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How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse If You're Beca Mitchell

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Sweaty, Scared yet determined, a flashlight on your right hand and holding a pistol on your left, and a hoard of zombies are coming at you and a bunch of people you know. This is the current situation Beca Mitchell is currently in, now you might wonder how she got in this situation. With the zombies and everything that’s going on and all that jazz.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Some corporate building in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Beca Mitchell is on her way to serve some coffee to her boss. What a normal day for Beca right? Yeah, a very normal day for her. But she was stopped by someone standing her way as she heard the news about a Zombie Apocalypse happening, Beca thought to herself

This only happens in movies, there’s no way a Zombie Apocalypse is happening.

Beca taps the shoulder of which she thinks is her boss, she has to make sure since the whole ‘oops I am so sorry, I thought you were my boss.’ accident happens to her everyday. Now this time she’s very sure about who’s shoulder she’s tapping “Excuse me, sir? Your coffee.” She spoke, and all of a sudden her boss turns around and has turned into a zombie alongside some of her co-workers. Beca screamed and for defense, she splashes hot coffee on her now zombie-fied boss’s eyes and runs away from them as the zombie chases her down the hallway. Beca runs to the nearest elevator and starts to press on the down button, she looks back to see the group of zombies from earlier come at her “Shit, shit, c’mon can this elevator go any faster?!” She angrily said to herself pressing the down button repetitively until she heard a ding.

Beca immediately gets in the elevator and closes the elevator, but she realizes that the elevator’s door closes very slowly and there are zombies heading straight at her. “Oh for fucks sake!” She presses the close button until… it finally closes, she lets out a sigh of relief, she looks down on the floor to see a hand and is a little bit disgusted. But at least she’s safe… For now. As the elevator reached the ground floor, she thought that the thing from a few floors up was the worst, but this is way more worse than she can possibly think of.

There were more zombies here than upstairs, there’s no other way. Beca has to make a run for it, she grabs a cutter from the reception’s desk dodging and stabbing every single zombie in her path. Hoping she won’t get eaten and become one of them.

This day was supposed to be a normal day for her, but no it’s not she’s currently running away from zombies holding on for her dear life. Beca grabs a pole from the sidewalk and starts to whack the zombies in the head, she runs backwards and runs away from the zombies that are following her. After running for thirty minutes she reaches a dead end, “Oh fuck.” she muttered as she stared at a brick wall that's a few miles away from her. Beca drops the metal pole down and takes a deep breath, accepting her fate that she’ll get eaten by zombies and never see the light of day.

“Beca, get out of the way!” She hears a voice call her name out from the distance, Beca looks around her surroundings. She’s pretty sure she’s hearing things now “God, Is that you?” Beca spoke out, but then she was pushed away out of the way by the same person who called her name out. Beca looks up to see the zombies that were chasing her are impaled, like a kebab. “What the fuck?!?” Beca exclaimed seeing the walking mindless carcasses that were chasing her a while ago. She looks at the person who impaled the zombies, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The person who saved her from the zombies and turned the zombies into zombie kebab is none other than Aubrey Posen.

“Aubrey?!?” Beca is still on the floor, dumbfounded and surprised that the blonde saved her life, the last time they’ve seen each other was during Aubrey’s graduation party so this is a surprise for her.

Aubrey turns around with a smile on her face “Hey Beca, did you miss me?”