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Issei bursts into Takahiro’s bedroom, curses spewing from his mouth. Takahiro doesn’t look up from his phone. 


“You good?” Takahiro asks. Issei falls face first onto Takahiro’s bed. He groans loudly into the comforter. “I’ll take that as a no.” Issei turns his head to look over at Takahiro, his face turns to that of exhaustion. 


“If Oikawa and Hajime don’t fuck already I’m going to lose my mind.” 


Takahiro scoffs. 


“You’ll have a better time convincing Yahaba and Kyotani they’re in love.” 


Issei visibly shudders. 


“Sheesh, I don’t want to even consider it.” 


Takahiro laughs, running his fingers through Issei’s hair. Issei moves to lay on Takahiro’s chest, snuggling into the crook of his neck. 


“What happened this time?” Takahiro asks. Issei groans again. 


“You can just feel the sexual tension. It’s infuriating.” 


Takahiro scoffs. Tooru and Hajime are idiots so desperately in love but they both think the other one doesn’t see them as more than a friend. While scrolling through his social media, he sees an ad from their local drive-in movie theatre. Takahiro grins from ear to ear. 


“I think I know what we can do.” 




A hot flare of negative emotions runs through Hajime, causing him to brood in the doorway of the gym. A few feet away, Tooru stands surrounded by squealing women, all fawning over his pretty face and slender frame. He just takes it, smiling with his stupid, pretty teeth and his stupid perfect lips. 


Hajime slaps his cheeks. 


Thoughts be gone. 


Tooru only sees Hajime as a close friend for almost fifteen years.


Since graduating high school, Tooru, Hajime, Takahiro, and Issei are all in their third year, attending the same university as the rest of their old classmates eventually ended up at their small town university as well. 


Hajime scoffs at himself and makes his way into the gym. Issei and Takahiro are putting the volleyball net up and talking about their upcoming graduation and what they’ll do with their degrees, all while making terrible jokes and somehow flirting while doing it. Issei notices Hajime and pokes Takahiro in the ribs with his elbow, whispering something into his ear. The two of them snicker. Hajime rolls his eyes, stomping into the locker room. 


Hajime is facing his locker, brooding while getting changed into his volleyball clothes when he hears the familiar laughter of Takahiro and Issei. Hajime continues to change, completely ignoring them. 


Tooru’s presence falls beside him, a soft source of comfort. To Hajime, Tooru is like his security blanket. His body relaxes as he throws his shirt on. He throws the rest of his things in his locker, slamming the door shut. 


“Don’t get too excited, Hajime, it’s just practice.” Issei says with maniacal chuckling. Hajime just glared before heading back into the gym. Tooru says something, but Hajime closes the door before he can hear. 


Takahiro comes running after Hajime into the gym still coming down from his laughing fit with Issei. The first and second years are already in the gym, giving them weird looks. 


“Hey, Iwaizumi, you didn’t hear it from me, but Oikawa was totally checking you out.” Takahiro says with a smirk. Hajime rolls his eyes. 


“Surely you're imagining it.” Hajime says flatly. Takahiro grins. 


“I don’t think so.” Takahiro’s voice is singing. Issei and Tooru enter the gym, seemingly having a serious conversation. Tooru’s lips are pursed in a fine line, his eyes dull. Issei’s eyebrows are furrowed, seemingly upset with Tooru. The two of them are standing off to the side, talking back and forth quickly. 


Are they arguing? 


Takahiro seems to notice too, his face falls staring at the two of them. Hajime leans into Takahiro to whisper, 


“Should we go see what’s up?” Takahiro nods. 


“Yeah, let's.” In several long strides, Takahiro is at Issei’s side and Hajime at Tooru’s. Takahiro kisses Issei’s cheek and begins whispering things into his ear. Tooru looks at them, then back at Hajime. Tooru makes a gagging noise and Hajime laughs. 


“Are you okay?” You and Mattsun seemed to be getting into it,” Hajime says. Tooru sighs, leaning his forehead on Hajime’s shoulder. Hajime tries to ignore the sudden acceleration of his heartbeat. 


“Yeah, we just have different opinions on some things.” Tooru drawls. Hajime furrows his eyebrows. 


“Different opinions about what?” Tooru immediately stands up straight and runs to the center of the court. 


“Alright, let’s start practice!” Tooru’s voice projects across the gym. 




