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The Aftermath

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🦴The Aftermath🦴


Tomura hated the smell of the police station; he swore it smelled so chemically that it could make anyone gag. The stale cup of coffee sat in front of him on the table. He hadn’t touched it, he preferred the fofo drinks as Twice used to say. His fingers were still stained with ink from being fingerprinted leaving little marks along the styrofoam, his fingernails leaving little indents as he dragged his finger up and down the side to soothe himself. 


He was shocked to see Shouta sitting next to him, the omega had drove him here himself after dropping Katsuki, Hizashi, and Hitoshi off at the hospital, Katsuki even gave Tomura a reassuring hug telling him everything would be okay, even thanked him for saving him.


It just didn’t feel right…..Tomura knew he didn’t deserve it. He was trash, he was gum stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe. He was…terrible…despicable….fucking rotten. 


“Just breathe, Tomura, everything will be fine” Shouta promised with a kind smile, and a gentle squeeze to his shoulder. 


“I….I don’t deserve everything to be fine” the blue haired omega whispered wiping his eyes, he felt Shouta run his hand up and down his back.


“I know you think that right now.” Shouta whispered, “but in the eyes of the law you did nothing wrong, alpha commands are no joke. Especially repeated alpha commands.” Tomura could see the pain in Shouta’s eyes. “I’m surprised you’re still here with how often you were commanded, from what you were telling me” 


Tomura swallowed thickly. “I….I tried to end it multiple times, and Sensei would just lock me away…..and Kai…..Kai would come “give me his knot” so that I could stay sane. Apparently omega’s need to be raped. Did you know that? Because I sure as fuck didn’t” tomura shivered tugging on the side of his coat, curling in on himself. He didn’t even want the flashing images that were floating in his mind to bother him. He just wanted this to be over.


Tomura could smell in Shouta's scent that the omega was shocked. “He raped you?” Shouta questioned his heart. Black eyes met crimson and Tomura shrugged nonchalantly, hoping that Shouta understood that somewhere in Tomura’s mind the omega thought he deserved it. 


“All the time.” Tomura whispered. His eyes overflowed. That was what made this even more unbearable, Tomura knew that Kai wasn’t his alpha, but for some fucking reason his omega craved contact, craved connection and Tomura would do everything in his power to stay the fuck away from Kai. Fuck the omega would literally chop off his own feet before he ran back to the LOV…..he was done….he wanted fucking out. Tomura quickly wiped the tears off of his cheeks.


He didn’t deserve to cry. 


Whatever happened to him now the omega knew he deserved it….He deserved all the pain and agony he had endured for now. He really didn’t even deserve to be in the presence of such an amazing hero. Especially one he almost murdered…..if Kai was here…..He could just lock Tomura up in that dark room again….the one where there was no light and he would be left for days with his own thoughts and the nightmares that appeared in the dark for company. 


Yeah….that was what Tomura deserved. 


He deserved it.


All the pain.


All the suffering.


All the abuse. 


He may as well hang a sign around his neck that just says garbage, because at the end of the day that was how Tomura saw himself. 


Kai and Sensei said it all the time. He was worthless, useless, stupid….ugly….an omega.


Why did everything wrong in his life come from his secondary gender? Being an omega was just fucking terrible and Tomura just wanted it to change. 


Was there a way to change his secondary gender? Tomura shook his head in annoyance. He already knew the answer. 


It was no. 




Shouta sat there with wide eyes. The poor omega…..he couldn’t even imagine that. He couldn’t imagine being commanded constantly and then in the midst of being commanded being raped…..from the sounds of it repeatedly.  


“You should have said something, honey, I would have taken you to the hospital first” Shouta whispered. His hand once again squeezing Tomura’s shoulder delicately.


People would probably criticize Shouta for being so friendly to the omega.


But Shouta saw the truth, Tomura was scared and abused, the man sitting next to him was way too young, his son Hitoshi and him had to be close in age, he could never leave a pup to be defenseless like this. 


The interrogation room opened slowly revealing detective Naomasa. He had a kind smile on his face as he sat down, Shouta appreciated the Betas' tact in this odd situation.


“Hello Shigaraki, my name is Detective Naomasa” the best smiled, “I hear you want to turn over information on the league to be granted freedom.” 


Shouta felt Tomura stiffen, “i…..I was told if I was alpha commanded, I wouldn’t be in trouble.” The man whimpered, wiping his eyes, his hands shaking as they pushed back his ratty whiter blue hair. 


Naomasa nodded, “we will have to run some tests for that, would that be alright with you? I would have to see you get commanded and how responsive you are” Naomasa admitted biting his lip, Shouta was looking at Naomasa like he wanted to kill him. The obsidian eyed omega couldn’t even believe his ears. They were going to alpha command him right here in the police station. That was pure insanity. 


“There is no way you are doing this now, Naomasa?” Shouta argued quickly looking over at the shaking man next to him. Tomura looked paler than normal and his hands were trembling so hard coffee was sloshing out the sides of the styrofoam cup. 


“Shouta….my hands are completely tied here…..they want to lock him away forever… we have to prove his innocence now….or he will be locked away in Tartarus for….probably for the rest of his life.” The detective admitted looking at the pair of omegas across from him. Shouta took a breath and shook his head.


“We don’t have to….” Shouta was cut off by Tomura nodding his head and the man took a gasping breath. Shouta was afraid the boy was going to pass out from lack of oxygen.




Tomura shivered, his leg bouncing up and down rapidly. 


He had to be alpha commanded….right now….in front of Shouta Aizawa….maybe this was some comedic justice….the other omega could see what a fucking disgraceful, pathetic mess he was. 


“I….okay…..Um” Tomura's hand quickly went over his mouth as he felt that familiar wave of nausea, even the thought of being alpha commanded made him sick. The omega gagged roughly leaning over toward the trash can as he started to heave.


“Is that necessary? You literally have a lie detector quirk, Naomasa” Shouta growled, looking over at his companion who was still vomiting. It was taking everything in the older omega not to comfort the man. 


“It has to be conducted, this is out of my hands, Shouta. I am so sorry” he admitted with a sad frown. “It’s protocol. We will only do it with a trusted alpha though, Yagi is here, would you like me to grab him?” 


