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You can Hide, You can Run, but You can't dodge the Feels

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“Tell me again, why haven’t you two become a couple yet?”

“And for the last time, I don’t know what you mean”

It has been a peaceful semester for our heroes, after Shigaraki accidentally got a safe dropped on top of him, the heroes no longer have anything to fear and they can continue with their lives free of the LOV.

During those peaceful time, Izuku Midoriya has been more focused on becoming a hero and enjoying his time with his friends. Eri, an additional member of their group, is being cared for by Izuku himself and the little girl has been seeing him as a father figure calling him ‘Papa’

So Izuku has been taking good care of Eri, but of course, the little one has to have a mother figure while it was debatable, the little girl seems to gravitate towards Ochako.

This now leads to Ochakos’ situation in which Mina dragged her and the other girls to her room to interrog---to ask some questions

“Come on! You two are always together, You two go on ‘dates’, you two have nicknames, and more importantly!” Mina pointed at Ochako herself who was wearing an All Might hoodie “You’re wearing his clothes!”

“And let’s not forget you two have been taking care of Eri” Tooru added

“Thank you!” Mina cheered

“Mina is this really necessary?” asked Momo rubbing her forehead “Sure the two are close, but can’t we just let them be?”

“Never!” yelled Mina defiantly “I can taste the love that’s leaking out of the two of them”

“Gross” said Jirou


“Look Mina” started Ochako “Sure we are always together, but that’s because we’re best friends. We don’t go on dates, we just hang out, sometimes we take Eri with us. It’s just that. Two friends hanging out. He only calls me Ocha and I call him Deku--”

“LIES!!” Interrupted Mina


“You two call each other ‘babe’ or ‘honey’! If that’s not true then let God strike me where I stand!”

Momo was about to create a baseball bat but was stopped by Jirou. Shaking her head she just gave Mina a disappointed stare.

“No, we don’t!” Ochako yelled with a blush on her cheeks “That has never happened!”


“I don’t know. *Kero*” Tsuyu who was quiet this whole time finally spoke “I have caught you call each other honey that one time”


-Flashback a month ago-

Tsuyu was going to the laundry room to get her clothes out of the dryer, before opening the door she heard Ochako’s voice

“Look all I’m telling you is that If we use this conditioner, we’ll save more”

“And I’m telling you that if we use this, it will smell good. Plus it’s not that far off from that one” argued Izuku.


Tsuyu raised her eyebrows at the strange argument between the two. She was about to open the doors and come in

“*sighs* Fine you win babe, but can you at least consider it?”

“You just want it, because it’s All Might theme” Izuku nervously chuckled at that “But fine, I’ll consider it honey”


Not wanting to ruin a moment, Tsuyu just turns around and walks away

-Flashback End-

“AHA! I CAUGHT YOU WITH YOUR BS!” Mina yelled happily

“You’re really passionate with this” deadpanned Jirou

“Shush you” Everyone then turned to Ochako who was a blushing mess. She did not remember calling Izuku honey nor him calling her babe. Oh sure she remembers that argument it was one of the funny arguments they had over the past months, but she can’t recall ever calling him ‘honey'.

“I-I don’t remember that! Maybe Tsu just heard wrong”

“No, I did not”

“Well, I don’t remember it!”

“Also” everyone turned to Momo “How about that romantic dinner you two had?”

“The what now?” Ochako confused but was overshadowed by Mina

“Deets Girl!”


-Flashback 3 weeks ago-

Momo was walking down the stairs to get to the kitchen to get some water, she then heard people talking and she slowly walked down

“It’s been long since we last did this” said a male voice

“Last time we did, you burned the noodles” said a female voice, but with amusement behind it.

“That was one time!”

Momo pressed herself at the wall and looked around the corner and was shocked at what she saw. Izuku and Ochako was at the dinner table with the lights dimmed and a small lit candle between them, in front of them was a plate of spaghetti and grilled cheese.

“Yeah…but you still burned it though” said Ochako taking a bite of the grilled cheese

“….Coming from you, you almost blew up the oven” Izuku remarked while taking a sip of his soda.

