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The life of a guard is not an easy one.

You have long hours on your feet, monotonous days with little to no action. The most exciting interaction might be an angry citizen, a drunken loiterer or even a pair of children causing mischief in the streets. It was rare to receive off days, rain or sunshine, a guard standing at their post no matter the weather.

Yet, for all its downs, Namaari felt a sense of pride in her duty to the Kingdom of Kumandra. For though she was a simple guard, a body amongst many others who have protected this place they all called home, she knew her line of service was detrimental to the Kingdoms safety. It was the guards who stood between the dangers of the world and their people inside, protecting them at any cost.

Still, every guard was sent home eventually. To sleep away the aches and pains of the day and return refreshed. Namaari was dismissed from her post on the evening of the end of the week, expected to return at sunrise for her next posting.

Most guards had homes and families to return to, children waiting for their Fathers and Mothers to tuck them in at night. Namaari had no home like this, but she sought a place that was akin to it. A tavern, clear on the other side of the Kingdom.

It began to rain as she left her post, completely soaked through when she finally arrived. The tavern was in full swing with thirsty patrons and wandering travelers for the night. The sign outside claimed no more room for boarding. But Namaari knew there would be at least one bed she could claim that night, as they always held a spot reserved just for her. A continued patron, coming back again and again for their hospitality.

Among other things.

She entered the wooden building and immediately the loud and the restless silenced themselves at the sight of her, hunkering low as she came to the front of the bar. Watching the glint of her metal armor and the long sword that was at her side with wide eyes. Trying not to be seen by the guard, knowing she had every grounds to arrest them for whatever was transpiring at the table.

The fact causing Namaari to roll her eyes, her sights set on the man before her. The owner of this tavern, who was shelling out drinks faster than Namaari had ever seen any man do before.

As he saw her, he gave a wide grin.

Benja, the owner.

“Looking to board?” He asked, lightly, “or are you planning on harassing my customers like the other lot do?”

Namaari snorted, “board.”

“Would you like your usual meal sent up?” He asked, “you could always grace us with your presence, have a drink with the people instead of hiding away upstairs.”

He was teasing, the offer tempting.

But Namaari was not in the mood for company.

Not this kind at least.

“It was a long shift.” She explained, not ideally lying either, “perhaps another time.”

Benja smirked, accepting defeat.

“Rest easy friend!”

She went to her room, shedding her armor until she was down to nothing but her trousers and her breast wrap. Knocking her boots, sword and gloves off to the side. The weight released on her strong frame immediately soothing her sore body.

Namaari barely dried her hair before there was a knock at the door. A quick rapping, clearly eager, bringing a smile to her face as she knew who was on the other side.

“Come i-“ she barely spoke before the door was thrown open and slammed shut. A woman, the love of her life, rushing in with a tray full of food that she all but tossed aside as she ran to her.

Namaari opened her arms, lifting her into a hug as she came to her. Their lips connecting no sooner had they did. The sensation of her lover on her at last, had her sighing in relief. Joy warming her from the inside out.

“You’re finally here!” She cheered, moving back to say just this before kissing her again and again. “I missed you so much!”

“I missed you, Raya.” Namaari sighed happily, accepting the affection her lover gave her. “But-..the tavern is busy, won’t your Father look for you?”

“Sisu will cover for me!” Raya insisted, clearly having no intention of leaving Namaari for the rest of the night. Even if her Father did come looking for where his child had gone, none the wiser that she had taken one of the Kingdom’s guards to bed. “It has been far too long since I’ve last touched you,” she said, kissing her even more, “The Queen herself could not take you away from me tonight.”

Namaari couldn’t help the look of adoration in her eyes as she stared at her lover. God it had been far too long, a month's time of constant work with little rest. Making it difficult for Namaari to see Raya in these brief moments of relief from her work. If anything, she had only managed to slip away once over the month to visit her in the midst of the day. Raya sneaking out the back just to give her a chaste kiss before she had to return to work. That kiss being the only thing that kept Namaari sane over the weeks without her.

