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“Do you miss me?” She looked up at the taller woman, a smile spreading on her face. Franky gave her an impish smile and raised a hand to her cheek, softly caressing her and running a thumb along her bottom lip. She let out a shaky breath, feeling heat build in her stomach, turning her head to the side before looking back at the taller woman. She shook her head slightly and whispered desperately, 


“I can't do this! I can’t…not here, not yet” 


“I know, I know…” they stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, Bridget searching for confirmation that Franky was being serious. It wasn’t lost on her that the prisoner had a history of flirting with women in power and she wasn’t about to become a pawn in someone’s prison game, “you want to though, right?” Franky smirked. Bridget looked away, checking the open space behind her for prying eyes,


“You already know the answer to that” Franky’s mouth hung open and her eyes sparkled with amusement,


“Not even a little kiss?” Bridget smirked and shook her head,


“No. You know I can’t” Franky raised her eyebrows,


“Actually Gidget, I don’t know that. I know you think you can’t but what’s the worst that could happen?” 


“Ummm, I’d get fired? Lose my license? Possibly even get prosecuted?” She chucked. Franky shrugged,


“Won’t happen. We won’t get caught” Franky leaned forwards, “unless you’re a screamer” she whispered into her ear. Bridget swatted her shoulder and took a step to the side, out of Franky’s reach,


“Behave! I’ll see you around ok?” Her eyes gave away her amusement at the exchange even if her voice was serious, 


“You can count on it” Franky winked at her causing her to blush. She turned on her heel and left the library quickly, trying to drag her heart rate back to a normal level. She was pretty sure that the tattooed prisoner with the shining green eyes and captivating smile would be the death of her. She’d never allowed herself to cross her professional boundary but with Franky, there was no stopping it. She breathed a sigh of relief as she passed Vera Bennett in the corridor, glad she’d had the self control to walk away thus preventing the inevitable shitstorm of being caught in a questionable position with the prolific prisoner. When she finally ducked into the safety of her office she sagged against the door and closed her eyes, letting out a heavy breath. Yes. Franky Doyle was going to be her undoing. 


Franky had watched her leave with a smile on her face, throwing her head back to look at the ceiling as soon as she rounded the corner. Not yet had to mean at some point which was more than she’d allowed herself to hope for. She retook her seat and tried to focus on Boomer's appeal details but all she could think about was how she was going to get some time with Bridget. She couldn’t just saunter up to her office and take her on her desk, no matter how attractive the thought was. No, she had to be smart. Going in hard wasn’t going to win this one. Bridget was too together for Franky’s usual bullshit. She needed to think outside the box. She let out a huff and started to gather up the papers she’d been working on. She wasn’t going to get anywhere with this now, she needed to blow off steam. She rolled her eyes as she caught vinegar tits glaring at her from the doorway and made her way back to her cell to deposit the papers before heading outside to play basketball. 


Bridget had finished her latest session and was busy typing up her notes when she heard a ruckus outside. She stood up to look out of the window and groaned when she witnessed Franky being cornered in the yard. It was inevitable that Franky’s temper would make an appearance any minute. The younger woman didn’t do well with feeling threatened. Bridget watched carefully, fighting the urge to run to her aid. If she was going to have any form of relationship with her on the outside (and she couldn’t believe she was actually contemplating this), then she needed to know that Franky could keep control. She wasn’t going to rush into something with someone that would end up back behind bars in a couple of months. She was stupid, but not that stupid. She breathed a sigh of relief when Franky pushed through the women and headed inside and she knew she needed to check she was ok. She left her office, not bothering to pick up the jacket she’d taken off after her last session. As she rounded the corner towards H block, she literally ran into the woman she was looking for. Franky let out a grunt and spun around, eyes ablaze with anger. She immediately softened when she saw who it was that had knocked the wind out of her,


“Gidget…what…” she looked her up and down appreciatively, eyeing her curves under the satin top that didn’t leave a lot to the imagination, “shit, you kept that to yourself” she smirked. Bridget crossed her arms over her waist self-consciously and rolled her eyes,


“You ok?” She asked quietly,


“I am now!” She responded cheekily, raking her eyes down Bridget's form a second time. Bridget tilted her head,


“What was that about?” She asked, her voice growing sterner. Franky frowned and shrugged, breaking eye contact and looking off to the side,


“I dunno what you’re talking about”


“Frankyy” she said in a warning tone, stepping a little closer to the brunette but not enough to look too suspicious. Franky looked at her and shrugged again,


“Sorry Gidge…no idea” Bridget scoffed and shook her head,


“Ok. Fine, I’m done with this” she turned on her heel to walk away. Franky felt her stomach drop and grabbed onto the petite woman’s arm,


“Wait, wait. I’m sorry ok?” Bridget shook her arm free and put one hand on her hip, glaring at Franky who sighed and dropped her head, “they were just taking the piss. Rumours of relationships with staff don’t do much for your street cred in here” Bridget's eyes softened,


