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uncontrollable urges

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On most days, Donghyuck is able to control some primal urges that happen to disturb his innocent thoughts, well, as he is supposed to, for he is not a rabbit in heat but a man.

However, as much as he would like to resist, there is just something in the way Renjun is sitting in his work space right now, all focused and so handsome even with his disheveled hair. His face was perfectly casted by the afternoon glow, with its sunset rays gingerly caressing his skin, since his desk is across the huge glass window of his home office.

Renjun’s focus never deters even with Donghyuck’s presence behind the door. His brows were pinching together in concentration, lower lip caught under his teeth, all the while his fingers continuously tapped on the keyboard as he finished another chapter for his new book that is in the making.

Donghyuck even knocked earlier when he didn’t hear a response from him, because that’s what a normal person would do and most especially, they don’t like barging into each other’s work space just because they are together. As much as possible, they give each other the privacy and space they deserve especially when they are working and meeting deadlines.

But the specific image Renjun holds right now gives a striking realization to Donghyuck: that he is terrible in controlling lust more than he would like to admit.

It is quite unexplainable, the feeling he was bombarded with now after he saw how Renjun is currently situated. He inevitably feels his throat drying and for whatever reason, Donghyuck has no idea at all.

He is much fully aware that he must look stupid right now, staring dumbly at his lover. It is as if he was pulled into a trance, casted under a spell, and if somebody ever asks, it happens very often. There was almost never a day Donghyuck gets surprised by how beautiful Renjun is. Whatever he does, Renjun is just so utterly, effortlessly, and wonderfully beautiful.

Everything was just so beautiful, serene, and oh so innocent. Not until Donghyuck’s green mind and filthy mouth had betrayed him all at once in the middle of Renjun’s concentration.

“What would you say if I told you I really want to shove you up against a wall and fuck you right now?”

The words his brain had chosen were so unfitting in the current mood Renjun had set in his work space. As soon as it left his mouth and realized what those words meant, the only thing Donghyuck’s body did as a reaction was to tighten his grip against the doorknob.

Eventually, Donghyuck berates himself internally. There is no way he didn’t just disturb Renjun’s line of thoughts now. Especially when Renjun hates it so much whenever the growing pile of ideas inside his head for a story he’s writing is being distracted.

So Donghyuck has concluded that he has fucked up. There even is a chance that Renjun would glare at him, immediately push him outside his work space, and lock the door until he is done writing for today, for being so untimely and unable to control his lustful thoughts.

The sequence of how Renjun would chastise him for ruining his focus effortlessly plays at the back of Donghyuck’s head as if he’s seen it before, as if it has happened before many times.

But then, all of a sudden, it didn’t happen in real time. Donghyuck blinks in confusion. The prediction he was expecting to happen didn’t, instead, Renjun answered him with confidence as if he knew all along that his lover was there and only he chose not to give him attention. Because if he wanted to finish his book, that is what he has got to do.

“I’d say leave marks,” was Renjun’s response, eyes never leaving his computer screen. He didn’t even flinch at the sudden question uttered by Donghyuck mere seconds ago.

Given the situation, Donghyuck clearly has no clue what he must do next. His feet were planted into the ground, while his hand was still holding the doorknob with a vice-like grip.

What was he supposed to do? He can’t just make a beeline to Renjun and push him to a wall and fuck him, because there is still a decency left within him—to allow Renjun to do his thing, which is very important to him, too.

So he stays where his feet chose to stay. He feels his knees wobble a little, and just like a punishment, Renjun is still not meeting his eyes. Donghyuck inevitably malfunctions.

Donghyuck wants to do something: take a step backward and turn where he was earlier, take a walk to let the urges die down, or even sleep maybe. He even feels bothered by his own self, with his looming presence standing across Renjun who seemed to be prolonging his agony. But then there is no one else to blame but himself who becomes horny in the most unexpected time.

