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Take Me Back

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Lena thanked the bartender and turned her attention to the wall of bottles in front of her as he walked away to make her drink. She briefly took in the Red Bull neon sign situated next to a shelf of bargain gin, before she looked down to where her hands were resting on top of the bar.

The bar was old, the wood scratched with names that had been laquered over, the marks a time capsule under the semi-polished finish. In the polish she could make out the blurry reflection of a wagon wheel hanging next to a Miller Light neon sign by the windows on her right. If she turned to her left, she’d see a few similarly hunched over bar patrons, posters for vintage cars, dusty and faded in their frames, their backdrop.

While she waited what was beginning to feel like a long time for a simple scotch neat, Lena discretely watched as people spilled slowly into the space in their best western wear. When the bartender had said the night before that the themed evening was “dressy”, she hadn’t expected to see so much denim. She felt slightly out of place in her expensive dress sat at the bar, however, not a single person was paying her an ounce of attention and she was glad for it. That was the beauty of being a wealthy benefactor, she supposed; pay for enough high school infrastructure improvements and the town would repay your kindness by blessedly pretending you were invisible.

She took a breath, smiling briefly when the drink she’d ordered was finally quietly placed before her, the bartender hastily retreating to fill an order at the other end of the bar. Lena took a sip and paused, the glass still near her lips. She was still amazed that she was sitting on a barstool in a small Midwestern town when Kara was back. The last three weeks since Kara returned from the Phantom Zone had been a rollercoaster of emotion for Lena. Intense relief and joy at saving her best friend from an indescribably horrible place, descending into a deep fog of doubt and sadness as she found herself on the fringes of the SuperFriends group. Lena had convinced herself during Kara’s absense that she had been an integral part of the group—Kara had even said as much when they first embraced after her return—but the days after Kara’s return and leading up to Lena leaving National City for this small town were full of halted conversations when she entered the room, stammered reasons why the friends had to decline Lena’s invitations to hang out, and at least one talk with Nia in which the younger woman accidentally revealed plans for a ‘family’ dinner that she, Lena, was decidedly not invited to.

It felt like a knife in the gut.

How Kara would avert her eyes when they were together. How she would go rigid when they were near each other.

And to think Lena thought… Had hoped...

She took another sip of her drink, the scotch burning at her throat, and lowered the glass to the bar, where she gently cupped the glass with her hands. She spaced out as the night crowd continued to fill in, the music from the large, barn-like room’s dance floor attached to the bar white noise in her ears. She was so lost in her own head that she almost didn’t hear it, wouldn’t have heard it if that odd feeling of someone staring at her hadn’t caused her senses to sharpen.


Lena turned her head to see Kara standing a few feet away. Kara was dressed like she was about to spend a day at Clark Kent’s Smallville farm—jeans, a courdaroy jacket and button up plaid shirt. Her body language was timid, the small smile on her face an obvious peace offering she was worried Lena wouldn’t accept. Lena sniffed and looked back to her drink. “I should have known one of you would show up sooner or later.”

Kara hesitated as she stepped closer. “You didn’t say we couldn’t come see you.”

“No,” Lena agreed wryly. “I just thought it was implied when I told Nia I needed a few days away to think through some things.”

“It’s been almost a week.”

“Several days then,” Lena said, shrugging a single shoulder before taking a sip of her drink.

Kara looked nervous, her gaze never leaving Lena’s profile. “Alex was worried.”

Lena arched her eyebrows and leaned back on her stool, looking beyond Kara to the door and then righting herself, her eyes returning to Kara’s face. “Is she outside parking the car?”

“No,” Kara replied, the soft shake of her head an acknowledgement that using her sister’s name as a surrogate for her own concern was a cop-out.

Lena opened her mouth, a silent ‘ah’ and then turned back to her drink. “To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would notice I was gone.”

“Not notice,” Kara said, a deep furrow in her brow.

“Well, when you’re not invited to…” Lena held her fingers up and silently counted, giving up at three and flipping her hand dismissively. “Seemed like you had time for everyone once you were back. Everyone but me.”

Kara licked her lips, her head dipping. “Nia–“

“Shouldn’t have told me about the ‘family’ dinners I was excluded from?”

Kara eyed the glass in Lena’s hand warily. “How many of those have you had?”

The question was momentarily sobering. Lena’s smirk disappeared before a wry grin tugged at her lips. “It’s the first of many, hopefully.”

Kara sighed and leaned into the bar with her hip. “You haven’t been answering your texts.”

“I turned my phone off.”

The news startled Kara. “Why?”

Lena smiled, amused Kara cared. “I needed a break.”

