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“We’re a family, all of us.” He whispered, watching how the other three men looked up in surprise. Their reactions were exactly how he predicted and he only grinned brighter.


“Don’t say that, you’ll make me cry.” The tallest whimpered, turning away to wipe his eyes. He had curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. He currently wore a simple tunic, one that common folk would wear out in villages.


“But we are.” He whined, walking over and clasping the tallest man’s hands. He looked at the man with glimmering blue eyes. He was genuine, this was his wish.


The other man, who was surprisingly shorter than the rest even if he was the eldest, wiped his face as the incoming tears streamed down his cheeks. He had short blonde hair that reached his shoulders and also had blue eyes like the youngest. He wore a long green toga with a black cape that covered a large pair of wings. “We are…” He whispered back.


The last of the three other men, who was slightly taller than the eldest, remained silent. He had long braided pink hair and intense red eyes. He was stoic and regal, as shown by his collared white shirt. Behind him flew a red royal cloak.


“Philza is the dad, William and the Blade are like twin older brothers.” He pointed to each of the men. “And well, I’m the youngest.” He shrugged.


The four of them stood on the large hill overlooking the blossoming meadow. The sun was setting, illuminating each expression in a soft orange haze. It was clear that they all felt the same, no matter how hard some tried to hide their emotional state.


“I promise I’ll always be with you- protect you.” The eldest stumbled over and hugged the youngest tightly. He gently stroked the youngest’s fluffy blonde hair.


“F-fine…” The tallest also joined the eldest in the group hug. “I’ll never let you go now.” He huffed.


The youngest giggled before looking over at the stoic warrior who fiddled with his pink hair nervously. The others expectantly looked over at him, patiently waiting for him to sort out his complicated feelings.


“I can be your family…” He mumbled. The three others slowly opened up their hug, beckoning for him to join. Without hesitation, the pinkette sprinted into the hug. They all laughed, knowing it was something each of them wanted.


They held each other for what seemed like hours. A fallen god, a stoic warrior, a musical village boy, and the love-able child. United by chance and formed a family through their formidable journey.


“You reckon we’ll meet in the next life like this?” The youngest asked, breaking the silence.


“How could I ever leave you, Theseus.” The tallest stroked the boy’s hair gingerly.


“I wouldn’t mind meeting you.” The pinkette whispered. “For eternity and back.”


“For eternity.” The youngest echoed back.


The eldest, Philza, took these words to heart. Never once in his life did he ever expect to be betrayed by his friend in the heavens. But, because of that betrayal, he learned something no infinite knowledge could ever understand. Philza lived- had lived through the moments of forming a familial bond. So when Theseus said that they should meet again, Philza insisted that he would make that wish come true. Even if he had no power, they would always meet.


Time spiraled infinitely. Everything moved to the soft clicking of a clock as it swayed back and forth. Once it reached twelve, there was a large ring of a bell signalling a new day. The new day symbolised new life. The new life brought back the four souls. Curiously, the mysterious force played with the souls, knowing that one was a fallen god who became mortal. It wanted him to suffer. So, when each soul held each other in a familial link, the force decided to honor it. The sound of the clock began to tick back and forth.




Philza was reborn, holding his twin sons and his precious baby.




Philza found three stray children wandering the streets.




Philza met three new friends during a gladiator match.




Philza stood above three bodies.


The rain pelted his face as he looked down at the three of his closest friends- family even. He remembered everything, the lives that each had lived even if the others had the bliss of never remembering. But now, after running away together, despite being affiliated with different kingdoms, had fallen from the great war. Honestly, he felt nothing standing over the bodies. He was numb. He had lived every moment, always outlived his precious children.

Was this what the damned Green God wanted?

No, everything was fine, as long as he could continue meeting his friends' reincarnations over and over again.




Philza looked down to see his youngest crawling towards him in the mud. He was so weak, from the blood wounds. Philza remembered how the Blade had fallen first after taking on so many soldiers. He remembered how William stepped in the way to defend Theseus before getting slashed. And he remembered little Theseus stabbed-


All Philza could do was watch, watch like the coward he was.


“Please….” Came Theseus’ tortured voice. He had now reached Philza’s boots. Weakly, he tugged a bit of his clothing as he looked up to face Philza, his eyes swirling in a deep blue of despair. “Please… Please-”


Philza listened to Theseus’ demand. This was the one wish he couldn’t honor.


The clock spiraled again, landing on a new timeline to place the carefully overused souls. It was amusing to the mysterious force. It was amusing how no matter how hard Philza tried to be strong, he was slowly breaking under the immense burden of reliving each and every death of his beloved family. This was everything that Philza deserved.


The special wish that Theseus once shared, was now a curse that would be forever unbroken.

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Tommy opened his eyes wide, sweat accumulating on his forehead. His breathing was heavy as he shakily slid out of bed.


What did he dream about?


Something truly terrified him from whatever nightmare he had received. He pushed it aside as he crept downstairs to grab a glass of water. He must’ve had a nightmare about his parents but it was so strange… He felt desperate.. He could briefly recall grabbing a cloak and looking up at someone with desperation.


“Please…” He felt himself unconsciously whisper. He shook his head desperately, running towards the bathroom. He flicked on the light and turned the knob on the sink. Once the water flowed freely, Tommy splashed his face to wake himself up. After he had drenched his face, he slowly lifted his head to look at himself in the mirror. It was him, his messy blonde hair and light blue eyes. He wasn’t a small child trapped in the crashed car or was he whatever was in that nightmare. It was just him, just Tommy.




Tommy turned his head to look at his grandfather who was standing just outside the door frame of the bathroom. “Oh, hi Gramps.” Tommy whispered.


“Are you alright?” His grandfather asked carefully.


Tommy nodded. He was fine.


His grandfather sighed in relief and looked Tommy in the eyes. “If you don’t feel good at the new school today…”


“I’ll let you know and you can pick me up.” Tommy echoed back.


His grandfather had told him this countless times. Ever since the accident, he was living with his grandparents. He had moved far away from his childhood home and would be starting up school again after his long time of grieving.


“Alright, you should be getting ready now anyways.” His grandfather mumbled as he turned away from the bathroom.


Tommy nodded, following the elderly man out and walked towards his own bedroom. He shut the door quietly and slid himself down to the ground. He will be attending school again after a long while. He squeezed his eyes shut as he pushed away all of his worries. He will be fine, he was always fine.


Carefully, he stood back up and wandered over to his dresser where he pulled out a simple white t-shirt with red sleeves and blue jeans. He exchanged his pajamas for his new clothes. He opened the door again and wandered back downstairs where he could smell some fresh eggs frying on the pan. He slid into the seat and awaited breakfast to be ready.


The breakfast table was silent as his grandfather and him dug into their food. There was only a few occasional scraping on the plate as they grabbed pieces of the fried eggs.


“Tommy,” his grandfather said, breaking the silence. “Would you like me to drive you for your first day?”

Tommy paused. He hated cars- Ever since the accident, cars had always made him anxious.


But, he was fine, he had to be.


His grandfather was doing his best, caring for Tommy and his grandmother who was sick at the hospital. “Only today… But could I walk for the rest of the school year?” Tommy asked, trying to keep his voice even.


His grandfather looked at him with sad eyes. He nodded slowly, honoring his grandson's wish. He stood up, grabbing the dishes and placing them into the sink. He beckoned towards Tommy as the boy grabbed a backpack hanging on the wall. His grandfather pushed open the front door and towards the gleaming car in the driveway. With a click of the keys, the doors unlocked and his grandfather slid into the driver's seat.


Tommy hovered just outside of the passenger seat. His hand was shaking as it lightly gripped the door handle. He could see his reflection in the window and he looked like a mess. He could see the dark bags underneath his eyes and the blank expression spread across his face. Taking a deep breath, he pushed forward, opening the door and sliding into the seat. He was better. He had to show his grandfather that he was improving so that he wouldn’t worry him. His grandfather already had to worry about his grandmother, so Tommy couldn’t burden him any longer. He turned to the side after fastening his seat belt, looking out the window as a distraction.


The sky was rather gray today. Perhaps it was symbolizing exactly how Tommy currently felt. It would be hard to fit in, seeing how it was the middle of the year. People would have already gathered themselves into small groups. The car moved nice and steady to Tommy’s relief. The car gently pulled into a parking lot facing a large school. Begrudgingly, Tommy stepped out of the car and faced the school. The building was rather drab in color, faded brick walls and glossy windows. At the moment, Tommy would be attending the public school known as Craft High school.

“Do you want me to walk you inside?” His grandfather asked after rolling down the car window.


Tommy shook his head. He was already well aware that having your family walk you inside like a child was a social death wish. He was a big man now. He could do it himself.


“Well, have a good day Tommy. For today only I suppose, I’ll pick you up, alright?”


“Alright.” Tommy whispered. He turned away from the car as he heard the engine start up. He didn’t have to turn around to know that this grandfather was already leaving him in this new environment. He took another large breath to calm his nerves. Without hesitation, Tommy crossed the threshold of the school.


There was a massive courtyard that was in the middle of the other large buildings. He saw different groups of teenagers sitting at several of the outside tables under the shade of the ramada. The two remarkable students that he saw were incredibly tall male with messy brown hair and black sunglasses covering their eyes. The other was short, blue shimmering eyes and also had fluffy brown hair. However, they seemed to buzz with energy around the tall man. He hadn’t noticed how the two paused to watch him staring at them until the short one waved at him. Tommy flinched in surprise, his face heating a bit in embarrassment. Quickly, he shuffled away and towards the building with the sign, ‘Administration.’


He pushed open the heavy doors and stepped inside the bustling office. He glanced around, noting how several students were in line for spare IDs. He glanced around until he spotted a notable adult.


“Sir,” Tommy initiated, getting the attention of the adult. “Where can I pick up the schedule?”


The teacher only pointed towards a narrow hallway with the sign, ‘Guidance Counselors’.


Tommy tightened his grip around the straps of his bag and stepped forward into the hallway. The hallway expanded into yet another room with several desks where some staff members sat. In the lobby area, Tommy could see several seats where students would sit.


He shuffled over and plopped down onto one of the seats. Awaiting the attention of any teacher, he glanced around noting all of the cringy encouragement posters. His attention then landed on a student sitting on the far side of the lobby. The student was sitting on the chair with their knees pulled into them. Tommy blinked for a couple of seconds as he noticed the long pale pink hair on the teenager. It was definitely unusual but he wouldn’t judge. He could also tell that the hair needed to be redyed soon because of the brown roots poking out of the boy’s head. The boy wore a dark red sweater that seemed a little too big for him. The boy also seemed to be buried in a book. Upon closer inspection he could see the title of the book, ‘The Art of War.’


Again, Tommy was unaware of how long he was staring at the boy. His blue eyes slowly met the sharp dark brown eyes of the boy. They glinted dangerously, threatening him to dare to continue with his stare.


The world shifted around Tommy. He was no longer sitting on the school’s chair but rather on a large boulder. He turned his head to see a stoic warrior with pointed ears. Their face was covered in scars but they had the unmistakable shimmering long pink hair. Tommy was met with the same intense stare but this one was layered with all sorts of meaningful feelings.


Tommy found himself back inside of the guidance office, his expression mixed with confusion. What exactly did he see? He shook his head, quickly turning away from the strange teenager.


“Technoblade, I’m ready to see you.” One of the adults called out and Tommy watched absentmindedly as the boy from earlier packed his things and left the area promptly. Now, he was the only student sitting and waiting to receive the proper attention.


“Tom, I assume?” Tommy looked up to see a tall man with a collared shirt. Tommy nodded, confirming his identity to the adult. “Good, I’m Principal Sam and I’m glad to have you attending school this second semester.”


“Yeah…” Tommy said feeling awkward.


Sam, catching the uneasiness, decided to hurry up with what he needed to say. “I have your schedule here and I have a senior who can show you around to your classes. I know that adjusting isn’t easy..” The principal placed a gentle hand on Tommy’s shoulder. “Just know that the staff here always have time for you.”


Tommy felt slightly annoyed. It seemed that they knew of his past trauma and were trying to baby him. Despite his annoyance he nodded. “Thanks.” He muttered.


Sam nodded, taking the boy’s thank you as an approval. “Wilbur, come here!” Sam gestured over to a tall teen with curly brown hair poking out from underneath a dark blue beanie. Wilbur wore a black turtleneck shirt and had a pair of jeans. Besides his backpack, Wilbur was carrying a large guitar case. Sam blinked for a few moments before groaning. “No hats in the building.”


Wilbur sheepishly snatched the beanie off of his head. “Habit, sir.”


Sam nodded again, turning back to Tommy. “Well, this is Wilbur, a senior here and he was willing to take time to show you around this school.” Sam glanced at Wilbur, “And will set a good example.”


Wilbur coughed a bit uneasily before going back to his chipper tone. “Hello,” Wilbur waved.


“I’m Tommy, nice to meet you.” Tommy mumbled.


“Now that you’ve been properly associated,” Sam handed Tommy his schedule. “You should start moving now before the first bell rings.”


“Yeah, yeah, we got this.” Wilbur wrapped an arm around Tommy and started to lead him out of the building. This notion seemed familiar to him despite this being the first time that they have met. It was odd. There must’ve been something wrong with him. No, nothing was wrong… But the sinking feeling in his stomach refused to leave.


Wilbur and him walked around campus, more specifically the building where his first few classes were. This was a fairly large school, much to Tommy’s surprise. He inhaled and exhaled a deep and calculated breath. He would be fine. Everything was fine… He wasn’t sure how much longer he could tell himself that. Those words always fell on deaf ears inside of his head.


“Well, I have shown you at least the best routes to your first few classes.” Wilbur said in his sing-song voice. He swirled around, swinging his guitar case with him. “Your first class awaits, child.”


Tommy glanced at the semi-filled classroom. The bell hasn't rung yet, but several students were already inside and prepared for the incoming school day.


“Well, I’ll meet you at lunch I suppose.” Wilbur said, turning away and leaving the child. His back was turned when he waved and Tommy swore he could feel a gust of wind hitting him. The imaginary sun was shining on Wilbur, a long yellow cape flowing from his back. What the hell was wrong with him? Tommy shook his head, dissipating that hallucination with it. He turned back to the open classroom and stepped inside.


The bell rang moments later and several students begrudgingly stepped into the classroom. Tommy waited a bit, trying to see what seats were taken.


“You can sit here!” Tommy turned to see the short kid that he saw earlier this morning. The boy seemed to be buzzing with excitement, frantically waving at Tommy. Tommy sheepishly shuffled over, not knowing where to sit anyways. Tommy slid into the empty seat beside their two desks in the back corner of the room. The energetic short boy sat on top of the tall kid’s desk. He was kicking his legs out playfully as he looked at Tommy. “I’m Tubbo!”


Tommy smiled softly, “Tommy.” He answered. Tubbo turned to look at the tall boy and nudged him slightly. The tall boy’s head snapped over to the two as if his attention had been refocused.


“Oh, uh, Ranboo. I’m Ranboo.” He answered quickly.


Tubbo nodded happily. “You were definitely a new face that I didn’t expect. Honestly, the way you were looking at us this morning made me suspect that you wanted to be friends.”


Tommy felt embarrassed. They had noticed him staring right at them. “Uh… Sorry.” He mumbled.


“No need to be sorry.” Tubbo chirped. He gently ruffled Ranboo’s hair, “Everyone needs a friend. How do you think I picked up this big guy?”


“You’re making it seem like I was a lost puppy.” Ranboo mumbled as he fixed his now messed up hair.


“You were.” Tubbo simply answered.


Tommy watched the two interact, amused by their close friendship.


“Anyways, pleased to meet you big man.” Tubbo grinned.


Tommy, matching the same energy as Tubbo, grinned, “Same, big man.”


Ranboo sheepishly smiled as well, “Same as well.”


“Tubbo!” Tubbo jumped at the sound of someone shouting his name. He nearly fell off of the desk in surprise. “No sitting on the desks, young man!”


Tubbo sheepishly slid off of Ranboo’s desk and sat at his own. Ranboo glanced over at Tubbo to make sure he was alright after being yelled at. Tubbo nodded weakly, telling Ranboo that he was fine.


Tommy knew that he was lying. Tubbo had been taken by surprise and must’ve hated being yelled at so suddenly. He wasn’t fine. He knew.. He knew because…. He knew because he would constantly tell himself the same thing. He shook his head furiously, catching the attention of Ranboo’s inquisitive gaze. Ranboo watched for a few seconds before turning to his own notebook to take notes on the class.


The class continued without any other interruptions and when the bell rang, Tubbo promised to meet with Tommy at lunch. The day continued to cycle through each class until finally the awaited lunch had been reached. Tommy shuffled out of his latest class and glanced around nervously. Tommy flinched in surprise as an arm wrapped around his shoulder.




Tommy shrugged off the arm, annoyed at the sudden contact. “You really need to stop doing that Wilbur.”


“Well, I have to be here for my favorite sophomore.” Wilbur teased. Wilbur looked ahead, noticing two other boys at the end of the hallway staring at the two of them. Wilbur blinked slowly before turning to Tommy, “Oh wow, you made friends. I’m so proud of you!”


“Of course I am capable of making friends.” Tommy grumbled as he gripped his backpack straps tightly. He found himself already walking towards the other two boys as if this was something he did daily. Wilbur followed, intrigued with the boy’s progress at his new school.


“Tommy, I had no idea that you knew Wilbur!” Tubbo gasped as the two got closer.


“And you are…?” Wilbur tilted his head to the side.


“Tubbo,” Tubbo said eagerly, holding his hand out.


“Wilbur.” Wilbur took the hand and shook it. He held a massive grin on his face.


“This tall freak here is Ranboo!” Tubbo beckoned over to the quiet teenager who stood at the height of 6’6’’. Although, compared to Wilbur he was barely taller.


“Hello there.” Ranboo said quietly. Tommy could sense how nervous the boy was. It was probably a good thing that Ranboo had the bubbly Tubbo to help him with social interactions.


“We better head to the lunch lines though,” Wilbur chuckled. “It’ll get too full and we won’t be able to eat.”


“Yes, sir!” Tubbo saluted before turning on his heels towards the cafeteria.


Tommy followed the group since he had no idea where the cafeteria was. He was actually extremely grateful for the group of people he managed to surround himself with. Sure, Tubbo was a bundle of energy but with Ranboo’s calm nature and Wilbur’s charismatic smile. He found himself right at home like the big man he knew himself as.


“Hey Wilbur!” Tommy blinked slowly as he saw another kid frantically waving over at Wilbur.


“Quackity!” Wilbur hollered back. When they got close, Wilbur and Quackity high fived. “Big man, how’re you doing?”


“Great, great.” Quackity grinned. Tommy noticed how Ranboo and Tubbo instantly froze up at the sight of the teenager. Upon closer inspection, Quackity had short raven hair and dark brown eyes. He had a simple collared shirt with overall straps. He also wore a similar beanie to the one Tommy saw Wilbur wearing earlier in the day. But the more terrifying aspect of Quackity was the scar that lined his left eye. “Who are these three?”


“Oh,” Wilbur gestured to Tommy, “He’s new here. Principal Sam put me in charge of this little dude. These other two however, are the little man’s new friends.”


Quackity examined the other three and Tommy felt himself shrink under Quackity’s gaze. “Nice to meet you all.” Quackity smiled, the menacing glint in his eyes disappearing.


Ranboo and Tubbo both seemed to sigh in relief. Tommy was confused at how they acted strange around Quackity.


“Here,” Quackity moved aside a bit in his space in line, “Join me, all of you in line.”


“Thank you.” Ranboo mumbled. Quackity nodded his head as if it was nothing but generous of him to offer a space. All of them crowded around Quackity in line as several people shrinked away to give Quackity his needed space. It was strange to Tommy how everyone seemed to move away from Quackity in fear rather than respect.


However, the atmosphere of the entire cafeteria changed when the same pink haired boy from this morning walked past Quackity.


Tommy didn’t notice at first but everyone tensed at the sight of Quackity and the pinkette being in the same vicinity. Tommy gave a small wave, trying to be friendly, but the pinkette only glared back.


“Foster freak.” Quackity growled.


That’s when Tommy understood the tense atmosphere.


The boy seemed to pause as he heard the venous words of Quackity. It was only a brief second before the teenager continued forward holding his tray of food wordlessly. There was a small clang as the cafeteria doors slammed shut after the boy left the building to eat outside. The cafeteria seemed to continue its normal chatter once the pinkette had officially left the building.


Quackity seemed to return to his friendly chatter with Wilbur but Tommy couldn’t shake the strange feeling he had on his shoulders. Once they received their lunch trays full of food they parted ways with Quackity, much to Tommy’s relief.


“Holy shit,” Tubbo muttered under his breath. “I thought another fight was going to break out.”


Tommy raised an eyebrow at Tubbo as they all sat themselves down at a table inside of the cafeteria. “What?”


“Tommy wouldn’t know what happened.” Ranboo said as he shakily grabbed his red apple. After taking a large bite from the apple, Ranboo pointed a finger at Tommy, “It was rather courageous of you to wave at him.”


“I was just trying to be nice… What the hell is up with the tense atmosphere though?” Tommy was generally curious about the inner drama of the school now.


Wilbur sighed, “Listen, just don’t get involved with Technoblade. It’s social suicide to interact with him. Quackity made sure of that.”


“Well, what happened? This doesn’t tell me shit.” Tommy said, his voice slightly rising.


Tubbo nervously glanced over in the direction where Quackity sat with several other students. Quackity was enjoying himself in the playful banter of his friends. “Not too long ago Quackity and Technoblade got into a huge fight. It got them both suspended and Technoblade only returned today.” Tubbo gulped, “I was very surprised that Quackity tolerated your wave.”

“What was the fight even about? Technoblade looks unlikely to have caused it.” Tommy said, pointing his fork over at Tubbo.


“Quackity is like the king of the school. Like any king he was enforcing his reign and that caused the brutal fight with Technoblade.” Tubbo said, munching slowly on his pizza slice. “Man and let me tell you, Technoblade beat the shit out of Quackity.”


“See the scar on Quackity’s left eye?” Ranboo gestured over to where Quackity was with his head. “It was said that he got it from their fight.”


“Well, I’m sure that there was a reason.” Tommy huffed, “Quackity called him a ‘foster freak’. Is it because….” Tommy trailed off as Tubbo nodded grimly. Tommy’s stomach dropped and he no longer felt hungry. Even if he didn’t know Technoblade’s full story, he could understand the whole foster situation. For Tommy, he had lost both of his parents in a terrible car accident. It was hard to get custody over him since the social workers thought of his grandparents as unfit guardians. He was almost sent into the system where he had heard plenty of horror stories about. Surely, Technoblade didn’t deserve this harassment that he received at school.


Wilbur slammed his fist on the table, gathering the attention of the three boys. “Stop gossiping behind Quackity’s back. I’m his friend and I really dislike this bantar.” Wilbur sighed, turning to look over at Tommy, “But in all seriousness, don’t get involved with Technoblade.” Wilbur then stood up and swiftly left the table after disposing of his food and tray.


“Well, that's what happens when you’re involved with the popular kids of the school. They act like loyal dogs to the king.” Tubbo placed down his pizza slice, a sad expression on his face. He looked at Tommy grimly, “Welcome to the lower middle class in this hierarchy. We are invisible and left unbothered as long as we remain middle grounded.”


Tommy bit his lip, “Well, I want to find out for myself about this Technoblade fellow.”


Ranboo paled, “Tommy it’s literally dangerous.”

“That's why I said, myself.” Tommy rolled his eyes, ignoring the other boy's panicked expression. “I have nothing else to lose anyway.” He whispered. He stood up from the table and disposed of his lunch before walking out towards his next class.

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What Tommy hadn’t expected was to see the same anti-social pinkette in his geometry class. The long haired boy seemed to be buried in the same book that he was reading this morning. Tommy nervously shuffled over, pausing beside him.


“Is anyone sitting here?” Tommy asked, gesturing to the seat next to Technoblade.


The boy didn’t even look up from his book, “No.” 


May I sit here?” Tommy said meekly.


“I don’t see any problem with you doing so.” The boy mumbled, flipping to the next page of his book.


Tommy slid into the seat and pulled out his notebook from his backpack. He couldn’t help but be nervous beside this intimidating teenager. Even if he had acted bravely in the cafeteria, being in his presence was much more different. “So…” Tommy glanced at the book in Technoblade’s hands, “What's that book about?” 


The pinkette slammed his book shut before turning a glare at Tommy, “What do you want?”


Tommy flinched back and opened his mouth to say something but no noise seemed to flow out. Technoblade, after staring at Tommy and noticing how the boy was not going to speak, turned away with a huff. 


“Alright everyone, quiet down class is starting.” The teacher quieted the students as she turned on the projector in the classroom. “We’re going to be doing a tiny bit of review on finding the volume of a cylinder since we barely touched it last week.”


Tommy sighed, he hated math and it seemed to be shared with Technoblade because they both made the same dramatic noise. Technoblade and Tommy locked eyes in surprise before quickly turning away from each other. Tommy grinned on the inside about how he caught that furious student off guard. 


After surviving his chemistry class the very next period, Tommy scrambled towards the gym where he would be having pe. Since he had been doing lots of physical therapy last year, he was finally permitted to exercise again and Tommy was thankful for it.


He pushed open the gym door to see several familiar faces. Much to his relief he saw Tubbo and Ranboo standing awkwardly in the corner, already wearing their PE uniforms. Tommy also noticed Wilbur gathered around another group of boys who he also assumed were seniors needing to collect their physical education credits. Then to Tommy’s surprise, he saw the long haired pinkette sitting on the bleachers with the same red hoodie. Tommy decided it was best to leave Technoblade alone since the boy was glowering at the other students. 

“Ranboo, Tubbo, what a surprise.” Tommy said in fake excitement. 


“So you too were roped into the cruelties of physical education.” Tubbo moaned dramatically, leaning back into Ranboo for the full effect. 


“I don’t think it’s all bad, there are quite a few familiar faces.” Ranboo said as he pushed Tubbo away from him so he could no longer lean against the tall teen. 


“Why’s the blade sitting on the bleachers separated from everyone?” Tommy asked, not realizing that he had made a nickname for Technoblade already.


Ranboo and Tubbo glanced at each other uneasily. “You’re really determined to get to know the kid, aren’t you?”


“I can be friends with whoever I want.” Tommy puffed out his chest to make himself look braver and bigger. “I’m a man after all!”  


“Well, he forgot his uniform so he can’t participate. I wish I did that too now that I think about it.” Tubbo mumbled. 


“I thought you would be into the whole athletic thing. I mean you were buzzing with energy all day.” Tommy commented.


“I only like it when I can torment Ranboo with dodgeballs.” 


Tommy gave a worried glance to Ranboo and Ranboo shared the concern. “He has made it his mission to make me suffer in this class.. You know, since he can get away with it without repercussions.”


“Yikes, I feel for you.” Tommy mumbled, looking over at Tubbo with slight fear.


“Don’t worry I have more slots for those I can torment.” Tubbo gave a devilish grin to Tommy and Tommy took a step back, his arms up in surrender. 


“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…” Tommy said, eyes wide. 


Before they could continue their banter, a loud whistle echoed around the entire gymnasium. “In line boys, we’re playing dodgeball.”


Tommy and Ranboo visibly paled as they turned towards Tubbo. Tubbo stared back, giggling maniacally, a menacing glint in his blue eyes. 

“I think your throws have bruised me.” Tommy complained as he gingerly rubbed his arm. 


“I warned you, Tubbo isn’t a force to reckon with.” Ranboo said as he felt the small bump on his forehead. They had been hit with a barrage of dodgeballs as the small boy dashed around the gym at an incredible speed. They were lucky enough that he got out for giving Ranboo a headshot. However, the damage had already been done and the boy was quite pleased with the damage. 


“I can’t wait for round two.” Tubbo grinned as they all walked inside of the locker room to change. The boys quickly changed out of their uniforms as they continued to talk about the entire dodgeball game and Tubbo’s crazy antics. “I should’ve aimed for the balls.”


Both Tommy and Ranboo turned several shades of white. “Nope!” They both said at the same time with the same amount of intensity. They then all burst into laughter as they left the locker room. Tommy was quite glad, that even if this was the first day he had already made some incredible friends. 


“Hey Tommy,” Ranboo called out to Tommy who was already heading towards the exit of the gymnasium. “Tubbo and I take the bus. Do you do too?” 


Tommy shook his head, “My gramps is picking me up. Otherwise I plan on walking to and from school.”


“Oh.” Tubbo said with a shrug. “Well see you tomorrow big man!”


“Yeah, see you tomorrow big T!” Tommy waved, “You too Ranboo!”


“Bye!” Ranboo called out. 


Tommy left the gymnasium with the widest grin splayed onto his face. He had come into school worried about how things would be and it was nothing quite like he expected. Sure, there was a school hierarchy but he managed to find a place among his peers. 


“Oh Tommy!” Tommy turned his head to see Wilbur dashing after him. “You’re going to the flow zone too?” 


“Flow zone?” Tommy narrowed his eyes slightly.


“Pick up, drop off, yada yada.” Wilbur waved his hand around as he described it. He giddily kept an even pace with Tommy as they walked over to the special zone. “Anyways, how was your first day?”


Tommy’s face flushed as he recalled all of the good feelings he had encountered today. “Fine.” He cringed as that same word slipped out of his mouth. It had become a habit and he hated it. “Better actually… Then I expected.” Tommy quickly corrected. 


“Good, good.” Wilbur seemed satisfied with Tommy’s answer. “I’m glad my service was appreciated.”


“Sure was Wilbur.” Tommy said freely, allowing himself to become more confident in himself again. 


“Well, see ya little guy!” Wilbur ruffled Tommy’s hair before taking off towards a car that waited idly for him. 


Tommy gently placed a hand on his hair that had just been played with caringly. It felt nice, familiar oddly enough. It reminded him of his family and how they would always ruffle up his hair despite how much he protested. He smiled at that. He would fit in this school for sure.


After sliding into his grandfather’s car, Tommy found himself bubbling up with excitement rather than his normal nervous self in vehicles. 


“How was your day, Tommy?” His grandfather asked, smiling softly at Tommy’s energetic behavior. It almost brought tears to the old man’s eyes. It was clearly a smart idea to enroll Tommy into school again as a distraction from the apparent missing parental figures.


Tommy went on and on with his babbling mouth, describing every single detail about his day. His grandfather listened, adding a few comments and questions when needed.


When talking, Tommy glanced out of the window and caught sight of Technoblade walking alone down the street. He slowly stopped talking, noticing how alone Technoblade must’ve felt at that moment. Tommy could see his slightly dipped shoulders and unreadable expression as they drove past. Nobody deserves to be outed like how Technoblade was at this school.


That night, Tommy squirmed in bed as he found himself inside of the same vehicle that had ended his parents life. No matter the happiest of days, the same nightmare would plague his dreams.


He was only fourteen, sitting in the backseat playing animal crossing on his nintendo switch. He was humming obnoxiously to the soundtrack of the game and his parents only laughed at him jokingly. He remembered his mother turning to him, a soft smile spreading across her lips. His father was in the front seat, faced away from him but Tommy could see him tap the steering wheel melodically. In the rear view mirror Tommy could also see his blue eyes gazing back at him. But ahead of them was a large delivery truck that had entered through the exit and onto the freeway, directly towards them. Tommy’s mouth was slightly ajar as time slowed, the vehicle racing towards them in slow motion. He could see his mother practically jump from her seat to wrap herself around her precious baby. He could see his father turning the wheel rampantly to swerve out of the way of the truck. But Tommy caught the face of the driver of the truck- No one would believe him but he could see the person wearing a porcelain white mask with a smiling face on it.  That smile would haunt Tommy for ages and all anyone could tell him was that it was a hallucination conjured up inside of his mind. Time spiralled forward again and the car swerved to the side, narrowly dodging the delivery truck before slamming into the cement walls of the freeway. Tommy had closed his eyes at this point and he wouldn’t have opened them for a long while. 


“Theseus!” Tommy groaned in his sleep, whoever was calling to him had the wrong person. He shifted, feeling the soft itch from the blades of grass beneath him. “Tommy?”


Tommy’s eyes snapped open as he could barely see the blurry three figures looking back at him. They looked familiar despite being much older than the boy.


Slowly, Tommy’s eyes adjusted and he was back inside of his room. His nightmare had never taken shape into something other than the accident. He glanced over to his alarm clock where it stated, 6:31 AM. Tommy shot up from his bed sheets. He had no time to dawdle on whatever his mind decided to show him and instead prepare for another school day.


This time however, he was determined to be friends with Technoblade.

Chapter Text

Tommy found himself standing in front of the pinkette at lunch that afternoon.

The boy simply glared at him as Tommy stood in front of him. Tommy had found Technoblade’s sitting place quite beautiful. There was a willow tree providing shade and the ground was grass that provided a padded seating. Tommy gulped as he wordlessly sat across from Technoblade. Together, they both held a staring contest that mostly consisted of Technoblade glaring at him. Tommy could tell that he was pissing off Technoblade but honestly Tommy didn’t care. He was determined no matter what to be friends with the warrior and no one was going to stop him. 

In geometry class, Tommy continued to start small talk with Technoblade which mostly consisted of uncomfortable silence from Technoblade. 

In PE, Tommy sat out in the bleachers with Technoblade and continued to talk with the silent kid. He didn’t care if the other students stared at him uncomfortably. After what he had experienced on his first day of school, there was no way he wouldn’t let Technoblade not feel the thrill of starting new friendships. 

Day in and day out, Tommy followed Technoblade around like a loyal puppy, a very annoying one in Technoblade’s book. 

However, one day he was pulled aside by Ranboo and Tubbo who were worried about Tommy’s sanity.

“What are you doing!?” Tubbo seethed through his teeth. “You know socialing with him is social suicide!” 

“I know what I’m doing.” Tommy crossed his arms. “No one deserves to be alone like that.”

Tubbo groaned and glanced over at Ranboo for help. Ranboo stepped forward, placing both hands on Tommy’s shoulders to get his full attention. “Listen, Tommy, Quackity isn’t a force to reckon with. I’m pretty sure he takes joy in putting people in their proper place.”

“Yeah, you haven’t seen his other face when people do things he dislikes.” Tubbo added, his eyes swirling in worry. “You have to trust what we have to say. We've been here longer and hell, Wilbur warned you as much. Quackity and Technoblade are troublesome seniors.”

“Well, I’m a stubborn bastard. I’m not stopping anytime soon.” Tommy crossed his arms and the conversation ended like that. 

As the days progressed, Tommy could feel the heavy lingering stares from other students as they whispered gossip amongst themselves. And Tommy knew for certain that Technoblade’s patience would soon run thin.

On normal days, Tommy and Technoblade would glare at each other as they munched on their sandwiches.

Other days, Tommy would continue to talk despite getting no responses from the older male. 

One day, much to Tommy’s surprise, Ranboo and Tubbo joined him while sitting with Technoblade.  

“What brings you guys here?” Tommy asked in surprise, his breath exasperated. 

Tubbo shrugged, “Ranboo said we shouldn’t let you commit kamikaze alone.”

“We’re like a trio now. If one falls we all do.” Ranboo answered, giving a small smile to Tommy. And it was as simple as that. Technoblade had upgraded from one annoyance to three. 

Wilbur stared from a far as he saw Tommy dig himself a six foot grave by interacting with the one person he warned them against.

He could tell that Quackity was getting a bit agitated that Technoblade still had a chance with making friends with others. Quackity and Technoblade were enemies- at least Quackity thought so.

Wilbur remembered when the fight began. Technoblade who had never once interacted or cared for Quackity brushed by him. Quackity of course wouldn’t let it slide because he was cocky in his reign of power. Quackity had reached out and grabbed Technoblade’s long dull pink hair. Technoblade reacted instantly, punching Quackity square in the face. The fight only escalated from there before they had to be separated. From then on, Quackity made it his sole mission to ruin Technoblade’s life. And of course, Wilbur stood aside and let it happen like a coward. 

“What the hell,” Wilbur chuckled to himself, “Tommy’s a better example than me.”

Currently, Ranboo, Tubbo, and Tommy were in a deep discussion about the new minecraft update.

“What I didn’t like was how they split the cave and cliffs into two parts.” Tommy crossed his arms, annoyed at how his friends disagreed. 

“It’s better to have something than nothing.” Tubbo said, munching on the tater tots that were served this lunch period. 

“I would have rather,” Tommy raised his voice to prove his point, “nothing and then have the big update.” 

Technoblade took a deep breath, his patience had officially gone thin as he had to continue to listen to this nonsense babble constantly when he just wanted a peaceful lunch alone. “What do you even want?!” Technoblade shouted suddenly.

Ranboo shrunk into himself as Tubbo and Tommy flinched in surprise at the sudden outburst. They hadn’t expected Technoblade to speak to them at all like the many other lunches that they had shared together. 

“What do we want?” Tommy scoffed, feeling slightly offended. “I have been telling you constantly that I want to be your friend.”

“What if I don’t want that?” Technoblade stood up, his eyes staring daggers into Tommy. “All you have been is a nuisance to me!”

Tommy gaped, his ego churning inside of him unresting. “You looked alone all of the time. You obviously needed someone to keep you company!”

“I don’t need your sympathy, Tommy. ” His voice was laced with venom. “I haven’t needed anyone in a long time!” Technoblade’s nostrils flared as he felt himself get heated in the moment. Taking a deep breath, he combed through his long pink hair as a coping mechanism. “You and your babbling squad are annoying brats.” He said in his deep monotone voice. 

Tubbo, Ranboo and Tommy glanced at each other. They weren't sure what to do now.  They supposed that in the end, it was really just them invading Technoblade’s space. It was always them that chattered as Technoblade silently ate his food. 

Ranboo spoke up first, his voice soft and delicate like it could shatter at any moment into a thousand pieces, “We’re truly sorry, Technoblade.” Tubbo gently intertwined his hand into Ranboo’s hand and squeezed it lightly to reassure the tall teen. 

“Yeah, big man, we screwed up.” Tubbo said, adding to the apology that Ranboo had started.

Tommy’s throat constricted. He really thought he was doing Technoblade a favor but he was just annoying the teenager to death. “Sorry, Technoblade.” He mumbled, looking down at the swaying grass. 

Technoblade looked at the boys up and down, cringing at the sight he was seeing. It was unusual to be apologized to like this. His opinions weren’t usually ever respected or accepted as easily as this was right at this moment. 

“We’ll uhm…” Tommy glanced at Tubbo and Ranboo, “We’ll leave you to your own devices now. Sorry again.” Tommy shoved his hands inside of his pockets and he sulked away with the other boys trailing behind him. 

Technoblade stared off as they left. Technoblade sunk back onto the grass and let the silence envelope him. The silence was relaxing but at the same time it was too silent for him now. He had heard the playful banter from the boys and overtime had grown used to their laughter. He hated to admit it but he was beginning to miss them. He had grown soft and he hated it. 

“I can’t believe I screwed that up. I really thought I was helping.” Tommy mumbled to himself as the others nodded in agreement. “I’m not that annoying am I?” Before the others could answer, Tommy quickly said, “It's a rhetorical question.” 

“I think we just got caught up in the moment.” Tubbo shrugged. “I mean we did ignore the visible signs that Technoblade didn’t want us there.”

“Yeah, I agree, we can’t form good relationships like this.” Ranboo said. “Lessons learnt I suppose.”

“At least we’re all together.” Tubbo grinned, grabbing each of their arms and pulling them close. “Bench trio through thick and thin.”

“Why bench trio? Why would we sit on a bench?” Tommy grumbled from underneath his breath. 

Tubbo and Ranboo shrugged simultaneously.

Tommy just released a long sad sigh. A pool of doubt was forming inside of his chest. ‘Stop trying to make other people fine because you can’t do it to yourself.’ Tommy thought bitterly.

As the group rounded the corner, they were surprised to see Quackity leaning against the brick wall while scrolling through his phone.

“Didn’t work out, did it?” Quackity sneered as he looked up from his phone as the group stopped before him. He pushed himself off from the wall and stood in front of Tommy, placing a hand on his shoulder. Ranboo and Tubbo tensed immediately, eyeing the hand that was currently on their friend's shoulder. “I extended my grace to you and yet, despite the warnings, you side with the enemy.”

Tommy bit his lip, trying not to meet eyes with Quackity. “I didn’t think anyone deserved to be outed like that…”

Quackity sighed, letting his head rest against Tommy’s shoulder. He tensed immediately, feeling Quackity shake with either anger or laughter.  “You know,” Quackity lifted his head again, his mouth close to Tommy’s ears to whisper his threat, “I can’t let it slide so easily.”

Tommy’s mouth formed a thin line at Quakity’s threat.  He felt bitter, letting it slide into his tone of voice, “I hangout with whoever I want. I never needed someone to tell me how to live.”

Quackity removed himself from Tommy, his expression clearly saying that he wasn’t amused. He pulled his phone in front of him and promptly sent a text to his other friends. “I thought you were better than this, Tommy.” He had a glare in his eyes and his scar made it more terrifying.

Ranboo wordlessly stood behind his terrified friends. As much as he was scared, he couldn’t hide behind them because of his height. He had to make a stand, especially if he had to protect Tubbo. A few years ago, Ranboo could remember how Tubbo shined above others. But, behind his innocent smile, he was being bullied in the shadows. Ranboo hadn’t been there to protect him, he hadn’t even noticed until the boy had shut himself away. Ranboo wouldn’t ever let it happen again as they opted to become a group of friends that would stay out of trouble.

Confidently, he stepped forward much to Tubbo and Tommy’s surprise. He stood in front of them protectively, using his height as an intimidation tactic. “We chose people not sides, Quackity.”

Quackity boredly looked at Ranboo’s futile attempt to be threatening. “Look, kid, I only had one grudge. You’re playing your cards all wrong if you want to remain on my good side.” 

“We’re all friends, we stand with each other.” Ranboo simply said. Tubbo and Tommy glanced over at him, amazed by this change of character. Especially to Tommy since he had known him as a shy kid that Tubbo led around. 

“What’s up Q?” Someone said as they rounded the corner to join Quackity. They had raven black hair and dark brown eyes. The more noticeable thing about the teenager was the white shirt with a flame insignia. He wasn’t alone either, another boy with black and white glasses and brown hair joined them. “I left Karl alone, so this better be good.”

Quackity smiled, feeling good that he was being joined by his allies. “Good to see you,” Quackity turned back to the trio he was intimidating, “This is Geroge and Sapnap.” The other two boys nodded. “They are other seniors and of course you know of him.” Quackity then gestured to Wilbur who paled when he saw that it was the very trio he tried to protect that were the next targets.

Wilbur blinked in surprise, his face going pale. Of course Quackity would drag him out for this… It was another way to ensure where his loyalties stand. This would seem ridiculous in a high school setting, but to Wilbur, it felt very real, eerily real. 

George, the one with the glasses, seemed to yawn nonchalantly, “I was taking a nap before I was dragged to this.”

“Weren’t these the kids you let hangout with you a few weeks ago?” Sapnap asked, pointing to Tommy specifically. “And the kid Wilbur has to look after?”

“They’re getting a little testy with me.” Quackity said, his tone more of a snarl. He stepped back, playfully wrapping an arm around Wilbur as the other boy flinched in surprise. “Hanging out with Techno and all.” He said the teen’s name as if it was bile. 

Tommy honestly didn't know how to feel. Here he was, cornered by a man that Wilbur was so called friends with. And there was Wilbur, standing with them, not saying anything to defend them. He just stood there not making eye contact as Quackity kept him under ropes. Tommy felt sick by Wilbur’s cowardly behavior. 

“We’re hidden away, you can honestly say anything or do anything.” Quackity said, trying to get the three to say something in his presence. He was daring them too. It was unfair, four seniors who were older and stronger versus three sophomores. Quackity shrugged, still holding onto Wilbur, “Suit yourself, let’s get down to business.”

Tommy’s eyes glossed over as he remembered something deep inside of him. It was odd, never had he ever experienced a bullying situation like this. He felt himself on the floor, looking upwards at a tall menacing figure. He was scared, shaking inside of the helpless body he was trapped inside. His heart beat quickly, pounding twice as hard as if he had experienced this moment countless times- in many lifetimes before. And as if history was repeating itself he heard the courageous yell of someone familiar, someone close to his heart, “Enough!”

Tommy snapped back into reality, staring right at Wilbur who pushed Quackity right off of him. Quackity seemed taken by surprise as he fell back against Sapnap who held him close and protectively. 

“What the hell man?” Sapnap snapped at Wilbur menacingly. 

Wilbur blinked for a few moments, as if he too had returned to reality. It was odd, but it seems whatever happened, both of them lived through it. Wilbur glanced down at himself shakily. He really did it. He found the courage to stand for himself instead of letting people lead him. Deep inside he had found his own voice- It seemed to be a wish that lived with him no matter what lives he had lived previously. Using that courage he turned back to Quackity, standing protectively in front of the three boys who watched in surprise. “I won’t let you hurt them.”

Quackity blinked in surprise before recovering with a small laugh. He gently pushed Sapnap off of him as he glared at Wilbur. “You don’t know what you’re doing, Wilbur.”

“I do know… because I found a place among my friends and I will do anything to protect them.” Wilbur said not backing down from his place in the presence of Quackity.  “And you for one, won’t stop us from being friends with people we want to be with.”

“You little piece of shit.” Quackity growled. He marched over and grabbed Wilbur’s shirt tightly, pulling Wilbur close to him. 

Technoblade had become rather bored waiting by the tree. For the first time in a long time, he had actually gotten bored of reading his favorite book, The Art of War . He sat up, looking out at the bustling lunch. With a deep sigh, he figured he could just go to his next class early to kill the time. As he was walking past, his ears picked up on a familiar yell, “Enough!” It made his heart skip a beat and he paused immediately. He followed the sound until he spotted Quackity’s little gang bullying the annoying trio. But then, he grabbed the collar of Wilbur and for some strange reason he got mad.

Before Quackity could make any movements to inflict pain onto Wilbur, his wrist was grabbed tightly. Quackity looked to the side before locking eyes with the fearsome Technoblade. Everything seemed to pause as the two fierce warriors were glaring at each other.

“The principal warned us that if there are more conflicts, we won’t graduate.” Technoblade spoke with his monotone voice.

Quackity pursed his lips before releasing Wilbur. Quackity moved away as soon Technoblade let him go. He knew far better than anyone what happens when you cross Technoblade. “Fine, fine.” He said, still glaring at the pinkette, “You’re off the hook, blade, everyone. ” He turned away, shoving his hands inside of his pockets. In a lower, threatening voice he said, “This isn’t over.” With his disappearance, everyone on his side followed.

Tubbo sank to his knees as he released a breath he didn’t know that he was holding. Ranboo knelt down beside him and comforted him. “Holy shit…” Tubbo barely whispered. He glanced over at Technoblade with a sparkle of admiration. “You stood up for us.. I thought we were annoying you.”

Tubbo had a point, Tommy thought. They all glanced at Technoblade who seemed to still glare in the empty spot where Quackity was standing. “Whatever…” Technoblade muttered, flipping his long hair to the side as he walked off. Tommy smiled softly, he was so going to continue annoying the pinkette. 

The next day, Technoblade found himself surrounded by the trio again. “Some people find me annoying at first.” Tommy said happily, winking at Technoblade. 

“Thank you for having us.” Tubbo cheered as he dug into his lunch food. 

“. . .” Ranboo smiled softly at Technoblade as Technoblade shared the same look. They all began to silently eat, without Technoblade telling them to leave. 

“Uhm,” They all glanced up to see Wilbur holding his tray of food. “May I sit with you?”

Before anyone else could answer, Technoblade spoke in a softer tone no one realized he had, “It’s fine.”

From that moment on, the group always met up and shared lunch together. They got close, getting Technoblade to open up more in conversations. And just like they had proclaimed, they became friends with the great Technoblade.

Chapter Text

Much to Tommy’s surprise, the third quarter of school was ending.


It came to his attention when the PE coaches said that they will be doing the mile run. Tommy groaned, it was beginning to get warmer since spring was coming and that meant a lot of sweating. Tommy changed into his uniform wordlessly as he joined Ranboo and Tubbo. Ever since their standoff with Quackity, they had been social outcasts. They were fine with it however, since it was them plus Techno and Wilbur. 


“Guess who got Technoblade to wear the PE uniform!” Tubbo grinned, crossing his arms triumphantly. 


“You?” Ranboo asked.


“Nope!” Tubbo laughed. Ranboo only looked on with confusion as Tommy shrugged.


“I let him borrow my extra.” Wilbur said as he joined the group. “Gotta keep it so his grades don’t tank before graduation. Plus, I would love to see him without that sweatshirt all of the time.” 


“Good point.” Tubbo said already excited to see Technoblade without it. He stared intently at the exit of the boy’s locker room.


“The great Blade will finally reveal himself.” Tommy said, a cheshire grin forming on his face. He joined Tubbo in the intense staring. Ranboo and Wilbur shrugged at each other before also glancing at the exit. To everyone’s disappointment, Technoblade stepped out still wearing the sweatshirt.


“At least he’s wearing the uniform underneath.” Wilbur muttered. 


“Ah, man, Techno…” Tubbo complained, tugging slightly at the sleeve of the sweatshirt. “At least one day without it!” 


Technoblade just wordlessly rolled his eyes as he pulled his hair up into a loose ponytail. 


“Well, at least I get to see it in a different style.” Tubbo said as he looked at Technoblade setting his hair up differently. 


“Well, we are running.” Technoblade grumbled.


“Still, Technoblade, it’s getting hotter outside. I don’t think running with a sweatshirt will help…” Ranboo said, his face written in concern.


“He’s got a point. At least for today, Techno.” Wilbur said.


“I’ll be fine.” Technoblade said and it seemed that was the end of that conversation. 


Tommy lined up with the other boys on the track. He glanced over at Tubbo and Ranboo who shared his same intensity. This wasn’t an ordinary test, no, it was a fierce challenge on who could get a better time. The coaches had explained earlier that they had to get it done under fifteen minutes, all four laps, and get the lowest time possible. Wilbur was somewhere behind them while Technoblade lingered in the back.  When the coach blew his whistle, Tommy shot forward as fast as he could.


Tubbo passed Tommy immediately, sticking his tongue out at the boy.


“Stop rapidly moving your short legs!” Tommy shouted as Tubbo passed him. Tommy then looked at his other side to see Ranboo’s long strides. “Stop using your long legs!”


Tommy was falling behind the boys quickly. He was a big man! He had to score the highest to get the attention of the ladies. Much to most people’s surprise, Tubbo had fallen behind both Tommy and Ranboo because of how much energy he had expended at the beginning. Ranboo, though, finished much quicker due to his long legs. Tommy was even more pissed to find that Wilbur had crossed him easily.


“Slow and steady wins the race!” Wilbur teased as he passed Tommy. Tommy was lagging behind because he was exhausted from screaming insults at his friends. Soon enough he had fallen behind with Technoblade who was keeping an even pace. 


“It’s just me and you now, Techno.” Tommy complained sadly. Technoblade remained silent as his breaths became staggered. Tommy glanced over at his friend, concern filling his face. “Hey, are you alright?”


Technoblade nodded, “Yeah.” He answered in his hoarse voice. Soon enough, everyone finished the four laps around the track.


“Looks like Tommy came in dead last.” Tubbo sneered as he high fived Ranboo. 


“And I win first.” Ranboo rubbed in and Tubbo scowled. Tommy burst out laughing as he placed a hand on Technoblade’s shoulder. Technoblade tensed at the sudden contact and Tommy immediately released him.


“Sorry, Tech.” Tommy mumbled as he moved away from the teenager. 


“I can’t believe mister Big Man fell behind so easily.” Wilbur rubbed in as he joined the group. Wilbur was stretching his arms as he spoke, “What a shame.”


“Hey!” Tommy growled. He then crossed his arms angrily.