Practice wraps up and the underclassmen leave, leaving the upperclassmen sitting in a circle on the floor of the gym. Takahiro is laying his head in Issei’s lap and Tooru and Hajime are sitting side by side, a little too close for Hajime to be totally comfortable. Takahiro is scrolling through his phone when he lights up. Issei and Takahiro look at each other and smirk. Hajime and Tooru stare at them pointedly. 


“So, the drive in theatre is showing one of the classic movies, do you wanna go watch it with us?” Hajime and Tooru look at each other, then back at Takahiro and Issei. 


“Sure, sounds fun.” Tooru says. 


“I’m down.” Hajime follows up Tooru’s agreement. 


“Hey Hajime, can we use your dad’s pickup truck? We can lay out in the truck bed.” Issei asks. Hajime shrugs. 


“I mean I can ask him. He’ll probably say yes.” Takahiro makes a face. 


“Dude, you’re twenty, why do you need to ask?” 


“I’m not committing theft, Makki.” Hajime drawls. Takahiro laughs. 


“Hell yes, this is going to be fun. ” Issei says. Hajime raises an eyebrow but doesn’t question anything. 


It was a mistake to not question Issei Matsukawa’s intentions. 



The night before Hajime and Tooru are supposed to go with Issei and Takahiro, Tooru stays the night at Hajime's dorm. They did this almost every weekend, they would stay at each other’s dorm. But this time it was different, the air was different between the two of them. It was tense, awkward . Like when you tell someone goodbye and you’re still walking in the same direction. 


They don’t talk, at least not for the first couple of hours of Tooru being over. Hajime does some editing on his final paper, Tooru plays on his phone then fiddles with Hajime’s volleyball throwing it in the air and catching it. 


Slowly, the tense air between them dissipates into a comfortable silence when Tooru pulls out a bag of sweets intended for him and Hajime to share. He sets it between the two of them and they both reach into the bag at the same time, their hands brush one another. They look each other in the eye for only a moment, then they break out into fits of laughter.


Their light hearted banter, stupid jokes, and deep conversations start back up, like they’ve always been. For Hajime, Tooru is the only person he feels as though he can be truly free with. Tooru knows every side of Hajime, the good and even the darkest parts of him. Tooru accepts it all, and Hajime loves him for it. 


It’s almost midnight, and Hajime notices Tooru is starting to nod off. He stands up from his desk and goes over to his bed. He  shoves at Tooru who sits up abruptly. 


“Hey what was that for?!” Tooru groans. He slides off the side of the bed and onto the floor. Hajime scoffs, rolling his eyes. 


“You're tired. Come help me set up the bed.” Tooru groans again, standing up. 


“Why do I have to help?” The two of them bicker back and forth rearranging pillows and preparing the comforter. In the center of Hajime’s bed, he has a small decorative pillow that isn’t used for sleep so Hajime goes to set it to the side…at the same time as Tooru. Their hands touch gingerly only to look up and realize that their noses are almost touching. 


Hajime locks eyes with Tooru and neither of them move. It’s like Hajime is sucked into a different dimension where Tooru’s eyes, his beautiful brown eyes, are at the center of it. 


Hajime feels Tooru’s breath on his lips, light and inviting. He slowly closes his eyes and leans into Tooru, their lips barely touching. 


Suddenly, the air around Hajime’s mouth is cold. Tooru’s voice is loud in his ear. 


“Wow!! Well I’m really tired, let's get to bed ahahaha!!” Tooru feigns an over dramatic yawn to pair with his shriek and jumps under the covers, facing away from Hajime. 


Hajime’s heart falls and his head goes dizzy. 


Of course it wouldn’t work you fucking idiot, he doesn’t like you like that.  


Hajime climbs into bed as well, he pulls the covers up to his nose, staring at Tooru’s back. His eyes roam the curves of Tooru’s back, the way his figure dips at his waist, his soft hair touching the pillow. He turns his back to him, staring at the wall. He falls asleep while a single tear falls down his cheek. 




Hajime’s dad allows them to take his pick up truck and they gather some pillows and blankets to make the truck bed more comfortable. Hajime and Tooru also get snacks to avoid spending money on mediocre, overpriced theatre food. 


The two of them text Issei and Takahiro, telling them to meet them at the gas station about a mile away from the theatre and they’ll all go together. Hajime and Tooru pull into the gas station parking lot and they wait for their friends. 


Since the kissing fiasco that occurred last night, Hajime and Tooru have been a little too formal with one another. They only start speaking normally when Hajime turns off the engine, waiting for Issei and Takahiro. Tooru spots a cat near the dumpster. He points toward it. 