“From me?” Kara asked, her voice vulnerable and guarded at the same time. Lena rubbed her thumb along the edge of her glass. “Because Lena if I’ve done something wrong–“

“You didn’t–“ Lena cut herself off. She looked to the ceiling and then back down. “Have you ever gotten sick of yourself?” Lena met Kara’s eye and arched an eyebrow. She sighed and looked away, the sound of her voice tired as she continued. “I have been doing so much for everyone, and I was looking at myself at the Tower since your return, so desperate to please…” She looked down at the drink in her hands. “My value, in my actions of service. And I just got sick of wanting–“ she took a breath. “Things to be different.” She looked at Kara to find her looking intently at her lips. Kara dragged her eyes up and met Lena’s gaze, her look a little sad.

“I know that feeling.”

Lena nodded, giving Kara that, even if she didn’t believe it.

Kara sighed, recognizing that Lena didn’t believe her. “Why here?” she asked, nodding to the dimly lit dance floor attached to the bar.

Lena smirked as she looked around the bar before turning her attention back to Kara. “The morning Lex turned the sun red, Luthorcorp Foundation granted a scholarship to a high school senior from here named Sarah. Full ride to Metropolis U. After things with Lex’s arrest died down, I came here to apologize for the association. I offered to pay for her university experience quietly, separate from the family foundation, so she wouldn’t have the Luthor name tainting her life and she took me up on it. Her father owns this place.” She nodded to the shelves of alcohol. “He told me I could come and drink my worries away unbothered any time I’d like. Seemed like a good offer for now.”

“That was kind of you,” Kara said softly. “Helping that girl.”

Lena bobbed her head. “The Luthor name has hurt enough people.” She watched out of the corner of her eye as Kara took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

They shared space in quiet for a moment, people starting to move from the bar to the dance floor, before Kara spoke. “I’ve always liked coming to places like this.” Lena looked at her, curiously. Kara gave her a warm smile. “It’s nice, sometimes to be anonymous. To be around people being happy.”

Lena glanced over her shoulder at the couples swaying together under the white string lights hung above the large dance floor. She pressed her lips together in a soft smile before turning back to her drink and taking a sip. The resulting moment of silence between them stretched longer, Kara quietly standing by her side, and Lena hazarded a glance her way. It felt odd, to have Kara there, and the longer the moment went on, the more off-kilter Lena got. She thumbed at the edge of her glass and after a moment of indecision, decided to speak. “Well,” she said, forcing a light tone. “Now that you’ve checked up on me, I suppose you can fly home.”

“Oh. I.” Kara was legitimately startled by the assumption that she was performing a wellness check and she blushed to her roots. “I’d like to stay for a little while. If that’s OK with you…?” She faced Lena with wide eyes.

Lena’s jaw dropped slightly as she considered this new development. This was not the evening she was expecting. “Knock yourself out,” she finally said with a shrug of her shoulder. She took a sip of her drink. “Do you want a drink?” She made to motion to the bartender before Kara interrupted her, her hand covering Lena’s briefly before she pulled it away self-consciously.

“I’m fine. Thank you.”

Lena just nodded and returned to her drink.

A few more moments passed before Kara spoke again. “You look really nice, by the way.”

Lena’s brow furrowed and she looked to Kara with a confused smile. “A little overdressed, considering the company,” she said, nodding to the dance floor.

Kara smiled and shook her head. “I like that you’re unique.”

Lena couldn’t help the half smile that pulled at her lips. “You fit right in,” she said, nodding to Kara’s clothes.

“Oh, yeah,” Kara said, brieftly looking down her body before grinning at Lena. “It’s what I’d wear if I was visiting Clark in Smallville.”

Lena genuinely laughed at that and Kara’s grin widened slightly. “That’s actually what I thought when I first saw you.” Kara beamed.

Something seemed to cement in the way Kara was smiling at her. “Do you want to dance?”

Lena laughed again. She glanced over her shoulder at the couples gently swaying together to the slow music under the dim lights before glancing at Kara. “I don’t know if you noticed, but all those people dancing look to be slightly more than friends.” She turned back to her drink.

“Dance with me.”

She looked up to see Kara looking at her earnestly, her hand extended. Lena looked down at the offered hand and then back to Kara’s face. “Kara–“

“Please,” Kara said, her smile hopeful and anxious. Lena cocked her head, questioning, and Kara quickly added, “one song.”

Lena exhaled heavily. She glanced to the dancefloor and then back to the bar, then picked up her glass and finished her drink. “What the hell.” Kara beamed, her lips pressed in a wide smile, and Lena reluctantly followed Kara onto the dance floor, a new, slow song beginning.

