Hiruzen Sarutobi was doing his usual paperwork, but he could hardly do it. His mind was on Naruto, the boy was a genius, but at the same time, he was too smart for his own good. The boy loved to read, which pleased Sarutobi's heart; it made him happy, but the last time he visited Naruto in the orphanage, he could see him not being happy about something, and his bright face was gone.

' The old Hokage opened the door written 'Demon' in the front and around the wall near the door. It broke his heart to see it; people were stupid and couldn't understand that Naruto kept the Kyuubi from breaking out and killing everyone.

He sighed and walked inside; Naruto was reading the same book as last time. 'The Art of Fuinjutsu Part II and III'.

The third was happy that Naruto liked to read, and he seemed to have a knack for Fuinjutsu.

"Naruto my boy, how are you doing?" Sarutobi asked, smiling at his surrogate grandson. Naruto's eyes went to the old Hokage. He knew his Jiji was coming 3 minutes before he came here. He could also feel the two ANBU's outside the orphanage.

"I'm fine Jiji", Naruto replied and ran and hugged him. Sarutobi gladly returned the hug, but when he pulled away, he could tell Naruto was forcing a smile on his face.

"Naruto is something wrong?" He asked, wanting to know if anyone had hurt him. Naruto frowned and took a step back. He glanced at the book he was reading.

"Jiji, can a living being be sealed?" He asked, holding his hands together behind his head. Sarutobi felt tense, has been a long time since he had been so nervous.

He wondered if Naruto was asking out of curiosity or knew about the seal in his stomach. But in the same, he knew Naruto would need to unlock his chakra to see the seal.

Naruto was looking at him, almost like judging him. Hiruzen took a deep breath and looked at the blue eyes of Naruto. "Yes," he answered and noticed his eyes widened slightly for a split second and immediately turned to normal. Naruto's eyes lowered somewhat. "Oh", he whispered, but Hiruzen heard him.

"Can . . . Can you help me to unlock my chakra Jiji?" He asked with hopeful eyes. Sarutobi wondered if that would be a smart move; he was still too young. Naruto, I would want you to have a normal childhood and be a child longer, but that will never happen the moment Minato sealed Kyuubi inside of you. A normal childhood was gone, Sarutobi thought.

"I will help you, Naruto, but not today. How about next time I visit you?" He asked. Naruto looked confused but nodded his head in agreement.'

It had been one month since that day. He was sure that Kakashi would appreciate teaching little Naruto; after all, he had asked a few times by now to help him unlock his chakra when Hiruzen informed him of Naruto studying and wanting to unlock his chakra.

Sarutobi sighed and decided to write a letter to Jiraiya.


He was rereading a book about Fuinjutsu, and he liked how it worked. But at the same time, he was getting frustrated, he wanted to try himself to do some of the seals, but he couldn't do anything without unlocking his chakra. His Jiji had given him a few scrolls and a brush to try Fuinjutsu. He was sure he was doing seals of level I, right. Simple storage seals to storage kunai or shuriken or maybe a sword. But he still couldn't prove it, and he needed chakra.

Thinking about seals made him think about the seal on his stomach. Recently had started growing red more often; he didn't know why and hadn't asked his Jiji why. But now, Naruto was sure that there was a connection between him and the Kyuubi. Is the Kyuubi sealed inside of me? Naruto asked himself and put the finger on his chin. The Kyuubi was a giant demon. Could a seal hold down The Kyuubi? Naruto asked himself.

Does everyone else call me a demon? Except for Jiji, godfather and my friends, everyone else looks at me like I'm a demon, Naruto thought sadly. Like everyone else, he had heard about the Kyuubi attack on 10th October, almost four years ago. At that moment, Naruto remembered that his birthday was on the same day as the Kyuubi attack. His eyes looked at the calendar in the room, and today was 3rd October.

He started breathing heavily and putting his little hand on his stomach. No, Naruto thought as hot tears were developing in his eyes.

The looks of hatred Naruto said to himself and remembered them very clearly.

Tears were now streaming down on his cheek and falling on the cold floor.

"No" Naruto screamed and fell on his knees, crying his heart out, holding his stomach with his hand. "Why? Why?" Naruto asked out loud at no one in particular; He sealed Kyuubi inside me! Naruto thought with wide eyes. Everyone always said that The fourth had killed the demon, but he knew now that was all a lie.

When he had asked his Jiji, and when he received his answer. He thought he had some sort of connection with the Kyuubi, but now he knew. The demon fox was sealed inside of him. Naruto fell to the cold ground and hugged his legs; Hot tears are still on his face. "Toad-Jiji please come here soon", he begged quietly. He stayed like that for a long time; he didn't know how long. All he could think of was, why him? Was he special? Suddenly He heard the rain outside.

His eyes then went to look outside the window, and it was raining even more harshly now. The sound of rain falling on the ground and the roof of the orphanage could be heard. Naruto wondered why it seemed to always rain whenever he was upset. He walked closer to the window but couldn't clearly see. He then picked up a chair and climbed on it to have a better view.

His eyes went on the two ANBU's hiding on the roof of a building close to the orphanage. He waved his hands at them, knowing they would see him.

He then noticed that it had started snowing; Naruto was confused. Where was the snow coming from? He was sure it wasn't cold enough to start snowing. That does put a smile on my face; Naruto thought, looking at the snow. He sighed and decided to return to the bed. It was 5 pm, and he was slightly tired.

After one week

Naruto knew today was his birthday. Usually, birthdays were a day to celebrate, but not for Naruto. This day was his worst day. People around were even more hostile towards him, if that was even possible. Naruto was four years old. He had locked himself in his room, he didn't want to deal with other people today except if it was his Jiji or maybe his godfather, but he knew he would need to wait two more months for his godfather to return.

Naruto sighed sadly and decided to read, but then he heard a poof in the room. He looked behind and saw a toad. It was almost the size of him. Naruto knew this one always brought him new books, he smiled.

"Thank you very much", he thanked him, smiling, and the toad smiled and went away. He noticed that it was three books this time. And to his surprise, all three of them were dark covered with a weird red spiral symbol in the middle.


Naruto turned and saw the door open violently; the handle hit the wall. And he saw a woman glaring at him with fury.

He knew that looked way too well; he was about to ask what was the problem when she just rushed at him and slapped him across the face. He felt his ears making weird noises on his head. His head had hit the floor and was bleeding slightly.

The woman grabbed his hand and started dragging him away from the room. Naruto tried to fight back, but he was only four years old. His weak legs and hands couldn't hold anywhere.

Soon he was thrown outside, and he hit the ground with his head. He put his hands where it hurt and looked at the woman still glaring at him.

"You're old enough to live for yourself", she shouted with venom in every word. Naruto felt tears in his eyes but not because of the pain in his head.

"My books, please they're the gift from my toad-Jiji", Naruto shouted and cried simultaneously. The woman only grew furious, but this time she just went inside and closed the door.

"Noooo" Naruto shouted and ran at the door, trying to open it. The books were the gift of my godfather. I can't lose them; Naruto thought as he kept trying to open the door but in vain. "Please", he begged as he kept trying to open the door.


It was the birthday of Naruto today; he hoped he could arrive in time, he didn't understand why he would have such a pointless mission. He was an anbu, for crying out loud.

Kakashi soon arrived at the house with the scroll he was supposed to bring. He walked close to the door and knocked. He heard footsteps coming to the door. The door opened, and he saw a soldier wearing weird green armour.

"How can I help you?" He asked with a monotone tone. Kakashi rolled his eyes and took the scroll from his pocket.

"I'm supposed to give this scroll to your master", Kakashi answered, bored of this small village.

After 6 hours - Hokage's Office.

Hiruzen, having gone through a long council meeting, the point of which he still had trouble comprehending, was annoyed at being pointlessly held back for so long. They were arguing and asking pointless things off of him that were beyond ridiculous in his honest opinion. Moreover, he still had to go and complete all the pending paperwork that must have piled up on his desk in his absence. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair as his back hit the leather of his chair.

He inked his brush and started scribbling away at the stack of folders. He must have been at it for hours since the sun was beginning to set on the horizon, Hiruzen realized tiredly. The thought of not being able to see Naruto for his birthday. But he promised himself that tomorrow, at Ichiraku's, he would treat the boy and listen to all his babbles for the entire evening.

Hiruzen had just about finished on his train of thoughts when Kakashi came striding in the door, an act that made Hiruzen grow a bit confused. "Mission accomplished, Hokage-sama." Kakashi sighed lazily, further confusing Sarutobi.

"What mission is that Kakashi?" he questioned as if the masked jōnin had grown a second head. "I don't remember assigning you any missions. Weren't you supposed to be watching over Naruto tonight?" he asked with a hint of worry while Kakashi looked at him perplexed. "But, Hokage-sama, the elders sent two ANBU's saying you were busy in a meeting." Hiruzen blinked, caught off guard. "Plus, this mission required my immediate attention. They even told me that they had assigned someone else to watch over Naruto while I was away."

Hiruzen gulped thickly, "Kakashi, I never issued any missions of importance that might need your specific skill-set today." he admitted with a dry throat. "And as for the council meeting, it was a useless gathering of civilians that really had no point in me attending. What was this mission you were on anyways?" he asked dismally."I was supposed to give a scroll to the land of tea. They gave me this scroll in return." Kakashi said and pulling out a scroll. His words furthered Hiruzen's worries.

Hiruzen's and Kakashi's minds simultaneously began connecting dots. The useless council meeting summoned by the elders and the civilian council, Kakashi's pointless mission, the ANBU detail...Hiruzen stood up, "Kakashi," his voice turned desperate. "Please tell me that you made sure someone was assigned to protect Naruto while you were gone, didn't you?" he asked uncertainly. Kakashi mechanically shook his head, his lone eye-widening as he too finished connecting the dots.

Hurriedly, Hiruzen took out his crystal ball and desperately tried to locate Naruto. He looked and saw him cornered in an alley by three shinobi. Without another word, he left the office through the window with his battle armour. Please be safe, Naruto.

Naruto - 10 minutes earlier

He was walking down the streets after the sun had set, and he was wandering aimlessly, ignoring the glares they shot his way. He knew a few weak shinobis were slowly surrounding him, he would have run, but he knew he couldn't outrun trained shinobis. What confused him was that the two ANBU's that usually guarded him weren't there. Instead, a single ANBU was looking in his direction. But Naruto couldn't feel any kind of emotion coming from him, almost like a piece of rock was instead of him.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Naruto was pulled into an alley, and he fell on his back. Regaining his bearings, Naruto saw three people donning the Leaf's forehead protectors and flak jackets surrounding his way out the alley.

Naruto's stomach dropped in dread when they pulled out kunai knives at him, and their smiles were downright evil. He had shivers running down his spine in fright at the vulnerable situation he found himself in. Naruto got up and dashed through an opening, zigzagging his way down the alleyways while the three men followed hot on his tail.

Naruto knew they could have caught him by now if they so desired, being trained shinobi and all, but were probably enjoying the thrill of the chase. They were giving him some time, at the very least. Naruto tried to run even quicker when the men chuckled right behind him, apparently amused from his lame attempts at escaping them.

Naruto suddenly came to an abrupt stop when he saw the alley come to an end, and all he had ahead of him was a wall - a dead end. Naruto turned around just as the men turned around the corner and took a step back, then another, and another when his back hit the wall.

The shinobi began laughing at his sad face when Naruto's back hit the wall, and his eyes misted over with unshed tears. A lone tear rolled down his cheek when the men took out shurikens, not the practice one he was used to seeing, but the real deal. Without any hesitation or remorse, they chucked a volley of them towards him. Two shurikens lodged themselves in his right thigh, and one in his left, another once in each of his forearms and a vicious scream in agony tore through his throat. Naruto fell to his knees, whimpering in pain while they laughed at his misery.

"How the mighty have fallen," one of them taunted. "So, how does it feel to bear the pain that you inflicted on so many other humans, Kyuubi?! We know that we can't kill you, or you'll regain your strength and be free off your bonds, but we can torture your vessel and break you from the inside out. Don't worry, and you'll soon be numb from the pleasure we'll inflict upon you." He could feel the hatred coming from them. "Why?" Naruto whimpered dizzily. "Why do you people keep hating me? What have I ever done to you?" The man looked even more furious. "What did you do, you say, Kyuubi?" they sneered furiously. "You killed so many of our villagers, and now you have the gall to ask what you did?! And to top it all, you ask What you DID?

As soon as those words were said, Naruto glared back, his eyes slowly turning red, his whiskers showing more, his nails slowly growing, and his seal started glowing red like blood. "I'm not Kyuubi you Fools", he shouted as red chains began coming out of his chest.

The red chains quickly went flying and wrapped all three shinobis. Their legs and arms were tightened, and none of them could move. "Let Us Go Demon", one of them screamed and struggled to break the chains. Naruto's eyes were red like blood.

The chains only tightened around them. Soon they started screaming in pain as bones were broken and shattered by the chains. Naruto could hear the snaps sound coming from the bones. The Shinobis were feeling weaker as their chakra was getting lower and lower. Naruto had eight chains coming out of his chest, and slowly a ninth one came out and flew towards one of them and pierced him through the chest.

The soldier fell to the ground, and at that moment, blood came out of his mouth; he was struggling in the ground, coughing blood and trying to stop the blood, as he was drowning in his own blood.

Naruto felt like he now was awake. He looked at the dead body in fear and sadness. Tears in his eyes as he couldn't believe what he had just done. The chains quickly returned to his chest.

"Die" both of them shouted and threw shurikens at him despite the massive pain around their legs and arms from the broken bones. As this was happening, Naruto looked at his tiny hands. The blood had flown to his face and hands. "What Have I Done," Naruto said to himself.

He felt like a monster; what would Jiji think of him? What will toad-Jiji think of me? Will . . . Will they abandon me? Naruto asked himself, crying.

The shurikens were blocked by an ANBU standing in front of Naruto. He could feel his Jiji was here now; the two shinobis were in the ground now. He looked up to see the older man looking at him sadly along with two anbu near him.

Naruto knew the old Hokage was talking to him, but now all he could do was look at his hands full of blood. Slowly everything started getting fuzzier, and the welcome darkness took him.

Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in a dark corridor. He narrowed his eyes. 'Is this hell?' he thought in disgust as he walked forward. He kept walking for a few minutes and stopped seeing some light at the end of the corridor. It seemed to pull him towards it. 'Time to find out what is at the end; with that thought, he walked again, stopping only until the end.

It was a huge room, so vast it was that the ceiling was impossible to find. The floor was wet. He looked around, his eyes seeing black stone and nothing more. But the elephant in the room was a large iron-barred door with a paper that said seal.

He gazed at the piece of paper, resignation written in his eyes. His azure eyes looked past the cage, looking for what he knew was in the cell. He was just waiting for the Kyuubi to open his eyes.

Based on what he had read, Kyuubi was a being of pure hatred and evil. A mindless beast can destroy a scale he never dreamed of, But Naruto was sceptical when he read that. He might get to see it for himself now.

A growl sounded from the cage, sending a breath of hot air into Naruto's face.

Naruto steeled himself, despite the cage separating him from the beast within. An enormous red eye opened, causing Naruto to tense up. The eye looked at him as if evaluating him. The eye then started to rise, causing Naruto to look up at the massive form.

The Kyuubi had orange, silky looking fur, with black markings around his eyes connected to his, funnily enough, rabbit-like ears. The upper body was humanoid, including the hands. The lower body was like a fox, barring the nine long swaying tails in the back. The fire was the closest thing they looked like.

The red, slitted eyes looked him closely with a hint of malice. Naruto spoke first.

"You're Kyuubi-sama," Naruto said, afraid but at the same time wanting to show respect. He knew the Kyuubi was the reason he was hated and why his parents were dead, but at the same time, even he wouldn't want to be inside a prison.

The Kyuubi looked slightly shocked by the way the tiny human greeted him.

"So my jailor has finally honoured me with his presence", Kyuubi replied with a humourless chuckle at the end.

Naruto nodded his head. "Why are you sealed inside me?" He asked, knowing from before that Kyuubi was sealed inside.

The giant fox narrowed his eyes slightly and showed his teeth. "You don't sound surprised to see me here, but when you remember the number of books you read. I'm surprised you haven't died from a headache," Kyuubi said as he was slowly walking in front of the cage. All his tails could be seen.

"As for your question, you should blame your father, the fourth Hokage who sealed me inside of you", he answered with anger in his tone and focused on seeing the brat's reaction.

Naruto's eyes widened, and he quickly shooked his head in denial. My father is the fourth Hokage?! He asked himself and started making sense to him. Why Jiji would care for him and why he visited him every month. Why toad-Jiji care for him? Why a Sannin was his godfather, it makes sense, Naruto thought.

He always felt like he had seen the fourth before, but he could never really remember where. Why would he seal the Kyuubi inside his own son then? He asked himself out loud and started hitting the ground with his fists. He didn't know whenever to hate him or love him for his sacrifice.

But then Naruto thought that could not have been easy for him, and he couldn't just ask for someone's else's baby. He kept quiet, just staring at the ground.

Minutes passed, and there was nothing but silence. Kyuubi could see that the brat was coping with the fact that his own father cursed him in a life of loneliness.

Naruto remembered his godfather telling him that his parents loved him more than anything, but he wondered if his father knew if he would be treated like this? He didn't know yet.

Naruto slowly stood in his legs again and looked at the Kyuubi with bravery.

"Why are you not afraid of me brat?" Kyuubi asked, slightly interested.

He smiled. "I would lie if I said that I'm not afraid, but I'm more brave than afraid", he replied.

Kyuubi released KI at the brat; Naruto immediately fell to his knees trying to breathe; all his muscles were frozen he could hardly move a finger. He felt as he would lose consciousness at any moment. Kyuubi smirked at seeing the brat on his knees.

"N - nice t - try," Naruto said, panting and his voice low, but Kyuubi heard him.

"You're a brave kid. I will give you that," Kyuubi said, slightly impressed.

"Why did you attack the Village?" Naruto asked, trying to look brave.

Kyuubi looked at him. "Because of the damn Uchiha and their annoying Sharingan. I was sealed inside your mother. When she was giving birth to you brat. A man with a Sharingan forced me to attack the village, not that I had anything against it," he replied with a grin on his face.

My mother was like me! Naruto wondered with widened eyes. Was she hated around the village like me? Naruto asked himself.

Naruto clenched his teeth. "Who was my mother?"

"Kushina Uzumaki", Kyuubi replied.

Naruto now was sure that the last name 'Uzumaki' wasn't just a random, last name. He was convinced that it was a clan.

"Was she from a clan?" Naruto asked with a firm tone. He wanted to have answers.

"Uzumaki clan. The clan from Uzushiogakure, they were known for their red hair and their abilities in Fuinjutsu and they had a long life span. They were close with the Senju Clan," Kyuubi replied with a hint of respect. Despite hating them, he knew they were not like the others. And their strength was something not to take lightly.

Naruto's eyes widened at that, he never thought he came from any clan, and now he was related to the Senju clan. But Naruto asked himself. If that's true, why couldn't I find anything about my clan anywhere?

But from the way, Kyuubi talked he knew the clan wasn't around anymore.

"What happened to them?" Naruto asked, afraid of his answer and taking a step back.

"I don't know exactly, all I know is that your mother mentioned a few times that Kumo, Iwa and Kiri banded together and destroyed them", he responded and wondered if this would bring hatred in his heart.

Naruto was saddened; everyone from his clan was gone, his parents gone. He was alone in a village that hated him for something he had no control over. He knew he had his godfather and Jiji. He quickly raises his head high. "I will bring the Uzumaki clan back. I won't let it be forgotten," he promised with a high tone and with a smile and with a fist on his heart.

Kyuubi looked impressed by his promise. For a second, he felt like his father was smiling at him instead of the brat. He wondered if the brat was who his father talked about.

"Why are you still here," Kyuubi asked, interested in why the kid was still here.

Naruto swallowed a huge breath. He looked at the Kyuubi in the eyes, almost like he wanted to challenge him.

"Because I want to be friends."

Naruto is paired with Fuu, Yugito and OC Uzumaki Girl.


Chapter Text

Kyuubi looked at the little brat after he answered why he was still here. He grew angry and started releasing KI at the brat. The effect was immediate. The brat fell on his knees, finding it very hard to breathe. He was sweating heavily, He growled, and his growl was heard throughout the whole room.

"Why do you think I would want to be your friend Brat?" Kyuubi asked furiously, showing his teeth to the brat.

The little boy was panting. It took a whole minute for the brat to catch his breath and slowly stood on his legs, finding it hard to even stand on his legs. Naruto eyed the Kyuubi. He took a huge breath and, to Kyuubi's surprise, took a step forward and looked at his eyes sadly.

"It hurts doesn't it" The brat whispered, but Kyuubi heard him. He narrowed his eyes, showing his teeth again, and he released a furious sigh.

"What are you saying brat?" He asked with a firm tone and showing power in his voice. The water on the floor looked to be shaking because of his voice and power. He was still leaking a small amount of KI, which made the brat start sweating from his face.

Sadness suddenly took over Naruto's face. "It Hurts. It hurts to have no one you can call friends or family. To be surrounded by hatred your whole life. I have toad - Jiji and Hokage- Jiji but still, I know how it feels to be hated and alone," The brat yelled with a sad tone as a tear was rolling down his cheek and fallen on the wet floor. His chest was high, and looking directly at Kyuubi's eyes.

Kyuubi wanted to say something to the brat. But the words had stuck on his throat. His throat felt dry. He knew the brat had a point. His father had told them to help the humans. But they all wanted nothing else but power. Just power to destroy everything else, their greed was endless and wanting nothing else but more and more power, that's why their wars never ended.

They kept killing each other and would continue to do so for the rest of the days. Or until they all die. Kyuubi remembered his father very well and always felt longing and sadness when he recognised him, the only one to see them as creatures with souls and feelings. And not as tools to be used for nothing else but power.

Kyuubi looked at the kid again, his blue eyes like ocean looking at his very soul. Almost like he was judging him.

"I know none of us wants this, I didn't want you to be sealed inside me and I'm sure you would want the same. But I know that you're not just a creature of hatred. You have feelings like everyone else, so yes I want to be your friend" Naruto finished with a grin, and that reminded Kyuubi of both Kushina and Mito Uzumaki. He was sealed in both of them, but they didn't want his power. They never tried to control him; that was something Kyuubi respected in the Uzumaki clan. They were peaceful people.

Kyuubi couldn't remember the last time he felt anger and little happiness at the same time. He felt angry because he hated humans and happy because the kid in front of him looked at him for a living creature. He could feel Naruto meant what he was saying and not just saying empty words like almost everyone else.

Kyuubi stood up on his fours and strolled to the end of his cell. His whole figure was visible, and Naruto looked surprised to see how large he was. Now he understood why people said a single tail of the Kyuubi was strong enough to destroy a mountain.

Kyuubi looked down at the brat; he knew himself that the brat had suffered. Hell, he even remembered bad things that not even Naruto could remember that ever happened. Before, it just reassured him that humans were the real monsters and not them. To hurt a child and smile like you just did something incredible.

Kurama looked at Naruto's figure, evaluating him; so far, he thought of Naruto as a smart kid with a cool head on his shoulder.

Father, you said We should help the humans. I will give this brat a chance, Kyuubi thought with a sad smile on his face remembering him much to Naruto's surprise.

Naruto was still looking up at Kyuubi; he could feel and see different emotions flashing through his red eyes. To him, it reminded him of toad-Jiji when he said goodbye to him. The Kyuubi suddenly sighed loudly.

"Very well kit. From now on we are friends," Kyuubi said with a bit of a smile on his face, resting his head on his paws.

Naruto smiled, and his face brightened like a candle. He put his fist up. "YeS," he yelled at the top of his lungs with closed eyes. Naruto opened them to look at Kyuubi again.

"What's your name Kyuubi-sama?" Naruto asked, still showing respect in his voice.

Kyuubi smirked at the way he called him and gave him a confused look.

Naruto noticed his confused look. "You have a name right? I mean 'Kyuubi' just means nine-tails", He added as his smile looked up to brighten up the large room. The water on the floor looked calm.

Kurama was surprised that Naruto knew he must have a name and that 'Kyuubi' is not his name. He could also feel the positive energy coming from the brat, which confused him; it felt different but familiar at the same time. The energy, the calmness coming from Naruto reminded Kurama of Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki.

He wondered if the brat had any connection with them, but the only connection he might have with them was through his mother and father; as far as he knew, he was an orphan that no one knew who his parents were. Kurama only knew what Kushina knew.

He shrugged his shoulders slightly and decided to think about it later. He focused on the kid again.

"My Name is Kurama, kit", Kurama replied, looking down at Naruto.

Naruto smiled that he knew his name, but at the same time, he knew Kyuubi wouldn't just tell his name to anyone. He raised his head.

"Well, Kurama-san. I'm Naruto Uzumaki, is nice meeting you," he introduced himself with an open hand on his chest.

Kurama chuckles at his childlike behaviour. He thought that it would be less horrible to have someone to talk to; And perhaps with time . . .

"Well since we're friends. I want you to walk close to the bars and remove a bit from the seal, a fingernail would be enough," he requested.

Naruto looked confused and raised an eyebrow at his request but just decided to do it. He slowly walked to the bars, and water raised him to the seal. He glanced at Kyuubi before putting his finger at the top of the seal. He was about to remove a bit when he suddenly felt a presence inside the big room.

Suddenly his hand was grabbed, and he was thrown down on the floor. Naruto didn't know who this was but could feel this one was strong. He looked up to see blue eyes like his staring at him. At first, he didn't understand who this person was and how was he here but then he went to his hair and face. Naruto felt himself freeze when he understood who he was looking at.

The long yellow spiky hair reached his shoulders, blue eyes like his, and the white coat with fire painting at the bottom and the word 'Yondaime' (Fourth Hokage) written. His mouth opened and closed, not knowing what to say or even think. He looked at his hand reaching down at him. His small hand slowly grabbed his big one, and the yondaime helped him up. He was still speechless, he wanted to say something, but all the words had stuck on his throat. Naruto smiled at seeing his father, but he wondered why was he here and how.

"Yondaime. I'm surprised to see you here," Kurama said with a hint of anger in his tone as he showed his teeth at the Hokage and released a small amount of his KI.

The fourth turned to look at the Kyuubi, surprised; he expected him to be much harsher towards him. But he was still confused and concerned at the same time. He made this to help Naruto if he ever lost control but looked down at him. He could see that Naruto hadn't lost control, so why was he trying to remove the seal. Minato hoped to god that Kyuubi wasn't manipulating Naruto to free him.

Finally finding his voice. "Dad?" Naruto asked tentatively. His eyes showed confusion but longing at the same time; His voice was as low as a small whisper. Looking at him now, Naruto felt that this wasn't the first time he had seen him in person. He just couldn't put a finger where he had seen him before.

The fourth Hokage smiled at Naruto, the same smile he had seen from his toad-Jiji and Hokage-Jiji. A smile of love but Naruto could feel concerned coming from the fourth.

"Yes, Naruto. I'm your father" he finally spoke to his son and walked closer and kneeled in front of him, and gave him a big hug. Naruto felt confused at first, but then he felt hot tears in his eyes, as his hands were trembling like a leaf, his mouth felt dry.

"Where have you been all this time tou-chan?" Naruto finally asked, and his tears rolled down his cheek. He hugged his father tightly, afraid that he would disappear at any moment.

The fourth felt his heartbreak hearing his words and his son crying his heart out against his shoulder. Minato kissed his cheek and messed his hair that reminded him so much of Kushi-chan.

Minato slowly pulled away and gave his son a good look, his blue eyes like his, but unmistakable red hair. He would recognise that hair everywhere.

"You have grown Naru-chan, you have become a man," Minato said, touching his nose with his making Naruto laugh.

To Naruto, it felt good to have someone to call tou-chan finally. He was sure this was a dream; he would soon wake up in the orphanage in the cold bed alone like always, having no one around to talk to.

"Where have you been all this time tou-chan? Why did you and kaa-chan have to leave me alone? Do you know how much I missed you both? How much I wanted to have someone call tou-chan and kaa-chan and . . . and" he stopped talking and couldn't stop crying. Naruto wasn't sure if he was happy or angry to see him.

Minato gave his son a sad smile and put a hand on his head. "I know we left you alone, and there's no excuse for that. A parent's job is to always be there for his children," he said with sadness, knowing from Naruto's voice that he was hurt.

His son said nothing to that and just kept clearing away tears from his face with his hand.

"Tell me Naruto, do you not live with anyone?" Minato asked, and not wanting to receive the answer; he knew he would. He hoped that Shikaku or Jiraiya-sensei was raising him.

After a few moments of silence, Naruto shooked his head, not knowing what to say. His head down and looking at the floor. Minato felt like another stab in the heart. He was about to ask again.

"Hokage-Jiji visits me once a month in the orphanage, toad-Jiji was with me for a week but left three months ago because of work," his son said with a sad tone. His voice was small and fragile.

Minato felt a hint of happiness that his sensei had at least visited Naruto and not forgotten about him and left him alone. He would want him to raise Naruto, but Minato wondered where Tsunade was.

"Naruto what about Tsunade? Is she not with you?" He asked, confused and leaning his head closer. Naruto looked up at his father in confusion why was his father was mentioning toad-jiji's teammate.

"She's not with me", He replied curiously, and thinking if he could have someone else to call fall family.

Minato sighed sadly. "She's your godmother. I don't know why she isn't with you," he replied sadly, thinking of a reason why Tsunade would not stay to take care of Naruto. Perhaps she was too heartbroken.

She was a good friend with Kushi, and Minato found it suspicious that she would not stay to raise Naruto. He decided to put that thought away; for now, there was something else he needed to ask, and he knew he didn't have that long.

"Naruto tell me why were you trying to remove the seal," he asked kindly, but Naruto could hear the seriousness in his tone. He was about to reply when Kurama spoke.

"Yondaime" He spoke with a firm tone and with a slight hint of anger still in his voice, grabbing everyone's attention.

Minato turned back to look at Kyuubi, and Naruto's eyes went to Kurama.

"I wanted to be able to talk to Naruto, that's why I told him to remove a small part of the seal", Kurama answered, glaring daggers at the fourth.

Naruto could tell that Kurama wasn't a big fan of his father. He saw his father glaring at Kurama, not trusting a word. But he quickly walked between him and Kurama, grabbing his attention. Minato looked surprised to see Naruto do that, and Kurama was even more so.

"Kurama is my friend tou-chan", Naruto spoke with a high tone and firm leaving no place for arguments. Minato's eyes widened slightly.

Kurama smiled at the brat and nodded his head at the Hokage, confirming what Naruto said was true. Minato was about to say something when he saw his body slowly disappearing. Naruto immediately alerted and ran at his father. "Tou-Chan" he screamed and hugged him.

"Naruto. I will be leaving now, but remember that I love you with all my heart and I'm proud of you. Hiruzen has a few techniques that belong to you. Time will come when you meet your mother too, and be happy," he said with care and love in his tone. His hand slipped through Naruto's shoulder.

Still hugging him, Naruto nodded his head. "Yes tou-chan and don't worry I'm studying. I will become better than you. I have friends, and will have a family one day," he promised as Minato disappeared with a smile on his face, leaving Naruto looking at the place where Minato was.

Silence took over the large room, and Kurama was growing concerned. He noticed the water on the floor was having small waves. And the temperature seemed to lower and felt cold.

"Naruto," He asked, concerned.

Naruto slowly turned to Kurama; he raised his head and looked at the furball with a smile that he had never had before, the sadness was gone, and his face was as bright as the sun.

"I'm fine Kurama," he said as the warm feeling and the positive energy could be felt again by Kurama confusing him again.

"What is this? Why am I having this feeling?" Kurama asked himself.

After a few moments, Naruto remembered he still needed to remove a bit from the seal. Naruto walked back to the bars and removed a small part of the seal. He could feel Kurama's chakra around, and it was dense and more than before. Suddenly Naruto disappeared from the mindscape. Kurama knew the time for him to wake up had come. He couldn't help but smile; perhaps this one isn't worthless, Kurama thought and decided to rest.

Well, Father, I'm doing what you told us to, Kurama thought with a smile on his face.

Secret Place

In a large room, Danzo was sitting on a chair and waiting for reporters. Soon an Anbu kneeled before him.

"Report," Danzo ordered his weapon with an emotionless tone.

The Anbu kept his head down and started talking. "I'm sorry to inform you Danzo-Sama but both plans have failed", he informed, and Danzo gritted his teeth in frustration. His grip tightened around the chair.

"The Kyuubi brat was followed by the three shinobis but the demon used chakra chains to tie them and kill one of them. Giving The Third enough time to go to him," he said emotionless and still keeping his head down.

Hearing the answer, Danzo was intrigued; perhaps having the Kyuubi wasn't the only useful thing his future weapon had in store. He put his finger on his chin.

"What about the girl and her mother?" He asked since it had been some time since his squad reported back.

"Nothing Danzo-Sama, no news. Should we send Anbu to check?" He asked, his voice still emotionless.

Danzo thought but decided against it; if his squad of 20 weapons had fallen, then maybe he had underestimated the Uzumaki. He shooked his head in denial and made a sign with his hand for him to go away. The Anbu left, leaving Danzo alone in his thoughts.

I should try again, and once that is done, winning his loyalty will be easy, Danzo thought with a slight smirk on his face and decided to visit his old friend.


Chapter Text


His eyes slowly opened; Naruto could only see white; first, his eyes then went to the window close to his bed. The sun was shining high in the sky, and the trees and grass shone with life relaxed Naruto. His muscles around his hands were hurting. He moved his hands slowly, trying to get up; only then did Naruto notice Hokage-Jiji sleeping in a chair close to his bed. His body was resting on the chair, and his head was on the edge of the bed.

Naruto slowly smiled that his Jiji had stayed for him; he now understood where he was. I'm in hospital. Was all that a dream? Naruto asked himself and hoping that it wasn't.

"It was no dream brat" Kurama's voice was suddenly heard.

"Kurama is that you, wow. Is good to know that wasn't a dream," Naruto replied, smiling, but his voice was heard throughout the room.

"Don't talk out loud idiot, just think of what you want to say, and I will hear you", Kurama immediately replied and shaking his head in Naruto's stupidity.

Naruto understood and mentally nodded his head at the giant fox. His mind then remembered his father being the fourth Hokage and his mother being of the Uzumaki clan. He wondered why wouldn't his Jiji and toad-Jiji tell him. Maybe I'm still too young; I shouldn't know, Naruto thought, scratching his cheek.

His movements around the bed made the old Hokage slowly open his eyes. When he saw Naruto was awake, his face smiled, and he went to hug him.

Naruto felt happy and hugged him back but still had questions on his mind. He slowly pulled away.

"Naruto my boy, how are you?" The third Hokage asked, still concerned.

Naruto nodded his head that he was alright, but the third could see something was bothering him. He sighed and looked at Naruto's eyes.

"Tell me what's wrong?" He asked, his voice low. Naruto looked at his tiny hands almost in shame; he slowly lowered his head; he could remember that he killed the shinobi, Naruto still could remember his blood coming out of his chest and mouth. Him in the ground, trying to breathe and moving his body around. His life slowly left his body. Naruto felt his hands slowly shaking at the memory.

"I . . . I . . . I killed h - him," he stuttered slowly, his voice low as a whisper, his voice fragile almost like broken glass. The third understood and put his hand on Naruto's chin. He slowly raised his head to look at his Jiji. He expected his Jiji to be angry at him, maybe calling him like everyone else 'A Demon', but he did none of that.

Naruto could feel and see the sadness in Jiji's face and sorrow.

"I'm sorry you had to do that Naruto, but you shouldn't think of yourself as a monster or anything because you protected yourself. I'm not angry at you and never would be. Listen, in the shinobi world, killing is part of the job. But we do that to help people. To help the people we love," The old Hokage said, his voice speaking of experience. He would have waited to explain this to Naruto when he was much older.

Naruto's face brightened up; his blue eyes looked to be shining again. He said nothing as his eyes looked at the trees outside the window. Silence took over the room. Naruto thought about what his Jiji said.

Naruto slowly stood up from the bed and walked to the window; he opened it and let the fresh air come inside. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath; he felt at peace, the birds singing outside, the leaves sound as the wind moved to pass them. The wind hit his face.

He opened his eyes again and turned back to see his Jiji in the chair smiling at him. Naruto decided to talk to his Jiji about his parents and Kurama.

"Jiji. I would like to talk something important to you," he said, his voice suddenly serious. The third nodded his head to continue, but Naruto could feel the two anbu in the room. Both of them were familiar, but he still didn't know if he could trust them with the knowledge of his parents and Kurama.

"Can you tell your anbu to leave?" Naruto asked, his voice low. If the old Hokage was surprised that Naruto knew about the ANBU, he didn't show it. The old Kage made a sign with his hand, and the anbu left immediately. Naruto couldn't feel anyone else and walked back to the bed. He sat, and his eyes went to the old kage.

"I know about the Kyuubi and my parents", he said. His Jiji just looked at him for a few moments without saying anything, almost like he didn't understand what he said. The old Hokage sighed sadly. "How do you know?" He asked but had a few thoughts of how he knew. The old kage could see Naruto was bright, and keeping the secret of Kyuubi would be hard to keep. The idiots of the hidden leaf made sure to let Naruto know that he wasn't like everyone else.

"I met Kyuubi, he told me about my father being the fourth Hokage and my mother is Kushina Uzumaki", Naruto replied, his eyes sharp as steel and looking at the old kage. He didn't mention the name of Kyuubi; he would say the name if he had his permission.

The old kage's face changed immediately. His eyes widened; he felt his heart pounded, fear-filled his whole body. He quickly put his hands on Naruto's shoulders.

"Naruto don't trust the Kyuubi, he will try to manipulate you", he quickly said. His eyes were looking at him, almost begging him. Naruto quickly shooked his shoulders.

"No Kyuubi is not like that Jiji, He was forced to attack the Village", Naruto shouted, his eyes narrowed and his chest high.

The old Hokage could tell from Naruto's tone he truly believed what he was saying but at the same time. Kyuubi was not someone to be trusted. He took a deep breath and could feel the temperature lowering, a shiver of coldness went through his body, making him shiver.

He sighed and pinched the bridge on his nose. His mind then thought about Kyuubi being forced to attack the village. . .

"Naruto what do you mean Kyuubi was forced to attack?" He asked. Hoping not to receive the answer, he knew he would.

"He said he was forced because of a man with Sharingan", Naruto replied and saw as his jiji's face lost all colour. His face looked as white as a ghost. His hand closed in a fist, and the other held the chair's arm tightly; small cracks started appearing in the arm.

"Jiji who could he be?" Naruto asked, his voice not that of a child, but of someone furious wanting to know who killed both of his parents and destroyed his life. The old kage was silent at his question, and he didn't look like he could even hear him.

Finally finding his voice. "I don't know Naruto, did Kyuubi mentioned who could be?" His Jiji asked, his hands on his chin slightly scratching his chin.

"I don't know who he was. I have never felt his chakra before, at first I thought that he was Madara but this one's chakra was different," Kurama replied to Naruto, releasing a growl remembering the masked man.

Naruto heard him and felt disappointed. He looked at his Jiji and shooked his head in denial.

The old kage sighed sadly and decided to think later about it.

"Naruto about your parents, I wanted to wait until you grow up, your father had many enemies. If you spit it out accidentally, Iwa would stop at nothing to kill you," The third said, feeling bad that he kept the truth from Naruto; he knew he had more rights to know that more than anyone else.

Of course, Naruto felt angry, and he had the right to know more than anyone else. He listened to his answer and thought about it, and he remembered to have read that his father alone was able to defeat 2000 men from The Hidden Village of Stone with his Jutsu, The Flying Rajin God. He knew what he said was true. He was only a four year old, and he knew his Jiji would tell him when he thought he was ready for the truth.

He sighed and smiled at Jiji, which he shared, filling his heart with happiness.

"I understand Jiji", he replied, smiling.

A sudden thought struck Hiruzen, and he had to resist the urge to smack his forehead for what he was about to do. 'Why didn't I ask this earlier?! Damn the forgetfulness that comes with this age!'

"Naruto-Kun, why weren't you at your room in the orphanage yesterday in the evening?" he asked slowly, as if afraid to find out the answer to that question.

In a mumble that Hiruzen barely understood, the red hair said, "The matron kicked me out yesterday evening."

Hiruzen suspected that the matron would have deliberately kept Naruto out of the orphanage last night because of the festival but did not expect him to be thrown out of the orphanage.

The kage sighed tiredly of this and the stupid villagers. "Naruto how about ramen?" He asked, knowing how much the little redhead liked ramen just like a certain redhead he knew before.

Naruto's face brightened up at the mention of ramen; He quickly jumped from the bed and ran to the door. Sarutobi laughed at his behaviour and stood up and followed him behind.

Soon they reached the Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto first arrived in front of it, his smile not leaving his face as he waited for his Jiji to arrive. The old kage couldn't help but smile at the energy Naruto had. "Wait for me Naruto-Kun. I'm not as young as you and these old bones aren't getting any younger," he replied and soon reached the restaurant. Walking inside, Naruto jumped at the chair, and his eyes looked at Teuchi.

The man smiled seeing his favourite customers but quickly bowed his head in respect of seeing the Hokage.

"Hokage-sama is good to see you again and the same for you Naruto-Kun," he said.

"Thank you for the warm welcome. I want a bowl with ramen and for Nar" "I want 10 bowls with Ramen and extra meat please", the redhead interrupted. Teuchi laughed at the little kid and started making their ramen.

Naruto clenched his hands together behind his head, his legs moving around, not being able to wait for his favourite food. Finally, the food came; he picked up his chopsticks and started eating. Naruto ate the meat and the egg and drank the whole ramen in one go.

After ten more bowls, Naruto slowed down and was eating at a slower pace.

While he was eating, Naruto stopped and turned his head to his Jiji. "What does it mean to be a shinobi?"

Sarutobi looked surprised by his question; his eyes widened slightly. He looked at Naruto's eyes almost like he was searching for something, "To be a shinobi means to endure. A shinobi can follow or lead others into any darkness and work together to overcome that darkness and make it out the other side. A shinobi walks towards danger when everyone else is running away, that is because a shinobi must look at any foe and simply say; "Bring it on". That is because shinobi exist to protect those who can't protect themselves."

Naruto had a look of wonder on his face. He had no idea Jiji was that wise.

Sarutobi looked at Naruto and mentally smiled. He knew about Naruto's treatment by the villagers. He mused that perhaps I could give him a little insight into what being a Hokage means.

Naruto recovered from his wonder and stared at his half-full bowl, deep in thought. If this is what being a shinobi meant, he had a pretty good idea of what being a Hokage meant.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Jiji said, "Now that that answer is out of the way, I can tell you what Being a Hokage-"

"I know Jiji."

Those words stopped Hiruzen in his tracks, his head tilting in curiosity. "You know what, Naruto-Kun?"

Naruto looked up, understanding and respect in his eyes. Hiruzen was touched at the respect he was receiving from Naruto, but his curiosity was increasing. "What being a Hokage means."

Hiruzen stared at him, silently asking him to continue. Naruto spoke up, "The Hokage is responsible for everything in this village. It's his responsibility to protect everyone here and to make sure they are safe and happy with their village. He tends to the finances of this village, the rules, the daily events, everything. He controls every single ninja who bears a leaf headband and basically directs when they live and die. This job is not for the faint of heart, and only for someone who loves this village deeply." At the end of his answer, he was staring back at his bowl.

Hiruzen was shocked at the understanding Naruto showed of the position of Hokage. He had no idea that Naruto was this wise and knowledgeable. Teuchi and Ayame had stopped working as well, staring at the redhead with wide eyes along with the Hokage. It was simply unheard of, a four-year-old showing such a deep understanding of something most people don't understand until much later in life. Some never understood in their life.

Hiruzen was shocked so much that he didn't notice his jaw was hanging a bit. 'Such a deep perception and insight at such a young age, he thought with wonder. Only one person had shown such understanding like this, and he, too, was three years older. Itachi Uchiha was a prodigy among the likes of Kakashi Hatake and Minato Namikaze.

Naruto looked up when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Jiji was looking at him with a strange expression, "That is exactly what being Hokage means, Naruto-Kun."

After they ate, Sarutobi paid for the ramen and left the restaurant. Naruto was staying close to Jiji. The old kage decided to talk with Naruto.

He looked at Naruto with a serious look on his face, "Naruto-Kun, we have to find a new place for you to live."

The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them, "Not another orphanage, Jiji!" Hiruzen stared at the desperate look Naruto was giving him. He was scared that one day it would come to this. And surprisingly, he agreed with Naruto. He did not want Naruto to live anywhere he would be hated. Unfortunately, that left only one option.

"Naruto-Kun, that means you have to live alone", he said, silently wishing he could take the boy in himself. Unfortunately, he could not. The dratted civilian council was in his way.

Naruto crossed his hands over his chest defensively, not hesitating for a moment to answer, "Better than living in someplace where I am treated like a demon" He was looking at Hiruzen, chin tilted upwards in a way only children could show their stubbornness. 'Oh Kushina, his stubbornness reminds me so much of you', he recalled with a sad smile. He knew Naruto would not budge from his point.

Sighing, he said, "But are you sure you will be able to take care of yourself? You will have to cook for yourself, bring food for yourself?" He asked, wanting to know if Naruto was fully aware of what it meant to live alone.

Naruto didn't care, still keeping his hands crossed over his chest. He just nodded. Sarutobi accepted it and decided to give him an apartment.

"Very well Naruto. I will go now to find a place for you to live," he replied and made a sign with his hand. An anbu appeared in front of him, waiting for orders.

"Spend time with Naruto until I return", he ordered and a slight smile on his face seeing Kakashi's head perk up at his request.

Hiruzen turned to Naruto who's focus was on the anbu. "See you later Naruto-Kun," he said and shunsin away to find an apartment for Naruto and punishment to the orphanage for kicking Naruto out.

Naruto was standing in front of the Anbu, not knowing what to say. He knew this one looked after him. "What do you want to do Naruto-Kun?" The anbu asked, smiling behind his mask.

Naruto could feel the happiness coming from the anbu and wondered why it was that. After a few moments, he answered. "Well can you help me to unlock my chakra old man?" He asked, seeing his white hair. An annoyed look spread through his whole face at being called old; he was only 19 years old, for crying out loud.

"Ahhh I'm not that old kid."

"Why do you have white hair then?" Naruto asked, pointing the finger at his hair, knowing the anbu wasn't that old but decided to make a joke.

"Follow me. I will help you to unlock your chakra," Kakashi replied, completely ignoring the question. Naruto smiled from ear to ear and followed him.


Chapter Text

Naruto was holding behind ANBU's back, his hands holding tightly around his neck. They soon reached an expansive training yard; close to the yard was a lake and a forest, the ground was full of grass, he could see some trees had scratched marks on them. He jumped down from the ANBU's back and looked around. It seemed the perfect place to train. His eyes then went back to the ANBU.

"What should I do? And what should I train first?" Naruto asked excitedly, talking fast to the ANBU. The white hair raised his hands, "Hey calm down. First, you're only four years old. Which means too young for physical training. Your bones are still weak and not well build for physical training. That means after you unlock your chakra, you can train your chakra control," he stated, looking down at Naruto.

The redhead nodded his head, slightly disappointed, but as long as he could train his Fuinjutsu, he was happy. "Good, now to unlock your chakra, you need to meditate," he said and saw Naruto raise an eyebrow wanting to elaborate.

Kakashi couldn't help but be reminded of Minato-sensei when he looked at him like that; for a moment, he thought his sensei would be the one to talk to him, not Naruto.

"What then?" He asked, putting his hands behind his head.

"Well, when you meditate you will feel this feeling, and you need to pull it towards you", he added, smiling behind his ANBU mask.

Naruto nodded his head fast and quickly sat where he thought was alright in a mediating position, holding the fingers of his hands together. Naruto could feel the grass softly touching his legs whenever the wind came around. He closed his eyes and started focusing on finding the feeling the ANBU was telling him.

"Don't worry if you can't do it immediately, some can take time to unlock it. Hell, even the likes of Yondaime and Sandaime (Third Hokage) it took at least two days to unlock," Kakashi said, wanting Naruto not to feel bad if he couldn't do it first try.

Naruto kept quiet and just focused on the task at hand. While this was happening, The ANBU pulled out an orange book and started reading; he knew Naruto had his eyes closed, so he wasn't looking and would keep his eyes closed for some time. But he kept an eye on Naruto from time to time to see if he opened his eyes.

Naruto felt nothing, and he couldn't feel anything. It felt like he was in a dark room with no one around. The silence was overwhelming; he stretched out his sensor abilities but couldn't feel anything around him. The Seal in his stomach slowly started glowing red. If it wasn't for the white jacket that he was wearing, one could see it shining through the thin red shirt underneath the jacket.

Naruto kept on meditating and trying to find what the ANBU was talking about. Outside Kakashi had read many pages of the orange book.

He suddenly stopped reading and looked up to see the sun; huh, it has been almost two hours since he started Kakashi thought and changed the book's page. He glanced above the book to see Naruto with his eyes still closed.

Naruto was slowly getting irritated, and he couldn't find anywhere. He tried and spread his sensor abilities as far as possible; when he suddenly felt a presence in the darkroom, he felt it warm and almost like it was calling to him. He tried to grab it, but it felt like it was slipping away, Naruto tried again, but it slipped further away. He started getting frustrated and tried again, but it got further away.

Outside Kakashi saw Naruto slightly opening his eyes and looking sad, his head down and not wanting to look up at him. He slowly approached him and put the book back in his pocket. Naruto still kept his head down in shame.

"Now Naruto don't give me that look, is normal to not achieve it on the first try," Kakashi said quietly and touched his shoulder in a reassuring matter. Naruto finally looked up at him.

"I could feel that feeling but it got away from me. I tried but the more I tried it got Further Away," said Naruto with a sad look on his face. The ANBU then did something Naruto didn't expect; he removed his ANBU mask that looked like a dog.

Naruto raised an eyebrow when he saw a second mask, wondered why would someone ever wear two masks; his eyes then went to the covered left eye by his ninja emblem and noticed a scar above his left eye that went down to his eye.

Naruto wondered if he hid his left eye because he was blind and didn't need to show it to the others.

"Listen Naruto is quite impressive that you could feel it," he said and pointed the finger at his forehead. "Try to calm your mind, don't try to act get nervous. You need to be as calm as the water over there," Kakashi advised and pointed the finger at the lake. Naruto looked at the lake and stood up on his legs.

He slowly walked to the lake, the fresh air around and the wind hitting his face. It was a few hours after midday; the sun was still shining and made everything look brighter. Naruto felt like the grass and trees were brighter when he was close, and he felt relaxed.

Kakashi saw Naruto walking to the edge of the lake, but his focus was on the trees and grass near Naruto; it looked like they were more green than before.

Naruto took a deep breath and filled his lungs with fresh air, and relaxed. He was trying to feel at peace with everything. Naruto sat down on the grass and started meditating again, and he remembered that he needed to remain calm.

He closed his eyes and just relaxed at the sound of trees moving from the wind, grass moving around him. The water in the lake had small waves and a few drops of water wetting his back.

Naruto found himself in the darkroom again, his Seal started glowing red again, but this time the glowing was much brighter. He felt the feeling inside the darkroom instead of trying to grab it. Naruto did nothing and just kept calm, he waited and waited, at first, nothing happened, but Naruto could feel it getting warmer and closer.

It felt warm and almost the same as the water and trees around him. Naruto thought it was getting closer and getting warmer, filling his whole body with warmth. He slowly moved his right hand up and pushed it towards the warm feeling.

Naruto slowly approached it, almost afraid that he would scare it away; as he got closer, the feeling didn't disappear and just stood there. He finally felt it and grabbed it with his hand. It didn't slip away.

Kakashi was again reading the book, and it had been an hour since Naruto tried for the second time to unlock his chakra. But he was wondering why nature itself looked to be reacting towards Naruto. He decided to ask the third if he knew anything about it. His mind then focused again on his book, wondering when Jiraiya-sama would publish the new Icha-Icha book. He hoped to be soon; his hand slowly moved beneath the next page and changed the page.

Kakashi was about the start reading the next page when he felt it. He immediately focused his eyes on Naruto and saw as the wind was getting harsher; the tree branches were hitting one another from the strong wind. The water from the lake started having small waves moving towards Naruto.

His eyes widened at his chakra; it felt warm, almost like he was in front of a fire but not burning and just having a feeling of calmness and warmness. Naruto, how can you have so much chakra, Kakashi thought, knowing that he had Chunin level of chakra easily.

Unknown to them, the feeling from Naruto was spreading around the village; everyone could feel the calmness and warm feeling from the chakra. Some even fell asleep.

Hokage Tower

He was looking at the pages that wrote about suitable apartments for Naruto. He had decided to give Naruto an apartment close to the Nara compound. Shikaku had told him that his son Shikamaru wanted to meet Naruto again, and he saw that as the perfect opportunity for Naruto to have friends and be closer to them.

His eyes went to an apartment that looked decent, and he would give the money needed to pay and, of course, extra cash for different things for Naruto. He was reading about the apartment when he felt the chakra. He immediately stood up but didn't feel anything sinister coming from this, no bloodthirsty or evil; hell, it even made him feel calmer and relaxed.

Sarutobi decided to check anyway to see what this was all about; there was never harm from being cautious.

Training Yard

Kakashi's eyes were wide open; he had revealed his fully matured Sharingan to see clearly. Naruto's chakra was enormous. He knew this amount of chakra was definitely felt through the whole village. He needed to stop him now.

Kakashi ran at Naruto, but then suddenly, all the chakra stopped, the winds speed was average again, and he opened his blue eyes looking at him with a smile that reached his ears, his face as bright as the sun. He quickly stood up and raised his fist in the air. "YEESSS I'm the BEST" he yelled, but then Naruto felt his vision getting fuzzy and his limbs feeling numb; he fell on his knees but was grabbed by Kakashi before he hit the ground.

Naruto was panting, his blue eyes barely opened but his smile not leaving his face, sweat running down his face and his eyes slowly looked at Kakashi.

"I . . . I . . . D- did i-it," he said and lost concussions. Kakashi smiled proudly behind his mask. "Yes, you did Naruto. You're just like your father," he stated proudly and moved Naruto's hand behind his neck to hold him up.

He then saw as Hokage-sama came to the training yard looking directly at Naruto. His eyes focused on Kakashi when he understood that Naruto was sleeping peacefully.

"What happened here?" Hokage-sama asked with a firm tone looking behind Kakashi's shoulder at where Naruto had unlocked his chakra. The grass had grown a bit, and the level of water in the lake had raised as well. The trees looked to be shining with life.

"He unlocked his chakra Hokage-sama. I have to say, I'm impressed," Kakashi stated, but inside he was happy that he helped Naruto to do it.

Sarutobi thought as much and walked to the place where Naruto stood. His eyes were looking at the grass; he put a hand on his chin and wondered why it would react like that.

'Too bad that Tsunade is not here; perhaps she could help!? Sarutobi thought to himself and wondered if he could somehow get in touch with her. Jiraiya would arrive after two months; he hoped he would stay longer this time for Naruto's sake.

He sighed sadly and decided to think later about this and turned to look at Kakashi, who was holding a sleeping Naruto in his arms. He noticed that he didn't have his ANBU mask anymore but ignored it.

"Bring him to my office, when he wakes up I will bring him to his new house", he ordered with a voice as strong as steel. Kakashi nodded and shunsin away from the training yard.


Naruto slowly opened his eyes, and he immediately felt the familiar chakra of Kurama close to him. He slowly stood up on his little legs to see Kurama sleeping behind the cage like a lazy fox but what caught Naruto was the ambient around the Seal had changed.

It didn't look like a sewer anymore, but like a forest, and to his surprise, it looked similar to the woods in the training yard. He had so many questions on his head and turned to the only one who he thought had the answers.

"Wake Up Lazy Fox", he screamed, making Kurama open his eyes immediately. When he saw who shouted, he glared and growled at the brat.

"Why did you wake me up? I was sleeping," Kurama asked, growling and showing his teeth to Naruto.

Naruto didn't look intimidated in the slightest; he just shrugged his growls off.

"You sleep all the time furball. Hell, I bet most of your life was spend sleeping. I want to know why my mindscape has changed?" He asked and pointed his hand to the forest that his mindscape had become.

Kurama knew about the forest, and his mind this was better than before. "Why would I know that brat? This is your mind idiot and second, this forest is much better than that sewer," he replied, liking the trees and the river close to him.

The forest had grown even inside the cage, and near his paws was a small river. Kurama couldn't feel the fresh air and forest smell but still was better than the damn sewer.

Naruto nodded since he liked this more than a sewer. Thinking about the Seal reminded him of his Seal glowing red, and he had noticed in both times when he tried to unlock his chakra, he felt his Seal glowing like many other times.

"Kurama, why does my seal in the stomach glows red sometimes?" He asked, hoping the giant lazy fox had answers.

Kurama raised an eyebrow at his question. "What do you mean?" He asked for Naruto to elaborate further on what he was saying.

Naruto was surprised to hear his question. "I mean since I remember myself. I could feel sometimes something in my stomach. And many times I saw the Seal glowing red like fire," he replied and put a hand on his stomach.

"I don't know why would that happen. I don't feel any different from your Seal to your mother's Seal, but maybe you should have asked your father when he was here," Kurama replied and thought what might cause the Seal to do that.

Naruto smacked his face with his hand for forgetting; he had been so excited to see his father that he completely forgot about the Seal. He sighed and decided to forget about it; so far, nothing terrible had happened because of the Seal.

His mind then went that he was able to unlock his chakra. He felt so powerful when he did it, and he felt chakra all around him when he did. Naruto knew he could always feel things that he wasn't supposed to, but now he thought he felt even more than before.

Almost as he could know what he was thinking, "Naruto, now that you have unlocked your chakra. I should tell you about the abilities you have because you are my Jinchuuriki," Kurama said as he walked closer to the end of the cage and looked directly at Naruto.

Naruto nodded his head for him to go on. Kurama raised a claw. "Well first thing you have is the massive amount of chakra and since you're an Uzumaki, it should be easier for you to use my chakra, but now that since you have this much chakra. You will need to spend a long time training your chakra control," he stated and raised a second claw. "Second your sensing abilities will be much better now, I'm sure you will be able to tell the difference between a clone and a real human even if the user is a professional", he added and raised the third claw. "Third you have KCM Mode (Kyuubi Chakra Mode) and Bayron Mode but they're not important right now", Kurama stated, and his eyes went to the water.

"I don't know which are your element affinity but you should be better at them whichever they are", Kurama finished.

Naruto smiled at the different abilities he would have. "I appreciate it but I will use your chakra only if I have your permission", he stated thoughtfully. His hand fist and looking at Kurama.

He smiled at the little kid and appreciated that he didn't want to use his chakra without permission. He was thankful that Naruto was indeed like the other Uzumaki.

"We're friends Naruto, if you need my chakra you're welcome to use it", Kurama replied, and Naruto smiled again and nodded his head.

"Thank you Kurama-san," he said, and he suddenly disappeared from his mindscape.

You're something different, Uzumaki Naruto; let's see what you do, Kurama thought and rested his head on his paws and for the first time in a long time. His mind went to his brothers and sisters.

Hokage Tower

Naruto opened his eyes and saw himself in a place he had never seen before. He slowly stood up from the couch and saw a desk with the word 'Fire' written. In the desk was what he could describe as a giant pile of paperwork. Naruto walked to the window of the office, and he was surprised to see the whole village. Now he understood that he was at the Hokage's tower.

Naruto turned around, and his eyes went to the pictures above the desk.

Naruto knew immediately who they were. It was the picture of the Shodaime (First Hokage), the God of Shinobi, Nidaime (Second Hokage), The Greatest Water user to have ever existed, Third Hokage and his father, The Yellow Flash.

Naruto focused his eyes on the picture of his father. He knew they were four ANBU in the office. Naruto could feel one of them was worried for him. The handle of the door moved; Naruto turned to the door when Jiji walked inside.

Hokage smiled when he saw Naruto. "Is good to see you well my boy, come with me", his Jiji said kindly. Naruto walked to him, and he put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and shunsin away.

Naruto now noticed they were somewhere else, and they were in front of a big house with four floors. I really need to know how to do this Jutsu Naruto thought and thinking that perhaps toad-Jiji could teach him when he arrives. The house's walls were painted red outside. Naruto could see a few cracks around the wall. The roof was red too. Jiji walked first, and Naruto followed him upstairs; during their walk, Naruto could feel many people around, some who saw him started having bad intentions.

It wasn't his first time, but Naruto still hated their behaviour towards him. It is not my fault and is not Kurama's fault, Naruto thought.

They soon reached the fourth floor; his Jiji took a key from his pocket and opened the door. Walking inside, Naruto entered what he thought was the restroom, and the room had three doors. One had written 'Toilet', the second had written 'Kitchen', and the third Bedroom. The house wasn't cold but neither warm.

The restroom had an oversized couch that was in a decent state, a big square table close. A TV and a shelf to put books on. Seeing the shelf reminded Naruto of the books he still had left in the orphanage. He looked up at his Jiji, hoping he would help him.

"Jiji, can you bring the books toad-Jiji gave me, they're still in the orphanage?" Naruto requested with a tiny voice hoping he could have his books back. The old Hokage immediately nodded his head, gave him a warm smile, and turned to the door.

"Wait here Naruto-Kun," he said, reassuring him and shunsin away, leaving Naruto in his thoughts. He looked around the restroom again and sighed, slightly scratching his cheek.

"Well this is our new home Kurama."


Chapter Text

Naruto - Two Days Later

He was lying on his head, and he could hear the clock ticking; it was silence. Naruto had his eyes open and just listening to the clock ticking. It was 9 am, and Naruto felt lonely. His Jiji had brought him the books back. The new books his toad-Jiji had brought him the last time were all about Uzumaki Clan. Much to his surprise and Jiji's surprise. He had started reading the first book, there were three books overall, and Naruto had done nothing but read the books about his clan.

He had learned that his clan came from Uzushiogakure, the land of Whirlpools. Naruto was sure that if his homeland still existed. He would have been welcomed there as an Uzumaki. People wouldn't look at him and call him a demon because they couldn't see the difference between the water and the glass holding the water.

Naruto thought if there were other Uzumaki out there, he was sure he wasn't the last one left in the world. He didn't know, but one thing he noticed from the books his toad-Jiji gave him is that none of them mentioned why his clan was destroyed?! Were they bad people? Naruto asked himself as the cloak was still ticking.

"Kurama, do you know anything about what kind of people my clan was?" Naruto asked, staring at the roof. His little hands behind his head.

"I don't know exactly what kind of people they were, your mother and Mito Uzumaki were the only Uzumaki I knew, but from my knowledge, they weren't bad people, the opposite. They were known as good people who wanted peace, but that is a foolish thing to want in a world that only wants more power," Kurama replied with a growl at the end.

Naruto listened to his reply and wondered if toad-Jiji knew anything. He wished to know how his clan was and how their homeland looked like.

It had been two days since he unlocked his chakra and since he couldn't do physical training yet. He had tried to do Level I Fuinjutsu. His Jiji gave him wooden kunai or shurikens to seal in scrolls instead of sharp ones. A smile spread on Naruto's face when he remembered it yesterday.

Naruto had a blank scroll in front of him. He was sitting in a chair close to a desk. He had a brush and glass filled with black colour. The book about Fuinjutsu of Level I was on the edge of the desk closed. Naruto took a deep breath and picked up the brush, and he slowly started drawing the seal needed to seal a kunai, as he kept drawing slowly. He wanted to make sure he was doing it right.

After around 30 minutes of drawing, he finished, sweat was running down his cheek, his eyes looked focused entirely on the scroll. Naruto took the wooden kunai and put it in the middle of the seal. He channelled his chakra to his hand and completed the seal. Naruto's eyes widened when he saw that the kunai had successfully been sealed. A smile spread through his face, and he raised his fist in the air.

"I did it, Datebayo", Naruto shouted'

He was able to seal a shuriken as well. He only needed to seal a small sword and food to complete Level I and pass to Level II. His Jiji was impressed and told him that was much harder than Naruto was making it to be.

The ANBU that had helped Naruto told him he could try to stick a leaf on his forehead to train his chakra control.

The ANBU had gone on a mission, and Naruto didn't have anyone to help him with chakra control, so he decided to just read about his clan first and train his Fuinjutsu.

His mind then returned to what his father told him about the jutsus he had left for him, including Hirashin and other jutsus. Naruto hoped he had left Uzumaki jutsus as well.

Jiji told him he would bring the techniques to him soon. Naruto wanted to know how Hirashin worked; he found it fascinating. He hoped there were Uzumaki jutsus as well, and he hoped his mother knew any.

Naruto put that thought at the back of his head and decided to eat. He slowly stood up from his bed and went to the kitchen. It had enough for him to cook unless I burn the house trying to cook, Naruto thought with a slight chuckle.

The kitchen had a large table, different items to use, and a different set of knives. The book his Jiji gave him about cooking was lying on the table. He scratched his cheek softly and walked to the table. Naruto opened the book and started reading through different things he thought he would be able to cook.


Naruto sat eating his dinner at his dining table. The cooking book the Hokage had provided was invaluable, allowing him to cook food for himself. He made sure to follow the instructions in the book word for word, and the results were . . . Dangerous. While cooking, his oil had almost caught on fire, and his soup had been in hot temperatures for longer than necessary, resulting in his soup tasting sour. After another dangerous try, he was able to cook something decent.

He was eternally grateful for what the older man had done for him. Now that he thought about it, he figured that some instructors would be prone to discriminate against him when he entered the academy two years later. Perhaps this was the way of an older man looking out for him in his shinobi life, he thought.

As he finished his food, Naruto couldn't help but feel the loneliness in the apartment. It was so quiet that even the drops of water from the sink could be heard. Naruto thought of going outside, but the last time he did, he was attacked. Jiji assured him that the guilty ones had been dealt with; Naruto couldn't feel a lie coming from his Jiji, so he trusted him.

Naruto wondered if his friends would want to meet him again.

A sudden knock was heard on the door making Naruto escape his thoughts. His eyes went to the door, and he could feel that his Jiji was on the other side of the door. He stood up and walked to the door; he reached up the handle and opened the door. His Jiji was smiling at him, and he moved away to give him space.

"Naruto-Kun, how are you doing?" His Jiji asked, but Naruto just gave him a sad smile. The old Hokage understood and walked inside. Naruto closed the door feeling two ANBU above the roof.

"Did you find them?" Naruto asked, hoping his Jiji had found what his parents had left for him. He nodded his head, and from inside his cloak, he pulled out a red scroll; he slowly opened it to the table near the couch. He put his hand on the scroll, causing a poof and revealing more scrolls. Naruto smiled and quickly ran at the scrolls. He saw two letters, six scrolls, and a weird-looking kunai.

His hands were slowly shaking when he grabbed the handle of the kunai. It had a yellow letter attached to the handle written to it. Naruto didn't need to be told to know who's kunai this was. His little hands shook as he looked at it.

"Is your father's kunai Naruto" his Jiji whispered, but Naruto kept quiet.

The silence took over the room as he just kept looking at it. After a few moments, he smiled and turned to look at his Jiji.

"I will learn Hirashin, and I will become 'The Red Flash'," Naruto promised with a fist on his heart. The old Hokage couldn't help but feel his heart filled with happiness; for a moment, he thought he saw Minato and Kushina standing behind Naruto with their hands on his shoulders and smiling proudly at their son. He smiled at the little Naruto and nodded his head.

"I have no doubt, my boy", he replied.

Naruto slowly put the kunai back at the table, and his hand went to the first letter. He sighed and took all the courage he had to open it. He slowly opened it, almost afraid that he would ruin it.

Dear Naruto,

Oh, my sweet little child, how I wish that I were alive to see you grow into a fine young man like your father. I'm writing this letter in case something happens to us, and you're left alone. If you are reading this, it means that we are dead. We are so sorry for leaving you, baby.

First things first, I love you with all my heart, Naruto. A mother never stops loving her child, even in death. Know that I am still watching over you, and another thing; don't you dare visit me unless you are a hundred and ten years old! I want you to live an entire and happy life and only die of old age.

Second, if you decide to become a shinobi, remember the three vices of shinobi life. First is alcohol, be responsible about it, and don't become a drunk idiot. The second is money; use it responsibly and try not to waste it. If you DO want to waste it, better do it on your wife. The third are women, and as your mother, I absolutely forbid you to become a pervert and a womaniser. Respect women and also find a woman you love and want to spend your life with. Don't settle for anything less.

One of the scrolls I left for you contains my sword 'The Red Phoenix' if you ever decide to use Kenjutsu. I hope my sword will help you. The second scroll contains various jutsus of my clan. Be Careful How you use them, they're all A-Rank Jutsus or above, use them only with the permission of Jiraiya, your godfather, Tsunade your godmother, or The Old Hokage Sarutobi. The second contains the ring with which your father proposed to me; give it to the girl you believe will love you for the rest of your life.

Once again, your father and I love you, no matter what. Remember that Naruto.

With love,

Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto hugged the letter dearly, almost like his life depended on it, hot tears running down his cheek and falling on the floor. These were the only words he had from his mother. The person who loved him. How much Naruto would give to have her here and call him Sochi. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and his Jiji gave him a sad smile. Naruto stopped and put the letter on the table.

He then picked up the second letter, which he knew was his father's letter.

Dear Naruto,

If you are reading this letter, then it means that I'm no longer among the living. I desperately hope that your mother is with you, but if that is not the case, let me explain a few things to you.

My name is Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage. If you already know this, then you are probably in the academy. If not, it is good to read. Keep it up! If you did not know about my identity as your father before this letter, please don't be upset at Sandaime-sama. I left him specific instructions about my identity only if you were a chunin or married. I made many enemies during the Third Great Shinobi War, especially from Iwa.

If people were to know about it, you would be a prime target for all my enemies.

I want you to know that even If you are yet to be born, I love you with all my heart. It was the happiest day of my life when your mother announced that she was pregnant with you.

Since I was an orphan, I don't have any special jutsu to give you. But what I have left, I hope you master them. The improved notes I made from scratch in my quest to learn and master Nidaime-sama's Hiraishin no jutsu are in one of the scrolls I left for you. Also, I leave the Rasengan to you in hopes that you can complete it, something that I never could. It is in the second scroll.

Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki of the Uzumaki Clan, and she was the loveliest and one of the most compassionate women I've ever met in my life. She is perhaps the only one who loves you more than I do.

When you find love, make sure she's a clever, funny, beautiful smile, gives advice when you need it, doesn't leave you alone, and is a little hotheaded.

With all the love in the world,


Naruto felt a loss of words. His parents truly loved him with everything they had. He thought as his parents were talking to him. He hugged both of his letters. The silence took over the room as Naruto was quiet.

He slowly gathered both letters together and went to his bedroom. Naruto hid them away and returned to his room. His Jiji had stood up and had walked to the door.

"I will leave you alone Naruto, I understand you will need some time with yourself," he said with a sad tone and opened the door and left. Naruto said nothing and just returned to the table where the scrolls were.

There were six scrolls, two yellow ones and four red scrolls. He grabbed the first yellow scroll. He opened it to find text and the name at the top of the scroll.

A-Rank - Rasengan

He read through the scroll but understood this was still very complicated for him. Naruto smiled, knowing his father had left his jutsu to him. He closed it and grabbed the second yellow scroll.

S-Rank - Hirashin

Naruto read through the scroll, and for this one, he would need to know at least Level VIII of Fuinjutsu. He was happy that he wanted to learn Fuinjutsu anyway, and this gave him one more reason to learn it.

Naruto closed the second scroll and opened the first red scroll. Inside it was a seal, and Naruto was sure it was his mother's sword. He opened the seal, and a sword showed up. The blade was long, the size of Naruto. The pommel of the blade was red decorated with what looked like the wings of a bird. The scabbard was dark in colour decorated with thin red lines making it look like wings. At the top of the scabbard was the symbol of the Phoenix.

Naruto slowly grabbed the pommel, the material used made it feel soft on his touch; much to Naruto's surprise, the sword wasn't heavy. He opened it a bit to see the metal, and it looked as sharp as the day it was forged. His reflection was on the blade, but Naruto could see tiny marks on the sword. He closed it and put the sword back to the scroll.

I will become a master of Kenjutsu just like you kaa-chan, Naruto thought and opened the second scroll.

High A-Rank - Fire Style: Phoenix (S - Rank if used with Hokage level of chakra)

Naruto found the jutsu very dangerous, and he wondered if he had a fire affinity to use it.

S-Rank - Uzumaki Style: Rainforest

Cost: 10 years lifespan

Effect: Absorbs the Chakra of anyone who's hit by the rain and will result in death if combined with Pressure Release.

Naruto's eyes widened at the cost of the jutsu, and he could tell this one was dangerous. But was dangerous for the user as well.

And the last scroll had danger written all over it. Naruto could feel this was not to be messed with. He slowly opened it, only for his jaw to reach the floor.

SS-Rank - Uzumaki Style: Water of Life

Cost: Medium Bijuu Level of Chakra and High Chances of Death.

Effect: Absorbs the water and chakra of everything around the user, including living things in diameter of one kilometre to ten kilometres. The water and chakra gathered can be used to attack the enemy for further damage.

Needed: High Water Affinity and High Earth Affinity, and Sage Chakra.

He wondered who could use a jutsu as destructive as this one. He knew someone must have created and used it. Naruto understood no one except his Jiji and toad-Jiji should see these scrolls. He took the scrolls and sealed all of them in the first scroll. He took the scroll and hid it away.

Naruto smiled and returned to Fuinjutsu Learning; He would do his parents proud. He would bring back The Uzumaki Clan.


Chapter Text

Naruto - After one week

Hokage told him yesterday that his sensei with two masks had returned yesterday and told him he could start training again tomorrow. Now Naruto jumped from his bed, and he quickly made some food for himself. Eggs with bread, after eating breakfast, Naruto ran to the door.

He went up and out of the door, making sure to lock it up properly. He hid the key inside the potted plant near the staircase. He exited the building and ran towards the grounds. The sun was beginning to rise, so the air was still cool as it hit his face. He smiled as he increased the pace and reached the ground with one minute to spare.

Reaching the training yard, his eyes noticed his sensei standing against a tree, reading an orange book. Naruto walked up to him, and he closed his book when he caught sight of him. He gave him an eye smile and stepped closer.

"Well, kid. I believe I told you one step to control your chakra is to stick a leaf on your forehead," His sensei said.

Naruto nodded his head. "I haven't practised it yet. I have been busy doing Level I seals," He replied with his hands behind his head. His sensei's widened that Naruto could do Level I seals.

"Well. I will teach you how to do it, give you a few hints here and there. And my name is Kakashi Hatake" Kakashi sensei introduced himself. Naruto was sure he had heard that name before but couldn't point a finger where.

"Alright, kid, the first step is to take a leaf and use your chakra to stick it to your forehead like this", his sensei said, demonstrating the exercise. Naruto saw with awe as the leaf stuck on his forehead.

Naruto nodded before picking up a leaf from the ground and keeping it on his forehead, and imagining his chakra creating suction at the point where the leaf touched his forehead. After a few minutes, the leaf fell to the ground; Naruto just smiled and picked up again. Kakashi was resting in the grass against a tree, reading his book and looking at Naruto.

Naruto closed his eyes and tried to concentrate and focus his chakra on a single point. Surprisingly, after eight more tries, the leaf stuck on his forehead like glue. Only nine tries to get the amount of chakra right!

The leaf quickly stuck to his forehead on the tenth try, and he stood there smiling proudly. Using chakra for the first time felt really good! He had to imagine how his chakra flowed and sort of command it to do so, and voila! Task accomplished.

Kakashi smiled behind his mask to see Naruto with a leaf on his forehead, his eyes closed, but when Kakashi got closer, he noticed the leaf was soaking wet. But what caught even me by surprise was that the leaf was greener now and looked slightly more extensive, almost like it had started growing branches. Seeing this reminded him of the talk he had with Hokage-sama, the day Naruto unlocked his chakra.

'Kakashi looked at the sleeping form of Naruto lying on the couch of the office, his head resting on a small pillow and not making single snoring. Kakashi smiled behind his mask but then turned to his Hokage, who looked deep in thoughts. His hands clenched together and rested his chin on his hands. Smoking his pipe and just staring at the space.

Kakashi knew he had the same question as he did. He cleared his throat to get his attention. Hokage-sama looked up at him, almost waiting for him to ask questions.

"Hokage-sama, do you know what that chakra was from Naruto? And why did the wind, grass, and trees act like that around him?" Kakashi asked but looking at the kage's face, and he knew there was a high chance. He didn't precisely know the complete answer for himself.

"I'm not sure, his chakra reminds me of Hashirama-sama, but in the same different", the old Hokage answered quietly. Kakashi's eyes widened at his response. 'First Hokage?! Is Naruto a Senju? But he has red hair and has chakra chains! Kakashi touched his cheek slightly.

"Hokage-sama, does Naruto have Senju blood?" Kakashi asked respectfully and glanced at Naruto, who was still sleeping.

The old Hokage moved away from his pipe and released the smoke from his mouth. His eyes looked up at Minato's picture on the wall. He took a deep breath and looked at Kakashi again.

"I don't know, but I just know that his chakra is similar to Hashirama- sama", Hokage replied and took a blank paper from his drawer and started writing a letter to Tsunade.

Kakashi wasn't sure what to think of it but decided to ignore it for now. He had no answers for now.

"Naruto, you did well", Kakashi complimented him with an eye smile. But still very impressed with how fast Naruto completed his chakra control exercise.

Most kids took four to five days to get this exercise right, and this kid had done it in one hour. Absolutely unbelievable and outright ridiculous, Kakashi thought. He thought that Naruto had gotten a lot from his sensei.

Naruto noticed the way he was looking at him, and he could feel pride but a hint of sadness coming from his sensei.

"Sensei, why are you sad?" Naruto suddenly asked caught him unguarding. Kakashi knew from the Hokage and how Naruto always knew where they were that he was a sensor but being able to feel emotions was something he had heard that only Mito Uzumaki could do.

"Don't worry, Naruto, you just remind me of someone", Kakashi replied proudly at his tone.

Naruto grinned. "You mean I remind you of my father", he stated, and Kakashi took a step back, and his mouth and eyes widened.

"Aahhh how . . . How do you know that?" Kakashi asked curiously that Naruto knew about his father. The Hokage had mentioned nothing that he had told Naruto anything about his heritage.

Naruto's grin grew. "Furball told me, and then Jiji-Hokage confirmed it", he replied.

Kakashi felt a cold sweat on his forehead at the mention of the Kyuubi, but at the same time was thinking, why would the demon fox tell Naruto that. He opened his mouth to speak when Naruto raised his hand, almost knowing what he would say.

"I know what you want to say, and No. Kyuubi is my friend and is not trying to Corrupt or Manipulate Me," he stated with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Kakashi was surprised to hear that answer, and he didn't expect the fox to be friends with Naruto but decided to ignore it for now. He was sure Hokage-sama knew it and was *alright* with it. He then remembered that Naruto knew about his parents.

"Naruto. Since you know about your parents, you should know that The Fourth Hokage was my sensei," Kakashi said and saw Naruto open his mouth wide open and form a fist.

"I knew. I heard your name somewhere," Naruto said, surprising him even more.

"What kind of man was my father? What about my mother?" Naruto asked fast and walked closer. Kakashi raised his hands in front of him.

"Hey hey, slow down. And yes, I knew your father and mother," he replied and saw Naruto smile from ear to ear, his face brightened like the sun.

"Do I take a lot after my parents?" Naruto asked enthusiastically.

"I suppose you take a lot after your father", Kakashi stated.

"In what regards?"

"You're a lot like him, and your personality is similar to your father; your hair is like your mother. And your face is similar to your father," Kakashi responded, smiling behind his mask. Naruto sits in the grass. He sat close to him and talked to him about his parents.

After two hours of talking, they stood up, Naruto was smiling proudly, and Kakashi was just eye smiling at the little kid.

Naruto decided to return to training now.

"Hey, Kakashi-sensei, now that I've got it, what's next?" Naruto asked with a grin. At this point, he was keeping the leaf stick with only minimal concentration.

Kakashi grinned. A grin that Naruto didn't like. It might mean his doom. "Now", he said, taking out kunai, "Keep that leaf stuck and dodge these!" With that, he threw the kunai at him. Naruto didn't know that Kakashi was only throwing kunai with no blade, which could hardly damage anyone.

It was only his danger sense that saved him from being skewered. This continued for almost fifteen minutes, and at the end of those, Naruto was heavily panting. 'He looked like he almost wanted to kill me!' he thought, drawing deep breaths.

Kakashi looked proud, "Well done, Naruto! You successfully dodged the kunai and kept the leaf stuck to your forehead! Take a five-minute break!" Not many, no scratch that, no one managed that on their first try. It was starting to look like that this kid was born to be a shinobi.

Kakashi contemplated if he should teach Naruto the tree walking exercise next. A relatively complex practice, a Genin level. But Naruto wasn't even in the academy. Still, it doesn't hurt to try. He decided to see if Naruto was really a prodigy, and Jiraiya-sama had asked if he could take care of Naruto and train him when he was out there.

After the five-minute break was over, he called Naruto, and they both walked towards a tree. "Your next exercise would be to climb this tree with only your feet", he said.

Naruto gave him a quizzical look, "Isn't that kind of impossible, sensei?"

Kakashi's eye smiled and lightly bonked him at the back of his head, "With the aid of chakra. Honestly, where does your intelligence sometimes go, out of your head?"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head and laughed sheepishly.

Kakashi then demonstrated the exercise, "This is kind of similar to the leaf sticking exercise, except you are sticking yourself to a tree instead of sticking a leaf to you. If you use too little chakra, your foot won't stick. You use too much chakra; you get blasted off the tree. Begin. You can use a running start if you want." He showed him climbing the tree and throwing an actual kunai in front of him.

'Now I understand why trees around the training yard have scratches around', Naruto thought Naruto as he walked to the tree and put his right foot on the bark, regulating the amount of chakra required to stick. After he got it right, he kept in mind the amount of chakra and carefully pushed the same amount in his left leg.

Taking a deep breath, he lifted his left leg and put it on the bark, not losing concentration in his right leg. A huge smile appeared on his face as he successfully stuck to the bark. Tentatively, he took the next step and managed not to fall off. He continued this until he reached the top of the tree.

Kakashi watched all of this with his jaw on the ground, Icha-Icha book long forgotten. There was no possible explanation for how Naruto managed to walk up the entire tree in five minutes of learning the exercise. Then Kakashi released a resigned sigh, 'I don't even want to know anymore.' He thought proudly.

This became the norm for everything. Naruto mastered tree walking in four hours, water walking in six hours, and spinning a kunai above his hand with his chakra in three days, all the while dodging Kakashi's shuriken and kunai.

It was now time to give the monthly report to the Hokage.

Hokage Tower

"What?" he asked loudly.

"It's true, Hokage-sama!" Kakashi insisted but with a smile not leaving his face.

The smoking pipe had long since fallen off his mouth. This had to be some genjutsu. There was no way Naruto mastered all the chakra control exercises in just five days. Kakashi was his strongest Jonin of the village, so any students he took, in this case, Naruto, had high standards to meet.

But for Kakashi to say that Naruto did all of that in just two days, it was too much. He did not doubt that Naruto was very physically capable. Still, he had an Uzumaki heritage and, as such, had monstrous reserves of chakra that no one of his age could match. He expected Naruto to have problems controlling his chakra, not to mention the amount of chakra of Kyuubi. Still, from Kakashi's report, it looked like he had excellent control of his chakra.

Kakashi then slowly asked him, knowing the Hokage was rattled to his bones by the news, "Hokage-sama, can I have your permission to start teaching him Ninjutsu" he asked since Naruto was still very young for Taijutsu training.

"Yes is granted, but only easy ones for now."


After closing the door to his apartment, he set the thick book on the dining table and entered his bedroom, falling asleep. It was a late night after all, and sneaking around made him tired, especially after training the whole day.

His alarm rang at seven the following day. Waking up, he did his morning rituals and made himself some breakfast. 'That reminds me, the stock that Jiji gave me will be finished soon. I need to go shopping, he thought.

After breakfast, he picked up the Fuinjutsu volume and started reading about Level I since he needed to seal food, to pass to Level II.

He finished it in four hours, including the test his mother wrote for him at the end of the book. 'Fuinjutsu is so easy, and I don't understand why Jiji makes it such a big deal, he thought in confusion as he checked the answers of his test.

'It's not, you insane child', Kurama grumbled. He had been seeing and hearing fuinjutsu since the tree hugger's era, and frankly, it annoyed the hell out of him. He was much more suited to perform acts of destruction than delicate writing. And it didn't help that Naruto liked Fuinjutsu, but it surprised him since he was an Uzumaki.


"What is it, Furball?" Naruto asked, half-joking.

Kurama growled at his name but then decided to ignore it since Naruto was only a little brat.

"Is good that you're training, but tomorrow, I would like to try and give you a bit of my chakra so that you can get used to it", Kurama replied.

Naruto smiled at his friend and mentally nodded his head.


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Naruto - After Two Days

The sound of wind moving the branches of the trees relaxed him; his eyes closed as he took a deep breath. The birds were singing his favourite song, one standing on his shoulder, and his sound was on his ear. Naruto felt at peace amongst nature, and the grass was caressing his legs crossed in the ground. He could hear the water moving in the lake, and he listened to a fish jumping from the water, like wanting to show himself. A smile spread on his cheek as one more bird landed on his red hair and used his legs searching through his hair, almost thinking that his hair would be a beautiful little house to lay her eggs.

Suddenly the bird flew away, as Naruto's body filled with Kurama's chakra. His nails started growing slowly; his whiskers grew, his hair looked to react from his chakra, they got spiker, his teeth slowly grew, and he looked sharper. Naruto slowly opened his eyes, but instead of blue ones, they were red like blood.

Naruto felt his body grow stronger, even more than when he unlocked his chakra for the first time. He slowly stood up on his legs, and he noticed the wind was harsher now.

"You're doing well, Naruto. Give it five years, and I'm sure you can start using one tail worth of chakra," Kurama complimented as his chakra slowly washed away, and Naruto turned back to normal. He wished Naruto to start using a bit of his chakra if anyone stupid enough decided to harm him. But at the same time, not too much chakra since Naruto was still young.

Naruto nodded his head and suddenly fell on his knees, panting; he felt exhausted after accessing that much chakra. He wished Kakashi sensei was here, but he had gone to another mission, much to Naruto's surprise since it hadn't been a long time since he returned. Still panting, he decided to lay on the grass. He used his right arm as a pillow, and the grass touched his chin slightly; he felt relaxed again and slowly caught his breath.

"Kurama, you didn't tell me, this would happen", Naruto accused, but his voice was half-joking. Kurama smirked inside him.

"Well, you know what they say, 'No pain, no gain'," Kurama replied but feeling relaxed, he slowly closed his thinking but thought was not leaving his mind. What is this feeling? Why can Naruto have this kind of effect on the nature around him? Kurama thought, slightly angry since he thought of himself as intelligent, and not having answers wasn't something he liked, but at the same time interested. He then noticed that Naruto had fallen asleep.

Kurama opened his eyes slightly to see the trees around him slowly growing, full of life. He liked it more like this, Jiji? You said we should help humans, and I think this one is worth it! I wonder if he is the one you talked to us about?! Kurama asked himself and then thought about his brothers and sisters. He knew all of them were sealed like him and thought if their Jinchuuriki is like his or is just some bastard who only wants their power.

Naruto was sleeping quietly in the grass; three birds were resting on his back. They didn't look scared of him; the sun was shining, making everything brighter. A shadow slowly moved towards Naruto.

"You found a good place to sleep, my boy" the voice of the old Hokage was heard. He noticed that Naruto didn't react to him and was still sleeping; he wondered why he would be so tired to sleep out here. His eyes looked at the grass around him that looked to have grown, and he put a hand on his chin, wondering, 'Why?'. He decided to ignore it and think later about it. Hiruzen slowly kneeled and picked up Naruto gently, trying not to wake him up. He shunsin away to his apartment. Opening the door, Hiruzen could see everything was in its place. Nothing was in the middle of the carpet or just stuff left around. It was clean. He smiled and saw two opened scrolls lying on the table near the couch. He saw a wooden kunai near the scrolls.

Hiruzen reached the bedroom and put him in the bed. Naruto was still sleeping, his right eye covered from his red hair. Sarutobi chuckled at seeing that his hair had already reached his eyes. He wondered if Naruto would want to cut his hair but decided to ignore it. He covered him with a sheet and left the apartment.

Two Months Later

The clock was ticking, and Naruto slowly opened his eyes to see that it was morning. He was feeling the sun shining through the window. He rubbed his eyes with his forearm and stood up from the bed. It had gotten colder for a week now. It was December, and the streets, houses, and everything was covered in snow. It was still only half a foot deep, but Naruto liked it nonetheless. He has trained like crazy in Fuinjutsu, chakra control, and Ninjutsu in the last two months. Three weeks ago, he started training in Level II. To pass Level II, he needed to make an explosive tag for a kunai, seal two weapons or more, and seal three completely different items.

Naruto loved Fuinjutsu, and he would spend a lot of time reading and rereading his books about Fuinjutsu. His Jiji had given him a few points here and there. He still hasn't started training on Taijutsu; Kakashi told him he could begin when he reached five years old. Naruto was looking forward to that, even though he knew it would be hard.

When it came to Ninjutsu, he could only do one so far, changing his position with a log. Naruto wondered where the log even came from. Kakashi told him he would teach him clone jutsu soon.

Naruto smiled, looking at the snow, but he was most happy that toad-Jiji would come soon, it had been five months, and he couldn't wait. Not mentioning that apparently, his toad-Jiji was a Fuinjutsu master according to his Jiji. Naruto was surprised and couldn't wait to ask him questions about the art of Fuinjutsu.

As he opened the door that led to the restroom, he suddenly felt a presence above the roof near a building close to his apartment. This usually wasn't a problem, but he couldn't feel any emotions coming from this one. Naruto felt a cold sweat running down his cheek, his heart beating on his throat. He hoped the same thing wouldn't happen again like last time when he felt the emotionless ANBU.

