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The Aftermath

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Tenko was not even sure what part of the hospital he was in. He knew it was a stairwell and it was dark and it seemed empty. 


Tenko smashed his back into the white painted wall as he slid down taking shuddering breaths as he sobbed, his hands reaching up to rip at his long hair. 


His mind couldn’t seem to grasp what was happening. 


He was pregnant.


This had to the be the universes way of saying fuck you. 


Fuck you, Tenko Shimura. 


Tenko quivered as he bit his lip trying to hide the sound of his sobs.


He always assumed he would either die at the hands of Sensei or Kai…..that he would be alone forever. 


Probably alone locked away in that dark room….Tenko shivered thinking about being locked back in there. He fucking hated it there, being trapped in his own thoughts, in darkness so dark he couldn’t even see his hand. 


He tugged harder at his hair sobbing into his knees


He wasn’t stable enough for a pup. 


He wasn’t rich enough for a pup.


He could barely take care of the herbs he had in the kitchen. 


Then he froze, Haruka and Yagi wouldn’t….wouldn’t want him to stay now…pregnant omega’s were needy, they required lots of food, lots of nesting materials, lots of other things even he didn’t know.


Where the hell would they put him now?






Would they finally just point blank deal with him and put a bullet in his head? 


Tenko whimpered, when he smelled a thunderstorm scent, and a heavy sigh. Tenko just continued to rock and pull his hair, “are you okay?” The light relaxed voice questioned and Tenko’s head shot up off his legs and in front of him was a yellow haired yellow eyed omega, so he smelled like a thunderstorm. “My name is Denki, if you do, if you just want company for a minute I can sit with you” he offered. 


Tenko eyed him nervously, but then he smelled it the familiar alpha scent, one of lavender and honey, Katsuki’s brother’s scent. Maybe he was his mate. “I…I’m Tenko,” he replied gently.


“It’s nice to meet you, Tenko, do you mind if I just sit down?” Tenko shook his head quickly, going back to resting his forehead on his knees. “Can I ask why you’re hiding in the stairwell?” Denki smiled gently, letting out a soothing scent.


“I…I found out I’m pregnant….” Tenko whispered sniffing his fingers running along the edges of the tiled squares. 


Denki hummed at that, “I’m sorry,” the yellow haired boy scratched at the back of his neck, “I must have misread the tears….I thought you were sad crying….not tears of joy crying, I’m sorry dude! I misread the situation! But congratulations!” 


Tenko shook his head, “you didn’t misread the….the distress….it’s my rapist’s baby” Tenko sniffling biting into his bottom lip, almost gagging at the metallic taste. 


Tenko listened as his stairwell dwelling companion took in a hissing breath. “Well, I gotta say, Man, that’s unfortunate….but do you want to keep the baby?” Denki questioned with a soft sad smile and Tenko paused.


This random stranger was the first to ask his opinion on the subject, all they had talked about in the room before he fled was “solutions” no one had bothered to see if Tenko wanted the pup. “I….I don’t want to be a murderer….” He whispered out.


Denki quickly shook his head, “hey Ten, it’s your body, your choice…..” the omega soothed, “if you feel that that is the right way for you. Then that’s the way and no one can say otherwise ``Denki promised, squeezing his shoulder gently. “If you want to put it up for adoption that is also your choice” Tenko could feel himself relaxing more and more as the omega spoke. “If you want to raise the baby as yours then that is also your choice, there is nothing wrong with wanting the baby either,” Denki promised, “no matter who helped create the baby at the end of the day the omega carries the baby around and then when it’s born they feed it and nurture it to be an amazing human. And in my opinion, I can see you already care about this pup” 


Tenko sniffled, did he care? He hadn’t been set in stone on keeping the baby, or getting rid of the baby, at the moment in his head all he could think was he had Kai’s baby….but maybe Denki was right….maybe the baby would be more like him….or nothing like either of them. Honestly it wasn’t the baby’s fault that they were conceived this way. 