“Tomura, would you be okay with All Might, Alpha commanding you?” Shouta questioned gently, the terrified red eyes looked back at him. Another rough gasping breath was heard the man’s hair getting pulled as he curled up into himself. 


“No…please! I almost killed him…..he’s gonna hate me” Tomura sobbed, leaning forward and clinging onto Shouta’s sweater thankful for once to the quirk cancelling cuffs wrapped around his wrists.


“Pup, you didn’t do anything, it was the alpha command, Yagi, would never do anything to harm another human. That man is pure to his soul” Shouta vouched for him. Shouta knew that whatever terror was eating at Tomura would only get worse with time. “We should probably do it now?” Shouta offered that and Naomasa was out of the room. “Tomura it’ll be okay, and I will be there.” 


The blue haired omega was shaking and gagging every so often. 


Tomura nodded as Naomasa and Yagi walked through the door. All Might looked at the blue haired omega with nervousness in eyes and Shouta growled at him, which caused Yagi to back away, “you don’t get to judge. Not when you don’t know the whole story.” The raven haired omega was warning Yagi. Even his eyes were telling one of his best friends to behave himself. 


“Alright, what am I here for?” Yagi questioned sitting down across from Tomura and Shouta. The alpha’s leg bounced up and down. 


Naomasa paused looking at the shaking omega in the chair across from him. The boy was young….way too young to be living a life of crime, honestly way too young to be living like this. “We need you to alpha command, Shigaraki.” 


The blue haired teen curled up as much as he could, trying to hide away from the alpha, the behavior was concerning, this boy was terrified of alphas. “I….I’m not comfortable doing that” Yagi answered honestly as he took in the man’s body language. “He looks terrified, Nao” 


“Well be abused, raped, and tortured due to alpha commands and see how you feel!” Shouta growled at Yagi, Naomasa’s eyes widened. The beta flinching at the man’s words. It was obvious that Shouta was feeling protective of the other male.


“Alright, let’s all calm down.” The detective spoke, laying a gentle hand on Yagi’s shoulder, with a soft smile. “This isn’t helping, Shigaraki” 


The blue haired omega was curled up into a ball practically sobbing, “pup, it’s okay” Shouta promised gently, running a hand through his hair gently. “No ones mad, let’s get this over with so we can get you to the doctors yeah?” He asked with a gentle smile, hugging him softly.


“Do we have your consent to use an alpha command on you?” The detective questioned turning, making sure the recording device was on when he asked.


“Yes…” Tomura answered with a shiver, “what…what do you need me to do?” He gagged slightly, his form trembling in fear. The scent of rancid mint was enough to churn every stomach in the investigation room.


“You can sit there.” Naomasa explained with a kind smile. It wasn’t like he could reassure him that everything would be okay, Alpha commands could be deadly, if an omega received too many in quick succession and if the terror Tomura was exhibiting it was likely the man had been alpha commanded quite frequently.


“Alright, Yagi,” Naomasa prompted. The large blond haired alpha looked uncomfortable as he wrong his fingers together “Just simple things” 


“Naomasa….Shouta….I don’t like this” Yagi responded, “I have never used an alpha command on anyone” the symbol of peace sighed heavily. “And I didn't  want to start today.” The man put his hands in his yellow blond hair. “I….I feel sick….” Yagi whispered out to the room and Shouta and Naomasa looked at him with sympathetic eyes, where Tomura just looked ready to pass out from fear. 


“I….I give you permission….this isn’t my first rodeo.” Tomura whispered, his red eyes locking with Yagi’s blue ones. “I…...Its not your fault….if anything goes bad…...I promise.” Tomura whispered out, his voice cracking as tears fell from his crimson eyes his trembling hands laid out flat against the top of the wooden table. 


Yagi froze looking at the young man before him. The man’s scent was putrid and it was taking everything in Yagi to not flood the room with blueberry pie and comfort. He took a deep breath and ready himself with one final nod, Yagi spoke his first command. 


Omega, stand” Naomasa watched as Tomura didn’t even hesitate to rise to his feet. Normally an omega could fight slightly against it, especially against someone that wasn’t their mate, but Tomura looked almost like a zombie, his eyes were dulled, his posture tense. His head falling forward slightly. Naomasa waved his hands in front of Tomura’s face and the man didn’t even flinch. He sighed, reaching forward grasping the omega on the throat touching his scent gland and the beta hissed when he felt how hot it was.


It was like touching molten lava….even the man’s scent was starting to disappear almost as if to mask himself. 


“Another please” Naomasa was watching to see if Tomura had any fight against the commands. It was looking less and less likely as tears started dribbling down his cheeks. 


Omega, kneel” Shouta looked disgusted at the command, as Tomura dropped to his knees so hard they cracked against the tile. Yagi hissed. “I can’t do this” The alpha was almost in tears. “This is gross, he’s not even fighting” Yagi shook his head holding up his trembling hands. “I’m hurting him….I’m not okay with this….I” Yagi himself gagged and Tomura was drooling on himself at that point which showed Naomasa almost all that he needed to see. 


Naomasa bit his lip, “he can’t fight it anymore…” the detective admitted. “I bet even an omega could command him like this….with how under he is.” 


Shouta looked at Tomura who was weeping silently on the floor with his dulled red eyes, Shouta knew it was going to be bad….but this bad? Shouta could have easily broken out of that alpha command, but Tomura…..he couldn’t even lift a finger to get out of it. It was gut wrenching to witness. “Is that enough?” Shouta wiped his wet eyes, he couldn’t bear watching this anymore. 


“Yes, obviously we need to do an interview. Please release your command Yagi.” Yagi looked relieved as he slumped back into the metal chair. 


Release” Tomura gasped his hands going toward his throat as he heaved, his throat felt scratchy almost like he had been screaming, but he didn’t remember screaming….his scent gland was burning him….it felt so….hot why was he so hot? He was nauseous…..what happened? Where was he? He could smell soothing vanilla tea...he was thirsty. 


Tomura shrilled when he felt a hand on him, his mind foggy and confused. It was that soothing vanilla scent again. 