Lena felt self-conscious as she followed Kara toward the center of the floor, the bulp string lights above them reflecting off of the wood planks beneath their feet. Kara stopped in front of Lena and Lena huffed, not sure how this would work. She had never danced in public with another woman before, and certainly never with Kara. Kara smiled reassuringly, her body language loose. She held her right hand out at Lena’s waist level, and her left hand high between their shoulders in invitation, and Lena couldn’t help but chuckle nervously at how awkward it felt. She stiffly stepped into Kara’s embrace.

Lena was not sure why she was expecting them to dance like middle schoolers, a ruler’s distance between them, but Kara surprised her by immediately pulling her close, her right hand slipping around Lena’s body and settling on her lower back, her left hand curling and bringing Lena’s hand against her chest. Lena sucked in her breath as they settled together cheek to cheek. It was like a hug, and Lena didn’t dare exhale, slow and quiet, until Kara started to gently sway to the music.

Lena looked wide eyed over Kara’s shoulder at the other couples. Some danced formally, their arms at certain angles, their steps practiced, while others were wrapped up as close as her and Kara were, lost in the music. The couples who were wrapped together made Lena blush. “This OK?” Kara asked into Lena’s temple and she nodded.

“Yes, of course,” Lena replied, and she internally winced at how nervous her voice sounded.

Kara briefly squeezed her in reply, and Lena started to relax, her eyes fluttering closed as her left hand slid from its initial place on Kara’s shoulder to rest on her upper back.

What happened next genuinely shocked Lena. She had been sitting in this bar for three straight nights and hadn’t really listened to the music. But swaying gently in Kara’s arms, she let the music in. The slide guitar, the gentle rhythm. The singer, his voice full of longing and regret. She took in a steady breath as the lyrics sunk in, the yearning making her hair stand on end.

“Are you OK?” Kara whispered into her hair, her right hand rubbing reassuringly against Lena’s back, and Lena nodded.


Kara slighlty tightened her hold, her left hand pressing Lena’s hand gently into Kara’s chest. The movement made Lena bold, and she slid her hand to Kara’s collar, her hand gently slipping between her shoulder blades. She felt Kara take a breath, and then Kara’s own hand was wandering, no longer content to lazily sit at Lena’s lower back. It traveled up her spine as they swayed, the action pulling Lena even tighter against Kara’s body.

Lena felt dizzy from it. Wrapped up in Kara, her scent, the pressure of her fingers as they moved up her spine to the damp hair at the base of her skull. Kara’s hand scratched at her skin and Lena fought a shiver, her fingers gripping at Kara’s, their legs slightly bumping where their hips brushed together in time to the music.

It was far too intimate for a public dance floor. It was far too intimate for a dance with a best friend.

The song ended, smoothly slipping into the next, and Lena pulled away to meet Kara’s eye, Kara’s arms still wrapped around her, her left hand still holding Lena’s hand against her chest. Lena felt foolish courage bubble up inside of her and push words through her lips. “Do you want to go someplace else? Talk?”

Kara nodded. “I have a room at the motel across the street.”

Lena’s jaw legitimately dropped, and she soundlessly moved it until she managed, “I’ll settle the tab.”

“Already done,” Kara said, and she offered a barely suppressed grin, pride sparkling in her eyes at Lena’s shocked look. “Alex showed me how to leave a big bill under the glass like a sneaky spy.”

Lena laughed despite herself. She cocked her head to the side, her eyes squinting slightly. “You’re confident.”

“Hopeful,” Kara replied earnestly. She took in a deep breath and squeezed Lena’s hand where she held it. “Come on.”

They walked out the bar door into the night and immediatly stopped short; the air had grown cold while they were inside and Lena shivered in her thin dress. Kara immediately pulled her jacket off and wrapped it around Lena’s shoulders, and Lena thanked her with a shy smile. Lena held the jacket closed with one hand, her other hand taken up in Kara’s as she led Lena through the parking lot toward the single busy road that cut through town. They waited for traffic to clear before crossing the street quickly, and entered the motel parking lot. Kara led Lena down the row of rooms, rust red doors all facing the lot. She stopped in front of Room 5 and turned to Lena.

Kara’s smile was bashful. “The keys are in the jacket pocket.”

“Oh,” Lena said, dropping Kara’s hand and reaching into the pocket to fish the keys out. She handed them to Kara, their fingers brushing.