“So do we wanna go and change out of these sweaty uniforms?” Tubbo asked as he began walking towards the locker room.


“Yea.” They all agreed as they stepped inside of the locker room. Tubbo speedily changed out of his clothes and threw his uniform triumphantly onto the floor. Ranboo sighed as he picked up the uniform and folded it neatly. He then placed it inside of Tubbo’s locker and locked it.


“Woot! The Redemption arc lets go!” Tubbo said as he ran out of the locker room with his stuff. It seemed that changing was now a race since he didn’t win the race. Tommy huffed, feeling the same intensity that Tubbo had. If Tubbo wanted a race, he was going to at least beat the boy out of the gym first. Tommy quickly shoved his uniform into his locker and slammed it closed. As soon as he was dressed he sprinted out of the locker room without tying his shoes.


“Tommy your shoes!” Wilbur called after the aggressive boy.


“I got it!” Tommy’s voice echoed back. 


Wilbur and Ranboo glanced at each other and laughed. It seems that they had to look out for everyone. Wilbur finished changing and neatly placed his belongings inside of his own locker. “I finished.” He simply told Ranboo.


“Alright,” Ranboo said, “I finished too.” The two of them stepped out of the locker room to see Tommy and Tubbo trying to squeeze their way out of the same door. Wilbur sighed in annoyance as he walked over to them. Ranboo looked around and didn’t see Technoblade anywhere.  “Hey Wilbur, I’m going to wait for Technoblade so don’t wait on me!”


Wilbur nodded as he pushed both of the boys through the door. Ranboo could hear both Tubbo and Tommy arguing about who hit the ground first and it made him smile. Ranboo walked inside of the seemingly empty locker room. It was quiet naturally since Technoblade was roaming somewhere inside. 


Technoblade walked into the more isolated place inside of the locker room. He waited there until the chatter of people diminished. Once he was sure he was alone, he took off his sweater and threw it onto the floor. With a deep sigh, he slid himself down onto the ground as he let the air conditioning refresh him. It had been extremely hot outside- especially wearing the red hoodie outside. Quickly he took off the uniform Wilbur had let him borrow and changed back into his normal clothes, aside from the sweat shirt. He needed this time before he had to put the damned thing back over him. 


To his panic, he heard footsteps coming in his direction. His breath chilled as he looked over with panicked eyes. Technoblade quickly reached for his jacket, pulling it close to his body in a futile attempt to hide himself. Unfortunately for him, it was too late to hide himself from the watchful eyes of Ranboo. 


Ranboo looked down at the older boy who seemed to try and make himself smaller underneath the tower that was Ranboo. Ranboo couldn’t help but have his eyes linger over Technoblade’s exposed arms… His mind slowed as he processed the splotches of purple lining the arm.


“Those are bruises…” He whispered aloud. 


Technoblade only threw his head into his jacket. Technoblade knew that Ranboo was not stupid and was already piecing things together. It was futile, but Technoblade acted like a small child and curled into himself to hide from the piercing truth that was about to come out into the open.


“Is someone-”


“Please,” Technoblade spoke in a soft tone that Ranboo had never heard before.  “Please don’t tell anyone.”


“So, someone is hurting you.” Ranboo gasped, taking a step back.


Technoblade’s head snapped up as he looked at Ranboo with desperate eyes. “Ranboo, you can’t tell anyone.”


Ranboo froze mid step as he saw the sudden desperation of Technoblade. This frightened boy was nothing like the stoic stone faced man they talked with daily. Technoblade grasped weakly at Ranboo’s pant leg as he spoke, “You can’t say anything.”


“But,” Ranboo stuttered, trying to find the words to communicate to Technoblade. “Someone is hurting you… You can’t- you shouldn’t endure that!” 


“Ranboo…” Technoblade looked down at the tiled floor of the locker room. “You don’t understand…”


“I don't, but I care about you. Technoblade this shouldn’t be happening to you.” 


Technoblade spoke sharply, cutting through the heavy atmosphere with his words, “You don’t understand, Ranboo!”


Ranboo froze completely, flinching slightly at his voice. He remained silent as he looked at the cowering figure of the great Blade. 


“If any word gets out about this,” Technoblade brought his arm close to his body, his eyes slightly watering. It was a sight that Ranboo never thought he’d see, a sight he wished he shouldn’t be seeing. “Then I’ll be sent away again… I’m almost aged out…. I’ll leave as soon as I can but right now I’m still in the system… For the first time, I feel settled somewhere.” Technoblade gripped his shirt right where his heart was. “It’s strange honestly, I’ve been sent around since I was nine and here I am, finding a place amongst people I hated being around at first.” 


“Technoblade…” Ranboo kneeled down so he could sit in front of the boy. He gently brushed away some of Technoblade’s hair and Technoblade let him. Ranboo cupped Technoblade’s face, brushing away some of the tears lingering in his eyes. “I understand your desperation, Technoblade… But,” He saw the look in Technoblade’s eyes and sighed. He hugged the fragile boy in his arms. “Just tell me if you need a way out. You have a family now and it’ll quell some of my anxiety if I know you have someone to lean on.”


Technoblade’s eyes swirled with a feeling that was very unfamiliar to him. His chest was warm and his heart beat rapidly. A family . “I want things to stay like this for an eternity… So I’m glad that you're willing to keep this a secret.”


“It’s our secret now.” Ranboo said, pulling away from Technoblade. The two smiled and for once in a long time, Technoblade didn’t immediately put his jacket on to hide away the scars of his home life. 


A few days later, Tommy began to notice the sudden closeness Ranboo had with Technoblade. Sometimes Ranboo would pull Technoblade aside to talk, but it didn’t bother Tommy too much. He enjoyed the time he got to spend with both Wilbur and Tubbo. When the school day finished Tommy was prepared to walk home alone again. However, today, much to his surprise, everyone but Wilbur was waiting for him outside of school. 


“Tommy!” Tubbo waved frantically. 


Tommy walked over, confused as to why everyone was gathered and waiting for him. “Don't you and Ranboo take the bus?”


“Ranboo’s coming over to my house and anyways, I wanted to walk with you today!” Tubbo jumped up and down excitedly. “Let’s go!” He began to lead the group down the side walk in the direction Tommy usually took. 


Tommy grinned as he followed the others down the sidewalk.


“This is great! Perhaps if we like this we can always walk together!” Tubbo said, kicking a small pebble away on the sidewalk. “Buses suck anyways.”


“This is nice.” Technoblade added.


Ranboo smiled at that but Tommy decided not to question it. 


Tommy turned to the side to see a car driving down the street. The window rolled down and a familiar voice shouted, “Hi guys!” Tommy turned his head to see Wilbur poking out of the window. Tommy grinned madly until his eyes landed onto the driver. It was strange. It was only for a few seconds but his heart seemed to elevate as if he saw the loving face of his father. He wanted to cry right then and there. His ‘ its fine’ facade seemed to end in those split seconds. He didn’t know the driver, but somewhere deep inside of him, his soul knew them personally.


“It's Wilbur!” Ranboo waved back. 


Tommy glanced back at the group to notice Technoblade staring after the car as well. It was strange to have the same reaction but Tommy passed it off as something else.


“Well we’re turning here.” Tubbo said, waving off at the group as they turned away. Only Technoblade and Tommy were left. They continued to walk in silence down the neighborhood until Technoblade stopped in front of a two story house.


“This is my stop.” Technoblade whispered.


Tommy nodded, “Mine’s a little ahead, but see you Technoblade.” Tommy waved at Technoblade as the boy walked towards the front door of the house and stepped inside. Tommy watched for a bit, noting where Technoblade lived. Perhaps he would make secret visits, he thought devilishly. He then walked back to his house and recounted his day to his grandfather. Once again another restless day and a sleepless night ensued. It sucked, but ever since seeing the man in the driver's seat he began to see the weird visions.


“The angel of death.” he heard himself whisper aloud as he stared at a man with his back to him. He had a long cloak waving in the wind and had a pair of dark obsidian wings. 


“Oh, Theseus.” The man said, turning to face Tommy. But the dreams always ended so suddenly and never once did Tommy get a complete image of the so-called Angel of Death.


He awoke his yawn and a few tears brimming in his eyes. He had gotten used to waking up crying lately but to him it was better than constantly seeing his parents die before his eyes. He paused, strangely nowadays his parents' memories were being pushed out of his head as these new visions took over his mind. He stepped downstairs after changing and grabbed all of his items. “Bye gramps!” He waved as he stepped outside. He walked to school and was surprised to see Principal Sam waiting for him.


“Tommy!” The tall principal waved him over.


“Hi, Sam.” Tommy mumbled. He felt awkward standing beside the friendly principal.


“I wanted to check up on you. How is school so far? Only one quarter left of the year.” The principal laughed, leading the way into the school with Tommy trailing behind.


“It's… Fine, actually. I made some friends.” Tommy smiled softly as he recalled all of his good moments with Wilbur, Technoblade, Tubbo and Ranboo. “Ranboo forgets his homework a lot so Tubbo and I have to constantly remind him. I share my anger for math with Technoblade and Wilbur plays his guitar for us.” 


“Sounds lovely.” Sam smiled. They stopped outside of Tommy’s first class and a few students snuck around them while eyeing the principal nervously. 


“Well, uhm…” Tommy mumbled awkwardly, clearly wanting to go inside of the classroom where his two friends were waiting inside. 


Sam chuckled, “Bye Tommy.” He said in his sweet deep tone. With that he left Tommy at the entrance of the classroom and Tommy happily ran inside.


“Tubbo, are you sure that my pencil is in here?” Ranboo paled as he frantically searched through his backpack.


“Hi Tommy!” Tubbo waved as Tommy slid into his seat. “Ranboo’s freaking out again. He almost missed the bus and now he’s making sure he has everything.”


Ranboo dumped out his backpack onto the desk and sighed in relief as he found the pencil. “Oh thank goodness.”


“I told you it was in the same pocket.” Tubbo rolled his eyes as he began to pick up the littered paper’s from Ranboo’s backpack.  “Why is that pencil so important anyways?”


“Because you let me borrow it, Tubbo. I can’t lose it, especially if my head tends to forget things.” Ranboo said, his face serious. Tubbo shrugged. “Good morning Tommy.”


“Good morning to you too.” Tommy laughed. He too got up to help clean the mess that Ranboo made. Soon enough the area was clean and they began to talk amongst themselves. They stopped immediately as the teacher cleared her throat.


“This is the last quarter of this school year.” She announced as she stood in front of the class. “And, I believe that it’s about time we have a group project.”


Several students groaned as Tubbo’s face lit up. “Yes!” He whispered happily. 


“You’ll be working together to research old legends in groups of three. Before you ask, yes, you can pick teams but I will be assigning what you research.”


“Do you wanna-” Tommy and Tubbo said at the same time. They both burst into laughter and Ranboo smiled at that. 


“So are we a team?” Ranboo asked.


“Oh you never had a choice on the matter.” Tubbo said with a wave. He then chuckled when he saw Ranboo’s contorted expression. “You look constipated.”


Tommy wheezed and the teacher glared at them. “I assume the first group has been formed. Your research will be on The wish of Eternity.” 


“Oh.” Ranboo whispered. “She gave us a complicated one.”


“She never liked us anyways.” Tubbo grumbled as he crossed his arms and fell back into his seat with a huff.


“But we’re a team at least.” Tommy grinned. “But still, I wonder what The wish of Eternity is anyways.”


“Some boring boomer story.” Tubbo rolled his eyes. 


That lunch the three boys began to complain about their project. Technoblade raised an eyebrow as soon as the, ‘The Wish of Eternity’ was mentioned.


“I think I read a little bit about that tale.” Technoblade said. The group turned to him, surprised that he decided to join in on the conversation. 


“Really? Tell us what you know please!” Tubbo begged as he sank into the floor. Wilbur laughed at Tubbo’s pathetic display to get more information.


Technoblade smiled softly, earning a confident chirp from Tubbo for making the man smile. Technoblade rolled his eyes and decided to indulge the children with his information. “It’s a tale about four people, all from different lifestyles, meeting together as a family in different lives.” 


“I assume the wish part is to meet for eternity.”  Ranboo said as he began to piece the story together.


“Exactly.” Technoblade nodded. He placed down his favorite book to recount the tale. “I’m not too familiar with the story, as I’ve only skimmed through it. But, it recounts a formed family not connected by blood but by the deep bonds shared with each other.”


“Kind of like us.” Tommy suddenly said. His face turned red when he got strange looks from both Technoblade and Wilbur. It was strange, but between the three of them, that simple sentence meant a lot more than anything.


“. . .yeah.” Technoblade whispered back, a couple of his long strands of hair fell over his face. Ranboo watched the boy with a small smile as Tubbo happily clung to Ranboo’s side.


“Yes, I like the found family trope.” Tubbo added.


“Anyways, I believe that there was a village boy who was pushed around by people until he finally stood his ground, proving himself.” Technoblade said.


“Sounds like Wilbur when he stood up to Quackity.” Tubbo joked as he successfully stole Ranboo’s Hawaiian shirt. Ranboo glared at the boy before pulling out a spare one. Tubbo huffed, surprised that Ranboo remembered to pack a spare. 


“I guess it does sound like me.” Wilbur laughed.


“There was also a warrior who was only used. He was saved from that lifestyle and repaid his kindness to his saviors… aka the found family.  Then there was a young boy who was brash and that got him exiled out into the world on his own. He was the one thread that united the family actually, he met each one and changed them.”


Tommy’s eyes sparkled with familiarity. It was strange how much this story was paralleling their lives right now. If Tommy was crazy enough, he might’ve believed that they were the reincarnated souls. He mentally laughed off the absurd idea inside of his head.


“Finally, there was the fallen Angel of Death. He was sent to the mortal realm to live amongst the weaker beings. Instead though, he discovered parental love over the human children he met there.” Technoblade said. 


“That’s sweet.” Wilbur grinned. “But strange of an Angel of Death.”


Technoblade shrugged. “Those are just the people in the tale.”


“So, I guess we can split off and research each of these people for the project right?” Ranboo suggested. “Personally, I think researching the warrior would be cool, so I call dibs.” 


“No fair!” Tubbo huffed. “Then I get a village boy.”


“Fine, I guess I’ll be the big man and research two of the four.” Tommy rolled his eyes as he sank back against the tree. “The exiled one and the angel dude.” He waved his hand in annoyance.


“It’s a good tale.” Technoblade smiled as he picked up the same book he had been reading every single day. 


“Oh Technoblade.” Tommy said, curious about why Technoblade continuously reads the same book. “Why do you always read that book?”


Technoblade paused, carefully glancing over the old cover of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War . “It was a birthday present that my biological parents gave me before they…”


‘Died.’ Tommy thought bitterly. He knew that Technoblade was a foster, one without any family. Tommy was lucky, lucky enough to be left with his grandparents. He looked downwards at the swaying grass. Despite the creeping sadness hanging over his shoulder at every second, he was fine now. Fine because he was finding good friends and people that loved him. Yeah, he was fine.


“Before they were arrested.” Technoblade finished. Tommy blinked in surprise. 


“You didn’t have to open up about that…” Wilbur said softly, knowing that it could be very difficult to open up about troubling pasts. 


“Like you said, we’re like family now anyways.” Technoblade shrugged. 


“Besides that…'' Tubbo said uncomfortably before picking back up on his chipper tone. “When’s your birthday anyway?” The whole group turned to face Technoblade, eyes wide with curiosity. 


Technoblade’s cheeks were lightly dusted in pink as he spoke, “Next weekend, actually. It’s not important though.”


“Not important?!” Wilbur stood up in a flash. “That means it’s your eighteenth birthday right?! That’s important.”


“I suppose.” Technolade whispered while burying his face into his book.


“That’s it.” Wilbur turned to the rest of the group. “Clear your plans boys, next weekend it’s Technoblade’s time to shine.”

Chapter Text

With only a week til Technoblade’s birthday, the group had to figure something out. So, Ranboo, the blessed genius that he was, came up with a plan. 


“Operation the Blade , shall commence.” Tommy grinned as he pushed open the door to the library. Tommy slipped on some sunglasses that he and Tubbo brought just for this mission. Ranboo wore a cloth face mask and pulled out his own shades. Tubbo and Tommy looked at each other and shrugged. 


“Do you remember the plan, fellas?” Tubbo asked as they crowded behind a bookshelf. Carefully, Tubbo pushed a couple of books aside to peek through to the table where Technoblade currently sat at. 


Tommy nodded, “We should recall it for narrative sake.”


Both Tubbo and Tommy looked over at Ranboo expectantly.


With a sigh Ranboo re-explained the plan.


Only about an hour ago did the group text each other about said plans. It was a secret operation, one that had been in the making ever since they were babies (As Tommy would put it).  Big men planned the biggest of parties. 


The Big Three GroupChat:


Wife Haver: I’m bored.


Bee Boy: Me too.


Ranboob: Oh, I know what we can do… Techno’s birthday is coming up and we’ll need to figure out what to get him.


Wife Haver: I don’t have much money- Queen Elizabeth needs her expenses. 


Ranboob: I’m not even going to question it at this point.


Bee Boy: Man, I just invested in a new chem set.


Ranboob: Oh, that's nice.


Bee Boy: You think I can develop a bomb with it?


Ranboob: I’m concerned-


Wife Haver: Of course, Big Man.


Ranboob: Don’t encourage him!


Bee Boy: Thanks :D


Ranboob: Anyways, how do we ask him about this?


Wife Haver: You’re right… The Blade isn’t very open about things


Bee Boy: How about a new jacket? 


Ranboob: . . .


Ranboob: I’d doubt he’d want another one…


Wife Haver: He’s right, the jacket is his life line at this point. 


Bee Boy: His hair.


Wife Haver: Quite hairy, yes.


Ranboob: Oh that’s right Tubbo! He’ll need new dye.


Bee Boy: Hidden genius right here. 


Ranboob: Get your history grade up and then we’ll talk. 


Bee Boy: But it's all in old English-


Ranboob: Ok fine, genius right here.


Wife Haver: I’m sure if we put all of our money together we can get several dye colors.


Bee Boy: As the hidden genius, I vote for pink. 


Ranboob: But we need to know if it's something he for sure wants. I mean who knows if he wants to re-dye it.


Bee Boy: We can just ask right?


Wife Haver: It’s never that simple is it? 


Bee Boy: Do you know what this means?


Wife Haver: Crime boys???


Bee Boy: YES! 


Ranboob: NO CRIME! Alright, Techno likes to visit the library right? Let’s go there and investigate the things he likes. I’m sure the books he reads there are a dead give away.




Wife Haver: I’ll bring the sunglasses.


Ranboob: Meet there in an hour?


Bee Boy: Yes commander!


Wife Haver: The Operation, The Blade , will begin!


And so after the dramatic retelling of how it started, the three boys were now watching Technoblade peacefully read books. 



“Hey,” Tommy whispered over to Tubbo. “Do you know what book he’s reading?”


“No.” Tubbo whispered back.


“We’ll need to get a closer look, huh.” Tommy said. Both Tubbo and Tommy wore mischievous grins. Ranboo paled.




Tommy carefully ducked behind a bookshelf and peaked over the side. It seemed that Technoblade was still distracted with his book. There was a small opening that he would need to cross to get to another hidden space. With a glance back at Tubbo, Tommy ducked low to the ground and army crawled to the other side.


“Doo doo de doo.” He whispered, creating an epic soundtrack for his mission. 


Tubbo followed too, repeating the same steps as Tommy. When the gap grew closer, Tubbo quickly rolled to the other side. With a few rapid breaths escaping his mouth, he leaned against the bookshelf, his hand forming a pretend gun. Tommy and Tubbo both silently nodded to each other before glancing back at a bewildered Ranboo. 


Ranboo just stared forward, exasperated by his friend's extra-ness in this operation. Without even trying anything, Ranboo crossed the gap like a normal human being. 


“Why did you do that?” Tommy quietly hissed. “You could have gotten us caught!”


Ranboo groaned, “This extra-ness will get us caught.”


“You’re boring, Ranboo.” Tubbo huffed, crossing his arms. “You lack imagination.”


“I don’t lack it, I just don't want to get kicked out of the library!” Ranboo whispered harshly back. 


Both Tubbo and Tommy rolled their eyes in response. Ranboo sighed, there was no getting through to them. Tommy peered out through the openings between the books at Technoblade. He tsked, knowing that they were still far from seeing the book that he was reading. “We’ll need to get closer.” 


Before the two could make any moves, a familiar voice was heard.


“Hey Techno.”


Tommy and Tubbo whipped their heads around to face each other. They failed to account for the outlier of this mission. Wilbur was going to foil their plans.


“Ok plan two!” Tubbo hissed and Tommy nodded. Ranboo was now panicking because he had no idea what plan two was and if it was them planning it- It could never be too good. 


Tubbo pulled out a small package from inside of his pocket and Ranboo instantly turned several shades of white. Ranboo knew exactly what that was. Previously, Tubbo had developed a stink bomb that was so incredibly smelly and it stayed in the area for hours. Ranboo knew this because one day in PE class, Tommy had complained about not wanting to do yoga indoors and well, Tubbo knew of a way to be able to spend PE outside. They didn’t catch Tubbo, but rumors spread about the coach dropping a nasty fart that plagued the class. Ranboo did not want a repeat of this because his PE uniform stank for weeks. 


Quickly, Ranboo tackled Tubbo trying to rip the package from the boy’s hands. Tubbo panicked and released a yelp. Tommy, just simply because he could, joined in the tackling match. Soon, all three of them were wrestling on the library’s floor, hidden by several book cases. 


“AHA!” Tubbo yelled, as he victoriously held the package above everyone’s heads. Everyone at the moment was tangled in limbs so they couldn’t make any attempt to take the package from Tubbo. Ranboo knew the world would end as soon as Tubbo had the package triumphantly in his hands. 


Ranboo was saved by a guardian angel. The package was plucked from Tubbo’s hands and was held high above the short boy.


“Oh, no you don’t, Tubbo.” Came the voice of Wilbur. “I remember this from PE and I do not want a repeat.” 


Ranboo wanted to cry of happiness. They were truly saved by the voice of reason, named Wilbur Soot. 


“Stop being so boring.” Tubbo huffed, “What’s wrong with a little smell?”


“Uh huh.” Wilbur deadpanned. He then took a good look at the pile of bodies that he called friends. “And what brings you to the library? Last I recall you said, ‘We’re not nerds.’” 


“We aren’t.” Tommy quickly said, unscrambling himself from the pile he was underneath. “We-”


“We were just- uhm..” Ranboo stuttered before suddenly remembering something clever to add. “We were studying for our group project.”


Wilbur was very skeptical but he didn’t push it.


“If you wanted help studying for it, you could’ve just asked.” Technoblade appeared beside Wilbur, arms crossed in disappointment. “Didn’t know you guys would fight over a project.”


“Of course we did. We’re men so we talk through our… fists…” Tommy added.


Techno released a long sigh, “Here, come let’s help with your project.” Technoblade had a soft smile as he turned back to the table he was reading at. Tubbo and Ranboo shuffled away, following the stoic senior. 


As Tommy turned away to follow them, Wilbur grabbed his wrist. Tommy turned, surprise written on his face. 


“Hair dye.” Wilbur said. “We’ll get his hair dyed.” 


Tommy knit his brows together and opened his mouth as if to question Wilbur’s statement. 


Wilbur chuckled, “Next time make sure you text your plans to the right group chat.”


Tommy paled. It seemed that Wilbur knew everything about their plans from the start. Still, it was sweet that Wilbur took an easier route to solve the main issue. So once given the opportunity, Tommy pulled out his phone to leave an angry message.


The Big Three + One Stowaway Groupchat:


Wife Haver: Bitch.

Chapter Text

Tommy learned a lot of valuable information from studying with Techno.


Though, he was sure he would be the only one to have remembered all that information. Ranboo has a tendency to forget information despite being a good listener and Tubbo had difficulty paying attention for long periods of time. Tommy would be the Big Man- He even took notes. So here he was, carrying his notebook packed with information to his first class. He was met with an unideal sight.



“Hey, Ranboo, calm down.” Tubbo said gently, trying to coax the taller boy out of his panic. 



“I.. I can’t! I thought I wrote it down in my planner but…” Ranboo was gripping the edges of his desk as the anxiety chipped away at his fragile demeanor. 



“What’s wrong?” Tommy asked as he slipped into his desk. He looked over at his friend in concern.



“He didn’t study for an important test. Y’know the ones worth a lot of points to your grade.” Tubbo explained as he continued to rub circles into Ranboo’s back. 



“It’s just a test.” Tommy drawled. 



Ranboo didn’t seem to appreciate Tommy’s unempathetic response. “It’s not just a test.” Ranboo turned to look Tommy in the eyes. “It can lower my grade down to a C. My mom will kill me if I don’t pass!” 



Tommy couldn’t help but flinch back at Ranboo’s response. He knew that Ranboo- or even any of his friends didn’t know about his situation. But it hurt because he didn’t have a mother anymore. It made him think about how maybe she would’ve fussed about his high school grades since they were more important to get into college. Tommy unconsciously pinched his arm, trying to calm himself from thinking about his parents right now. He pinched harder and harder until the thoughts were pressed back. The only thing that remained left was the thoughts of being fine. Fine. He was just fine. “I don't think she would.”



Ranboo sighed, placing his head into his hands. “I’m sorry Tommy I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s already a struggle trying to remember all of the equations and…”



“It’s fine you don’t have to explain yourself.” Tommy said, splaying a fake smile on his face. He took a deep breath trying to calm his sadness. “Don’t stress, I’m sure we can help with your math.”



“Yeah, look on the bright side you have us and the boomers.” Tubbo added.



Ranboo lifted his head to give Tubbo a confused look. “What?”



“Technoblade and Wilbur.” Tommy explained.



“But they aren’t old enough to be one-”


“Just go with it.” Tommy said. 



During that class, the boys found it hard to focus. Between the three of them they weren’t sure how many of them could get anything done in the first place. It honestly left the children more confused on the math equations than before. So, the three of them begrudgingly found themselves at lunch trying to figure out the equations. 



“Volume of a cylinder?” Tubbo groaned. “Volume this!” Tubbo angrily flipped off Ranboo’s study guide. 



“Don’t bully my study guide!” Ranboo huffed, pulling the paper into a hug. “It’s the key to my survival!” 



“What are you guys doing?” Wilbur chuckled as he watched their entire display. Wilbur then sat down and took an amused bite out of his sandwich. 



“Homework harassment.” Tommy explained as he reached inside of Wilbur’s lunchbox to grab some extra snacks. He pulled out a note instead. 


Have a great day Will, Love Dad.


Tommy snickered. “Your dad leaves you little notes?”



Wilbur’s face turned red as he snatched the note from Tommy. “So what if he does?”



“Nothing.” Tommy shrugged. The twinge of longing swirled inside of his guts. “It’s rather sweet.”



Wilbur seemed to take a few minutes to process this before playfully poking Tommy. “Are you going soft on me? Aww, Tommy!”



“What, no, bitch!” Tommy swatted the hand away and turned in a huff. 



“Uhm, hello, I need assistance?” Ranboo asked, holding his study guide up high.



“Can’t help.” Techno said bluntly. “I hate math.” 



“I tried.” Tubbo shrugged. 



“I can keep trying.” Tommy added. 



Wilbur sighed, dragging himself over to look at Ranboo’s paper. “I passed sophomore year with straight A’s, so you have asked for assistance from the right person.” 



Ranboo’s eyes sparkled. “You really are a guardian angel!”



Ranboo was saved by the time he headed to his own separate geometry class. Tommy was glad. It was lovely watching Wilbur carefully explain the equations to Ranboo in a way that he would remember. He was glad that they were there for each other in times of need. After that day, Ranboo excitedly came out of that class holding his test paper with an A marked on it. It made Tommy grin but the new feelings that clouded his chest remained. He shouldn’t be thinking of the empty places his parents left when they died. What he needed to focus on was the weekend of Techno’s birthday. It would be Techno’s day not his. He was fine, he wouldn’t ruin it with his weakening feelings.



Later that day, Tommy was prepared to walk himself home However, fate had different plans.



“Hey, Tommy!” Wilbur ran over to Tommy and grabbed his hand. “Do you mind if you could stop at my place real quick?”



Tommy gave the older boy a quizzical expression. “What?”



“Well, my dad knows a lot about mythology and legends. He studies them as a hobby. I figured that you could ask him about it for your project. Y’know get more sources.” Wilbur nudged the boy softly with his shoulder. “So? What do you say?”



Tommy hesitantly glanced beyond Wilbur and towards the idling car. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to get into a car because of the feelings swirling around him. Tommy gulped slightly as the humming of the car began to fill his ears. He was being pulled there again- Tommy shook his head, clearing away the haunting memory. He had done therapy, he was fixed. He was fine . Tommy also realized how important grades are to Ranboo today. He couldn’t let the opportunity to help the project slip between his fingers. “Sure.” 



“Alright!” Wilbur led Tommy towards the car and happily opened the backseat door. “After you.” He said jokingly.



Tommy laughed nervously as he slipped inside of the car. Immediately, Tommy fastened his seatbelt for extra security and hugged his backpack close. Tommy hesitantly glanced up at the rearview mirror to see deep blue eyes glancing back at him. Oddly, Tommy felt like he was witnessing a powerful being. Someone who he had deep respect for…. 



“This is my dad.” Wilbur introduced.



“Hello, mate.” The older gentlemen responded. “You can call me Phil and I assume your Tommy right?”



“Yeah.” Tommy mumbled. “Nice to meet you, Wilbur's dad. I mean Phil.” 



Wilbur smiled mischievously, “He is also the creator of minecraft himself!” 



“Holy.” Tommy’s breath hitched. “Phil fucking minecraft?!” 



Wilbur leaned back into his seat with a smug expression. 



“He’s messing with you mate.” Phil said softly.



Phil chuckled as he released the brakes a bit, letting the car drift forward.


Tommy silently held his breath as the car continued down the street. Even if it wasn’t his own biological parents driving the car, it was someone’s parents right at the steering wheel. And someone he cared about was in the passenger seat. These feelings began to tighten the knot in his chest and suddenly Tommy felt constricted in the car. He remembered the impact and how it sent him lurching forward in his seat. The sound of shattering glass ricocheted in his mind as droplets of blood dripped down. There was a dangling limp arm touching his knees and what had been his mother protecting him was now laying on the dashboard. And Tommy? He was in pain and could barely focus on his surroundings. The world was blurring as he tried to recall the ride that just happened. He then heard shouting. Someone was shouting his name but it fell on deaf ears as Tommy seemed to nod off to sleep. “Theseus!” 






Tommy’s eyes readjusted as he remembered that he was inside of Wilbur’s car. The car had currently been parked on the driveway of what Tommy guessed was Wilbur’s house. It seemed they were waiting for him to escape his daze and refocus on reality. That was when Tommy’s heart sank. He had had another episode but this time in front of others and not in the private quarters of his room. “Uh, sorry.” He whispered, quickly opening the door and exiting the car. 



Wilbur and Phil shared concerned looks but didn’t question it. They knew not to push Tommy about whatever had caused him to space out like that. Tommy was quite thankful for it. He was ashamed of displaying such a weakness in front of others. He was a big man. A fine man. 



“Alright then, mate.” Phil said as he unlocked the front door of the house. Tommy followed Wilbur inside and gaped. There were a lot of cute family photos of younger Wilbur and his dad hanging on the walls. It felt nice and cosy, especially with the green and yellow color scheme. Tommy looked to the side to see a messy study covered in papers.



“That’s dad’s study.” Wilbur explained as he propped his instrument against the wall. “Anyway, dad, Tommy wanted to know something for his project.”



Tommy nodded. “I can’t stay for long since I didn’t inform my grandpa but I would love to know if you have any information on a certain legend.” Tommy dug into his backpack and pulled out his notebook. He opened it up and was prepared to take notes. “The Wish of Eternity?” 



Phil seemed to visibly pause as he stared at Tommy. Tommy shuffled awkwardly in place as Phil seemed to readjust himself. “Ah, the one where the group is reincarnated and forever a family?” 



“Yeah, that one.” Tommy said.



“Here.” Phil stepped inside of the study and began to dig around the many papers that littered the room. Once it seemed that Phil had found what he was looking for, he came out with an old book. “I think it’ll be easier to just take a physical copy instead.”



“Seems like dad’s memory is getting worse.” Wilbur shook his head in disappointment.



“It's not Wilbur. I’m not old!” Phil lectured his son. Wilbur snickered and Tommy grinned at this familial display. “I just thought, since Tommy is in a hurry, he’d be better off taking something physical to glance over. Writing a lot can cramp your hands too.”



“Or it's just your muscles that don't work like they used to before.” Wilbur added helpfully.



Phil just sighed at his son’s antics. “Just bring it back when you’re finished.”



“Oh.” Tommy gaped. “Thank you Phil!” 



Tommy’s phone buzzed and he glanced down at his phone.


Grandpa: Where are you?


“That’s my cue to go.” Tommy sighed as he placed the book inside of his backpack.



“Don’t forget, Techno surprise party tomorrow. Be here early so we can get all of the supplies.” Wilbur said. “I can text more details later.”



“Yeah, big man!” Tommy grinned, stepping out of the house with a wave. He liked Wilbur’s family and humble home. He missed it when his parents were always there to greet him when he got home. At least he had grandpa and even grandma. He still had people and that’s what mattered.



When he got home, his grandpa questioned him immediately. “Where were you?”



“I visited Wilbur’s house to borrow a book.” Tommy answered truthfully. 



“Alright, sorry.” His grandpa sighed. “Usually you’re home by now so I was just worried.”



“It’s fine.” Tommy smiled, walking over to his grandpa and hugging him tightly. “Oh, I have plans this weekend. We aren’t doing anything right?”



“Not really anything. I’ll just be visiting grandma in the hospital.” His grandpa informed.



Tommy released the hug and looked at his grandpa sadly. “Do you need me to come with you?”



His grandpa shook his head, “No.” his grandpa then smiled. “I can tell that you have some great plans with your friends. Don’t let us old guys hold you back from enjoying your youth.” 


Tommy smirked, “Thanks.”



“Anytime, Toms.”

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Technoblade sat inside of his temporary bedroom.



He was tucked against the corner of the empty room beside the window. The door to the bedroom was locked and the teenager was trapped inside of the room. There had been another argument regarding Technoblade’s lifestyle and how it could affect their impressionable son.



He brought his arms close to his chest, right above his tucked knees. His breathing was irregular as he dug his nails into his bruised arms. He could still hear the echoing of his foster mother’s screams as she grabbed his long hair and threw him into the room. 



She hated him.



She hated his long faded pink hair because that was feminine. Technoblade liked the color pink, he liked the way he could continue to grow and care for his hair because it was the one thing he could control in his life. His foster mother was misinterpreting his lifestyle and absolutely blew it today when her son wished to grow out his hair as well.



She would be back for more, especially since her precious baby was being influenced by him. The only reason Technoblade was still around was because of the fact that she was getting paid for caring for a poor foster child.



Why was he putting up with this anymore?



Technoblade’s eyes were dull, his body entirely numb. His parents were stupid and got themselves arrested. None of his other relatives wanted a problem child like Technoblade. He was passed around constantly, using violence as a way to communicate his feelings. Life was never constant- nothing repetitive.



A cold chill fell over him. Technoblade glanced to the side only to find that his room had gotten darker. The sunlight shining through the window cast a shadow right next to Technoblade. To his surprise, there was a clear smiling face in the shadow. It was a simple one that could be found on children’s balloons. That’s when he heard the voices of agonized people whispering into his ears.



“Do it…” The voices croaked out.



His room was now pitch black, the only thing noticeable was the smiling face that seemed to move closer to him. Technoblade was frozen, stuck in a trance with a smiling face. Slowly, without control, he brought his hands close to his throat. His hands latched on and began to apply pressure to his neck.



“The Blade will fall….” 




“Technoblade!” Technoblade’s eyes snapped open, the room was suddenly back to normal. No more voices, no more darkness, and more importantly, no more smiling face lingering.



Technoblade dropped his hands from his neck and shakily looked at it.



What was he doing?



Tears were brimming in his eyes. Ranboo was right, if he stayed here any longer… Technoblade gulped before flinching at something crashing at the window. Technoblade carefully walked over to the window and peered out only to see Tommy and Wilbur waving frantically at him down below. 



That was right. He was putting up with everything for them. He closed his eyes for a brief moment. He found himself sucked into a different memory. He could hear the chirping of birds and the soft breeze brushing by his cheek. In his mind, he thought he was free within the serenity of the world.



“Technoblade!” A voice cooed over at him. He looked over to see two other people. One was young, with fluffy blonde hair and the brightest pair of blue eyes he had ever seen. The other was taller with curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. They were waiting for him. They were going to take him away from the place that was keeping him imprisoned- that was using him because of what he could offer with the blade. 



Technoblade opened his eyes again and strangely, the two figures that he had seen in that vision faded into the people down below his window.



“Technoblade get down here!” Wilbur shouted.



“Yeah, we’re here to kidnap you!” Tommy added. 



Technoblade rolled his eyes. Carefully he opened the window and crawled out onto the windowsill. Wilbur and Tommy looked out in surprise as to why Technoblade was taking the window and not the front door. Technoblade glanced back to the room, with a deep breath he leapt onto the nearby tree. He carefully swung himself down, only scraping his hands on the bark in the process. Technoblade had left the prison and he felt powerful under the care of his friends. “It’s not exactly kidnapping if you announce it.” Technoblade muttered as he walked over to Wilbur and Tommy.



“That was so pog!” Tommy grinned, recalling the epic escape route Technoblade used to leave the house. 



“We should get your hands looked at.” Wilbur noted, seeing the scrapped hands. Technoblade instinctively pulled them away out of sight. “Well, let’s go. We have a whole day planned to celebrate your birthday!”



Technoblade was surprised to find himself standing at the front porch of Wilbur’s house. 



“Everything we have planned is here.” Wilbur said as he unlocked the front door.



“Surprise!” Ranboo and Tubbo shouted as they threw confetti at Technoblade. Technoblade jumped in surprise while the others laughed. Tommy pushed Technoblade inside and began to babble about how awesome this day is going to be. 



“Hello, you must be Technoblade.” Technoblade turned around to see a man with short blonde hair to his shoulders and sparkling blue eyes. Technoblade blinked slowly, feeling as if this man had some greater importance.



“Dude, Technoblade, I had the same reaction.” Tommy added as he noticed the way Technoblade looked at the man. 



“Yes, and you are?” Technoblade asked, doing his best to sound respectful to the adults of the house.



“I’m Phil, Wilbur’s dad.” The man reached out his hand for Technoblade to shake. Technoblade carefully brought his hand over and the man took note of Technoblade’s scraped hands. “I’ll go get the first aid kit for that.”



“Oh you don't have to- '' Technoblade stopped, noticing that the man had already left. It was strange. Strange that these people were going to such great lengths to care for him today. When Phil came back, he gingerly took care of Technoblade’s hands. Technoblade wanted to tear up, it had been so long since he had someone do something this kind for him. Phil’s small gesture swayed him like the grand waves of the ocean. 



Later, everyone was gathered by the table singing happy birthday to Technoblade. Tommy made sure to point out to everyone how red Technoblade’s cheeks were. Technoblade in return pointed out how Tommy’s ears were pink. Tommy would scream out how traitorous Technoblade was as everyone laughed. Technoblade was now eighteen and Wilbur made sure that Technoblade knew how important this birthday would be now that he was joining adulthood. 



Finally, the group gathered around Technoblade excitedly.



“We got you a present, sir Blade.” Tommy grinned as he glanced over at Tubbo. Tubbo pulled out two boxes and Technoblade’s eyes widened. It was two boxes of pink hair dye. 



“Well, we weren’t sure what shade of pink so we grabbed two.” Tubbo shrugged as he handed the boxes over to Technoblade. 



“It’s either Bubble gum or Rose pink.” Ranboo said as Technoblade glanced at the containers. “We’re going to help you dye it tonight.”



“Yeah,” Wilbur rubbed the back of his head. “We noticed that your roots were growing back in and thought you might want to redye it.”



“Do Rose pink, it’ll be pog.” Tommy said as he glanced between the colors.



Technoblade’s hands shook as he held the boxes. The others worriedly glanced at him before Technoblade scooped them all into a hug. It was so unlike the stoic Technoblade, but to him, this meant the world. “I’ll do Rose Pink as Tommy suggested.”



As suggested, everyone got to work to make Technoblade’s long hair the color pink again. Tubbo admired the length of Techno’s hair as he scrubbed in the dye. It was actually the first time Technoblade had allowed them to touch his hair. After doing a mini showcase with Technoblade’s newly dyed hair, Tommy began to braid the boy’s long hair. It was a simple action but Technoblade appreciated it. Wilbur’s family and his school friends had grown on him. Especially when it came to Phil, Wilbur and Tommy. It was strange but he felt connected to them on a deeper level.



His most memorable moment at the party was when they all opened the application, Minecraft. They took turns playing since they were limited on accounts and computers. Technoblade had the joy of beating everyone in combat. Though, he slightly hoped that they didn’t just let him win because it was his birthday. The last time he played a video game like this was when he was still living with his own parents. They were idiots however when they thought their drug habits would go unnoticed. 



Unfortunately, every good night had to come to an end.



Technoblade stepped out of the house as Wilbur waved goodbye to Phil. Everyone was leaving now that it was dark outside. Ranboo gave one last worried glance over to Technoblade before he walked off with Tubbo. Tommy made sure to shout that he was a big enough man to walk himself home. So here was Technoblade, climbing up the tree and back into his prison of a bedroom. However when he stepped inside, he had forgotten that someone was waiting for him.



The one last shout of goodbye from Tommy to Technoblade would be the last time they saw Technoblade for the next four days. 






Technoblade didn’t show up to school the following Monday and no one seemed to be too bothered. Well, except for Ranboo who’s anxiety was spiking. Wilbur said it was a normal thing for Technoblade to miss school but even he too was worried. They had all partied the day previously together and it was too strange for the boy to disappear. Soon, another day had passed and Technoblade still wasn’t at school. Tommy and Wilbur had stopped by the house but from where they could peak into the bedroom, there was no sight of Technoblade. The third day went by and so did the fourth. There was no sign of Technoblade and there was no way to contact the teenager. 



On the fifth day however, the boy finally showed up to school. He had his hood on as he walked into school, completely ignoring and avoiding his friends completely.



Technoblade didn’t even show up at the spot where they sat for lunch.  They had enough of his silence and went looking for him.



What they didn’t expect was to find him sitting at a table in the library, with his head leaning against the desk. And to all of their horror, Technoblade’s hair was sloppily cut short. What was once all the way down to his lower back, was now slanted unevenly to his shoulders. 



“What the hell happened?” Tommy gasped as he approached the boy. Technoblade in response only buried his head into his arms. Tommy glanced over at Wilbur in a look of defeat. Wilbur however, marched up to Technoblade and grabbed his wrist. Slowly, Wilbur rolled up Technoblade’s sweater sleeve and to everyone’s horror there were several bruises lining up his arm. 



“Technoblade…” Tubbo said silently, eyeing the purple bruises. 



Technoblade slowly sat up, revealing his tired face to the group. “Now you know.” He said simply. 



“Now we know? Technoblade this shouldn’t have been happening to you.” Wilbur shouted back.



Technoblade snorted with a roll of his eyes. Whatever happened in those four days seemed to have changed Technoblade. “Well it did.”



Ranboo looked at Technoblade with hurt eyes. “You were supposed to tell me.”



Everyone glanced back at the tallest boy. “You… You knew?” Tubbo asked, his voice cracking.



Ranboo glanced away for a second. “Yeah…” 



“And you didn’t tell us?” Tommy shrieked, pissed at Ranboo.



“Don’t be mad at him. I told him to tell no one.” Technoblade said, standing up away from the table. 



“Some things aren’t meant to be kept as a secret.” Tubbo whispered. Technoblade locked eyes with the shaking boy. Tubbo’s shoulders slouched as he spoke quietly, “It won’t ever help to keep things hidden… I know… I know because…”



Ranboo gently placed a hand on Tubbo’s shoulder to ease him.



Tubbo was back in middle school, a younger boy looking forward to life as a seventh grader. Like any other kid, he thought this was his time to shine. New school new you, as they say. However, he no longer was beside the people he grew up next to in elementary school. They drifted apart, meeting new people and expanding in the great sea. Tubbo struggled, specifically with his dyslexia. He was bright, such a loveable presence but behind the backs of many people made fun of him. He kept it a secret, especially because he finally managed to make a new friend in class who didn’t judge him. Ranboo and him were best friends. Tubbo just simply had to be the buzzing bright bee that he was to keep his precious flower with him.



Tubbo gulped, tears forming on his eyes. “I was bullied a few years ago… The bruises, the hurtful slander- I was internally breaking pretending everything was fine. I was playing two different roles until I simply cracked! Technoblade… You can’t keep this up! You can’t keep hiding things! I mean… Look at you now, you’ve cracked Technoblade. You’ve cracked.” 



Technoblade’s eyes widened slightly, taken aback by the force of Tubbo’s words.



He looked around at the group, his heart filling with something unfamiliar. “I’ve cracked?” He said, his voice cracking as a torrent of emotions swirled around in his mind. His head fell slightly and he brought his hands to rub at his eyes. “Tubbo, I’ve been broken for awhile.”



He brought his head back up, doing his best to form a small smile. That was the last action said before Technoblade snapped.



He collapsed to his knees, sobbing like a child. He wasn’t sure who wrapped him in a hug, but he clung to them like a small child. He told them everything through choked sobs. He’d been there since he was nine because of his criminal parents. He was passed from home to home, a few abusive. He couldn’t get attached to anyone because he would never remain long enough to make any special connections. It was a constant competition, until he finally gave up. Everything truly changed when Technoblade met Tommy and through him he was finally able to have the family he had always desired. It seemed to go through ages, like this was exactly his role in the universe. Eventually after years of suffering, he would break to the surface to see the inevitable rainbow.



He told them about that weekend.



His foster mother had already been angry and he’d been too close to ending it all. Wilbur and Tommy had saved him and gave him the happiest memory of his life. But, when he returned home… The mother was displeased to find that he had snuck out and re-dyed his hair. She shrieked at him, reiterating the earlier argument. Her son, the biological child of this monster of a woman, had looked up to Technoblade. And that son wanted to grow out his hair as well. The woman disagreed and blamed Technoblade for these developments. Though Technoblade couldn’t ever blame the child, he was actually quite enjoyable.



“He’s not a girl and neither are you Technoblade!” She screamed. 



“I’m not trying to be a girl, I just like it like this-” He was cut off by a slap.



“Don’t you dare talk back to me! I’ve given you a home, fed you, and you repay me by plaguing my baby with! With!” She gestured to Technoblade’s hair. “You’re older so you have to set an example and now you go and sneak out too!?” 



Technoblade held his cheek numbly. He saw the son lingering in the hallway, frightened by the screams of his mother. The mother followed his gaze and growled. 



“Don’t even look at him!” The mother grabbed Technoblade’s wrist and he did nothing to resist her as he dragged him towards the bathroom. It was better not to resist, something learned early on because it only made things worse. However, he realized too late when she grabbed scissors from the bathroom drawer. “I should’ve done this ages ago!”



Everything was a blur from there. He believed that his mind blocked out the images but the noise of the scissors blade against his hair stayed. He seemed to wake up inside of the bathtub, curled up around a pile of his gathered hair. And that very night he left, no longer bound by law since he was seen as an adult. In the emotional turmoil that he had suffered, he had made several stupid descions. He met with Quackity as they were skipping class.



“The great Blade paying me a visit?” Quackity joked before turning his face into a scowl. “To what do I owe this pleasure?” 



Technoblade just boredly looked at Quackity and in response the boy’s eyes widened. 



“Damn Techno, you look like shit.” Quackity eyed the missing long hair.



“You can cure it.” Techno responded.



Quackity glanced back at his other friends in confusion. “Cure what?”



“These feelings.” Technoblade approached Quackity. Quackity now could see the deep bags under his eyes. It was also apparent that there were several more bruises lining Techno’s body from the struggle to save his hair. 



“Fine.” Quackity surrendered his hatred. “I know something that can help. Remember Schlatt, the senior who used to dictate the school? He can get some stuff for us to enjoy.” 



In Techno’s clouded judgement, he agreed. 



 The two enemies put aside their inner beef with each other and enjoyed some alcohol together. It was bad, hanging around a bad crowd. He was a homeless adult now and didn’t know how to deal with things. Losing his long hair that was a representation of his years in foster care- It was the one constant in his life and it disappeared on the same day he had escaped the system. It was ironic, honestly.



However, sometime he would have to show up to school, to face his found family. He would have to put down the bottles that eased his pain slightly. And of course, when he saw each of their faces full of worry, for him. He finally snapped, sinking into the floor, clinging to anyone, hoping that they could make things better. 



Tommy looked at the crumpled figure clinging onto Wilbur desperately. The words of his entire life summed up in between sobs that escaped his mouth. It felt as if he had seen this happen plenty of times. His chest just filled with the numb feeling of uncertainty.



It was weird, ever since coming here he has been filled with the strangest of feelings. He knew deep down that Technoblade needed this. Needed someone to cling onto, to trust with all of these emotions piled up over the years. Tommy knew this too. He remembered the crash that killed his parents all too clearly. He did exactly as Technoblade had, putting on a facade of being fine. And this made him realize too. That if he kept pretending that everything was fine.. He would crack too. 



He wasn’t sure how long it had been, but Technoblade had finished sobbing and was now curled against Wilbur. He didn’t care if it was strange for others to see the Technoblade being touchy but it filled him with great comfort to hear the steady heartbeat of Wilbur. 



Wilbur chose to break the silence that had overlapped them, “You aren’t going to go back to that house, Technoblade.”



“I won’t.” Technoblade spoke softly, his eyes closed as exhaustion started to seep through him. He had expended so much energy from his breakdown that he seemed like he was going to pass out at any second. 



“You can stay with me and my dad.” Wilbur said, gently rubbing circles into Technoblade’s back to help him settle into sleep. 



Technoblade hummed in response, barely registering anything as he slumped into Wilbur’s lap, asleep. The rest of the group stared at Technoblade’s sleeping figure wordlessly. 



“How long did you know?” Tubbo asked as soon as he knew that Technoblade was in a deep sleep.



Ranboo flinched slightly before nervously fiddling with his fingers. “Remember the PE mile? I saw him without the jacket in the locker room…” Ranboo paused a bit, letting the words sink into the group. “I’m sorry… I should’ve told you all… If I knew this was going to happen! The bruises! I didn’t-” Ranboo began to mumble all sorts of words as he was panicked by his friend’s silence. Tubbo gently walked over and placed a hand on Ranboo’s fiddling fingers. Ranboo flinched again at the sudden touch and looked into Tubbo’s swirling blue eyes. Without hesitation, Tubbo knocked his head against Ranboo’s forehead. “Hey!” Ranboo yelped in surprise.



“You’re an idiot, Ranboo.” Tubbo said. “You probably couldn’t remember it with the memory you have.”



“No, this was far too important to forget-” Ranboo protested before being cut off by Tubbo.



Tubbo brought Ranboo’s head close to his so that he could gently touch their foreheads together. “You’re my idiot. Just remember that secrets have heavy burdens too. From now on, we will tell each other things alright?” Tubbo removed his forehead from Ranboo as he looked at each and everyone. “No more secrets?” He held out his pinky finger.



Ranboo sighed, bringing his pinky finger to interlock with Tubbo’s. Wilbur followed suit next. Tubbo gently moved Technoblade’s finger to do a pinky promise as well. He said something along the lines of, ‘He has no choice but to promise as long as I’m around.’



