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What If…Spider-Man Received A Note From Himself During *Infinity War*?

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****THURSDAY, 31 MAY 2018****

After saving the wizard from Ebony Maw’s evil clutches, my mentor reminded him that he saved his ‘magical ass’ and so he should’ve been thanked properly. In return, the sorcerer refused, claiming that unlike everyone else, he didn’t work for him. Mr. Stark then argued that they were billions of miles from home without any back-up, so that’s when I stepped in, raising my finger to indicate otherwise.

“No, you’re a stowaway. The adults are talking,” the billionaire countered, wagging his finger.

Meanwhile, Strange stared at us as if we were complete weirdos with an established guardian-ward relationship. I disagreed before introducing myself, hoping to shake his hand. Yeah, that plan failed too.

“Dr. Strange,” he answered, clearly annoyed with me for some reason. 

If anything, I’m the one he should thank instead of Tony Stark for saving his magical ass! God, what would Tony do without me?

Anyway, I assumed the wizard was using his alias when in reality, it was his actual name (of course, I didn’t know that until much later).

“Oh—we’re using our made-up names? I’m Spider-Man then,” I stammered.

Uninterested in greetings at the moment, he turned his back on me and asked Mr. Stark how to fly us back home.

Wait a minute! Couldn’t Dr. Strange just teleport us back to Earth? With his Sling Ring thingy?

Soon enough, I listened intently as Mr. Stark and Dr. Strange were at it again—two massive egos clashing over the best course of action.

Yeah, no shit!

To my surprise though, Mr. Stark suddenly knighted me as I became an official Avenger, which was awesome! But of course, I had to play it cool while fanboying on the inside.

All of a sudden, a tiny portal opened. Unlike Strange’s portals though, it was blue in color rather than orangish yellow.

Maybe it’s a different kind of magic—or a variation? Huh. Note to self: gotta learn all about the Mystical Arts when I get back home.

With it came a folded piece of paper with familiar handwriting on it. Curious, I picked up the note and opened it, gasping in shock. 

It was my handwriting.


TO: Myself

FROM: Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man

FYI, I know you think this is impossible, but I’ll explain everything in the letter, I promise—but you gotta trust me. Don’t throw it away until you’ve read the whole thing. 

P.S. And no skimming! Read it at least twice if you can, but there isn’t much time. ‘Cause you gotta act quickly.


Before reading any further, there were only three words in my mind….

What the fu ?