Kara opened the door and stepped aside so Lena could enter. Lena did so holding her breath, her exhale leaking out slowly as she stepped toward the foot of the king bed. She looked around, taking in the all brown wood paneling and room accents. “I’ve never actually been inside a roadside motel before,” she said as she removed Kara’s jacket and laid it on the foot of the bed, hearing Kara lock the door behind her. “It’s surprisingly exactly as I expected it,” she said, hearing Kara chuckle. Lena turned, expecting Kara to invite her to sit but Kara was suddenly in her space, and before Lena could process the proximity, Kara’s lips were pressed against hers.

The kiss was soft, pressure more than anything, and it took a moment for Lena’s brain to realize what was happening. Kara moved her lips slightly, her hands resting gently on Lena’s hips, and it was like lighting a match; Lena returned the pressure, her head tiltling slightly to deepen the slow kiss, her hands coming up to rest on Kara’s shoulders.

They pulled apart slowly, their lips slightly sticking together as they did and Kara rested her forehead against Lena’s, their breath mingling between them.

Lena couldn’t think. She was trying to breathe, her heart hammering in her chest and she couldn’t think. She knew what she should do; she should step out of Kara’s embrace, lose the feel of her softly panted breath on her lips and ask the million and one questions spinning furiously inside of her brain. Or, she could do something she’d never completely done before, not once in her life; she could shut her brain out and listen to her heart. She took a deep breath and decision made, captured Kara’s lips hungrily—their slow first kiss discarded for something more passionate and immediate. Her hands grabbed at the collar of Kara’s shirt to pull her closer, and they both fell off balance slightly at the force of it. Kara was quick to save them, lifting Lena effortlessly and turning her, Lena’s feet settling on the floor just as her back touched the wall, Kara’s weight pressing into her and keeping her there as their mouth moved together.

Lena groaned into the kiss, groaned into the feeling of Kara’s hands going from a steadying presence on her waist to fingers gripping her hips. They kissed like if they stopped the world might stop too.

Kara dropped her head and kissed Lena’s neck, Lena arching against the feeling. “I wasn’t expecting this tonight,” Lena gasped.

“I was hopeful,” Kara replied into the soft skin by Lena’s jaw. She brought her head up to kiss Lena’s lips and Lena pulled back, startled, Kara’s lips chasing empty air until she opened her eyes and met Lena’s perplexed, intense gaze. Kara pressed her lips together, her chest heaving, and her eyes showed how she warred with what to say. How to explain what was happening. Kara swallowed hard and spoke simply. “Turns out I’ve wanted this for a while.”

Lena stared, and then nodded, her own long-held desire now plain but unspoken. Kara nodded slightly and leaned forward, kissing Lena. The action felt significant, and Lena tried to pull Kara closer, her feelings too big for her body alone.

She wasn’t sure if it was Kara’s hand dropping to palm a handful of her upper thigh just south of her ass, or Kara’s hips brushing into her with intention, but it caused the last vestiges of Lena’s restraint to evaporate. She moaned and pulled her hands from the back of Kara’s neck to the limited space between them, Lena’s fingers fumbling with the small buttons on Kara’s shirt before she got frustrated and pushed Kara away just enough to reach for her waistband. Her movements were frantic, her hands fumbling as she tried to undo Kara’s belt.

Kara leaned back and looked down, a look of pure joy on her face as Lena’s shaking hands worked at the clasp. Lena glanced up, and her breath caught. The happy crinkles around Kara’s eyes, the wonder in her expression. “You know the one day it would have helped to have a tearaway shirt…” Lena said as she pushed the belt open, popped the button on Kara’s pants free and lowered the zipper. Kara laughed.

“I’m off duty.” There was a blur of motion and almost before Lena could process the movement, Kara’s shirt was unbuttoned and Kara was pressing her against the wall again, her lips on hers, her hands buried in Lena’s hair. Lena groaned when Kara deepened the kiss, groaned again when Lena brought her hands up and was able to slip her hands under Kara’s shirt and touch nothing but warm skin.

Lena’s head was swimming. Kara was a far better kisser than she’d ever imagined she would be, and she’d imagined Kara kissing her quite a bit. The way Kara was pressing her against the wall, her hips occassionally canting forward as her fingers rubbed at her scalp… Lena slid her hands down Kara’s back until they met the slackened waistband of Kara’s pants; Lena pushed at them, her hands dipping lower to slip over Kara’s underwear. “Help me with my dress,” Lena said into Kara’s lips, and she felt Kara’s movements stutter at the request.

