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“We’re a family, all of us.” He whispered, watching how the other three men looked up in surprise. Their reactions were exactly how he predicted and he only grinned brighter.


“Don’t say that, you’ll make me cry.” The tallest whimpered, turning away to wipe his eyes. He had curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. He currently wore a simple tunic, one that common folk would wear out in villages.


“But we are.” He whined, walking over and clasping the tallest man’s hands. He looked at the man with glimmering blue eyes. He was genuine, this was his wish.


The other man, who was surprisingly shorter than the rest even if he was the eldest, wiped his face as the incoming tears streamed down his cheeks. He had short blonde hair that reached his shoulders and also had blue eyes like the youngest. He wore a long green toga with a black cape that covered a large pair of wings. “We are…” He whispered back.


The last of the three other men, who was slightly taller than the eldest, remained silent. He had long braided pink hair and intense red eyes. He was stoic and regal, as shown by his collared white shirt. Behind him flew a red royal cloak.


“Philza is the dad, William and the Blade are like twin older brothers.” He pointed to each of the men. “And well, I’m the youngest.” He shrugged.


The four of them stood on the large hill overlooking the blossoming meadow. The sun was setting, illuminating each expression in a soft orange haze. It was clear that they all felt the same, no matter how hard some tried to hide their emotional state.


“I promise I’ll always be with you- protect you.” The eldest stumbled over and hugged the youngest tightly. He gently stroked the youngest’s fluffy blonde hair.


“F-fine…” The tallest also joined the eldest in the group hug. “I’ll never let you go now.” He huffed.


The youngest giggled before looking over at the stoic warrior who fiddled with his pink hair nervously. The others expectantly looked over at him, patiently waiting for him to sort out his complicated feelings.


“I can be your family…” He mumbled. The three others slowly opened up their hug, beckoning for him to join. Without hesitation, the pinkette sprinted into the hug. They all laughed, knowing it was something each of them wanted.


They held each other for what seemed like hours. A fallen god, a stoic warrior, a musical village boy, and the love-able child. United by chance and formed a family through their formidable journey.


“You reckon we’ll meet in the next life like this?” The youngest asked, breaking the silence.


“How could I ever leave you, Theseus.” The tallest stroked the boy’s hair gingerly.


“I wouldn’t mind meeting you.” The pinkette whispered. “For eternity and back.”


“For eternity.” The youngest echoed back.


The eldest, Philza, took these words to heart. Never once in his life did he ever expect to be betrayed by his friend in the heavens. But, because of that betrayal, he learned something no infinite knowledge could ever understand. Philza lived- had lived through the moments of forming a familial bond. So when Theseus said that they should meet again, Philza insisted that he would make that wish come true. Even if he had no power, they would always meet.


Time spiraled infinitely. Everything moved to the soft clicking of a clock as it swayed back and forth. Once it reached twelve, there was a large ring of a bell signalling a new day. The new day symbolised new life. The new life brought back the four souls. Curiously, the mysterious force played with the souls, knowing that one was a fallen god who became mortal. It wanted him to suffer. So, when each soul held each other in a familial link, the force decided to honor it. The sound of the clock began to tick back and forth.




Philza was reborn, holding his twin sons and his precious baby.




Philza found three stray children wandering the streets.




Philza met three new friends during a gladiator match.




Philza stood above three bodies.


The rain pelted his face as he looked down at the three of his closest friends- family even. He remembered everything, the lives that each had lived even if the others had the bliss of never remembering. But now, after running away together, despite being affiliated with different kingdoms, had fallen from the great war. Honestly, he felt nothing standing over the bodies. He was numb. He had lived every moment, always outlived his precious children.

Was this what the damned Green God wanted?

No, everything was fine, as long as he could continue meeting his friends' reincarnations over and over again.




Philza looked down to see his youngest crawling towards him in the mud. He was so weak, from the blood wounds. Philza remembered how the Blade had fallen first after taking on so many soldiers. He remembered how William stepped in the way to defend Theseus before getting slashed. And he remembered little Theseus stabbed-


All Philza could do was watch, watch like the coward he was.


“Please….” Came Theseus’ tortured voice. He had now reached Philza’s boots. Weakly, he tugged a bit of his clothing as he looked up to face Philza, his eyes swirling in a deep blue of despair. “Please… Please-”


Philza listened to Theseus’ demand. This was the one wish he couldn’t honor.


The clock spiraled again, landing on a new timeline to place the carefully overused souls. It was amusing to the mysterious force. It was amusing how no matter how hard Philza tried to be strong, he was slowly breaking under the immense burden of reliving each and every death of his beloved family. This was everything that Philza deserved.


The special wish that Theseus once shared, was now a curse that would be forever unbroken.