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The Red Flash

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Rock Lee

He smiled, despite the constant pain on his head, he smiled; while he didn't know the guy- Shikamaru very well, he still looked like someone who helped his friends and Shinobi of the Leaf and didn't stand by and let them die as long as he didn't get a scratch on his skin, that was something Lee always appreciated.

To him, that was how a Shinobi should always be, good, generous, and humble, saving people who couldn't protect themselves.

Seeing the guy, His Shadow Jutsu stop dozu, made him release a sigh of relief; otherwise, he might have needed to use the gates to get out of this problem.

As he was thinking about getting back to his team, he heard a chuckle; turning around, everyone saw three Shinobi approaching them.

At first look, they looked normal, but the Iwa Emblem made him wary; he knew they had bad blood with the Konoha since The Fourth had obliterated over 1000 of their Shinobi within minutes.

His sole focus was on the guy of the group. He didn't know why but he felt a shiver on his body, and his whole body was giving out bad vibes to him.

"This is very interesting, isn't It" Lee shook his head; he thought perhaps his hearing was more messed up than he had previously thought, but he heard the way his last word came out of his mouth.

Glancing at everyone else, he noticed everyone else had noticed his strange tone as well, looking at him again. He saw the two girls behind him who didn't look shocked or bothered by his strange voice; he figured they knew him extremely well.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw Sakura lying on the small opening at the bottom of the tree, and her legs were messed up, especially her nose.

I should get him away from here, Lee thought; he still didn't know if the Iwa team were here to cause problems, but if they were here for that, he needed to get them away from Sasuke and Sakura they were injured and needed help.

Before Lee could utter a word to the Iwa team, the guy in front took a step forward; his right eye turned dark like the darkest Abyss.

"Who wants to go First?" Lee felt a sudden wave of cold all around him; the air itself felt heavy, almost trying to push him to the ground, weighing down on him; he felt his bones almost popping out from his body, he clenched his teeth tightly, almost breaking them, as the pain spread through his body like a hammer breaking him.

He heard the sound of a glass shattering; he looked up to see himself in a familiar place, his breath sticking on his throat, as in front of him, stood himself, a much younger version of him; Lee remembered this day better than he wanted to remember it.

"Why am I so useless?" The young Lee cried as he kept trying to do a clone, Lee saw himself still trying to do the hand signs over and over again, but to no avail, nothing was happening.

Lee, for some time, had thought to give up, but his dream to become a Shinobi had pushed him to heights he had never seen before.

Lee was about to walk forward and confront him when he heard footsteps from behind; he didn't need to turn around when Gai walked past him, the young Lee was lying on the grass hugging his legs when a strange Guy kneeled in front of him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Who are you?" Lee asked, turning around, wiping away the tears from his face, putting up a brave face.

Gai smiled brightly and helped him stand up. "My name is Gai; how about I help you a bit?"

Lee felt happy at the memories; that was the first time meeting Gai-sensei; at the time, he had never thought that he would become his Jonin sensei; Lee watched as his sensei started showing the young Lee the different stances of Taijutsu.

The sun was shining down on him, and Lee felt happy when suddenly Gai-sensei turned around and faced him with a face he had only seen once, back at the Kyoni Town Mission almost a year ago.

His usual happy face turned serious, almost glaring in his direction; Lee didn't want to see this; what could have happened to make him so angry at him.

"Why Lee?" Gai-sensei asked with an angry tone, with a hint of desperation in his voice. Lee shuddered at the tone, taking a step back, feeling his breath stuck on his throat, he kept trying to speak, but no words were coming out.

"What happened, Gai-Sensei?" Lee wanted so desperately to ask, but no words came out, as Gai just shook his head in disappointment at him.

"I thought you wanted to protect your friend; you don't think I don't know why you keep training," Gai asked with a sneer, mocking him before pointing the finger at the river nearby.

Lee slowly turned his head to his right, almost afraid to turn it when he saw himself, fighting with Neji, the young Lee kept trying to do something, but in the end, Neji bested him like always...

"You might lie to everyone; you want to prove to everyone that you can be just as good of a Shinobi as someone who can use Jutsu..." Gai sneered before turning to look Lee directly in the eye.

"You're afraid that your lack of chakra will one day result in someone you love to die, you fear that day coming, that's why you keep trying to get stronger, to prove to everyone that you're just as good as everyone else and to avoid that from ever happening" Gai-sensei spoke before a blade pierced his face.

"NOOOOO," Lee screamed as he rushed towards Gai, who fell dead on the ground, holding him close, as tears streamed down on his cheek.

"No, Gai-Sensei, WAKE UP," Lee screamed, moving his shoulder desperately, as in front of him stood a sea of bodies, corpses rotted to the bone.

He knew every single one of them, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, The Red girl with Katana, the blonde girl, Shikamaru.

Neji was all bones, except the seal on his forehead still shining on his skull, a curse that would never disappear, TenTen who's whole body was ripped to shreds from blades, a sword piercing her skull, a red smile across her neck, smiling red back at him, almost reaching to her ear.

But two corpses who, unlike the others, didn't look decomposed.

One was a woman with long dark hair reaching to her feet, the other a guy with a Konoha emblem tightened around his waist.

Lee felt that he knew them and should know them, but he couldn't remember where he had seen them. It had been a long time.

"You failed us, Lee," Neji's corpse suddenly spoke, his voice almost gone; it felt like a ghost speaking.