Naruto was about to say something to Kurama when the presence disappeared. He breathed a sigh of relief and decided to train his chakra control. Keep a kunai on the tip of his finger and a leaf on his forehead.

After eating breakfast, he grabbed a wooden kunai and leaf that he kept for training purposes. He put two kunai in the tip of his fingers and a leaf on his forehead. As he relaxed, trying to keep the balance, he remembered his shogi matched a month ago. Shikaku-sama had invited him to dinner.

'Naruto walked alongside Shikamaru and his parents. His freshly cleaned hair blew in the wind as it dried. He had been scared when Shikamaru's mother had become so downright murderous, but she had simply had him wash and reclothed him before setting out for this Chouza's place. Honestly, Shikamaru's mother had been incredibly understanding and constantly smiled at him as they walked. It was excellent, and he found himself smiling back at her as he walked comfortably with his friend's family.

Shikamaru walked lazily next to Naruto. Despite not knowing Naruto too well until recently, he still felt happy his friend was dropping that guard he seemed to have constantly. His sharp mind caught every flinch Naruto might have when he would be around Shikamaru's family. He had noticed how Naruto seemed uncomfortable with someone being so intimate as to wash him as Shikamaru's mother did, but he allowed it to happen. Now Naruto was starting to relax in her presence, as well as his father's.

When they were close to Chouza's place, Naruto finally broke the comfortable silence that had been surrounding their walk, "Ne! Where are we going?" he almost shouted. His exuberance shone through to his bright blue eyes.

Shikamaru's mother turned and smiled gently to him, "To a friend's place, their food is the best." she said quietly.

Naruto's eyes widened, "No Way! Ichiraku's Ramen is the best!" he said as he pointed at Shikamaru's mother accusingly.

Shikamaru and his Father chuckled as Yoshino's eyebrow twitched, suddenly a shout could be heard from the compound they were now standing in front of, "Oi!" a heavyset woman came bursting out the doors. The entire Nara family stepped back as the woman rounded on Naruto, "Who dares say my cooking is not the best in this village!" she shouted to Naruto.

Naruto glared back up at the woman, "No food is better than Ichiraku's. Ramen is the food of the Gods!" he shouted to the now red-faced woman.

The woman's eyes narrowed, "We'll see if you can keep that tune after you eat my cooking!" the woman said as she brought herself up to her full height, and Naruto saw that she was wearing a purple blouse with golden trimmings, a pair of black pants and heeled shoes. Her eyes had some colouring to the at the corners as she looked up at the Nara family and broke into a smile before reaching down and grabbing Naruto by the scruff of his clothes, "Let the lesson begin!" she shouted as she turned around and headed back into the compound, "Close the door behind you Shikamaru-Kun." she yelled as Naruto got glimpses of a few doors before he was set into a seat.

Naruto's mouth watered as he looked at the veritable feast in front of him. Shikamaru chuckled as he walked up behind Naruto, "This is the Akimichi clan; they have some of the best restaurants in the city, Naruto." he said as he sat down next to him. Naruto was still focusing on the food as the same woman from before, and two males entered the room.

"Shikamaru *munch munch* so your the *munch* guest tonight," Choji said as he looked at his friend. He sat down next to him and finally noticed Naruto staring hungrily at the table. "Naruto?" he asked between munches. Naruto turned to look at him with drool coming out of his mouth.

"Eh? Choji?" he asked as his eyes returned from their glazed look. His stomach gave a large growl as he hadn't eaten in a few days. Choji blinked at his stomach's growl, and the older-looking Choji laughed heartily from the head of the table, bringing the young adult's attention to how Shikamaru's parents and Choji's parents had finally joined them.

"I don't believe we have had introductions have we Naruto-san?" she said quietly. Naruto smiled at her and nodded.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto," he said boisterously, breaking the shock of his manners.

"Nara Yoshino." Shikamaru's mother said as she smiled. They soon started eating, Naruto enjoyed the food, and Shikamaru was surprised to see him eat as much as Choji.

Once Naruto had eaten his fill, he sat back and smiled lazily at his newest friend and whispered to him, "Thank you for inviting me over Shikamaru."

Shikamaru just nodded back at Naruto as he sat in his chair. Shikamaru's eyes darted over to Naruto, and an unusual gleem appeared in his eyes as he spoke, "Would you like to play a game Naruto?" he asked. Naruto's intrigued expression was his answer.

"I enjoy playing Shogi; I want you to play a match with me," he said to his friend; the adults and Choji had disbelieving expressions on their faces; the only person to beat Shikamaru was Shikaku.

"I don't know how to play Shikamaru. Can you teach me?" Naruto asked curiously; though he had read a little about the game, he didn't know everything, he didn't want to deny playing a game with his friend, especially since he said he WANTED to play with him. Practically a first for Naruto.

"Of course, let's see what you can do", Shikamaru replied and stood up; he walked over to Shikaku-sama he gave him a board. Shikamaru grabbed it and opened it, and now it was the size of almost a meter length and half meter width.

Shikamaru explained the rules to him and soon started playing; Naruto understood how to play and started playing; it didn't take long to realise that Shikamaru was very good at it. Choji and Ino were looking at them, well Choji was. Ino didn't look that much interested. Shikaku-sama looked at them like a hawk, analysing every move of them. Naruto felt slightly uncomfortable under his gaze but hid it well.

Now there were three wins for Shikamaru, and Naruto put the finger on his chin. He looked up at Shikamaru determinedly. "Another game Shikamaru," he said. He nodded gladly . . .

"And I win," Naruto said, grinning from ear to ear; Shikamaru looked surprised that he lost, but even more surprised were the others, even Ino. She didn't understand the game, but even she knew that Shikamaru was good at it.

"Wow, Naruto, you're good at it" Naruto heard Shikaku-sama compliment him, much to his surprise since he expected him to be angry at him for winning. Shikamaru held a finger on his chin and looked at Shoki's board, almost like he was scanning and wanting to know how he lost.

"I never thought he would lose," said Chouji.

"Yeh, you finally showed his lazy ass", Ino shouted and gave Naruto a warm smile. Naruto smiled back but then noticed her father glaring down at Ino.

"You shouldn't be so loud, Ino," her father said with a stern tone. Ino shivered and nodded her head without saying anything.

Naruto chuckled under his breath and turned his eyes to Shikamaru, who was still looking at the board, almost expecting to receive an answer. He looked up at Naruto. "One more game", he stated, and Naruto grinned and played one more game??

They were finally done after five more games; it was four wins for Naruto and six wins for Shikamaru.

"Very good, Naruto-kun", Shikaku-sama complimented him. Ino and Choji had fallen asleep since it was very late now.

"Thank you, Shikaku-sama" Naruto thanked him and looked back at Shikamaru, who looked tired but still was all ears.

"I can't wait to play another game", Shikamaru said, and they shook their hands. '

Naruto escaped his thoughts when one of the kunai fell from his finger. The other was still standing, and the leaf was on his forehead. Naruto's hand moved to the leaf on his forehead when he grabbed it. Naruto was surprised to see that it looked slightly more significant, and the petiole was a dark colour, almost like it was burned while the tip and Margin were soaking wet, and the middle had started growing small midbrain.

Naruto scratched his cheek slightly in confusion, and he didn't understand what was happening and why the leaf would react like that.

"I'm sure this has something to do with your affinities", Kurama suddenly talked.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean? Do I have more than one affinity?" Naruto asked him, and he knew what the affinities that a Ninja can have. The first Hokage had strong water and earth affinity, and he could use 'Wood Style' by combining them.

"Yes. I'm not entirely sure which one you have, but by looking at the leaf, I can safely say you have strong fire affinity and water affinity. As for the leaf growing larger, it might be because of your Senju blood," Kurama explained, and noticing that in the seal, the forest looked greener, he could swear that he was feeling wind caressing his body.

Naruto raised an eyebrow; he didn't know why he would have Senju blood; the only Senju left was Tsunade Senju, and as far as anyone knew, she never had children, and no Senju ever went missing.

"How is that possible, Kurama?" Naruto asked, interested and wondering if Jiji or toad-Jiji had any information about it.

"I don't know, but the feeling of your chakra is very similar to both Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki", Kurama said 'Hashirama' with venom.

Naruto noticed it and got even more confused, he knew Mito Uzumaki was the wife of The First Hokage, and that was the only connection he could have with Hashirama-sama.

"Kurama! Do you hate the first Hokage?" Naruto asked but already knowing the answer since he could feel the negative emotions coming from Kurama. He growled and fully opened his eyes.

"Madara Uchiha might have controlled me with his damn Sharingan, but The first Hokage hunted down all my brothers and sisters and gave them to different villages like we are Just Mindless Beast. He might have thought that he was doing good, but the only thing he did was raise the stakes of wars, causing more death, and doom the life of both the Bijuu and whoever Became A Jinchuuriki," Kurama shouted at the end. Mostly that Naruto had a hard life.

Naruto was silent during the whole conversation, and he couldn't help but agree with what Kurama said. Sealing the Bijuu stopped no wars. There was the first shinobi war, second and third wars. Naruto wondered if humanity was doomed like this? To always wage more war and more for eternity until there's nothing left, Kurama noticed the feelings of Naruto.

"Naruto, you don't need to think about that; you're still too young to think about the problems of this world. Perhaps you can start training your chakra control again since you will need it," Kurama spoke and silently regretting to tell Naruto about such things now.

Naruto smiled and decided to do that.


It was 17:00, and Naruto was eating lunch; he didn't do anything else but stay in the house. There wasn't much point in going outside, only if he wanted hateful glares from the villagers that he was tired of. He decided to sleep early today. Naruto could hardly keep his eyes open. Walking to the bed, he was ready to lay down in the bed when he felt the presence of the emotionless man again. Naruto tried to feel the two ANBU's that usually stayed close to him, but he couldn't feel them anywhere close to him.

He was ready to ask Kurama what to do when five Chunin level people landed very close to his apartment. Naruto turned to look at his bedroom window and opened it; after opening it, he turned back and hid under the bed.

He heard the door of his apartment burst open. "Demon", one of them shouted with venom in his tone. Naruto felt his heart beating so much that felt that would come out of his chest, cold sweat running through his forehead. The cold wind from outside, making his nose and ears feel like they would fall off. He could hear them checking everywhere around his house when the door of the bedroom burst open. Naruto kept quiet and could feel the KI of the man in his room. The air felt cold as ice, and Naruto tried very hard not to let his body shiver and make noises.

"The window's open; he must have run outside" Naruto heard a shout inside his room. He still kept quiet, and he heard footsteps going away. He could feel they were still very close to his house despite being outside. But the only problem was that the emotionless ANBU was still in the same place and hadn't moved.

Before Naruto could think of anything, the five men that left suddenly returned inside his house. Naruto's eyes widened, and his little body started shaking like a leaf.

"DEMON" a cry was heard inside his house.

Naruto felt cold tears in his eyes, and he didn't know why no ANBU was around. Suddenly he felt someone grabbing his foot and pulling him out from under the bed. Naruto screamed in horror when he felt a punch on his stomach, his whole air left him, and he fell to the floor. Naruto tried to catch his breath. He was putting his hands on his stomach.

"There you are, Demon Child", the man shouted and grabbed him by his hair, Naruto tried to move his hands away, but he was no match to a Chunin. He opened his eyes to see this man in front of him had dark hair. He was smiling viciously to him.

Naruto tried to punch and kick him when he threw him outside through the window. Naruto felt pain everywhere; he stood up and tried to run away. He could feel a mob of villagers very close to him.

"Catch The Demon"

"You Won't run Away This Time."

"Kill Him"

People shouted different things, and he could hear their footsteps running towards him. Despite wearing only a shirt and a pair of pants. And that the ground was covered in snow, and it was snowing, Naruto didn't feel cold. On the opposite, he felt warm, almost like a fire inside him. Suddenly his eyes turned blood red, his nails grew, and his whiskers looked more on his face.

"Run, Naruto", Kurama yelled.

Naruto felt a surge of power inside him and ran away with all his strength. He ran to his right and then to his right again. He remembered this way was where Shikamaru's house was; he was sure he would be safe if he could get there. But suddenly, the emotionless ANBU moved and landed right in front of him, punching him in the face and throwing him against the wall. Naruto growled at the strange man and tried to run away when he felt a sharp pain in his hand.

"Aaaahhhhhh" Naruto screamed; he saw a kunai on his right palm. Blood coming out of the wound. He gritted his teeth almost to the point of breaking. The mob reached him; if that wasn't enough, Naruto could feel five shinobi amongst them. The ANBU had immediately left. Naruto could feel the gaze of hatred in both ways. Tears fell freely from his eyes red eyes.

"Look at the demon, like a rat in the mousetrap", one of them shouted and walked closer. Kurama inside felt furious at the stupid people.

"I'm not a DEMON" Naruto yelled, his voice sounding demonic. The mob flinched by his tone, but they quickly started walking towards him. One of them reached him.

"This will be Fun Child", he whispered the last part before he punched him in the gut. Naruto gasped for air, and his right hand wasn't moving. He could hardly feel anything from it. Naruto closed his eyes. Toad-Jiji, where are you? Tou-chan, please help me?!? Kaa-chan Please Naruto begged as he felt punch after punch to his body.

Soon he was lying on the cold ground, blood coming out of his nose, ears, and mouth. His right palm had stopped bleeding, and he felt no pain; his whole body felt numb. Kurama was trying to heal him when one of them pulled out a kunai.

"This is Your End", he shouted and went to stab him in the neck when everything went Dark. Naruto couldn't see anything that happened next, but he could have sworn he heard the sound of wood piercing flesh and the screams of agony.

Kid Naruto Arc Completed

Next: Four Years of Training Arc


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Hokage Tower

Hearing the council complaining about 'Nothing' at all was slowly driving him mad. He couldn't understand why he was even here, why was he needed. Sarutobi thought they wanted to hurt Naruto, but he knew two Trustworthy ANBU was watching him. He knew they wouldn't let him out of sight, and he was safe. He pinched the bridge on his nose, his eyes roamed around the council room and stopped at his old friend, Danzo. They both were old shinobi, good at hiding their emotions, but Sarutobi could tell that something was up. Just the way the edge of his lips was slightly upwards worried him.

He remembered that Naruto told him about the emotionless ANBU spying on him when the first attack happened. Hiruzen hoped his eyes were playing tricks with him, but he couldn't help but have a bad feeling on his gut that something was up with this council meeting. Kakashi was away in an S-Rank mission, leaving Bear and Cat to protect Naruto if needed.

Sarutobi had received a letter from Jiraiya informing him that he would arrive soon; he hoped he had answers for Naruto's chakra. He had read a few scrolls and books and found no answers, not good enough answers. He remembered and heard from Tobirama-sensei that nature itself looked to react from Hashirama's mood and his chakra. That was proof enough for Sarutobi to believe that Naruto had Senju blood, but the question remained, "How?" and Hiruzen found no answers.

He glanced at the photo of Minato hanging on the wall. The old Hokage wondered if his successor had any secrets that he didn't want anyone else to know. Thinking about Minato made him remember how Naruto felt if he was happy here? The old Hokage was no fool, and he knew his surrogate grandson wasn't happy. No, he needs a family, but who can give him that.

Minato, What would you think about the village you gave your life for? What would you feel about the way they treat your son? Sarutobi asked himself and decided to ignore it; for now, he put that question at the back of his head and focused on the pointless council.

"Hokage-sama?" One of the civil council members asked, looking at the Hokage. Sarutobi narrowed his eyes at his tone, leaking his KI, showing who was in charge here. The man looked to get the message as he put his hand on his chest and tried to catch his breath. His colour was gone from his face. White as milk, and his hands shaking.

"Yes," Hokage replied quietly, his hands clenched together in front of him. Another man close to him suddenly stood up. "What he wanted to ask? Was what Will We do with The Demon?" The man asked with a disgraceful tone. The old Hokage closed his eyes, his hands clenched tightly, and his shadow looked to grow behind him; his eyes couldn't be seen.

"Next time you refer to Naruto like that, will be the last time you talk", Hokage promised; the air became cold for everyone in the room. Even Danzo was sweating slightly from his forehead.

The man fell back on his seat, his face white as snow, his mouth hanging open. The old Hokage glanced at everyone around the council room to see if anyone wanted to 'sleep'.

The silence grew in the room; Sarutobi moved away from his pipe and decided to move to the next topic. "Anything else?" He asked, wanting to end this pointless meeting. A few moments of silence followed, and even the clan heads started looking at the civil council; one of them moved his elbow to one close to him.

The man looked to wake up and opened his mouth to talk when everyone suddenly felt a surge of power, and it came from outside. Every ninja in the room stood up, looking at the windows when the power stopped. It disappeared as fast as it appeared despite feeling it only for a short moment. The old Hokage recognised Naruto's chakra. Without a second thought, he moved his fingers, and three ANBU showed up. "With Me", he ordered and left through the window in a hurry.

Please be safe, Naruto, the old Hokage thought.

Jumping from roof to roof, they reached a hallway that was close to Naruto's apartment. Sarutobi felt his heart beating in his throat; the smell of blood was in the air. The old Hokage knew that smell way too well. The thought that the smell came from Naruto frightened him. They were jumping down. His eye was met with a view that came out from a war battle. Blood was dropping in the ground from the corpses that were torn apart and hanging in the air. The blood was streaming down the halfway like a small lake; Sarutobi saw wood piercing through their flesh and bones. Guts falling on the floor, making a terrifying sound. Snow was red; some of the villagers had their faces split open, from wood piercing them behind their heads and splitting their faces, skin hanging from limbs to limbs. Wood looked to have grown inside some of them and come out from different parts of their bodies; Sarutobi looked at some of them that looked liked branches of a tree coming out of their bodies.

All their eyes showed fear and terror, their mouth left open, screaming until death embraced them. Sarutobi closed his eyes, snow falling on his hat. He opened them again and ignored the carnage in front of him, he didn't count them, but he knew they were at least around thirty bodies lying around. Slowly moving to the end of the hallway, he was met with even brutal sight. Naruto lying on the ground, covered everywhere in blood.

Without thinking twice, he rushed at the young boy; touching his neck and looking at his chest still moving up and down made him sigh in relief. The old Hokage moved him in his hands, his little body like a glass that could easily break. Guilty and sadness filled his heart. He had failed Minato, he had failed Jiraiya, The Second and First Hokage, but most importantly, he failed Naruto.

"ANBU" Hiruzen screamed, and they kneeled in front of him. He turned to them, still holding the little boy in his hands. "Send him to Hospital, if They Give you Crap, ARREST THEM AND SEND THEM TO IBIKI", He ordered. Quickly grabbing Naruto, they moved away, leaving him alone in his guilty.

The old Hokage looked down at the snow-covered in blood, a part of a body fell in the ground, but Sarutobi didn't bother to look who it was. His eyes slowly looked up, looking at the trees that had grown; they made the symbol of a spiral, the bodies still hanging, like tree decorations.

He took a deep breath and decided to deal with whoever had organised this.


He felt his body floating in the space, his whole body feeling numb. Water covered his body, his body lying on his back on the cold floor. The water almost reached his nose. His eyes open beneath the water. Usually, he felt at peace around nature, but now, he felt *Cold*; the water felt cold on his skin and clothes. The air itself felt cold. Naruto could feel Kurama's gaze looking down at him, and he could feel his sadness and worries.

Why am I still here? To suffer?! Naruto asked himself, he tried very hard to close his eyes and tell himself that it was all a dream, but he could still feel the pain and hear their screams. Closing his eyes, visions of their blood falling in the frozen ground like a waterfall was in front of him. Naruto wanted to believe all this was a dream, and like any other dream, he would eventually wake up.

"Tou-san! Is this the village you protected? This village you gave your life for? Did . . . Did you - yo - u . . . Know. This . . . " Naruto asked himself, his blue eyes gone. Instead, they were red like blood on my hands.

"Naruto", Kurama called him, concerned about his well being.

Naruto slowly raised his body, his eyes looking at the giant fox behind the cage. The trees weren't green anymore; their leafs turned brown. He was falling softly on the floor covered in water. Naruto went to his friend.

"Why do people do this to me?" Naruto asked, his voice tiny and breaking. Tears on his eyes. Kurama wasn't sure how to answer; looking at Naruto, he leaned his head closer to the bars.

"People in the village feel grief, and they want to blame someone for their loved ones. I'm not around to blame, but they Know. I'm sealed inside you, so they blame you. Humans always want to blame someone; forgiveness and blaming yourself for your problems are not attributed that humans are known for. " Kurama replied, sure that Naruto wouldn't understand it. He was still only a little boy.

Naruto heard his answer and kept quiet, his eyes looking at Kurama's red eyes. After a few moments of silence. He stood up on his legs and walked towards his friend. The water felt heavy on his legs, and then he stood in front of the cage. He raised his hands, not shaking despite being close to 'The Kyuubi', the strongest Demon in the world. To Naruto, he was a friend, and his hand softly touched his fur.

"Thank You for being here, Kurama", Naruto replied with a smile on his face. Kurama grinned and felt the positive feeling of Naruto slowly coming back, and the trees looked to be returned to their old self.

"Always Naruto", Kurama replied happily, and he could swear he saw his father standing behind Naruto with a smile on his face. His red hair reminded him of the time when things weren't as bad. He reminded Kurama of Roku as well.

Are you the one?

After Three Days - Hospital

Lying on the hospital bed was Naruto, his red hair covering most of his face. The old Hokage was sitting close to him. His eyes looked down at the little boy with spiky red hair.

Sarutobi knew Jiraiya would give him hell for what happened to Naruto, and he couldn't really blame him. No, he blamed himself. The two ANBU's that were supposed to protect Naruto had reported that a fight had started close to them; they had left to deal with it, when they had returned, finding the Hokage looking at what was left of the mob that had attacked Naruto.

Sarutobi hadn't told anyone about Naruto using Wood-style, and they didn't need to know. Returning to the council meeting, he had ordered the whole civil council to be sent to Ibiki for questioning, much to the surprise of everyone else in the council. Shikaku was quick to put two and two together and had immediately asked if Naruto was alright. It broke his heart to say that Naruto had been beaten by a group of idiots that couldn't tell the difference between water and glass that holds the water.

The wood in the hallway had been quickly burned to disappear any evidence that wood-style was used. The bodies had been buried despite deserving to be left to rot. Hokage knew Kakashi would as well return soon from his mission, and he didn't know how to tell him that a mob had beaten up Naruto.

I have Failed

Suddenly the window was opened, the old Hokage didn't bother to see who it was. The air suddenly felt much colder, and a shadow stood close to the old Hokage looking at the little boy lying on the floor.

"Who Did This?" Jiraiya shouted, slamming his hand on the table close to his sensei. The old Hokage turned and glared at his student. Jiraiya always looked happy, it was hard to piss him off, but now he looked more pissed than when Orochimaru had left the village.

Sarutobi put the finger on his lips to tell him to be quiet, and he moved his head in a gesture to follow him. He followed and reached the Hokage office.

Reaching it, he put a silence seal and told his ANBU to leave them alone. He turned to his only student, who still worked for the village. His body was leaning against the wall waiting for him to explain.

"Three days ago, a mob attacked Naruto. I was busy in a damn meeting, and the ANBU's that were supposed to protect him were dealing with a fight that had occurred between civil and shinobis. When I reached Naruto, everyone from the mob was dead. Death by wood," Hiruzen explained and waited for the furious shouts to come but instead, he was met with silence.

Jiraiya just stood there and looked to be thinking about what he had just said. After a minute of absolute silence, he moved away from the wall and turned to look at his old sensei.

"I'm taking Naruto with me to train then", Jiraiya stated, with a tone that he was saying a simple truth that would happen no matter if he liked it or not. Hiruzen wasn't surprised to hear that; he grabbed his pipe and smoked from it, trying to ease the pain on his head. He glanced at Minato's picture before looking at Jiraiya again. Removing the pipe from his mouth, he cleared his throat to speak.

"You said it was dangerous", Old Hokage reminded him.

"That would be, but where I'm taking him, no one would be there to cause him to harm or even spy on him" Old Hokage's eyes widened, understanding where he meant. Pinching the bridge on his nose.

"How long?" Hiruzen asked, wanting to know how long Naruto would be away from the village.

"Four years"

"What about the academy?" Hiruzen asked, thinking that Naruto could spend more time with his friends once he started the academy.

"Once he returns, you can put him in the class he was supposed to be if he never left", Jiraiya stated.

Closing his eyes, he remembered Naruto lying with blood covering his whole body.

"Is Granted"

Ashara Uzumaki

The sound of the sword hitting wood could be heard throughout the forest; she moved her hands again and slashed the tree in half. The tree fell to the ground. The tree was still young but still was an achievement. Sweat covered her face, breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath.

She decided to lay down on the grass and rest, and her purple eyes looked downwards at the seal on her wrist. The seal was a red colour and had appeared when her mother had died. Her thoughts went to her mother and father, she knew what had happened to her father, and her mother was buried close to a tree.

Her red hair reached to her shoulders; her small sword tightened behind her back. A symbol of Phoenix was on the pommel of the blade, a yellow bird spreading his wings, beneath surrounded by flames.

It had been months; Asha wasn't sure how many since the hidden village of Taki had found her. The town was full of waterfalls; even the air itself looked to have tiny drops of water in the air.

The leader of the group was Lord Shibuki. A young man with black eyes and long, dark brown hair going just behind his neck wore grey pants and a green shirt. The village was built around a lake, and the water was very relaxing; some village women would sometimes wash in a hidden lake away from their eyes. Asha hasn't bathed in any lake yet, but that wasn't important to her right now.

The leader had told her she could stay here as long as she wished; Ashara had eagerly accepted; she lived in a small house in the village, with only two rooms. The restroom and bedroom were in the same room. The toilet was in the second room, it wasn't the best house, but Asha didn't complain. She made sure to visit her mother's grave every day, tell her how she had been.

The ANBU that followed had disappeared; their bodies were burned when they died, leaving no evidence of which village they were. Asha didn't know, but she promised herself to take revenge on whoever ruined her life; And killed her family.

Asha had started studying shinobi stuff the third day she had arrived, mostly on seals. Sadly Taki had no Seal Master, and the last one had died two years ago. Walking back to the centre of the village, Asha was heading to her home and glancing at the seal on her wrist. The seal looked like a spiral, with an empty circle in the centre, with a small flaming circle surrounding the seal. She didn't know what the seal meant.

Deciding to ignore it and think later about it, she heard a sound coming from a store.

"GET OUT AND STAY OUT; I'VE TOLD YOU BEFORE YOU'RE DRIVING THE CUSTOMERS AWAY!" A shout was heard from a nearby store. A girl ran away from the store; she had green hair.

Asha looked around her, noticing the disgusted look of everyone around; she wondered what their problem was. She had seen the girl before but didn't have a chance to talk to her, deciding to follow her. She ran after her.

Soon she reached a big tree that was in the centre of the village. The tree looked almost three times the size of a typical tree. The branches looked big enough to be a tree on itself. Much to her surprise, insects were flying around the leaves. But her eyes quickly stopped to a treehouse. A smile slowly spread on her face, and the house looked exactly like the treehouse she had before. Hell was even more significant than hers. Asha decided to look at it more closely; she walked up to the treehouse to find the girl lying on the floor of the house. Her hands clenched together in front of her chest, her eyes looking at something in her hands.

Deciding to reveal herself, she cleared her throat, making the girl stand up immediately and turn to her.

She had spiky mint green hair, tanned skin and wore a short white shirt that showed her midriff with a white mini-skirt with bandages on her legs and under her shirt and white armlets, wearing blue shinobi sandals.

Asha could tell the girl was scared of her, her eyes looking at her terrified.

"Don't worry, and I won't hurt you. I'm a friend," Asha said, trying to ease the tension between them. Her eyes widened at her words. A smile spread on her face.

"Friend?!" She asked with a small voice.

Asha nodded her head, "yes, and my name is Ashara, you can call me Asha, Dattabane" she introduced herself with an open hand in front of her chest.

"My name is Fuu, Friend Ashara."

Ashara is five years old.


Chapter Text


Opening his eyes, he was met with light shining on his face; everything seemed blurred; Naruto quickly put his hands in front of his eyes to see clearly. His blue eyes roamed around, noticing that he was in a weird room. The walls were brown and weren't vertical like they usually are. The walls looked almost bent, making Naruto wonder how this house even worked. He could smell the scent of something boiling inside his room. His eyes went to a pot that looked made of something of dark colour, beneath fire burning boiling whatever inside.

The smell came from it, and Naruto wondered what was inside. His eyes turned back to the open 'window' where the light of the sun came from. It wasn't a window, more like a hole in the wall. He slowly stood up and looked outside to see the bright blue sky, which put a smile on his face, but he immediately noticed that he wasn't in The Hidden Leaf here. The grass and ground were the same; he could see a weird tree that looked like big leaves raising from the ground. In the tip of them was a small hole and water came out, falling in the lake.

Naruto wondered where he was, but he couldn't shake the weird calm and relaxing feeling he was getting from this place. His eyes then turned to look at some giant Toad statues; he slightly scratched his cheek, wondering what kind of place was this. He closed his eyes but couldn't feel anyone around.

The door opened, and Naruto to see a toad looking at him; for a moment, he just looked at him and closed his eyes tightly, thinking this was some weird dream.

"You woke up Naruto-boy", the toad spoke, much to Naruto's surprise. His eyes widened; talking with Kurama made the situation less weird, but still, he didn't know who was this toad. He noticed the toad was wearing tiny clothes.

Finally finding his voice to talk, his blue eyes turned to look at the toad's yellow ones. "Who are you?" Naruto asked the toad.

"Oh Jiraiya-boy hasn't talked about us, my name is Fukasaku", the toad introduced himself. Naruto's understood who the toad was; his godfather had told him that he had the toad summoning contract. But at the same time, wondering where toad-Jiji was, why he wasn't here, and where even he was in the first place.

Noticing the hesitation, "you don't need to be afraid. And Jiraiya will come soon, he was even the one who brought you here", he explained, and Naruto nodded his head in understanding.

"Kurama? You there?" Naruto asked, wanting to know if furball was asleep.

"Right here! Where else would I be?" Kurama asked with an open eye looking tired.

"Oh okej, just wanted to know if you were awake", Naruto replied mentally and turned his eyes to Fukasaku, who was looking at the pot cooking something. He turned to look at Naruto. "How about something to eat? Until Jiraiya-boy comes here," Fukasaku suggested, and Naruto nodded hungrily.

"Yes, Fukasaku-sama", Naruto replied respectfully and kneeled in front of the toad who was smiling at him. Naruto could see the same smile he saw from Toad-Jiji, Hokage-Jiji, and tou-chan.

But Naruto wondered why he couldn't feel the toad; he could feel the emotions but not the chakra inside him, making him wonder if the toad even had chakra or maybe a different kind.

"Naruto, he's using Sage chakra, you can't feel him", Kurama replied inside his head, now fully awake.

"Sage chakra, what's that?!" Naruto asked, interested in what that meant.

"Is chakra from nature itself, you will be able to feel his chakra only when you can use sage chakra as well", Kurama replied.

Naruto nodded in understanding and felt something touching his shoulder; escaping his thoughts, he saw Fukasaku touching him with a cane.

"You zoomed out, okay my boy?" He asked worriedly.

Naruto just nodded his head. "I'm alright, just a talk with Kurama", he replied and saw his eyes widen slightly.

"So he does talk to you! I have to say when Jiraiya told me you were friends with him, I didn't really believe it," he replied with a slight chuckle at the end.

Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly, and his blue eyes turned like ice. "Why is that? Kurama is a good friend," he replied, not liking talking wrong about him.

"I didn't mean anything, I just found it surprising. That's all," he replied and grabbed a bowl for both of him and Naruto. The redhead smiled at his response and saw Fukasaku fill the bowl for him and one for himself. He handed it to him. Naruto looked down to see that it was soup, with a small thing that looked like a sausage but more white than usual. There were a few fruits around.

"We don't usually eat this dish but I know you wouldn't like what we usually eat so Shima made it for you," he said and started eating the dish. Naruto wondered what was the usual dish but decided to eat for now before it got cold.

While eating, Naruto couldn't help but remember the screams of the people he killed. The trees tearing them apart, he knew it wasn't his fault. He was protecting himself from stupid people but still couldn't help but feel guilty for what he did. Naruto felt like a huge weight was on his shoulders and was getting heavier each day.

Naruto stopped eating and looked at his right hand; he still could feel it; before the bad shinobi went to cut his throat, his right hand had touched the ground, and his chakra had gone to his right hand, and the trees grew and killed everyone nearby.

Demon, you're a demon. You Child of Sin, Why can't you just Die. DIE DEMON. KILL HIM. You took my FAMILY AWAY.

Naruto felt hot tears on his cheek. The hateful glares, the words, the hatred. Now the beating was too much for him. What has he done to deserve any of this? Naruto understood the village would never see him as anything but a demon who took away their family. Who killed them without mercy.

Die. JUST DIE DEMON. You Killed My Father. You HEARD the Fourth is Dead because of HIM. Your parents ABANDONED YOU DEMON, No That's not true, They . . . They Loved Me. Hahahahahha Who would ever Love You, DEMON.

"Naruto" he opened his eyes and turned to see his toad-Jiji standing in front of the door leaning against the wall. More tears rolled down his cheek, and Naruto jumped like an arrow to him. He hugged him and cried his heart out, Jiraiya looked down at his grandson in all but blood, and it broke his heart to see him in pain. These were times when he wished that Minato had sealed Kyuubi to someone else; he knew it wouldn't be fair, it was selfish, and Minato had a big heart to do something like that but looking at Naruto.

"I'm here my boy, just let it out," he said quietly and rubbed his red hair. Naruto kept crying for an hour against his chest. Kurama talked to him, trying to ease his pain.

Naruto stopped and slowly looked up at his toad-Jiji and opened his mouth to speak, and his mouth felt dry like a desert. He was happy to see him again; Naruto hoped he would stay longer with him and not leave him alone.

"I know what you want to say, and isn't your fault. What they did is on them, not you. Never You" Jiraiya started rubbing his hair with his right hand. That seemed to calm Naruto, who nodded his head. After minutes of silence, the redhead turned to look at Fukasaku again.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked quietly.

"You're in mount Myoboku, the place of the toads," Fukasaku said and walked towards the door. Naruto glanced at toad-Jiji, and he gave him a reassuring nod. He made a small smile and followed him outside. Looking outside now, the place looked larger than inside the little house. Naruto could see a waterfall further away; the ground was covered with weird plants he had never seen before. Their pungent smell of blue and yellow flowers rode the air as he ran his fingers through them in wonder and marvellous.

A genuine smile slowly spread on Naruto's face, looking at the beautiful sights in front of him. Jiraiya smiled, seeing his grandson happy.

Fukasaku moved in front of Naruto, looking up at him.

"Do you want to stay here Naruto boy?" He asked.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, not really understanding, and he thought he was supposed to stay in the hidden leaf village. He knew the toads had their contract with the hidden leaf village but still; And not to mention he was a Jinchuuriki.

Understanding the confusion in Naruto's face, Jiraiya put a hand on his shoulder, and Naruto turned to look at him.

"Listen Naruto, Hokage has permitted you to stay here for four years to train. I will be here with you as long as I can stay, you can stay here until you feel ready to leave," Jiraiya informed him. His smile like that of tou-chan on his face, that smile warmed Naruto's heart to no end.

Stay here?! This place is much better than the place that hates me, Naruto thought, but then he remembered his only friends. Shikamaru, Choji and Ino. He wondered if they would feel betrayed for not visiting them.

"What about my friends?" Naruto asked with a tiny tone.

"You can stay here for four years and then meet with them again at the academy. They already know you won't be around for some time because of their parents," Jiraiya replied, rubbing his red hair that looked to be shining under the light of the sun.

Naruto looked downwards and wondered; he could feel his toad-Jiji wasn't lying. His mind then went to the academy, and a smile appeared on his face. A place where he could make even more friends; Naruto knew he would eventually meet them again, and the thought of Hidden Leaf Village reminded him of the people inside it. He would meet them again and would return as strong shinobi. He looked up at toad-Jiji and nodded his head in confirmation.

Jiraiya smiled and so did Fukasaku. Hearing that answer, he took a small paper note out of his pouch and handed it to Naruto, who had a confused look on his face.

"What? A piece of paper?" Naruto asked, not understanding what he was supposed to do with it.

"That is not an ordinary piece of paper, it is a paper made from a special type of tree, which is grown and fed with chakra. They are used in products that react to even the slightest hint of chakra in any number of ways, depending on the nature latent in the chakra; this allows a person to know what nature affinity they have." Jiraiya explained, wanting to know Naruto's chakra affinity. Naruto nodded in understanding.

"Good, just so you know, all you have to do is place your hand on the paper and channel a bit of your chakra to it and it will react to whatever affinity you have, so if you have an affinity to fire the paper will ignite and turn to ash. If you have an affinity to water the paper will become damp, if you have an affinity to Earth it will turn to dirt. If you have an affinity to Lightning the paper will crumple up and if you have an affinity to Wind the paper will split in two", explained Jiraiya.

Naruto nodded his head as he already understood it all and then channelled a small bit of his chakra into the paper. But what happened next surprised everyone, including Naruto.

Instead of cutting into two pieces as Jiraiya thought, the paper was cut into three parts as it fell to the ground, where the first one turned to dirt, causing the grass close to turning to dirt, the second became damp, and grass became wet. The third turned to ash, causing even the grass close to burning slightly. This showed that Naruto had four natural nature affinities, one for Earth, one for water, one for Wind, and one for fire.

Even Fukasaku was shocked by what he saw; it wasn't that someone had four affinities every day but not just normal ones. He noticed the grass and knew Naruto had a high affinity for Fire, Water and Earth, and average Wind Affinity. At least for now.

On the other hand, Jiraiya expected Wind, Earth, and Water because of his wood style and Wind because of Minato, but the fire was probably from Kushina. But she had average Fire affinity, not High ones.

Naruto looked downwards at the grass and wondered; he was confused while Kurama inside was smirking from ear to ear. Naruto could feel his happiness and wonder, 'Why?'. He was about to ask why when his toad-Jiji talked to him.

"This is a surprise, but a welcome one. Now since you have four different affinities. We can start training you once you finish your chakra control training," Jiraiya stated, then put a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

Naruto noticed and could feel the seriousness of his face.

"Naruto, what you did to stop the mob was 'Wood-Style', the ability of Hashirama Senju, while you're here you can train and talk about it with the toads, but when you return to the village. I want you to keep it a secret," Jiraiya stated with seriousness but at the same time wondering how he could get in contact with Tsunade; she will need to know about Naruto and probably reveal some secrets.

Naruto nodded his head in understanding with a big bright smile on his face. Jiraiya smiled back and couldn't help but think about Minato. He wondered if he had secrets that no one knew about; Jiraiya didn't know and decided to keep it a secret for now.

"Well, now let's take a walk around Naruto-boy", Fukasaku-sama suggested, and Naruto followed him eagerly since he liked the place around. Jiraiya watched them walk ahead and wondered if Naruto still wanted to become Hokage or did he have any other dream? Jiraiya wasn't sure, but whatever it was, he would always have his support.

Ashara Uzumaki

The girl named Fuu introduced herself with a big smile on her face. To Asha, she looked normal and wondered why the village would hate her.

"Is this your house?" Asha asked, pointing at the house and wanting to start a conversation.

Fuu smiled and nodded her head, but Asha could see a hint of sadness behind her eyes.

"Yes, Asha, this is my home. Lord Shibuki made it for me, is nice and quiet here,"' she replied smiling and turning her head to her left; Asha turned to where Fuu was looking to see a waterfall a bit further away. It looked beautiful; Asha could hear the sound of the waterfall could be heard, the sound of water moving was calming her.

"Fuu, what about your parents where are they?" Asha asked but hoping she wouldn't receive the answer she thought she would. Fuu's gaze lowered, and she looked at a fly close to her foot.

"My father died in a mission, and my mum she . . . She . . . She died two ye . . . Years ago," she answered, her voice breaking. Asha moved closer and put a hand on her shoulder.

"I understand, my mum and dad died protecting me. I miss them every day," Asha said quietly, trying to ease her pain.

Fuu's widened, and looked at her surprised, but kept quiet. After minutes of silence, Asha pulled away and decided to ask something that was bugging her.

"Fuu, if you don't mind me asking, why did the villagers looked at you like that?" Ashara asked quietly. Fuu felt a shiver of fear in her body; Her right hand touched the ring finger of her left hand. Her friend didn't know about her 'Condition', and she was sure the moment she would reveal it. Asha would leave her alone as well.

"I... I . . . I hold The Seven Tails, Chomei," she replied and closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the shouts and the insults to come but heard nothing. Fuu slowly opened her eyes to look at her right to see Asha still standing there with a raised eyebrow.

"So, What?" She asked, still not understanding what the problem was. Ashara knew how the seal worked. And having something sealed inside you didn't make you the beast itself.

Fuu's eyes widened at her question, and she was sure she had heard her wrong. "Yo ... u mean you do... don't have problems with that?!" She asked fearfully, still afraid that Asha would look at her with the same hateful eyes.

Ashara just shrugged her shoulders. "That doesn't change anything, that doe" she was interrupted mid-sentence when Fuu jumped and hugged her tightly and smiled from ear to ear.

"We are friends, We are friends", she shouted happily. Asha smiled and hugged her back. Fuu was crying tears of joy. Pulling away, Ashara caught her breath from her bear-like hug.

"Yes we are friends Databane", she replied, smiling and wondering if there was any Uzumaki around. She was sure there must be others from her clan, and she wasn't alone.

"Fuu, would you like to train?" She asked, and Fuu immediately nodded her head in agreement.

While this was happening Chomei, was awake and wondered who this girl that had no problems with Jinchuuriki was. At first, wondered if the girl was a Jinchuuriki but couldn't feel any of her brothers or sisters inside her; she understood this girl 'Ashara' had a big heart and just didn't care.

"Now Fuu, you can finally have a friend," Chomei thought.


Chapter Text

Naruto - After Two Years

It had been two years since Naruto had arrived on Mount Myoboku, he had started training a week again after he had arrived, first only chakra control, and Jiraiya-sensei would throw things at him sometimes when they were training him. Naruto couldn't remember the last time he felt so happy; not being in the village and seeing him as a monster for two years helped. A part of Naruto wasn't really looking forward to going back to the village; he knew that the people there had not forgotten about him despite not being in the village.

Toad-Jiji would visit every four to six months and stay for mainly three weeks. Naruto liked his company; Fukasaku-sama and Ma-san were good company as well. But Naruto spent the time mainly with Fukasaku since he was training him in Taijutsu.

Naruto had met different toads that lived here, like the head of the toads, Gabamunta. He found him funny but sometimes really annoying. His son Gamakichi who was a friend to Naruto.

Within the last two years, Naruto had trained and learned quite a few useful jutsus.

Naruto hadn't made much progress when it came to his wood style since he had no scrolls to help him, and no one was around to teach him in wood style. But Naruto was able to do two wood-style jutsus.

Wood-Style: Ground Spike


A jutsu that made wood spikes grow from the ground around the area the user chooses can grow as large as the amount of chakra that the user uses.

Wood-Style: Wooden Cage

C-Rank - B-Rank

It creates a cage used to trap the enemy; the woods can come out from Naruto's sleeves or from trees Nearby. It can be grown from the ground, but it requires more chakra. The cage can absorb the chakra of whoever is inside at a plodding pace.

When it came to his chakra control, he now could keep a leaf on his forehead, keep five kunai on the point of his fingers, and stay upside down in a tree, and sometimes the same while staying on the water.

Now Fukasaku-sama started training him in Taijutsu, running around the mountain like a slave, 200 runs without stopping, wearing weights that were 50 pounds on his legs and 30 pounds on his arms. Toad-Jiji always said that he would get stronger with a lot of pushups, situps, and plenty of juice. Strong like his father and mother.

Naruto was sitting in water, his legs crossed, five kunai in the tip of the fingers of his right hand. A leaf on his forehead, Kurama was giving him a bit of his chakra, which made it harder to control his chakra. Controlling both his and Kurama's chakra was more challenging, but furball stated he needed to get used to his chakra before he moved to one tail worth of chakra and more tails.

Fukasaku was close, and keeping an eye on the young boy; he could feel the Kyuubi's chakra leaking from Naruto. He was still impressed to see that the Kyuubi would ever be a friend with anyone. But still, he was happy for it, and Naruto would need his help against Akatsuki.

Naruto's eyes were red, and looking at Fukasaku, who had a cane in his right hand, staring at him. Naruto kept focused and tried not to make mistakes in his training. Toad-Jiji promised to start training him on elemental manipulation once he can do chakra control exercises while using Kurama's chakra. So far, so good, and Naruto couldn't wait to start elemental manipulation.

The other jutsu he knew was one fire jutsu, two water jutsu, and one wind. He still didn't know any earth jutsu.

Fire Style: Fireball

Water Style: Bullet Point

Water Style: Shockwave

Wind Style: Great Breakthrough

When it came to Fuinjutsu, he was in Level IV, and it took him seven months to pass Level III. To pass level IV. Naruto needed to write a trap seal, chakra flowing seal, and weight seals. He was sure he was close to completing a chakra-flowing seal. That seal could be used to block someone's chakra flow and storage chakra to use later.

Naruto had noticed that his toad-Jiji had avoided talking about the village, sometimes just trying to change the subject. Naruto had asked how Jiji was and how the village was in general. Naruto didn't care that, but he still asked, but every time he asked that. Naruto could feel the feeling of fury coming from toad-Jiji.

Naruto didn't know why and didn't try to force him to answer. Hokage-Jiji had sent a few letters asking him how he was and if he enjoyed it there. Naruto, of course, said, 'yes, since here no one looked at him with hatred, he didn't need to watch around every corner when he was outside. Naruto felt free in Mount Myoboku, and having no one to call you Demon was a relief.

"You're Done now Naruto" he looked at Fukasaku, who made a gesture for him to stand up. Naruto nodded and stood up on his legs. He was wearing a dark shirt with the symbol of fire on the chest; A tight red jacket reached his waist. His mother's sword tightened behind his back, Naruto was still young to use it, but he wanted to have it around.

Fukasaku had told him he could teach him a few things about Kenjutsu but not much. Naruto had a few books about Kenjutsu, but it wasn't the same as having an experienced teacher to teach you. Toad-Jiji said he could start training on Kenjutsu once he starts the academy; he wanted Naruto to complete or at least get close to completing his chakra manipulation for his affinities for the last two years he had left here. And if possible, be able to use one tail worth of chakra; even Kurama had agreed to that.

"Now that you're done with that, we can start with a spar", Fukasaku-sama suggested; Naruto smiled at that since it had been a few months since he had wanted to start training for real.

"Follow me," he said, and Naruto followed behind, looking around. His mind went to what Kurama had told him about the other bijuu in the world. Naruto had been curious about the other Bijuu and wondered how they were and what kind of character they had.

'Naruto was back at his mindscape; it had been three months since he arrived in Mount Myoboku. The forest was back how it was before; Kurama was lying on the grass behind the cage, he looked to be sleeping, but one of his eyes was slightly opened, looking at Naruto's form walking towards him. Naruto frowned every time he saw the damn cage, he had asked Kurama if he could open the seal, but he told him that even if he could, he wasn't ready yet.

"Kurama, one thing I have been wondering, you said your brothers and sisters were captured by The First Hokage, Who are they? And where are they?" Naruto asked curiously with his hands behind his head. He knew that there were nine Bijuu out there, but he wanted to learn more about them.

Kurama raised his eyebrow slightly but felt slightly happy that Naruto wanted to know about them.

"As you know there are nine of us, Shukaku, one-tail Raccoon, my youngest brother, he always liked to fight and always a bit cocky, hell almost as much as me, his abilities are to control sand."

"Matatabi the two-tails cat, she wasn't really into fighting, her abilities were to be able to use blue flames, they're five times hotter than normal flames, but Matatabi, wellll, she is . . . How can I say . . . This . . ." Kurama didn't really know how to say that to a little kid.

"I will tell you later. Next is Isobu, the Three-tails turtle, he was always calm and quiet one and always liked water, after all his techniques are water jutsus. Son Goku, the four-tails Monkey" Naruto raised his eyebrow at the name; he could have sworn he had heard that name before; Naruto shrugged his shoulders and decided to listen to Kurama.

"Son is wise but irritating; his ability is Lava release. Then is Kokuo, the five-tails horse; he is more like a free spirit. He doesn't like when someone tries to tell him what to do and likes to run. And easy to make friends with, his ability is boil release.

Then is Saiken, the six-tails slug. He's quiet and cooperative and always likes to find a non-combat way to fix problems, his ability is to use acid that can melt everything, if you ever meet his Jinchuuriki, be careful, he's top 4 Bijuu and should not be taken lightly" Kurama warned, and Naruto nodded and knew Kurama wouldn't call just anyone dangerous.

"Then is Chōmei, the seven-tails beetle; she's a positive one. She always called herself lucky-seven or other annoying names like that. She was friendly and always liked to talk and crack jokes. She can fly and use insects.

Then is Gyūki, the eight-tails octopus; last time I checked, he didn't really get along with humans, but it has been hundreds of years since we talked. His head is strong as a rock but can crack jokes here and there. Can use Ink release and his horns can be dangerous" Kurama finished then stood in all his four with his nine tails showing behind him like mountains, "And Finally me. Kurama, the nine-tails Demon Fox the strongest," he stated with a smirk.

Naruto chuckled at his words and smiled at him. Kurama then remembered one more that he didn't mention, but Naruto didn't need to know about him.

Naruto noticed his feelings but decided not to ask why he was feeling a bit of fury but 'fear' at the same time.

"Thank You for telling me Kurama, I hope you can meet again with your siblings," Naruto said and himself hoping he could meet someone like him.

"You're Welcome"

"One more question? Bijuus are very strong but the animals in summoning contracts are strong as well, is there any summoning that is stronger than any of the bijuu?" Naruto asked curiously since he was living with the toads and wondered how strong they could be.

Kurama rested his head on his paws and looked directly at Naruto.

"There was one . . . Your clan actually possessed that summoning contract long ago but was lost when Uzu was destroyed," Kurama stated with 'melancholy' in his tone.

Naruto was surprised by his tone and walked closer. "Which one was it?" Naruto asked since the summoning contract belonged to his clan.

Kurama turned his eyes to Naruto. "Phoenix contract, and the head of Phoenix contract. Heiwa (Peace), was the strongest animal that wasn't a Bijuu. She was stronger than Son(Four Tails) but weaker than Kukou(Five Tails), but mostly dependent on where you fought her, I fought her once, and gave me a very good hit that I still remember," said with a slight chuckle at the end. Naruto smiled and wondered where the contract was and if he could ever find it.

Naruto escaped his thoughts when he felt something touching his legs; he looked down to see Fukasaku-sama staring at him.

"Talking to him again?" He asked already used to Naruto's zoomed-out habits whenever he talked with the Kyuubi.

"No, just was remembering something", Naruto replied, slightly embarrassed and wondering where other Bijuu were and where the Jinchuurikis were and if they lived like him or maybe even worse.

"Oh well, time to train", he stated and moved further back from Naruto. He understood it and moved his hands and legs in a position to fight. "I will Win Databayo," Naruto said, smiling at Fukasaku.

Naruto moved first with his fist aiming at the toad, and he quickly jumped much faster than Naruto predicted and hit him in the head with his cane. He quickly moved away and narrowed his eyes. He always knew Fukasaku was stronger than he let on, but now he understood he was much stronger.

"Very well", Naruto whispered and moved faster than before, caughting Fukasaku by surprise, who jumped to avoid his fist, but Naruto jumped as well and moved his right leg towards his body. He used his cane to block it when a second leg came from his right. He dodged it quickly, landed on the ground, and rushed towards Naruto faster than before.


After hours of training, Naruto was panting; his fists had marks and bleeding a little, a few bruises on his face and stomach. His weights are still on his body. Despite the pain, he refused to stop; Fukasaku looked at him with interest, wondering if Naruto would call it a day or not. Then Naruto did a hand seal when blue chakra started flowing through his body; he smirked and rushed at the toad twice the speed. Fukasaku was surprised and tried to Dodge when Naruto raised his fist above him; in the last second, Fukasaku moved away, but when Naruto's fist touched the ground, the ground split, causing a crater to appear. The dirt moved around the air, little rocks fell in the ground, and Fukasaku was sure he must have seen it wrong. The crater was as large as Naruto. He stood there panting, standing in all his four, his knees touching the ground. His face was full of dirt; Fukasaku moved closer when Naruto lost consciousness and fell to the ground tired.

What was that? That was quite a fist! Fukasaku thought and moved closer to the sleeping Naruto. He usually was quiet, but now Naruto was snoring. The old toad smiled and decided to put him back in his bed, he needed to rest, and Jiraiya needed to know about this.


Chapter Text

Hokage Tower

The pile of papers in front of him was growing like trees, but the old Hokage couldn't bring himself even to move a finger. Smoking on his pipe, his gaze returned to look outside the window, to look at the village that he had fought for and protected for so many years. The wounds he took, how many friends he had seen die, and how Tobirama-sensei and Hashirama-sama talked about the Will of Fire. The Hidden Leaf Village, a place no child will ever be harmed, and they can grow with their families and not be sent to Wars.

But now Hiruzen wasn't sure what he was looking for anymore; the village people had changed, or maybe they were always like that, and he just didn't see it. Hiruzen wasn't sure anymore. So many things looked different; Jiraiya had been furious when it had happened. And for some time, Sarutobi was sure that his student would abandon the village, just like Orochimaru, and Tsunade who still felt grief over her losses. Jiraiya had stated that he would return Naruto when he thought that he was ready, if ever? Sarutobi couldn't blame him; Naruto was only a kid.

It had been two years since Jiraiya had left with Naruto to train in Mount Myoboku. Hiruzen was sure he had made the right decision; his surrogate grandson needed peace; Sarutobi knew if they kept treating Naruto like that. It would be only a matter of time before Naruto betrays the village, or even worse, do something utterly reckless like freeing The Kyuubi; he knew Naruto was on good terms with him. However, Sarutobi still didn't fully trust the demon fox. The old Hokage knew if Naruto didn't feel any attachment with the village, he would leave to find another place to call home.

His mind went to Uzushiogakure. Jiraiya had sent letters that Naruto was a prodigy in Fuinjutsu and Ninjutsu in general. That warmed Sarutobi's heart; Naruto was just like his father, he learned quickly. Take it around ten more years, and he was sure Naruto would be a new Fuinjutsu Master. Just like Jiraiya, and by the time he reached his twenties, he would be just as good as Fuinjutsu masters of Uzushiogakure.

A week after Naruto had left, he had earned a visit from his old teammate.

' Working behind a pile of paper was the old Hokage who at this point wanted just to rest and read his favourite book and relax for a little bit, after an hour of trying to fight the urge just to burn the evil spawn. Signing the last paper, he sighed in relief, but as if the god himself was against him. The door suddenly opened, revealing his old friend walking with a cane. Sarutobi narrowed his eyes; he didn't know why he was here. But whatever the reason, it wasn't a good one. Sarutobi never truly understood why Danzo needed the cane, they are old, but at the same time, proud shinobi and walking around with a cane wasn't something he thought Danzo would like.

His face showed irritation, Sarutobi knew Danzo was good at hiding his emotions, but he could see behind his emotionless mask.

Danzo walked into the centre of the office, and his gaze was at the old Hokage. Hiruzen just brushed his gaze off like a fly and decided just to be blunt and not waste time dancing around the bush.

"What do you want Danzo? I know very well you're not here to talk about the old times," Hiruzen asked, his eyes narrowed, piercing Danzo's soul like a sword.

"I want to know where the *weapon* is?" He asked with an emotionless tone. Hiruzen stood up, his hands slammed on the desk and leaking his KI, making even his own ANBU sweat and shake slightly.

"Listen to me Danzo, his name is Naruto and he's not a Weapon", Hiruzen stated with a firm tone, promising pain to his old teammate. Danzo clenched his hand around his cane, his eye narrowed. He always hated to be talked like that by Hiruzen.

"Is that so? That's rich when you remember that his own father made him a weapon," Danzo stated with a slight smirk that caused Hiruzen to leak KI that made the desk in front of him crack, the floor close to his feet cracked slightly. Danzo felt sweat on his forehead.

"I would be careful if I were you, many people suddenly die of old age, a heart attack, blood pressure, many things can Suddenly happen", Hiruzen stated with a tone that made the message clear to Danzo.

His old teammate cleared his throat and washed away the sweat with his forearm. Taking a deep breath. "Where's *Naruto* then?" He asked slowly and quietly.

Hiruzen sat down, picked his pipe, and smoked from it; Danzo stood there waiting for his answer. After a minute, Sarutobi pulled away from his pipe and spread his hands in front of his desk.

"That information is classified, I know where he is and that's what's important, and you better remember that you're talking to your Hokage and you can't demand anything from me. If I wanted to, I can tell Naruto to never return here," Hokage replied quietly and calmly, his voice so low, almost like a whisper. Danzo heard him and greeted his teeth, but he suddenly smirked.

Danzo stood up and looked down at the old Hokage. "I noticed that some trees have started growing in unusual places around the village. Especially one a week ago," he said, which made the old Hokage narrow his eyes, and a shadow covered his eyes. The air in the room suddenly felt cold, almost freezing. Danzo felt a shiver on his entire body, But he kept his confidence.

The ANBU in the office were confused about what the old hawk was talking about, except one of them wondered how a kid could do that.

"Leave", he ordered, and Danzo left without saying another word. Sarutobi felt a headache; he really wished that Minato was still around. He was getting older to deal with the problems of the village. With Minato around, Naruto would be safe, and he wouldn't have to deal with Danzo's shit.'

Remembering that made him feel another headache, but the problem with Danzo was only the tip of the iceberg. A month after Naruto had left, the word had spread that Naruto was dead, and around the village, the villagers and some shinobi had started *Celebrating*!!....

When that had happened, Sarutobi felt terrible; the village he was protecting was celebrating what they thought was the death of a child. The very same day, Shikaku had burst into his office. Looking pissed, Sarutobi couldn't remember the last time he had seen him so angry. The old Hokage quickly told him that Naruto was safe and training outside the village. Shikaku had sighed in relief but was still mad with what the village was doing.

Then Kakashi came to his office asking where Naruto was. He returned eleven days after Naruto left the village.

'Sarutobi was reading his favourite book when he heard a knock on the door. "Come in", Sarutobi ordered, and the door opened to reveal Kakashi, who, despite his mask, looked worried.

"What can I do for you Kakashi?" Sarutobi asked, already knowing what he wanted from him.

"Hokage-sama. I checked Naruto's home and didn't find him anywhere, I checked the training yard but He's Nowhere to be SEEN," he stated with a worried tone. His tone was slightly higher than usual. His hands were fists. His breathing was heavy, and his right eye widened somewhat.

Sarutobi raised his hand as a sign to calm down. "Don't worry Naruto is safe, he's outside the village. Jiraiya is with him, you don't have to worry about him". Kakashi sighed in relief but then looked up at the Hokage in confusion. "Why?" He asked, knowing there must be a reason for Jiraiya-sama to take Naruto away from the village.

Sarutobi pinched the bridge on his nose. "He was beaten by the villagers, and Jiraiya-sama took him away to train", He stated. And noticed Kakashi clenched his fist, his body moving slightly around and leaking a small amount of KI.

Kakashi was about to ask, no demand where are the idiots who did this, but Sarutobi beat him to it. "They're dead Kakashi, and believe it or not. Naruto was the one who killed them," Sarutobi said, but at the same time feeling bad for his surrogate grandson; he was only a child still. And being forced to grow up before his time. Never knowing what childhood is like.

On the other hand, Kakashi felt a sense of pride and dread for his student; he was firm but killing at such a young age. Hell, even he didn't kill until he became a genin when he was five years old. Silence took over the office. Kakashi felt his throat dry, and he finally found his voice to speak.

"How?" Kakashi asked quietly. Sarutobi then explained to him what happened, but not including the part where he could use Mokuton. Instead, he told him that the Kyuubi had helped him.

It was January when it happened, and some had said to make it a celebration day for the demon's death. Sarutobi had quickly declined the offer, and those that had suggested sent to Ibiki.

Now, the academy had started; he knew Naruto would have started the academy's first-year last month if he was still here. Of course, the civil council was happy and said that their children were safe now to go to the academy without Naruto around.

Things for the village hadn't gone well; for so many years, Hiruzen had tried to maintain peace, hoping that he could somehow bring peace for the five Shinobi Villages. Last year Kumo had said that they wanted peace between villages. He felt it as a right step to peace; Sarutobi was happy for it, the hostility between them would end, but all that had gone downhill. Kumo had tried to kidnap Hinata Hyuga; Resulting in Hyuga Hizashi's death to keep the peace.

Things between Kumo and Konoha were hostile right now. Konoha's only alliance was with Suna, but partnerships between Villages weren't known to last long. One minute he's drinking with you, the next he stabs you in the back. The only alliance that they ever had that actually meant anything was with Uzushiogakure.

The strongest Fuinjutsu users to ever exist, they valued strength and honour but most importantly, family.

Thinking about his old allies, he remembered Jiraiya mentioning that Naruto had said that he would want to visit the ancient ruins of his homeland, as Naruto called it. It hurts to Hiruzen knowing that Naruto didn't see Leaf Village as his homeland. But the old Hokage couldn't really blame him.

Hiruzen, of course, was impressed with how quickly Naruto learned. He knew when Naruto would arrive; he would be far stronger than any student in the academy.

Right now, he needed to worry about The Uchiha Clan; they were becoming more hostile every day. Itachi had given him valuable information. Fugaku Uchiha was in the centre of all of it; he didn't know yet if they would try a coup d'état to overthrow the village. Sighting, he returned to his paperwork and hoped everything would be fine.


Panting, he felt tired. His legs were shaking like a leaf, sweat rolling down his face and falling to the ground. His hands-on his knees. The sun wasn't making it any easier to train. The heat was all around the air, making the air itself feel hot.

It has been three months since his spar with Fukasaku, and they had levelled up his training. Now he needed to run 300 times around Mount Myoboku. With 70 pounds on his legs and 50 on his arms. Climb up 100 meters with the same weight and not use chakra. Naruto couldn't complain, he wanted to get stronger to rebuild his homeland when the time came, and he wouldn't get stronger by sitting around and being lazy. Taking a deep breath, filling his lungs with fresh air. He felt relaxed and continued his morning run; he reached his 319 runs but wanted 350 runs around the mountain. Naruto always did that; every morning, when he was doing 200 runs, he would do 250 instead.

As he kept running and running and running, and still running. Kurama inside was watching with amusement but not helping in any way. Naruto had told him to not help him in running exercise. Or at any kind of exercise that wasn't required his help. He wanted to do it on his own. Kurama only helped when Naruto lost consciousness or was hurt during a spar or when seals blew upon his face.

After running for one more hour, Naruto finished his last run around the mountain and fell on his knees, panting; sweat was everywhere around his body, even his clothes looked slightly transparent. He was lying on the ground, trying to rest. The seal on his stomach started glowing red. Naruto felt himself recovering a little faster; he could feel the weird feeling on his stomach and still didn't understand 'Why?'.

Kurama seemed to have no answers, and neither did toad-Jiji, who had seen the seal glowing red. But he just said that as long as the seal did him no harm, it was 'probably' fine. And so far, it had helped Naruto.

Naruto suddenly saw Fukasaku in front of him with a skin bottle; he grabbed it and started drinking water.

"Easy, not so fast," Fukasaku said, and Naruto slowed his drinking. After a minute, he felt relieved and followed Fukasaku back to his home.

"Jiraiya-boy will arrive today. He will start your elemental training," The old toad stated, and Naruto was happy to hear that. As soon as he finished his elemental training, he could start practising one of the jutsus that his Kaa-chan had left for him. He knew all of them were dangerous, but he hoped he could do Fire Style: Phoenix. That one seemed the least harmful, and he was sure he could do it with his high fire affinity.

"Kurama, you said my people had the Phoenix Contract, do you think someone could have stolen it when they destroyed it?" Naruto asked with a hint of anger in his tone.

"I don't think anyone did. I'm sure no one can enter the most valuable places of the Uzushiogakure. They knew how to secure their good jutsus and secrets and not to mention that the Phoenix Contract won't accept anyone else but an Uzumaki to use it. Uzumaki clan made sure of that," Kurama replied with a touch of melancholy on his tone.

Naruto felt a relief; the thought that someone who wasn't an Uzumaki would use the Phoenix Contract angered him. Especially someone who had stolen it. Reaching the house, he saw his toad-Jiji standing in front of the house with a smile. Naruto already knew he was here but still smiled and ran at him and gave him a big hug. Jiraiya hugged him back and rubbed his red hair, which had reached his shoulders.

"How are you Naruto? I hope you're training well," Jiraiya asked, taking a step back and giving his godson a good look. He seemed to have grown, and most importantly, his sadness and wariness on his face seemed to have disappeared and instead. His face was full of light, almost like a sun shining on him. He was wearing a red jacket, a white shirt underneath. Black pants with black shinobi sandals.

"Yes. I'm running around the mountain like crazy, I will soon reach your level. Dattabayo," He stated with a fist on the air. Jiraiya smiled and reached a scroll from his pocket and tossed it to Naruto, who grabbed it in his hands. Confusion filled his face, but he opened the scroll to see what it was all about.

Opening the scroll, he read the name of the jutsu. "B-Rank: Shadow Clone Jutsu", he read, and a smile spread from ear to ear.

"You're gonna teach me the famous clone Jutsu of the Second Hokage," Naruto said to be met with a shook of Jiraiya's head.

"No. You will learn it without my help, let's see how fast you can learn it," Jiraiya stated, looking down at Naruto, who looked surprised for a second but immediately nodded his head and ran away somewhere to learn the jutsu alone without any interruption. Jiraiya saw his grandson leave, and he wondered if he would be able to understand the secret of the Shadow Clone Jutsu. If he didn't, he wouldn't tell him until Naruto learned it himself.

Naruto ran deep into the nearby forest and opened the scroll; the place was quiet. The wind brushed his hair; Naruto felt the warm breeze against his face. The grass beneath his legs caressed his skin.

He started reading and wanting to learn as fast as possible, but at the same time, Naruto was slightly confused. He knew he needed to see a clone jutsu. But he thought his toad-Jiji would help him in elemental training and couldn't understand what Shadow Clone had to do with it. He shrugged his shoulders slightly and decided to turn back to reading the scroll.

After one hour

Jiraiya was drinking tea with Fukasaku and Ma; they seated around a round table. The tea tasted sweet like any other time before.

"Will you find her soon?" Fukasaku asked, taking a sip from the tea.

Jiraiya nodded his head. "I'm sure. Once I find Tsunade. I will tell her to come here and see Naruto, I'm sure the first Hokage necklace that she has will react to Naruto," Jiraiya replied and thought about his old teammate. He knew she had suffered, everyone had suffered, but at the same time, he wondered why she wouldn't stay to take care of Naruto. She was always close with Kushina.

He knew there was something more there other than just not caring about her godson. And Tsunade wasn't someone to just not care about him. Glancing outside the window, he saw the sun was high in the sky; it must be around 11:oo. He wondered how long it would take for Naruto to do Shadow clone jutsu. At the same time, he couldn't stop thinking about what Fukasaku had told him three months ago. According to him, Naruto was able to create a small crater with just his fist alone. Fukasaku had tested Naruto again, same results. His fists were quite strong.

Just like Tsunade!!?? Jiraiya thought, and before he could think more about it, he heard a shout outside the house.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu" Naruto shouted outside. Jiraiya immediately burst the door open to see around thirty Naruto's jumping around with their fists in the air. What he assumed was the real Naruto walked in the front with a beaming smile. He raised his fist in the air.

"I DID IT DATABAYO" All Naruto shouted together at the same time. Jiraiya smiled proudly, and so did Fukasaku and Ma, who looked impressed that he could do it so fast.

"Naruto", Jiraiya shouted, grabbing his attention and walking closer to him.

"Now that you have done it, let's start with a spar", he suggested cracking knuckles. Naruto jumped and nodded immediately.

"Good and use everything you have. No holding back in any way," Jiraiya stated thoughtfully. Naruto understood. The clones disappeared, leaving only him and his toad-Jiji. Ma and Fukasaku moved away to give them space.

Naruto cracked his knuckles and moved his legs around. Jiraiya noticed that he didn't remove his weights but decided to bring Naruto to his limit. Secretly he hoped to force Naruto to use Kyuubi's chakra; he knew Uzumaki blood would make it easier to control it.

"Kid fight me intending to kill me."

Jiraiya stated. Naruto's eyes widened slightly but turned to normal again. Without saying another word, Naruto rushed at Jiraiya with all his speed. His speed was quickly genin speed, but Jiraiya knew he still had his weight on; Naruto threw a punch at him but quickly grabbed him; Jiraiya noticed the power behind the punch. Naruto punched, again and again, trying to find an opening. Jiraiya saw his moves; he was using the same style with his. Toad Fighting Style but was slightly changed.

Naruto jumped high in the air and made a few hand seals.

"Fire Style: Fireball" he shouted, and a giant fireball moved towards him. Jiraiya backed away, but Naruto was behind him. He hit Jiraiya in the back; he immediately backed away from Naruto. The strength behind his fists was outstanding. Jiraiya knew Naruto was stronger than he was at his age. Naruto moved again, but his right hand was glowing in chakra. Jiraiya smirked and, in purpose, blocked the fist with his palm. That made the ground beneath shake slightly from the strength.

Jiraiya grabbed his whole arm and threw him to the ground, only for him to poof. Before Jiraiya could look to see where Naruto was, a fireball headed towards him. Jiraiya did a few hand seals. "Water Style: Massive Water" came out a massive amount of water from his mouth that vaporized the fireball. The field was covered in steam.

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes, but then he heard a shout. "Wood Style: Ground Spike" spikes immediately grew from the ground, making Jiraiya jump high in the air to avoid it, but then Naruto jumped in front of him with his unsheathed sword; Slicing his chest only for Jiraiya to turn into a log.

Naruto landed, and Jiraiya was in front of him and punched him in the gut. Still, Naruto turned to smoke, much to Jiraiya's surprise, who immediately turned around to block a fist from Naruto.

Jiraiya knew about Naruto's sensing skills, so he decided to be s bit harsher. Grabbing his hand, he used his knee on his stomach. Leaving Naruto breathless but still jumping away.

"Is that all You Got? I'm disappointed," Jiraiya stated, but Naruto could feel he was lying but still felt hurt by his words. He made a hand seal, and his weight seals turned off. Jiraiya smirked. Naruto rushed again, but this time with Medium Chunin Speed. Throwing punch after punch, Jiraiya blocked all of them but noticed that Naruto valued his speed more than his strength. Naruto unsheathed his sword and swung at his head, but Jiraiya grabbed it with two of his fingers, punching Naruto in the stomach and again on the face and again on the chest and throwing him against a wall.

Naruto felt pain all over him; he knew his toad-Jiji was strong but much stronger than he expected. He then noticed that his mother's katana wasn't in his hands. He saw that his sensei was holding on to his hands.

Naruto gritted his teeth; that sword belonged to his mother. "You want it? Come and grab it" Naruto made another sign, and his whole body was filled with chakra.

"A Storage Chakra Seal", Jiraiya murmured, impressed by his student. Naruto grabbed a kunai and threw it at Jiraiya, who quickly dodged it but felt a small cut on his cheek. Naruto's whole right arm was covered in chakra and was in front of Jiraiya with High Chunin Speed.

Jiraiya moved away, and Naruto's fist hit the ground, causing a massive crack on the ground, the ground split, causing small rocks to fall in the ground. Breathing heavily, Naruto felt a sharp metal against his neck. "You lost control", Jiraiya stated, but then he felt a sharp pain in his leg. He turned to see another Naruto with a kunai. Jiraiya smirked and poofed out of existence. Naruto quickly grabbed his sword and turned to the real Jiraiya walking towards him.

"When did you create that clone?" Jiraiya asked, not knowing.

"When I first used my fireball jutsu", Naruto replied at him. Naruto, of course, knew he wasn't fighting the real toad-Jiji, but he knew if he couldn't defeat a simple clone, then it was pointless to fight the real one. Jiraiya understood what Naruto had done; at first, he thought he had created only one clone, but he had created a second that hid in the forest. Then he had acted like he lost control to leave an opening for the clone.

Jiraiya smiled proudly; at first, he was annoyed that Naruto would lose control so easily, but it seemed that wasn't the case. But then his face turned deadly serious.

"Very well, time to test your full power", Jiraiya stated and immediately was in front of Naruto and slammed a seal on his forehead and backed away.

Naruto suddenly felt Kurama's chakra filling him. His eyes turned red, his whiskers grew. His red hair looked even redder. A red cloak suddenly showed around Naruto. He slowly stood on his four, and a tail slowly raised behind his back. His nails grew.

Jiraiya smiled and was ready for the attack.


Chapter Text

Fukasaku looked at Naruto's form worriedly; he could feel Kurama's chakra spreading around like Wildfire. The wind got harsher, grass near Naruto flew away, and some burned in the air and turned to ash. Naruto's chakra cloak was red; the part around his head had two large ears like a fox. His teeth had grown, and his eyes looked red like blood.

His red hair looked spikier; one tail slowly grew behind his back, indicating that he was using one tail worth of chakra. Fukasaku didn't like this, he knew Naruto was good, and the Uzumaki blood helped him to control the chakra easier but still. . .

"Jiraiya-boy? Are you sure about this?!" Ma suddenly asked beside him. Her voice was full of concern, her eyes glancing both Jiraiya and Naruto.

"Don't worry, I believe in Naruto, and even if he does lose control. I won't let him do anything," Jiraiya replied, keeping his eyes only at Naruto and ready at a fighting stance.

Ma and Fukasaku kept quiet and watched the young boy still not moving or doing anything against them.

Naruto felt the surge of power; he couldn't believe Kurama had so much chakra; it was overwhelming. But Naruto felt something; it felt like bad intentions, he wasn't sure. Gritting his teeth tightly, he tried to calm himself, but then he saw visions of himself getting beaten, the words, the insults, to him and his parents. All repeated on his head, voices on his head, telling him he was a Demon.

"Naruto calm down. Don't think about that" Kurama's voice was suddenly heard. The fox knew the darkness inside Naruto was slowly coming out.

Naruto heard him and tried to think of the good times of his life, but they were few, his time with toad-Jiji, Hokage-Jiji, his friends in the village, and the toads of Mount Myoboku. Naruto's breath got heavier, and he suddenly saw himself lying in a pile of blood; The villagers were mocking him and not stopping.

Naruto left a roar that made trees tear from the ground; the ground under him slightly blackened, almost as a fire had burned it. Jiraiya saw Naruto was losing control; he was about to move when Naruto moved right in front of him with his right palm. Jiraiya saw the attack and dodged quickly, causing the ground where Naruto hit to crack slightly. But Naruto moved fast again and tried to punch him, his fist covered in red chakra. It was making his attacks much stronger.

Jiraiya knew Naruto could feel everyone around and decided to end this when the seal in his stomach started glowing red like fire. Naruto suddenly stopped moving. The spiral in his seal started growing and going in the centre of his seal. Jiraiya saw Naruto's face change from fury to shock; he stopped moving and just stood on his four gritting his teeth. His right hand moved to his stomach, then Naruto grabbed his head and started screaming in agony; his chakra cloak slowly disappeared and moved to the seal until his chakra cloak was gone.

Jiraiya couldn't understand what had just happened, Naruto's red eyes turned blue again, and he fell to the ground unconscious. Jiraiya sighed sadly; his godson was only six years old and not ready yet. He was taking a deep breath. He took Naruto in his arms and returned him to his bed.

Looking down at Naruto, Jiraiya moved away from his hair that covered his right eye and turned to go outside. Opening the door, he was met with glares from both Fukasaku and Ma. He sighed sadly and lowered his head, and sat on the ground near the house, his upper body resting against the wall of the house. His gaze turned to Fukasaku.

"Look. I understand Naruto will need to be able to use that chakra, not only against Akatsuki but against life itself, Naruto has many bad memories, more bad ones than good ones. Try next time after two years," Fukasaku suggested knowing that Jiraiya-boy wanted Naruto to be ready when the time came; he was the only family he had left. He couldn't handle losing Naruto as well.

Jiraiya just nodded his head, his gaze turned downwards; he hoped Naruto wouldn't hate for forcing Kurama's chakra out. Looking down at his hands, he wondered what Minato would do if he were here, would he be alright with training so hard when he's still so young, or would he wait for Naruto to have a childhood, a good one, with friends and a loving family.

Jiraiya knew normal childhood was gone the moment he sealed Kyuubi or Kurama inside Naruto; sometimes, he wished he could have been there. He should have been the one protecting his student. A teacher was supposed to protect their student and not the other way around.

He stood up slowly and walked inside the house, Naruto sleeping quietly on his bed. His right hand out of the sheet, his long red hair was reaching his shoulders. He looks so calm and happy like that, Jiraiya thought. He walked up to him and covered his right arm, slowly not wanting to wake him up.

Leaving the house, thought was on Jiraiya's mind. Naruto? What is your dream for the future? What is, makes you get up from bed every morning and Train? Is it recognizing? Or something else?! Jiraiya asked himself.

But he had a few thoughts about what Naruto wanted, and he knew that Naruto had every right to want that.


In front of him was Kurama, who was lying on the floor close to the bars. The trees and grass were still inside his mindscape. Naruto looked down in shame inside the cage alongside Kurama, who stared at him with worry.

"I lost control," Naruto said quietly, almost like a whisper; he had tried so hard to control his negative emotions. But the voices and visions of himself lying in the ground just didn't stop. He tried to think of better things, like his toad-Jiji and the old Hokage, but it wasn't enough.

"Don't beat yourself kit, you tried that's what's important. Don't cry if you tried your hardest, that is an insult to your determination," Kurama replied, feeling Naruto resting his head against his neck.

"Thank You Kurama, you really are my best friend", Naruto stated happily that he had someone like Kurama all the time with him; of course, he knew Kurama was imprisoned inside him and probably wanted more to be out there, in the real Nature.

"Naruto, since you don't have that many good memories then . . ." Kurama suddenly moved, and Naruto turned to see him with a closed fist close to him.

Naruto didn't understand what Kurama was trying to do with that. He looked up at him, confused and raised an eyebrow.

"Trust me", Kurama reassured him. Naruto nodded his head and bumped his fist against his, and suddenly he saw a vision.

Naruto suddenly saw a woman with long red hair that reached her waist; she was beautiful. She was holding her hand against her stomach, walking towards a door. It was night outside, the light close to the door showing her face. Naruto could swear he had seen her before somewhere. Opening it and Naruto saw his father standing on the other side of the room with a bowl in his hands.

"I just did my test today. I'm going to be a mother Databane" she almost shouted, her smile not leaving her face. Her face looked to be shining from happiness. Naruto felt joy fill him. A smile slowly appeared on his face.

"I'm going to be a father", his father replied, as shocked as the woman.

"I'm going to be A Mother," his mother said again, walking closer.

"I'm going to be A Father", he shouted and hugged her with love. His eyes were smiling just as much as his face; Her head rested against his shoulder. Tears of joy rolled down her cheek.

Seeing that, Naruto felt tears rolling down his cheek. His heart filled with happiness.

Another vision came; he saw his tou-chan and kaa-chan, his tou-chan's face against her belly, listening for any movement. His kaa-chan rubbed her hand through his golden hair. His father looked happy, his eyes closed.

"Did you hear that?" His father suddenly asked, moving his head away slightly and looking up at her. She smiled and nodded her head.

"I heard it, he will be strong and gentle just like you and me", she whispered and wrapped her hands around his head and kissed his lips.

The vision changed again; Naruto saw his mother waiting against a wall, voices on the other side of the room.

"You know, I would want my son to be just like the character of this book. You choose his name after all," Naruto heard his father say.

"Ahh it was just a name I came up with while eating", he heard a very familiar voice. His mother moved and stood beside his father, her hand resting against his shoulder and the other on her stomach. Naruto smiled, seeing toad-Jiji, who had a shocked face.

"Naruto is a wonderful Name" her mother started rubbing her belly.

"Kushina, hahaha does . . . does that make me his godfather or something?" he asked nervously, his hand rubbing his hair. His mother nodded happily. "So is Tsunade, she was happy to hear that", his mother stated, smiling brightly.

Suddenly the visions stopped, and Naruto was back at his mindscape, Kurama looking down at him. Naruto couldn't help but smile, using his forearm to wash away the tears on his cheek. He looked up at Kurama.

"Thank You," he said, and Kurama noticed the trees growing larger; the lake looked brighter. The grass felt real.

"Is nothing", Kurama replied, resting his head on his paws.

Looking at him again, Naruto could feel . . . 'Regret and Sadness' coming from Kurama but decided to not ask about it.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes; first, his vision was blurry, but he noticed toad-Jiji sleeping. His head was resting against the wall, his legs spread around, and his arms behind his head. Naruto smiled and slowly walked to him; slowly touching his cheek was enough to open his eyes slowly. At first, his eyes showed confusion, but then immediately filled with regret.

He was about to open his mouth and talk when Naruto placed a finger on his lips. "I'm not angry at you Jiji. So don't feel bad" Naruto started smiling. Jiraiya smiled back and brought him in a big hug, and began rubbing his red hair.

"Thank you Naruto," he said quietly. Pulling away, they soon were joined by Fukasaku and Ma, who asked if Naruto was alright. The redhead quickly nodded and ate with them. It wasn't the most delicious dish but still far better than eating insects; just the thought of it made him want to vomit.

Walking outside, Jiraiya stood in front of Naruto with a leaf in his hand.

"Naruto today we will start your elemental manipulation training but before we do that. I need to ask if you noticed anything about the shadow clone jutsu?" His toad-Jiji asked seriously.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, rubbing his hand behind his head, and now that he thought about it, he remembered that he had the memories of his clones. Understanding what he meant, Naruto quickly nodded his head.

"Yes I remember having the memories of my clones", Naruto replied and thinking that it was so easy to notice, only an idiot wouldn't notice it. Jiraiya grinned and nodded his head in confirmation, and gave him a leaf.

"Now what you need to do is cut that leaf for wind element, gather water from the leaf for water, burn to ash for fire and turn to dirt for the earth, using your hands" Naruto nodded and already had an idea what he could do with Shadow Clone Jutsu. He understood why toad-Jiji taught him that. Before anyone could say anything, he crossed his fingers, and suddenly 400 clones appeared all around.

"Alright listen to me, 100 grab a leaf and try to burn it with your hands, 100 try to gather water from the leaf, 100 try to turn it to dirt, and 100 slice it", Naruto ordered, and all his clones started working. Naruto himself started working on gathering water from the leaf. He wanted to be better in Wood-Style, and knowing more about Water Style and Earth Style was a good step.

Jiraiya watched with amusement and decided to see how he would do it.

The following day Naruto woke, took a bath in the lake, stretched, and started doing his physical workout. After doing his physical exercise. Naruto began to run around the mount Myoboku for his speed training after Toad-Jiji increased the weights to 100 pounds in legs and 70 in arms. After the speed training, Naruto began his taijutsu training with Jiraiya; Jiraiya created a clone so that Naruto could spar with after he taught him an advancement style of 'toad style'. Jiraiya sensei was the teacher who explained the katas of the ' Toad Style' to the boy, and the clone was used as a sparring partner to allow Naruto to learn the motions of the style.

Naruto worked on this program the entire morning and was glad when it finally got dark so he could get some lunch before going back to practice again.

He sat down with his aching legs. "Man, I did not know my legs could hurt so much after all the training that I have been through," Naruto said to himself, he still hasn't made any progress in elemental manipulation, but toad-Jiji told him to have patients. It takes years of training for most shinobi to complete elemental manipulation training.

Naruto understood and decided to be patient and just train every day; he didn't want to be a weakling, he knew the village would hate him once he returned, but he wouldn't allow him to be pushed around like he was their toy.

Hidden Stone Village

Two men headed for the gates of Iwa. One was an older man, though with solid red hair on his head and beard. He wore a long-sleeved purple shirt and pants, with a mesh-armour shirt underneath and brown armour atop it. He had a bag tied around his waist and a large headpiece on his head, bearing the symbol of Iwagakure. Towering next to him was an incredibly tall man dressed all in red armour. He had a red Kasa on his head and a sleeveless black gi over his armour. Noticeably, everyone on the streets either ignored or glared at them as they walked by.

"Stubborn old fool; never listens to me."

The older man stormed off, still brooding over his last meeting with the Tsuchikage.

"You're as stubborn as he, Roshi."

The taller man easily kept stride with his older companion.

"Don't give me that, Han. I know you feel the same way."

The two paused at the gates for only a moment, then set out of the village.

"I never said you were wrong."

Tsuchikage Office

The Tsuchikage and his two assistants, one huge man, and a smaller female, watched from the top of the Tsuchikage's office.

"Grandpa, I know you're angry and all, but it is truly wise to let them go?"

The tiny, old Tsuchikage grunted.

"I don't care. It's not like that stubborn old fool helped us against him, what point is there in keeping him around. And don't forget, Roshi might try to hide it but I know he's more hostile towards me since the day Uzushiogakure was destroyed"

The larger man folded his arms.

"Besides, think of what would happen if we tried to stop them."

The Tsuchikage spun around and started walking away.

"They'll see I'm right and come back soon. If not, we don't need them. Now come o...GAH!"

The girl laughed as the Tsuchikage threw out his back.

"Maybe you should retire, Grandpa," Kurotsuchi stated.

When it came to Roshi, he was always hostile towards her grandfather, since she could remember, on the other hand, she never really understood why they needed to destroy Uzushiogakure, they were just Fuinjutsu freaks, but that was as far as they could get, of course destroying a valuable ally of Konoha was the right thing to do. Still, the worst part is that you couldn't find anything worthwhile. Her grandfather would constantly moan that they couldn't get any of their scrolls or anything since apparently it was sealed away somewhere within the village, and only an Uzumaki could enter.

"Grandfather, why is Roshi hostile towards you, and why can't we just seal Yonbi to another Jinchuuriki, Roshi is old", She suggested since doing that would both give Yonbi to a loyal shinobi of the village and kill Roshi.

Her grandfather sat and stared at her as she had just grown a second head. "Who can possibly seal Yonbi then? We don't have any Fuinjutsu master Strong enough to seal a Bijuu as powerful as Yonbi and second don't underestimate the man, he might be old but he's powerful and not mention has good control over the demon monkey" her grandfather replied harshly and decided to leave the office.

In A Cave

Roshi stood alone against a fire warming him; Han had left him a few hours ago. He wanted to think about his situation, he said. Roshi's hand moved to a secret pocket inside his coat and pulled out a medallion with the Uzumaki symbol in the back.

"What will you do now Roshi?" Son suddenly asked.

Roshi just kept staring at the medallion, not sure how to answer. Despite having a good friendship with Kokuō, Han never opened the seal. But not Roshi. He had opened the seal for six years now, but Son had decided to stay and help him in whatever he might need. To Roshi, sealing the tailed beasts was like slavery; Bijuu human makes no difference.

He hated that Villages couldn't understand that the Bijuu had feelings as well. That's why he had told Son that he could leave the seal if he wanted.

"I don't know, but I know they are still out there, and maybe the time will come soon", Roshi replied with a slight smile on his face.

Son Goku remembered The Uzumaki Clan, the only humans that were just how father described how humans are like; Wanting peace and understanding between each other. Son had even helped them a few times, protecting them from danger; despite having Fuinjutsu masters, they never tried to capture him and seal him away to use for their own gain, but all that stopped when the damn Hashirama captured him and sent him away like he was some mindless beast that just wanted to destroy everything.

Son had almost cried when he heard from Roshi that Uzushiogakure was destroyed, mercilessly, and for What? Just because they were allies of Hidden Leaf Village.

"Don't worry Roshi, I'm sure soon we will meet another one", Son said.

Roshi nodded his head in agreement and decided to hunt in the forest for food.

Ashara Uzumaki

She kept swinging her sword; one swing, the branch of the tree fell, the second swing, another one fell. And with one final swing, the whole tree falls, her face sweating, falling in the grass. She used her forearm to wipe the sweat; Her katana in her right hand. She was holding it tightly. After she had unlocked her chakra, she had used it in the seal in her wrist, after she had done that. The empty circle in her seal had slowly started growing a small branch that looked to be having the form of a spiral.

That wasn't the only thing, and she had received two red scrolls from her wrist seal. The first one had the sword she was holding; the leader of Taki told her that it was made of one of the strongest metals known, could efficiently channel chakra through it. The second scroll had a guide on training in chakra, chakra control, elemental manipulation, and one Fire jutsu to use.

Uzumaki Style: Spiral Fire

The leader of Taki had given her two chakra papers, one for her and one for Fuu, after they had unlocked their chakra.

' Running, Asha soon reached Fuu's home. She looked around but couldn't see her anywhere, her eyes then went to the lake close to her house and saw her sitting in the water, her legs crossed and closed eyes. Asha sighed in relief and jumped down on the ground, and slowly made her way to Fuu. Ashara knew she was probably channelling Chomei's chakra through her body, so far she could control one tail worth of chakra. Fuu said that Chomei was the best out of nine Bijuu and much friendlier. That made it easier to use her chakra.

Suddenly, two wings spread from her back; the wings were green in colour on edge, slightly transparent in other parts, and looked orange with dark veins around the wings, making it look somewhat like a leaf. The wings were half the size of Fuu. She suddenly opened her eyes to look at Asha, who had a raised eyebrow.

"So?" Asha asked; Fuu smiled and started flying, much to Ashara's surprise, who couldn't believe her eyes.

"I can Freaking Fly", Fuu shouted, flying around.

"You did it Databane", she shouted happily, and Fuu soon landed back to the ground. Her wings slowly moved back.

"Now, after one month we will start Academy, here," Asha said, handing her a chakra paper.

Fuu grabbed it and raised an eyebrow.

"Channel your chakra and you can see which affinity you have", Asha stated and explained how to know which affinity she had. Fuu nodded in understanding and channelled her chakra in the paper. Asha then saw the paper split in two but what caught her attention was the grass close to Fuu's feet got sliced in half. The first part soaked wet and the other crumpled, showing that she had an affinity for Water, Lightning, and Wind, but Asha wasn't sure why the grass got cut in half.

