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Part One - Lord Celeborn's Book

Indil watched Haldir. She had adored him for far longer than she wanted to think about and all they had ever managed to do was fight. They had fought they were children and they fought whenever he returned from the Fences now. She wondered what they would argue over today.

She had always been jealous when her friends would tell her about kissing Haldir and later about the other things they did with him in his talan out near the border.

He looked good in his burgundy tunic and dove gray leggings, better than any elf there except maybe Lord Celeborn, who was regal as usual in his gray and white robe and trousers.

She walked over to where he was just to say hello.

“Haldir, it has been a long time.” She noticed that his eyes lingered on her pale blue dress. It covered her from chin to ankle, but the thin silk clung to every curve and it was so thin, that it was almost translucent.

“Hello, Indil,” he said as he finally raised his eyes to her face again. She felt a thrill at the look in those eyes. He took her hand and kissed it.

As she was about to say something else, Galadriel decided it was time to welcome everyone to the spring festival and start the festivities. Indil followed Haldir to the table, wondering if he still ate as much as he did when they were kids.


Haldir glanced behind him to see if Indil was still there. He had liked her for as long as he could remember. And she had never done anything but argue with him. He made sure he didn’t get too far ahead of her.

They got their food and walked to one of the long tables set up for everyone to sit at. Haldir looked at her. Her blue dress was so thin that he could almost see through it. He swore she wore things like that just to make him crazy. She was the most beautiful elf he had ever seen except perhaps Lady Galadriel. He wondered why she had not chosen a mate.

“So Haldir, how did you manage to be off duty? You usually miss our festivals.”

“It was actually my turn to be off duty and Orophin was nice enough to say he’d stay in case extra help was needed.”

Indil laughed.

“If I were Orophin, I’d never speak to you again. He spent his entire childhood being terrorized by you.”

Haldir blushed. She was a wicked maiden. Maybe that’s why he liked her so much.


Celeborn had watched them all night and he was sure that Haldir was up to something. He thought back to all the things the boy had done over the years. Was the poor child just now noticing Indil? Surely he wasn’t that blind? Celeborn himself had noticed Indil lots of times in the last few years. She smelled like flowers. And she liked bathing in the strangest of places. He could attest personally to this fact. He had chanced upon her in a stream in the woods. She had been very naked and very tempting. He had paid a rare visit to his wife that night.


“So you are saying that birch bark is not what you use to stop pain?” Indil hated the smart know-it-all. “Haldir, everyone knows it works and helps keep fevers down too.”

“There are flowers that you can dry and use to stop pain too!” He looked at her like she was an idiot.

“Show me!”

“We will need to go look in Celeborn’s study. He has books on herbal medicines there.”

Indil just stared at him for a minute like he’d really lost his mind.

“Okay, let’s sneak in there and have a look. I’ll go first and you come in about twenty minutes.” She finally said. She’d rather go first and find the book before he got there. She’d prove him wrong.

Indil sneaked into Lord Celeborn’s study. It was a mess for such a neat elf. Books lay everywhere along with maps, quills, letters and various other things. She looked on the shelf and couldn’t find the book about herbs so she started looking on his desk.

Her jaw dropped at the book she had uncovered. It was a book of drawings. The drawings were of elves having sex in various positions. The book was opened to a drawing of a naked male elf with a naked female on her knees in front of him with his penis in her mouth.

Haldir walked in the door. “I told you I was-”

She stared at him. He came over and took the book from her hand.

“Where did you find this?”

“On his desk.” She gestured to the mess on his desk.

Haldir was laughing himself silly. “Lord Celeborn …”

Indil bit her lip to keep from laughing too. Her question stopped him dead in his tracks though.

“Have you ever done that?”

Haldir didn’t say anything for a minute, two minutes, three…


“Yes,” was his reply in a near whisper.


Haldir didn’t want to answer her if she asked him who had done that to him, but that’s not what she said.

“Tell me how it felt,” was what Indil said instead.

He looked at her. Her eyes were dark, unreadable.

“Hot, wet… I … it is hard to describe.”

He was hard just talking to her about it.

“Did you come in her mouth?”

“Yes. Uh, Indil, perhaps we need to find that herb book.”

“Is that what you want, Haldir?”

“No. I want you.”

“Here I am, and I want you too. I have for as long as I can remember.” She stepped close to where he stood, by Celeborn’s desk. Haldir pulled her into his arms and kissed her with all the desire he had built up over the long years he had wanted her. He was too hungry to be subtle or even romantic. He tugged at her dress, wanting to see her naked, wanting to touch her smooth skin. She helped him take it off, standing naked before him.

Her whole body tingled at the fire in Haldir’s eyes. She reached for the buttons on his tunic and unbuttoned them slowly, mostly because her hands weren’t very steady. When it was unbuttoned, she began on the lacings on his trousers. He groaned as her hand brushed his erection. He helped her finish removing his clothes. He led her to low sofa facing the desk.

Indil sat beside him and they embraced, kissing again, when she broke the embrace and began to kiss his ear. His ears were the most sensitive part of his body, except of course for the obvious parts. He caressed her breasts as she kissed her way down to his neck, his collarbone. He gasped as she bit his tiny nipples, one then the other.

“Haldir, I want to do what is in the book to you.” He felt his cock twitch in anticipation.

“Yes,” he hissed back at her, unable to make his voice any louder as she kissed her way down his belly. He watched as she licked his head, lapping the shiny drops of pre-come from his cock.


Celeborn needed to find a missive from Elrond to see exactly when Arwen was coming back. He knew it was on his desk somewhere. He stopped dead in his tracks in the doorway. Haldir was on his sofa and Indil was on her knees in front of him. Both were naked and Indil had Haldir in her mouth. Both had their eyes closed and didn’t notice him at all.