Lena chuckled low and throaty, however, when Kara immediately recovered and complied, dropping her hands to Lena’s hips and spinning her to face the wall. Lena sighed into the paneling, Kara’s hands finding her zipper and lowering it slowly. Kara opened the back of the dress equally slowly, her hand sliding against Lena’s skin, Lena’s breath now coming in shakey, shallow pants. Lena half expected Kara to turn her back around, half expected her to step back and let Lena make the next move; what she wasn’t expecting was the sound of Kara stepping out of her shoes behind her and the feeling of Kara’s fingers nimbly unhooking Lena’s bra. There was a slight flurry of motion behind Lena and then she was being turned again, Kara’s hands pulling the dress and bra down her arms and pushing it to the floor. Lena swallowed hard as she was revealed, swallowed hard again when she saw Kara standing before her in nothing but an unbuttoned plaid shirt. Lena felt Kara’s hands hesitate at her underwear; Lena nodded, and those were pushed to the ground, too.

“No bra?” Lena asked, kicking herself for the safest question she could ask considering their situation as Kara returned to standing before her. Kara shook her head, a gentle, confident smile on her lips.

“Sometimes it’s nice to feel less bound up when I’m not wearing the suit.”

Lena nodded, no words available to offer.

Kara pressed her lips together in a shy smile and stepped closer. She tentatively put her hands on Lena’s waist and Lena exhaled into the touch when Kara stepped more fully forward and kissed her soundly, their fronts brushing together. Kara shifted her stance again as she deepened the kiss and Lena groaned when Kara’s leg slipped between hers. Lena reached up and pushed Kara’s shirt from her shoulders, the garmet pooling on the floor behind Kara’s feet. Kara pulled back slightly, her breath shallow. “Bed?”

Lena just nodded.

She felt Kara’s grip on her tighten slightly and a little squeak came out when she realized they were now floating. “This OK?” Kara asked and Lena just nodded as her hands gripped Kara’s shoulders. Kara kissed her, and they began to move, slowly floating backward, until they were on the bed, Lena partially draped across Kara. Lena marveled, both at how she had just floated naked to a bed and how she had missed that Kara had pulled the comforter from the bed while they were undressing.

The change in position from standing to the bed caused them both to slow. Lena looked at Kara below her, beautiful and bright, and her heart clenched. Kara smiled and brushed Lena’s dark hair from her face. “Hey,” she said softly and Lena didn’t reply, just leaned forward and captured her lips in a kiss.

The kiss was slow, and exploration, and Lena was again surprised by how adept of a kisser Kara was. She was wondering to that when her breath caught, Kara’s hands reaching up and cupping Lena’s breasts; she moaned as a thumb brushed across her nipple, her hips rocking forward when Kara’s strong hand massaged her flesh. “God,” Lena whispered, breaking their kiss with a pop and Kara took it as an invitation to duck her head and take one of Lena’s nipples in her mouth. “Oh god,” Lena said, one of her hands balling around the motel pillow beneath Kara’s head.

Kara continued for a moment, switching between breasts, working Lena into a panting mess before Lena couldn’t take it any longer; she pulled away and straddled Kara’s waist, rocking into her stomach muscles and moaning airy and light at the sensation.

Kara’s hands immediately found Lena’s hips; she pressed her hips up and moaned herself when Lena pressed back. Lena’s hands reached for Kara’s chest and she palmed Kara’s breasts, rocking her hips again and Kara squeezed her hips in encouragement.

Lena continued to rock, feeling how wet she was against Kara, her eyes never leaving Kara’s face. Her pupils were blown, her blonde hair fanned out beneath her head and Lena knew without a doubt she had never seen anything so beautiful in her life. “Lena,” Kara finally said, her voice strained and the sound made Lena clench between her legs. “Kiss me.”

Lena immediately complied, leaning forward and capturing Kara’s lips in a searing kiss. She broke apart and moaned before diving back in, one of Kara’s hands coming up to cup the back of her head. Lena felt Kara shift beneath her, her arm moving between them and she felt Kara’s hand fumble slightly against her stomach before it slipped between her legs. They both groaned.

Lena rocked her hips, Kara moving her hand in rhythm, holding Lena’s head close to her as Lena’s panting breath hit her lips. Lena rocked her hips with slightly more force and Kara’s finger slipped slightly inside; Lena immediately gasped and said, “Yes, that.”

Kara slipped her finger in slowly, and after they adjusted to the feeling, Lena began to move. She pulled back from Kara’s lips to sit upright on Kara’s stomach, and Kara reluctantly let her retreat, the hand that had been cupping her head moving to cup one of Lena’s swaying breasts.