“Hajime look, a cat.” Hajime moves his head in the direction of Tooru’s hand to see a fat, orange cat perched on top of the dumpster, licking it’s paw. Hajime smiles softly. 


“He’s a cutie, but really rotund.” Tooru bursts into laughter.


“Rotund? Really? Man, Hajime; nice vocabulary.” Tooru says through his laughter. Hajime can’t help but laugh as well. 


Suddenly his phone dings. He checks his phone to see that Issei has texted him. 


Text message from Mattsun: Hey, man, Hiro has come down with something so I’m taking care of him, we’ll have to take a rain check! 


Hajime inwardly groans. Things are already awkward enough with Tooru. Now they’ll have to watch this movie alone… together. If Tooru even wants to, now that he knows Hajime is into him. 


“So Makki and Mattsun ditched. Apparently Makki is sick.” Tooru leans against the seat and pouts. 


“Aw, that’s sad. I hope he feels better.” Hajime looks over to Tooru.


“Do you still want to go? Just the two of us?” Tooru looks over and smiles sweetly. Hajime’s heart flutters and does 5 somersaults. Tooru really is too beautiful for this world. 


“Sure, let’s do that.” 




They get their tickets and pull into the drive-in theatre. They arrive a little too late so they have to park a little ways away from the screen. Hajime opens the tailgate to the truck bed and Tooru prepares the pillow and blankets. Hajime props the window open so they can hear the movie through the radio. They get comfortable with their snacks and begin the movie. 


It’s just a basic no name movie that most likely came out in the sixties. Instead of really paying attention to the movie, Hajime and Tooru just make jokes about the bad acting and subpar special effects. 


A sudden breeze blows through the air, causing Tooru to shiver. Hajime holds his side of the blanket open, ushering Tooru to move closer. Tooru scoots in, practically melting in Hajime’s warmth. 


“Hajime, when did you get so warm?” Tooru sighs. He leans his legs against Hajime’s. Hajime gulps.


“I’ve always been warm, you just don’t like to cuddle me.” When the words fly out of his mouth, his eyes go wide. Thank the heavens it’s dark and his face isn’t very visible. Tooru chuckles. 


“Then should I cuddle you now?” Before Hajime can throw out some half baked response, Tooru wraps his arms around Hajime’s middle and throws his legs over Hajime’s so that he’s basically hanging off of him. Tooru hums. “That’s better.” 


Hajime forgets how to breathe. 


Tooru’s hair is under his nose. The scent of strawberries fills his nose. Oikawa’s hair tickles his face as he relaxes as well. 






“I’m sorry.” 


Tooru looks up at Hajime with a raised eyebrow. 


“Sorry for what, Hajime?” 


“For last night…when I tried to kiss you. You didn’t want it and I made it awkward trying to force it on you.” 


Tooru laughs, causing Hajime to reel. 


“You didn’t force anything on me.” 


“But when you pulled away and,” 


With swift movements Tooru  throws his left leg over Hajime and straddles him, wrapping his arms around his neck. 


“I pulled away because I was scared. I didn’t realize what I had done until after and I kicked myself for it.” Hajime finally inhales air filling his lungs. He gingerly places his hands on Tooru’s waist. 


“So does that mean I can get my kiss now?” Hajime asks, a smirk rising on his lips. Tooru leans in with a chuckle. 


“Of course,” Tooru’s lips meet Hajime’s. It’s the best feeling in the entire world for Hajime. Sparks fly between the two of them instantly. Hajime melts into Tooru. His arms wrap fully around him, pulling Tooru fully against him. 


Hajime opens Tooru’s mouth with his tongue and slides it in, making Tooru whimper against his mouth. Their tongues clash together in languid motions before Hajime takes control and his hands move down to squeeze at Tooru’s thighs. At the sudden sensation, Tooru grinds his hips down on Hajime. 


“Hajime, I’m hot.” Tooru says, whimpering. Tooru moves Hajime’s hands to the hem of his shirt. Hajime accepts Tooru’s invitation and pulls Tooru’s shirt off. 


Hajime’s fingers begin to move up and down Tooru’s side, making him shiver. Tooru gently urges Hajime’s head down to his neck. Hajime begins to kiss and suck at Tooru’s neck, leaving dark bruises and bite marks down his throat and across his collarbone. Tooru’s breath catches in his throat and he lets out a throaty gasp. 


