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The Dark Mage and her neighbor Anonymous

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“Power lurking in the shadow.”

“Help me with darkness’ flow!”

“Allow me to twist the nether!”

“Melt my mind, body, and arcane together!”

Marianna chanted in her dark room with curtains closed. Only a few candles gave a dim light. From the floor, a black-violet blob rose as if it found a way into the room. This was definitely not from this world. It formed into a dark orb in front of her, while floating mid-air. The mage crossed her arms under her magnificent mammaries, perking out from her grey tracksuit. She always got excited when she was casting a spell, she inhaled and exhaled slowly, as the orb formed further into an oval shape. The woman got greeted by the reflection of her own sharp, yet tired face and messy hair.

“Let’s see.”

She leaned in and reached out her hand, touching the mirror-like object. The object now showed clothes for women, especially occasional ones. The woman squinted as she put her silver hair away from her eye. She used her fingertips to sway left and right on the mirror, making various clothes appear on it.

“Too vulgar... Too formal... Too modern.” The mage shook her head. Next, an even more revealing clothing appeared made of black leather. She quickly swiped left, while blushing.

“I’m not that young... besides, poor Anon would get a heart attack if he saw me in that.”

After letting out a great sigh, she dismissed the mirror, which turned into an orb again. The orb just dropped to the ground, turning into a black-violet puddle, and disappeared as if it didn’t exist. The darkness from the room got lifted as the neon tubes on the ceiling flickered and glowed again.

‘I forgot about that... Again.’ The witch bit her long silver-colored nail. Her being a dark mage in the modern world took a toll on her. Keeping up with electronics has proven to be quite difficult for her, as she would often say “Unreliable gizmos for stupid youngsters.” Electronics and magic didn’t go very well together, and she often paid a price for that, usually ending up with broken TVs and short circuits in the neighborhood. The dark mage herself was a landlord in an apartment complex. Since the portals opened to this world, monster girls flooded in, and this meant the inevitable meeting of technology with magic. She took this job as her magic got quite handy in some situations, but the real reason for her was desperation. It was an adapt-or-leave situation for her.

She needed a reason to stay as quickly as possible to find a man, but life got in her way. Somehow she always got into a situation where her husband candidates got snatched away by other monster girls, which she didn’t take kindly.

‘Just because I don’t have cat ears...’ She thought while looking outside of the window with despise. Memories came back about a certain purple-furred smug cat taking away the man she never even talked to. Marianna took this personally as if the man already belonged to her, and she ruined a couple’s date. This wasn’t the only case. The dark mage had a short temper, she got jealous in a heartbeat and her selfishness just put the cherry on the top. She also had a few incidents with the local sabbath as she would purposefully strut in front of them while squeezing her assets to show superiority to the members, who of course didn’t take this kindly. She, as a single mature woman, took joy in males being interested in her, so clumsily, but she managed to register herself on dating sites. To her despise, when people knew more about her, they always left.

This world in these modern times showed no mercy for magic users, and there was even a specialized anti-magical group to deal with individuals too. They restricted her power for most of the time, as the local hellhound policewoman would say: “I’ll beat the shit out of you if you spawn tentacles again!”

The building she lived in was inhabited by couples too. While they were honest and always paid her, they made the poor mage even more jealous and jaded. The residents often saw her trying out various spells outside, but they never really bothered by her, since they were too busy with their lewd activities and since the prices were low, they just ignored it.

Time has gone by and she felt that her magic is getting weaker. Even simple spells to make dishes wash themselves became difficult, to the point where she got exhausted after a spell. Summoning the orb to browse certain clothes as if it was a smartphone now took a toll on her too. She was running low on mana, and that increased her grumpiness, yet she still refused to use most electronic devices.

Her biggest grudge, however, came from another source. The man who just recently moved into the complex, named Anonymous. A single man down on his luck, with either going from job to job or being unemployed. The dark mage noticed one unusual thing about him: this man was an expert at dodging any form of human interaction, or in this case: human and monster one.

'I set up so many traps for him... Now I can’t even do that..." She shook her head.

Anonymous himself was an average Joe at looks, but he was very prone to not leaving his apartment at all. The dark mage, of course, got interested in him, but somehow he always slipped away. She couldn’t blackmail him either and force him to fuck her since she already had a record, so forcing a man to do certain things with her was out of the question. She herself wasn't a very talkative type either.