“Breathe, Tomura, breathe” Shouta coached gently, as he crouched next to the omega on the floor, he pulled over the trash can as Tomura vomited for the second time today. “Everything’s okay…’re safe, honey” Shouta promised, running his hands through the knotted blue hair.


“Hurts….” Tomura whimpered out, blinking to clear the blurriness. “Help….hurt” Tomura pleaded, clutching his chest and Shouta gently grasped his wrist checking his pulse, which of course was elevated due to stress.  The young omega just kept pleading for help. “Please…..please….” He whimpered.


“It’s all over, take a deep breath…...and another. Good Job, hunny” Shouta praised with a purr trying to get Tomura to purr back anything to try and calm the other omega who was currently curled in in a ball on the linoleum clutching at his sweater. 


Shouta could tell the detective was uncomfortable, and Shouta knew why the questions were next and who knew how awful they were going to be. 


“Help….please….” Tomura pleaded as he got up to his knees. Shouta was shushing him softly, tanning his pale fingers through Tomura’s long hair. Shouta could hear a tentative quiet purr, it was almost as if Tomura was embarrassed by his own sounds of comfort so Shouta matched him, purring a little louder filling up the quiet space.


“You back with us, Honey?” Shouta questioned softly, the boy was still trembling and his hands were clutching at his sweater. But his crimson eyes had brightened significantly and his posture was more relaxed. 


“Y-yeah…..I am” Tomura whispered out, wiping his eyes and the drool from his chin, it was quite strange to be commanded so delicately the commands weren’t full of malice or danger. They weren’t vile and putrid. They just were and it was calming….in the weirdest sense. 


“I’m…im sorry Young Shigaraki…..I really have never done that before…” Yagi rambled biting his lip and a Tomura shook his head.


“It’s was fine” the blue haired omega promised, “it wasn’t too….too bad” he stuttered giving the alpha a shy smile.


Yagi leaned back in his metal chair crossing his arms with a nod, “still I’m sorry.” 


Tomura nodded and look ar the wood table his hands were still trembling and he knew they hadn’t even gotten to the worst part. The questions.


“Are you okay to continue?” Naomasa questioned softly taking in the posture of the omega, he was still curled in on himself, but he didn’t look like he was going to pass out. Though they would have to be on the look out for a drop.


“Yeah….let’s just get this over with” he bit his lip, his fingers once again finding their way to the styrofoam glass with the stale now cold coffee. He fiddled with the little stir straw in the glass.


“How long were you in the LOV?” Naomasa questioned, the recording device’s red light was still on and persistent, letting Tomura know that he was being recorded.


“For as long as I can remember.” Tomura answered honestly, was he really going to spill all of his secrets just like that? 


Tomura knew the answer was yes….fuck Kai, Fuck Sensei….he wanted a life….he wanted… just have fun…be free even if it was only for a short while before they found him and killed him.


“Can you clarify what that means?” Naomasa proded and Tomura shivered.


“Sensei found me on the streets when….when I was small….so he raised me….and alpha commanded me with his ideals…his beliefs….his absolute truths” Tomura whispered, he could never remember how he ended up on the streets in the first place. “ so yeah”

Tomura stuttered over his words, swallowing thickly.


“Do you know this Sensei's name?” Naomasa questioned leaning back in his chair and Tomura’s entire posture shifted to one of fear and sickness. 


“I asked once” he shivered, his trembling hands fiddling with the string of his hoodie. “He….he beat me for days to remind me to never ask him again. I know what his quirk does….because he would….would always brag about it” the man coughed harshly into his hand. The nerves were getting the best of him. 


“I’ll take any information you have,” Naomasa proded.


“Well…..he…..he can take quirks….permanently.” Tomura stated tears overflowing his eyes. “I watched him do it to…..he can just take and take and take….I don’t know if he has a limit” Tomura whispered out and it was so silent Tomura was afraid he had been killed. 


“You….you can’t be serious.” Yagi whispered out Tomura’s head jerked up and the large alpha looked terrified….and that…that was enough to make Tomura practically collapse.


“Tomura?” Shouta questioned the kneeling neck of the boy, his normal mint scent was basically gone and the boy was panting. “Everything is fine,” he promised, “you’re safe.” 


“No ones safe….if all for one is out there” Yagi whispered and Shouta’s head jerked….he remembered Yagi talking about that fight….how he almost died, his mentor did die. “I….I need…..I need a minute” Yagi was shaking himself as he slammed the door exiting the investigation room. 


Shouta could feel the tension rising in the room and the blue haired omega was trembling. “He’s gonna kill me, EraserHead” crimson eyes full of acceptance and desperation penetrated Shouta down to his core. “But I have to give you all the information I have first….so let’s do this quickly and Tomura grasped the recording device close to his face, to make sure all of the information was picked up and he blabbed.


He spoke about Rei hiring them to kidnap Shoto.


He spoke about Sensei and everything he knew about him.


He spoke about Kai Chisaki and his quirk. 


He spoke about Himiko Toga, her quirk, and her infiltration ability. 


He spoke about Muscular and how he had managed to join up with them. 


He spoke about Portal, the random girl that could generate teleportation portals. 


He spoke about the Nomus. How they were created where they were stored.


He spoke about the doctor and all of his experimentation.


He struggled to make it through his wrong doings under the control of Sensei. He didn’t leave out any details all the way up to defending himself against some random alpha and accidentally disintegrating him, in his Alpha Commanded state. 


He made sure to leave out his “pack” Twice, Spinner, Magne, Mr.Compress we’re all “bad guys” but it was due to unfortunate circumstances…..not because they were truly evil like he felt Kai and the others were. 


He also started listing the locations of all the hideouts including the coordinates to each. 


By the time Tomura was done, he was a shaking, stuttering, nauseous mess.


“Is….is that enough?” Tomura whispered out, blinking his exhausted red eyes. 


Tomura felt like he had run a marathon that ended with him either in jail or murder by the man he once hoped would be a father to him. But the fucker turned out to be more like his executioner. 