Tooru’s fingers play with the bottom of Hajime’s shirt before that is removed as well. Tooru’s hands roam the expanse of Hajime’s chiseled chest, broad shoulders, and muscular arms. Tooru continues to grind down on Hajime, slowly feeling his erection rise through his pants, his own forming as well. 


Hajime’s mouth moves down and he takes one of Tooru’s nipples in his mouth and massages it with his teeth. Tooru gasps again and Hajime stops to look at him. 


“Are you okay?” Tooru nods, he’s quick to answer. 


“Yes I’m okay, please continue.” Tooru says in a breathy voice. Hajime happily obliges, taking one in mouth and the other between his fingers. Tooru whimpers again, louder this time. He covers his mouth with his hand so that the other moviegoers don’t hear what’s currently happening with the two of them. 


Hajime pulls away and looks Tooru in the eye. 


“How about you get on your back for me so I can deal with your issue?” Hajime inwardly applauds himself. This is the first time he’s ever done this. Smooth, Hajime. 


They switch positions with Tooru lying down flat on the palette of pillows and blankets with Hajime over him one hand on either side of his head. 


“Are you sure you want to do this, Tooru?” He nods, lightly caressing Hajime’s cheek.


“I want you to be my first, Hajime.” Hajime smiles, tears fill his eyes and he kisses Tooru’s cheek, then his nose, then his lips. Hajime’s lips move to Tooru’s neck, then his chest, then his stomach. Hajime’s hand moves to the waistband of Tooru’s pants. 


“Lift your hips up, Angel.” Tooru, like an Angel, does what he’s told. Hajime pulls the confines of Tooru’s pants completely off. Hajime stares, reveling in the beauty of Tooru’s naked body under him, needing, wanting for his touch, his lips. Hajime’s mouth roams Tooru’s navel, then his inner thighs, slowly up to Tooru’s cock. He goes to put his mouth around it, but Tooru stops him. 


“I…I want you to fuck me, Hajime.” Even though his lips are parted and his eyes are half closed, his face is completely serious. Hajime isn't weirded out by Tooru’s request, in fact, he’s turned on even more. He loves that Tooru expresses his wants and desires. He loves to hear him ask for it. Hajime removes his pants as well, allowing Tooru to look him up and down. Tooru licks his lips when his eyes settle on Hajime’s cock. 


Hajime’s face falls when he makes a realization.


“Do we have lube?” Tooru looks up at Hajime. 


“Do we?” 


Hajime pulls the blanket over them and crawls to the opened back window, sifting through the jackets in the truck. In one of the jacket pockets, he hears the sound of plastic. He pulls it out and lo and behold. It’s a packet of lube. With a sticky note in the shape of a heart attached to it. 


Have fun in pound town <3” — M & M 


Hajime scoffs. Those motherfuckers set them up for this. At this moment, Hajime doesn’t care. In fact he’s thankful. He pulls himself back onto the bed of the truck. Tooru is laying on his side with his head propped up in his hand, looking as inviting as ever. 


“So?” Tooru asks. Hajime grins and holds up the packet of lube. 


“Makki and Mattsun set us up.” 


Tooru laughs, shaking his head. 


“Guess we’ll have to thank them later.” 


The sight of Tooru smiling at him through half closed eyes and a body so delectable makes Hajime’s cock twitch. Hajime opens the packet of lube and puts a little bit on his fingers. From watching videos and reading erotic novels, he knows he’s supposed to prep Tooru to make sure it doesn’t hurt him. 


Tooru lies flat on his back and spreads his legs for Hajime. 


He takes Hajime’s hand and guides him on how to properly do it. Hajime follows Tooru’s every instruction and Hajime inserts one finger into him. Tooru lets out a small moan, his face turns into a grimace. 


“Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” Hajime asks. 


“No, I’m okay. Just let me get used to it.” Hajime continues to slowly pump one finger into Tooru, the grimace of his face slowly melts away. Tooru motions for Hajime to insert another finger. Hajime now has two fingers inside Tooru and he lets out a soft moan. 


He begins to move his fingers a little faster, and by request of Tooru, begins scissoring his fingers in him. Tooru clenches Hajime’s arm and whimpers. 


“Hajime,” Tooru whispers. “Please fuck me.” 


Hajime removes his fingers. 


“Are you sure?” Tooru arches his back. 


“Yes, please Hajime.”


Hajime takes the rest of the lube and places it on his throbbing cock. He aligns it with Tooru’s hole. He slowly pushes it in, careful not to hurt Tooru. 