“I…I’m really on the fence….I….I don’t know if I want a baby to be stuck with me as it’s mother, I’m a mess” Tenko scrubbed at his face, wiping his tears and snot on the sleeve of the pink hoodie he was wearing.


“You shouldn’t think of yourself that way, from what you’re telling me…you have been through some pretty traumatic shit.” Denki smiled, which only caused Tenko to let out a wet laugh, if only this omega knew. “I think anyone would struggle with this,” the yellow haired omega admitted, leaning back against the wall. “And no one will be mad at what you chose.” 


“How can you just say shit like that?” Tenko hiccupped, his body trembling. “Of course people will be mad at what I decide….I’m the villain in this story….this baby is my fault” he whimpered harshly scrubbing at his neck. 


“I think you have it mistaken, man.” Denki whispered looking over at him with kind considerate eyes. “In this situation you and the baby are the victim. Your rapist is the villain, not you, and I know it doesn’t feel that way right now all things considered.” Denki reassured. “The stress is getting to you, plus it’s like 3:10 am or some shit” the omega chuckled, “you should sleep on it…before you make your decision” denki promised lifting his arms above his head cracking his back. “And I can always give you my number if you want to talk.” 


Tenko didn’t understand how this yellow haired omega sitting next to him could be so friendly, Tenko had yelled at him, sobbed next to him, and even glared at him, but he took it all in stride, “I…I don’t have a phone…” he admitted blushing looking down at his lap. He had left his cell phone back at the LOV headquarters along with basically everything he owned, he would be burning the clothes he wore here for safety reasons. 


“It’s okay, I can write it down for your home phone or give you my business card….that would probably be easier huh?” With that Denki fumbled around in his wallet for his black business card shoving it into Tenko’s hoodie pocket, then he grasped his hand giving a gentle squeeze. “Now let’s get off this cold hard floor, and get out of this dingy stairwell.” The yellow haired omega stood up holding out his hand. 


Tenko hesitantly took it, “I….I don’t want to go back….I don’t want to face the reality yet….” He whispered out his hands curling up in his hoodie pocket. 


Denki turned to smile, “then take a walk to clear your head. That always helps me after fights with villains and stuff” the yellow haired omega grinned as he started heading up the stairs. “I have to go find my alpha though. Hopefully I’ll hear from you soon, Tenko!” With that the door opened and shut with a click. 


Tenko was sure that people were looking for him, he was a fugitive after all. A disgusting villain. He sighed as he rose to his feet wiping the dust off the overly soft leggings he was wearing as he tiptoed up the stairs and out of the stairwell, he pulled the hood up over his pastel blue hair, and started to wander. 


He didn’t really know where he was and his mind kept drifting to one thing. 


His pup.


His baby.


He was fucking pregnant with his rapist baby, and he was disgusted with himself.


How could he have let Kai do that? 




How was he never strong enough?


Then came the whys.


Why was Tenko so weak?


Why was he deemed worthless so young?


Why was he so unlucky?


But Tenko had to pull himself out of that, it still wasn’t the pups fault that he was so unlucky, that they were a byproduct of rape, that Tenko was a fuck up through and through. That he was just the pinnacle of disgust. 


Tenko tried not to panic as he continued to wander the white vacant halls. Everyone else who was stuck in this godforsaken place was most likely already asleep at 3 am. Tenko wished he was asleep….or dead, at the moment he didn’t know which he preferred. 


His feet kept dragging him down the ugly white speckled linoleum hallways, his eyes counting the tiles at his feet. His nose twitched once again at that harsh chemical smell…it was making him slightly light headed….he could tell the disinfectant was struggling…..It was struggling to purify the tainted soul wandering the halls. 


Tenko paused when he noticed the white tile had turned to baby blue and the walls were no longer sterile white, but duckling yellow.