"Wow, I have three affinities, that's Amazing Friend Asha", Fuu almost shouted from happiness, a big smile not leaving her face and making her look cute.

Asha felt happy for her and decided to see which elements she had. She only channelled her chakra for half of the paper to burn to ash, and the other was soaked wet. Asha smiled but noticed the grass got wet close to her feet. Asha jumped happily.

"Wow, you have fire and water", Fuu replied and soon decided to see if they could make any awesome jutsu.

Soon after that day, they had started the academy, and to say the students there were complete morons was an understatement, all the boys and girls avoided Fuu like she was the plague, a few had tried to talk to Asha, but she had refused to be friends with anyone who didn't like Fuu. Some had even 'warned' her to not stay close to the demon, but she had just brushed their warning away like some fly.

She and Fuu spend most of the time in Training since Fuu couldn't go to the village and have fun without anyone yelling at her for no reason. Ashara had bought her new clothes and books for her to study and just read stories for fun.

One book that had captured her attention was 'Icha Icha Paradise'; she had noticed that the book sold very fast and wondered if the story was very well written. She had tried to buy one, but the seller had told her that she was too young, much to her annoyance. She was seven years old; that was old enough, right?

Asha soon catched her breath and looked at her sword; the blade looked sharp, just like the day it was forged. Asha was about to start practising her sword fighting again when she heard a loud sound coming from within the forest. She soon ran, thinking that Fuu was in danger, only to see her resting in the grass and breathing heavily.

"Fuu you alright?" Asha asked, looking around for any enemy.

"I did IT. Look", Fuu replied, pointing at a few trees that looked torn apart, it looked like a drill had pierced them, and some had fallen to the ground.

"What is this?" Asha asked, impressed and walking closer to Fuu.

"Chomei told me this super awesome jutsu, is called Wind Style: Wind Tunnel", she replied and her orange eyes looking at the damage.

"That's a useful jutsu, you're doing very well Fuu" Asha complimented her and decided to train her sword fighting again.

Not to their knowledge, a pair of eyes looked at them from far away; the creature looked like a human, but half black and half white. He narrowed his eyes at the Nanabi Jinchuuriki and soon sunk in the ground like it was never there.


Chapter Text

Naruto - One Year Later


A Loud sound was heard throughout the forest, a crater big enough to fill three people was in the middle of the forest, and in the middle was the form of one Uzumaki Naruto. His red hair shining like a red crystal from the light of the sun, his left hand still leaking a bit of chakra. His blue eyes looking around the crater, a small smile spread across his face, his fists were getting stronger.

Naruto was wearing his katana tightened to his belt, he stood 134 cm tall, wearing a blackened red jacket with thin red lines across. The lines gathered in his belly to form a red spiral. Bandages covering his legs, blue shinobi sandals. Beneath the jacket, he wore a thin white shirt with the Uzumaki symbol in the front. His hair reaching his shoulders. Toad-Jiji had cut his hair when it started growing to his hips.

A paper seal on his right shoulder to use, on his arms, weight seals were 150 pounds in both of his arms, and 170 pounds on his legs. His body had grown slightly muscular, his face looked sharper.

Jumping from the crater, he made his way back to his house, not much had changed for one year. He had completed the first and second training needed for chakra manipulation for all his affinities.

For the final training for Water Affinity, he needed to pull water from the air around, so far only the Second Hokage and a few others were known to complete the last part. He had achieved to gather some water, but not as much as he wanted.

Naruto had asked toad-Jiji what was his connection with the Senju Clan since he could use Wood Style like The First and Water like the Second Hokage. But toad-Jiji had no answers how was that possible and Naruto couldn't detect lies so he had dropped the discussion.

To complete Fire affinity, he needed to create a fire on his hands and stand for 10 minutes. Naruto had reached 4 minutes but was still not done yet. Kurama helped him with that particular part, using his chakra. He found it easier to use Fire Affinity.

For Earth, he needed to make his skin hard as stone. To use in battles as an enhanced fist or to protect against different attacks. Naruto still hasn't started this one, he wanted to be done with Fire and Water first.

For wind, he needed to separate the flow of the waterfall with wind chakra only. Jiraiya-sensei told him he needed to find a natural waterfall somewhere since the water in Mount Myoboku was slightly different.

When it came to Fuinjutsu, he has reached Level V, and to pass this one he needed to create a sealed barrier to protect, a Void Seal Barrier, and Chakra Detection Seal. One that caught Naruto's eyes about Fuinjutsu was for Level X he needed to create an Empty Space Seal. For this one Toad-Jiji told him he couldn't help him like with the others, this one was beyond his knowledge.

Naruto didn't know what the seal was supposed to do but he was sure it was something useful or extremely dangerous. But Level X raised a problem for Naruto, that was the last level in books written, if he wanted to reach EVEN FURTHER BEYOND.

He needed books and scrolls from Uzushiogakure, and all that was sealed away within the village, both Toad-Jiji and Fukasaka-sama told him that few people that had tried to enter the Sealed part of Uzushiogakure had never returned. For this reason, Naruto had decided to first complete Level X and then go to Uzushiogakure, since he didn't know what exactly he needed to do to open the Seal.

Naruto used his clones every day to learn Fuinjutsu and everything he needed, with the use of his clones he was able to complete Chakra Manipulation much faster. Toad-Jiji had praised them and even had bought Ramen and a few other foods for him to celebrate.

As Naruto was walking through the forest, he couldn't help but smile as a bird landed on his shoulder and singing. He loved calm moments like this one, only him and nature and of course. A giant furball on his seal.

Kurama growled at Naruto's thought but decided to ignore it since it was indeed relaxing and went back to sleep.

When it came to his Wood-Style, he had no scrolls to help but was able to advance on his own. Jiraiya-sensei told him that if he could, he would bring him scrolls from the Senju Compound, but Tsunade Senju hasn't been in the village for 7 seven years now.

Naruto now could use two new Mokuton Jutsus.

Wood Style: Deep Forest

The jutsu grew as many trees as the user could, by using huge amounts of Chakra. The trees could be used to change the landscape and used to attack the enemy, since the trees had sharp ends, and could be used to bind someone.

Wood Style: Wood Clone

Naruto was able to use this jutsu with how Shadow Clone worked, but wood clones were different from normal Shadow Clones. They were much more durable but needed much more chakra than Shadow clones but what they could do according to Kurama was that with enough training he could use his Chakra Cloak in a clone but only one.

Naruto had learned a few new jutsus in his other affinities.

Fire Style: Flaming Palm Technique

This jutsu allows the user to hold the make spark in their hand. They then amplify it with their chakra until it is a small flame. By mimicking the gentle fist style, they push the flame into their opponent, causing clothes to light, or minor burns on the body.

Water Release: Evil Windmill Water Shuriken

The user creates one or more large Fuuma Shurikens made of water and launches it towards the enemy. The shuriken causes massive damage when hitting an enemy. It is also much more solid than the normal water shurikens and can easily parry other kunais and shurikens that come in its path.

Wind Release: Pressure Damage

It creates a small tornado that sucks everything around. The enemy sucked can be caused serious cuts around the body and even death if is use with more chakra.

Naruto heard from Fukasaku that his godfather was looking for Tsunade. Naruto hoped to meet her soon, he knew she was his godmother and wondered how she was, but at the same time wondered why would she leave him alone amongst the wolves. Alone in a village full of Hatred.

Naruto suddenly felt another bird landing on his head, Naruto slowly pulled a finger close to his head, the bird flew to his finger and looked at Naruto. He smiled brightly and decided to reach his house. While walking Naruto turned to his right to see Gamakichi looking at him.

"Gamakichi, how are you doing?" Naruto asked smiling looking down at the small toad. He kneeled.

"Good Naru-Kun, hoping we could play again" Gamakichi suggested. Naruto nodded his head since he was sure he could spend some time with the little toad.

As he was following Gamakichi. Naruto thought about the Phoenix Contract, he wondered what would happen if he made a contract with both Toad and Phoenix. He knew there is a high chance that he would never find the contract but if he did he hoped to use it. Naruto sighed heavily and decided to put that thought at the back of his head.


Naruto soon reached the house and to his surprise, Ma and Fukasaku were waiting in front of his door.

"Fukasaku-sama is everything alright?" Naruto asked worriedly.
"Everything is alright Naruto-Kun, but Jiraiya-boy will soon arrive, he said he had something important" Fukasaku stated. Naruto raised an eyebrow but decided to just wait for him inside.

He opened a bowl with ramen from a store that toad-Jiji had brought him. While eating he also eat a few fruits like carrots, tomatoes which Naruto didn't like much, and kale. Both Jiraiya and Fukasaku had told him to eat healthy foods.

After eating he suddenly felt toad-Jiji just behind his door. He turned his head in time for the door to open, walking inside was toad-Jiji smiling.

"Naruto is good to see you my boy" Jiraiya greeted him. Naruto hugged him and the old toad-Jiji hugged him back.

Jiraiya looked at him with a proud smile, Naruto reminded him so much of both Minato and Kushina. "I'm fine Sensei" he replied.

"Very well, Naruto there has been a small change of plans" toad-Jiji stated and Naruto frowned thinking it was the time for him to return to the village.

Jiraiya noticed Naruto's face and immediately raised his hands. "No is not what you think, the nine months we have, we will spend in roaming around the elemental nations" His toad-Jiji stated smiling and Naruto jumped on his feet with his fists in the air. "Yaata" he shouted and looked back at him.

"Where are we going?" Naruto asked but then suddenly remembered that he would have to leave Mount Myoboku, he slightly lowered his gaze and head.

Jiraiya noticed it and put a hand on his shoulder for support. Naruto looked up at him. "Don't worry Naruto, you will meet them whenever you need their help" Jiraiya said reassuring him. After a few moments, Naruto nodded his head.

"Now first we will go to Taki, there are many waterfalls there for you to complete your wind manipulation" Jiraiya stated but at the same time he didn't tell him that the Nanabi Jinchuuriki was there and hoping that meeting someone like himself would lift his spirit even more. And possibly have a female friend.

"Alright," Naruto said agreeing with the plan, and followed him outside.

Walking outside Naruto's eyes widened to see Fukasaku, Ma, Gamapunta (The Boss of the Toads), and Gamakichi. Walking outside he saw Fukasaku handing him a large scroll. Naruto grabbed it and opened it to see that it was the toad summoning contract. He looked at Jiraiya-sensei who nodded his head at him.

He smiled and Naruto bite softly his finger, enough to draw blood, and slowly wrote his name in the contract.

"You are now officially a member of ours" Fukasaku-sama stated proudly. Even Kurama was fully awake and was listening with a grin on his face.

"Thank You, Fukasaku-sama," Naruto said smiling gratefully that he had their support and trust.

"I hope to see you again soon," Ma said and so did Gamabunta and Gamakichi.

Jiraiya waved at him and he stood close to him, toad-Jiji made a few hand signs and slammed his wide-open hand in the ground and everything went white.

Naruto suddenly was somewhere else, the first thing he noticed was that he stood in a forest somewhere. Close to him was toad-Jiji slowly standing on his feet. Naruto turned to him and waiting for him to say what they would do next.

"Now, you will follow me Naruto" The old sannin stated. Naruto just nodded his head and followed him wanting to see more of the world. He had enjoyed his time in Mount Myoboku, but he missed talking to someone else except his sensei and toads.

"Ok Naruto while we are walking I have a new chakra control exercise for you" the white-haired man spoke taking out a black metal ball the size of his fist and chucking it to Naruto who caught it

"Wow this thing is heavy toad-Jiji, what am I supposed to do with it?" Naruto asked curiously as to what his new exercise would be. He knew this wasn't needed for his elemental manipulation.

"I want you to explode this balloon filled with water using your chakra only," Jiraiya said and Naruto got to work but the task was proving difficult.

"So in how many places you have been Toad-Jiji?" Naruto asked, detaching his canteen from his utility belt and taking a sip of refreshing water. They had been traveling for two days now, journeying from town to town, city to city.

"In many places Naruto, I have been in Kumogakure, the village is more like living in clouds, but still very beautiful. Have been in Kiri, not really my cup of tea. And have been in Suna a few times, even with your father" toad-Jiji replied smiling remembering the old times of him with Minato.

Naruto was surprised to hear that. "Really? Why were you there?" Naruto asked since he knew that Suna was an ally of Konoha and they weren't probably there because of war.

"When Minato became Hokage, he went to the village a few times. I tagged along" Jiraiya answered and Naruto felt and noticed the melancholy in his voice. Almost like opening a closed wound.

"What about Iwa?" Naruto asked since Iwa and Konoha were like oil and water, just can't combine them.

"No, the last time I was in Iwa territory was during the war not for Fun" The old sannin replied and kept walking towards Taki.

"What kind of chakra control exercise is this anyway? I've been trying for days but the damn thing won't pop. Can't I just use clones to do it for me? It'd sure as hell cut down the time process."

"No," Jiraiya replied sternly as he had done so many times before when posed with the question. "Now get cracking, we still got a long way ahead of us."

"You know, this isn't like anything I expected when you told me you were going to be teaching me a new jutsu," Naruto complained as he channeled his chakra into the water balloon, willing it to burst. It was much harder than it sound, popping a water balloon with chakra, and though Jiraiya had yet to tell him what this chakra exercise was for, Naruto persevered, intent on finding it out on his own. He had nothing but time to kill anyway, as they journeyed to their destinations on foot. But couldn't understand why his sensei wasn't letting him to use clones to speed up the process.

Jiraiya didn't respond and kept walking. Naruto would've liked nothing better than to pelt Jiraiya with the water balloon but he had been given the impression this exercise was too important for him to waste the balloons on such childish escapades, and so the young jinchūriki continued to channel chakra through the balloon and tried to manipulate the water inside of the balloon to explode. But Naruto couldn't help but wonder where he had heard about this exercise.

"Try spinning," Jiraiya suggested after a while.

"Spinning?" Naruto repeated. "Alright..." Naruto conceded after another moment of silence. He closed his eyes and drew a deep breath as he fine exercised as much possible control over his chakra as he channeled it into the balloon. 'Spin... spin... SPIN, damn it!'

Naruto almost jumped as he felt the water spin in the water balloon rapidly. "I did it- I mean, I'm doing it!" Naruto hadn't expected to be this excited over achieving some progression but he was. "Now to up the chakra output..."

With a snapping sound, the water balloon burst, and Naruto's right hand felt wet. "Hell yeah, it worked!" He punched the air and Jiraiya shot him an approving smile over his shoulder. "So what now, Toad-Jiji?"

"Just keep practicing," Jiraiya threw another water balloon over his shoulder.


The midday sun shined down on the world from a clear, nearly cloudless sky. It was another one of the beautiful days the Land of Fire was known for. The songs of birds and the cries of cicadas could be heard flowing along with the slight breeze that flowed through the area as the critters of the forest went about facing another day of life.

As the sun rays bathed the land in its light and warmth and the sounds of nature echoed through the land, two figures walked down a dirt path between a deep forest and a gushing river.

The first was a fairly tall man, standing just over six feet tall. He had spiky white hair tied in a ponytail that trailed down to his waist and framed his face in a pair of bangs. He wore an unusual, horned forehead protector that bore the kanji for oil as opposed to the sign of his village. He wore a green kimono shirt with matching pants held by a black belt over mesh armor along with red hair that had two yellow circles on its sides and wooden geta sandals. He had two red lines trailing down from his eyes and had the summon scroll of the toads strapped to his back. He was non-other than Jiraiya of the Sannin, one of the most famous (and infamous with the ladies) shinobi in the world.

The other was a young boy, moving to the side of the road to get a better view of the walled town in the distance, close enough that it could be seen but too far to make out any of its features. He had spiky red hair and ocean blue eyes.

This was Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi (Kurama).

"How long before we reach Taki?" Naruto asked, looking up at his sensei. "What kind of place is Taki?"

Even though the whole purpose of this trip was his training, they'd done nothing for the past four days. They'd visited two villages and one city in the Land of Fire and so far, the Sannin had left him to practice his elemental manipulation while he went off doing god knows what. Sometimes, he said he'd needed to meet a contact, but other times the redhead thought the Sannin was just doing nasty stuff.

"It's over here," Jiraiya said, pointing his thumb to the trees as the blond turned around to look at him. "If I remember right, there should be a lake just past here. Seems like as good a place as any to start."

With that, the Sannin turned away from the path, brushing aside some of the foliage in his way as he stepped beyond the tree line and said over his shoulder, "Come on, kid this way." But he needn't have bothered; the redhead was already in pursuit of his sensei.

It wasn't long before the two found themselves in a large clearing surrounding a lake, just as the toad summoner predicted. The sun reflected off of the crystal clear waters as the large man took stock of the location and nodded to himself.

Naruto took off his backpack, laying it against the trunk of a nearby tree before joining his sensei. "So, what are we doing here?" He asked but thinking about the exercise that toad-Jiji had given him. He found it strange to be a normal chakra control exercise and did not mention that exercise wasn't in the book about chakra control and Naruto's chakra control was already good.

Jiraiya looked around and made sure that no one was around before turning to Naruto. He smirked and cracked his knuckles. "You ready?" Jiraiya suddenly asked before Naruto could ask 'Ready about what?'. Jiraiya moved in front of him and slammed a seal on his forehead. Backing away immediately.

Naruto felt Kurama's chakra flowing through him but this time felt different, he felt more relaxed. His body didn't feel like something was tearing his way into him.

Naruto's whiskers grew, looking more intimidating, his nails grew as large as that of a fox. His teeth slowly grew and sharp enough to tear flesh. His eyes turned red. A red chakra cloak slowly covered Naruto around like a blanket. The part around his head grew two large ears. A tail slowly grew behind him. Naruto slowly stood on his four, the amount of chakra with one tail felt less overwhelming. Before it felt like trying to fill a vodka glass using a pool full of water.

"Naruto" Kurama suddenly said concerned that he might lose control again.

Naruto kept his gaze at Toad-Jiji, Jiraiya kept vigilant in case Naruto suddenly attacked. But he wasn't moving, breathing heavily. He took a deep breath and felt relaxed again. A smile slowly spread on his face, and his red eyes turned to look at toad-Jiji who smiled back.

"Well done kit" Kurama complimented him.

Naruto kept the chakra cloak around, he wanted to get used to it, Kurama warned him to not try to use more than one tail worth of chakra.

"Thanks, Kurama," Naruto said on his head, and Kurama's chakra slowly vanished, turning Naruto to normal.

"Well done my boy, let's rest here for some time" Jiraiya suggested and Naruto nodded in agreement since he suddenly felt extremely tired and wanted to sleep.

Hidden Hideout

A man using a cane slowly walked through a long corridor, the silence was overwhelming around him but not his mind. He had many thoughts and questions that had no answers. Right now he was getting closer than ever to have Izanagi on his own hands. He had three now, but once the plan is done. He will have 10 Izanagi to secure his safety and immortality in a way.

Danzo wasn't a fool, he knew Izanagi wouldn't make him younger or anything like that's why he was after the daughter and the woman many years ago. Uzumaki clan was known for their lifespan. He needed them to experiment and perhaps find a way to use their cells to enhance his body. Live longer and make sure to lead Hidden Leaf to where it belongs, full power over the Elemental Nations.

His thoughts were on the Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi, he had left the village for three years now and Hiruzen wasn't talking. Just the thought of his old teammate telling him that he's the Hokage and he can't demand things, made him clench his hand around the cane. But what surprised him, even more, was him being able to use Wood Style.

' "The Shinobi was about to use his kunai to slice the demon's throat, I was about to stop him when trees suddenly grew and killed the whole mob"

Danzo grunted that the shinobi had tried to ignore his orders to leave the weapon alive, but having Wood-Style.

With him in my hands, training him properly, he can easily take all the bijuu around the world and bring them back to Konoha as it should have been if Hashirama-sama had kept the bijuu, the other four hidden villages would bend the knee to their betters, Danzo thought stopped when a big door opened in front of him.

Walking outside, in the grass stood Itachi Uchiha. The boy had done his job well, the Uchiha clan needs to go.

"Hokage might have told you to wait but we have no time if the Uchiha clans start their rebellion. Will leave us weak and vulnerable, what will stop the likes of Kumo or Iwa to conquer Konoha" Danzo stated with an emotionless tone.

The dark eyes of Itachi showed no emotions but inside he was questioning everything.

"Kill your clan and your brother gets to live, or you can join them" Danzo offered the choice to him. Itachi closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes to look at Danzo.

"I will do It" he stated with a fully matured Sharingan.


Itachi stood at the top of a pole looking down as his little brother ran towards the clan. With a Genjutsu he made him take a long way around before disappearing in the darkness.

Quickly moving through the shadows, Itachi walked inside the first house he came across, without thinking, swung his swords and sliced them open, blood flew like a waterfall. He didn't even see their faces. Not even their eyes, just the sound of blood.

Itachi closed his heart to their suffering and swung again and again and again. Kill after kill. Slice after Slice. House after house. Killing everyone, except the Police of Uchiha Clan. Someone else took care of that.

As he moved silently through the shadows, his eyes went to a certain girl. Izumi, her beautiful eyes looking directly at him. But there was no fear in her eyes, a small smile spread on her face despite seeing the blood all around his body. Itachi closed his eyes and made his decision. With a powerful Genjutsu, known as Tsukuyomi. He showed her how it could have been, together. How it should have been, if only if the world wasn't so unforgiving.

Itachi and Izumi stood together beneath a tree, Izumi resting her head on his chest, and his fingers caressing her hair.

One step

Itachi and Izumi stood together holding hands, they swear to love each other until death.

One more step

"Her name will be Akayuki" Izumi whispered in Itachi's ear as he kissed her belly growing.

One tear

Holding hands they stood together looking at their children playing, two daughters and one boy. Akayuki, Serina and Shisui.

One Swing of the Sword.


Chapter Text

Naruto woke up after sleeping for seven hours now. It had been three days since he sparred with toad-Jiji since he was able to use one tail worth of chakra. Kurama stated that now going to Two tails worth of chakra will be easier than going from zero to one. Of course, Kurama had warned him the real challenge would be when he would want to reach four tails worth of chakra. Kurama didn't elaborate why holding four tails was harder; Naruto decided to ignore it for now since it was irrelevant for now.

His sensei warned him that just because he could use Kurama's chakra, he should not be dependent on it; use it only as a last resort.

"Naruto , while I'm happy that you can use Kyuubi's chakra, you should use it only if you have no other choice" , Jiraiya stated thoughtfully . Naruto was about to open his mouth when the old sannin raised his hand.

"I'm sure you know about the Sharingan Naruto, it is a handy tool, but The Uchiha clan highly depends on it ; they would be far stronger if everything they do w eren't connected to their Sharingan in one way or another. The same is for you ; get stronger on your own ; I know you are already doing that but don't change your mind , " Jiraiya stated , and they returned to their walk towards Taki.

Naruto was already using Kurama's chakra only if needed. Right now, he was trying to complete the second exercise that toad-Jiji told him he should do. It was slowly driving him mad; the exercise was much more complicated than he had thought. But Naruto couldn't help but wonder what exactly was he doing. He knew this wasn't a chakra control exercise, so what jutsu was he trying to do.

"So, Naruto tell me, how do you feel that you will soon return to the village?" Jiraiya suddenly asked in front of him. He was walking one meter further from Naruto. He kept quiet, waiting for Naruto's response.

The red hair frowned and lowered his head slightly; if he was honest, the only thing he was looking forward to was to meet his old friends, and that's about it. Naruto was sure that the village had not forgotten, for all they cared; they probably thought he was dead somewhere. And the moment he returned, it wouldn't take long for word to spread that the 'Demon Fox' had returned ready to kill them all.

Naruto snorted at the question and looked up again at his sensei. "Not really looking forward to it. I don't think much has changed for three years," he replied honestly. Jiraiya didn't turn to him but just listened to his answer.

"Well, we still have nine months left in our belt and don't forget you will go to the academy", he reminded him. Naruto raised an eyebrow, and he was slightly looking forward to the academy, wondering what they taught them there and how strong the students were there.

"I hope the academy is something", Naruto replied, and they kept making their way towards Taki.

After 6 Days

They had been walking for how many days now . . .
Naruto didn't know, but Jiraiya-sensei told him they were getting closer. He had made improvements in his jutsu. His already good chakra control helped him to make improvements in the jutsu.

They soon stopped walking, and Jiraiya-sensei walked away in the nearby town for 'Research'? Naruto didn't know what that was but decided to ignore it since it was probably something important that didn't involve him.

Naruto stood in the middle of the grass, a tree close to him. Wind on his face, his red hair dancing with the wind. Naruto slowly raised his hand and fully opened it, and tried to concentrate. He didn't know what jutsu was but the chakra control needed to do it spoke a powerful one.

Slowly his chakra gathered in the middle of his palm and gradually became a small blue sphere, and the chakra was moving violently everywhere around the sphere. Naruto gritted his teeth slightly since it wasn't easy. He felt a pain in his hand. Looking at the jutsu, Naruto understood what jutsu his sensei was teaching him.

"Rasengan", Naruto whispered, shock written all over his face. A smile spread on his face, and he had learned a powerful jutsu from his father. He had intended to understand it, but he thought that he was ready for it.

Naruto could feel the winds moving violently around, even making minor scratches in the skin of the tree nearby. He felt the pain growing in his right palm without thinking twice. He rushed at the tree and slammed his right hand on it. The Rasengan drilled the tree through, piercing it like a knife through butter. The sound of a tree falling was heard throughout the forest.

Naruto was panting, and he slowly looked at his right hand to see it bleeding from various places; he even felt a sharp pain on his big finger. Gritting his teeth from the pain, he knew his finger was probably broken, but he didn't let himself scream. Naruto kept his mouth shut and screamed inside but not leaving a single complaint leaving his mouth.

"I did it, Tou-chan," Naruto said with a low tone, smiling looking upwards at what was left of the tree; due to the damage, the upper part had fallen in the ground. Kurama was slowly healing his hand. Naruto slowly rested his head in the ground, his left hand behind his head to use as a pillow, his blue eyes smiling, looking up at the blue sky. Clouds were moving around; now, he understood why Shikamaru found this relaxing.

"You did it" Naruto heard a voice and turned to look at his sensei smiling, who glanced at the tree. He smiled and walked close to his godson.

"Why didn't you tell me I was learning Rasengan?" Naruto asked, looking at His right. Toad-Jiji chuckled and rubbed his red hair.

"I wanted you to be surprised, and congratulations for breaking my record. It took three years for your father to create it, 16 months for me to master it," Jiraiya stated, smiling proudly and turning to look at Naruto.

"You, you needed only two weeks of training", he finished, his face smiling and brightened up from the sun. He slowly sat beside him; he glanced at his right palm and turned to look at Naruto. Then suddenly, his face turned to serious again.

"Naruto, I . . . I know you hold no love for the leaf village. I can't blame you; all I'm asking for you is, whatever happens, don't change, don't seek vengeance. This world has enough of it," he said quietly and turned to look at the sun slowly hiding behind the mountains.

"The shinobi world is full of vengeance, hate, love, and greed. In this world, as long as there's a concept of more and less, there will always be those who want more. And the want for more will awaken the worst nature in humans . . . Greed" The Old Sannin stated, his eyes looking at the mountains, his face showed pain.

"Whatever happens, Naruto, wherever life guides, you should know, no matter what. You will always be my godson," Jiraiya stated.

Naruto looked at his toad-Jiji with a smile, hot tears slowly rolling down his cheek and falling in the grass. He wiped his tears with his forearm and looked at his grandfather in all but name.

"Thank You for being here for me . . . grandfather", Naruto stated softly, his head resting against the old sannin's back. His white hair rested against Naruto's red ones.

Jiraiya closed his eyes, a sad smile spread on his face. Being with Naruto made him think of . . . Tsunade. Of their loss, sometimes he dreamed of how could have been if only . . .

Sighing, he took a deep breath and enjoyed the moment with Naruto.

Hidden Place

Somewhere in a dark underground cave, two figures stood together, where the only sound that could be heard was the slow dripping of water falling from stalactites.

After a few minutes, six more shadowy figures appeared, one after the other. The only discernible feature that linked the eight figures together was the red clouds on their black cloaks, indicating that they were members of the Akatsuki.

"The last time we all met like this...was three years ago when Orochimaru joined the organisation," said one of the figures. "So, what's the occasion?"

"We have a new member in the Akatsuki, Itachi Uchiha", The man spoke with a strong and deep tone. His purple eyes with four dark circles around him. With black orbs around his face. Three on his nose and several in both of his ears. Orange hair and the emblem of The Village Hidden in the Rain with a long cut through the forehead protector, indicating that he was a missing-nin.

Everyone turned to look at the new member; Itachi moved slowly, his fully matured Sharingan showed to everyone. One of the shadow figures licked his lips with a very long tongue looking at Itachi. His yellow eyes are like that of a predator. He was looking for worthy prey.

Itachi looked at the eyes of the leader, and his Sharingan focused on his eyes. "Rinnegan", he whispered. He had heard of the eye but to see someone wielding the legendary dojtusu.

He stooped in front of the leader and kneeled; beside him was a woman with blue hair, a flower made of paper in her hair. Her face was emotionless.

Itachi stood up, but he knew there was a third one in the cave watching them. A man with a mask. He was hiding his pain from the world.
"Itachi Uchiha, our newest member of the Akatsuki. From now on, you will call me Leader-sama," he stated and handed him a ring. Itachi took it and put it in his ring finger.

"The objective of the Akatsuki is to reach true peace. Our objective is to collect all the tailed beasts," the leader stated to him with a firm tone.

Itachi nodded in understanding and closed his eyes for a second. I hope you keep your promise.

Hidden Sand Village

"This happened today?" The fourth Kazekage asked without looking up from the paperwork on his desk.

"Yes. But actually... it's been happening more frequently than I've been letting you know."

The Kazekage finally looked up at Yashamaru, who was standing in front of his desk with his arms behind his back.

"How frequently?"

"Well, you know he's always had these little outbursts, but lately... they have become more... severe. I think I started noticing an increase in his violent behaviour after his fifth birthday."

"So this has been happening for over a year then?"

"Yes, Kazekage..."

For the first time in his life, Yashamaru noticed an uneasiness in the Kazekage. He leaned on his desk with his elbow and rested his head in his hand. With his free hand, he rapidly tapped his fingers on the desk as if trying to beat down some kind of internal panic.

The Kazekage took a deep breath and looked up at Yashamaru once more. "But... he's always had these outbursts. What makes this one any different? Precisely what happened today?

"It was in the playground. He attacked two other children."

The Kazekage stared past him and was silent. Yashamaru felt that he should continue to explain. "As I said before, we both know he's always behaved this way. I'm not saying that this time is any different. I'm just saying it was a more severe attack. In fact... I'm certain he would have killed them if I hadn't intervened.

The Kazekage reverted his eyes back to Yashamaru and stared at him for a few moments as if studying him. Then he raised his brow, noticing his bandages for the first time. "Are those from him?"

Yashamaru nodded.

The Kazekage closed his eyes as if to escape the world. Another moment of silence followed, then, "I knew this day would come. I created this child... this monster, in the hope that he would be a successful weapon. Yes... the ultimate weapon. With him, our military would be unstoppable."

These words made Yashamaru sick. He cringed internally, remembering the Kazekage's dark secret that so few knew about. The secret that, unfortunately, Yashamaru was cursed with knowing about. He knew about the Kazekage's overpowering hunger for power and military strength. He knew about the demon and the unwilling human sacrifice that was used to seal the demon inside the child. The child... the Kazekage's son... Gaara... The ultimate weapon.

"The ultimate weapon..." The Kazekage continued, "But now... now it seems he has become more of a threat to the village than something to aid it in becoming powerful." The Kazekage opened his eyes and shook his head. "I knew this day would come." He repeated. "I've known for quite some time. There have been rumours for years."

Yashamaru felt another wave of nausea. He knew what rumours the Kazekage was talking about. The rumours have been spreading ever since the Kazekage's wife was killed in a mysterious accident, right after the birth of his third child. The Kazekage's wife... Yashamarus's sister... the unwilling human sacrifice.

"I can't let this go any farther." The Kazekage said. "I can't let people keep talking about things that they don't understand." He shot a threatening glare at Yashamaru as if accusing him of being involved in the rumours. But Yashamaru was without fault. He had kept quiet about the ordeal for six years. Because honestly, he was afraid of his sick and twisted brother-in-law.

"This has to stop now." The Kazekage said. "Today. He must be destroyed."

"Destroyed?" Yashamaru asked as if contemplating the meaning of the word.

"I want my son Gaara to be killed. Tonight. You... you will be perfect for this job, Yashamaru. Tonight. That is an order."

"Killed? Tonight?"

"Yes. You are going to follow your Kazekage's orders, aren't you?"

"Yes, Kazekage... it's just... I don't know... he's so strong... the sand... I don't know if anyone can accomplish killing him"

"You fool. Let me remind you that Gaara is the very reason your sister is no longer with us."

Yashamaru looked at the floor. Yes... he knew this was true. Gaara was the cause of his sister's death. Not the Kazekage. The Kazekage was working toward making the village more powerful. He was trying to improve things. He wasn't really doing anything wrong. It was Gaara that was at fault. He was the cause of all this pain. Yashamaru had lied to himself for years. He told himself that the Kazekage was a psychopathic monster when the real monster had always been Gaara. He had convinced himself that he loved Gaara. That he was all that was left of his sister. But now, he found that he was being truthful with himself. He hated Gaara. He always had. Everything wrong in his life could be traced back to Gaara. Gaara was the reason his sister was dead. Gaara was the reason he was no longer allowed to spend time with his other nephew Kankuro or his niece Tamari. It was because of Gaara. Gaara was too dangerous, and Yashamaru had to devote all of his time to making sure that Gaara didn't kill anyone... throwing himself in front of Gaara's victims. He looked down at the bandages on his arms and reached up and touched the one on his head. He had been ordered to take care of Gaara from birth... six years of torture. But now, the Kazekage's orders were different. Now Yashamaru could finally be free of this demon that was his nephew.

"So, have you changed your mind?" The Kazekage asked, realising that he had successfully convinced Yashamaru.

"Yes... I'll try my best... but his strength... I still don't know..."


Yashamaru walked through the endless dark alleys and streets of Suna. The sun had set, and the usually scorching desert air was cool. It was quiet, and hardly anyone was out on the road tonight. Silence. Yashamaru paused for a few seconds and stood motionless on the street, trying to remember exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it. He thought of the Kazekage, then thought of the Kazekage's wife, then of their two children Tamari and Kankuro. As he thought of his family, a smile crossed his masked face. He pictured all of them standing in front of him with smiles on their faces as well. Everything had once been so excellent. They had all been so happy. His thoughts reverted back to his sister again, and he remembered the day that started it all. "Yashamaru! The Kazekage has asked me to marry him! I'm so happy, Yashamaru!" she had yelled as she wrapped her arms around her brother. His mind began to fill with other happy memories. "It's a girl Yashamaru... a daughter. Her name is... Temari. Isn't she beautiful? I'm a mommy. And you're an uncle, Yashamaru! An uncle!

"I have to admit that I was hoping for a son... but something tells me that this little princess will be as tough as any son that I could have had!" The Kazekage had said.

Yashamaru then thought of how happy the Kazekage was when he found out that their second child was a boy. Yashamaru felt his smile fall into a frown as he thought of the third child. He pictured the red-headed demon that had ruined everything. Then his thoughts reverted back to his sister once more, and he confirmed with himself that what he was about to do was justified. Revenge...

Gaara stood alone on a rooftop staring at the full moon, the wind flying over him when he heard a sound behind him before he had time to look who was behind. His sand moved behind his back, protecting him from three kunai. Gaara turned to look who attacked him, only to see a man wearing a dark hoodie. He saw the sand moving towards the man, and he wanted it to stop, not hurt anymore. He tried to yell, to scream, but all his words died on his throat when the man pulled out a short sword and jumped in the air to slash his head. Without thinking, without saying anything, his hands moved on their own, and the sand flew towards the man-like ocean.

He soon was covered everywhere in sand, stronger than steel. Gaara couldn't understand why no one loved him. Closing the fist, a cry was heard as Gaara felt Rain on his face. Rain? His right hand slowly touched his cheek, but he saw blood instead. All around him, blood.

Gaara looked at the man who attacked him, shaking. He grabbed his hood and removed it to see his uncle. His hands started shaking, and so did his voice.

"W... Wh . . . Wh . . ." He stuttered, unable to talk.
"I'm sorry, Gaara, but your father ordered me to kill . . . You," he said. Spitting out blood, His face pale, his blood all around his clothes.

"You coul. . . Couldn't sa . . . say N . . . Noo," Gaara said as more tears rolled down his cheek.
"I could. But I hated you, Gaara. You were the reason my . . . sis . . . sister . . . Di . . ." His voice stopped. Gaara screamed in grief, and everything went dark.


Takigakure. Few foreigners would ever lay eyes upon this, one of a small handful of truly hidden villages among the Elemental Continents. A pity, because it was a wonderful place; made up of traditional, eastern-style buildings, most of which were carefully and caringly constructed as if by a master carpenter, built around the walls of a little, circular valley full of plant life, around a massive, crystal clear lake, at the heart of which lied an island where their administration building lied, resting at the base of the gargantuan, sacred tree of Taki, whose canopy covered the entire village. Beams of sunlight shined through its branches, illuminating the concealed village.

The roof of the valley was hidden under a powerful genjutsu which was constantly monitored. It was an S-class secret of the village, and any outsider that stumbled upon it was quickly dealt with. Even the commonly used entrance as well, if a little obviously, hidden; an underwater cave system behind a massive waterfall.

It was thanks to the lengths they went to keep their home hidden that the village had only once been successfully invaded, and that mark on their village's pride had occurred solely due to the actions of a traitor.

Naruto suddenly came out from a lake. He turned when he heard others emerge from the water's surface behind him. Out of the clear, blue water came a kunoichi of the village, wearing Taki's standard shinobi attire, followed by Jiraiya of the Sannin, blindfolded and by the look on his face, none too happy about having been dragged sightless through the hidden entrance of the village.

Naruto held back a snicker as he used his chakra to rise out of and stand on the water, his sensei and their escort doing the same a moment later. Due to the crisis at the time, Shibuki had been forced to show him the entrance to the village, making blindfolding him a moot point.

As he rose, Jiraiya took off the blindfold and turned his eyes to the tree. Taki was undoubtedly a nice place, though, in this Sannin's opinion, it was short on public bathhouses and hot springs, but, oh well.

"If you'll follow me, I'll escort you to see Lord Shibuki." The kunoichi said as she turned to the teacher and student duo. "He's been expecting you, Master Jiraiya. I'm sure he'll be surprised to see who you've brought along."

"So, you never said. What is it you want to talk to Shibuki about anyway?"

Jiraiya shook his head. "Sorry, kid, it's a secret." He said, smirking at his student's obvious annoyance.

In short order, the trio had entered the entered the administrative building and walked down its halls. The kunoichi opened the door for them and allowed them to enter.

Shibuki sat behind a desk, filing away a completed form and reaching for the next one when he heard the door open. Thankful for a brief respite from the never-ending monotony of paperwork, he looked up and smiled amiably.

"Welcome, Master Jiraiya. It's been quite some time since you last visited us. So, what brings you here, Master Jiraiya?"

"For business", he replied. And glanced down at Naruto, who rolled his eyes before leaving the office.

Naruto walked across the bridge leading from the centre island to the village proper, wondering what he would do with himself while his sensei was talking about whatever it was he was being so secretive about. It annoyed him to no end that the man kept this from him, but there was no point dwelling on it.

Stepping off the bridge and walking the streets, the redhead looked around at the people that went about their daily business.

As he looked around, Naruto noticed that he was receiving many looks. Because of how secretive and secluded the village was, outsiders, stuck out like a sore thumb even though it was fairly large. He could see them staring at him and feel their gaze on his back, and every once in a while, whispers concerning him would reach his ears.

It was something he was pretty used to. After all, he grew up receiving hateful glares and cruel whispers from the people of his own village as he grew up.

Naruto kept walking when he heard a massive amount of chakra in a large forest close to the village. He didn't know where this chakra came from.

Kurama inside could feel his sister close and was about to tell Naruto to go and check it out when Naruto had already started moving towards the forest.

"Kurama, do you feel this?" Naruto asked him since he could feel this had a huge amount of chakra, almost like a . . . Bijuu.

"It seems you noticed it . It looks like my sister is close by" , Kurama replied , smirking.

Naruto smiled and moved even faster. Soon he reached the forest's centre and was surprised to see an enormous tree he had ever seen. But his gaze turned to two girls fighting close to the lake. But Naruto froze when he felt the chakra of the redhead.

"She's an Uzumaki!!"


Chapter Text

Ashara Uzumaki

Swing after swing, Fuu was blocking them with her short sword that Lord Shiboku had brought for her to train in Kenjutsu. Her sword had an orange pommel and a dark scabbard with green lines around. The number seven was carved in her scabbard. (In Japanese).

Ashara was wearing a tight red shirt underneath a black shirt. Her kunai holster was tightened around her right leg. Her scabbard of the sword tightened behind her back. She wore bandages on her right forearm and left forearm. Her skin around her hand was slightly irritated and bleeding somewhat from minor cuts around her knuckles and palm. She had bandages around her knee, wearing dark shinobi sandals.

Ashara dodged her attack and swung at her head but stopped before it hit her, her blade close to her neck. Fuu smiled warmly and put her small sword back in its scabbard, which was tightened to her hips.

"You did good, Fuu", Ashara complimented, slightly sweating from her forehead, while Fuu didn't look that tired. She looked normal like always; perhaps it was because of Chomei, Asha didn't really know, but it didn't matter. It had been six hours since they started sparring. And eventually, Asha got tired, and she liked the most to train in Fuinjutsu and Kenjutsu.

Ashara was about to return to the treehouse and rest and then train in her Fuinjutsu when Fuu's orange eyes looked over her shoulder.
"Come out; I know you're there", Fuu shouted, but much to Ashara's surprise, her friend didn't look tense, and her hands were resting on her hips and not going to her pommel.

Ashara turned around in time to see a boy around her age slowly walk out from behind the tree, but what immediately caught her attention was his long red hair, and the chakra he was leaking was way too similar to hers. It reminded her of her father's hair in a way.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spy. I just felt your chakra and wanted to check it out," the boy explained and pointed the finger at Fuu. Ashara was about to ask what was his name and possibly last name, but Fuu beat her to it.

"Is alright, number nine, we're friends here", Fuu replied, smiling with a cute smile and her hands resting behind her head. Asha's eyes widened at the name Fuu called her, and she understood this one here was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi but wondered why he was even here. It is not usually that Villages leave their Jinchuuriki to leave the village, and this boy was far away from Konoha.

The boy smiled and walked closer; his hands looked relaxed, almost like he was talking to a friend, and he didn't have to think anything wrong would happen.

Asha noticed it and decided to relax. "So she told you, furball inside me wants to say Hi to you too Number Seven", the boy replied, smiling and walking closer.

"Oh, That's good coming from him. But can I know your name, friend?" Fuu asked, walking beside Asha, who still was quiet the whole time.

Fuu was pleased to see a former Jinchuuriki but what caught her attention is that Chomei had told her that from all nine Tailed Beasts, Kyuubi and Ichibi were the cockiest ones and the ones that hated humans the most. And the way her new friend was talking, as if he knew Kyuubi very well, almost like talking about a friend.

Naruto, on the other hand, was slightly more interested in the Uzumaki girl next to him. As far as he knew, she was family to him.

"Oh right, my name is Naruto Uzumaki" he introduced himself with an open hand on his chest. Ashara's eyes widened at his last name; He's an Uzumaki!! I'm not alone! I knew I wasn't the only Uzumaki, Databane, Asha thought to herself, her smile spread on her face, even her eyes were smiling. Fuu was just as surprised and was about to introduce herself and Asha.

"My name is Ashara Uzumaki, and the loudmouth beside me is Fuu" Asha introduced herself and pointed the finger at Fuu who's eye twitched at being called that.

"So I was right, is good to meet Family," Naruto said, smiling at Asha. He felt both good and relieved to meet an Uzumaki but to meet a Jinchuuriki as well.

Asha smiled at being called family, but at the same time, wondering where he came from since she hadn't seen him before in Taki, and she was sure she would have noticed another redhead around.

"How about we go to my house and talk there?" Fuu suddenly suggested. Both Naruto and Asha nodded their heads.

They soon reached the treehouse; Naruto still looked impressed by the size of the tree and wondered if he could ever grow a tree as large as this one. "This house is beautiful, Fuu", Naruto complimented, and they walked up to the door.

"Naruto, as much as I enjoy meeting family, but where did you come from? I don't remember seeing you before?" Asha asked and hoping that he was a ninja of Taki so he could stay here.

Naruto turned his head to her; his blue eyes looked amazing, almost like the ocean itself; it reminded her of the sea close to her house when her parents were still with her.

"I'm here with my sensei, and we will stay here for some time because of my training", Naruto replied; Asha frowned slightly since it meant that he would have to leave eventually. But she decided to ignore that thought for now and agreed to talk to him.

"Oh, that's amazing, but who's your sensei?" Asha asked and rested on the edge of the floor, her legs hanging underneath. Naruto sat close.
"He's Jiraiya; what about you two?" Naruto asked, interested in them.

Asha turned to him, surprised, "Wait? Jiraiya?! You mean Jiraiya of the Sannin?" She asked, surprised and almost shouted, and Fuu was just as surprised.
Naruto just nodded his head; Asha wondered how good at fighting Naruto must be and if he could train with him.

"Wow, you're lucky, me and Asha train too," Fuu replied, sitting in a branch to Ashara's left side looking at Naruto. Her head was resting on her hands, with the same cute smile on her face.

"That's amazing; if you want, we can train, and with Jiraiya-sensei too, he wouldn't mind it", Naruto suggested, and both Asha and Fuu nodded their heads in agreement.

Naruto then turned to Asha, and he turned to serious. "It's good to meet you. Do you know any other Uzumaki?" he asked, hoping that there were other of their people alive.

Asha lowered her head at the question; she thought about her parents. Naruto understood it and felt slightly ashamed of reminding her of something terrible.

"I'm sorry, I shou" Naruto was interrupted by Ashara. "Is fine, I understand. Well me parents were both Uzumaki," she replied and turned to look at Naruto. "What about you?" she asked hopefully that Naruto had anyone in his life.

Naruto shook his head, despite knowing it still hurt him to talk about them for many years now. "My mother was an Uzumaki; her name was Kushina. My father, on the other hand, I Don't really know who his parents were, and my sensei doesn't know it either." Naruto replied, his hands on his knees, looking down at the grass below.

Ashara raised an eyebrow at the name Naruto mentioned about his mother; she could have sworn that she had heard that name before.

Noticing the atmosphere around had turned too much grey for her taste. "So, friend Naruto, tell us something joyful about your life," Fuu asked and hoping his life had been easier.

Naruto rubbed his red hair and turned to look at Fuu with a smile, and he didn't want to complain and talk about the bad times of his life, so he decided to talk about the good times.

Naruto then started talking about his life in Hidden Leaf Village but avoiding the part of getting beaten and didn't mention every single insult he got; Ashara could feel he wasn't telling the whole truth but decided to ignore since everyone had the right to have secrets and probably was too bad to talk about it. Naruto kept talking for like an hour. "This one time, Gamabunta and I made a prank, Fukasaku told Sensei that I was going to train in a hazardous water in Mount Myoboku when he got there, he saw Gamabunta washing, and he immediately yelled at Sensei for trying to spy on him," Naruto said, and they all shared a laugh.

Ashara couldn't help but feel the warm chakra of Naruto, and she didn't know why it felt so good and relaxing. It felt warm, almost like looking at the sun.

Fuu wiped the tears with her hand from laughing and decided to ask a question. "So I take it you and furball are good friends?" Fuu asked since, from Chomei's words, Kyuubi was the last Bijuu to expect to be friendly towards a human; hell, he wasn't even familiar with his brothers and sisters.

"Maybe he has changed, and did you just call him furball??" Chomei asked Fuu since calling him in a disrespectful matter wasn't the wisest course of action.

Fuu just grinned at her response and looked at Naruto. He nodded his head. "Yes, Kurama and I are perfect friends; we have been for three years now", he replied.

"Wow, I never expected Kurama of all bijuu to be friendly, and since he knows his name, it means he trusts him," Chomei said , impressed with Naruto.

Naruto then turned to Ashara. "What about you? How did you end up here?" He asked her.
Asha lowered her gaze slightly but decided to respond to her fellow Clan member.

Ashara then explained how it had happened, how she had ended up in Taki, and how she had become friends with Fuu up to this point. Naruto listened without interrupting during the whole talk and wondered from which village the Shinobi's attacked her family and tried to kidnap her. He wondered if toad-Jiji had any idea and decided to ask him about it later.

"I'm really sorry about your family Ashara" Naruto apologised with a sincere tone. Asha thanked him and told him that was nothing for him to apologise for.

"So you will become a Konoha shinobi?" Fuu asked since, from what she understood, Naruto would soon return to Konoha and start the academy and become a shinobi of Hidden Leaf Village. She hoped for him to stay here as long as possible; it wasn't every day that you meet a fellow Jinchuuriki. And a good as well.

"I don't think I will stay in the village for that long, I'm still not strong enough, but once I'm, I will rebuild my homeland and bring back The Uzumaki Clan", Naruto stated with passion in every word that taken by surprise both Asha and Fuu.

The redhead girl smiled at him, and she had the same idea, finding every Uzumaki and rebuilding their home as strong as it was before. And make the ones that destroyed her family pay. She could tell Naruto meant every word he said. "Well, it seems we have the same objective, Naruto," she said smiling.

"Tell me, Naruto, are you good with Fuinjutsu?" She asked since Fuinjutsu was the essential art in the world and one of the strongest. Naruto grinned and nodded his head.

"I'm at level IV; what about you?" Ashara asked curiously, her fingers playing with her hair that rested on her shoulders.
"Level V, Jiraiya-sensei is a Fuinjutsu Master; he's a good help; if you want, you can ask sensei to help. I'm sure he will be able to help you," Naruto replied, then his eyes went to the red seal on her wrist.

Ashara felt honoured to be trained by a Sannin and not to mention trained in Fuinjutsu. "What is this seal?" Naruto asked, staring at the seal. From what he could see, the seal looked like a Storage seal but way too advanced, and second, it had a few writing that made it look like something other than Storage Seal.

"I really don't know, when my . . . My mum passed away, this seal appeared in my wrist and is like advancing, in the beginning, it had an empty circle in the centre but now as you can see it is different" Asha replied. The empty circle had started growing four, what looked like small branches from four different locations, and slowly increasing to the circle's centre; right now, they had grown only halfway through the ring.

Naruto softly touched her wrist, and Asha couldn't help but blush at his touch; Fuu seemed to notice it and started grinning from ear to ear.

"Well, maybe Jiraiya-sensei can take a look", Naruto suggested and turned to look at Fuu. "How's Chomei?" He asked the green-haired girl.

"Well, she's good; she's a good company to have around and is funny", Fuu replied kindly with a smile and closed eyes.
"Do you like Taki?" Naruto asked slightly more seriously. Asha and Fuu noticed that.

Fuu thought how to answer, but she knew he would understand if she told the truth of how things are around here.
"Not really the best place, the people here are just as stupid as the people in your village", Ashara replied since no one really liked Fuu, except Lord Shiboku, all the others treated her like an outcast, like a demon, and since Ashara spend time with her, people had started looking at her in the wrong way too, not that it bothered her that much.

Naruto understood what it meant, and sometimes he dreamed of the night when they attacked him. The names they called him, he had tried to forget it but couldn't, no matter how hard he tried. His scars in his mind made sure of that.

"I understand, Fuu, then I would like to be your friends," Naruto said, smiling at both of them. Fuu smiled, and so did Asha, her purple eyes shining from the light shining on her face.

"I want to be your friend too, Friend Naruto", she replied and pulled a fist close to Naruto. He smiled and bumped his fist with her's.

Suddenly he wasn't in the same place anymore, and he saw himself standing at the top of . . . Kurama's head!!? Naruto looked around to see empty places, shadows covering the corners, and his eyes went to the centre of the room. There were three circles, one smaller than the other. Torches around the wall. Naruto was about to ask where they were when he saw Fuu and who he assumed was Chomei slowly showing up from the corner.

Chomei had six enormous green wings with orange colour at the edge. Dark veins spread through the wings; And one big green tail at the bottom of Chomei. Her upper body looked blue colour, and her lower body was orange and orange eyes like Fuu. She had six limbs close to her head and two what looked like small spikes coming out of her shoulders. Her eyes turned to look at Kurama at Naruto.

"It been some time Kurama, I have, to be honest, I never expected you ever to have a good friendship with your Jinchuuriki" , Chomei spoke, her voice sound ing happy .

Kurama growled slightly. "He's a good brat, and not to mention he's an Uzumaki. I have seen for seven years now , and I know the brat has a good head on his shoulders , " Kurama replied.

Naruto's eyes twitched at being called a 'Brat' but decided to let it slide for now.

Fuu eyed the big fox in front of her. "I have to be honest; you're a very impressive furball", Fuu suddenly said, smiling at Kurama, who growled loudly and released a bit of KI.

"Watch your mouth , little brat, and no one dares to call me that and to get away without getting wet", Kurama threatened, raising his voice and showing his teeth. Fuu just smiled with her cute smile and didn't look bothered by the KI.

"I have trained Fuu to stand my KI ; the amount you're leaking is small for her" , Chomei informed him and turned to look at Naruto.

"You seemed to be a good boy , young Uzumaki, and I'm curious to see where your road will lead," Chomei said seriously and was very interested to know why Kurama has suddenly changed his attitude and decided to be friendly.

Suddenly they were back in the forest; Asha was looking at them strangely. Fuu moved away from her fist.
"What happened?" Asha asked; she knew that sometimes Fuu would like Zoomed out when she talked with Chomei, but it had been almost thirty minutes since they bumped their fists.

"Chomei wanted to meet furball", Fuu replied. Naruto heard the growl of Kurama at being called like that from the little brat.
Asha nodded in understanding and turned to look at Naruto. "Hey Naruto, I saw your sword when you zoomed out, and it is very similar to mine," she said and pulled out her still sheathed sword and put it on the floor close to Naruto.

He pulled out his own and put it close to hers and had to admit that they were similar; both had the Phoenix symbol at the top of the scabbard. "Yes, you're right; mine belonged to my mother; she was known as The Red Death of Konoha", Naruto replied with pride in his voice. Asha was impressed to hear that.

"Wow, your mother must have been an excellent Kunoichi," Asha said and putting her sword behind her back. Naruto gave her a sad smile and nodded his head, and tightened his sword to his hip. He then jumped down to the ground. "How about a spar?" Naruto suggested.

Both Asha and Fuu nodded in agreement and followed him. They soon reached the lake close to Fuu's house. Naruto could see the waterfall a bit further away and thought that would be an excellent place to train his elemental manipulation of Wind Style.

"Who's first?" Ashara asked. Naruto turned to look at them. He shrugged his shoulders since he had no problems with whoever was his first opponent.

Fuu told Asha to go first since she was better than her in Kenjutsu. Asha walked closer, and her hand went to the pommel of her sword, and so did Naruto's hand.

Suddenly was only silence; blue eyes looked at the purple eyes of Asha, whose gaze didn't move away. The wind flew around them, their hair dancing with the wind. Naruto noticed the stand of Asha.

A leaf slowly started falling from a nearby tree, the leaf finally dropped, and they rushed towards each other.


A group of six Shinobi raced silently through the treetops. The leader of this group appeared to be a male with a head of messy, light brown hair, pink eyes, and a scar running from under his left eye down his cheek. Despite his youthful appearance, he held a powerful air around him. He was none other than Yagura, the Yondaime Mizukage.

Yagura stopped as he and his squadron reached the Hi no Kuni border. Raising his hand, he signalled for his group to halt. His eyes quickly scanned the area and decided that the area was safe.

He slowly turned to face the five Shinobi that had accompanied him.

"Well, I guess this is where we part," he announced.

Observing their expressions, he noted that a few of them were showing reluctance at his words.

Sighing, he asked, "What is it?"

Haru was her name; One Shinobi glanced at her companions before nervously standing forward and bowing her head. She was the youngest of his guards but the bravest. She was 17 years old; purple hair tightened to a ponytail.

"Um, with all due respect Mizukage-sama, we believe this is too dangerous for you to go into Konoha's territory without an escort," she breathed out while still having her head down.

"Raise your head," she heard the Mizukage command.

Doing as he ordered, she stepped back into line with the rest of her squadron.

Yagura narrowed his eyes and gave each of the Shinobi in front of him a glance.

"Do you know what we are doing here?" he asked.

"To escort you to the fire country's border, sir!" they replied in unison.

"Yes, the border," he repeated, "So now," he continued, gesturing in the direction they came from, "you have to go back to Mizu no Kuni."

Once again, they began to look reluctant, and Haru spoke up.

"But what if you run into an enemy ninja, they might attack you, and we are very far from Mizu no Kuni. You could..."

Yagura interrupted, "I am here on the Hokage's wishes, so I should be fine, and even if something does happen, do you truly believe that I cannot look after myself," he said, frowning. "I'm not a child,"

He gazed at the Shinobi through blank eyes before nodding and speaking again.

"You will come to this spot in one week exactly, and I will return then."


"Alright, now you will go back to Mizu no Kuni and tell Kuroya that the escort was a success."



Haru hesitated but soon left. The Shinobi in front of him immediately disappeared on his word, and he could feel their presence getting further away. Yagura turned back to face the border of Hi no Kuni before he began running towards Konoha.

"Mizukage-sama, a letter has come for you from Konoha!"

Yagura glanced up from his paperwork and took in the man in front of him.

"Is that so?" Yagura asked before taking the letter from the messenger's outstretched hand. "When did this arrive?" he asked, opening the letter.

"Just this morning," the man replied.

"I see," he replied as he began to read the letter. Suddenly, a wide grin split the Mizukage's face.

"Interesting," he whispered to himself. Looking up, he addressed the messenger. "You're dismissed, but before you go, tell Kuroya to come here,"

"Hai!" the man replied before shuns in away.

A few minutes had passed when a new man appeared before the Mizukage. He had plain brown eyes and long black hair that covered most of his face ; however , a long scar that ran down the entirety of the right side of his face was still visible. He looked straight at Yagura's eyes, something most people would not do when talking to the Yondaime Mizukage. His eyes were blank, showing no emotions.

"You summoned me, Mizukage-sama?" he asked unflinchingly.

"Kuroya, I told you not to call me that. Call me Yagura," Yagura said, crossing his arms in front of himself.

Kuroya gazed at Yagura before replying, "You summoned me, Yagura-sama,"

Yagura sighed before continuing, "Yes, I just wanted to tell you that, in two weeks, I will be leaving," he said, a s light smirk playing on his lips.

Kuroya's eyes stayed blank , but Yagura had known him for a long time that he could tell by the way his body stiffened that he was surprised by this news.

"Leaving to where exactly?"

"Why don't you see for yourself," Yagura said, extending the letter to him.

Kuroya stood, approached Yagura, and took the letter from him. He read the letter in silence before looking up at Yagura.

"You're not going to agree to this, are you?" he asked in disbelief, shaking the letter slightly, "These terms are ridiculous ; it's obviously a trap,"

"Or, maybe it's a genuine request," Yagura countered while standing and walking to Kuroya, taking the letter from him.

"Yondaime Mizukage," he read out loud, "I am writing to you to request a meeting. This meeting will be, of course, a peaceful one, as I wish to establish an alliance between both Mizu no Kuni and Hi no Kuni. To do this, however, we must meet in person ; therefore , I have made the following arrangements: firstly, I have arranged for the meeting to take place in Konoha, two weeks from the time you receive this letter. This meeting, as I already stated , will be a peaceful one , and I am well aware of your country's reputation as the bloody mist village, so I request that you come alone as to not disturb the peace in Konoha." Yagura snorted at this but continued reading, "This means no escorts ; however , rest assured, you will not be attacked by any Konoha shinobi while in our borders. Sincerely, the Sandaime Hokage."

Yagura finished reading the letter before glancing back at Kuroya.

Kuroya shook his head before saying, "I know there's nothing I can say to stop you once you've made up your mind, so do whatever you want,"

Yagura kept running but could feel something wasn't right.

"I don't like this Yagura" , Isobu suddenly said.

Yagura was about to reply that everything would be fine when he stopped running and saw two figures walking towards him. Slowly dark cloaks with red clouds slowly revealed.

Yagura knew one of them. "I didn't expect to see you here, Juzo", the Mizukage called his former Shinobi. The said Shinobi gritted his teeth and glanced at the man beside him. Yagura noticed the man was actually young, dark hair, and . . . Sharingan.

"Long way from Home . . . Itachi Uchiha", Yagura said, gripping his staff, ready to attack.
Itachi didn't react to being called by his name.

"I will need your help, my friend," Yagura said mentally, and his body started covering in red chakra, two tails slowly growing behind his back.

"Let's show them who's boss," Isobu said with Yagura's body before charging.


Chapter Text

Naruto rushed at Ashara, his sword flew to her torso, but she quickly blocked it with her sword, they looked at each other before swinging again, Asha blocked his swing and backed away, ten feet away, she put a smile on her face, Kenjutsu was her favourite way of fighting. She put her sword behind her hips and ran at Naruto with all her speed.

Her speed was easily Low Chunin; she lowered her whole body slightly. Her blade almost touched the ground before swinging upwards towards Naruto; his hands moved quickly and blocked the swing. The sound of metal hitting metal was heard throughout the forest. Ashara promptly took a step back and rolled, trying to him from behind; Naruto lowered his whole body before her sword made contact.

Naruto smiled, impressed before swinging again; Asha blocked and added Chakra to her sword, making it more sharp and deadly. Naruto noticed it and added wind in his swords, pushing the edge to shine and look slightly like invisible flames dancing around the blade. Asha saw and took three steps back. That sword like that could easily cut down trees.

She put her right hand slightly behind her body, her sword behind her, and her left hand slowly going to the pommel. Naruto nodded before they rushed and clashed their sword together, Asha could see Naruto was faster than her and had more strength, but his fighting skills in Kenjutsu was easy to predict.

She swung, and Naruto blocked and kicked her in the stomach, she made a hand sign, and her weight seals in her arms and legs released. Fuu watched from afar, impressed since Asha had not once released her weights, only increasing them as time went on. She had not once released them with her, and to see her actual speed was something she was looking forward to, but she was curious for her new friend too. She could tell Naruto had more to show, and she was looking forward to what else he could do.

Naruto understood she had released her weights and wondered if he should do the same, but then he shooked his head; he wanted to see his speed against her with his weights on.

Asha then ran at Naruto with Medium Chunin Speed, she swung faster, and Naruto returned to the offensive; she swung. He could keep up, swing after swing, Naruto blocked all of them since he wanted to test his own speed against her, but what the problem was is he didn't have any style to use in Kenjutsu, Asha, on the other hand, looked to know what she was doing. Naruto blocked another attack and tried to attack, but she blocked it and immediately moved again, her swing cut slightly in his palm; Naruto backed away and looked at his hand. Blood started leaking.

Asha immediately stopped attacking and had a look of concern. Naruto just raised his hand, telling her that it was okay; she then noticed that Naruto didn't moan or yell despite the small wound. He didn't even look in pain, and that was a relief to her. She walked closer and softly touched his hand; Asha saw the wound slowly healing. After a minute, the cut was fully recovered, and Naruto looked up at Asha. She was thankful that the Kyuubi was healing Naruto, the same how Chomei healed Fuu.

"Excellent fight Ashara," he said to her, impressed. She smiled back, but she knew he had weight seals, which meant she wouldn't be able to win if he had released them. "Thank You, Naruto, but next time we fight, you will have to fight me without weights", she replied shyly. Naruto nodded in understanding and turned his head to Fuu, who flew close to them.

"My turn now," she said and pulled out her short sword. Naruto grabbed his sword in his right hand; the palm didn't hurt anymore. He gripped the pommel of the sword tightly, wanting to see if it hurt, feeling no pain. His blue eyes looked at Fuu's orange ones.


Fuu was breathing heavily, her hands on her knees; it had been six hours since Naruto had started sparring with them. And so far, he had more winning with Asha, one lose with her, and four wins since he released his weights. Fuu had failed every time, but both Asha and Naruto had said she was good in Kenjutsu despite starting it only for seven months.

Fuu had removed her weights in her arms and legs; she reached Low Chunin Speed without them. But she hadn't used her chakra cloak during the spar; Chomei had told her that she needed to better herself and not always depend on her Chakra. Fuu fully agreed with it. But if she would use her chakra cloak, she could reach High Chunin Speed. She wondered if Naruto could use the cloak as well but decided to ask some other day.

Right now, she was resting her head against the grass. Asha had fallen asleep in the treehouse, and Naruto was resting his head against the tree, his blue eyes still open. "Where's your sensei Naruto?" Fuu suddenly asked, breaking the silence. Her right eye is slightly open, and looking at Naruto. She wanted to know more about her new friend, but she wanted to meet Jiraiya The Sannin as well; she wondered how strong he was and if all three of them could actually do something against someone like him. He snorted and stretched his arms and legs.

"I don't really know, he was supposed to talk with Lord Shiboku, but I wonder what is taking him so long", Naruto replied, annoyed that his sensei hadn't found him yet, he would usually always find him, most would take up to 30 minutes to be found by him, but now it had been seven hours since he had left the office.
Naruto decided to go back to the village and search for him when he felt his Chakra coming towards their location. Naruto grinned and just decided to sit down again.

Fuu noticed his behaviour and was about to ask when a voice was suddenly heard. "I see you have made a friend, Naruto" Fuu looked up at a branch in front of her, a man standing. She didn't need an introduction to know who this one was.

"Well, yes, Fuu and Ashara are excellent friends", Naruto replied, smiling, his hands behind his head. Jiraiya raised an eyebrow at the unknown name; Lord Shibuki told him that Nanabi Jinchuuriki's name was Fuu.

"Who's this Ashara?" Jiraiya asked and landed in front of Naruto. "She's an Uzumaki like me, Jiraiya-sensei," he said enthusiastically, his hand's fist. Jiraiya looked surprised to hear that Taki had an Uzumaki.

Jiraiya could see how happy Naruto seemed to be because of it, and he felt happy for his godson. "Well, introduce me to her then," Jiraiya said, and Naruto jumped at the treehouse and walked inside; Jiraiya crossed his arms and turned to see Fuu smiling and walking closer.

"Naruto talked a lot about you; you must be an awesome shinobi," Fuu said and wondered how strong Jiraiya of The Sannin was.
Jiraiya kept quiet and saw Naruto come out; close to him was a redhead girl, just looking at her; Jiraiya knew this one was an Uzumaki. He wondered if she had the same chakra chains as Naruto.

Ashara jumped down with Naruto to see an older man with long white hair, two red lines trailing down his face. She could feel this one was strong, powerful. She bowed her head respectfully. "Is good to meet you, Jiraiya-sama" She greeted him respectfully. Jiraiya felt nervous about her behaviour.

"No need for that. . . Ashara was it; every friend of Naruto is a friend of mine," He stated. She smiled and raised her head. Jiraiya smiled back, and Naruto told him more about Ashara and Fuu; he noticed him calling her 'Asha' but decided to ignore it for now. After a long talk, he heard how they trained in Kenjutsu, and he saw that Ashara was good at Fuinjutsu. But then Ashara suddenly asked something he didn't need asking . . .

"I heard you're the author of a book called 'Icha Icha Paradise'" Ashara suddenly asked, her purple eyes looking at him. This caught Naruto's attention as well, since he had noticed that title in a few books of toad-Jiji and wondered what the books were all about. He knew the book was famous, from the cities he had visited, he had seen the book in every single shop snd usually were only a few left, Naruto would usually try to buy it, but he was training and had ignored it for now.

Jiraiya started sweating, feeling the gaze of all three children in front of him. Rubbing his hand against his hair. "H . . . Ho . . . Have y-you read i-IT?" Jiraiya asked, stuttering. He wondered how the likes of Tsunade would react, and he hoped to god that she hadn't read it.

Asha shooked her head, much to his relief. "No, but I saw that it sold very fast, but the seller told me I couldn't buy it since I'm not old enough. Can I borrow it from you?" She asked kindly with puppy eyes.

Jiraiya started sweating even more, he could see Naruto was curious as well, but Kushina would kill him from beyond the grave and then torture his soul for eternity if he dared to give him the book and second all three were still very young. Maybe when they become Genin.

"I- I can't give it, but you can read it once you become a genin", Jiraiya replied fast, sighting in relief thinking that this was over. All three frowned at his reply. Naruto was about to ask again, but Jiraiya-sensei raised his hand.

"How about I teach you in Fuinjutsu, Asha, since Naruto mentioned you liked it" the mention of training in Fuinjutsu immediately brought a smile to her face.

"Yes, we can start now, Databane", she shouted happily. Jiraiya couldn't help but feel a familiar feeling with what she said. He sighed, pinching the bridge in his nose and followed her in the treehouse to train her in Fuinjutsu.

After they left, Naruto turned to Fuu and decided to help her in her Ninjutsu. "Fuu, since you have Chomei means, you can use Shadow Clones Jutsu to help your training", Naruto stated. Fuu raised an eyebrow, not understanding where he was going with it.

Naruto then explained how Shadow Clones worked and how she could train faster; Fuu beamed but then askes. "What about Asha-chan? She could use this as well," she quickly added.

"I'm not sure if Asha can use it; she might be able to use two to three, but for a very short time, we have our friends to help us, but she doesn't", Naruto explained, already feeling bad that Asha couldn't use it. Fuu frowned but still thought that her friend would significantly improve from that jutsu.

"I will show her as well but tell her to use only two clones max", Naruto suggested, and Fuu nodded but still not liking it.

Naruto explained how to do the jutsu, and he himself made 100 clones to help in the last Fire Elemental Manipulation training and 100 clones for water. Naruto was sure that would be easier with all the amount of water around Taki.


He rushed at his former shinobi of Kiri. Juzo brought up Kubikiribōchō to block his claw which was almost like a sword itself. His giant sword swung towards his head, but he used his right hand to block it before punching him in the chest and throwing him across a tree; he tried to rush at him again, when Itachi showed up in front of him with a Kunai, he blocked his claw with his kunai much to Jinchuuriki's surprise.

Yagura jumped away from him before landing on his feet and started doing hand signs. Itachi understood what he was about to do and started doing hand signs.

Water Style: Wave Rush

Fire Style: Fireball

Yagura threw a massive amount of water from his mouth, Itachi threw a giant fireball. Both jutsus collided, creating considerable steam around; Itachi's fireball was able to keep up with his water jutsu, much to the surprise of Yagura. Who was sure that his jutsu would be superior. Gritting his teeth, Yagura was starting to get annoyed.

"Time to end this", Yagura said with Isbobu's voice before coiling himself with his two tails around him. Yagura was enveloped in a blackish-purple barrier that blocked Juzo's view of Yagura. A second later, the barrier exploded with a roar, and their eyes widened to what they saw.

It was The Mizukage; however, it wasn't the one they knew. Yagura was now completely enveloped in the Isobu's Chakra as it became his own skin. His head was a shell to protect it, and he had three tails in his back. This was his version 2 cloak, and he looked like a miniature Isobu.

Juzo moved close to Itachi, who could see the new form of The Mizukage, he knew this was a problem, and the only way to counter was with Mangekyo Sharingan. Steam moved away from the Jinchuuriki.

Juzo felt frozen from fear seeing what was in front of them; they both saw and felt the overwhelming Chakra. Sweat roll down Juzo's forehead. His hands started shaking.

They didn't have time to think as Isobu was preparing for his next attack. His tails were coiled around Isobu, ending just above his head. Blue and red Chakra were seen floating in the air. Suddenly all the Chakra started compressing until it formed a perfect sphere still hovering mid-air.

Itachi's eyes turned Mangekyo, which looked like a three-blade shuriken. He knew what the Mangekyo would do to him, but he needed it now.

"Meet your End" , Isobu yelled and threw the bomb towards them. The ground started shaking ; the ground beneath the bomb split like paper, throwing debris around the air.

Juzo used his big sword to block the attack without knowing what else to do, which exploded in contact. Itachi was thrown away from the force of the explosion, his black cloak had burned in a few places, and his hands were screaming from pain. He quickly stood up to see Juzo against a tree, but his sword had pierced him in the stomach, blood coming from his mouth and his wound. He slowly turned his head to Itachi.

"I - Itachi ru. . . run," he warned him; Itachi turned to see the Mizukage preparing another bomb. Itachi focused his Chakra on his right eye; blood slowly started rolling down his right eye like tears.

"Amaterasu", Itachi whispered, and the Jinchuuriki was engulfed in black flames; he started screaming in agony and shaking his head and body, trying to remove the flames from him. Not knowing what else to Yagura ran away.

Itachi released a sigh of relief and turned to his comrade, and his blood had spread all over the ground. Jozu looked at him with a slight smirk on his face. "Don't look at me like that; you don't need to be a medical shinobi to know my time has ended", He said, struggling as his legs started feeling numb, his hands slowly losing strength.

"Do you have any last words?" Itachi asked him. He smiled through his teeth. "I want my sword with m... Meeee. . . " his hand fallen in the ground. His eyes stopped moving. Itachi said a small pray and put the handle of his sword in his hand.


Yagura was panting; he returned normal, his skin burned in several places, and he started coughing. While he was running away, Isobu told him to turn his body in the first form chakra cloak; after doing that, the black flames had moved away from his skin and started burning the chakra cloak instead; Yagura then slowly had made the part burning his chakra fall in the ground. It took a lot of effort, but he finally got rid of the damn thing, but he had lost a lot of chakras, even Isobu told him to rest. And the pain around his body wasn't stopping.

His head resting against a tree, he decided to go back to his village when he felt a presence behind him. Despite the pain, he stood up and turned around to see a man with a mask, the same black cloak with red clouds; his mask covered his whole face, except his right eye.

The mask looked orange with lines that collided in the right eye, almost like a spiral. Looking closer, he saw that it was a Sharingan. Backing away, he grabbed his staff tightly.

"Who are you?" The young Mizukage demanded. His whole body was screaming from pain, and he knew he couldn't do much right now. The man just stood there and chuckled at his question.

"Who am I doesn't matter, soon The Hidden Mist Village will pay for what they have done", he stated with a deep tone, his voice full of hatred. He pointed the finger at Mizukage before Yagura could do anything; he felt everything go dark.


He was resting on the floor, and he had spent a lot of Chakra in the fight; that's when he felt a presence other than Yagura inside the seal. Looking around, he saw a man slowly walking out of the shadows; his eyes narrowed, and he clenched his teeth.

"Who are you , mortal?" Isobu asked furiously that someone would come here. Only Yagura had that right and not this mortal.

The man laughed, his hand moved to his mask and moved his mask to his left side, showing his fully matured Sharingan. "I'm Uchiha Madara", the man stated before Isobu felt his whole body felt like in a fire; in front of his vision was The Sharingan; he couldn't shake that vision away. He tried it and yelled at the top of his lungs, his eyes turned to Sharingan, and everything went Dark.

Naruto - After Five Months

He stood in front of the waterfall, multi clones beside him; they all had their hands on the water, trying to split the waterfall. Naruto was still in Taki; Lord Shiboku had allowed him to stay here for as long as he wished Jiraiya-sensei knew him well. His bond with Ashara and Fuu had grown. Learning Shadow Clone Jutsu, Fuu had started training her Elemental Manipulation with the help of Jiraiya.

Ashara, on the other hand, because of her Uzumaki Blood, she had a large amount of Chakra despite not being a Jinchuuriki. Toad-Jiji had stated that she had a Low-Jonin level of Chakra. Because of that, Ashara could use Shadow Clones to train, but only one clone, Jiraiya, had warned her that it would be dangerous to use more than one. Asha had not complained; she had used the clone to start training her Elemental Manipulation.

Jiraiya had shown her what she needed to do, and both he and Naruto were surprised to see she had Fire and Water Affinity. The old Sannin then had told them that Fuu had High Wind Affinity, and Ashara had High Water Affinity.

One thing that had surprised Naruto was during a spar with Ashara.

' Naruto used his sword to swing at her chest ; she took two steps away, the blade barely missing her. Jiraiya was keeping his eyes on them. His eyes were like a hawk looking at every move they made . Close to him was Fuu, smiling at them.

Naruto suddenly used his red chakra chains to grab her sword, and his chains tightened around her sword. The shock was written all over her face , but before he could do anything, he saw Silver Chains flying towards him and tightened around his sword. He looked to see the chains coming out of her left sleeve. Ashara was smirking at him.

Naruto smiled at her, and she smiled back at him, his chains returned to his chest. '

Naruto was surprised to see that but quickly understood that she was an Uzumaki too; he wondered if there was any other Uzumaki outside beside him and Asha. He hoped that there were. But he wondered if he would ever meet them even if they were out there.

Naruto kept trying, but the damn waterfall wasn't splitting in half; he was panting. He had been here for four hours now. Jiraiya-sensei had changed his weights again, and he now wore 250 pounds on his legs and 220 pounds on his arms. The same goes for Fuu and Ashara. He also warned them not to try to raise their weights too much immediately, which would cause damage to their bodies.

Naruto had completed his Water and Fire Training; now, he only needed Wind and Earth. Since he had arrived here, Naruto had not once used Wood Style. Not that he didn't trust Asha and Fuu, but he wanted to wait until he got better at it.

With the help of Jiraiya-sensei, Asha had quickly reached Level V in Fuinjutsu, Fuu, on the other hand, wasn't really fond of Fuinjutsu, but she had completed Level I with the help of Jiraiya-sensei since she wanted to know how to seal things to travel when in missions, or just travelling around the elemental nations.

"Naruto, you will soon return to the village ; what is wrong?" Kurama suddenly asked him. He could feel the anxiety rising slowly in Naruto the more closer it got for him to return.

Naruto gritted his teeth tightly; after four months, he would return to Hidden Leaf Village, and he wasn't looking forward to it. Despite having friends there, he didn't want to see their stairs again, their insults. And if anyone was dumb enough to try and hurt him. He would show them why Uzumaki Clan is Strong.

"I don't want to talk about it, Kurama", Naruto replied and focused on his training again. He had decided that his first Jutsu to learn after completing his Elemental Manipulation would be Uzumaki Style: Phoenix; it was one of the jutsus his mother had left him. He knew that it was a powerful one. Naruto had decided to tell Asha about the jutsu before he left. Grunting, he returned to his training.


He looked at the clear water in front of him, his body resting at the edge of a dock, his right leg hanging, his foot close to touching the water. The wind was flying around him, the seagulls flying high in the air. His Sharingan in his eyes as he heard footsteps behind him. Itachi didn't move; he just kept staring at the water.

"I will be teaming up with you starting today, my Name is Kisame Hoshigaki, former of the Hidden Mist, one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, so please do make your Acquaintance", Kisame stated walked closer, a big sword resting on his shoulder. The sword was covered in bandages except for the handle, which looked like made of bones.

"And You're Itachi Uchiha, formerly of The Hidden Leaf. I've heard the rumours that you've slaughtered all of your fellow Uchiha Clansmen," Kisame stated with a grin on his face. His face pale, his eyes like of a shark,
with three small black marks going down from his eyes.

"I think that we are like You and I. That's the reason I wanted to be teamed with you in the Akatsuki."

"It's Really Indescribable, isn't it killing your comrade is quite a sensation, wouldn't you say so, Itachi" Kisame taunted him.

Hearing those words, Itachi remembered his parents, visions of his parents dead by his hands, his little brother crying, and Izumi smiling at him and telling him that she loved him.

"You Talk A Lot", Itachi interjected, his voice deep and filled with a hint of grief.

"You don't understand me. You don't even understand yourself. You were just a thug who got lost in the mist and ended up here. You can't even control where you're going. Am I Wrong?" Itachi asked.

Kisame gritted his teeth slightly and moved his sword close to Itachi's shoulder, but he didn't even flinch; he kept his gaze at sea in front of him.

"Do you want to know something interesting? Most sharks are Ovoviviparous, which means that the eggs hatch inside the female's body before the young are born. However, with some kinds of sharks, the number of eggs that hatch will differ from the number of young that emerge out of the mother's belly. Do you know why that is?" Kisame asked as a wave slammed against the dock.

"Because of Cannibalism right from the moment they hatch, they start eating each other inside their mother's uterus. The fratricidal warfare begins as soon as they're born to each shark; all the others are just food to be eaten starting today. You are an Akatsuki member and my companion, so be Wary of Me," Kisame stated.

Itachi slowly evolved his Sharingan to Mangekyo Sharingan. "Same Goes For You," he said with a promise on his words.

Kisame chuckled at his words and moved away from his sword. "Let's be friends and have some fun. All right. And hope that we will not end up as each other's final opponents."

"No one who dares to raise their hand against a comrade ever dies a decent death . . . Remember That," Itachi stated, thinking of Izumi.

"Well, that means our fates are sealed; seems you and I are depraved and worthless," Kisame said.

"Not True. We are both humans. Not Fish." Itachi said and stood up and turned to look at Kisame and started walking away. "No matter who you are, you do not truly know what kind of man you've become. Until you reach the very end."

Four Years of Training Arc Completed

Next is "Genin of Konoha Arc"


Chapter Text


The sun started shining over the mountain, bringing light over the village hidden in the leaf. The villagers had just woken up; some had started their daily routine, opening shops, restaurants, some shinobis going to their new missions. Two shinobi made their way to the gates of Konoha to look for anyone coming inside and going outside.

Close to the walls of the village were two figures walking towards it. One was Jiraiya, who kept his gaze at Naruto, his student and godson had been dead silent since yesterday, and it was worrying him. He tried to start any conversation with his favourite redhead, but he would either ignore him or when he asked him, he would make a short and straightforward answer indicating that he wasn't in the mood for a conversation.

Jiraiya knew his godson wasn't looking forward to it, but he hoped that four years had been enough for the villagers to 'forget' him and possibly not be hostile towards him any longer. From what he had heard from his spies and he himself, the chances were low. Villagers were still celebrating The Kyuubi's defeat and the Day 'The Demon Died'. Just the thought that they celebrated made him sick, and he couldn't possibly understand how people could go so low.

He sighed and looked to his left; Naruto kept his gaze at the gates getting closer, his red hair reaching his shoulders. He wore a new jacket, black in colour, with a red Phoenix symbol on the back. The same symbol that is in his sword, the eye of the Phoenix, looked like Uzumaki Symbol; beneath the jacket, he wore a tight white shirt with the symbol of fire in the chest.

Despite the jacket, his muscles from training could clearly be seen, and everyone that was a shinobi and even civil people could see Naruto was strong. He kept his chest high, and his sword tightened on his hips; he stood 140 cm tall, which was tall for an eight-year-old kid. His blue eyes looked brighter from the sun. He wore bandages under his clothes on his elbows and forearm. A seal on both of his shoulders that couldn't be seen from the naked eye. His weights are still on his body, 350 pounds on his legs, and 330 on his arms. Jiraiya had tried to tell him that he didn't need that much weight but was like talking to a wall; hell, even a wall would understand at some point.

Naruto had completed his Elemental Manipulation last month, which meant he could finally start training on some powerful jutsu, like that his mother left for him; Jiraiya-sensei told him that Rasengan wasn't a finished jutsu; his father had never completed it. Naruto wondered if he could complete it and make a more powerful jutsu; the technique was already dangerous and could quickly kill someone if is used in vital areas. But if he added more into it, he could make it to be an S-Rank Jutsu.

Before he had left, Naruto had given Asha a copy of Uzumaki Style: Phoenix.

' Naruto was walking with toad-Jiji towards the lake that would lead them outside the village. Behind him came Fuu and Asha ; Naruto felt horrible to leave Asha ; she was an Uzumaki like him, she and Fuu understood him, they both knew his pain, and now he was leaving them so that he could go to a village he didn't like. Naruto knew the hidden leaf village had good shinobi , but still, he couldn't see the village as his home , and he knew that would never happen. He wondered what Uzushiogakure was like before it was destroyed mercilessly, how it looked. How were people there? Would they see him as normal or just like in The Hidden Leaf. Naruto didn't know, and there were no pictures or anything anywhere of the village to understand how it looked.

Naruto turned to look at Asha and Fuu , who gave him a sad smile ; Naruto had told both Asha and Fuu that the next time they me t , they would make plans how to rebuild Uzushiogakure.

Fuu had agreed with it ; she told them that Taki wasn't home to her and would happily follow her two only friends everywhere in the world.

Naruto wanted more than anything to rebuild his homeland . Still, he needed to be strong . First, Naruto knew he wasn't weak now, but he was nothing compared to the likes of Hokage-Jiji, toad-Jiji, and other Kage around the Elemental Nations.

"Ashara-chan and Fuu-chan, we will soon meet again" , Naruto promised and handed Asha a red scroll that could only be opened by Uzumaki Blood. With the help of Jiraiya-sensei, Asha was almost done with Level V, toad-Jiji had left her enough books to reach and complete Level X.

Asha smiled back and grabbed the scroll before hugging him tightly, much to his surprise, her fingers softly touching his red hair. Naruto couldn't help but blush by this. "We will meet again, Naruto-kun", she whispered and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek that made Naruto turn red like his hair.

Asha giggle d and tried to fight her own blush from her porch ; she grabbed a purple scroll and gave it to Naruto ; she winked at him and took a step away so that Fuu could say goodbye.

Finally managing to catch his breath, he turned to look at Fuu ; her orange eyes looked. . . Beautiful. . . . Wait , Beautiful? Stop it , Naruto, he thought to himself.

Naruto had decided to give Fuu the scroll how to do Rasengan since she had high Wind Affinity. He was about to give it to her when she jumped on him and hugged him tightly, rubbing her cheek against his, making him blush even more. "I know we will meet again soon , Naruto-Kun, and Don't Forget We Are Friends" , she shouted the last part. Naruto could see the sadness behind her beautiful. . . Orange eyes.

"Yes , we are friends , Fuu, we will always be and will always rely on each other" , Naruto stated. Fuu blushed at his words and gave him a big smile, and her eyes were smiling too ; her eyes looked at his blue ones and then gave him a quick kiss on his cheek that had the exact same effect as Asha. Naruto started rubbing his hair nervously and avoiding their faces while Jiraiya was slightly giggling at the scene in front of him. Young Love, Jiraiya thought proudly for his godson. Not even ten years old , and he has started stealing the hearts of beautiful girls ; imagine when he reaches 14 years old?? Jiraiya thought , rubbing his hands together.

Naruto grabbed his scroll and gave it to Fuu, and she looked at the scroll smiling and looked back at him. She then grabbed a scroll from her backpack and gave it to Naruto but put a finger in her lips, "This is my strongest jutsu that Chomei taught me. I hope you like it" , she whispered. Naruto felt happy from the gift. That filled him with happiness.

"Thank You for your gifts Asha-chan and Fuu-chan" Naruto thanked them.

"Is nothing Naruto- kun " , Asha replied slightly , looking downwards and not looking at his eyes with a blush on her face. Fuu thanked him as well.'

It had been one month since he had left Taki; the jutsus they had given him were.

Uzumaki Style: Water Flash (A-Rank - Low S-Rank)

The Jutsu could collect the water close to the user, then threw at the Enemy with fast speed; the speed enough made water penetrate anything, even metal. The water could easily reach Low Kage Level Speed if used with Wind Release.

Wind Style: Crumble Wind

The Jutsu needed both Wind and Earth Release to work. It creates a large wind area that could be thrown that destroys trees and ground everything in his way. The jutsu could also be used to develop small wind blades inside to slice the Enemy apart. The ground close and inside would crumble almost to the point to become like sand.

High A-Rank - High S Rank
Cost: Low Kage Level Chakra

Naruto still hadn't started to try and learn any of them. Jiraiya-sensei told him that the last month left, he was forbidden to train and rest. Spend his time having fun and feeling like an actual child; Naruto finds it funny, as long as he can remember, he never saw himself as a child.

He could only keep his weights and make them heavier if he wished but not any other kind of training. Naruto at first had complained but then quickly accepted when even Kurama told him that he needed to rest.

Naruto had finished Level V in Fuinjutsu, and now he needed to Complete Level VI; he was looking forward to reaching Level VIII since once he completed it, he could start training his Hirashin. Naruto knew that technique was what made his father. 'The Yellow Flash' Flea on Sight in his bingo book and SS Rank.

Naruto had asked Kurama what kind of level were Hashirama and Madara on their prime.

'I Don't know exactly how your rating works, but if your old man was SS Rank, then Hashirama and Madara were SSS Rank", Kurama had replied with venom when he mentioned the strongest Uchiha to have ever existed and The First Hokage.

Jiraiya suddenly stopped walking and turned his head to Naruto. The young redhead stopped as well and turned to look at Toad-Jiji and wondered why he stopped.

"This is where we part ways", Jiraiya stated, looking at Naruto, who raised an eyebrow in confusion.
"Why is that? I thought you would come with me to explain everything to Jiji," Naruto said, glancing at the village ahead of them and then turning to the old sannin again.

"I'm sure you can do that yourself; I have something important to do", Jiraiya stated, thinking that now he would find Tsunade and tell her about Naruto. He hoped to find her soon and wondered what she would do once she understood the truth about Naruto; he hoped she would find in her heart to return back to the village, but if she did and saw how The Village treated Naruto. . .

The young redhead didn't really understand his reasons, he could feel there was something toad-Jiji was hiding, but he knew was nothing to worry about.
He shrugged his shoulders and decided to ignore it. "Very well, Jiraiya-sensei, and Thank You for these four awesome years" Naruto thanked him and hugged him tightly; Jiraiya was slightly taken aback by his hug, but he quickly returned it and rubbed his hair. "Is nothing Naruto", Jiraiya replied. Naruto smiled, hearing his words and pulled away.

"Wish me good luck," Naruto said before turning to walk towards the gates of the village.
Jiraiya chuckled at his words. "Good Luck", he whispered once Naruto was out of the ear hearing area.

He turned around and quickly Shunshin away.