‘What the hell does he do alone all day in there, anyway?’ She thought as she stood up and put on her slippers.

“Does he only leave for groceries? I want to ask him about a lot of stuff, but...”

The dark mage walked around in circles in her room. She was always waiting for the right time, but she never could get it right.

‘What if... he’s weirded out by me? A mature, over three-hundred-year-old lady? I mean... I’m not that old... and it’s totally not weird to hit on someone who is... not even a hundred or fifty! AH! I’m so nervous.’

She sighed and went into the kitchen to find some sweets, which were her way to cope with nervousness, but also the bitter loneliness. She returned to her ‘workplace’ as she called it, with a can of ice cream, and hopped on the couch. When she first met him, she secretly hoped Anon would make a move on him, but she quickly realized that would not happen. Munching on her vanilla goodness, she thought of the times she failed to make even a simple conversation with him.

‘It seems so pointless... unless... No, those bitches will notice the mana flux. Of course, they’ll immediately look after me. Now a trap like a time-freezing one is out of the question and so is dimension bending. Nope, I would get sentenced to at least another three hundred years for that. What else is there? Potions? No way... he wouldn't drink it, even if I tried to force him. Hmm... maybe spike his food? Or drink... I don’t even know what he likes... All I know is that on rare occasions he smokes.’

While she got lost in thoughts, the ice cream slid off the spoon on her breasts.

‘Ah! So cold... If only he was there to lick it off... Wait! I should make a rune, put it on him, and mind-control him a little! The police wouldn’t notice it since it didn’t generate as much disturbance! Heh, worst-case scenario, I can undo it immediately when they show up! Oh yeah, it’s all coming together~’

With excitement, she put away the ice cream and watched her cuckoo-clock. She already knew Anon always smoked around 4 P.M, leaning on the fence. Then he immediately hurried back to his cave.

"You little rascal, I'll make sure there will be no police this time to slide out of my grasp!"



“What a surprise, another decline. I'm so done with this shit.”

Anon shook his head and closed his inbox window. This was the eleventh job he applied for, and he always got the same response. He clicked his tongue with disgust and pushed himself up from his chair. Anon felt some slight neck pain, while walking to the kitchen he made circular movements with his head.

In the kitchen, there were bills lying on the desk. They looked as if they were taunting him. Half opened and left to collect dust.

‘At least the rent is cheap..."

He stretched his shoulders, then rubbed his tired eyes.

‘I won’t be able to pay even that for long... Damn, I don’t want to live on the streets.’

After opening the fridge, he got greeted by another grim reality. There was barely anything in there, too.

‘If only there was a damned beer or something.’ With disappointment closed its door.

‘I wonder how long until she kicks me out too... Soon I won’t be able to pay for her, either. Maybe I should consider what cousin said... that man whore...’

He sat down and grabbed one of the many warnings.

‘If only I was more social... and into real-life girls, maybe I could be a male prostitute or something... There has to be a mamono out there who pays for this kind of shit.’

Anon threw the paper away and cracked his fingers.

‘I always heard how they seek husbands... well, I guess I’m just not that material. I heard so many times they actively chase down men... but none of them bothered with me! Sure, they were nice, but... none of them looked at me in THAT way. Fuck. Maybe I’m so bad, that even they don't want me.’

“When the portals open, it’ll be good, bro. Trust me, dude! My ass!”

His anger increased when he remembered that broadcast made by monster girls since the portals opened, which was a few years ago. The spokeswomen were claiming how happy unmarried men will be from now on, and everyone will find love. For Anon, that was not the case. He didn’t pursue any girl, he just put his trust into what that white-winged succubus said on the TV.

‘I’m the stupid one here to get my hopes up... To trust that damned Mongolian carpet weaving forum members too. Heh... at least I still have 2D.’

He pulled out his phone and clicked on an application. He browsed through threads made by obviously non-human users.

‘Damn, they are everywhere... heh imagine being so thirsty as a woman you need to use my secret treehouse club. Wow, this one’s OP is a manticore... with a timestamp even. She’s sperging about how can’t she just take away a man who meets her fancy. Also, what is this? “Modern guys are pussies who can’t handle a little rape.” Huh? I’ll show you!’

Anon’s mouth transformed into a smile, but not a hearty one. This smile was twisted.

‘Heh... how the fuck does she even type with those hands? I bet my ass it’s easy to bait her! Once I pick the right reaction image from my smug folder...’