Tommy was last. He looked at his pinky finger before glancing back at Tubbo’s. He hadn’t told them about his own trauma or the strange dreams he has been having. He couldn’t tell them, at least not yet because right now they needed to focus on Technoblade. So shakily, he brought this finger to interlock with Tubbo’s.



Yeah, this was fine. He would be fine, at least for a little bit longer.

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Technoblade had been reluctant to move in with Wilbur and his dad, Phil. But he did no nonetheless and now Technoblade had a place to stay.



Things were slowly getting better, at least Tommy hoped. He continued to awake after having more strange dreams. Recently, they had been happening more frequently and for once, they were blocking out the dreams of his parent’s death.



He wasn’t sure whether or not he should be grateful for that. He couldn’t just forget about his parents like this, could he?



It was so strange to survive the crash as a lone survivor. It was like the universe selectively chose him out of the sacrifice of his parents. That day he remembered waking in the hospital and being told the news. Apparently, a kind gentleman found the crash and pulled him out of the car.



Sometimes he wished that the crash had taken him too. But it was stupid of him, there were people out there waiting for him. Whether it be his school friends or his grandparents. His grandfather had lost his children and almost his grandson. Not to mention that his wife was sick- Having these thoughts were stupid and it was probably one of the only reasons he stayed in the land of the living. 



However today, he had more pressing matters to deal with. Today was his presentation with Tubbo and Ranboo. He hated presentations in class. Especially this certain presentation that seemed to trigger him. He walked to school with a scowl and plopped himself at his desk in the class. 



“Are you ready for our presentation?” Ranboo asked. He seemed a bit pleased unlike Tommy.



“I am!” Tubbo grinned. “The debut of the benchtrio group project team!”



“Well, I’m not.” Tommy rolled his eyes. He sank back into his desk. 



“Does everyone have their papers done?” Tubbo asked, ignoring Tommy’s grouchiness.



“I think so.” Ranboo said as he dug into his backpack. 



Tubbo sighed, “We put it in my backpack because yours is full of clutter.” Tubbo pulled out two packets and handed one to Ranboo.



“What would I do without you?” Ranboo joked with a chuckle.


“Not much apparently.” Tubbo grinned back.



Tommy grumpily dropped his own packet onto his desk. “I really don’t want to do this.”



“And yet here we are.” Tubbo gestured dramatically to the class. 



“You suck.” Tommy grumbled.



“No you.” Tubbo said back.



Tommy blinked slowly, feeling himself heat up with anger. “No you!”



“No you!”



“No you!”



“No you! I said it first!” 



“NO. YOU!”



“No you both, now shut up!” Ranboo bonked both of their heads, shushing them quickly.



The class began to quiet down as the teacher began to explain the rules for presentation. Everyone got started and Tommy boredly listened to the stories being presented. He was pretty lucky to not be called up first, at least this teacher had some mercy. But he didn’t expect to be called last, where there was still plenty of time for their presentation. With a groan, he pushed his seat in and followed his friends to the front of the class.



“Begin when you’re ready.” The teacher urged, as the class went quiet, staring intently at the three boys.



“Our presentation is about The Wish of Eternity .” Ranboo introduced.



Tommy sighed, knowing that he would have to start the story, “It started with the fall of the Angel of Death. It was said that he was betrayed by the heavens and sent down to the earth to live among the weak. Being a higher being, it was a huge difference being among them. It was said that he traveled the lands alone and only learned that all mortals were the same. However, things seemed to change when he ran into a child wandering alone too.”



Tommy took a deep breath. He felt slightly uneasy, but ignored it in favor of getting this presentation over with. “That boy was exiled from his homeland for causing mischievous trouble. His name is told differently depending on the sources but a more famous nickname is Theseus, not the same Theseus of another legend. The two traveled, Theseus causing more trouble in his childish nature. The Angel of Death could hardly keep up with the young spirit of Theseus.” 



Tubbo nodded, taking over the next section of the presentation. “They wandered into a village that didn’t take too kindly to strangers. There was a certain village boy that went by the name of William. He was kind to them, especially to the young spirited Theseus. But, he followed around a bad crowd, letting them do things to others. He was too much a coward to stand up for himself and for others. It changed though, when he took a protective stance in front of Theseus. That was the moment he freed himself from the clutches of his society and did what he truly wanted. As expected, he joined the party and now the Angel of Death was babysitting two people.”



The class laughed a bit at Tubbo’s joke and he grinned widely in response. 



Ranboo cleared his throat slightly as he moved to his part of the conversation. “William had to leave the village because of his act of rebellion. The Angel of Death began to warm up to the company of the young people. However, the Angel of Death had a complex reputation among the people. This caused a threatened king to send an assassin to kill the Angel of Death. The assassin was more of a slave to the king, raised to kill and obey orders. He was known as the Blade. He caught the group by surprise and fought against the Angel of Death. He was defeated by the wise old man and was subdued. He wasn’t killed however. The Angel of Death had grown soft and could see that the Blade was just as young as William. It took forever for the warrior to warm up to them. They taught him to read and write. What I found interesting was how they brought out a completely different character out of him. Instead of the quiet obedient warrior, he became free spirited and loved to read.”



“More importantly the Angel of Death found a family and began to form a familial love among them. Instead of looking down on the mortals he started to become just like them, feeling the intense emotions they feel. The power of friendship, bitches!” Tubbo added.



The teacher told Tubbo to not use that language in her classroom. Tommy glanced over at Ranboo as he told his part of the story for the presentation. The feeling of uneasiness was beginning to weigh heavy over his mind.



“Anyway,” Ranboo said as he glared at Tubbo for interrupting his part of the presentation. “The Blade had failed in assassinating the Angel of Death. The Blade would do anything for the group for saving him from a life of servitude. Like anyone, really, he had his own inner demons. There were voices inside of his head that would tell him what to do. Depending on the research you do, different resources say: The voices were his own inner thoughts to keep him from going insane, the voices were the people he had killed, or the voices were the evil kings doing. Usually, if you fail a mission as an assassin you take your own life or something. But the Angel of Death had given him a new purpose to live for. The king got mad at the disobedience and it caused the Angel of Death to fight once again.”



Ranboo and Tubbo both glanced over at Tommy to signal that it was now his turn to talk. “Oh-” Tommy shook his head and began to speak, “The king was slain by the Angel of Death and he promised the group that there would be no more bloodshed anymore. So a village boy, an exiled child, a warrior, and a fallen angel all gathered together in their time of peace.” Tommy didn’t realize that his hand began to tremble as it was holding his packet close to him. “They all decided to form a family. The Angel of Death as a parental figure, William and Blade sharing with each other as found twins, and the exiled boy as the youngest.” Tommy felt tears brimming in the corners of his eyes. “Together they formed an Eternal Wish- a promise to meet in the next life.”



“Some say they are still reincarnating as a family til this day.” Tubbo added as a special legend. 



Tommy’s eyes glazed over as he began to see another weird vision again. He seemed to be laying on a pile of mud, reaching weakly towards an older man. There was blood caking the world around him, as if a battle had taken place only moments earlier. “Please….” His tortured voice came. He had now reached the man’s boots. Weakly, he tugged a bit of his clothing as he looked up to the man, his eyes swirling in a deep blue of despair. “Please… Please… End this wish.”



Tommy snapped out of it when Tubbo and Ranboo were gently shaking him. His eyes widened as he realized he was crying. Embarrassment clouded his face as he walked towards his seat, ferociously wiping away his tears. He didn’t understand, why was he crying? 



Ranboo and Tubbo didn’t bother him about his breakdown in front of the class. They knew it was embarrassing for him and they hoped he would open up about it. Tommy, however, refused to even talk about what happened. He was just as confused about it himself.



When the end of the day came, he waved goodbye to Tubbo and Ranboo. He began walking home, quickly running by Technoblade’s foster home. He then paused. He hadn’t seen how Technoblade was fairing up with living with Wilbur. He decided to spontaneously visit his friends.



He reached the front door of Wilbur’s house and knocked on the wood. To his surprise, Phill opened the door. 



“Tommy?” He seemed surprised too. 



“Hi, I wanted to visit Technoblade and Wilbur.” Tommy said awkwardly as he rolled back and forth on his feet nervously. 



“Oh,” Phill looked at Tommy with kindred eyes and moved aside for Tommy to enter the house. “They’re both in Wilbur’s bedroom.”



Tommy nodded as he shuffled by the old man and walked down the familiar hallway. There were plenty of pictures of Wilbur and Phil together. He smiled brightly when he saw the picture of all of his friends gathered together for Technoblade’s birthday. 



He paused just outside of Wilbur’s room when he heard a beautiful melody being played. It must’ve been Wilbur playing his guitar inside of his room. Tommy was even more surprised when he heard Wilbur sing lyrics to his song. Wilbur was talented at music, that was one thing, but having singing talent too? Wilbur was so pog! Tommy knocked on the door and Wilbur’s song paused. Gently the door opened and Wilbur gasped in surprise. 



“Tommy!” He squealed happily and pulled Tommy inside. Tommy blinked in surprise as he found himself seated on the floor in front of Wilbur. Behind him Technoblade sat on the bed, reading his same book all over again. 



“Technoblade has read it like over twenty times in the last hour, I swear.” Wilbur laughed. “I swear you’ll only be able to read whatever’s in the book when handed anything that needs reading.”



Technoblade flipped to the next page of his book, “‘ The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.’ Sun Tzu, the Art of War .”



Wilbur rolled his eyes as he grabbed his guitar and began to pluck a new chord.



“How are you both doing… Being new roommates and all.” Tommy asked as he felt awkward being amongst the older boys.



“Have had worse roommates.” Technoblade only commented.



“He’s my first roomie, so I can’t compare him to any other.” Wilbur shrugged. “He’s great though, helping me come up with some lyrics to my songs.”



“Is that what you want to be? For a career that is?” Tommy asked hesitantly.



Wilbur beamed, “Yeah actually.”



“And you Techno?” Tommy glanced back over at the quiet boy. It seemed that his hair was trimmed a bit to make it even instead of the slanted cut. It was about the same length as Wilbur’s dad’s hair now. 



“English major.” He answered, not moving his eyes from his book.



“Ah,” Tommy said. It made sense since Techno always seemed fascinated in the book. “So, Wilby-” Tommy paused, feeling embarrassment crawl up his face. 



Wilbur smiled, looking up from his guitar and towards Tommy. “Wilby?”



“I said nothing!” Tommy crossed his arms in a huff. 



“It’s fine Tommy. You can call me Wilby.”



“I won't.” Tommy said promptly.



“Tommy.” Wilbur dragged out his words in a playful gesture. “You call Technoblade, Techno. Why can’t I get a nickname?”



“Fine, you can be Wilby.” Tommy rolled his eyes. “Anyways, what were you writing about?”



Wilbur grinned. “About a girl I like.”



Tommy blinked slowly. “Who’s this girl?”



“Oh, you won’t know her.” Wilbur said, noticing the scowl across Tommy’s face.



“Oh I get it. You’re worried my dashing looks would sweep her off her feet.” Tommy puffed out his chest to make himself manlier. 



“Her name is Sally.” Wilbur answered, his voice quietly. “We’ve talked a bit, thinking about asking her out.”



“Oh ho ho~” Tommy moved in close to nudge Wilbur’s arm with his elbow. “So you're asking the love expert? I’m the right guy, I’m Wife Haver after all.” 



“Whatever you gremlin!” Wilbur ruffled Tommy’s hair playfully. “You're lucky you know about this! I haven't even told my own dad!” 



“Of course you would tell me, I’m a Big Man!” Tommy laughed in response to Wilbur’s brotherly reaction. “You’re like a brother to me.”



Technoblade glanced over at Wilbur as he paused at Tommy’s words. “Don’t say that Tommy,” Wilbur whispered, “You’re going to make me cry.”



“Good.” The Gremlin named Tommy said. 



Wilbur paused, his expression turning to one of concern. “In all seriousness, I heard you cried in class.”


Tommy groaned. It seemed that the news had spread everywhere and now he would have to deal with it. “What of it?” He didn’t mean to sound snarky but it just rolled off of his tongue.



“I’m just concerned… Is there a specific reason why?”



Wilbur was coming from a good perspective. They all saw how delicate feelings were when Tubbo and Techno had a meltdown. Tommy doubled down but he couldn’t get himself to speak aloud. There was no way he was going to talk about his strange visions because they would just think he’s crazy. As another note, Tommy wasn’t even ready to discuss the swirling hurt of the loss of his parents yet. 



Wilbur sighed, noting Tommy curled into himself. “It’s always alright to cry.” he mumbled. 



“It’s a great relief.” Technoblade admitted aloud. 



“Listen, Tommy.” Wilbur gently touched Tommy’s arm. “I haven’t told anyone this but,”



Technoblade and Tommy turned to Wilbur and gave him their undivided attention. 



“I know when you’re a baby you’re not supposed to remember things…” Wilbur looked down at his hands. “But I do.”
Tommy was slightly speechless. His memories of when he was younger were splotches of pieces sloppily tapped together.



“I remember screaming out, reaching out a frail hand. The world was blurry, I’m pretty sure I opened my eyes for the first time.” Wilbur shuddered a bit, pulling himself close to his body. His voice began to tremble as he recalled these past memories, “I could see my mother looking at me distantly…” Wilbur began to grip his arms tightly as he seemed lost in the memories. “I was being held in the doctor's arm but I remember glancing up…” Wilbur’s breath halted.



“Wilbur…” Tommy whispered, gently placing a comforting hand on the teenager’s arm. It was clear that this was something very delicate that Wilbur was sharing with them. Even Techno abandoned his place on the bed to sit on the other side of Wilbur. 



Wilbur shook his head, clearing away the memory he was trapped in. “The doctor…. He… I..” Wilbur struggled to find his words before clearing his throat. “He wore a creepy porcelain smiling mask.”



Tommy’s heart stopped in place. His whole being seemed to stop functioning at the mention of the creepy porcelain mask.



Wilbur continued, “My mother died giving birth to me and according to my dad, the doctor was going to do something to me.” Wilbur let out a long exhale. He relaxed his grip on himself and did his best to relax again. “My dad stopped the doctor. It’s fine though, I’m still here.”



“A porcelain smiling mask?” Technoblade whispered out. Wilbur and Tommy hesitantly glanced over to the surprised Technoblade. The teenager looked visibly uncomfortable as he nervously glanced around the room. “This might sound crazy but…” Tommy had a feeling where this was going. “When I…” Techno paused slightly before continuing. “When I was going to…” Techno didn’t have to finish the phrase for the two boys to understand. “I saw a creepy smiling face staring at me in the corner of my bedroom.” 



“Surely not…” Tommy said, his voice trembling with all sorts of emotions. 



Wilbur’s expression also told the group that he was troubled as well. 



Tommy began to shudder as his throat constricted.


The room seemed to become smaller and he found that it was getting harder to breathe. His chest was heaving back and forth rapidly as he began to lose oxygen. Tears were pricking at his eyes in his panic.



What the hell was happening to him?



The damned culprit that killed his parents was coming after his friends. This was not ok. This was not fine . Not fine, not fine, not fine, not fine-


“Not fine!”


Tommy found himself rambling the word over and over. It brought no comfort as it spilled from his mouth. But he found himself saying it again and again as a mantra. It used to be a reassurance but now it was faltering under the heavy pretence of death. 



“T-Tommy!” He felt his shoulders being gripped tightly as if trying to ground the boy. But when Tommy’s head whipped forward all he could see was the porcelain mask on Wilbur’s face. 



“Shit!” He heard another voice say. 



The screeching of tires was filling his ears. 



“Hey, Tommy, stay with me!” Tommy desperately tried to listen, he was trying!



Tommy looked at the smiling mask staring right at him. He didn’t want to look.



“Tommy? Shit, uhm! Can you name five things that you can see?”



Tommy blinked for a few moments, his vision changing from the car and back into Wilbur’s bedroom. “Guitar.” He choked out. “Yellow curtains.” His vision changed back to the car, “Mom’s smile.” He could see the two figures inside of the bedroom looking at each other. “Techno’s book and cars .” 



“Alright,” The soft voice spoke again. “Four things you can touch?”



“The soft carpet?” Tommy’s fingers felt around the carpet inside of Wilbur’s bedroom. “The stupid seatbelt.” Tommy chuckled a bit unintentionally. “A gentle hand and the itchy shirt tag.” 



“Good, good.” Another voice commented. He could barely make out the soft pink hair from a distance. 



“Three things you can hear?”



“The low hum of the engine.” Tommy whispered, his breaths quickening again. “The laughter of mum and the low grumbles of dad.” Tommy was slowly sinking back into that same memory. His family were smiling and laughing moments before the impact. His mom especially was making jokes about how when Tommy was younger he would lip synch to Jump in the Cadillac. 



“Two things you can smell?” The voice tried again. They seemed less sure if this method of comfort was working. 



“Wilbur’s laundry.” Tommy instinctively said.



The voice seemed to sputter in surprise. Tommy felt comfort in the chuckles circling the bedroom. “Techno smells like books.” Slowly the room was coming back into view. Although, his two friends were still blurry images. 



Wilbur gave him a soft smile, “And one thing you can taste?” 



Tommy smiled preparing his final answer to Wilbur’s question before things spiraled downwards again. Many images flashed inside of his head- one recognizable one from one of his many visions. He was clinging onto the robed figure, making several desperate pleas with his weakened voice. Then suddenly he was locking eyes with that porcelain mask as it came barreling towards the car.





He was back inside of the room as the horrible word left his mouth. He saw the shocked expressions on his friends' faces. He had finally escaped the horrible memory of that fateful day. He felt weak, embarrassed by his display of such open emotions. He had told his therapist that he was fine now. But, no one could just leave that behind and grow up. “I’m sorry…” He whispered.



Wilbur, the saint that he was, grasped Tommy and pulled him close to his body. Wilbur shared the warmth of his radiant self with the weak boy. Tommy felt the tears coming back as Techno joined in on the reassuring hug. 



“We all have those days, Tommy.” Wilbur reassured. 



Tommy at this point was bawling like a baby, “I saw it too.” He finally admitted it aloud. The thing that he was called crazy for wasn’t just his imagination. “It was coming for our car before our car swerved out of the way. I was the only one who made it.” He was crying harder this time. “I thought I was fine! I’m not, I really am not.”  He had broken down, finally pouring out all of these emotions that he had locked away with his dam. Even strong men cry. 



Once Tommy had finished spilling out his emotional turmoil, he cuddled against Wilbur, refusing to let the older boy go. He felt safe in the arms of an older brother. He felt safe with the presence of his other brother beside him. Tommy was content like this. He was content with being surrounded by his found family. Even if his parents were gone, the empty chasm of their place wouldn’t always remain empty. 



“That was some near death experience shit that we’ve seen.” Wilbur chuckled out nervously. It seemed that they had all seen that creepy smiling face. 



Techno nodded before turning to look at Tommy. “What do you mean I smell like books?”



Tommy let out a groan. “Fuck off!” 



Outside of the room, Phil had his hand gently on the door knob. His hair had fallen over his face as he listened in on their conversations. He felt rage boiling deep inside of him as he shakily removed his hand from the door knob.



He glared forward, a singular sharp blue eye piercing through his hair. It glowed ominously as Phil’s shadow grew large until it formed a giant pair of wings underneath his feet. The damned God was going to try and rip his family away from him again. Philza wouldn’t ever let that happen.




Chapter Text

Never once did Tommy think that after unloading most of his baggage aloud, would feel so relieving.



No, he wasn’t entirely fine but at least he wasn’t trying to bottle things up completely. He had originally thought that since he was a tough man, he shouldn’t allow something like that to continue to bring him down.



It took a real man to let go and lean on someone when you need help. Tommy now understood how Tubbo and Technoblade made it to the road of recovery after crying out their feelings.



However, Tommy couldn’t shake off this new uneasy feeling inside of his gut. He had learned something crucial the other day and it frightened him to the core. Both of his close friends, even brothers, had seen that haunting smiling face. Not only that, but it appeared to them when their life was in danger. It couldn’t have been a coincidence. 



Lately, a lot of strange things have been happening to him. He couldn’t blame it on puberty (As he was now a man). First of all, Tommy had never cried in front of his class for some stupid project. It hadn’t ever been one of his triggers because he was only ever frightened of cars. Then there were also the strange dreams and hallucinations that he was having. He knew for a fact that he wasn’t taking drugs despite his many jokes. He couldn’t just go to others because they would think he was crazy. 




Tommy bit his nails nervously as he walked onto campus. He hadn’t even noticed the livelier atmosphere until he heard his name being called. 



“Tommy!” Tommy looked up to see Wilbur rushing towards him. It wasn’t often that Wilbur greeted Tommy before school started. He seemed much more gentle since Tommy had his breakdown. He would’ve found it annoying but he was happy to see that soft, ginger, brotherly grin splayed onto his face. It warmed his heart- not that he would ever tell Wilbur that. 



“What is it?” Tommy asked, crossing his arms as the older boy came to a stop in front of him. 



“They did it!” Wilbur practically jumped up and down in place. “Prom. They finally released information on prom!”



Tommy’s eyes widened. Prom. The mystical dance where all the ladies would go. There would be prom-posals, love, girls, wives, and women. A grin spread across Tommy’s face as he imagined the ladies asking him out. “The ladies will be fawning for me.”



“I hate to break it to you, but,” Technoblade appeared beside Tommy and gave the boy a blank look. “But it’s juniors and seniors only.”



Tommy blinked for a few moments as reality came crashing down onto him like the harsh waves of the ocean. “WHAT?”



“He could get invited by a junior or senior girl.” Wilbur added, trying to piece back together Tommy’s fantasy.



Tommy happily gave Technoblade a smug look.



“Nah.” Technoblade answered with a mischievous grin. “No one would.”



Tommy huffed, growling at Techno. “This is why Wilbur’s the favorite.”



“It’s not about the favorites.” Techno crossed his arms. “I’m just here to ground you with the truth.”



Tommy rolled his eyes.



“Anyways.” Wilbur nervously played with the sleeve of his shirt. “I was excited because…”



Techno and Tommy both glanced at each other before giving Wilbur their undivided attention. 



“Are we planning a prom-posal!?” Tubbo said as he jumped onto Tommy’s back. Tommy squeaked in surprise as the wild boy latched onto him. His savior, Ranboo, pulled off the mischievous Tubbo off of Tommy.



“I’m so sorry about him.” Ranboo said as he placed the flailing boy back onto the ground. Tubbo huffed, crossing his arms as he sat on the floor. Then, blowing some of his fluffy brown hair out of his face, launched up to his feet once more.



“So, was I right!?” The boy said, rocking back and forth on his heels.


Wilbur gave a shy smile, “Yeah.”



“Oh man!” Tommy whooped, wrapping an arm around Wilbur’s shoulder. “Is it, Sally~” Tommy teased.



“Sally?” Ranboo tilted his head slightly. Wilbur chuckled in response.



“Lets just say, I met a girl and now I want to ask her out.” Wilbur informed.



Tubbo grinned and they all knew by now that that didn’t mean anything good. Childishly, he began to sing, “Wilbur and Sally sitting in a tree.”



Tommy, immediately recognizing the song, joined in at the chance to annoy Wilbur. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” 



Together Tommy and Tubbo terribly sang, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby-”



Wilbur immediately slapped his hands over their mouths to shut them up. Wilbur’s face was red in embarrassment as some people in the courtyard stared at them. “Not the place.” He seethed.



Tommy and Tubbo stopped singing but they were happy with their antics. 



“I was going to ask for your help,” Wilbur drawled out. “But I can see how immature and childish you are.”



Tubbo and Tommy gasped.



“I’m a mature man!” Tommy huffed out. 



“Yeah, I am going to be the best man for your wedding!” Tubbo added. 



“I’ll be the flower man because I am very manly!” Tommy also decided. He then curiously gazed at Wilbur. “What would you name your baby anyways?”



“Maybe Fundy- wait, that’s beside the point.” Wilbur pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. “I thought I would ask the three secret agents for help. Well, with the extra help of the blood god himself.”



Tommy, Tubbo, and even Ranboo seemed overly excited to become the secret agents again. 



“We’ll meet her and give her a proper family introduction.” Tubbo grinned. Tommy’s heart panged with familiarity again. It always warmed his heart when his friends referred to them as families. He was sure that they all felt deeply connected especially with Wilbur and Technoblade. 



For now he would have to put away his circulating thoughts of confusion. He had to help the boy get himself a wife. Tommy would know- he has many wives.



 Later on, Tommy sat in his chemistry class bored out of his mind. So, like any other wise teenager would do, Tommy sneakily pulled out his phone. 




Dirty Crime Boys GroupChat


WifeHaver: Hello men


BeeBoy: You’re on your phone too!? :0


WifeHaver: Of course big T


Ranboob: Why are you all on your phone? During class mind you


BeeBoy: What are YOU doing on your phone in class


WifeHaver: Pretty sus if you ask me


Ranboob: Sus?! 




Tommy could imagine Ranboo sputtering in response to their accusations. Man, it was fun tormenting Ranboo. 




Bitchbur: This is Techno, borrowing Wilbur’s phone. Wait, why is his name labeled Bitchbur?


WifeHaver: He’s a bitch


Ranboob: He snuck into our private group chat and now he has been deemed as one.


BeeBoy: Sup temporary bitchbur


Bitchbur: To be fair you added my contact to the chat!


Bitchbur: That was Wilbur, typing angrily away at his keyboard.


Ranboob: Anyways, why the summon Tommy?


WifeHaver: We’re the dirty crime boys. We need to get Wilbur his wife.


BeeBoy: Yes! I already have our sunglasses ready.


WifeHaver: Oh, we can be your escorts Wilbur. We can wear suits and make you look important and shit.


Ranboob: That actually sounds cool


Bitchbur: Uh, guys, I feel like we need something a little more special.


WifeHaver: What about your dramatic love songs that you sing all of the time on your guitar?


BeeBoy: Oh yes! Make her a song and woo her


Ranboob: woo- lol


BeeBoy: Think about it, if he does it right then maybe Wilbur jr. is in the making


Ranboob: I'm just- wow. 


Bitchbur: I’m speechless


WifeHaver: Wilbur’s growing up so fast


Bitchbur: You’re literally younger than me


WifeHaver: Wiser with more women


Bitchbur: Child


WifeHaver: I’M NOT A CHILD


Bitchbur: Sounds like one to me, L - Techno


WifeHaver: I hate you all


BeeBoy: To be fair you are the youngest of all of us


Ranboob: ^


Bitchbur: I think I will sing her a song. 


BeeBoy: aw, that’s sweet


Ranboob: You are very talented at the guitar. I’m sure no one can turn you down like that with your pure talent.


Bitchbur: Thanks guys


WifeHaver: So when ya’ askin’ her?


Bitchbur: In a few days




Tommy quickly opened up his other group chat with Tubbo and Ranboo. 




The Big Three GroupChat


WifeHaver: Are we still up for wearing sunglasses when helping Wilbur?


BeeBoy: Of course, I have a few extra suits for the spy mission


Ranboob: We are great emotional support guys


WifeHaver: Duh, especially with the biggest man ever here with him


BeeBoy: I hope he doesn’t get dumped


WifeHaver: The only reason I can think of her dumping him is if she rests her eyes on me, the biggest man with dashing looks. 


Bitchbur: No chance


Ranboob: We forgot he’s still on here huh


BeeBoy: :| yup


WifeHaver: bitch


The plan for Wilbur’s prom-posal was in the works. Techno specifically helped Wilbur create certain lyrics to his song. Wilbur refused to let anyone help with his outfit because out of everyone, he had the best taste. Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo were rather excited about having another bench trio escapade. 



“Reckon I should bring my vlog gun?” Tommy asked as he was closing the front door of his house. Ranboo and Tubbo were both standing outside, already wearing the classy suits. 



“Vlog gun?” Ranboo seemed rather concerned by this.



“Yes.” Tubbo nodded, “I brought a nuke with me if things go wrong.”



“A nuke!” Ranboo almost shrieked before he was kicked in the shin by Tubbo.



“Shh! The secret agent monitoring me mustn’t know!” Tubbo hissed in Ranboo’s ear.



Ranboo only seemed to pale some more as he carefully looked around. 



“Good thinking, Tubbo.” Tommy nodded. “If she breaks his heart then we can launch more stink bombs.”



“Of course, of course.” Tubbo nodded. 



Tommy stepped back inside of the house and quickly grabbed his fake gun that shoots foam bullets. He quickly ran back out and held it out triumphantly. “Ta-da!”


“Ooooh!” Tubbo’s eyes sparkled at the fake gun. “Nothing can go wrong now!”



Ranboo who was praying to anyone out there at this point. “Please save me.”



Ranboo was in fact not saved. He was now at the park with two inconspicuous children. One with a mysterious package, another with a fake gun, and to make it even better they all had sunglasses and suits. Yup, nothing suspicious about them lingering in a children’s park.



The plan was simple, Ranboo’s inner narrator voice thought, to be Wilbur’s emotional support during this. They would act as security, keeping nosy mothers and bothersome kids away as Wilbur pronounced his love. This was Wilbur’s time to shine and nobody was going to interrupt. Well, Ranboo thought as he glanced over at Tubbo and Tommy, maybe they would.



“Sup, nerds.” Technoblade said as he hit Tommy playfully on the back. 



“Techno!” Tommy yelled happily. He then narrowed his eyes on the same old red jacket on Technoblade. “I thought. . .”



“It's still a good jacket.” Techoblade answered immediately. He subconsciously tugged the sleeves lower. “Don’t have a suit either.” 



“You don’t need one because you look so cool undercover.” Tubbo ogled. 



“I, what?”


“We are here to take down children.” Tommy grinned, holding out his vlog gun threateningly. 



“Cool.” Techno said, his mouth twitching into a smile. “I’ll be the second most terrifying thing that they ever came across.” 



“The second?” Ranboo asked.



“Don’t think too much into it.” 



“So, where’s the lucky girl?” Tubbo asked, standing on his tippy toes and glancing around the park area. 



“There.” Techno said, pointing over to a bench where a girl sat. She had curly red hair and sparkling blue eyes. 



“Oh.” Tommy said with a few slow blinks. “She’s a ginger.”



Ranboo quickly kicked Tommy’s leg to shut him up. Tommy hissed in pain and quickly shot a foam bullet at Ranboo. Ranboo rubbed his forehead and glared at Tommy. 



“Look, Wilbur’s moving in!” Tubbo pointed.



They all looked over to see a casually dressed Wilbur, approaching the lovely maiden on the bench. 



“So, we wear suits and he doesn’t?” Tommy scowled. “Man’s gonna lose his catch.”



Tommy earned another kick from Ranboo. 



“It’s going to be like a disney movie!” Tubbo squealed. “He’s gonna sing, they’re gonna kiss and then their curse will be lifted!” 



“What curse?” Ranboo asked.



“I dunno. For sure, Wilbur’s cursed with something.” Tubbo shrugged.



They watched as Wilbur sat beside Sally and began to make casual conversation. They saw how lovely they were together and Tommy sincerely hoped she accepted. Then, in a magical moment, Wilbur smoothly grabbed his guitar and began an opening chord. The plucking of his instrument filled the nearby area and each of them listened. 



“You know, Theseus.” A voice whispered into Tommy’s ears. “This is a song I made to those I love.” It wasn’t another vision, it was just words. But those words meant the world. For some weird reason, Tommy correlated the voice with Wilbur’s as the music spiraled into a melody. 



When Tommy was lost in the moment however, someone decided to intrude on the moment. 



“Mister.” A child said, tugging onto Tommy’s hand. Tommy snapped his head towards the child with annoyance. “I want that.” The child pointed to Tommy’s other hand where it held the vlog gun.



“Nuh uh.” Tommy shook his head, bringing his vlog gun close to his chest. “This is mine.”



“But I want it.” The child insisted. 



“No means no.” Tommy insisted.



The child’s face twisted into annoyance. With a loud huff, the child marched away.



“What a brat.” Techno said, watching the child leave. 



“They should really just listen the first time when they’re told no.” Ranboo added, crossing his arms over his chest. 



“Agreed.” Tubbo added for extra measure.



The group then turned their attention back onto the love duo. It was getting so much more closer to the climax where Wilbur would ask her out! Tommy’s smile was growing bigger and bigger until suddenly his vlog gun was ripped from his hands.



“Hey!” Tommy whipped around to find his gun in the child’s hand again. Although, the kid wasn’t alone. He had two other large older kids behind him as if daring Tommy to make a move.



The kid stuck his tongue out at Tommy. “I’m just taking back what's mine!”



“But it's not yours!” Tommy insisted.



“Give back the vlog gun!” Tubbo shouted at the kid. The kid glanced back at the older kids behind him and they stepped forward.



“We have a problem?” One of the older kids asked.



They all shared a glance amongst each other. 



Technoblade stepped forward, glaring at them menacingly. “You made it a problem as soon as you messed with my friends.”



Wilbur was there, at the final note of his song. Sally seemed surprised, holding a hand over her face as she began to piece the situation together. Wilbur gently placed a hand on Sally’s own and whispered, “Sally?”



“Yeah?” She almost giggled out.



“Would you care to go to prom with me?” Wilbur finally dropped the question. Sally’s face seemed to shift to all sorts of emotions before finally settling on a soft gentle smile.



“Yes.” She answered. 



Wilbur’s heart exploded with happiness. After so many rejections from girls, he had finally gotten one to accompany him. “Thank you!” And they hugged, letting the shock of the situation seep into them. 



“BITCH!” Came the loud rambunctious scream of Tommy.



Wilbur looked over alarmed at where he had stationed the boy. He knew that Tommy would do anything to participate in the event and thought that if he gave Tommy a lookout role he would cause no trouble. However, he was wrong when he saw Tommy and everyone else fighting a group of kids. The crime boys never stop as they say.



“Is that Tommy? The one you talk about all of the time?” Sally questioned, staring at the scene in front of her with wide eyes.



“Uhm, yes and everyone else.” Wilbur sweatdropped. 



Everything went to hell when he heard Tubbo counting dramatically. “Preparing to launch at 1…”



“Uhm, Sally I suggest we leave.” Wilbur paled.



“Why?” Sally said as Wilbur pulled her up and started to push her towards the exit of the park. 



Wilbur glanced back before turning to face Sally again. “It’s too late for me, continue forward.” 



“Wilbur!” She complained, trying to stop herself from being pushed forward. 



“Remember when I told you Tubbo likes to make… nukes.” Wilbur explained slowly.



Sally nodded slowly before looking over at him in alert. “Oh.” She suddenly picked up her pace to leave the park. “Call later?” She called back to him.



“Yes!” Wilbur answered. He then turned to run back to his friends.



“LAUNCH!” Tubbo screamed as he opened up his new stink bomb.



The park was closed for a week due to strange smells polluting its areas. As Tommy would say, it was the most memorable prom-posal with a hint of crime.

Chapter Text

Wilbur stared out the window of the library lazily.



He wasn’t exactly there to study, that was what both Ranboo and Techno were doing. He was just here to chill out with them.



As he stared out the window his eyes landed on the figure of Quackity lingering outside of his car. It was strange to think that only a few months ago, Quackity stopped being friends with him. He began to think back at the times before they drifted apart.



When they met, they were only freshmen.



Wilbur was an overly ambitious student who wanted to achieve many things in the new high school environment. So, when he saw that there was going to be a student election, Wilbur was on board. He worked hard putting together a campaign. He saw that presidency role and yearned for it.



It would put him practically at the top of the school. He would get to work things out for students all around the school. This was his opportunity, his calling. 



Though, like any election he had competition. 



His name was Schlatt.  He was a tall student who was already growing a beard and mustache. He was a sophomore and he had a flock of children following him. One of those students included Quackity.



When Wilbur and Quackity's eyes landed on each other, they hated each other. The only rift between them was that the election was between Wilbur and Quackity’s friend. The competition was stiff, people already knew Schlatt and enjoyed his presence. Wilbur, though, was just a measly freshman. 



So when the results of the election came around it was to no one’s surprise that Schlatt came out on top. Schlatt was placed at the leading power of the school and he enjoyed it. But once the battle was over, Quackity finally talked with Wilbur. And they hit it off in a sparking friendship.



Wilbur met all of Quackity’s friends. This included Sapnap, George, Karl, and more importantly Schlatt. He was welcomed in a group of rowdy kids. Karl and his theories, Sapnap with his ambitions, George always sleeping, and Schlatt with his wisdom. 



It was all fun and games with them. Wilbur was accepted after the election with great sportsmanship. With all of these chaotic personalities gathered into one place however, made them famous among their peers. Wilbur was thriving amongst the environment the teenagers made for themselves.



Wilbur didn’t actually know when it all changed. He didn’t quite realize the toxicity forming over the group at all. If he were to really pinpoint where things had changed, he would guess near the end of the junior year… When Schlatt was graduating high school. Looking back at it from his wiser self, Quackity was getting a little power hungry.



Schlatt was a powerful being in his time at school. Sometimes he was overall shady but in the end he always got what he wanted. But he was leaving the school and so someone would have to take his place. Quackity saw that opportunity and yearned to carry the bright torch that Schlatt had started. 



While Schlatt distanced himself from his friends, Quackity was intent on keeping everyone in place. He became more aggressive, in futile attempts to keep Schlatt’s attention on him. But Schlatt seemed done, he just wanted to graduate and escape the school that had him trapped for years in. 



It really broke Quackity when the last time they saw Schlatt walking the halls of the school, was with a small wave and his back turned to them. There were no words, only his fancy shoes hitting the linoleum tile. But he was walking further and further down the hall- away from everyone.



Even if they would see him again later, it felt wrong for the king’s exit from his reign to be so… silent.



Where Schlatt had seemingly been done with school, Quackity was far from letting the grand title of king slip through his fingers. He was a bit more manipulative, gathering students who followed him around. George, Sapnap, Karl, and Wilbur still followed him around but their relationship seemed to change overtime. It was as if the friendship that they had once shared was no more.



It was just Quackity, sitting on his grand throne with his servants kneeling below him. 



And Wilbur supposed, he finally opened his eyes once Tommy was in the picture.



If it wasn’t for the determined child, Wilbur probably would’ve stuck around the group until he graduated. He wasn’t close with Quackity’s group- at least not as close as it was freshman year. Everyone had changed for the better or for the worse and Wilbur seemed content on just hanging around them even if they were beginning to become bad influences. 



Technoblade had never sparked Wilbur’s interest. Only when did the boy come into the picture was when Quackity felt threatened by his presence. Quackity wanted to put on a show so he egged the boy on. They fought and Quackity lost. The king mustn't ever appear weak among its people. So, Technoblade suffered under the wrath of Quackity and Wilbur, again, didn’t care. It was just the way of life of the school’s society and he followed that flow. 



Despite how Wilbur would’ve acted before, he saw the rambunctious boy in danger of the same wrath that Quackity used on Technoblade. Wilbur moved on his own, as if finally he found his own will. Wilbur was no longer a follower or even a bystander. He was finally doing things for himself. Hell, he even asked out a girl recently and wasn’t rejected. 



Wilbur simply stood up to the king. With that, he destroyed what remained of the friendship he had with Quackity. Quackity would hate him but it didn’t matter to Wilbur any longer. Through the soot and ash of that relationship an even stronger one emerged until it blossomed into a family-like relationship. 



Wilbur appreciated how his life had changed. Wilbur turned his head away from the window and no longer stared over at Quackity. 



“What were you staring at?” Technoblade asked, closing his book slightly to glance at WIlbur. Wilbur looked up until he met Technoblade’s eyes.



“Nah,” Wilbur gave a slight wave with his hand. “Just staring off into space.”



Ranboo this time was interested and turned to look at Wilbur. “Were you thinking about something?”



With one last glance through the corner of his eye at Quackity. Wilbur smiled a bit, leaning back into his chair so he was staring at the library ceiling.


“Yeah, something like that.”

Chapter Text

While living with Wilbur, Technoblade discovered a nice little walk through the woods.



It was a little near the house, but it was a perfect place to clear his head.



A lot has happened recently to him and he wanted to think over it. So here was Techno, walking through the forest on the dirt trail. 



Looking around, the morning sun beamed through the leaves of the trees, leaving plenty of shadow but blotches of sunlight on the ground. There was a small breeze rustling through the forest and it seemed to play with Techno’s shoulder length hair. He had actually asked if Phill, Wilbur’s dad, could trim it. Phil was a nice man that acted very fatherly to Techno and Techno secretly appreciated it. 



Techno’s father never really paid too much attention to Techno. His father was addicted to some drugs and was often in the basement of the house. His mother wasn’t into drugs like his father, but she assisted in the production because it supplied them money.



To be honest, Technoblade was just in the house to play the role of a child. His family, in all of their illegal activities, needed to seem like a normal family. So it was less suspected if they acted like a perfect family of three outside but completely neglectful inside of the home. 



It wasn’t very surprising when Technoblade returned home with a bunch of police cars outside of his house. He witnessed his mother kicking and screaming as she was dragged into a police car. And he saw his father glaring as he was pushed inside of the car. There was no immediate family for the nine-year-old as his parents had cut all ties with their own family.



It was Techno versus the world. 



Not all the houses were bad actually. Technoblade was an adorable small child but there were some built up issues. He didn’t speak often, which led people to be frustrated in communicating with him. Most people didn’t have the patience with Techno, especially if he didn’t open up to them at all.



Then he was placed in houses where he was ranked in importance. He wouldn’t get the same privileges as the biological children. Techno was even denied food for disobeying or getting into scuffles with the other children. There was one child in particular back in one of his past homes that thought it would be funny to dye his hair pink. Technoblade didn’t mind however. He wouldn’t let them faze him and quickly put up walls. He let his hair grow out, let it become one of the only things he had control over with his life. 



Technoblade never dies, but he has come close to.



Bad houses came rarely but they deeply affected Technoblade whenever he found himself in one. This is where Technoblade learned the cruel idea of survival of the fittest. Technoblade’s walls were reinforced with weapons and no matter what Technoblade fought with ferocity to survive. He was a teenager now and he had become violent. 



In the foster care system, there wasn’t much time to form relationships with others. Honestly, Technoblade expected to get passed around- he wanted to be left behind because he had never settled somewhere. Even if he was abused inside of his last home, Technoblade finally managed to form something. He met some incredibly stubborn but bright people. Technoblade was loyal, he could handle anything thrown at him. But he also didn’t want to leave his new friends behind so he endured… 



Until he snapped. 



But then they helped him pick up the broken pieces.



Technoblade let out a small huff as he kicked a small stone on the path. It was amazing to see how much these people had changed him. He wouldn’t be telling them openly, they were all nerds, but he wouldn’t ever forget them. So Technoblade continued down the small trail, listening to the chirping of birds and overall just sinking into the serenity around him. 



Techno’s ears perked up to the sound of barking.



Technoblade whirled around, preparing to fight off an animal only to see a small white dog trotting over to him. Techno blinked for a few seconds as he slowly kneeled down towards the dog. After letting the small dog sniff him, Techno gently felt around for a collar.



“Lucy?” Technoblade tilted his head as he read the name on the tag.



“Rat!” A voice came further down the path. “Come back to daddy!” 



“I still don’t understand why you would call your dog Rat.” Another voice said in return.



“Well you shouldn’t have pulled a prank! I swear if anything happens to Rat I will-” 



“Ok, sorry!” The other voice responded, their voice a higher pitch now. “I wasn’t exactly thinking it through when I tricked you into thinking that you clipped on the leash.” 



The other person made a few unintelligible responses of anger. That's when they came into view of Technoblade. The first thing he noticed was the blue preparatory uniforms on the two boys. One was neat, perfectly together- the jacket, tie, the pants, just everything. The other was slightly messy, a few unbuttoned buttons and no tie. The taller boy had brown hair and glasses. The other teenager had dyed blue hair and dark brown eyes. 



The more organized, taller one’s eyes sparkled. “Rat!” They ran towards Technoblade and scooped up the dog in their arms. “I missed you so much!”



Technoblade took a few steps back, giving the happy boy space as he reunited with his dog. The dog returned plenty of kisses to the boy before turning its head back to Technoblade. 



Before Technoblade knew it, he found himself asking, “Who calls their dog Rat?” 



The other boy, the one with the blue hair and messy uniform burst out laughing. “That’s what I always say!” 



The other boy scowled, “That’s what everyone calls her.” He then quickly clipped a leash to the dog’s collar. “Thank you so much for catching Rat!” The boy flashed Techno a grin as he placed his dog back onto the ground. 



“No problem.” Technoblade mumbled. 



The one with blue hair stepped forward and gave Techno a cocky grin. “I like your pink hair, just as rebellious as my blue hair.” The boy pointed his thumb at his chest. “I’m Skeppy!” 



Rebellious? Technoblade thought. He had never actually thought of his hair color as rebellious before. In all honesty, he was beginning to like the fact that his hair color was an act of rebellion. Nothing wrong with an ounce of anarchy, one might say. 



“And I’m Badboyhalo!” The other boy perked up with a smile. “You can call me Bad!” His voice then changed as he spoke about Rat. It was very childish compared to his other voice, “This is Lucy but everyone calls her Rat.” Bad smiled and kneeled in front of Lucy. “Say hi Lucy!”



The dog barked in response. 



“Technoblade.” Techno answered, a small smile spreading across his lips. “But you can call me Techno.”



“Nice to meet you, Techno.” Bad smiled, standing back up to his feet. 



Technoblade tilted his head slightly as he stared at the emblem on their uniforms. “You attend Prime Preparatory school?”



Skeppy nodded. “Full of selfish kids.”



Badboyhalo shot Skeppy a look. “It’s not nice to talk about others behind their backs!” 



Skeppy shrugged. 



Bad sighed, fiddling with the handle of the leash. “What school do you attend, Techno?”



“Craft high school.” 



SKeppy blinked a couple of times. “Ah, public schools.” 



Techno nodded. “It's definitely cheaper.  Can’t exactly afford higher level schools when you’re a foster.” 



They all paused as the words sunk in. Techno didn’t expect for him to drop that fact so easily. He wasn’t one to be open with his information. He did get bullied at some point for being a foster by Quackity. He nervously glanced towards the ground as if it was the most interesting thing. 



Bad and Skeppy glanced at each other, sharing a look of understanding. “We understand that.” Skeppy said after a few moments of silence. 



Technoblade looked up, confused.



“Ex foster kid myself.” Skeppy explained. “Was adopted young but I stayed at a few homes.” 



Techno pursed his lips slightly, intrigued to have met other people who understood the hard life of being a foster. 



“I’ve had plenty of foster siblings too.” Bad added, scratching the back of his head. “They liked to confide things to me. They made plenty of jokes though,” Bad shot a glare at Skeppy. 



Skeppy gave a smug look, “You really are bald though.”



“I’m not!” Bad screeched, raising his hands up in frustration.



“Baldboyhalo!” Skeppy said playfully as he was lightly punched on the arm by Bad. 



Techno chuckled at their playful attitude. It reminded him of how Tommy would constantly try to fight Wilbur. He was happy that there were others that had a similar relationship with others like him. It was even more proof that it was possible. 



The three of them walked the trail together, talking about school. Bad and Skeppy were also seniors at their school like Techno was at his. Techno also heard the plentiful trolls that Skeppy pulled on the students constantly. Though, most of them were pointed towards Bad since he was easy to prank. Bad also told Techno about how Skeppy dyed his hair after losing a bet with Bad. Techno even shared some funny stories he had about his own friends.



“Are they your brothers?” Bad asked randomly. 



“You all seem so close.” Skeppy added.



Techno paused as the words warmed his heart. A small blush dusted his cheeks and he glanced away slightly. “Yeah… They are.” 



Skeppy grinned mischievously. “Are you shy?” 



“Can I punch him?” Techno asked Bad.



Bad nodded. “Permission granted.”

Chapter Text

It had been a long time since Tubbo and Ranboo had spent quality time together.



Usually Tommy wanted to come along with them but this time he was busy with something else.



This prompted Tubbo and Ranboo to plan a day at the arcade.



It was a great opportunity, especially since it was where they always hung out back when they were in middle school. It was a fresh reminder of how their friendship blossomed over games. There also might have been an ulterior motive about going when Tommy was busy because he always stole their tokens.



Back in middle school, it was a fresh new place. People that they had grown up with in elementary school immediately left for new faces. Tubbo was no different as he was excited to step in a new place and be a stupid teenager.



Tubbo was instantly loved by teachers because honestly, who could not? But that prompted attention on him.



“Teacher's pet.” Someone would whisper behind him. Tubbo would pretend not to notice and continued on with his day. 



When that didn’t work in egging Tubbo on, they targeted his dyslexia. He was slow when reading aloud for the class, often mixing his words together. Children gave him nasty looks, hoping that he would just stop or snicker. Tubbo hated that humiliation as he stood amongst his peers to read aloud some stupid Romeo and Juliet story. 



One class, Tubbo, marched into the classroom and sat down at his seat. He was honestly done with the harassment he was receiving. That was when he noticed the boy next to him. The new kid, Ranboo, Tubbo would soon learn the name of. 



They didn’t talk at first.



At least not until they had to be forcibly partnered together.



It was rather awkward, just acting as normal classmates, nothing more. But then Ranboo started to snicker as he glanced down at his phone and Tubbo was curious.



So glancing over, Tubbo found himself laughing too. The two shared a look, a special spark lighting between them. Who knew that one simple meme would get the kids talking more often? 



Ranboo became the meme dealer to Tubbo, always showing him a new funny one that he would find. Tubbo in return would talk about crazy shinangenas. Tubbo would soon learn that Ranboo had recently moved to the area and he was an only child.



They hit it off. 



Tubbo’s birthday was coming soon and his mother asked if he was planning on inviting anyone to his party.



Tubbo hadn’t planned on having one since he really had no friends. But, Ranboo was there now. Tubbo was so happy when Ranboo accepted the invitation with a smile. It would be saturday at the arcade. A day just shared between Ranboo and Tubbo. 



The arcade was fun- fun until the bullies showed up.



Tubbo hadn’t ever clued Ranboo in about the bullying.



Tubbo was strong, could handle anything. But bottling it up inside is too much. The bullies called out to him, making fun of him for playing such childish games. While Tubbo seemed to crumble into himself, Ranboo stood in front of him, glorious height and all and flipped the kids off. 



Ranboo grabbed Tubbo’s hand and pulled him to the most childish game of all and proceeded to put in his tokens. That day, Ranboo and Tubbo earned the top score record for that game. Tubbo knew right then and there that Ranboo was a keeper.



So presently, Tubbo glanced over the childish game and giddily poked Ranboo on the arm. “Your records are still there after all of these years!” 



“Our records, Tubbo!” Ranboo corrected. Tubbo grinned even more. 



Together they walked around the arcade until Tubbo’s eyes lit up at the sight of the claw machine.


“Ranboo!” Tubbo clung onto Ranboo, pointing towards the claw machine. “They have zombie pigman plushies!” 



Ranboo looked over and grinned. “Let’s win one.”



They walked over and glanced around at the selective prizes. Tubbo’s eyes scanned around until he spotted one in particular.



“That one.” He pointed to one, that to anyone else would look ordinary, but clearly Tubbo saw something special about it.



And so, Ranboo put in a token. The claw moved over until it was slightly above the plush. Tubbo quickly pressed the red button and the claw dipped down and wrapped itself around the plush. Ranboo and Tubbo waited in anticipation as the claw lifted the zombie plush up and- the plush fell back amongst its friends. 



“No!” Tubbo yelled out in distress. It was so close to going into the prize hole! 



“Let’s try again.” Ranboo muttered, staring at the claw machine intensely. Once again, the claw dropped the plush back. 



“What?! That one was so close!” Tubbo shrieked as he glared at the claw. It was as if he was trying to laser it down with his piercing gaze. They tried again and again, ultimately failing.



“Alright…” Tubbo mumbled, refusing to back down from this loss. “I’ll try again!”



“Tubbo, it’s rigged.” Ranboo explained, sighing as it seemed impossible to win Tubbo the plush.