Now they had a whole night together, to explore the love they so desperately missed showering the other with it.

Raya insisted Namaari eat first, the guard reluctantly sitting down on the bed with the tray of food off to the side where she could pick at the fruit and cheeses until at last her lover was satisfied with what she consumed She laid Namaari down, Raya removing her trousers and her wrap until Namaari was in nothing but her undergarments. Her chest bare, Raya still fully clothed. Namaari pulling at the edge of the woman’s dress until she swatted her hand away playfully.

“Let me care for you first..” Raya once again insisted. Namaari thinking then she meant by feeding her more than Namaari had already shoveled down. A complaint on her tongue until she felt her lover's hands touch her body. Roughly pressing against her sore muscles, realizing what she intended to do. Relaxing, allowing Raya to massage her then.

Her delicate yet strong hands worked over every muscle, ever inch, across her body. She kneaded into her calves, thighs, across her shoulders and back. Rubbing and stroking her affectionately, Namaari’s body sighing in such delight as Raya worked over her tired muscles. Loosening her limbs, lightly trailing her fingers along her skin, nearly making her fall asleep with how wonderfully at peace it made her feel.

Near the end, Raya was straddling her back. Sitting on her backside, while she pressed firmly against her body. Namaari’s body flat, arms crossed as it supported her head. Eyes closed until she felt lips press against her shoulder.

Raya knelt, hovering over her as she began to pepper kisses along her shoulder blades. Her hands now against the mattress, causing it to dip as she moved lower. Her long hair tickling Namaari’s skin.

“Raya..” Namaari breathed out, feeling her tongue then against her skin. A moan escaping thereafter when Raya rocked her hip down into her ass. Her intentions changing then, turning heated, making Namaari squirm under her ministrations.

She rocked again before she brought her mouth to Namaari’s ear. Hot, breathy, sending a shiver up Namaari’s spine.

“Turn over..” she ordered, moving back up and off Namaari so she could do just that.

While Namaari flipped onto her back, Raya took this time to undress. Slow, putting on a show for her lover as she peeled off her clothes. Her dark skin now more exposed, naked as the day she came into this world.

“Move back.” She commanded then and Namaari, ever the perfect guard, obeyed her orders.

She moved until her head was against the pillows, eyes hooded as Raya crawled onto the bed and immediately went to Namaari’s undergarments. Tugging them down, exposing herself to Raya then. A wide smirk fitting on her lover's face at the sight of her excitement.

“I suppose you were being truthful,” she pointed out, “ you did miss me.”

“Yes..” Namaari managed to get out, her body trembling in anticipation as she felt Raya tug her legs further apart. Watched her lover settle down in between them, her body flat against the bed.

“Let me show you again, how much I’ve missed you..” she whispered, her breath tickling her skin down there.

When she dove in, Namaari’s head fell back against the pillows. Electricity shot through her body as she felt her lover work her skillful tongue along her entrance, running it flat, teasing her as she lapped up her excitement.

Namaari couldn’t help but rock up into her mouth, another wave of pleasure coursing through her when Raya forced them back down. Knowing she was smirking as she breathed heavily against her clit, loving how Namaari began to grow impatient.

She did not make her lover wait long, her tongue pressed deep inside her soon after. Hands coming up to spread her pussy wide, allowing Raya to lick deeper inside her. Making Namaari go crazy as her tongue worked her over.

“Raya..” she moaned, “God..that feels so good..”

Raya hummed her approval back, her mouth fully latching onto her then as she sucked. Swallowing her cum, eagerly coating her tongue with it.

Namaari’s hand shot down, fisting Raya’s long hair then.

“God..yes..!” She whined, once more rocking up into her mouth.

Raya was relentless, refusing to give as she ate her out. Going from teasing little licks against her clit to fucking her deep with that tongue. Pressed up as close as she could possibly manage, while Namaari jerked her hips up into her hot mouth. Fucking her with her face, while Namaari fell apart beneath her.