Lena swallowed hard. She didn’t know how much longer she’d be able to go, Kara’s hand between her legs practically slipping in her arousal. She looked to Kara, saw how intently Kara was watching her and it made Lena’s skin feel like it was on fire. Kara’s throat bobbed and it was the most distractingly attractive thing Lena had seen since they started. Lena put her hand on Kara’s collarbone and ran her thumb down the front of Kara’s throat. Kara shivered, and she thrust up; Lena’s mouth fell open in a quiet gasp.

“Kiss me,” Kara begged and Lena felt herself clench again. “Please.” When Lena didn’t move, too caught up in the feeling of Kara’s hand pressing between her legs, Kara sat up and kissed her. It was messy and hot and the show of strength pushed Lena over the edge. She broke the kiss with a gasp as she orgasmed, Kara’s forehead dropping to Lena’s neck, Lena stilling her hips after a frantic series of thrusts.

Kara wrapped an arm around Lena’s waist and held her close as her breath came back to her, Lena’s eyes screwed up tight, her vision swimming in stars. Their skin was sweat slick and Lena was certain she had never come harder in her life. She dropped her head and nuzzled into Kara’s temple. “Thank you,” she whispered and Kara hummed in reply, a gentle kiss placed on Lena’s collarbone.

Once Lena felt like she could move again, could open her eyes without fainting, she again nuzzled into Kara’s head. She brought her hands up to cup Kara’s jaw and kissed her, and it made her smile to feel Kara’s smile against her lips. Kara shifted slightly below her and Lena hissed.

“Too much?” Kara asked and Lena nodded. Lena carefully pulled herself up as Kara pulled out, and they returned to their embrace.

Lena kissed Kara again, slow and with purpose. Lena kissed along her jaw, dropped to kiss Kara’s neck and Kara’s hands moved from creating gentle circles on Lena’s skin to gripping her hips as Lena’s kisses grew more heated. “Anything I should know?” Lena said, her voice low near Kara’s ear as she nipped at Kara’s earlobe and Kara sighed, happily.

“Wh– no, um, Kryptonian and human physiology is almost exactly the same.”

Lena pulled back with a bright smile and her heart melted at the innocent, flustered look on Kara’s face. “I meant, things you like and don’t like,” Lena asked, her own cheeks turning rosy.

“Oh,” Kara said, embarrassed. “No.”

Lena nodded, accepting it for now. She pushed gently on Kara’s shoulders. “Lay down.”

“OK,” Kara said, complying. Lena looked down at Kara from where she still straddled her, at her rosy red nipples and rippling stomach. She was perfection.

Lena thought about climbing down Kara’s body, burying her face between her legs but seeing Kara’s face as she made her feel good was too tempting. Lena slid off Kara’s body and settled next to her side. “Would it feel good if I touched you?”


Lena reached over and put her hand on Kara’s breast. She cupped the flesh, Kara sighing happily, before running her thumb across an already stiff nipple. Lena slipped her hand lower, using her nails to drag down across Kara’s stomach muscles and Kara clenched, moaning. Lena didn’t hesitate, didn’t tease; she put her hand between Kara’s legs and Kara’s eyes immediately shut. “Rao,” she said in a breathy moan, Lena’s hand slipping in her wetness.

“Good?” Lena asked, watching as Kara’s lips pursed and parted.

“Yes. I–“ Kara hummed when Lena dipped low and brought her fingers up in a swirl. “That feels so good.”

“I’m glad,” Lena said. She dipped her head, taking one of Kara’s nipples in her mouth as her fingers again swirled between Kara’s legs and Kara flinched, her body stuttering before she rocked her hips to meet Lena’s touch.

“That again, please,” Kara said, her eyes still screwed shut, her brow knit in concentration and Lena hummed against the nipple in her mouth, her hand again swirling, Kara’s hips again rocking to meet the touch. Lena released the nipple with a pop and Kara groaned, her left hand coming up to gently grip the back of Lena’s neck, Lena watching with fascination as Kara’s orgasm built.

Lena sped up the touch slightly and Kara swallowed hard. “That’s good,” she said, and Lena watched as Kara thrust once, twice and then came on the third motion, her lips parting in an almost surprised gasp.

Kara’s reaction was overwhelmingly beautiful and Lena was hit with emotion as Kara’s parted lips turned up in a smile and the look of concentration on her face gave way to pure happiness. Kara opened her eyes and looked to Lena and Lena felt her breath stolen. She couldn’t have spoken in that moment if the fate of the world had depended on it.

“That was amazing,” Kara said, her voice laced with a light giggle and Lena slowly removed her hand as Kara turned to face her. “Thank you,” Kara said into her lips just before she kissed her. Lena took the moment to regain her composure, the pressure of Kara’s lips, the reassuring touch on her side grounding her to the moment.