“I will win this for us, my beloved.” Tubbo said as he inserted his own coins into the slot. The machine powered up again and Tubbo moved the claw right over the plush once more. “Is it lined up?” He asked.



Ranboo glanced around at all of the angles on the machine. “I think so.” He said after double checking.



“Alright.” Tubbo stuck his tongue out slightly in concentration. “It’s time to win our son!” 



“Son?” Ranboo asked, knitting his brows together.



Tubbo ignored him as he slammed his hand on the button. The claw lowered, grabbed the plush and lifted it into the air. The two watched in awe as it successfully carried it to the hole. 



Tubbo’s eyes sparkled as he proclaimed, “We’re gonna win!” 



However the machine refused to drop the plush as it held it over the hole. Tubbo blinked for a few seconds. “Anytime now…” He whispered, irritation seeping into his voice. Ranboo gave him a weird look as they both watched intently. 



The machine mocked the two, “Better luck next time!” 



Tubbo’s mouth dropped open. “What…”



“I think it broke?” Ranboo whispered, staring at the machine dumbfoundedly. 



Tubbo had enough. With a mini war cry he clung to the machine and tried to climb in through the prize door. “Not today, bitch!” 



Ranboo paled and grabbed Tubbo’s abdomen. “Wait, Tubbo! We can’t get kicked out!”



Tubbo screeched again, trying to fit his way inside to grab the plush that should’ve been theirs.



Ranboo pulled Tubbo out from his fruitless efforts and held him up. 



“Ranboo!” Tubbo pouted, looking at his friend sadly as he calmed down. “We won it!”



“I know, Tubbs.” Ranboo whispered as he stared at the plush that was still being held by the claw. “I know.” He then placed Tubbo back on the ground and they stared at the claw machine.



A moment of silence passed between them as they mourned their loss.



“That machine’s rigged.”



A voice said beside them. Ranboo and Tubbo glanced over to see another teenager leaning against another arcade machine. He had light blonde hair and a purple sweater. “But sometimes,”


The boy walked over to the machine, “You have to give it a little kick.”



The teen swiftly kicked the side of the machine and the plush dropped down into the prize hole.



Tubbo greedily dove for the plush that was now in the prize hole. He held it out in front of him, smiling broadly as he admired the plush. It was slightly smaller than the other plushies but it didn’t matter to Tubbo, “My son!”



“Thank you so much.” Ranboo thanked the stranger.



“No problem.” The teen responded. “I come here all of the time to keep my top scores in check. So, I know a thing or two about how to escape the rigged games.” 



“Ah,” Ranboo smiled gently. “That makes sense. I’m Ranboo.”



“The names Purpled.” The teen said, holding his hand out towards Ranboo.  Ranboo took it and shook the teen’s hand. 



“I’m Tubbo and this is our son Micheal.” Tubbo said, holding the plush out.



“Michael with an a before the e.” Ranboo explained further. Tubbo gave him a look before just shrugging it off. So from then on, their son was deemed as Michael.



“Right…” Purpled said. “How many coins you got?”



Tubbo looked down at his coins, “Can last maybe five more games?” 



“Why do you ask?” Ranboo asked, tilting his head slightly towards Purpled. 



“As my brother Punz always says,” Purpled said dramatically, putting his hands in his pocket. “Payment is required for my service. I got you your son and now you owe me some games.”



Ranboo frowned slightly, of course this kid helped them for a price. 



“Sure, we can give you some coins.” Tubbo said, hugging Michael close to his chest. “At this point you're like a beggar needing some coins.”



“Tubbo.” Ranboo hissed. 



Purpled laughed, “I like you guys. Let’s play some racing games together.” Purpled walked off towards the motorcycle racing games. 



Tubbo smiled looking over to Ranboo. “I’m going to kick both of your asses.”



Ranboo, meeting the challenge, grinned. “I’m not losing in front of our son.” 



After much screeching and cussing, both Ranboo and Tubbo met their match. Purpled was extremely good at these arcade games. No matter what Ranboo or Tubbo did they would always get beaten by Purpled. But more importantly, they all laughed and had fun. 



“I hope to see you guys around.” Purpled said with a grin as they left the arcade. 



“Yeah!” Tubbo cheered as he wrapped an arm around Ranboo, bringing him close to his side. 



“And bring Michael too.” Purpled added. It seemed everyone got attached to the plush. 



“I call getting custody over him first.” Tubbo said, squeezing the plush close to his chest.



“Then I get it next week.” Ranboo said.



“Yeah, we can switch weekly. I know where you live anyways if you try and keep him for longer.” 



Ranboo paled slightly. “That is terrifying to think about.”



“Then don’t try it.” Tubbo added, a sharp glare sent Ranboo’s way. He then went back to being his smiling cheery self. “Can’t wait to introduce Michael to his uncles. Oh, and Purpled can be the babysitter.” 



“I’m what?” Purpled spoke up suddenly. 



Ranboo and Tubbo chuckled.



Purpled crossed his arms. “Well as long as I get paid I suppose.”



“Good.” Tubbo said. “We have a trusty babysitter. Now I just need to know where you live-”



“Alright.” Ranboo said, pushing Tubbo away. “See you later, Purpled.”



“Bye.” Purpled waved as the two left. 



“What are you doing Ranboo.” Tubbo hissed. “I need to do some digging to see if he’s a reliable person for our son.”



Ranboo sighed, “Let’s not act all crazy for this.” 



“I’m not!”



“Am too!”



And then they began to squabble with Tubbo declaring for a divorce despite never being married and Ranboo questioning his life decisions. 

Chapter Text

Tommy groggily sat up from his bed and rubbed his eyes.



Like usual he had his weird dream segments and he was beginning to see them more clearly.



He felt as if something on a deeper level was happening but honestly, it hurt his brain to try and piece these things together.



Stifling a yawn he removed himself from his bed and got ready for the day. Maybe sometime he would open up about this to his friends. Especially to Techno and Wilbur since they all had seen that strange smiling face. 



As Tommy walked out of his room, he saw his grandfather absentmindedly cooking breakfast. His grandfather seemed distracted while cooking some eggs on the stove.



“Uhm… Grandpa? You’re burning the eggs.” Tommy said as he slid into his seat at the table. His grandfather seemed to come back into focus and quickly poured the somewhat burnt eggs onto a plate.



“Oh sorry.” His grandfather apologized as he moved to the table with the eggs. 



Tommy gratefully accepted the eggs and began to wolf down the food. His grandfather seemed lost in thought as he began to cut into his own eggs.



“Uh Grandpa?” Tommy asked as he took a bite of his eggs. “Is something wrong?”



His grandfather looked up at him, processing the words. Quickly he shook his head. “No, no, I was just thinking…”



“Thinking about…?” Tommy insinuated.



“Why don’t we visit Grandma today?” His grandfather asked suddenly.



T ommy blinked for a few seconds before smiling. “Yeah, sounds fun.”




His grandfather released a small sigh. “It's not anything bad at all.”




“Okay.” Tommy answered as he finished his eggs.



“Actually,” His grandfather looked at Tommy, a twinkle in his eyes. “I got a call saying that she’s doing much better. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.”



Tommy’s face lit up immediately. “Really!?” The chair shot out from behind him from his excitement. 



“Yes!” His grandfather answered, just as enthusiastically. 



Tommy whooped, feeling all sorts of emotions pass through him. Lately, his grandmother had to go back to the hospital before he went back to school again. It was always good news that she was doing better… Perhaps she would make Tommy some of her famous cookies again.



“Come on! Come on!” Tommy quickly pulled his grandpa from his seat like an excited child. “Let’s go see her now!” 



His grandfather chuckled as he grabbed his hat from the rack. Tommy spent no time getting his shoes on. He ran outside to the driveway where the car parked, his grandfather close behind him.



Tommy immediately skidded to a stop in front of the car, his smile slowly fading.



His grandfather stood behind him and gently placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Are you ready?”



Tommy stared at the car and shook his head to clear his reluctance.



His smile returned to him and he looked his grandfather in the eye. “I’m getting better now.”



He then firmly grabbed the handle of the car and opened the door swiftly. His breath wasn’t shaky, there weren't vivid memories playing in his head. This was one of his biggest steps taken since the crash. His grandfather almost cried at the sight of his grandson not being so terrified of cars.



“Wilbur and Techno helped me.” Tommy explained once his grandfather was in the car. “I talked to them about it and.. It felt good to share it with others that I trust. Like sharing a burden together.” 



“I’m so proud of you.” His grandfather said, looking at his grandson through the rearview mirror.



Tommy sheepishly looked down at his knees. His ears were already turning pink. “I know.” He then cleared his throat, freeing himself from his reaction from the compliment. “I mean who couldn’t? I am such a man.” 



His grandfather chuckled, “The biggest.”



His grandfather pulled into an empty parking space in front of the hospital. Tommy looked out the window and saw the large crowds going in and out of the hospital. It had been awhile for Tommy to be inside the medical center. He was there for a bit after the crash, a different location than he supposed. But all hospitals seemed to look the same to him. 



Tommy hopped out of the car and followed his grandfather inside. His grandfather walked towards the front desk where a girl was on the phone.


“Yes, yes.” She said as she removed the phone from her ears. She looked up to see Tommy and his grandfather before her.



“Oh!” She said, recognition filling her voice.




“Hello Niki.” His grandfather greeted. 




“Sup Niki.” Tommy echoed. This was someone they see all of the time when visiting the hospital. She always checked them in when they went to see grandma. 




“Hello, Tommy, Mr.Innit.” Niki nodded to each of them, a small smile on her lips. “It's good to see you again! I’m sure Mrs.Innit will be glad to see you today!” 



“I’m sure she will!” His grandfather beamed. 



“Of course, grandma needs to see this radiating presence!” Tommy puffed out his chest as he pretended a spotlight was on him. 



“Aw.” Niki cooed. “Still the same little Tommy.”



Tommy blinked slowly before crossing his arms. “I’m not a child!” He kept his voice low in respect of others in the hospital, but the message was sent to Niki. 



“I’m glad you remembered your inside voice.” Niki clapped her hands as she wrote down on a check-in sheet. “Anyways, you’re clear to go to her room now.”



As they exited, Tommy made sure to stick his tongue out at Niki. Niki in return stuck hers out at Tommy. Tommy made a face back as if not expecting her to retaliate the same way. She only laughed and Tommy had to turn away from the battle in defeat. 



Tommy and his grandfather walked down the hall, passing several other workers as they  made their way down to grandma’s room. Tommy gently trailed his hand against the white, rough wall as he passed. The light was slightly dim as he walked down the hall but his eyes were locked on an incoming room. Together they stopped in front of a door and knocked lightly, announcing their presence.



The door slid open and in the entrance of the room stood their grandma’s doctor. 



“Hi Ponk.” His grandfather greeted as the two stepped inside of the room. 



“Mr.Innit, Tommy!” Ponk’s face lit up as he moved aside to give them more space in the room. “Mrs.Innit and I were just talking about you all.” 



“Really?” Tommy blinked as he slowly made his way over to the bed where his grandma lay. She was frail as she laid on the hospital bed. There were several things hooked up to her that Tommy couldn’t identify. His eyes softened as he noticed her chest slowly rising, it meant that she was breathing, that she was alive. 




“Yeah.” Ponk said as he sat down on a chair in the back of the room. “Mrs.Innit informed me that you were attending school again. I even heard that they cleared you to do PE.” 



Tommy grinned. “Yeah, I mean I wasn’t badly injured…” He paused a bit before bringing back his energy. “I also made lots of friends.”



“That's good.” Ponk glanced over at Mr.Innit. “Your wife is also doing a lot better.”



“I heard.” Tommy’s grandpa answered. He then moved over to the bedside and held his wife’s hand. “Hello honey.” 



“Honey…” She whispered back, her voice hoarse and fragile. 



“And me too!” Tommy said, grabbing her other hand gently.



“Tommy.” She smiled back, weakly holding her hand up to cup Tommy’s cheek. Tommy leaned into the gesture, feeling the faint warmth of his grandmother’s hand.



“How are you doing?” Tommy asked as he held her hand to his cheek. 



“Ponk informed me that my health is doing better. Maybe I’ll get discharged soon and bake some cookies to hand out to your friends.” His grandma said.



Tommy’s eyes brightened immediately. “That would be so pog!” 



Ponk and Tommy’s grandfather smiled at the familial interaction in front of them. Ponk then turned to Tommy’s grandfather and nodded towards the exit of the room. Tommy’s grandfather nodded and followed Ponk out of the room to give the two privacy and to discuss something outside. 



“Why don’t you tell me about your friends?” His grandma asked.



Tommy jumped excitedly at the opportunity. “Ok, so, I accidentally stared at two people on my first day and then we became friends.” Tommy scratched his cheek. “Ok, that sounds weird but it did happen. Anyways, Ranboob- I mean Ranboo is a tall dude. I mean what do they feed him?” 



His grandmother chuckled. “It's the genes Tommy.” 



“No definitely the food because I will be taller than him soon once I get the secret formula. Anyways,” Tommy tilted his head up as he continued talking. “Tubbo is my other chaotic friend. He’s very short but can develop some nasty smelling bombs. Also a word of advice, never challenge him to dodge ball!” 



“Nasty smelling bomb?” His grandma questioned, looking at him in concern.



“Yeah.” Tommy nodded. “He’s good at crafts. One time he made one so smelly that we had to do class outside for weeks!” 



“Of course only you would pick up some bright friends.”



“They’re just attracted to my manliness.” Tommy said. “Oh and there’s also Wilbur and every time I tell him that I think of him as a brother, he wants to cry. It's fun.” 



“Brotherly, huh.” His grandma cooed. “I can tell that all of these people make you happy.”



“There’s one more, grandma!” Tommy’s eyes sparkled as he rambled about his friends. “Technoblade- The blade himself! We’ve practically adopted him and he can’t escape us. Very timid but badass!” Tommy pumped a fist into the air as he said this. 



“Tommy, I'm so happy that you’re excited.” His grandma pulled her hand away and let it rest against the bed. “I don’t think I have seen you smile as brightly as you are now.” Tears began to form in her eyes as she turned to look at her grandson. “I’m so proud.” 



Tommy dipped his head again.



It was the second time today that he has been told that. Honestly, it warmed his heart.



Before he had been trying to shove away these feelings because he had done the therapy- which meant that he had to be doing better. But, with the help and extra push of his new friends, he really became himself.



And now, his precious family is seeing him become a better person like that. “Thank you.” He mumbled, already feeling his own tears running down his cheek. He gently moved over to his grandma and hugged her gently. “I love you and I’m proud that you’re getting better.”



As he snuggled into his grandma, she gently began to run a hand through his hair in a calming gesture. They stayed like that for a while and soon his grandfather came back into the room and couldn’t help but snap a picture of a sleeping Tommy against his grandma. They, too, talked for a bit before they had to leave the hospital.



As Tommy got inside of the car, rubbing his eyes slightly, he asked, “What were you and Ponk talking about in the hallway?”



His grandfather stopped as he started the engine and gave Tommy an inquisitive look through the rearview mirror. “Don’t worry about it.” He answered.



Tommy shrugged as he leaned back into his seat. If his grandfather told him not to worry then he wasn’t going to worry. He trusted his grandfather and he also didn’t need the extra stress on him.



So, Tommy spent the rest of the car ride home looking through the car window, feeling peace for the first time in a long time. 

Chapter Text

It was just any normal day in Tommy’s geometry class.



He had scooted his desk closer to Technoblade so that they could work on a math problem together. Even if they both struggled, with their minds put together they could do it. Or like right now, Tommy would be distracting both of them as he rambled about his weekend shenanigans. 




“And so I was like,” Tommy moved his hands up as he made a big show with his hands. “‘Not today!’ and flipped them off!” 



Techno just gave Tommy a look, but nonetheless he was still giving Tommy, the child, his required attention. If not, Tommy would be coming after him all day to get his attention taxes. As much as Techno liked the idea of tax fraud, Tommy was on a whole other level of annoying when pushed. 



“So- so.” Tommy continued before stopping as he noticed the class getting quieter from it’s usual chatter. He turned around to look at the doorway to see Principal Sam and someone else standing next to him. 



“Technoblade?” The principal said, glancing over to the pinkette who in return went very silent.



Tommy glanced between the two, following Techno’s gaze as it landed on the person beside the principal.



The person had short brown hair and his eyes were covered by sunglasses. They also seemed to be wearing a professional outfit and stood regal in the doorway. “Can you come with us?” 



Technoblade wearily stood up and pushed his seat in. He walked over to the two men, leaving his belongings next to Tommy. Tommy blinked for a couple of seconds, watching as all three disappeared from the classroom. What was that about? 



The class began to near its end but Technoblade still hadn’t returned. Tommy kept his eyes transfixed on the doorway. The teacher then approached Tommy and gently tapped the desk to get his attention.



“Tommy?” She asked and Tommy turned to face her. “Can you please bring Techno’s belongings to the office?” 



Tommy nodded slowly, gathering up Techno’s items and gently putting them inside of his backpack. Still confused out of his mind, he took the stuff with him towards the front office. A whirlwind of thoughts racked his mind as he approached the principal’s door. He heard people speaking and felt awful for overhearing slightly.




“I’m not going back to her.” He heard Techno say, his voice stubborn and defiant. 




“She reported you missing, Techno.” An unrecognizable voice said. “It’s pretty serious and we would like to get the full story from you.” 



There was a scoff, most likely from Techno. “Now? After many weeks?”



There was the familiar gentle deep voice from the principal. “Techno…” Tommy saw a shadow of a hand gently being placed on another silhouette as he stood before the door. “We can’t help you if you don’t tell us anything.”




There was silence and Tommy wondered if he should just leave the stuff outside of the door and leave. His decision was made for him as a voice came from a nearby desk.



“You can leave the stuff there.” An office lady informed him and Tommy did just that. He reluctantly moved away from the office, leaving behind the mystery of the conversation.



By the time PE class came around, Technoblade still hadn’t returned. Nobody liked it when Technoblade disappeared for a long time. It was most likely because the anxiety of the last time it happened was overwhelming. 



“What is going on?” Wilbur muttered, pacing around the bleachers. 



“I don’t know.” Tommy mumbled. “He was called out of Geometry class and I heard him talking with some dude and the principal.”



“I know for a fact that he hasn’t gotten into any trouble.” Wilbur said, now biting his nails nervously. 



Tommy glanced over to his other quiet friends. Ranboo was fiddling with his hands and Tubbo was staring at nothing in particular. They waited longer, but it seemed like he wouldn’t be coming to PE that day. 



When they left school, they finally saw the pinkette.



Relief flooded through their systems as they rushed towards their friend. 



“Techno!” Wilbur said happily. 



Techno nodded at them, acknowledging them all. 



Tommy wasn’t sure if he should ask about what happened. Technoblade was known for guarding things away from them when things happened. 



“What happened?” Tubbo asked without a thought. 



Techno looked down a bit, a scowl now forming back onto his face. 



“Techno?” Ranboo pushed further, concern dripping into his voice. 



Techno looked like he was about to answer before they were interrupted by the same man that Tommy had seen earlier. 



“Techno.” The man said softly, approaching the group. “Are these your friends?” 



Technoblade nodded silently, no longer verbally speaking at the moment. 



“I’m Eret.” The man introduced. He gave the group a warm smile. He seemed nice but if Technoblade was upset, then Tommy couldn’t be too sure about his character. 



“Hello.” Tubbo greeted. 



Eret turned his head to look at Technoblade. He crouched slightly, so he was meeting Techno’s dipped head. “Hey Techno.” He said softly and Technoblade met his eyes. “We’ll get this sorted as quickly as possible. Why don’t you say bye to your friends for now and then we can start.” 



“Fine.” Technoblade whispered.



“I’ll be at the exit over there when you’re ready.” Eret said, leaving Technoblade with his friends. 



Technoblade turned to look at them and spoke before they could ask him questions. “I’ll tell you later, we did promise not to hide things.” Tubbo’s eyes widened, realizing that Technoblade had indeed heard that promise that Tubbo forced him with. “Wilbur?” Wilbur perked up at his name. “Tell Phill that I won’t be there. Eret might contact him too.” 



And with that, Technoblade left, his ominous words hanging in the air around them. 



The next day, the group eagerly gathered at lunch to hear Techno’s story. Technoblade had promised to let them know about what was going on. So here they were, giving Techno wide eyes as he began to speak.



Technoblade nervously ran a hand through his hair, scowling shortly after when he remembered that it was short. He had been doing it a lot that day and it was rather concerning. “Foster mom finally reported me as missing.” 



Tommy blinked in surprise. “This late? That was like weeks ago.”



“She probably did it because my social worker was going to check up on us soon.” Technoblade mumbled as he brought his knees close to his chest.



“Was that who Eret was?” Ranboo spoke. “Your social worker I mean.”



“Yeah.” Technoblade answered, now fiddling with a loose piece of his hair. “They wanted to get details on what was happening… Especially since I have been attending school and was definitely not missing.” 



“Oh…” Tubbo whispered. This was a lot of news to everyone. It was almost like they had forgotten there was an outside world to their school life. 



“Is Eret good?” Tommy asked. He couldn’t help it, especially after all of the terrible people Techno found himself with.



Technoblade gave the boy a soft look. “Yeah, he’s been with me since my first house. Though it can get old quick when he keeps telling you, ‘it was never meant to be.’”



“That’s good.” Tommy replied. “About being a good person. Not about how you weren’t adopted.” Tommy winced slightly as he tried to correct himself. Techno, though, didn’t seem to mind and Tommy wasn’t sure if he should be worried. There was a relapse in silence.



“They’re doing an investigation on her.” Technoblade mumbled. “My ex-foster mother that is.” He avoided their gazes as he spoke. 



“Isn’t that a good thing?” Tommy asked. 



“It is.” Technoblade answered. “Then I will get justice and my ex-foster brother can be himself in a better home.” 



“Why do you seem so sad about it?” Wilbur questioned. 



“I don’t know.” Techno looked down into his lap. “I just want it all to be over. I don’t want to have to testify in court…” He tightened his fists. “I just want to stay with you and Phill- and… continue going to school like this with you all. Everything without the extra drama.”



Tommy understood that. It was a strive for normalcy instead of getting continuously dragged into something you thought was over. 



“I have good news though.” Techno added and the group immediately perked up. “Eret is working with me to figure out the next step. Since I’m an adult, I can leave the system.”


“Eret also called Dad.” Wilbur clapped his hands together, grinning wildly. “We’re ok to house you, Techno. I mean you’re an adult and all but now the system knows where you are. So you don’t have to return to the common house for the time being. They know you are being looked after and well, we are happy to have you!” 



Techno blinked slowly. “Wow…” He breathed slowly and he let himself fall back onto the grass and looked towards the sky. “Everything has really gone good after meeting you nerds.”



The others chuckled as they too fell onto the grass. Each of their heads touched as they laid together, watching the clouds. Everything was going to get better for them.


Tommy was sure of it. 

Chapter Text




It was only one day away and Tommy was fuming.




No girl had even asked him out despite his many attempts to get their attention.



Ranboo though, had a few girls swoon for him but he declined them. His sorry excuse was that he didn’t want to go if either Tubbo or Tommy couldn’t. Totally unfair in Tommy’s opinion. 




“Hey.” Tubbo greeted the two that morning. “I’ve got it!”



Ranboo and Tommy nervously glanced at each other. “Got what?” Ranboo asked carefully. 



“We should have an epic sleepover! Just the three of us while everyone else goes to prom!” Tubbo cheered.



Tommy blinked for a few moments before his own face lit up. “That would be so pog!”



“So just a guys hangout while prom is happening?” Ranboo asked. He then narrowed his eyes on the two. “And nothing else? I mean you two always want to cause trouble.” 



“Haha.” Tubbo laughed as if he hadn’t done anything crime related ever. “Never.” 



Ranboo was very skeptical. 



“Anyways.” Tubbo rocked back and forth on his feet. “It's totally fine to have it at my house. We’ll hang out all night for prom! We won’t be left out, rather we’ll make it so others wish that they had joined us!” 



“I want in.” Tommy grinned. There was no way he was going to miss out on an opportunity like this. Plus, he still had to challenge Ranboo at Mario Kart. 



“Ok.” Ranboo agreed. 



“Yes! It’s settled.” Tubbo cheered, he then slid into his desk seat and happily waited for class to begin.




Wilbur and Techno found themselves in the shopping mall going from clothes shop to clothes shop.



Techno rather dreaded these places but Wilbur had been insistent on getting their tuxes for prom.  Techno sent a pleading look to Phil as he was dragged into the next shop.



While Techno stayed in the Watson house, he had grown close to their small family. Deep inside of him he knew it was something much closer but he wouldn’t admit it aloud that he was starting to think of Phil as his own father. 



Much to Techno’s displeasure, Phil only chuckled at this situation. Never mind, Techno decided that Phil isn’t his father if he wouldn’t save him from Wilbur’s clutches. 



As they walked inside, Wilbur looked at all of the tuxes. He had seen a snippet of Sally’s dress, a beautiful aquamarine mermaid style dress. He wanted to match her but wasn’t sure how to go through with it. He brought Techno, his brotherly friend with a keen eye  to help him. He also wanted to get Techno nice and fancy for the dance he was forcing him to attend. 



“Techno.” Wilbur said, drawing out his name as he spoke. “Is this one good?” 



Technoblade looked at the black suit that was held against a slightly ruffled white dress shirt. “Yes.” He answered.



Wilbur raised his eyebrow. “Really you think so?”



With a wave of his hand, Techno repeated. “Yes.” 



Wilbur huffed. “Are you paying attention though?” 



With a roll of his eyes Techno walked forward and grabbed an aquamarine tie and shoved it into Wilbur’s arms. “Keep it simple and just match her with the tie.” 



Wilbur smirked a bit. “Then why don't we match tuxes but have different ties?”



“Alright, if that's what you want.” Technoblade nodded. “You’re paying after all.” 



“Ok!” Wilbur cheered happily and clapped his hands together. He quickly grabbed another set but with a bubble gum pink tie. “Ta-da!” He said dramatically.



Technoblade tilted his head slightly, his mouth twitched in a small smile as he admired the outfit. “It's nice.” He mumbled.



“It's settled!” Wilbur then dragged Techno over to the changing stalls. “Though, we have to try these on for sizes.” He shoved one set into Techno’s arm before running into one of the stalls himself. 



Techno walked into one of the stalls and began to take off his usual sweatshirt. The sweat shirt fell to the ground in a heap and Techno reluctantly removed his gaze from it. When he moved his eyes, it lingered on the mirror image of himself. He locked eyes with his reflection as he took in how much better he seemed to look. The bruises had long faded away and weren’t replaced with anything else. The few scars he had didn’t look so nasty to him.



With wide eyes something finally clicked in Technoblade’s mind: He might never have to hide himself again. 



With that new thought in mind, Technoblade buttoned up his collared shirt and slipped on the black suit jacket. And as he began to fumble with the tie, he stared at himself once again. He looked rather fancy, sophisticated. Technoblade liked this new look, it made him feel… good. 



As he stared at himself, the world began to swirl around him in an inky darkness. Red faded outline of eyes began to blink open around him. They were scribbled, distorted as if a child drew them. They were all looking at him, watching his next move silently. He felt himself grinning as he stared at his reflection standing in front of the audience. 



The other Technoblade wore a boar skull mask over his face. He had a thin frown and his long hair flowed behind him. They both wore the suits- nearly identical to one another. 



“The day of reckoning is coming.” That Technoblade spoke ominously. From behind the frozen Techno, he heard another voice respond.



“I know.” It was male, soft, and nurturing like a father. “I will avenge you.” 



Before Techno could turn to see the other figure, the world faded away and he was back to looking at himself in the mirror. He hadn’t ever experienced anything like that before. For some strange reason it felt more of a daze, like he was staring into space. The memory of what happened seemed to fade away in his mind and was eventually forgotten the more he found himself staring at his reflection. 



“Techno?” Came Wilbur’s voice from outside of the stall. “Are you almost done?” 



Techno shook his head, snapping him out of whatever weird daze he was having. He pushed the door open to his changing room and saw Wilbur in his fancy suit. He looked great in it, almost a mere image of Techno’s own self. His mind thought as a joke, they could’ve been twins. 



“Do you need help with that?” Wilbur snickered as he pointed towards the untied pink tie that hung loosely around Techno’s neck.



Technoblade blushed a bit in embarrassment. He was the regal Technoblade and yet he couldn’t tie a simple tie. Sucking up his dignity, Techno nodded.



Wilbur only chuckled as he walked over to Technoblade to help tie the pink tie around the collar of the shirt. 



Technoblade found himself tapping his pant leg as Wilbur tied the tie. Wilbur was humming as he was working with it and Techno only felt more anxious.



Without being able to hold his thoughts any longer he blurted, “Do you think there’s something more going on?” 



Wilbur paused his work and gave Technoblade a questioning look. “What do you mean?” 



Technoblade avoided his eye contact. “I mean.. You, Tommy, and I all saw that thing .” 



Wilbur hummed in response. 



“And… I mean…” Technoblade fumbled to form his thoughts into words. Wilbur only patiently waited for him to sort everything out. “Well, I mean sometimes I just zone out but never remember what happens. I also get these strange feelings whenever certain actions are taken- like deja vu.”



Wilbur shrugged. “This whole semester has been deja vu for me. But I think Techno, you’re just coming to terms with everything that’s happened to you. It can get pretty overwhelming and plus, you haven’t had these types of connections with anyone for awhile. It’s like the end of an era, Tech.” Wilbur then gave Techno the softest expression he had ever seen on the boy’s face. “And I like the start of the new one already.” 



Wilbur released his hands from the now finished tie and nodded at Techno. Techno found himself speechless but inevitably smiled back at Wilbur. Perhaps Wilbur was right. He hadn’t had these small moments to enjoy everything he has gotten and it is just overwhelming him. 



“Dad!” Wilbur called his dad over and his dad’s eyes widened as he laid eyes on the fancy looking boys. “What do you think?” 



“You’re getting older.” Phil smiled, seeing them already look like gentlemen.



“Nah.” Wilbur grinned mischievously. “You’re just ancient.” 



Phil scrunched up his face in displeasure and the two boys laughed hard.



Once Techno was finished laughing he looked at Phil and whispered, “Thank you.”



“For you, anything.” Phil said, smiling back.



Techno shook his head and said something that shook Phil to the very core. “For you, the world.”



Once they purchased the suits, Technoblade hardly realized that he had left his jacket inside of the changing stall.


Tommy was rather excited for the whole sleepover.


He just had to get through this school day and he would be joining Tubbo at his home. It was class after class, groaning in displeasure as the day dragged on slowly. By the time he reached PE, Tommy wanted to become one with the floor with how bored he felt. 



“Anyways.” Wilbur said as Tommy finally zoned back into the conversation. “Prom will be at that hotel not so far from here.”



“A hotel?” Tommy suddenly asked. “Why would a dance be at a hotel?”



Ranboo hid his face slightly, as he stifled his snickers. 



“Heh?” Tommy tilted his head, adopting the move from Technoblade.



Tubbo blinked for a few seconds before he too started laughing. “A hotel. Just the right place for high schoolers after a hard dance.” 



Tommy suddenly had it click for him too. “Oh the place where Fundy will be made.”



Wilbur’s face turned bright red. “No!” he shouted. His shout echoed throughout the gym and he sheepishly sank back into himself. The others only burst out laughing so hard that the gym teacher had to separate them into other groups.



Finally, the bell rang and all of them quickly met outside of the school. 



“I hope you guys have fun at prom.” Ranboo said before giving his tactical wink towards Wilbur. 



“Shut up, my little tampon.” Wilbur shot back. This time it was Ranboo’s turn to be taken aback.



“W-what?!” Ranboo started to stutter as he processed what Wilbur had just said. 



“What are you guys going to do?” Technoblade asked. Tommy glanced back at his friend, just now noticing the lack of jacket on him. 



“Wait, your jacket.” Tommy stuttered, the shock sinking into him. The rest looked at him and gaped.



“I didn’t even notice…” Wilbur whispered.



“I guess I forgot it at that one store.” Technoblade shrugged, seemingly unfazed by it.



“But..” Tubbo answered back, blinking rapidly.



Technoblade smiled a bit at them. “I don’t need it anymore.” And then it was left at that. The others were proud of Technoblade’s advancements towards the path of healing.



“Anyways.” Tubbo said, his face brightening up immensely. “We’re all going to my house for a guys hangout!” 



“Yeah, we BIG men are going to have the night of our lives.” Tommy added, puffing out his chest and placing his hands on his hips. “Just me, Tubbo, and Ranboob.” 



“Ranboo.” Ranboo corrected.



“That’s what I said.” Tommy said with a wave of his hand.



“Well, you better get going.” Wilbur said, an amused expression settling onto his face. “I’m sure you have the whole night planned out.”



Tommy’s face faltered a bit before he quickly put on a confident expression. “Yes!” Tommy then hooked his arms around both Tubbo’s and Ranboo’s arm. “We big men are out!”



Wilbur gave them a friendly salute as they quickly rushed off of campus. The three of them joked around the whole way to the yellow bus. Without even realizing that he entered a vehicle, Tommy walked inside laughing. They all slid into seats and once the bus started, Tommy was lurched forward by the sudden start. He expected to be scared, to be triggered by this one motion, but Tommy found himself in the safe and comforting arms of his friends. He smiled at them and knew that his friends gave him the strength to overcome anything. 



When they arrived at Tubbo’s house, it was a cute small one story house. The outside of the house was a pale yellow and there were lots of flowers just in the front yard alone. Tubbo happily skipped forward, kneeling down by one of the flowers where a bee was pollonating it. 



“I like bees.” Tubbo said, glancing back at them. “So we planted flowers. These ones..” Tubbo pointed towards five flowers on the ground. One was pink, another blue, the tallest was black and white, the shortest was a bright yellow and the last one was a bright red. “Are you guys as flowers.” 



Ranboo smiled as he kneeled next to Tubbo by the flowers. He carefully examined each one while Tommy stood from afar. Tubbo beckoned Tommy in and he rushed forward to look at the flowers. Each was absolutely stunning and Tommy was absolutely bewildered. 



“Is this one Michael?” Ranboo said, pointing towards a little sprout between the tall and short flower.



Tubbo grinned. “Yup! He’s growing up but soon he’ll be blooming among us!”



“Amog us!” Tommy instinctively said. They all laughed and then Tommy asked, “Who’s Michael?”



Ranboo and Tubbo shared a look as they each stood up. “Why don’t we show you.” Tubbo beckoned them towards the front door and knocked lightly.



The door creaked open to reveal a younger girl who looked similar to Tubbo. “Tubbo!”



“Hi, Lani, these are my friends. You know Ranboo but this is Tommy.” Tubbo gestured to his friends before gesturing back to Lani. “This is my sister, Lani.” 



“Hi.” She gave a small wave before moving aside to let the boys in. “It’s just me and you guys tonight. Everyone else went to Auntys but I thought someone should stay here to make sure no more stink bombs are developed.”



“Whattt??” Tubbo said, playing innocent. 



Lani gave him a look which shut him up quickly. Tommy shuddered, sisters were scary. As they walked inside, Tommy glanced around, taking in the many goofy family pictures littering the walls. Unlike Wilbur’s house, this place was a lot more cluttered. Probably because of the fact that Tubbo had a lot of other people living inside instead of just Phil and Wilbur. 



“This way is my room.” Tubbo pointed towards the end of the long hallway. The hallway had several different doors lining the hall but luckily Tubbo’s was at the very end which meant that it was easier to find. “The bathroom is also next to it if you need to take a shit.”



Tubbo pushed open his bedroom door to reveal a cozy room inside. It was slightly more spacious than Wilbur’s. There was a TV on the wall, a beanbag beside the bed, and a desk full of notebooks. Tommy paled as he glanced over the contents. It was more recipes to develop even worse weapons. He glanced at Ranboo, who just signaled him to stay quiet about it. They did not need a mad scientist Tubbo while they were hanging out.



Ranboo’s face brightened as soon as his eyes landed on the minecraft zombie pigman laying on the bed. “Michael!” He dashed towards it and scooped the plush into his arms tightly.



“The great mysterious Michael is a stuffed animal?” Tommy asked, confusion written on his face.



“Yup! He’s our son!” Tubbo clapped his hands together. 



“Wait..” Tommy’s face faltered before brightening up again. “I’m an uncle!”



“Yes Tommy!” Tubbo said again.



Somehow, even Tommy was dragged into their found family antics and he too, quickly adopted the stuffed animal. 



They all sat down and got themselves comfortable. Tubbo however decided to unleash the chaos as soon as he dragged over the controllers for his Nintendo Switch. “Mario Kart time!”



The battle was intense.



Tommy was cursing an entire storm of words as Ranboo repeatedly sent bananas behind him. Tubbo though was having too much fun helping Ranboo piss off Tommy and started throwing red shells at the boy. Everyone had turned against Tommy and all he could do was seethe in anger. Once they were finished, he hastily threw his controllers onto Tubbo’s bed.



“How about we just play minecraft?” Tommy asked, grinding his teeth together. They each pulled out their laptops and began to play a normal minecraft world.  They attempted speedrunning the game together but then Tubbo got a hold of some bombs... Tommy started hoarding all of the items, and Ranboo kept forgetting where the home base was.  They eventually had to stop as soon as Tubbo and Tommy began to wage war on each other. 



“Ughhh…” Tommy whined. “What should we do? We have to prove to Wilbur that we’re having the time of our lives while they get the ladies!” 



“I don’t know.” Ranboo said as he fell against Tubbo’s beanbag. Ever since coming to the house, Ranboo had deemed the beanbag as his. 



“Shhh.” Tubbo shushed them. “We need to get Michael to bed first.” Tubbo then gently tucked the stuffed animal into his bed before turning back to the group. “How about some crime?”



“Oh no no no!” Ranboo said. “We are not running some crime thing while our innocent son knows nothing about it.”



“I like crime.” Tommy chimed in.



“Democracy deems crime as the winner.” Tubbo said, imitating an old man’s voice.



“Democracy pleads for it to be legal.” Ranboo added, now sitting up on the beanbag. 



“Democracy is now a monarchy.” Tommy said, pulling out his phone where he had a screensaver of Queen Elizabeth. “The queen deems crime for tonight.”



“What.” Ranboo stuttered. 



“Americans.” Tubbo said with a roll of his eyes.



Americans.” Tommy echoed. 



Ranboo could only respond with a few rapid blinks of his eyes. “Well, I refuse to partake in your crime.” He then crossed his arms and turned away. 



This time it was Tubbo and Tommy standing there dumbfounded. Ranboo hadn’t ever put his foot down like this and remained stubborn. “Pardon?”


“I. Re-fuse.” Ranboo stated again. 



“But…” Tommy pleaded weakly. 



“No Tommy.” Ranboo repeated. “I will set an example for our son.”



“What?” Tommy screeched. “He’s literally an inanimate object!” Tommy gestures wildly to the stuffed animal.



“Don’t say that about Michael!” Tubbo said, crossing his arms.



“You too?!” Tommy was now extremely confused. “Who’s side are you on?”



“The side of crime.” Tubbo said, glaring daggers at Ranboo’s back. “But blaming Michael is crossing the line.” Tubbo’s face then lit up in a mischievous grin. “Ranboo~” He teased.



A chill ran up both Tommy’s and Ranboo’s spines. Ranboo wearily turned his head to look Tubbo in the eyes. 



“Y-yes Tubbo?” Ranboo stuttered while trying to remain as calm as possible.



Tubbo looked up slightly, never letting go of his devious smile. “I’ve been working on a new weapon. Wanna hear about it?”



Even Tommy was slowly backing away at this point. Ranboo shot a pleading glance to him but Tommy shook his head. “Sorry bud, he’s your platonic husband.”



Tubbo took a menacing step forward, outstretching a hand out in front of him. “I’ve been thinking.” His voice was cold, dripping with his mad ideals. “The stink bomb has been proved to be an effect divergent. But, I need something more substantial.” 



Ranboo backed away, falling off of the beanbag until he was pressed against the wall. Tubbo stood over him, kneeling down slightly so they met eye contact again. 



“You see, I’ve been working with my new chemistry set to develop a new toxin that can be effectively used against others. It hasn’t been tested yet…” Tubbo’s face darkens and in the light of the room, it seems like his eyes glow yellow. 



“We can talk about this Tubbo…” Ranboo whispered as a final desperate plea.



“Then talk.” Tubbo stated back.



“Fine.” Ranboo released a breath that he didn’t realize that he was holding. “I will do crime with you all.” 



Tubbo also let out a sigh of relief as he fell back onto the floor on his butt. “Thank goodness.” With a wave of his hand he added, “I was completely bluffing.”



“What?!” Ranboo shrieked



“Damn, Tubbo’s really scary.” Tommy added. 



“Anyways.” Tubbo continued as if nothing had happened, “I say we sneak into prom.”



Tommy’s face lit up. “I can still have the ladies flock all over me!”



“I should’ve known.” Ranboo said, sinking into himself. 



“We have the suits… We have sunglasses…” Tubbo was grinning to himself. “We’re all set! We even know the location.. We can sneak into a hotel.” 



“Tubbo.” A stern voice from his doorway. It was Lani, wearing her nightgown and looking very tired. “What are you planning?”



Tubbo blinked for a few seconds before frowning slightly. “If I can get a vow of silence about this… I will do all of your chores for the weekend.”



“Deal.” Lani said, already walking away from the room. “Toilet duty is on you.”



“Sacrifices had to be made for crime.” Tubbo whispered. 



“Anyways…” Tommy grinned. “Who’s ready for crime?”



Tubbo smiled back while Ranboo only frowned.


Ranboo secretly pleaded that neither Wilbur or Technoblade would be mad at him.

Chapter Text




Came the cheery voice of Sally as she ran up to her prom date. She swung herself in his arms as they greeted each other outside of the dance entrance.



The dance was taking place inside a large room in the hotel. It was most likely an event room as if also led outside to a stunning garden. It seemed the prom committee chose well for this year. 



Wilbur glanced at Techno who awkwardly stood to the side as a third wheel. Wilbur almost forgot how awkward Techno could be to events like this. While Wilbur was a social butterfly, Techno preferred to move in the shadows, unnoticed. 




“Hey Sally.” Wilbur whispered back as he released her.



She was wearing a stunning aquamarine dress that almost resembled a mermaid. Techno had been right about the tie because it matched according to her style of dress. “This is Technoblade.” He gestured to his friend.



Techno gave a small wave to them. Wilbur had fun styling his friend’s hair. Even if it was only to his shoulders, Wilbur had managed to make a beautiful man bun out of it. Wilbur was proud in how he made the both of them look great for this special occasion. 




“Hi Technoblade.” Sally greeted back. “Wilbur talks about you a lot.”



Technoblade only gave a hum of acknowledgement. Wilbur gave a thin smile, Techno must’ve felt really awkward at that moment. “He’s mentioned you once or twice.” Techno responded.



Sally side glanced at Wilbur and he sheepishly smiled back. “Tommy and Tubbo are troublesome. I did not need them stalking me on dates.” He replied back.




“Good point.” Sally chuckled. “The park was enough for me to see what kind of character they were.”




“Ranboo’s the mediator but sometimes he too, joins in the crimes.” Technoblade said as well. It was a good start that Techno was joining in on the conversation as well. 




“Well,” Wilbur gave a curt nod. “Shall we enter inside?” 



“We shall.” Sally smiled, wrapping her arm around Wilbur’s. He then escorted her inside as Techno shuffled after them. Once inside, there were a bunch of dazzling lights shined down in the room. Music was blaring from speakers and a bunch of teenagers danced wildly. 




Technoblade couldn’t help but cringe at this. He never attended prom before but he could already tell that he didn’t like it. He then walked over to the food table and poured himself a glass of punch. At least the food table would always be there as a comfort.



Wilbur brought Sally over to the dance floor and carefully held her steady to the beat of the song. It was slow and melodic- perfect for the slow and steady dance they were performing. Wilbur looked up at Sally’s dazzling eyes, locking in with his chocolate irises.



As the song was hitting it’s climax with its second verse, Wilbur was going to share a kiss with Sally. However, his face sullened as the music suddenly glitched out to play a song Wilbur never wished to hear right at this moment. 



“Tubbo..” Wilbur seethed under his breath. “Tommy.” 


Sneaking into Prom was surprisingly easier than what Tommy had thought.



They showed up, dressed up all fancy- including the sunglasses. Tubbo walked in like he owned the place and whenever someone questioned him, his two tall friends backed him up like security guards.



In order to distract most of the workers, Tubbo threw his stink bombs into a random room they passed. Workers rushed to take care of the smell and Tubbo led them to victory. (They totally did not jump a fence in the process.)




Ranboo wouldn’t have admitted it, but he was actually glad that he got to partake in the crimes Tubbo and Tommy were starting.



On the way, they snuck into the kitchen and stole some food. Ranboo was happy to feel like a teenager with his chaotic friends. Now, though, they were on the run from a security guard who did not fall for their excuse of Ranboo being their adult chaperone. 



“Scram!” Tubbo shrieked as he ducked into a different room. Ranboo followed Tubbo, but Tommy had to turn somewhere else. The guard was still following him but he made it right into the party of teenagers. Easily, as he looked like most of the men and their suits, hid among the crowd. The guard scowled and started to look through the students. 



Tubbo and Ranboo walked into their room and realized quickly that it was the sound control room. Tubbo’s eyes sparkled as he pulled out his phone. He could override the DJ’s speakers and plug in his own music. Ranboo caught the glint in Tubbo’s eyes but didn’t stop him as Tubbo plugged in his phone. Tubbo began to scroll through Youtube to put on the perfect song when he fat fingered.



“Shit.” He muttered, paling when he saw the song he was playing. Mask- Sus remix. 



As soon as the first lyric came in, Tommy could hardly breathe with the laughter that was erupting from him.



Honestly, once someone listened to the sus remix, it was hard not to hear it. But now, all the older class students were being exposed to it at prom! Eyes bore into him, glaring daggers at the child who most knew didn’t belong there. 



Tommy chuckled nervously as he shuffled away from the glares. However, he wouldn’t be escaping Wilbur’s wrath anytime soon.



“Tommy!” Came the loud shout of Wilbur. Tommy paled, running away and towards the food stand. Now he had to worry about a security guard and Wilbur. 



Tommy sprinted to the food table, grabbing a couple of snacks on the way as he saw the figure of Wilbur running towards him. WIth a small panicked shriek leaving his mouth, he spotted the formidable Technoblade. Gulping, he dove behind the older boy and used him as a shield as Wilbur approached. 



Technoblade blinked slowly, holding a cup of punch in his hands. Honestly, he was just pretending that he was not hearing any of the music that was being blasted on the speakers. As an angry Wilbur stood in front of him, he silently sipped his punch.



“I know Tommy is behind you.” Wilbur seethed out. 



Technoblade glanced back at the cowering Tommy behind him. Tommy shook his head furiously, looking at Techno with the best puppy dog eyes he could muster to keep Techno from turning him in. 



Techno sighed, placing the cup of punch on the food table. "Let me tell you a story, Tommy.”



Techno turned to face Tommy. Tommy gulped, stepping a bit away from Technoblade. 



“A story of a man called Theseus. His country, well, his city-state, technically, was in danger, and he sent himself forward into enemy lines; he slayed the Minotaur and saved his city.”



Tommy nodded slightly, keeping an eye on the now confused Wilbur behind Techno.



Technoblade closed his eyes for a split moment before opening them, his dark brown eyes a heavy stare. “You know what they did to him, Tommy?” Techno took a step forward. “They exiled him. He died in disgrace, despised by his people. That's what happens to heroes, Tommy. The Greeks knew the score."



Tommy nervously stared forward. There was an odd feeling of deja vu filling his chest.



“I suck his…” Rang on the speakers again. The feeling immediately dissipated with this distraction. 



A loud, “SHIT!” Rang on the speakers as well. Tommy realized that Tubbo was trying to turn it off but accidentally rewinded the song back to the beginning. 



“You guys!” Wilbur exploded, lunging forward as Technoblade stepped aside. Tommy shrieked, scrambling away quickly. 



Tommy grinned, sticking his tongue out at the lagging Wilbur behind him. Tommy was beginning to enjoy this game of cat and mouse, especially when it was getting Wilbur’s attention. But, Tommy’s luck quickly ran out as soon as he ran straight into the security guard’s chest. 



Tommy chuckled nervously as the security guard gave him a glare. The security guard then grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the hotel and pushed him outside without a second thought. 



Tommy crossed his arms, feeling very disgruntled for being kicked out of the establishment. After dusting himself off he opened his phone. 



He groaned when he saw a notification that Wilbur had texted him. 


Wilbur Chat:


Wilbur: You deserved that.


Wilbur: Techno says L


Tommy: Bitch


Wilbur is typing. . .



Tommy closed out of that chat with a cheshire grin. He then opened up the group chat he had with both Tubbo and Ranboo. This time, he also made sure it was just them and not also Wilbur. 



The BIG men groupchat:


WifeHaver: Got kicked out.


BeeBoy: Yeah, we should scram too


Ranboob: That was fun… Though, why was that in your Youtube recommendations?


BeeBoy: :|


WifeHaver: Don’t question it.


Ranboob: ok…. 


WifeHaver: Anyways, I think I’m going to just go and walk back to your house Tubbs.


Ranboob: Do you want to wait for us? We’ll be out soon.


WifeHaver: It’s fine. I'm a big man and don’t need to be walked.


BeeBoy: It is dark outside so be careful man


WifeHaver: Understood o7


Ranboob: Be safe!



Tommy closed his phone and glanced out at the empty street in front of the hotel. It felt nice to be cared for by his friends. With a sigh, he walked over to the crosswalk and made sure to look both ways before crossing.



However, as he took one step onto the street, a bright light beamed onto him. Before Tommy could even react, he was suddenly pulled backwards and onto the sidewalk.



As if in slow motion, a car zoomed past just where he was standing and Tommy couldn’t help but lock eyes with the driver. He swore on his life that it was the same driver that had killed his parents. The white gleaming mask that bore into him, as if seeing into his very soul. His heart seemed to lodge into his throat as his breathing quickened. If that was who he saw…. Then it was back to claim his life again. 




“Are you alright mate?” 



Tommy glanced up to see Phil who was glaring after the car that was speeding off into the distance. Wilbur’s dad had just saved him. Relief flooded his system as he fell onto his back. Tommy shakily moved one hand over his eyes and did his best to even out his breaths. Never once did he think he would be in a similar situation like the one a few years back. He felt tears brimming in the corners of his eyes, but he wouldn’t let them fall. He wouldn’t let himself cry again, especially not in front of Will’s dad. 



Phil knelt down beside the shaky boy and helped him sit up. Phil quickly glanced over the boy and was relieved to see him unharmed. It was very fatherly if you would ask Tommy. 



“Thank you.” Tommy mumbled as his vision realigned. 



“No problem mate.” Phil said, rubbing circles into the boy’s back. “Especially after big parties like this, there are bound to be drunk drivers.”



Tommy nodded numbly, his eyes were still locked onto where he was just standing on the street. 



“Do you have someone to pick you up?” Phil asked, looking at Tommy with concern. “I was going to go and pick up Techno and Wilbur.”



Tommy shook his head as Phil helped him to his feet. “I’m here with Tubbo and Ranboo. They can walk with me.. It’s fine.” Tommy did his best to reassure Phil. Phil looked at Tommy skeptically and was almost reluctant to let Tommy go alone after this. But Phil backed down and stepped away from the boy to give him space. 



“Alright mate, I trust you.” Phil said softly.



Tommy’s heart felt ecstatic at those words and he smiled at Phil. “Me too.” He felt himself saying.



“Hey Tommy!” Tubbo yelled as he ran towards the boy. “Are you alright?” 



“Yeah.” Tommy answered, already feeling better in the comforts of his friends.