“I’m sorry. I’ll just…I’ll go” she took a step back and gave Franky a small, apologetic smile,


“No, wait Gidget…I don’t want you to” she put her hands on the back of her head and spun around, frustration etched on her face, “that’s the problem, I never fucking want you to go…” Bridget watched her curiously, not speaking for fear of losing Franky’s serious side to the class clown again. The brunette turned back around and dropped her hands, reaching for Bridget to stroke their little fingers together, 


“You’re the only good thing in my life” she whispered honestly. Tears pricked Bridget's eyes as she watched a range of emotions flash across the younger woman’s face. She tried to swallow down her feelings quickly,


“That’s not true” she responded, knowing full well that it probably was true, her heart breaking a little at the thought,


“It is true! And I know I’m just this wild child that everyone is expecting will fuck up and end up here forever but with you…I want to be more than that…I want to be better” Bridget was startled by the honesty. She looked around wildly, as if she were expecting a whole audience of her peers to have gathered around them,


“Come with me” she said with a shaky voice, turning and walking back towards the administration block. Franky followed slowly, her stomach in knots. She felt like an idiot. Of course she’d said too much. Bridget opened the door to the first side room they came to and ushered Franky inside, closing the door behind them and moving to close the blinds,


“I shouldn’t have…” Franky started. She didn’t get chance to finish her sentence as Bridget cut her off,


“Don’t. Don’t take it back” they stared at each other in silence for a moment, “what do you want from me Franky?” Bridget asked. Her voice was strained. Franky stepped forwards and grabbed onto one of her hands,


“I want you to be there. When I get out, I want to get out to you” Bridget nodded slowly,


“But then what?” Franky frowned and shrugged, “Franky I can’t do casual with you” she said quietly, her voice filled with emotion. Franky looked in her eyes and contemplated her next words,


“I’ve never been serious with anyone” she started. Bridget moved to pull away but Franky held firm, “hang on. Let me finish. I’ve never found anyone I wanted to be serious with. I thought I wasn’t wired that way you know” she took a deep breath, “But Bridget, if you let me, I swear I’ll be serious with you. I know I’ve got a reputation but if you give me a chance I’ll prove that I can be better. I’ll look after you, I’ll be faithful to you, I’ll go the whole nine yards” Bridget looked like she was weighing up her words carefully, her eyes flitting from her face to the door and back. She pulled her closer and put a hand on her cheek, stroking her thumb on her lip like she’d done earlier that day,


“What I’m trying to say is that, I know the timing is off and I know you can’t right now, but if you think you could in the future, I want you to know that I’m in love with you. And I’ll work my arse off to get parole so that I can prove that to you every day” Bridget's breath caught in her throat as she let the words soak over her. She’d known that Franky liked her, that much was plainly obvious but love…love was a whole new ballgame. She looked into the green eyes in front of her and was bowled over by the sheer tenderness she saw there,


“Fuck” she whispered. Franky frowned and let out an unamused laugh, breaking the contact between them by pulling her hand away,


“Um…not really what I was going for Gidget” Bridget shook her head and covered her eyes with one hand,


“I lied Franky” Franky’s frown deepened and her eyes started to lose their softness, “when I said I don’t love you. I lied. I do love you. I shouldn’t, fucking hell I really shouldn’t but I couldn’t help it” she uncovered her eyes and observed the younger woman, “I’ll wait. I’ll be right there when you get out of here” Franky blew out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding and grinned at the psychologist,


“Seriously?” Bridget nodded and stepped closer,


“We have to be so careful…you need to keep yourself out of trouble okay?” 


“Yeah…yeah of course!” She nodded enthusiastically. Bridget raised her hand to Franky’s cheek and looked her straight in the eye,


“I love you” she whispered. Franky closed her eyes briefly,


“I love you too” she opened them again and looked down at Bridgets lips. She leaned forwards slightly, giving Bridget ample time to pull away. The blonde did the opposite and closed the distance between them, capturing Franky’s lips in a sweet kiss. Her insides turned to mush at the contact and she moaned quietly as Bridget ran a tongue along her bottom lip. She opened her mouth to grant entry and pulled Bridget closer, wrapping her arms around her. Bridget deepened the kiss, running her hands up the brunettes' sides under her tracksuit. Franky gasped at the contact and pushed Bridget up against the wall. She kissed her passionately for a moment longer before slowing it down and pulling her lips away. She rested her forehead against Bridgets and looked into her eyes,


“You’re amazing” she whispered. Bridget gave her a small smile,


“I’m not. You think that’ll tide you over until you get out?” She chuckled. Franky smirked,


“If nothing else it’s a stellar incentive to behave Gidge” they shared a laugh and Bridget leaned forward to press another peck on her lips,


“Be good! I love you” she stepped out from between Franky and the wall and winked at her, smoothing out her top and leaving the room. Franky watched her go, bringing her hands up to touch her still tingling lips with a smile. She’d get out of here. She’d be good and she’d get out of here. A life with Bridget was all of the motivation she needed.