It smelled calmer here, relaxed, and pleasant. It made the gaping chasm in Tenko’s chest feel warm and relaxed, he wandered some more in this more relaxed space, when he stumbled into an open door that had a name tag on it Katsuki….he had found Katsuki’s room of all rooms and he couldn’t stop his feet from moving.


Katsuki was curled up holding a black stuffed kitten, a large green blanket covered in dragons was on top of him and his hands were bandaged. “Toma?” Katsuki slurred out looking up, his eyes were still hazy and confused. Which devastated the other omega. “Wha doin?” 


“I was just walking around pup.” Tenko whispered sitting in the chair next to the bed, he was curious where the pups parents were, they were probably dealing with the police themselves and the hospital was a safe place. “How are you feeling?” 


Katsuki shivered, “I…not good….” The pup admitted trying to get the blanket tighter around himself. “Been frowing up….mama goed to get me juice” he sniffled cuddling the plush closer to himself. 


“I’m sorry Hunny,” Tenko sniffled, wiping his own eyes, if only he could have gotten Katsuki out sooner, if only he knew how bad it was going to get, if only he could have just ran away faster. 


“Is no yo fault” Katsuki promised sluggishly, shivering. “You sabed me. Wike a hero” the pups praised and Tenko’s heart shattered, he wasn’t a hero, he was a villain. 


“I’m not a hero, Katsuki,” Tenko whispered to the pup.


“Toma….will you pet ma hair? Pwease?” The pup questioned his red eyes teary and Tenko nodded, scooting forward his hands delicately running through the pups blond locks. 


Tenko couldn’t stop himself from thinking of doing this with his own pup. He couldn’t stop thinking of all the possibilities, would the pup be an alpha? An omega? A beta? Would they take after Kai….or would they take after Tenko? What quirk would they have?


“Toma….why you cryin?” Katsuki whispered looking up at the man. 


Tenko sniffled, “I found out that….that there is a baby in my belly” he admitted biting his lip. His maroon eyes locked onto Katsuki’s ruby red. 


Katsuki smiled, wide and bright right at him. His little bandaged hand reached down to rest on Tenko’s tummy softly. “You’re gonna be a mama, Toma, she’s gonna love you….foreva and eva” Katsuki promised his bright red eyes hazy once more. 


“She?” Tenko questioned gently. 


Katsuki nodded his head, “she….she’s gonna be so nice….to” Katsuki slurred, his hands shaking. Tenko gently tucked the blanket tighter around the pup and he practically leapt from the chair when he heard someone clear their throat behind him.


Tenko turned to look at Shouta who was giving him a soft smile. “You know, pup, people are searching the hospital for you” he admitted carrying a carton of peach juice and a bag of salted chips over to the bed, he climbed up moving Katsuki onto his chest and lap, the pup purring loudly as he nuzzled into Shouta. 


“I….I just needed some time to myself….” Tenko admitted wringing his fingers together,  “it’s hard to figure things out with people staring at me” Tenko sighed, scrubbing his hands over his face. 


“What are you trying to figure out, Tenko?” Shouta questioned gently as he held the carton of juice bringing the straw up to his pup’s lips. Katsuki slurped the juice slowly, only gagging slightly when the juice hit the back of his throat funny. “Shhhh, Kitty, you’re alright.” 


“I…I….fuck” Tenko hissed as his tears betrayed him and streamed down his face. Shouta just watched patiently, letting Katsuki snack and drink his juice. “I’m pregnant….with Kai’s baby….and” Tenko could practically feel his brain spiraling.  “And the first words out of the doctor's mouth were solutions….it’s not the pup’s fault that I was too weak to fight the commands, that I was too weak to run” he sobbed, his mint scent was distressed and troubled. 


“Tenko, deep breaths, sweetheart.” Shouta reached out with his hand gently squeezing the other man’s shoulder. “Being commanded is not your fault, and please don’t think it is” he whispered, his vanilla scent was calm and soothing. “Also being pregnant isn’t terrible, it’s not a sign you’re weak in any way. Now what would you like to do with the baby?” He questioned gently, Tenko shivered as he thought more and more about it.


