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History 3 , Trapped , Tang yi’s Return

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“ afei your going to be late “ Huang shouted up to him from the bottom off the stairs shaofei came to the top the stairs “ I won’t be I have an houjr still “ huang huffed and pouted meng sniggered typical huang bossing everyone around .

Meng shaofei was nervous Tang yi was getting released from prison today he couldn’t wait to see him touch him he smiled into himself he picked up his bag and ran down stairs and was greeted by violet huang and gu dao yis daughter .

shaofei bent down and greeted her she held out a picture shaofeitook it he smiled “ that’s beautiful is it for Tang yi “ violet looked at her mom she nodded violet looked at meng shaofei “ he’s going to love it “ .


A car beeped afei looked out it was zaho zi come to pick him up

to take him to pick up Tang yi


Zaho zi didnt look happy when afei went into the car afei looked at him he sighed a distant look on his face " zaho whats wrong " " nothing for you to worry about and everything is sorted at the hotel " " thank you " .


shaofeii looked up at the building he sniled then there was a beep off a bike horn jack appeared to pick up zaho zi he got on the bike with reluctance .


" good luck afei " zaho zi shouted he waved shaofeichecked his watch he leaned against the car He checked his watch again then the door opened and Tang yi came out .

He squinted then he saw meng shaofei walk over to him smiling " hi " shaofei said he warpped his arms round Tang yi . Tang yi looked down at shao fei " meng shao fei " they kissed " im so happy to see you mengshaofei "

Tang yi touched shao feis face he took Tang yis hand and lead him to the car this wasnt shaofeis car he thought ." Shaofei this isnt your car " " borrowed from zaho zi " .


As they drove along the road Tang yi wondered this wasnt the road home " afei this isnt the road home ' shao fei looked at Tang yi and smiled " no Tang yi were staying at a hotel for the night " .


" oh " shao fei took tang yis hand and kissed it Tang yi smiled " i want us to spend time together Tang yi "


Shaofei picked up the key ar the front desk and they went up to there room they went inside and got a bit off a shock by jacks decoratings around the room love hearts petals around the bed . Champagne chiling condoms all over the bed .

" Tang yi " Tang yi sniggered he bent down to kiss shaofei " its cute " they both sat down there bags Tang yi opened the champagne and poured the both them .

' to us " Tang yi clinked his glass against shao fei glass " i love you meng shao fei " " love you to Tang yi " they kissed again . " i am so in need off a long hot shower or bath without interruptions " .

" bath it is "

Tang yi lay one end off the bath shaofei the other end sipping there champagne he looked more relaxed now shaofei thought Tang yi sighed shaofei cocked his head “ meng shaofei thank you “ “ for what “ Tang yi sat up he placed the glass on the side off the bath . “ for waiting for me “ Tang yi smiled and lay back again “ Tang yi I made you a promise didn’t I. “


“ hungry “ shaofei asked Tang yi nodded shaofei moved over to Tang yi he kissed him “ we have a lot off making up to to do “ Tang yi grinned “ yes we have “

Tang yi and shaofei sat on the bed in there dressing gowns eating shaofei looked over at a Tang yi his hair was slightly greying maybe he should have got him hair dye earlier Tang yi looked at shaofei . “ what “ shaofei touched Tang his hair he leaned into his touch “ it suits you “ Tang yi took shaofei hand and kissed it then kissed him .


“ I have a present for you “ shaofei got up went into his back pack and brought out a box with a red bow

Shao fei sat on the bed and handed the box to Tang yi he looked at shao fei . “ you got me a present “ shao fei nodded Tang yi started to open the box it was another box Tang yi scrunched his nose what was this he thought then opened another until he came to another box and brought it out .


Shaofei took Tang his hand when Tang yi went to open the small box with two platinum rings shaofei held out his hand Tang yo stood up tears in his eyes shaofei bent to one knee “ Tang yi there was no other way I would have asked you I love you will you marry me “ .


“ yes meng shao fei I will marry you “ Tang yi knelt down in front off shao fei he took out the ring and placed it on Tang yis finger “ I was planning on asking you to shaofei “ They kissed Tang yi wrapped his arms round shaofei “ but this is perfect your perfect I love you meng shao fei “ “ I love you to “ Tang yi took out the other ring and placed it on shaofei finger Tang yi kisses his hand .