Ochako almost choked, but was still able to whisper-yell “That was Kaminaris’ fault and you know it!”

“Kaminari wasn’t even there!”

Ochako crossed her arms and huffed “Whatever” Izuku just laughed and Ochako soon joined him.

Not wanting to ruin the moment Momo slowly walked back up.

-Flashback End-

Mina smiled. That oh so devilish smile that she has when her matchmaking senses go off, she slowly turns to Ochako who gulps at the smile she was giving. She opens her mouth to explain, but Mina grabbed her shoulders and began to shake her



Tsuyu wrapped her tongue on Minas’ waist and pulled her to a chair. Momo then created some acid-proof rope and tied her down

“You can’t keep me tied down forever! I will escape! The truth! The love! They all must be revealed!” Mina began to thrash around wildly

“You need a boyfriend” Jirou remarks

-30 minutes later-

“Ok, I’m calm” Mina said calmly after being released. “But seriously, why are you two not a couple yet? You two literally act like a married couple at this point!”

Ochako sighed, sure she and Izuku have been close. But a relationship is just….way too much a commitment. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for it. She has to be a hero and take care of her family, and then Eri came along. That little sunshine just brought the two of them together and the two have been inseparable since. Were they together though?........Nah, they were just very, very, very close friends.

“Look Mina, we’re just close friends”


*Knock*knock* “Mina? Have you seen Ochako anywhere?” Izuku’s voice came behind the door.

“I’m here Deku!” she opens the door to see Izuku standing there, seeing her he smiled “Hey, you still good for tonight?”

“Of course! Can’t actually say no to a movie marathon”

“Okay, okay. See you tonight babe”

“See ya, honey”

She gently closed the door and turned back to her friends, who were giving her deadpan looks, even Tooru who she couldn’t see gave off the feeling.

“Uhh guys?”


“Oh boy” this was going to be a long afternoon. Hopefully, she could still make it to her date—hang out. A friend hangout…..Dammit, Mina.

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Many things have happened in Izuku Midoriya’s life, many of those he could count as him just having bad luck, good luck, pure coincidence, terrifying, or just plain weird. He never thought that he would be able to cross ‘Eat All Mights’ hair’ in his bucket list. There are plenty more weird things that have happened in his life.

One time he was thirsty after training and then suddenly a vending machine landed right in front of him, after confirming he wasn’t attacked (God knows how many times he’s been attacked now) he looked at the machine and saw that it was still functioning, after buying a soda he just walked away.

Another time was his clothes suddenly go missing, his shorts would be missing for two days then suddenly appearing on his bed folded, there was also his favorite hoodie which was gone for four days then just like the shorts, they suddenly appeared on his bed. His underwear though…..they were never seen again. No matter where hides it, his underwear just vanishes. He wanted to report this to the teachers but it didn’t seem dire, it was only clothes. It was bothersome to go buy a set every week.

We’re getting off-topic here, the point is many weird things have happened to Izuku, but this has got to be the top 1 of it all.

Izuku just woke up so that he could go to his morning run, lifting the covers and headed to the bathroom he faced the sink to brush his teeth only to stop and look at his reflection.

This just couldn’t be, was he still dreaming? Was he hallucinating? Was this a prank? Thoughts like those circled his mind as he kept staring at this reflection or more specifically on his neck.

On his neck….was a red lipstick mark.

He must be dreaming…..right?

He reached his hand to the mark touching it and rubbing his fingers a bit, bringing it to his face he could see his fingers a bit red.

This was no dream

Someone kissed him while he was sleeping

With their lipstick

…and on a spot that everyone could see

He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his head

And screamed

-10 Minutes Later­-

After screaming at the bathroom he decided to just head to his morning run, no one was awake during this hour, maybe Iida but just like him he also goes to a morning run, so he probably would be out right now.

Faith of course just gave him the middle finger

As he approached the common room he could hear the voices of multiple people. His eyes widened and he turned around and was about to walk back up the stairs when suddenly

“Good morning Midoriya-kun! I hope you slept well!” Iida of course decided to greet him, turning around he could see Iida at the very bottom of the stairs. He sighed and decided to face the music.