Shouta and Naomasa looked at him wide eyed and shocked. “I…that’s more than enough….we….we will have to get you under protective custody and witness protection…..” Naomasa stated. “But with all of this……’re not going to get any jail time.” The beta explained and Tomura nodded, he was so tired.


He wished he could melt into the linoleum floor and just exist without the immediate exhaustion draining him. 


This was too much….he was too tired.


Too exhausted.


Too drained.


He just wanted the earth to open and swallow him whole. 


Was that too much to ask?


Tomura shivered a bit, wrapping his arms around him. His leg bouncing erratically as he thought of all the possibilities, when he looked up he noticed that the detective was gone….where the hell did he go?


“He went to go talk with the sheriff and he’s going to see if he can find someone to watch you after you leave here.”  Shouta explained calmly, looking down at his hands. “Tomura….I am really sorry that you had to go through all of this….I...I am sorry that a hero was not their to help you the day you were kicked out. I am sorry that this fucking asshole hurt you so badly….but I do hope that whatever happens next is a good thing for you” Shouta leaned over squeezing his hand.


Tomura jerked slightly and then his face felt wet….why did his face feel wet? Tomura looked to his lap as little water droplets landed on his jeans...Oh….He was crying. “I….I meant what I said at the USJ…” He whispered. “Well…..some of it” He swallowed thickly. “You….you really are the coolest hero, EraserHead….and I…..I saw you some nights…..when I was on the streets….but i never had the courage to talk to you…..and I….I didn’t want to hurt you because of my quirk” Tomura whispered out with a wet sniffle. “I should….I should have just asked for help” He sobbed, tugging his hands away, he covered his face and he felt those strong arms hug him.


“Tomura…’s alright. I am happy that I was your favorite hero...and I apologize that I didn’t see you….you must be very stealthy” Shouta whispered, running his hands through the man’s hair. “And everything will be okay. I just hope whoevers protective custody you go into you get along.”


That made Tomura pause and look at him nervously. “ won’t be yours?” He whimpered, biting his lip and Shouta shook his head.


“I am no longer a pro-hero they won’t let me….and Hizashi….well…..he had a feral episode after Katsuki was taken….so he is actually on leave until he gets a psych evaluation done….Hitoshi offered, but since he is only a sidekick….they denied him as well….So I am unsure where you are going to go….But whoever it is I’ll make sure they have my number so you can call.”


Tomura really felt like he was dying now. He knew that at first Hitoshi, Hizashi, and Shouta were….all weary of him and rightfully so…..but he didn’t want to be left the devices of some angry and resentful hero. He whimpered nervously going to nuzzle and then he stopped himself. 


“It’s okay, pup, do you need to nuzzle, I don’t mind….” Shouta whispered, he knew that nuzzling was a self soothing tool for omega’s, hell he nuzzled Hizashi’s chest often. “It’s okay, everything is going to be okay.” Shouta promised, gently carding his fingers through his hair. “It’s been a super stressful day for you, but we're all happy you’re here and your safe” 


Tomura whined at that, it couldn’t be true. People would be safer if Tomura was dead. If he….if he died, then all of these people would be safe. 




But that isn’t what Shouta said….it isn’t what EraserHead….the most amazing hero ever said.


He said he was happy he was still around.


Happy he was still here.


The soft purring coming from Shouta was so reassuring, so relaxed that before he could stop himself he was nuzzling into Shouta’s chest. Tomura couldn’t even stop the loud purr that erupted from him.


They say there for what felt like an eternity, when a tentative knock came.


“Come in” Shouta called back and Naomasa and Yagi walked into the room and Yagi almost looked like he had seen a ghost.


“So Tomura, I…I have some news….we ran your fingerprints…..and I….I found something interesting” Naomasa sat down and a Yagi sat down to. “Is Tomura Shigaraki an alias?” They all watched at Tomura cocked his head to the side. 


“No….that…that is what Sensei said my name was…..” Tomura whispered looking down at an image of a little boy…..his hair was black and his eyes were red. He even had the little scar that Tomura had on his lip. The more he looked at the picture the more he was mesmerized. Then it felt like a thousand bricks smashed him to the floor. “That’s….that’s me” he shivered, grabbing the paper. It was a missing person’s poster. “I….oh my god……” the tears fell and nothing he could do would stop it. “I…..I killed them” he shivered slamming his head down into the fake wood grain.


Naomasa looked at Shouta who looked confused. “What?”


“My family….that’s….that’s why I was on the streets, Shouta…..I remember…..I remember now……I wanted to be a hero….like my grandma… sister always said that she was an amazing hero. My father….he….he was against it…..he….he had some….rough forms of punishment… night….it was so cold….I could barely feel my fingers…..we….we had a dog” Tomura shivered as the harsh memories played over the inside of his eyelids like he was watching a movie. The scattered memories struggling to make one coherent picture, one coherent storyline. “We….we were playing….I fell……” Tomura whispered, his whole body shaking. “I fell and touched him….the dog….he….he Turned to dust…..and…..and I freaked out….so bad I ran toward the house…..I remember my sister opened the back door, I tripped through….through the door and….I touched her shoulder with my whole hand and…..and within seconds she was gone….” Tomura sobbed into his hands. “I….I didn’t do it on purpose….I didn’t know what was happening….” He cried, he remembered now and fuck….he never wanted to think about this again. He knew sensei had tried wiping his memory of these events multiple times, but everytime someone spoke his real name it was like the curtain being opened the miasma lifting. “My….my quirk manifested…..” he whimpered out biting his lip. “My….my mother and father were horrified…..for obvious….reasons…..I…..” he gagged so hard his body recoiled against the chair. The images were flashing all the dust, all the destruction, all the broken remains. The pure pain of his father beating him within an inch of his life and then throwing him out the door. 


“You may as well…..throw me in jail. I’m a fucking piece of trash” Tomura practically roared rising to his feet. “Just end it…you have a gun right? Just shoot me….please just end it for me….I’m so fucking terrible” Tomura crouched his forehead against the edge of the table and his palms were flat against that fake wood grain. 