“That’s good.” Ranboo said as he approached them. “You ready? Oh, hi Phil.”



“‘Ello mates.” Phil waved. “Well, I’ll be out of your hair now. Can’t let Wilbur get away with not having an embarrassing dad moment.” 



Tommy grinned. “Make it extra embarrassing.”



With a tip of Phil’s bucket hat, he said, “Will do.” 



“Anyways let's go.” Tubbo said, grabbing onto Tommy’s and Ranboo’s hands to lead them. “I don't want Lani to charge us extra for coming after midnight.” The three of them left, crossing the street safely unlike earlier. 



Phil watched them go before glaring down the street where the car had disappeared to. He tightened his grip on his bucket hat as he radiated anger. He then turned to go and ensure the safety of his other sons.



Where he was just standing was a bunch of cracks splintered into the earth.




Ranboo’s eyes snapped open.



A cold chill ran through his body and his breathing was staggered. He shakily sat up, a few of the sheets that Tubbo let him use slid off of his body. Ranboo brought his shivering hand up to his face as he brushed a bit of his hair away. His forehead was dripping sweat. Something that he had dreamed must’ve terrified him. Ranboo rolled out of his bed and glanced over to where Tubbo snuggled against Michael. The sight allowed him to smile softly and he noticed how sheets were kicked everywhere by a restless Tommy. 



All Ranboo needed was to calm down.



Ranboo stumbled out of Tubbo’s bedroom and into the bathroom next door. He gently touched the walls and let it lead him inside. Once he was inside, he flicked the light on and shut the door behind him. Ranboo walked over to the marble sink and turned the knob of the sink. 



Cold water rushed out and Ranboo let his hand trail under it.  He let it continuously run onto his hand until he brought his other hand into the sink to cup the water. Once a small pool had filled his hands he brought it up to his face and splashed it against his skin. The cold water sent chills through his body but it made him more awake. 



Ranboo released a sigh of relief. The cold water was keeping him grounded and less vulnerable to whatever had pried itself into his mind. After a couple more minutes of splashing his face, Ranboo lifted his eyes to the mirror in front of him. 



His entire body froze at the sight of his face.



Slowly he brought a shaky hand to touch his frail skin as his eyes remained locked onto his reflection. His breathing quickened but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t look away.



His face… It wasn’t his own. 



The mirror reflection was a simple smiling face. It looked like a child’s drawing, in place of where his own face should have been.



Ranboo released out a choked sob as he sank to his feet. Ranboo looked down at his shaky hands before bringing it to his hair and began to tug at it. He’s always had his doubts about his looks but what he just saw.. That thing … It was bone chilling and from what he saw, it was himself. He gulped and gave a daring glance at the mirror but the smile was gone. 



Ranboo crumpled into himself, feeling relief filling his chest. It was himself again… He never thought he would feel so relieved seeing himself in the mirror. He felt a tear drip down from his face and splash against the bathroom tile. In the tiny puddle that it formed, Ranboo couldn’t help but see himself…  The smiling face was there.



Ranboo shot his hands to his face and felt around his face. His stomach dropped as he felt his mouth forming a smile. He couldn’t control his body as the smile became more intense. He felt himself become distant inside himself- as if watching himself function without him being in control.



His body moved on its own as it rose to its feet.



Ranboo felt himself losing consciousness. The last thing he saw was himself staring intensely in the mirror… And a plain white porcelain mask staring back. It was blank but it seemed that whatever was imprinted onto the mask, had moved on his own face.







Chapter Text

Everything was painted black in Tommy’s vision.


There was a static noise filling his ears and he felt himself drown inside it. He was sinking in the darkness until he hit solid ground. He groaned and used his knees to prop himself up. Through his blurry vision, he saw beautiful rainbow lights reflected onto the dark grey floor underneath him.



Trailing the rainbow light, Tommy glanced upwards to see a large stained glance window. His eyes widened, taking in the pictures there that formed a winged man falling from the clouds and into the hands on the earth. The light that seemed to be outside of the window shined brighter and Tommy moved his hand to block the blinding light.




When he removed his hand, a man stood in front of the stained glass picture. A shadow was cast over his face and he was blocking some of the light that was coming into the room. The man seemed to wear a strange hat and a faded green tunic. But his shadow… There was a large pair of wings. While it didn’t seem to appear on the man itself, it reflected in the shadow that he cast. 



“Hey mate.” The man said.



It sounded so familiar to him but Tommy couldn’t quite place it in the haze of static noises. The man then turned and gently touched the stained glass. The man parted his lips slightly, reminiscing about something. 



“Her name was death.” He said again as his finger brushed against the wings on the glass. “But she was also a loving mother and my wife.”



Tommy watched silently as the man continued his tale.



“However, there are forces that used her love. He countered death, for he was rebirth- renewal. He betrayed me but he brought me to you.” The man turned again to look at Tommy. “I’m glad we met Tom.”



The man’s cloak suddenly flew to the side, revealing a large pair of black feathered wings. A gust of wind flew at Tommy as the man extended the wings out before him. Immediately, the light of the window dissipated and Tommy was left in darkness. The only move left for the child was to open his eyes. 



Tommy’s eyes sprung open and the room immediately came into focus. This was a more vivid dream than normal. Usually, it would be small glimpses of heartfelt memories.  Wait, when did he regard them as memories? As Tommy was lost in thought, he noticed Ranboo standing over him. 



“Oh hey Ranboo.” Tommy said, feeling relief when seeing his friend awake as well. As Tommy sat up, he noticed that sunlight was pouring into the room signaling that it was in fact morning. 




Ranboo didn’t answer. He only gazed down onto Tommy with a blank expression.



“Sheesh.” Tommy said bitterly. “Remind me to never sleep over with you again.”



Tommy sat up and walked towards the bathroom to use it and to change out of his pajamas.  Ranboo’s eyes still remained on him as he disappeared from the room. 



Tommy felt slightly unsettled by Ranboo’s behavior all morning so far.



As they were eating breakfast, Ranboo didn’t touch his food in the slightest and just stared forward at him. Even Tubbo was concerned about Ranboo when Ranboo didn’t react to Michael in his arms. 



“Hey…” Tubbo whispered, sitting on the chair next to Ranboo. “We didn’t hurt your feelings yesterday did we? I know I can get pretty intense and if I…” Tubbo gently placed a hand on Ranboo’s. “I’m sorry.”



Ranboo blinked for a few moments before turning to look at Tubbo. “It’s alright Tubbo. We just had a lot of action yesterday, so I’m pretty sluggish.” It was the first words he said this morning and the two were relieved to hear his voice. “My mom usually has me be in bed at a certain time. Not that I always follow it.” Ranboo chuckled slightly. 




“Your parents sound strict.” Tommy said, pointing at Ranboo with his fork. 



“Just a lot of expectations.” Ranboo replied. He seemed to become more lively instead of his blank zombie state. 



“Anyways.” Tubbo said, standing up again. “I’m sorry to have to kick you out too soon but I should get started on all of these chores.”



Tommy laughed. “Sacrifices had to have been made, Big man.”



Tubbo sighed, sinking into himself. “I know.” 



Tommy then placed his dishes into the sink and walked back into Tubbo’s bedroom to gather his things.



Ranboo followed him silently, approaching Tommy from behind. Ranboo’s footsteps were dulled by the carpet on Tubbo’s floor as he made his way over to Tommy. His expression was blank and just in the right lighting, his eyes glinted purple. Shakily a hand moved towards the back of Tommy’s neck, it was so close to making contact. It froze immediately as Tommy turned to face Ranboo.



“Oh!” Tommy jumped in surprise as he noticed the tall man standing behind him. “Jesus!” After taking a moment to calm himself, Tommy asked. “What’s up big man?” 



Ranboo lowered his hand and smiled softly. “Actually.” He spoke, carefully calculating his next words. “I was wondering if you would like to go to the cafe with me?” 



Tommy shrugged. “Sure, I mean I told gramps that I might show up at home later.” 



“Alright.” Ranboo clapped his hands together gleefully. “Let’s go.”



After saying goodbye to the sad Tubbo who was left with chores, Tommy followed Ranboo down the street.



Tommy felt suspicious of his friend because honestly, he had been acting weird all morning. Ranboo just continued to walk forward with a purpose as Tommy trailed behind. He was beginning to get these strange feelings from the man. Before he could even consider backing out, the two of them had arrived at the cafe. 



“How many are with you?” The waitress asked. The two of them were currently at Puffy’s Cafe and were about to be seated.



“Just two.” Tommy replied and the girl smiled back.



“This way.” She led them towards the back of the cafe and to a booth where the two of them could sit. Ranboo slid himself on one side and Tommy took the other side of the table. 



“What would you like?” She asked, pulling out a notebook. 



Before Tommy could answer, Ranboo replied, “Just the special for today.”



“Alright, two specials coming up!” She said enthusiastically as she left the table. 



An eerie silence flew through the table as Tommy and Ranboo locked eyes. 



“So…” Tommy said, feeling awkward in the silence. “What’s this all about?” Tommy nervously glanced down. “I mean you are attractive but I’m not gay.” 



Ranboo just stared at Tommy.



Tommy coughed quietly.



“Tommy.” Ranboo spoke, cutting through the silence like a sharp knife. Tommy lifted his head a bit, thankful for the lack of silence. However, he immediately felt anger at Ranboo’s words. “How are your parents?” A small grin spread across Ranboo’s face. “Six feet under?”



“What the hell man!” Tommy hissed, feeling anger rising in his throat. Then a realization hit him like the force of a truck. He never told Ranboo about his parent’s situation. Not that Wilbur or Techno would tell them about it. Tommy dropped his voice, low and menacing. “Is this some joke?” 



“My bad.” Ranboo said innocently. “I don’t think we have formally met.” The hairs on Tommy’s arm began to rise as sparks began to emit from Ranboo’s body. A loud static noise was heard as a translucent figure emerged out of Ranboo. Tommy could clearly see two figures- Ranboo and a masked man slightly overlapping each other. The masked figure waved and Ranboo waved as well as a puppet. 



Tommy froze completely. One of Ranboo’s eyes was glowing purple and the masked man had a porcelain white mask… The same one who drove that car- the same one who haunted his friends. The masked man now had Ranboo and was confronting Tommy after trying to kill him. 



“I’m Dream.” The figure stated. 



Tommy’s throat was dry as his brain tried to comprehend what he was seeing.



“Oh.” the apparition said dryly. “My bad.” The figure then faded back into Ranboo and now Ranboo moved as a marionette. Both of his eyes glowed purple and Tommy knew that Ranboo was possessed by that monster again. “Now your brain can comprehend me. That’s the thing with mortals. They can’t understand the vast knowledge of the world.” 



Tommy gaped. He was still speechless about the whole situation. “What…” He exhaled an unsteady breath. “What do you want?” 



“Bold of you to ask.” It said, Tommy paled. It sounded like Ranboo, looked like Ranboo, and moved as him. Tommy had to continuously remind his brain that he was possessed by the same man that killed his parents… Tommy felt sick.  “I’m here to help.”



Tommy paused. He felt anger forming in his pit and even if  he knew that this man was dangerous, he exploded. Slamming his hands on the table, he shouted, “Help!? You killed my parents! You fuck!” Tommy immediately stopped talking as soon as Dream moved its hands to its lips using Ranboo’s body. Tommy felt himself sink back into his seat. He almost forgot that Ranboo was a hostage in this situation. He bit his lips tightly. 



“Anyways.” Dream continued as if Tommy’s outburst was nothing. Dream leaned forward a nd propped his head up on his hands. He stared forward at Tommy, a sly grin on his face. “You’ve been having strange dreams right?”


Tommy gulped. “Yes.” His voice felt hollow as the fear of the situation began to fall over him. He might as well be honest, especially since he doesn’t know exactly what he’s up against.



Dream hummed in response. “Do you know anything about the story… The Wish of Eternity?”



Tommy’s eyes widened. It was the same tale that he had to do a project on. Dream narrowed its eyes on Tommy. It was analyzing his expressions- watching his every move. A shudder ran down Tommy’s spine. “Yes.” He answered again. 



“Then you must know.” Dream closed its eyes for a few seconds. “It's an old tale depicting a found family that reincarnates through the ages to be together again.” 



“What's that..” Tommy found his voice again and spoke more clearly. “What’s that got to do with me?” Tommy had a feeling, but he didn’t want to admit it aloud. 



“It has everything to do with you, child.” Dream said, widening his grin as he laughed. 



Tommy’s world was going to crumble into pieces. It made sense, everything that has been happening to him. The dreams, the deja vu and the visions.  With what he had seen, there was no way to refute what Dream was telling him. Shakily he whispered, “Who am I? Who am I in the story?” 



Dream looked at its nails, considering Tommy’s question in its mind. “Which one are you, indeed?” 



Tommy knit his brows in confusion. 



“There are so many versions of you that have passed, Tommy.” Dream said. “You were the start of everything. You ignited the wish, gave me the power to honor it.  Hell, your original name was forgotten in time!” He continued to let out these sick laughs. 



“Who… Who are you?” Tommy dared to ask. 



“Like I said.” Dream tilted his head to the side. “I am Dream. I am the god of renewal- rebirth . I counteract the acts of Death herself.” Dream then locked eyes with Tommy. “I brought you to life.” 



“Then why?” Tommy began to shake as he glanced away from Dream. “Then why are you trying to kill me?” 



Dream’s smile disappeared into a blank expression. Dream leaned back into the booth seat and looked up to the ceiling. “I’m done.” 



Tommy glanced back at Dream, confusion evident on his face. 



“The curse is boring. At first it was revenge.” Dream looked back at Tommy. “I would bring his family back to life and then rip it from his hands after they became a family again. Over and over again, I wanted him to suffer.” Dream brought its hand out and clamped it shut tightly, as if squeezing the life out of something. “But you.” Dream pointed a finger at Tommy. “You changed everything.” 



“M-me?” Tommy stuttered. He began to fiddle with his hands nervously. He wasn’t sure if Dream was mad at him or not but he did not want to be under the wrath of a god. 



“One lifetime, long ago. The four of you reincarnated into enemy soldiers of different nations that were at war with each other. The four of you found each other, after many tragedies. However, on your dying breath.” Dream paused for dramatic effect. “You remembered. Your wish of meeting each other again wasn’t meant to be a lifetime of suffering. Oh poor little Tommy, begging his father to end the wish as he bled to death by his feet.” 




“Ple-please…” The old hoarse voice said inside of Tommy’s mind. It was indeed him saying it this time. “End it.” Tommy shuddered. All those times he cried in his sleep, all of those visions- It was him and his past lives warning him. 



“The great big Angel of Death took over that wish.” Dream said, letting venom seep into his words. “He took that power-” Dream growled. “He didn’t listen to you and took it upon himself to keep bringing everyone back together.” 



“Isn’t that a good thing?” Tommy knew it most likely wasn’t since his past self was trying to end it. 



“He remembers everything.” Dream mused. “Here’s the thing Tommy…” Dream leaned forward, staring into Tommy’s eyes. “They say eyes are the gateway to the soul.”




Tommy blinked slowly.



Your eyes are a radiant shade of blue.. But that's just the surface of the deep ocean lying underneath. Under that crystalling mass of water is the dark murky undertones.. The tired baggage that you have carried every single time you reincarnate. Your soul is tired, overused.” 



Dream continued. “Your brother, Technoblade and Wilbur. Twins I believe you called them.” Dream chuckled.  “They all come from different backgrounds, Tommy. The curse was originally made to cause suffrage. I’m sure you know their stories from your project.” Tommy recalled the projects… Wait, he paused. Techno and Wilbur were the other counterparts of the tale. “Technoblade will always be wronged, hurt by others. Wilbur will always be in the wrong crowd until he can break apart.” 



Dream let out a sickening laugh. It was high pitched like a tea kettle steaming. “You are the heart Tommy!” 




Tommy dug his nails into his skin. The tale mentioned how the warrior was abused- Techno was abused. The tale mentioned the village boy was influenced by others. Wilbur was with the manipulative Quackity. And Tommy? He hasn’t been exiled, has he? “You tried to end the curse.” Tommy repeated.



“I tried.” Dream chuckled. “The curse only continues once the Angel of Death’s family is reunited together again.” Tommy raised an eyebrow. “So, I figured that if I killed you all before being reunited with the Angel of Death, then it wouldn’t continue anymore.”



“So you tried to kill me with that crash…” Tommy paled, the words coming out as cold as ice. “It took my parent’s lives.”



“Yes.” Dream said, apathetic to Tommy’s grieving gaze. “And I tried to kill Wilbur as a baby. I convinced Eret to put Techno in an abusive home to make his mind vulnerable. He didn’t take his life.” 



“What about Wilbur’s mother?! Techno’s parents?!” Tommy found himself asking. “Were they casualties that you caused? Like how you took my parent’s lives!”



“Those were casualties of the curse.” Dream explained. “The universe had always planned on righting itself back by making you all a family again. It gave him Wilbur when his mother died. It gave him Techno by putting him in the system so he’s adoptable. You, however, still have guardians. That won’t last long.” 



“What do you mean?!” Tommy shrieked.



Tommy’s phone began to ring and Tommy glanced back at it with horrified eyes. Dream stared back at him with a shit-eating grin.



“Go on, Tommy.” Dream seemed to tease. “Answer it.”



Tommy shakily brought his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone. Turning it over, he glanced at the caller ID. Grandpa… After one sullen glance at Dream, he quickly answered the phone. His heart thumping against his chest was the only thing he heard after a while before his grandfather spoke.







“Hi grandpa.” Tommy swallowed thickly as he held the phone against his ear.



“Tommy.” The voice on the phone was quiet. “ I know I said that everything was going to get better…” 



No this couldn’t be happening. 



“She was getting better, Tommy. But, suddenly, her health turned for the worse-” 



Tommy gripped the phone tighter as the words started to process inside of his head.



“I’m sure she’ll recover in no time but for now she’s… on life support.” 



“. . .” Tommy stared forward blankly. 






“I…” Tommy’s voice cracked a bit as the stress of the situation began to overcome him. “I need some time…. I’m…”



“Tommy, just get plenty of rest. I’ll be here with her, I just thought I would let you know of the situation.” 



“Thank you Grandpa… I… I love you.”



“I love you too, Tommy. Bye.” 



“Bye.” Tommy whispered as he pressed end call. Slowly he placed the phone on the table and stared blankly at it. 



“Hello.” Greeted the waitress again. Tommy didn’t even bother looking at her as he let the situation sink into him. She glanced at the boy concerningly but Ranboo (Dream) reassured her. He gave her the money to pay for the drinks and soon, there were two steaming cups of coffee on the table. 



Dream grabbed the steaming cup of coffee and didn’t bother cooling it down before taking a sip. “It’ll take them too.” Dream said. “Then he can take you in too.”



“How…” Tommy looked back at Dream with determination. “How do I end this curse?”



Dream chuckled, setting the coffee back onto the table. This time he seemed quite intrigued with the proposition. He crossed one one leg over the other and met Tommy’s eyes. “Why don’t you just…” Dream brought a finger to his neck and made a gesture of slitting the throat. “End it there before you join him?”



Tommy froze as Dream’s suggestion found itself lodged into his mind. The truth is, he didn’t really want to die. He had survived all of these murder attempts and he has met great people! “I can't.” 



Dream groaned. “There you go again.” Dream rolled his eyes, glancing over to the side to whatever possibly could have caught his interest at the moment. “Only you and him remember. Your brothers have the bliss of being incapable of recollection. You only have fragments while he has centuries.”



“Who is he anyway?” Tommy air quoted. “The Great Angel of Death himself?”




“I thought it would be easy for you to guess, Tommy.” Dream drawled. He waved his hand a bit as he began to explain it slowly for Tommy, treating him as if he was an ignorant toddler.  “The one who saved infant Wilbur from me, the man who pulled you out of a damaged car- hell, any car in general. The one who swooped Techno up when he was homeless.” Dream used his hand to gesture out his thoughts. “Only Philza of course… Or does he go by Phil now?” 



Tommy’s blood boiled. Sure, he had saved them from countless dangers but… So many unexplainable feelings were bubbling up inside of him. “You said he has control of the curse?” Tommy asked, venom seeping into his voice. 



“Yes, the man who was given an ability of death, the great lover of Death herself.” Dream paused as he stared at Tommy once more. He seemed to glance over Tommy completely, taking in his childish appearance. With an amused expression he said, ”Kristin would take gentle care of your souls once you break it and are capable of actual death.” 



Tommy ignored Dream’s last statement. “So he’s holding onto the curse? Then he’s the only one who can break it?”



Dream pondered for a few moments. “I suppose.” Dream then looked at Tommy with a dark expression. “I’d be careful Tommyinnit. Philza could do anything to you now that you know the truth. He is a protege of death, and has taken a lot of lives in his own legends. I wouldn’t put it past him to murder you all in cold blood- Just to have a reset.”



Tommy gulped. It was hard to imagine the friendly Phil committing any kind of murder. “Why would you think that?” Tommy couldn’t help but ask.



Dream tilted his head to the side, his expression crazed. “I’ve watched him stand before you all- Watching as you all cry and bleed out… Until the light leaves your eyes and you no longer breathe. He would just stare, until I collected the souls and left him in the dust of the cold and empty shells of what you once were.” Dream then let out a sickening laugh, one that Tommy had heard too many times today. “Maybe he was in shock when you told him to stop. It was no longer an adventure waiting for the reincarnation of his family after his precious baby showed him the cold reality of things. That’s probably where he learned to collect the souls.”



Tommy pondered for a moment before the look of determination flickered back onto his face. “Then I’ll have to talk to Phil- Philza about this. To finish what the past Tommy wanted.”



“Theseus.” Dream said. “Your nickname then was Theseus, deemed by the Blade.”



Tommy looked down at his hands. “Theseus died a hero fighting for his people who didn’t want him.” Then Tommy glanced back at Dream. “But this time, I’m Tommy. I’m not exiled, I haven't fought a minotaur. It's just me, big man.”



Dream smiled at him, it was more genuine than anything Tommy had seen so far. “The body needs the heart to function. He’ll have to listen.” 



“But first.” Tommy said. “You need to leave Ranboo’s body.”



“Right, right.” The god chuckled. “I don’t want to push his soul out by accident.” Tommy immediately panicked and it only made Dream laugh louder. “Alright~ But, I’ll always be here, Tommy. I’m your friend after all.” 



The same electrifying feeling happened as the apparition of Dream faded out of Ranboo’s body. Dream gave one last glance at Tommy, his childish porcelain mask gleaming in the light.  



“Dream XD sends his regards.” Then Dream disappeared as if he wasn’t ever there in the first place.



Ranboo’s body slumped forward, hitting the table. Tommy jumped forward and helped lean Ranboo back against the booth seat. 



Ranboo groaned as he opened his eyes. “My head… ugh…” 



“Are you alright Ranboo?!” Tommy asked frantically as he checked his friend over.



“Huh?” Ranboo tilted his head slightly. Ranboo then began to rub his head. “Where are we anyways… I don't remember anything from last night.” 



Tommy paused. He probably shouldn’t tell Tubbo or Ranboo about his revelations just yet. “You were pretty groggy, big man. We decided to get coffee at Puffy’s.” 



Ranboo nodded, seemingly accepting this answer for now. “Explains why my mouth is burnt.” Ranboo glared daggers at the steaming coffee cup in front of him. 



“Let’s get you home, Ranboo. You’re not looking too good.” Tommy noticed how pale his friend was. Being possessed must’ve taken a huge toll on his body. 



Tommy walked his friend home as Ranboo led the way. Tommy slowly began to notice how wealthier the neighborhood was when they entered inside it. Tommy stopped before a beautiful two story modern white house. Tommy couldn’t help but think that's why Ranboo’s parents had so many expectations for him. 



Ranboo stumbled forward and fiddled inside of his pockets for keys to the house.



“Should I stay to explain to your mom that you don’t feel good?” Tommy asked, nervously hovering behind Ranboo.


Ranboo shook his head sadly. “She’s not really ever home, always off working and all.” Ranboo turned back to face Tommy. “Thanks for walking me.”



“No problem.” Tommy whispered. “Stay safe alright?”



Ranboo gave Tommy a thumbs up before walking inside of his house. Tommy stared dully at the closed door. Ranboo’s home life sounded lonely- expectations but barely any visits from his own parents. 



Tommy shook his head and turned to look down the street in the direction of Phil’s house. Despite the terrible feeling in his guts, Tommy needed to confront Phil about this new found information. Looking into his backpack that he was still carrying around, Tommy saw the old notebook that Phil had lended him.



Now, he had the perfect excuse to bring this up.

Chapter Text

Crippling thoughts were swirling around Tommy’s mind.



At his side, he gripped the book tightly against his hip.



He was a fucking reincarnation of a legend- It would’ve sounded cooler, but it was a tragic tale. He was approaching Wilbur’s house, the lion’s den of tragedies.



Maybe, a small voice spoke in Tommy’s head, maybe he shouldn’t be confronting Philza without clearing his head. 




Tommy had to though.



So many people were at stake just so the universe could right itself. His grandma was on life support- She was dying just so the Angel of Death could have a family he has seen and met for centuries again. It was sick and Tommy just couldn’t wrap his head around why someone would keep doing this for centuries without a second thought on who was affected.




Theseus .



The nickname of a past Tommy who opened his eyes on the reality of his lifetimes. Theseus paved the way for future generations of Tommy so that he could put a stop to Philza. Tommy kept remembering so that he could stop the suffering of his and his friend’s souls. 




How would Technoblade and Wilbur handle this information?



A chill went down Tommy’s spine as he thought about it. How would they feel that every single thing that has happened to them has not only happened for centuries but also happened because of Philza's selfishness?




Tommy shook his head to clear his thoughts. He needed to do this now- So Phil can no longer hide in the shadows- So he can end this fucking curse. 



The house was in sight now and Phil’s car was still in the driveway. Tommy sucked in a deep breath and exhaled it slowly. Phil was still home- It was still a prime opportunity to put a stop to this game. 



Tommy was now crossing the driveway, past the parked car. Tommy was now on the porch, each of his steps feeling heavy. Tommy was now ringing the doorbell, the dull bell echoing all around him. Tommy was now waiting, holding his breath, as the door eerily creaked open.




“Tommy?” Came the loving, sweet, innocent voice of Phil himself. If Tommy didn’t know any better, Phil would seem like an ordinary person. But today, Tommy met a god and there were no more questions left to ask in his mind.



“Can I come in?” Tommy managed to muster up and ask.




Phil nodded slowly and moved out of the way and let Tommy inside. Tommy stared forward, sweat already accumulating on his forehead as he felt the piercing gaze of Phil on the back of his head. Since when did he get so nervous around this man? 



“What’s up Tommy?” Phil asked. He didn’t sound like an Angel of Death. He didn’t seem like a reaper who killed things. 



Tommy cleared his throat, making sure he could still speak. He had to continuously remind himself that this man was in fact the Angel of Death. “I uhm…” Tommy stuttered, trying to find his words. “I wanted to return the book that you lent us for the project.” 



“Oh!” Phil said, surprise evident in his voice.



Tommy heard the soft pounding of feet as Phil moved across the tile and in front of Tommy. Tommy didn’t meet his eyes, scared to reveal any of his intentions to the deceptive Phil. Tommy slowly handed the book to Phil.



Phil grabbed the book and carefully ran a hand across the cover. Phil turned away, eyes locked on the old book. 



Tommy stared at Phil’s back, holding his breath.




In the corner of Tommy’s eye he could see an eerie smiling face reflected onto the glass cabinet next to them. Dream was watching him, encouraging him to make this confrontation.



Dream said he was Tommy’s friend right?



Tommy gulped, at least he would have backup if anything went wrong. It was now or never.







“Tommy.” Phil said unexpectedly, cutting off Tommy’s attempt to speak. “Did anything stick out to you when reading this book?”



Tommy blinked slowly. This wasn’t exactly what he was suspecting. “Uh, no? Ranboo and Tubbo mostly glanced over it.” Tommy sheepishly admitted. Tommy wasn’t one for reading and Ranboo looked quite eager to glance over it. 




Phil hummed in response as he turned to look at Tommy. “Tommy…” He said in that sweet warm voice that reminded Tommy of honey. “That book was a test, an insurance.”



Tommy continued to stare in confusion. 



Phil glanced at the framed photo that they took on Techno’s birthday. It featured Ranboo, Tubbo and Tommy sticking their tongues out as Wilbur had his arm wrapped around Techno, both with huge grins. “Why do you always have to remember Theseus? Wasn’t the ignorance bliss enough?”




Tommy gulped as his heart beat quicker. His defensive posture faltered from being caught off guard too easily. How did Phil pick up on this too easily? No, Tommy thought as he tightened his jaw. This only confirmed Phil’s identity to him. 




“The book had details on the story. Triggering statements that would insure a reaction from you. But you didn’t read it… So I guess my false hope of you being happy has faded away.” Phil looked tired, the bags under his eyes more apparent than ever. “Did the feelings of deja vu spear you on?” Phil opened his book and began to glance over some of the contents. Phil’s piercing blue eyes then lifted from the pages and he glared past Tommy. “Did he influence you?”




Tommy took a frightened step back from Phil. His character seemed to totally change- He looked a lot more intimidating, his posture fixed and his gaze boring onto him despite being shorter than Tommy himself. 



Phil’s gaze softened and his facial features became less tense. “Theseus, I don’t mean to frighten you.” Phil opened his mouth as if he was going to say something when Tommy’s head shot upwards.



“Tommy.” Tommy answered, his voice was bitter. “My name is Tommy.” 




Phil sighed, “Of course, Tommy.” Phil seemed to have a far off look for a second. “You might be a different version but you are in fact the same character.” 



Tommy’s blood began to boil. He could barely contain the rage that wanted to explode from him. “What are you going to do now that I know?” Tommy watched Phil intently, especially after Dream’s warning and Phil’s recent behavior, he couldn’t be too sure about everything. 



Phil tilted his head to the side, considering Tommy’s words in his head. “Nothing.” 



Tommy’s glare faltered. “Pardon?”



“You’re my son.” Phil smiled.  “I will love you for centuries more to come. We will be a family again. You, your brothers Wilbur and Techno and I. The sleepy boys versus the world.” 



Centuries .



Phil was focused on the future- he wasn’t even invested in the moment! Tommy seethed at the fact that Phil was interested in continuously meeting them over and over again without even thinking about others. “I don’t want to be here for centuries more.”




Phil paused, his expression going blank. “Don’t do this now.” Phil warned, his voice stern like a disciplining father. Father , Tommy mentally scoffed. 




“Why won’t you listen to Theseus?” Tommy whispered. Tommy took a daring step forward. “Theseus doesn’t want to keep going. Dream said his- my soul is tired of this!” 



“Dream?” Phil’s voice dripped with hatred. “Now you’re conspiring with the man who betrayed me? The one who separated me from my wife and was trying to kill you?!”




“This wish that you granted wasn’t meant to be twisted into a curse!” Tommy shouted back, his voice rising in pitch. “I lost my parents in that crash- because- because- You wanted your damn family back! The one you have selfishly met for centuries!” Tommy stomped his foot on the ground, expressing the rage he was experiencing. “I only had one set of parents here!” Tommy’s voice cracked. “One!” 




“I’m your parent.” Phil said apathetically, as if he was refusing to believe there could’ve been anyone else to care for Tommy other than himself. 



“Are you even Wilbur’s biological father?!” Tommy shouted back. Phil only stared forward at Tommy, completely blank. “Did you allow Technoblade to suffer because it was how the flow of history was supposed to go!?” Tommy slammed a hand against his chest, right where his heart would be. “Did little Theseus really have to be exiled?!”




“He wasn’t exiled!” Phil shouted back with the same amount of intensity.



Some of the room shook, the birthday portrait falling onto the ground. Tommy saw the shadows move, forming flaring wings on the ground behind Phil. Phil’s nostrils flared as the silence filled the area after his outburst. Phil groaned and pinched the nose of his bridge in frustration. “He told grand stories, but never was he exiled. He was just an orphan.” He was his baby fledgling. 




Tommy was speechless.




No, no, no, no , no no no.



If Theseus- If he was an orphan then his parents were always meant to die. Tommy brought his hands to his head and grabbed his hair tightly. It wasn’t a casualty of the universe, it was purposeful action meant to complete Tommy’s story as Theseus.




“What’s going on here? I heard screaming.” 



Slowly both Phil and Tommy gazed over to Wilbur who emerged from his room and into the hallway where Tommy and Phil both stood. Tommy’s blood ran cold at how this situation must seem to the unsuspecting Wilbur. Tommy pulled his hair and his father looked furious… Not to mention the knocked over photograph and the sudden earthquake.  Technoblade and Wilbur were incapable of remembering.



Phil plastered a fake smile on his face. “Tommy’s frustrated.”



“No.” Tommy answered, pulling his hands away from his hair. “Tell them Phil. Tell them the truth.”



“Truth?” Wilbur echoed.



Phil glanced back at Tommy with a piercing glare that seemed to strike his very core. 



Tommy noticed Techno’s dark brown eyes peer into the room from behind Wilbur. Everyone was here. The audience had gathered to see the final performance. No more secrets, Philza. No more playing family while other lives were cut short because of his selfishness. Tommy couldn’t help the winning grin that was spreading across his own face. 



“The truth?” Phil straightened his back and looked at all three of his children. Phil laughed slightly as he seemed like he was towering over them. “I’m fucking Philza. The so-called Angel of Death, your father.” 



Wilbur nervously fingered the color of his shirt. To him, most likely, it sounded like crazy talk. 



However, Technoblade handled it differently. “The Angel of Death.” He whispered. Technoblade fiddled with some of his short strands of hair before continuing, “Are you referring to the Wish of Eternity?” 



Tommy met Philza’s eyes briefly before facing Technoblade. Tommy’s face was dead serious as he slowly nodded. “We are… We are them.”



“Your yelling.” Technoblade’s face darkened. “You screamed about eternal suffering from reincarnating.” So Technoblade was listening in. He also seemed to be accepting this information. “We’ve passed April fools you know.” Techno chuckled nervously. 



Wilbur frowned. “You’re kidding right? Right?” Both Wilbur and Techno were now feeling nervous as they felt the tense atmosphere surrounding them. 



“We’re overused souls.” Tommy said. The two boys looked at the youngest, clearly seeing how different he was from the last time they had seen him. Tommy looked tired… He looked old in a body that was still so young. “We will just keep on suffering as we are continuously forced to play family.”



“Tommy?” Wilbur said, concern already flashing through him. 



Technoblade immediately turned on Phil. “What did you do?” 



“Sometimes.” Phil said, glancing upwards towards the popcorn ceiling on the house. “The truth is too hard to handle.”



Both Wilbur and Technoblade paused as they suddenly realized that none of this was a joke. They were a part of something greater than themselves and they had been ignorant of it. Those moments of deja vu had meant something… Those near death experiences with the masked man meant something. 




“If what you say is true..” Technoblade said cautiously. “Then is this real?”



“Define real .” Phil said.



“This relationship.” Techno’s voice cracked but he didn’t bother hiding the distraught in his tone. “If this a reincarnation of us- something that has repeated in the same way but in different time periods.. Then was this friendship… This found family even real? Or was it just the wish playing its part?” 




Tommy hadn’t even thought about that. If everything played out like the curse then that would mean that they had several centuries of familial feelings for each other. They never had the chance to reach that level on their own because they had already been connected together. 




“So… So wait.” Wilbur shook his head, stepping a bit back. “This is all so crazy. The Wish of Eternity is just a legend. We can’t be playing the roles of dead people. This is absurd. I know you study legends and stuff dad, but I can’t believe you dragged everyone into this sick joke.” 



“Wilby.” Tommy whispered, reaching a hand out to tug gently on a piece of Wilbur’s yellow sweater. “I’ve had dreams, feelings, visions of past lives. I saw some things today that I couldn’t even wrap my head around. Phil confirmed it, he’s the last puzzle piece. I was Theseus, an orphan.. Now I’m Tommy and also an orphan because this stupid curse made me become the Theseus that Phil had always known and desired!”




Wilbur seemed speechless. He looked into Tommy’s swirling blue eyes and couldn’t find any way to refute the desperation that Tommy was displaying. He had to believe Tommy.



“The warrior was treated wrongly and was soon given the gateway to freedom.” Technoblade muttered and everyone turned to face him. “ I was hurt… cursed at… My fucking hair cut.” Technoblade swung his head up and glared at Phil.  “I never had a chance to get adopted in the first place, was I?” Tears were forming in the corner of his eyes. “How many times did I have to go through this? These feelings?”



“Techno…” Phil whispered.



“How many!?” Techno shouted back, his eyes flashing a tint of red. 



Phil frowned. Tommy was giving them a consciousness of the situation. Pieces of their original selves were making its appearance on their current bodies. He’s speaking from the soul .  “Sixty-seven lifetimes.” Phil finally answered. “From the graces of the medieval periods to the current times.” 



Techno looked down, completely deflating on himself. “Sixty-seven times?” He laughed slightly. “Damn.” Technoblade walked past both Phil and Tommy. He was aiming for the front door to leave this place. 



“Wait, Techno!” Tommy pleaded, reaching out for Techno. “I need you! This curse needs to stop! Listen, only Phil holds the key-”



Techno swiveled around and glared down onto Tommy. Tommy flinched, retracting his hand from Techno. “You’re Theseus right? You made the damned wish. Listen, if this reincarnation thing is real , then that means that this current me…” Techno placed a hand on his chest. “Never had a choice if he wanted to actually be friends with you.”  Technoblade then pulled the door open and marched outside. 



Tommy stood there, frozen in shock at Techno’s outburst. He thought that by getting this information out to everyone then they could all stand together and convince Phil to end it. But others process the information differently and Technoblade made some good revelations on the situation. 



“So mom died to make our perfect little family?” Came the small voice from Wilbur. “Tommy’s parents had to die to make him an orphan? Technoblade had to be abused like how he was a slave to the king in the original? And you… You just stood aside and let it happen?” 



“Wilbur, more than anything I wish for us to be a family.” Phil said, walking closer to his son to try and embrace him in a hug. “I can never forget every single smile you had when I called you my son. You shined so radiantly… I can’t interfere with the universe if I know that in the end goal, I’ll be able to see that smile again.”



“I see.” Wilbur mumbled. Before Phil could even try and hug Wilbur, Wilbur whacked Phil’s hand away. The loud slap echoed around the room as Wilbur glared at Phil. “Don’t touch me.”



“Wilbur.” Phil said more sternly this time.



“My father.” Wilbur seethed out. “Wouldn’t ever stand by when people are in need. I thought you saved me when I was a baby… I couldn’t have been so wrong.” Wilbur then turned on his heels and a loud slam from his bedroom door ricocheted around the house. 




Phil and Tommy stood in silence for a few minutes as the two older boys disappeared. “Are you happy now?” Phil asked.



Tommy frowned slightly, fiddling with his fingers. “I don’t know anymore.”



“Everyone was in agreement to meet in the next life. Everyone was so happy to be together.” Phil reminisced. 



“Not everyone was a god like you. We were mortals… never accustomed to live forever.” Tommy whispered as he too started to walk towards the front door. “Theseus wanted a family… Not to become a slave to immortality.”



There was a soft thud as the front door closed behind Tommy.



Phil stood there in the middle of the room. His family had been united all together for the first time before they splintered apart like shattered glass. They would return, the wish would make it happen. But for the first time, Phil found his heart stung. Theseus had become sentient once and it shocked him to the core. Every single day was exciting to meet his family again but when Theseus revealed his true feelings. Phil shuddered with anger. 



Slow clapping was heard from behind Phil and he swung around to look in the full body mirror hung on the wall. The reflection wasn’t his own but his nemesis. It was Dream.  



“Dream.” Phil spat out, sending all of his rage towards the damned mirror. “You told him.”



“I did.” Dream said, smiling at Phil. “He’s quite the character.”



“I thought you wanted him dead… To prevent me from meeting my family again.” Phil asked, stepping towards the mirror. 



Dream paused, crossing his arms over his chest. “Today I just saw a display on how easily Tommy could tear everyone apart. He is the heart of you all for a reason.” Dream chuckled. 



“Why don’t you go back to your brother Foolish or even your sister Drista- Go back to Dream XD.” 



“My undying brother, my mischievous little sister and my life controlling master?” Dream shook his head. “I started this game and I intend to see it through.” 



“I intend to win. Family has always proven stronger than your evil.” Phil said defiantly.



Dream let out a low and long dry laugh. “Oh Philza…” Dream pressed his face against the mirror and pulled away his porcelain mask. It revealed a human face with toxic green eyes and a sneering expression. “What family?”



Phil, with the fury of death itself, shattered the mirror under his fist. The laughter of Dream still echoed around the room as Phil stood there seething. His family always came back- the wish ensured it.



So why did Phil think that perhaps, this time would be different?

Chapter Text

Wilbur had a whole lot of thoughts swirling inside of his head as he snuck out of his house.



All he knew was that he couldn’t be around his dad, Tommy, or even Technoblade. It seemed that they had been a source of his problems and they definitely needed their own space.




His whole life the one thing that haunted him eternally was the creepy smiling man that held him when he was a baby.



But now it seemed that there was a pile of crippling worries.




At first, his friends and father sounded crazy. But a lot of things started to make sense- all of these moments of deja vu, his bad friends, and. Wilbur gulped. All of his accomplishments never amounted to anything if all of his other lives mastered it.



So here was Wilbur wandering around the streets, water pouring down onto him as he traveled. He couldn’t care in the slightest because it was a great time to take a walk and think about these things. 




In the story that he had to glance over to help his friends with the project, William was a talented musician who was quick with the word. He was also hanging around a bad crowd that he had escaped from to do the right thing. 



The thing is, Tommy and his dad were the only ones who could even recall such events.




Wilbur and Techno? They had no clue.




An idea suddenly prodded its way into Wilbur’s mind. Perhaps, if he could find a way to trigger a similar scenario then he would be able to remember.




Determined, Wilbur ran off into the direction he believed where his old friends hung around.



Back in the day, (Wilbur hated using those words) Wilbur had hung around Quackity and his gang throughout most of his high school years. He never really thought it was a toxic group even when they convinced him to skip classes sometimes. Actually, Wilbur was quite lucky to not have been lured into drug taking and underage drinking. He was their look out, hung around them and it made him popular. Now, he was at the bottom of the social ladder but happier than ever. 



He was happy living a lie.




Wilbur grimaced at the thought as he stopped in front of the alleyway. He could smell the smoke from cigarettes as he stepped inside. Wandering further in he could hear the soft chuckling of Quackity. Wilbur inhaled a deep breath, wiping away his wet face. 




“And so..” The dry chuckle escaped the exasperated Quackity as Wilbur drew nearer. “And so he-”




When Wilbur appeared he saw Quackity doubled over and holding his stomach in laughter. In his other hand was a cigarette. Against the wall was Sapnap, listening to Quackity intensely, a smile also spread across his face. Sitting on a fallen metal trash can was Karl. That boy had a bright cheeky smile on his face.




When Quackity stopped laughing and looked up, he immediately scowled at the sight of Wilbur. “Oh no, no, no.” Quackity shook his head, crossing his arms while also being mindful of his lit cigarette. “I’m not gonna do another Techno thing with you.” 




“That was enough trauma dumping for one night.” Sapnap pushed himself off of the wall and placed a comforting hand on Quackity’s shoulder. “Your face is enough to say that you’ve been through some shit and as a respectful ex-friend…”




Wilbur couldn’t help but wince at the mention of ex-friend. 




“We won’t let you get into anything addictive.” Sapnap finished. 



Wilbur sighed, he wasn’t here for any of the drinking or the drugs. He wasn’t going to pull a Technoblade in this situation. Wilbur leaned against the wall and let his hand drag through his face. “Thanks,” he whispered. 




Quackity raised an eyebrow as he glanced back at his friends behind him. Sapnap shrugged and went back to join Karl in the trash can. 




Karl spoke softly, voice sweet as honey on this melancholy day. “Are you alright, Wilbur?” 



Wilbur was about to nod before he looked up towards the gray skies. Exhaling a long drawn out sigh he shook his head. 




Karl pouted at the sight. Even if they never hung out anymore- even if they weren’t exactly friends as they used to be. Karl still cared about his well being because they had been close during their earlier high school years. “Do you want to talk about it?”



Quackity swirled around and gave Karl a glare. Karl only shot the glare back and Quackity looked away with a scowl. Sapnap only chuckled at how Karl could easily subdue Quackity. 



“I don’t know.” Wilbur said. “Everything sounds so crazy that it's completely unbelievable.” 



“Try me.” Karl grinned. 



Wilbur looked at the boy with wide eyes. 



There was a small clap as Quackity got everyone’s attention. “If we’re holding a therapy session… Why don’t we bring the whole gang together? Just as how it used to be.” 




Wilbur paused, feeling as if sharing this information would make him sound mentally unstable. But this was what he needed. “Actually.” Wilbur found a small grin on his face. “That would be nice.”




The sound of a train roared by Wilbur as they walked through the subway station near the edge of town. It blared into his ears and blew his beanie off of his head. He glanced towards the yellow lights of the window and felt as if he was staring at himself in there. Like it was a mirror version of himself- a parallel life whisking by him. It was probably his reflection. 




He followed Quackity and his friends farther into the subway station until a small bar came into view. He was feeling slightly anxious at the sight, especially with a man standing in front to keep them from entering since they aren’t legally allowed to be inside. Quackity gave a toothy grin to the bouncer and in return the bouncer stepped aside. 



Quackity beckoned for them to follow him and so they did. Inside the club there were a few people sitting at the bar counter drinking but Quackity was leading them towards the back room. Quackity pushed open the door to reveal a room with a singular table and checkered flooring. 




At the table was the sleeping figure of George because honestly, of course he was. Quackity jokingly pulled a chair aside and gestured for Wilbur to sit, “Ladies first.” 



Wilbur frowned slightly as he sat down on the pulled out seat. With more effort than what he used earlier, Quackity pushed the chair into the table. The rest of them all sat at the table, leaving one seat open. 



“So why are we here exactly?” Wilbur asked nervously. He really didn’t want to be caught inside this establishment, especially this close to graduation. 




“Wilbur soot.” Came the deep enriched voice of someone he hadn’t heard from in a year. Wilbur’s eyes lit up as he turned to face his old friend Shclatt standing in the doorway. It seemed he had changed, wearing a fancy business suit and grown out facial hair. “Good to see you, old friend. ” 



His shoes clacked against the tile as he sat down at his own chair. In a swift movement, he propped his legs onto the table, waking up George in the process.



“What.” George said in surprise, rubbing his eyes gingerly. 



“Morning George.” Sapnap snickered as George’s eyes widened at the sight of Wilbur.



“Wilbur soot?” He said in surprise. 




“George.” Wilbur greeted back. 



A loud rumbling escaped Schlatt as he chuckled. “It's been an entire year since the six of us met up like this, right?” 



The others nodded rather grimly. “Things have changed , but we’re all here gathered again together.” Quackity said, glancing at Wilbur. 




“So,” Wilbur glanced around the room. There were several shelves and storage boxes in the corner, probably where the wine bottles were stored. “What have you been up to since graduating?”




“I’ve been places.” Schlatt sneered. Schaltt pulled out a golden coin from his pocket and began to weave it through his fingers playfully. “Working at my pop’s bar for a bit. Once big Q here graduates, then we’ll be off to open our own casino.” 



Quackity gave a toothy grin. “Las Nevadas we’ll call it.”



Wilbur hummed in response as he listened to the dreams of his friends. “What about you guys? What do you plan on doing after graduating high school?”



“Would love to be a coma model.” George joked.




Sapnap playfully elbowed George. “No getting into comas as long as I’m around!” 



“I’ll go to university.” Karl pipped up. “Actually I’m getting a scholarship.” 



Wilbur smiled. “Nice, Karl!” 



Sapnap then quieted down his laughter. “I’m taking a year to myself after high school. I want to see what I can do before making a commitment at a college.” 




“I might do the same.” George said, voice now serious. “Thinking about streaming.”



“I might join you on that one, George.” Sapnap smiled. 



“Cool.” Wilbur replied. He actually missed having these moments with people he knew throughout high school. He needed this, for him at least, it felt more real than all of this reincarnation crap.



“Anyways.” Karl whispered, gently pulling Wilbur out of his thoughts. “What’s wrong?”



Everyone turned their heads to face Wilbur. Wilbur glanced down slightly, he had forgotten he had come here to talk to them. “I’m going to sound crazy.” Wilbur started, trying to keep his voice even.



“That we already know.” Quackity teased. 



“We’re all friends here.” Schlatt said, he then glanced over at the rest of the group, “At least close enough.” 



“Like I said, try me.” Karl grinned. 



Sapnap gave Wilbur his undivided attention while George gave him a thumbs up. 



Exhaling Wilbur continued, “Today I was told a lot of shit that doesn’t seem real. But from what I’ve been experiencing this school year, it doesn’t seem so far off from the truth.” 



“Oh man.” Quackity groaned. 



Wilbur chose to ignore him, “I believe.” his throat felt dry. “That I’m some reincarnation of an old legend.” Wilbur’s cheeks burned red from embarrassment as silence overlapped the group. Cricket chirping could be heard as the group stared right at him as if he was crazy. And Wilbur really did sound crazy. 



“Ok.” Karl said, clapping his hands together. “What makes you think that?” At least Karl was giving him a benefit of the doubt. 




Wilbur sighed once more, “You know Tommy, Techno.” Quackity raised an eyebrow, “My dad?”



“Uh yeah?” Sapnap said. 



“Well..” Wilbur fiddled with his fingers. “We’ve all had similar near death experiences with a masked figure… Then I always had moments of deja vu around them… Then today Tommy confronted my dad about some curse… And I may or may not have run away from home and ended up here.” Wilbur began to ramble out his thoughts. 




“Ok, ok.” Schlatt interrupted, putting his hands out to try and slow Wilbur’s rambling. “That’s a lot to unpack, Wil.” 



“What masked guy?” George asked, curiosity filling his voice. 



“A gleaming white porcelain smiling mask. Tried to kill me when I was a baby, tried to run over Tommy, and tried to get Techno to commit…” Wilbur explained.



George tilted his head slightly. “Sounds similar to someone I talk to in my own dreams. Except that's an XD as a face.” 



It was a suspicious thing to dream about but Wilbur couldn’t correlate the similarities. “Anyways,” Wilbur continued. “I came here to try and remember anything about my past lives… Cause my dad and Tommy know… But I… Me? I don’t.” 



Quackity leaned forward, an intrigued expression filling his face. “Let me get this straight. You're some reincarnated Wilbur, was cursed, ran away from home, and now you're with us to remember?”




Schlatt removed his feet from the table and looked into Wilbur’s eyes. “You want to remember?”



Wilbur nodded solemnly.



“I can help.” Schlatt pulled out a pocket clock and dangled it out in front of him. “I can try hypnosis to allow yourself to explore your inner mind.” 



“Great.” Quackity clapped his hands together. “Then we can cure Wilbur of the crazies.”




Sapnap rolled his eyes at Quackity before turning to face WIlbur. “I think you should try this. Might be a good assurance on your part.”



“Why do you know hypnosis anyways, Schlatt?” Karl asked, narrowing his eyes at Schlatt suspiciously.



The man whistled in response. “Just a random hobby I picked up.”



“I’ll do it.” Wilbur slammed his fists on the table, determined as ever. This was the only way to rest his mind and a great attempt at understanding everything. 



“Alright, I like your fire.” Schlatt then began to swing the clock in front of Wilbur’s face. “Just watch the clock and listen to my voice.”



Wilbur watched the clock intently. It swung from side to side evenly and soon synchronized with the ticking of a clock inside of the room. 



“Wilbur.” Came a voice that was slowly fading away as Wilbur’s eyes drooped. “Remember you-”


When Wilbur opened his eyes, he was inside a train station. He was standing on a platform staring out at the empty train tracks. It was completely silent as there were no other people swarming the facility. 