Before he even thought about it, he had his hand inside his robe, rubbing himself through his trousers. He unlaced them and slid his hand inside as Haldir began to thrust his hips upward, groaning and panting, as Indil’s head moved up and down, faster and faster.

Celeborn fisted his own cock. Haldir cried out to Indil and bucked his hips up, coming in her mouth. Celeborn must have made a sound too, because both Haldir and Indil looked at him though neither stopped what they were doing. Haldir still cried out and Indil still swallowed the thick liquid from his orgasm, but their eyes were on the tall elflord who watched them through lust-glazed eyes.

Celeborn wanted to touch them, to join them, wanted it badly. He wanted Indil, wanted to bury himself deep inside her. He turned to go.

“My Lord,” Haldir’s silky voice said, “please stay.”

He turned back, looking into both faces.

“Join us,” Indil whispered.

He crossed the room and sat beside Haldir. Both of them began to help remove his clothing and soon the regal lord of Lorien was as naked and hungry as the two younger elves who flanked him. He turned to kiss Indil.

“I did not mean to intrude,” Celeborn whispered to them both between fevered kisses, “but you are both so beautiful, I was not able to stop myself.” Haldir moved from beside the elflord to Indil’s other side, where he began to nibble her ears as his hands cupped her breasts. He pulled her back against him and held her breasts as Celeborn moved down and suckled at one nipple until she was whimpering, then he switched to the other one.


Indil felt like she was on fire. Celeborn’s hands and mouth were everywhere. She wasn’t inexperienced, but she’d never felt this way. She almost screamed when the elflord parted her legs and tasted her, his tongue teasing her folds apart and touching the tiny nub hidden inside. She arched toward him and Haldir pressed himself against the cleft of her ass. Celeborn entered her with one finger then a second one. Haldir shifted so that the head of his cock was pressing against Celeborn’s hand.

Without raising up, Celeborn slipped his fingers out and guided Haldir inside her. He made a sound not unlike a feline growl when he was completely sheathed in her. Indil was whimpering and begging them both for what, she didn’t know. The pleasure of what they were doing was more than she had ever even imagined. Then Celeborn began to suck her clitoris. Suddenly she was drowning in pleasure. Both elves held onto her as she writhed and screamed. Wave after wave of bliss washed over her; she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think, she could only feel.

Haldir slowed his thrusts as she slowly stopped moving and started breathing again. Celeborn smiled up at her and licked her juices from his lips. She still trembled as Haldir stopped moving.

Indil knew what Lord Celeborn wanted. She knew he wanted to be in her mouth. She had seen the dog-eared book, she saw it in his eyes.

“Sit back, my Lord,” she whispered. She gently got up, letting Haldir slip from her, and got on her knees in front of her lord.


Celeborn almost whimpered when she touched him with her tongue. The tension had built up in him until he felt like he was about to explode. He groaned when Haldir got on his knees behind Indil and fitted himself inside her tight cunt.

She licked up his underside with the flat of her tongue as she held him in her hand, then swirled her tongue around his head. When Haldir thrust into her, she took Celeborn entirely into her mouth, letting Haldir’s rhythm set hers.

Celeborn ran his hands down to loosen her hair from its braid, then he let it cascade down around her and over onto his thighs. He had never seen anything more beautiful. She looked up at him as she sucked, a firm, gentle touch of her tongue up and down the vein along the bottom. He put his hands on his thighs and let his mind wander.

Haldir was as beautiful as Indil was as he bit his full lip while he held the she-elf’s ass in his hands. Celeborn had wondered sometimes what it would feel like to be inside Haldir. He wasn’t sure that even the Lord of Caras Galadhon could ask for such a thing from such a prideful elf as that one.

Warm hands circled him now, warm hands and that incredibly hot mouth. He wanted, no, needed to come inside of her.

“Indil, come up and ride me, please.” He asked her, but his eyes were on Haldir. He knew it was up to the other elf. Haldir nodded slightly.

Celeborn lifted Indil on top of him as he lay back on the sofa. She reached down and stroked him as she moved onto him. He pulled her upper body over onto him, exposing her to Haldir.


Haldir wanted so badly to be inside her too, but he had acquiesced to his lord’s desires. He slipped a hand down to touch himself, his eyes riveted to Celeborn’s penis sliding in and out of Indil.

“Haldir, would you join us too?” Indil asked him as she looked over her shoulder.

“I want… yes, I will.” He was still wet and slick from being inside Indil when he moved up onto the sofa behind her, entering her again, this time in the smaller, tighter opening. He went slowly and gently. When he was sheathed completely in her, he leaned down over her back and braced his hands on either side of Celeborn and then he began to move.

“I feel you,” Celeborn said in a hoarse voice as Haldir began to move. He pushed into her, feeling Celeborn thrust up into her as he pulled back. Indil just whimpered and moaned incoherently as the two male elves looked into each other’s eyes as they filled her again and again.

Celeborn came quickly, totally losing control and thrashing underneath both of them, crying out their names as he arched up into Indil, his cock throbbing and stroking the sweet spot inside her body. Indil came a few seconds later, shuddering and clutching at Haldir.

“Lord Celeborn,” was what Haldir heard himself moan as he let go and gave in to the pleasure of coming deep within Indil.


Celeborn kissed the beautiful elf in his arms as Haldir moved from her and sat beside them on the floor. He leaned close to Celeborn and put his head on the elflord’s shoulder. Celeborn found himself putting an arm around Haldir and kissing his lips in the same way he had Indil.

“Now, naughty children, want to tell me what you were looking for in my study?”