“Yes..Ah~ right there..!” She cried, feeling her body shake as she hit a spot that was so deliciously good her grip tightened in raya’s hair. The woman beneath her moaning loudly at the tug. Her own body, her own need, grinding against the bed for relief.

The sight, the feeling, everything her lover was doing in that moment and to herself was what caused Namaari to climax. Her body curling, relaxing and then collapsing against the bed. Raya licking her still thereafter, wanting it all.

“Come here..” Namaari at last said, unable to waste another moment without the woman’s embrace.

Raya obeyed, climbing up until she was above her. Kissing her deeply with that same sinful tongue that had just worked her so well below. The taste of her essence still on her tongue, which Namaari couldn’t say she minded at all.

They kissed and kissed and kissed again.

Lazily, quietly.

Namaari ran her hands yet again through Raya’s hair, only this time to feel her beautiful locks with the needy desire from before. Running her fingers along it as they kissed, feeling it’s soft texture as it tickled her hot skin It was a simple joy, feeling her hair at that moment. But Namaari captured it for her to enjoy later when she was off working once more. Needing the memory of Raya, even as simple as this, to get through her day.

They continued to kiss and, in time, she felt her body fill with desire once more. Raya’s as well, the woman above her quickly finding her hands along Namaari’s chest. Pressing her thumb against her nipple, hand caressing it until Namaari moved her head away to moan. Raya eagerly taking her breast into her mouth instead, playing her nipple in between teeth.

“Yes~” Namaari whined, “run your tongue-“

She barely spoke the words before Raya was doing just that, making goosebumps crawl over her skin and her nipple pebble as she teased her with a pointed tongue there. Circling it, flicking it, going back and forth between both breasts to give the pair equal attention.

Namaari was so engrossed in her tongue’s ministrations she didn’t even acknowledge the slide of Raya’s hand down her body until she felt her fingers play with her entrance. Her body immediately canting up into her touch, which had Raya laughing.

“Easy my love..” she shushed.

“I want you..” Namaari whined, “inside me…”

Raya moved up and kissed her temple then, lovingly.

“I know, I won’t make you wait,” she insisted, “just relax..let me touch you like I’ve wanted to this whole month apart from you.”

And touch her she did.

Love her just the way Namaari needed.

She entered her with two fingers, slowly letting her lover adjust before moving carefully inside her. Namaari moaning out her pleasure when she began her pace.

The month away had been far too long for Namaari not to feel her move inside her. She had been so obsessed with what her tongue could do, she neglected to remember that Raya’s fingers were also like magic. Knowing how she liked her, firm, timed with her hips. Her body moving in unison with it before she relented, curling her fingers instead, pressing that wonderful spot inside her.

“God!” Namaari cried out, her arms wrapping tightly around her lover. “Raya, keep-“

“I don’t plan to stop.” Raya assured her, knowing what she was going to say. On cue, she ran her thumb against her clit. Once more having the woman cry out in ecstasy.

Raya continued, working up Namaari in a way that she could barely register the woman above her. Only the hot, euphoric feeling inside her. The way her body careened towards her touch, how her insides felt as if they were tingling. Toes curled, arms holding Raya steady, her breath raggad as she felt another climax on the horizon.

Raya, knowing her body, saw she was nearly there. Her fingers guiding her along, between deep thrusts and an expert flick of her clit. Namaari coming hard around her fingers, a second time that evening. Her body utterly exhausted, chest heaving as Raya kissed her body slowly. Along her neck, her breasts, calming her down from the drop. Catering to her needs and her needs only.

Still, Namaari did not come here tonight to be pleasured alone. So when Raya least expected it, her lover believing she had calmed her with steady kisses along her body, she flipped them so that Namaari was now atop her. The guard wasting no time in returning the favor.

God, she missed hearing Raya cry out for her. Her own name on Raya’s tongue as she fucked her roughly. Hand holding her wrist down while the other pistoned inside her drenched pussy. Raya’s passionate whines filling the room, threatening to be heard by nearly everyone in the tavern. Or worse, her Father, who would be shocked to see the sinful things Namaari was doing to his baby girl. The excitement of being found out, spurring Namaari on.