Wilbur glanced upwards to a sign hanging down… In bold glowing letters it stated: Departure.



Wilbur was confused on where exactly he was.



Why did the sign say departure?



Wilbur didn’t have much time to ponder before a train surged forward and paused right at his station. With a small ding, the doors eerily opened and fog emitted from the doorway. A golden light lit the doorway and Wilbur felt his feet move towards the train's opening.



One glance back at the bland boring train station, Wilbur stepped inside. Inside looked normal as ever, seats all empty as Wilbur stood inside. Heaving out a big breath, Wilbur fell back against the seat and glanced out the window. He watched as the train slowly pulled away from where he was. The entire ride was silent as there were no other passengers. So much for remembering, Wilbur thought bitterly.



Abruptly, the train screeched to a stop and Wilbur lurched forward in surprise. He heard the door screech open and then footsteps echoed towards his train car. With wide eyes, the door slid open and fog flew into his car. A small figure emerged from the fog and sat down at a seat nearby Wilbur. 



Much to his surprise, It was a young boy that looked exactly like him. He was wearing ragged clothes and his hair curled over one eye. In the silence that followed the boy’s arrival, he coughed weakly into his arm. Then just like before, the train began to move again. 



Wilbur couldn’t tear his eye away from the clearly sick boy. It was weird to see a mirror image of oneself but rather young and weak. 



The boy only stared forward, ignoring the presence of Wilbur. 



“Hello?” Wilbur tried.



The boy turned slightly, looking and acknowledging Wilbur for the first time. He said nothing, only a few more coughs escaping his mouth.



“Who are you? Where are we?” Wilbur tried asking. If anything, the child must’ve been more knowledgeable about this place than himself.



“Will.” The boy whispered, speaking for the first time. His voice was small and hoarse from all of the coughing. “We’re on a journey.”



Wilbur glanced around feeling annoyed by the cryptic messages. “What journey?”




“Infinitely.” The boy threw his hands up as he fell back into his seat. “My original stop has been delayed. Our departure ends with you.”



Wilbur’s mouth formed an ‘O’ as he connected the dots. This train- it was a representation of the many lives he had lived. It would continue forth infinitely because of the cycles of reincarnations. This child, Will, was one of them. 



Wilbur felt almost afraid to ask, but he had to. “What happened to you?”



Will turned to face Wilbur, dark and heavy bags apparent under his young eyes. For the first time Wilbur realized how empty it looked. “I was sick. I spread it to Techie and Toms.” The boy brought his knees close to his chest. “At least I felt whole again when with my family.”



Wilbur gulped nervously. He trembled slightly as he glanced away from the child, feeling no energy in comforting him.



The train came to a stop again and the door creaked open. Wilbur glanced upwards to see another enter. It was a teenage boy this time, wearing a pale yellow sweater with blue stains. He walked slowly until he happily sat next to Wilbur. 



“Hello.” The teenager said, his voice warm. “Have you seen my friend?” 



Wilbur’s mouth made a thin line as he looked at the boy. That's when he noticed the faded colored eyes. Was he blind? The train continued forward again. “I haven’t.” Wilbur whispered. “Could you tell me about them?”



The boy seemed to grin wider as he bounced in his seat. “His hair was as golden as a halo! Oh, his eyes sparkled like the ocean. At least that's what I remember.” The teenager fiddled with his sleeves. “He called me, ‘Wilby’ and he gave me my sheep.” 



Wilbur scratched his cheek. In all honesty, these other versions of himself were confusing him rather than helping him. “That's… nice.” Wilbur said after a few moments. 



The train stopped again and yet another version of Wilbur stepped inside. He was wearing plated armor and was an adult. Behind him was a yellow cape that symbolizes his allegiance with his kingdom. When Wilbur got a better look at him, he saw the red blood that dripped from his body. The armored man sat in front of Wilbur and stared blankly into his eyes. 



“. . .”


Wilbur couldn’t tear his eyes from the blood that now trailed the train floor. He wondered if perhaps all of these past lives were clueless on the whole reincarnation thing. He would try and ask them things but all they could do was tell him about their lives and nothing about the rebirths. 



Wilbur had to try nonetheless. “We’re cursed.” He spoke loudly, garnering the attention of all the current versions of themselves in the train. “Is there any way to break the reincarnation cycle?”



“We aren’t cursed.” Will spoke softly. “We love our family so much that we would meet them again in the next life.” 



“Not without consequences!” Wilbur shouted back.



The bubbly teenager beside him gently placed a hand on Wilbur’s knee. “We don’t mind reliving our stories. Family is everything.”



“Family is formed on trust!” Wilbur cried out, gripping his beanie on his head. “It shouldn’t be forced in a repeated cycle!” 



Finally the warrior in front of him spoke. “We’d do anything to protect them. If we don’t continue the cycle, we’ll be left behind.”



Wilbur stood up and screamed. “Why don’t you understand how much it hurts to be told I have to suffer- How much things I do won’t amount to anything if I never had a choice in the first place!” His breathing was erratic as he faced the other Wilburs with his wrath. “I want to get off of this train.” 



The other Wilburs were silent, watching him. Faintly, green threads seemed to be tied around them like puppet strings. The train passes under a dark tunnel and everything goes black. When light pours into the train once more, the entire room is lit in red. The other Wilburs have disappeared, leaving Wilbur in the creepy train car. 



Wilbur nervously looked around, taking in the missing presence of the others. Suddenly, loud footsteps were heard walking towards the train car that he was in. Wilbur stepped back, cautious of the emerging presence. He heard whistling, in the tune of Hallelujah. 



The door slammed open, revealing a tall and older Wilbur. He had a white streak in his hair and he was smoking a cigarette. He exhaled it and smoke drifted into the room as his eyes drifted towards Wilbur. He silently walked into the room with confidence and sat down in Wilbur’s seat. 



Wilbur took a deep breath trying to calm his anger, but his fists still shook with anger. “And who might you be?”



“Wilbur.” He answered.



“Wilbur.” Wilbur repeated. 



“You want to end the curse.” That Wilbur spoke, his voice monotone. 



“Yes.” Wilbur answered. The other him looked up at the ceiling of the train. 



“You should talk to the conductor.” The other Wilbur said, glaring back at Wilbur. “If you know what’s best for us, you should get going.”



Wilbur faltered at the warning. What did he mean by what's best for us



The other Wilbur let out a low sick chuckle as he stretched his hand and pointed towards the door opposite of them. “Continue that way, little me.” His eyes gleamed in the bathing red light. They looked silver instead of the usual brown, mad and maniacal. “Before he stops you!”




Wilbur felt a chill run down his spine as he sprinted towards the door. He pulled it open and glanced back at the other Wilbur. They shared a gaze as a heart beat began to echo around the entire train. Wilbur knew that it was his own stammering heart blasting on the train speakers




That was when Wilbur heard the first cawing of crows. Wilbur sprinted through the next train car without hesitation. Behind him he could hear his other self cackling as a murder of crows buried him. Wilbur’s breath was erratic as he slammed open the next door.




Ahead the doors seemed to loom infinitely in front of him. Wilbur paused, he could continue running forever and never reach the front car. There were sixty-seven lives of Wilbur and he was in the very back. Wilbur grabbed his head, gripping his hair. The cawing of birds screeched in his head and his heart beats warped his mind. Screaming as loud as he could, he shouted, “WILLIAM!” 




Wilbur found himself being pulled towards the door of the train. Each one flew open as he was pulled through at the speed of light, taking him farther and farther from the back until he reached the front. When he opened his eyes, he was outside of the conductor’s room. 




Wilbur could hear the faint sounds of a guitar being plucked from inside of the room. Carefully, Wilbur outstretched a shaky hand and opened the door. Inside, he saw a young man sitting on a chair playing the guitar. He was humming, creating new notes for his unfinished song.



“It's my unfinished symphony.” The man said, not looking up from his guitar. “I’ve been working on it for a while but can never find the right ending.”




Wilbur stepped forward and glanced around. It seemed that this man wasn’t quite controlling the train at all. He was just sitting aside and letting someone else control it. The realization hit Wilbur, the curse had taken control and William was just letting it as he worked on his stupid song.



The man plucked a note that was too flat for the tune and grimaced. “Do you have any ideas?”




“How about taking back control over the train.” Wilbur snarled. He was too tired to put up with his original self’s airheadedness. 



The man hummed softly. “I trust my family.” 




“You’re not a follower.” Wilbur said, closing his eyes. “I thought the point of your story was that you learned to make your own decisions.”




The man stopped playing his guitar and placed it on the chair as he stood. “Theseus is the heart, The Blade the body, Us,” The man gestured between the two. He then tapped his head with his finger. “The mind.” 



Wilbur glanced away slightly. “What about dad?” 



The man smiled softly as he wrapped his hands around Wilbur.  “I’m not the one in control anymore.” The man said. “I, William, died ages ago.” 




Wilbur knit his eyebrows as he glanced over to the controls of the train. “What?”




“You need everyone to change the path that Dad set up for us. Each of our lives are unique, the only factor is that our soul is the same.” William said as he released Wilbur. “I hope you find it in your heart to forgive them. Even if our lives developed connections with each other over the centuries, that friendship- that love was all created by ourselves. Every single William- Wilbur had something different to offer, something unique that made them stand out amongst the crowd of familiar faces.” William pointed a finger to Wilbur’s chest, right where the heart would be located. “I don’t mean to sound sappy, but you do have a whole life ahead of you.”




“A whole life…” Wilbur tilted his head to the side. “Yeah but wouldn’t I just be reincarnated again?”




“All the pieces are lining up if you play your cards right.” William said cryptically as he turned back to his guitar. He picked it up and began to pluck a few notes. “I have a symphony to finish. And you, better leave your inner mind before you’re trapped.”




The train eerily screeched to a stop and the door slowly creaked open. Wilbur turned away from William and walked right out of the door, leaving the train behind as his stop had arrived.



Wilbur opened his eyes slowly to see the worried looks of his friends. 



“Look, I didn’t know he would totally pass out all life-less like that!” He heard Schlatt yell with panic. 



“The pulse was so weak!” Karl shouted back. 



“Look at his eyes!” George said next and soon Wilbur was groaning as he pushed himself up from the ground. Wait, since when was he on the ground? 




“What the hell happened?” Quackity screamed as soon as Wilbur had become aware of his surroundings. 



Wilbur shrugged. “I learned the truth.” 



“Dude.” Sapnap said, letting out a sharp breath. “You scared us to death! Don’t ever drop dead like that.”




“God,” Quackity pinched his nose. “I knew George was shit at checking pulses.” 



“Next time you try it!” George snapped back. 



Karl fell back onto his butt in relief as he released a long drawn out sigh. He then glanced over to Wilbur who was being helped sat up by Sapnap. “What was the truth you learned anyways?”



“I reconciled.” Wilbur whispered. “Even if I share the same soul as William, I couldn’t ever remember the past. Which in turn meant that..” Wilbur smiled softly. “I’m just my own self. I’m Wilbur.” The past had never quite affected him because of the fact he couldn’t remember. That in turn meant that the factors of this current lifetime shaped him to who he was now. That was most likely why he saw the many unique characters of himself on the train. 



“I think he’s still crazy.” Quackity shook his head in disappointment.



“Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, Quackity.” Karl rolled his eyes. 



“I want to end the cycle.” Wilbur said, determination lighting up his eyes. I don’t want dad to hold onto our souls like material possessions.



“You go do that.” Schlatt shrugged. 



“For now though.” Wilbur smiled, meeting Schlatt’s eyes. “Want to play some games?”



Schlatt met the challenge by grinning broadly. “You got money?”



With a wink, Wilbur said, “You bet it.”



Karl squealed with happiness, “Like old times?!”


Like old times.

Chapter Text

Technoblade wasn’t exactly sure where he was going.



He just had to get farther and farther from them before he exploded with rage.




Techno had always struggled with connecting with others so it was something special when he thought that he formed something with others. He’s been lied to, beaten, but this was a whole new level- something beyond him. 




Techno bit his lip harder as he ran from that damned house that he had dared to call home once. He could taste the familiar copper liquid as blood trickled from his lip. It didn’t matter though, it didn’t hurt as much as being used. 




A smaller, much younger Techno had once dared to dream about a family. A real one, one that would adopt him and love him as their own. Techno had once grown out his hair long- He once had friends. But with the realization of being a copy, a reincarnation of some tragic tale that he read…(Well, it didn’t sound tragic at the time he read it) His blood boiled.




Techno… blade , thought that his life was getting somewhere.



But here he was again, running away because nothing sticks. Techno felt selfish that he wanted those friendships all to himself… Instead of just being a friendship that had already been attached to him through centuries. Connections mattered deeply to him as they were the foundations of his morality. He’d give anything to them but there was only so much he could take before he could crack.




When Technoblade came back into focus he found himself in that same calm forest. He took this path often to calm his nerves. He stood there, arms slightly outstretched as he welcomed the pouring rain. It drizzled down his face, trailing past old scars before colliding onto the earth below.  




Did Blade enjoy this?




Techno paused, letting his arms slowly fall back to his side. His clothes stuck to his body from the heavy amount of rain that soaked him. A frown began to form on his face. He wasn’t even sure if anything he liked or did was different from Blade. He resented that warrior, he was resenting himself. 




“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” -Sun Tzu, The Art of War




The enemy was himself and he should know more about him than anyone else. But Blade lived in a different time period and now he was here, with Techno, dragging him down into this losing battle. It was a losing battle and as the wise Sun Tzu says, he will succumb to this curse. 



“SKEPPY!” A scream shot through the forest as the loud pounding of shoes rushed in the direction towards Technoblade. 



In that instant a whirlwind of visions pierced his skull. A static noise of screaming drowned out the world as child drawn eyes opened in front of him. They were all looking at him with its dull gaze. Not only that, they were chattering words that were hidden under the static. It was all pure rage. 



A hand was firmly placed on his shoulder and in an instant the voices and eyes disappeared. It was all just a headache now. 



“Techno?” Technoblade whirled around to see his friend Skeppy looking at him worriedly.



“Skeppy?” Technoblade croaked out. He hadn’t realized how he felt so weak at that moment. Everything today was rather, emotionally draining.



“What are you doing out here in the rain?” Skeppy furrowed his eyebrows, taking in the completely soaked and clearly out of it Technoblade. 



“Could say the same for you.” Technoblade said, turning his head away, refusing to meet the kind eyes of Skeppy. 



“My reason is that way.” Skeppy used his thumb to point in the direction of the furious screaming. 



“YOU MUFFIN! When I find you-” 



“What did you do this time?” Techno crossed his arms, glad for the distraction and change of conversation. 



“Why would you think that I did anything?” Skeppy placed a hand on his chest dramatically, as if offended by the fact that Techno would blame him even if it was blatantly obvious. With a pout he continued, “Little ol’ me?”



Techno only raised an eyebrow with his deadpan expression.



Skeppy scoffed, rolling his eyes, “I may or may not have ordered seventy-two pizzas to our dorm. Not only that but they are all thin crust, Bad’s least favorite kind of crust.” 



Technoblade only blinked for a few moments. “Alright, that's on you.” He continued. “Aren’t you guys best friends?” I used to have best friends.



“Ok, ok.” Skeppy held out his hands in mock surrender. “I may have forgotten.” 



“Hey Bad he’s over here!” Technoblade called out and Skeppy immediately jumped in surprise. 




“Hey!” Skeppy whispered harshly. “You’re supposed to save me! Where did this betrayal come from?!” 




The Blade betrayed his ‘master’ for a family that has him locked in an infinite loop.




Techno found himself biting his already cut lip again. When can the voice inside of his head stop comparing him to the Blade. 



“Techno?” Came the voice of Badboyhalo as he came out of view. The original anger he felt for Skeppy dissipated at the sight of Techno clearly struggling. 



Bad and Skeppy shared looks of concern as blood dripped from Techno’s mouth.



“Technoblade what happened?” Bad approached the teen slowly. He was kind, his voice gentle and nurturing. Techno didn’t mean to snap at him, he didn’t deserve this.



“Don’t call me Technoblade!” 



Bad flinched back and Techno could see slight anger form on Skeppy’s face. 



Techno Blade. Techno, Blade. Blade Techno. It's been there since the beginning, already attached and branded to the soul.



Techno wished that his inner voice would just shut up because it was not helping his incoming headache. “I’m sorry Bad..” Techno groaned, trying to release the tension his body was holding. 



“It's.. It’s alright, Techno.” Bad sounded hurt and it made Techno feel worse. 



“It’s not alright, I snapped at you.” Techno shook his head and turned away from the group. Was Blade to blame for Techno’s lack of social skills?



“Why don’t we,” Skeppy stepped forward, giving a sideways glance to Bad. It was some non-verbal communication that they had from their close friendship. “All go back to the dorm? We have pizza.



Bad huffed and glared at Skeppy.



“And you need to get warm, cause you're soaked to the bone. We can’t have a sick friend. Then we can take care of that lip and we can all calm down and talk.” 



Now that Techno had time to think about it, he was shivering. He wasn’t wearing layers as he normally would and he always tended to get cold easily. There was also food, his real friends. It was farther away from the problems of reincarnation issues. He nodded slowly.



Technoblade’s headache continued to increase by the time Skeppy and Bad had led him towards their dormitory. He wasn’t sure why it continued to increase but it was really annoying him. 



“Hey Callahan!” Bad waved at the boy in a deer onesie as they passed. The boy happily smiled and waved back. 



“Hey Skeppy!” Another boy said as he walked past them. 



“Antfrost.” Skeppy fired back with finger guns. 



“You are quite popular.” Technoblade said as several other teenagers greeted both Bad and Skeppy.



“Skeppy causes trouble all of the time.” Bad said, jabbing Skeppy in the rib.




“Ow!” Skeppy yelped in reflex. “They’re innocent trolls! You though, make everyone muffins and legit never swear.”



“Everyone needs muffins though.” Bad huffed as he scanned his school ID to unlock the door. Skeppy held the door as they walked inside, dripping. 



“Now let's hurry before no hall monitor catches us!” Skeppy grinned, grabbing Techno’s hand and dashing up the stairs. Bad dashed after them and soon enough, Techno was pushed inside a room. 



It was just how their personalities clashed. One side of the room seemed to have shiny decorations and fake diamonds. The other had muffins and more importantly, Rat.  Rat pounded forward with her little feet and licked at Techno’s wet legs. 



“Hi, Rat.” Techno smiled as he placed the dog in his lap as he sat on the ground. 



“Hey Tech.” Skeppy said as he poked his head out of a separate room. “I think you’ll fit into my clothes.” 



Techno nodded slowly. He glanced around the room some more and noticed the piles of pizza boxes littering the living room of the dorm.  



“Want some?” Bad flashed a smile as he grabbed some plates and placed a slice on it. He passed the plate over to Techno and Techno gleefully ate it as he had eaten nothing today.  



“Here you go Techno.” Skeppy said, coming out of the room and passing Techno a bag. Techno nodded and excused himself to the bathroom that Bad had shown him previously.  



When Techno stepped out, his face was in a scowl. Skeppy fell to the ground laughing. “I got you good!” 



Bad even chuckled a bit. “Those were our matching duck onesies.” 



Techno was wearing a yellow duck onesie much to his displeasure. But he wasn’t going to refuse since it was warm and soft compared to his soaked clothes. Techno sat on the floor next to Skeppy and closed his eyes for a brief moment.



Was it just him or was his head hurting more?



“Uh, Tech?” Skeppy asked. Techno opened his eyes and realized that his head had fallen against Skeppy’s shoulder. Techno’s face turned red in embarrassment as he quickly moved his head. “Are you alright?”



“I don’t know. A lot has happened and now my head is killing me.” Techno replied.



Bad sat down on the floor and hesitantly held his hand out as if asking for permission to touch his forehead. Techno nodded slightly and Bad placed his hand on his forehead. 



“It’s not hot.” Bad mumbled.  “Did something else happen today?” 



“Ran away from home.” Techno mumbled as his head dipped again. It felt like it was going to explode, as if something was barely holding something back.




“What!?” Both Skeppy and Bad exclaimed. 



Skeppy moved quickly so he was kneeling in front of Techno. “Your caretaker wasn’t bad were they?” 



“I just needed space to think.” Techno mumbled. 



Bad nervously bit his nails. “Techno it wasn’t safe to run on a rainy day. What would you have done without running into us?!”




“Mmm.” Techno held his head as the pain became unbearable.




The same ear splitting static pierced his ears and the same eyes opened up again. 



“The day of reckoning is coming.” The voices teased.



“I will avenge you.” Another response was made. 



“The voices Phil,” He heard himself in that strange memory. “They demand blood.” 



He could see it now, the staticy image of someone familiar. It began to fade into existence, no longer an anomaly in the eyes of Techno. Philza. He was talking to Philza. 



“They don’t demand blood.” Philza said, walking closer to Techno- The real, present Techno and kneeled down in front of him with those kind eyes he hated. “It's just your inner voice telling you its desires. Blade, do you want blood?” 



Techno wasn’t the Blade so why was he asking him? Techno shook his head. 



“Oftentimes.” Philza said, sitting next to Techno in this frozen scape that was Techno’s world at the moment. “Blood is associated with opposites. While sometimes it symbolises injury, there is an opportunity to heal.” He placed a comforting hand on Techno’s knee. “You were hurt, many, many times. But as they say, at the end of the rainbow you find the pot of gold.” He chuckled. “You found a family, Blade. You found a family.” 




The eyes closed and the static dissipated. 



Techno buried his head into his knees. “I don’t need a family.” He muttered, tears pricking in the corner of his eyes. “I just want my friends.” 



The apparition of Philza bristled and pulled his hand away from Techno. “You said..” Techno didn’t look up to hear the shock of Philza. “We all agreed to be a family. This is what you wanted.”




Techno lifted his eyes to glare into Philza’s own. They flashed red, almost a mirror image of Blade himself. “Blade is gone, buried underneath the many creations.” He felt the built up rage inside of him roar out. “People change, Philza. I’m not the Blade you knew.”



You only think you love me. I’m just a 2nd hand option.



Philza looked like he wanted to argue back. His face contorted but Techno didn’t give him any time to reply as the world dissipated. 



Techno opened his eyes to find himself laying on the floor with blankets wrapping around him. He must’ve passed out from the terrible headache. He slowly propped himself on his elbows, taking in the now dark room. He was here for a long time then. 




“Oh thank muffins.” He heard Bad say as he kneeled down beside Techno. He held a hot mug that smelled like hot chocolate. “You just collapsed against Skeppy and we freaked out so badly.”



“You freaked out Bad. I, however, knew how to handle such a situation.” Skeppy announced as he came into the room with two more mugs of the delicious drink. He placed one mug into Techno’s hand once he leaned against the couch for stability. 




“I convinced him not to call 911 out of the blue.” Bad sighed. “I had a feeling you wanted this on the down low.” 




“Thank you.” Techno looked down into the swirling chocolate inside of his mug. It felt warm and homely oddly enough. 



“How’s your head?” Bad asked, sitting beside Techno. 



“Clearer than ever.” Techno answered, smiling softly. It no longer hurt as it had earlier. It was as if a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders after the crash. 



“Well I guess you’ll be staying here for a bit.” Skeppy muttered but then his face turned into a huge grin. It probably meant more trolls to play on more victims.




“Oh we should watch something together!” Bad said eagerly, grabbing a remote and turning on the Tv.




“Find something on Disney Plus, we need to make use of the free trial.” Skeppy said with a smirk.



Technoblade liked these small moments that he had with people he trusted. 



Skeppy and Bad were honestly great. His heart panged slightly at the thought of his own friends that he had ditched previously. He had snapped at Tommy who was trying to tell him the truth. He left Wilbur alone with Philza. And he hasn’t even checked up on Ranboo or Tubbo. 




He needed to end the curse.



He wanted to come back to them as himself, not some new reformation of the Blade himself. He isn’t a tool nor a weapon any longer. From now on, Techno will aim to be only Technoblade. Not the Blade, not Philza’s son, not brothers to Theseus or William. However, Techno wouldn’t mind being the son to Phil, brother to Tommy and Wilbur and himself as Technoblade. 




The voices had yearned for blood in the past. It was based on his past precidents with fighting for survival. But now his future had opened up and given him an opportunity like no other.




The voices now yearned for freedom.



Chapter Text

Philza had lived, wandering the mortal realm ever since Dream betrayed him.



He was an Angel of Death while Dream’s family and master represented life. It was bound to happen since they always seemed to clash, but he never expected to be ripped of his lover’s arms so soon. 




Phil closed his eyes, taking in the silence that now filled his house. He knew his son’s behavior so well but now they were becoming an outlier since they know the truth. Phil glanced down at his notebook where he had written about all of his lifetimes- all of the journeys he took to meet his family.




Philza always remembered, no matter how many times he walked the earth, he knew and saw each and every one of his sons die in front of him. He had become too attached, selfishly holding onto his boys because he couldn’t ever see his lover again. His beloved Kristen was Death herself and Philza was trapped on the earth, forever undying. 




The wish itself was a blessing at first, it warmed his heart when little Theseus dreamed of becoming a family again.




Philza had wanted the missing love so badly that he made sure it happened. But overtime, after seeing them die- He stopped appreciating the value of the wish itself. He wouldn’t get attached too much to the current version of his family and would honestly look towards the future. Philza could keep going, continue on suffering, as long as he could see their smiles again. 




Philza was selfish as much as he was a coward.




He stopped thinking, never considering how many times his family had to suffer until they were safely in his arms. If he couldn’t be up there with Kristin, then he would take all he could here, with them. Oh how he wanted Kristin to meet his boys so badly… But that would mean them dying, for good this time and him staying in this god-forsaken world all alone. For Philza was immortal as long as he remained the Angel of Death. 




Philza opened his notebook and began to read some of the words he had written down years ago. He chuckled lightly, reading over how everything had started. How the little gremlin had forced his way into Philza’s life.




When Philza first found himself with the mortals, he hated it. So many times he had witnessed the sins of humanity and now he was trapped among them. He had killed so many too, he was the Angel of Death, afterall. At one particular moment, he was wandering through a bustling town when someone barreled right into him. 




“Oi!” Came the childish voice of a street boy. He had blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. HIs clothes were tattered and he was hugging a loaf of bread close to his chest. “Watch where you’re going dickhead!” 




Philza only looked down on the teenager who couldn’t have been more than twelve years old. “What are you doing, mate?” Philza suspected that the boy was a thief but he found himself curious.




“What’s it to you?” The boy immediately became defensive.




“You’re only a child.” Philza deadpanned, eyeing him up and down. 




The boy scoffed. “Not a child, you wrongen!”




“How old are you then?” Philza asked, a smirk finding itself onto his face after watching these childish actions.




“Fifteen.” The boy’s chest swelled with pride. “Tom danger kraken innit!”




“Still a child.” Philza said.




Tom’s face contorted into disgust. “And you’re old!”




This time it was Philza who was offended. “Old?!”




Tom smirked, sneering at the Angel of Death. “Old as the hills.”




“Where is that brat?!” Another shout was heard from nearby. Tom’s face faltered as worry spread across it. Philza knit his brows as he peered into the distance seeing a townsguard beside the baker. “We’ll cut off his hands for this thievery!” 




Something inside of Philza wanted him to protect the child. It was a strange feeling that burst out of him and without knowing it, his body moved on its own. Philza grabbed Tom and pulled him close to his chest and then Philza swung his cloak around the boy, shielding him from sight. 




“Hey!” Came the voice of the baker as he approached Philza. “Did you see a stray brat running round these parts?” 




Philza shook his head, pulling the hidden Tom closer to his chest. “Didn’t see any strays run by.”




The baker was disappointed. “Let us know if you find one. The damn stray stole some of my bread.” 




“Will do.” Philza said with a quick nod.




The baker turned away and ran back to the guard, “He’s not around here, let us keep looking.” Once the guard and baker disappeared, Philza relaxed and moved his cloak aside to reveal the hidden child.




Tom stumbled out of his hiding place and looked at Philza with wide eyes. “You saved me…” 



“I did.” Philza responded, fixing his cloak back into place. 



Tom gave Philza a skeptical glance.




“Well.” Philza tipped his bucket hat down slightly. “I should be going now, Tom.” 




Tom blinked for a few seconds before nodding slowly. “Bye Philza.” 



That wasn’t the last time Philza saw the child. Actually, the child began following him around on his journey. The kid thought he was sneaky as he tiptoed around corners to peer suspiciously at Philza. With a heavy sigh, Philza decided it was about time to confront Tom.




“You can come out of hiding now, Tom.” Philza said without even having to glance back at the tree Tom was currently hiding behind.



“Ca-caw ca-caw.” The child said back, pretending to be a bird. 



Philza pinched the bridge of his nose as he whistled, summoning several crows to the tree where Tom was behind. The crows swarmed Tom, forcing him to come out of hiding.




“Hey! I thought my bird impression was great!” Tom complained as he whacked away at the birds. “Oh piss off!” 




“Why are you following me?” Philza asked as Tom walked towards him. 




Tom narrowed his eyes at Philza. “You saved me.”








“So I owe you old man.” Tom pointed at his chest as he lifted his head. “I, the poggest Tom, have come to pay my debt.”




“You owe me nothing, child.” Philza said, turning away as if this was disinteresting to him.



Tom blinked before scoffing loudly. “Well, I beg to differ!” He crossed his arms and sat on the floor beside Philza stubbornly. “I won’t leave you.”




Philza looked down at the child, raising an eyebrow at how he was acting. “You can try.”



“Is that a challenge?” The child grinned and Philza felt as if he said the wrong thing.  “People find me annoying at first but I am quite likeable.”



Philza shook his head. He was the Angel of Death, he shouldn’t be dealing with feeble strange children. And yet, Philza found himself amused, intrigued by what the child had to offer to him. So, as if accepting the challenge, Philza began to walk away, trying to lose the child.



Tom had different plans in stopping the great Philza. Like a little gremlin, Tom wrapped his arms around Philza’s leg, stopping his progress of walking as he had to drag the teenager. 



“This is ridiculous!” Philza yelled in surprise. 



“Take me with you!” Tom complained, gripping tightly onto Philza’s leg. 



Philza felt like he was going to get a headache. He tried shaking his leg out but Tom refused to let go of his leg. “Let go.” He said sternly.



“No!” Tom yelled back, closing his eyes. 



Philza groaned as he stopped attempting to remove the child off of him. It seemed that it was pointless in trying to stop the child. “Why do you even want to come with me?”



Tom cracked one eye open, as if making sure this wasn’t a trick to try and remove him from Philza. “You’re cool and shit.” He answered. “I didn’t know birdmen existed.” 




Philza paused. Apparently in his attempt to save the child he had revealed his angelic wings. It was one of the things he got to keep on his forsaken mortal earth. “They don’t.”



“But you do. I mean you summoned crows!” Tom said, exasperated.




“Crows symbolise death.” Philza said coldly.



Ignoring the icy tone, Tom continued with his curiosity. “Then are you dead?” 



Philza paused as he looked down onto the honest eyes of the child. He was an ignorant youngling, not quite exposed to the entire world but knew fair well of death itself.  Carefully he placed a hand on Tom’s fluffy golden hair and looked him in the eyes. Perhaps, Tom was a gift of change that he needed. “The old me is gone.”



He’s not the Angel of Death here, he’s merely a being among the mortals. 



That's how it started.



The unlikely friendship of the young boy and the old god.  They traveled around, Tom pulling him towards anything remotely interesting. Philza grew with him, teaching Tom about the world, helping him grow. It wasn’t long before they met the newest edition to their group. Philza and Tom were wandering through a village when they heard whispers of the folks about something evil.



He’s angry again.” A woman gossiped to another. “Him and his little gang are going to take it out on us.”



The other whispered back. “Who could’ve raised such monsters!” 



Philza watched the woman gossip with his inquisitive gaze. Anything remotely dangerous perked his attention because he had to protect the boisterous Tom, whom he learned was quite the trouble maker. It seemed that this village was overrun with a dangerous gang that could affect Tom’s wellbeing. 



“Hey, Tom.” Philza turned over to where the boy had been standing. “Be careful-” Philza blinked for a couple of seconds, noticing how the boy had already run off to explore the village.  With a groan, Philza cracked his back and began to look for the child. 



It wasn’t long before he heard the bubbly laughter of Tom nearby. The sound always made his heart flutter and so he peered around the corner to see the cause of the laughter. Immediately, he saw an older boy with curly brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He had a yellow sweater and a red beanie on his head. Beside him was Tom, sitting next to him on the bench. Philza smiled softly at the sight, it seemed Tom had the power to make friends with just about everyone. 



“Anyways.” He heard Tom say. “I grabbed onto his leg and with my most manliest war cry I said, ‘Take me with you!’” 



The other boy stifled a laugh with his hand. “That sounds like you were begging at his feet.” 



“I was not!” Tom shrieked back and it only caused the other boy to laugh harder.  “Ok! How about I tell you about the time I fought the deadliest animal on the planet!”



“And what animal would that be?” The boy asked, an amused smirk spreading across his face. 



“Raccoons!” Tom said, throwing his hands up in the air. 



“Uh huh.” The boy said with a smirk.



“I’m being serious! Those wrongens stole my scraps!” Tom growled as he pretended to fight the imaginary raccoons. “It was a tough battle but I managed to beat the crap out of them!” 



“I can imagine.” The boy said sarcastically. 



“You bet you can!” Tom answered with a yell. 



The other boy’s eyes strayed away from Tom’s before his eyes widened at a different sight. Philza, curious as he was, followed the gaze until he spotted a gang of teenagers harassing a shop worker. 



Tom didn’t seem to notice the commotion as he continued to chatter away about his epic battle against the raccoons. The teenagers beckoned for the boy to join them and the boy sulkingly stood up.



“Where ya going?” Tom asked with a tilt of his head. 



“. . .” The boy didn’t answer. “I hope I’ll see you around.” He said, leaving Tom on the bench alone. Philza watched the boy join the teenagers in the harassment of the shop owner. The boy seemed reluctant, as if he found no joy in these actions. After the teenagers ransacked the shop and stole some gold, the boy remained to help clean up the mess. As Philza moved closer, he heard the shop owner growl.



As the boy picked up some of the destroyed flowers that the teenagers wrecked, the shop owner stepped forward and smacked the boy across the face. He fell to the ground and held his cheek weakly. “You’re just as bad as them!” The shop owner screamed. “Get the hell away from my shop, you monster!” 



And so that was what the boy did. He left, following after the band of teenagers because from what Philza could see, was what all the boy had. After the boy disappeared from Philza’s sight, he turned back to Tom who was staring at a ladybug crawling on the stone path by the bench. 



“Who was that?” Philza asked, sitting down on the bench next to Tom.



Tom’s face brightened up at the sight of Philza. “Oh!” Tom swung his legs out and stretched. “His name is William. He found me wandering around and thought I was like- twelve.” Tom’s face scrunched up in disgust. “How can I even be mistaken as a child!” 



Philza chuckled. “You are a child, Tom.” 



“Anyways,” Tom smiled softly. “William is cool. He seems lonely though.”



Philza looked at where the boy had just walked away, forlornly. “I think you made his day.”



“Of course I did, big man.” Tom grinned wildy. “And I’d do it again!”



They hadn’t expected to stay in the village for long. Actually, it wasn’t that surprising because once Tom latched onto something he tended to never let go. Tom actively searched for William but he was sad that he never seemed to find the older boy. That was, until the fateful day arrived where Philza would be gaining another ally to make his days on this planet less miserable. 



Tom found William when the boy was holding his arm against his side. He seemed slightly beaten as if he had picked a fight with the wrong person. 



Tom hurried over to his friend’s side, worriedly. “William, are you alright!?” 



William looked at the boy in shock as if never expecting Tom to appear before him again. “Tom?” William then glanced down at his bruises and quickly pulled down his sleeves to hide it. However, he went back to holding his arm beside him. “I’m alright.” He glanced away, averting his eyes from his obvious lie.



“That’s not alright, big man! Who did this to you?” Tom huffed, pulling at the sleeve again.



“Nothing happened to me.” William answered.



“Lies!” Tom spat out.



William grimaced as he turned to face Tom. “I deserved this, Tom!”



Tom shrank back, looking down weakly. “No one deserves to be beaten down. Especially not you. You’re a good person, not a wrongen.” 



William looked away again. “You don’t even know me.”



“I know enough of you.” Tom said stubbornly. 



“Oi, William!” Came the sneering voice of another older boy. Before Philza knew it, an arm wrapped itself around William. It was one of the scandalous teenagers who caused trouble around the village. “Are you ready for another raid?” 



William wearily looked at Tom as if afraid to agree to the teenager in front of the impressionable boy. It clicked in Philza’s mind, William didn’t want Tom to know this side of him. He was afraid that perhaps Tom would think differently of him if he dared take action. 



“Are you the one who did this?!” Tom snapped. He growled at the teenager who dared wrap an arm around William. 



The teenager scoffed. “Did what, kid?” The teenager removed the arm from William and bent down slightly to look down upon Tom. Almost immediately, the teenager was punched directly in the face by Tom.



“Bitch!” Tom bellowed. 



William gawked in surprise. 



The teenager scowled and snapped his fingers. Several other older boys appeared, all terrifying to both William and Tom. The teenager pointed at Tom and then the older boys pounced on Tom, gripping him tightly. 



Tom yelped in pain as they forced him to the ground in front of the teenager. William stood aside, in shock at what was happening. 



Philza growled, fiery building up inside of him at the sight of the child in pain. He’d grown soft from caring for Tom but he wouldn’t be afraid to unleash the wrath of the Angel of Death upon these folks. 



“I had no issues with you, boy.” The teenager threatened as he tightened his fist by his side. As a joke, he threw his fist at Tom but it didn’t make contact. Tom flinched at the sudden swing and the teenagers laughed at his actions. It was all a sick game to them, terrorizing the village and getting away scot-free.



Oh , Philza blinked as the realization hit him, William got the consequences.



“In this village, I am the king!” The teenager yelled. He withdrew his fist from where he held it mere inches from Tom’s face. His sneer widened as he felt control in the situation. “And Kings always discipline their people! You are no exception!” 



Philza readied himself for the eventual battle. Nobody would be hurting his fledgling. Before he could dive in to protect his boy, someone beat him to it. 



“Stop!” William yelled, quickly throwing himself in front of Tom protectively. 




The teenager looked incredulous at William’s new display. It was an act of rebellion when William had always listened to the teenager’s beckon and call. Philza tipped his hat down slightly, smiling at the boy’s bravery. 



“You!” The teenager shrieked. 



“Stop.” William said again, moving his defiant eyes to face the teenager. “We shouldn’t be doing this to people. Especially not an innocent child.”



The opposing teenager did not like this act of rebellion. “William.” He said the name with contempt and hatred. William however stood strong in protecting Tom from the hands of the devious teen. The teenager glanced down, his hair falling over his face. “Fine.” He seethed out and then launched forward, a fist ready to make contact with William’s face. William flinched away but the punch never made contact with his face.



A gust of wind hit William in the face as he forced his eyes open. In front of him was a man with his green cloak flying in the wind. He was holding his bucket hat as a pair of dark feathered wings were outstretched. “Leave this up to me now, mate.” 



William watched in awe as he was starstruck by the wings. “Who..” He exhaled slowly. “Who are you?”



“Philza.” He said as the teenagers scrambled away from the sight of the Angel of Death. He then turned and looked at the two boys cowering underneath him.



“It’s Philza!” Tom beamed brightly. He launched himself forward and wrapped his arms around Philza’s waist. Philza chuckled lightly as he wrapped his arms around Tom as well. William stood back wide eyed at the sight. 



“Mate,” Philza tipped his bucket hat up and smiled brightly to William. “You were brave.”



William looked down slightly, fiddling with his hands. “Thank you… Philza.”



“But I was too, right?” Tom grinned as he escaped Philza’s arms. He dragged William over and pulled him close. “I’m so cool.”



“That,” William laughed, his cheeks turning rosy. “You’re right about.”



Before Philza knew it, he was joined by two troublemakers. William was a new kind of trouble, he was influential- good with his words. He would convince Tom to do the dirty work as William worked things behind the scenes. As an extra bonus, Philza found two new people that dared to call him old. But one day, with Philza’s keen eye he noticed William eyeing several instruments.



“Do you play?” Philza asked, snapping William out of his gaze. Ahead, Tom was jumping from one stone to another. Tom was such a child even if he was fifteen. Philza supposed that Tom was finally getting the childhood he deserved. 



William sheepishly smiled as he scratched his cheek. “Yeah, I used to play the guitar for my mother.”


“Oh?” Philza said. “Where is she now?”



“MMmm.” William hummed. “She’s sick. Dad’s out of the picture.” William shook his head. “I’m an adult anyways. I’ve definitely grown out of childish playing…” 



“You sure don’t act like you have.” Philza said, amused by William’s obvious lie. William was good at lying but there was no way he could go undetected by Philza. “Here.” Philza grabbed a wooden guitar from the shelf and passed the merchant a few gold coins. He then passed it along to William who held his breath as he touched the wooden instrument. 



“You shouldn’t have-”



“Nah,” Philza said, running a hand through his hidden wings. “Anything for you all.”



William instinctively plucked one of the strings and it vibrated a low note. Excitedly, he fingered the instrument instinctively playing a basic tune. He closed his eyes, feeling the power of the melody fill his mind. He hummed with the instrument just like how he did so many years ago. When he opened his eyes, he was sitting against a tree with Philza and Tom as his grand audience. Philza smiled, pulling his two boys close to him with his wings. 



Word spread fast around the kingdom about a strange man with black feathered wings. The king felt threatened as he had heard the legends of a fierce warrior called the Angel of Death who murdered millions under its wrath. If the Angel of Death was making its appearance now, it surely meant it would be a threat to his kingdom. Philza would be met with his final blessing, a warrior sent from the king to end his life. 



Philza, who had been constantly surrounded by death for centuries, knew the aura of bloodlust when he felt it. Immediately he was on high alert as he had to protect his two boys. He stood up, high and mighty as he glared out towards the field of crops. A gust of wind brushed by his hair and in an instant a blade clashed down onto him. Philza moved quickly, drawing his hidden sword and blocking the blade. Sparks flew out as Philza pushed the blade away from him. 



Tom and William stood back in shock from where they had just been playing. Philza eyed them carefully as he moved more in front of them protectively. The opponent jumped back, calculating his next move against Philza. The warrior looked the exact age as William, however, his face was covered by the skull of a boar. The warrior had ragged clothes, not even protective armor against Philza. More noticeably, was the long bubblegum pink hair flowing from the warrior. 




Philza angled his blade forward, perfecting his form against the warrior. In the blink of an eye, the warrior charged forward with his blade. Philza had predicted the motion as the warrior moved barbacially rather than a trained swordsman. With one quick motion, he knocked the warrior to the ground and pointed his blade towards the neck of the warrior.



A long silence followed the action.



The warrior glared at Philza, his red eyes piercing through the mask. “Do it.” The warrior spoke, his voice deep. “It's a warrior's honor to go out in battle.”



Philza sighed, withdrawing his blade. All he could see was William in the eyes of the warrior. The red eyes of the warrior seemed to swirl and morph into the chocolate brown eyes of William. It was clear that the warrior sent after him was young and in those ruby eyes with a hint of fear.



He hated to admit it, but having those two bozos had made him grow soft and empathise with the youth.



The warrior blinked slowly, disagreeing with the weakness Philza had displayed. He propped himself on his elbows and glared at Philza."Finish me you fool."  



"I won't." Philza replied, turning away from the warrior that he no longer saw as a threat. 



The warrior looked incredulous at this display. 



Tightening his jaw, the warrior grabbed his fallen blade and charged back at Philza. Philza swung around and easily knocked the warrior back to the ground. Philza stepped over the fallen warrior and glared down on him with the wrath of death itself. “All this talk of honor and you dare to attack when one’s back is turned.”



Philza only stopped when he noticed the warrior tremble slightly. He had grown soft. Philza shook his head slightly before saying, “If you know what’s best for you, leave.”



The warrior looked defiantly towards Philza and he was almost worried that the young one was just as stubborn as William and Tom. Reluctantly meeting Philza’s eyes, the warrior then scrambled backwards and disappeared into the crops. 



Philza had thought it would be the last he saw of that warrior. Just as he had originally feared, the warrior was quite stubborn. Philza knew that he was being stalked by the warrior carefully and even his boys started to notice. Tom had even turned it into a game where he would suddenly turn around and watch as the warrior quickly went back into hiding. Soon enough it got to the point in their travels where the warrior no longer hid and just followed. 



One night in particular Tom, William, and Philza were gathered around a campfire while the warrior sat off to the side in the cold night. Philza glanced over at the shivering warrior and sighed sadly at the display. Over the course of ‘getting to know’ the warrior, Philza had noticed the ugly scars wrapping around the warrior’s body (except the face since it was covered by the boar skull) and the chain cuffs still attached to the wrists of the warrior. 



Philza sighed, “Why don’t you join us by the fire? It’s quite warm.”



The warrior’s head snapped up, glaring at Philza. “Why should I? You will only attack me back.”



“You’re shivering.” William added, knitting his eyes in concern. “And you can’t be older than seventeen, like me.” 



The warrior let out a small growl as they looked away. “How would I know?” He muttered.



Philza and William shared a glance with each other. To be honest, this was the most conversation that they got out of the warrior. 



Tom pressed on, keeping the conversation flowing with the warrior. “What’s your name?” 



The warrior just stared at Tom. 



“Ok…” Tom shrugged as he rethought his question. “What do they call you?”



“Call…” The warrior tilted his head for a second, processing the question completely. “The Blade. They call me the Blade.” 



“Who’s they anyways?” William asked.



“The audience.” The warrior simply answered. 



Philza narrowed his eyes in suspicion. He had a hunch, but he wanted it to be confirmed. “Why do they call you that?”



The warrior looked down at the soil underneath them. “I don’t know. Don’t have nothing else to be called. They like it when I stab things, though. They really like it.” The warrior brought his knees close to his chest and rested his head limply on it. 



Philza had been right. He exhaled a deep breath. In these times it wasn’t uncommon to be raised to partake in gladiator fights to please the people. The Blade must’ve been so powerful that someone had sent him to kill him. 



“Why…” The warrior used his finger to dig into the dirt absentmindedly. “Why do you hang around him?”



“Huh.” William squeaked in surprise. Him and Tom shared a nervous look. “Us?” He gestured to Tom and him.



“The winged man is a danger to the people and it’s king.” The Blade said. 



Philza raised an eyebrow. So it was the king who saw him as a threat. 



“Well.” William smiled softly, nudging Tom with his elbow. “He saved my life and gave me something better.” 



Tom giggled, smirking broadly. “Philza’s with me because I am so pog and amazing and-”



“Excetera.” William finished. 



“Mmm.” Blade hummed in acknowledgement. 



Much to everyone’s surprise, the warrior shuffled over and joined the group by the fire. Philza’s heart fluttered, he was making progress. 



Philza’s little flock had grown bigger. He began to educate his group- despite Tom’s complaining, but at least Blade had enjoyed the chance to be able to read. William continued to master his guitar capabilities while Tom expanded his story telling. Philza also made sure to teach his fledglings how to defend themselves properly and naturally, Blade was a prodigy.



However as time progressed, Philza noticed how agitated Blade had become. He was usually quiet, but now his eyes drifted towards the shadows and his face was pale with worry. 



The Blade had knelt down to lean against a tree as he rinsed his hands in the flowing water nearby. They had decided to take rest at the moment by a small river to resupply their waterskins. Tom grinned as he approached Blade while his back was turned. It was innocent child play on his part, but the Blade saw it differently. In an instant Tom was on the ground with Blade’s ruby red eyes boring onto the boy. 



The Blade seemed to snap out of his daze as he looked back at the terrified Tom. Quickly, he scrambled back as William and Philza rushed over. 



“I..” Blade swallowed thickly as he stammered out apologies. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” 



“Mate, calm down.” Philza reassured as William looked over Tom to make sure he wasn’t injured. 



“No, I..” The Blade seems frightened. “I don't… I acted without orders.”



“Mate.” Philza said more sternly, gently placing his hands on Blade’s shoulders. He ignored the small flinch but stayed in his frightened gaze.



Blade’s breathing slowed down as he calmed. “I’m sorry.” He apologized again.



“There’s no need to apologize, mate.” Philza smiled softly. “Just tell me what’s got you all agitated.”



Blade bit his lip as he crossed his arms protectively around him. “I’m supposed to kill you but I don’t want to. You have given me a lot of things but… I have to, Philza. I want to live with you and everyone- but if I can’t fulfill my orders then there is no point in living is there? It’s my purpose to spill blood and live with command.” The Blade grabbed at Philza’s cloak desperately. 



Philza crouched down in front of Blade and smiled warmly as he outstretched a hand. The Blade lightly grabbed it as Philza brought the boy close to him into a hug. “I’d give you everything, Blade.”



The warrior whimpered slightly as he pulled away from Philza. Slowly, he unlatched the boar skull mask and revealed his face to the group for the first time. It was pale, young, and no scars littered it unlike his body. He was just a young boy underneath the stoic stature of what he was raised to be. Blade’s red eyes glistened as tears formed in his eyes and a soft smile spread across his lips. “For you Phil, the world.” 



Philza’s flock was complete. And he made it his mission to destroy everyone that had hurt his fledgelings. He saw each one prosper: Blade had a passion for reading ever since he had learned how, William was quite the entertaining genius, and Tom was able to have a brighter childish laugh now that he was given a childhood. 



At the moment Tom was pestering Blade while he was reading a book on mythology. Blade sighed, closing his book and turning on Tom.



"Let me tell you a story, Tom.” Blade said as he stood over Tom. Tom blinked for a few moments, deciding whether now it was worth it getting attention from the warrior. William also seemed intrigued by the sudden drama that he turned to look at them with his inquisitive gaze. “A story of a man called Theseus.”



Philza knew how the story went. 



“His country, well, his city-state, technically, was in danger, and he sent himself forward into enemy lines; he slayed the Minotaur and saved his city.” Blade said, walking closer to Tom. The Blade kept his ruby eyes locked with Tom’s shimmering sky blue ones. “You know what they did to him, Tom?” Blade took a step forward. “They exiled him. He died in disgrace, despised by his people. That's what happens to heroes, Tom. The Greeks knew the score."



“He fought for what he believed in, right?” Tom said, tilting his head slightly. “He caused good-trouble.”



The Blade was caught off by this and didn’t know how to reply. 



“Good-trouble?” William asked, curiosity overwhelming him.



“His city was dying, no one else had the power and he did the deed. Sometimes for the sake of justice, you do things that people might not like.” Tom glanced away, scratching his cheek nervously. “Being exiled is better than being forgotten.”



A silence filled the group as they glanced worryingly at Tom. Tom exhaled a deep sigh as he sat down on the ground. “My parents abandoned me on the streets. I don’t know if they’re dead or not, I can’t bring myself to care.”



The Blade sat next to Tom and soothingly rubbed the boy’s back. “My mom sold me into the arena.”



William’s eyes softened as he gave an empathetic look to his brothers. “My dad left me to take care of my sick mother. In the end she left me too and all I had was the other village kids. But,” William splayed out his hands in front of him, as if gesturing them for a hug. “I have you all now.” 



The group shuffled over and swarmed William with the hug invitation. 



“I like Theseus.” Tom said after a few moments. “Could you… Could you call me that?” 



“Yeah.” William said warmly.



“Of course.” Philza replied back, hugging tighter against the boy.



The Blade spoke after a few moments of silence, “Welcome home, Theseus.”




“What about you Philza?” William had asked once. “What was life before you met us?”