“>Rapetrain mamonos”

“>Can’t even pin down a weak ass human.”

“lmaoing @ ur kind OP. We rule.”

Anon, once he was satisfied with the image he choose, which was a smugly looking slightly brown-skinned man with white hair in a red cloth, he sent his reply.

Not even a minute later, he got a response.


“get raped virgin”

‘Heh, she’s mad.’ Anon’s smile turned more malicious. Another reply popped up but from a different poster.

“Hey, humie boi, where you at? I’ll find you.” Next to this reply, there was a picture of a big black furry paw, which probably belonged to a hellhound.

“k9s seething rofl.” A dancing cat accompanied this reply with dark and purple fur. Anon remembered seeing it first, and he nearly thought it was real. Some people even asked how can they teach their cat to do that dance.

“Manticores are part lion, which is a feline yuo dumb faggot chenshiotere.”

It seems like the manticore mistyped a few words. She was definitely angry. Anon was sure the reason a cheshire cat typed that was just to cause chaos.

“Cope mutticore, stop using your tail to type.”

“Fukc yuo ahbe sex cringeshire”

The latest one was probably the manticore again judging by the spelling errors.

“You just come here to cause shit, yet I could break both of you cat, and you humie like a twig!”

“Rent-free, and you can't breed lol”


"Pawfags on suicide watch. You'll never be with a man kek."


It seemed like others joined the funposting too, but Anon knew soon it'll be all over.

“>It’s the retards getting baited by someone larping as a guy episode.”

"Fucking newfag beastman types."

Anon tried to post again, but then the thread got deleted.

He smiled as he closed his phone. For him, this was a good day since he put minimalistic effort into causing a shitstorm, which happened quite often with mamonos. The random memecat did his job for free, they might even think that cheshire was him. At least this made him forget about his worries, and shitposting became his daily habit. Satisfied with the results, he stretched himself and shut his eyes down.



‘I... somewhat feel bad for trolling that manticore... Eh, it is done. She was a bitch anyway-‘

He opened his eyes and crawled out from the chair while thinking about how mamono affected society so far. Maybe he was that kind of guy who, no matter what, didn’t have a place in any monster girl’s heart. Anon’s emotions gone wild, so much he had to sit down into the chair again. The more he thought about it, the more he realized maybe that manticore was just like him. Bitter and lonely.

‘Fuck it...’

He stood back again and searched for a pack of cigarettes in his pockets. Anon squinted at the pack when he saw what it contained. Only two left, and no paycheck from the government for another two weeks.


Anon lazily walked towards the door while grabbing a lighter on the way. Upon opening the door, he squinted again. The sunlight wasn’t merciful to him. Luckily, the rail was just one step ahead to lean on. That was his usual spot where he smoked. He also relaxed on this spot when certain fornication noises could be heard from the inside. He lit his cig up and puffed it.

The dark mage peeked out of a corner, then pulled back. Her naughty expression turned to sadness. Anon, in fact, looked as if he got run over by a truck. Poor hygiene, unshaven hair all messy, and a bathrobe. He was not a pleasant sight.

‘At least you should take a shower... How can someone lose himself so badly?’

Marianna shook her head.

‘I just have to put a rune on something that he uses regularly... that lighter! If the magic rune is dampened and releasing over time slowly, it won’t be noticed! I’ll ask him for a lighter... but I have to get close to him...’

She bit her lower lips.

‘I have to do this...’

The dark mage with wobbly legs got closer and closer to the homeless-looking man. Mustering up her courage, she opened her mouth, but Anon already noticed her.

“Oh... hello.”

Anon said to her in a raspy and tired voice.

‘Hello, Anonymous! How are you?’

He lifted his shoulders.

“Okay, I guess.”

‘What kind of response is that? I’m concerned about your health, dumbass!’ She thought but repressed the urge to say it out loud.

“I’m... glad then.”

Anon sighed and looked with his tired grey eyes at the mature lady.

“Look, I’ll pay when I get my support from the government, okay?”

“W-what, no... I’m not here for that... I was just concerned about your health.”

This took Anon by a surprise. Someone was interested in his health? That was something completely new to him.

“Oh...Well... Thank you then... I’m fine.” He nodded.

“I’m glad... S-say, can do you have a fire? I mean lighter?”

Anon raised his eyebrow.

