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Ianto was holding Juette into his arms and they were laying down, covered by warm blankets. They were silent, but it was comfortable. Ianto wasn't usually the kind to sleep in or even just stay in bed for long, but he had to admit this was nice. He felt safe and happy.

Juette seemed to be intently studying his boyfriend's face. He was looking at Ianto with a slight furrow in his brows, and the latter recognized this as the expression Juette always made when he was focused on reading a particularly interesting article.

Juette brought his hands up to cup Ianto's face. Ianto saw a smile slowly appear on his face, his eyes lighting up, right before he gently squished Ianto's cheeks.
Ianto laughed. "What are you doing?"
"Your face is so... squishy," replied Juette.
Ianto laughed again, and Juette's smile widened. Ianto's laugh was his favourite sound in the world. Happy to see his boyfriend so carefree for once, Juette couldn't help but press a kiss to the tip of Ianto's nose.

Ianto looked at him then, his eyes filled with warmth. He put a hand on the back of Juette's head and gently kissed him. When he pulled away a second later, Juette followed him, kissing him again, and they kept kissing and kissing and kissing, as if it was the only thing they knew how to do.

"I love you," Ianto said softly when they eventually stopped.
- "I love you, too."