“I…I don’t know….but I don’t want to murder it.” He sniffled, “not…not that there's anything wrong with abortions….I just can’t do that.” He swallowed thickly. “Not after everything” the mere idea of killing someone or anything made him nauseous. 


“And that’s okay, you could always put the baby up for adoption, or you can keep them” Shouta offered, and Tenko wrenched his head up to stare at the other man. 


Shouta thought he could take care of a pup? Was the raven haired omega crazy? Tenko was dangerous. Tenko was disgusting. there was no way he would be allowed to keep the baby. 


“You….I….you really think I could care for a pup?” Tenko spat out, his body trembling. “I….I have nowhere to go….no one is going to want an omega with a pup.” He laughed, it was a gut wrenching, heart shattering laugh that escaped Tenko. His eyes were swimming and his head was pounding. 


“Tenko, you do have somewhere to go, My dad and Yagi both want you to stay with them. The baby isn’t going to change that, they have both raised and or helped raise pups in the past, so you wouldn’t be alone.” Shouta explained, “if that is what you are worried about. Plus Hizashi, Hitoshi, and I…” 


“An me mama!” Katsuki pouted as he shivered, Shouta cooed at him kissing his son’s forehead, wrapping him in the blanket to keep him warm.


“And Katsuki, are all here to help, no matter the decision, and my father already told me that if you need to stay for years he would let you, he’s not one to turn away a person in need” Shouta explained, shushing Katsuki slightly, as he scratched at his arm. “It’s okay, Kit-Kat, go to sleep baby” Shouta purred, holding his baby close. 


“Cold mama.” Katsuki whined unhappily. Shouta rocked him gently wrapping the dragon blanket all the way around the pup and then pulled the comforter up. 


“Why are you all being so nice to me?” Tenko growled slightly, “I’m just a fucked up villain” the omega sighed.


“Tenko, everyone deserves a second chance and that includes you” Shouta whispered, looking down at his pup. “Plus if you hadn’t brought Katsuki back to me….the doctors are saying he would have died.” He swallowed thickly looking down at his pup. “Hizashi and I struggled for years to have a pup…” Shouta whispered, his hands running over Katsuki’s blond hair. 


“But Hitoshi?” Tenko raised an eyebrow. Shouta smiled at him with wet eyes. “He’s older than Katsuki” 


“We adopted Hitoshi, not that we love him any less because of that” Shouta reassured quickly, “hell people say he looks more like our pup than Katsuki does” he admitted, Tenko watched as Shouta clung to the small omega perched in his lap. “I…I’m just so thankful that you took the risk” he whispered, tears dropping down the man’s face as he held onto his sleeping pup. 


“You shouldn’t even have to thank me in the first place….they ever should have touched him.” Tenko grumbled.


“We’ll they did and you saved him” Shouta whispered leaning back, Tenko could hear the purrs from Katsuki as he was snuggled by his mama.


Tenko realized he…he wanted that. He wanted to have someone who would just love him for him….someone who wouldn’t judge him….


But he was also a realist, the pup in Tenko’s belly deserved someone better for parents. Kai and him just weren’t the right fit to raise anything healthy, and he would do anything in his power to stay away from Kai. 


He would kill to keep this pup safe, and Tenko knew then and there that maybe a pup wasn’t in his best interest.


Which shattered his souls into a thousand pieces.


“Shouta….” Tenko whispered out looking at the linoleum floor.


“What’s up, Tenko?” Shouta questioned gently with a sniffle.


“Would….would you kill for your pup?” Tenko swallowed thickly, he knew it was a long shot, Shouta Aizawa, was not a mass murder like he was. He was a kind and brilliant hero.