Naruto soon reached the gates, he looked at the walls and wondered why they looked smaller, but overall, nothing had changed. He took a deep breath and started walking again; soon, he reached the entrance, immediately stopped by two shinobi who guarded the gates; Naruto could feel two hidden ANBU in each side of the gate.

Sighing, he walked towards them. "Who are you that you want to enter?" The man asked kindly, looking at his face; the man could have sworn he had seen that face before.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm supposed to meet Hokage-sama today", saying that no voice could be heard. His pencil fell to the ground, and he looked at Naruto in the face; both he and his friend saw the three whiskers on each side of his face. He looked taller and more muscular, but the whiskers and the red hair were a straight giveaway.

"Ohhh, you have grown up. Ahh, you can enter, of course," the man replied with a small smile, happy that the poor kid was alright and wasn't truly dead as the village celebrated. Naruto felt his honesty and smiled at both of them. Turning to the village, he started walking forward.

People were everywhere on the roads. After a few minutes of walking, Naruto could notice some people were giving him glances of . . . Curiosity and a hint of anger. Naruto sighed, thinking that wouldn't take long now. Soon everyone would know that Naruto was back. He gave it two days at max before the whole village found out about it. He looked up at the Hokage faces in the mountain, and his eyes looked at his father. How much he wished for him to be with him.

As he kept walking, Naruto passed the academy, he could feel the . . . Chakra of the students in there, and what caught his attention was that none of them was even Chunin level except for the teachers. He knew he had a huge amount of Chakra because of his Uzumaki blood and Kurama, but still, most of the genin didn't even have a genin level of Chakra below that. He wondered why and hoped that the academy wouldn't be a total waste of time.

Deciding to ignore it, he kept walking towards the Hokage tower. Naruto wondered how Jiji looked now, or maybe he looked the exact same but slightly older; he then wondered about his apartment and if anyone was ever there to clean or it had done nothing but collect dust for four years, or maybe someone had just put it in flames. Naruto didn't know, but he knew he could use Shadow clones to clean the house if needed. And maybe Wood Style to build one but that would raise too many eyebrows.

Walking closer, Naruto knew some villagers were following and talking to other people; some started pointing their fingers towards him, probably thinking he couldn't see them. Getting bored by this, he jumped up and landed on the rooftop of the nearest building. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, he ran with speed towards the Hokage tower.

He soon reached the tower, walking upstairs he soon reached a room that the Secretary worked. Naruto could feel two ANBU inside the room, but he ignored them.

The woman saw him and stood up. "What can I help you with?" She asked kindly but couldn't help but notice the look of the warrior on his face. Naruto turned to look at her. He smiled and decided to act innocently.

"I'm supposed to meet Hokage-sama today", he replied, not wanting to stay longer here.

"I'm sorry...But the Hokage is a very busy man, and you have to make an appointment to see him", said the Secretary politely.

"Well, the Hokage will be expecting me, as he knows I'm arriving here", spoke Naruto, although the Secretary did not look convinced as to what he was saying.

"Look...Could you just to him and say that Naruto is here, he will know who I'm, and if he doesn't, then I leave...ok", said Naruto as he didn't want to waste any time trying to convince the women.

Her eyes widened slightly at the name. "Very well then," said the Secretary with a sigh, But when she entered the Hokage office and told him that a young red-haired boy carrying a Katana on his back named Naruto was outside his office, he wanted to speak to him and to say that he was expecting him. The Secretary was surprised to see an eager and happy look appear on the old Hokage's face, where he quickly called his ANBU that was hidden in his room rafters and told them to leave. After that, he then told her to tell the ANBU's that were outside his room to go and said to her that she was dismissed for the rest of the day and told Naruto to come in.

Naruto walked inside and saw his Jiji smiling behind the desk.
"Naruto, my boy is good to see you," he said happily; Naruto hugged him, he pulled away to give him a good look. He saw that Naruto had grown; his face looked sharper, almost like his father, his blue eyes like the ocean. The old Hokage noticed he looked slightly larger and wondered how much Naruto had trained throughout the years.

"Is good to see you too, Jiji", Naruto replied; his eyes glanced at his father's photo before turning to the old Hokage, something that he noticed.

"I take you have grown stronger," The old Hokage said with a chuckle but at the same time could feel the aura of power surrounding Naruto. The kid in front of him wasn't an ordinary genin. He wondered how strong Naruto was now since Jiraiya had been pretty vague when talking about his training.

Soon Naruto sat close to his desk, and they started talking about what he had done the last four years. His thoughts about Mount Myoboku, if he made any friends. The old Hokage was impressed when Naruto told him that he had reached Level VI in Fuinjutsu and wondered that it would be only a matter of time until he reaches Level X to reach the same level as Jiraiya. Naruto then went on and talked about how peaceful and quiet Mount Myoboku was and how friendly the toads there were; he spoke about his visit to Taki.

His friendship with Fuu and Ashara, Sarutobi was impressed to hear there were other Uzumaki out there. He was happy to hear that Naruto had new friends; he needed them more than anyone else.

After a long talk that lasted two hours, Sarutobi grabbed a key and a note from his desk and gave it to Naruto.

"These are the keys to your apartment, the letter is for the teacher of your class, gave him to explain to him why you will start today," Hiruzen said. Naruto nodded his head and stood up. "See you later, Jiji," Naruto said, waving his hand at him and soon jumped from the window, much to the annoyance of the old Hokage who hoped that Jiraiya hadn't shown his books to Naruto.


He was walking through the village towards his apartment; it was probably around 11 of the day; the teaching had already started, and Naruto knew it would be a waste of time to go to the academy now, so he decided to go tomorrow morning like everyone else. While walking, Naruto wondered what they would be taught them in the academy, and he hoped they would teach them about Fuinjutsu. He soon reached the apartment, reaching his floor; he saw the door to his apartment had words written all over it. Even the wall close to the door had words written.

Child of Sin
Burn in Hell

Naruto sighed and opened the door, "What a warm welcome", he murmured, walking inside. He saw the whole place looked messed up, probably because of the last accident, since after he got beaten, he never returned to his apartment to fix the mess they had made. Sighting, he crossed his fingers, and ten clones suddenly showed up.

"Fix the house", he said, and the clones started working while Naruto decided to visit his favourite Restaurant until they were done.

Naruto left the apartment and made his way towards Ichiraku Ramen, and he wondered how they would treat him; they treated him well last time.

He soon reached the Restaurant ignoring the annoying glances from the villagers. Walking inside, he saw who he thought was Ayame; she looked taller now and probably around her 14. She looked more beautiful.

Ayame noticed the new customer and turned to look at him, but her eyes immediately widened when he saw the familiar red hair and the whiskers on his face.

"Naruto is that you" she almost shouted happily; he was about to reply when his head suddenly got gripped by two hands and got in a bear hug from Ayame.

"It's so good to see you, Naruto," she said, hugging him tightly. Naruto tried to talk but couldn't. " I ca . . . can . . . Bre ... the" he tried to say, and she understood his position and let him go. Naruto gasped for air, his hand on his chest.

"I'm sorry, Naruto", she quickly apologised.
Finally catching his breath, he shooked his head. "Don't worry, Ayame, it is good to see you too," he replied, smiling at her, and his eyes looked around in time to see the old man walking towards them. His eyes still closed, and Naruto wondered how could he even cook without looking unless he had some kind of secret Dojutsu.

"Naruto is good to see you," he said happily to see him back but most importantly that the village had been wrong about his supposed 'Death'. Naruto then went and explained that he had been training for four years.

After a little while, Ayame handed Naruto a large bowl of hot Ramen and told him to enjoy it, which he did for the moment that the hot noodles were in his mouth. Naruto had stars in his eyes as this was the best Ramen, just like how he remembers it. Within seconds Naruto quickly ate everything in the bowel.

"That was great, Ayame-chan", said Naruto, which made the girl smile.

"Thanks, my Tou-san taught me everything I know about cooking", she replied.

"Is there any more?" asked Naruto as he was still hungry and was hoping to have more of Ayame's delicious Ramen.

"Sure as much as you like", said Ayame with a smile and went to get more Ramen from the large pot.

Once he was full, Naruto thanked Ayame and Tenchi for the free meal and promised to return again soon; both Ayame and Tenchi said he was more than welcome. Although Tenchi did joke that Naruto would have to pay next time, which caused Naruto to smirk a little.

Walking towards his home, he thought: Tomorrow is the academy; I wonder what it is like there? I hope my friends haven't forgotten me, thought Naruto. He knew the likes of Shikamaru probably didn't, but he wasn't sure when it came to Ino and Choji.

Reaching his apartment, the clones had already cleaned the whole house, he smiled, and they soon popped out of existence.

"Naruto, I'm thinking for you to start training with two tails worth of chakra after a year" , Kurama suddenly said. Once he reaches two tails, reaching three tails will be even more accessible . Four tails would be much harder, probably the most challenging part.

Naruto thought about it and nodded his head in agreement. Sitting on the couch, he started making a security seal for his house to stop any idiot trying to break in.


He was walking throughout the forest, in his pocket was a photo, he had kept it for three years now. He was always looking at it from time to time. Looking down at it, the picture was made in Mount Myoboku, one year after Naruto had arrived. It was him in the photo and Naruto smiling, standing on his shoulders. Jiraiya smiled, looking at it; how much Naruto reminded him of Minato scared him sometimes.

I'm sorry, but he couldn't make it.

Jiraiya remembers those words extremely well. Sometimes even in nightmares. It has been 32 years now, and it still hurt whenever he remembered that tragedy. He quickly used his hand to wipe away a tear, putting the photo in his secret pocket. He continued his road.


Chapter Text


The cloak started singing in the morning, Naruto moaned in annoyance for waking up, but that wasn't enough.

"Wakey Wakey Naruto is time To Wake The Fuck Up" , Kurama screamed in his head.

Naruto's eyes immediately widened, and he stood up on his legs; he yawned loudly and started stretching his legs and arms. He looked at the table close to his bed, and the damn clock was still ringing like a broken record; without thinking twice, he punched the clock that was enough to destroy it along with the table holding it completely.

He still wasn't used to his punches, but Jiraiya told him that he had the same problem that Tsunade-sama had when she first started using her insane strength.

"I didn't know that you swear Kurama!" Naruto said mentally, not remembering that the furball had ever used swears.

"So What? I'm thousands of years old, and I'm old enough to swear , " Kurama replied with a smirk.

"Fair Enough", Naruto replied, smiling at his friend's response.

Finally relaxing that the annoying sound was over, he looked at a chair where his clothes were lying on the back of the chair; he slowly walked up to it and grabbed his jacket. As he was wearing his jacket, His eyes went to the cloak his toad-Jiji had gifted him before reaching the Village. The cloak was large for him right now but was more for him to use once he became a genin. The cloak was dark with red flames at the bottom. With the Uzumaki Symbol on the back, standing proudly.

Naruto smiled and had thanked his toad-Jiji for thinking of him and giving him new clothes. And what the redhead liked even more was that the cloak looked exactly like his father except with a few minor changes but still, Naruto treasured it like the sword his mother had given to him.

Naruto then wore his dark pants; his scratches and injuries from his training had been healed. He took the Seal Paper and put it on his shoulder. With a hand sign, the seal disappeared and couldn't be seen, toad-Jiji had taught his jutsu to become invisible, but when Naruto had asked how and why he had made the jutsu. His godfather had just murmured something under his breath and told him that he didn't need to know. Naruto was sure that he needed it to spy in enemy villages for information, Right? For what else could he be using it?

His seal papers could only be seen with Sharingan or Byakugan. His seal was a Chakra Storage Seal; he hid it from the naked eye since he didn't want people to know all his secrets.

The seal also worked as a barrier seal to create a protecting barrier around him that used his chakra. Combining Seals was one of the three most challenging parts of Learning Fuinjutsu. Naruto developed both a storage seal and Barrier seal and combined them in a single seal that could do both. That was what he needed to learn in Level VII of Fuinjutsu.

Naruto naturally asked if someone could combine like three seals. Still, toad-Jiji told him that the only one who could do that was his father and mother, who could incorporate Three different seals, but his sensei then said that he had never heard of combining more than three seals.

Naruto was sure there was a way to do that as well, but right now, he wasn't at the level needed to start thinking about that. When it came to the seal on his stomach, he still had no clue why the seal would glow red. Kurama explained that when he had lost control, the seal had stopped him from going further, but the seal apparently worked in two ways.

When Naruto had used one tail worth of chakra without losing control, the seal had not tried to stop it, almost like the seal was designed to know when Naruto had control and when not.

That was a relief to Naruto since it meant he could try to go Two Tails without the fear that he might lose control, but Kurama had warned him that the seal had a limit, if he lost control and went six tails or above, then Kurama wasn't sure if the seal would be able to do anything.

Naruto had asked what KCM (Kyuubi Chakra Mode) that he had once mentioned to him was. Kurama had told him to use it; he needed the key for the seal and second to control all nine tails worth of chakra and get rid of his negative side.

Naruto didn't understand what that meant, but Kurama told him to not worry about it, the redhead then had asked about the Baryon Mode, but Kurama had quickly dropped the subject and told him that wasn't needed for him to know.

Naruto didn't care much, and he wanted to be strong on his own and not rely on Kurama all the time.

Naruto prepared his food, rice with egg. He broke the egg at the top of his rice bowl and used a chopstick to mix them. He used a bit of melted chocolate. He kept moving his chopstick around until he thought that was good enough. He soon started eating and followed it with water.

After eating, he walked to the door; he smirked, seeing the seals that he had put in the house in case someone wanted to do something funny, and he grabbed the letter that he was supposed to give to the teacher.

He opened the door and wore his blue shinobi sandals. He jumped from the staircase and landed on the ground, and soon started walking towards the academy. Since he arrived yesterday, the word had spread in some parts of the Village that the 'Demon Fox' has returned from the 'Dead' and is ready to slaughter all of them.

Naruto sighed, tired of the looks some people were giving him; he knew these looked well, but not being here for four years and not receiving them for such a long time made him kind of forget how it was to have them.

As he was walking, Naruto couldn't help but feel the negative emotions of many people around him. They glared at him, some saying that the Demon had been 'Reborn' and that they should kill him again or some bullshit like that. Tired of this, Naruto jumped up to the rooftop and started walking towards the academy; he just hoped the academy would be worth it and that he wouldn't waste his time there.

'Kurama, what do you think I should do about the academy?" Naruto suddenly asked.

"What do you mean? What is there to do except listen to a boring teacher who talks too fast and calls everyone who asks questions an idiot for not understanding" Kurama replied.

Naruto chuckled slightly at his reply but decided to get to the point.

"I mean, we both know that if I do very well in the academy, the civil council will be so happy . . . To complain that you're taking over my body and ready to kill all of them," Naruto replied. Kurama laughed at his response.

"Why does it matter? They will bitch and moan even if you're the dead last, don't try to do things their way to please a bunch of idiots who talk about things they don't understand , " Kurama replied.

Naruto mentally nodded his head in agreement with what Kurama said. He thought the same but just wanted to have a second thought about this subject. Naruto slowly reached the academy.


The students who wanted to become shinobi in the future, all were waiting for the arrival of their teacher to start their study, many found the whole thing boring, and one found it troublesome, so far they had only been teaching simple boring history and have a few fights here and there amongst students.

But so far, nothing special; they still hadn't learned any awesome jutsu. Most of them couldn't wait until they became Genin and went on adventures to earn respect and glory; they all thought they would protect important people and fight and win against the bad guys.

The door suddenly opened to reveal a pink-haired girl, who immediately screeched at the top of her lungs. "Sasuke-KUN" walking up the stairs and sitting close to his place, since Sasuke always sat alone and didn't want anyone to sit close to his place. He was quiet and didn't talk much; most would respond with 'Hnn', but that was made him look 'COOL' to most of the girls in the class.

Except for a certain girl, who didn't talk much because of her shyness, her eyes were white like milk because of her clan's Kekkei Genkai. The Byakugan.

Followed by the pink girl soon came a blonde girl. Ino Yamanaka slowly shooked her head at seeing Sakura scream like that. Ino walked and sat close to Sakura, who had stars in her eyes and looked at the brooding Uchiha like he was a prince in shining armour.

Close to Shikamaru's desk was seated a boy wearing a high jacket covering most of his face, dark glasses that covered his eyes, many thoughts of him as a freak, and some who knew about his clan jutsu with bugs found him disturbing.

Close to him was seated a boy with red lines across his cheek, sharp teeth, and a dog at the top of his head.

After a while, every student came to the class and was waiting for the teacher. The door suddenly opened to reveal a man around his thirties, a mark that went from cheek to cheek across his nose. Seeing that everyone had come, he cleared his throat to start.

"Today will be different; right now, we will welcome the new student of our class, now I. . ." He was interrupted by the boy with the dog.

"Hey, what's this? How he can join us without doing the first two years" The boy almost shouted accusingly at the teacher, his dog barked in agreement with his owner.

"Kiba, the boy, has permission from the Hokage; if you have any problems, you can go and talk to him" The teacher responded with a higher tone. The mention of the Hokage made Kiba quiet and sat down without saying another word.

Understanding there wouldn't be any more interruptions, he decided to continue. "Now, I want everyone to be kind to him and treat him like a friend", he finished, but he wasn't sure about this part. He understood who the boy was; unlike the others, he didn't straight-up hate him but still looking at him reminded him of his parents.

"Come In" The teacher shouted, and the door opened to reveal Naruto walking inside; his red hair like blood was what immediately caught the attention of everyone in the class. Ino silently gasped; she remembered the tomato, Naruto.

Shikamaru was fully awake, much to Choji's surprise, who looked happy to see Naruto again. The three remembered him and had been sad when they had heard that he had gone outside the Village to train.

Naruto noticed the look of curiosity of many around the class. He suddenly heard a voice from his right side. "Introduce yourself", the teacher Iruka said but without looking at him.

Naruto wondered if the teacher hated him, he couldn't feel any negative emotions, well, not to the same extent as the others, but he could feel a small hint of sorrow and anger inside him. Naruto then focused on the class in front of him.

"Hello There," he said with a carefree tone. The whole class sweatdrop at his choice of words.

"I meant your name," Iruka sensei said with annoyance in his tone.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki; I hope we have a good time", he introduced himself, not knowing what else to say. His hands behind his head.

"Now, would you kindly sit somewhere that you want," Iruka sensei told him with a stern tone. His eyes immediately noticed Shikamaru sitting close with who he thought was Choji. To his surprise, the third chair of their desk was empty, and his eyes looked to his right to see Ino sitting close to a pink-haired girl.

She looked different, taller, and her hair was tightened to a short ponytail. She was wearing a purple shirt. Naruto turned to look at the pineapple boy and decided to sit close to Shikamaru since he knew them, but he didn't know if they still remembered him. He walked up to them and turned to look at Shikamaru.

"Can I sit here?" He asked, looking at them.

"Of course, Naruto has been a long time", Choji replied immediately, happy that their friend was back in the Village. Naruto's face brightened that Choji could remember him. Sitting down, Shikamaru was in the middle, and Choji was on the left side.

"Shikamaru, how have you been?" Naruto asked, looking at Shikamaru who's head was resting against the desk, his hands like a pillow.

"Troublesome is good to see you again, Naruto", he greeted him with a tired tone before returning to sleep. Both Choji and Naruto had a sweet drop behind their heads.

Haha, he hasn't changed at all, the same lazy; I wonder if his dream is still to sleep? Naruto asked himself, happy that he could spend time with them.

Iruka cleared his throat to grab everyone's attention except Shikamaru. Everyone turned to him, and Naruto wondered what they would learn first with enthusiasm.


"This is BORING," Naruto said to himself; he couldn't believe for three hours that he had been here, the only thing they did was to talk about. . . History. He couldn't understand why? Naruto knew knowing history was important, but knowing clans, bloodlines, and how to start Elemental Manipulation training was far more critical, for crying out loud. Or maybe learn your affinities. Hell, he asked Choji, since Shikamaru had fallen asleep, if they were taught how to do chakra control exercise, and the answer was 'No'.

Naruto couldn't understand. Why? Learning walking in trees and standing on the water was not something that needed that much thought and training and was nothing that couldn't be taught to 8-year-old children.

Right now, Naruto had fallen asleep, his hands like a pillow. Shikamaru was sleeping, leaving Choji to look at them with a raised eyebrow; he didn't expect Naruto to end up like Shikamaru. Iruka was getting irritated by their laziness; he understood Shikamaru, but why Naruto? He needed to know these things.

"Naruto" Iruka screamed to grab the red head's attention.
Naruto slowly raised his head and rubbed his eyes with his hand.
"You say something, Iruka Sensei?" Naruto asked with a tired tone and with half-closed eyes.

Iruka was boiling inside and letting out steam from his ears.
"I'm going to ask you questions? Let's see if you can answer them," he stated. Naruto just shrugged his shoulders, ready to answer whatever he might throw at him.

"Well, for what was the first Hokage known for?" Iruka asked.

"He was known for his Wood Style that is the strongest bloodline ever to exist, even stronger than The Sharingan" at the mention that Mokuton was stronger than Sharingan. Sasuke clenched his teeth and fists. Naruto noticed his sudden change of emotions but didn't bother to see what was his problem.

"Mokuton could be used to control the tailed beasts including Kyuubi, the first Hokage along with Madara Uchiha were the ones to build the Hidden Village in The Leaf, the village was built with the Mokuton ability of The First Hokage" Naruto finished.

Iruka was impressed since he didn't expect Naruto to know the answer and he knew more than needed.

After almost half an hour later, Iruka looked surprised, and so was everyone in the class; even Shikamaru was slightly self-aware of what was happening in the class.

Naruto had answered every question that Iruka sensei threw at him, hell, even questions that the class hadn't learned yet. Iruka made a mental note not to underestimate Naruto and be honest, and he was impressed with what the kid knew.

"Well, now Mizuki will come here, and you will have an honour duel against each other", Iruka stated, and that grabbed the attention of everyone in the class. Even Shikamaru was fully awake now. Naruto wondered how good his friends were and if anyone around here was at his level, but he could feel that none of them had even High Genin Chakra.

But Naruto knew better than to underestimate them. Suddenly the door opened, revealing a man close to Iruka's age. White hair and a fake smile on his face. His face looked like a triangle to Naruto. His eyes turned to the class when he almost immediately noticed the redhead with whiskers on the front. He fought the urge to clench his teeth. So the rumours are true! The Demon has returned, Mizuka thought with a creepy smile.

Naruto could feel the negative emotions from the new guy, and he fought the urge to roll his eyes. He wondered if the teacher would try to do anything against him, but Naruto knew it didn't matter in the end. The man Mizuka had Low Chunin Chakra level.

They soon started leaving the class and going outside; Naruto noticed the brooding Uchiha was looking at him with a hint of irritation and curiosity. Naruto knew from Jiraiya-sensei that the Uchiha clan had been massacred from Itachi Uchiha; he felt pity for him and understood how it is to lose your clan.

They soon were outside; Iruka sensei turned his head to the class. "First, we will practice throwing shurikens", he stated with a stern voice.

Each of the students took turns at the target polls and the target dummies for the next hour.

Shino hit seven out of the ten targets points on the target poll and got three out of five target points on the first target dummy, four out of five on the second dummy, and four out of five again on the third.

Kiba hit five out of the ten target points on the target poll and got three out of five target points on the first target dummy, two out of five on the second dummy, and four on the third.

Hinata hit seven out of the ten target points on the target poll and got four out of five target points on the first target dummy, three out of five on the second dummy, and four again on the third.

Sakura hit one out of the ten target points, earning a look of disappointment from Iruka.

Ino hit three out of the ten; she looked proud with herself that she got three, and most importantly, she hit more than Sakura, who had a tick mark on her forehead.

Finally, the last students remaining were Sasuke and Naruto; Sasuke got all the targets points on the target poll at once, where he threw all ten of his Shurikens at once, where they all hit the targets points' on the target poll dead centre at roughly the same time. Upon seeing this, Sasuke's fangirls started to scream and cheer loudly at how their "Sasuke-Kun" was so fabulous and talented and that he was the best. Sasuke, for his part, ignored the girls screaming, while Naruto cringed at the screams, after which he shook his head in annoyance, as his mother warned him in her letter about the fangirl and to stay away from them.

He could also not help but be disappointed that all the girls in the class, minus Hinata, were fangirls, which went to show how far the Konoha Academy standards had fallen; he had thought that the girls in a Shinobi Village as big as Konoha would train like Fuu or Asha, but instead, he found the opposite, The Hidden Leaf Village is known as the strongest Village out of five big shinobi villages but to see this kind of behaviour made Naruto seriously question it. The next generation should be stronger than the last.

Naruto then turned to watch Sasuke as he then threw some more Shurikens at the target dummies, where he hit four out of five target points on all three target dummies. This, of course, resulted in more screams of joy from Sasuke's fangirls, much to Naruto's annoyance.

After Sasuke was finished with a slight smirk on his face, Naruto knew he didn't care to have the attention of useless fangirls but to see himself being better than the others made him smirk, thinking he was on top, Iruka then called Naruto up, Iruka handed him the shurikens. Naruto sighed and looked at the targets.

Many of the class were interested to see how the new guy does. Even Sasuke was slightly interested in seeing if he would be a loser or a challenge to compare himself with.

Taking a deep breath, Naruto threw all his shurikens with a single throw, and all of them landed; Making a perfect score, even better than Sasuke. All the girls gasped at what they saw, especially Ino, who couldn't help but notice that Naruto was better than 'Sasuke-Kun.

Shikamaru had a slight smirk, almost like he already knew the outcome; Choji had stopped eating. Kiba clenched his teeth, and it wasn't enough that Sasuke was better than him and stole all the attention, but now there's a second one.

Sasuke looked interested in what he saw. So he's strong; perhaps this Naruto wouldn't be a waste of time and could be an excellent rival to match myself with, Sasuke thought.

Iruka had his mouth wide open while Mizuki looked ready to burst into flames.

Getting over the shock, Iruka cleared his throat. "Excellent throw Naruto, you have a perfect score, 10 points; Sasuke is second place with 9 points" Iruka went on saying how many points each one had.

Soon after the throwing and aiming train, Iruka began the Taijutsu training, where he started to call out people in pairs and had them fight each other in Taijutsu to see how well their Taijutsu skills were.

For the next forty minutes, the students fought each other in Taijutsu, where some won and others lost; Naruto watched their fights, but most weren't really worth watching, but even still, there were a small few that were.

Some like Hinata's fight against Sakura, where Sakura attacked Hinata with her knowledge of basic Academy level Taijutsu and was easily defeated by Hinata, who used a gentle fist. Hitting the ground, Sakura looked up at Hinata. "Hey, what's your problem?" She asked since she had apparently messed her hair when she hit the ground.

Hinata just raised an eyebrow since this was a fight where they're supposed to Fight. Iruka shooked his head and called the next match.

Another was Choji against a student named Tajo, where he used his size and power to defeat Tajo. Naruto cheered for him, and so did Shikamaru.

The final one that was of noteworthy attention was Sasuke against another Academy student named Sando. Sasuke used his more advanced Taijutsu skill and training to overwhelm Sando completely and defeat him without too much trouble.

Finally came to Naruto's turn and his enemy was Kiba.

When he saw who he was fighting, he grinned, and a cocky smile was on his face looking at the redhead like a tomato in front of him that didn't look much.

"Now let's see how well you do against an alpha like me, tomato", Kiba taunted him and pointed his finger at him.

Naruto just raised an eyebrow. "Did you say something?" He asked that made Kiba's blood boil that a nobody like him was acting like he was superior to him.

Akamaru started barking at him, warning him that Naruto was stronger than even the teacher. Akamaru could feel a bit of the demonic chakra in Naruto, which made his tail go between his legs and started whining.

Kiba looked at him confused but then turned at Naruto. Iruka could only sigh at Kiba's behaviour. "Hajime" he shouted, and Kiba rushed at him with all his speed. His arms spread out, ready to hit his face with his fist.

Naruto suddenly disappeared from the view and was in front of Kiba, caughting him off guard; with a quick strike on his stomach, Kiba felt all his insides wanting to come out; he gasped and fell on his knees and threw out everything.

"Ho . . . How d. . . " he tried to ask.

"How did I do it? Well, you rushed at me completely open, and you practically screamed at me "ATTACK ME", and I did that", Naruto explained, looking down at him with a small smile; Kiba clenched his teeth before losing concussions.

Akamaru rushed at his owner and started licking his face. Everyone looked surprised from what they saw; even Shikamaru looked surprised, he knew Naruto was stronger, but this just proved that he was beyond stronger. He sighed. "This is troublesome", he whispered to himself, but Choji heard him.

"Did you see that?"

"Of course, he's Amazing."

"No, just Amazing, he's Handsome as sin."

The girls started talking to each other about how Naruto looked. He sighed, annoyed and walked back at the crowd.

Mizuki clenched his fist tightly; the Demon is strong, the council will know about this Demon, and this time we will kill you; he thought, furious that the demon brat was so strong.

Iruka looked impressed, but when he checked Kiba, he could see he wasn't hurt; he knew Naruto could have hurt him but didn't. That moment Iruka smiled at the kid and decided to see him as more than just the 'Demon Fox of The Hidden Leaf Village'.


Chapter Text


He slowly made his way towards his home, not that it really mattered. No one was waiting for him there, just an empty house full of loneliness. The first day was eventful.

After the training, many girls had started looking at him with literal stars in their eyes. Looking at him like he was a good piece of meat or something. That annoyed Naruto since he knew that none of them was taking the academy seriously, probably thinking that being a shinobi means you will be famous or that it is easy to be one.

Naruto didn't like that kind of girl, he was only eight years old, but he wanted a girl that if she was a kunoichi, was a strong one and took the job seriously. It had her dreams for the future and didn't let anyone control her, a girl that had ambitious for the future. Funny and maybe a bit hot-headed. . .

Naruto shooked his head and noticed the gaze of many villagers around. He wondered how long it would take for them to try and attack him again. Naruto still remembered that night well, and he would never let them harm him again.

During the academy, he had talked with Ino, who looked happy to see him again, but Naruto could see and literally feel her need to look behind. Naruto had glanced and noticed that she wanted to see the emo Uchiha sitting alone at his desk that was ignoring every living being around him.

'Naruto saw the emo and decided to see if he wanted to be a friend with him. After the hour was done, some students walked outside; the girls mostly depended on whether the 'COOL' Sasuke was staying or leaving the class.

Naruto ignored them and stood in front of his desk. The Uchiha noticed the redhead and turned his eyes at him.
"Do you want to come to sit with us?" Naruto suggested and point ed at where Shikamaru and Choji were sitting.

Sasuke grunted and gave him a glare that Naruto had just brushed off. "I don't need to spend time with you losers" , he replied with a cocky tone. Shikamaru and Choji didn't care about his words since they knew that Sasuke didn't care for anyone ; they told the same to Naruto when he suggested asking the emo if he wanted to sit with them.

Suddenly the air around Sasuke felt cold like ice ; even he felt a shiver through his whole body ; every fib re of his being was telling him that he had fucked it up.

Naruto slammed his hand on the desk that broke the desk like it was made of nothing but paper.

"Listen to me , you emo. I don't care what you say to me , but next time you talk like that , I will make sure that you know what it means to know Pain , " Naruto said with a promise. His voice was cold as winter, his whole body leaking KI enough to freeze Sasuke where he stood.

Everyone was silent around the class ; Kiba felt a cold sweat on his forehead. Shino's bugs could feel the massive amount of chakra in Naruto but what frightened them was the demonic chakra.

The fangirls of Sasuke wanted to yell at Naruto and protect their precious Sasuke- kun, but all the words had died on their throats. Ino , on the other hand , looked impressed by his amount of strength.

Naruto turned around and walked back to his desk as if nothing had happened.'

Naruto didn't feel sorry for saying that to the emo; if there was one thing he hated, it was the cocky bastards like him who see everyone else beneath him.

After that, Naruto got to know Shino, who actually talked smartly and Hinata.

She looked decent enough and didn't look like a fangirl, but she turned as red as his hair when he tried to talk to her; after that, Naruto walked back to his desk and spoke with Shikamaru and Choji.

Naruto wondered when toad-Jiji would return; he hoped soon. But at the same time, he wanted to surprise him; Naruto was working on a seal he hoped to impress him but would take a few months to complete it.

As he kept walking, he could feel the ANBU staying close, but one of them had a chakra that he recognised. He stooped, walked and turned his head up and looked at the ANBU at the top of the building.

"I know you're there", he shouted, making a few citizens around confused. An ANBU with a dog mask suddenly appeared in front of him. Naruto recognised his white hair and who could forget the mask under his ANBU mask.

Kakashi removed his ANBU mask and greeted his student when Naruto pointed the finger at him smiling.

"You're the Old Man", he shouted excitedly; Kakashi lowered his head in despair, clouds formed on top of him and started raining only at him, while his ANBU 'Friend' was busy lying on the floor and laughing her ass off.

"Old Man Kakashi, can't wait to tell the others", she yelled, still laughing. Kakashi only lowered his head even more. Naruto looked at him, not sure what to do. While Kakashi was murmuring something about a guy named . . . 'Guy?' Naruto wasn't sure what he meant but decided to cheer him up.

"I was only joking Kakashi-sensei, is good to see you again", Naruto quickly said. Kakashi slowly stood, and eye smiled at him.

"Just joking around, Naruto", he replied, smiling and turning to look at Naruto more closely. He had to admit that Naruto had grown quite a bit, and he couldn't help but notice the sword behind his back. That confused him slightly since he was sure that he didn't have the blade at the academy.

"I see you have grown up Naruto, is good to see my student again," he said with another eye smile. Naruto smiled back but noticed the orange book on his porch; he was sure that it was Jiraiya-sensei's book from the colour alone. Naruto remembered the first book that he gave him. It had a fantastic story, and apparently, his father had loved his first book, and he wondered what this one had a story like that.

"Kakashi sensei, can I borrow your book?" Naruto asked innocently and pointed at his book.

At that moment, Kakashi felt like he would burn in hell, he could feel the KI of his ANBU friend, and she despised his books and had tried many times to slice them with her Katana.

He put a hand behind his head and took a step back. "Hah . . . Hahaha ho . . . How do - why do you want it?" Kakashi asked, sweating, and his whole body was sweating. He hoped that Naruto was just curious.

"Jiraiya-sensei writes that book; I have seen him write it but never read it. Can I borrow it since the shops won't sell it to me," he said, smiling innocently at him. Kakashi felt all his blood leave his whole body, and his entire face turned pale like snow. But 'Fortunately?' His friend landed beside him and smiled at Naruto.

"That book is not for you, Naruto-kun; how about you go to Ichiraku-Ramen" she suggested with a soft tone. Naruto turned his attention to her and noticed her, Katana. He wondered how good was she since she was an ANBU but decided not to bother her since probably she had already her hands full with her job as an ANBU.

He nodded his head and decided to leave. "Alright, I hope to meet Kakashi-sensei and ANBU-sama again," he said and bowed his head respectfully and soon left by jumping from roof to roof.

Seeing him leave, Kakashi left out a sigh of relief. But then he turned his head slowly at his friend.
"If you Even Dare To Think TO HURT his INNOCENCE. I WILL Burn all your books in front of YOU," she promised with a tone that sent shivers of fear in his body.

He quickly raised his hands, trying to defend himself. "There's no need. He's still too young for them," he replied and talked a few steps back.

And decided to immediately leave and go after Naruto to see if anyone would bother him.


Paperwork after paperwork after paperwork after another pile of paperwork.

He was getting tired of this evil spawn. He just wanted to have some time to read his favourite book and relax. Was that TOO much to ask?

Apparently, it was when he saw the door opening and inside walked his former teammates.

Homura, Koharu and Danzo. He stopped his War with paperwork and prepared for his upcoming War. He thought that maybe that the actual Shinobi War was easier than dealing with paperwork and his teammates.

"Why weren't we informed that the Jinchuuriki has returned?" Danzo asked, looking down at the old Hokage. Sarutobi sighed and stood up. His form showed power despite his age; Danzo noticed it and took a step back, and so did Homura and Koharu.

"Mostly to avoid this exact same conversation, but yes Naruto has returned and has joined the academy", he replied, grabbing his pipe from the desk and smoking.

Danzo narrowed his eyes, and Homura took a step forward. "We have called for a meeting tomorrow morning; the council needs to know", she informed him and turned to leave.

Sarutobi felt another headache coming. "Oh no, we all know there's no reason to call for a meeting", he replied, hoping that Naruto being here would stay hidden for a while longer. Danzo smirked.

"Too late, Sarutobi, The Village needs to know." He stated, and they left the office, leaving him alone with his headache.


The council had gathered early in the morning, It was 9 AM, and everyone had arrived except the Hokage; the clan heads were there despite seeing this meeting as pointless. The Civil part of the council discussed with each other since not all of them knew what was happening.

The door suddenly opened to reveal Sarutobi walking inside, his face dead serious and showing authority.

Everyone stood up until he sat in his chair, followed by everyone else. The Hokage was about to start this 'time wasting' meeting when a civil decided to speak up.

"What is that I heard that the Demon has Returned?! I thought we killed the Demon," he shouted, demanding answers when he felt everything became cold.

Sarutobi had enough of this. "Civil Ogura, do you need to be reminded that I'm the Hokage here, not you" he spoke with a tone that frightened everyone in the council. Even Danzo felt a shiver on his body.

The civil sat down and kept quiet. Hiruzen turned to look at his teammates. "Why did you call this meeting for?" He demanded; the others were focused since they wanted to know why this meeting was called so early.

Danzo cleared his throat, grabbing everyone's attention. "This council is gathered to announce that Uzumaki Naruto has returned to the village and has joined the Academy," he said out loud for everyone to hear.

Shikaku smiled hearing this; of course, Shikamaru had told him yesterday after arriving from the academy that Naruto-kun had returned. He wondered how training for four years with Jiraiya-sama had shaped the boy.

Inoichi was happy to hear that since Ino had informed him last night about his return. Even Choza was delighted for it despite not being sure at the beginning that it would be safe to have kids around him.

Hiashi Hyuga kept an emotionless face but was slightly happy to hear about the son of Minato.

Tsume Inuzuka smirked from ear to ear; she always hated the civil council for celebrating the death of a Kid.

It didn't take long, and the civil council was in an uproar, and one of them stood up with his hands slammed in the table.

"I thought We KILLED THAT DEMON. . . " everyone saw his head rolling in the ground like a rock. The blood flew everywhere, and everyone in the civil council was shocked, and Sarutobi released his KI at Maximum. That made all of them see visions of the same death. Even the clan heads were having a hard time to breath.

Sarutobi stopped his KI, and silence took over the room; it felt like no one was there. The cloak could be heard ticking; even the bugs around Shibi Aburame's face were making sound enough to be heard around the room.

After a few minutes without anyone talking, Sarutobi took a deep breath in his pipe.

"Before you have any thoughts, Jiraiya himself had warned me not to hurt Naruto", Sarutobi warned and looked around the council to see if anyone wanted to speak again.

"This Meeting has Ended", he announced and stood up and left the room.

Danzo clenched his teeth and hands and looked at Sarutobi as he was leaving. You think you won this round, Sarutobi, but even the demon brat can't do anything against my weapons. Once he's mine, I will have everything left by the fourth Hokage, and the Kyuubi will be Mine, he thought and left the council ready to talk with his loyal weapons.


She had been training in her Kenjutsu for hours now. She moved her sword like she was dancing in water, her long red hair flying with the wind, shining from the light of the sun high in the sky. She grabbed her sword tightly before swinging at the tree in front of her. The swing was strong enough to slice five trees; she saw them falling in the ground. Their leaves fell all around her.

She took a deep breath and looked at her work, her Kenjutsu had advanced since Naruto had left, but she had slacked off a little in her Fuinjutsu. She was still in Level V, but Asha wasn't in any hurry; right now, she wanted to perfect her Kenjutsu and her Elemental Manipulation. She had left a clone to train in Elemental Manipulation; since she had only two and had High Water Affinity, she first had started to work in Water Manipulation.

She needed less time than Naruto, who had four of them or Fuu, who had three. Thinking about the redhead, she felt sad. Just the thought of him saddened her; he's my family. She thought with a smile on her face. The same was for Fuu.

Asha couldn't wait to meet him again and wondered how would he look like when he grew up, she thought, her fingers playing with her hair. With a slight blush on her face, she closed her eyes and put the sword back to its scabbard.

Her mind went to the Phoenix Contract, Naruto had told her about it, and she wondered if she could find it anywhere. But one thing she remembered from Jiraiya-sama. He had told them the story of how he had ended up with the toad contract. Apparently, he had tried to do the summoning jutsu without having a contract but instead, he ended up in Mount Myoboku.

She put the finger on her chin and decided that it was worth a try, she quickly used her small kunai to cut her index finger, made all the necessary hand signs, and slammed her hand on the ground, but nothing happened. She raised her eyebrow and waited a few minutes, but nothing happened. She shrugged her shoulders and decided to go with her day.

The day slowly ended. Ashara was lying in her bed, in Fuu's house. Her friend slept in another bed next to her's; Fuu had spent the whole day training her Wind Manipulation. Ashara slowly closed her eyes to sleep.

She opened her eyes to see herself . . . falling, her body spread and falling in the ground below. She was higher than she had ever been before.

It seemed as though she had been falling for years.

Fly, a voice whispered in the darkness, but Ashara did not know how to fly, so all she could do was fall.

The ground was so far below her she could barely make it out through the grey mists that whirled around her, but she could feel how fast she was falling, and she knew what was waiting for her down there. Even in dreams, you could not fall forever. She would wake up in the instant before she hit the ground, she knew.

You always woke up in the instant before you hit the ground.

And if you don't? The voice asked.

The ground was closer now, still far, far away, a thousand miles away, but closer than it had been. It was cold here in the darkness. There was no sun, no stars, only the ground below coming up to smash her, and the grey mists, and the whispering voice. She wanted to cry.

Not cry. Fly.

"I can't fly," Ashara said. "I can't. I can't . . . "

How do you know? Have you ever tried?

The voice was high and thin. Asha looked around to see where it was coming from. A red bird was spiralling down with her, just out of reach, following her as she fell. She had a long red tail behind her, and her wings looked to be made of red flames. "Help me," she said.

I'm trying, the Bird replied.

"Are you really a bird?" Ashara asked.

Are you really falling? The Bird asked back.

"It's just a dream," Ashara said.

Is it? Asked the Bird.

"I'll wake up when I hit the ground," Ashara told the Bird.

You'll die when you hit the ground, the Bird said. It went back to looking at the ground below.

Ashara looked down. She could see mountains now, their peaks white with snow, and the silver thread of rivers in dark woods. She closed her eyes and began to cry.

That won't do any good, the Bird said. I told you, the answer is flying, not crying. How hard can it be? I'm doing it. The Bird took to the air and flapped around Ashara's hand.

"You have wings," Asha pointed out.

Maybe you do too.

Asha felt along her shoulders, groping for feathers.

There are different kinds of wings, the Bird said.

Ashara was staring at her arms, her legs. She was so skinny; just skin stretched taut over bones. Had she always been so thin? She tried to remember. A face swam up at her out of the grey mist, shining with light and darkness. "You said You wouldn't let any of your friends Die. Look around You," it said.

Ashara screamed.

The Bird took to the air, cawing. Not that, it shrieked at her. Forget that; you do not need it now; put it aside, put it away. It landed on Ashara shoulder and pecked at her, and the shining dark face was gone.

Ashara was falling faster than ever. The grey mists howled around her as she plunged toward the earth below. "What are you doing to me?" She asked the Bird, tearful.

I am teaching you how to fly.

"I can't fly!"

You're flying right now.

"I'm falling!"

Every flight begins with a fall, the Bird said. Look down.

"I'm afraid . . . "


Asha looked down and felt her insides turn to water. The ground was rushing up at her now. The whole world was spread out below her, a tapestry of white and brown and green. She could see everything so clearly that for a moment, she forgot to be afraid. She could see the whole world and everyone in it.

She saw The Hidden Leaf as the eagles see it, the tall towers looking squat and stubby from above, the walls just lines in the dirt. The faces of the old Hokage are carved in the mountain.

She saw Naruto in an empty field alone, surrounded by hatred and despair. She wanted to cry when she saw her friend alone; she saw a giant shadow slowly rising behind Naruto; the shadow had strange purple eyes with dark rings. The shadow gradually thinned; the strange purple eyes smashed together and became one single eye, but instead, there were three tomoes in each circle. The shadow looked different, and ten tails slowly spread behind him.

Asha saw Naruto slowly turning to look at her, but one eye was blue, but the white part of the eye had changed to dark like a void, and the other eye still looked normal. His face was half dead and half alive. His kind eye was crying tears of happiness, the other crying frozen tears of despair.

It felt Ashara watching; it lifted its eyes from the still waters and stared back at her knowingly.

She looked east and saw mountains kissing the sky, reaching beyond anyone had ever reached before, at the top of the highest mountain, a girl crying tears of lies and love.

She looked at the village hidden in the mist, a boy sitting alone in the room, his eyes crying the Pain inside his heart. But his shadow was that of a man with a Sharingan, a smile on the shadow man's face.

She looked around and saw a boy holding in his shoulders the Pain of loss of loved ones, the hatred of a lie, and the love of a girl that loved him until the end. His Sharingan shone like fire in the darkness.

She lifted her eyes and saw clear, a magnificent village now in ruins, once was what known for peace and understanding, now left in nothing but Ash and Death.

Now you know, the Bird whispered as it sat on her shoulder. Now you know why you must live.

"Why?" Ashara said, not understanding, falling, falling.

Asha looked at the Bird on her shoulder, and the Bird looked back. It had two eyes, one red full of blood and the other dark full of darkness. Asha looked down. There was nothing below her now but snow and cold and death,

Now, Ashara, the crow urged. Choose. Fly or die.

Death reached for her, screaming.

Ashara spread his arms and flew.

Wings unseen drank the wind and filled and pulled her upward. The terrible needles of ice receded below her. The sky opened up above. Asha soared. It was better than training. It was better than anything. The world grew small beneath her.

"I'm flying!" She cried out in delight.

The Bird landed on her shoulder, and his eyes looked at her before poking her forehead. She felt Pain and fire in her forehead.

Fly, Fly like Fire, Raise from The Ashes. The Bird whispered.

Find Me, Find Us in The Place Where the Sun never Shines. Where the Forgotten Rest. The Bird said before his whole body engulfed in red flames. His wings, his legs, his chest, his head, and his eyes. Everything became fire before taking the sky and went to her forehead like a burning arrow.

Ashara screamed in Pain; the burning feeling spread all over her body, her forehead felt like it would split. Her body became fire, red lines spreading all over her body. Her legs, her arms, her chest, and her head. The flames slowly disappeared, and the lines slowly retreated back. The fire in her forehead died down, and left was an empty red circle with a slighter darker circle inside.

Ashara felt her body go limp, her eyes closing on her own.

That night Ashara kept sleeping, but her forehead slowly started shining in the darkness of the night. A small red circle slowly appeared on her forehead, and a smaller, darker one inside the first circle. The light died down, but the rings stood there.


Chapter Text


The silence of the forest around was relaxing, but Jiraiya of the Sannin had to meet someone. He dropped his pen and stood up on his feet. His face, usually funny and joking, now was Serious and made him look like a real Shinobi.

He closed his eyes for a second before opening them again. In front of him now stood a Man wearing Black Cloak with red Clouds. His hair had grown a bit, but his Sharingan could clearly be seen. His face looked emotionless to anyone, but Jiraiya could see right through his mask.

Sometimes he still wondered how he could even stay sane after what he was forced to do. When Sarutobi Sensei had informed him of the real reason why The Uchiha Clan was massacred, Jiraiya didn't believe it; they would be so foolish. Even if somehow, by some miracle, they would take over the Village, both sides would take heavy losses, in that point would be like inviting Kumo or Iwa to conquer The Hidden Leaf Village.

Jiraiya clenched his fist and had a fighting position if something happened out of the ordinary.

"Jiraiya-sama is good to meet you again, but I don't have time to stay," Itachi said respectfully before throwing a scroll at Jiraiya. He grabbed it and quickly sealed it away.

"Something else?" Jiraiya asked with a serious tone, his tone firm.
"The Leader has the Rinnegan", Itachi informed him, and Jiraiya took a step back. His eyes widened, his face filled with different thoughts, and he didn't know what to think.

"His location?" Jiraiya asked quickly, wondering where this 'Leader' stayed. If Itachi knew, perhaps Jiraiya could pay him a little visit and see for himself if this one was his old student or someone who had stolen his eyes.

Itachi shooked his head in denial, much to Jiraiya's disappointment. But he quickly got over it and told him to leave before they understood that he had left.

Itachi quickly turned into crows and flew away. Jiraiya just stood there, not knowing what to think of all this. Nagato, is that really you? But Why? He had many questions and no answers to any of them.

He had always regretted not taking his students with him to the Hidden Leaf Village; they would be safer there. Jiraiya knew Nagato's Rinnegan would be hard to hide, especially from people like Danzo or Orochimaru, who would kill to have it. But still, perhaps they would be safer there than in Rain Village.

Jiraiya thought perhaps his students were still in Hidden Rain Village, but that possibly was slim. The Hidden Rain village was still under Hanzo The Salamander, and he was an excellent shinobi that managed to wipe the floor with all three Sannin when they were at their peak. He knew he could walk in and possibly search if they were there, but if he weren't there, he would waste his time and possibly risk his life. Jiraiya knew he didn't have time to search around for him, and he still needed to keep an eye on Orochimaru and the villages around Hidden Leaf.

Iwa hated the Village with a burning passion right now, but they still were recovering from their huge losses against Minato. Jiraiya had received letters saying that apparently the older man Ohnoki didn't really crave for Vengeance, or maybe he had gotten soft.

When it came to Kumo, their attempt to kidnap Hinata Hyuga had spread around, and that put them in a wrong spot; many lands that usually hired Kumo Shinobis had either started hiring shinobi or different villages or not hiring at all. Not every land liked to hire shinobi from a village that would go so low that they would try to do something like that. Acts like that were looked at as Horrific, and Many people didn't want to have any connection with that kind of Shinobis. The lands around Kumo, of course, would continue hiring them, but the lands outside the Lighting Land were having second guesses.

Then his mind went to Kiri; the Village was in a Civil War. The kind and gentle Mizukage had suddenly ordered all the people with a Bloodline to be executed with no exceptions; he wondered why the sudden change towards his people. Jiraiya didn't need to be a genius to conclude that he was under a Genjutsu, but the thought that someone could control a Mizukage and not mention the said Mizukage was a Jinchuuriki.

His mind then went to Nagato. He sighed in annoyance and a hint of sadness, and he didn't know which could be worse. Someone had stolen Nagato's Rinnegan for himself, or Nagato himself was the Leader of the Akatsuki. Jiraiya wasn't sure which one was worse.

Jiraiya looked down at the scroll Itachi gave him; he opened it and read the information provided to him.

'I Don't know the identity of the Leader; I have seen him only twice and only see him through a jutsu that made him look like a shadow. I can't tell how he looks except his Rinnegan.

My partner is Kisame Hoshigaki ; his strongest weapon is his Sword, Samehada , that can absorb the Chakra of the Enemy. Kisame mention ed that he could absorb Bijuu Chakra too ; I'm not sure about Sage Chakra.

Jiraiya put the finger on his chin; the sword looked quite helpful, but he doubted that he could absorb Sage Chakra. It would take lots of training and time to use Sage Chakra without turning to Stone. Hell, Jiraiya himself couldn't use it without the help of Ma and Pa.

' I haven't seen anyone else from the Organization except I know Orochimaru is in the Akatsuki. I can't send information for a long time. We will move to test Jinchuuriki after five years and start capturing them after 8 Years.'

Jiraiya finished the letter and set it on fire, and he wondered if Naruto would be strong enough to fight them when they came after him. He hoped that he would be. When it came to how strong he was, Jiraiya knew Naruto was strong, hell if he used One Tail Chakra Cloak and without weights, he was sure that Naruto would be strong. Maybe Medium Jonin Level, but he doubted it.

And Orochimaru in the Akatsuki?! Jiraiya never thought his former teammate would ever accept to be part of a group, but he was sure he was there to try and steal The Rinnegan or possibly The Sharingan of Itachi.

Jiraiya then thought about Tsunade; he got information that he was in the Land of Tea. He put his things back in his bag and returned to his Journey to find Tsunade.

Three Weeks Later

The Village in front of him wasn't a big one but was an excellent place to stay, and not that many bandits around. Land of Tea always hired Shinobi of Hidden Leaf Village to protect them whenever they needed help.

Jiraiya reached a tea restaurant and walked inside; he looked around and saw his 'Friend' and sat close to him, not giving him any eye contact.

The man making the tea was an older man who looked kind. "What tea can I give you?" He asked kindly; Jiraiya glanced at his eyes and could tell this was a veteran probably.

"I want a cup of Leaf Tea", Jiraiya ordered, and the old man nodded his head before walking away and started preparing the tea.

The 'Friend' close to him passed him a blank letter before getting up and leaving the tea restaurant. He left a few coins to pay for his tea on the table.

Jiraiya quickly sealed the letter on his seal under his sleeve. The older man returned and gave him the cup of tea; Jiraiya took a sip and couldn't help but notice that was probably the best tea he had ever tested.

"Delicious Tea, I'm sure you have a lot of work", Jiraiya praised him. The older man smiled and was a genuine smile.

"Thank you is not every day that I have a man like you come to my restaurant. A cup of tea is an extraordinary thing," the old man said kindly as he poured him another cup of tea.

"I see you have struggled with yourself," he said, sitting on the other side of the table. Jiraiya raised his eyebrows and wondered how he knew.

"Just ghosts of my past", Jiraiya replied, drinking tea again.

"I know how is like to be tormented by the past; my son died young, before his time. And me, I'm old and still standing. One thing I know about failures is that they're opportunities to start again but wiser," he said and walked away.

Jiraiya thought about what he said and wondered if he was doing what was right. He wasn't there when Minato needed him most, but now Naruto.

Jiraiya thought of him; he thought of his smile, his eyes determined, full of love and determination. Like a True Kage should be.

"I'm going to Rebuild my Home ; I'm going to build a Village that no one would ever be harmed or looked down on. A village that anyone can Call Home . "

Jiraiya remembered Naruto's word; closing his eyes, he remembered Minato.

"You're my Teacher, and I know no one better to be the godfather of my Son . "

Jiraiya smiled and stood on his legs; he left twice the coins needed for payment and walked to the door.

He soon left and decided to see his teammate. It had been a long time since he had last seen her.


He saw a casino close to him, he knew she must be there, he had already checked every restaurant that sells saki, but she wasn't in any of them.

His hands went to his pocket and looked at the photo he had with Naruto. He smiled and took all his courage to walk inside. His eyes soon saw a blond woman playing in a machine; close to her stood a woman with dark hair who looked concerned and holding a pig in her hands.

Jiraiya slowly reached her and decided to let her know of his presence. "You know some things change, but some never change Tsunade," he said with a slight smirk on his face.

Tsunade stopped playing and turned her head to look at Jiraiya. The woman close to her, who Jiraiya knew was Shizune, looked surprised and slightly nervous.

"What are you doing here, Jiraiya? Can't you see I'm trying to win" Tsunade shouted, annoyed but slightly happy to see her teammate, but he didn't need to know the last part.

Jiraiya laughed at her response. "Oh please, the day you win is not a day I'm looking forward to", he replied since he knew her luck in gambling was known everywhere. That's why some had called her 'The Legendary Sucker'.

"But I'm here to offer you a drink," He said smiling. Tsunade raised her eyebrow but then just shrugged her shoulders and decided to follow him behind. A free saki was an opportunity she wouldn't let slip.

Reaching a restaurant, they sat, and Tsunade immediately ordered saki; Shizune just ordered a glass with water, and Jiraiya ordered the same. The orders arrived, and Tsunade drank a glass with one go, filled another one, and turned her head at Jiraiya.

"So why are you here, Jiraiya? If you want me to return to the Village, my answer is No," she said determinedly.

Jiraiya sighed sadly, looking at the woman, how she was before. He shooked his head and just decided to be blunt. "No, I'm here to ask why you aren't keeping your promise to Kushina," he said harshly, and gone was the humorous tone.

The mention of Kushina's name made Tsunade break the glass, and her whole body filled with sadness and then with Rage. She looked at her teammate with fury; Shizune noticed her eyes and hoped she wouldn't do anything drastic.

"What ARE YOU SAYING, JIRAIYA? The Child Died Just like Every Precious Person in my Life," she shouted and trying to hold back the tears. Jiraiya didn't even flinch from her tone and just took his photo with Naruto and reached it out for her to grab.

Tsunade noticed the photo and quickly grabbed it to see Jiraiya with . . . A Kid??!!

She closed her eyes tightly before opening them again to look at the photo again. She noticed his red hair, exactly like Kushina's. She thought and looked at his eyes, his whiskers, his spiky hair like Minato's. His blue eyes are like an ocean, but most importantly, his smile. It was her smile.

She felt her heart beating in her throat; her breath quickened, just like when she lost him. His blood in her hands.

She shooked her head and looked at the photo again, but she could see it as clear as day. Tears slowly started rolling down her cheek, her hands holding the picture tightly as life depended on it. She was biting her lower lip to the point of drawing blood.

"I'm sorry , but he didn't Survive ; his Chakra was abnormal. I'm sorry , Tsunade-sama . "

Tsunade remembered the cursed words very well.

She looked at the photo again. His red hair and blue eyes.



Chapter Text


Explosion, another failed Seal. Naruto couldn't understand what he was doing wrong. He was trying to create a new seal and wondered what toad-Jiji would think about it, but the seal kept exploding in his face, almost like it was mocking him.

He sighed and started drawing again and trying to understand what he was doing wrong. He kept drawing slowly and carefully, almost afraid that it would break. Today was Sunday and a free day from Academy. Naruto had created many clones to start practising his new Fire Jutsu.

Another 100 clones practice Wood Style, but Naruto always made sure to put a barrier seal and Chakra Detection Seal around to ensure no one could see what he was doing. Second, the seal prevented his Chakra from being detected by anyone outside the seal.

Naruto knew he could get a clone to try and make the new seal, but he wanted to do it himself, despite the seal exploding in his face over and over again.

It had been three weeks since he arrived in the Hidden Leaf Village. The news of his arrival had spread like wildfire, but surprisingly no one tried to attack him, but Naruto could feel their negative emotions from a mile away.

Naruto just ignored them and kept on with his training; during the three weeks, he mostly spent his time with Shikamaru and Choji; he had a few talks with Shino, who sounded smart. Kiba had avoided him at all cost; Hinata, on the other hand, blushed every time he was close.

Ino had a few talks with him and even went with him and Shikamaru and Choji to eat in a restaurant.

Sasuke had kept quiet since he destroyed his desk, but one thing Naruto understood was that he spent all the time training. He understood that Emo had lost his family, but it wouldn't be bad to try and have some friends and not shut yourself from the rest of the world.

Naruto escaped his thoughts when he finished the first step of the seal; he applied Chakra to it and 'Exploded' on his face again. Naruto was thrown across the room and hit the wall. He sighed sadly and slowly stood up on his legs.

"Maybe you should wait until the toad comes back ; after all, he's a master in Fuinjutsu" , Kurama suddenly said , getting bored of healing Naruto's body over and over again.

"I know that, but I would want to surprise him and complete the seal on my own", Naruto replied and fixing his broken chair with Wood Style.

"There's no shame in needing help ; only a fool thinks that he can do everything on his own" , Kurama replied , crossing his legs and resting his head on his paws.

Naruto thought about it and decided to try a few more times; if he couldn't complete the first step until tomorrow, he would wait until Toad-Jiji returned.

He took a deep breath and decided to clear his head outside; perhaps the sun and the songs of the Forest would clear his mind.

Walking outside, he soon reached the training yard. He stayed on his knees and started practising his chakra control to a new level. His legs crossed above Water, holding multiple leaves on his body and using One Tail Worth of Chakra of Kurama. His clones made a seal so Kurama's Chakra wouldn't be felt outside the seal and give the villagers extra reasons to be afraid and hate him.

His whiskers grew, and his eyes turned red, his hair grew spikier, and a tail slowly grew behind his back. Kurama said that he needed this kind of Chakra Control Exercise to make it easier when he tries Two Tails or more.

"You're doing well , Naruto," Kurama said , but then he noticed the trees growing all around Naruto, almost like protecting him.

Naruto kept his focus on his exercise, and while he trained, someone was coming to The Hidden Leaf Village. . .

It was a typical and peaceful day in Konoha. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there was a nice, calm, gentle breeze coming in from the west.

At the main gate of this currently tranquil shinobi village were two Konoha chunin who was happily relaxing in their assigned post. Taking advantage of the serenity surrounding them, they enjoyed it all by leaning back on the two rear legs of their chairs and resting their feet on the desk of the entrance booth.

"Ah, this is the life, isn't it?" said one of the chunin, enjoying the huge lack of traffic going in or out of their Village.

"Yeah, nothing to do but relax, enjoy the sun, and let life pass you by slowly," said the other with a content sigh.

The first guard barely opened his eyes from their closed position to stare at a passing cloud. "True, but I would still give a lot for something interesting to happen," he pondered.

"You know the old saying, 'Be careful about what you wish for because you just might ge-'" the second started but immediately stopped when he felt the ground shake beneath him and nearly fell from his chair.

When he regained his bearings and opened his eyes, he saw something that made him pale and freeze with fear...

Senju Tsunade was back in Konoha after so long...and she was stomping towards them like some wrathful giant.

For every step she took, the ground would crack in small spiderweb-like patterns, leaving a vengeful trail behind her. As she headed towards them, they could practically see a black aura emanate around her that spoke of slow, agonising pain and death. But the thing that freaked the two chunin out the most was the disturbing red Fire in her eyes that would have sent even the bravest and mightiest kage level shinobi running for the hills.

Scurrying behind Tsunade was a young teenage girl with short black hair carrying a small piglet in her arms. She seemed to be trying and failing to calm down her vengeful master with her unheard and frantic words, but they looked to be for nought. And behind her was the long white hair of Jiraiya of The Sannin, who had a big smirk on his face and didn't look to mind Tsunade's current Mood, Maybe for the first time in his life.

As she, Jiraiya, and Tsunade passed by the chunin, they saw that they stayed on the main path heading towards the Hokage tower. They also could've sworn they heard Tsunade saying something about killing some poor old bastard along with all the different ways she was going to do it. As her form disappeared and joined the general populace in the distance, the two trained soldiers of Konoha quickly broke out of their stupors.

The second chunin paused before saying, "Didn't I tell you to be careful what you wish for?"

The first just nodded dumbly and said, "Who do you think pissed her off that much to come back here?"

"I don't know...but may Kami have mercy on his soul for Tsunade-sama will not,"

Both men shivered at the thought of what the famed Senju kunoichi would do to her unfortunate target and began to silently pray for the man who was about to painfully enter the next life at the hands of a vengeful Slug Princess.

They could only imagine what would've also happened if they had asked her to sign in the logbook.

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi finally finished his Last Paperwork for Today; he took a deep breath and sighed in relief, it had been three weeks and no incidents about Naruto, and most importantly, he could finally continue his Favorite Book! What Could Go Wrong Now?

He was about to open his secret drawer, but then he heard a loud noise coming from the corridor and a massive KI that could almost rival that of Sarutobi. His eyes widened at the familiar KI, and the screams started just as he had predicted.

The ANBU's around his Office were getting nervous. Before Hiruzen could actually try and do something, he heard a loud scream.

"I DON'T Care if HE's BUSY, He Will have Plenty of Time to REST ONCE I'm Done WITH HIM" the scream was heard from a very familiar person that Hiruzen didn't expect to hear anytime soon and, from what he was hearing, probably would be better not to hear anytime soon.

The door burst open, and An ANBU flew and hit his body against the wall. Sarutobi glanced at the unconscious ANBU and wondered if it would be better to just lose Consciousness like him and just pretend all this is a bad dream, a terrible dream.

He turned to the exact source of the screams, and in front of him stood Tsunade, who looked to have a dark aura; Sarutobi now understood why not that many people liked the job of the Kage.

For a moment, he thought she was using Amaterasu somehow for the dark aura around her that looked like dark flames.

His Brave ANBU suddenly stood in between her and him, their weapons ready, but two of his ANBU were already having second guesses of what exactly were they trying to do.

"Tsunade-Sama, please Calm Down, we can Discuss. . ." He was interrupted whatever he was trying to say when Tsunade cracked her knuckles.

Hiruzen felt cold sweat on his face when he noticed Jiraiya behind Tsunade, but he looked calm, almost like he was enjoying what was happening, maybe for the first time in his life, Tsunade's anger wasn't directed at him.

Tsunade looked at the mini Shinobis in front of her before her strength cracked the floor; the ANBU took a step back.

"I Give You ONE CHANCE, LEAVE NOW" Tsunade yelled and pointed the finger at the nearest Window of the Office. The ANBU exchanged looks between each other before leaving through the Window.

"Cowards", Hiruzen murmured under his breath but at the same time wanted to jump from the Window like that. He raised his hands, trying to ease the tension, sweat rolling down his face like a waterfall.

"Tsunade is goo . . . Aahh" he was interrupted when Tsunade grabbed him by his collar and brought his face closer to hers. Her eyes were like Fire, almost burning Hiruzen.

The old Hokage was sure that if looks could kill, he would be ash right now.

"Cut The Crap Hiruzen, Tell ME WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME ABOUT NARUTO-Kun?" She screamed and slammed him in his Hokage chair, almost breaking the chair along with him.

Hiruzen tried to catch his breath, but he had a confused look on his face. He turned to look at Tsunade again.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Tsunade, but I never told you or sent any letters saying that Naruto had died", Hiruzen stated with a more serious tone and slightly higher tone.

Tsunade took a step back, not understanding, the ANBU had stated that Naruto-kun was born with abnormal Chakra because of Kyuubi. They even showed her the body of Naruto.

She clenched her fist so hard that blood started slowly falling on the floor; everyone in the office noticed the drops of blood.

"What Do You Mean? An ANBU of yours showed me Naruto-kun," Tsunade asked, not understanding what was happening, but she swore she would get at the bottom of this.

This time Hiruzen got even more confused while Jiraiya already knew what Tsunade was talking about since she had explained to him what had happened after the Kyuubi attack.

"I didn't send you any ANBU Tsunade when I wanted to inform you that Naruto-kun was alright, you had already left the village, and couldn't find you anywhere" Sarutobi started thinking of who could have possibly lied to Tsunade until he remembered his old 'Teammate?'.

He sighed and decided to deal with this a bit later, once everything was cleared here.

Tsunade felt her anger rising; she knew her Sensei would never lie for something like this; she still trusted him despite not being in Konoha for almost nine years.

But the question remained. 'Who Could have Fooled her? And Why?' Tsunade didn't know who but already had a few thoughts of who could have done it. She thought about the three elders, and especially that rotten Hawk Danzo.

Taking a deep breath and trying to calm down, she looked at her Sensei again, who looked deep in thoughts.

"Where's Naruto?" She asked, No, demanding to know where he was. Sarutobi escaped his thoughts and turned his eyes at Tsunade again.

"Today is Sunday, so he's probably in his house or the training yard", Sarutobi replied and sure that Naruto would be in the training yard.

Tsunade nodded her head before turning at Jiraiya, leaning against the wall, with his arms crossed.

"Well, take me to him", she shouted at him; he nodded his head and left with her, this time through the door. Shizune quickly followed them behind, still keeping quiet about the whole thing.

Sarutobi, on the other hand, was deep in thoughts; he needed to talk with the damn Danzo. He snapped his fingers, and an ANBU showed up in front of him; the ANBU was wearing a dark Mask that looked like a Ghost. Unlike the others, he had no eye holes in the mask to see.

"Tell Danzo to come here", he ordered; the ANBU spoke no words and left as soon as he appeared.


He was leading Tsunade to the training yard. He thought that Naruto would be there, they checked, Well they tried to check his house. Jiraiya put the hand on the handle just for it to electrocute him and throw him to the nearest wall.

Tsunade had laughed at him, Jiraiya then had blocked the seal and opened the door just for it to put him in a Genjutsu, and a Jutsu activated that sent a fireball towards them, all three of them dodged quickly. Thankfully the fireball was a small one and had disappeared in the air without harming anyone.

Jiraiya made a mental note to never go inside Naruto's house without an invite. After that, they had quietly and slowly walked inside, but Jiraiya could tell that the brat wasn't inside.

After that, they left to look at the training yard, He could tell that Tsunade was impressed with Naruto's ability in Fuinjutsu, but Jiraiya wasn't sure how she would react to his Wood Style and that he held no love for the Village.

Jiraiya knew Naruto didn't hate the Village, but he neither loved it; no, he loved his homeland, and Jiraiya knew he would one day leave to rebuild his destroyed Home.

Reaching the training yard, Jiraiya immediately noticed the barrier seal and the excellent camouflage, and he smiled, impressed by his Fuinjutsu.

He pointed the finger at the barrier, with a hand sign the camouflage disappeared, showing the barrier and inside was Naruto in Chakra cloak one tail, trees had grown all around him. Jiraiya couldn't detect Chakra coming from the barrier; at least he knew Kyuubi's Chakra would not be felt around the Village.

While Tsunade looked at her godson with her eyes widened, Jiraiya had informed her that Naruto knew about the Kyuubi, his parents and that he apparently had a good friendship with the Kyuubi. She couldn't understand how he could have a friendship with the demon that killed his parents.

But what caught her by surprise was the trees around Naruto, almost like they were protecting him.

Before anyone could say anything, Naruto opened his eyes, and the chakra cloak slowly disappeared; his eyes, whiskers, and nails slowly turned normal. His red hair turned normal.

He had noticed that his toad-Jiji had arrived with two new people he hadn't felt before, but what caught his attention was that the Chakra of one of them was slightly similar to his. He had asked for a long time his connection with the Senju Clan, and perhaps his godmother had the answers.

He stood on his legs and noticed the trees around him, the leaves around him had burned to ash since whenever he used Kurama's Chakra, his Fire Affinity was more dominant than his other affinities.

He slowly walked in front of who he knew was Tsunade-sama, his godmother. He didn't recognise the woman beside her. Naruto was about to open his mouth and greet her, but he was interrupted when she grabbed him and hugged him as life depended on it.

Naruto's eyes widened, and he quickly hugged her back and heard her sobbing. "Naruto-Kun, you're ALIVE. You are Here," she said, not believing her eyes. Naruto smiled and felt happiness in his entire body.

After a minute of hugging, Tsunade slowly pushed back to look at him. "Let me look at you," she said with a soft tone and looking at his face from every angle. She couldn't help but notice Minato on his face.

"You're so handsome; I'm sure every girl in the Academy looks at you," she said, smiling. Naruto blushed in embarrassment and lowered his head. Tsunade laughed at his behaviour.

Naruto then turned to look at toad-Jiji, "Toad-Jiji is good to see you", Naruto greeted him. Jiraiya smiled but decided to mess with him. "Oh really? I saw how happy you are with the traps you had left on your doorstep; who knows how many you left inside the house" Jiraiya joking and rubbing his head behind his head.

Naruto laughed. "If I knew you would come, I would have deactivated them", he replied. Tsunade laughed at the nickname.

Naruto then turned to the third person. "My name is Naruto, miss. . . " "My name is Shizune, and this one here is our pig, Ton-Ton," Shizune said.

"Naruto-Kun, how about we go and eat something?" Tsunade suggested and made a mental note to ask Jiraiya later about the Mokuton ability of Naruto.

The redhead nodded in agreement and decided to go to Ichiraku Ramen.

They soon reached the Ichiraku Ramen; walking inside, Naruto could feel the delicious smell around the air. He sat, and Tsunade decided to sit close to him.

Ayame noticed Naruto first and immediately walked up to them, "Naruto-Kun is good to see you again", she said, smiling and hugging Naruto.

She then noticed the blond woman and Jiraiya-sama. She quickly bowed her head in respect. "Is it good to have you here, Jiraiya-sama and Tsunade-sama?" she said respectfully.

"No need for that, three bowls with Ramen and one Big Special Ramen", Jiraiya ordered. Tsunade wondered who the big Ramen was for but remembered Kushina, and she realised that Naruto loved Ramen as much as his mother.

"So Naruto-kun tell me, how are you doing in the Village? Have you made any friends?" She asked, knowing how Jinchuurikis were usually treated.

Naruto frowned slightly but quickly changed it to a smile, something that the Sannins noticed.

"Is alright, Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji are good friends, and the Academy is . . . Fun! I think," he replied, not wanting to mention that all the teachers except Iruka straight-up hated him. Something that the students in the class noticed.

Tsunade wanted to ask more in detail, but if Naruto didn't want to talk about it, she decided not to pressure him.

"Is good to have friends, but who took care of you while you grew up?" Tsunade asked curiously since she was sure that someone must have raised him. She knew Naruto was apparently living alone in an apartment.

Naruto sighed. "No one really, except for Hokage-Jiji and toad-Jiji. I pretty much grew up alone. In the orphanage, but that changed when I reached four years old. Toad-Jiji took me to train in Mount Myoboku for three years and three months and go around the world for nine months," he replied smiling, and the Ramen came.

Tsunade bit her lower lip, not wanting to go to his old Sensei and break his Neck for letting Naruto grow up alone. She didn't need to know how the idiots around here treated him; Their glares until they reached the ramen restaurant were enough to let her know that Naruto was hated just like how every Jinchuuriki.

The second thing she didn't know and found surprising was that Naruto had started training so young and so hard. Jiraiya mentioned to her about his super strength, and she wondered about it.

"So Naruto, Jiraiya told me you have powerful fists," she said, eating Ramen but then noticed that Naruto had already eaten his Big Special Ramen.

Just like Kushina! She thought, smiling.

Naruto ordered a second one before turning to his godmother. "Yes, I found out when I was training in Mount Myoboku. I have grown more powerful, but problems with controlling them," he replied.

Tsunade nodded in understanding since she had the same problems herself when she first started using her strength.

"Well, I can help you. Everybody knows me about my super strength," she suggested, and Naruto beamed.

"Thank you, Tsunade-san", he replied and returned to his Ramen.


Taking a deep breath and smoking a bit from his pipe, he saw the door opening, and inside came his 'favourite' teammate?

"You asked for me, Hokage-sama," Danzo said, trying to sound normal, but Hiruzen could clearly see right through his emotionless mask.

"Yes, Danzo Shimura, I need to ask you a few questions, and you should answer truthfully," he stated, leaking KI. Danzo narrowed his eyes slightly before sitting close to the desk of the Hokage.

"I got information that someone had apparently spread misinformation that Naruto had died in the Kyuubi attack. Any idea who could have done that?" Sarutobi asked, leaking KI and looking straight in the eye. Danzo kept his gaze and did not flinch.

"I don't know who could have done that", he replied quietly.

Sarutobi kept quiet, and silence took over the office; his fingers pinched the nose on his bridge and turned his cold eyes at Danzo again.

"You're free to Go", he stated, and Danzo stood up and left without saying another word but still could feel the burning gaze of Sarutobi on his back.

Leaving the office, he thought about a way to deal with the Kyuubi brat.

I might need to visit the Snake, he thought.


She was doing hand seals in front of the lake. She finished her last and shouted.

Uzumaki Style: Water Phoenix

The Water in the lake suddenly changed and formed a Phoenix in the air; the Phoenix then flew and hit the wall and destroyed it into little pieces. Debris fell to the ground; Ashara smiled, happy that she could do the jutsu. She was about to look for Fuu to let her know that she had completed her first A-Rank Jutsu when she heard the sound of a bird.

She turned around to see a tree and in a branch was the red bird made of Fire.

"This is not a dream!" Ashara quickly said and walked closer. The bird kept quiet and flew away. Ashara followed him, he kept flying, and she kept chasing.

Suddenly she saw the bird resting against the handle of a door. Asha slowly walked up to the handle and opened it to see a completely different place. The door shut violently behind her, and she saw the ruined houses.

It felt like a war had just happened there. She saw the symbol of the Uzumaki Clan in every house and building.

She felt the cold to her bones, shivers running through her body like blades, piercing her flesh and skin.

Look Up, A voice said.

Asha looked up to see something descending from the clouds; she couldn't see what but looked to be made of Fire itself.

Find Us


Chapter Text

Naruto - After One Week

He slept in his new house; after returning, his godmother returned to the Senju Compound; Naruto had helped clean the house with his clones. Tsunade then invited Naruto to stay in her compound if he wished since that's where she would live.

Naruto had agreed, and after sealing all the important things, he went to the Senju Compound. Shizune and Tsunade were the only ones with him, not that Naruto complained.

After arriving, his godmother had told him that he could go everywhere around the house; Naruto had nodded his head and had explored the compound. It was extremely large, with enough place for 100 or more people to live. It had five different training yards. But what caught Naruto's attention was to check if Hashirama-sama had left any Wood Style jutsu.

She had told him to check the library; the Seal used to protect the scrolls was a blood Seal. And surprisingly, it worked when Naruto used his blood.

He checked the scrolls about Wood Style. He finds different jutsus like. Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergency

The jutsu created a large forest, large enough to build a small Village; the jutsu could be used in defence, offence, and control. The wood could absorb the chakra of the enemy and could be used to control Bijuu.

The jutsu was High S-Rank.

Naruto also found the famous Dragon wood jutsu of Hashirama-sama.

Wood Style: Dragon Forest

The jutsu was offensive, which could block someone's movement. Could absorb the chakra, and the Dragon could cause damage to the enemy.


Naruto had read many other Wood Jutsus, but only after getting permission from his godmother, she told him that he was the only Wood user that could use them in any way possible.

Naruto opened his eyes to see the light shining through the window, and he used his hand to block the light from coming to his eyes. Naruto looked around and didn't see anyone, not that he was expecting to see anyone. Slowly standing up, he stretched his legs and arms and wore his clothes.

He tightened his katana on his hips and decided to train in Kenjutsu.

Naruto was training on his Kenjutsu; he grew ten trees and used his katana to slice them. Right now, he was trying to learn the Uzumaki Style Kenjutsu; it was a very advanced one; Toad-Jiji had even mentioned that it would be hard to learn how to do it without a Sensei in Kenjutsu, sadly Jiraiya didn't know Kenjutsu, and neither did Tsunade.

Kakashi's Kenjutsu was very limited, and he wouldn't be able to teach him that much.

Naruto wasn't bothered by it; he was determined to learn independently, no matter how hard it was. Uzumaki Style Kenjutsu was one of the best Styles in the world; that style gave his mother the nickname, The Red Death of Konoha.

He moved the katana around his hands before turning around and slicing three trees in front of him. The trees slowly fell to the ground; Naruto tried to catch his breath; he used his sleeve to wipe away the sweat on his forehead.

Naruto looked at his sword, a smile on his face, and slowly returned to his scabbard; despite being forged a long time ago, the blade was as sharp as the day made. Tsunade had mentioned that the sword was made by one of the best metals, could efficiently channel the chakra in the blade.

Naruto slowly walked back inside the compound; right now, he was alone since his godmother, and Shizune had started working on the hospital of the Konoha. Naruto was happy about it; she was known as the best Medic in the world for a reason, after all.

Naruto looked around and couldn't help but notice the wood used for the compound; the wood had good light colour, with beautiful carvings everywhere. The wood was soft to rest your head on it; the wood around the main room had the symbol of the Senju Clan carved in the centre of the room.

The main room was large enough to have thirty people inside, and it had many tables and different decorations.

Naruto rested on the couch of his room, he had a TV in it, but he never used it; the fridge was full of food and even sweets if he wanted. His godmother had used the money of the Senju Clan Account to buy important things for the house.

Naruto kept his gaze at the ceiling; he thought about Fuu-chan and Asha-chan. He hoped they were alright and hoped to meet them as soon as possible. He thought about the orange eyes of Fuu, the long beautiful hair of Ashara.

"It seems someone has fallen in Love" , Kurama suddenly said , trying hard not to laugh.

Naruto blushed from embarrassment. "Is Not Like That", he screamed, completely forgetting that he didn't need to.

"Oh really, You might try to fool someone else , but I know your thoughts , and I wasn't the one thinking about Fuu or Ashara" , Kurama teased him with an evil smirk.

Naruto opened his mouth to yell at his foolishness, but closed it but then opened it again. And closed it again. "Shut Up, stupid Fox", he finally said and decided to rest on the couch and possibly sleep.

After some time, Naruto slept, and the Seal on his stomach started glowing red, and the spiral in the centre began slowly moving in centre. The drawings around the spiral started growing and filling the empty space, and the Seal now started growing red lines that slowly advanced to his forehead. The ring had grown that almost went completely black.

Kurama could feel something was happening; the red lines reached his face, but the Seal suddenly stopped, and the lines retreated to the Seal. And the Seal turned back to normal black before disappearing.

Kurama narrowed his eyes to the strange thing that was happening; he didn't know what it meant and hoped that wasn't anything terrible.


She was returning from her job in the hospital, it was almost sunset, and Shizune was beside her. Things have changed drastically for her and Shizune. From returning to the village and now raising Naruto. She knew he didn't need someone to take care of him since he had shown that he could take care of himself multiple times. From learning how to wash his clothes, preparing food, cleaning the house, and knowing how to fight.

His talent as a Shinobi was astonishing but at the same time bothered her slightly, since Naruto had spent a long time of his childhood more like a Shinobi rather than a kid that needed to spend his time playing and having friends around.

She could tell that the village despised Naruto; not only that, but Jiraiya had told her about the mobs and what happened before he took him to Mount Myoboku. Tsunade always knew the Jinchuuriki wasn't loved but to beat a child was too much.

Jiraiya told her that Naruto was the one who killed them with his Wood Style; according to him, no one else besides Sensei and them knew about the mokuton ability of Naruto. Tsunade hoped Danzo didn't find out, but she still thought that the rotten Hawk was the one to lie to her about Naruto so that he could have a chance to have his hands on him.

Jiraiya had then explained his reasons to train Naruto; she didn't know the deal with the Akatsuki, but whatever it was, is not a good one. He had then told her about his wish to go back to Uzushiogakure and rebuild it; she couldn't help but remember that Kushina had wanted the same thing; the only things stopping her were her ties with Konoha; Being a shinobi of the village, Minato, and being Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi.

She soon reached her compound, "Tsunade-san, do you think Naruto will want to train in medical?" Shizune suddenly asked beside her.

Tsunade put the finger on her chin, thought about it, and didn't know the answer; she hadn't asked Naruto yet about it, the only thing she trained him so far was his super strength, but that was all she taught him.

To say she had been surprised when Naruto told her that he used 350 pounds on his legs and 330 pounds on his arms would be an understatement.

That was way too much training, according to Tsunade.

She turned her head to Shizune and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know Shizune, perhaps he might want, but he will need perfect chakra control to do that, and having the Kyuubi doesn't help him in that", she replied, walking inside her house.

"Maybe, but I still think you should ask him," she suggested. Tsunade sighed; Naruto already had his hands full with training, Fuinjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Kenjutsu. The only thing he didn't care much to train was Genjutsu, and only because he had the Kyuubi.

"I will ask him tomorrow morning," she replied and put the scrolls with things they bought in the market on the table in the main room.

"I'm gonna check on him", she stated and left to see if he was in his room or the training yard. She reached his room and opened the door slowly to see him sleeping; she thought he looked peaceful like that. She sneaked in and kissed his forehead before quietly leaving the room.


He opened his eyes and understood where he was, he yawned and then remembered that it was apparently morning. . .

"Kurama, how long was I asleep?" Naruto suddenly asked since it had been around 10 AM yesterday when he went to sleep.

"Congratulations , Naruto, you have slept for almost a day" , Kurama replied , smirking.

Naruto groaned in annoyance but then wondered how could he have slept for such a long time, sighting he decided to see if Tsunade-san was around or if he needed to prepare his food. Just as he was about to go to the door. The door opened to reveal Shizune.

"Naruto, good morning, Tsunade-san has prepared your food, and she wants to talk with you," she said kindly and left the room after Naruto nodded his head.

He dressed up and left the room, soon reaching the main hall, he saw Tsunade-san drinking . . . tea? and reading something in a scroll. She turned when she heard footsteps.

"Good morning Naruto-Kun" she greeted him smiling.

"Good morning, Tsunade-san" Naruto greeted her back and sat at the table where they ate food.

Soon Shizune came with the prepared food. It was Miso Soup, Omuraisu, bread with honey, and Sukiyaki. Naruto liked the smell and started with Miso Soup.

"Thank you for the food Shizune-chan," Naruto said, liking the taste.
Shizune smiled kindly and started eating bread with honey and Sukiyaki. Tsunade ate Omuraisu.

After eating, Naruto drank tea with his godmother, who looked deep in thoughts. There was silence among them, and Naruto noticed the glances Shizune was giving Tsunade-san.

Finally breaking the silence, Tsunade put the cup of tea on the table and turned to look at Naruto.

"Naruto, I have been wondering if you would want to learn Medic?" She asked.

Naruto raised his eyebrows since he didn't expect this question, he then thought about it, but he hadn't ever thought to learn it. To be a medical shinobi requires almost perfect Chakra Control; Naruto knew his chakra control wasn't bad, it was perfect remembering that he had a giant furball on his tummy.

Kurama growled loudly at the disrespectful name. Kids these days don't have respect for their elders, Kurama thought and decided to try and sleep. . . Again.

"Well, I can try, but I don't think I can be that good", Naruto replied since it was worth a shot. Tsunade smiled happily.

"Well then, tomorrow you will come with me to the hospital. First, you need to see and be prepared with what kind of injury you can see, and then we can start with your training," she said with a stern tone, and gone was 'the loving Godmother' tone.

It could often happen that a shinobi couldn't handle the amount of injury, the things they see in combat, and therefore not be suitable for a medic shinobi; that's why Tsunade required Naruto first to see if he could handle it before actually training him in Medic.

Naruto finished his food and decided to go to the training yard. Before he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned around to see Tsunade-san. She smiled before turning him to her.

"Where are you going, young man?" She asked.

Naruto looked confused. "I wanted to go to the training yard and start training", he replied, keeping his hands behind his head.

Tsunade thought that maybe he could do something else that doesn't revolve around training, but she knew Naruto wouldn't be comfortable with the stupid stares and the words thrown at him. She understood that Naruto didn't have that much else to do besides training and reading books.

"Very well, I want you to train with me today", she stated. Naruto looked even more confused but decided to see what he could do against the strongest Kunoichi in the world if he could do anything to begin with.

"Challenge Accepted", Naruto replied with a smile that Tsunade recognised very well.

Naruto started walking towards the training, followed by Tsunade, who couldn't help but notice that Naruto reminded her of someone other than Minato and Kushi. The second day she arrived in Konoha, she had asked Naruto for a blood sample.

The first reason was to see if he was healthy, and the second was to see if his DNA was similar to hers because of his Wood Style. Sadly would take around nine months for the tests to arrive, but it was worth it.

They soon reached the training yard, and Naruto stretched his legs and arms; Tsunade just waited for him to be done while noticing the worried look of Shizune.

"Well, Naruto, before we start, don't hold back against me and if you want, even use your Kyuubi chakra cloak", she stated thoughtfully and cracked her knuckles.

Naruto wasn't afraid of what she was doing and decided to remove his weights immediately. He did a hand sign, and the weights were off. Tsunade noticed it and smirked.

Naruto started channelling his chakra around his fists before putting his hands on the grass and launching at Tsunade like an arrow. Tsunade was surprised by his speed, and Naruto hit her in the shoulder but quickly got over the surprise and moved with Medium Kage Speed, grabbed his hand, and threw him against the nearest wall, causing the wall to crumble.

Naruto felt the pain in his back and clenched his teeth; taking a deep breath, Naruto did a hand sign, and three clones appeared around him.

Tsunade took a few steps before avoiding the first three punches and then quickly punching two clones; the third clone did a few hands sign.

"Multi Shuriken Jutsu", he yelled, and a giant shuriken flew towards her, multiple in nine shurikens. She quickly jumped up to a tree before noticing Naruto behind her throwing another shuriken, he did the same jutsu, and she dodged them in mid-air, but one of them transformed into a Naruto and was in front of her with a punch.

"Take this", he yelled before his fists made contact with her hands, and the ground around the split, creating a small crater.

Naruto quickly jumped away, seeing his godmother that just shrugged his fist like it was nothing.

"Impressive, Naruto, but I Know You're Still Holding BACK", she yelled before rushing at him. Naruto knew he couldn't handle her fists; he channels his chakra in his skin, puts his hands in front of her fist, and is thrown away by the strength.

Naruto hit his back against a tree, and his stone-like skin turned to normal. Tsunade noticed his way of defence and had to be impressed. "You channel your chakra in your skin to make it stronger and more durable", she stated. She knew he had Earth Affinity but to be able to do that was impressive.

Naruto stood on his legs before releasing his Chakra Storage seal. His whole body was engulfed in blue chakra. He channelled his extra chakra in his right hand; the chakra around his right fist slowly changed form and looked like a dragon.

"Here I Come" Naruto yelled before moving with Medium Jonin Speed. Tsunade smirked and stood her ground, Naruto's fist made contact with her right hand, and the ground exploded, the debris fell. Shizune rushed to see the smoke moving away, revealing Naruto, who had actually forced Tsunade to move away a bit from the strength of his fist.

Tsunade felt her hand numb from his strength and was impressed, and she knew he still could use the One Tail Cloak that probably made him much stronger.

She then started clapping; Naruto raised his head smiling, his right hand hurting like hell. The sweat was coming from his face like a waterfall.

"Well done, Naruto, tomorrow we will start your training with your punches like never before", Tsunade stated before walking away. Naruto smiled, happy that he was able to impress her.

Shizune walked to him and started healing his hands, but it didn't take long since Kurama did the same thing.

Naruto soon started walking inside the compound and started thinking about the next time he met Fuu and Ashara.

Kaa-chan, I will soon rebuild Uzushiogakure ; our clan will not be forgotten.


The sound of rain was everywhere around him; as he jumped from tree to tree, he was making his way to Han; he needed to let him know about his decision.