Philza hadn’t told them the truth yet. He wasn’t always the Angel of Death. He was once a mortal too, a long time ago. It only changed when he fell in love with a wandering mistress named Kristin. Philza had died and joined her in the blessing of the above world. And that’s where he knew home was. Dream however, was sneaky and to get back at the side of death, threw him out into the mortal world. Philza had once hated the idea of returning to the mortal world, but now he had discovered something beautiful. 



So when his baby bird, Theseus told them one day, “We’re like a family all of us.” It warmed his heart to the very core. Philza had discovered something familial that changed his perspective on mortal life completely. 



“You reckon we’ll meet in the next life like this?” Theseus asked, breaking the silence. 



Yes, of course, anything for you.



“For eternity?”



For eternity.



Never once did Philza see this wish as a weakness when they indeed met in the next life. He watched his children grow, prosper in the environment he raised them in. They grew old as Philza watched over them. And then they died like wilting flowers that had once bloomed beautifully.



The process began anew to the ticking clock and Philza had grown suspicious of Dream’s activities. The same thing happened only this time, the lives of his children had begun to grow in similarity to the first version of themselves. The second lifetime was innocent and pure- completely from scratch. But once he was sure that Dream got ahold of that wish, he twisted it. 



Philza was fine with it though.



He had lost his place beside his wife, but he had his children with him. He got to know them better each lifetime as they split their desires and worries to him. Philza ignored the hurt in his heart as he outlived them- remembered each lifetime of them. He was fine though, he’ll see them next time.



Now that Philza was thinking about it, the life that changed everything was during a massive war between four kingdoms. Philza had been hired as a knight and met three others on the battlefield. The blade who had enlisted on his own, the musician who had no other choice, the young soldier who was too young to fight, and Philza the angel of death. They met in secret, all deciding that this wasn't one they wanted to participate in. They all made plans to run away and desert the battle all together.



“Are you happy, Philza?”



hilza stopped his thoughts as he remembered that Theseus was asking something completely out of the ordinary. The boy had curious sparkling blue eyes but there was something hidden underneath the surface. Philza however didn’t have the time to dive deeper into Theseus’s deep ocean. “Of course.” He answered, as long as I am with you all, together like this.



“Oh.” Theseus answered. It didn’t seem to be the answer he was looking for. It was something so simple that Philza had put it off until the day they planned on deserting… They were seen as traitors and began to be slaughtered. Blade stepped forward, using his strength and the power to draw blood to protect his brothers. He was swarmed, cut down in front of Philza’s eyes. The other soldiers went after the weakest but William stepped forward and was slain as well. Then finally little Theseus, holding the dying hand of William rushed forward with blinding fury that in the end his attempts were fruitless.



All Philza did was watch, like he had thousands of times before. He just numbly stared ahead at the ensuing chaos until a small weak grasp clutched his cloak.



“Please…” Came the dying voice of his beloved Theseus. The boy that brought him a family. “Please end this wish.”




Philza groaned in annoyance as the past swarmed up on him. This was all too much and he couldn’t help but be at a loss. He needed his family, it was the only thing that kept him going and yet all had abandoned him once they knew the truth. 


Tommy is the heart, Wilbur is the mind, Technoblade the body and Philza?


He shook his head.



The body can’t function without its heart nor could it control itself without the mind. And both could always find a place with the body. Philza needed to fix this. Slowly, he crept down the hallway that now seemed much darker than he had remembered. The air was chilled, his breaths coming from his mouth shakily. He could feel the strings of his son’s souls distancing themselves from his grasp. Philza grimaced as he pushed open Wilbur’s door.



The curtains flew freely as the wind pushed against it. Rain drizzled inside as Philza kept his gaze on the open window. Not even Wilbur dared to stay near him. With a groan, Philza sat on Wilbur’s messy bed and placed his head in his hands.



You said Eternity.

Chapter Text

Ranboo felt as if something was completely wrong with him.



There were never periods in his life where he never felt in control- Actually, scratch that. His life was usually dictated by what his mother wanted him to do. Good grades, perfect attendance, etc. His mom traveled places, leaving him alone in the house with the expectations that she left behind. But he had others, his friends. 




Something happened at that sleepover that clearly warped his perspective.




Briefly he remembered looking into a mirror at Tubbo’s house. It wouldn’t be surprising if it was cursed or something- It was Tubbo’s house afterall. He was scared though. Something knocked him back a few spaces and chilled him to the bone. 




Ranboo carefully crept to his bathroom where a full body mirror would be hanging off of the door. He had to know if he would see that- whatever he saw again. He pushed open the door, a creak eerily following it. Stepping inside, Ranboo closed his eyes as he gripped the marble countertop. 




“You can do this Ranboo.” Ranboo said, squeezing his eyes even tighter.




Take a deep breath.




And Release.




Ranboo cracked his eyes open and looked into the mirror.




It was his face and all of its distinct features. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him. Ranboo sighed, laughing a bit as if he were crazy. He stumbled out of the bathroom and flopped right onto his bed. Dramatically, he slapped an arm over his eyes as he took deep breaths.



In the corner of his eyes, he could spot his phone on the corner of the bed. Lazily, he reached over and turned it on, the screen eminting in the darkened room. Instinctively, Ranboo scrolled through the phone until he hovered just so slightly over Tubbo’s contact. 




It wouldn’t be so bad to tell someone about this right?




Ranboo clicked on Tubbo’s name and then a small hum echoed around his quiet bedroom.




“What’s up Ranboo!” Came the cheery voice of Tubbo.




He was always so cheery, especially when they were together. Tubbo was always there to comfort Ranboo and make him comfortable in different situations. “Hey Tubbs.” 




“I think I finally escaped Lani’s chores.” Tubbo chuckled. Ranboo could imagine him pretending to swirl his finger around an imaginary phone cord. 




“That’s good.” Ranboo whispered back.




“Hey.” Tubbo squeaked out. “Are you alright?” 




He must’ve caught onto the drained out voice.




“You were acting weird at the sleepover. I’m worried.” Tubbo continued.




Ranboo’s face lit up in surprise. He scrambled over to his desk and ripped out one of his empty notebooks. Quickly he grabbed a pencil and prepared to write into the book.




Hugging the phone against his cheek he asked, “Can you describe how weird I was?”




Ranboo could tell Tubbo shrugged before answering. “Well, you didn’t eat anything first of all. You didn’t even say anything really.” Tubbo cleared his throat. “I don’t know man, you just weren’t with us at all.” 




Ranboo paused from his notetaking and risked a glance back at the bathroom. There was still nothing lingering inside of where the mirrors were located. He sighed, “I actually…” He stopped himself immediately. Would Tubbo think he was crazy? 




There was a low hum from the other side of this phone. “Hey boo.” Tubbo spoke soft and gingerly. He was coaxing Ranboo into a comfortable zone. “You know, you can tell me anything and I won’t judge you, yeah?” 




Ranboo smiled. “I know.” He looked back down at his notebook. He could tell Tubbo because Tubbo was his best friend. “I don’t really remember anything from last night.” 




“Oh.” Tubbo responded dully. 




“Yeah.” Ranboo said, his smile now only a thin line. A few seconds of silence laced over them.




“Is this why you were asking about what happened?” Tubbo asked for a few moments. 




Ranboo nodded before realizing that he was on a phone call. Clearing his throat from his embarrassment, he answered, “Exactly.” 




“Hmmm.” Tubbo seemed to ponder. “You mentioned going to a cafe afterwards with Tommy.” 




Ranboo raised an eyebrow. “Oh.” He seemed intrigued as to why he would go to a cafe with Tommy. Sure, Tommy and him could hangout regularly but he’d hate not to invite Tubbo sometimes. 




He heard a clap of hands before Tubbo responded next. “I’ve got it, boo!”




“Huh?” Ranboo placed his pencil on the notebook and stared at the sloppy notes that he had taken. 




“How about- well, in case this happens again, you write logs of what you did today.” Tubbo said. “So you have reference points. It's kind of like how I take notes on how to tweak my experiments.” 




Ranboo chuckled, whether it was nervous laughter or genuine one, he wasn’t sure. “I already started to take notes on my weird behavior.” 




“Good.” He could practically see Tubbo’s winning smile. “I wasn’t sure if this was going to be puberty part two for you. Your metamorphosis was enough with your long legs, big man.” 




“Tubbo!” Ranboo shrieked. He ran a hand through his face before laughing. “Hey Tubs, thanks.”




“No problem, big man.” There was shuffling heard through the phone. “I’m glad we can find reassurance on your part.” There was a thoughtful moment of silence. “And I’m glad that you can open up to me about some of your own worries.”




Ranboo paused for a few moments before resting his face in a small, gentle smile. “What would I do without you?”




“Absolutely nothing because you clearly need me.” Tubbo joked. 



Ranboo took offence to this, “Wow, little faith huh?”



“Absolutely.” Tubbo responded back. There seemed to be a squabble on Tubbo’s side of the call before Tubbo spoke again. “Lani reminded me that I also have to do my own chores.” There was a groan. “I was really hoping to tease you some more.”



“I think I’m good on the harassment, bee.” Ranboo laughed. “See you at school I guess.” 




“We still have a whole day of the weekend left. Stop reminding me!” Tubbo sighed before saying his own goodbye. “See you then, bye!” 




The call ended shortly after they had said their goodbyes. Ranboo glanced down at his notebook before closing it.  Using a pen he grabbed from his desk, Ranboo scribbled a title for his notebook. ‘Memory book’




Ranboo stood up and placed the notebook on his desk before glancing back at the bathroom. He felt summoned by it, like the thought of checking again was coursing through his mind. Slowly, he took a step forward and walked towards the bathroom. Just before opening the door with his hand, he used his other hand to grab his wrist.



Was checking again really worth it?



He had already cleared himself earlier and that relief was powerful. If he checks again and finds that thing that chilled him, he doesn’t know how that would affect him. 




He released a shaky breath and opened the door anyway. He stepped inside and slowly turned towards the mirror. Nothing. It was his own face again, staring back at him. 




Ranboo let out a sigh of relief as he fell back against the hall. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for but he supposed that it was truly nothing. After a moment of rest, Ranboo pushed himself off of the wall and stood to leave the bathroom. 




Ranboo shouldn’t have looked again. He should’ve been satisfied with his previous checks. But Ranboo dared a glance at the mirror again and his heart stopped in place. It was his face staring back at him, but it was smiling. Ranboo’s own face showed horror at the sight as his reflection smiled back at him. 




Ranboo closed his eyes and collapsed onto the floor, unconscious.



Chapter Text

Tommy felt shitty to say the least.



Single handedly, he split his brother like friends in an instant.



They hated him because of some stupid descion his past life had made. Tommy wasn’t Theseus so it was wrong to blame it all on him.  It wasn’t just them who suffered, he did too! His parents were killed by the universe and in the attempt made against him by Dream. 




His own grandmother was being held hostage at the moment. If he couldn’t end the wish, then his only family left would be considered dead. 




Tommy aggressively kicked a stone on the path in front of him. Why were the adults so stubborn!? Tommy wondered if this was all some petty fight between Philza and Dream. It sounded like the forces of good and evil. But the line splitting between the two seemed blurred together. Philza, the Angel of Death was just as bad as Dream, the God of Rebirth or whatever he was. 




They were playing with actual human lives. Tommy wondered if Theseus awoke one day because he could see that everyone was suffering. Theseus wanted to fix things just as badly as Tommy wanted to. 




Tommy’s jaw clenched tighter at all of the bitter thoughts swirling around his head. He needed space just like everyone else desired. Hopefully, leaving Philza with a shattered family would awake him from his senses. Family meant everything, especially to someone who lost most of theirs. 




Tommy continued to walk towards the hospital where his grandfather and grandmother were. It was just as important for him to check up on them especially after the concerning phone call. He also took a day to cool himself off, the anger from confronting Philza was still circulating through his system. He couldn’t approach any of his friends for a while, at least not the way he is now. The hospital was now coming into view and it looked much more terrifying to him. It seemed dark and gloomy- full of dread at what he was about to witness. 



She’s not getting any better, not unless you fix this.




Tommy now stood before the front doors as they automatically swung open. Taking a deep breath, he stepped inside. His heart pounded in his ears as he heard a commotion in the left wing of the hospital. Grandma’s in the left wing. Tommy shuddered at that thought.




Slightly panicked, Tommy approached the front desk where Niki was.




Niki seemed to be on the phone again, trying to calmly tell someone something. She paused immediately mid-sentence when she locked eyes with Tommy. “Excuse me.” She whispered timidly into the phone before putting it on hold. “Tommy.”




“Niki.” Tommy responded, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. Was the commotion about his sick grandmother? He shouldn’t jump to conclusions, this is a hospital where there are plenty of other patients. 




Niki let out a deep breath as she stood up and walked around the counter to be beside Tommy. “Hey, Tommy.” 



Tommy didn’t know why he sniffled.  He wasn’t crying was he? He was a big man, especially when he was in front of a lady. 




“Mr.Innit informed me.” She spoke softly. She gently placed a hand on his shoulder and looked at him with her nurturing eyes. Niki caught his gaze which lingered on the torrent of footsteps in the left wing, as if there was an emergency health situation. Niki sighed, her eyes dipped down. “That’s not about her, Tommy.”




Tommy looked up at her, relief flooding his system. “Really?” He was almost afraid to ask. He was afraid if this gentle relief that overcame him would shatter instantaneously by a few extra words. 




“Really.” Niki nodded. “She’s stabilized. However, she’s in the ICU now.”



The intensive care unit. Tommy practically paled, that was not good at all. Well, for now, at least she was alive. “Can I… Can I go see her?” He asked.




“Yes, but she’s still asleep.” Niki informed him. “Do you need me to walk you?”




“No.” Tommy shook his head. “You do have a phone call to get back to.” He laughed a bit.




Niki smiled back too. “I suppose I do. It’s farther down the left wing, just to the right. Room 138. Alright, Tommy, see you.”




“Bye.” Tommy whispered back. He turned on his heel, stuffing his hands into his pockets. He walked towards the left wing hallway that was deemed way more dim than he had remembered. Before he had childishly touched the walls, but now he was afraid of it as if it was covered in thorns. He was getting closer and closer to where his grandmother was. 




He’d been in this hospital before, taking physical therapy. It looked almost similar to the one where he went after the crash. He remembered being carted away down similar hallways like this. He remembered screaming for his mom and dad because they weren’t with him. He was a scared boy who had just been happily laughing with them moments earlier. 




He turned right, looking down the now looming hallway. He staggered slightly, shaking as his feet echoed around the seemingly quiet hallway.




109… Tommy was getting closer and closer to that room.




115… Tommy felt slightly dizzy from his stress.




125… Tommy wasn’t ready to face the consequences of Theseus.




130… Eight more rooms then he will see the result of the petty squabble between gods.




137… Why are things left for Tommy to deal with? Why was he only sixteen and felt the weight of the world on his shoulders?



138. Time is infinite while lives are cut short. 




He stood outside of the room, staring at the door with a heavy despair.



This was it.




It was time to face the reminder. Tom, Theseus, and Tommy were all together at that moment, staring at that door while the burden lingered heavily on their shoulders. Slowly, Tom faded into a dust of particles soon followed by Theseus. It was just Tommy now, carrying the torch of lives. 




Tommy took a deep breath and knocked on the door. 




It was only a few seconds before his grandfather opened the door, but it felt like centuries. It felt as if he grew older and older, waiting by death’s door. Philza loved death herself and apparently she was like a mother figure to them. It was at this moment that Tommy wouldn’t have minded joining her warm embrace. Or would it be cold and lifeless as a corpse? Tommy wouldn’t know. 




“Tommy.” His grandfather greeted him, stepping aside to let Tommy inside of the room. Tommy nodded weakly as he stepped inside. His grandfather must’ve noticed his tear streaked face and darkened eyes. 




Tommy slowly walked inside and his eyes widened at the sight of his grandmother. She was hooked up to an oxygen tank and had so many- Tommy gulped. She did not look good at all but at least she was breathing. Tommy slowly moved towards her bedside and slid into a seat beside her bed.



Shakily, he grabbed her weak limp hand and held it. It was still warm. Tommy’s eyes began to prick with tears again as he slowly rested his head against her hand. She was still alive. Tommy didn’t know when he started to bawl, but the relief was so immense to him that he cracked open. 




His grandfather stepped out of the room to leave Tommy bawling beside his grandmother. But Tommy could hear it too, his grandfather was crying. His heart panged and that was when Tommy fully realized how much he was going to lose. 




“I tried to end the curse.” Tommy could hear the whispers of Dream. He remembered that moment at the table in the cafe where Dream had revealed a method to end the curse. “You could just end it.”



He could. Tommy could just end it right?



That would fix everything. His grandmother would live, Wilbur and Techno could get better, and Theseus’ wish wouldn’t be a mistake anymore. Tommy would own up to the many past lives. He would die a hero, just like Theseus’ story. 




It was the only solution he could think of. Maybe then will he be welcomed into the arms of Death herself. Finally he would find the renowned peace his soul has been begging for since the dawn his wish was made.




Tommy stood up and didn’t glance back at his grandmother as he left the room. His grandfather was busy being comforted by Dr.Ponk as he silently sobbed into his hands. Tommy walked farther and farther from them until he found himself by the stairs. Numbly, he pushed open the door and began the great climb. 




It was just him in the staircase. Leaving the first floor until he reached the second and then the third. Then finally, one more arching staircase would lead to the roof. He pushed open the door and a gust of wind blew through his hair. Before it would playfully push his blonde curls but now, it was rather harsh and cold. As if warning him to stop now. But he couldn’t, not when so many important people depended on him.




Tommy took a step forward. The roof was vast and rather empty. Just ahead of the small ledge and to Tommy’s disappointment a large fence to keep others from falling off. Tommy approached it and leaned into the fence, holding it tightly in his hands. Theseus died by falling off of a cliff and it almost made him wonder how the past Theseus, the one who took the name and was originally known as Tom, had died.




Beyond the hospital roof was a rather stunning view of the town that he had stayed in. He could see the park where Wilbur had asked out Sally. At the peak of the horizon he could make it to Craft High School. More importantly, somewhere out there was home. A place where his grandparents raised his parents and in turn opened their arms out towards Tommy. 




“Are you happy?” Another vision was coming onto him, except all faces were clear to him. He could see Philza sitting next to him at the campfire. It seemed to have caught the old man off guard but he answered nonetheless.




“Yes.” It felt as if he had more to say but he summed it all up into one lie. 




Tommy, no Theseus frowned at this. He knew that it was a lie because he had a dream once. A dream of a united family living out a happy life and hoping to see each other again in the next life. It was a hope ignited by the gods and set course by the universe. 




“I hope we can just run off together and live out our days together.” Theseus, the warrior one said. Tommy knew that this one was the one that tried to change the wish, the one that remembered. “We can reach a happy ending like in the stories.”




Philza seemed to think for a moment. “Yeah.” He ruffled Theseus’ hair, “Like in the stories.”




The memory dissipated and Tommy was still staring off into the town beyond the fenced roof. Everyone wanted a happy ending and just one move on Tommy’s part could make it happen. Perhaps the vision was telling him something. 




Tommy gripped the fence and began to pull himself upwards. He reached out another hand and gripped it at a higher place. The top of the fence was getting closer and just one more reach and he would be over it. That desperate reach was cut short as a hand was placed on his shoulder.


Tommy overlooking City


“It’s not your time to die yet, Tommy.” 




Tommy went limp against the fence and hit his head against the wires. “It’s never my time to die.” 




Slowly he was gently pulled away from the fence and sat down on one of the cement blocks on the roof. Beside him was Ranboo but Tommy knew better than to think it was actually Ranboo. Dream had possessed his friend again, but to stop him. Tommy was slightly thankful for that. Some raw emotion came over him and he just acted. His mind was clouded in emotions which left no room to think. 




“Thank you.” Tommy whispered to Dream.




Dream, in Ranboo’s body, places a gentle calculated hand on his shoulder. “I’m your friend Tommy.” 




Tommy’s heart panged with some unfamiliar feeling. Even if others turned their backs on Tommy, at least he still had Dream. “Yeah.” He smiled back weakly. 




Dream gave Tommy a blank expression before speaking again. “Is she your grandmother?” 




Tommy pulled his legs close to his chest and nodded. “Yeah, she’s doing worse.” Tommy stared forward at the fence he had just attempted to climb. Tommy blinked a couple of times, trying to clear out the tears that blurred his vision. Once he was focused, he asked, “Did you know Theseus?” 




Dream paused, removing his hand from Tommy’s shoulders. “Not personally.” He gazed upwards towards the clearing sky. “He saw me once. It was the Tommy that remembered everything for the first time.” 




Tommy turned his head to look at Dream who seemed to be lost in old memories. 




Dream sighed, “I might’ve triggered something in him. I mean, I was the one pulling the strings.” Dream lifted his hand and faintly Tommy could see translucent green threads. “Not anymore though. Philza has those strings that connect to you.” 




Tommy slowly released his legs as he began to feel intrigued about the information Dream was dropping. “Why do you hate Philza?” 




Dream visibly bristled. He turned to Tommy and Tommy stared back into the eyes of Ranboo. “Like Philza, I wasn’t always a god.” 




Tommy’s eyes widened.




“The difference between us was that while I worked hard to earn the attention of Dream XD… Philza easily won the heart of Death.”




With childish innocence, Tommy asked, “Did you like her?”




Dream laughed. “Goodness no.” Dream turned away. “I don’t know, I guess I was jealous. Like how there is always good vs evil- there is life vs death. Dream XD is the master of life and took me and my siblings in. As you can tell, gods can be petty in drastic ways since we basically live forever.” 




Tommy sunk into himself feeling defeated. “We aren’t play things.” Tommy muttered. “You took us as collateral damage. It was a fight between you and Philza. The two of you should’ve resolved it like adults.”




“Theseus was rather mature for the raw age of fifteen back when he was a warrior for a grand war.” Dream smiled, leaning slightly backwards. “He sucked up his dignity when seeing his old friend suffer. Despite being a rambunctious child,”




“Not a child.” Tommy commented out of instinct.




Dream ignored him in favor of continuing, “He was kind spirited. The dawn of the new morning he begged at his fathers feet. A frightened animal who had watched its brethren be slain by the predators begged to one savior only to be ignored.” He seemed amused now and Tommy shuddered at that fact. “Philza has always been surrounded by death. He has slain many under the watchful command of his lover. It was a sad fact to be accustomed to seeing the torment of those he loved.” 




“That one’s on you.” Tommy muttered. “You only raised us up to die.. Like livestock.” 




“Unlike a real god, Philza still had a human heart. The only thing that makes him different, really, are his wings.” Dream stroked his chin in thought. “Perhaps..” Dream’s smile broadened as the idea seeped into his head. “We rid him of his wings.” 




“Wait.” Tommy inhaled sharply. “Does getting rid of his wings free us?” Hope was shimmering brightly inside of his eyes. 




Dream turned to look at him, his eyes reflecting the fire burning within Tommy’s. “The wings make him immortal. Removing it makes him ordinary.. Making him unfit to hold the threads.” 




“Holy shit.” Tommy’s heart hammered inside of his chest rapidly. There was still a chance to own up to everything. He could save his family- everyone. He could live on as Tommy and no one else. “How do we get rid of his wings?”




Dream visibly grimaced. “Well, Tommy…”




Tommy’s excitement immediately doubled down. It was never going to be easy. 




“The only person capable of doing that is…” Dream frowned. “Kristin, death herself. She isn't very fond of me to say the least.” 




Tommy groaned. “Great. Of course it's the one person you made an enemy of for targeting her husband.” Tommy dipped his head slightly in defeat. “If the solution is her then why hasn’t she already done something to end his suffering? I mean it must hurt knowing her husband weeps every time his children- I die, right?” 




“Removing his wings makes him mortal.” Dream answered. “Mortality means eternal death. It would be sentencing her husband to meet her when he is truly dead.”




Tommy winced slightly. “That's tragic. But, it’s necessary isn’t it?” 




“It is.” Dream said. “However, she won’t dare to listen to anything I have to say. Perhaps my master Dream XD could get through to her.”




“This communication thing is a bit complicated isn’t it?” Tommy deadpanned. Petty gods were the absolute worst. 




“If this is going to work, we’ll need everyone gathered. Your little family knows Philza better than anyone. In his momentary weakness, we could lure him into a dream.” 




“A dream?” Tommy raised an eyebrow. 




“Dream XD specializes in those. Actually, there is a way he can assist you.” Dream stood up and stretched, using Ranboo’s body. “I heard that he’s made a new friend here. Someone with the spiritual capabilities to harbor gods in his dreams. A better puppet than this one.” Dream gestured to Ranboo. “Through that young man, Kristin could probably appear.” 




That sounded like good news to Tommy. “I can Philza and you have to get Kristin, somehow. You are going to help me right?” Tommy narrowed his eyes suspiciously towards Dream as if expecting the god to betray him. 




“If I’m ever to be forgiven, yes.” Dream answered, almost offended by the suspicion. Although he deserved it. 




“And you should leave Ranboo’s body.” Tommy demanded. “As you’ve stated, it's not safe. If there’s someone better use them.” 




“Fine.” Dream muttered. “By dawn, just like how the wish started at the rise of the new day.”




“Rome wasn’t created in a day, but fell in one.” Tommy muttered, it was something Technoblade would’ve said. “It’s time to fucking end this.” 




Dream smiled fondly before ruffling Tommy’s hair playfully. “Everyone really does find you annoying at first.” He commented and Tommy replied with a sharp, ‘HEY!’ Dream closed his eyes and faded out of Ranboo’s body and disappeared into thin air. Ranboo’s body collapsed against Tommy’s and Tommy held him steady.




“Tommy?” Ranboo muttered weakly in confusion. “Wait, I did it again.” Ranboo pushed himself off of Tommy and looked around. “A hospital?” 




Tommy bit his lip. “Yeah.”




Ranboo turned to look at him with a sharp fixated gaze. “You know something. Every time this has happened so far, it’s been with you.” 




Tommy rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah, I can explain because you do have a right to know.” He then gripped Ranboo’s shoulders and looked him right in the eyes. “I need your help, Ranboo.” Tommy slumped his head against his friend’s shoulder. “I know that I’m supposed to do this alone because it was my mistake but I need someone, who doesn’t currently hate me.” 




Ranboo knit his eyebrows together. “Who hates you? Quackity?” 




Tommy shook his head, “Today has been rough, more than what you could ever believe.” Tommy lifted his head to give Ranboo a weak smile. “Remember that project?”




Ranboo nodded slowly. 




“Well, apparently, I’m some reincarnation of the ‘exiled’ boy. I know it sounds crazy but you have to believe me.” Tommy turned away to look beyond the fence again. Somewhere out there were the other counterparts of this wish. This was going to be a battle between Philza and Tommy. He hated the fact that he was asking Ranboo to help him with something his past life did but at least he wasn’t going to drag Techno or Wilbur into it. “You were being possessed by Dream, the one who cursed the wish.” Tommy risked a glance back at Ranboo, his friend’s expression unreadable. “It makes no sense, but you’ll have to take my word for it.”




Tommy was practically pleading with Ranboo. It was clearly a summarized version of events but Ranboo could clearly see the toll it had on Tommy. Tommy looked different, more mature if anything for a sixteen year old. There were deepened bags under Tommy’s eyes and his face was puffy from tears. 




“I’ll take your word for it.” Ranboo said. He trusted Tommy as much as he trusted Tubbo. “What do you need help with?”




Tommy glanced upwards towards the shimmering sun that was dipping down on the horizon. “I have to end this. No matter what, things have to come to an end. The wish of eternity should just be a tale and nothing else.”




Chapter Text

George’s dreams have never once been ordinary.



George dreamed often because sleeping was his favorite hobby of his. George never found himself involved in things because often, his sleep schedule interfered with outside events.



It's not exactly healthy but no one has ever really minded.



Wilbur, Sapnap, Schaltt, Karl, and Quackity were all playing another game of cards late into the night. It has become an annual event for them ever since they rekindle their friendship. Clearly, it had helped Wilbur ever since he ran away from home. George stifled an in-coming yawn as his eyes began to droop. How anyone had the energy to continue on with gambling was his guess. 



The cheers and groans from his friends faded out as he closed his eyes. 



When he awoke again, he was sitting on a patch of dirt and his body was half splayed out on a giant mushroom. The mushroom was rather comfortable and George stretched, quite pleased with this new sleeping arrangement. Upon his head was a giant red mushroom cap and he wore his signature round glasses. The chirping of the birds in the surrounding forest lulled him in a sense of comfort. A light breeze provided the perfect temperature and the trees lightly shaded him from the morning sun. 




“George.” The soft voice of his friend whispered to gently wake up George. George often dreamed up this masked fellow with an XD carved onto the porcelain mask. They talked often in dreams and were actually best friends (In George’s opinion). 




“Mmm.” George hummed in response, his mind quite foggy from another lapse of sleep. What did his friend want to do this time? This place that his mind had conjured up was full of possibilities and George was fascinated to explore it… once he had decided to actually get up instead. 




“George.” XD whispered, gently nudging George. “You need to get up.”




“Five more minutes.” George nuzzled his face into the mushroom, refusing to get up. This place was much more comfortable than his real bed and he practically lived in his bed twenty-four seven. 




XD remained silent before sitting gently on the mushroom next to George’s head. XD looked out, gazing upon the morning sun as it rose into the sky, blessing the forest with its light. Ahead of them was a small lake where many critters were drinking upon the pure waters. This place was pure freedom and garnered many dreams. 




“George.” XD whispered, it’s voice now mixing with slight sadness as the sun cast shadows over it’s mask. “Something big is going to happen.”




“So?” George raised his head slightly. “Does it have anything to do with us?”




XD looked down slightly, just keeping the brown hair on George’s head in view. “Your destiny is getting intermingled with others.”




“This is all just a dream anyways.” George mumbled, stretching as he sat up. “Stop being cryptic and just tell me, XD.” 



“This place is filled with life.” XD glanced towards the many woodland creatures and forests of massive plants. “This is what I conjured up just for the both of us. It is selfish of me to keep bringing you back here.”



George raised an eyebrow at XD’s sudden emotions. “What do you mean? These are my dreams.”




XD shook his head. “It's my fault that you spend most of your days asleep here with me. You were a peculiar boy that I stumbled upon with spiritual energy like no other.” 




“Uh huh. Stop being weird XD.” George crossed his arms, refusing to acknowledge his friend’s strange behavior. This was all just a dream, it was his dream, and everything in here belonged to him. 




XD’s shoulders slumped as it fiddled with its fingers. “George.” XD turned around to completely face George. A golden light emanated from his body as a golden pair of wings spread out from XD’s back. “This place is far from your control. I created this place for us, to play and talk- be ourselves. I’ve been bringing you here by making you fall asleep.”



George scrunched up his face. “No, I’ve just been tired.” The teenager was in denial. 




“George.” XD whispered for the millionth time. George glared up at the deity. “You have a whole life ahead of you and I’ve kept you from living it to its fullest.” 




George blinked slowly. 




“The truth is George, I’m the master of life.” XD said, outstretching a hand towards George. “And you have the special ability to garner us.” 




“Us?” George asked, trying to peer behind XD. 




XD closed his hand and brought it back to his chest. The beautiful landscape and forest vanished in an instant. George yelped and looked around frantically. Behind XD were several other figures emerging from the shadows. 




“My students.” XD gestured to the now clear figures. There was a golden totem with a shark fin, standing tall and regal. George got pharaoh vibes upon closer inspection. Beside the totem was a young girl with a porcelain mask like XD. It had a smiling face and her golden hair had grown out long. Then finally, there was a taller figure with the same kind of mask as the girl. “Foolish,” XD gestured to the totem who nodded in response. “Drista,” The girl waved slightly. “And Dream.” the other masked figure just stared at George. 



“Uh, hello?” George waved sheepishly. He pleadingly glanced at XD, “What is going on?” George was beginning to panic. 




XD looked at the human child, examining him as if he was an experiment. Perhaps, the god was too quick with the explanations. Human minds were weird and hard to decipher. “George.”




“Don’t George me, XD. I need more proper explanations!” George demanded before bristling at the glare he received from Foolish. 




XD put a hand up, ceasing Foolish’s anger. “Once upon a time, my student acted out without the guidance of his master.” XD glanced back at Dream who flinched at the sudden attention. “He has been working for a very long time to fix the endeavor.” XD was careful with his words. He had learned after talking with George for so long that he could communicate to the mortals in a decent and comprehensible way. 



“. . .And?” George prompted. He took a step back, slightly worried what this was leading to. 




“We require your assistance, George.” XD finished. 



“And if you’re a god, you should be able to do anything, right? What can I, a colorblind kid in high school, even do for you?” George crossed his arms, glaring daggers at his friend. 




“Your body is susceptible to channeling. In other words, we need to borrow it.” 




George’s eyes widened, immediately moving his hands protectively onto his body. “What!?” 



XD just stared forward, confused by George’s suddenly defensive behavior. 




Dream snickered from behind XD before stepping forward, “May I explain?” 




XD glanced back at its student, carefully examining him for any ill intentions. Shortly after, XD nodded his approval. Dream stepped forward into the light and faced George. “I’m sure you're familiar with the names Wilbur, Techno, Tommy, and Phil?”




George’s eyes practically bulged out of his head in realization. “Wilbur mentioned about being some reincarnation… And that he was being targeted by another masked fellow.” Heat raised to George’s face as he pointed an accusatory finger towards Dream. “You!” 




Dream rolled his eyes from underneath the mask. “Point is, I've been working with Tommy to end the wish I honored. I interfered with the work of my master and to fix the mistake, the universe weaved itself around them.” 



George looked down slightly. “Now I’m going to sound just as crazy.” 




“I found a solution to the problem.” Dream explained further.




“Wilbur wants to end it.” George echoed back. 



“And to end it.” Dream insinuated. 




George looked down at himself. “You need me.” 




“Good.” Dream clapped his hands together. “We’re on the same page.” 




George looked down towards the shadowy ground of this new environment. Ripples of water were forming rings around his feet as he stared down at his reflection. Underneath him, frighteningly enough was a ghost-like figure of himself. “You need me.” George repeated. He then dared a glance at XD as George knitted his brows together. “Is this the last thing you want of me?” 




XD remained silent for a moment before responding. “Yes.” 




George’s shoulders slumped and tears brimmed in his eyes. “Does helping you mean that I won’t dream of you anymore? Is that why you said I have a whole life ahead of me?” 




XD approached George and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “George, I realized what I have to do in order to allow you to prosper. It was wrong of me to leave you in a constant state of exhaustion. You deserve the world.” 



“But, I.” George’s lip quivered. “I like our talks. Our adventures. My dream and your world.”




“George.” XD moved it’s hand to gently cuff George’s cheek. It was as if it was nurturing a small child. “I don’t want to go anywhere but all dreams must come to an end.” 




“And everyone has to wake up.” A voice of a woman as fog emitted into the dark chambers of the world. George looked up to see a mistress in a long black dress and a veil that covered her face. It was like she was dressed as a widow. “George.” She said softly, moving to stand beside XD. “I am death herself.” She stood tall and regal over George. 




George’s eyes swirled with an unfamiliar feeling. He was in the presence of the forces that combated each other in a cycle that kept the world going. He was someone special amongst them. 



The woman reached out and grabbed George’s loose hand. “George, I woke up too and it hurts.” The veil lifted slightly to reveal the somber amber eyes of death. They might’ve shined no light but George could see the murky waters that had layers of feelings underneath. “So please, let me wake up someone else.”




George passed a pleading look to XD. “So, helping you all will make me more awake? Will it make me forget you over time?” George was desperate, more awake inside of this dreamscape than he had ever been. 




George remembered running through the field of flowers in the dreamscape with XD. He remembered falling onto the soft grass and looking up to the sun shining onto them. He felt more alive here than he did outside. Outside meant the same old repetitive days with Quackity instilling his power and them getting into trouble. It meant facing the expectations of adulthood. George didn’t feel prepared for that. Experiencing the magical dreams with XD was a much better alternative. It made him less receptive to the world, never bothered by the outside and yet, always an opportunity to be free in the dream. 




“Not forget.” The woman replied, rubbing his hand gently. She was like a mother, nurturing for her babies when things got more difficult. And that's what George felt like. He felt like a young child hating the fact that things were changing. “An opportunity to meet new people around you. Sapnap wanted to film with you, right?”



George visibly bristled. “How do you know that?!”




She chuckled. “I know a lot of things, George.” She released the boy and took a couple steps back. “You see, when you’re a dreamer, you tend to forget what's real and what's your imagination.” 




George frowned. His body began to tremble a bit and he dashed towards XD and wrapped his arms around the deity. “Just because I wake up doesn’t mean I won’t stop dreaming! Even if you can’t show it, I know you’ll miss me as much as I will miss you.” 




XD looked down at George and reciprocated the hug. They were friends, friends that would be parting soon. 




“I’ll do this.” George said after a few moments as he pulled away from the hug. He rubbed a bit of his eyes before looking at Death with fierce determined eyes. “XD saved me from my nightmares and I intend to repay the favor.” 



“Thank you.” She whispered and gave a curt nod. Her eyes danced towards Dream, sending him a piercing glare. Dream stepped back, hands up in mock surrender. Her eyes fell back on George. “Whenever you're ready.”




George let himself look at XD’s mask once more. “I’ll wake up now.” 



A blinding white light blocked George’s vision as he felt himself falling deeper into a numbing sleep. His body felt heavy and his eyes drooped close. However, his heart beat kept a constant flow and George could swear that he could see a red thread. Yes, he was supposed to follow that thread, he just knew it. So he did.



Wilbur placed down his cards disappointed at his loss.



It was clear to everyone that Schlatt was winning all of these games and there was no longer any point in gambling with real money anymore. Wilbur leaned back, exhaling a long and drawn out sigh. In the corner of his eye he could see the sleeping body of George. 



“I am not betting my friendship rings, Schlatt.” Quackity argued for the millionth time that night.



“I’m just saying that it's the most valuable thing you have on you at the moment.” Schlatt replied coily. 



“Back off Schlatt, you're just jealous you can’t match with us, Karlnapity.” Sapnap retorted, a huge grin splayed out onto his face. 




Karl stifled his giggles with his hand as he watched the two argue. 



Suddenly, much to everyone’s surprise, George’s body sat up at what seemed to be the speed of light. Wilbur jumped back at the now awake George. Awake was an understatement apparently. Upon closer inspection, his eyes were closed. 



“Uh, George?” Sapnap whispered, slightly worried at George’s strange behavior.



George ignored them and stood up, not speaking a single word to the group. George took a step forward and just for a moment it seemed like his whole body was going to fall to the side.



“Holy shit, is he sleep walking?” Quackity asked, getting to his feet immediately. 



“Or he’s been possessed.” Schlatt shrugged. Karl gasped slightly and Sapnap shot a glare at Schlatt. “What? It's just a suggestion.” 



George took another step forward, his body swaying side to side with each step. Before any of the boys could process it, George had left the vicinity.



“Shit.” Quackity paled, shooting towards the exit of the bar. “We need to wake him up!” 



The other boys copied Quackity’s look of alarm and sprinted after him. A sleepwalking George in a train station was not a good combination. Frantically, the boys looked around trying to spot their friend who clearly had a destination in mind. 




“Over there!” Karl informed, pointing towards the stairs leading out of the station. Together, Wilbur ran with his friends to catch up with George who had now increased his pace. Where was George going? And how on earth was he still asleep!?




Using his long legs, Wilbur lengthened his stride. He wasn’t as physically athletic nor was he as energetic as his younger friends but he was determined to reach George. Sleep walking out late in the night was extremely dangerous. If there was one characteristic that Wilbur appreciated from William, it was the fact that no matter what he would be there for his friends in their time of need. It was George’s turn this time. 



Wilbur sprinted, reaching a hand out. His facial expression was riddled with fierce determination that burned brightly inside of him. His hands clasped onto George’s arm and a look of victory spread across his fast. “I got him!” He alerted his friends.




George was cold. That was the first thing Wilbur realized the more he held onto George. George also kept trying to walk forward as if he had to get somewhere no matter what. And finally, George was muttering something underneath his breath.



Wilbur stilled, listening to the soft and frantic voice of George. “I have to find him. Need to wake up. Need to save him. His family.” It was a bunch of rambling meshed together but Wilbur knew better. Slowly, he felt his fingers releasing George’s arms and he watched as his friend took off again.



Sapnap ran up beside him and glared. “You let him go!” 



Wilbur’s mouth was slightly parted before he answered. “George. I think he figured something out.”




“Wilbur?” Sapnap questioned as the others caught up to them. 




“We need to follow him but not stop him.” Wilbur ordered as he began to follow George. “He has something to do with the curse, I’m sure.” 




The other’s widened their eyes in shock before stumbling after Wilbur. Whatever happened, could only be something good in the eyes of Wilbur. For George, however, it is a dream, stumbling around in a maze of white to try and save death’s beloved.


Chapter Text

Tubbo felt as if he was missing something big.



It was one of those moments when you lay awake at night and wonder what was going on in your life.



Right now, Tubbo felt a bit restless. Ranboo had called about something rather concerning so he was obviously worried there. But then again, Tommy had suddenly gone no contact since the sleepover. Hell, not even Wilbur has responded to anything. Life had continued on for a few days and everyone seemed to have pointedly forgotten about each other. 




Tubbo squeezed his eyes shut, pulling in the hurtful memories that he felt in those few days. He remembered greeting Tommy and Ranboo at school per usual, “Hello!” Tubbo’s mouth was splayed into a huge grin, completely unaware of the events that had passed. 



Tommy met his eyes if only for a moment before he looked away, his expression unreadable. Tubbo couldn’t help the sting of hurt that shot through him right at that moment. Ranboo gave him an apologetic smile. And that was that, they left him.



Class was no different and Tubbo’s energy was depleting. He felt himself sink into his seat every time a failed attempt at making Tommy smile was made. 



When lunch came around, Tubbo thought this would be the perfect opportunity to recover. He approached the usual place where they sat and was quite disappointed by the lack of Wilbur or Techno. Ranboo and Tommy were already there, discussing something but immediately quieted down as soon as Tubbo approached. 



Tubbo relaxed his tense shoulders trying to show his friends that he wasn’t offended. “Hey.” His voice came out weak. 



“Hey Tubbo.” Ranboo greeted back, a soft smile protruding from his lips. 



“Hi, Tubbo.” Tommy finally said. He sounded awful and in the light of the afternoon, the bags under his eyes were apparent. To say the least, he looked like shit. “We were just discussing something in private .” 



Oh. His expression must’ve dropped as he got the memo. “Alright.” It seemed strain and his grip tightened around his tray of food. “I’ll leave you two to your private discussion then.” 



Ranboo looked like he was about to say anything to keep Tubbo there but Tubbo could see Tommy’s hand holding Ranboo firm. So Tubbo turned away, his throat constricting as the bubbling hurt ruptured from his chest. He was hoping they would go after him, but they didn’t. Instead, they bickered amongst themselves.



“Tell him.”



“It’s to keep him safe, Ranboo.”



It wasn’t just an off chance day. Tubbo would watch from a distance as they sat at the spot that belonged to him too. He watched as they debated something. He watched and realized how much he had depended on his friends. A ringing noise filled his ears as his eyes watered. While Wilbur and Techno may be gone, he still had a right to be beside Ranboo and Tommy.  So why did they cast him away?



Tubbo was out of the loop on something. Tubbo hated that. He hugged his precious Michael close to his chest as he blinked away the events of the week. They had all made a promise to tell each other things. And yet, they still choose to push each other away and break that promise. Tubbo couldn’t let this continue on like this. Decidedly, Tubbo jumped to his feet and glanced out his window.



“If you’re thinking of sneaking out again,” Tubbo flinched in surprise at the sound of his sister’s voice. “You’ll need someone to distract the parents right?” Tubbo had expected Lani to tell on him but he smiled softly at her offer of assistance.



“I need to check up on them, you know?” Tubbo said, already packing his backpack of supplies. (plenty of stink bombs, never too little) 



“Yeah, I know. The power of friendship and all.” Lani responded by turning away from Tubbo’s bedroom. “Good luck and come back safely Tubbs.” 



“Thank you, Lani.” Tubbo said as he slid open the window. The wind blew into his face as he climbed onto the window sill and stepped into the yard. Tubbo then pulled out his phone, turning on the flashlight in the dark. Carefully, he used the light to leave the yard and was now on the sidewalk. Not far from here would be Tommy’s house. That was the best place to start in his investigation. 



He was there standing before the house where one of his best friends lived. It looked old and run down. But to Tommy, Tubbo knew, that it was homely to his friend. He stepped forward, shuffling his feet on the concrete path to the front porch. Once he was at the front door, Tubbo nervously waited before lifting a fist to knock on the door.


Knock, knock, knock.


Tubbo stepped back, holding the straps of his bag tightly as he waited. Almost immediately a light turned on in the house and Tubbo waited in silence. The door began to creak open, revealing Tommy’s grandfather. The relief on the old man’s face fell almost immediately at the sight of Tubbo.



“Uh,” Tubbo suddenly felt like he wasn’t supposed to be here at all. “Hello, Mr.Innit. Is, uh, Tommy here?” Tubbo cringed slightly at his stuttering. 



“He isn’t with you?” Tommy’s grandfather responded.



Tubbo’s heart dropped. “What?” He was absolutely exasperated. 



“I thought.” Tommy’s grandfather was clearly panicked. Tubbo felt bad, understanding that Tommy’s grandfather must feel like a terrible guardian for not knowing Tommy’s whereabouts. “He suddenly left so I thought…” 



All of Tubbo’s worries about the sudden no-contact seemed to have come true. Tommy was rather clingy and texted them practically everyday. They planned schemes together and got Ranboo to be a rebellious teenager with them. But now? He was gone. 



Ranboo. Maybe Ranboo knew something.



Immediately, Tubbo whipped out his phone and dialed Ranboo. 



“Please pick up.” Tubbo pleaded as Mr.Innit stood in the doorway watching. 



The number you have dialed is currently unavailable.



Unavailable. Damnit. 



“Shit.” Tubbo muttered. He looked up at Tommy’s grandfather with worried eyes. “I’ll go looking for him.” 



Tommy’s grandfather gave Tubbo a look of shock. “It’s late, you should be home.”



“Don’t, I’m determined.” Tubbo raised a hand to shush Tommy’s grandfather. “You need to be here because who knows if Tommy returns home.”



Tommy’s grandfather looked like he was about to say more but Tubbo turned away, dialing Ranboo’s phone number again. He was met with the same automated message telling him that Ranboo wouldn’t be answering his phone. 



A sudden memory bursted its way into Tubbo’s mind. Ranboo had told him today about random instances where he felt like he had no control over himself. Like he was sleep walking with no recollection. Now Tubbo was extremely worried about two idiots. 



“Fuck!” Tubbo shrieked as he speed dialed Tommy. 



“Hello.” Tubbo’s face lit up at the response before it was followed by. “Haha I got you. I am currently unavailable. Big man doing big things, you know the drill. Talk after the beep yada yada.” 



Tubbo gripped his phone tightly. He was going to have a talk with Tommy about this afterwards. What on earth could they both be doing right now? Without him?  



Who could help Tubbo? Tubbo couldn’t drive- he was banned because he crashed his parent’s car. Technoblade wouldn’t answer because he didn’t have a phone. Maybe Tommy was over at Phil’s house. Tommy liked to hangout at the Soot home. It was farther from here though. 



Tubbo desperately scrolled through his contacts on his phone before it landed on his trusted babysitter. Purpled . Please be the only reliable one, Tubbo mentally pleaded. 



“Sup.” Came the voice of Purpled as he answered the phone. Tubbo wanted to melt with relief because someone answered their phone for once. 



“Can you drive?” Tubbo frantically asked.



“Uh yeah, why?” Purpled asked cautiously. 



“I need your help. Can you drive me somewhere?” Tubbo quickly said.



“It sounds like you're on the run or something.” Purpled chuckled nervously on the other side of the call. 



Tubbo quickly said the address he was at without making any indication he heard Purpled’s comment. 



“Alright, I trust you, but you owe me got it!” Tubbo heard Purpled yell. “See you in five.” 



“See you and thank you, really, big man.” Tubbo said.



“Yeah, yeah!” The call ended immediately after. 



True to Purpled’s words, the revving of a motorcycle  was heard and before Tubbo knew it, Purpled pulled up beside Tubbo. Purpled wore a black helmet as he sat on a purple motorcycle. It was rather epic, if you asked Tubbo. 



“Hop on.” Tubbo heard Purpled say from underneath the helmet. 



Tubbo immediately followed the order and sat behind Purpled. Reluctantly, he wrapped his arms around Purpled’s waist as Purpled excitedly revved the vehicle. 



“Fun fact.” Purpled said as he took off with the car. “This is my brother’s motorcycle.” 



“And?” Tubbo said louder than usual so his voice could be heard over the motor. 



“He’s gonna kill me for this!” Purpled responded with a laugh. “So you’re paying for the funeral, Tubbo!” 



They continued on the road, Tubbo directing Purpled towards Phil’s house. When they slowly pulled up in front of the house, they noticed that all of the lights were off. It was like there was no life inside of the house at all. It was an empty shell of what life had previously been inside. Dead, cold, the opposite of homely. A shudder ran through Tubbo.



“Is this the place?” Purpled asked.



“Yeah, but it doesn’t look like anyone’s home, like at all.” Tubbo responded, staring at the house intently. For one, he knew that Technoblade never slept. And if Tommy was truly there, the house would never be quiet. 



“Loop around the neighborhood?” Tubbo suggested and the motorcycle was on the road again. They passed by each house and there seemed to be no activity. However, when they began to slowly pull up to the house again, the door opened, revealing Phil.



“Stop.” Tubbo whispered and Purpled stopped the vehicle a little bit aways from the house. Tubbo narrowed his eyes, watching as Phil closed the door behind him, leaving the house almost immediately after. Phil was acting sus and Tubbo played enough Among Us to know what a suspicious individual looked like. 




Phil was heading somewhere, leaving behind an empty home rid of life. The old man had a destination in mind and in the dark, if Tubbo’s eyes truly weren’t playing tricks on him, he could make out shadowy wings reflecting behind the man underneath the lamp lights. 



“Follow him.” Tubbo ordered.



“What? Woah, woah, woah, stalking isn’t my forte, Tubbo.” Purpled said in surprise, shocked by Tubbo’s orders. To him, it was Tubbo who was acting crazy because he offered no explanation. 



“I’m looking for my friends and Phil might know where they are.” Tubbo said, summarizing his investigation. 



“And stalking is the way to do it?” Purpled replied, exasperated. 



“I’m desperate at this point. My friends haven’t answered my calls or have been home. From the looks of it Phil is up to something. Please, Purpled, for Michael at least?” If Purpled could see from the helmet or in the dark, he would be seeing Tubbo’s terrible attempt at puppy dog eyes. 



“Ugh, fine, for Michael and Michael only.” Purpled said, turning off the lights of his motorcycle. Carefully and silently, he followed the old man in the dark. Tubbo was a crime boy, through and through.



This was just a whole new level of action, but then again, Tubbo did anything for his friends.


Chapter Text

The new dawn is blooming. 


You need to be ready. 


Theseus will not fall.


William will not stand back.


And a father won’t lose his children.


So, you need to be ready.


A loud piercing noise momentarily shot through Techno’s skull. His eyes widened as he sat up quickly. He had been sleeping peacefully on Skeppy’s and Bad’s couch. But now, his eyes were awake and the voices inside of his head gave him a warning. He had to be ready for something. That something? Technoblade wasn’t sure. 


The warrior shall use his blade.


Techno looked around, letting his eyes adjust. Slowly, he pushed himself up, feeling much more energetic than he had before. His heart was beating loudly inside of his chest. Looking down he could make out the duck onesie and he groaned quietly. He stood up and walked into the bathroom to change out of his clothes. 