“ let’s not wait long till our wedding I could marry you tomorrow “ shaofei giggled he would to but it had to be perfect he thought Tang yi kissed shao fei they looked at each other as Tang yi went to slip down shao fei Rob . “ Tang yi we don’t have to tonight “ “ I want to I’ve been away from you to long meng shao fei “ .


Tang yi kissed along shao fei s neck his jaw his chest shaofei doing the same they crawled up the bed discarding the robes Tang yi kissing all the way down shao fei chest

And back up shaofei strokes Tang yi he kisses shaofei collarbone and goes to straddle him lifting his arms up .


“ Tang yi “ “ look at me shaofei “ shao fei looks into Tang yis eyes as he guided himself inside him shaofei arches up off the invasion a whole five years he has waited for Tang yi no other man had been near he wouldn’t be with any other man he only ever wanted Tang yi .


Tang yi moved slowly inside shao fei kissing him sweet words to him the love off his life who waited for him like he had done “ meng shaofei I can’t wait to be your husband “ Tang yi slid out and shaofei moved to his side as tang yi kissed. His neck again and slid back inside slamming into shao fei he cried out .


They both came together it was just perfect shao fei thought as there orgasm slowly subsided they snuggled into each other touching kissing till they both fell asleep.


Jack waited outside the police station for zhaho zi to finish they had to talk about stuff he thought zhaho zi was distant lately he wanted to know what it was the door opened he came out and saw jack . “ what are you doing here “ “ zhaho please let us talk “ .


Zhaho went over to his car jack followed him he looked round at him “ zhaho I saw the test “ zhaho froze his hand on the car door jack lay his hand on his shoulder he looked round at him “ and “ “ obviously we have to make sure right “ zhaho zi felt his tears coming jack held him “ I love you zhaho “



" if you love me why did you cheat " jack went to go closer ti zaho zi he moved away " please zaho lets go home ill cook for you you look pale "

Zaho zi ran to the bathroom when they got home jack sat the ingredients for dinner on the table hearing zaho throw up in the bathroom jack was about to go upstairs when zaho zi came back down and sat on the lounger .


Jack handed him a glass water he took it and scrunched his face up “ do you want dinner “ jack hoovered zaho looked up he hunched his shoulders jack went into the kitchen to prepare dinner wether he wanted it or not .zaho zi stared out the window thinking back to when it could have been they didn’t use a condom a couple times before mAybe from then .


He looked over at jack preparing dinner and checking his phone he looked over at zaho and smiled “ work asking if I’ll be in I called in sick “ “ I’m a big boy jack “ zaho s stomach churned he was so tired to .


Zaho decided to go and rest until dinner was ready he must have fallen asleep jack woke him up he looked up at jack and sat up “ how long have I been asleep “ “ an hour how you feeling “ jack wrapped his arm round zaho zi he snuggled into him “ tired nauseous “ jack kissed his head zaho looked up at jack . Jack lookec down at him “ do you still find me attractive “ jack sniggered he touched his face “ off course I do shorty .


Zaho zi crawled onto jacks legs he kissed him he lifted jacks arms up “ zaho we dint have to “ “ I want to “ he took off his own shirt and they started making out touching kissing jack lay down zaho zi he crawled over him licking kissing his neck his chest . Jack slid inside zaho lifting one leg up for better access pounding into him “ will you still love me when I’m fat “ jack looked down at zaho all sweaty and glowing “ yes zaho I will “


Zaho s face squished into the pillow jack slamming into him oh god he thought I’m coming as he came suddenly all over the sheet as jack came to he collapsed beside zaho letting his orgasm subside zaho looked up at jack . “ ok “ jack asked zaho snuggled beside him “ mmm yes “ jack kissed his cheek “ hungry “ zaho nodded jack went to get up zaho thought jack looked handsome he had a beautiful butt he smiled .


Jack looked round at zaho smiling “ what “ “ just admiring my boyfriend “ jack bent down and kissed zaho “ do you want dinner in bed “ zaho nodded as jack put back on his jeans no shirt and left to go downstairs. He left his phone zaho noticed no he thought I shouldn’t pry but he was curious to know who the person jack had slept with from the club .

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