His eyes glanced at the Seal on his wrist, and it was a week ago when his Phoenix seal started reacting. He knew someone had made the first contact with the Phoenix Contract, not entirely a member but still was something that meant there was someone out there, another Uzumaki out there.

He wondered where they could be and how old was the person. Since it was the first step in Phoenix Contract, it meant the person was young, most likely.

The only Uzumaki he knew was Kushina Uzumaki, but she had died almost nine years ago. It had hurt him when he heard the news; he had tried to have some kind of contact with her, but the damn Ohnoki only let Han in the war against Konoha, and he was in constant watch every day.

The Seal on his wrist looked like a small red bird, spreading his wings with an empty dark circle in the centre.

He soon reached Han's home, he looked around but didn't see anyone, he landed on the ground and saw the door opening, Han walked outside almost like he was expecting him.

He slightly scratched his hair. "Took you long enough; what's the occasion?" Han asked with his other hand in his pocket.

Roshi said nothing but instead moved away from the sleeve of his right hand and showed the Seal glowing red.

Han looked surprised but then smiled at his friend. "I See . . . when will you leave?" He asked, slightly sad that Roshi would leave.

The old Uzumaki noticed but kept a neutral face. "Tomorrow, I have already sealed everything", he replied and wondered if Han would want to tag along, but he knew Han would never want to be a traitor to Iwa; despite never liking to be ordered around, he was always a loyal shinobi of Iwa.

Han nodded his head before turning his eyes to look at Roshi's purple eyes. "Good Luck, and remember if you ever need my help, I'm around here, " he said and walked close to Roshi. He reached out his hand.

Roshi smiled and shook his hand. "To The End?"

"To The End"

The Next Chapter takes place on the Genin Exams. Four Years Later


Chapter Text

Four Years Later

The morning sun shined down on the world from a clear, nearly cloudless sky. It was another one of the beautiful days the Land of Fire was known for. The songs of birds and the cries of cicadas could be heard flowing along with the slight breeze that flowed through the area as the forest critters went about facing another day of life.

As the sun rays bathed the land in its light and warmth and the sounds of nature echoed through the land. The Hidden Leaf Village looked bright; people had woken up and started doing their jobs, opening the stores and the restaurants.

The students of the Academy were making their way towards the Academy. Today was the Genin Exams; many were excited to start their journey as Shinobi, dreaming of saving important people and defeating the bad guys. But one wasn't walking towards the Academy.

The said boy was in the training yard, his head leaning against a tree, his red hair reaching his shoulders with two fangs that reached his ears. Naruto had his eyes closed, and a leaf slowly started falling from the tree to his chest.

Naruto now was 13 years old, and he was wearing a maroon jacket with the symbol of Uzumaki on the back, with a blue shirt underneath, his sword lying close to him. Naruto's face looked sharp; his blue eyes looked even bluer, his muscles could be seen, his six-packs and developed chest gave him a look of superiority. He had grown extremely handsome. Many girls in the Academy looked at him with literal hearts in their eyes.

He wore blue ninja sandals and white pants. His weights on his legs had gone from 350 pounds to 700 pounds on his legs and 650 pounds on his arms.

The leaf on his chest slowly turned ablaze and burned, his eyes changed from blue to red; despite using Kurama's chakra, his chakra wasn't leaking; no one could sense him unless an excellent sensor was around. The grass around him slowly burned to ash.

After a few minutes, Naruto's eyes turned normal, and he opened his eyes to see the forest full of life. He stood up and tightened his sword on his hips, his hands behind his head; rubbing his hair, he looked up to see his sensei.

"The academy has started," Kakashi sensei said, looking down at him. His orange book in his hands and read it before glancing at Naruto again.

The redhead didn't mind his sensei reading the book; he knew what it was about but never read it himself. To say Naruto was surprised when he understood what Jiraiya-sensei did when he said 'Research' would be an understatement.

He didn't like his sensei peeping on bathhouses but still didn't try to tell him to stop or anything. He had his hobbies just like everyone else.

Despite all that, Naruto liked to spend time with the older man. His job didn't let him spend that much time with Naruto; that's why the redhead enjoyed his moments with his godfather.

"Don't worry, Kakashi-sensei, no matter how much I train with you, I will never be late", Naruto replied with a slight smirk and was ready to go to the Academy. Kakashi laughed a little at his words and eye smiled. "You never know, after all, you know what they say. 'You become just like the company you keep around'," he replied and gave him a thumbs-up before disappearing and leaving leaves behind.

Naruto smiled and started walking towards the Academy.

After Tsunade had arrived back in the village, Jiraiya-sensei had stated that now he could spend more time on his spy network since Naruto had his godmother around, toad-Jiji still visited but only once 7-10 months. Naruto had been sad to hear that, but still, he understood the importance of his work.

After Jiraiya had left, Kakashi had asked if he wanted to train, Naruto had accepted smiling at his old man sensei . . .

Of course, Naruto hadn't stopped calling Kakashi an 'old man' despite his complaints and murmuring that the new generation had no respect whatsoever. Naruto just grinned at his complaints. Kakashi-sensei had taught Naruto a few fire jutsus and trained him in Taijutsu; Kakashi always liked to train with Naruto.

The Jonin knew Naruto was a prodigy like his father, and he knew Naruto was already strong enough to fight and give Kakashi a run for his money. But he didn't quite understand why Naruto was still in the Academy, but the redhead had stated that he wanted to become a Genin at the same time with his friends; Kakashi was happy to hear that Naruto values his friends that much, he accepted his answer and had just changed the subject.

During the four years, Kakashi had talked with Naruto about his time training under Minato-sensei, Naruto was happy to hear all his stories. Kakashi had talked about his mother, too, saying that Kushina was like a mother to him. Her attitude, her smile, even Kakashi had stated that Naruto smiled just like Kushina.

Despite trusting Kakashi-sensei, Naruto never showed his full strength against him; the only ones that knew his full strength were Tsunade-chan, Shizune-chan, Toad-Jiji, and Hokage-Jiji.

Naruto mostly kept his knowledge in Fuinjutsu a secret; in the last four years, Naruto had reached and fully learned Level X of Fuinjutsu. The only problem was that there was no book whatsoever when it came to Level XI or higher. Jiraiya-sensei had stated that he could find more knowledge about Fuinjutsu only in Uzushiogakure.

When it came to Fuinjutsu, Jiraiya had told him that the highest level in Fuinjutsu is Level XX, but he stated that only one man could reach that level, and he reached it after a whole life of learning only Fuinjutsu.

Naruto was impressed with that, but he knew he couldn't reach that level.

Of course, Naruto hadn't been in Uzushiogakure yet to even start Level XI, but he hoped to see his homeland soon. He had decided to use his Mokuton to rebuild Uzushiogakure.

His strongest Ninjutsu so far was Fire Rasengan Naruto was able to combine Rasengan with his fire affinity to create a stronger Rasengan. But he felt that Rasengan could be even stronger.

The new Rasengan looked like a fire sphere with flames leaking around and burning the ground.

Fire Rasengan - Low S-Rank
Cost: High Damage to the user's hand and , if used more than two times without resting, could cause permanent damage to the point of losing an arm.

When it came to his Kenjutsu, Naruto had almost learned the Uzumaki Style, but he still needed to understand it fully. He lacked using it against strong opponents. Despite all that, Kakashi-sensei told him that he was very good at Kenjutsu.

The only part he seriously lacked was Genjutsu; short, he sucked it. And couldn't do much; his Genjutsu level was next to Zero. But Kurama had reassured him that he could break Genjutsu thrown at him if his enemy used Genjutsu. Naruto had also created a Genjutsu counter Seal.

The Seal worked to immediately notice if the user was under a genjutsu by feeling the user's chakra. The moment the Seal detected a genjutsu, the Seal activated, causing his chakra system to break it and even causing pain in the body if the first way didn't work.

The only problem was that the Seal couldn't detect high-ranking Genjutsu like Death Bed, Raining Scream, Mud Blood, Sorrow and Despair, Yume, and others.

When it came to controlling Kurama's chakra, he could reach three tails without losing control. The four tails proved extremely hard to control, and the dark thoughts were almost five times stronger in four tails State. Both Tsunade and Jiraiya had been there when he had tried four tails, and it hadn't gone well; Naruto had tried to think of positive thoughts, but the visions didn't stop, and the voice in his head made matters worse.

Thankfully the Seal on his stomach had reacted and had stopped him before he could do any damage, but it had taken a full minute for the four tails state to go away.

When his chakra cloak had disappeared, Naruto's skin had red lines all around his body, especially on his forehead; the lines formed what looked like a shining star. The lines then had slowly gone back to the Seal.

Jiraiya-sensei had said that he had no idea why his body looked like that and why the Seal had done that.

Naruto hadn't tried four tails ever since that, seven months ago, and the visions he had seen made it hard to want to try again.

Since he had been in Taki, Naruto hadn't seen either Fuu or Ashara, and he hoped to see them soon. Naruto thought of how Fuu and Ashara would look like now; he remembered them very well and hoped to see them soon.

He had the highest points when it came to Academy; despite his teachers trying to sabotage him a few times, all their tries had gone down the drain. Right now, Iruka Sensei was the only teacher along with Mizuki, who was his assistant.

Naruto knew Mizuki hated him, but he didn't let it bother him, the civil council had bitch and moaned many times, saying that the demon was gaining power, but all their complaints had been silenced the moment Tsunade had told them that Naruto was the reason she was back in the village.

But despite all that, many people in the village still hated him with a burning hatred, glaring at him and throwing insults, hoping they would land and that he would lose control and do what they thought and hoped he would do.

Nine months after Tsunade had returned, the DNA test had been completed showing that Naruto's DNA was very similar to Tsunade Senju. Hokage-Jiji had concluded that Minato must have been a Senju somehow, but that brought more questions than answers.

He had suggested that Naruto should carry the 'Senju' name, but the redhead had declined, saying that he wouldn't change his Uzumaki name; he appreciated it but didn't want it changed. He was an Uzumaki through and through, and he didn't want to be anything else.

Still, Hokage-Jiji had insisted for him to carry both Senju and Uzumaki's name. Naruto had the name Senju and Uzumaki on his letters, and Tsunade-baa-chan had been happy to hear that she had a family.

Naruto was slowly making his way to the Academy, and he wasn't in any hurry to reach it in time. But his thoughts went to his friends; the last four years, he had become good friends with Shikamaru, Choji, Shino, and Ino.

Sasuke keeps avoiding him at all times and always only cares about himself. He kept his emotionless face and just answered with 'hnn'. Naruto had not tried again to be friends with him, and if he didn't want to be friends, then he wouldn't beg to be his friends.

Sakura kept her fangirl attitude that Naruto disliked; every time she entered the class, she would start with her screech 'Sasuke-Kun. Naruto found her completely worthless, she still could become better and become a true Kunoichi, but she better start doing that sooner rather than later.

Ino, on the other hand, was still a fangirl, but she still trained slightly, at least. And she had stopped running after Sasuke but instead kept her gaze at Naruto and would usually try to start a conversation with him. The redhead liked that she wasn't like Sakura and some other girls; of course, she was still a fangirl but at least took her Kunoichi job more seriously.

Shino didn't talk much, but that's how he was, but every time he spoke, he spoke sense and did not say nonsense things. He was thoughtful, and that's what was necessary.

Kiba had avoided Naruto mostly, since his humiliation, he kept a distance from the Uzumaki, they had talked a few times, but he still kept his distance. Akamaru, on the other hand, liked Naruto and sometimes would lick Naruto.

Hinata, well she would blush every time Naruto was around, of course, Naruto understood the Hyuga girl apparently liked him, hell she had even stalked him a few times, Naruto had been slightly annoyed by it, instead of chasing him, she should find the courage to talk to him.

Naruto had tried to talk and even invited her to come with him and his friends to a restaurant to eat. Hoping that would help with her shyness and find courage, But instead of accepting, she had fainted. . .

Naruto soon reached the Academy, and a few students and teachers were looking at him, surprised to see him with a sword tightened to his hips. Since he had joined, Naruto had only mentioned to friends that he used a katana but never took it in the Academy.

He soon reached the class and opened the door, and his friends were sitting together and one empty seat for him. Ino sat close to their desk with Hinata.

"Good morning, guys", Naruto greeted them, and they welcomed him back. Naruto slowly reached his seat and turned to look at Shikamaru, who had fallen asleep after greeting him.

Naruto sweat dropped behind his head; he still couldn't understand how he could sleep so fast, just like with Iruka's secret big head jutsu. He never revealed how he could do that and perhaps would stay a mystery.

"Naruto is good to see you. I see you have brought your katana," Choji said, eating chips and offering him some. Naruto took a few and nodded his head.

"Yes, it is the Genin Exam, and I wanted to show everything for the last day", he replied smiling. Shikamaru grunted and slowly raised his head.

"Troublesome, I hope that's not the case, Naruto. I don't think Konoha can afford to build a new academy," he stated, half asleep.

Naruto rubbed his hair while the others looked confused, why they would need a new academy. "Don't worry, Shika, nothing will happen to the academy", he replied.

"I take you will earn the Rookie of The Year, why is that, because you're the best shinobi of the Academy", Shino suddenly said with his quiet voice.

Naruto turned his head to him. He shrugged his shoulders and was about to reply when . . .

"You're blind, Shino. Sasuke-Kun will be the Rookie of The Year; he's a Prodigy, my mother confirmed it, and she's in the council," Sakura shouted, and the whole class needed to cover their ears from the screech.

Naruto turned his head to her, already bored of her attitude. "Sakura, no offence but Sasuke is everything but a Prodigy", he stated, annoyed.

Sakura pointed the finger at him. "Ha, you are Just Jealousy", she replied, screeching.

Naruto just raised his eyebrows. "Why would I be jealousy? And a prodigy are the likes of Kakashi Hatake who became a genin five years old, Chunin 6 years old and a jonin 12 years old," he stated, and that grabbed the attention of everyone in the class. Even Sasuke looked interested in what Naruto was saying.

"A prodigy are the likes of Minato Namikaze, he became Jonin when he was only 14 years old, and a Hokage shortly after and was known as the fastest person in the world. A prodigy are the likes of Hashirama Senju of The Mokuton and the strongest Shinobi who could be rivalled only by Madara Uchiha, the strongest Uchiha ever to exist so far," he stated, and everyone looked surprised at what Naruto had said.

Sasuke looked surprised and slightly angry with what Naruto had said; if that was true, then he was nothing special; the best he was was Above Average.

Naruto, of course, wanted to mention Itachi Uchiha since he was the youngest ANBU. Still, he knew that would make Sasuke angry and mentioning a traitor who slaughtered his clan wouldn't look well, despite Naruto finding the whole thing suspicious.

He remembered Itachi when he came with his mother to the orphanage; he had guarded Naruto for some time, and not once had Naruto felt any negative emotions coming from the Uchiha Prodigy.

The class kept quiet after what Naruto said, and they just had a small talk with each other; Naruto talked with Shikamaru and Choji about who would be in which team.

Soon Iruka Sensei walked inside the room, followed by Mizuki; he looked around the class and was relieved not to hear shouts, and mostly the class was quiet.

"Well, today will be the genin exams, the first part is the throwing exam, everyone follows me", he stated with a stern tone, and everyone followed behind.

Naruto kept his hands behind his head and followed, being quiet but inside, thinking of Mizuki's extra amount of hostility.

Soon they reached the small training yard of the Academy; Naruto saw three dummies and five targets in a nearby tree; the targets were in the branches, and one of them was at the top of the tree.

Iruka cleared his throat and turned to look at his class. They had grown quite a bit since he first saw them; he looked at Naruto and couldn't help but be impressed; at first, he thought Naruto would be trouble but instead, he was the Rookie of The Year.

"Very well, one by one, you will throw your kunai or shurikens in the dummies; after that, you move to the targets in the tree. You pass if you can hit 3 out of 20 targets. If you hit the one at the top of the tree, you earn extra points," he stated with a stern voice.

The whole class nodded their heads and, one by one, took turns.

Shino hit 16 targets out of 20 targets. Four in each of the dummies. And four hits in the targets in the tree.

Shikamaru hit 11 out of 20 targets. He only hit one of them in the tree since he found it troublesome to jump in the air to hit some of them.

Kiba hit 12 out of 20 targets. In the tree, he got two hits.

Ino hit 9 out of 20 targets, hitting one in the tree, and smiling when she saw her result. She gave Sakura a smirk and told her to try and do better.

Sakura had a determined look and looked over her shoulder at Sasuke before going there and showing her skill. "Sasuke is looking at me. I will show him and impress him," she whispered before taking her stance and throwing her Shurikens.

She got 3 out of 20 targets, the minimum needed to pass, a second after she threw them and saw the result. Ino started laughing out loud and lying on the ground, and holding her stomach.

Iruka looked disappointed but decided to just go on with it.

Choji got 7 out of 20, earning a smile from Shika and Naruto.

Sasuke started walking towards them, some of the girls started screaming about how cool he looked when he walked.

He took his shurikens and hit all the targets in the dummies, and turned at the tree. For the tree, he took four shurikens and two kunais, earning a confused look from Iruka.

He took a deep breath before jumping high in the air and first throwing four of his shurikens in the targets, before quickly grabbing his kunais and throwing one at the target in the top and throwing the second kunai to make sure that it hit the final target.

When he landed back, he looked up to see his final target wasn't bullseye but close. He clenched his fists but decided to calm and turned at the class, ignoring the shouts of the girls. He only focused on Naruto, who smiled at him.

Finally, it was Naruto's turn; when he went to grab the shurikens that Mizuki brought, he could just by looking at them understand that they weren't real blades but made by soft material. A material like this one would most likely never stick at the target, let alone penetrate.

Naruto then smirked and took his shurikens; he added wind chakra before throwing at full strength. The shurikens cut through and hit the wall and stuck in the wall. Everyone looked surprised except Shikamaru and Shino, who knew Naruto kept his true strength a secret.

Naruto then turned to the tree and jumped twice as high and threw his kunais; they penetrated the tree-like nothing and hit the ground with enough strength to cause it to split.

Iruka kept his mouth wide open, and his jaw hit the ground, and not believing his eyes. Mizuki clenched his fist and teeth almost to the point of breaking his teeth.

Naruto turned and walked back to the class as nothing had ever happened. The course soon got over their shock, and the girls started screaming for Naruto and calling him handsome and strong. The redhead high five with Shikamaru, Choji, and Shino.

Iruka got over his surprise and then informed how many points each one had.

Soon after the throwing exam was done, the Taijutsu Exam was next.

Naruto found this part mostly dull until it was the turn of his friends. Shikamaru won against his opponent despite saying that it would have been better just to lose since it was troublesome.

The others also won, except Sakura, who lost against Hinata and Naruto against Sasuke.

When Iruka announced that, every girl in the class started shouting for their favourite boy to win, except Hinata, who just kept staring at Naruto.

Sasuke smirked when he heard who he would fight against. Let's see how strong you indeed are, Sasuke thought and walked to the centre of the arena.

Naruto walked into the arena and kept his focus on the match. Iruka looked at both of them before yelling "Hajime".

Sasuke made the first move and rushed at him with High Genin Speed; Naruto kept his focus on him and just avoided his swings. Sasuke kept rushing, but Naruto could see he was using Uchiha Taijutsu Style, but he kept dodging his fists.

Sasuke felt his blood boiling, so Naruto wasn't taking him seriously and just avoiding his punches as if facing a child. They kept going like that for four more minutes.

He rushed again with all his strength, his fist directed at his face, but Naruto just moved to his left, making Sasuke turn fast to his right to try again when he felt a pain in his right leg, almost like his bone was broken. He fell on his knees but didn't yell in pain, but just clenched his teeth tightly.

Iruka and everyone except Naruto looked confused about what had just happened. The redhead stared down at Sasuke.

"Listen, Sasuke; you will never get good if you let your anger consume you; if you keep going like this, you will have another incident like this but next time will be against an enemy who won't have mercy", Naruto stated with a cold tone that sends shivers in everyone's body. Naruto then put his hands close to his right leg and started healing it.

Sasuke kept quiet but listened to his advice.

Iruka now looked even more confused. How can Naruto know how to heal? He asked himself. After a few seconds, Naruto stood up, and so did Sasuke, who didn't feel pain anymore.

"Winner is Naruto", Iruka announced, earning shouts from the class. Naruto started walking away.

"Thanks for the advice, Naruto", Sasuke suddenly said, looking down; he then looked up at the redhead. "But we are still rivals, and I will soon be better than you", he started smiling. Naruto smiled back.

"I look forward to that day", he replied and walked back to the class, followed by the Uchiha.

Soon it was the Final Exam where they needed to answer. . . Questions??
Naruto looked bored, especially in this one. Mizuki started spreading the tests; he smirked and a stupid smile when he handed his test to Naruto, who seemed half asleep.

Naruto felt the chakra all over the letter and just disabled the stupid Genjutsu and started answering the questions.

After that, they were tested in Clone Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu, and Substitution Jutsu.

He did Shadow Clone Jutsu, much to the surprise of Iruka Sensei, Mizuki on the other hand. "But we said Clone jutsu," he said, hoping there was still a way to ruin the demon's chances.

Iruka shooked his head in denial. "No is not stated that it should be an academy clone jutsu; that one is the easiest; that's why everyone uses it" he stated happily that Naruto passed the exam despite having no doubts that he would.

Mizuki looked ready to burst into flames. No, No, NO. I should either try myself or tell someone to try and grab the scroll for me, he thought.

Naruto walked close to look at the Ninja emblems; he chose the black one and walked away. "Congratulations, Naruto," Iruka said smiling.

"Thank You, Iruka Sensei", Naruto replied and left the class.

I'm a Genin now Kaa-chan and Tou-chan ; wish me Luck.


Chapter Text


He walked outside and soon saw his friends waiting for him, his Ninja Emblem tightened in his forehead. Shikamaru had his forehead protector tightened to his right arm just above the elbow.

Hinata had hers around her neck, and she slightly blushed when she saw Naruto walking outside.

Ino had her forehead protector around her waist, her right arm covered in bandages.

"Oj Naruto, Congratulations" Shikamaru was the first to congratulate him.

"Thank you Shikamaru, Congratulations to you all as well", he replied, smiling with a kind tone. Choji and the others said their part, and Naruto turned to see Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba missing.

Shikamaru noticed him looking around. "Sasuke left soon after he got his emblem, Sakura followed him like usual, and Kiba said that his mother promised him to teach him a new jutsu if he passed", the pineapple head replied and yawing, already tired and finding the whole thing troublesome.

"Hey Naruto, we are going to barbecue. Do you wish to come?" Choji asked; Naruto saw the others nodding their heads except Hinata.

"Of course, sounds fun", he replied and turned to Hinata, hoping to help her with her shyness and courage.

"Hinata, do you wish to come?" He asked, smiling. Everyone's eyes turned to the Hyuga Heiress, who blushed; her face looked like a tomato, and she took a step back and started playing with her fingers.

"O-oh-you w-want m-m-me to co-me with you N-Naruto-Kun?" She asked, avoiding his face and mostly his eyes. She felt her heart beating faster than before, and she couldn't believe that Naruto was asking her out.

Naruto wasn't sure how to answer; he didn't see Hinata as a love interest; he saw her as a good friend that could become brave and have it easier to talk to people and become a great Kunoichi and great Head Clan. If he said 'yes, he might give her the wrong idea.

"He's inviting you; why do you ask because you're our friend, and we want you with us," Shino said, noticing Naruto's nervous mood and his mouth opening and closing.

Naruto sighed in relief and made a mental note to thank Shino later.

"Oh", Hinata whispered, slightly disappointed but decided to go with them. It would be an excellent chance to spend time with Naruto-kun.

"I a-accept", Hinata replied, still playing with her fingers. Ino then pointed with a finger towards the entrance.

"Let's go then", she shouted, smiling and walking towards the entrance of the academy. Shikamaru slowly shooked his head and murmured 'Woman' under his breath. Choji kept eating his chips without a care in the world and looking forward to the barbecue.

Shino kept quiet and glanced at Hinata before turning his eyes to the road again.

Hinata was glancing at Naruto, who was talking with Shikamaru about their Shinobi carrier and other similar things like that. She wondered if Naruto would look at her the same way she looks at him. His handsome face and red hair and blue eyes like an ocean made her feel butterflies in her tummy whenever he was close to her.

"Naruto, who do you think will be your sensei?" Shikamaru asked, holding a hand on his pocket and the other behind his head. If he could choose, he would always choose maybe Asuma Sarutobi since he had met the man a few times and played Shogi with him. The man was wise, strong, and didn't look like someone that took the job of Jonin as pointless and time-wasting.

Shikamaru hoped he would be with Choji in his team and Naruto, who would be the assault of the team. But he knew there was never a three men team, and a girl would definitely be in his team. From all the girls in the class, he found the least troublesome to be Ino and Hinata.

Naruto looked to be thinking about it; Ino leaned closer to hear their conversation. "I would want Kakashi sensei, but knowing Hokage-Jiji, he probably won't put him as my sensei since he has already trained me", he replied, thinking that Kakashi as his sensei would be excellent; the only down part was his being late habits. But that could easily be fixed with a few merciless seals.

"I hope To be in your Team, Naruto-kun", Ino suddenly said and hugging Naruto's arm tightly and leaning her head against his shoulder, while her fingers were softly touching his palm, and her eyes were focused on his developed muscles.

Hinata felt a hint of anger when she saw how close was Ino to Naruto, and the redhead wasn't telling her to go away or anything like that. Instead, she saw him blush.

Naruto blushed slightly by the close contact with Ino and didn't help that his arm was in the valley of her breast, and her fingers caressing his palm wasn't helping.

"We Arrived" Choji suddenly shouted and walked inside before everyone else. The others soon followed, Naruto sat with Shikamaru and Choji, finally breaking free from Ino, while Shino sat at their right, and Ino and Hinata sat on the other side of the table.

Naruto smiled but could feel the hatred gaze and the emotions of many people around the barbecue restaurant; their glares were as clear as day. Shikamaru noticed the glares too and wondered why was that? He had seen them for a long time and had asked his father what the deal with it was, and he had responded that some people were just too stupid and some just wanted to blame someone for something that he wasn't his fault, to begin with.

Shikamaru had understood he wouldn't get more answers from his tou-san and had dropped the subject but at the same time wondered what he meant with what he said.

Soon the meat was served, and Choji was the first to start cooking it, followed by Shikamaru, Naruto, and Shino. Ino looked. . . Conflicted with eating it since it might make her fat. And make her less attractive.

Hinata, on the other hand, wasn't that hungry for roasted meat.

"Naruto, can I ask you something?" Ino suddenly asked, looking at the redhead. Naruto stopped moving the meat around the barbecue and turned his eyes to Ino, who slightly blushed just by his look.

"Yes?" Naruto replied, waiting for what Ino wanted.

Ino looked conflicted and started touching her chin with her index finger, her eyes showing what Naruto thought was 'Need'.

"Ah, what kind of girl do you like?" She asked, finally finding the courage. Naruto raised his eyebrows at the question while Shikamaru murmured 'Troublesome' and slowly cut the meat with a knife.

Hinata looked interested as well; she wanted to know what kind of girl Naruto-kun liked. And this will be a rare opportunity to find out more about him.

"I like girls that if they are Kunoichi take the job seriously, girls with dreams and goals for their future, caring girls, funny, generous and maybe a bit hothead" but Naruto kept the last part to himself.

Naruto then looked at Ino again and saw her spreading three of her fingers; she smiled. "I have three of these traits", she replied, smiling.

Naruto knew Ino was right a bit, but when it came to girls, but one thing that he highly disliked were fangirls; even his mother had warned him to never go with a fangirl.

Naruto's thoughts were on Fuu and Ashara, and he couldn't think of anyone else besides them; he remembered Fuu's beautiful eyes and personality, her smiles, and her caring nature. Her beautiful face, her melodic voice.

Ashara's beautiful hair, her determination to become a good Kunoichi, and her willingness to go as far as possible for her dream, but still a caring person who helped people and wanted to protect the people she loved with everything, and most importantly, she had a dream. A dream Naruto shared with both Ashara and Fuu.

Naruto rubbed his head nervously, "I . . . I" he stuttered, not sure what to say without hurting her feelings. "Oojj Ino, how about we talk about literally anything else, like about with who you wish to be in the team with", Shikamaru suddenly said, getting annoyed by this troublesome subject.

Naruto sighed in relief and thanked Shika for the safe. Ino glared at the lazy friend but decided not to say something out loud. After they started eating their food, Naruto noticed his meat was in a bad state; it hadn't been cooked well and looked old. He sighed, annoyed at this and just decided to not ruin the moment.

"Here, Naruto", Choji said, giving him some of his meat, understanding his meat wasn't of good quality.

"Naruto-kun, do you think our first . . . Missions will be out outside the v-village?" Hinata asked, not knowing their missions as Genin would be; of course, she had heard how the missions were classified and that D-Rank missions were harmless. But she hoped that they wouldn't straight up go outside and fight against other ninjas.

"I don't think so; Tsunade-san mentioned many times that the D-Rank Missions were about doing chores, like gardening, helping old people and maybe chase an evil cat as she likes to call it", he replied with a slight chuckle remembering Tsunade's story about her life as a Genin and the mission to capture Tora, The Devil Cat.

Everyone at the table knew of Naruto living in the Senju Clan and having Senju and Uzumaki names.

"That's good to know," Choji said while eating his food.

After the eating was done, Naruto and the others walked outside. "Well, I'm going home; my mother promised me the best dinner if I passed the test and became a genin", Choji shouted happily and rubbed his stomach.

Shikamaru chuckled slightly and turned to Naruto. "I'm going too, see you later, everyone," Shikamaru said, waving his head and walking alongside Choji, who was rubbing his hands.

"See you later," Naruto said to the others and walked away; Ino soon followed Choji and Shikamaru since their homes were near her compound.

Shino glanced at Hinata again before walking away and saying good day to Naruto and Hinata.

The Hyuga girl said good day to Naruto and walked away and played with her fingers. While walking away, she had a determined look on her face.

Naruto was walking to his compound when he felt Mizuki's chakra close to the Hokage's office. He wondered what that idiot was doing there and probably nothing good.

He sighed, annoyed and decided to check it out. Naruto always knew there was more to Mizuki than just hating him.

The moon's light was shining through the forest, Iruka was running through the woods, he couldn't believe that Naruto would do something like that, he kept running and wondered why? Naruto was the best Genin of the Village. Why would he need to steal the scroll? It didn't make any sense. Soon he spotted the redhead jumping from tree to tree.

Out of breath and angry, he shouted, "What do you think you're doing out here, Naruto?". His scarred face and brown ponytail stood out in the moonlight as they bounced off of his green chunin vest.

The new Genin stopped and looked down at Iruka with a creepy smile. "You found me, Iruka, you still haven't lost your talent at running", who he thought was Naruto spoke with a creepy tone and grinning like a maniac.

Iruka's eyes widened when he understood who was talking. "MIZUKI" he yelled furiously, and the one who he thought was Naruto transformed and turned into Mizuki, who started laughing maniacally and holding his stomach with his hand.

"What you've done is despicable, Mizuki; just tell me why? That's just what I can't wrap my head around; why betray the leaf, your home? Why Blame Naruto?" Iruka asked, moving his hand down his side, pulling out a kunai.

Mizuki just looked at Iruka for a moment before bursting out in laughter, "Why? You ask why? I'll tell you why. When we were children, we both lost our parents to that demon brat, so I decided to befriend you Iruka, after all, we were the same. That was until other people began treating you better than me, including our friends, the Third Hokage, and even people we didn't know. Why did you deserve all that compassion yet I received none!? I was left to rot, practically ignored. Is that fair? No! And now I'll have my revenge on this village by handing over that scroll to... let's say Orochimaru, and I think he will be pleased with the means to destroy Konoha. He promised me power, and I will have it one way or another; his curse mark will make me stronger than I have ever been before" As Mizuki finished, he broke into a burst of manic laughter that filled the area with the crazed sound.

"I'm sorry you felt that way about our friendship, and you may say that everyone ignored, but I didn't. That's because our friendship meant something to me, but now you've forsaken that trust, I have no choice but to kill you," Iruka said, launching himself at Mizuki.

"Oh, Please, you can never Defeat Me", he replied, laughing even more.

"That Might Be True, But I Can" suddenly, a voice spoke, and both men turned to look at the Redhead of Naruto Uzumaki. His hand was resting on the pommel of his katana.

Iruka paled when he saw his student here, Mizuki hated him, and he might try to hurt him; he knew Naruto was strong, but Mizuki was a Chunin, and Naruto was a new Genin and no match for a Chunin with years of experience.

"Naruto! What are you Doing Here? Run Away you're No Match for Mizuki," Iruka shouted, concerned for his student wellbeing.

Naruto just looked at him and gave him a look. 'You Serious', the young Uzumaki was about to reply when Mizuki started laughing again.

"The Demon is HERE, This Day Just Got a Whole lot Better, I have The Scroll, and NOW I can Finally Kill You Demon", He shouted manically and pointed the finger at Naruto, who looked bored out of his mind.

Mizuki then thought to make it even better and add salt to the injury. "Do You Know Why The Village hates you, Why they will never see you as their own, why it doesn't matter what you do. You, Will, Always Be Hated," Mizuki Said, laughing even more and pointing an accusing finger at the Village behind Naruto.

Iruka paled even more; this night could worsen; he didn't want Naruto to know, it was forbidden, and Naruto was still young to understand. He might hate the village and the Hokage for keeping it a secret.

"No Mizuki Is Forbidden", Iruka interjected and shouted at his former friend. He wanted him to stop.

Naruto looked even more bored but decided to tag along to annoy him even more, while Kurama looked annoyed by Naruto.

"For Kami's sake , just deal with him already," He said , bored and thinking of ways to deal with Orochimaru's sex slave.

"Why does the Village hates me?" Naruto asked, ignoring Kurama's words and acting as if he didn't know that already.

"Everyone knows except you. Iruka's trying to hide it from you, even now. He'd do anything to shut me up!" Mizuki said with a laugh at the snarl that escaped Iruka's lips.

"Don't tell him; it's forbidden!" Iruka tried to shout.

"The decree is that no one can tell you that the nine-tail fox is inside of you. The fox spirit that killed Iruka's parents and destroyed our village has taken over your body! You are the nine-tails fox!" He said, but instead of Naruto's shocking face, the redhead started laughing as he had just told him the best joke in the whole Elemental Nations.

Naruto stopped laughing and looked at Mizuki again, "You Serious?" He asked; Iruka looked confused as to why Naruto was laughing and not like being in shock or even crying.

"I have known that since I was three years old, even a stupid person would understand it by now. I mean, everyone calls me demon fox and other various names that connect me with Kyuubi; it doesn't take a genius to understand that Kyuubi is sealed inside me; even the most stupid kid would understand it by now," he stated. Suddenly his face changed from playfully to serious in a second.

His face got so cold that both Iruka and Mizuki felt shivers of Fear in their spine. Naruto released his whole KI to Mizuki, who was sweating buckets and breathing heavily; even lifting a finger felt hard for him. He felt a considerable weight in his entire body and his heart beating on his throat.

"I always knew you hated me, but you tried to put the blame on me and betray the Village, and that's not something I will tolerate", he stated and pulled out his sword.

Before anyone could even blink, Naruto was behind Mizuki and his sword close to Mizuki's neck, his skin bleeding, the white hair Chunin felt his blood freeze like ice. He wanted to move and kill the demon, but none of his muscles was moving.

Iruka saw Naruto behind Mizuki, and even before he could lift a finger, he saw something piercing Mizuki's head; looking closely, he saw the point of a sword coming out from his mouth, his mouth bleeding and the blade covered in blood. Naruto moved his sword up and sliced half of Mizuki's face in half with a quick move. The blood covered his whole chest and the blade, his head started falling apart, and his lifeless body fell to the ground like garbage that he was.

Iruka had seen death before, but that was way too brutal for his taste, he threw up, and after calming down, he looked up to see Naruto cleaning the blood from his sword.

Iruka couldn't understand how could Naruto not feel sick after killing someone; he didn't know that Naruto had already been killed before.

After cleaning the sword, he turned his focus to Iruka, "The ANBU will arrive soon", he stated with a brighter tone, and his sword was clean now.

Iruka walked slowly towards Naruto after he jumped to the ground. "Naruto, thank You for saving me," he said happily and slightly saddened that his student had to do that. Naruto just shrugged his shoulders.

"Don't worry about it, Iruka Sensei; unlike the others, you didn't hate me; you saw me as a normal boy instead of The Demon Fox", he replied, smiling at his sensei. Iruka smiled back and put his hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"I'm proud of you for being my student", he stated, and they both turned to see three ANBU suddenly appear close to them.

Iruka hoped they weren't here for Naruto; he immediately stood in front of Naruto and opened his arms.

"Naruto didn't do it. He's innocent," he stated and hoping they would trust him. Naruto eyed the ANBU in the front who had a Ghost Mask and no eyeholes.

"Don't worry, Iruka, the Hokage-sama knows Naruto-san wasn't the one who stole the scroll. We are here to return it," he stated with a demanding tone. His hands had weird purple marks around his palm and a purple circle in the centre of his palm.

Naruto could hardly feel any emotions coming from the man but knew this one wasn't one of Danzo's loyal dogs. They were like stones, without any feelings, this one had but could very well hide them, and his Chakra Level was Medium Kage Level.

Iruka sighed in relief and turned to Naruto, who grabbed the scroll and threw it at them. "Tell Hokage-sama that I said hi," he said before 'Shunsin' away and leaving leaves behind.

Iruka was again impressed that Naruto knew how to Shunshin but remembering Naruto's speed, he shouldn't be surprised anymore by him.

You're a very good shinobi, and I can't wait to see what you become in the future.


Chapter Text

Hokage Office

"Um, kid, are you sure you want to take your picture like this?" A photographer asked questioningly as he set up his camera. Naruto waved his hands towards him in exasperation.

"Yes! Now take the picture, man!" The man shrugged and took the photo.

"Whatever, kid,"

Naruto grinned to himself while wearing his new headband and sat in front of the Hokage, Iruka, and other chunnin. The Hokage looked at Naruto's picture and then sighed.

The Hokage held the picture up to him. Naruto and his face was covered in white paint and had red markings around his face. Naruto grinned at the sight of his picture.

"Come on, Old man, I wanted to capture my true ways," Iruka twitched with irritation. He stood up and slammed his palms onto the table. Naruto wanted a photo like that because apparently, his father had his picture the same way.

"Now, Listen, Naruto, you're a genin, which means you have the responsibility as one and have to act like one," Naruto wasn't paying attention to his speech because some shouts were coming towards the room.

Everybody turned to stare as a young boy with spiky brown hair, black eyes, a yellow shirt, grey shorts, and a long blue scarf ran into the room holding a shuriken. The boy pointed towards the Hokage with a determined look.

"Old man, today's the day you die!" Just as he was running towards the Hokage, he tripped over his scarf and landed on his face in pain. Naruto sweat-dropped.

Who the hell is this kid?

The Hokage sighed and shook his head.

"Konohamaru, please," The boy, named Konohamaru, slowly tried to lift his head in pain and smirked at the Hokage.

"I will defeat you and become the next Hokage!" Just then, an older man wearing a bandanna around his head and wearing some old glasses and a jounin outfit came into the room looking worried. He gasped as he saw Konohamaru on the floor.

"Honorable grandson, are you all right?" Naruto raised his eyebrows.

"Grandson?" Konohamaru smirked at Naruto as he heard the shock in his voice. He swaggered over to Naruto and smirked in his face. Naruto tried not to punch this kid straight to the face.

"Yea, I'm the grandson of the Hokage, whatcha going to do now, weakling?" With that statement, Naruto threw any rational thought out the window. He punched Konohamaru straight in his face towards the door, careful not to use any of his superhuman strength, or otherwise, the kid would break the wall. He slammed against the wall, which resulted in a bloody nose. Konohamaru looked surprised at the fact that Naruto punched him.

"I don't care if he's your freaking grandmother; you should show respect and not act like a brat!" The jounin, who was called Ebisu, jaw-dropped at the fact that the demon brat punched Konohamaru.

"Honorable grandson!" The Hokage sighed at the chaos forming in his office and wished he had something to drink.

Naruto grumbled at the thought of that punk kid as he walked down the street. Suddenly, he felt he was being followed and turned around and almost smacked his forehead in exasperation. Behind him was a fence, but the most noticeable thing there was the sheet being held by two hands and the two feet noticeable under it.

Naruto shook his head and began to walk again, the cloaked figure following him. As he rounded a corner, the figure began to pick up speed in hopes of not losing his target. As he spun around the corner, Naruto had disappeared from sight. The figure dropped his sheet and revealed Konohamaru wildly looking around for his prey.

"Where the heck did he go?"

"Boo," Konohamaru jumped 2 feet in the air and jumped around to see Naruto behind him with his arms crossed across his chest.

"So, can you explain to me why you're following me, twerp?" Konohamaru laughed shakily and pulled himself up and shook the dust off the clothes.

"Nice move, boss, that's why I respect you as a teacher," Naruto raised his eyebrows.

"Teacher? What the heck are you talking about?" Konohamaru laughed and rubbed his nose.

"Yes, from now you're my teacher and Boss", he stated and pointed the finger at Naruto, who looked slightly irritated.

"Very well, if you want me to be my student, I will teach you everything I know, but you have to listen to everything I SAY," Naruto stated with a strict tone that sent shivers in Konohamaru's body. Still, he was too excited that Naruto agreed and just immediately agreed without thinking twice.

Naruto grinned and brought him to the training yard, and he told Konohamaru to stay still and not move. The child nodded and saw the redhead draw something on a blank paper before putting his opened hand in the centre.

Naruto smiled, approaching Konohamaru before slamming the paper on his legs.

Before Konohamaru could even understand what was happening, he felt heavier, a lot heavier. Naruto grinned and took a few steps back, and just kept his gaze on him.

Konohamaru tried to move afoot, but he couldn't even do that much; he felt like his legs were suddenly made of stone.

"What's Happening?"

Naruto laughed. "I put a Weight seal on your legs, you wanted to train well this is your chance, the seal will check your muscles and the power in them to adjust how much weight you should have, and I want you to walk like this for a month and after you do that. Come to me again," Naruto stated before he disappeared and left leaves behind.

Konohamaru was sweating, and with all his strength, he took a step, A Single Step?! I will Die Like This, he thought and put his hands on his knees and breathing heavily. He felt like he had just run around the Village.

But then he remembered that he wanted to train and not be treated like 'Honorable Grandson'. Taking a deep breath, he took a second step.

Hokage Office - After one week

Every Jonin that will get a team this year had been called in the meeting early morning in the Hokage Office.

Hiruzen Sarutobi sat in his seat waiting for all the Jonins to arrive; Tsunade was on his left since she told him that she needed to discuss something with him. Amongst the Jonin gathered was a man with a beard, he was smoking a cigarette.

Near him was a tall and attractive-looking raven-haired woman, with bright Crimson red eyes, wearing a single red sleeve and white patterned bandages with a ninja fishnet shit underneath it.

Her name was Kurenai Yuuhi, and close to her was Asuma Sarutobi. Amongst them were many Jonin that had arrived to discuss their new teams, many were surprised when they saw Tsunade of the Sannin in the office.

Like everyone else, even the likes of Asuma were surprised when he heard that Tsunade had returned, and most importantly, she had returned because of the kid Naruto.

Asuma had nothing against the kid and was happy to hear that the kid had family apparently, and the civil council could finally shut up. Then word had spread that he had gotten the name Senju; now he was known as Naruto Uzumaki Senju.

No one really knew why the redhead had gotten the Senju name, but Asuma knew his father had his reasons. Despite not having the best father-son relationship, he still trusted his father and knew he wouldn't do something without reason.

But still, despite all that Asuma knew, many around the Village despised Naruto like he was Kyuubi himself, and worst of all was that amongst the people that hated Naruto were a good number of Shinobi that thought of him as a monster.

Asuma hoped that this foolishness of the villagers wouldn't turn to bite them in the ass later. But knowing their luck probably would. If not, most likely.

Right now, they were waiting for a certain white hair Jonin that likes to be lazy and be late; if Asuma had to guess, he would say that Kakashi either was in the memorial stone paying his respects or with his girlfriend. . .

Asuma felt a shiver in his whole body when he thought of her, and sometimes he couldn't understand how from all the females of the Hidden Leaf Village, he decided to choose that one??!!

Kurenai noticed the sudden movement of Asuma near her and turned her eyes at him. "Anything wrong, Asuma?" She asked, slightly concerned but trying to keep quiet so the others around them wouldn't hear them.

Asuma glanced at her before putting out his cigarette with his chakra finger and pulling out a new one.

"Nothing really, I just thought of Kakashi and why exactly he's late this time", Asuma replied quietly with a knowing smirk and smoking his cigarette.

Kurenai raised her eyebrow in surprise, but then a smirk slowly showed on her face, knowing his 'secret?' girlfriend, Asuma, knew that smirk wasn't a good sign.

But before Kurenai could open her mouth to speak about why she was smirking, The Third Hokage cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention. Everyone fell silent to listen to the Hokage.

"Since Kakashi most likely won't come for some time, I will begin announcing the teams and their sensei", Hiruzen stated with a commanding tone. Every Jonin in the office nodded their heads in understanding and waited for Sarutobi to continue.

The old kage cleared his throat and started announcing the teams of this year before he knew it, something broke the window of the office and landed like a meteor, everyone backed away except Kurenai, Asuma, The Third Hokage who sighed annoyed and started rubbing the bridge on his nose and Tsunade who didn't understand why the doors were such a hard thing to use.

What broke inside was what looked like a part of a tree with a pointed end but then poofed, and from the smoke came two figures.

One of them had white hair and had an eye smile, his hands resting on the hips of the woman beside who was grinning from ear to ear.

"I told you, Kakashi-kun, that my method was much better", she shouted at Kakashi and then at the Jonins, who for a moment didn't understand who they were.

Asuma was smiling at Kakashi, who smiled back while Kurenai was shaking her head and glaring daggers at her friend for her stupid idea; it didn't take a genius to understand who came with the idea to burst into the office like you wanted to attack someone.

Hiruzen sighed, tired of this and hoping that either Jiraiya or Tsunade would soon become the new kage of the hidden leaf village. Tsunade was shaking her head but still amused by their entry.

Kurenai had a tick mark on her forehead. "What's wrong with you, Anko?" She yelled at her friend, who kept her smile on her face.

Kakashi - 15 minutes earlier

He was standing in front of the memorial stone; the light of the morning sun was shining and making everything brighter. Kakashi looked at the little tree in the pot near the stone; the tree had been decorated to look like a woman and a man holding their hands; he eye smiled remembering that day.

'Kakashi was standing as usual in front of the memorial stone, and it had been a year since he had started seriously training his little brother, he thought happy of Naruto.

"You won't believe the talent your son has , Minato-san and Kushina-san, he's just like you Sensei when it comes to training, he likes to study and is a very caring child, his smile and his hair reminds me a lot of you Kushina-san. He likes to talk about Uzumaki Clan ; he says that he would want to visit Uzushiogakure , " Kakashi said , happy and smiling behind his mask.

"You would be so proud of your son, both of you. I Failed to protect Obito, Rin, and you two, but I won't fail on Naruto ; you have my word , " Kakashi promised and kneeled in front of the memorial stone. He put his hand on the grass ; he kept silent for a few moments and heard footsteps behind him.

"I'm sure they're proud and happy with you , Kakashi-sensei" he heard Naruto's voice walking closer to him. He turned around to see him carrying a small pot with a strange small tree that had grown.

"What are you doing here , Naruto?" He asked curiously.

Naruto smiled and glanced at the pot in his hands. "This is a gift for my parents ; I made it myself," he said with a sad smile on his face.

Taking a closer look , he saw that it looked like a man and a woman holding their hands and smiling ; Kakashi was impressed by the decorations and wondered how Naruto had been able to decorate it like that but decided to ask later and left Naruto to place the pot close to the memorial stone. Kakashi kept quiet as Naruto started talking quietly.

Kakashi took a few steps back to give him some privacy.

"Tou-chan, Kaa-chan, I know it been some time , but I have been busy ; I'm almost done completing your Rasengan tou-chan ; I'm not sure about the name yet. I'm thinking to ask Kakashi-sensei for advice or maybe Toad-Jiji ; I-I'm not that good with names , " Naruto said nervously with a s light chuckle.

He then looked at the pot and then turned back to the memorial stone. "I hope you like my gift ; it is a small one, but I think it is beautiful," Naruto said, smiling and keeping silent for a long time. He just stood there and said a small prayer for his parents, hoping they were proud of him.

He took a deep breath. "I will come again once I finish the new Rasengan ; I hope I'm making both of you proud," he said before standing up and turning to look at Kakashi , who surprisingly had removed his mask.

Naruto looked surprised since he had never seen Kakashi-sensei without a mask. "Why exactly do you keep your mask , Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked , smiling.

This time instead of eye smiling, Kakashi smiled. "Only important people in my life have seen me without my mask ; you're amongst them" Kakashi started thinking of Rin, Obito, Minato-sensei, Kushina-san, and Anko-chan.

Naruto smiled , happy that his Sensei saw him as an important person. "Thank you , Kakashi-sensei," The redhead said , and Kakashi put his mask back on. '

Kakashi cleared his throat. "Today is the day that teams will be decided Sensei, I hope your son is in my team, but there's not much left that I can teach him, but still, I would wish he was in my team. Then there's Sasuke Uchiha, I don't know him personally, but what Naruto had told me, he's completely withdrawn and barely talks with anyone. I will try to help to move on from his revenge, Obito. I don't know if I will succeed, but I will try my best. I will see you again tomorrow same time," Kakashi said, smiling behind his mask before leaving the area.

Time passed, and Kakashi started walking towards the Hokage office before someone put her hand on his visible eye. "Who's This?" A voice he recognised very well said behind him.

"The Snake Mistress", Kakashi replied smiling; Anko pulled out her hand before turning him around; before Kakashi could understand what happened, Anko moved his mask up and kissed his lips; the white hair was caught off guard before returning the kiss with passion.

Soon they pulled away; Kakashi tried to catch his breath and finally calm from her sudden kiss, not that he had anything against it.

"Is good to see you, Anko-chan, but I'm afraid I have to go to the meeting, this one is about my team, and I can't risk being late", he started, rubbing his hair.

Anko smiled since she knew Kakashi cared to be in time this year just because Naruto has become a genin. She put an evil grin on her face before putting her open hand on his chest.

"Oh, I know, that's why this year you're going to do the best entry", she stated and moving her fingers softly around his chest. Kakashi raised his eyebrows, having a few ideas but not knowing what exactly she meant by 'Entry' but decided to tag along.

Anko then put her hand on his hand and literally dragged him away. "Come Now, Let's Show them what A Good Entry is all About", she shouted and pointing the finger at the Hokage's tower.

Kakashi sighed, not seeing a way out of her grasp. "I have a bad feeling about this", he murmured.


The smoke cleared, Kakashi stood there smiling and slowly rubbing his hair and thinking why exactly they did this entry. Some of the Jonins were looking at him as if he was someone they didn't know, while Asuma was giving him a thumbs up and Kurenai shaking her head in annoyance.

Sarutobi just looked bored while Tsunade looked ready to hit someone.

"I'm surprised you have arrived so *early!* Kakashi", Sarutobi stated and pointed with a hand for him to join the others.

"Haha, well, I didn't have any black cat crossing my road today and no old lady to help", Kakashi replied, eye smiling. At the same time, the others thought that he was already one hour late, but for Kakashi, it was usual to be at least two hours late unless it was something extremely important.

"Anyway, you arrived on time; I was just about to start discussing the New Genins of this year", Hokage-sama stated while noticing that Anko was still here and not moving her hand from Kakashi.

"Ahhh? Anko, why don't you leave? This is a meeting for Jonin, who will get a new team this year, and you're not a Jonin yet," Sarutobi said with a little smile. Anko clenched her teeth in annoyance.

"Is it fine for her to stay? Let's just get over this," Tsunade suddenly said with annoyance and hoping for this gathering to end soon.

"Very well, this year has many amazing shinobis, like Naruto Uzumaki Senju, Sasuke Uchiha, Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, and many others. Rookie of The Year is Naruto; the second is Sasuke Uchiha, best Kunoichi of this year is Hinata Hyuga followed by Ino Yamanaka" The Third stated but noticed the looks of disapproval amongst some of the Jonin.

Deciding to ignore it, he cleared his throat and started announcing Team 1 - Team 6. After their teams were announced, the Jonins left, leaving Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma, and Anko still in the office.

"Now is Team 7, Kakashi you will be Sensei of this team, in this team will be Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki Senju, and Sakura Haruno", earning a surprised look from Kakashi. "Team 8 is Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, and Hinata Hyuga", he continued earning an approval look from Kurenai.

"Team 10 is Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, and Ino Yamanaka" he finished and wanted to continue when Kurenai interrupted.

"Hokage-sama, don't you think Kakashi is getting the best team amongst us? I mean, I have heard of Naruto and saw the boy myself, he's quite good, and I have heard he's a prodigy, and Kakashi already has Sasuke" Kurenai stating facts.

"I have to agree with Kurenai", Asuma added and looked at the Hokage.

"That might be true, Kurenai, but the main reason why I'm doing this is that from all the genins of this year, I believe Naruto is the only one that can pull Sasuke away from his life of vengeance. And Sakura is reported to be the worst Kunoichi of this year. The only good trait is her knowledge, and I think Sasuke and Naruto can help her with that," Sarutobi stated, hoping that Naruto could change Sasuke.

Before anyone could say anything, Kakashi spoke. "I think Asuma and Kurenai might be right on this", Kakashi stated, shocking everyone in the office, even Anko, who had her mouth open since Kakashi had mentioned many times that he wanted Naruto on his team.

Because of his Sharingan, Kakashi knew he would definitely have Sasuke on his team.

Sarutobi gave him a look for him to continue. "I have nothing against Naruto, I have already trained him for the last four years, but he still needs to be in a team with genin that he's friends with, and he's the least friendly with Sasuke and Sakura", Kakashi stated sure that his little brother would like more to be in the same team perhaps with Shikamaru or Choji or even Shino. He knew of his dislike towards the Village, and possibly being in the same group with a good friend would probably help with that.

Sarutobi thought about what Kakashi said and put his finger on his chin. He still believed that Naruto in the same team as Sasuke and Sakura would be better; they would be the assault team.

Ino-Shika-Chjo would be the support team, and Team 8 would be the Tracking Team.

"I understand your thinking Kakashi and perhaps another time; I would agree with it, but I think Naruto can be a great help to Sasuke and Sakura", he replied, and Kakashi smiled behind his mask.

"Very well, you can leave now", Sarutobi stated, and all the Jonins left, leaving him with Tsunade looking annoyed.

"I still think Jiraiya should train Naruto; I mean no offence to Kakashi, but there's isn't much left he can teach Naruto-kun," Tsunade said.

She had requested from her Sensei that Jiraiya should be Naruto's Sensei, but he had stated that Naruto needed ties with the Village, and having more friends apparently would help with that. Tsunade knew Naruto's wish to rebuild Uzushiogakure, which meant abandoning Konoha and becoming a missing Nin.

Tsunade decided to stop thinking about that and decided to focus on the present.

"I understand Tsunade, but Naruto will do better to have friends of his age around, and not just Jiraiya", he stated, and Tsunade decided to drop the subject. She sighed and stood up.

"See you later, sensei," she said and left the office, while in her mind, she thought of the Akatsuki. Jiraiya had told her that they would soon start observing and perhaps even testing the Jinchuuriki to see how strong they were.

She hoped Naruto was enough prepared; it would take three more years, according to the spy, until they start capturing the Jinchuuriki.

Jiraiya had said that he hoped to teach Naruto, Sage Chakra, and learn to fully control Kyuubi's Chakra before the Akatsuki attacked.

When it came to the medic, Naruto was good enough; because of the Kyuubi and a large amount of Chakra he has, Naruto probably would never reach the levels needed, but Sage Chakra could probably help him if he got injured.


He was walking through the streets of Konoha; he was making his way to the academy. Today the teams would be announced, the redhead had asked Kakashi-sensei if he could tell him, but the lazy Sensei had kept his mouth shut.

Naruto smiled and hoped he was on the same team as Shikamaru or perhaps Choji; he hoped to god that Sakura wasn't in his team, That would be An Absolute Disaster.

Naruto sighed and thought that maybe having Ino in the team wouldn't be so bad; from all the girls in the class except Hinata, she was the second to take the job of Kunoichi seriously.

Naruto heard whispers from the crowds pointing fingers at him. The word that Naruto had defeated Mizuki had spread quickly and had mixed reactions.

On one side were those that were happy, and some were having second thoughts about Naruto.

But on the other side were the morons thinking that this was proof that the demon fox was getting stronger and should be eliminated.

Naruto sighed and soon reached the academy, reaching the class; he soon saw his empty seat. He greeted everyone and even Sasuke, who made a sound 'hnn' and that's all he got from him.

"Naruto, with who do you think you will be?" Choji asked immediately as he was eating chips and offered him some.

"I don't know Choji, I was hoping for Shikamaru, he will be the brain and the strategist, and perhaps Ino since she could use her Clan's jutsu to help to gather information, while I can be the assault of the team" Naruto replied and Shikamaru nodded in agreement while Ino blushed hearing what Naruto said.

Kiba, Shino, and Hinata were close to their desk, who listened to their conversation; Hinata sighed sadly that Naruto didn't mention her.

"I just hope our sensei is Hot", Kiba almost shouted, earning a disapproval look from Shino and Naruto. Sasuke rolled his eyes at his comment and kept keeping his gaze outside the window.

"I'm sure I will be fine with whoever sensei I get", Naruto stated and hoping that his Sensei didn't hate him, but his friends didn't need to know about Kurama yet.

They waited until Iruka finally arrived to announce the teams.


Chapter Text


The redhead saw Iruka Sensei walking inside the class; usually, most of the students would still keep talking, not bothering that Iruka was here, but today would be decided the teams, and everyone was waiting in anticipation to see with who they would end up with.

Everyone fell silent as Iruka walked into the centre of the class and cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention.

"We have been together for seven years, and now the time has come for you to become Shinobi of the hidden leaf and make your country proud," Iruka said, holding back his tears; his eyes glanced at Naruto, who was listening to his speech.

Iruka talked with them for a few more minutes; Shikamaru had fallen asleep and wasn't thinking of what Iruka said. Everyone except Naruto looked bored and couldn't wait until Iruka was done with his boring speech.

Iruka finished and glanced at everyone in the class; Ino talked with Sakura for god knows what. Kiba looked bored and was leaning his head against the back of the chair. Shikamaru was sleeping, and Choji was eating chips. Sasuke was probably busy daydreaming the day he would kill Itachi, and Naruto looked focused on what was happening.

"Anyway, I will start announcing the teams", he shouted, and that grabbed the attention of everyone; even Shikamaru was awake for this part.

Naruto listened, and soon Iruka announced the teams up to Team 7.

"Team 7 is Naruto Uzumaki Senju" every girl in the class fell silent right now; almost everyone except Sakura and a few others held their breath. Naruto was the hottest guy in the class, and every girl wanted him in her team. Some licked their lips at the thought of being in the same Team with Naruto.

Shikamaru, Choji, and Shino focused since they wanted to know if they would be on the same team as their friend. Shika highly doubted it since Ino-Shika-Cho was s famous Konoha team, and the third Hokage would most likely want another generation of the same team.

Ino hoped to be on the same Team with Naruto for two reasons, he was the most attractive guy in the whole Academy, and she knew for sure he was probably the strongest Genin giving her a chance to train with him and become stronger and spend time with him.

"Sakura Haruno" many girls shouted 'NO' including Sakura, who couldn't believe that the god was so cruel to put her on the same Team as Naruto.

Naruto fought the urge to scream out loud, why was he in the same team as the worthless Banshee. Why did she even graduate in the first place? Naruto, of course, knew that the Academy had gone downhill since the civil council had a bit of power to change the Academy; Making the passing exam much more effortless and not learning anything hard in the Academy.

Naruto couldn't understand why the hardest thing to learn in the Academy was simple Clone jutsu, Transformation Jutsu and Substitution Jutsu. Why they knew nothing about Fuinjutsu in the Academy was beyond him if it kept going like this. After like 50 years, Hidden Leaf Village will be lucky to have a Seal Master of Level V or lower.

"Why does the god hate me so much?" Naruto mentally asked himself.

"Don't worry , Naruto, if it is necessary , we can just kill her and bury her body somewhere ; it is not like anyone would notice her disappearance" , Kurama suddenly said with an evil smirk on his face and chuckling slightly.

Naruto's ears perked when he heard his voice. "Oh Kurama, you're right and probably is the best advice you have ever given to me, but hopefully she won't be that much of a bother to me if I just ignore her annoying flat ass", Naruto replied, smiling.

"And Sasuke Uchiha", Iruka Sensei announced the last member, followed by the annoying look and disapproval of every girl in the class except Sakura, who raised her fists in the air celebrating.

She pointed the finger at Ino. "Take that Ino pig, true love Wins always", she shouted happily and glanced at Sasuke, expecting him to be happy to be in the same team with her, except he looked bored and annoyed. Ino didn't care that Sasuke was in her team, but she was annoyed that Sakura got Naruto.

Shikamaru looked slightly confused since both Naruto and Sasuke were in the same team, the two strongest Genin in the Academy, while true that Sakura was next to Useless, still.

"At Least Naruto is in my team, but why Exactly do I need that useless Banshee in my team? At least Ino knows more than her and doesn't go around screaming like the end of the world is coming," Sasuke thought, annoyed and glancing at Ino, while Ino held her head down.

"Your sensei is Kakashi Hatake", Iruka finished and turned his eyes to announce Team 8.

Naruto raised his eyebrows in surprise, holding his hands behind his head. He didn't expect Kakashi to be his Sensei; the redhead understood that Kakashi would most likely train Sasuke because of his Sharingan.

While Sakura didn't care who was her Sensei as long as Sasuke was in her team, she held her hands clenched together in front of her face, her eyes closed and imagining Sasuke asking her on a date or kissing him.

Sasuke, on the other hand, remembers the name from Naruto. "Huh?! Naruto mentioned Kakashi is a prodigy, and I read that he's a well-known Shinobi around the world, he will be good to teach me," Sasuke thought.

"Team 8 is Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and Hinata Hyuga; your Sensei is Kurenai Yuuhi," Iruka announced, completing it.

Kiba raised his hands in the air, happy that a beautiful girl like Hinata was in his Team while Akamaru was barking at him to not act like two years old.

Shino's face didn't change, but his eyes glanced at Hinata to see her reaction but saw that she had lowered her head in disappointment.

Hinata had wished to be on the same Team as Naruto-kun, but it seems that wasn't the case; she knew she could still spend time sometimes with him, probably on holiday. The Hyuga heiress found some encouragement that Kurenai sensei was her Sensei.

"Team 9 is already working. Team 10 is Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, and Choji Akimichi", Iruka Sensei announced loudly for everyone to hear. Almost everyone expected Ino to scream, but instead, she just rolled her eyes and minded her own business.

Shikamaru was happy that his best friend was on his team but grunted that he would deal with Ino. "Troublesome".

"Your sensei is Asuma Sarutobi", he finished, and his eyes went to announce the other team.

Naruto smiled at Shika since his 'Troublesome' friend had told him that he wanted Asuma to be his Sensei. Shikamaru smiled at Naruto and was happy to hear that.

Listening to the members of each Team, Naruto understood the reason behind the team placement.

So my team is the assault team, but why exactly is Sakura in my Team ? She knows next to nothing about assault. Team 10 is the Supporting Team, with Shikamaru acting as a strategist, Choji as the muscle, and Ino to gather information and distract the enemy with her clan's ability.

And Team 8 is the tracking team; all the members can track Shino with his bugs, Hinata with her Byakugan, Kiba with Akamaru, Naruto thought, and Shikamaru had understood it as well.

Iruka Sensei finished and left the room; now, all they had to do was wait until Sensei arrived. Naruto groaned, knowing how long it would take for his big brother to arrive.

"I guess we better get comfortable; Kakashi-sensei has a bad habit of always being late for at least two hours," Naruto said, letting Sakura and Sasuke know. The Uchiha fought the urge to face-palm and decided to read a Jutsu scroll from his clan until Sensei arrived.

Sakura had her eyes on Sasuke and decided to go and try and talk with him.

Naruto opened his bag and decided to read about Fuinjutsu until Kakashi arrived.

The door opened, revealing a beautiful Kunoichi and a guy with a beard walking behind her. Naruto felt the similar chakra of the Jonin, and he could tell just from his chakra alone that he was Asuma Sarutobi.

Naruto didn't recognise the woman but blushed slightly at her face. He couldn't help but notice that she was beautiful.

"Team 8 with me", Kurenai announced, and her eyes noticed Hinata, who was giving glances at who she knew was Naruto. She hoped the poor heiress would find the courage to ask Naruto on a date.

"Whhooo, we have a hot Jonin", Kiba shouted happily and looked at the body of the Jonin. Kurenai had a tick mark on her forehead, and Asuma fought the urge to slap the disrespectful boy.

Akamaru barked at his owner to shut up; Hinata, Shino, and Kiba stood up and followed Kurenai.

"Team 10 with me" Asuma started smoking a cigarette.

"Troublesome", Shikamaru whispered before standing up and following him. Ino glanced at Naruto and soon followed Shika and Choji.

Naruto saw them leaving, and soon, Sakura and Sasuke were the only ones left in the class. Naruto changed the page and was reading about the combination of different seals. Despite being level 10, he couldn't combine more than two Seals, and he hoped there were books in Uzushiogakure for combining three seals.

But that didn't stop Naruto from experimenting and having seals blow upon his face.

Sakura was busy trying to get closer to her Sasuke-kun; she slowly and quietly changed seats and got closer to her man of dreams.

Sasuke was reading a scroll about a Fire Jutsu of Rank B.

Fire Style: Raining Fire

Cost: Medium Chunin Chakra Level

The Jutsu sends multiple small fireballs towards the enemy.

As he was focusing, he noticed a useless girl approaching like a stupid puppy dog in the corner of his eyes, Sasuke thought.

"Sasuke, do you want to hang out after this?" Sakura asked, blushing. Sasuke was literally thinking of what exactly he did in his past life to deserve a banshee-like her in the team.

Most have been horrendous, he thought and kept reading the scroll and decided to train on it after he was done here.

After One Hour

Kakashi was making his way to the class after paying his respects; usually, he would be late for at least one more hour or even two more hours, but he knew Naruto didn't take kindly to his 'being late' habits. So he decided to go early this time.

Naruto was still reading and had a blanket paper on his desk and using a brush to make a Three Combine Seal in the class. He hoped he would be able to succeed.

Sasuke was still reading the scroll, trying to memorise everything, while Sakura was sitting on the desk closest to Sasuke, who looked annoyed by her constant attempt to have a conversation with him.

Naruto could feel Kakashi-sensei coming, so he sealed the paper and the book away. Sasuke noticed and decided to stop reading; after a few seconds, the class door opened, revealing a white-haired shinobi with a mask covering his face, from his nose to his chin. His right eye was not covered, while his forehead protector covered his left.

Before Kakashi could say anything, Naruto pointed the finger at him. "You finally arrived, Old Man Kakashi", he shouted, his voice boomed around the class and even the corridor.

Kakashi looked at Naruto, annoyed that he still was using his disrespectful nickname. Sasuke and Sakura looked confused at how Naruto called their Sensei.

"My first thought of all of you, you're boring, and the redhead is annoying" he started pointing the finger at Naruto, who was smiling from ear to ear.

"In the Roof, you have 10 minutes", he stated thoughtfully before he Shunshin away.

"See you there," Naruto said, waving at them before he disappeared and left leaves behind. Sasuke made a mental note to learn that jutsu as soon as possible before running towards the stairs, followed by Sakura.

Kakashi looked up to see Naruto in front of him sitting at the stairs; he eye smiled and pulled away from his book.

"Ooh, Naruto, it is good to see you," he said, smiling behind his mask. Naruto smiled back.

"Didn't know you would be my sensei", Naruto stated happily that Kakashi would be his Sensei.

"I myself was surprised; I expected Hokage-sama to put you in the team with Shikamaru or someone else," Kakashi said and noticed Sasuke and Sakura arriving.

"Naruto, how do you arrive here before us" Sakura exclaimed, her hands clenched together and glaring at the Red Head.

The young Uzumaki rolled his head and shook his head. "I Shunsin banshee", he replied, annoying Sakura.

She raised her fist and tried to hit Naruto but stopped when Naruto turned his cold blue eyes at her; she felt a shiver in her whole body and felt cold, her heart started beating in her throat.

Without saying another word, Sasuke sat at the centre, and Sakura was at his right, looking at the brooding Uchiha with hearts in her eyes.

"So I guess you three are going to my squad from now on, huh? Well, how about we introduce ourselves, maybe share some likes, dislikes, hobbies."

"Okay, well, how about you go first, then Sensei," Sakura piped in.

"Okay. I am Hatake Kakashi. I have no intentions of telling you my likes and dislikes. As for my dream... " He drifted off before snapping back to his students, "I have few hobbies." Naruto snickered at his Sensei's response.

"Your turn, Pinkie."

"Well, I like," she said as she turned to look at Sasuke, "I dislike, Naruto-Baka. My dreams are," she continued to stare at Sasuke, and then giggled when she said, "and my hobby is."

Oh Great, all three men thought, mentally face-palming.

"My dream is," she said again, looking at Sasuke; she giggled and blushed at her face.

Naruto and Sasuke shook their heads at her idiomaticity, while Kakashi thought why and how exactly she became a genin. Still, knowing that her mother is in civil council, he shouldn't be surprised.

"Well, you next Emo."

Sasuke looked annoyed by his nickname but decided to just get on with it. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha, I like a few things, and I dislike a lot of things like Fangirls and people who whine all the time. My dream-No what I will achieve is to kill a person, restore my clan and make my parents proud of me," he stated, and half of his face looked covered by a shadow.

Naruto understood he wanted to kill Itachi, while the redhead seemed to notice the worried crease appear on Kakashi's face, then it was his turn.

"You next, Naruto."

Since it was his introduction, Naruto decided to say his full name.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Senju Namikaze, I like –,"

"But your name is Uzumaki Naruto baka! Geez, how are we going to survive when you can't even get your name right," Sakura interrupted, chest puffed out proudly to know she'd gotten another one up on the baka Naruto.

"Actually, Sakura, that was my mother's last name; I learned that my father's surname was Namikaze."

"But I've only ever heard of one Namikaze living in Konoha silly, and that was the Yondaime Hokage..." She drifted off as the two academy graduates stared at Naruto dumbfounded.

"Yep, the Yondaime was my dad."

Sakura looked perplexed while Sasuke had just a raised eyebrow.

Before he could get cut off again, Naruto quickly continued, "Anyway, my likes are Ramen, learning new techniques, learning Fuinjutsu, having friends. Ashara-chan and Fuu-chan. My dislikes are people who assume they are better than others, those who can't tell the difference between a kunai and a scroll, I dislike traitors and rapists, and my dream is to rebuild my homeland, restore my clan, and make my parents proud. My hobbies include fuinjutsu, training, reading, and cooking. Oh, and can you not tell anyone who my dad was, I wanted you guys to know because you're myTeamm, but I don't want heaps of other people to know yet,"

Kakashi wondered what exactly Naruto meant with 'Rebuild my homeland'.

Sasuke looked interested when Naruto mentioned that he wanted to restore his clan.

Kakashi nodded, "Yes, that is wise, I hope you heed these words," the jounin said to the other.

"Yes, what I was going to say was that tomorrow morning at 8:00 am, I want you to meet me at Training ground 21 for your final examination before becoming permanent Genin in this squad. And don't eat breakfast beforehand."

"What!" Sakura exclaimed, "I thought we'd already passed and graduated, wasn't that what the academy was for?"

This girl is really annoying me, and I hope I can somehow return her on track before she dooms herself or a friend.

"Yes, but you still need to pass this final test if you want to be shinobi of Konoha." He said before disappearing in a whirl of leaves.

Naruto stood up and turned to his teammates. "I will eat breakfast. It sounded more like advice than an order," Naruto stated before disappearing.

Sasuke noticed what Naruto said and decided to listen to his advice. But before he could go away.

"Sasuke-kun, do you want to hang out?" Sakura asked, blushing heavily.



He soon reached his home, walking inside the compound, "I'm Home", Naruto said, smiling.

Shizune came. First, she gave him a big hug, that Naruto returned

"Is good to have you here Naruto, Tsunade is still in the hospital working", she replied.

"Well, I will go to my room to study", Naruto stated before he left.

The redhead reached his room and quickly returned to his seal, trying to get it to work. That night multiple explosions happened in Naruto's room.


Naruto was leaning against a tree, writing on a blank paper.

Sakura ran over to Sasuke, not paying the slightest amount of attention to the fact that Naruto was there. Still, before she could start harassing him, Kakashi appeared in a swirl of leaves, his face planted in a book that Naruto by now knew was Icha Icha; Naruto couldn't understand why so many people read the book, every old guy he knew was a pervert.

"Okay, guys, today you have to pass a test to see if you truly have what it takes to be Genin of Konoha. If you do not pass this test, it is within my rights to send you back to the Academy or remove you from the program altogether," at this, both Sasuke and Sakura looked shocked and betrayed that Konoha would do such a thing; Naruto, however, had a stern expression, thinking over what had been said so far, "I have here two bells. I'd like you to do your best to take them from me. Whoever doesn't have a bell in 3 hours will not pass."

"But sensei, they are two bells, and we are three Genin", Sakura interjected.

"I see you can count Sakura. It means one of us will have to return to the Academy," Naruto stated with a cold tone that impressed even Kakashi.

Sakura looked shocked and perplexed, while Sasuke looked confused.

"Naruto's right Sakura, one of you will return," Kakashi said, confirming what Naruto told as accurate, and then put a clock at the top of a wooden pole.

"Alright, well, can we begin Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked, and gone was the humorous tone and now was changed to serious.

"You may." He said, turning his attention back to Icha Icha.

All three Genin disappeared immediately, leaving Kakashi alone; his eye looked around to notice Sakura against a bush, close to him. Sasuke had climbed up a tree and was staring at him, and just as he predicted, he couldn't detect Naruto anywhere.

"Well, Naruto, I hope you go easy", the white hair shinobi murmured under his breath before deciding to go after Sakura first.

Meanwhile, Naruto stood at the top of a tree using his godfather's camouflage jutsu not to be detected.

There's no such thing as two Genin teams; that means the test is something else, Naruto thought out loud.

He knew his big brother liked strong Teamwork in a group; hell, most of the Jonin had their test revolves around Teamwork. He punched his palm.

"I see you want us to work together", he whispered before jumping in the ground and deciding to see if Sakura or Sasuke would agree to work together.

While this was happening, Sakura was busy running around the forest screaming 'Sasuke-Kun at the top of her lungs. She couldn't wait until she found her Sasuke-kun.

She knew her 'true love' was around here somewhere, together they would defeat Kakashi-sensei, both graduating and leaving Naruto-baka in the dust.

As she was running, Sakura heard a sound behind her only to see Sasuke slowly walking behind a tree. She beamed and was about to get closer when she saw her Sasuke-kun having several arrows piercing his back in horror. A few had pierced him and came out through his stomach; she could see blood leaking out of his stomach and chest. Blood poured out his mouth, and his teeth were red from blood, his ears and nose dripping blood, his face pale like milk. His eyes were bleeding, and his right eye had almost pooped out where she could see the tiny veins around the sclera of the eye.

His left eye had almost gone upwards, inside his head.

"S-s-sakura R-ru-n ta-tak-take Nar-naruto", he tried to say before his body caught on flames and started burning, his skin turned black from the fire like coal, scorching him. His eyes burned from the fire, his hair burned, and Sasuke fell to the ground burning.

Sakura started screaming, falling to the ground and throwing her arms and legs around.

Sasuke heard a scream and knew that it was Sakura, arriving she saw her kicking and screaming. Kakashi sensei stood close to her shaking his head.

Sasuke quickly attacked Kakashi with several Kunai's and Shuriken's from behind from a nearby tree. Kakashi, of course, dodged the attack by using Kawarimi no Jutsu, after which Sasuke then engaged Kakashi in a Taijutsu battle, where Sasuke showed impressive Taijutsu skill in fighting against Kakashi by pushing him back and having him on the defensive. Although when one looked closely, one could quickly tell that Kakashi was only playing with Sasuke and wasn't taking him seriously.

Realising this, Sasuke jumped away and threw several more Kunai at Kakashi, who skilfully dodged them. Although as he did, he fell for a trap that Sasuke had laid out for him where several more Kunai's and Shurikens were fired at him from a nearby tree when Sasuke cut the rope line with one of the Kunai's that he had thrown at Kakashi a moment ago and activated the trap.

As Kakashi dodged the Kunai's and Shuriken's, Sasuke quickly raced over to Kakashi and once again engaged him in a Taijutsu battle, but as Kakashi blocked all of Sasuke's hits. He quickly realised that Sasuke wasn't just attacking; he was trying to get close to him so that he could grab one of the bells. Whereupon realising this, Kakashi saw that Sasuke was about to grab one of the bells on his sides; seeing this, Kakashi quickly jumped away in time, where Sasuke was only able to touch one of the bells.

At the near capture, Kakashi sighed slightly with relief, "Well, now that was close...This kid is fierce, and I have to admit he does have a lot of talent as well", he thought.

After nearly getting the bell, Sasuke decided to take things up a notch, where he quickly did a few hand seals and then cried out Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire Style: Great Fireball Technique), where he expelled from his mouth a massive orb of roaring flame.

When the massive fire hit Kakashi, Sasuke quickly ran over to him as the flames died to get the bells. Unfortunately, when Sasuke got to the spot, he could not find Kakashi.

"Where did he go, behind me, above?" thought Sasuke as he looked all around each direction for any sign of the Jonin Sensei.

"Looking for me," said Kakashi as he grabbed Sasuke's right leg from underground as he used Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Style: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique) and pulled him underground, leaving just Sasuke head above ground. After which, Kakashi came out from the ground and kneeled at Sasuke, who was glaring at him in angry at being humiliated in this way as he could not move.

"Hello There," Kakashi said innocently, looking down at Sasuke, who glared at him.

"Kakashi sensei"

"You're a bold one", Kakashi replied, eye smiling at him. Before anyone could say anything else. Kakashi saw red chains coming from a bush. He recognised them and jumped upwards towards a branch; they reached very close to his leg, and he landed on the branch only for the tree to have several Paper Bombs.


A massive explosion happened, Kakashi came out from his hiding spot after his clone got destroyed. He saw Naruto had rescued Sasuke since the hole was empty now. He rubbed his hair and knew it was fun while it lasted but wondered if Sasuke and Sakura would work with Naruto.

Away from him, Sasuke saw Sakura still on the ground, probably unconscious; Naruto put his hand on her forehead, and she immediately stood up, and her eyes widened. She had tears streaming down her cheek.

But when her eyes landed on Sasuke. "SASUKE-KUN" she screamed and threw herself at him; Sasuke tried desperately to get her away from him.

"You're Alive; thank God You're ALIVE", she screamed, still crying.

"Enough with this Sakura; it was a simple E-Rank Genjutsu, for crying out loud. Now We need to work together to grab the bells from Kakashi sensei," Naruto stated with a stern tone and his eyes ice cold.

Both Sakura and Sasuke fell silent and decided to listen to whatever Naruto wanted to say.


Kakashi stood leaning against a tree, he knew Naruto alone was good enough to fight him and get the bells, but Naruto had most likely understood the hidden meaning of the test.

His eyes turned to see Sasuke coming out from the trees running head straight towards him as he was waiting. Kakashi pulled the book away and decided to see what he wanted to do. Sasuke grabbed a kunai and threw it at his feet, only for it to explode.

Kakashi jumped away in time and knew Naruto must be nearby only for Sakura to throw a few Shurikens that landed far from him; for a moment, Kakashi thought their plan had failed, but he felt heavy, very heavy. He looked up to see a gravity seal around him. Sakura smirked.

"Wind Style: Shuriken Hurricane" Naruto threw a small Shuriken enhanced with Wind chakra that transformed into multi Shuriken.

Kakashi used all his strength to jump away and landed on the ground, far away from the dangerous Shurikens.

"Fire Style: Fireball"

"Wind Style: Great breakthrough . "

A huge wind made of fire flew towards him with Medium Jonin Speed. Kakashi smiled behind his mask and the clone burned.

The Real Kakashi showed up behind Naruto and Sasuke, only for the clock to start ringing.

"Looks like the time is over" Kakashi started smiling and led them to the three tree poles in the middle of the training yard.

After they arrived. "It seems you lost," Kakashi said, smiling only for Naruto to pull out the bells from his hand.

Both Sasuke and Sakura looked shocked at him while Kakashi thought it was too good to be true.

"Ahah how-When did you take them?" Kakashi asked nervously.

"When my Chakra Chains touched your leg", he answered, smiling brightly. Kakashi understood it since he used the clone after jumping away, but not before the chains attacked him.

"Well, to who are you going to give your bells?" Kakashi asked with a firm tone.

Naruto looked at them before shrugging his shoulders and throwing the bells at Sakura and Sasuke.

"Are you sure, Naruto? This means you have to return to the Academy," he stated emotionless.

Naruto just nodded his head without thinking twice.

Sasuke glanced at the bell in his hand before he looked up at Naruto. "We took the bells because of you; you should have mine", Sasuke suddenly stated and threw his to Naruto, who smiled. Sakura looked conflicted about what to do.

Before anyone could do anything else, Kakashi gave them a Thumbs Up. "I Happily Announce that You All PASS," he said smiling.

"But Kakashi-sensei, you said that we would have to have a bell to pass the test and Sasuke doesn't, so why does he pass with us," asked a confused but hopeful Sakura.

"This is to see if you're willing to work together, to see if you can look underneath the underneath. For you see, in the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends and comrades are worse than scum; that's probably the most important lesson I can ever teach you as your Sensei, which is why I want you to take it to heart".

Kakashi then turned and looked at the Memorial Stone, "You see this stone next to us...this stone is the Memorial Stone, it lists all of the Shinobi's of this village that were killed in the War, and my teammates are on this stone along with my Sensei the Yondaime Hokage, as they all died in combat. I come to this place every day, and every time I come here this place it makes me think about the mistakes I've made in the past...and I've made a lot. This is why I'm telling you to help and support one another and your other comrades as you will need them when the time comes and to avoid the mistakes that I have made in the past".

Soon Naruto walked to the memorial stone and said a small prayer. Kakashi smiled at him and rubbed his red hair before turning to the two others. "Now From Tomorrow, We Will Start our Missions as Team 7".

A Genin of Konoha Arc Completed

Next is 'Wave Arc'


Chapter Text

The forest was singing with the song of birds; suddenly, a shadow jumped fast from tree to tree, followed by two larger shadows. The small shadow jumped faster and hid behind a bush; the two big shadows looked around, trying to find the damn cat.

While all this was happening, a shadow was staring at the cat; his blue eyes looked like ice.

"Are you in position, pinkie?" Kakashi asked, bored.

"I'm not pinkie, and yes, I'M in Position", she shouted, annoyed by the nickname.
"I'm in position too, and don't you dare use that nickname", Sasuke suddenly said, not wanting to hear his Sensei right now.

"Very well. Emo," Kakashi whispered with a chuckle.

Sasuke grunted in annoyance but decided to ignore it for now.

"Naruto, you there?" Kakashi asked the redhead but was met with silence; even Sakura and Sasuke found this strange.

Kakashi was about to ask again when the young Uzumaki spoke.

"Got the Cat", he suddenly said. They all exchanged looks before dropping down and seeing the Devil. Tora. In Naruto's hands, he was softly caressing her, and she purred at his touch, her eyes closed and enjoying the moment.

Kakashi had a raised eyebrow since he didn't remember anyone else ever to be able to have any chance to touch the cat without the risk of losing an eye. But knowing Naruto's bright Aura and the way how animals, in general, felt relaxed in his presence, he shouldn't be that much surprised.

Sasuke looked surprised but didn't care much about the stupid cat, and he was sure that cat was an Evil Spawn.

Sakura, on the other hand, looked surprised and annoyed. "How can you do that?" She exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at Naruto, whose eyes suddenly became red; Sakura felt her knees weak by his gaze and shut her mouth. Tora screech at Sakura.

Kakashi sighed, bored of Sakura, who keeps trying to undermine Naruto; he really didn't understand what Hokage-Sama was smoking when he decided to put Sakura in Team 7.

The young Uzumaki had tried to help the banshee, but no results.

"Sakura, you have to stop chasing Sasuke," She had just turned up to training with Naruto late, once again because of a hunt for Sasuke, who had unsurprisingly eluded her; she had no idea where he kept going.

"Why? You want me to date you , do you? Sorry well, it's not going to happen," She said spitefully, thinking of Sasuke.

Naruto laughed out loud at her words and slapped his knees. After calming down , he looked up at her. "Why Would I care for your attention? I mean , seriously? You keep trying to undermine and talk all the time about how 'Awesome' Sasuke is! Why would someone ever in my place want your attention?!" Naruto asked with a hint of irritation.

Sakura kept quiet and slowly lowered her head in shame and embarrassment.

"You can do whatever you want , Sakura, but if you wanted to become a Shinobi just to be with Sasuke and no other reason, then you're pathetic," he said with a cold tone that could freeze an ocean.

Hokage Tower

Soon they returned to the Hokage to announce that they completed their mission to chase the devil cat. Tora was quickly snatched by a woman who bone crushed the poor cat; Naruto felt bad for Tora while she desperately tried to return to the hands of Naruto.

"Thank You, Hokage-Sama," she said, gave the old Hokage money, and left through the big door.

Sakura smirked at the torture the poor cat was receiving while Sasuke kept a stoic face and not really showing that he enjoyed her punishment after hours of chasing her all around the Village.

"We are ready for another mission" Kakashi sensei started looking at the Hokage. Naruto turned to the Hokage when they heard a scream. Everyone turned to see Tora running away and the woman desperately calling her name.

"Or you can Just Catch Tora Again", Sarutobi stated with a smirk but met with denial by the new Genins.

"NO" the three genins shouted at the same time.

The old Hokage laughed at their response, fully expecting it by them.
"Don't worry, I still remember Tobirama sensei forcing my team and me to chase after her", he stated, earning a surprised look from everyone in the office; even Kakashi looked surprised by his raised eyebrow.

"Wait? HOW OLD IS THAT CAT?" Everyone suddenly asked, even Sasuke couldn't believe that cat to be that Old; But remembering her speed and her ways of avoiding them for so many hours.

Sarutobi raised his hands. "Well anyway, that's not really important", he stated with a slight smirk on his face.

The old Hokage then grabbed a few letters in front of his desk. "Well, you can help this old man who needs help with his garden, or paint this wall for this new restaurant or you . . ."

"How about a real mission this time, Jiji? Like a C-rank?" Naruto interjected the Hokage, tired of doing the chores these people called 'missions'.

Sakura was quick to scold Naruto, "Naruto! Show respect to Hokage-same!" Surprisingly, she didn't try to hit him. Must have scared her back there, he mused.

"Naruto!" Iruka spoke with a frown, "You can't demand missions like that! Genin teams have to do D-rank missions for two to three months before they get qualified for C-ranks! And even then their jonin sensei-"

Hiruzen cut Iruka off with a gentle chuckle, "It's ok, Sakura-chan. He has called me that ever since he was little."

Sakura's eyes widened a bit in surprise, as did Sasuke's. They didn't know Naruto was so close to the Hokage to the extent of calling the man a grandfather figure.

Hiruzen turned towards Kakashi, "Kakashi, do you think your team is ready for a C-rank mission?"

The Jonin put the finger on his chin, acting like he was thinking about it. The Jonin knew Naruto was more than ready and decided to just go on with it,

"Sure they are Hokage-sama", he stated proudly. Sasuke smiled while Sakura looked insecure about it.

Iruka took a step forward and was ready to protest when The old Hokage raised his hand to stop him.

"Very well, you can have this C-Rank, to protect this bridge-builder", Hokage stated before turning his head to a door in the office.

"Call Tazuna Inside"

The door revealed a man holding a bottle of alcohol that was already half empty, his cheeks red from drinking. His eyes looked at the young Genin in front of him, his eyes filled with disappointment.

"I asked For actual Shinobi, not kids who need someone to look after them", He started, taking another drink from his bottle. Sasuke looked annoyed by his words.

"That's funny, coming from someone who clearly doesn't understand that age is not important when it comes To being a Shinobi", Naruto suddenly said and a kunai in front of his throat.

Tazuna felt a shiver and couldn't dare even move his head to see who was behind him. He felt a cold sweat run down his forehead.

"Now now, Naruto, no need to threaten our customers," Kakashi said, trying to ease the tension in the room.

Naruto just smiled before appearing in front of his team; Tazuna touched his neck to see if there was any blood, but surprisingly there wasn't. Turning his eyes to the team, he noticed the boy's red hair; despite being drunk, he could have sworn he had seen that shade of red before but couldn't quite put a finger where.

"They will do; I need to go to the Wave Country," He said, and the genins turned to their Sensei.

"The front Gate. One Hour" he stated before disappearing, followed by the redhead.


He reached his compound and started gathering everything he might need in the mission. He knew Shizune-chan and Tsunade-baa-chan were most likely working in the hospital, so he decided to leave a letter for them.

Grabbing Soldier pills, and Sleep pills, he sealed them in a scroll and grabbed kunai, shurikens. Last he grabbed food and sealed it in his scrolls. His sword tightened to his back.

Naruto's thoughts went to the mission, and he knew Uzushiogakure was close to the wave; he wondered if he could sneak in during the mission or maybe ask Kakashi-sensei for permission to visit his homeland.

Deciding to think about it when they reach wave, he wore his sandals and Shunshin to the gate.


He grabbed his bag and started putting food, bottles with water, a few Soldier pills, and started putting his weapons. He glanced at the scroll on the table and decided to leave it there and start training again after he returned.

Finally closing the bag, he left through the door and turned to look at his home. He put his hands together and said a small prayer before locking his house and going to the front gate.


She put a hair spray on her bag, looked at the food on the table, and decided to grab a few cans that had low-fat food. She grabbed three cans and did the math in her head; that was more than enough. She wouldn't need more than that.