“Yes…..without hesitation” the omega admitted looking at his baby. “I don’t know if it’s omega biology or….or if it’s just me….but if someone tried to harm my babies….I would do everything in my power to protect them. If that meant having to kill someone to save them….then…yeah….yeah I would” Shouta looked at Tenko with soft eyes. 


Tenko felt like he was riding a rollercoaster of emotions. 


“It’s not bad that I feel that way too?” Tenko questioned looking up, his body trembling. 


“Of course not, honey, that’s your pup inside you, whether you keep them or not and wanting to protect them in a natural thing” Shouta explained gently, “I guess I can only speak from experience, but Katsuki got lost once and I panicked, had the whole school on lock down. Like mother’s instincts are crazy like that” Shouta admitted with a tired yawn. 


“I’m gonna head back” Tenko whispered, standing up slowly. His crimson eyes raked over the pair on the bed. He could only hope that everything would turn out the way it was supposed to. 


“Alright, we’ll be here if you need anything.” Shouta promised with a sleepy smile, Katsuki was snoring softly against his mama’s chest. 


Tenko nodded as he walked out of the room, dimming the lights as he passed. He would have to find his own way back to the room. 


His mind continued to wander as he paced the dimly lit halls of the hospital. His slippers shuffled against the tile.


What was he going to do? 


How was he going to handle this?


What was he going to do if Yagi and Haruka insisted that he terminate the pregnancy? Could they make him since he was in their care? 

A wave of anxiety settled over him, He would just have to be blunt and honest.  He was just going to have to say what he was thinking….He was just gonna have to….


“Oh thank god, Tenko!” Tenko’s head whipped up coming face to face with Haruka the alpha’s gray eyes were red rimmed and his cheeks were wet, “I was so scared you left the hospital, bluebell.”  He admitted and Tenko did not expect the warm arms that wrapped around him in a hug. “I bet that was really overwhelming…..don’t worry we can deal with it however…” He started.


“I….I don’t want to kill it….it’s not its fault” Tenko whimpered, biting his lip looking down toward the floor. 


Haruka hummed, acknowledging he heard him, which Tenko is grateful for.  “I never expected you to want to,” The man explained gently. That made Tenko pause, did Haruka not see that he was a murderer? That he was trash? That he was damaged beyond repair?


“What?” He whispered out tears already falling down his cheeks.


“I nor Yagi expected that in fact, Yagi….may have ripped into Chiyo once you ran out the door.” Haruka admitted gently, leading Tenko down the hall slowly. Letting them stroll through the pain and unease that was settling around them. “Do you have a plan?” Haruka started.


“I….I don’t….but I know I don’t want anything to kill it….I mean….Shouta said adoption…..or….or he...he said that….maybe I” He shivered, was he really going to admit to the alpha that was basically going to be taking care of him that he wanted another mouth to feed?


“Could what, SweetPea?” He whispered, running his hand through Tenko’s hair.


“That maybe I could keep….it” He whispered looking up at the alpha with wide hopeful eyes. 


“That of course is always an option.” Haruka agreed softly with a smile. “We need to go back and get an ultrasound done on you.” The alpha explained with a soft smile.


“But’re okay with that? With me wanting to keep a baby when I am such a horrible and disgusting whore…”


“Tenko!” Haruka swiftly maneuvered himself in front of him. His hands gently rested on the omega’s shoulders. “You aren’t any of those things.” The alpha stated with so much conviction that Tenko almost believed him. “And you aren’t a whore….your situation is unique and you deserved better, but Yagi and I are here to try and make sure you are safe, healthy and first of all cared for. If you feel like putting the pup up for adoption is the best choice we will respect that, if you want to keep the pup we will be there every step of the way and at every appointment. It takes a village to raise a pup, BlueBell.”


Tenko felt the tears fall before he could stop them. He had never heard someone talk so positively about him before. 


Did Haruka really feel those things about him?


The alpha really did seem to care, and he really did seem to want what was best for Tenko.


And maybe somewhere deep deep down….Tenko believed him.