If he was to go back a few steps behind, his initial plan was to ask Renjun if he wanted some refreshments for he worries too much whether he is staying hydrated or not. It happens so often that Renjun forgets to detach himself from work. Especially when the ideas are overflowing.

That was the initial plan and not this, with his mind going haywire at different possibilities of what could happen in the next seconds. It could be anything, really. But he wishes it to be good: the kind where he makes Renjun feel good.

With a deep breath, hesitating for a moment, Donghyuck then chose to might as well disappear for a while instead of standing like an idiot there. He was about to close the door with the lack of response from his lover when Renjun finally decided to do something.

Renjun managed to press Ctrl + S on the keyboard five times as a habit, for good measure, before he clicks exit and properly turns off his computer.

As if nothing happened, so nonchalantly, Renjun stood from his comfortable swivel chair and calmly headed to the kitchen. It is a bit comical how Donghyuck immediately side steps to give way to Renjun as if he was blocking the whole way.

With no idea what to do, Donghyuck blinks dumbfoundedly in his place. The light touch of their arms almost created a spark on his skin. The simple interaction made such a huge impact on Donghyuck, he kind of wants to combust. He must be insane, that he so wants to believe that he might be just in love with Renjun on an astronomical level.

Never did it happen with his past partners. Only Renjun had the kind of magic he had to immediately set Donghyuck’s skin on fire with the barest minimum actions.

Slowly, Donghyuck is forced to pull himself back to reality. He even had the audacity to close the door behind him and follow where Renjun was.

Just like what he has intended to do, Renjun is in the kitchen, downing a tall glass of water. Donghyuck thinks that that was the answer to his worries earlier. Clearly, Renjun was parched and probably had finished the water in his jug he kept close to him while working, and had forgotten to make a refill.

The silence between them was quite deafening for Donghyuck, he looks like a lost puppy while watching his lover. Even the bobbing of Renjun’s Adam’s apple while he was drinking was just so sexy in his eyes.

He kind of wants to smack himself upside the head for acting this way. It is the lust that is really speaking right now, so blame that and not him.

Soon, his daydreaming was disturbed by the sound of the tap water when Renjun finally washed the used glass to deposit it where it originally was.

And after Renjun was finished in the sink, he finally lifts his head to meet Donghyuck’s eyes and says, “Have you changed your mind?”

Donghyuck was so unfocused, that all he chose to utter was a hum of confusion.

“There are walls everywhere, love,” Renjun said, inching closer to a wall in the hallway adjacent to their bedroom. “All you have to do is choose.”

Fuck, Donghyuck cursed under his breath. He could feel his skin tingling by how calm and seducing Renjun’s voice and expression at the same time upon saying those words, like he wants him, too, so bad as Donghyuck does.

“But don’t you have a chapter to finish, baby?” Donghyuck hesitates but he really, incredibly wants to devour Renjun right this moment. He would be lying to say otherwise.

Renjun runs his fingers through his hair. “I’m done for today. You have all of me now.”

Immediately, just like that, Donghyuck wastes no time. No more hesitation and worries whether he’s ruining Renjun’s focus or not, now that in Renjun’s eyes, the want to be claimed by Donghyuck was much evident, if the way it glistens is anything to go by.

As soon as Donghyuck approached Renjun, he pushed him against the wall—finally—tenderly cradled Renjun’s face, and attached their lips into an absolute hot mess kind of kiss, open-mouthed and eager. No signs of gentleness will be seen today it seems, for they both are clearly hungry for each other’s lips to taste and to bite.

The gap between them is immeasurable. Donghyuck thinks that nothing will do justice in the way Renjun melts against him as soon as held him.

Pride blooms within Donghyuck, most especially when Renjun begins to find purchase for his hips against him, grinding their fronts together so expertly and so eagerly at the same time.

They could feel the growing tents in their middle when Donghyuck pushed his hips deeper and harder. The moan that leaves Renjun’s throat was so loud and filthy he could come already. “I want to do it while you’re inside me, not like this, baby.”