‘Why would a dark mage able to cast fireballs at will want a lighter from me?’ He thought, but he handed over her, anyway.

Marianna took the lighter, slightly touching the man’s hand.

‘Dear... his hands are icy... Okay... just a small rune on this device... It’s done. I knew one day I’ll come in handy to learn these without chanting... Hm, maybe I can... ask him for a cig too?!’ The mage got excited as he cleared her throat, while Anon was already gazing right in front of her, watching birds beating each other.

“Uh... do you have a cigarette too... I kinda forgot to buy one.”

‘So that’s why...’ Anon with a heavy heart, but still gave her the last cigarette he had. Marianna looked at it as if it was some treasure.

“Thank you very much!” She put the cigarette stick into her mouth and lit it up. She puffed it so hard she had to cough it up.

“H-hey, are you all right?” Anon looked at her with concern.

“Y-yes, it’s just been a while since I smoked... Here... your lighter.”

She handed over the lighter to Anon, as he just shoved it into his pocket, not even looking at the device. The mage took this as a success, but couldn’t smile because of her previous coughing spree.

“Um... Anonymous... Do you have a girlfriend, because I...” Marianna’s lips curled back. ‘Damn... I shouldn’t have asked that!’

‘Yo... where did that come from?’ This surprised Anon so much his cig nearly dropped out of his mouth.

“Ugh... well. No... I mean currently no.”

‘Oh boy... this got really awkward.’

“Look... miss landlady, I appreciate the effort, but I’m fine... really.” He pushed the cig onto the rail and walked back into his apartment. “Goodbye...” He closed the door behind him, leaving the mage alone.

‘I fucked up...’ The mage returned to her room too, while gazing the entire time at the floor. She pushed her face into the pillow.

"At least the rune is there... you just wait... I don't know if he hates me now or not... He's so... mysterious."

She looked up from the pillow.

'You just wait... soon you'll be mine Anonymous.'

With evil laughter, she pushed her face back into the pillow, but her excitement vanished as she remembered the incident.

'But first... I still have to apologize for... that.'



“I dabbed on some 3dpd mamono hard yesterday.” Anon with excitement waited for the responses, which of course came by easily. He learned that monster girls were especially sensitive to being taunted by human males.

“Then you woke up.”

“You have one the most beautiful women and yet you choose some drawings? Shame on you!”

“Says the person who browses a website filled with zipangese papyrus illustrations”

“Op is an orderfag, nothing to see here.”

“If I were her, I would have used you as a pneumatic drill faggot!” This post also had a picture of red biceps, with bulging veins presumably made by a red oni.

“I feel sorry for the girl... Op you fucked up.”

“Yeah, I bet she was nice to you too, you damned autist.”

‘Hey... are they trying to make me feel sorry for them? That ain’t gonna happen. Mamono or not, I’ll never allow a woman to get close to me... she probably wanted to blackmail me or some shit. There is no way she was genuine.’

“Have fun with your 3DPDs.”

He shook his head and closed the thread.

‘Retards. If they are so nice, why has no one approached me so far? Only this landlady, but she’s like... eh.’

Anon couldn’t put a finger on it, but he felt something was wrong. He felt almost bad for the mage for yesterday.

“She would have made a move much, much earlier... then why now? She’s so suspicious...”

He scratched his head.

‘Maybe I’m just paranoid... but I still don’t trust her.’

He heard a knocking on the door.

‘Eh... who the hell would want to see me? I bet it's someone trying to sell some stupid shit.’

Anon approached the door and opened it.


In front of him, there was the dark mage landlady. Her silver hair was in a braid, and she wore casual clothes, but she was quite tidy. Her warm smile and the mountains around her chest level made Anon a little blush.


“H-hi Anonymous! It’s me, Marianna.”


‘He still looks like shit...’

“So Anonymous...” The mage fidgeted like a little girl but somehow still stood her ground. “I just wanted to apologize for asking you such an intimate question... please if you can, forget about it.”

“Well... Okay, it just surprised me, that’s all.”

“Then I’m glad... Say... are you like... alone this weekend?”

“Huh? Why?”

“Because I would like to... you know, just chat with you...”

‘Wait... Wait... Wait... What is happening right now? Did she... invite me... for a date?’

“I mean, I’m alone and I thought that... we could spend some time together!”

Marianna was sweating. She didn’t prepare for this kind of conversation.

“Sorry, but I have... things to do... I'll think about it.”