Sakura put another hair spray, her items needed for her hair to look pretty, and decided to go to the Main Gate.

The Main Gate

Kakashi waited for his team to arrive; Tazuna was staying close to him, looking impatient. But Kakashi could see more to this situation but decided to ignore it; for now, the man was probably just nervous.

Jonin knew his team was ready for a C-Rank, especially Naruto and probably Sasuke; his team had its ups and downs since they first started doing missions. Kakashi had first started by teaching them teamwork; surprisingly, Sasuke had somehow agreed to follow Naruto's lead and work together.

Sakura didn't do much, which concerned Kakashi; he encouraged her to train, but she did the bare minimum in that department. He sighed and thought of ways to do something better.

Perhaps making them complete D missions without his help could be beneficial; he decided to consider it after returning.

Sasuke had made progress in teamwork but still couldn't stop thinking about killing Itachi. Kakashi understood his motivations, but he knew that Revenge would destroy everything and gain nothing in return. The satisfaction of killing him wasn't worth it. Kakashi thought and turned to see Naruto appearing in front of him.

Tazuna couldn't understand how they could do that but decided not to ask since he would most likely understand nothing and just receive a headache in the end.

"I'm ready, Kakashi sensei" Naruto started putting his hands behind his head. Kakashi noticed his lack of a bag but knew Naruto preferred scrolls instead of s bag.

Soon Sasuke and Sakura arrived; Sakura put her hands on her knees, breathing heavily. Sasuke looked bored.

She looked up to see Naruto without a bag pack. "Naruto, where's your bag?" She asked, pointing the finger at him.

"I sealed my things in scrolls; much easier to travel", he stated, earning an approval nod from Sasuke and Kakashi Sensei.

"If that's the case, seal my bag as well," she said and was about to hand him her bag.

"No, if you want to do that, then learn how to seal it yourself", he stated and walked away from her.

"Well, let's Go," Kakashi said with a cheerful tone trying to make the mission look more fun. They soon started walking outside the Village, and soon the Village didn't look behind them anymore.

Naruto liked and decided just to keep silent since he enjoyed it more.

After almost four hours of talking of nothing but silence.

Sakura seemed to sense the awkwardness, and she did not have the same problem as Naruto of finding a topic to talk about. "Um, Tazuna-san, you are from wave country, right?"

Tazuna turned his head towards her, "Yeah, what about it?"

"Do you have a ninja village in that country?"

Surprisingly, Kakashi answered, "Actually, the wave does not have a ninja village. Each of the elemental nations has its hidden shinobi villages. But the smaller countries don't have the resources to fund, let alone maintain their hidden Village. Budget, people, missions....there are so many resources to account for that the smaller nations can't afford. So they prefer to hire ninjas from other countries."

Tazuna nodded his head in agreement knowing their poor state.

"What about Kirigakure? That Village is close to wave!" Sakura asked, thinking why Tazuna had not asked for help from them. Naruto turned his head to look at her with a glare.

"Is because of a Civil War Sakura; one-day Mizukage suddenly decided to exterminate all people with Bloodlines in the country, starting a civil war in the process", Naruto replied before Tazuna could.

Sakura looked horrified that the Kage that is supposed to protect the Village was harming it.

The girl kept quiet, not wanting to talk about it more. While walking, both Kakashi and Naruto noticed a puddle in the road.

Naruto felt two chakras coming from the puddle; he grunted in annoyance but at the same time wondered why they were there. This was a C-Rank mission, and he knew none of them had any big bounty on his head, except maybe Kakashi, but the chakra in the puddle was Medium Chunin Chakra level at best.

Deciding to wait, it didn't take long and from the puddle came out two masked shinobi that carried a bladed chain that tightened around Kakashi before cutting him to shreds. Sakura screamed.

"One Down"

Naruto put his hand on the pommel of his sword. "Sakura, protect Tazuna", he yelled before rushing at the two ninjas. Before any of them could do anything, the redhead threw a kunai in the chains that blocked them in the ground; with a quick slash; he cut the arm of one of the attackers who screamed in pain, trying to hold the wound with his other hand as blood flew everywhere like rain.

"Brother", the other one screamed but became silent when he just fell to the ground after Naruto hit him at the back of his head.

He turned around to see Sasuke in front of Tazuna with a kunai in his hand, while Sakura stood in the same place shaking like a leaf, her eyes looking at the guy's arm in the ground. The redhead narrowed his eyes before turning to look at Kakashi-sensei, who came out from behind a tree.

"Well Done, Naruto and Sasuke, it is important always to protect the client," he said, glancing at Sakura before giving Tazuna a furious look.

He marched in front of him and grabbed him by the throat. "I thought this was a C-Rank Mission, protecting you from bandits but not hired shinobi", he accused and pointed the finger at the Chunin level shinobi that attacked them.

Tazuna tried to free himself from his grip, "I-I don't know why they attacked", he tried to say.

Naruto sighed, bored. "Tazuna, I can feel when someone's lying; we are giving you one more chance, or we leave you in the road", he stated with a cold tone.

Tazuna felt the KI and nodded his head. Kakashi dropped him to the ground.  "Have you heard of a man called Gato?"

"I've heard of him", Naruto stated. Kakashi raised an eyebrow, silently asking to elaborate. "He is the owner of a shipping company. When I last read about him, he was among the top fifteen richest of the nations. Suspected for criminal activity, but no proof", he said with his arms crossed.

"The very same", Tazuna agreed. "Though now he is among the top five. He came to Wave Country a bit more than two years ago. First, we didn't think anything about it, but soon he had bought up all the shipping industry of our nation. You see, Wave Country is an island, so we are dependent on shipping to get goods. But that wasn't the worst part. He used his monopoly to drain the country dry."

"The people live in poverty. Many lost their houses to Gato. Whoever protested was killed. He takes what he wants with his hired thugs, making sure nobody dares to oppose him. His shipping business covers his criminal activities. He deals with drugs, alcoholics, rare goods, even slaves. Everything and anything that brings him money. The only thing he fears is the bridge I'm building. If I finish my bridge, his monopoly will be rendered obsolete, and our country will be back in business because we will be connected to the mainland."

"So why didn't you just tell the truth to Hokage-sama?" Kakashi glared at him.

"Hokage-sama would understand, in that case after the mission was completed, you would pay a little every month until is fully paid or offer a deal amongst Wave and Konoha", Naruto suggested.

Tazuna lowered his gaze, and he hadn't thought of it. Kakashi turned to look at his students. "This mission is now B-Rank, maybe even A-Rank, according to the rules we should return to the village", he stated, giving each of his students a glance to see what they thought of it.

"We can do this, Kakashi-sensei; I never turned back and left people to suffer because of a maniac", Naruto stated with a smile on his face.

Kakashi smiled back, already knowing what his little brother would say; he turned to look at Sasuke, who shrugged his shoulders.

"I say we continue; we have you if anything is harder than we thought," he said, putting his hands on his pockets. That left only Sakura, who still looked terrified.

"I-I- I say we continue," she said, still not sure if that was the best choice. Kakashi nodded in agreement. "The Demon brothers have a bounty on their head Naruto" he stated, and Naruto nodded in understanding.

He walked up to them and stabbed them in the head, Sakura closed her eyes, and tears slowly rolled down her cheek.

After killing them, Naruto sealed their bodies in two different scrolls and turned to his team.

"Let's Go"

After walking for Days, they soon reached a coast; since the demon brothers hadn't had any problems, that surprised both Naruto and Kakashi, who was sure someone else would attack them by now.

They soon started making their way to Wave; Tanzo greeted the fishermen; the guy greeted Tanzo with a friendly smile but kept a wary eye at the Shinobi team.

After travelling for two hours, they soon reached the shore; Naruto saw the bridge while making their way here. He had to admit that he was impressed by the size of the bridge.

"Good Luck, Tazuna," the fishermen said and soon left. Kakashi turned to look at Tazuna.

"How long before we reach your house?" He asked, trying to see if there was anything to worry about.

"Almost there, we will reach it within three hours", he stated, and soon they started walking towards Tazuna's house.

During all this, the team was quiet, but Naruto couldn't shake off a strange feeling in his stomach; it felt like someone was calling him. He couldn't understand it and spread his senses as far as possible but couldn't detect a living human anywhere nearby.

The closer they got, the stronger the feeling; unknown to Naruto, the seal on his stomach started glowing red and slowly growing.

Kurama noticed it and used his chakra to stop the seal from whatever it was trying to do, the fox didn't know why it was reacting like that, but he didn't want to give it any chances.

Naruto breathed in relief, and soon they were halfway to Tazuna's house. Suddenly he felt a chakra behind a tree; without thinking twice, he threw a kunai enhanced with wind chakra.

Everyone suddenly was on their guards; Naruto saw a white rabbit slowly walking away. He narrowed his eyes.

"See, Naruto, you almost hurt an innocent bunny", Sakura shouted, but the redhead was in no mood to hear her.

"DOWN" both Kakashi and Naruto screamed; the redhead grabbed Sakura and Tazuna and threw them to the ground.

A large sword suddenly flew and hit the tree near them. A man stood at the sword's handle, who had bandages covering his face from his nose to his throat; he wore bandages around his arms. His eyes are cold like ice.

Naruto stood up, feeling the hidden person behind their new guest. To Naruto's surprise, he couldn't feel malicious thoughts coming from the hidden person but only from the first guest, and even from him weren't at the same level he usually gets from some of the stupid villagers.

Kakashi walked in front of the team. "Kakashi Hatake, what an honour to be against you", the man stated with a smirk behind his mask.

"Zabuza Momoichi" Kakashi slowly moved his hand to his forehead protector that covered his left eye. Naruto noticed it and smiled.

"What do you want?" Kakashi asked warily, his eye not leaving Zabuza. The missing-nin chuckled darkly before pointing the finger at Tazuna.

"I'm here for the bridge builder, give him to me, and none of your small children will have to die", he stated and releasing a tiny bit of his KI, making both Sasuke and Sakura shake, while Naruto just brushed it off since Kurama could produce ten times more KI on his sleep.

He walked and stood beside Kakashi. "I'm sorry to break it to you, but it is our mission to help Tazuna, so can you peacefully leave us, mummy" Naruto stated, holding the pommel of his katana.

Zabuza narrowed his eyes in annoyance but was impressed that the kid didn't look affected by his KI.

"I'm afraid that won't happen anytime soon, kid", he started, jumping in the water nearby.

Kakashi moved his forehead protector upwards and revealed his fully matured Sharingan.

"The Sharingan so early, I'm honoured. I have read about you during my time as an ANBU; everyone calls you. Kakashi of The Sharingan," he said coldly before doing hand signs.

Sasuke immediately grew interested and wondered why his Sensei would have the Sharingan, he knew Kakashi wasn't of his clan, or maybe someone gave it to him. Or did he steal it?

"Naruto, stand close to Sasuke and Sakura and protect them", Kakashi ordered; Naruto nodded in agreement and stood in front of Tazuna. His katana on his hand is covered in wind chakra.

"Hidden Mist Technique"

Some have asked me how old I'm and if English is my primary language.

I'm 22 years old male , and my mother's tongue is German.


Chapter Text


He could see the fear in Sakura and Sasuke's eyes, and they looked terrified of Zabuza; the redhead couldn't blame them; he was sure he would have been in the same situation if he hadn't trained.

Naruto saw the mist slowly spreading; usually, this would be terrible news for them. Zabuza was an expert of Silent Kill, and killing in the fog was something he had done his whole Life. The jutsu itself was impressive, being able to change the battleground to his advantage; that was one of the most important things in battle; a shinobi needs every advantage in his side.

Before the mist could get foggier, Naruto did hand signs. "Wind Style: Great Breakthrough" Naruto shouted and left out a vast and strong wind that moved the whole mist away, making the battleground in their favour again.

Zabuza was slowly revealed standing in a tree close to their location, his eyes narrowed and glaring at the redhead for ruining his jutsu. He clenched his teeth, glaring at the kid.

Before he could do anything, Kakashi showed up in front of him with a kunai in his hand; Zabuza blocked his attack with Kubikiribōchō, his eyes glaring at the Jonin before jumping away and in the ground. Zabuza knew not having the favour of the mist was terrible enough, and Kakashi wasn't a known Jonin around the world for nothing.

He gripped the handle of the sword with all his strength before rushing towards the Jonin; Kakashi blocked his swing with his kunai, the strength was enough to make him take a step away, Zabuza moved his hands away before swinging again with more strength, and this time, his sword cut through the kunai and sliced through his chest only for him to pop.

Zabuza moved in time to avoid an attack from behind; he turned to see Kakashi again, Zabuza swung his sword, trying to cut down the Jonin, but his Sharingan kept helping him. They kept fighting and fighting, blow after blow, only using Taijutsu and Kenjutsu.

Zabuza took three steps back before rushing at Kakashi and, with all his strength, pierced through the kunai only for Kakashi to turn into water.

Zabuza's eyes widened when he felt a grip on his neck, and two kunai pierced the skin of his neck, only for water to come out of his neck, and the whole body turned into water.

Kakashi saw a hidden Zabuza suddenly behind his team, ready to slice Tazuna in half.

Zabuza raised his sword high, ready to kill the bridge builder, he swung down, but his sword was stopped only a few centimetres away from the shoulder of the bridge builder. He clenched his teeth tightly that draw blood from his lip; he glared, seeing a katana blocking his swing.

His eyes slowly the redhead with katana on his hand, and his blue eyes looked like the ice of Haku.

Zabuza tried to use more strength in his arms but was surprised to see the genin was holding his ground.

"Take Tazuna Away", Naruto yelled before he channels wind chakra on his katana. His sword slowly started cutting through the thick metal of his giant blade, much to the surprise of the mummy.

He jumped away from Naruto and started doing hand signs, immediately followed by Naruto. They finished looking at each other.

"Water Style: Dragon Water"

"Water Style: Twin Dragon"

The water slowly grew and shaped like dragons; the water raised high above the water, Naruto's Jutsu collided with his and overpowered him, and the second water dragon hit him head-on. Zabuza was thrown against a tree. With too much strength, that almost ripped the tree from the ground.

He regained his composure and stood above water, seeing Naruto slowly walking towards him. "You're good for a Genin kid", Zabuza commented, raising his sword and pointing it towards Naruto, who had his sword in his right hand.

"Is an honour to receive such compliment from one of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist", Naruto stated, his voice firm. Zabuza had to give the kid credit for his tone. He sounded like a real shinobi instead of a green kid who faints from the first drop of blood.

Zabuza looked at his sword again and recognised the pommel and the blade. The Phoenix symbol is at the tip of the sword. His eyes looked at his long red hair.

"Hey, where did you get that sword?" Zabuza asked with a hint of dread in his tone, remembering the red death of Konoha exceptionally well.

"The sword belonged to my mother", Naruto replied. Held the sword with pride.

Zabuza's eyes widened; doing a double-check, he knew he should have recognised the red hair of the Uzumaki, and his face was similar to hers. He knew Uzumaki wasn't known just for their seals but for their talent in Kenjutsu as well; hell, Kushina alone was strong enough to battle the seven swordsmen of the mist and come out on top.

"If that's the case, then let's settle this like swordsman", he stated before raising his sword again; his breathing had slowly grown.

Kakashi was standing close to them and was about to intervene when Naruto nodded and pointed his sword at Zabuza.

Without a second hesitation, both rushed towards each other and clashed their swords, Naruto's sword still channelling with wind chakra. Zabuza backed away and started rolling his sword around, forcing Naruto to keep his distance from the blade; he kept moving his blade around, making sure not to leave the read any opening. Naruto faked tripping, and Zabuza noticed it and suddenly stopped and slammed his sword where Naruto was. Still, Naruto moved to his right in time and was about to slice his head when Zabuza used the extended pommel of his sword to block his attack before jumping away.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and channelled more chakra in his sword and jumped high in the air; Zabuza kept his focus on him and wondered what he wanted to do.

"Wind Slash" he yelled, and a huge wind-shaped blade flew towards him.

The Wind blade flew at Zabuza with such frightening speed that Zabuza just managed to avoid the deadly technique, although it did manage to cut his leg slightly as a cut appeared on his leg and the side around his bone started to bleed slightly. But what was most shocking to Zabuza was that the Blade of Wind continued past him and had cleanly cut right through two trees that were behind him.

Zabuza landed on the ground, thinking, how can a Genin be these good? Either Konoha had started training their genins to the ground to become the strongest, or this one was just this good.

Zabuza didn't have time to catch his breath when Naruto suddenly appeared in front of him, his body looked engulfed in chakra, and his speed had increased. Zabuza barely raised his blade in time to block the first attack, but suddenly another Naruto showed up behind him and punched him in the chest; Zabuza immediately felt a sharp pain on his chest and knew the kid had broken his ribs.

Zabuza flew fast and hit a tree with such strength that it almost went through it, his body feeling weak. Zabuza felt the pain in his chest and knew he was in trouble. He looked up and saw the kid in front of him ready to deliver the final blow when suddenly two senbon needles pierced his neck, and Zabuza fell to the ground.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the newcomer, knowing full well he had been hiding from the very beginning.

"Thank you for capturing him for me."

The person had long black hair along with a slender frame. The outfit was Kirigakure pinstriped, which stopped at his knees. There was a brown sash around the waist with a tail wrapped around twice. But the most identifying thing about the person was the mask they wore. It was white with thin, curved eye-holes and a red wavy design in place of the mouth and the Kirigakure symbol etched in the top. The person was a hunter nin.

The person wanted to move towards the body when Naruto moved forward and put his fingers on his neck, acting as if he was checking a pulse. Without his knowledge, Naruto put an 'Empty' seal on his neck. After a few seconds.

Naruto backed away and turned to look at the Hunter nin.

"He's Dead," he said before walking away. The ANBU grabbed Zabuza and disappeared, leaving Naruto and Kakashi. The Jonin found the whole thing suspicious but decided to ignore it for now.

"Let's go to Tazuna's house" Kakashi started walking. Naruto decided to follow him.

Soon they reached the others; they told them that Zabuza was dead, and Kakashi told Tazuna to lead them to his house. Soon they reached a place.

"Tsunami, open the door," Tazuna said, knocking on the front door.

The door opened to reveal a young woman who looked relieved and happy, "Father is good to see you," she said, smiling and hugging him; the old man hugged her back before turning his head to the team behind him.

"These people are with me; make sure to prepare rooms for them," Tazuna said gratefully that the team had accepted to help him. Tazuna immediately bowed her head. "Thank you for helping my father," she said, grateful and opening the door wider.

"Not a problem, miss", Kakashi replied and walked inside, followed by his genin's.

"This is a beautiful house you have here," Sakura said, looking inside.

"Thank you," Tsunami said and walked upstairs to fix the rooms for their new guests.
Naruto saw a little kid glaring at them, sitting at the beginning of the stairs. Naruto could feel the hatred inside the kid, but that wasn't directed towards them, well, not all the hate; Naruto felt terrible for the kid and hoped to help the place regain their wealth and get rid of Gato.

Kakashi sits in a chair, his head resting on the back of the chair, his eye closed, Sakura sits close to the table, and her eyes roam around the house while Sasuke is checking something on his backpack. Naruto noticed the picture of a man on the wall, and he didn't question who he was since it could be something personal.

After a while, Tsunami walked downstairs. "The rooms are ready", she informed them. Kakashi and Sakura stood up, ready to head upstairs to rest from a long road.

"Mother, why are these people here? They are going to die," the kid said, looking up at his mother. Naruto stopped walking and turned to glare at him.

"I'm sorry to break it to you, but I won't die anytime soon", Naruto started smiling. The kid's glare grew, his teeth clenched.

"Don't be stupid, you all will die from Gato", he yelled and ran upstairs to his room probably.

"Inari waits," his mother said, trying to get him back, but a door was heard shutting from upstairs. Tsunami turned towards them with an apologetic look on her face, her hands clenched together in front of her chest.

"Please forgive my son", she pleaded, looking at Kakashi, who just shrugged his shoulders.

"No worries miss, I understand his situation," he said and walked upstairs, followed by the others.


They woke up when the sunrise, Naruto knew Zabuza was still alive, but he was curious if they could be his allies. The man or woman? Naruto wasn't sure if the missing-nin was a male or female, but that didn't matter now. Naruto could feel the chakra of the missing-nin, but he could feel it. And it was cold. Kurama had told him that his sensing ability could even feel what chakra affinity someone had, but the chakra of the missing-nin felt cold.

He wondered if he perhaps had a bloodline; he decided to check it himself the next time they faced Zabuza.

Naruto stood up and stretched his legs and arms; he walked downstairs and saw Tsunami working in the kitchen.

"Good morning, Tsunami-san", he greeted her with a smile.

"Good morning Naruto-san."

Naruto walked outside and thought of the situation; he wondered if he could visit Uzushiogakure anytime soon.

Naruto started his morning exercise and waited until the other woke up. Kakashi sensei was the second to wake up, followed by Sasuke and Sakura.

They were eating breakfast; Kakashi looked deep in thought while Sasuke looked rather impatient about something.

"I hate to break it to you all, but I fear Zabuza might still be alive", Kakashi suddenly announced, surprising everyone except Naruto, who already knew it.

"What do you mean Sensei, you said Naruto defeated him", Sakura exclaimed, looking at Kakashi.

"I thought he might be dead, I was there, and the weapons the missing-nin used were unusual. He used senbon needles that are not a weapon used by a missing-nin," Kakashi replied and pointed two fingers at where the needles had pierced Zabuza's neck.

"The missing-nin didn't want to kill Zabuza; I'm sure he was there to help in case if things got tough for Zabuza to handle", Naruto added.

"And the place he hit Zabuza is a place that can cause a near-death state; your pulse is very low almost can't be felt", Naruto finished pointing two fingers at the side of his neck.

Sakura looked horrified that Zabuza was still alive while Sasuke had a slight smirk on his face. Tazuna gulped and slightly paled; the man was a demon and found it better to think that he wasn't a problem anymore.

"Don't worry about it, Sakura; right now, we will start training, except you, Naruto, you will guard Tazuna", Kakashi stated and pointed at Naruto. He nodded in agreement finding no problem with that; Sasuke looked eager to start training and couldn't wait.

Soon Kakashi took Sasuke and Sakura to train; Naruto decided to help Tazuna, they reached the bridge, Tazuna, along with other man started working on the bridge.

"Tazuna, can I help you?" Naruto suddenly asked since he could at least help them.

"Of course, kid, the more, the merrier", Tazuna replied, smiling. Naruto nodded before making hundreds of clones to help build the bridge. Tazuna forgot his mouth open for a few minutes before coming to his senses and murmuring something about Shinobi's "Weird abilities".

The original Naruto left and decided to look around Wave country.

Naruto was on his way back to the house when he heard a call for help coming from a nearby town. He got to the town as quickly as he could to see five bandits gripping none other than Tsunami. All of the bandits wore blue battle gear with swords attached to their backs.

"Shut up bitch, you don't pay your taxes to Gato, then you'll have to pay us." said the bandit holding down Tsunami.

"Hey, the lady doesn't like that," said Naruto, who was on top of a building.

"Who do you think you are, brat?" said the bandit next to the one that was holding down Tsunami.

Naruto vanished in a blur and was in front of the bandit that just spoke and sliced his throat; the bandit fell to the ground holding the neck with his hands, trying to stop the bleeding. He then turned quickly and slashed the one that was holding Tsunami's throat. He fell to the ground, gurgling up blood.

"Thank you, Naruto-san," said Tsunami.

"Don't thank me yet," said Naruto as he turned to the rest of the bandits who pulled out their swords.

The first bandit ran at Naruto and attempted a downward slash. However, Naruto dodged to the left and stabbed the bandit in his stomach. He then flipped over him and took out a shuriken from his pocket. He threw the shuriken at the second bandit and hit him right between the ribs in the heart. Naruto landed and turned around to see the third bandit holding Tsunami with his sword to her neck.

"Make one move, and I'll slice her neck." said the bandit, who was shaking a little.

Before he could react, the bandit was stabbed in the forehead by the kunai, previously in Naruto's hand. He fell to the ground, dead.

"Thank you so much, Naruto-san. said Tsunami, who ran up and hugged Naruto.

"It's no problem," said Naruto blushing a bit.

"I'll escort you home," said Naruto as he and Tsunami walked home.

While walking home. "Tsunami-san, do you think anyone around would get me to Uzushiogakure?" Naruto asked, wondering if any boat would go in that place.

Tsunami gasped at his question and shook her head. "That place is forbidden to go Naruto-san; many people had gone and never returned," she said, concerned.

Naruto sighed and knowing he would need to go walking on water until he reached Uzushiogakure.

Hidden Place

Zabuza was lying on a bed as Haku was checking his bandages; three of his ribs had been broken, thankfully no internal bleeding, but still it hurt like a bitch.

Zabuza still couldn't understand how a genin had been able to best him, in Kenjutsu no less, but one thing Haku told him stuck in his mind.

"Zabuza-sama, I don't know if this was just a mistake on his part or not, but I can definitely say he hit you in a way to make sure you wouldn't die . "

Zabuza wondered what exactly that meant. Did the kid not take him seriously, or was there something else? He didn't know and decided to ignore it for now.

"You're healing Zabuza-sama; take it a week, and I'm sure you will be able to fight again," Haku said, smiling behind her mask. Zabuza grunted, seeing the mask.

"Remove the mask Haku," he said with an emotionless tone. Haku removed the mask, showing her face. Zabuza liked it more to see her face rather than hiding her face behind a stupid mask.

"Are you going to fight them again?" Haku asked, avoiding her master's eyes. She didn't want to admit it, but she didn't want her master to fight the team from the leaf again.

Zabuza turned to look at her; she flinched slightly, afraid that she might have upset him.

"I have to Haku, but don't worry next time. I won't underestimate the brat," Zabuza stated, looking at his wounds. Haku said nothing but just nodded her head, and she was about to ask for permission to go outside and check for herbs when she remembered something.

"Zabuza-sama, if you don't mind me asking, what is the Uzumaki clan? I have never heard of it," she said, looking downwards and avoiding her master's eyes.

Zabuza was slightly surprised by the question. "Uzumaki clan was a clan that lived in Uzushiogakure, despite their insane abilities in Kenjutsu and Fuinjutsu, they were known for being Peaceful people, I can't remember in any book that said that they ever started any conflict, but maybe that was what killed them in the end," Zabuza-sama said and went and explained the slaughter. Iwa, Kumo and Kiri did to Uzushiogakure in Third Shinobi War.

Haku couldn't help but feel pity for the boy that apparently was an Uzumaki, and she knew how it was to be the last one of a clan.

"You said something about The Red Death of Konoha; who was she?" Haku asked, interested.

Instead of annoyance or maybe anger, Haku saw respect in Zabuza's eyes. "She was one hell of a Swordsman; she alone would be able to defeat the likes of Kisame Hoshigaki," Zabuza said with respect on his tone.

"She had the chance to kill me once, but she spared me instead. She told me, 'You're still young; fight me again when you get stronger,' " Zabuza said.

Haku smiled and decided to leave and find herbs for Zabuza-sama to heal him.


It was now sunset, and Sasuke had finally made it to the top of the tree. It had taken him the past 5 hours to get up there. He sighed in triumph. He had used up pretty much all of his chakras. He gulped a bit as a huge realisation hit him. How was he to get down? No chakra meant no sticking to the side of the tree. Not sticking to the side of the tree meant he would have to climb down the usual way.

Fortunately for him, the tree had very few branches to interrupt his fall to the ground. Sakura was at the base of the tree, cheering him on and getting on his nerves. He slowly began his descent to where a rabid pink-haired banshee awaited.

Naruto had found/made a nice hole a while back to hide most of the debris he had made and was already back at the house helping Tsunami cook. Naruto left no proof behind that he had been training in the spot by the river; unless that is, you count the huge gaping holes filled with branches and mud. Yep, no one would ever know he was there.

When Sasuke and Sakura had gotten back, the dinner was already on the table. Everyone had just sat down to eat when the two got in. "I hope you all like it, it isn't much, but at least we won't go hungry!" Tsunami said as she sat down at the table. Tazuna seemed to smile at the food in front of him. "Naruto helped me out, and we only used half the food I thought we'd need!"

Naruto scratched his head upon having his name mentioned but smiled nonetheless. They all sat down to eat but Inari. "It's all pointless. You can never win, only be stopped. And if you do, it's only temporary," Inari said, looking downward. "You'll just end up dead like all the others."

"And I'm telling you, I won't go down that easily," Naruto said with a smile, trying to reassure the kid that everything would be alright.

But instead, Inari slammed his hands on the table. "No, you don't understand. People like you are that make me sick. You have been Raised in A Peaceful Village your whole Life. You Don't know What is Like To Know Pain" he shouted but then saw a shadow on Naruto's face. He swore to see a Fox glaring at him.

Naruto's eyes turned red. "Just What Do You Know You Bastard" Naruto/Kurama screamed and grabbed him by the collar and slammed him against the wall.

Everyone froze from the amount of KI leaking from Naruto.

"You think you know pain, but You Know Nothing. I lived my whole Life hated by the village for something I couldn't control, my parents dead since I was a Baby. People would gather on my birthday to hunt me down. Me, A four-year-old kid. They would insult and kick me out of shops wanting me to starve. They tried to kill me, and two times they almost did It. So Do Not Tell Me About PAIN," Naruto yelled and threw him to the ground.

"Naruto wait" Kakashi tried to call him back, but Naruto just slammed the door shut and left outside.

While all this happened, everyone else had been silent.

"Kakashi sensei was . . . Was it true?" Sakura asked, not wanting to know the answer.

"I'm afraid that's a watered-down version", Kakashi stated sadly.

While all this was happening, a figure stood in the forest looking at the young Uzumaki leaving the house. His face was white like milk, and his eyes were purple; he had long white hair and a long white robe.

"Go in Uzushiogakure young Uzumaki", the figure whispered and disappeared from the view. Naruto turned his head around when he heard the strange voice. He looked around but couldn't see anyone, and neither could he sense anyone.

"Who was that?"


Chapter Text


When Naruto awoke the following day, he was greeted with a sight he hadn't expected to see. A beautiful female ninja was strolling across the field toward him.

He knew she was a ninja from the fact that she was making almost no sound as she walked; ninja had a habit of doing that wherever they went, civilians, not so much. And her having High Chunin Chakra Level.

Tensing when she saw him open his eyes, she flicked a senbon into her hand.

"I know you're a shinobi," Naruto said, "but I don't want to fight you."

"How can I trust you," her sweet voice drifted over to him.

"From the looks of it, you could have killed me from a distance with that senbon while I slept. You didn't, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Now that I'm awake, however, you'd be hard-pressed actually to kill me anyway. What's your name, because I'm Uzumaki Naruto," He had a sheepish grin on his face and yawned, his hand rubbing the back of his head.

Naruto didn't need to mention that he could have killed her if she did try to harm him.

Haku was unsure of what to do. She could have killed him while he slept, but that just hadn't felt right. He had looked so peaceful from where she was standing. He didn't seem threatening now that he was awake, so she guessed she could go along with it, as long as she got these supplies back to Zabuza, "I'm Haku."

"So, what are you out here gathering herbs for Haku?" Naruto inquired innocently, trying to lighten the mood.

"They are for someone very close to me; they were injured, and these are going to help them get better."

"Well, do you want a hand gathering them? I could make your job a lot easier," Several clones appeared before Haku could object and began searching through the woods and clearing for the herbs that Haku needed, "Now sit down, my godmother taught me medically," Naruto said with a smile.

"But I-"

"No buts, come on and sit down; my clones will still get the herbs you need, don't worry."

"Okay," she said, sitting down opposite from him, still wary of what he was doing.

For a while, they explained pleasantries, with Naruto explaining that he was here because of a mission, then out of nowhere, he asked a rather unexpected question.

"So, Haku, is Zabuza recovering well enough?"

She flinched, not knowing how the boy who was only just younger than she was had figured it out.

"Calm down; as I said, I don't want to fight," Naruto tried to defuse the situation before she could take any action against him.

"I could tell you were a ninja from the way you walked, you said you needed to help someone close to you, you use senbon, and you have the same build as a hunter-nin that carried away one supposedly dead Zabuza, your facial twitch just then confirmed my suspicions. Don't worry; as I said, I don't want to cause you any harm. We both have our missions; it just so happens that they oppose each other. I'll hold no grudge against you for it, but I do hope we can get through this with as little bloodshed as possible."

All Haku could do was nod in response. She didn't know what it was about this kid she liked, but she knew that he wasn't going to hurt her while she sat there with him. He was too sincere.

As Naruto's clones walked back over each with a pile of herbs, he got up.

"Well, here are your herbs Haku, I have to get back to my team; I just want you to know that even if I don't want bloodshed, I'll still protect my team with everything that I have."

"So is that where you get your strength from? From willing to do anything to protect those close to you?"

"Yes, and tell Zabuza that I want to talk to him, to end this without bloodshed and giving him another chance at giving a crack at killing the Mizukage", he replied with a different tone. Gone was the smiling and the goofy tone; now, he talked seriously and firmly.

Before she could say anything to him, he disappeared, leaving her alone in her thoughts.

"I have my people to protect Naruto. I guess next time we meet, we'll see whose desire to protect is stronger."

Zabuza was resting on a cot with a blanket over him. He did not like the fact that he had lost to the Uzumaki Brat. He didn't want to think that the kid had left him alive just because he didn't see him as a threat, mocking him. But at the same time, the little brat reminded him of the Red Death; his gaze was just like hers despite having cold blue eyes. A gaze of a person ready to kill but at the same time filled with honour and compassion.

Moments later, a short man dressed in a business suit and two samurais as bodyguards entered the room and went over to Zabuza.

"So the terrifying demon of the mist is crippled after facing a few kids and a ninja. I don't think I'm getting my money's worth when it comes to paying you, Zabuza. Perhaps I should just kill you and spare myself the pain of losing any more money", the short man sneered at the bed resting in.

Gato walked over to Zabuza and reached out to strangle him when a figure appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his wrist before ruthlessly twisting it.

"You will not harm Zabuza-sama. I won't allow it", came the stern voice of Haku. He twisted Gato's wrist further to just before the point of breaking it to drive his point home. Gato shrieked in pain and fell to his knees.

"Hands off our boss!" One of the samurai took a step forward when Haku grabbed a kunai and threw it at them. The samurai dodged it as it got buried in the wall behind them.

Seeing them distracted, she pulled out two of her senbon and threw it precisely at a point in both of their arms that it was rendered immobile.

The temperature in the room dropped a few degrees as Haku whispered with deadly intent, "I missed your vital points on purpose, so don't test me."

Gato snarled as he got up to his feet after Haku released him, "Insolent brat! You and Zabuza had better finish the job I gave you, or there will be consequences!" With that, he exited the house, followed by his bodyguards, whose arms were still immobile.

"You know, you didn't have to do that for me. I could have taken care of it myself if it came to that", Zabuza commented as he fingered the kunai in his hands under the bedsheet.

"I was aware of that, Zabuza-sama. But as your tool, I will always protect my master in any circumstance", Haku said with a smile. Zabuza sighed sadly at her words . . .

"In any case, I will be back to full strength in three more days. And when I am", his voice turned murderous, "The Uzumaki Brat will die!"

Zabuza noticed the flash of worry and . . . no approval in her eyes, it was only for a sec, but Zabuza saw it anyway.

"Haku! You have anything against it," he said with a stern tone staring at her. She flinched and took a step back instinctively, her right hand holding her left's hand wrist.

"I met Naruto Uzumaki this morning; he told me he could help us to have another crack at killing the Mizukage," she said, looking directly at Zabuza.

Zabuza narrowed his eyes slightly. Usually, Haku wasn't trusting to strangers, let alone to people who were their enemies right now; However, Haku always avoided killing as much as possible, she never was a very trusting person. The demon of mist had to give the kid credit for his talent in the sword, and if he was anything like his mother, then his Fuinjutsu wasn't far behind in talent.

He put his hand on his chin and thought of it; Zabuza didn't know how the kid could know of his attempted attack on the Mizukage. He still hated that he failed to kill the Mizukage who destroyed the lives of all the people with Bloodlines; his eyes focused on Haku remembering when he found her alone, with no one else around to protect her.

He felt anger in his chest when he remembered what the Mizukage had done, taking a deep breath. Zabuza focused on Haku again.

"I'm still the demon of the mist, and I can't just cancel a contract I made despite him being a bitch. Let's see how things turn out in the bridge," Zabuza stated, focusing on Haku's reaction.

She lowered her gaze for a second before focusing on Zabuza again. She opened her mouth but closed it again before her eyes found courage.

"I understand, Zabuza-sama", she replied with an emotionless voice; her face turned and looked just as emotionless as the mask lying on the table nearby. This time it was Zabuza who lowered his eyes for a split second before turning his eyes too hard like stone.

"Good, we need to be ready for them."


The young Uzumaki soon reached Tazuna's home. The sun had raised high in the sky, the light shining the ground around him. Naruto still thought of the kid who had the gull to preach to him about Pain and Suffering; despite knowing he was only a kid, he should be smart enough to understand that there are people that have suffered and feel pain more than him.

Sasuke was an example of suffering and losing everything you have.

Even Kakashi-sensei had lost so much but still kept a smile on his face despite the pain and the nightmares.

Naruto was about to open the door to walk inside the house when Kakashi-sensei opened, followed closely by Sasuke and tired-looking Sakura. Kakashi saw the redhead in front of him, he felt relieved to see him unharmed, but he needed to understand that he was reckless.

"Naruto, where were you?" Kakashi asked with a stern voice crossing his arms in front of his chest; although he felt happy to see his little brother, Naruto needed to understand what he did could have resulted in his death; all needed was someone good at stealth and a Kunai.

Naruto noticed the tone of Kakashi-sensei, he took a step back. "I trained outside before I fell asleep from exhausting", the redhead stated with a serious tone.

Kakashi looked at him and pointed the finger at him. "I don't want you to do something like that again; someone could have found you and Kill You", Kakashi stated with a higher tone that sends shivers of fear into Sakura's body despite not being the one who made a mistake.

"I understand Kakashi-sensei. I'm sorry," Naruto replied, slightly ashamed to disappoint his sensei. Kakashi walked close and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, Just make sure it doesn't happen again", Kakashi stated with a more friendly tone. Naruto looked up at him and nodded his understanding; Kakashi eye smiled before turning to his two other students.

"Very well, we have two more days before Zabuza might try to attack. Today the training will be hardcore, and I want No Complaints," Kakashi started with a tone that showed them not to discuss it.

Sasuke smirked happily while Sakura lowered her gaze; her legs and body were still itching from the constant training of trying to climb the tree. She hadn't taken a shower since she left the village and was afraid that she must stink and Sasuke wouldn't like her like this; of course, Tsunami had offered to wash in their bathroom, but they only washed with buckets with water and not an actual bath. She had decided to wait until she returned to the village to have a proper bath, but the thought that she needed to train again and get more dirt in her body and hair made her second guess all this.

She wanted to object but decided to be quiet and just listen to her sensei.

Hearing no whining, Kakashi smiled under his mask and led his team to where they would train.

While they walked, the team was quiet, and Naruto looked to be thinking about something, his hands behind his head.

"Naruto, when we introduced ourselves to sensei, you said you wanted to restore your clan; you mean Senju Clan?" Sasuke suddenly asked.

Naruto looked at him, slightly surprised, before turning his head to look forward again. "Yes, I want to restore both the Senju and Uzumaki Clan", he replied.

Sasuke raised his eyebrows, and so did Sakura, who had never heard of the Uzumaki Clan.

"Uzumaki Clan? Never heard of it?!" Sasuke replied confused, he didn't think Naruto would be lying but wondered how he had never heard of it. Kakashi, on the other hand, sighed sadly at the mention of the Uzumaki Clan; he still remembered Kushina's sadness every time the dead Clan was brought up in discussion, many times she had even blamed herself for what had happened, saying that if she had been there, she would be able to help them or at least save some of them.

Kakashi remembers Kushina-san once told him, Rin, and Obito about her friend and older sister. Niko Uzumaki and Atara Uzumaki. None of these names ever came to the gates of Konoha, but Kushina-san had never lost hope that they were still out there.

"Uzumaki clan was destroyed during the third ninja war. Kumo, Iwa, and Kiri decided to destroy my Clan because they feared them, and because of their Greed," Naruto said with a quiet cold tone that was different from the tone a minute ago. This tone wasn't spoken by the smiling Naruto but by someone who knows suffering.

Sasuke looked perplexed that something similar that happened to him happened to Naruto as well; his eyes widened slightly in understanding. Now he understood why Naruto felt such a strong strive to become stronger and better.

Rebuilding the Clan and making sure no one would dare to do the same ever again.

"I'm sorry for what happened to you, Naruto," he said before taking a deep breath. His thoughts went to his big brother, and he turned to look at the redhead again. "my . . . My brother killed my whole Clan, and I looked up to him more than anyone else; he had my father's love and admiration, but in the end. That Wasn't Enough" Sasuke started lowering his head.

Naruto said nothing but patted his back. Everyone fell silent; they just kept walking; despite the mood, Kakashi was glad that Sasuke was slowly opening up to the others, which would help him become a better person and probably fight and become stronger for a different cause.

The sun shined through the trees, the marks around the tree from Sasuke training were there, the wind was flying around them, almost speaking to them. A squirrel went inside a tree the moment he noticed the people walking inside the forest.

Kakashi looked around and decided that this place was good enough to train; he turned around to see Naruto focused on him; Sasuke looked slightly grim, so nothing new, and Sakura was giving Sasuke glances, and her face red like Naruto's hair.

He sighed, bored of this behaviour. Kakashi cleared his throat to gain their attention; everyone turned to him.

"Very well, today, as I mentioned, we will train. First will be Sakura against me, one against one, then Sasuke against me, and finally will be all three of you against me. Any Objections?" Kakashi asked with a high tone and strict. His face looked different and more demanding.

No one said a whimper, and Kakashi's eye smiled, glad that they had nothing against his fantastic training tactics.

Sakura lowered her eyes and glanced at Sasuke, hoping he would say anything against it, but instead, he and Naruto had already walked behind them to give them space.

Sakura looked back at her sensei and took all the courage she had, and grabbed a kunai from her small bag tightened to her hips. She aimed towards her sensei, and he just stood there.

She took a deep breath and charged with Low Genin Speed towards him, kunai on her hand, ready to fight.

Sakura didn't know what happened next, but the next thing she knew, her head was against the ground and her arms behind her back, a leg on her arms stopping the blood from moving and her arms slowly feeling numb and not mentioning the pain she felt in her arms. The dirt was all around her face, making it itchy.

"You need to get better and soon," Kakashi said strictly, already thinking of ways to make her train and not doom her group or someone else. He moved his foot away and walked a step back; Sakura still felt the pain but slowly stood up and walked, her head lowered in shame. Sasuke just walked forward, not glancing at her.

Kakashi looked at his second student and decided to take this more seriously.

Sasuke grabbed a kunai and rushed at his sensei with Low Chunin Speed; he jumped and threw a kick to his face; Kakashi blocked it with his arm before grabbing his leg and throwing him against a tree.

The leaves started falling from the tree from the shake. Sasuke felt the pain in his back, but that didn't stop to do a few hand signs.

"Fire Style: Bullet Shot" the fire was small but flew with Medium Chunin Speed. Kakashi was impressed by the speed of the jutsu before jumping to a tree to avoid it, but then he saw Sasuke behind him, ready to punch him. Kakashi quickly turned his head around to grab the fist with his hand. He added strength to his hand, and Sasuke started feeling pain in his knuckles.

"Aaaahhhhh" Sasuke screamed and tried to move his other hand when Kakashi added even more force in his hand, almost breaking his hand.


Sakura watched in horror as their sensei hurt her Sasuke-Kun while Naruto looked interested in how would the emo walk out of this situation.

Sasuke glared at his sensei and clenched his teeth tightly before he pulled a kunai with a paper bomb from his small bag tightened to his right leg close to his thighs.

Kakashi jumped back immediately, and so did Sasuke; the Jonin couldn't see the genin from the smoke created by the explosion. Suddenly a giant shuriken came out of the smoke and was flying towards him, Kakashi dodged to his right when Sasuke pulled some strings, and the shuriken split into four pieces, and the parts flew around like arrows.

Kakashi, still in mid-air, put his hand on the ground and used his body to avoid the projectile flying towards his torso when the blade suddenly turned to white smoke revealing a grinning Sasuke with a kunai with a paper bomb on his right hand.

"Catch This"


Naruto watched with a small smile, impressed by his plan, while Sakura watched with dread, afraid that her true love was hurt or, worse, killed.

The smoke slowly cleared to reveal a standing Sasuke with his hands on his knees, breathing heavily. Sweat rolling down his face, trying desperately to catch his breath, he looked in front of him to see a crater and in the centre was Kakashi lying on the ground, smoke coming from his clothes.

Suddenly Sasuke felt a sharp object on his neck; the other Kakashi turned to a log; Sasuke sighed, knowing he still wasn't strong enough to fight against his sensei.

"Good strategy Sasuke. I'm impressed," Kakashi whispered behind him; Sasuke managed a small smile before slowly walking away, knowing they had one more fight left.

Kakashi turned around to see Naruto walking forward, followed behind by Sakura. Naruto cracked his knuckles on his face was a smile that Kakashi could have sworn he had seen before but couldn't quite put a finger where. He shrugged his shoulders, thinking that it was just his imagination.

"Now. I want all three of you to go all out against me. No holding back whatsoever," Kakashi stated with a stern tone showing that he was serious. His students nodded their heads one by one.

Naruto glanced at Sasuke and Sakura, the Jonin started the match, and all three disappeared. Kakashi looked around but knew Naruto could probably hide their position.

"What's the plan?" Sakura asked, looking at Sasuke; They were hiding in a tree. Naruto cleared his throat gaining their attention.

"Listen Closely"

Kakashi kept waiting for their move; despite not seeing them around, he still didn't pull out his book, knowing Naruto was already planning something against him.

Suddenly multiple kunai came out of a bush, flying towards him; the Jonin jumped to his right and suddenly felt water beneath his foot.


Suddenly he heard two voices in front of him.

Fire Style: Shining Star

Earth Style: Prison Ground

Kakashi saw the ground rising around him, he tried to move his foot, but the water wasn't letting him move an inch. The ground around left an opening in front of him and blocked in all the other directions. The fire jutsu made contact with Kakashi and exploded, destroying the prison made of stone.

Sasuke and Naruto jumped from the bush, looking at the result; they smiled before Kakashi suddenly appeared behind them with a kunai at their throats.

"You Should never Leave your back unguarded."

. . . .

"Same goes for you, Kakashi Sensei."

Before Kakashi could understand what Naruto meant, both Sasuke and Naruto exploded. He put his hands in front of his face and jumped away in time to get minimum damage. The Jonin hit a tree only to see Sakura cutting a rope, making a giant log with a pointy end coming towards him.

Kakashi managed to jump away when he felt something; he felt strange. He felt tired. Extremely tired.

Before he could think of what was happening, Sasuke jumped from a tree, ready to stab him; Kakashi pulled out his kunai to block him, the Uchiha glared at his Jonin when Kakashi grabbed his hand and elbowed him in the stomach, causing Sasuke to vomit.

Kakashi was about to attack him again when suddenly Sasuke exploded in strings that tightened him around the tree. The tree then revealed paper bombs everywhere.

They're getting better.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were standing where the fight began; they saw Kakashi walking towards them with a smile behind his mask.

"You have improved my students", he stated. Sasuke smiled while Naruto looked to be deep in thoughts but still happy; Sakura jumped from happiness.


Naruto was sleeping alone on his bed, the seal on his stomach started growing again. It turned red like fire.

Naruto saw himself standing beneath an ocean, his foot standing just a bit below the surface of the sea, his body upside down. Despite being in the water, he still could breathe. His eyes saw an island below the surface, the destroyed buildings clear to him. Bodies of unknown people floating around the sea, near the destroyed houses and buildings.

Suddenly, a man wearing white robes reaching from his neck to his foot; had the Uzumaki Symbol in the chest. The man had a strange staff on his right hand, his eyes a deep purple and white hair. His bear long reaching his shoulders, his hair had grown to his waist. On top of his head was a strange small crown looking like waves of the sea.

"Who are you?" The young Uzumaki asked; he couldn't feel this person, despite trying. It was almost like he wasn't even there.

The old Uzumaki smiled, a genuine smile, Naruto thought.

"Is good to meet you, young Uzumaki. My name is Roku Uzumaki, The First One."

(Roku Uzumaki doesn't have Rinnegan. His eyes are just purple)


Chapter Text


He stood silent at what Roku said, the young Uzumaki stood confused and a bit happy, but at the same time wondering where he was. Is this a dream? Naruto asked himself, his eyes looking around at the endless sea on the horizon. The sun was shining above the ocean reflects the destroyed Village below.

His eyes turned to look at Roku again; his white robe had golden lines around his wrist, looking like a seal. His white hair reaching his waist, Naruto looked at his eyes and could see hardness and pain in them; it felt like looking at Hokage-Jiji and toad-Jiji sometimes. Most of the time, they would smile and joke. Still, on rare occasions, their eyes would be like of a warrior, a man who had seen War with his eyes and knew the ugly side of humans, what War could do to a man, how far people could go to gain the smallest amount of advantage against the other human. To Win a War, but there's no victor in War, only Losses.

Right now, Naruto felt like he was looking at the same kind of eyes, the eyes of War and suffering.

"Roku Uzumaki? Who are you?" Naruto finally asked, still not knowing who the man was. The older man formed a smile on his face; his face brightened up. Almost like he was talking with someone he knew.

"I was the first Uzumaki, the one who found the Uzumaki Clan", He stated with a calm tone. Naruto's eyes widened at what he heard; he gained his attention quickly and bowed his head respectfully, his right hand across his chest, his hand opened in front of his heart, showing respect to the elderly in front of him.

"Is an honour to meet you, Roku-sama. My name is Uzumaki Naruto" Naruto introduced himself, still bowing his head until he noticed from the corner of his eyes, Roku moving his hand gesturing for him to look up. Naruto did that and looked up at Roku.

"No need for that young Uzumaki; you're a member of my family, but I can feel The Senju Blood in you, way too similar to my father," Roku said with a hint of melancholy and taking a step closer towards Naruto.

"If I can ask, where are we? And how are you here?" Naruto asked with a respectful tone towards his great-great . . . Great grandfather.

"That will be revealed but first . . . " he snapped his fingers, and the view changed. Now Naruto stood in front of a cliff, at the horizon, he could see a fantastic village.

Uzushiogakure was carved out of a colossal stone hill beside the Sunset Sea. The highest tower was in that position that when the sun was behind it, the shadow looked like the waves of a sea.

Uzushiogakure of antiquity built a ringfort on the peak, and as millennia have passed, its natural defences have been expanded with walls, gates, and watchtowers. The base of the Rock contains large sea-carved caverns. The stone has been mined for thousands of years, so there are hundreds of mineshafts in the depths of the Rock, as well as yet untouched gold veins.

The island that Uzushiogakure was built was around 1100 Kilometers in length and around 700 Kilometers in width, making it the largest island in the known world.

The Phoenix Gate, the main entry to Uzushiogakure, is an enormous natural cavern reaching two hundred feet high. Its steps are now wide enough for twenty riders. Its port has docks, wharves, and shipyards and is accessible by longships and cogs. From below the Uzushiogakure, thunder can be heard, where the sea comes in.

Naruto could see a large waterfall coming out from a side of the Village dropping to the sea below; homes built close to the waterfall. All of the houses had the Uzumaki Symbol carved in them. Trees everywhere and looked beautiful, birds singing around.

Naruto saw the main house of Uzushiogakure was much larger; this one looked to have nine floors, the walls red, the roof had nine large pillars that came together in the centre, forming the Uzumaki Symbol.

"Amazing", Naruto said with a hint of awe and sadness in his tone; he wondered how would have been if he had grown up here, away from the people of Hidden Leaf Village. Raising with other Uzumaki, having friends to play with from the beginning, and not bothering and not being afraid of glares and insults in front and behind him.

"I built Uzushiogakure as a place of peace, I taught my children and my grandchildren and so on to always enjoy peace. An Uzumaki should always believe in a better world, never give up hope, and most importantly to never give up on Family," Roku said, and the scene changed showing within the Village.

Naruto could see at least six big markets around the Village, people walking around. He saw a big fountain close to the main house of the Village, the fountain looked like three children playing around, from their hands' water dropping, some people drinking and washing their faces with it.

"Roku-sama, you say you taught your grandchildren! How old are you?" Naruto asked respectfully, looking at the old Uzumaki.

The older man chuckled and turned to look at Naruto. "I died when I was 247 years old", he stated, and Naruto's eyes widened. He had read, and even Kurama had told him that the Uzumaki clan had a long lifespan, but this wasn't something he expected.

"Wow. I have read about it but never thought that someone could live that long," Naruto replied, still amazed by what Roku said.

He chuckled, and his face grew more serious. "You perhaps you're asking yourself how you are here and why?" Roku asked, and Naruto nodded his head.

"Is because of the final seal that I made for Uzushiogakure", he stated, and Naruto saw as thin lines around the ground of Uzushiogakure started glowing red like blood. The lines spread across the whole island. Naruto looked all around and saw a giant seal that covered everything, every house, tree, and even inside some of the places.

"This was the seal that I made in case something happened to my Clan", he stated and made a hand sign; Naruto looked below to see the seal spreading, even more, small lines started spreading from red strings with strange marks around the ground.

"This Seal was made to ensure the survival of our clan even in the darkest times", he stated before turning to look at Naruto.

"Tell me have you felt anything the closer you got to Uzushiogakure?" Roku asked with a firm tone.

Naruto nodded his head, remembering the feeling he had when he first arrived in Wave and the whole time since he got here, almost like someone was calling him.

"This seal can detect anyone with Uzumaki blood nearby, but the seal works as a shield as well", he stated, and suddenly the whole island was covered by a giant shield that covered the entire island.

"If this is true! How were Kumo, Iwa, and Kiri able to attack Uzushiogakure? Why didn't the shield protect them?" Naruto asked with a slightly higher tone, his hands making a fist and clenching his teeth. At that question, Roku lowered his head slightly.

"I don't know for sure, but I can speculate someone betrayed our clan. I don't know if someone who was an Uzumaki or someone outside the Village who knew how to penetrate the shield," Roku stated with a hint of sadness in his tone.

He turned his head around and looked down at the Village.

"Despite that, my seal still protects the village; only an Uzumaki can walk inside and learn the secrets that were left by our clan", he stated, and Naruto understood why no one could visit the island anymore.

"You mean the Phoenix Contract?" Naruto asked, but Roku shooked his head, much to his surprise and turned his head towards the young Uzumaki.

"My son Utari Uzumaki was the one who found the Secret of the Phoenix Contract, he told me that he had sworn to secrecy never to tell anyone how he had found it, but the Contract works differently from all the other contracts" he started walking closer to Naruto before pointing the finger at his stomach.

"Can I see your seal?" He asked nicely; Naruto didn't know how could the older man knows that he had Kurama sealed inside him but decided to ask later.

He grabbed the end of his shirt and slowly removed it, and his seal was glowing red and had grown, lines with strange marks that had gradually spread around, almost reaching his chest.

Roku smiled slightly at the work of art, and he was glad that people still appreciated and knew the importance of Fuinjutsu.

"Amazing work, but tell me, what do you think your seal does?" He asked, his voice strict, his fingers on his beard, and his eyes feeling like he was looking at his soul.

Naruto knew the seal did more than just hold Kurama but wasn't sure what else it did. "My seal holds Kur-Kyuubi sealed inside me and protects me if I lose control", he replied, and Roku nodded in agreement and raised a finger.

"That's true, but that's not all that it does. The Phoenix contract can communicate with us through our seals; I made a rule after my son established how Phoenix contact worked, they can communicate with us through our seals; the rule was that every Uzumaki that was born and was already born to have the Phoenix Seal and if they found you worthy then they will help and guide you. Whoever made your seal made sure that Phoenix realm would one day communicate with you and see if you're worthy," Roku stated.

Roku noticed that Naruto almost used Kyuubi's real name and was glad to know that Naruto has a friendship with the nine-tails fox.

Naruto smiled happily, and sure that must have been his mother than the one who did this for him. He still couldn't comprehend the advanced seals used by Uzushiogakure. He knew his clan was superior when it came to Fuinjutsu, but this was just amazing.

"Roku-sama, if I might ask, what level is the seal that used to protect our homeland?" Naruto asked curiously, still unsure how someone could create a seal as large as The island itself.

The scene changed, showing what Naruto thought was a younger Roku alone in a large room; he was sitting on the ground; in from of him was a large blank paper that almost covered half of the room. Behind Roku were many open and closed seals, books, and brushes.

"It took me a long time. I studied Fuinjutsu my whole life, always eager for more knowledge, wanting to see just how far can Fuinjutsu go. It took me almost 200 years of my life of nothing but dedication to finally earn enough knowledge to create this seal. And it took nine years to create this seal. The strongest seal. The Seal of Life," he stated and put his hand on Naruto's shoulder. The scene changed again, and they were standing in an open field, the Village far on the horizon.

He kneeled and took a leaf from the ground, and handed it to Naruto. "You see, every Village has a Will to believe in. Konoha believes in the Will of Fire. Kumo believes in the Will of Lightning. Iwa believes in the Will of Stone. Suna believes in the Will of Wind. Kiri believes in the Will of Water, and We" he stopped and put his open hand in front of his chest.

"We believe in the Will of Life."

Naruto's face brightened, and he put his open hand on his heart. Roku smiled and sat on the ground spreading his legs across the field.

"How can you talk to me? I mean, you have been dead for a long time?" Naruto asked, still not sure how the older man could talk to him.

"When I created the Seal of Life, I split half of my soul in the seal to make sure always to be there to guide the future generations, that resulted in my early death but still was worth it", he explained smiling.

Silence took over; Naruto was enjoying the beautiful view in front of him. To be able to see how Uzushiogakure was before the third War was a dream come true. He could see now why his mother had mentioned many times that Uzushiogakure was an Amazing place to live.

"How is Kurama?" Roku suddenly asked out of the blue.

Naruto turned to him surprised, how did he know Kyuubi's real name?

"How do you know his name?" Naruto asked curiously, his hands behind his head. With the winds flying all around him, Naruto could feel the fresh scent of nature around him; despite being in a 'dream', he still could feel it.

"My father told me the names of all Bijuu when I was a child, my brother and I knew them . . . A little. I met Kurama when I was a young man; back when I was young, he still wasn't large. The first time meeting him, he was only a bit larger than a small house. He looked frightened by me, but we talked, and I was happy to meet him," he said, smiling, then his smile slowly disappeared and turned into a frown.

"Last time I saw him was when I was 197 years old. Kurama had changed, and so had the world," Roku said with sadness and a hint of anger in his voice.

The scene in front of them changed again, showing Roku inside a large cave; Naruto could only see the darkness but knew there was someone or something there.

The younger Roku looked at the darkness in front of him with a stoic face.
"I know you're there, my friend," he said, his voice echoing around the cave.

Suddenly a growl was heard, the sound of someone standing up echoed through the cave. An eye opened above Roku, the younger Roku could feel the KI coming from his old friend, and it wounded his heart to know that his friend had no trust in him anymore.

"Why are you here , Roku? Are you here to use my power? Has the time come for you to betray me as well?" Kurama spoke slowly , showing his teeth.

But Naruto could see the sadness in his friend's eyes; despite not feeling anything in this dream, he knew his friend was keeping his real emotions in check.

Roku took a step forward and shooked his head. "I'm sorry for what the people of the mountain's Land tried to do to you, but I would never give up on a friend and certainly never betray you," he said seriously and with a kind tone. Kurama's eyes widened at his words before releasing a small sigh of relief.

Naruto turned to look at Roku beside him. "Mountain's Land?" He asked, not knowing who he was talking about.

"You know them as Kumo, or the land of Lightning, with the time, the names of certain places changed as well", he replied, and the scene changed again.

"It was during this time that the Bijuu understood that many people see them only as a tool for power; this leads to the Bijuu losing their faith in humanity", Roku spoke. Showing Roku fighting against people with weird tattoos on their forearms, the tattoo looked like a sun split in half by a spear.

"Therefore, my first grandson Akashi Uzumaki made the rule that Uzumaki clan was forbidden from trying to harm in any way, shape or form the Bijuu," Roku said. And the scene changed, showing Uzushiogakure again but this time in ruins.

Naruto felt his heart sink by what he saw; he knew his homeland was destroyed but saw a great village like this one in ruins.

"What should I do? Our Village has been destroyed; what do you think I should do?" Naruto asked, sitting down and looking at Roku, who sighed, still looking at the Village in front of him.

"I taught my people to believe in peace and prosperity; my father told me how my uncle had turned his back to the Family; he had abandoned my father to get stronger. Killed his own friends to gain more power, did it matter in the end?" He asked, grabbing grass from the ground. The grass slowly started turning black and burning in crimson red flames.

"No, what it did. It caused a war that didn't stop for centuries. How many people lost their loved ones, children, without parents, and for what. To have more power, to have the edge over the other one," he stated with melancholy, clenching his hands together in front of his chest.

"If you want my advice find every Uzumaki Left, rebuild Uzushiogakure, but never give yourself to Revenge. Is like killing someone while you poison yourself," he stated.

Naruto kept quiet and just kept looking at the Village in front of them.

Roku stood up, and he put his hand on Naruto's wrist.

"Go to Uzushiogakure; something is waiting for you there," he said, and Naruto felt a burning sensation on his wrist.

He was about to ask what he did when he saw that Roku wasn't there anymore, and slowly everything turned to darkness.

That night a seal formed in Naruto's wrist; the seal was red and looked like the spread wings of a bird; there was no bird, only the wings.


Naruto slowly opened his eyes and decided to leave and train outside with Kakashi-sensei earlier.

After a long talk, Naruto and Kakashi left, but on the second floor, Inari looked at the redhead with a bit of admiration in his eyes; he remembered what sir Shinobi-Sama had told him that night.

Kakashi sat beside Inari, both looking out at the ocean. "Naruto didn't say any of that out of spite. He's just a bit stubborn , is all", Kakashi gently said. While what Naruto had said was the cold, bitter truth, the weight of those words was not something an eight-year-old c ould handle. Naruto was different; he had been handling such weight ever since he learned to walk on his feet.

"Naruto is just like you in the regard that he has no father." Kakashi knew that Naruto knew who his father was, but Naruto had no memories of him.

"In fact, Naruto has no memories of his parents at all. They were taken away from him at his birth, so he doesn't understand what his parents are. He also had no friends", he explained.

Inari's head lifted to face Kakashi, confusion in his eyes. Kakashi continued, "However, there wasn't a single moment when I saw him cry or get sulky." That was true; Naruto, until now, had faced the difficulties of life head-on and won, becoming stronger after defeating each challenge.

"He is desperate to make people recognise him", Kakashi said. Even now, when Naruto had a bored/indifferent expression almost all the time, Kakashi could see it in his eyes. The hope that someone w ould recogni se him for who he is was naked for the world to see. Unfortunately for Naruto, the world acted ignorantly.

Kakashi chuckled softly, "He got bored of crying at the world a long time ago." Inari looked down, beginning to understand what Kakashi was trying to say.

Naruto was not born strong, and he chose to get strong to live his life in a better way . "Naruto knows where true strength comes from, just like your father. Naruto might be someone who understands you the most", Kakashi said.

Inari slowly understood that Naruto might be the only one who was most similar to Inari. Kakashi's eye smiled, "The words that he said to you earlier...He's probably told himself that over and over again."

A brave face slowly showed in Inari's face, his right-hand fist in front of his face. "I won't be a coward anymore, father. I will be brave just like you, Naruto."


The following day, Kakashi woke up earlier than usual; he knew today was the day Zabuza would most likely attack. He woke up Sasuke and Sakura but not Naruto, and he was still sleeping from training like crazy last night; he decided to let him sleep for once.

He looked down at the sleeping form of Naruto; the sheet was slowly falling from bed to the ground, the Jonin smiled behind his mask and quietly grabbed the sheet and covered Naruto, making sure not to wake him up.

When Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke, and Tazuna finally arrived at the bridge, they were greeted by the sight of several unconscious builders. It appeared these builders had been slung to the sides by the flat of some huge sword.

Zabuza had officially returned.

"Where's the Uzumaki brat? I want to fight him again?" Zabuza asked.

"You will have to fight me; he's not here right now."

"That's disappointing, but maybe I will get to fight him once I slice all of you."

A heavy mist quickly formed around the group, confirming Kakashi's suspicion. It would be annoying to fight on this bridge. He'd have to limit his techniques if he didn't want to destroy them. It was so hard to conjure a Mud Wall on asphalt.

Around the team appeared a group of four Zabuza's. Sasuke judged them as Water Clones, and as he looked, their muscles tensed as they prepared to swing their swords.

The swing was still ungodly fast to Sasuke, but he had finally reached the level where he could duck it and off to the right.

Before, they were getting owned by just one of these. Now, they were able to fight back. It was definite progress.

As his team ducked, Kakashi jumped in the air and threw several Shuriken at each Zabuza Clones. His throw accelerated the Shuriken to invisible speeds through training, and Zabuza's Water Clones were too busy to dodge. Around Team 7, the clones burst into water.

Through the fog, Kakashi heard Zabuza whistle.

"Impressive brats... Only a week of training, and they've already progressed this far. But it was still too soon to bring them in a battle like this..." The Demon's voice echoed through the fog.

A single seal from Kakashi and much of the fog parted, revealing Zabuza and the shorter masked Ninja standing behind him.

"It looks like Naruto was right..." Kakashi started. "Our mysterious masked friend is playing on Zabuza's team."

The masked one flinched slightly at the mention of Naruto, something that both Zabuza and Kakashi noticed.

"The masked one's mine!" Sasuke said. Kakashi held him back.

"Don't be foolish; you've improved immensely, but I can tell that Masked Ninja could face even me. Fighting him would mean your death." Kakashi argued, stepping up to Zabuza. "I'll face both of them. You protect Tazuna from Zabuza's Water Clones."

And with that, the mist thickened, and the two Jōnin were obscured from view.

And for the next minute, neither Sasuke nor Sakura had any idea what was happening in that fog. Oh, they heard sounds, stuff like the clashing of swords, the rushing of powerful Water Jutsu, and (oddly) ice forming.

Occasionally, a terrifying Killing Intent would wash over them only to be subdued, a split second later, by a Calming Intent of equal strength. Just being near this battle was akin to torture.

After an endless sixty seconds, a figure came out of the fog, spinning so fast that it looked like a tornado.

Sasuke was able to track and intercept Haku's weapon before it could cut him...

Sasuke used his kunai and clashed with Haku's needle. The Uchiha knew this was his moment to know just how far he had gone . . .


Chapter Text


"Ah! Why didn't somebody wake me up!?" Naruto's voice echoes through the room like a screeching sea bird.

"No way! They forgot to wake me up!" He shoots up out of bed and goes crashing downstairs. He looks around, and he sees Tsunami preparing breakfast for them.

"Where are they?" Naruto half-shouted that his Sensei had ditched him.

Tsunami stopped cutting the fish when she turned her head to Naruto. "Your sensei told me to let you sleep since you were tired", she explained kindly, smiling at the redhead. Naruto sighed in annoyance and just decided to leave before something could happen. He quickly wears his sandals and goes to the front of the door.

"See ya!" Naruto waves to Tsunami

Naruto takes off on the trees, and he observes ahead for anything out of the ordinary.

As he leaps through the trees, it becomes evident that Naruto's heavy training has paid off. He picks up the pace a little, his eyes flicking around as though searching for something.

Then, his eyes focus on something down on the ground. "Whoa, hey, what's that!?"

He frowned, crouching down to examine the deep wounds. Naruto glances up, and there are similar marks on the surrounding trees. "The same weapon made those marks." He murmured under his breath.

His gaze hardens, the gears in his brain working now that the cobwebs are gone. "They...lead back towards the house."

"Could it be...did Gato send thugs to take out Tazuna's family!?"

The House

Back at the house, from outside, Tsunami's voice could be heard, "Inari, could you give me a hand here?! Inari?!"

"Be right there, Mother," Inari's voice was heard! Behind the house, two men approached the dwelling; one was tall, one short, the tall one was shirtless, with bandages circling his abdominals and a hakama on his lower half. He had tattoos all over his torso, had scars on his face, and an eyepatch over his right eye.

The short one still had both eyes, which never seemed to blink, two long teardrop tattoos directly below his eyes, and he was entirely covered from head to toe. They both carried swords that they seemed to like using if the sparkle in their eyes were any indication.

The wall and door were suddenly cut apart from the outside. The tall one, the more homicidal one, apparently did the cutting; such a waste of energy came to a stray thought from Naruto. Tsunami turned, looking frightened, and cringed back from the men entering her home through the wall. The short one, the one in charge, spoke first, "So, you're Tazuna's daughter," he guessed, "you'll have to come with us, now."

There was a crash, and Inari entered the room, "Mother!"

"No," Tsunami yells, voice full of panic, "don't come out here! Runaway, hurry!"

"Don't move," the tall one yelled, then turned to his companion, "should we grab this one too?"

"No, Gato asked for just one hostage," the short one stated; he was definitely in charge.

The tall one was happy with this news, turning toward Inari, pulling his sword up, about to draw, "Alright, then let's waste him!".

Inari felt his heart beating on his throat like a bell nonstop, his hands trembling like a leaf, his throat felt dry like a desert. Would this be his end? He found himself asking. But then he remembered the promise he had made to his father and Naruto.

I won't be a coward anymore.

Taking all the courage he could muster, he ran to grab a knife in the kitchen. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. The man chased him in the kitchen; Inari turned around with his knife in his hands, holding it tightly in front of his chest, his eyes showing fear and courage. His hands were shaking slightly.

Inari saw the man grinning in front of him with an evil smug on his face, his tongue licking his lips. "Once I'm done with you. I will have a perfect time with your mother," he said, his right hand touching around his thighs.

Inari felt a cold shiver through his body; no, No. Inari screamed in his head before rushing towards the thug aimlessly, his knife forward, ready to pierce his chest. The thug just smiled and made himself ready to slice him in two.

Then he suddenly felt a bitingly cold gust of wind rush past his body at about the height of his neck. In his field of vision, he saw the back of an adolescent boy in a long coat, in his right hand was an O-katana held in the follow-through position as if he had just cut something, giving a flick of his wrist, the boy flung the tall one's blood off, then deliberately, in slow-motion began returning the blade to its sheathe. When he reached the homing position, the boy clicked the blade home, and the tall one's vision went dark.

The short one was stunned at the speed of the attack because it occurred within the blink of an eye. One blink and Tazuna's daughter was cowed on the floor, the second blink and the O-katana appeared in her hand, the third blink, she is gone from her position. The short one hears the click and turns just in time to see his partner's head roll forward off his neck. Shorty looks around, but the little boy is nowhere to be seen as if he was never there, to begin with, but that can't be true, right?

"Thank Kami-sama, I'm only going to have to do it once," the boy said, turning to Short-stack; the whole time he is speaking, the boy is walking over to Short-round, who is so terrified he does not even have the presence of mind to run, as he looks at the boy's Ice blue eyes looking down at him as he was a mere insect that held no value whatsoever.

The body of the short-one fell over dead, with a massive gash across his chest, almost splitting him into two pieces. His blood leaked around the floor like rain. Naruto looked down at him in disgust and spit at his corpse.

Naruto's serious face changed to a softer one as he turned to look at Tsunami and Inari.

"Thankfully, I was right on time," he said smiling. Naruto made ten clones of his own and said, "clean this mess up, please," he gestured to the corpses.

Suddenly he felt arms around him, and he looked down at Inari, hugging him for dear life, crying his eyes out, holding his clothes tightly, almost afraid that Naruto would disappear if he left him.

"You're alright now, Irani," he said, smiling and rubbing his hair. Tsunami looked relieved of what had happened and was trying to hold back tears.

"Don't worry, Inari, they won't hurt you", Naruto said gently, and Inari slowly moved his hands away and started wiping tears away from his face with his hand.

Naruto turned to look at Tsunami. "I have to go now, and my clones will stay here for protection" Tsunami just nodded her head, and Naruto grabbed a kunai from his bag and kneeled at Inari's level and reached out for him to grab it.

"Take it and protect your mother," Naruto said, and Inari glanced at the kunai, and his eyes turned to look at Naruto again. His face turned serious, and he nodded his head before grabbing the kunai. Naruto smiled and left to reach the bridge.


Sasuke jumped back and looked around to see where the masked ninja was. The fog was too thick, and he could hardly see beyond one meter in front of him. His eyes looked around and hoping that Kakashi-sensei wasn't having a hard time against Zabuza. He remembered the talk he had with his Sensei three days ago. And hoped his Sensei would live to keep his promise.

Eventually, the day turned to night , and Kakashi found himself looking up and staring at the multitude of bright and shiny stars on Tazuna's porch. Kakashi loved looking at the stars. He found it even more spiritually enlightening than meditation.

It was some time after dinner that Sasuke also entered the porch and approached Kakashi. Always one for charity, Kakashi started the conversation.

"Wonderful night out , isn't it?"

"Yea..." Sasuke said hesitantly. He was trying to find the right words for the question but wasn't doing so well. He wasn't looking at the stars; he had something else on his mind. "Would you... I mean, can you tell me how you got your... I have the right to know... I mean... can't you tell me?"

"How I got my Sharingan?"

Sasuke nodded, slightly embarrassed at his own nervousness. He was an Uchiha, damn it! He shouldn't get embarrassed.

Still, Kakashi ignored his vulnerable look and focused on the question. "Hmm... It's a long and complicated story that I haven't told many people except Naruto and a few others ... but if anyone has a right to know, you do... Do you mind a long story?"

Sasuke considered for a minute before shaking his head. "I want to understand..."

Kakashi nodded and did one of his eye-smiles. "My lessons on empathy are finally catching on. Well, where to start... I guess I'll explain my team first."

Sasuke nodded for him to continue and prepared to imagine himself in Kakashi's shoes.

"My Sensei, at the time , was none other than the Fourth Hokage. I hope I don't have to tell you how much I looked up to him. When he fought, his speed was untraceable, even after I got the Sharingan. He had several Jutsu that allowed him instant teleportation. One touch from his Technique meant death. He was that kind of guy. My goal was to be a true Ninja , and for me, Sensei embodied that. A giant fox was really just his worst possible opponent.

"The girl on my team was called Rin , and she'd been training to be a medical ninja. Originally, I didn't appreciate her enough. Because she was a medical ninja, she was pretty useless in a fight and got captured by enemies more than once. The first time, our Sensei managed to save her. The second time... Despite her seriousness in Medic Ninja training, she was a fangirl most of the time , and I ignored her like you ignore Sakura. I never felt I had time to respond to her confessions. I figured that romance came after my goal.

"The third teammate was named Obito Uchiha , and he acted like a black-haired Naruto. He'd never known his parents and was bullied by all of his cousins for being the dead last in our Genin class. I always beat him in spars, so I never thought of him as my equal. He hoped he'd get an edge on me once he unlocked his Sharingan, but despite all of his efforts, he couldn't get even a single tomoe in our first two years as a team. I should mention that he had a crush on Rin.

"At the time, we were in the middle of the war , and people got promoted quickly, often lacking the skills for the job. That desperation took almost as many lives as the war itself, but it was needed to keep the village afloat. It was my second year on my team when I became Jōnin, primarily for my tracking skills, though my combat was still lacking. Due to a lack of human resources , we were sent on a critical mission while our Sensei joined the front lines.

"Around halfway into the mission, we encountered some patrolling Stone Ninja. Three Chūnin , I believe, though they may have been stronger. We clashed a bit in the greenery, but they gained the upper hand and captured Rin, taking off with her. I wanted to follow the rules and continue on the mission since it could've ended the war, but Obito went off to save Rin instead."

"Why didn't you help rescue Rin?" Sasuke suddenly glared. "Aren't those who abandon their teammates' trash?"

"They are. Now I know. I told you this 'cause I don't want you to use my method of realisation ." Kakashi responded sadly.

"Anyway, after thinking about it for a while, I did go back and rescue Obito and Rin. I managed a surprise attack on one of the Chūnin who was about to kill Obito, but that hadn't been enough to assure victory. The second , Chūnin knew a very effective Hiding in the Camouflage Jutsu , and he stabbed my eye out before I knew what was happening. We couldn't track his movements until Obito finally unlocked his Sharingan.

"We ran into the cave where Rin was being held hostage and defeated the third Chūnin through teamwork, but in his dying moments, he called for reinforcements and managed to bring the cave down on top of us. I was about to get crushed by a boulder , but..."

It was then that Kakashi finally paused , and Sasuke was let out of his trance. A single tear seemed to be dripping down from Kakashi's one visible eye , and his arms were hovering over his chest as if he wanted to hug himself. After about a second, Kakashi seemed to relax , and he managed an eye smile.

"I was about to get crushed by a boulder, but Obito sacrificed himself to push me out of the way... In the end, half of Obito's body was crushed by rocks. He knew he wouldn't make it and knew the Stone's reinforcements were coming. He offered me his remaining Sharingan eye to replace my stabbed one , and he told me to protect Rin at all costs.

"With the Sharingan, I managed to hold off the reinforcements for several minutes... Just before we got overwhelmed, Rin threw one of the Hokage's Flying Thunder God kunai at the enemy , and Sensei teleported over to see what was wrong. He rescued us.

"I told this story to the council when I got back , and I was allowed to keep my new eye. The main reason I wanted to be your Sensei was to repay my debt to Obito. Sorry for not telling you."

The two sat silently under the moonlight.

"Do you... hate me for this eye? Will you forgive me for having it? In the end, I guess it works out... I can teach you some of what I know about it..." Kakashi said hesitantly. "... But do you hate me for it..."

Sasuke thought long and hard about what he'd heard. Kakashi had lived a hard life. The idea that a non-Uchiha had a Sharingan eye disgusted the rest. You could almost feel the sentimental value the eye held for Kakashi , and the existence of another Sharingan welder was very practical... but the whole situation rubbed some part of Sasuke the wrong way.

Choosing to ignore that part for the more practical answer, Sasuke admitted, "No. I don't think I do hate you for it... But you better show me how to use it when the time comes."

Kakashi eye-smiled in response. It felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

"I will."

Sasuke saw the masked ninja rush towards him, Sasuke used his kunai in time to block her blow, but then she did something he had never seen or even heard before. She used her free left hand to do hand signs. Sasuke's eyes widened, and before he knew it, mirrors made of Ice surrounded him from every direction, creating like a cage made of mirrors with no chance of escape. His eyes roamed around to see any escape.

He gritted his teeth tightly and saw the reflection of the masked man in every single mirror around him.

"You better surrender; you have no chance against me once I use this technique", the masked man stated as a matter of fact like she was stating a simple truth that he should accept.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, "Surrender! Don't make me laugh", he shouted, and his eyes were looking around for any opening. The mirrors were very close to each other leaving small gaps to run outside, but he knew the enemy wouldn't just let him run outside.

Deciding to test something, he made hand signs as fast as possible. "Fire Style: Fireball" he shouted, and a giant fireball hit the mirror in front of him. Sasuke smiled triumphantly, thinking he had destroyed one of the ice mirrors, but to his horror, he saw the mirror look as intact as before.

"Nice Try," she said emotionlessly before she threw too many Needles from every direction possible. Sasuke's eyes looked around and tried to dodge as many as he could; he jumped to his right. His eyes still see her reflection in every mirror.

Sasuke felt his heart beating on his chest like a hammer slamming against his chest, but thankfully he felt no pain whatsoever. He smirked. "I dodged you," he said, smiling sure that he had dodged the attack.

"I wouldn't be so sure; look at your right leg," she said, pointing towards his right leg. Sasuke looked down to see two needles on his right leg and a few minor skin cuts around his legs. Why had no been able to feel it?

He clenched his teeth, but he felt no pain to his surprise, despite knowing his wounds. He breathed heavily, and his breath was visible in front of him, but Sasuke didn't feel the cold ground; all he could feel was his heart beating in his chest.

Haku moved again and threw even more Needles towards him. Sasuke moved again, but he couldn't dodge all of them. His eyes roamed around the mirrors, and he knew she couldn't be in all the mirrors at once; he knew she was moving from one mirror to another. He just needed the right moment to catch her, and it would be over.

Sasuke did a hand sign, and two regular clones showed up in front of him. "Right, Left" Sasuke shouted, and both of his clones ran towards their exit. Sasuke ran in the opposite direction as fast as he could, but Haku made quick work of the clones, showed up in front of Sasuke, and threw needles.

Sasuke fell to the ground, his arms and legs bleeding from the wounds. Clenching his teeth tightly, he opened his eyes and looked at The masked ninja with courage.

"I'm Not Going to LOSE"

Three regular clones showed up in front of the boy guarding him like a shield. Haku attacked again, making all the clones disappear; she decided to move to another mirror to attack again, but before she could reach, she saw another giant fireball rushed towards her direction, as she was moving to another mirror.


The fireball didn't reach her, but she saw her sleeve had caught on fire.

She saw Sasuke smirking towards her; she felt her anger rising before attacking again with more needles. But to her surprise, the boy in front of her dodged all of them. She moved again, trying to get behind him, but she could see his eyes not leaving her, almost like he could see her now. Haku looked at his eyes and could see his eyes had changed.

A Bloodline

Haku went inside the mirror behind the boy, but then she heard a shout, and her eyes turned to see him finishing his hand signs.

"Fire Style: Shining Star"

The fire was much smaller, but Haku just felt this one was much more dangerous.

The jutsu made contact with her mirror and exploded; Sasuke put his hands in front of his eyes to shield himself, the explosion was strong enough, and Sasuke smirked, seeing that the mirror had been destroyed. He started running towards the exit, sure he had the chance, but before he could take the step outside, Haku was suddenly in front of him with three needles in each of her hands.

Oh No

A huge slash and Sasuke flew in the opposite direction and hit the mirror with his back; Sasuke slowly opened his eyes, groaning in pain, a big flesh wound was across his chest, and five new needles had pierced his arms, thankfully the wound in his chest wasn't deep enough.

Sasuke opened his eyes and put a hand on his right knee, and tried to stand up. His body weakened, breathing heavily, his breath visible in front of his face. His chest leaked blood and slowly covered his legs, and fell in the frozen concrete.

"You almost had me, but you're not the only one who can use Clones", The masked man stated in front of him inside the mirror he had destroyed. Sasuke could now see the ninja, but that wasn't enough to beat her. The masked ninja moved her right hand again, but Sasuke felt no pain.

Sasuke felt his knees almost falling. He could hardly keep himself standing; his vision felt fuzzy. He wanted to keep fighting, and now he could feel just how tired he was.

I can't Die Like THIS.

Sasuke felt his hands shaking like a leaf, his heart beating slower; his eyes looked in the corner of his eyes and saw two needles sticking in the side of his neck. Sasuke didn't have time to understand what was happening to him.

His eyes started closing and started falling to the ground, with only one thought on his head.

Kaa-chan, Tou-chan. . . . . . Itachi


Chapter Text

Sasuke's body almost touched the ground, but before he could fall, his body suddenly disappeared. Haku's eyes widened behind her mask, and her eyes started searching around the cage of ice. She couldn't see him anywhere, but before she could do anything, her senses screamed at her to move away; she immediately moved away from the mirror just in time to see a fist shattering it into thousands of pieces.

Haku's eyes saw Naruto standing where the mirror was a second ago. His eyes were emotionless, looking at her like a hunter, and right now, she was the prey. His gaze made her feel small, almost tiny compared to the shadow of his body completely covering her; she felt trapped, her heart beating on her throat.

Her left hand trembling, she quickly grabbed her left wrist with her right hand to stop it from moving; Haku didn't know why she was shaking, was the cold? No, I - the cold never bothered me before!....

Naruto took a step closer, and Haku felt the bridge shake from his foot, almost like a giant's foot. Her body moved backwards on its own, without thinking, she had been scared before, many times, but not even Zabuza-Sama could make her feel cold; her skin felt like it was cracking, sending shivers of fear and cold in her spine.

Haku's eyes met Naruto's, and his eyes were red like blood, but a dark red; she could have sworn she saw a giant fox standing behind Naruto glaring at her, his eyes almost as large as her.

Naruto saw Haku covered in fear, and he didn't need to see her face to know that she was terrified of him; he checked on Sasuke and was glad that the emo was just in a near-death state like Haku had done to Zabuza in the field.

From what he could feel, he knew Zabuza had decided to fight; despite Gato being a bitch, he still made a deal with the man to kill Tazuna, Naruto could somehow respect it. He was willing to finish the job, but Naruto could feel the many mercenaries walking towards the Bridge.

But Naruto could tell they were just useless Swordsmen, their strength perhaps even lower than that of a Genin.

Naruto decided to deal with this; having Zabuza and Haku on his side was better than dead.

"Haku. I will tell you this once. Surrender," Naruto stated, his eyes seizing her, his eyes narrowed and leaking a small amount of KI. His Chakra started cracking the concrete beneath his feet like glass. Something that Haku immediately noticed.

Taking a deep breath, she stood higher in her legs and looked directly at Naruto.

"I appreciate your concern Naruto, but I'm nothing but a weapon for Zabuza-Sama and as one. I must fulfil my master's Wishes. After all, no one likes a rusted weapon" Haku started with a cold tone.

Naruto clenched his teeth at the word 'Weapon' he hated that; many people in Hidden Leaf Village saw him as one or just a Demon. No one was a weapon of anyone.

"Do you Hear Yourself? Why-Why would you want to do this? You're not anybody's Weapon," Naruto shouted, his Chakra slowly started freezing the air around them. Haku looked perplexed; the ice was getting colder, the air itself felt colder, a slight barely visible cold fog started filling the air around them. The cold spread around, the concrete around Naruto's feet started cracking and freezing.

"I'm sorry, Naruto, but I must - fi-fight you", Haku stated with clear regret in her voice. She slowly raised her hands in front of her chest, three needles in both of her hands.

Naruto closed his eyes, taking a deep breath; he opened his eyes again and made a hand sign. Haku's eyes focused on him, expecting something to happen, but nothing happened, as far as she could tell.

Naruto knew Zabuza was losing against Kakashi-sensei. He needed to finish this quickly.

"If you don't want to listen, then . . . " he disappeared mid-sentence and showed up in front of Haku; she barely had time to understand what happened when Naruto hit her in the stomach, spreading pain in her whole body.

Haku hit the mirror and immediately stood up and went inside a mirror to have her advantage. Naruto didn't try to stop her from attacking.

The redhead saw her reflection in every mirror around him; he had to give credit to her jutsu, it was pretty helpful, but the downside is that it took a lot of chakras. Naruto could feel Haku's Chakra was already below Low Chunin.

She had probably only a minute or less before she couldn't use this jutsu anymore.

Haku prepared and threw at least 21 needles towards Naruto, but she looked shocked when the needles stopped mid-air blocked by a shield created around Naruto. The shield looked made of Chakra; Naruto was hardly visible anymore because of the shield around him.

The needles slowly started falling in the ground one by one; Naruto's eyes turned to her and disappeared from the view. Haku then hit the concrete, her back hurting like crazy.

She couldn't understand what had just happened; her eyes slowly saw the figure of Naruto standing in front of her.

He finished his hand signs and shouted. "Wind Style: Air Breaker", he cried and suddenly a huge wind spread in every direction, the wind strong, destroyed all the mirrors around him. Haku flew away and hit the other side of the Bridge, her back and shoulder bleeding from the jutsu and his fist.

Haku felt her knees weak, her breathing heavy; she tried to catch her breath, to keep fighting when she saw Naruto slowly walking towards her. When she heard a crack, her mask slowly started falling from her face; her lower mask first fell, followed by a huge chunk covering her right eye.

Zabuza-Sama. I - I can't defeat this boy. I'm Sorry

Her mask fell in the concrete, showing her face with tears in her eyes, unshed tears. Her mind thinking of all the times she spends with To . . . Zabuza-Sama. She wanted to die thinking of the good times of her life.

Zabuza finding her, him covering her with a blanket when he thought that she was still asleep. But after all, a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts.

She closed her eyes waiting for the killing blow . . .

"Why? Why? You're not a Weapon; how can you not see it?! Not even Zabuza sees you as a weapon," Naruto said.

Haku opened her eyes to see him standing, looking at her with sorrow and a hint of anger behind his blue eyes. Not red anymore, or ice, but blue like the ocean.

"I'm not useful to Zabuza anymore. I told you. I Live only to serve him," she responded, always hoping that Zabuza would see her more than just that. Not a weapon but maybe a daughter.

Naruto shook his head in denial, not believing what Haku said. "Why do you think you own it to him?" Naruto asked softly with a kinder tone.

"He saved me, Naruto. I was alone. My family, my Mother, was like me when Mizukage started slaughtering anyone with a Bloodline. My - my father supported him when he found out that I had my Mother's bloodline. He - He - he . . He killed my Mother and tried to kill me. I Had No Choice," she said, tears rolling down her right cheek.

Naruto listened to her and understood her situation. "I . . . " he was interrupted when they both heard a sound coming from further away in the Bridge.

Naruto recognised Kakashi-sensei's Jutsu. . . Haku's eyes widened when he saw The Jonin ready to kill her father; she quickly gathered all her energy and was prepared to save Zabuza-sama, One Last Time.


When his Nin-dogs caught Zabuza, Kakashi finally let his muscles un-tense, and his heartbeat returned to normal.

All things accounted for, Zabuza was indeed a powerful Shinobi.

Though it could hardly substitute for Gai's, Zabuza's Taijutsu and Physical  Techniques were through the roof. Zabuza was keeping even Kakashi on the defensive for almost their entire match, only losing his edge when  Kakashi felt Kyuubi Chakra, even Zabuza had stopped fighting and looked. . . Concerned keeping his eyes where the Chakra came from. They continued fighting immediately, and Zabuza looked to be in a hurry.

Not only that, but Zabuza's Water Vortex  Jutsu [copied] was on such a large scale that it could dwarf even his  Water Dragons. At times, Kakashi would dodge the Technique yet still have trouble water Walking on the resulting tsunami-like waves that the Technique would stir up.