Tooru gasps loudly, then quickly covers his mouth. Hajime looks at him, a silent question wondering if he should continue. 


Tooru nods. Hajime slowly begins to thrust into Tooru, his hips languid with every movement. This is his first time. He never expected it to be with Tooru either. 


Since he realized his feelings for Tooru, he never thought they would be reciprocated. But now, in a fucking drive-in theatre of all places,  they announce their love for one another. 


“Hajime, faster,” Tooru breathes. 


Hajime thrusts faster. Tooru’s tight walls are sending him into the throws of ecstasy. He thrusts deep into Tooru, the back of his eyelids are ever present with stars. 


Hajime slowly opens his eyes. He sees Tooru under him with his lips parted and his pupils blown out. The sight of Tooru leaves Hajime awestruck at his beauty. 


Hajime thrusts again, a little too hard and Tooru lets out a loud, guttural, slutty moan. Tooru’s hands fly to his mouth and Hajime just stares at him. His jaw hangs open. 


“I like that, please make that sound again.” Hajime says, his cock twitching inside of Tooru. Tooru clenches around him. 


“Then fuck me hard, Hajime.” 


Hajime does what his Angel tells him to do, he begins thrusting into Tooru harder this time. Tooru doesn’t hold back either, letting moans and whimpers escape from his mouth, other patrons of the movie be damned. 


To Tooru and Hajime, they’re the only ones here. Nobody else matters. They continue to make silent promises to one another, Hajime kissing Tooru’s face as he fucks into him. 


Hajime can feel himself about to release, he pulls out not wanting to do it inside Tooru. Tooru grabs Hajime’s hand. 


“You can do it. Cum inside me.” Hajime blinks. 


“Are you sure?” He asks. Tooru nods. Hajime obliges, he inserts himself into Tooru and thrusts until he releases, his seed filling Tooru up. 


Hajime sighs, leaning his head on Tooru’s shoulder, pulling out. 


Hajime sees that Tooru is still hard, his cock throbbing. 


“You’re still hard. Let me help you.” Hajime whispers. Tooru nods. He whimpers when he feels Hajime wraps his hand around his cock. 


Hajime moves his hand up and down, pumping Tooru’s cock. Tooru lets out a raspy breath. His nails dig into Tooru’s shoulder and he clenches his eyes shut. 


Hajime’s free hand cups Tooru’s cheek. 


“Open your eyes for me, Angel.” Tooru’s eyes flutter open, the beautiful brown shining under the stars. 


Hajime palms Tooru’s cock until Tooru releases in Hajime’s hand. Tooru comes down from his high trembling in Hajime’s arms. 


Hajime cleans the two of them up, peppering kisses on Tooru’s body as he goes. 


Hajime lies down on his back with Tooru cuddled up against him, they have just enough time to catch the end of the film where the two main characters kiss in the end. Tooru, with his head leaning on Hajime’s shoulder, places a featherlight kiss on Hajime’s collarbone. 


Hajime pulls Tooru on top of him, chest to chest. 


“So you’ll be my boyfriend now, right?” Hajime asks. Tooru grins, raising an eyebrow. 


“I won’t have sex with just anyone at a drive-in theatre.” Tooru says with a lilted voice. Hajime laughs, leaning his head back to look at the stars. 


“That’s true. So boyfriends?” Hajime asks. Tooru shifts his body so that their noses are touching and kisses him. 






The next Monday at morning practice, Hajime and Tooru walk into the gym for practice hand in hand. Issei and Takahiro, who are sitting on the floor by the net, are whistling at them. 


“So you two are finally a packaged deal?” Issei says. Hajime scoffs and sits down next to Takahiro. Tooru plops down in between Hajime and Issei. Tooru links his and Hajime’s hands together. 


“We always were, now we just have a monthly subscription.” The four of them break out into laughter. “Also,” Hajime continues, “Thanks for the lube.” 


Issei and Takahiro stare at the two of them wide eyed. Tooru’s face goes red. Issei and Takahiro begin to hoot and cheer. 


“You guys actually did it at the drive-in?! Fucking metal.” Tooru hides his face in Hajime’s shoulder, his ears and neck completely scarlet. Issei and Takahiro are rolling on the floor, clutching their stomachs, with tears in their eyes. 


Hajime and Tooru get up and leave to the locker room, covering their faces in shame. Once Issei and Takahiro get their laughter under control, Takahiro pipes up. 


“So we’re totally bringing this up at their wedding right?” 


“Oh totally,” Issei responds.