“It’s okay...”

“Yeah...” Anon nodded. “Goodbye.”

“Bye... Anon.”

She closed the door on the mage again. Marianna felt anger building up.

‘Little shit, I try to seduce you! Just because I wanted to drag you out and bang you, doesn’t mean you can refuse it that easily!’

The mage yet again walked back to her apartment, which was only two apartments next to Anon’s while fuming.

‘Why isn’t the rune working?! I can feel it being active even now! I made it perfectly, yet... damn the only logical thing here is that his heart is closed... which means he must have trust issues or something.’ Marianna bit her nail.

‘I have to try harder, it seems.’



‘Is she really trying to hit on me? It’s strange because no other monster girl did that so far... Damn, should I give this a shot? I mean... she has a pretty face, and I bet there is something great under those baggy tracksuits. It’s hard to not notice after all.’

The man had a tough choice to make. Half of him wanted to accept the mage’s advances, but his other one didn’t.

“I barely even know her after all... meh, let’s just forget about that... Or...”

‘What if this was the great chance? What if this was a once in a lifetime opportunity?’

“Eh, no way...”

A knocking sound woke him up from his daydreaming.

‘Damn... it’s probably her again. Okay... let’s get this straight... I’m only into 2D, what is the best way to tell this to someone, without being cringeworthy? Or should I just say, I don’t trust her enough, right away?’

He strolled towards the door. It seemed like opening it was a lot more difficult now, with emotions swirling inside of him.

‘Let’s do this...’

Slowly, but surely he opened the door, and in front of her was indeed the dark mage... but not in her usual attire, but in a very suggestive one. The mage’s cloth was one piece, with a huge v-shaped cut-out showing a lot of the mage’s breasts. The rest of the clothing looked like it was specifically made to put emphasis on her buttocks and waist. It did not cover the legs at all, revealing Marianna’s bare legs and her high-heeled shiny purple shoes.


“Oh hi, Anon... I mean Anonymous!”


“I was wondering if you changed your mind.” The woman crossed her arms under her breasts, making them stare at the half-frozen guy. “What about today around six you’ll come to my place?” The dark mage asked smugly.

“I... yeah, we can go.”

Marianna’s smugness disappeared and turned into a shock.

“O... really?! I mean, I’ll be waiting for you, young man.”

She threw a kiss towards Anon and strutted away. Anon couldn’t take his eyes off her juicy booty swinging, but then somehow managed to close the door.

‘Wow... just wow. I think... I'll have to shave, and get better clothes.’

Some lewd sounds escaped from the walls, probably from the neighbors.

‘No... at least not yet! Don’t tempt me!’

He hurried to the bathroom, poured water and gel on his face, and shaved off his long-time neglected beard.

‘I need to fix my hair too, after a shower.’

He took his clothes off and stepped inside the bathtub. While the water was pouring on him and he rubbed soap to his skin he wondered what they’ll do in her room.

‘Let’s not get that far... Wait... what if she wants to do some weird experiment on me?! Damn, how did I not think about that? Or turn me into a frog? Isn’t that forbidden? Fuck, I don’t want to miss this, but it seems way too good to be true.’

Stepping outside of the shower, he tried to fix his messy hair. He didn’t fully succeed by doing so, but it was a good enough type of hairstyle for him.

‘Now comes the part where I put on some fancy clothes... but I honestly don’t remember where did I put those.’

After getting out of the bathroom, he headed to his bedroom, searching his wardrobe. The old furniture didn’t hold any appropriate clothing, it barely had even casual clothes.

‘Damn I know I had one...Oh right, under the bed.’

He crouched down to look under his bed and there was indeed a box covered in dust. He pulled it out to see what it contains, and there was a suit and a trouser. It was a gift from his parents, but he never used it, nor he didn’t found any occasion for them.

‘Ugh... I don’t even know how to wash this... but it looks okay.’

He tried his pants on, and while a little tight, it still fit him. The same was with the coat and the white shirt.

‘It’ll do... or at least I hope.’ He took a few steps to look into the mirror, and he got greeted with an unfamiliar image.

‘That’s me? Heh... Too bad I don’t know how to tie a necktie. I think I’ll google it.’

He sat down on his computer and followed the steps. To his surprise, he managed to do it correctly, which lifted his spirit up.

‘It actually worked... It’s going to be six in an hour.'

The man felt nervousness hitting him again.