“You’re welcome,” Lena finally said as they broke apart, and she laid back on the pillow beneath her.

They laid together in a quiet for a moment as Kara came more fully back to herself, Lena fighting the urge to turn and stare at Kara, to drink in every inch of the undressed woman at her side. It was unbelievable to her that what had happened had just occured, and she silently waited to see what would happen next.

“We weren’t excluding you,” Kara said and Lena looked to her with a knit brow, not believing that Kara was starting that conversation as they lay side-by-side post-orgasm. “Not the way you think.”

“What do I think?” Lena indulged, scooting up higher on the pillow behind her and pulling part of the tangled flat sheet across her body.

“That you aren’t important to everyone,” Kara said giving Lena a significant look, and Lena hummed in reply, neither agreeing or disagreeing. “They were actually, helping me, figure this out.”

This, out,” Lena said, nodding down to their naked bodies and Kara blushed to her roots. Lena thought that Kara meant to continue speaking, but she just grinned at her fondly. Lena’s head bobbed and she looked down at where her hands rested over her stomach. “Not that this wasn’t enjoyable…” Lena said, Kara’s brow knitting. “But, what…?”

Kara took a deep breath and shifted, her hand going to the inside of Lena’s thigh under the sheet covering her. It was a comforting touch, and Lena took it for it’s grounding effect despite the proximity to where Kara’s hands had just done wonders. Kara paused for a long moment before speaking. “Romantic relationships haven’t been easy for me…” Kara confided. “But what I felt for you was.”

“Really?” Lena asked wryly, her eyebrow arching. “I’d describe our relationship as a lot of things, but never easy.”

Kara stammered before saying, “Well, no, but, my affection for you has always come easy. Always.” When Lena looked like she was going to again argue, Kara quickly continued. “Even when I was angry with you, Lena, I always cared about you. I always wanted to be near you, to hear what you thought about things.”

Lena shut her mouth.

Kara blushed and looked away from Lena before continuing. “It felt like my heart broke when our friendship fell apart. The time when we weren’t speaking…” Her hand traced a small, soothing circle on Lena’s skin. “It was really hard for me.”

They were quiet for a while. “But that was, friendship…” Lena said, leading Kara to continue and Kara nodded.

“The Phantom Zone was…” Kara trailed off and Lena reached under the sheet and covered her hand. Kara smiled at her for the kindness. She took a quick breath and continued. “I thought when I came back that it was going to be back to normal with everyone. The SuperFriends.” She smiled again. “But when I saw you, Lena…” She paused. “I didn’t want, I don’t want, normal from you. I want more.”


“I want this,” Kara said, blushing. “With you, I want–” she abandoned the words, courage failing her. She smiled at Lena, as if the look might convey a tenth of what she was feeling. “Alex, Kelly, Nia… Before you came out here they were helping me see that maybe my feelings for you weren’t as one sided as I was afraid they might be.” She looked up at Lena with so much hope that Lena had to take in a lungful of air.

Lena smiled, looking away bashfully. “Well, I’m naked in bed with you in a roadside motel, so clearly they weren’t wrong…” Kara smiled brightly, her hand squeezing Lena’s leg. Lena took a deep breath and looked to Kara. “Do you remember when you brought me donuts, during my mother’s trial?”

“Of course,” Kara replied.

Lena hummed in reply and Kara’s face softened, understanding in that moment that Lena may have understood her feelings for Kara earlier than Kara’s own realization. “Well,” Lena said, trying to lighten the mood. “It’s mortifying knowing that our friend group is thinking about us like this right now.”

“Oh, no,” Kara said, her face going serious. “Alex was very specific that she did not want to even consider the possibility of this happening. Which, when you think about it, is really hypocritical considering she basically told me about hooking up with Maggie within hours of them spending the night together.”

Lena smiled at Kara fondly and Kara ducked her head, again blushing.

Kara looked up and met Lena’s eye. “I really was just coming to tell you about my feelings.” Lena looked to Kara vulnerable, waiting, and again Kara faltered. She scrunched up her nose. “I was so nervous when I asked you to dance. I thought you were going to say no.”

“I did say no.”

“No,” Kara corrected. “You pointed out that the people dancing seemed to be ‘more than friends’.” Lena didn’t reply. “Lena, I think we’ve been more than friends for awhile.”

“Best friends.”

“More than that.”

Lena looked away, a reticent smile on her face, her brow knit.

“You OK?” Kara asked, her thumb soothing across Lena’s skin.