Donghyuck cursed the second time today once he realized what Renjun had truly wanted. So he hurriedly strips them both naked, unceremoniously throwing their clothes on the floor.


Yes,” Renjun breathed once Donghyuck’s first digit breached his entrance. The stretch stings like a bitch only with the wetness from his slick to help Donghyuck’s fingers to slide, in hurry of meeting their highs, but Renjun enjoys it, too, enough for him to immediately ask for the second finger.

He waits for his body to settle by the stretch before he could beg for the third finger to meet his own walls of pleasure.

Soon, Renjun whispers to Donghyuck that he is ready to take him whole.

And without a second thought, Donghyuck pulls his fingers away to finally push his own monstrous length inside Renjun’s warmth.

They will never get enough of this. The two of them are each other’s addiction, like a vampire would kill for blood. Like the moon is to earth.

Donghyuck lifts Renjun’s left leg and holds it for a better access and pounds into his hole the way Renjun enjoys it, a little rough and fast against the wall. Renjun seductively moans: Yes, baby, right there. So fucking good. Don’t fucking stop. So Donghyuck didn’t. If anything, he thrusts harder and faster.

The window of opportunity to suck and bite onto Renjun’s neck, shoulders, and collarbones is wide open. Donghyuck wastes no time in finally digging his teeth against the skin of Renjun he so wants to paint colors in.

Inevitably, Renjun moans once again when Donghyuck begins to devour his neck, too, while his cock continues to drill inside of him. He then holds on either of Donghyuck’s biceps just so he could steady himself.

The once lonely hallway was now filled with obscene sounds and has turned humid. The squelching sound from Donghyuck’s length inside Renjun’s hole was so loud. It was nasty and so fucking filthy, but it only fuels Donghyuck to fuck Renjun with abandon.

“I’m so close,” Renjun cries, squeezing Donghyuck’s biceps and his stretched hole with Donghyuck’s length inside, abusing his walls and prostate.

“No need to hold back, baby,” Donghyuck whispers after sucking so hard on Renjun’s neck, “Come for me, my love.”

Soon, Renjun meets his high that sends him to complete satisfaction, buzzing with pleasure and all the tender love from Donghyuck. Donghyuck catches Renjun when he goes limp, tired but in a bliss. He wraps his arms around Donghyuck’s neck and buries his face against his lover’s neck to fight the overstimulation as Donghyuck chases his own high.

Ah,” Donghyuck moans close to Renjun’s ear, “Where do you want me, baby?”

“Inside me, please,” Renjun announces immediately, because he wants all of it inside him. The thought of becoming full to the brim once again makes him feel extra hot. He loves that feeling so much. He loves it when he is full of Donghyuck’s warm load.

So Donghyuck does as he’s told. He pumped every bit of his release inside Renjun like he wanted to put a baby in him.

Donghyuck leans backward a little, rests his forehead on Renjun’s while he waits for the right moment to pull out. They were both breathless. But the way their skin was flushed red, with the sweat making their body shine, makes the two of them smile like an idiot.

And once he’s pulled out, the come inevitably drips on Renjun’s thighs as he was unable to keep everything given the fact that Donghyuck really comes so much.

“I hope you left marks,” Renjun was the first one to speak once they were down from their highs.

Donghyuck brushed his nose on Renjun’s ever so softly and he smiled. “We both had what we wanted. I shoved and fucked you so well against a wall, and you’ve been thoroughly marked.”

“I am so glad I finished my chapter early.”

Donghyuck kisses Renjun again, this time, very softly. “So am I.”

One more kiss before Donghyuck had carried Renjun to the bathroom and washed themselves under the warm sprinkle of water in the shower.

They apologized to the bathroom wall just like they did earlier in the hallway, for they couldn’t help but make love again in the shower.

Even the walls in their abode get no freedom from their sexual activities once they’ve set their minds into it.