'This will be probably the longest hour in my life.'



‘Everything is going according to the plan.’ The dark mage smiled smugly while gazing at the clock and slurping her hot chocolate. In less than an hour, her pray will enter the lion’s den. Willingly.

‘Ah, I have to tidy up a little.’

Used clothes were lying all over, which she picked up and quickly chucked into the laundry. She drank again from the mug, which left a mark on her nose.

‘Just a last check.’

She looked at the mirror, groping herself and checking her assets.

‘I think I gained some weight... Ah, guys like it more when they can grab onto something anyway haha~ Now... I hope this works, so I can get my magic back, and also I’ll score a man. Two birds with one stone! It’s getting annoying that I can’t cast even basic things... Ugh, how do people even wash their dishes by hand all the time?’ She shook her head.

‘Hmm... something is missing. Right! The hat!’

Her big witch hat was collecting dust on the top of the wardrobe for ages. She never really wore it since she came through the portal because she quickly learned it might objectify her. Without it, she looked like a human woman, but with some bigger assets, which she, of course, loved to use to her advantage.

The dark mage grabbed it, and while pulling it down, the dust got on her too.

“Blech... Ugh...”

She slapped it with her other hand, making the dust float everywhere.

‘Ah damn, I should have done this outside...’

Gazing at the purple-black hat brought some of her memories back from her earlier days, then she put it on.

‘Hmph! Still fits perfectly, as it should!’

Marianna took a quick look at the clock, and there were only a few minutes left. She sighed and put her palms together.

‘Demon Lord... or your daughters... or Eros... or whatever. I never really prayed to any of you. I always solved my problems with magic, but please help this humble dark mage now!’

She nodded and gazed at the front door. In a few minutes, a knocking could be heard.

‘It’s him! It’s him! Okay, calm down... I can’t rush there and show that I’m desperate. Wait... should I wear the hat... or not? But... this was my standard Dark mage attire, and its not complete without the hat!’

The dark mage slowly walked towards the door while inhaling more rapidly.

‘Okay... here goes nothing.’

She grabbed the door handle and finally opened the door, then quickly leaned to the side to make herself look more confident.

“Oh... hi... Anonymous.”

Before she was a completely different-looking man than what she remembered. A well-groomed one in a black suit and nicely done hair slicked backward. The facial hair was long gone too, and he smelled good. Only his face remained the same, and the grey eyes looking nervously at her.

“Hello... Miss Marianna”

“Erm... come in!”


Anon nodded and awkwardly walked into the apartment. He excepted it to be darker and filled with magical stuff, but it seemed fairly clean for a dark mage. He wouldn’t be able to even tell that a magician lived here.

“Please have a seat on the couch.”


The man made himself comfortable on the brown couch, as the dark mage smiled at her.

“I... I didn’t know if you like this attire, but I put my hat on too...” she blurted awkwardly.

“Well... it suits you.” He said while blushing, which made the mature lady blush too."

“Thank you.” She quickly sat down in the opposing direction to Anon.

“So... uh Anonymous, I invited you here for a very specific reason.”

“Ah... you can call me Anon if you want to.”

Marianna gulped.

“Then you can call me Mari too... So, what I wanted to know is...” She leaned in to show her cleavage. “I need a bit of help. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but you know monster girls need, uh... a certain thing to live. Also… some other things.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that.”

“Oh, thank the Demon Lord, this makes things easier.” The mage exhaled with relief.

“Wait... you invited me... for THAT only?!”

“Eeee...N-no. Listen Anon... I... I need you.”

Anon’s hands formed a fist.

“I... I have been here for a long time alone, also back then in my original world... And taking supplements to... you know, instead of the real thing, it’s getting tiresome, and the quality is nowhere near to the actual stuff.”

“If I get this right... then you want my semen, right?”

The dark mage looked down and hiding her face with her hat.


“Then why don’t you find yourself a husband?”

“W-well... I mean I tried, but-”

“So... Mari... I’m kind of a last resort here? Because you couldn’t find any other man.”

“Excuse me?!” The dark mage suddenly got angry and stood up."

“I didn’t mark you for fun! I did so skanks will not get close to you!”


The dark mage put her palms on her lips.

“Damnit... I...” She sat down back in her chair. “Anon... I hate to say this, but I marked you since you started to live here... that’s why other mamono didn’t go after you. I even forgot about it... Ah, whatever.”