“This is just a lot to take in,” Lena admitted. “We went from, practically being enemies to you being gone to…” She looked to Kara, who smiled through a wince.

“Why is this so hard,” Kara said, blushing to her roots. “Why was this,” she gestured to their bodies, “easier than…” She took in a quick, bracing breath. “I survived the Phantom Zone, I can do this.” She met Lena’s questioning gaze. “I love you.” Lena’s jaw dropped—there is was, laid plain. “I love you, and, and I know that I lied to you for years, and I don’t know if that means we can’t…” Kara took another deep breath. “But I am in love with you, Lena, and I want everything that could come with that. If you want that, too.”

Lena breathed out slow. Her voice carried a note of disbelief as she spoke. “I tried to hurt you for a year.”

“You were hurt.”

Lena cocked her head. “That’s not an excuse.”

“I forgive you,” Kara said gently. “Have forgiven you, and I think—I hope—you’ve forgiven me too?” When Lena didn’t speak, her brow still furrowed, Kara scooted slightly closer, the action causing Lena to meet her eye. “Please don’t talk yourself out of something good because you think you don’t deserve it.”

Lena swallowed hard and looked down to the sheet across her middle. “This feels too easy.”

“I promise you that it’s not,” Kara said with a soft shake of her head. Lena looked at her questioningly. “The number of conversations and panic attacks I’ve had about this since I’ve been back…” Kara said, and Lena’s demeanor changed to pure concern. Kara licked her lips. “Kelly thinks I have PTSD from the Phantom Zone.”

“I definitely have PTSD from when you were in the Phantom Zone,” Lena said quickly.

Kara cocked her head. “So come back to National City with me,” Kara said. “We can, get hers and hers therapists, and figure this out,” Kara said.

“Under the watchful gaze of everyone in our friend group, who no doubt at least suspect we may have slept together.” Kara winced and Lena softened. “Or.” She briefly pursed her lips. “How about you stay out here with me for a few days—if they can spare you—and we can see how this works.”

“OK,” Kara said, her smile blossoming. She slid her hand up Lena’s leg, Lena sucking in air through her teeth as Kara’s fingers brushed against the hair there, and Kara pulled herself forward for a kiss.

Kara’s touch between Lena’s leg stayed somewhat chaste as they kissed, and Lena felt herself sinking into the moment. She felt Kara shift, her intention clear to move on top of Lena and escalate things; Lena broke out of the kiss. She placed her hands on Kara’s chest and Kara stopped, looking at her questioningly. “Before things get much more interesting, can we move this to my cabin?” Lena asked. “I think I just saw a bug scurry over by the door.”

Kara sat up abruptly, alert. Satisfied she identified the culprit, she said, “It’s a cricket.”

Lena shook her head. “That doesn’t help.”

“OK,” Kara said with an amused smile. She leaned over and kissed Lena, then started to move to stand before Lena caught her arm.

“I love you,” Lena said in a rush, the words spoken so quickly that it was almost as if Lena thought if she didn’t say them fast they’d disappear from her vocabulary. Kara smiled widely in return and Lena exhaled forcefully.

Kara scrunched up her nose. “Are you sure we have to move because–“

“Yup, definitely,” Lena said, letting go of Kara’s arm and moving to stand on her own side of the bed. Kara laughed.

Kara stood and watched as Lena moved to the foot of the bed, looking with growing distaste at the floor for her clothes. “You’re gorgeous, you know that?”

Lena stopped what she was doing, her dress and underwear in hand and looked at Kara, standing naked by the rumpled bed. Lena’s grin grew. “That’s quite the compliment, coming from the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”

Kara put her hands on her hips, every measure the superhero, and Lena felt herself flush with desire. Kara’s look turned cocky and her eyes narrowed. “Are you sure we have to mov–“

“Get dressed,” Lena said, reaching down and tossing Kara her pants. Kara caught them with a laugh and moved to Lena’s side in search for the rest of her clothes.

They exchanged kisses as they left the motel, giggled as they crossed the street and located Lena’s car. People leaving the bar raised their eyebrows at the sight of two women making out in the roadster parked beneath the neon “West Hall, East Hall” directional sign, and when Lena and Kara finally got to the cabin, they bumped into at least three pieces of furniture on route to the bedroom, too busy with each other to turn on the lights.

They slept in the next day, only waking when Kara’s phone buzzed. She blearily read the screen and barked out a laugh at the single word reply Alex had sent to Kara’s text telling her she’d be back in a few days.


Kara read it to Lena, who rolled her eyes, and climbed across the king bed into Kara’s waiting embrace.