From what Technoblade could figure out, the voices had just become dreams. Dreams that were his, that warned him. But the voices were getting quieter ever since his initial breakdown. It wouldn’t take much longer for them to cease completely. That thought comforted Techno. What made the thought worth pursuing was the fact that what would make them disappear was the curse ending. 



The curse ending. When would that ever happen? Techno just ran, leaving Wilbur with the Angel of Death and he cursed out Tommy. Sweet little Tommy who was just a victim in this matter as anyone else. The only burden placed on the young boy’s shoulders was the fact that he remembered. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. 



The voices told him to go. He needed to get up and fight for what he believed in. If he just distracted himself with a replacement life, it wouldn’t change anything. Skeppy and Badboyhalo were great, honestly. But Techno had a call to answer.



The warrior who had hung up his sword for years. A warrior who avoided getting involved in things for the sake of peace. He would have to grab the blade again but this time to finish things completely. 



Technoblade would finish things completely.



“Techno?” Bad poked his head into the bathroom, looking questioningly at Techno who was staring intently into the mirror at himself. Technoblade must’ve zoned out after dressing in his clothes. 



“You ok, bud?” Skeppy added who was apparently beside Bad. 



Techno nodded slightly, looking away from his reflection. 



“Your lip looks better.” Bad comments. 



It was in fact better. Despite being brutally bitten by Techno itself, Bad had helped fix it to the best of his ability. The lip injury was just one of the many Techno had received in his life. But, he’d rather not go down and remember those depressing moments. 



“Hey Bad, Skeppy?” His friends perked up at the mention of their names. Even Rat gave a little bark from her dog bed a little bit away. “I need to be somewhere.”



Bad and Skeppy glanced at each other nervously. “Uh, I don't want to come off as rude Techno, but uh,” Skeppy said rubbing the back of his head. “Are you sure you're in the right mental health to go anywhere right now? I mean you have been staying over for awhile, but you don’t just recover from that quickly.” 



Techno just gave Skeppy an incredulous look as he walked past him and out of the bathroom. Techno went to the exit of the dorm where his shoes were. Kneeling down he began to tie his shoes.



“We could get in trouble for leaving the dorm room late at night.” Bad commented, kneeling beside Techno to tie on his own shoes.



“You’re already homing me which is against the rules.” Techno commented as he moved on to tie his left shoe onto his foot. “What do you mean by we ?” 



“Well we aren’t gonna let you wander around the dark like this. Plus, I need to increase my streak of write ups.” Skeppy said pridefully.



“I swear they should’ve learned by now not to make us roommates.” Bad smacked a hand against his forehead.



“I do not want to room with a6d.” Skeppy shuddered slightly. 



“It took me an entire year to convince you to even consider rooming with me!” Bad shrieked in response. Techno chuckled at their bickering as he placed a hand on the handle of the door. 



“I won’t stop you.” Techno said.



“You couldn’t anyways.” Skeppy retorted.



Techno rolled his eyes. “But I’m glad either way to be kept company.”



“Aw,” Bad gushed. “Techhnnooo~” 



“And let’s go.” Techno opened the door and stepped into the hallway. It was quiet and luckily the hall monitor wasn’t lurking around. Often they would linger near Skeppy and Bad’s door because of their history of causing trouble. They exited the dormitory with no issues and began their walk through the forest. 



“I always liked this forest.” Badboyhalo said, starting a conversation. Bad had his eyes closed, using Skeppy as a guide as he listened to the rustling of leaves on this chill night. The moon shone brightly overhead. A full moon. 



“The moon’s pretty too.” Skeppy said as well, eyeing the giant shining orb in the sky.



Techno followed Skeppy’s gaze, seeing the full moon in full glory. “They say,” Techno spoke, his voice slightly hushed. “The moon reflects the rhythms of life as it endures an endless cycle of death and rebirth.” 



“You must read a lot.” Skeppy said, raising an eyebrow. “Only nerds know symbolism like that.” Bad gently kicked Skeppy to shush him.



“No, I just feel as if the information is relevant right now.” Techno shrugged. “It’s twenty-eight day cycle has to come to an end at some point.” Same goes for the wish that brought his friends together. 



The group emerged from the forest path that was a little close to Phil’s house. A little too close for comfort. From a bit away, Techno could make out the dark looming house. It had lost all homeliness in his eyes so Techno looked away, paying it no more mind. 



However, the low rumble of a vehicle brought Techno from out of his mind. Turning to his right, he could just make out a motorcycle without its headlights on. Strange and illegal. 






Technoblade paused, looking at the motorcycle that was now pulling up beside him. Just barely, Techno could make out the familiar shape of Tubbo. Tubbo gently removed himself from the motorcycle and stepped into the light. Leave it to Tubbo to be committing crime in the middle of the night. 



“What are you doing?” Techno eyed the suspicious driver with a helmet on. 



“What are you doing?” Tubbo snapped back. Techno could see the flare of anger flash on Tubbo’s face.



“I asked first.” Techno crossed his arms and Tubbo deflated.



“I’m looking for Tommy.”



Techno’s face faltered. The last he spoke with the boy was when he snapped at him and cursed his existence. Now it seemed the boy had disappeared and Techno couldn’t help but think it might've been his fault. “Oh.” was all he could muster as a response.



“Oh?” Tubbo repeated. “I guess you haven’t heard from him either.” Tubbo then peered behind Technoblade to take a look at Bad and Skeppy. “And those are?”



“I’m Skeppy.” Skeppy introduced and then he gestured to Bad. “This is Baldboyhalo.” 



“I’m not bald!” Bad shouted as a response. “Just call me Bad.” 



“Nice to meet you.” Tubbo said he turned to the driver of the motorcycle. Before Tubbo could introduce who he was, the driver answered.



“The name’s Purpled.” 



“He’s Michael’s babysitter but I’m working with him to find my platonic husband and idiot best friend.” Tubbo crossed his arms as he looked back ahead at the sidewalk. 



“Your plush? You know what, nevermind.” Technoblade shook his head. He then gave Tubbo a stern elderly brother look. “What were you really doing Tubbo? Headlights off on the vehicle, being quiet, and out this late?”



“I can say the same for you, Techno. You came out of a forest in the middle of the night too!” Tubbo retorted. He then dipped his head slightly. “I was looking for Tommy but then I saw Phil leaving the house mysteriously.. So I decided to follow him.”  



“Tubbo, that’s dangerous.” Techno suddenly gripped Tubbo's shoulders and shook him slightly. Phil was Philza, the Angel of Death. Tubbo was ordinary, no one particularly special to Philza because Philza only truly cared for his three sons. Philza had just witnessed Techno walk out on him and Techno doesn’t trust the old man’s mental state. Hell, Techno could barely handle the breakdown from the troublesome information. That man, however, had lived through years of it, never once forgetting. 



“Hey.” Came Purpled’s voice as he gripped Techno’s wrist that had dug tightly onto Tubbo’s shoulder. “Stop hurting my client.” 



Technoblade released Tubbo immediately, feeling ashamed that he burst out at him. “Where is he headed?” Techno asked, avoiding eye contact with Tubbo.



Tubbo gently massaged his shoulders and spoke up, his voice steady. “I think he’s heading towards the park.”



The park? That was a strange location to head towards. But nonetheless, Techno had to be there. He had a feeling that something big was going down and he wasn’t going to miss it. “Let’s go then.”



Skeppy and Bad looked at Techno in surprise but Tubbo only nodded.



“More the merrier.” Tubbo said, climbing back onto the motorcycle with Purpled. 



The group began their trek towards the park. Purpled and Tubbo on the motorcycle while Skeppy, Bad, and Techno walked alongside it. They were silent, thoughts keeping them busy inside of their mind. They were suddenly pulled out of the thoughts as soon as Purpled lurched to a stop. 



“The hell man!” Purpled shouted at a teenage boy who stumbled in front of the vehicle. To be fair, Purpled did have his headlights off. 



The teenage boy ignored him in favor of walking towards the same direction as the park. Following after the boy was a torrent of footsteps.



“We’re so sorry about him.”



Techno recognized that voice. It belonged to Karl. Why was Karl out here too?



“Turn on your headlights, jeez.” Sapnap. That voice was Sapnap’s. 



“Keep after George guys!” That was Schlatt. He graduated only a year ago… And the stumbling teenager was George? Wait, Techno paused. If these people were grouped together then that meant that Quackity was here too. Sure enough, he saw the boy running past them. 






The sweet honey-like charm to the voice. Wilbur. Alright, everyone gathering like this weirded Techno the hell out. 



“Wilbur.” Technoblade responded, staring at his brotherly friend. They stood staring at each other as if they were on two different sides. The staring stopped as soon as Wilbur engulfed Techno into a hug. 



“I know you don’t like touch.” Wilbur whispered. “But I learned some things and I feel like we need this.” 



Techno instinctively reciprocated the hug. “I learned a few things too.” In a small hushed tone he said, “I’m sorry.”



Wilbur pulled away a bit, surprise evident on his face. “Why?”



“I snapped at everyone, left you alone too.” Techno looked away, shame filling his chest. 



“Techno what matters now is that we’re here together.” Wilbur glanced towards the direction George stumbled off too. “I have some important information. George is suddenly sleepwalking but I have a feeling that he has something to do with the wish.”



Now that was news to Techno. “The voices warned me of something big happening.”



“Voices?” Wilbur scrunched up his face. “We have a lot to talk about.” 



“Yeah.” Came the voice of Tubbo. “I hope you’re willing to share with the class about it as well.”



Wilbur and Techno shared a glance. Wilbur nodded slowly, followed by Techno. “We promise.”



“But later.” Techno finished. 



Tubbo held a skeptical glare before sulkingly accepting the for now option. 



“So who are these people?” Wilbur said, looking at the group gathered around Tubbo and Techno. 



Tubbo sighed, inhaling deeply, “So, this is Purpled, the blue haired kid is Skeppy, and the other dude is Bad. Everyone else, this is Wilbur.” He spoke very quickly. 



“And you’re with?” Skeppy questions. 



Wilbur copied Tubbo’s earlier action, “Stumbling kid is George, purple jacket Karl, tall business suit is Schlatt, headband boy is Sapnap and Quackity is the one with the big scar on his face.” He clapped his hands together and gave the group a toothy smile. “Are we good on introductions?” 



The group nodded in response.



“Good cause we need to get after George, like, now!” Wilbur turned on his heels to run after George. 



“And we need to get Phil.” Tubbo nodded, leaning onto Purpled telling him to get driving. 



“To the park we go?” Techno suggested, looking back at Skeppy and Bad.



“This is weird as fuck, but let’s go.” Skeppy said following after the motorcycle that was driving away.



“LANGUAGE!” Bad shrieked, chasing after Skeppy. 



Techno paused for a moment, watching all of these people running in the direction of the park. Techno had previously believed that people were brought together because of the wish. But he could see, clear as day despite it being night, that everyone had managed to meet their own people. Wilbur made up with his previous friends, Tubbo had Purpled, and Techno was capable of meeting his own friends on his own accord.



Techno smiled softly and chased after the group of people. 

Chapter Text

Phil walked towards the park feeling as if the weight of the universe was on his back.



He had felt the burden getting heavier on his back as the years passed. He never felt at peace, never reconciled with the people he had met in the past. It was almost laughable how this moment would so obviously meet him one day. There had been a few outliers that Phil had met in his life times, other than Tommy being the most obvious choice. There was once a psychotic Wilbur who blew up a nation. There was once a Technoblade who committed anarchy. (He was actually starting to see a theme here). It was probably an act of violence to show that they weren’t okay. That over time their stability inside themselves was going over the edge. 



Negative attention. Committing acts of violence to get the attention Phil didn’t give them. Phil tried once to ignore them so that he wouldn’t eventually get hurt like the many times before. Didn’t work, only brought him more suffrage. There was always a difference between acceptance and defiance. Phil had accepted his fate and made the most of it. 



And now, his youngest fledgling was hitting his rebellious phase. Little Tommy who used to look at him with the innocent sky blue eyes. The same boy who Phil pulled out of the car and cradled gently in his arms. It was Dream who started the mess and now he tried to take away what Phil had accepted was his. Dream was a bad influence, corrupting the mind of his child. It was Dream who took away the blissful days of innocence from Tommy. Only Phil was supposed to carry the weight of the universe. But now Phil could see how heavily the truth weighed on the mind of a child. 



Phil would do anything for his children like how he would for his wife. Somewhere, a long time ago in the original passage of his journey, he remembered Techno hurting. So Phil destroyed an entire kingdom for him. It was only one example of his power. 



Phil had reached acceptance so he would need to give his family a little push before they could join him. Afterall, he had received a letter from Tommy declaring that they need one final discussion. 



Meet at the park, late in the night before the sun rises. Let’s talk.



So here was Phil entering the park. If he tried hard enough, he could decipher the sense of deja vu that clouded his mind. It didn’t matter though, it was time to have a one on one conversation with Tommy. 



Only a speck in the distance stood the tall figure of Tommy. He was standing on a hill in the park, staring off into the distance. Phil closed his eyes, hardening his resolve as he approached his misguided baby bird. 



“Tommy.” He greeted in what Wilbur would’ve referred to as his dad tone. Tommy turned slightly to look at him and Phil could see, from the light of the lamppost nearby, that Tommy hadn’t slept in awhile. 



“Phil.” Tommy nodded towards Phil. Besides Tommy, Phil could make out the tall figure of Ranboo. Phil narrowed his eyes towards Ranboo, obviously noticing something different about him. His glare intensified, his shadow of wings flaring on the grass. Almost immediately the glare flushed out the puppeteer, Dream. 



It was easy to note how the warping apparition of Dream hurt his son’s eyes, but to Phil, he could easily meet, understand , the appearance of such a monster. “Dream.” He spat out as if even thinking about the smiling masked figure was mere bile beneath his feet. 



Phil pleadingly met his son’s blue irises. “He’s a manipulator, Tommy.” As much as he wanted to refer to Tommy as Theseus, he knew Tommy would listen to his own name. “He tells you lies, makes you think one way.”



Tommy seemed to blanch slightly at Phil’s words. “You,” Tommy shook his head slightly, trying to rid the sudden flare of anger in his words. “Think one way. You want to paint the perfect family.”



Phil side-eyed Dream who happily fazed back into Ranboo’s body. “Tommy.”



“Don’t Tommy me, Philza.” Tommy shot back, the glare intensifying in his eyes. 



Matching Tommy’s wrath, Phil shot back, “Fine, Theseus .” 



Tommy visibly bristled as he turned hastily away. Phil watched as Tommy stared out into the vast fields ahead from the park. “Dream you can leave us.” Tommy whispered after a bit of silence.



Dream seemed almost surprised, ready to protest but soon followed the order after seeing Tommy’s shoulders tense. Phil seemed rather glad about the fact that Dream couldn’t use any opportunity to rub salt into his wounds. 




Once Dream was gone, Tommy exhaled a long drawn out sigh. “It looked just like this didn’t it?”



Phil raised an eyebrow despite Tommy being unable to see his expression. 



“I remember it faintly.” Tommy whispered, his voice so quiet it could shatter in an instant.”Gathering on the hill like this on an early morning. Just us as a family, finally reunited together in our first lifetime. It was where we finally recognized our feelings for each other. To Theseus, he finally found a family that he had always desired.” 



Phil smiled softly as a reminiscence of the beginning of the innocent days. They felt long forgotten underneath his feet as he had focused on the future. “Yeah and you made that wish. You wanted to be a family forever.”



“For Eternity.” Tommy echoed. 



“For Eternity.” Phil finished. 



“But Philza,” Tommy dipped his head low, staring at the swaying blades of grass beside his feet. “I’ve been thinking an awful lot these past few days. You know I almost died too.” Tommy let out a dry chuckle.



Phil closed his eyes tightly. “Dream, like I’ve said, was manipulating you into thinking that was the only way to end the wish.” 



“I know Theseus better than anyone.” Tommy continued. He let out a small groan as he continued, “I was him.” 



“Theseus, Tommy, Tom , you're still my son. Deep down within you, family means everything. I’ve accepted this, I want this, I won’t let it go.” Phil crossed his arms. 



Tommy swung around, his face flaring with anger. “Why don’t you see that you’re just a stubborn old man!?” Phil noted how Tommy’s fists tightened at his side as if the boy was barely holding back from striking reason into him.  



Phil sighed at that notion. “You’re not nearly as old enough as I am to understand.” 



Tommy bristled. Phil really wasn’t helping the situation at all with his remarks. “At this point, I might not even make it past sixteen!” 



Silence was an understatement. It boomed loudly, striking the ear drums with its heavy burden. Tommy’s chest heaved in and out rapidly, his fists shaking at his side. A child simply couldn’t change Phil’s philosophy that shaped his life years ago. Tommy was sixteen too young to understand the years of torment that Phil had gone through when he was stuck on Earth.   Tommy was a mere child, someone who had been a child many times before.



Tommy met his eyes and saw the apathetic glint in Phil’s eyes.  He was acting like most adults in the world where they didn’t listen to children.  Tommy’s eyes watered, he thought for just a second that Philza would actually listen to him. 



“I don’t accept this and neither have you, Phil. You’re stubborn and have pushed away your feelings.” Tommy’s eyes were closed so tightly and he was struggling to calm himself down. “I don’t know how to make you understand.” Tommy sounded as if he was in physical pain.



Phil stepped forward, moving a hand to cup Tommy’s cheek ever so gently. A few simple words fell from his mouth that shattered all of Tommy’s hope. “You can’t.” It was clear that Phil would no longer discuss this with Tommy. Faintly, Tommy could see the translucent green threads tied around Phil’s fingers and sickeningly, one was attached to Tommy’s chest, most likely tied around his soul. 



Not even Tommy could convince Philza. Tommy couldn't change the wish that started everything and he would have to rely on whoever Dream thought was a fitting vessel to bring in the other gods. 



“Tommy? Phil?” 



Phil released Tommy and peered behind him. There stood Wilbur watching them with curious eyes. Beside him was the great Technoblade, Tubbo too, and Ranboo, the real one. Not only that, but there were others- some strangers to Philza. 



“Techno? Wil?” Brothers? Sons?



Why were so many people gathered here?



“Tommy, Ranboo! I’m glad you’re safe!” Tubbo cried, almost running up the hill to hug Tommy before Wilbur swung an arm out to block him. Tubbo looked at Wilbur confused but Wilbur only shook his head.



“It’s not safe.” He muttered, hardening his glare at Phil. Phil knew, believed, that they wouldn’t remain angry for long. They were a family as long as he held these threads, as long as he could keep on living with the people he had learned to love in many lifetimes. The people who he could keep with him forever because losing his wife, who was still in the heavens above, was enough for him. 



“Why are so many people here?” Phil asked, making himself stand taller and more intimidating. 



“To show you that we don’t need you.” Technoblade said, his voice cold. For you Phil, the world. He had once told him but now it seemed like they stood on two different planets in a lonely galaxy. 



Phil scoffed, “You do, it’s a matter of destiny mate. You still have the same fire as Blade.”



“He’s not Blade.” Wilbur shot back, defending his brother. “I learned something from William and it's that every single time we reincarnate, we are a little different than the first.  There are different conditions we grow into as the time changes and because of how many times we have reincarnated, we are very much different people. You’re stuck in the past because you can’t handle change, Phil. Grow up.” 



Grow up? He’s old, as much as he hates being called that. 



“And…” Techno said finding the confidence in his voice again. “I learned that I am capable of actually forming relationships with other people. It sounds silly but it was of my own volition to meet others… To choose Tubbo, Ranboo, Wilbur and Tommy.” Techno met Tommy’s gaze before shifting back to Philza. “As my family. I know this sounds sappy, but you can still earn that spot among them.” Techno glanced back at two other boys. “I mean, I met those two nerds.” 



“You don’t understand Techno, I am already your family. For years, for eternity.” Phil glanced at the other kids here. He could make out Wilbur’s old friends, Tommy and Techno’s new ones too. They were all here, some most likely not understanding the situation. This was a family matter not one meant to be witnessed by an audience.



“Dammit Phil. You just can’t open your eyes and see that they all came here to offer you a chance at forgiveness.” Tommy cried behind him. Tommy stepped forward to look Wilbur and Techno in the eyes. “I was supposed to fix this.. It was Theseus’ mistake.” 



“It wasn’t one.” Everyone turned to look at Ranboo- no Dream. Dream seemed to have an arm wrapped around a boy familiar to Philza. Oh, oh. That was George, Wilbur’s old friend. “I mean I should know better, I honored the wish.” He let out a dry chuckle. “It worked in everyone's favor, until it didn’t.” Dream stepped forward dragging George behind him. Dream then gestured for Technoblade and Wilbur to follow him up the hill. They complied. 



“Wow.” Dream teased, glancing around at the found family, all on a hill that mirrored an event that happened centuries ago. “Looks familiar.”



“Can it, Dream.” Philza said, the ground shaking a bit beneath him. 



The others who witnessed the situation with no context, looked on, completely and utterly confused. 



“I brought a little present.” Dream thrusted George forward so that he was in the middle of the group.



“Uh, he’s asleep.” Techno muttered awkwardly. 



Dream groaned before flicking George’s forehead. 



George’s eyes opened immediately. Wilbur stepped back with a gasp as he noticed the flowing white eyes on George’s face. “Philza.” His voice echoed strangely and a whirlwind of dust was being kicked around him.



Philza’s jaw slackened as he recognized that booming voice. He reached out a shaky hand, almost frightened of this new predicament. 



“Hey old man! Hands off of George!” Sapnap shouted as he started to run towards the hill. However, George’s body twisted to face the unforeseen threat and with a hand pointing towards Sapnap, a gust of wind blocked them. The earth shook and everyone, except for those on the hill fell to the ground. 



“What the hell.” Tubbo barely breathed out as he felt his body pressed against the earth. 



Meanwhile George turned to face each of the found family members. First, George pressed a finger against Wilbur’s forehead and Wilbur slumped down to the ground, his eyes closed. To Philza’s horror, Wilbur looked dead. George began to do the same to Techno and Tommy before facing Philza. 



“I will take you to my dream.” George whispered before placing a finger on his forehead and he too slumped to the ground. As if nothing had happened, the earth stopped shaking and the winds returned to normal. Tubbo could feel his body no longer having a weight against it, looking up, he could see the slumped figures of his friends. 



Ranboo shook his head rapidly before looking around at the fact that everyone was on the ground. “Uh,” He whispered awkwardly. “What’d I miss?” Tubbo only wanted to smack his forehead in response.



“We’re a family, all of us.” Theseus had whispered, watching how the other three men looked up in surprise. Their reactions were exactly how he predicted and he only grinned brighter. 



“Don’t say that, you’ll make me cry.” William had whimpered, turning away to wipe his eyes. 



“But we are.” Theseus whined back, walking over and clasping William’s hands. He looked at the man with glimmering blue eyes. He was genuine, this was his wish. 



Philza, the great Angel of Death, had looked on, his eyes watering with tears. “We are…” He had whispered back.



The last of the three other men, who was slightly taller than the eldest, remained silent. 



“Philza is the dad, William and the Blade are like twin older brothers.” Theseus had pointed to each of the men. “And well, I’m the youngest.” He shrugged. 



The four of them had stood on the large hill overlooking the blossoming meadow. The sun was setting, illuminating each expression in a soft orange haze. It was clear that they all felt the same, no matter how hard some tried to hide their emotional state. 



“I promise I’ll always be with you- protect you.” Philza had stumbled over and hugged the youngest tightly. He gently stroked the youngest’s fluffy blonde hair. He truly meant what he said.



“F-fine…” William mumbled as he also joined in the group hug. “I’ll never let you go now.” He huffed. 



Theseus giggled before looking over at the stoic warrior who fiddled with his pink hair nervously. The others expectantly looked over at him, patiently waiting for him to sort out his complicated feelings.



“I can be your family…” Blade responded meekly. The three others slowly opened up their hug, beckinging for him to join. Without hesitation, the pinkette sprinted into the hug. They all laughed, knowing it was something each of them wanted. 



They held each other for what seemed like hours. A fallen god, a stoic warrior, a musical village boy, and the loveable child. United by chance and formed a family through their formidable journey. 



“You reckon we’ll meet in the next life like this?” Theseus had asked, breaking the silence. 



“How could I ever leave you, Theseus.” William had gently stroked the boy’s hair.



“I wouldn’t mind meeting you.” Blade had whispered. “For eternity and back.” 



“For eternity.” Theseus echoed back. 



The eldest, Philza, had taken these words to heart. He had guarded this wish to his entirety after the many betrayals he had faced. Philza lived- had lived through the moments of forming a familial bond. So when Theseus said that they should meet again, Philza insisted that he would make that wish come true. Even if he had no power, they would always meet. 



“Do we wanna take things slow?” William had spoken up after a while. Philza perked up, he hadn’t remembered this part. “Eternity is infinite or an unending time.” Leave it to William to use his vast vocabulary with the group. 



Blade gave a hum of understanding. “All good things do come to an end, eventually.” 



What was Philza hearing?



“You know, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life.” William rubbed his arms sheepishly. “I don't know if I could ever be as happy as I am now in another life.” 



No, he’s wrong. They would always be happy as long as they are in a family together.



This time little Theseus spoke up. “Everyone has to find a happy ending.” 



Philza’s eyes widened at those words. He remembered the first time Theseus had remembered his past lives and how he mentioned happy endings. Philza didn’t remember this conversation. His mind was scrambling as he watched his family agree with this nonsense. 



“Yeah, Theseus.” William smiled, gently grabbing the child’s hand. 



“Honestly, I think we found our happy ending.” Blade agreed, grabbing Theseus’ other hand. 



No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This was not how it ended.



Theseus looked at them with wide swirling blue orbs. They were large saucers, full of innocence. He was a child again in their arms. Then Theseus turned to look back at Philza, as if staring at the real him and not the memory version of himself. “Are you happy, Philza?” 



Was he?



Philza didn’t seem to answer as the dream dissipated. Now, he stood silently in a vast dark world. Beneath his feet were ringlest of water. He remembered this place. Looking around he spotted Wilbur, Techno, and Tommy. Then finally, his eyes landed on the cold nurturing amber eyes of his beloved. 



She stood there in the vast darkness, a veil over her face and a long black dress. She was dressed for a funeral. But wasn’t she always? She was death herself and a mother to all. 



“Kristin?” He was almost afraid to ask as his voice wavered. 



She looked up, her eyes growing soft at the sight of her husband. “Philza.” She whispered back, opening her arms for him. Philza’s heart hammered in his chest as he ran to her- flew to her with his large black wings. He slammed against her, holding her tight in his arms as he swung her around. It had been far too long since he had seen her. They giggled, shedding tears at the familiarity of each other. 



“Kristin!” Philza screamed with happiness.



“Philza!” She echoed back with the same amount of enthusiasm. 



They repeated this, getting louder and louder until they settled for just holding each other in their arms. He was home, safe in the arms of his beloved. It had been long, far too long. 



“Phil?” Philza could hear Tommy ask, fear in his tone. He released Kristin and looked back at his flock. He had always wanted to introduce them to his wife, but the circumstances would mean they were dead. Dead.  



He looked back at Kristin with panicked eyes and she shook her head. “Temporarily.” She answered. 



Philza let out a sigh of relief. He could have this moment before returning back and living with his family again. Although the idea sounded rather hurtful inside of his head. “Tommy.” He looked back at the just as confused Techno and Wilbur. “Techno, Wilbur, this is my wife Kristin. She is Death herself. Kristin, meet the children I have adopted.” 



Techno visibly bristled at the mention of adoption but kept his face neutral. Kristin eyesed the children individually before giving them a warm smile. “Hello boys. I have been wanting to meet you all for a while.” 



“You’re oddly kind for being Death.” Tommy muttered, letting his thoughts run rampant with his mouth. He quickly clamped his mouth shut with his hands, looking horrified. “Mmm’ sorry.” He said, muffled by his hands. 



“Am I dead? Because I am too young to die.” Wilbur asked, crossing his arms. 



Kristin only laughed at the attitude of these children. She leaned against Philza, “I love them already.” 



“I’m so glad that you could meet them!” Philza was absolutely ecstatic at this outcome. “I’ve been protecting them for years, meeting them over and over again.”



Kristin frowned slightly, her husband was going back to those fantasies of reincarnation. She had seen the miseries her beloved faced everytime they passed.  She had always reached out, trying to take the souls into her care but they were always taken from her. She felt betrayed when Philza himself, abused the powers of death so he could keep up this torture. It was like self stalk-holme syndrome.  He was cursed, put into a cycle of suffering, and chose to stay for the love of his family. Philza was a kind man, who absolutely did anything for those he cared about.



“Philza.” She whispered, cupping her beloved’s face in her cold hands. 



Philza turned to her, never removing his face of excitement at the whole situation. 



She hid her disappointment and smiled weakly. “Care to dance?” She held out her translucent skeletal hand. Philza glanced back at his sons before facing her. Ignorantly, he took her hand and pulled her close.



“Of course.”



That would be their last tango. 



Kristin hid her sadness and let the world shift around them.  It was an old ballroom, seemingly abandoned. Everyone was wearing formal suits and an old record player sat in the corner. With a small screech the disc began to play. 



The instrumental of the song began and slowly, an old echo of a voice spoke from the record player. “ Wise men say .” It started in a slow somber tone. 



The two lovers began their tango. Their movements were slow as they fell into a ritual of dance work. 



“The fuck?” Wilbur mumbled as he shuffled closer to Tommy. Tommy looked on just as bewildered as the two danced. Technoblade just watched, never removing his eyes from the dance. 



Tommy sighed, dipping his head down. He turned to Wilbur, holding out his hand. “Want to dance?” 



Wilbur’s eyes widened before they softened. “Aw, wanting to dance with big brother wilby?” 



Although Tommy’s face was red, he mumbled, “Shut up. Just get dancing, it feels like we’re supposed to or something.” 



So they two fell into a simple dance work, nothing as extravagant as the two lovers in the spotlight. Although it didn’t feel like a situation to dance in, Tommy had a feeling that he should. He saw the sad look in Kritstin’s eyes and knew what was going to happen. They needed to distract themselves from the heartbreaking thing they were going to witness. 


Only fools rush in.


Kristin twirled under Philza’s outstretched arm. She remembered the familiarity she had when dancing with her beloved. Behind them, a huge display of memories played behind them. It was as if they were dancing through the centuries. It played like an old movie, their silhouettes dancing on the screen. It was them, dancing through the wars, stepping over the plagues, and swinging through the destruction.  They were both of Death and they found themselves at home in the rhythms of the routine. 


But, I.


Kristin’s eyes met Philza’s sparkling blue eyes. She dragged him into this mess when she made him the Angel of Death. She remembered faintly running into the man in a forest so long ago. He had followed her, enticed by her beauty. They got close and before she knew it, Philza was dying. So to save his life, she gave him a role beside her. To be together forever. It was probably her who gave him the mentality of eternity. 


Can’t help.


Their dance came to a close as Kristin pulled Philza into a tight hug. There was a moment of silence as she held the unaware Philza close to her. She knew what she had to do and it hurt so much. Ahead of her, the two brothers stopped dancing and watched. She met their gazes and Tommy nodded slowly. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she outstretched a hand behind her, summoning a large scythe in her hand.


Falling in love,


“I love you, but,” Kristin choked as a singular tear spilled down her cheek. “it was never meant to be.” She whispered, taking her giant scythe and slicing through Philza’s wings and through the green threads connecting itselves to his sons.  Philza pushed Kristin back as he looked horrified at his disintegrating wings behind him. 


With you.


“Kristin?” He sounded so heartbroken as he fell to his knees holding the now disintegrating wings. Once the wings were gone he desperately turned to his sons.



Before his eyes he saw several figures standing behind them like shadows. One by one the different versions of his sons faded out of existence. Philza’s tears streamed down his face rapidly as he sobbed. He was losing everything.


Oh shall I stay?



Tommy stepped forward, followed by Techno and Wilbur. Tommy placed a hand on Philza’s shoulder gingerly. Philza looked up, seeing Theseus standing in Tommy’s place. 


Would it be a sin?


“Let’s reach our happy ending, alright?” Theseus said, kneeling in front of his father. 



Techno, who was now Blade, offered him a small smile. “Everything comes to an end.” 



“Not for an eternity.” William offered, joining his brothers beside Philza. 



Philza’s vision became blurry with tears and as soon as he refocused his vision he was back to seeing Wilbur, Techno, and Tommy. 



“One last time?” Tommy asked. 


Oh, if I can't help


Philza released a shaky breath as the abandoned ballroom began to fall apart in destruction. He looked back at his beloved and finally, he opened his eyes. He crumpled into himself, a small smile on his lips. “Fine, one last time, one last dance. Just living as us.” 



At that, the three boys wrapped Philza up into a tight hug.  



“And when your last life fades.” Kristin said before they would be awaking in their mortal bodies once more. “I will take care of you in my garden.”


Falling in love with you.


There was a large rumble and a giant piece of rubble fell onto the record player, silencing the song and only leaving once last screech as it scratched the old disc. Just beyond the destruction, morning light hit them. It was the sign of a new day, a new beginning, and also a mirror of when the wish was first started.



One singular tear dropped down Philza’s face, landing on the rubble of the ballroom. It was a clear crystal blue, leaving a dark shadow where it landed. It was one tear, one last tear shed from Philza’s face.



Those tears would not fall for an eternity.

Chapter Text

Two Months Later





Tommy groaned, shifting in his bed in annoyance. “Ughh!” 



“Tommy!” The voice repeated. 



“Five more minutes!” Tommy shouted back, wrapping the pillow around his head to muffle the loud shouting. 




There was a dramatic sigh heard outside of his room. The door creaked open and light poured over Tommy. Tommy shifted, doing his best to avoid it. Tommy could tell by the way the foot hit his carpet that it was his grandfather here to get him out of bed. There was no possible reason that could get Tommy out of the comforts of his sheets. 



“Tommy, you don’t want to be late for Techno’s and Wilbur’s graduation.” His grandfathers told him. 



“Shit!” Tommy shouted, throwing the sheets off of himself in a panic. He scrambled to his dresser and pulled out his favorite pair of clothing before rushing to the bathroom to get ready. His grandfather snickered at Tommy’s frantic panic. It was nice seeing the boy so lively again, afterall life was getting better for them.




Tommy practically fell down the stairs, barely picking himself up in time from injury. 




“Good afternoon, Tommy.” Came the cheery voice of his grandmother. Tommy’s face visibly brightened as he slid into his seat at the table. She had gotten better recently and was able to return home to them in a wheelchair. 




“Hey grandma.” Tommy answered, grabbing a toast only grimacing a little as it burned his hands.



“Careful now, hun.” She chuckled as Tommy fought his food. 




“Did you need someone to drive you there, Toms?” Came his grandfather’s voice as he stepped down the stairs to join them at the table.



Tommy checked the watch attached to his wrist. “No, Ranboo was gonna drive us there.” 



“Ranboo? He’s a good kid.” His grandfather replied, his wrinkles crinkling softly into a small smile.



“Stop choosing favorites!” Tommy huffed, sinking back into his chair.  “Ranboo, this! Ranboo, that!” Tommy muttered dramatically. 




His grandparents chuckled at his childish antics. 



“Hey, Tommy.” His grandmother said softly, gaining the attention of the teenager. “I have something for you.”



Tommy stopped mid-bite to look at his grandmother curiously. He scooted closer to here, eager for what she had for him. What could he say? His gremlin instincts were quaking. “What is it?” He asked.




His grandmother unearthed a brown package and placed it into Tommy’s hands. “I thought you should have these. You have been through so much, so when you’re ready, open it.” 



Tommy stared at the package, entranced by the shape. It was round and seemed to have two different items inside of the package. 



“You’ll need this.” His grandfather placed a duffle bag onto the ground and Tommy unzipped the bag. Inside was a somewhat decent record player. 



Tommy looked at his grandparents, mouth hanging ajar. 



“Your parents liked these two discs specifically.” His grandmother pointed towards the package in Tommy’s hands. “I’m sure you’ll like them too.”



Tommy felt his eyes water slightly but he didn’t let any tears fall. He stood up and hugged his grandmother tightly. 



“Where’s my hug?” His grandfather joked.



Tommy sniffled, wiping his nose with the back of his hand. “Get in here then.” They hugged tightly, holding each other in their arms before finally releasing each other. 



“We assumed you would want to share it with your friends so we packaged it together.” His grandmother finally said.



Tommy puffed out his chest. “You know me so well.” The family then went back to their meal.



As he was enjoying a late lunch, the doorbell rang. Tommy’s face immediately lit up as he looked at his watch. It seemed his friends were here just in time!



Tommy scrambled to his feet, just in time to see his grandfather swinging open the door revealing Ranboo and Tubbo. 



“Here to pick up, Tommy.” Ranboo said politely to Tommy’s grandfather. 



“Afternoon, Mr.Innit.” Tubbo said enthusiastically as he peered behind the old man. Locking eyes with Tommy, Tubbo’s face gleamed with excitement. “Tommy!”



Dashing forward towards his friends (not forgetting his own packed bag of course), he shouted, “Tubbo!”



Tubbo and Tommy quickly did a secret handshake that only big men knew. Ranboo just stared on, amused. 



“I’ll be taking them now, sir.” He told Tommy’s grandfather.



“Hope he doesn’t cause too much trouble at graduation.” His grandfather winked.



Ranboo took it horribly as his face turned pale. “I didn’t even consider the chaos they might start.” He turned to look at them, Tubbo not even making an effort to hide his mischievous grin. “I didn’t even do bag checks.” Ranboo especially eyed Tommy’s duffle bag. 




“Too late now~” Tubbo teased, sticking his tongue out as he ran to Ranboo’s car that was parked in front of the house. “Last one to the car is a rotten egg!” 



“What?!” Tommy sputtered, dashing after Tubbo. Ranboo sighed, giving a weak wave of goodbye to Tommy’s grandparents before accepting his fate as the rotten egg. 




“Haha, rotten egg.” Tubbo snickered as Ranboo unlocked the car, allowing them to enter. Tubbo claimed the passenger seat so Tommy sulkingly opened the side door that led to the backseat. To his surprise, there was a car seat with Michael strapped into it.




“He’s a stuffed animal… And you bought him a whole ass car seat meant for toddlers?!” Tommy’s eyes were wide in shock as he buckled himself in. 



“Michael, my beloved deserves all. We even have family portraits.” Ranboo explained as he turned on the car. 



Tommy’s mouth dropped open. “Since when?!?”  




“Don’t question it. One day you will understand when you’re a parent, Tommy.” Tubbo said in an all knowing voice. Tommy was just wondering about his friend’s sanity at this point. 




Slowly, the car pulled out of the driveway and they were headed towards the school where their friends would be graduating. 




“Hmmm, we should put on music!” Tubbo said, connecting his phone wirelessly to the car. Before anyone could even protest, Tubbo was in complete control of the music. A nightmare was about to come and none could stop him. “We can play,”




Tubbo pressed play and soon the car was filled with music. The intro played before it turned to the main verses of the song.


People change like the tides of the ocean.



Tommy closed his eyes, listening to the music being played quietly in the car. Tubbo hummed to the song as Ranboo tapped his fingers to the beat on the steering wheel.  Tommy was comfortable in a car, actually he had grown a lot these past few months. 


At least I think or am I dead wrong?



There was a whole lot that still heavily weighed on Tommy’s mind but he was healing. Overtime things would change and get better for him. 


Foot on the break, at the light I don’t notice.




Tommy met some incredible people and finally he was living as himself. Today, he would see some of his closest friends take the stage and move onto the next stage of life. Without curses, connections to gods, but rather a normalcy of going to college. Seeking and achieving dreams as an adult. Living a life of freedom without the worries of reincarnations. 


I sit and wait for the next song. 


“Oh.” Tubbo piped up, pulling Tommy out of his thoughts. It seemed that Tubbo was scrolling through his youtube feed. Oh no. Tubbo had a cheshire cat grin splayed onto his face. “This brings back many memories.” 


I wear a mask with a smile for hours at a time


“This reminds me of prom night, but less, sussy. ” Tommy muttered, groaning as he let his head hit the back of his seat. 



“Hold up!” Tubbo screeched, eyes sparkling at his new found treasure. “There’s a new song! Change my Clothes !”



“Oh no.” Ranboo muttered. 






“Ranboo.” Tommy said, panic seeping through his voice. “STEP ON THE PEDAL!”



“Ahhhhh!” Ranboo yelled, increasing his speed as Tubbo pressed play, indulging in the sus of the song. Tubbo’s maniacal giggling was barely audible over the blasting sus remix of Change my Clothes.


Tommy stumbled out of the car traumatized by the sus remix. He would never, ever be able to hear that song the same way again. Ranboo seemed to feel the same as every time he unintentionally hummed to the tune of the song, he cringed. Tubbo seemed to be having a good time as he strapped something to his chest.



“I really wanna take him south and just eat him out~” He sang as he grabbed Michael from the car seat and placed him inside of the thing attached to his chest.



Tommy blinked slowly. “Is that a baby carrier… For a stuffed animal?” 



“I know, building a bear has the best supplies for Michael.” Tubbo commented as he went back to humming the song. 



“Michael’s poor innocence.” Ranboo cried in agony. 



“Oh shut it. A little sus remix doesn't hurt anyone.” Tubbo rolled his eyes as he started up the path towards the football stadium where the graduation was being held. 



“I’m traumatized, Tubbo.” Ranboo groaned, following after him as soon as he locked his car. “My ear drums have suffered.” 



Tommy glanced back at the duffle bag and package that he had left in the car. He would deal with those items later but for now, he had friends to support.  He followed his friends into the stadium and the sight was fantastic. People filled the stands, chairs were lined all across the football field and somewhere, out there waiting for their moment to shine was the seniors. 



“Over here!” 



Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo looked up to see Skeppy and Badboyhalo waving them over. They came over to sit next to the two best friends. 



“I’m so excited.” Bad gushed, eagerly staring at the mass of chairs left empty on the field.  



“I just hope Quackity sits on the whoopee cushion I left for him.” Skeppy snickered, eyeing one of the chairs specifically. 



“Skeppy!” Bad said with a gasp. It seemed Skeppy was out there pulling his pranks except this time for his new friends.



“Well, he was hanging out with my best friend too much.” Skeppy huffed, crossing his arms.



Tommy turned to Ranboo, whispering. “You would think they were dating.”



Skeppy and Bad shot death glares at Tommy.



“Wait, they aren’t?” Tubbo asked, placing Michael between him and Ranboo.



“We aren’t!” They both shouted at the same time. 



“Well, you guys are very lively.” A voice came from behind Tommy. Tommy jumped in surprise and glanced behind him to see Techno’s old social worker, Eret. Tommy’s eyes widened as he noticed Eret wearing a beautiful yellow dress.



“Woah.” Tommy mumbled. Techno’s social worker was so cool. 



“I like your dress.” Tubbo complimented, patting a seat beside him for the adult to sit down. Eret obliged, sitting next to Tubbo. 



“Thank you.” Eret smiled. He gazed out to the sea of chairs and smiled softly. “It’s amazing to see how much they have grown huh?”



Tommy found himself nodding at that. This semester of school alone for him had completely changed him, made him more mature, made him a man. 



“Technoblade decided to be his real self.” Eret chuckled. Tommy could imagine that the man was remembering the nine year old that he watched over in the past. “So, I decided to be my true self too.” Eret gestured to his radiant dress. 



“It’s a good look on you.” Ranboo nodded. 



They all sat there for a bit, chattering to each other. Although, the talking ceased as soon as Phil stood before them. He was wearing an ugly striped bucket hat, but besides that, Tommy noted that he looked rather nervous approaching them. 



“Could I-”



Tommy groaned. “We’ve been through this, Phil .” Tommy scooted over, pushing Ranboo who almost squashed Michael. “Sit down old man, don’t know how your legs still work with your age.”



Phil scoffed, planting his butt onto the bleacher. “I’m not old.”



“Uh, yeah.” Tommy rolled his eyes. “I know first hand how old you are.”



“And I thought you were over this?” Phil raised an eyebrow.



Tommy snickered. “Partially.” 



“I hope you all weren’t going to forget about me?” 



They all looked up to see Purpled, crossing his arms and glowering at them. That was, until his eyes landed on Michael. He would be lying if he said his eyes didn’t sparkle. He might’ve only been in middle school but even he, too, found love for stuffed animals. (He totally did not win another plush for Tubbo just so Michael could have a friend).



 “Purpled!” Tubbo cheered, gesturing for Purpled to join them. Purpled joined, walking confidently over. Without asking, he promptly sat between Ranboo and Tubbo, holding Michael in his lap.



Ranboo gave him a look. Purpled huffed, holding the stuffed animal close to his chest. “What?! I’m his babysitter!” 



“Man, our role plays are out of this world.” Tubbo said with a smug look spread across his face. Soon enough Wilbur’s girlfriend, Sally joined them in the stands to watch everyone graduate.



The lights in the stadium brightened a bit as the area was being filled with darkness because of the night. There was a small screech as the microphone was turned on. Immediately the group turned their attention towards Principal Sam who stood on the field.



“Greetings, parents, loved ones, spectators.” Sam announced, looking directly at the bleachers. “Thank you all for coming to the Craft High School graduation.” 



Everyone cheered. Tommy definitely did not stand on the bleacher whooping for his friends. 



“Let us commend our seniors for making it this far.” More cheering ensued. “This is a large milestone for these young adults as they take their steps outside of high school. This graduating class was incredible in their academics and excelled beyond my expectations alone. While we may go far, they will go farther. Let us bring in the graduating class of Craft High School!” 



Tommy’s eyes sparkled as the band and orchestra began playing Pomps and Circumstances for the arriving seniors. There was an entire sea of students wearing black gowns and caps. They flooded in, taking seats in the ocean of chairs. He just barely made out his favorite seniors Technoblade and WIlbur among the crowd. It seemed they were followed by his other senior friends Quackity, George, Sapnap, and Karl. 



The cheering calmed before the stadium filled with silence once more. 



Sam stood before them, a proud smile on his face. “I remember when everyone here was just a freshman in high school. I can see how much each of you have matured. It warms my heart to see you all graduating today. Although it can be sad to see a baby bird leave the nest, it is inevitable that they would have to spread their wings and go far away.” 



Tommy looked over at Phil as this meant a lot in regards to what happened the last semester. Things had changed immensely but being free, spreading his wings allowed him to make new friends with the most incredible people. No, he wasn’t the son of Philza, but he chose to make his own connections with them. The same for Techno and Wilbur. They grew to love him instead of being intertwined in a destiny. It was hard fixing the trust that was broken but they had gotten far. Far enough that they could all be enjoying this simple moment, watching others take the grand step for the future.  



The graduation ceremony continued, with speeches from the valedictorian and student president. Tommy watched, with tears streaming down his cheek as his friends stepped up to grab their diplomas. Then finally, what made his heart flutter was when to end the ceremony, the caps of many seniors flew into the air. 



There was only one last thing for Tommy to do. Tommy turned to Ranboo, his voice low. “Can you unlock your car? I have to grab something.” 




“This isn’t my idea of having a graduation party, Tommy.” Wilbur muttered, following after the blonde. They had all just parked at the base of a giant mountain. It was late at night and honestly, Wilbur was a bit tired from, you know, graduating. 



Yeah, where are we going?” Techno further questioned. 



“Just trust me.” Tommy said back with the wave of his hand. He had a clearly heavy duffle bag at his side.



“And you want to climb up the mountain with that?” Phil asked. He seriously doubted Tommy wanted to hike late at night with a heavy duffle bag.



“Just trust me!” Tommy pouted, repeating his earlier statement. 



Everyone looked confused. Tommy had dragged literally everyone on this hiking trip. From Tubbo all the way to Quackity. Whatever Tommy was planning better be good. 



The trek up the mountain was long and tiring. Many times, most cussed under their breaths as Bad lectured them. It was dark out, surprising they didn’t get lost. Tommy was determined to lead everyone somewhere and it seemed to be at the top of this mountain. 



“Tommy.” Tubbo dragged out, a pout on his face even if one couldn’t see it in the dark. “How much longer?”



“Just trust me.” Tommy emphasised.



“You have been saying that for the last hour.” Skeppy pointed out, clearly annoyed by following the child.



“Bets that he’s lost?” Schlatt mused.



“Five dollars.” Quackity said.



“Ten.” Sapnap quickly doubled.



“You guys are dicks.” Tommy rolled his eyes. He stepped forward, shining his flashlight over the path. “We’re almost there, anyways.” Much to what Tommy said, the path finally led up to an even slope. Stepping forward, there was a singular bench near the cliffside of the mountain. The view was stunning, overlooking the town that they lived in at such a high angle. This was what Tommy wanted to show them and there was still more to come.



Tommy stepped forward, dumping his duffle bag on the bench as he fell onto the seat. That bag was heavy, he needed the seat more than anyone. Tubbo quickly joined him on the bench, claiming the remaining space. Tubbo gave a mischievous glance to everyone else who missed their chance. 



Tommy sighed, looking over at his duffle bag.



“So are we going to confirm that it's not a body?” Karl joked gesturing over to the duffle bag.



“It’s a record player.” Tommy said, unzipping the bag and pulling out the record player.



“Don’t those, like, need to be plugged in?” Ranboo pointed at it.



Tommy groaned. “It's wireless dumbass. The music might come out as choppy but at least it's music.” 



“Why are we here anyways?” Sally questioned, linking arms with Wilbur.



Tommy glanced out towards the horizon. It was getting closer for the sun to rise, symbolising a new day. “We’re going to watch the sun rise.”



Techno, Wilbur, and Phil all shared a knowing glance with one another. 



“This isn’t gonna be another wish is it?” Phil whispered, feeling horrified by the thought.



“No, no!” Tommy said with a wave of his hand. “I just want to watch the sunrise with everyone. I know that this is sappy, but I want to share this moment with everyone.  I want to show everyone that we have changed as we take our next steps in life.” He rubbed his arms nervously, not meeting the gazes of anyone. 



Tubbo placed a hand on Tommy’s shoulder, smiling softly. “Let’s watch this damn sunrise.” 



Ranboo moved behind the bench, leaning in between Tommy and Tubbo. On either side of the bench stood the regal Techno and Wilbur. Sally was against Wilbur while Phil stood with Techno. Everyone else notably, hovered around the bench, looking out towards the horizon where beautiful red hues were beginning to shine. 



“We’ve had an adventure, haven’t we?” George chuckled, recalling his days with Dream XD. 



“And things ahead of us.” Quackity added, glancing over at Schlatt because they were going to start a business together. 



“We’ll stay good friends though, right?” Bad asked.



“Yeah.” Sapnap nodded enthusiastically. He ruffled George’s hair playfully all the while nudging Karl who laughed.  



“What would we even do without you nerds?” Techno added, glancing over at Ranboo.




Tommy glanced down at the wrapped package on his lap. His grandmother had told him to open it when he was ready. He felt more ready than ever, sitting amongst the friends he made on the way. He was sure that his parents were looking at him with proud smiles. Slowly, Tommy unwrapped it, removing the package that hit the things inside.



Two disks appeared as he opened it. One was purple while the other was green. Tommy recognized these, his parents liked to listen to them occasionally when he was younger. Melohi and Cat. Tommy’s favorite, his treasure. He grabbed Cat and held it up, letting the slowly rising sun gleam onto the surface of the disk. After meeting Tubbo’s encouraging gaze, he slipped it onto the record player. 



Slowly, the song began to play and Tommy found himself relaxing into the seat as if a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. So much had happened that it would be so hard to even explain it in words. Tommy had been Theseus but now he was simply Tommy. There were no more reincarnations or magical wishes. Right now, in this very moment, it was just him and everyone else that helped him get this far, all enjoying the sun rise, symbolizing a new beginning and new day. 




And so he sat there, in silence, watching the golden rays of light pour onto the valley painting it in its radiant hues.



It was the end of an Eternity and the rise of a new day. 


The End