She crossed her legs and sighed.

“I might tell you the whole thing, too. I tried to seduce you, but somehow, the timing wasn’t right. It never was really... I was waiting until YOU make a move on me... but that never happened.”

“Well... I didn’t even know you were into me...”

“Ah... that was probably my fault too... You see… I’m not the best person either. I had cases with the police even because your world is not very tolerant of heavy magic users.”

“Then where do I fit in here again?”

“What a stupid question?! I love you dumbass! I even put a rune on your lighter so you’ll get charmed, but it didn’t work because you are so dense, and I'm low on juice!”

‘Ah fuck... I shouldn’t have said that.’

The dumbfounded Anon just looked at the mage.

“Y-you put what on my lighter?”

“That is what you are worried about? A girl tells you she loves you, and that is your reaction?”

“I... I just don’t know what to say here... I mean I don’t know.” Anon looked down. No woman ever said to him these words, and they completely messed him up.

“Oh... Ah sorry... my bad.” The mage fidgeted uncomfortably.

“Seriously... Mari, why me? I mean, there are so many better options here in this world.”

“Anonymous... do you really think I wouldn’t go through all this effort to get you? I’m... not the best with these social situations, but I can say this: Don’t think of yourself so low...”

Marianna stood up and sat down next to Anon, and put her hand with the long silver-colored nails on his cheek.

“Look at yourself now... you have already gone through all the effort to look like this.”


Anon couldn’t say a word, nor he didn’t have a single thought in his head. He just continued to look into the mage’s deep blue eyes. She smiled at him.

“Heh... you seriously have a hard time believing I’m into you?”

“I... I just don’t know for sure...”

“Do you want me to show my affection towards you? Here!” She tapped her lap. “Place your head here.”


“Come on, just do it! Boys love this... or I think so.”


The man slowly put his head on the dark mage’s lap. He felt incredibly soft as if it was the best pillow he ever put his head-on. The Dark mage's smell also hit Anon in the head, he had a hard time controlling himself as her pheromones attacked him.

“Nice isn’t it? You are so cute here! If I only wanted you to be my mana dispenser, I wouldn’t do this to you!”

“But... you also wanted that, no?”

“Feh... details... Just relax, Anon...”

Anon, with his head resting on the mage’s lap, got really sleepy, but on the other hand, his excitement didn’t let him doze off.

“Uh... Anon?”


“Can we... switch places?”

“Yeah, why not?”

Anon sat back as the witch put her hat on the table.

“I mean, it looked so nice... I just want to try it once, but I might be greedy, and if you don’t want to, I understand-“

“It’s fine... I want to try it too.”

The mage’s face turned into a hearty smile.

“Thank you!”

She quickly put her head on Anon’s lap.

‘Oh... he smells so nice... Heh... I can feel something poking out here too!’

“Hey... could you pet me a little... please?”

Anon said nothing back, while trying his best to keep how his excited lower part down, he gently pet the dark mage’s head.

“This is heaven... Thank you... *sniff* Anon...”

“It’s okay... you are welcome.”

While Anon was not used to these kinds of situations, he quickly understood how much this mature lady missed affection. He smiled as he continued to pamper Marianna and stroking her silver hair.



“Are you using that website again?”

Anon took a glance back at Marianna, who put her hands on her hips.


“Feh, you men and your technology... and gizmos. Back in my world, we didn't even need such things!”

“It’s just that I have to do something... I need to apologize to someone.”

The dark mage's face turned serious.

“Oh... well, that is up to you. Did you mess up?”

“Yes... I don’t know if she even sees this message, but before I knew you I think I kinda hurt a manticore’s feelings. Also, I'll try out a job I saw today... It's not the best, but it's better than nothing.”

“It seems like you changed a bit... you are not that, how to put it in... sour anymore. Also, your speech pattern improved” Marianna nodded.

“Heh, same applies to you, you didn’t have a criminal record since we met!” Anon said while grinning.

The dark mage leaned close to Anon.

“If you keep on making comments like this, next time we’ll see how much my broomstick fits into your hole down there, my dear Anonymous.”

“Hah, t-then you’ll be denied from my cum!”

The dark mage bit her lower lips.

“Twerp, you are MINE!” She hugged the sitting Anon from behind and ground her face into Anon’s. “Please don’t forget that...” She kissed him on the neck.

“How could I?” He smiled at her and kissed the dark mage on her cheeks.