“Honey…’re not in trouble for that, unfortunately quirk accidents happen especially to young pups whose quirks come in unexpectedly.” Shouta explained, “and as horrible as you feel right now….your parents kicking you out onto the street at 5 or 6 is worse” Shouta whispered, running his hands again through the light blue locks. 


Tomura shook his head, “that….that’s not true….” He whined. “It can’t be true! Don’t you see?! I’m diseased, I ruin everything I touch” Tomura sobbed his fingers sliding against the fake wood squeaking slightly as his hands clenched into fists.


“Shouta’s right.” Naomasa spoke, making Tomura flinch. “You are innocent of crimes you committed as a child and from what I can understand it was a quirk accident,” Naomasa stated, shoving the paperwork back toward Tomura. “But I was curious about your name. Because our official reports from this case say your name is Tenko Shimura.” 


The blue haired omega froze and within seconds he was heaving over the trash can once more….


“Tenko Hunny, dinners ready…” 


“Tenko heros are just toxic, you will not be one.” 


“Tenko, grandpa loves you!” 


“Tenko, come on! I want to play outside!” 








Tomura shook his head. Sensei…..Sensei…..that fucking man…destroyed everything he touched….just like Tomura, maybe it was comedic justice.


Maybe Sensei knew all along he just wanted to be a hero like his grandma. He just wanted to be good. To be worth something. To be worthy of love and affection that he craved so much. 


Sensei….Sensei had stripped him of that, his father….his mother had not cared enough about Tomur…..Tenko to even pretend to care. 


So why was Tenko so fucking sad? The omega had no clue, he would never be a hero with such an awful quirk like his…he remembered begging Sensei to make him quirkless and of course the selfish bastard had refused. Tenko couldn’t really make any sense of what was flying through his brain. Each individual thought strand was evaporating the moment he tried to grab it.


“Tenko….Shimura.” The boy shivered again, his fingers squeaked against the fake wood as he balled his hands into fists.


“Yeah, that is your real name….but if you prefer we can still call you Tomura. But I currently have some people calling around to find you a place to stay. You will be under protective custody until we can arrest All for One.” Naomasa rambled and Tenko was only half



He honest to god didn’t care, because he was pretty sure the moment he got out of here and away from Shouta, his miserable existence would be over.


Tenko was done, he couldn't take it anymore. 


He was alone.


He was hungry.


He was cold.


He wanted….his nest. 


“My nest…” Tenko sobbed curling into a ball, his forehead resting against his knees. It seemed so stupid to be crying at a time like this over a nest….but Tenko couldn’t stop himself….he was miserable.


“After the hospital, we can go grab some nesting stuff” Shouta offered and Nomasa shook his head. Shouta raised an eyebrow at that. “He needs medical attention”


“I understand that Shouta,” Naomasa spoked softly, “nesting materials aren’t a need according to the law….so unless his protectors take him to a nesting store I can’t do anything about it”


Shouta growled, “nests are necessary! It’s in every secondary gender book out there, nests comfort and soothe pups especially pups that have dealt with trauma, omega discrimination is fucked in this country!” Shouta snarled, his vanilla tea scent was pungent. 


“My hands are tied here…..” the detective admitted, he at least had the decency to look apologetic. “But I do agree with you” the beta tried to placate the angry omega across from him.


Tenko whined at that. They weren’t going to let him nest….he needed to nest. “Nest?” Tenko shivered, clutching at the fabric of his hoodie. 


“We’ll figure something out, Honey” Shouta promised, crouching down next to him, “let’s get in a chair, okay, let’s relax.” 


Tenko let himself be moved to the chair, his head down turned and his eyes locked on the floor, when another tentative knock rang through the room.


Naomasa opened the door and Shouta blinked surprised when the familiar chai tea scent filled the air. “Dad?” Shouta whispered out and Haruka walked through the door with a kind smile. 


“Hey Sho, Yagi called so I’m here and the lady at the desk told me to come see the omega that would be staying with us for awhile” Haruka spoke softly. 


Shouta had to admit that this was unexpected, “Tenko is staying with you?” He questioned with a happy smile, at least he knew Yagi and His dad would provide for Tenko….but would he be comfortable with two alphas. 


“Yes, from what the sheriff was telling us. Yagi was pretty adamant about it…Because Tenko’s grandmother was Yagi’s mentor” Haruka explained, a soft smile on the alpha’s face. 


Shouta’s mouth dropped open before he could stop himself and Naomasa looked like he was about to fall out of his chair.




Tenko….Tenko couldn’t believe his ears. He was pretty sure this was all a dream and he was gonna wake up any minute from some alpha commanded stupor that someone put him in. 


All Might.


His grandma….was All Mights mentor…..


Fucking All Might. His grandma must have been one big hero. An amazing woman if she could mold the Symbol of Peace.


But the dark sludge of his mind quickly squashed out the hope. And in its place filled with the dark destructive thoughts he would do anything to get rid of. 


He didn’t deserve this kindness; he didn't deserve to be treated fairly.


He was a villain. 


A fucking vile, disgusting, dirty, nasty, worthless….


Tenko was pulled from his thoughts when he felt a gentle hand grab his he jerked back so fast he was sure he broke something.


“Whoa now, everything is okay, Sweet Pea” Tenko’s red rimmed crimson eyes locked with slate gray and kindness. 


The man was practically the spitting image of Shouta, except the few white hairs that peaked through the lucious black.  “I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Haruka Aizawa, I’m Yagi’s boyfriend, it’s nice to meet you” he smiled sweetly, and Tenko almost felt himself calm and the soothing chai scent embracing him.


“I’m…T-Tenko” he stuttered out, biting his lip and looking down at his lap. He could hear Shouta and Naomasa speaking off to the side, but his focus was on Haruka. Tenko hated to admit it, but the alpha’s presence was calming. How could an alpha’s presence be calming? 


But the more Tenko stared at the other man the more relaxed he was. Haruka didn’t have a hint of maliciousness in his eyes or his posture. The man's posture was open, honest, and welcoming. Nothing like Sensei's….or Kai’s…..or Himiko's….he felt almost safe. Here. Like the man would never lay a hand on him or anyone for that matter. 