"You. A Shinobi," TenTen mocked him, with a burst of laughter that sounded terrible, the most terrifying sound he had ever heard.

No, NoNo, Lee stood up and glared, his fist bleeding from his nails piercing his skin, his bandages falling off, as he screamed to everyone, not accepting this Fate.

Lee opened his eyes, almost falling to the ground, his head rose, as his right hand raised, he saw everyone was still there, and the black eye guy almost looked surprised to see him.

"You're Back; how?" The guy spoke, Lee spoke nothing, his eyes found everyone else of his friends was lying unconscious on the ground.

"Not everything is how it seems," the girl spoke with a hint of mockery in her voice. Lee rushed at the Iwa Shinobi with all his speed, kicking his chin sending him crashing against a tree; Lee didn't allow him to rest, as he punched his chest with all his strength, ripping the tree beneath him in two, Lee kept throwing fists and kicks.

Another crash, as the guy was lying on the ground.

Lee glanced at his teammates but was surprised to see them not looking concerned for his well-being; Lee didn't know if they didn't care or just, there was something else.

"Not Everything is how it seems," the girl repeated the same words to him, mocking him again.

Looking at the Iwa Shinobi again, he marched towards him, blood coming out of his nose and mouth, broken teeth lying nearby, as Lee grabbed his tunic and put him in front of him.

"Now, Free my Friends," Lee shouted before punching him again; his body crashed against the rock, the rock broke in half. Lee knew after all this; all his bones must be broken; he made sure to break his knees and broke his femur, which was the longest bone in the body; he had kicked his back, but making sure not to paralyze him.

A peal of laughter reached his ears, his eyes widened, as the Iwa guy stood up, his legs completely shattered, bones fractures all over his legs and chest, a bone had pierced his skin and came out around his chest, and yet he stood up...

The Iwa Shinobi smiled, from ear to ear, as the veins around his whole body became more apparent.

Lee exhaled when every vein slowly became dark; Lee couldn't understand, was his blood black.

"You should Really watch what you do," Iwa guy spoke, but instead of him, now stood...Sakura.

Lee felt cold as his eyes saw Sakura puke blood, her eyes looking back at him, and they were afraid of him.

"Why did you do this to me, Lee?" She asked with a hurt tone, crying tears of blood.

Lee desperately tried to move towards her as she fell dead to the ground.

Lee looked around as everything started covering in darkness.

Lee put his hands on his ears, his eyes closed, desperately trying to escape this nightmare...

"Lee, Wake Up," a voice echoed as everything fell apart like broken glass.



She glared at the Kumo Shinobi; she had heard from Naru-kun that they had once tried to kidnap his mother and Hinata Hyuga, the Heiress of Hyuga Clan, she knew she should have been more careful.

As Fuu was covered in a chakra cloak, she rushed at who she assumed was Gitago; he put his hand in front of his chest as she punched him, sending him crashing against a tree.

The debris flew everywhere, burn marks were around his arms, where she had punched him.

Fuu wanted to attack again when she jumped just in time to dodge an attack from a blonde woman.

Fuu was flying as her wings came out behind her back; she glanced where Naruto was lying when Three more Kumo Shinobi stood in front of her.

"Stop this, we don't have to fight," one of them shouted, much to her surprise.

"If you're here because of the Naruto guy, then you can have him," The guy added as he glanced nervously at Gitago behind him, and the girl who Fuu recognized as Nibi Jinchuuriki nodded in agreement.

"Should we just let them go like this? She attacked Gitago," The woman with short blonde hair spoke, looking at her teammates, uncertain of what they should do.

Fuu was about to jump, grab Naruto, and leave when red lighting came towards her but was blocked by a silver chakra chain.

Everyone gasped when they saw Gitago had his right arm covered in red lighting and aiming at Fuu, who was protected by who they knew was the Uzumaki girl from Taki.

Ashara was standing in the same tree that Naruto was hidden, her silver chakra chains retreated back to her sleeve as she glared at the Kumo Shinobi, who almost hurt Fuu.

Gitago narrowed his eyes at the newcomer. He knew not to underestimate an Uzumaki; if he started this fight, he knew even if they won, one of them could get badly injured or, worse, die.

He knew Yugito might not agree to fight, and the green girl has a Bijuu and is from Taki.

Gitago understood she had the seven tails beetle, which Bee-Sensei could only defeat, and the way she handled her chakra cloak was enough proof that she could use it; he knew just from the way she controlled the three tails meant that she could at the very least use four tails which was not something he was prepared for, not yet.

"You can have the Uzumaki, but next time we fight, it won't end like this," Gitago spoke loudly; most of Kumo Shinobi looked surprised. In contrast, Fuu and Ash looked skeptical; Fuu glanced at her friend, wanting to know if she thought this was some ploy, and she just gestured to grab Naruto and leave.

Fuu nodded and went to Naruto, who was still unconscious.

Yugito breathed a sigh of relief before she jumped up at Ashara, who was preparing to leave, turning around, her face slightly softened.

"I'm sorry for what happened; I hope to meet again on better terms," Yugito said in an apologist tone.

"Maybe," Fuu said before they jumped away.

Yugito saw their figures disappearing before she turned and jumped down, landing three meters away from her team; she saw Gitago looking at her.

She narrowed her eyes at him, preparing for a fight if it came to that, the others seemed to notice it as well, but Gitago just turned around.

"We have a tower to reach; we can talk later," He spoke before jumping away.