When she released her wrists, focusing her efforts on driving into Raya again and again. Her love clutched her hands against her back, sharp nails digging into her flesh as she fucked her so good. Raya begging her to tear her apart, legs wrapping around her hips. Holding her right in place as an orgasm all but crashed into her, her teeth claiming her neck, biting down to mark Namaari. Letting anyone who saw this know who she belonged to.

Raya was exhausted, but still Namaari was not finished with her yet. She knew Raya had more to give her and she had been wanting to taste her all night. The guard tugging her lover until she was above her again, her legs on both sides of her head. Raya up, her hands against the headboard as Namaari pulled her hips down until her mouth latched onto her cunt. Tongue sinking inside her slick channel.

AH yes...Namaari..yes!” She cried, rocking into her waiting mouth. Fingers pressed so tightly against the board that they turned white, “yes..fuck me with your hot..AH!”

Namaari moaned as she held her lover steady, moving her tongue deep inside her. Her senses going crazy as she felt her thighs press against her cheeks, the intoxicating smell of Raya’s cunt filling her nose, the taste of her cum coating her mouth and face. Hearing her lover cry her name again and again, nearly making Namaari cum again purely off this alone. Especially when Raya gripped her hair then, tightly, the pain causing excitement to course all across Namaari’s body.

When she came again, it was hard. Raya screamed her pleasure so loudly it was hard not to think everyone in all of Kumandra hadn’t heard her. Namaari’s name being floated to the heavens, a pride finding her as Raya flopped down on the bed to her side. Completely exhausted then, satisfied beyond her expectations as Namaari crawled to be in her arms.

The two slept then and, for most of the night, they stayed just like that. Namaari’s head resting against Raya’s chest, her lover holding her affectionately. Sometime in the night they kissed again, Raya moving over Namaari then as they rocked into one another lazily. Fingers coming down to touch one another in unison, a late night fuck that was half fueled by their lust and half by their dreams. Their minds hardly coherent to what they were doing, going on passion and feeling alone to get them to their peak.

Come morning, just before sunshine, Namaari woke. Despite their escapades in the night, she felt well rested. Easily getting up in the early hour and dressing. Trying not to disturb Raya as she slept. Returning her armor on, her sword at her side, and with a gentle kiss on Raya’s temple, she was off.

The inn was eerily quiet, a shadow of the night before as the bar was empty and the travelers had all long gone to bed. Namaari managed to get through the front door, the chilly morning air hitting her limbs, begging her to go back inside and sleep the morning away. The guard, no doubt, wanting that more than anything.

She no sooner took a step forward before the door to the tavern quickly yanked open . Namaari turned and was immediately pulled into a kiss, nearly knocking her off her feet as Raya yet again leapt into her arms.

She pulled back, seeing the woman she loved wrapped hastily in a blanket. Her breath ragged as she had probably ran to catch up to Namaari. The sight of her bringing a smile to her face, even as she scolded her.

“It is a miracle your Father hasn’t found out about us.” Namaari laughed, “you shouldn’t be out here…especially like this.”

Naked, but covered.

It would only take one person up at that hour to see her.

“You didn’t say goodbye!” Raya pouted, “I didn’t have time to grab clothes!”

“I kissed you goodbye, you were asleep.” Namaari assured her.

“Well I want another.” Raya said then, “who knows when I will see you again.”

Namaari sighed, her heart melting.

“Soon.” She promised, “I will make sure of that.”

Raya smiled and Namaari held that image of her in her mind again, feeling her love radiate for this beautiful woman again.

She knelt her head low, kissing her deeply, holding the kiss for as long as she could. Raya returning the kiss with as much love as she could muster, both women reluctantly moving apart.

“I love you.” Raya sighed, “come back soon..”

“I love you and I will do my best..” Namaari replied, kissing her temple again, “I’ll be counting down the days.”