“It’s very nice to meet you, Tenko, Yagi should be here in a minute after he signs all the paperwork, then we’ll get you to the hospital for a wellness check up” Haruka squeezed his hand and the younger man found himself just nodding in agreement. “After that, we can go get some rest.” Tenko purred out at the idea of getting some sleep the blue haired omega was flagging in his chair about to collapse from pure exhaustion, he flinched when he felt fingers in his hair, but his eyelids dropped even more as he felt the gentle scratch of nails on his scalp and before he knew it he was falling forward onto something warm and soft.




“Thank you, Dad, he’s been on the verge of a drop for hours” Shouta whispered wiping his eyes, hearing how Tenko was treated in this world was enough to make Shouta want to gag. The poor boy thought that he was the scum of the earth, that he deserved to be treated that way. 


Shouta….Shouta just couldn’t take it.


He didn’t care if you were the worst human being on the planet. No one deserved to be raped, molested, alpha commanded, abused, tortured all because some other fucker decided that was what he needed.


What Tenko needed was stability and love. 


Not the bullshit he had been dealing with before. 


“It’s not a problem, dahlia.” Haruka spoke softly his fingers still scratching Tenko’s scalp softly, the pup nuzzling against him, as he snoozed, “we have enough space at the house so he’ll be comfortable and he’ll have his own floor so to speak” Haruka admitted, his penthouse apartment was ridiculously bougie and paid for by his work, Yagi and Haruka stayed in the downstairs bedroom both to old to continually climb up and down the stairs. 


So Tenko would basically get the upstairs to himself, a bedroom, a bathroom, a walk in closet. There was even a second bedroom up there that was completely empty. If he preferred it there. 


“That’ll be nice….please make sure he can nest…..I don’t care what the law says….omega and nest users need nests.” He practically pleaded, his own tears falling. Shouta wouldn’t survive without his nest, hell Hitoshi was the same way. 


“Dahlia, everything will be okay” Haruka promised, “and after he gets some rest, Yagi and I will take him to get nesting supplies if he wants to” he promised. 


Yagi wandered back in the room and rumbled at Haruka the black haired alpha smiled. “All right we have all the paperwork…..we’re gonna take him to the hospital, I have the paperwork so what can and needs to be sent for his case file will be sent your way” Yagi explained to Naomasa. “Also are there quirk cancelling bracelets instead of cuffs? He’s not a prisoner and should not be treated like one” Yagi stated adamantly as Naomasa nodded, wandering back to the lobby. “Are you alright, Shouta?” 


“Yeah….I’m….im honestly relieved he’s going to be safe” the omega whispered, “his story is horrible and I know he doesn’t think he deserves any sort of kindness so I can only be happy that he is going to be safe with you two” the omega sighed in relief. 


“We will keep him safe, and as healthy as we can, and since Haruka is working from home, he’ll always have someone” Yagi promised with a kind smile. “Are you following us to the hospital?” 


“Yeah, my babies and husband are there so it would make sense for me to pick them up.” Shouta teased trying his best to lighten the mood. 


Haruka nodded and Yagi smiled, the rest of the time there was pretty painless, Haruka ended up carrying Tenko to the car, the pup still sleeping heavily in the backseat. 


They followed Shouta to the hospital, and when they got there they woke Tenko up gently.


The omega still jerked forward struggling to breathe, the nightmares seemed too real and too close, he whined unhappily as Haruka explained that they were at the hospital. “I know, Sweet Pea, but the quicker we get this over with the quicker we can get some sleep” Haruka cooed, and the barely away blue haired boy stumbled from the car. “That’s it good job, bluebell” Tenko purred exhaustedly at the praise as he struggled to stay on his feet. 


Yagi was in front of them as they made their way into the hospital. “Chiyo, thanks for meeting us, we need a wellness check up done on Tenko, and “ Yagi leaned forward so he was only speaking into the woman’s ears. “A rape kit” 


She nodded letting a smile take over her face. “Come on dearly, we can get this done lickety split. Then you can get some shut eye.” Tenko nodded, shuffling forward behind her, but he paused before he went into the room. Chiyo noticed. “Would you like someone in here with you dearie?” 


Tenko nodded his head, but he didn’t have anyone. Who the hell would care enough to hold his hand while he cried because they drew his blood. Or while they checked him over…he knew they were going to look at his junk….thanks to blabbing over and over about his sexual assault like some crazy person. “I….I don’t…” he swallowed thickly. 


“Haruka and Yagi are here for you, do you want me to get them?” She offered, the slight reminder that he wasn’t alone seemed to relax the omega slightly. He timidly nodded and sat on the sterile white paper running along the examination table. His fingers ran over the paper enjoying the odd smoothness to it. He really just wanted to lay down and sleep. He didn’t care if he was dying or some shit left that to be a surprise….what did it matter to Tenko.


A light knock then Haruka entered with Chiyo, “Yagi, is checking up on Katsuki, so he wasn’t with me.” The alpha explained as he sat down in the awful brown plastic chair. “But when he’s done if we aren’t done first then he’ll meet us here” The alpha was explaining when Tenko jumped at the cold feeling of the alcohol wipe he whined unhappily.


“I’m sorry, dear.” Chiyo cooed, as she got back to work, the woman was a professional, but it didn’t mean it didn’t break her heart to see such a young man suffering for this long. 


Crimson eyes stared at the tray of vials and needles and all he wanted to do was book it out the door. He felt like his feet could carry him all the way to the ocean and then he could just continue his walk off the pier. 


“Hey  bluebell, can you tell me about you?” Haruka spoke in that calm and soothing tone that Tenko heard at the police station. “What are some things you like?” The man questioned gently, taking Tenko’s hand and rubbing circles onto the back of it to drag his attention away from the little table containing all of the instruments. Haruka rumbled softly trying to get the pup to pay attention to him, he smiled sweetly when Crimson’s eyes met his. “Good pup.” He praised and Tenko chirped, making Haruka smile even wider.


“I….I like waffles…..” He whispered looking at his lap. “With….with Bananas and chocolate sauce…” He admitted biting his lip, Tenko for the life of him could not figure out why he cared….Tenko was worthless. 