Their fight was on such a large scale that it must have been causing a natural disaster in the Wave. With this level of firepower being so casually thrown around, it was a wonder that the unfinished Bridge remained relatively unscathed.

Tazuna wasn't kidding about his renown in the bridge-building business.

Early in the fight, Kakashi had lured Zabuza into the water in a ploy to spare the Bridge. Due to the obvious elemental advantages, he'd have in the ocean. Sadly,  that had led to a longwinded clashing of Water Jutsu, which left Kakashi almost completely out of Chakra.

Kakashi may have been fast before, but with one of the Chakra Gates active, he managed to push Zabuza back onto the Bridge.

In the end, Kakashi used a scroll to start the Summoning: Earth Release:  Tracking Fang Technique and activated a sound-based Genjutsu through whistling, buying his Nin-dogs enough time to close in on Zabuza's location. Despite the Genjutsu interference, Zabuza forced several of the initial Nin-dogs to dispel before a lucky one got a bite on his leg and channelled the Chakra Paralyzation Technique through the Missing-Nin's shin, giving openings for several other Nin-dogs to grip Zabuza with their powerful jaws and reinforce the Technique.

As Kakashi quickly cleared away the fog around him with his Dispelling Wind  Technique, Zabuza was revealed, standing in a very uncomfortable position with eight Nin-dogs dangling off him as they maintained their Paralyzation Jutsu. The anger on Zabuza's face contrasted hilariously with the cute Nin-dogs hanging off of him.

"You know... my plan wouldn't have worked so well if you hadn't shut your eyes in the mist." Kakashi said idly, as Zabuza tried (unsuccessfully)  to shake the Nin-dogs off of his various limbs, "My Nin-dogs here are specifically designed for tracking... made to sense a faint scent from several miles away. Remember that time I let you cut me? That was to make sure you had the scent of my blood on your weapons."

"So I was just following your plan all along?!" Zabuza said in anger and self-loathing. "You had everything under control since the beginning?!"

"Of course not," Kakashi responded. "If I had everything under control, I wouldn't have let Haku slip by me. I would have evacuated my Genin miles from here with a Shadow Clone or finished this fight quicker. Because of my lack of control, my students might have died."

"The fog is lifting, "Kakashi said poetically. "I can see it now... your future is death."

With his Sharingan covered, Kakashi did the nine hand signs for his original  Jutsu, the Chidori. He could do the Jutsu without the hand signs, but he preferred his authentic way in a controlled environment, partly to save  Chakra and partly for sentimentality's sake.

The lightning flashed between Kakashi's fingers rather impressively, but Zabuza just scoffed.

"What? I don't at least deserve a Raikiri?" Zabuza joked. Kakashi decided to ignore him.

"Zabuza...  you've had your fun. You've schemed your schemes... The day you deserted the Hidden Mist and became Missing Ninja, your name was reported to the Hidden Leaf. I know how you tried to assassinate the  Misukage. You've been on the run, trying to raise funds for a second attempt for the better part of four years, always narrowly evading  Hunter Ninja... That's what brought you here. That's why you'd stoop so low as to work for a parasite like Gatō. You're a loose cannon, a threat to this country. Willing to sacrifice this place just for your ambitions... Killing with no mercy..."

"Spare me the philosophy lesson." Zabuza interrupted, "I'm fighting for my ideals, and I won't stop."

Kakashi sighed disappointedly as he raised his Chidori encased hand.

"Then your future is death," Kakashi said simply, rushing forward.

Zabuza's eyes closed, thinking of Haku, hoping she was alive, hoping that Kakashi wouldn't kill her. He was hoping that she had escaped somehow. Haku. I'm- I am Sorry.


Kakashi didn't see and didn't have time when he saw a hand catch his wrist, not letting him advance. Kakashi's eyes widened seeing Naruto stopping him from killing Zabuza; the Jonin certainly wasn't surprised that Naruto could stop his jutsu and not to mention his Chakra and strength was low.

"Naruto, What are you doing?" Kakashi demanded with a firm tone and loud. Zabuza narrowed his eyes at the Uzumaki brat; this was the second time he had done something similar. First time letting him go, not taking him seriously. Second time saving him, of course, he was glad but still . . .

"They're not our enemies anymore", Naruto stated with a stern tone that reminded Kakashi so much of Kushina. The dogs around Zabuza disappeared from Naruto, throwing a kunai in the summoning scroll.

Before Kakashi could ask him to elaborate further, they heard clapping coming from the end of the Bridge.

"Yeah. He's certainly made a fine mess out of you. What a pity..." A smug voice said from the other side of the Bridge.

The three remaining conscious Shinobi all turned their heads to look at the newcomer.

At the end of the Bridge stood a very smug-looking Gatō in front of a small army of brigands. They were all carrying a large assortment of weapons such as swords, staves, tridents, clubs and even had someone with a scythe. Gatō was smirking and strutting around as he'd already won. It would certainly look like he had to be the casual observer.

Kakashi cursed his arrogance. Why had he thought that this would just stay between Shinobi? Naruto looked at the army with an Icy Stare.

"Gatō... what are you doing here?!" Zabuza asked. "What with the goon squad?"

Gatō laughed for a second at the annoyingly slow speed civilians were forced to use. "There's been a small change of plans, Zabuza. Or a change in your plans anyway... I was going to do this from the beginning. You're going to die 'Demon', here and now. I was never going to pay you at all.  I hate paying people. Especially if they're as expensive as Shinobi, your price may have been a little more acceptable, but it's still way more than I'm willing to pay. That's why I hired all these thugs. Wait till the ninja are done fighting and finish them off while they're weak? That's a good business strategy. Since you are a missing Ninja, no one will complain when you're gone. And look! It worked out even better than I hoped! You're so weak and pathetic right now. I could kill you myself. And look at you're opponent! A tired freak and a child!"

Kakashi was currently breathing heavily in exhaustion. He hadn't expected the fight to last this long. He'd expected to be finished much sooner. In truth, he hardly had enough Chakra to stand. His body wanted to die in a hole, like usual, after going to The First Gate. He was having trouble maintaining composure at the end of his fight with Zabuza.

"My only mistake was hiring you in the first place. Calling yourself the Demon of the Hidden Mist is just plain false advertisement!" Gatō continued, laughing. "You're no Demon! You are no more than a little Imp!"

Zabuza, who had looked down until that point, snapped his head straight up. A look of pure hatred crossed his features. Haku moved closer to Zabuza, ready to fight.

"Forgive me, Kakashi... our fight is over. I no longer have any reason to assassinate Tazuna... which settles our differences."

Gato's eyes then saw Haku standing close to Zabuza. A creepy smile spread across his face. A smile that no one liked.

"My man. I want to kill everyone except the girls; each of you can have a turn with her," he said, laughing.

Zabuza suddenly stood despite the pain, put his hands on Haku's shoulder, and put her behind him.

"Gato, you little double-crossing bastard," Zabuza spat, "I didn't think you'd have the balls to betray me, but it's your funeral. You will die screaming,"

Before anything could happen, the whole area was engulfed in KI, and everyone froze at the amount of KI spread around; Zabuza wondered who could have so much KI. His eyes slightly turned to look at the Uzumaki brat. His face was covered in a shadow. But his eyes were red like blood.

Naruto walked forward, there were many things he didn't like, but the rotten monsters like them were the worst kind.

Even Kurama was furious. They had stepped out of line, and now. They Shall Know PAIN.

Suddenly two clones showed up close to Naruto, one to his right and another to his left. All three of them did hand signs that not even Kakashi recognised.

The clones finished. "Uzumaki Style: Barrier Blood" suddenly a giant red barrier showed up. Around the Bridge, it closed every direction except the direction towards Naruto and the others.

The Jinchuuriki finished his hand signs. "Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergency" suddenly the Bridge started shaking like an earthquake. Suddenly large trees started growing around Naruto, and they all started rushing towards the army and what happened next was something Everyone would remember.

The following second, screams echoed around the Bridge, the trees pierced their flesh and bones snapping, the wood came out the mouth of one and split his jaw, the blood rushing out of his mouth and skin, and slowly his face split into three pieces hanging in the tree-like decorations, someone screamed until his head was smashed from the strength around his head until it exploded like a bomb, some tried to run and jump from the Bridge, but the barrier burned anyone who touched it, the wood pierced the stomach of one and came out through his eyes as blood fell in the floor like rain, one was pierced in the lungs and tree grew inside until his whole body was torn apart from the tree, Gato tried to run towards Naruto when his legs were tightened, and trees pierced him from every direction.


The large tree raised high as their bodies were smashed and split into pieces. Some were hanging around the tree. The blood, skin, and flesh fall to the ground.

The others kept quiet at what they saw, Kakashi knew the thugs deserved to die, but he didn't expect this. Kakashi had seen war, and a dead body was something he was familiar with.

Naruto's eyes were as cold as winter, he did another hand sign and spat fire from his mouth, and the tree started burning.

Zabuza had no problems and no objections with what Naruto did; in his mind, the idiots deserved worse than that, but at the same time, he was shaken beyond belief, but for a different reason.

He can use Wood Style?!

Zabuza turned around and saw Haku standing behind him, looking at Naruto with a hint of caring and something else that Zabuza didn't recognise.

He smiled, seeing her. "I'm happy to see you alright. Haku," he said, smiling and tears slowly forming in his eyes, but he tried to keep them there. But the next thing caught him by surprise. Haku hugged him, her head in his chest, crying.

"I - I thought I lost you, Tou-San," she said, crying and hugging him, almost afraid that he would disappear. He put his hand on her head and rubbed her hair.

"I will never leave you, my daughter", he stated and hugged her back. Haku felt her shoulders getting wet from his tears but decided to enjoy the moment. Naruto and Kakashi smiled at the touching moment.

Kakashi turned to look at Naruto. "I didn't know you could use Wood Style", he stated with crossed arms; Demanding an explanation from his Little brother.

"Only Hokage-Sama, Tsunade-Baa-Chan, and Toad-Jiji know about it", Naruto stated. Kakashi nodded in understanding and decided to talk later with him.

Naruto ran back over to Sasuke and Sakura, checking to see if they were okay. Sakura was in a stable condition, thankfully. Sasuke had the faintest of heartbeats, but it seemed as if he'd recovered slightly from earlier.

Either Haku hadn't aimed to kill, or Sasuke, with his Sharingan, had been able to move enough in time to avoid death.

Naruto was relieved beyond belief. Even with all the training, his teammate still almost got killed. He removed the senbon scattered around his body and Shunshin him back to Tsunami's house, making sure to heal him.

He then came back and checked on Haku as Zabuza and Kakashi just stood watching. She was in bad shape, but she seemed as if she was going to make it.

"Why did you spare me? Why didn't you take my life after what you saw me do to your friend," she whispered from her position on the ground. The two jounin level ninja heard her as they walked closer.

"Because your life is precious," Naruto said as he handed her over to Zabuza.

At this, Kakashi smiled, and Zabuza turned to him, "Some genin you've got, looks like we didn't need to be enemies after all. Maybe next time we see each other, we'll be allies." With that, Zabuza Momoichi, the Demon of the Hidden Mist, bowed his head respectfully to Naruto.

"Thank You Uzumaki Naruto"

Two Days Later

Naruto stood in front of the house, the moon high in the sky; Tazuna had returned to work and said that the Bridge would be rebuilt within four days. Kakashi-Sensei had stated that they would stay until the Bridge was built. No one had anything against it and didn't say anything.

Kakashi had asked Naruto that night about what he had done to the army of Gato. His sensei had asked if he was alright and needed anything, but the redhead said he was fine. Kakashi had looked specifically but had not spoken a word against what Naruto said.

Surprisingly Zabuza and Haku were standing with them until they decided to leave The Wave.

Right now, Naruto stood ready to reach Uzushiogakure; he had left a wood clone behind to stay and distract everyone until he returned.

"Are you ready , Naruto? Remember that Uzushiogakure is not exactly close , " Kurama asked , knowing that Uzushiogakure wasn't exactly close to going there by running across the Sea.

"I have checked Kurama, but there's no ship that goes to Uzushiogakure anymore, and I don't know how to use one", Naruto stated.

Kurama kept quiet and decided to be ready if Naruto needed anything later.

The redhead glanced at the house behind him, Taking a deep breath of fresh air. He ran towards the Sea to reach his Homeland.



Chapter Text


The moon shines the Sea, the surface of the water, dancing close to the land, small waves hitting the shore; despite being night, Naruto could see everything around him. His legs were shaking, his knee felt weak and numb, he felt tired, but most importantly, he reached Uzushiogakure.

Naruto saw little grabs, running away from him, using the sand around to cover themselves until one couldn't notice that a small animal was hiding there. The scent of the Sea was strong all around him, and it smelled like salt. And a little like... eggs?! Naruto didn't know why that smell was around him, but he didn't bother with it. The wind flew around and hit his face, his long red hair dancing with the wind. The moon makes it shine and look like a ruby.

A few burned houses were nearby, Naruto could tell from the dark wood left from the fire, a few had bones around the courtyard, half-rotten clothes stuck to them. Naruto knew he was on the south side of the Island. The main entry to Uzushiogakure was through the east, an ocean opening that led the ships to the centre of the Village.

It was called the Sea's pass, which led ships from Uzushiogakure to reach the open Sea. The opening stopped in the centre of the Village, and the Village had been built around the opening, making it easier to hunt for fish, having more accessible access to the ocean's water. Naruto remembers from his dream that the Uzushiogakure main Village was around the end of the opening. Sea's pass stopped in the centre of the Island, where Roku had started building the Village.

The end of the Sea's pass where Ships docked and gave supplies or took supplies was called, DeepWater. Naruto didn't know why but figured must be a reason for it. DeepWater was rich with different sea animals; Uzushiogakure had grown their food, various vegetables, fruits, and other necessary items for a simple life.

Naruto had wondered if they earned money through other means, perhaps a mine with different minerals like gold or silver, or maybe just through selling supplies and accepting jobs for Ninja as the other villages did.

Naruto escaped his thoughts when he started walking around the shore; this town was a bit far from the main Village; this place was probably used by fishermen who didn't like to live in the Village. The houses were still there of whoever lived here, but no one was alive except the animals and plants.

Naruto felt the seawater wetting his black shinobi sandals; taking a deep breath, he felt dread. He couldn't stop this feeling inside him, the place felt like calling him, but at the same, he didn't feel prepared to see his homeland... destroyed. To see everything Roku had built destroyed, the place where his mother had been raised, burned to ash, and be forgotten.

"Naruto, I'm here with you ; you're not alone" , Kurama suddenly said , feeling the dread and even a hint of guilt and anger in his body.

Naruto managed a small smile and mentally thanked Kurama for being there for him; the young Uzumaki half hoped that Roku would be here along with him. Closing his hands to a fist, he took a deep breath, feeling the fresh air in his lungs; the smell of mint and eggs was strong, and he wondered where the smell came from.

Deciding to ignore it he jumped through the beach, running as fast as he could, soon he reached a forest, Naruto kept jumping from tree to tree, he noticed different animals looking at him, perhaps surprised, but he didn't stop to see them closely.

He kept jumping, and the feeling was getting stronger with every step he took; his seal started glowing red and spread from his stomach around his chest and slowly spreading through his right arm; Naruto stopped moving and saw red lines slowly reaching the seal Roku had put in his wrist.

The seal looked like the spread wings of a bird; the seal reached the part that separated the two wings and looked to gather in a small spot. Naruto didn't feel anything at first, but then he suddenly felt his Chakra growing in that spot, almost like all the Chakra of his body was accumulated in a single location; suddenly, the pressure stopped leaving a small empty red circle in it. The ring connected the two separated wings.

Naruto touched the skin around his wrist but couldn't feel anything different. Not even Kurama could detect anything, and that concerned him, that Kushina or Minato or both had made a seal that kept him inside Naruto. Still, at the same time, he couldn't detect anything that the seal did to him.

The lines that had spread from his seal slowly detached from the empty circle and returned to the seal. The seal stopped glowing red and turned back to its usual dark colour before disappearing.

"Naruto. I- I don't feel the seal doing anything bad to you, but I know your parents would never make a seal that would hurt you , " Kurama said , reassuring Naruto that the seal wasn't doing anything to harm him.

The redhead knew his parents would never harm him, but he didn't know what the seal did, which annoyed him. Focusing his eyes, he spread his Chakra almost like he was about to do a jutsu, but the new symbol didn't react to his Chakra. Understanding that nothing happened, he stopped trying and decided to keep going.

His eyes slowly looked from his seal and in front of him. There should be answers in Uzushiogakure? Naruto thought and jumped away through the forest.

After almost an hour, Naruto knew he was close; jumping from the final tree, he saw something he wasn't prepared for.

In front of him stood Uzushiogakure; the walls still stood tall and strong. However, some parts of it were destroyed, the concrete still lying on the ground, his eyes saw a flag half-burned standing at the top of the wall, Naruto couldn't see the symbol, but he could tell the emblem The Uzumaki Clan.

Strong wind hit his face, sending shivers in his body; he saw the wall stretched from south to the North. The wall looked two times larger and taller than the wall of Konoha. The wall had small plants growing around it, creating small cracks, slowly destroying what was left. Naruto noticed a few houses standing close to the gates of the Village.

The gates were burned; what was left was a huge chunk somehow still hanging from the top of the wall until that part fell as well. Despite being years since anyone was here, Naruto felt the scent of fire all around the place, almost like the place was still burning to this day.

Naruto felt sadness covering his body like a cold blanket, and his fist closed, his knuckles turned white like milk, he bit his lower lip tightly, his eyes full of tears, his vision fuzzy. Naruto quickly used his left sleeve to wipe the tears away. He was here to find answers and learn.

"Naruto. I know this might not be the best time, but you should know that even I respect your clan. I hated everyone else but - your clan was different, and So are You," Kurama said, feeling the sadness of Naruto.

The young Uzumaki stood silent for a few minutes before smiling and nodding his head. "Thank You, Kurama," Naruto said, and the fox smiled.

The young Uzumaki started walking towards the gates, what was left of them. His eyes looking at the houses as he passed by, the houses surprisingly didn't look destroyed... but just abandoned. He wondered why; his blue eyes soon noticed something. None of the houses close to the wall looked damaged, and the same was for the ground around the gates; he half expected small craters and maybe even clothes and what was left, but he couldn't see anything to implement that a fight was fought outside of the gates.

His eyes turned to the gate itself; the gate looked 10 meters tall, but he noticed no seals around the wall; either the seals had stopped working or were very well hidden. His eyes saw inside the gates and could tell inside looked much different; the destroyed houses were everywhere, he couldn't see anything that wasn't wasted. Taking the first step inside, neither Naruto nor Kurama detected the Seal of Life letting him inside the Village.

His seal glowed red for a moment before disappearing again; walking inside, he felt - alone. Cold. Sad. Angry and Guilty. Everything was covered in darkness, each house inside the Village looked destroyed, nothing left but rubble, the signs of a war fought here were everywhere, from the ruins in the ground, small craters around the earth, houses burned, their concrete looked to have melted in some places making look slippery. Weapons lying around the ground, trees that look clearly to have been cut down.

Naruto's eyes went to the centre of the Village that had the most magnificent building. Still standing, the building looked white. The roof looked similar to that of Konoha, except the Uzumaki symbol was in the centre.

The streets looked covered by white bricks; he saw a few parts of the roads had started splattering from the plants growing around.

The redhead knew what he would see when he arrived here, but still the feeling of complete silence, no sound could be heard around, setting a sense of dread around almost like something was hidden in the shadows waiting to come out.

Naruto slowly walked inside a house; his footsteps were the only sound around; he slowly opened the front door made of strange wood that had weird marks around. The door made a brassy sound, inside he saw a thick level of dirt covering everything; everything looked grey; Naruto saw a hole in the roof and below the hole was what looked like bones and clothes still covering it. Naruto saw arrows that had pierced the wall from inside; a few weapons were lying in the ground close to another- body. Weapons like a small sword, kunai, and a few Shurikens.

"Naruto, you don't need to see this" , Kurama said , knowing that Naruto fe lt guilty about what he was seeing, despite not being his fault.

Naruto closed his eyes, the silence almost swallowing him whole; he felt cold shivers around his body, his skin felt like something was crawling.

Naruto didn't say anything but just left the house, not wanting to stay there any longer.

Walking through the streets, he found bones lying around, some shattered and some missing hugs chunks. He saw a few small bones in a dress covering them.

After a few minutes of walking, he soon reached the docks of Uzushiogakure; as usual, everything was deserted; there were a few small ships still docked, but none of them was in condition to use; they were either filled with water or almost destroyed. Naruto saw empty crates lying around close to where the ships were docked. His blue eyes turned to look at the main building of the Village that stood the closest to DeepWater.

"Do you think there's anything that might help me for Fuinjutsu?" Naruto asked out loud since there's was no need to talk mentally; no one would hear him here.

"I'm not sure Naruto, but even if there's something, don't expect for the doors to just open for you and be careful, The Seal might have left you to walk inside , but you can never be too careful" , Kurama warned him, despite he not thinking that there was anything too worthy about, would be good to keep an eye out for anything unexpected.

Naruto nodded his head in agreement; he soon made his way to the main building of Uzushiogakure. While walking there, he saw the fountain was still there, the statues of children playing were still there, water was still coming out of their hands and falling in the basin. One of the statues had his head destroyed, but still, he could tell how it looked before.

One of the hands was in the mud, but one of the children's status was intact. Naruto walked closer, put his hands together, filled his hands with water, and splashed it in his face; the water was cold but still fresh and not filled with dirt or blood.

He turned around and looked at the gates that lead inside the main building, one of the gates still standing. The wind flew everywhere, hitting his face, making the gate slowly move around and making small and terrible sounds, almost like someone using his nails in a blackboard.

Naruto walked inside the house, seeing that it was ... intact. Before him was a long, wide-open corridor with closed doors on both sides, but what surprised Naruto was that nothing looked damaged; the walls and everything looked unclean but still no sign of battle inside the building.

He soon reached a large door that led inside a big hall; the hall had many windows that let the light of the moon stream inside. Naruto saw a desk at the very end of the hall, walking up to it. He saw papers lying around the desk and on the ground covered in dust. Naruto used his hand to shake off the dust.

The papers were nothing but filled with missions completed around the Island of Uzushiogakure, and around Wave and even some missions completed in Kiri, Naruto noticed one of the names in the papers was mentioned far often than the others; apparently this Kurayami Uzumaki had completed over 100 missions in a single month, but the documents mentioned nothing else.

Naruto didn't think of it as necessary despite being impressed by the number of missions he had completed.

"Naruto, do you feel this?" Kurama asked.

Naruto closed his eyes, and now he actually felt something in this hall; he turned around and looked beneath him; strange symbols were covering the floor. But Naruto could tell this was a seal. An advanced one.

He did hand signs, "Open," he said, and the seal started glowing red. Before the ground began shaking, almost like an earthquake. The floor in the middle of the hall began opening. Naruto walked closer and saw stairs leading under the building. But he could hardly see anything.

"Let me help you . "

Naruto's eyes changed to red, and now he could see more clearly in the darkness. He walked downstairs, his eyes roaming around and wondering where this was leading to.

Soon he reached a door, opening it, he saw a large room filled with scrolls and books, almost like a library.

Suddenly, fires lighted around the walls, torches started burning again, and he could see the most extensive library he had ever seen in front of him.

The shelves filled with scrolls and books stretched at least hundreds of meters. The symbol of the Uzumaki clan was standing proudly in each scroll and book.

Naruto saw many desks, tables around, and chairs. He was about to look at some of the books when something blue started appearing in front of him; it looked like a bright light, Naruto covered his eyes, and soon the light stopped.

The young Uzumaki moved his hands away and in front of him was Roku Uzumaki. His whole body looked slightly transparent and bluer than in his dream.



The old Uzumaki smiled proudly at the young man; he had passed the Seal of Life and the Seal of The Truth.

When Roku was 241 years old, he had made the Seal of Truth; the seal would work to detect the colour of someone's Chakra. The darker a person was, the colder and grey was their Chakra. The seal protected the secret Library of the Uzumaki Clan. If the seal had detected that Naruto wasn't worthy, then a counter seal would be activated, and Naruto's chakra system would have been blocked, resulting in immobility ever to use Chakra.

Naruto noticed the 'Sama' that Kurama used and was surprised to hear him say that but decided to ask later.

Naruto bowed his head respectfully to Roku, who gestured for him to stand up.

"No need for that young Uzumaki; it seems you were able to find this place," Roku said, smiling.

Kurama stayed silent and couldn't believe that Roku was here; he still remembered him, despite being a thousand and five hundred years since he died.

"Kurama stood beneath a large tree in the land of fire. He was only a bit taller than four meters, Kurama had decided to explore the grounds around alone. Gyuki and Nanabi had wanted to come and especially Matatabi , since she was the friendliest to him.

But Kurama had declined and instead told them he wanted to be alone for some time and possibly be friends with the humans since his father had told them.

The others had accepted and left to go alone ; Shukaku had mentioned that he wanted to flee towards the south soon enough ; after all, he loved the sand.

Kurama opened his mouth and closed it, his eyes still closed , enjoying the sound of the forest around him.

"You're quite big" , he heard a voice and immediately jumped awake ; his eyes opened, and he looked forward to being met with the purple eyes of a human. For a moment , he thought that tou-chan was there but giving him a second look, his eyes were just purple but no Rinnegan.

' Who's This? How come I didn't feel him coming , and second why is he smiling?! And third, why does he look so familiar?'

Kurama bombarded himself with questions and noticed the strange human was still standing there smiling.

"My father told me about you, but I never thought you would be so ... cute," The strange human said.

"What?! I'm not Cute , " Kurama yelled angrily and showed his teeth , trying to intimidate him.

"Calm down. I just felt your Chakra a week ago and wanted to meet you. I'm not here to hurt you , " The strange man said , raising his hands and showing that he wasn't here to hurt him.

Kurama stopped releasing his KI and looked at his face.

The man had long red crimson hair that reached his neck, a long face, and a trim beard around his jawline and chin but no m oustache .

His smile reminded him of Tou-chan , and now that Kurama could feel his Chakra, he noticed the similarities between his father and this strange smiling man.

" I'm not afraid of you, strange smiling person" , Kurama growled.

"My name is Roku, and I would like to talk to you" , He stated and walk ed closer before sitting on the ground close to Kurama.

The nine-tails fox rolled his eyes. "Why is that" Kurama growled.

"Well, My father told me a lot about you, and I would like to know you better," Roku said.

Kurama narrowed his eyes slightly ; who was his father that apparently knew about them. Kurama wasn't stupid ; he knew that not that many people knew about them.

"Who is your father?" Kurama growled slightly , showing his teeth again.

Roku just laughed and didn't look scared of him that made Kurama a bit happy , but this wasn't the time for that.

"My father is Ashura Otsutsuki . "

Kurama's eyes widened in disbelief ; he had noticed the similarities but didn't think that the brat in front of him was the grandson of his father.

A smile slowly across his face , and his face brightened like a sun.

"It's good to meet you , Roku," he said happily , and perhaps this journey was for the better.

Kurama remembered it, and a tear was slowly showing on his left eye.

Naruto was about to say something to Roku when Kurama suddenly took control.

"Is good to see you , Roku" , Kurama said with Naruto's body and gave the control back to Naruto before Roku could say something to him.

Roku chuckled slightly, one moment, the young Uzumaki was talking, and the next, Kurama was talking.

"You haven't changed at all, Kurama," he said smiling, a smile that Kurama recognised very well.

Naruto could feel the happiness of his friend and be glad for that.

"I hope Kurama is not giving you problems," Roku said.

Naruto shook his head. "Nah, he's just an overgrown furball," he said, and even Roku could hear Kurama screaming at him for calling him a furball. Usually, Roku would have laughed, but this wasn't the moment.

Roku's face suddenly changed to a serious one; he looked at Naruto, the young Uzumaki felt his eyes piercing his soul.

"Before you can study Fuinjutsu, young Uzumaki. I need to show you something," Roku stated with a firm tone.

Naruto understood the seriousness of his tone and nodded his head.

"You might want to rebuild Uzushiogakure, but without understanding the past and what led to the destruction of our village, we will be doomed to repeat it", He stated, and everything changed around them.

Fun Question: Why didn't Naruto destroy Nagato's Rinnegan after he died?


Chapter Text

Naruto and Roku stood in front of a big house near a river. The house was very well decorated, a three-floor house made of wood. The wood had the symbol of a Wolf around the edge; in front of the house was a tree with red leaves covering the ground like a red blanket, the sun shining down on the tree and the house. The river was flowing near the tree, fishes swimming across the river, sometimes jumping from the surface and falling in the water again, making splash sounds.

Birds flew near the river to drink water before flying back; few had made tiny houses in the tree, little birds crying out for their parents to feed them was heard around the tree, a bluebird quickly landed near them with a butterfly on his beak, feeding his little bird.

Naruto and Roku stood on the other side of the river, staring motionlessly at the house In front of them.  The redhead smiled at the nature in front of them but wondered why he was here; his eyes turned to look at Roku-sama, who had a melancholy look on his face.

Almost like knowing what the young Uzumaki wanted to say, Roku sighed and slightly turned his head at Naruto.

"This was the home of my parents; my father lived here; despite being known and having great power on his hands, he didn't care to have the luxury. Like some 'people' " Roku spat the last part with venom.

"My grandfather believed that spreading his knowledge of chakra would unite people, the wars would stop, and peace would finally come," he said as he remembered something he regretted, his eyes looking downwards and slowly shaking his head.

"What happened?" Naruto asked curiously, his hands resting behind his head, a calm look on his face as he observed and had all his attention on him.

"My father spread the knowledge of Chakra around the world, but in the beginning, not that many people were keen on using Chakra; some people even believed that Chakra pulled out the worst on people; Making them emotionless and arrogant. And ... maybe it did to some," he said regretfully.

The house door in front of them opened, walking outside was what Naruto thought to be a young Roku Uzumaki, despite being old. Naruto could tell from his long face and sharp features that the man in front of him was Roku.

He was wearing a weird cloth that covered his body, no pants or shirts. The fabric was white, except the part around his chest covered in a red-dark colour that had strings to tighten together; he had a weird golden symbol of a whirlpool around his sleeves.

"Ajana, Seikatsu, come outside. Tou-san said we need to go to Jiyū Town by tomorrow morning" Young Roku yelled at whoever was inside.

Suddenly outside stepped a woman around his age with dark hair that reached her shoes; she was wearing a white kimono. Her face was shaped like a heart with red crimson eyes. Small forehead but with a small scar around her left eyebrow. Her lips were full and full chest; her skin looked slightly pale. A sword on her right hand, the blade short, with a silver pommel.

"Roku-chan, our father said we have time until tomorrow evening",, Ajane who addressed Roku as her brother, said, her smile spreading on her face and a small chuckle escaping her lips when she noticed the irritation on her brother's face.

Young Roku crossed his arms in front of his chest. "We need to do our job Aja, and we can't disappoint our father", Roku stated, but Naruto noticed the slight tone he used when he used her nickname.

Ajana sighed; she had heard that before many times. "Our father never said we are forced to do anything, wouldn't hurt to take things more ... lightly", she suggested, sometimes bored of her brother taking things too seriously.

He opened his mouth to object, but a shorter man came running from inside, smiling from ear to ear. "Oj Roku, are you going to lecture us again, or can we be in our way" the man who Naruto guessed was Seikatsu spoke. He noticed his smile not leaving his face.

The boy looked younger than Roku and Ajana, at least by around four years or more. He stood one meter and 21 centimetres tall. He was wearing white clothes like Roku. A sword tightened behind his back, and a small bag tightened around his hips. His face is smaller than Roku's, but with a small nose, his eyes green like grass.

Roku sighed, bored, pinching the bridge of his nose; he opened his eyes to look at his brother. "You never take things seriously; if it were up to you, we would spend our whole time sitting in the grass listening to birds singing all day long," he said, bored.

Seikatsu looked offended for a split second before smiling again. "What's wrong with that, I like good songs, or do you expect me to listen to your songs," he said, leaning his head closer to Roku.

Ajana chuckled slightly while Roku just shook his head before turning around and walking away.

"No wonder you still don't have a lover," he said quietly, smirking, but he didn't notice a slight frown on Ajana's face.

Roku said nothing, but they just continued forward to reach the town, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

Naruto watched with amusement while Roku had a sad smile on his face.

"My father told us to reach the town and help them with a plague and possibly teach whoever wanted how to use Chakra. The town we went, was located in the land between the lands of trees (Land of Fire) and Mountain's Land (Kumo), the place was good. Almost everyone was friendly towards each other, and helping a town like that would make people see our family as good," Old Roku stated before a frown showed on his face.

"At least that's what we thought."

Before Naruto could ask what he meant, the scene changed, showing Roku walking towards the town. Naruto could see the town was surrounded by a deep forest and located near a lake. In the middle of the town were a few houses with two floors but overall, every other house was with only one floor.

It was the middle of the day, the sun high in the sky. Roku looked focused and was slightly anxious, while Ajana was checking if they had taken everything, while Seikatsu looked to be talking to a ... bird that was resting on his shoulder.

"Seikatsu, what would it take for you to focus on something at least once in your life" Roku half-shouted at his little brother. The bird flew away, much to the disappointment of Seikatsu, who looked hurt.

Ajana wanted to tell Roku to lay off him, but Seikatsu talked first, he turned to Roku with an angry look, but his face softened.

"Very well. I'm sorry, you're right," he said and walked ahead of them. Roku expected his brother to be angry while Ajana had a slight smile on her face, happy that it hadn't escalated like usual.

"Roku-chan, be more gentle. Seikatsu is still only 15 years old; he will be more serious," she said quietly, especially when she mentioned his name. Naruto raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Roku looked at her red eyes and nodded his head in defeat. "Maybe you're right," he said quietly and turned to walk towards his brother, who had gained a distance between them.

Soon they reached the town; the streets were mostly empty, except a few people walking around holding big logs in their arms bringing them to their homes. Roku knew soon enough this works wouldn't be hard to do anymore; with Chakra, people's work would be easier, sickness easier to heal. People would be happy amongst each other, just how Grandpa predicted.

"Naruto, back then despite the knowledge of Chakra being known. It took a long time for that knowledge to spread around the Elemental Nations; that's why when I was young, many people didn't even know what Chakra was, let alone how to use it," Old Roku stated.

Naruto nodded his head with a small hint of sadness, Chakra was supposed to unite people, to bring peace, but instead of doing that, it just made wars more dangerous.

"There's a bad thing for everything , Naruto. Even when you do good things, there's always will be a bad thing that comes out of it , " Kurama stated , knowing what Naruto was thinking.

The young Uzumaki said nothing but just nodded his head.

"This happened in the year 1401 BNW (Before Ninja War); this town changed my view of my own people," old Roku said with a sad smile.

The young siblings asked where the sick people were around the town, but nobody said anything; most would freak out when they noticed their clothes.

Roku knocked on another door and noticed many medallions hanging around the door. The door opened only halfway, revealing a man's face. His eyes looked at his eyes and started filling with fear. Roku noticed it.

"H-how c-c-can I Help yo-uu?" He asked, stuttering; his hands that were holding the door were shaking.

"We're not here to hurt you; we're here to help for the plague", Seikatsu suddenly asked behind Roku before moving his brother aside and having a softer face.

The man eyed his brother, "Please just leave us. We have already given you enough gold", the man said desperately.

Roku's face turned to anger, his teeth clenched; why did this man think they were here to get gold.

He was about to object when Seikatsu raised his hand at him to keep silent before turning his head to the man.

"What do you mean? Who's collecting gold?" Seikatsu asked, thinking that maybe the town was terrorised by groups of people.

The man looked more frightened by his question, his face lost colour, and his lower lip started trembling. "People w-with y-your clothes. Your S-Symbol. They steal-take our gold in exchange for H-healing the sick people," the man said, his voice shaking like a leaf.

Roku's knuckles turned white; his people had sworn to protect and help people and never rob them.

He slammed his hand on the wall causing the man to flinch and back away.
"Stop lying, our People Would ..." "ROKU", Ajana shouted at him before turning to the man.

"I'm really sorry", she apologised to him who looked frightened and was lying on the ground covering his face with his hands.

She sighed and gave her brothers a look, and they left. Walking away from the house, Roku, still in a bad mood, stomped the ground in anger.

"Can you believe him? Our people would never harm innocent," Roku said sure and looked at his sibling for approval.

Ajana looked uncertain but nodded her head on end, but Seikatsu didn't say anything in approval.

"Roku, I think we should look around the town and find the truth, the man might be lying or not, but you noticed how everyone in the town is frightened the moment they saw our clothes and our symbol. Something is happening here," he said, pointing towards the east part of the town.

Roku shook his head in denial; their people were trained by their father. They would never harm innocent, he thought and walked past his brother, shaking his head.

Seikatsu looked down, hoping that he and the town were wrong. Ajana put a hand on his shoulder, giving him a reassuring smile trying to make him feel better. Seikatsu smiled back, and they followed their brother.

They visited a few more houses, but no one said anything worthwhile; some of them would straight up close the door in their face and tell them that to leave and stop terrorising the town. Roku would shake his head in disbelief; after all, they were here to help those people, but none of them wanted their help, calling them thieves.

Naruto and older Roku kept observing; the young Uzumaki agreed with Seikatsu; he didn't know why but couldn't shake off this odd feeling about the whole situation. Everyone in the town was sure that people with white clothes and their symbols were taking gold from the town to heal whoever was sick.

"What do you think about the situation, young Uzumaki?" Roku asked with a neutral tone.

Naruto turned to him. "I think your brother might be right", he replied.

Roku closed his eyes, and a small smile was on his face before it disappeared just as soon as it appeared.

"Let's see then," Roku said.

Young Roku reached the houses near the river; he could see the river but what caught his attention was that no ships were hunting for fish, and the water itself didn't look blue, looked a bit grey raising a red flag.

They eat and drink from this river; perhaps something has poisoned the waters?! Roku thought, and his siblings seemed to be thinking the same thing.

Seikatsu walked towards the river and touched the surface, his fingers wet, and the water looked slightly grey.

He turned to Roku, who was waiting for his answer. "Even a blind man can see this. The water is poison, but I'm sure someone has done it on purpose," Seikatsu stated with an angry look on his face. Something new even for Roku and Ajana.

"I will ask around the town; you and Roku can see where the poison is coming from", Ajana suggested, and both of them
nodded in agreement.

They separated, Roku and Seikatsu started running across the river trying to find the source; they split to cover more ground.


She looked around the town, trying to find something; the streets looked deserted, winds flying closely, but no other source of sound anywhere. She glanced at her left, noticing a few people hiding behind corners; she saw knives and even machete in their hands, glaring at her with hatred. She could feel and see these people didn't want them here.

The thought that maybe someone from their group was taking gold in exchange for safety disgusted her; they were supposed to Unite people; her grandfather had wanted that his whole life; why couldn't people see that.

Suddenly people from corners around her came out holding knives, glaring at her with hatred and some malicious feelings behind their eyes.

Ajana's hand went to her sword, ready to cut them down if they tried anything. She saw one in front of her, who she believed to be in charge of these people.

He had a small beard and long dark hair with a scar that went from his nose across his right cheek and ended close to his jawline, a sharp nose, and thin lips that one would think he had no lips, his face long with a pointy chin, dark eyes like night and he looked around his thirties, good quiet build, his clothes were white and blue torn around his chest, knee and elbow, unlike the others this one had his machete still behind his back and not pointing at her.

"What do you want?" Ajana asked, wary and ready to protect herself.

"I want you and your people to leave; since your people came, the plague has started. And if that wasn't enough, you're taking gold from our family, and You Call Yourself Savers," he screamed the last part but still kept his machete behind his back. The people around him and shouted in agreement.

"What are you talking about? My group helps people, and we would never harm any town," she replied, trying to reason with the man in front of him.

Before he could speak again, a woman walked forward from the small gathering of people around her. She was holding a little boy in her arms, her eyes glaring at her with tears rolling down her cheek, her teeth half broken.

"HELP?! Look what you people did to my boy", she shouted with venom through her teeth. A slight glance at the boy in her arms, and Ajane immediately looked the other way. The boy looked around four to six years old. But half of his face was burned, barely any skin left, only red.

"We didn't pay you last month, a-and ......" she started sobbing, holding her child close before walking away. The man in the front gave the woman a reassuring smile and a kiss on the boy's head before she walked away; Turning to Ajana.

"I want you gone, leave, and we won't hurt you," he said, gesturing for her to leave the town. But one guy on her right shouted at him.

"How Can You Say That Synaji? After what these monsters Did To Your Son ...." He shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Ajana.

"TANNER", the man with the name Synaji in the front shouted at him with a warning glare. Tanner closed his mouth and kept silent; everyone else kept quiet too.

Seeing no objections, Synaji turned to the girl. "Just leave. Us," he said, sounding tired.

Ajana felt hurt; she didn't want to leave these people. No, she wanted to help; she knew Roku would probably have a way to help this town. Without saying a word, she just nodded her head and jumped away.

Soon she reached the forest outside the town and raised her chakra level wanting her brothers to come here quickly. It didn't take long, and soon Roku showed, followed by Seikatsu.

She was about to say what happened, but before she could open her mouth to talk.

"Aja, Seikatsu says that our people did this to this town. He says they spread the plague," Roku said, gesturing at Seikatsu with a slight glare, and he glared back.

"Roku, p-perhaps he's right. These people accuse us that ..." "No. Our father would never train people that are not worthy," Roku interrupts without giving it a second thought.

Their father was all about the good in the world; perhaps Indra could have done something but to their information, their 'uncle' had disappeared around StrongStone (Iwa), far away from this town. And not to mention he liked to be alone, rather than have many people around him.

Ajana closed her eyes for a moment, annoyed by the blind belief of her big brother that some people might have just pretended to be good people so that they could learn Chakra.

She was about to object when Seikatsu pulled out something from his pocket.

"I found this material around the river on the north side," he said, pulling out a small bag filled with red dirt. Ajana's eyes widened, recognising Tears of Anis Poison, one small sample, enough to kill ten people, and the worst part were it had no smell; one could drink or eat in his food and never realise it. Even the symptoms were very similar to simple flu until your lungs are suddenly destroyed, and you Die.

Even Roku was surprised, "Someone has done this, and there's only one way to understand who did this. We will wait until the people that come here to collect gold come again," Ajana suggested.

Seikatsu nodded his head in agreement immediately; Roku sighed before nodding.

After 13 Days

The young siblings had been waiting outside the town since they arrived; Roku had sent a letter to their father with an eagle explaining that they would be late and that this job took longer than usual. They hadn't visited the town since that day and were still waiting.

Seikatsu had tried many times to go into the town to help them in any way possible, but Ajana explained that they didn't want their help and had explained what had happened after they had left.

Roku had been angry when he heard that they had threatened her, but she said that it was no problem.

Now she was waiting for anything to happen; Seikatsu was walking around the camp, his head down and deep in thought, Roku had closed his eyes and was trying to combine fire and lighting to create a new Ninshu.

Suddenly they heard screams coming from the town without a second of hesitation. Seikatsu jumped first towards the town, not thinking. "Wait, Seikatsu", Roku yelled, but their little brother had already left. Soon Ajana and Roku followed, seeing smoke coming out from a few houses from the centre of the town. People were lying on the ground, dead near the centre of the town.

She saw her brother near a few people, and she immediately recognised their clothes. A house was burning close to them, five people with the same clothes and symbols as them.

Ajana stood near Seikatsu, who clenched his teeth in anger; Roku stood in front of them with a clear frown and disappointment on his face.

"Why are you doing this? My father taught you the art of Chakra to help People," Roku asked calmly but Ready for anything.

The man in front of the group started laughing at him, slapping his knees.

"Do you think we care about these people? While your father's nonsense words were annoying, at least it paid off. We are above humans, and these Peasants are nothing," he said, pointing at the people of the town.

Roku still kept his cool, but Seikatsu pulled out his sword, ready to kill them, but Ajana held him back.

"I see; Chakra is supposed to unite people. Not ... This," Roku shouted, causing the whole group to laugh.

"Let me tell you one little secret; this world will never be in peace. As long as greed exists, Peace Will Never Exist. This Chakra you speak so fondly of will only cause more War. Mark my words," he said before the group rushed towards them.

Roku sighed sadly before making a move towards the leader. In an instant, Seikatsu, Ajana, and Roku were behind them.

"Water Slash", they shouted, and four of them fell to the ground, blood streaming out of their throats except for the leader, who had a massive slash across his chest but still standing.

He slowly turned his body in their direction, using his sword to stand. Blood coming out his mouth.

"Go ahead. I will never beg," he said through his clenched teeth.

Roku sighed sadly and walked towards him; he put his blade close to his neck and looked at his enemy with sadness.

"Any last words?"

"Fight, fight and keep fighting; the day will come when you will understand me."

Roku nodded, and with a single swing, his head rolled down in the ground.

The scene changed, now Naruto looked at old Roku with a sad smile.

"That day. I understood that Chakra would not unite anyone. That day I decided to build a place where everyone can call home."



Chapter Text


The scene changed again; right now, it showed Uzushiogakure, it was raining, and streets were forming small lakes streaming down. People were inside houses.

The young Uzumaki turned with a sad face, and he could see from Roku's face that he felt sorry about that memory. Almost like an old wound.

"What happened to the town?" He asked, hoping he wasn't bringing up more bad memories.

"After that day, My father became wary of people, but we still trained people on how to use Chakra. The town didn't thank us. They still hated us, and we never returned in that town again," Roku spoke with his closed eyes, pinching the bridge on his nose.

Opening them, he sighed sadly. "What did you understand with what I showed you?" Roku asked with a hint of seriousness, looking directly at Naruto's eyes, almost sizing him up.

"That I should rebuild Uzushiogakure because everyone can call home, a place no one is judged by the sins of another" Naruto started thinking of Konoha. Roku just stared at him for a few seconds and kept silent.

Roku said nothing and turned to look in front of him. "I want to show you something about the Phoenix Contract, something you will need to know if you want to complete your Phoenix Seal, The Phoenix Sage Mode," he said, pointing at the seal on his wrist.

"I have one question? How can you show me your memories? Can you show me memories of others?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"I sealed half of my soul in the seal. I can show you my memories, but not the memories of others," Roku said with a pained look, already knowing what the young Uzumaki was thinking.

Naruto lowered his gaze for a second before turning to look at Roku again, and he didn't need to know about it. His face turned into a frown. But almost like Roku could read his mind.

"You wanted to see the memories of your mother", he stated as a matter of fact.

Naruto looked ready to protest, but the knowing look on his face showed that he knew what he was thinking.

After a few moments, Naruto nodded his head; he hoped to see his mother, and maybe even his grandparents of his mother's side. Roku smiled at him and placed his hand on his shoulder, making Naruto look at him.

"I know how you feel. My mother passed away when my siblings and I were still young. But never forget she's always with you; as long as you remember her, she will never be gone," he said, placing his hand on Naruto's heart.

The redhead smiled and quickly nodded his head. Roku smiled back, and the scene changed again.

Now they stood in the far end of a big hall; in front of them was a large enough hall for around 50 people, tables were around the hall with a large table above all others. Tables were sat near the walls; the centre was empty.

In the centre stood who Naruto recognised as Roku; despite having white hair and a long white beard, he looked younger.

"My lord, the lands of Wave have been attacked again; our allies and prince Dayno Uzumaki need our help," a man said respectfully towards their leader.

Outside young Roku looked calm, but inside he was fuming with anger; a few clans of the lands of StrongStone had started attacking the borders of Wave Country, stealing and raping, and killing even the children. The small villages like Shymono, and Reako, were found slaughtered. Burning houses and corpses were lying around.

The Uzumaki clan has an alliance with Wave and Summer Islands(Kiri); Wave had sent a letter wanting help, Prince Dayno was fostered in Wave for an alliance, and Roku would never let their allies down.

Young Roku raised his hand, and everyone fell silent. "I will go there myself; my people need me," he said and stood up, not listening to them saying that it was too dangerous.

"Fly higher, Sky, we don't want to scare my great-grandson," said younger Roku standing above an eagle flying across the sea; the man started from the back of the large, black, Eastern-style eagle he was currently riding atop of while he scratched a spot along with the eagle's head – causing it to hum slightly in response after its loud cry. "There's no way they didn't hear that."

The main wings webbing of the majestic creature were black as one might expect, but the spikes and slight webbing in between said spikes down its body, the frill of hair around its face, and at the tip of its tail were also black. Its underbelly, including the underside of its lower jaw, and its two tendrils were a dark grey colour that seemed to compliment the black leathers that composed most of its body quite nicely. The creature's talons were a pristine white along with its sharp beak. Finally, finishing off its appearance, the two sky-blue eyes peered towards the large village it was flying towards.

Wrapped around the eagle's head base was a medium-sized saddle that held the creature's rider. It wasn't anything dedicated to looking formal, judging by the lack of any designs on the leather, but merely a riding saddle that provided some measure of comfort for the rider if he needed to sit so that his body wouldn't fall.

A sizable bag tied to the leather firmly with thick string was resting upon said saddle, near the hard leather that made a make-shift ledge of sorts around its edges. Then, sitting at the front of the saddle was Roku.

The old leader was clad in clothing that many people of the older generation would recognise as a slightly modified of the First Age of Chakra version of the outfit that his father wore in his prime when he was travelling informally.

He wore what seemed to be a form-fitting, long-sleeved black shirt as his first layer on his torso, as evidenced by the layer of fine black cloth that functioned like a second skin over the visible areas of his arm – detailing the toned muscle of his biceps. Atop that was a sleek piece of leather Uzumaki chest armour that also provided essential shoulder guards. Said armour was crimson with black trim, though only visible at the shoulders and collar due to another layer of clothing that rested atop parts. Finally, atop the armour, he wore a crimson, sleeveless kimono-style shirt with a lengthened back with black trim along the edges of the chest. The front portion of it ended at his waist, but the back continued down far enough that it would reach his calves.

Travelling downwards from there, he wore leather arm guards that seemed to perfectly match the colouration of his exposed shoulder pads. They covered from just below his elbow down to his wrist. From there, a pair of black, fingerless gloves made out of the same fine material as his black shirt could be seen covering his hands.

Travelling down from there, the following notable piece of armour would be his rather large belt – a fitted piece of dark-coloured metal that rested upon his hips. In the centre of said belt was the insignia of the Uzumaki clan in highly-polished gold. Partially secured underneath the Uzumaki insignia were two pouches – one effectively held at each of the redhead's hips with the other strap for each secured under the back of his belt. Underneath the pouch on his left hip was a thin black sheath and the bandage-wrapped hilt for a Jian with a small, golden pommel.

Attached to the belt was also a rather elegant piece of cloth that fell to his knees. The centrepiece slipped between his legs and was crimson in the centre with black trim to match the colouration rest of his armour. Two smaller pieces of similarly coloured cloth then framed the piece with small flame patterns on the side closest to the centrepiece. This cloth, while mostly worn for appearance's sake, also served to ensure that the elongated back of his kimono didn't swing completely in front of him to impede his movement in any significant way.

Beneath that, he wore a pair of loose black pants without any sort of decoration, though they were mostly hidden from view by the cloth that hung from his belt as well as his greaves. Going with the theme already made, said greaves were primarily crimson with black trim within the centre and at the ankles.

Finally, finishing his ensemble was a simple pair of black shoes, though they were without the curved tips that most people from Uzushiogakure seemed to wear.

"Land us nice and easy boy," Roku stated as he shifted forward a bit and pat the eagle behind the head again while they drew closer to the compound they were expected to land within. "No need to go scaring anyone here."

As the redhead grew closer and closer to the ground, he directed his gaze to the figures on a large platform who were likely waiting for him to land.

'Hmm, I suppose the one in red must be my new niece-in-law,' Roku thought as he could make out their vague appearances from how close he had gotten. Slowly, a grin crept across his face.

Slowly, the eagle continued its descent until it made its landing. As it did, it became evident that its body was so large that it spanned a good three-fourths of the length of an elevated stone platform it landed upon.

"Okay, time to talk," the redhead stated as he stood up upon the saddle after coming to a stop.

With well-practised grace, he hopped off of the saddle even as the group of individuals moved a bit to greet him where he had landed. However, he paid them no mind for the time being and moved to the face of the eagle that had carried him so far instead. Coming around to face it directly, he met its eyes, placed a hand under its jaw, and scratched the feathers beneath, eliciting another slight hum.

"Thanks, Sky, we're probably going to be here for at least a day or two, so rest up while you can," he stated as he raised the clothed hand that had scratched his lower jaw and placed it upon his beak. "I'll see if Wave will bring you something to eat a little later, alright?"

The eagle merely exhaled and gave a slight nod of his head – showing that he could seemingly understand the redhead.

"Great, now behave yourself, alright? I don't want to get grief about a wounded Wave member later."

A warm gust of air that was more forceful than necessary was shot out of Sky's nostrils in response, showing his slight annoyance to that last remark.

"Oh, come on, I wouldn't be me if I didn't pick on you at least a little bit, buddy," Roku stated with a chuckle as he patted his beak and walked away to the group that had been waiting for him for a few moments now. As he did so, he swung his gaze across the people present despite it being so early in the morning.

'Three older folks dressed in formal Wave robes...Where's Ihara,' he thought as he swung his gaze to the next person. 'Ah, that's probably my grandson's bride, Ritara,' he continued as he spotted an elderly woman in traditional Wave clothing. He continued as his gaze lingered on her appearance for a bit longer than necessary before shifting to the last person in the line.

"Master Lee!"* Roku suddenly exclaimed as he walked forward, missing the slightly wide-eyed Ritara who was drinking in his appearance along with the others who had never seen him before. Without anything further, Roku opened his arms and embraced the slightly shorter man in a fierce hug as he moved closer, surprising everyone present even further. "It's so good to see you again," the aged man finally stated as he relinquished his hold on the man and took a few steps back.

"As it is you, Lord Roku," the man stated with a bow.

"No, no, no," Roku stated as he reached a hand forward to the man's bowed forehead and pushed him back up to his standing position. "No 'Lord' stuff and no bowing. You know that I hate those sorts of things, especially from you of all people."

"I see that the past few years haven't changed you very much...Lord Roku," the elderly man stated with a faint smirk upon his lips at seeing the redhead's eye twitch in response to his altered but no-less-accurate title. "Regardless, thank you for making the trip here. I apologise for pulling you away from your duties."

"Bah, it isn't a big deal," the redhead stated with a rather infectious chuckle. "Besides, there's someone here I've always wanted to meet anyway."

At this, Ritara stood a bit straighter and prepared to greet him properly but found herself genuinely surprised when he walked directly past her and stood in front of her fiancé.

'Huh...lord Roku's definitely different,' she thought with a slightly furrowed brow as memories of nearly every royal she had met previously immediately sucking up to her came to mind. So far, not only did Roku appear to be an experienced fighter, unlike the others based on clothing choices and muscles that were coating his arms based on the bulges against the form-fitting shirt around his arms, but he seemed kind and surprisingly informal as well. Her mind continued as she shivered at remembering a good deal of pompous and rather ugly nobles who had visited blatantly flirting with her ever since she had turned fifteen.

"You must be my grandson," Roku stated warmly towards her fiancé, blissfully unaware of Ritara's current thoughts. "You have grown into a fine young man," Roku said, and his grandson gave him a big hug.

"Is it good to see you, great-grandpa?" he said, smiling, earning a chuckle from Roku.

They pulled away smiling, and Dayno-Kun pointed his hand towards her, who looked nervous.

"This is my fiancé, Princess Ritara Ujaka", he introduced her, and Roku turned to look at her.

"A pleasure to meet you, princess. I hope my grandson isn't bringing problems," Roku said warmly, and she chuckled while Dayne rolled his eyes.

"Please, after what you said a moment ago, there's no need for formalities here," Ritara stated in a soft tone with a smile stretching upon her face. "I've heard a great deal about you as well though Lord Roku, Dayno-Kun told me a lot about your little pranks."

At this, the redhead froze momentarily before smiling nervously and scratching the back of his head nervously.

"Dayno told you about that of all things? Man, I miss those days," he stated with a chuckle as he remembered pulling said pranks on some of the more pompous nobles that would be in the palace on a nearly daily basis. Dayne loved to pranks, and Roku gladly helped him sometimes before he left to foster in Wave when he reached eight years old and now has been only six years, and he has changed.

"Yes, he likes to ramble on about you quite a bit," Ritara stated with a laugh from her throat. "My little brother Ash did too, for that matter, though I am already beginning to see why that is the case."

"Oh, he does," an elderly Wave woman responded with a grin that grew just a bit more. "He usually has helped from a certain someone," her gaze upon Ritara for a second.

"Ah, well, what can I say? I'm happy that my grandson seems happy," the redhead responded with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Well, I'm glad my child will have such a good role model to look up to," Ritara responded as her smile grew just a bit wider. "But we can talk about Ash and the others later. My granddaughter here has been looking forward to talking to you," the elderly woman stated with a gesture towards her left.

"Well, I certainly can't say I haven't been doing the same," Roku stated with a chuckle as he turned his gaze to him in question letting his piercing purple eyes gaze meet hers again. "It's an honour to see who my grandson likes," he greeted as he held out his hand towards her.

Ritara extended her hand and gripped his in a firm handshake. Though she didn't let it show on her face, she found herself surprised immediately at the warmth his hand exuded.

"Likewise, Lord Roku," she responded warmly with a friendly smile on her face.

"Uuuuugh, please don't be like Lee and use the stupid title," Roku stated somewhat childishly after taking his hand back and running it down his face in an exasperated fashion. "I'm not Lord Roku. I'm just Roku! I hate all my titles," he finished with a grumble.

"Alright then," Ritara responded after a moment with a grin as she started to get a good feel of his personality. "I won't use your title if you don't use mine," she offered in compromise. Though she was undoubtedly accustomed to people calling her by said title since it had been with her for nearly her entire life, she didn't particularly like to hear it used when it wasn't necessary.

"Heh, fair enough," the redhead stated after a moment with a slight nod of acknowledgement towards her.

"Lord Roku, we have prepared a room for you, a hot bath, food will be delivered whenever you want," her father said, gesturing for him to follow inside.

Roku soon was inside the hall, and he stood close to the man of the house. It had been a few years since the last time he visited Wave when it came to places, his favourite was, of course, Uzushiogakure, but Summer Islands were a close second.

Naruto and Roku saw the man preparing for battle; the younger Roku had stated that he would protect his allies with his life if needed.

His grandson had wanted to come along and fight for his country and family, but younger Roku told him to stay and protect his fiancée.

"Is not because I don't trust your abilities ; I'm trusting you to protect them . "

Dayno had agreed, and Roku, along with 1000 soldiers made of Uzumaki and Wave, mostly Uzumaki, marched towards their borders. Roku rode first in front of his army; their Scouters had sent a message that a large army from StrongStone was marching towards Wave, and in the letter was mentioned that the leader was with them. Rymatasa of Clan Kinzoku.

Riding on horses after a long week, they soon reached the land that the War of Second Sun would be fought.

"This war happened on the year 1279 BNW, three clans of StrongStone had allied with each other to conquer everything on their path. They brought on our lands around 5000 soldiers" Old Roku spoke, and Naruto gasped at the large disadvantage between them.

"But unlike them, we taught every one of our clan how to use chakra and fight, while in StrongStone, only those in charge knew how to use it", Roku spoke, looking at the large field. Despite being more than a thousand-year since it happened, he still remembered it well.

Naruto understood why only the leaders knew how to use Chakra; they were either afraid that someone would take their place or just wanted the power only for themselves. Probably both.

Young Roku stood in front of his army with a white horse, walking towards the centre of the field; alongside him stood Unaka and Ytari.

Reaching the middle in front of them stood three people, all of them with overgrown muscles around their bodies. The middle one was holding an axe large enough to cut down a horse. His face was long with a half-sliced chin. His nose crooked to his right, long dark like crow hair that reached his chest. An armour that covered his chest, arms, waist, and legs.

"You wanted to discuss, then talk how do you want to surrender,"  the man in the middle said, his voice high and firm.

Roku stepped forward without a hint of fear behind his eyes.

"We seemed to have been misunderstood. We're not here to discuss our surrender, and we are here to discuss yours," Roku stated with a firm tone that even Naruto felt a cold shiver of fear on his body.

The man in the front laughed loudly. "And who will stop Us. Look at Yourself. All Old and Weak," he said, pointing towards Roku, who looked that didn't care about what his mouth spat.

"I might be old. But I'm strong enough to defeat your whole army and still stand," Roku stated, adding Chakra to his Phoenix Seal on his wrist that was fully completed. The seal started glowing red.

The symbol was a Phoenix with dark eyes and a white circle on his chest.

"We Will Not Surrender" The man spit at Roku's face. The younger Roku looked at him straight in the eyes.

"When you poke a Phoenix. You get Burned."


Chapter Text

Roku, you know they won't accept your suggestion? A voice suddenly spoke in Roku's head; he hesitated for a moment before he nodded his head in agreement.

"I know Ānogar, I feel it too, but I will give them one chance," he said, trying to convince him; he moved around in his bed, Roku felt tired, yet he couldn't sleep. He left out a sad sigh, and he was lying on his back looking up at the night sky; despite being in a tent, the top of the tent was open to looking at the beautiful sky, which always helped him think. I hope you're well, little brother, Roku though tired of War. This wasn't the first time he had fought; he had fought many battles and wars, but not once he fought any of them for his gain; War had no victories, only Loss.

It had been many years since the last time he saw his little brother; now, he had his own clan to look after. Senju Clan.

Roku missed his sister more than anyone else; the god took her from him, the sickness had killed her, he had tried so hard to help her, but in the end, he needed to accept it and live the rest of his life.

No reason to dwell on the past; the past is written, the ink is Dry. Now you need to sleep, Ānogar spoke on his head. The seal of Phoenix shines red whenever the Phoenix speaks.

Roku kept silent, his eyes closed, a tear slowly rolled down his cheek as he imagined her being alive; he had been alive for 141 years now, he was still alive while his youngest son died of Lung sickness, but yet here he still stood.

Won't do any good to think of death Roku, we never know what the future will bring us, Ānogar spoke.

Roku spoke nothing and just let himself fall asleep, no point in dwelling about the past. Anymore.

"Ānogar had been the Phoenix chosen for me, once someone signs the Phoenix Contract, they could summon and form a bond with a Phoenix, but only one."

"You can never summon more than one?" Naruto asked, slightly shocked; since he could summon more than one toad with the Toad Contract, he was still looking at the younger Roku lying alone on his bed.

The older Roku shook his head. "No, You will only be able to summon one and never any other Phoenix. Ānogan was the one chosen for me" Roku spoke with a look of melancholy on his face and sadness on his tone.

"Kurama told me that, Heiwa was the Strongest Phoenix", Naruto spoke; he had thought that Roku would have been bonded with Heiwa.

Roku left out a small chuckle and turned his head to look at Naruto. "While that is true, in a way. That's not exactly how Phoenix Contract works," he said and slightly put his hand on his chest. Naruto listened to him with all his attention.

"Is true that Heiwa is the strongest Phoenix, but my son was the only one who was able to summon Him" Roku spoke the word 'him' with respect but with a slight hint of ... fear, as well.

"My son Utari was the one who founded The Contract, and Heiwa saw him as worthy. But Since my son died, there hasn't been a single person who was able to Summon him again," he stated with a calm tone.

Naruto gasped at the new information, "Why is that?" He asked, the question burning on his head like a wildfire.

Roku just shrugged his shoulders, not knowing the answer himself. "It could be for many reasons; perhaps he never found anyone else worthy enough to bond with. Ānogan himself told me once that when my son fell, Heiwa had died too. His red fire had burned for a Year. After Ten Years, Heiwa was reborn again but never bonded with another Uzumaki," Roku said with evident sadness as he remembered when his son had left this world. The very same night, a flash of red light had illuminated the sky like a second sun for a week.

Naruto's hand instinctively touched his stomach, where Kurama was sealed; the redhead saw Kurama as his best friend; he would never change with anyone else.

Inside Naruto, Kurama listened to their words; he closed his eyes in silence.

Kurama understood the reason why Heiwa had not bonded with anyone else despite being centuries since Utari Uzumaki had left the world. The silence and the words made him think of Naruto and his father; despite being centuries, he still missed his father and Naruto. Yes, as much as he hated to admit it, he would never exchange Naruto for anything else, even for Freedom.

He's the one, Father. You were right, 'One day, someone will guide you all to the light ; he will bring you together.

Yes, Naruto is The One. Now I know Father.

Naruto then turned to look at Roku again. "There's something you should know, Naruto, about the Phoenix Contract", Roku suddenly spoke with a serious tone leaving all the jokes behind.

"When you bond with a Phoenix, you are at your strongest when you summon him, Especially if you can Use Phoenix Sage Mode, but when you summon your Phoenix, you're vulnerable too. If the Phoenix falls, so does the one who called him" Naruto's eyes widened at the last words. His foot took a step backwards, his mind still in shock.

That's quite a Risk, but if the time ever comes. I will be sure to protect him/her, Naruto thought on his mind. He knew the risk was there, but he was an Uzumaki; he would make sure his children would be able to use the Contract after him and pass it to future Generations of the Uzumaki Clan.

Roku said nothing else, but he knew one secret, The Phoenix was immortal, but if the summoner fell during the battle, the Phoenix could choose to sacrifice his own life to bring him/her back, but never be Reborn again.

After a few minutes of complete silence, Roku thought it was time to show the young Uzumaki the War, but Naruto took a step forward.

"You talked about the Phoenix Sage Chakra, but what's the difference between normal Sage Chakra?" Naruto asked since Roku was making it sound different from how Toad-Jiji and Pa had explained to him.

The old Roku nodded his head with a small smile visible on his face.
"That's because it is different, but I feel that will be easier to explain if you saw it", Roku spoke, and the scene changed again.

"If you poke a Phoenix. You will Burn," Roku spoke with clear anger in his eyes, his teeth clenched. Ytari thought his lord for a moment would start the War right now.

The Leader of StrongStone clenched his teeth, he was the most muscular man from his land, and this older man dared to think as nothing but worm to step on.

His knuckles were white like milk, and his eyes narrowed under his helmet-shaped to look like a bull.

"I will Kill you First", the man promised his chest in front, showing his apparent domination in muscles weight.

Roku spoke nothing but gestures to his general and commander to leave and stop wasting time with people like them.

Roku turned around after the parlay; he mounted his horse and kept quiet the whole time, he had little hope that people from StrongStone would care to fix this problem without bloodshed, but it seems some people couldn't live without War.

His general Ytari Yuki (The Ice Warrior) and Commander Unaka Terumi (The Fire Warrior) stayed silent during the whole ride back to the camp and didn't try to ask about their plan now. They both knew Roku Uzumaki was a strong person and possibly the most muscular man in the world, but they were against around 5000 soldiers from StrongStone. Still, to both of their surprise, when they saw Lord Roku's eyes, they didn't see fear but instead pity and a slight hint of anger.

Reaching the camp, they were greeted by several commanders who looked impatient to know how it went, but one look at them and the message was as clear as day. Some stewards took the horses to feed them before the other horses.

Roku made his way over to the main tent, his commanders and general following without saying a single word. Roku walked inside; in front of him, a table large enough for ten people to sit around, a map of the land was over the table. The map showed the lands of Kiri, Uzushiogakure, and Wave.

Roku stood in front of the table sitting in a chair that was decorated with a Phoenix head in the armchair, the symbol of the Uzumaki Clan carved in the wood of the chair, the chair itself made of Yaki wood, one of the strongest wood, The trees of the forest of Uzushiogakure were made of Yaki, this wood is hard, durable and very good to make houses, tables, and even some swords had pommels made of this wood.

This wood made it easy for Uzushiogakure to ally with Kiri and Wave since they were the closest places near Uzu.

Roku saw his commanders taking their seats; the General took the seat the last.

"You might have already had guessed, but they refused to end this without bloodshed", he stated, watching the different reactions.

Some just shook their heads in disappointment; some looked to have seen this coming.

"Since War is the only option left. Tomorrow morning, I will lead the first charge, followed by General Ytari and Commander Unaka; we know that not many in their armies know how to use Chakra; therefore, once the first charge has contacted the enemy. I want the second charge to attack from the West and the third charge from the East. Leaving no other options but to retreat to the North," he said, moving small figures representing their armies on the map. Their figures were red, while the enemy figures were brown.

The red figures surrounded the enemy figures from every direction except North.

"Once they start retreating, The hidden charge will attack them from the north, leaving no options", Roku finished.

"But my lord, if we do this, we would need to split the armies", one commander spoke but still with a respectful tone.

"While that is true when they fight the first charge, the second and third charges attack will make them panic, and a panic enemy is a dead one, and all our guards have Shield Seal to protect them", Roku responded.

No commander or General spoke anything against Roku, and they all nodded their heads in agreement. One by one, they left the tent, leaving Roku alone in his thoughts.

Putting his hands on the table and resting his chin on them, his thoughts were on his grandfather.

"Is ... is this How it always Goes? Will True Peace ever Exist?" Roku asked with a tired tone.

Will you use it? The voice asked in his head.

"I will, after all, it been a long time since the last time I used it", Roku responded, he remembered he had given it to his son, once he reached 16 years old but his death nine years old, his grandson prince Dyano Uzumaki would own the sword once he reached 16 years old. But for now, The Sword had no owner.

"Summoning, Ninshu" He spoke and slammed his hand on the ground; smoke suddenly came out, and a sword was slowly revealed lying on the ground.

Roku slowly grabbed the sword and held it gently in his hands, almost afraid that it would break.

His grandfather had left them many items that belonged to him, but three of them were more powerful than the others.

The War Fan, Gunbai, that his Uncle Indra had taken after he had betrayed his grandfather. Owned by Uchiha Clan.

The Sword of Fate, Dark Blood. Uzumaki Clan used the sword.

And the third was a Staff owned by Senju Clan. Roku still didn't quite fully grasp what the Staff could do. His brother had mentioned being able to use Wind Style despite not using it without the Staff.

And the last item was 'The Scroll of Secrets' given to Ajana, but no one was ever able to use the scroll or find out what it could do.

Roku slowly raised the sword, his hands feeling the pommel made of gold. The pommel was made of gold, with a red Phoenix small symbol around the grip, decorated with sapphire; the guard was made of silver, decorated with tiny lines carved to look like a small fire. The scabbard was black; the chape had three red tomoes that looked like the fully matured Sharingan. The blade itself was made of a very rear metal that grandfather said it was called 'Vīlīrīkīon'.

Roku had not been able to find anywhere metal like that. Still, his grandfather had said that the sword made of that metal can never get rusted and could channel your CChakra along with your elements like fire, electricity, water, wind, and earth.

The sword itself was 4 feet long, counting the pommel and the handle.

Naruto looked at the sword with clear awe behind his eyes, he hadn't seen many swords in his life, but this felt and looked powerful, but the redhead still knew his mother's sword was better than this one. His mother had left it for him, and he would never change for any other blade.

"This part will be hard to watch, young Uzumaki. I hope you're ready," Old Roku spoke, aware it could be hard to watch for Naruto; after all, a war wasn't something pleasant.

The vision changed again showing, Roku standing on his horse; beside him were Ytari and Utaka, and behind them were the soldiers of the first charge. Roku wore his armour, and the sword tightened to his back; caressing his horse's head with his hand, he turned his head to look at his brothers in arms.

The wind is flying across the field, the grass singing a song for the warriors, the branches of trees hitting against each other, small animals and birds running away almost as if they knew what would happen.

The enemy army slowly stood from the top of the hill. Their flags around their armies, their flag, a mountain with a sword standing in the sky above the ground with a white background.

Roku turned to Ytari, a sad smile on his face. "If I die, weep for me," Roku told his friend.

"How will you know? You'll be dead."

"I'll know."

Roku wondered whether this was the last sunrise he would ever see . . . and whether wondering was a mark of cowardice. Did his brother Seikatsu ever contemplate death before a battle?

A warhorn sounded in the far distance, a deep, mournful note that chilled the soul. The clansmen climbed onto their scrawny mountain horses, shouting curses and rude jokes. Several appeared to be drunk. The rising sun was burning off the drifting tendrils of fog as Roku led them off. What grass the horses had left was heavy with dew, as if some passing god had scattered a bag of diamonds over the earth. The Seamen fell in behind him, each clan arrayed behind its leaders.

In the dawn light, the army of Lord Roku Uzumaki unfolded like an iron rose, thorns gleaming.

He had no time to think about it. The drums were so near that the beat crept under his skin and set his hands to twitching. Ytari drew his longsword, and suddenly the enemy was there before them, boiling over the tops of the hills, advancing with measured tread behind a wall of shields and pikes.

Gods be damned, Roku thought. Their captains led them on armoured warhorses, standard-bearers riding alongside their banners.

Roku grabs his sword with his right hand and raises it above himself, high in the sky.

"For Our Homeland", he cried, followed by everyone.





A warhorn blew. Haroooooooooooooooooooooooo, it cried, its voice as long and low and chilling as a cold wind from the North. The Temuri trumpets answered, da-DA da-DA da-DAAAAAAAAA, brazen and defiant, yet it seemed to Roku that they sounded somehow smaller, more anxious. He could feel a fluttering in his bowels, a queasy liquid feeling; he hoped he was not going to die sick.

As the horns died away, a hissing filled the air; a vast flight of arrows arched up from his right, where the archers stood flanking the road. The StrongStone broke into a run, shouting as they came, but the Uzumaki arrows fell on them like hail; hundreds of arrows, thousands, and shouts turned to screams as men stumbled and went down. By then, a second flight was in the air, and the archers were fitting a third arrow to their bowstrings.

Raising his sword, he swung down, cutting down someone, screams of pain and terror echoed in his ears like bells, his eyes saw another running towards him, with a sudden move, the body sliced in half like bread, his blood, and guts all over the ground. The blood on his mouth.

But Roku didn't stop; he swung and swung, and swung, a man after man fell by his blade, his sword cutting down their armour like paper. His whole body bathed in blood, the scent of blood strong in the air.

"Fire Style: Red Flower", a voice cried to his left and a massive fire burned down man, their skin slowly burning and turning dark like coal, some trying to remove their armour from their body, the heat unbearable, tearing skin along. The screams were everywhere.

Roku's eyes roam everywhere around the Battlefield, cutting down man after man. Blood and more blood in the ground m, bathing it.

Suddenly he heard a shout, and the ground started rising and splitting the armies apart like a wall.

Fire Style: Hot Stone

Earth Style: Oil River

The men below the wall caught ablaze, the fire shining like a beautiful red diamond.

Suddenly he saw Region 2 and Region 3 attacking from the side.

Roku then, at that moment, made eye contact with the Leader. The man rushed at Roku with Medium SS Rank Speed. Roku blocked the axe with his blade, and they both jumped away and ended up close to a river, another step and their blades clashed again; the Leader swung his axe and swung to his middle body, ready to tear him apart. Still, Roku dodged, causing all the trees behind him to be cut down and fall like nothing.

The Leader rushed again; Roku blocked it repeatedly; the sound of metal clashing echoed in his ears. He stopped another swing, the ground beneath his feet splashed like water from the strength behind his axe.

Jumping away. Roku sheathed his sword.

"Pressure Style: The Last Breath", he shouted, and a massive dragon made of water raised from the river and clashed against the Leader, who used a wall made of earth to protect himself. But the water destroyed the ground and hit the Leader, the water started rising around him, and his whole body was in a large bubble made of water, slowly rising above the ground. Roku had an open hand towards the water and closed it.

Within a second, the bubble shrinks and then immediately expands, exploding in a mix of blood and water. Roku took a deep breath when his sensei screamed at him to move, and he jumped high in the air, barely dodging the swing of a giant sword.

The sword was 6 feet tall, and the man was growling at Roku.

"You Killed My Brother", The man cried, raising his sword. Roku glanced at his army. Deciding to End this. He slammed his hands together, causing the ground to shake. Earth suddenly raised around Roku, protecting him from every direction. Roku sat down and started focusing on his chakra.

Outside, Ytari was fighting the enemy general. The enemy moved towards him with Low SS-Rank Speed.

Ytari breathed heavily, and his old age was starting to get to him.

"Just Die", the General cried, finishing his hand signs.

"Earth Style: Red Ground" the ground started changing shape, raising with point ends rushing towards him like giant swords. Ytari jumped away, avoiding many of them. But unknown to the General, Ytari started doing hand signs, suddenly the ground raised behind him, crushing him from behind.

Ytari jumped away in the last second, his left arm not there anymore, finishing his hand sing.

"Ice Style: Sky Dragon" suddenly the air around them froze immediately, a giant dragon with a long tail formed above them.

The Dragon rushed towards the enemy with High SS Rank Speed, the enemy had no time and was crushed and split into different parts, but the Dragon didn't stop; the Dragon rushed towards the enemy line crushing them.

Suddenly a sudden pressure was spread around the air, almost crushing him. Ytari smiled at the familiar feeling.

"Roku, you son of a bitch"


The wall protecting him exploded all around him; his CChakra had reached its maximum, his appearance had changed as well.

His hair looked like red flames, his eyebrows were crimson red and burning, his eyes looked like a red whirlpool, his veins around his body had turned red and were visible across the skin, and in the chest was the symbol of Uzumaki Clan.

His chakra had changed colour from blue to crimson red. The enemy looked pale, and everyone had stopped fighting; some had fallen unconscious by the pressure of his chakra.

Roku used CChakra on his finger to cut the thumb of his left arm. But instead of spreading the blood across his right palm, he applied it in his Phoenix Seal on his right wrist.

The moment his blood touched his seal, Roku slammed his right hand on the ground spreading a wide Red Seal across the land.

Suddenly the whole sky and the Battlefield were illuminated by the light of what looked like a second sun slowly descending from the clouds. Many closed their eyes and used their arms to shield their eyes.

Roku did the Ram sign and closed his eyes.

"Great Phoenix of the sky, please hear my cry.
Envelop the sky with your glow and help me protect my home.
Unlock your powers from deep within me so that together we may win.
Appear in this Battlefield as I call your name,
The Phoenix of War, Ānogan!"

A loud screech was heard for miles around the Battlefield, the Phoenix shining like a red sun across the Battlefield. His Wings spread like a blanket across the field, his eyes shining gold, his figure casting a shadow large enough for some to think that it was night; his heat caused the grass and tree nearby to start burning in red crimson flames.

Naruto watched in awe; he gasped at the size of Ānogan; he was easily the same size as Kurama. Despite not being there, Naruto could feel and see the amount of power.

The grass and trees around the Battlefield started burning, exploding in red crimson flames, burning it immediately.

Roku looked at his enemy dead in the eye, and he started walking backwards, afraid of Roku.

"Ānogan, Dust Style: Blind Light . "

The Phoenix started illuminating more light, burning the enemy army. The people began scorching from the light, the heat unbearable, their skin scorched from the heat, fusing with the armour around their bodies, but none of the allies was harmed. The enemy army started retreating. The War was Lost.

Ānogan started moving his wings, causing tornados to appear; his body flew higher, the tornado made trees fly towards it, their root ripping out of the ground, enemies being sliced by the speed of the wind.

"Ānogan, Light Style: Falling Star"

Ānogan started spitting out fire from his mouth, but the fire spread all around him, causing his body to bathe in red flames, looking like a bird made of fire. His colossal body started descending towards the ground. His speed was unmatched. The wind caused by his speed made many be launched away. His whole body fell in the middle of the enemy army like a star and exploded. His fire spread around like Wildfire, reaching 100 meters in the air; the heat burned down trees and turned them into ash within seconds.

The fire was spread in one-mile diameter, the fire everywhere burning everything. A large shield of earth protection the allies.

The ash started falling from the sky like snow, ash of the enemies, and everything burned.

The allies started cheering for their victory; Roku closed his eyes, the Phoenix Sage Chakra left him, and his appearance was normal. The enemy in front of him had fallen on his knees; his whole face pales like snow. His entire body was shaking like a leaf.

The fire still in the field slowly raised, taking the form of a bird, and Ānogan raised again from the ashes with a loud cry echoing throughout the Battlefield. His body ascended above the clouds and disappeared.

Roku looked at the only enemy left. Pulling out his sword, he reached over him and put the blade close to his neck.

"Any last words?"

"Y-you k-killed All of Them."

"I protected my family and homeland. I will always protect them," Roku said and swung his sword.


Chapter Text


The vision changed again, but Roku and Naruto stood in darkness; Naruto could feel water below his feet, almost like standing in a dark sea. It was the same view he had when he entered his mindscape; everything was dark, except no sewers.

He looked around but couldn't see anyone around him, and his eyes turned to look at Roku, who was silent.

"Why are we here?" Naruto asked, confused, thinking he would show him more of his memories, but almost like he could read his mind. Roku shook his head in denial.

"Is time for you to return, Young Uzumaki; more shall be revealed later, but enough is for now", Roku stated with a painful look on his face.

Naruto looked shocked; he wanted to see more of his clan's history. The books he had read didn't mention anything about the Uzumaki throughout the years. Most of all, Naruto wanted to know how exactly Kumo, Kiri and Iwa were able to defeat his homeland.

The redhead knew better than to underestimate three large villages like them, especially Kumo; Konoha might be known as the strongest Village thanks to the reputation of Hashirama, Tobirama, Sarutobi in his prime and his father. He knew the strength of the kage showed the power of the Village. But Kumo had strong Kages, like the Third Raikage.

A kage was strong, Naruto knew, but none of the Kages right now match Tobirama, Hashirama, Roku and Madara Uchiha.

"You said the strength of Phoenix works differently; how does it Work?" Naruto asked, remembering the strength shown by Ānogan.

"That's true; the reason why it is different is because of the bond we create. The stronger the Will of the Summoner is, the stronger the Phoenix is, and the stronger the bond is, the better," Roku stated.

Naruto nodded in understanding and wondered how strong a Phoenix could be. He wasn't able to feel it when he saw it, but he Knew when Roku summoned Ānogan, he was stronger than four tails. Naruto knew the amount of strength he had when he tried to control the four tails of Kurama, and he was sure Ānogan had surpassed that strength.

"Roku-sama, do you know who might have been the one to have been Kage of Uzushiogakure when The three villages attacked?" Naruto asked respectfully.

Roku narrowed his eyes slightly before turning back to normal, almost like he remembered something he didn't want to.

After a few seconds of silence, Roku spoke. "I don't know; the clan was thriving when the attack happened. I saw no reason to interfere, and despite what you might think. I didn't know everything that happened. I was just an advisor. The last time Uzumaki Clan needed help was when Morghon Uzumaki, The Dark Phoenix, betrayed our clan," Roku stated, much to Naruto's surprise.

The redhead had never thought, not once, that an Uzumaki could be a traitor; none of the people he knew ever spoke terrible of the Uzumaki clan, so why would this man do that.

"Who's He?" Naruto asked with a hint of anger in his tone.

Roku sighed sadly. "He was the Twin brother of the crown prince Merikyani Uzumaki of Uzushiogakure during the year 300 BNW (Before Ninja War), back then. I was mostly was indifferent; a part of me wanted to split this half from the Seal and die. I saw no reason to stay around. Still, it had been almost a thousand years since I had left this world. I don't know all the details of what happened, but I know where you can find more if you want; the only thing I know of Morghon Uzumaki is that he was jealous of his big brother who would rule Uzushiogakure after their father passed away. Still, you can learn more from his diary," Roku stated, and everything changed again, and now they stood in the library of Uzushiogakure.

Naruto looked around and saw they had returned, and he turned to look at Roku.

"My time is at the end, we will talk again later", Roku and he slowly vanished from the view. Naruto wondered why? Was there any reason that he couldn't stay longer?

"Knowing Roku, there must be a reason" , Kurama stated.

Naruto nodded in agreement and turned to look at the books; the library stretched for hundreds of meters; he wondered how many books were there and if he could read them all.

Naruto walked off to a part of the library, looking at the titles one by one.

Healing Fuinjutsu , written by Akt Uzumaki

Secrets of Bijuu , written by Minjeta Uzumaki

Summoning Contracts and Where to Find Them , written by Ana Uzumaki

Phoenix's Will , written by FUnari Uzumaki

The Dark Side of Personality , written by Xenolo Uzumaki

Ishi Fuinjutsu, Written by Chigamasu Uzumaki

After hours of looking at the titles, Naruto found the book he was looking for.

Fuinjutsu Art: Level 11 written by Dayate Uzumaki

Naruto picked up the book from the shelf, the cover was dark red, and the title was white. The book felt heavy, maybe 2kg weight.

Naruto noticed a seal around the shelf shined in white colour when he grabbed the book and took it, and he wondered what the Seal could do and how it was still active after so long.

Naruto sealed the book in a secret scroll and started searching for Level 12. He suddenly felt like someone was looking at him, he turned around to see no one...

Naruto kept looking around, close to where he found the first, but all he could see were books explaining more of Level 11 and guides on using the Seals of that level. Naruto grabbed one but not more than.

Soon searching for an hour, he was only able to search the first section of the books in the library. An area had around 100 books, and the whole library looked to have more than 50 sections of shelves filled with books.

"Naruto, I think it is better if you searched for that book some other time, in case you haven't noticed , it is already morning outside. I suggest finding the diary Roku-sama mentioned and leave" Kurama spoke.

Naruto looked around the library with a painful look, this was a treasure, and he hoped no one else that wasn't an Uzumaki would find this library.

Walking around, Naruto saw a few doors that had weird circle keyholes; the young Uzumaki felt a burning glare on his back; turning his head around, he saw no one...

Breathing heavily, he started looking around again. Naruto wondered where he was supposed to find the diary.

Soon he reached a door that had been written. "History of Uzumaki Clan", the redhead read and put the hand on the handle, and it opened.

Walking inside, he saw a few scrolls lying on a table but mostly books; the room itself wasn't large, in the middle of the room was a table big enough for four people to sit, and the room looked large enough to put four tables. The walls were made of wood; the shelf with books was on every side of the War, except a small window was on the Eastside; looking through the window, he saw the sea outside.

To his surprise, he didn't feel cold or anything, but the silence around made him feel alone; everything was covered in a thin layer of dust.

Naruto grabbed a book from the shelf, but the books inside this room were twice smaller. The title wrote. The History of The Second Age of Chakra.

Controlling Fuinjutsu, Written by Chigamasu Uzumaki

He put it back and searched more, soon he reached a book.

"The Dark Phoenix" Naruto decided to keep this one and soon found the one he was looking for.

"The Uzumaki War" was written by Merikyani Uzumaki. Naruto immediately turned around as if someone was leaning against the door watching him; turning around, he saw no one. Just my imagination...

Grabbing the book, Naruto left the Library of Uzushiogakure.

Naruto soon left the library but couldn't shake off the feeling that someone was watching him, but he couldn't see anyone around despite checking.

Naruto soon found himself outside the gates of his homeland. Turning around to look at his home, he sighed sadly and kneeled.

"I will rebuild this place. Uzushiogakure Will Be Reborn Again"

Soon Naruto had returned during the night, the clone he had left disappeared, and the young Uzumaki fell asleep immediately.

It was done. The bridge was finally completed. Through the blood, sweat and tears of Tazuna, his workers, and Team Seven, the bridge had reached its final stages quickly, and eventually, it was complete.

Tazuna, Tsunami and Team 7 were standing on the end of the bridge with the workers, staring at the border of the Land of Fire with unrestrained joy. The celebrations were on. A raid of one of Gato's ships by Team Seven fuelled the party, providing food and drink for themselves and their families. The party was loud, and it was long, lasting through the night.

The mood on the day after completion was melancholy, to say the least. Everyone was there to say goodbye to Haku and Zabuza, who was still recovering from their injuries at the hands of Naruto and Kakashi.

Despite their less than favourable first encounter, Haku had come to enjoy the company of the Konoha shinobi. They had been kinder to her than she had deserved, and they knew it, but they held no ill will towards her.

"Goodbye, Haku," said Kakashi, strapping the backpack containing her equipment onto her shoulders.

"Yes, Kakashi-san," said Haku. "Thank you for treating me so well despite my status as an enemy ninja."

Kakashi then looked at Zabuza, who looked slightly annoyed from all the 'goodbyes' since he just wanted to return to Kiri and help end the War.

"I hope we meet again, and next time in better terms," Kakashi said, smiling behind his mask and offering his hand to shake. Zabuza groaned before shaking his hand and walking close to Naruto, who smiled at the larger man.

"Next time we meet Uzumaki brat, we will have another Kenjutsu fight to see who's better", he stated with seriousness but still calm tone.

"I'm counting the days; take care of Haku," Naruto said smiling, and they both shook their hands.

Zabuza backed away to give his daughter some time to say Goodbye to Naruto while he was in deep thought of what the brat told him last night but decided to wait until he met Mei-Sama.

Haku apologised to Sasuke for injuring him, but he just brushed it off.

"No need," Sasuke said, smiling, making Sakura glare at Haku, who smiled back.

Sasuke knew he had lost, despite his wounded pride, but the fight with her unlocked his Sharingan, which eased his injured pride, and he now knew.

"I'm one step closer to defeating Itachi .

Haku walked over to Naruto and bowed her head, much to his surprise.

"I will never be able to repay you, Naruto-kun. You saved me and my tou-san, and that will never be forgiven if you ever need help. Don't hesitate to come to us," she said, raising her head. She felt bad she couldn't give him anything, but Naruto just smiled.

"You don't have to repay me anything," he said and glanced at Zabuza.

"Take care of your old man," he said, making Haku giggle while Zabuza was giving him a death glare.

Haku turned around and stood beside Zabuza.
"Get outta here!" shouted Naruto with a wide grin. "My sword hand is itching, and I see two missing-nins out in the open!"

Haku giggled and ran into the forest with Zabuza as fast as her bandages would allow her.

"She was nice," said Tsunami, standing close to her father and Inari. "Too bad she was on the wrong side," Sakura added.

"There are no wrong sides," said Kakashi. "When it comes to ninja, it's all about loyalty."

Kakashi was now fully recovered, abandoning his crutch for preference of his legs. He still had some soreness, but it would pass with time.

"I understand," said Tsunami.

"Naruto and Sasuke are on guard duty," said Kakashi. "Naruto, I want clone patrols all over the border. I want three sent back to me if you see anything dangerous. And have a few tail Haku and Zabuza while you're at it."

