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what’s in your head (zombie, zombie, zombie)

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When you were in the zombie apocalypse you had three rules of survival.


  1. Have escape routes.
  2. Prepare for the worst
  3. Think ahead


Sanity was not guaranteed in an apocalypse. Nor was friendship. But whatever friendship you got when backed into a corner, if it lasts, would be the truest friendship. Human psychology was a weird thing. Crises brought out the best and worst of people.


It sucked.


Finn was the de facto leader, Sebastian his right hand. Parker was his left hand. 


Together they rallied together the survivors of Warblers and the New Directions and set up a base in no-man’s land. They had food. They had shelter. They had water and each other.


Setting up the base took a long while, after scavenging through Lima, Ohio and any other places nearby. There were a lot of mutinies, a lot of fear, doubt, anger and dissatisfaction.


But they had made it.


And they survived for a while, growing their own food, making their own weapons, scavenging and creating a well and coming back to the primitive stuff of getting food and water.


They were all haggard, hungry and tired. Hot showers, warm meals and guaranteed safety were things of the past. They all slept with bats and knives and axes at the ready.


But then, the army came.



“FINN!” A cry from the lookout tower. “BIG TANKS!”


The shout made everyone look up from whatever they were doing.


They all knew they weren’t the only survivors around. Once or twice they had seen airplanes flying over. Military planes.


How the army and the government was still operating even under the zombie apocalypse, they didn’t know, but Finn knew full well that they could be an ally or an enemy. 


Hopefully an ally. 






His left hand stood, arrows at the ready, ready to fire at his command. But really, what could they do against guns should the army turn them on the kids?


First things first.


Show that they were friendly.


“Sebastian, let’s go talk to them,” Finn decided. “We’ll speak to them right outside our boundaries. Their tanks are too big to get to us, they’ll trample us. But we bring nobody along. Just us.”


“Are you mad?!” Parker scowled. “The army is a load of bullshit. How did this apocalypse happen in the first place? Right, because they let it spiral out of control.”


“Maybe they’re a lot better now,” Mike mumbled. “The radios did say we’re at the turning point of this age. They’ve established safe zones and they’re doing a lot to regrow.”


“Still gonna be a long time till it’s over, you know that, right?” Sebastian added gloomily. 


“Maybe.” Parker eyed the army men and the decorated officers. “I don’t know.”



The army was just taking note of safe zones outside of the military controlled ones, Finn had recounted in one of the ‘transparency’ meetings, in which everyone gathered to speak about their fates and moving forward as well as total transparency between the leaders and the people. They were spotted on an overhead flight, and the army had dropped off supplies for them to last. Because they were marked as an official safe zone, every week they would be getting an airdrop of additional supplies.


He had added that they would still be doing what they had been doing, it was just that they had additional support now.


Everyone cheered. Parker swallowed hard, as Sebastian folded his arms. They shared a look.


“The Army is our friend,” Finn declared. 



What came back, however, was decidedly not friendly.


It was a small convoy, about 20 men. They had pulled up to their base, and they had asked for all the women in the base.


All the women.


When they said no and the convoy went away, Parker ordered all of them to start packing. Finn had held Rachel close, and for the first time in a while they were scared of other humans again, and not zombies.



When the smoke started, that was when everyone began to flee.


“Split up!” Finn howled. “Split up, and make sure they don’t get you, understand!”


The tanks were back and they were blasting, blasting, blasting. Everyone was fleeing in different ways, mostly bicycles. Finn had clasped his old friends’ hands, before they left. His left and right hand.


“We had a good run. Till we meet again.”


And then Finn was gone, grabbing Rachel, Santana and Brittany. He looked meaningfully back at them for a moment, before the smoke obscured the sky and their view.


The ground shook as the tank blasted again.


“Let’s go!” Parker yelled, pushing Blaine and Marley onto their bicycles. “Sebastian!”


Sebastian watched the home he helped build burn before he turned to them and left with them.



5 years later


“I’m looking for Parker Maxwell Booker-Rose and Marley Booker-Rose.”


“Yeah, I’m Marley, what’s going-“




Sebastian watched Marley flop to the floor as the other man with him entered the house in search of his other friend.


The initial gunman put away his gun, turning his head slightly to Sebastian.


“Is that everyone?”


He didn’t meet their gaze. “Yes.”


“Good.” There was an echoing gunshot from inside the house. “I’m glad we could cover up what we tried to do.”


“And you failed miserably back then,” Sebastian said softly. “I thought you were trying to make up for what you tried to do.”


“You made a good choice helping us find them.”


Sebastian didn’t say anything else as the gun barrel pressed to his forehead.


“Now. No witnesses.”





I supposed we forgot number 4: Don’t trust anybody.