Haruka smiled at the pip sitting on the table “I had some of the best waffles of my life in France actually when I was there to take pictures of Gallic Roosters for a magazine. They made a blackberry compote thing and it was delicious. What else do you like? I will also make sure we get the stuff to make waffles at home” 

Tenko froze at that, did he say home? Tenko…..never really called the bunker or the underground facilities his home...they were just convenient places to hide out and away from heroes. He had never had a home before. But Haruka just referred to his house as Tenko’s…..home….he didn't say his home or Yagi’s home. He said just plain as day home. 


“I….my favorite colors are lavender and….and blush pink” The omega stated, looking at his lap. He wanted to slap himself. He knew he was wearing a lavender hoodie underneath his long blac trench coat….but still. “I….I like reading….comic books and playing video games.” He shivered a hard whine escaping him when he felt the needle pierce his skin. 


“Hey it’s alright, pup, just look at me” Haruka smiled gently, “Are those the colors you want in your room? We can paint the bedroom, if you want.” Haruka offered, “My landlord won’t care since It's Paid for it.” Haruka offered, it was taking everything in Tenko to not run out of the room screaming because of the needle sitting delicately in his skin. 


“I….I don’t want to ruin anything” He whispered, looking at the ground. “Plus….when….when you get rid of me...then you’ll have to fix it and like that's a lot of work….and I am not worth that much effort….just….yeah” Tenko sighed, blinking back the tears that were now streaming down his face. Tenko didn’t understand how he still had tears left to cry. 


“Hey Tenko. You’re worth the effort, and you can stay as long as you need to after the protection order is finished. I know Toshinori is okay with it, and it’s my house so even if he isn’t I get the final say” Haruka teased earning a small shy giggle from the blue haired boy. Haruka smiled at him gently, carding his hands through the boy's blue hair.


Tenko whined again when the needle was pulled from the crock of his elbow. Haruka shushed him gently. “Alright dear, I need you to pee in this cup, and then…I’ll need you to put on this gown, so we can do an exam and everything” she explained. 


Tenko nodded as he went to the side bathroom doing his business quickly. He placed the cup in a little window and walked back out in the gown shivering. Once he sat on the bed he clung to his clothes nervously, the woman seemed to be out of the room and Haruka was playing on his phone typing away. 


He felt light headed and nervous. “Uh…Mr. Aizawa….” Haruka looked up, startled.


“BlueBell, you can call me Haruka, what’s up? Are you okay?” Haruka rose to his feet and Tenko stepped backwards, flinching. “Oh I’m sorry, Sweet Pea, let me sit back down.” Haruka sat down as he watched Tenko’s body language. The alpha had years of practice watching people and animals he could see clear as day how scared Tenko was, how nervous he was, he looked ready to sprint out the door. 


“I…I’m thirsty….could….could you get me some water?” Tenko stuttered, his scarily thin arms wrapped around his waist, the quirk cancelling bracelets shining in the light slightly. 


“I can, stay here okay” Haruka soothed, “why don’t you come lay down, Chiyo dropped off a blanket for you” Haruka was hesitant to leave the boy alone, but he also looked dead on his feet. He didn’t think he would get very far. 


Haruka watched the frail omega make his way across the cold tile, his bare feet padding across the floor as he curled up on the cot. Haruka covered him with the fleece weighted blanket from the omega wing and Tenko was purring and nuzzling into the heated fabric. 


The alpha smiled, rising to his feet. “Stay here, pup” he whispered as he left the room. 



Tenko purred as he relaxed under the heated weight of the blanket it was so soft Tenko could feel the tears welling in his eyes. 


He felt….safe….Tenko shook his head, he couldn’t let his guard down. He couldn’t believe that he was worth any of this kindness because he wasn’t. 


He knew he wasn’t worth it. He dozed off under the blanket and the purrs escaping him were embarrassing. But he was just… warm…..the blanket was so soft.




Haruka came back with a bottle of water, a grape juice, and a granola bar from the vending machine. His racing heart calmed when he saw the young man still under the blankets fast asleep. 


Haruka:  He's currently asleep, Buttercup, can you go buy him some sweatpants and a blush pink hoodie? His clothes are filthy and maybe some slippers? The 24 hour store is next door. He’s currently sleeping.

Yagi: Of course, Angel, are we thinking medium and small? Or? 


Haruka: a large hoodie if possible he seems more comfortable in oversized things. And for the sweats maybe a medium, make sure they’re soft….


Yagi: Angel I will, after everything we can take him to get his nesting supplies tomorrow. 


Haruka: That sounds great, ButterCup, stay safe. 


Yagi: Of course you too. 


Haruka sat the drinks and food in the chair next to him, he knew that Shouta, Hitoshi, Hizashi, and Katsuki were all in the pediatric wing with Katsuki the boy looked horrendous, the skin on his hands was cracked and broken, he was slurring his words, and barely able to keep his eyes open. His blood pressure was so low the doctor was requiring him to stay for a few days. 


Haruka wanted to be mad. He really did, but he also knew from what Yagi was explaining it was not Tenko’s fault or his doing in any way which was the only reason he let Yagi let Tenko in originally….then he actually met the pup. 


The omega was darling, docile, and so scared, it broke Haruka’s heart. He flinched at everything his eyes darted to check for exits the moment he sat down and all Haruka wanted to do was protect him. 


He knew this exam and everything else was going to be rough on the pup. But when it was over he would be safe. Yagi and Haruka would look after him….they would protect him. 


When Chiyo came back in they woke Tenko up and started the exam. The groggy omega relaxed and allowed Chiyo to do everything she needed. 


When they did the rape kit, Tenko was sobbing and screaming. Begging for it to be over and Haruka grabbed the pups hand shushing him and rumbling at him, his chai scent soothing and calm. 


“No! No!” Tenko shrieked and Chiyo backed off. 


“It’s okay, pup, she’s not gonna hurt you, she’s gotta check down there to make sure everything is okay” Haruka wiped the tears from his cheeks. 


“We’re going at your pace dear.” Chiyo promised, “no one's gonna push you, we’re almost done.” 