"Got it, Sensei," said Naruto, summoning about forty clones. He sent three of them after Haku and put the rest into three teams aside from one, who sat with him on top of Gama, who he summoned right after.

"What are you doing?" asked Sasuke, watching the remaining Naruto clone open a book.

"Studying advanced Fuuinjutsu," said Naruto, crossing his arms. "It makes it easier to concentrate when I have clones do it for me. Ultimate multitasking."

"Can you teach me that?" asked Sasuke.

"Pff, hell no," said Naruto. He winced at the dark glare Sasuke sent his way and threw his hands up in a placating gesture. "Hey, I have way more chakra than you do; that's what makes it so easy for me to make so many clones. Any more than five will kill you."

Sasuke continued to glare at him before walking to one side of the bridge and climbing up to sit on top of the low wall that acted as a guard rail for anyone crossing. Naruto tapped Gama on the head, and the toad leapt onto the opposite wall in a single bound.

The clones soon returned, confirming that Zabuza and Haku were alright and nothing to worry about.


The following day, Team 7 were leaving, the whole Wave was there to say goodbye to them, especially to Naruto.

Naruto noticed Inari crying and stepped over to the boy and ruffled his hair.

"I promised myself I wouldn't cry ever again," Inari said as he looked down.

Naruto smiled and said, "It's alright to cry, Inari. Crying when someone says goodbye is just a way to show the bond you have with that person. Take good care of everybody, all right?"

Inari nodded, and Naruto rejoined his group as the rest said their goodbyes before turning around and began walking across the bridge.

One of the villagers looked thoughtful and said, "By the way, what are we going to call the bridge?"

Tazuna rubbed his chin in thought and said, "How about the Bridge of New Beginnings?"

"Nah. I think Naruto Bridge will be a perfect name." Inari said, drawing agreement from the others, and Tazuna smiled at him.


The door opening sound echoed in his ears; the sound of footsteps walking inside was heard around the room, his foot and arms around the ceiling.

The heartbeat of the newcomer was calm and normal, but the older one was faster, probably nervous. Same for the two heartbeats standing near the older heartbeat.

"Kukuku has been some time, Danzo, but tell me why did you want to meet me. I'm sure it is not because you miss my company" the voice of the newcomer was heard, his heartbeat slightly rising from excitement.

Danzo coughed. "I heard you want to attack Konoha in the coming Chunin Exam", his voice emotionless but his heartbeat raising again, Afraid.

A burst of sinister laughter was heard, the sound of the tongue was heard, licking his lips.

"That is true, Danzo, after all. You know what I want" the voice was heard, licking his lips again. His heartbeat raised from excitement.

"Then we can make a deal; I want you to ... deal with the old man when you make your move, and in return, my ROOT forces will do the right thing, and you will have what you want in a silver platter," Danzo said sounding emotionless. But the ninja could feel his heartbeat, much faster than average.

"Very well then, but I want a few new test subjects," the sinister voice said, licking his lips.

Hokage-sama will want to know this.

Wave Arc Completed

Next is 'Chunin Exams' Arc


Chapter Text

''Itachi-san, when do you think we will get busy again? The past years have been boring, and we've received no word from Pain,'' Kisame said - he was sitting on a small rock just beside Itachi, who was also sitting on a rock. Both Akatsuki members were within the Earth country.

It has been a few years since they all even gathered together. He was used to something like this, but it was usually boring since the missions they were tasked to do were always challenging and fun. But they've been doing nothing but keeping a low profile over the past years, and quite frankly, Kisame was frustrated with the lack of action. He was sure that even the other members would agree with him on this one. The first one who would back him up would be Deidara - surely the suicidal blond misses making things explode.

Kisame looked down at his partner and nearly frowned; Itachi was content with the peace. If more than anything, the Uchiha would rather have this peace last for a few more years than back him up in a good battle against worthy foes. The stoic  Uchiha wouldn't even spar with him. For all his power, Itachi didn't like fighting as much as he did. It was such a waste.

''Soon,''  Itachi responded after going through some thoughts. ''It seems that the organisation has taken a new order of business. We were busy making a name, but we were quickly forced to halt our missions and keep a  low profile. Since then, there has been nothing, and even if we do  something, it isn't like our usual business.''

More to that, that  'man' has also disappeared. It had been years since Itachi saw him, and he could feel that something had happened. It was tough to get any information from Amegakure since Pain always kept things secret. There was just no way of entering the Village without the man knowing. Having this knowledge, Itachi never bothered to infiltrate the Village as it would only draw out suspicions from that man, and he didn't want to deal with it.

Itachi could only assume that something big had happened,  and it was only a matter of time before they gathered again. The only problem was that they were never told of the objectives of the organisation.  It was tough to make out what that man wanted and what Pain wished to achieve. Sure, capture all the tailed beasts, but what is after that?

''You think so?'' He never thought it like that. But it didn't matter to him; as long as he was able to fulfil what he had joined this organisation for, he would be satisfied.

Itachi gave a slight nod, ''We're not even focusing on the Jinchurikis anymore.'' They may not have been taking an active role against the  Jinchuriki, but they were told to look after them while moving around since their identities had yet to be affirmed. But they'd been told to keep that Mission on hold as well until new orders came, and that was a  couple of years ago.

''I have no complaints about that,'' Kisame said. ''It was a bothersome task.'' It was boring for him since he wasn't a spy to spend his time looking for Bijuu containers.  The Leader needed to get a spy for this kind of task.

''It been a long time, Kisame and Itachi,'' a  voice suddenly spoke behind the two Akatsuki members. Kisame quickly twisted his upper body to look at who it was since he hadn't sensed anyone walking behind them.

Itachi merely narrowed his eyes while keeping his neck from twisting to look like he wasn't giving the newcomer a time. He was stunned that someone could sneak in from behind him while his guard was held up - he couldn't say he'd lowered it because he was with Kisame. He became Anbu captain at the age of 13 and has fought many battles; no one should sneak behind him like this.

Itachi narrowed his eyes at the newcomer; the black and white face was recognisable. Kisame groaned at Zetsu, and sometimes he knew how to annoy him.

"What do you want?... Plant" Kisame asked with a slight hint of a sneer in his voice. Zetsu sighed in annoyance but decided to avoid an argument with the fish.

"Leader-sama wants to have a meeting, something important", Zetsu stated with a calm tone. Both Kisame and Itachi raised an eyebrow, and Kisame gave a quick confused glance at Itachi before returning his attention to the plant.

"If that's the case! Why doesn't Leader-Sama tells us about the meeting like usual! Why are you telling us personally?!" Kisame asked with a grin on his face.

Black Zetsu slowly narrowed his eyes but, "This concerns only you two and Leader-Sama", Black Zetsu stated with a much colder tone than White Zetsu.

Itachi kept his emotionless mask on, but inside, he wondered what could be so crucial that Leader-Sama wanted to meet them specifically and not tell the other members; he decided that it would be worth a try. Perhaps new information could be brought up to the light. It had been two years since he last gave information to Jiraiya-sama, and all he gave him was information about Deidara's abilities.

"In that case, we will be honoured to meet him", Kisame stated with a small mocking bow of his head. Zetsu said nothing, but his eyes were focused on Itachi throughout the whole thing.

"Hidden Cave, Leaf's End. Three Days" Zetsu stated and slowly disappeared by sinking in the ground, and after a few seconds, it felt like he was never there, to begin with.

Kisame turned to look at his teammate. "What do you think? I don't think Leader-sama is missing our company," he asked curiously and wanted to know what Itachi thought about the whole situation.

Itachi kept silent for a few seconds before talking. "I think there is something to do with Jinchuuriki since everyone else is way too loud when they do their job", Itachi stated with an emotionless tone.

Kisame turned his head in front of him and murmured something under his breath that Itachi didn't hear. After a few minutes of silence between them.

"Well, let's see what this is all about", Kisame states.


Tired. That's how the old Hokage felt. Tired. He was getting too old for this job, his fingers rubbing his temples; he was in deep thought about the next course of action. Jiraiya stood leaning against the wall near his desk, his face unreadable, but Hiruzen could see a slight hint of anger in his face.

Tsunade was reading a few reports while waiting for new information. The old Hokage new 'ANBU Ghost' would arrive soon, and he hoped Danzo wasn't foolish enough. Despite everything, Sarutobi still remembered his old friend and how much he had changed throughout the years.

Suddenly their special ANBU appeared in front of Hiruzen kneeling. His face was looking at the ground. Both Jiraiya and Tsunade straighten up when they see him.

"Report," Hiruzen ordered with a stoic tone, his face looking emotionless. Jiraiya stood on his legs and looked at the ANBU with an uncertain look. Despite the information, Jiraiya still didn't truly trust the ANBU. On the other hand, Tsunade was resting her chin against her hands but kept her guard up.

"Hidden Sand Village is planning an invasion on Hidden Leaf, Orochimaru is helping, and Danzo stated that his troops would do the 'Right' thing according to him" The ANBU spoke with an emotionless tone.

Suddenly the air around the office became colder; both the Sannins and Hiruzen were angry at what they heard but not surprised, especially Tsunade and Jiraiya, who had wanted to have their hands on Danzo for a long time now. Jiraiya had informed Hiruzen about what Hidden Sand Village wanted to do; Jiraiya had given him information that Orochimaru had a few secret meetings with the Kazekage of Hidden Sand Village.

"Have you found anyone inside? Willing to cooperate?" Hiruzen asked, keeping his emotions in check, but inside he was furious.

He had known for a long time that he and Danzo didn't exactly see eye to eye, but he was willing to destroy the Village and how many people would die so that he could be a Hokage.

He closed his head in anger, he remembered the many pieces of advice that Tobirama-sensei gave them, but he would never approve of something like this.

"I have one in mind, but I still need to approach him", The ANBU stated with an emotionless tone. Despite working for a year now, his voice was still emotionless.

Hiruzen nodded in agreement and gestured for him to leave. He said nothing but disappeared. The silence took over the room, Tsunade and Jiraiya were already thinking of ways to deal with this problem.

Feeling a headache coming, the old Hokage started messaging his temples; his students kept quiet.

Opening his eyes, Hiruzen turned to look at Jiraiya. He looked in deep thoughts and almost completely zoomed out.

"Jiraiya. I want you to stay in the Village throughout the whole Chunin Exams, but I want you to stay hidden, not let Sand Village or Danzo know that you're here," Hiruzen stated with seriousness. Jiraiya nodded his head in agreement while thinking of ways to train Naruto once he arrived from the Mission. He knew his godson was strong, but for a long time now, he had been thinking actually to fight Naruto at full strength, and if the redhead could... use Sage Mode as well.

Jiraiya doubted Naruto was strong enough to beat him in sage mode, but it would be a good fighting experience and helpful once he starts training to use Sage Mode.

"Sarutobi-sensei" Called an angry Tsunade who looked just as angry as she was when She heard that she had lied about Naru-kun and when she had caught Jiraiya peeping on her, resulting in the worst beating Jiraiya ever had.

Turning to her, Sarutobi waited for her to elaborate further. "Why are we waiting? Let's kill that son of bitch right now," She half-yelled at her Sensei. Sarutobi gestures for her to keep quiet despite Silence Seal still being active.

"I will explain the plan I have in mind, but for that, to work, we will wait until Kakashi arrives", Sarutobi stated with a calm tone.

Tsunade raised an eyebrow at that while Jiraiya had a few ideas why his old Sensei needed Kakashi.

"Why him? I hope You're Not Thinking to Include Na..." she was interrupted when Hiruzen raised his hand in denial.

"No. I'm not; if anything, I wish to include him in this as little as possible," Hiruzen stated and opened a secret drawer in his desk; opening it, he grabbed a bottle of whiskey and three little glasses. Jiraiya gave Tsunade a confused look; She shrugged her shoulders, not knowing why her Sensei was filling three glasses with whiskey.

After Hiruzen was done, he moved the first close to Tsunade and the second moved close to Jiraiya, who still looked confused. Drinking his own with a single breath, he took a deep breath, and his face changed from serious to relaxed.

"This is the plan...."

Hidden Stone Village

Onoki always saw himself as a patient man, and he had been Tsuchikage for how long now... He wasn't exactly sure anymore. He fought many battles and sent many of his shinobi in battles he knew wouldn't come back. All for the good of Iwa. But despite his experience, he had made his mistakes throughout the years; two were a complete disaster.

Uzushiogakure was one he still remembered, still fresh on his head despite being many years now. They had lost more than half of their troops, what the old kage thought would be easy with the help of Kumo, Kiri and the fourth party turned out to be much more difficult. Not only they hadn't gained any of their secret techniques or Fuinjutsu, but more than half of his troops didn't come back.

He should not have understated them; the Uzumaki clan were feared for a reason after all.

The same was for Kumo and Kiri, the other villages didn't exactly send him a letter telling him how much men power they had lost, but Onoki was able to calculate and come up that they had suffered just as much.

The second biggest miscalculation he ever made was during the Third Ninja War; not only did they lose, but they were humiliated.

Minato Namikaze, The Yellow Flash. That name still brought anger and hatred to most of Iwa shinobi; some had moved on, it has been almost 14 years, and some had accepted the loss of a loved one.

Onoki, like most of the Village, had been happy when the Demon Fox had killed Minato, but in these years, Onoki had spent some of his time visiting the orphanage around the Village. Countless kids were left without parents because he had ordered the conjure of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Many of the kids were taught by the teachers why their parents were dead, words like.

Your father fought to protect his country , but The Leaf dogs le d by Minato Namikaze killed them.

Onoki didn't know what to make of it. Seeing all these children without parents because... of him. Taking a deep breath, he decided to put that thought at the back of his head and decided to work on his paperwork.

But before he could even grab his pen, the door slammed open by none other than his granddaughter. Who looked like she had just seen a ghost.

Onoki was about to ask what was wrong when she talked first. "Grandfather, a man with a message from Hidden Sound Village, has come", she started, pulling out a scroll from her porch.

Onoki raised an eyebrow at the name but decided to read the letter; grabbing the scroll, he opened it and started reading.

"Hidden Leaf Village is announcing Chunin Exams soon to be held in their Village ; The time has come to avenge your loved ones, to have your hands on the one who destroyed your families. A song and sand will work together, will stone step on the leaf?"

Onoki narrowed his eyes at the letter he put on the table and turned to look at Kurotsuchi, who was waiting eagerly.

"Council Meeting", he stated.


Every important person of Hidden Stone Village had gathered in the council room waiting for their kage the following hours. Many of the clan heads such as Akyshtan, Kostōba, Łetaka and Āegenka were there waiting.

Soon the door open revealing Onoki walking inside beside his granddaughter and his personal guard.

Everyone stood on their feet when he walked inside; Onoki glanced at everyone before sitting on the man's chair and gesturing to sit down.

"Now, many of you might think why I have called you here", he started and keeping a calm tone. Everyone waited patiently for their Kage to inform them what was going on.

"Orochimaru most likely rules Hidden Sound Village which we are informed is planning to attack The Leaf with the Help of Hidden Sand Village when Chunin Exams are held" He spoke and saw small smirks on many faces, but what Onoki said next caught all of them by surprise.

"We Will Do Nothing", he stated, making almost everyone gasp at the old Tsuchikage. Silence took over the room, many people still trying to process what the kage just said. Kurotsuchi herself was looking at him like he had just gone mad.

In her mind, this was the moment to have their hands on Hidden Leaf finally, but instead, he denies it.

Some tried to stand up, but a glare from Onoki made them sit down with as much as a whisper from their mouth. Onoki eyed everyone carefully before opening his mouth to talk again.

"The Hokage had sent me a message that my Village is invited in Chunin exams, and I will send one team to participate in the exams. But in no way, shape or form, we will start any conflict or join any conflict against Leaf Village unless they force us."

One couldn't wait and stood up but kept a respectful tone towards his kage.

"Why Tsuchikage? We can finally have Hidden Leaf in our grasp," one head clan named Takohono Folkor said, not meeting the eyes of his kage.

Onoki sighed, seeing this happening from a mile away; he was the kage of this Village, and what he says goes. He could tell that his reasons were his alone, and he had no business to know his reasons but decided to speak since he knew his granddaughter would ask him the same question once the meeting was over.

"Reason is simple, our army is still weak from the war, the stakes would be too high, and if we lost. The whole Iwa would be done for and not mention that Konoha holds the strongest Bijuu in their hands. And the Sound Village is new; they're weak and not a real ally you can count on," Onoki stated at his council.

Some nodded their heads in agreement; some looked uncertain, while some looked ready to straight-up refuse what their Kage stated but decided to keep their mouth shut.

After a few moments of silence. "Very well. This meeting is over," Onoki stated, standing up and gesturing for Kurotsuchi to follow him.

Reaching his office, Onoki sat on his chair and turned to look at his granddaughter; she stood there waiting for him to talk.

"Do you understand why? Do you understand why I don't want to start this war?" Onoki asked, waiting to hear what his granddaughter thought about it; despite her not straight up disapproving of what he decided, Onoki knew his granddaughter disagreed.

After a minute of silence, "Is it because we are not powerful enough ... yet?" she said with a look of anger on her face.

Sighing, he shook his head. "That's why you're still a Chunin. I want to send a team in Konoha, send for Team 9 to come here," Onoki ordered with a slight hint of disappointment in his tone, something that the young Chunin noticed.

"Of course"

Hidden Lightning Village

In his office in Kumogakure, the Raikage was sifting through the endlessly replenishing pile of reports and official documents that it was his reluctantly accepted duty to oversee. The huge man growled low in his throat as he read yet another sheet outlining the supplies Kumo's hospital once again felt they were in dire need of. I swear, he thought to himself as he approved the seemingly trivial list of demands, I'm a warrior for Kami's sake, not a fucking secretary!

The sound of someone knocking on the door was heard; he turned his head in time to see his secretary walking inside.

"Raikage-sama, your brother is here along with his team," She said, asking if they should walk inside. A groaned but a gesture to her to let his crazy brother walk inside the moment she left them. The door slammed open by his brother, who looked just as idiot as ever, if not more so.

"Oi Brother, What Do Yoouuu need from the best Team?" His brother was rapping, much to the annoyance of everyone in the office.

"I called you all here for something important. In a few weeks, the Chunin Exams will be in Konoha, and I am thinking of sending your teams to represent Kumogakure."

The six Genin looked at the Raikage in shock and stood up straighter.

"So we're going to be pitted against Genin from other countries? But what if another country sends in Jounin, who are disguised as Genin, and we end up fighting against them, and I'm the only one who lives. Everyone will think Kumo is weak since everyone but me died, and they decide to attack Kumo because of it, which will lead to the Fourth Great  Shinobi War. People will then always remember me as the harbinger making me live a life of shame," Omoi said.

Karui then bonked him on the head for his comment; Atsui then decided to reassure his friend, "don't worry, Omoi, no one can beat us! We're going to be the top dogs of  this thing, and when we win, we're going to all be Chunin and getting to  wear the bling, and we All Will Look so HOT!" N said.

"What bling?" Karui asked him.

"The flak jacket," Atsui said.

"Moving on!" A yelled to get Genin's attention that looked at their Leader, embarrassed that they got off-topic.

After muttering about rude Genin, he continued, "while I want you six to go to be promoted, this is also a mission."

Seeing that he had everyone's attention, he spoke again, "your Mission is simple and has two objectives. One is to all make it to the final round, which will be fighting and to show everyone why Kumo is the most powerful nation! And second is to defeat a certain individual." He then held up a picture of a redhead boy who the girl all looked amazed by his face.

Yugito looked at the photo and couldn't help but admit that this one screamed and seemed as strong and handsome as Sin.

"This one is a Good Mate kitten . You should mate with him as soon as you arrive in Konoha , " A Voice screamed at her head when she saw the handsome face of the redhead.

Yugito blushed, but she had to admit this one was cute and handsome.

"Be Quiet, you, we are not even in Konoha yet and second, I don't even know him!" Yugito said to Matatabi, who was grinning from ear to ear.

"Well. I'm sure you can know him very well once you find his home and mount him ..."

"Nibi", Yugito screamed in her head, her whole face blushing.

She cut her connection with her and focused on what Raikage was talking about.

"Who's he?" Atsui asked, eying the photo.

"His name is Naruto Uzumaki-Senju", Raikage stated, and both teams were silent by what they heard. Even Bee stopped rapping and looked deep in thoughts.

Hhh, I wonder what kind of lines I could add in my beautiful songs once we arrive in Konoha' Bee thought.

"Raikage-sama. I thought Tsunade Senju was the last Senju," Samui stated, her eyes going from the photo to the Kage. Everyone else was just as interesting waiting to know.

"Well. I don't know the whole truth, but This shinobi goes by the name Senju. I want you to measure his strength and personality. And if possible, beat him in Chunin Exams but no Killing," Raikage stated, and they all nodded in agreement.

No one said it out loud, but the news that Kumo had tried to kidnap Hinata Hyuga had spread everywhere around the country, causing the Village to have fewer jobs and earn less money. Three years after the news had spread, they had made around 20% less money than average years, causing a crisis.

"You can trust in our abilities. We will defeat all of them" Bee started moving his hands around like an idiot.

A groaned, tired of him and told them to leave. Once they left, 'A' looked at the photo. "Well, this Will be interesting," he said, looking at the picture, knowing who the parents were.

The redhead reminded him of the Red Death; just the thought sent a cold shiver in his whole body and the father.

"Let's see how fast your son is, Minato-san," Raikage said respectfully for his former rival.

Fun Question: Which do you think is the biggest plot hole of Naruto?


Chapter Text

Two weeks after the Wave mission and Kakashi was at his wit's end. He wanted to know what the hell had happened to his team. Where was the excellent teamwork that led them to defeat such strong opponents. Where was the concern for each other? Where was the determination? It was as though returning to Konoha had brought back their bad habits threefold.

Sakura was even more determined to get Sasuke to notice her. Kakashi had thought she would finally get serious about becoming a ninja after feeling so useless in the Land of Waves, but no one run-in with Ino, and she had forgotten all about that. She also seemed even more determined to bring down Naruto than ever before.

"ETERNAL RIVAL! I FOUND  YOU!" The sudden loud scream jarred Kakashi from his thoughts and nearly caused him to jump. Only years of training prevented it. How six-foot-tall green spandex wearing overly loud crazy could sneak up on him would forever be a mystery, no matter how many times it happened.

"Ah, did you say something?" Kakashi said as he stood, flipping open one of his treasured Icha Icha Paradise books.

"How  unbearably hip of your rival!" Maito Gai cried, pointing the finger at the relaxed-looking jounin. "That does not matter; I have simply come to tell you that no matter how bright the flames of youth might shine in your students, those flames of my students shall always be brighter. My  students will prevail over yours in the Chunin exam, or I shall do ONE  HUNDRED laps around Konoha's walls on my hands!" He finished off his exuberant and loud speech with a thumbs up and a scarily bright student.

"Oh, is it time for the Chunin exams already? I'd forgotten." Kakashi lazily flipped a page, not taking his eye off the book.

"That hip attitude rival will not fool me!" Suddenly Gai seemed to realise the time. "Ah! I am late! NO! I don't wish to become unyouthful  as my rival!" He then ran off, kicking up a dust trail behind him.

Kakashi sighed as he lowered his book; he had not seen a word after Gai had mentioned the chunin exams. The truth was he had forgotten about that. 

Sakura wasn't exactly ready for Chunin Exams; hell, if she kept going like this, he wondered if she ever would be.

With another sigh, Kakashi put his book away and turned to the Hokage's tower.

"Where is Kakashi?" The Hokage asked, only mildly perturbed as he had grown accustomed to the jounin's habitually tardiness. No one in the room answered him. He supposed that was to be expected. "Well, we might as well start..." He was cut off as the door opened, admitting a one-eyed shinobi into the Hokage's office.

"Sorry, I'm late." Although honestly, he had only found out about the meeting once he'd arrived, those messenger chunin were getting rusty. "I left my  refrigerator on and had to go back to turn it off." Nobody commented on the outrageousness of this excuse because, really, what would they say?

"That's alright. Let's get down to business, though." He turned to address the others in the room as well. "Kurenai, Asuma, Kakashi, do any of you  believe your genin team is ready to participate in the chunin selection  exams?"

"I, Yuuhi Kurenai, jounin sensei of squad eight, nominate  my team of Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, and Hyuuga Hinata to take the  chunin exams." She had stepped forward as she had begun to talk and now stepped back as she finished.

"I, Sarutobi Asuma, jounin sensei of  squad ten, nominate my team to take the exams." He hadn't even bothered to take the cigarette out of his mouth.

There was a slight lull as everyone waited for Kakashi to speak. Finally, the Sandaime got tired of the silence and asked, "And you Kakashi? What of your team?"

"Yes, they're ready more than anyone else. Especially Naruto" Kakashi started noticing the gaze of Asuma and Kurenai.

The third already knew the answer but decided to play along.

"What? But they're just rookies! They're not ready yet," Iruka stated, looking at Kakashi and the others.

Kakashi sighed, knowing Iruka was overreacting and not understanding that Naruto was already strong enough to be a Jonin, let alone a Chunin.

Hiruzen was about to tell Iruka not to interrupt, but Kakashi spoke first.

"No offence Iruka, but they're not your students anymore and trust me. My team is more than ready, especially Naruto" Kakashi kept the last part to himself.

Iruka looked ready to repeat something, but Sarutobi raised his hand.

"No, Iruka, Kakashi's right, he's the jonin, if he says they're ready, then we should trust his word", The old Hokage stated.


"Man, that mission was boring!" Naruto complained loudly as he walked down the streets of Konoha, turning and looking over his shoulder at his teammates who were walking behind him. Sakura to the right wearing a sleeveless version of her usual clothing, Sasuke with his hands casually in his pockets to the left and Kakashi was trailing behind, reading his precious Icha-Icha as usual. "I mean, seriously,  nothing happened. We just stood around the whole time."

"We know,  we were there," Sasuke responded dryly, though inwardly, he agreed with his teammate. He was hoping for an opportunity to test himself, but none had arisen since the Wave Mission.

Sakura shook her head at the Redhead. "You shouldn't complain because we had an easy  mission, or are you hoping for a repeat of what happened in Wave?"

Naruto placed his hands behind his head. "No, nothing as extreme as that; I wish something exciting would happen, you know? Even something as ordinary as attacking a bandit camp." He responded, but he actually wanted another mission like Wave.

"Don't worry. The exams are right around the corner. I can guarantee you'll see plenty of excitement  soon enough." Kakashi said to the Redhead before looking over all his students. Almost as if on cue, he heard the call of a bird. Tilting his head upward, he saw said hawk flying high over the village. He stared for a few moments before turning back to his team. "Well, I need to go submit the report for this mission. You guys don't need to come along since it was so uneventful. See you." With that, he vanished in a burst of speed.

Naruto was busy thinking of what the old Hokage told him after they arrived after the mission of Wave.

Naruto broke out in his trademark grin as he looked to his fellow genin. "Great! Then how about the three of us go and  celebrate another job well done?"

Sasuke scoffed and turned away. "Not interested." He said as he began to walk home.

"Come  on, Sasuke." Sakura stepped forward. She wanted to let him know that she was there for him. After all, that was what a team and friends were for, right? "Would it really be so bad to get a bite to eat with us?"

Sasuke closed his eyes and seemed to consider it for a moment before turning and resuming his path to his clan's compound. "I have better things to do."

Sakura watched the retreating figure of the object of her affections before sighing. She'd hoped that after learning how beneficial teamwork could be, he'd be more willing to let them in. Naruto watched her for a moment before stepping forward and placing a hand on her shoulder, getting her attention.  "Don't worry; I'm sure he'll lighten up someday."

"Yeah," Sakura replied, brightening up. "So, where do you plan to go? Ichiraku's?"

Naruto shrugged. "Nah, I know most other people wouldn't want to go there all the time. How about..." he began; he heard something behind him. He turned to see a square rock with eye holes approaching him from behind, coming to a stop the moment he turned. The young Uzumaki sweatdropped. There were only three individuals who would attempt to sneak up on him with such an obvious disguise. "I can see right through that disguise, plain as day. Come out of there, you three; I know it's you."

With that,  the poorly disguised box was lifted to reveal Konohamaru and his friends, Moegi and Udon. The grandson of the Hokage crossed his arms and looked up at the Redhead. "Just as expected from the man I  chose as my rival."

"Hey, guys." Naruto greeted before his expression became slightly curious when he noticed what they were all wearing. "What's with the goggles?"

Konohamau reached for them with a wide grin.

Moegi took a step forward. "Are you free right now? You promised to teach us something cool today."

The Redhead slapped his forehead. "Oh right, I completely forgot!" he then turned to his pink-haired teammate. "Sorry, Sakura! I kind of promised them. Raincheck?"

Sakura gaped at the Uzumaki bearer. "You're going to teach someone? You?"

Naruto shrugged at her shocked expression, not seeing what the big deal was. "Yeah. What about it?"

"This I gotta see."

Konohamaru, who watched the two in silence along with his friends, stepped forward and tugged on the Redhead's shirt. "Hey, Naruto?" He said, getting his attention. "Who's she? Is she your...?" He asked, bringing up his hand and extending his pinky to indicate she was his girlfriend.

Naruto fought the urge to roll his eyes, and he would never look at Sakura that way. What could someone see on her? "No.  Guys, let me introduce you to my friend and teammate, Sakura Haruno."  He gestured towards his teammate, who snapped out of her stupor and waved at the children.

"Ah, I didn't think so. You could do a lot better than her, the boss; I mean, look how wide her forehead is!" Konohamaru replied.

Sakura's head jerked downward, her hair shadowing her eyes as Naruto's expression became one of shock as he was aware this was the biggest trigger for his pink-haired teammate's temper. However, another thought was going through his mind at the moment. He was aware of how similar he was to the Third's grandson, who was quickly becoming like a younger brother to him...

He quickly cast this thought aside as he noticed Sakura's rage would go off any moment.

"Konohamaru..." he said before jerking his head in the pink-haired kunoichi's direction, causing him and the other kids to notice the girl's simmering anger. Their eyes widened as they shivered in fear at the small amount of killing intent leaking from the girl. "You should start running... NOW!" If Naruto protected him from this, he wouldn't learn anything. Besides, the three academy students would get over it when he came through with his promise.

The Konohamaru corps immediately bolted, running as if their lives depended on it; as Sakura took off in pursuit, her eyes crazed, and her mouth twisted into a wicked smile.

Once alone, the Redhead sighed at what he'd just witnessed. Was he really going to stand by and do nothing? He briefly wondered if he should have told Sakura who Konohamaru was. While the brown-haired boy didn't like using his grandfather's name, it might save him a  beating here. Deciding he'd better rescue Konohamaru, he started off in their direction only to halt when he heard a yelp in the direction the four had run off in.

Meanwhile, in the mission room of the administration building, where several chunin was lounging as they awaited their turn to claim a  mission or payment for a completed mission, Kakashi was handing the mission account to Iruka.

"Thanks for the report," Iruka said to the silver-haired man as he took the paper from him. The chunin skimmed over the report briefly before turning his gaze to the jonin before him.  "So, how's Naruto? Is he getting along ok with his teammates?"

"Oh,  he's doing quite well," Kakashi replied in his usual relaxed tone of voice. "His rivalry with Sasuke's the same as ever, but he and Sakura  are on 'Ok' terms these days."

Iruka smiled and chuckled slightly,  remembering Naruto's irritation whenever Sakura opened her mouth to say anything. "Really? That's good to hear." He raised his hand to his face and scratched his cheek. "I've been so busy around here... I haven't seen him since he got back from the Land of  Waves. I'm a little worried."

"There's nothing to worry about."  The copy ninja replied. "Naruto's grown a great deal since the mission to Wave. He seems just the same as ever on the surface, but he's improved dramatically and has matured quite a bit. Someday soon, his  skills may even surpass the person he respects most." He said with his eye smile. 'Actually, considering what I've seen of him lately, that day's not too far off...'

"Is that so?" Iruka asked with a grin, glad to hear his younger brother figure was doing so well. Maybe after his shift here was over, he could check up on the redhead rascal. If nothing else, spending time with the hyperactive child would cure him of the boredom he felt from sitting around here for several hours.

Sakura's eyes narrowed as she stared at the two figures before her,  one of whom was holding Konohamaru by his collar, as she stood protectively in front of the other two academic students. Her quest to unleash her righteous fury upon the brown-haired boy had come to an abrupt end when he ran into the foreign ninja who now held him in the air.

They both seemed to be a few years older than her and wore the forehead protector of Sunagakure. The first wore a black, baggy,  full bodysuit with a red and yellow circle on the front with a black hood that covered his head completely and had cat-like ears and his forehead protector stitched into it. He was also sporting purple face paint and had black eyes and unidentifiable objects wrapped in bandages tied to his back.

The other, a kunoichi, had green eyes and blonde hair tied into four ponytails and a rather generous figure. She wore a light purple garment that went down about halfway down her thighs with a  red sash across her waist that held a large iron fan to he back and fishnet worn over her shoulders and legs on her right calf and her left thigh. She wore a black forehead protector tied around her neck.

"That  hurt, you little runt." The male ninja said to Konohamaru, his eyes squinted close.

The blonde kunoichi glared disapprovingly at her teammate. "Stop it, Kankuro. You're going to get us in trouble."

Sakura took a step forward. While she'd wanted to pound the young boy for that comment on her forehead. This Suna ninja might seriously hurt him. "Listen,  it was my fault he ran into you. I'm sorry. Now, why don't you just put  him down?"

"Eh? Well, there's a slight problem with that."  Kankuro responded with a slight grin as he raised his fist. "You see, I  hate annoying runts like him. And seeing them act so disrespectfully...  makes me want to kill them." Sakura's eyes widened before she fell into a  fighting stance while the two other members of the Konohamaru corps cowered behind her, tears of fear trailing down from Moegi's eyes. "Oh,  so you want to protect him, huh? Well, sorry-" He said, his tone  insincere. "-but I can't let him get away with disrespecting me like  that."

The blonde turned her head away with a sigh. "Whatever. Do what you want; I'm not getting involved."

"Well then, I think I'll have a little fun before he shows up," Kankuro replied, turning his attention back to the boy in his hand and preparing to punch him. Sakura moved to interrupt his attack, only to be stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

Kankuro threw a  punch to the academy student in his hand, his smirk widening slightly as he struck true and his fist collided with the boy's cheek... only for his and the kunoichi's expressions to morph into one of shock when the boy burst into smoke at the moment of impact.

Kankuro stared at the palm of his now empty hand with wide eyes. "What the...?" He started.

"Hey,  jackass!" A voice called out, drawing his and the kunoichi, his sister's, attention. They both turned their heads away from the fading cloud back to the group before them to see that there were two new additions. One was familiar, the boy that had been in Kankuro's hand,  who was now looking slightly startled at what had occurred in the past few moments.

One moment, he had been helpless in the hand of the  Sand ninja. The next thing he knew, he'd suddenly been transported to safety so fast that his vision had been reduced to a blur. A shadow clone had replaced the young boy at the last moment. Unfortunately,  being unaccustomed to moving at such speeds left the boy extremely disorientated.

The other was unfamiliar to the Suna ninja and the one who had pulled Konohamaru out of the proverbial fire and held back  Sakura, Naruto, who was now looking at Kankuro with a scowl. "Didn't  anyone ever teach you not to pick on someone smaller than you?"

Sakura smiled, relieved to see the boy was safe and unharmed. "Naruto!" At the  same time, Konohamaru had finally regained his bearings and said along  with his classmates, "Boss!"

Kankuro gritted his teeth when he felt a blade across his neck; he felt immobile, he felt cold, his fingers started shaking, the same pressure when Gaara had...

Naruto stood behind him with his sword close to his neck, ready to splice his throat.

Temari gasped; she had not been able to see Naruto move, not even a little. She felt the pressure coming out of the Redhead, but her hands went to her weapon behind her back, ready to fight...

"I wouldn't do that, miss", she gasped when she heard the voice behind her; she had heard many cold and emotionless voices, mainly from Gaara, but this guy's voice sent shivers throughout the whole body. Worse than Gaara and the tip of a sword slightly touching behind her neck.

"Now, what are you doing? You're in another village and already trying to harm a citizen of the other village. That's enough to execute you, and not mentioning he's the grandson of the current kage," Naruto stated with a cold tone that frightened even the others.

Temari clenched her teeth and gave Kankuro an angry look for putting them in a situation like this for no reason whatsoever.

Kankuro himself didn't know what to say; he felt terrified.

"Now, you better leave since your friend isn't ... happy" Naruto started looking at the tree where one tail stood.

For a moment, neither Kankuro nor Temari understood what he meant when they both watched in horror as Gaara came out of the tree looking at them with a death glare.

"Kankuro, you're a disappointment to our village," Gaara said with a cold tone that made Sakura's knees tremble in fear, his KI intense, making everyone around fear him, except Naruto, who smiled and walked forward, putting his sword back to its scabbard.

"Now, no need to be angry, Mr One," Naruto said, a smile not leaving his face.

Gaara Shunsin close to him, but he didn't back away like all the others; he stood his ground, almost daring him to actually do something.

Temari and Kankuro were shocked to hear what the Redhead called their brother.
"Hooowww", Temari tried to say while her brother and the Redhead were busy matching their KI.

"Mr Nine! I will prove my existence by killing you," Gaara stated coldly.

Naruto just grinned even more before his eyes turned red like blood.

"Tell Shukaku he's welcome to Try, but last time he ended up eating dirt within the first minute" , Kurama spoke with Naruto's body.

Everyone was pale when they heard the demonic voice except Gaara who's eyes widened before he grabbed his head with his hands, murmuring under his breath.

"Mother will have your blood..."  but before Gaara could do anything, two voices interrupted them.

"Oj Naru-kun, always searching for trouble."

"You haven't changed."

Naruto didn't need to look to know who was talking.

"Has been a long time...Asha-chan and Fuu-chan."


Chapter Text

In the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen was seated in a large chair in front of a large table with multiple people sitting along the sides. They were the most influential people in the village, from clan heads to wealthy business people.

The civilian side was on the right whilst the shinobi side was on the left; Hiruzen's teammates Koharu and Homura were seated on his right and left.

The God of Shinobi cleared his throat; whatever idle conversations that had been going on stopped. Hiruzen stood up, "as you  all know, the Chunin Exams are soon to begin; this time it will be in our  village," he paused, "now as you know, that means that other Genin will  be coming from their respective villages."

"We are aware of this  Hokage-sama; why have you called upon this meeting if you are just  stating what we already know?" Hiashi Hyuga asked the elderly Kage.

"I received a request from Kumo for two of their Genin teams to participate."

Everyone was quiet at this; while they weren't currently fighting each other,  Kumo and Konoha had always been enemies in the past; in fact, they hadn't heard anything important from Kumo for quite a while. For them to send two Genin teams meant they were top Genin.

"Is there anyone of interest in either team?"Inoichi Yamanaka asked.

Hiruzen nodded his head "yes, there is, a young girl around the age of 14 and a half, his name is Gitago Gukano."

Gasps came from the civilian side while the shinobi only had widened eyebrows; everyone knew of the Gukano clan. They were known for their red lightning bloodline.

"But Hokage-sama, the Gukano clan only have three members, and none of them is a child." A fat, balding civilian by the name of Kurdo exclaimed.

"It appears there is one more, not only that but from what I know is that The Raikage himself has trained Gitago," Hiruzen said. He knew, according to Jiraiya, that they had sent the Jinchuuriki of the Demon Cat as well, but Danzo didn't really need to know that part.

He hoped Ghost could start 'The Clean' plan; if everything could go according to plan, Danzo would soon pay for what he had done.

Everyone couldn't hide their surprise, to find out the Raikage had a student under his wing they were just now finding out about; it was quite a surprise.

A  man covered in bandages and his arm in a sling spoke up, "Hiruzen, I  suggest that when the boy comes for the exams, we send in a team to  eliminate or capture him; he no doubts knows things that would be  beneficial for Konoha."

The Third glared at the man, "no Danzo, we will do no such thing; the Chunin exams are to support and maintain peace, if we were to kill the boy, then the Raikage will probably suspect something and would no doubt declare war with us, a war we could not win as few would side with us if they thought we weren't below the idea of killing a child during the Chunin Exams, the Nine tails attack and the death of Minato have wounded us severely we would be walking into our own graves," Sarutobi said bluntly where Danzo scowled.

"The Exams will begin in a week, and I will be meeting with the Jonin  Sensei's to see what Genin of ours will be participating; if I am correct most of your children will be participating, "Sarutobi said to the clan heads where they nodded their heads.

"I have the belief that they will do well in the Exam; the Will of Fire burns strong in them. I  have a feeling this Exam will be quite interesting." With that said and done, the Hokage left the room with the others getting up from their chairs and leaving the room too.


She, her friend Ashara and the third member of their team, a boy named Ikashu, arrived in Konoha. Fuu could hardly control herself at this point.

Fuu had grown and changed since the last time she saw Naruto-kun; she now had straight, spiky hair that was a distinctive mint green in colour that almost reached her shoulders and framed her face and had tan, caramel-coloured skin. She wore a white, sleeveless midriff shirt and a short matching skirt and white shinobi sandals, along with bandages under her shirt that went halfway down her stomach and from her skirt halfway down her thighs and a pair of long, white armlets.

She could see the gates from where they were, her face a big smile, her legs jumping up and down, she couldn't contain herself; it had been more than five years since she last saw Naruto.

She wondered how he looked now; was he still as cute as she remembered him? Just the thought of him made her cheek blush, turning pink. She wondered how strong he was now, his face and cute whiskers, his ocean blue-eyes, which made her feel a tingle in her stomach, almost like butterflies in her tummy, how long his hair was now, she wondered about his muscular body.

Ashara, on the other hand, looked at her friend with a raised eyebrow; while she too couldn't wait to meet Naru-kun, she was holding herself back.

In the past five years, she has grown into a beautiful woman, buxom and beautiful, with white skin, large purple eyes and long, thick red hair that falls in ringlets to the middle of her back. She has full lips, a husky voice, and round ripe breasts. Her face was shaped like a heart, small forehead and a small straight nose, sharp like a blade, wearing a red shirt with secret seals drawn in her shoulders.

A small opening in her chest showed her cleavage; the sleeve of her right hand was cut open up to her elbow, the sword of her mother, "Dākuburēdo", tightened behind her back.

She was wearing darkened red pants that had dark lines around her thighs that reached to her feet. Dark sandal shoes with a small dagger hidden in a small seal in the left sandal.

Small pouches tightened around her hip, filled with sealing scrolls.

The Phoenix seal in her right wrist had grown a great significance; now she had the wings and a small head of a Phoenix; the seal hadn't fully appeared yet, but Asha hoped to be able to summon a Phoenix soon.

In her mind was what Roshi told her two years ago.

"There's another Uzumaki, but his chakra is Dark."

Ashara wasn't sure how could Uncle Roshi know about it and why would the chakra be dark; she had figured that whoever the other Uzumaki was, he must hate what the villages had done to Uzumaki Clan.

Asha couldn't wait until she could tell Naruto about uncle Roshi, he wasn't her uncle by blood, but the older man had said to her that she could call him Uncle if she wished to.

Ashara escaped her thoughts when they reached the gates of Konoha, the two guards eyed them and their sensei before letting them walk inside, but Ashara could tell that they mainly focused on her almost as they recognised her from somewhere. She wondered why but decided that it didn't matter much.

"Did you see her hair?! She looks like The Red Death," one of them said to the other shinobi, the second one nodded his head in agreement.

Soon they reached the hotel where they would be staying; walking inside the room, their Jonin turned to look at them.

"You can walk around and explore the village, but I want no problem whatsoever from any of you", Jonin demanded with a strict tone pointing the finger at each one of them.

Ashara rolled her eyes in slight annoyance; Ikashu looked to be with his mind completely somewhere else, while Fuu was her usual happy self, her bright and cute smile not leaving her face.

"Taku-sensei, you know we would never do anything," Fuu said innocently. Their sensei had a tick mark on his forehead, while true Fuu never really caused problems, but her happy attitude was really annoying sometimes.

"Ah, Fuu, just don't go around making friends, and we will be okay," Ikashu said, already half-asleep on the couch. Right now, Their Sensei was even more annoyed and marched towards Ikashu and grabbed his left ear tightly.

He started yelling in pain while their sensei leaned closer to his right ear.

"For The LAST TIME, DON'T Sleep", their sensei yelled at his ear, making him hear an ongoing strange sound on his brain, while Fuu was giggling cutely.

After a few seconds, the sound went away. "Fine. Just don't be surprised when I don't grow enough," Ikashu said in defeat.

Their sensei nodded and left the room; Ashara turned to look at Fuu and noticed that Ishaku had already fallen into a deep sleep and was snoring like there was no tomorrow.

Asha gestured for Fuu to follow her. Walking outside, they jumped at the top of a roof to look at the village; she could see houses as far as the eye could see, The Hidden Leaf Village was Indeed huge, and the most fantastic thing to Asha was the statue of the previous Hokage.

"Wonder how it looks from up there," Fuu said, looking up at the statue of the fourth Hokage. Ashara wondered if Naruto had taken a lot after his father's looks, while his hair was all from Kushina Uzumaki (The Red Death), but she wondered if his handsome face was from his father.

"Can you sense him?" Fuu suddenly asked Asha; the young redhead escaped her thoughts. She focused and could feel a significant spike of chakra coming from close to their location. Before she could tell Fuu to follow her, the Jinchuuriki girl was jumping towards the location. Asha soon followed behind her.

"This way, Chomei tells me she can feel the furball from that location", Fuu informed her, pointing a finger towards a place between a few buildings. Asha nodded in understanding and wondered what could make Naruto raise his chakra and if she would need to protect him.


"Mother will have your blood..." but before Gaara could do anything, two voices interrupted them.

"Oj Naru-kun, always searching for trouble."

"You haven't changed."

Naruto didn't need to look to know who was talking.

"Has been a long time...Asha-chan and Fuu-chan."

Everyone looked up in time to see two girls jumping down behind the Suna Shinobi; Naruto recognised both of them immediately. Fuu looked much cuter and prettier than ever before, her smile on her face.

While Ashara looked gorgeously beautiful, but Naruto noticed the glare she was giving the Jinchuuriki of Shukaku.

Before Naruto could talk to them, Fuu threw herself in his arms like an arrow, almost making him fall to the ground.

"Is Good to see you Naruto-kun?" she said softly on his ear while rubbing her cheek against his; usually Naruto would hug her back but couldn't help but blush, from her close contact, her skin sent shivers in his whole body like electricity, she smelled like fresh mint, her soft breasts felt good against his chest, and Naruto felt a sensation on the middle of his body.

"Fuu, perhaps you should let him go before you crush him," Ashara said in annoyance while still keeping an eye on the redhead Jinchuuriki. Ashara could feel the Jinchuuriki inside him and wondered which one he had but what bothered her was his ice glare. Filled with hatred and anger and a slight hint of ... sadness.

Naruto pulled away, smiling brightly at Fuu, who smiled back. "Is so good to see you, Fuu-chan. You look amazing," he said, grinning from ear to ear. Fuu blushed from his compliment, something that everyone noticed. His attention turned to look at the redhead girl walking closer to him.

"Asha, you have ... changed, you look beautiful," Naruto said with a slight wink that made her blush. Ashara beamed at him and threw her arms around him, hugging him close to her. Her height same as his; she could feel his heartbeat beating faster for her and Fuu.

Naruto felt the strong scent of nature in her, a fresh scent, the same he felt whenever he was close to a river.

Ashara closed her eyes and felt the strong build body beneath his clothes; the feeling of his muscular build made her feel something... funny.

Pulling away, she looked at his blue eyes for a second before they all turned to look at Gaara, who looked angry. Naruto took a step forward-thinking that he might try anything.

"Why do you look so gloom Shukaku-kun? We are all friends here," Fuu said, smiling, leaning closer to Gaara.

With that said, the Sand shinobis froze in place; they were sure right now that nothing could stop Gaara from going berserk, ruining the mission before it even began.

On the other hand, Sakura looked ready to run away from the murderous glare from the Chibi Jinchuuriki. He released his KI, which made Sakura fall to her knees, barely able to breathe; thankfully, Konohamaru and his friends had left before this could escalate.

Temari and Kankuro were shaking like a leaf and felt like they had returned in time when their little brother had first lost control; the images of what Gaara did many years ago were in their minds.

While Fuu was smiling, she was prepared if one tail-kun wanted to fight them; Ashara moved her hand on the pommel of her sword while Naruto looked relaxed.

"It seems it is true; even allied villages act like assholes towards each other" they all turned to see a bunch of new faces, and Naruto couldn't help but grin.

"Is there any gathering that I don't know about?" All five Bijuu asked at the same time.


"What do you mean, mother?" Gaara asked, focused on the new faces while still being wary of the silly girl.

"Don't do anything right now ; the girl with the ponytail is The damn cat, while the one with big black eyes is Hachibi" Shukaka spoke in his head , and Gaara nodded while still feeling a strange feeling now that he was surrounded by four people who were just like him.


"What do you mean, Nibi?" Yugito asked while looking at the handsome man in front of her; while it slightly irked her to see him with two other women, she still liked what she saw.

Knowing what her Jinchuuriki was thinking, usually, she would tease her, but right now. The situation was a bit serious.

"The hot one is Number 9, the short one with a large strange bag tightened to his back is Number 1 , and the girl with orange eyes is Number 7 but don't underestimate any of them. I can tell each one of them at least talks with their respective Jinchuuriki , " Nibi warned.


"What do you mean, Chomei?" Fuu asked happily to make new friends, especially to meet new people that are like her.

"The hungry girl is Matatabi, and the stupid one is Gyuki" , Chomei replied with a hint of happiness to meet her brothers and sister again after such a long time.

"What isss that yooouu might meeeaaan? Are you talking about the angry fox or the cocky Number One" Bee asked, moving his hands around like an idiot.

Hachibi sighed , tired of his stupid rap, and it was worthless.

"Yes, you baka, but don't lose your focus. The redhead fox is not to be taken lightly , " Gyuki warned , hoping that the warning would actually go through his head for once.

"Is good to meet you", Naruto said, taking a step closer. "Miss two and mister eight", he stated, grinning.

Sakura looked confused about what was happening, while Temari and Kankuro looked horrified; Gaara, on the other hand, had a strange creepy smile on his face.

"I'm nine; Furball wants to say 'Hi,' " Naruto said, earning a growl from Kurama.

"Why would I say 'Hi'. I'm the Kyuubi . Why should I care about my worthless brothers and sisters" Kurama screamed in his head ?

Naruto chuckled slightly.

Bee looked genuinely surprised to hear that apparently, mister nine was talking with his host.

"It seems Kurama has ... changed. That's New. Never saw that one coming , " Hachibi stated while Nibi was thinking the exact words with Yugito.

Knowing they hadn't introduced themselves yet, Yugito walked first. "My name is Yugito; the idiot behind me is Bee-sensei."

"My name is Fuu. I'm lucky Seven. It is amazing to meet new friends."

"My name is Naruto. It is nice to meet you all."

"My nnnname is Killer Beeeee. Hachibi and I stick like a bee," Bee said with a strange tone and voice that Naruto didn't quite understand him, while Yugito was shaking her head.

"You said your name is Fuu. I will Enjoy spilling your blood," Gaara threatened with a cold look.

Fuu just laughed it off and leaned closer. "I don't like to fight friends, but if you hurt my best friends, you will find that you won't like the results", Fuu replied, smiling, but her eyes looked like a darker orange. And a darker aura had surrendered her; Ashara recognised the chakra as Chomei's chakra.

Gaara kept his cold glare; he glanced at Naruto before walking away from them, followed by his siblings.

The dark aura around Fuu disappeared, and she turned around with the same smile as if nothing had happened.

Yugito was about to say something to Naruto when they saw Samui walking towards them.

"Sensei, come on", she shouted at them.

"Good to meet you; I hope we meet again, mister nine," Bee said and jumped away.

"See you later, handsome," Yugito said with a wink making Naruto blush.

Now that things had finally settled down, Naruto turned to Asha and Fuu.

"How about some ramen?" Naruto asked to hope to catch up with Fuu-chan and Asha-chan.

They both nodded immediately and followed Naruto behind, talking with him.

When they left, Sakura was still left and looked angry; she couldn't believe that the redhead and the blonde girl were so much prettier than her; she could only thank the gods that Sasuke wasn't there.


"So, what are we going to do today?" Kakashi mused, glancing around her apartment.

Finished with her breakfast, Anko pushed her plate aside, resting her elbow on the table. "Well, I have been pretty lax with my training lately." She grinned. "What do you say to a sparring match?"

"You want to spar with me?"

"Why not?"

She was an excellent Jonin, but to be honest, Kakashi doubted her ability to beat him. Not many had claimed that distinct honour, and those who had been dangerous enemies.

"You're not scared, are you," she asked, her grin turning into a smirk.

"Now, why would I possibly be scared of a sparring match with you? It isn't like I'd ever lost..."

She stood and took her dishes to the sink, feeling a new satisfaction when she felt his eyes following her again. "Then you have nothing to worry about, do you? What's the harm in accepting?"

"You'd only get angry with me again."

"Are you sure I didn't know you for an arrogant?"

"It's not arrogance. It's honesty. Each time I give you a fair warning, and each time I win, which leaves you upset with me."

Anko placed her hands on the table next to him and stared down into that lone, grey eye. "Put up. Or shut up."

Heaving a great sigh, Kakashi stood from the table. "If you insist... I'll meet you at the fifth training ground in thirty minutes."

"Oh, I look forward to it..."

Anko arrived early, as per her usual, and Kakashi... Well, he was, of course, late. By another thirty minutes, to be exact. Anko grew more and more impatient as the minutes ticked by until finally, she decided to practice her already perfect aim by littering the trees around the clearing with shuriken and kunai knives.

When Kakashi finally showed up, he had the audacity to look guilty. "Sorry, I'm late. I was—"

"Oh, save it. You're not sorry, and you never have a good excuse. You're habitually late, and you always will be."

He blinked at her. "Excuse me for trying..."

She gave a knowing smile, one hand on her hip. "So, are we going to do this or what, Kashi-kun?"

"Whenever you're ready to lose, Anko-chan."

She smirked.

After retrieving her kunai, as well as her shuriken, Kakashi and Anko took their stances. Truth be told, Anko had been looking forward to facing off against Kakashi for quite some time. She knew he was a skilled and powerful ninja. She'd seen it with her own eyes. It was different from being on the edge of fighting him herself, however. Part of her feared she may be beaten, but the other part was simply anxious to clash with the fierceness that was Kakashi of the Sharingan. Although he did not lift his headband to reveal his left eye, she could see the seriousness in his right one, in the hard lines of the visible portion of his face, and in the way he looked up at her from under his low brow.

Even from across the clearing, she could feel his ferocity as he geared up to give this match everything that he had. She had come to know his more casual side. Now she was eager to experience his raw power.

She licked her lips and grinned. 'This is gonna be fun...'

When Anko made the first move, the battle was on. Like all of the other Jonin, Kakashi knew that despite her small stature, Orochimaru's former student was not to be underestimated. She was fast and eerily skilled with both close and far range combat. To say that Kakashi had his hands full was putting it lightly—though he had no doubts that he would win.

They were pretty even in terms of skill, and just when one of them thought they had the other beaten, the tables would turn. Kakashi had to admit that Anko was quite unpredictable. Her mind worked quickly as she found a way to counter almost every move he made. She was a strong fighter, and when they clashed, he looked into her eyes and admired the fire that burned within them.


He caught himself staring into those eyes just a little too long, and he managed to jump away from her before she threw her leg out to swipe his from under him.

"Fire Style, Fireball Jutsu!"

Anko leapt out of the way just in time as flames consumed the clearing. Kakashi waited until all the fire had dissipated, hoping he'd gotten her with that attack, but he was disappointed to see that she had evaded him yet again.

He barely had time to blink when he felt her chest against his back, her kunai at his neck.

"You've gotta be quicker than that, Kakashi," she chastised him mockingly.

Anko was immensely enjoying their match. Their heat, passion, energy, power, and ferocity—they told the tale of Kakashi's true strength and prowess. They were also telling of the man's virility, and the reality that Kakashi was a man among men only elevated her heartrate and got her hot under the collar.

Turning around, their eyes met again, and this time, Anko pulled up his mask and kissed him fully on the lips; Kakashi was caught by surprise but kissed back just as eagerly.

Anko put her legs between his legs, feeling his hard cock against his pants.

Pulling away, they looked at each other's eyes, breathing heavily.

"In my apartment..."

The next Chapter will have Lemon ; there will be a warning for whoever wants to skip that part.


Chapter Text

Lemon Warning


Kakashi closed the door to her bedroom and when he turned around, he saw a hungry look on Anko's face. Kakashi watched as Anko slipped the sandals off of her feet before she went to the other end of the room, where she picked up a chair.

Anko brought the chair closer to him before she smiled at him. That smile always had the ability to make his breeches tighten in an instant.

"Come Kashi, take a seat," Anko said as she patted the comfortable chair.

Kakashi slowly closed the distance and sat down. He was curious as to what Anko was doing or what she had planned. Anko, who was standing behind the chair, wrapped her arms around him and kissed his neck a number of times.

"Let"s get your shirt and mask off," Anko said after she pulled away. She helped him take it off and she threw it to the marble floor once it was free from his body. "I much prefer you bare-chested," she said, and then she licked her lips.

"The same goes for you" Kakashi replied as he turned around and attempted to lift her clothes off of her. Anko batted away his hands and smirked at him.

"You're going to have to wait for that, Kashi". Anko placed her hand on her chin for a moment, looking as if she was contemplating something. "I"ll have to tie your hands together to make sure you don"t try that again".

"What...?" Kakashi asked, dumbfounded. It was not that he was unaccustomed to the situation but rather he had not expected it. Anko sauntered off to one of their drawers, her hips swaying as she walked. When she got there, she opened one of them and pulled out a piece of fabric.

This will do nicely, she thought to herself.

"Hands behind the chair" she commanded in an authoritative tone when she returned. Kakashi obliged and placed both of his hands behind the chair. Anko knelt and tied his hands together, not too tight but tight enough that he would not be able to free them. She wrapped his ankles to the chair as well to make sure he didn't get up until she wanted him to. As she stood back up, her lips brushed against his ear sending shivers down his body.

"This is how it"s going to go; you're not going to touch me until I tell you that you can". Kakashi groaned which made Anko smile. "Once I"m satisfied having my fill of you, I"ll finally release you and we"ll fuck so good, that the entirety of Konoha will hear us".

"Gods" he mumbled.

She placed open-mouthed kisses all along his neck, taking in a scent that was unique to Kakashi. It was a mixture of his natural aroma as well as some of the shampoo he used when he bathed. Her arms came across his chest from her position behind him and she loved the feeling of her skin against his. Her hands rested on his muscular chest. She had seen the hard work he put in to stay in shape and become a better fighter, so it was no surprise to her that he was completely ripped. Not that I'm complaining! She thought to herself in amusement. His muscles stirred something in her and she had to rub her thighs together to quell the ache that was building.

As her hands roamed his chest, Kakashi turned his head and unexpectedly crashed his lips against hers. It took Anko only a moment to recover from the surprise before she was kissing him back. It was a bit awkward for him as his hands were tied behind the chair, but he kissed her nonetheless. He felt Anko's hands cup his cheek as she deepened the kiss which made him groan when her tongue came into contact with his tongue. She abruptly pulled away which made Kakashi growl louder due to the loss of contact between them.

"I see where this is going" Kakashi mumbled. Anko walked around so that she was now standing in front of Kakashi.

"Oh, do you now?" Anko laughed. "Pray tell".

"You're going to tease me" Kakashi frowned. Anko found it cute and she had to stifle a laugh. She leaned forward, giving Kakashi an ample view of her tits, and brushed her lips against his throat. She looked up at him and saw his eyes darken which caused her to smile in satisfaction.

"You're right" Anko whispered before she smirked at him. "Oh, it"s going to be very enjoyable". Kakashi felt his cock twitch in his breeches because of that damn smirk again. Anko's gaze lowered from his eyes down his torso until they dropped to his breeches. "Look what we have here," she said seductively as one of her hands trailed the outline of his cock. "This big, hard cock all for me".

Anko licked her full, plush red lips before she lifted her head to look at Kakashi's eyes again. The shade of his eyes was so dark that it was nearly black, and it made Anko weak at the knees for him. She managed to steady herself before she took a couple of steps away from him. Anko lifted a leg and she slid her foot up and down his hard length, which caused Kakashi to grit his teeth. Her bare foot continued to travel up and down his covered cock, initially at a slow and torturous speed.

"You are a cruel woman" Kakashi grunted. They had done love before, he knew that Anko sometimes liked to play, to spice things up. Usually, he was in control but sometimes she liked to play that role.

"That you love dearly".

"Yes...Gods!" Kakashi's head hit the back of the chair as Anko increased her speed a little. His breeches looked painfully tight to Anko and she was never a cruel woman to her Kakashi, so she stood on two feet again and nudged his legs further apart. She came to stand in between them and bent over so that she could untie the laces of his breeches. Kakashi got a good long look at her tits whilst she unlaced his breeches. Eventually, she pulled the breeches and small clothes down, freeing Kakashi's cock much to his delight and relief. His cock stood up, long, thick and hard for her and Anko was finding it difficult to contain her excitement.

With his breeches and small clothes tossed to the side, Anko climbed onto his lap, balancing her hands on his shoulders. Her clothes were hiked up around her hips. His cock was pressed against her inner thigh, but she never allowed it to slip into her wet cunt. The friction between his cock and her thigh had Kakashi breathing heavily fairly quickly.

"Shit" Kakashi mumbled as Anko continued to rub herself against Kakashi.

"You like that?" Anko purred.

"M-More" Kakashi stuttered.

"Uh, uh, uh. No, my love I tell you what to do, not the other way around".

Kakashi growled in frustration, but the sweet look Anko gave him made him relax and let her do what she wanted to him. When she felt his body relax beneath her, Anko grinned in triumph. The hands that were on his shoulders moved so that one was wrapped around the back of his neck whilst the other was placed at the back of his head. She pushed his head forward so that they came into contact with her tits and she urged him to ravage them. Kakashi"s face was pressed against Anko"s exposed skin that her clothes didn't cover.

"Lick" Anko commanded.

Kakashi's tongue darted out of his mouth as he did what Anko told him to do. Her hands were forcing his face to be pressed against her cleavage and they didn't allow him to move from her tits. His tongue licked her exposed skin and her skin tasted a little of her jasmine-scented oils that she frequently bathed in. Kakashi continued to alternate between kissing and licking her beautiful skin.

"Just like that! Don't stop, Kakashi," Anko said, encouraging Kakashi by pushing his face even more firmly against her soft tits. When she pulled down her clothes to free her tits, her hand on the back of his head immediately guided him to one of her nipples. His tongue stroked the sensitive skin surrounding her large, pink nipples which made Anko involuntarily shiver. It felt so good for her and whilst Kakashi had pleased her in the bedroom since their first night together, the numerous times that they coupled since meant that they knew exactly what the other loved in bed.

He wetted the skin around her nipples, teasing her even though she was in the more dominant position. He did the same to the skin around the other nipple, but Anko had enough with the teasing and directed his mouth onto her nipple. She felt his warm and wet mouth surround her nipple, which was hard from the arousal she had had since returning from breaking their training.

Anko hadn't been lying when she told Kurenai that she enjoyed Kakashi taking charge in the bedroom. She liked it rough. She liked it when he was dominant. She liked it when his body was covering hers and fucking her hard and fast. But what she also liked was when she herself was in control and Anko had told Kurenai as much. With Kakashi sucking on her nipple, she knew that he would want nothing more than to have his hand fondling her other breast but the fact she had decided that wouldn't be the case excited her. Anko did Kakashi"s usual job herself as her free hand squeezed her breast whilst Kakashi gave her pleasure on the other breast.

"You like that, Kakashi?"

Kakashi's cock twitched when she said his name like that. It was when she placed a heavier emphasis on her Seductive tone and more often than not, it had an effect on his cock and she knew it.

"Mhhhhm" Kakashi mumbled with her nipple still in his mouth as his tongue gently licked it. Anko was savoring the moments where she had the upper hand but she was silently excited for the moment she freed Kakashi from the binds that held his hands together so that he would have his way with her. She wondered if they would even make it to the bed. Perhaps Kakashi will take me on the couch, she thought. Or perhaps, he'll fuck me against the wall. Before her mind could conjure up more wicked images, she was brought back to reality as she heard Kakashi release her nipple with a loud pop.

I must've subconsciously relaxed my grip on the back of his head so that he could pull away, Anko supposed. She returned her tight grip on his pretty hair as she guided him to the other tit. Kakashi winced a little at the tight grip, but it did nothing to lower his arousal but rather increased it. His teeth lightly grazed the tip of her nipple which made Anko arch her back.

"Fuck yes" she muttered faintly.

Anko refused for his mouth to be parted from her tits and she continued to hold him firmly against them. Placing kisses all over her chest, her tits were a little damp from the attention he had paid them. Anko could feel his hot, hard, and throbbing cock against her inner thigh and so she placed her hand at the base and gave it a long and slow stroke.

"Annkkkk" Kakashi mumbled against her soft tits. Anko knew she was driving Kakashi crazy and he had done a fine job kissing, licking, and sucking on her tits so she decided that he did deserve a reward for his hard work. Although this may be even more torturous than before, Anko thought mischievously.

Anko crawled out of his lap and stood up. She saw the desire in Kakashi's eyes and she, therefore, decided to give him a personal show. She slowly began to remove her clothes, although one might argue calling it clothes as there was very little clothing and it didn't leave much to the imagination, touching herself in several places in the process. She glanced over her shoulder a couple of times and saw that Kakashi was struggling to keep still. Good, she thought wickedly. She danced slowly and sensually in front of him as she took off her clothes for him. Her hips swayed from side to side as she was deliberately slow in taking off her clothes.

"Like what you see?" Anko asked as she tossed her clothes away from them and onto the marble floor.

"Very much so" Kakashi replied, his arousal clear for her to see as his cock was begging for attention. She whipped her dark hair over her shoulder as she took a few steps towards him. She was a step away from him when she remembered something and stepped past him. Kakashi groaned loudly in frustration, not liking that she was continuously teasing him. Although the view of her stripping her clothes was fantastic.

"One second" he heard Anko say from somewhere behind him. Anko returned a few moments later with a couple of soft pillows and she threw them to the ground between his legs. "You didn't want your Anko to hurt her knees did you, Kashi?"

"Of course not" he choked as she gripped the base of his cock and began to stroke it.

The marble floor would've scraped and hurt her knees, so Anko got some pillows to make sure that didn't happen. She bent down and got on her knees in front of him as she continued to stroke his cock. I'll have you begging before too long, beloved. She licked her lips before getting right to it and she gave his cock a long lick from the base to the tip. She felt Kakashi shudder and she smiled before giving his hard cock another lick. Her tongue glided across his skin, caressing his cock with increasing urgency. With each lick, she was more eager and when her tongue reached the head of his cock, she wrapped her lips around it and twirled her tongue across the slit making him moan her name loudly.

Her nails dug into his thigh whilst her other hand stroked his cock whilst Anko sucked the head of his cock. Each time she lowered her head back onto his member, she took a little more of his big, thick cock in her mouth.

Kakashi's head fell back against the chair with a loud thud. Having his hands tied behind the chair was torture because he desperately wanted to thread his fingers through her black hair whilst she sucked on his cock. And that was another thing that he was finding hard. He knew and Anko knew that she was an expert at sucking his cock, and both knew that she knew he would soon be begging her for a retrieve more before too long. I will not break so easily, Ank., He thought, although he wasn't sure if he was lying to himself or not.

Her tongue glided over the skin of his cock as she took more of him in her mouth. Her eyes were focused on watching Kakashi's reaction and he had to close his eyes because staring at her whilst she took him deep in her mouth nearly made him finish far earlier than he had hoped for. His eyes were scrunched up as jolts of pleasure surged through his body.

"Fuck!" he spat.

"Mhhm, tell me how much you like me sucking your cock" Anko said but it wasn't the easiest thing to make out because her mouth was full with of Kakashi's cock. He mumbled something unintelligible and Anko smiled internally. When she took the entirety of his cock in her mouth, the sound of Kakashi's heavy breathing was the only one in the room. Her lips were at the base of his cock, pressed against his coarse hair above his cock. She held the position for a few moments before suddenly lifting her mouth off of his cock. She took a couple of deep breaths as a strand of spit dribbled down her chin and then fell in the valley of her tits.

Anko lifted her hand off of his thigh and lowered it down to the increasing wetness that she felt between her legs since they first came back to her bedroom. A couple of her fingers glided through her folds, coating them in her arousal. She slipped two fingers into her cunt, watching Kakashi as she fucked herself with her fingers.

His mouth was agape, and his dark eyes were nearly fully dilated whilst he watched her fingers slide in and out of her wet twat. Whilst she was doing a fine job pleasuring herself, Kakashi wished it was his fingers or preferably his cock inside of Anko and Anko wished for that too, but she was enjoying teasing him. Her fingers curled inside of her and a throaty moan escaped her lips which made Kakashi's throbbing cock twitch.

"Please" Kakashi whispered.

Anko smirked victoriously. I knew it wouldn't take long! Although I would've thought perhaps sucking his cock would've gotten him to beg rather than me touching myself. Oh well, it doesn't matter what I did to make him beg., All that matters is that he's begging for more.

Kakashi saw her smirk and shook his head in amusement. "You know as soon as my hands are untied, I'm the one who"s going to have you begging for more".

"Ohh, I know" she grinned. Her fingers slipped out of her cunt, soaked in her juices. She contemplated licking her fingers herself just to wake the beast, but she decided not to because she knew her Kashi was going to give her a good fucking anyway.

PlusPlus, I love it when he licks the wetness from my cunt off of my fingers. Anko lifted her index and middle finger to Kakashi's mouth and he wrapped his lips around her two fingers. Kakashi's eyes involuntarily closed as his mouth engulfed her fingers, tasting her on his tongue. His tongue swiped the juices off of her fingers, making both Kakashi and Anko moan as he did so. She slid her entire fingers in his mouth, allowing him to take every drop of her before Kakashi pulled his mouth away. He licked his lips, savoring the taste of her and it made him eager to have a taste from the source.

"Delectable," Kakashi said.

Anko stood up but remained between his legs. She gripped his hair and brought their mouths together, her tongue instantly granted access into his mouth. She tasted herself on his lips and tongue and she moaned at the thought of having Kakashi's head between her legs, devouring her between her legs before too long.

As their lips parted, Kakashi's lips tried to follow her, and she smirked as she moved out of range of his mouth. Anko knelt back down between his parted legs and her fingers closed around the base of his cock. She spat on his cock, covering it in her spit before she began to stroke his cock with both of her hands. The motion of Anko stroking Kakashi's spit-soaked cock caused loud squelching sounds to reverberate throughout the room.

"Gods, you are perfect" Kakashi groaned as Anko's hands worked on his cock. Her hands moved in a circular motion and her thumb rubbed the tip of his cock which made Kakashi gasp loudly. One of her hands left his cock to fondle his balls, which shot another burst of pleasure through Kakashi's body.

Anko placed kisses all along his thighs before her lips came into contact with his balls. With her hand holding his balls, she licked the underside of it making Kakashi's cock twitch in her hand, which was still stroking him. Anko licked every part of his sack, leaving him quivering for release but she wasn't going to give it to him just yet. Anko took one of his balls in her mouth, sucking on it which elicited a delightful sound to her ears. Kakashi's deep but quiet growl was her reward for the work her tongue did to him, but she also had another reward in mind; one that would please her greatly.

Kakashi was on the edge of his release when Anko stopped pleasuring him. He opened his eyes, which were full-blown with lust and need. His eyes were pleading with her, but she smiled mischievously at him. He groaned loudly when he realized she wasn't going to let him cum just yet and all it did was make Anko laugh. She had a nice and sweet laugh and for a moment, he forgot about the need for his release, but rather he concentrated on the beautiful sound escaping her plush lips.

"Ohh, my sweet, lovely Kashi, your release is going to have to wait" Anko revealed. "Right now, you're going to make me cum".

Lemon Ended


The streets of Konoha were busy, because of the Chunin Exams many Ninjas from foreign lands came to participate, but mostly tourists and people who came to see the Finals that would start after a month.

They were still time before The Final Exam started but some people have come early to see everything.

These were the best times for any kind of business in Konoha, from restaurants, weapon shops, decoration shops, picture shops, and many others.

The streets were buzzing with people walking around, and in one of the streets, Naruto, Ashara, and Fuu were walking around and checking out the shops around the Village.

"How have you been you two doing without me?" Naruto asked looking at Fuu.

"It has been a bit boring without you Naruto, but Asha made sure for me to always be busy with training, I Can't wait to show my new Jutsus" Fuu almost shouted at the end making many people stare at them with raised eyebrows.

"I missed you two as well, especially your happy attitude" Naruto replied with a cheeky smile that made Fuu blush.

"Has Anything interesting happen?" Ashara asked leaning closer to Naruto who blushed furiously from her close contact, not mentioning, Naruto had noticed that she had grown in the right places...

No, no no no, Stop It. I'm not like Toad-Jiji, Naruto thought trying to distract himself.

"Well, many things have happened but I will start from the very beginning. But first, let's reach Ichiraku Ramen" Naruto stated as they keep walking towards Ichiraku.

Both Fuu and Asha wondered just how good this restaurant was, Naruto had mentioned it many times the last time he was at Taki, with enthusiasm, they soon reached the restaurant.

Walking inside, Teuchi turned and smiled when he noticed Naruto walking inside followed by two girls.

"Ojj Naruto is good to see you, my boy," he said smiling and walking over to them.

Naruto returned the smile and took a seat along with Fuu and Asha, taking their seats, Naruto shake his hands with Teuchi.

"Is good to see you, sorry for not visiting for a while, being busy with missions" Naruto said with a sad smile but Teuchi just laughed and patted him on the shoulder.

"Don't worry Naruto, just grow strong, healthy, and happy. That's what's important" he replied before turning his attention to the two girls.

"Who are you, friends?" He asked with a small smirk and teasing tone that made Naruto blush and started rubbing his hair nervously.

"No- I - they're just friends. She's Fuu, and she's Ashara" Naruto introduced them pointing at them. Hoping they wouldn't be more teasing.

Fuu waves her hand with a big smile on her face. "Is a pleasure to meet you mister Teuchi" Fuu replied happily.

"Is good to meet you mister, and I wanted to personally thank you for treating Naruto kindly when he needed most" Ashara said with a small bow of respect.

Teuchi was touched by her words. "Is was no problem miss. Naruto is just like everyone else, and not mentioning our Favorite customer" just then Ayame walked from behind the restaurant carrying an empty plate, but her blank face lightened up like a candle when she noticed Naruto.

"Naruto" before the redhead could even process a response, he was engulfed by a bone-crushing hug.

"Is so Good to see you Naruto-kun" Ajame continued hugging him tightly.

Naruto's face turned blue, "Aj-Aja... I can't" he tried to say, noticing his discomfort Ajame pulled away from Naruto who drank a whole glass of water and still trying to catch his breath.

"I'm sorry Naruto," she said still smiling, but then she noticed the two girls. The green girl was patting his back while the other one was glaring daggers at her.

Forming a smirk on her face, "I see, you have been busy Naruto if I had known. I would have brought some candles for your Date" she said cheekily, making the three of them blush.

Naruto and Fuu tried to say that it wasn't really like that, while Ashara was silent.

"Now, let's prepare them some ramen" Teuchi suddenly said slamming his hand together and asked each one of them what they wanted.

After taking their order, Fuu nudged Naruto, he turned his head to Fuu who whispered only for three of them to hear.

"Hey, Naruto, how does this guy cook with his eyes closed all the time?" Fuu asked since she noticed that his eyes were closed, for a moment she thought he was blind.

Ashara nodded her in agreement since she too asked herself the exact same thing. Naruto just shrugged his shoulders, since he too had no idea how he could actually do that.

"I have no idea, perhaps he has some kind of secret Dojutsu" Naruto suggested, not giving that much thought into it.

Shortly after, Ayame brought three big Ramen bowls and three candles.

"For your first date," She said smiling while she lighted each candle and walked away but not before giving Naruto a wink.

Understanding the awkwardness between them, Ashara cleared her throat.

"So what has happened since you left Taki?" Ashara asked.

Naruto mentally thanked Asha for breaking the awkward silence.



Chapter Text


"Well, after I arrived back, I started the academy", Naruto started, and both looked at him, waiting for him to say more.

So Naruto started describing how the Academy was; Ashara was happy to hear that Naruto had friends in the Village.

The redhead had told both Fuu and Asha about his friends back at the Village; Naruto had stated that they had most likely forgotten him by now or maybe had started hating him like everyone else.

So when Ashara heard he actually had friends, she felt relieved; Fuu just smiled with her eyes closed and ate a piece of bacon from her Ramen.

Naruto soon explained what was taught in the Academy, which caught the attention of Asha.

"Wait, what about Fuinjutsu?! Or did they start learning it the last year," Asha asked, speculating that they probably saved Fuinjutsu to be taught in the last year since it was the hardest Shinobi Art to be taught.

Naruto sighed and shook his head in denial, looking at Asha. "No, they didn't teach Fuinjutsu in the Academy. I asked Iruka-sensei once, and he told me that Fuinjutsu Art had been removed from the school teaching program ten years ago," Naruto explained and returned to his Ramen.

This caused both Asha and Fuu to raise an eyebrow in confusion; the Academy in Taki taught them Fuinjtsu Level 1 at the fourth year until the last year, one of the exams to become a Genin asked from the student to seal any weapon in a scroll.

The redhead couldn't fathom how they thought they could do without Fuinjutsu; by removing it from the school program, they had dug their own grave; if anyone in Academy were a prodigy in Fuinjutsu, they wouldn't be able to know that unless someone introduced it to him/her.

While Fuu was thinking the same thing, she wasn't exactly the best when it came to the Art of Fuinjutsu, but being friends with Ashara for almost a decade, she reached level II in Fuinjutsu.

Drinking the whole bowl with Ramen, Naruto ordered a second one, soon followed by Asha and Fuu.

"This is delicious, Chef-sama", Asha complimented the man, who smiled at her.

"Oh, thank you, it is always good for a chef to know that his Art is appreciated", He responded and soon started preparing more Ramen for his customers.

"What happens later?" Fuu suddenly asked, looking at Naruto; for a moment, the Uzumaki didn't understand what she meant but soon realised.

"Ohh, well..." Naruto gave a quick summary of his four years in Academy, including getting a sudden visit from his godmother, and that he was living in the Senju Compound now.

Fuu felt good to know that Naru had a family now, someone to stay with; when Naru-kun had left Taki, she had been worried that he would suffer from his loneliness and that would change him, but she felt her heart smile knowing Naru wasn't alone anymore, in this ... Village.

Naruto soon told them about Mizuki trying to brand him as a traitor of the Village; after that, he told them about the numerous D-Rank Missions they needed to do, like Capturing a Demon Cat named Tora, what caught the attention of both girls was... "You can't believe, this one time, Sakura was trying so hard to capture the cat, so when the cat jumped from a branch to another branch, Sakura flew like an arrow towards her, catching her mid-air, but they looked down to see they were falling in a bush full of nettles.

"She then started screaming of how she would need to wash and clean to be good looking again", Naruto finished with clear annoyance in his tone.

Asha almost felt bad for the poor girl, Almost. Naruto told her that she was an annoying girl who still held her head above the clouds, always screaming how this 'Sasuke' guy was her true love or some bull crap like that.

Fuu, on the other hand, nudged Naruto gently, making him turn to her.

"How old exactly is that, cat? You said Tsunade-sama had chased the cat as well... so that begs the question how old is she?" Fuu asked, wondering.

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders, not knowing the answer.

"Who knows, I asked Tsunade-baa-chan the same question, but she just laughed and said 'I don't know myself, all I remember that cat had been around even when my grandfather was alive, according to Sarutobi-sensei' " Naruto explained, and they returned to eating the second bowl of Ramen.

After another hour of eating, they were finally done.

"30 bowl Naruto. Next time I will beat you," Ashara stated as they were walking away from Ichiraku.

Fuu turned to them, "Thank You for the delicious food, Teuchi-san", she said, smiling and waving at them; Naruto and Asha did the same before they turned and decided to visit other places in the Village.

"Naruto-kun, you told us, that Konoha had a beautiful sunset from the top of the Hokage mountain," Fuu said, walking close to Naruto.

"Well, yes, we can go once it is close to sunset," Naruto said, agreeing and looking at the sun still high in the sky; if he had to guess, he would say it was around 5 pm to 6 pm.

"Very well, I want to see other stores around the Village", Fuu suggested, and they soon started making their way towards the other stores of the Village.

While walking there, Asha noticed a few cold stares towards Naruto, she leaned closer to him, and her other hand was resting on the small punch around her thighs that carried several seals with weapons.

Naruto noticed her tense muscles and grabbed her hand with his making her cheeks slightly blush.

Holding his hand made her feel like a fire was turning inside; her tummy felt funny, like butterflies.

She knew what it was, and her eyes went to his defied muscles around his arm; his clothes covered his stomach; she knew he was very muscular and wondered just how much stronger Naruto had gotten since the last time.

Just the thought of his body made her cheeks blush even more, turning crimson red.

"Don't worry about that, they can send their hatred towards me as much as they want, but they will never be as happy as I am right now", Naruto responded, giving her a reassuring... beautiful smile.

Fuu felt touched to know that Naruto was happy because of her and Ashara.

Suddenly Ashara remembered something that she had wanted to ask Naruto for some time now.

"Naruto, do you know if Jiraiya-sama is in the village?" She asked while smiling slyly with a husky tone; this caused Naruto to raise his eyebrows for two reasons.

What was up with that smile and that ... tone?!

Why his godfather? Naruto knew Toad-Jiji had taught Asha a few things about Fuinjutsu and wondered if she wanted to be taught more since Jiraiya was a master in Fuinjutsu.

The question caused Fuu to sigh and roll her eyes in annoyance; Naruto noticed this and saw her murmuring something under her breath.

"Oh No," both Kurama and Chomei thought at the same time.

"Why?" Naruto asked with insecurity in his tone; a small part of him dreaded what the reason could be.

Ashara put her hand on a pouch behind her and pulled out a book written by Jiraiya.

"I wanted to know when he would release the new edition of Icha Icha books?" Ashara asked, holding the cursed book in her hands in front of her chest.

This caused Naruto and Kurama to freeze in place; for a long moment, Naruto was sure he had heard his friend wrong, he closed his eyes tightly, almost expecting it to be a bad dream, and once he opened them, he would see that it was just that.

Opening them, he saw Asha still holding the book in her hands and smiling innocently towards him; for some reason, that made Naruto's blood turn cold as ice.

He opened his mouth to speak, to say anything, but no words were coming out; the only thing coming out were a few whimpers.

Finally, understanding this was true and not a dream.



Naruto and Kurama screamed out loud, gaining the attention of many people around them.

Fuu covered her ears with her hands shaking her head, knowing this reaction would come.

When Ashara first started reading the stupid books a few months ago, Fuu had been wondering if the books were notes and tips to help in Fuinjutsu since Ashara has been this much invested only in Fuinjutsu, sure she trained her sword fighting, her Ninjutsu, and her Genjutsu a little, but nowhere near the level of Fuinjutsu.

When Fuu had taken the book at night and opened it to read it, within the first five pages, she understood what the book was all about and had screamed in the middle of the night, causing Ashara to wake up and look around for anyone immediately.

It had taken half an hour for Ashara to understand that Fuu had screamed because of the book.

Now, Fuu was waiting for the upcoming storm between the two.

"Why are you reading that garbage?!" Naruto half-shouted pointing the finger at the book.

This caused Ashara to clench her teeth. Fuu covered her ears again.

"THIS IS NOT GARBAGE. THIS... IS ... ART" She shouted

Naruto looked even more confused and lost of words, looking at Asha, who was performing some pre-rehearsed victory dance complete with confetti and a large sign that read.

"This Is True ART!' in big, bold letters.

Fuu had closed her eyes in complete shame, shaking her head, looking at her now; both Kurama and Chomei were thinking the same thing.

"Matatabi and her would be perfect for each other"

Naruto groaned after hearing Kurama saying that. He started murmuring something about killing a particular toad.

"Okay, enough with this, as for toad-Jiji, he's out of the village right now," Naruto said, lowering Ashara's hands.

She whined that Jiraiya-sensei wasn't around but hoped he would be around until the End of Chunin Exams.

Seeing that the situation was back to ... 'normal'. Fuu walked over to them and put a hand on both of their shoulders. Turning to look at her, she smiled.

"How about we visit the shops now" she suggested, and they started walking towards the shops.

Fuu saw many shops, but none had anything that interesting; some had souvenirs; soon, they visited the fifth shop filled with different decorations. This one had a large red carpet on the floor decorated to look like flames.

Walking inside, Fuu saw small necklaces behind glass; she eyed each one and saw one that caught her attention.

This one looked like a butterfly with green wings and a blue body. She opened the glass and took it in her hand to examine it more closely, her face beamed.

She was turning to Naruto, who was helping Ashara with something.

"Naru-kun, can you help me to wear it?" Fuu asked innocently and showed her puppy eyes.

Naruto chuckled nervously; his face blushed; he couldn't help but see how cute Fuu looked right now; nodding his head, he walked over to her and helped her with the necklace.

Fuu beamed after he was done and turned around.

"How does it look?" She asked, hoping that Naruto liked it.

"It looks beautiful, Fuu, it makes you look even cuter", Naruto blurted out without thinking, his face turned as red as his hair, while Fuu spread her arms and hugged him, slightly rubbing her cheek against his.

Just her skin alone made Naruto feel a burning sensation on his middle; hugging her back; he pulled away.

"It suits you, Fuu-chan", Ashara complimented.

Soon Fuu paid for the necklace, even though Naruto had wanted to pay it himself, but Fuu had assured him that it was no problem whatsoever.

Walking outside, they resumed walking around the shops.

"How about we go to my home. I'm sure Shizune-chan and Baa-chan would be happy to meet you two," Naruto suggested earning a nod from both of them.

As they were walking away, Naruto felt three chakra levels hiding behind them; his eyes roamed around and saw that there were barely any civilians in this part of the street, turning around.

"Come out. I know you're there," Naruto shouted; Ashara narrowed her eyes at the three genins walking from behind a tree. One of them jumped from the tree while the two others came out from behind the tree.

With a single glance, Naruto saw they looked around his age but couldn't help but feel the amount of Chakra they had.

All three of them were trying to suppress it, especially the guy in the middle, while the two girls had Low-Jonin Chakra Level, the one in the middle had around High-Jonin Chakra Level.

Looking at their headbands, Naruto's eyes narrowed at the Iwa shinobi in front of them.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked with a firm tone and released a small amount of KI.

The one in the middle took a step forward, looking unfazed by his KI.

"Just wanted to see with my own eyes, you must be Naruto Uzumaki-Senju. My name is Ikano Āegenka, my twin sister Ikamano Āegenka, and her friend Lulja Łetaka" he introduced them.

Naruto's eyes slightly widened at his last name. Āegenka?! I thought that clan died in the first Ninja War? Naruto asked himself.

The one named Ikano had Aqua eyes, dark lines that went from the middle of his eyes to his jawline. Triangle-shaped face, slightly small nose, small eyebrows, Long Grey hair like ash that reached his cheeks, three fangs that covered his right eye, that had a small slash above his eyebrow. A long dark shirt underneath his dark-blue jacket, blue shinobi pants, with dark-red sandals, a strange sword handle tightened around his thighs, but no steel attached to the handle, just an empty dark handle!...

He was slightly taller than Naruto and had a strange chakra that Naruto couldn't explain.

"Kurama? Do you feel this?" Naruto asked him, still keeping his eyes on the shinobi in front of him.

"I don't know Naruto, he feels like he has two different types of chakra, but I can't feel any Bijuu sealed inside him ; I don't know what that might be but be careful, he's not to be underestimated" , Kurama stated.

Naruto mentally nodded his head and turned his attention at the guy in front of him.

Ikano said nothing before a small smirk spread on his face.

"You done Talking to Him?" He asked with a strong tone.

Naruto's eyes widened, and so did Ashara's and Fuu's and Kurama but surprisingly, Chomei didn't look surprised by what he said.

Naruto wanted to ask how could he know but kept his mouth shut.

Only then did Naruto notice his right hand; the whole hand was covered in white bandages; he narrowed his eyes at that, he wondered what he was hiding.

"You will be in Chunin Exams?" Naruto asked, already knowing the answer.

"I will. I'm looking forward to our match. It will be an honourable Fight," He stated respectfully with a small smile at the edge of his lips.

He bowed his head slightly and gestured for his team to walk away.

Naruto had a slight smile on his face. This Exam will indeed be interesting, he thought, remembering the strong shinobis of this Exam. Gaara, Yugito and Ikano. He turned to look at Asha and Fuu.

Soon they left and were in front of the gates of Senju Compound.

Fuu felt nervous and was holding her left ring finger with her right hand, her eyes not focusing on the gate, instead of at the ground, anywhere else except the entrance.

Ashara held her chest high, and her eyes filled with confidence; she knew the one she would be meeting was Tsunade-Sama, one of the Sannin of the Konoha.

From the corner of her eyes, she noticed the state of Fuu and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder; Fuu looked at her, and Ashara smiled at her.

"Don't worry, there's no need to be nervous", Asha whispered, hoping she helped her.

Fuu's face lightened up like a firecracker, and her orange eyes focused on the door opening. Outside came a woman with dark hair holding a ... pig!?

A smile formed on her face when she saw Naruto.

"Naruto-kun," she said quickly, giving him a bear-hug; Naruto was desperately trying to talk.

"Shizu-chan... I ..." understanding what was happening, Shizune let go of her little brother, her hands behind her neck and chuckling nervously.

Only then did she notice the two girls that were basically in his arms, a smirk on her face.

"And who are these beautiful ladies? I didn't know you have found girlfriends," Shizune said, smirking, and started laughing when both Naruto and the green-haired girl tried to deny anything, while the redhead had a slight smile on her