Tenko sobbed and nodded his head as the woman finished what she was doing when it was all over. Tenko was whining heavily under his breath and Haruka was whispering to him and running his hands through his blue hair like he used to do when Shouta was sick. “You did such a good job,” he praised. “Now, we just have to get your lab work back and if we’re cleared to go, we can go get some rest.” Haruka promised, making sure to keep the blanket pulled up. 


Tenko was silently weeping, his body not even trembling. The boy knew it needed to be done to check his health….but god did he hate it. It was violating in a whole different sense. 


Cold hands and sterile equipment. Painful. Though Tenko realized that the doctor wouldn’t hurt him on purpose, plus she had backed off when he had shrieked and cried. 


Haruka was chatting with him quietly when their was a knock, Haruka would recognize anywhere. “That’s Toshinori….would I be okay if he came in? He has some stuff for you.” 


Tenko nodded, the whines not stopping. “Come in, ButterCup” Toshinori walked in with a bright smile.


“Hey Angel, how are you Tenko?” Yagi questioned sitting down holding a large plastic bag. 


“I’m okay…” he whispered the evidence of exhaustion clear on his face. “Want….want to sleep” he whimpered, both men could sympathize with the omega. “Want my…my nest” he whispered, Tenko did not really understand why…..why he wanted his nest. The sanctity of the item had long been lost when people would just jump into it, destroy it, steal blankets from it. Sometimes Tenko assumed it was just because most of the LOV was comprised of alphas so they didn’t understand nest edicate, but Magne….sweet Magne went off on multiple people about it….so they did it to be malicious.  


“We’ll take you to get nesting materials tomorrow, pup” Haruka promised gently. “It’s too late now and the store isn’t even open. But we do have some clothes for you.”


“I ran into Chiyo in the hall and she said that you can get changed.” Tagi bent over and rifled through the bag pulling out the leggings and the blush pink hoodie, there were some underwear and socks tucked in there as well. 


Tenko purred at how soft the material that was handed to him was. He shuffled toward the bathroom getting changed, the hoodie practically swallowed him and the leggings were also soft and stretchy. The little slippers were nice too. 


It was then Tenko realized he actually felt warm. The clothes on him were soft, cozy, and warm. It was so pleasant his inner omega was dancing with joy. Maybe everything would be okay? Haruka seemed like a super nice person and Yagi….Yagi even though he tried to kill him went out and bought all these warm clothes for him…..maybe they cared.


When Tenko walked back out, Haruka was leaning against Yagi, the larger blond pecked a kiss to the crown of his head. Tenko watched with curious eyes, he had never witnessed an alpha and alpha relationship before….but these two….they just seemed to fit together. Haruka smiled at him, “are those okay, Sweet Pea?” He questioned, a slight yawn escaping his lips. 


“Yes….thank you, they’re very soft” Tenko admitted as he shuffled back to the examination table popping down on it. 


Yagi rifled into the plastic bag once more, “I also grabbed this, sleeping in new places is hard for everyone, so I bought you a friend.” Tenko felt the plush land in his arms and he was met face to face with a little blush pink rabbit with soft fur and in little arms he held a little strawberry. 


Tenko was nuzzling the fabric before he even knew what was happening, the scent of mint and eucalyptus filled the air and it was a content, almost happy smell. 


Haruka rumbled at Yagi who just wiped the wetness from his eyes. Yagi just wanted everyone to be happy and if he could help Tenko…it was like he was helping his mentor in a way, after watching her death….and experiencing that awful pain that All For One placed upon him. He couldn’t even imagine the kind of torture Tenko had to endure. He was surprised the omega lived through all of it. 


The omega was obviously strong and resilient, two things that Yagi admired in a person. 


He wanted to help kindle those emotions and feelings. He knew that with the kindness his mentor bestowed upon him, Yagi could do that for Tenko as well. He could nurture and aid this omega in anything he needed, because that was Yagi’s job.


As a mentor and the Symbol of Peace. 


“Thank you” Tenko chirped, squeezing the bunny in his arms with a tired yawn. 


“You’re welcome, Tenko.” Yagi promised, Haruka smiled up kissing Yagi’s cheek gently, it was amazing to Haruka how sweet and kind Yagi really could be. 


The three sat and waited. Tenko curled up on the cot clutching the bunny under the warm blanket purring tiredly. 


Haruka could only feel content that Tenko seemed to be in slightly better spirits though he could only assume the raging war in his head. He couldn’t imagine what….what the poor boy was dealing with mentally….how he was probably just struggling to even be here and in the present right now was breaking Haruka’s heart.


Another round of knocks came as Chiyo walked back into the room and everyone froze when she had a sad, but serious look on her face, she pulled over the little stool to sit down in front of the omega, her hand reaching up and grasping Tenko’s softly. “I want to start out with the good things, so you’re in pretty good health besides being malnourished. No STDs, no other diseases, no infections.” Everyone nodded along with her as she read over the paperwork.


Then she swallowed thickly looking straight into those crimson red eyes. “However…..we looked at your blood work and your urine sample….and we did this test….multiple times, dear.” She took a deep breath squeezing his hand, Chiyo hated this part…she hated being the bearer of bad news. How do you tell a rape victim this? Just how? “You’re pregnant.”


Tenko felt like the world fell out from beneath him.






He was pregnant….


He was pregnant with Kai’s….with Kai’s pup……no….no he couldn’t be….


“There are solutions for this….” He heard through his haze of panic.






Tenko’s mind was swimming.


She was suggesting he terminate it? 


Tenko could cackle evil in the woman’s face. He was a murderer! What was one more? 


He killed his own sister, his own dog, countless poor individuals Sensei wanted him too, what was his own pup?


His pup


On my fucking god….his baby….


His pup…..


What the fuck was Tenko thinking? 


He couldn’t….he couldn’t be here….he needed to leave….he…..he needed to protect? The pup? 


Tenko rose to his feet so abruptly no one knew what to do and before anyone could say anything the blue haired omega was sprinting down the corridor, the bunny plush falling to the floor in his haste. 


Tenko’s mind was running wild….he was pregnant.


He was pregnant.




He had a pup now? 


What the fuck was he going to do? 


With that he sprinted down the hospital corridor and didn’t look back.