“G-Good morning I-Iida-san.”

He waited for someone to just comment on it and then would just spiral to another yelling competition and someone shaking him for answers

He waited

And waited

He blinked. He looked at Iida who was on his right, he was talking about how routine exercise is beneficial and is a great example for their future. The mark was on his left and Iida was at an angle that the mark could not be seen from his side. Looking around he could see the rest of his classmates were busy and was not paying attention to him. He briefly sighed, maybe he could get out of here safely.

“MIDORIYA YOU BASTARD IS THAT A LIPSTICK MARK?!” screamed Mineta whose cereal was now all over the place.

‘Never thought I would say it but, goddammit Mineta’

“Sorrygottagonowbye!” he yelled as he just sprinted out of the dorms.

-Later that night-

Thankfully he was able to remove the stain before class starts so that there wouldn’t be any more issues and no rumors to spread.

Locking his doors and windows he was about to go to sleep, but his mind was still on the lipstick mark that was left on him. Who kissed him? Why? And how did they get in?

He shrugged, maybe it was just a prank. There’s no way a girl would want to kiss him anyway.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Not noticing his door slowly opening.

-The Next Day-

Izuku’s eyes opened and he sat up. Stretching a bit to get that last bit of sleep out of him.

Once he was in the bathroom he stopped, afraid that another stain was on his neck. Taking a deep breath, he prepared himself. He looked at the mirror and….sighed in relief. No kiss stain, no lipstick, nothing.

Smiling to himself he then brushed his teeth and went back to his room. Taking off his shirt he threw it into his laundry basket, he then looked at the mirror that he has in his room.

He bulked at what he saw.

On his chest and abs were not one, not two, not even three. But 6 green lipstick stains.

“How?” his voice was so hollow that he didn’t know if he said it.

-Later that night-

He was going to do it.

He was going to catch whoever this was, he already drank 2 mugs of coffee and 2 bottles of energy drinks.

He sat down on his bed cross-legged and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited

He looked at his clock and saw that it was now midnight. He sighed, his stomach grumbled a bit hungry

“Here you go” someone behind him said and gave him an energy bar from behind.

“Thanks” he grabbed it and opened it, he moved the snack to his mouth but stopped. Eyes widen in realization he moved to turn around, but the person was quicker and wrapped an arm around him while a hand was pressed to his face, he inhaled and then realized that the smell of chloroform hit his nose. His eyes were then heavy, the only thing that he remembers was something soft pressed on his back.

-The next day-

Izuku’s eyes snapped open and he stared at the ceiling for a moment, he slowly sat up and looked around, nothing was out of the ordinary, everything seems fine. Did he dream all of that? Maybe. He moved his feet off the bed, but was startled when his foot pressed on something, looking down he saw an energy bar….on…the..floor…..

He didn’t dream it.

It was real, someone knocked him out.

He bolted to the mirror and took off his shirt almost ripping it, what he saw made his eyes almost bulge out of his skull.

His torso, his neck, and his cheeks were covered in ruby red lipstick.

He screamed so loud that he, Kirishima, and Tetsutetsu were in a screaming match

-Later that day-

Izuku groaned awake, he looked around and found the familiar room of the nurses’ office that he got acquainted with. He sighed as he remembered what happened. They were doing another exercise where it was a 5 vs 1 scenario, it was him versus Todoroki, Iida, Sero, Ojiro, and Shoji. He won the match, all tired and bruised but he won. He was dragging the 5 students with blackwhip because they were all unconscious. Kaminari being a bro reached out for a high five, Izuku raised his hand but he didn’t know that Kaminari had a cold and when their palms touched. He sneezed.

Giving him and the 5 students, he was dragging a shock of a lifetime.

If they weren’t unconscious before they were pretty knocked at after that, especially Izuku who just laid at the grown.

The teachers might have dragged them back to the nurses’ office after that and now here he was.

He sat up and went out of the bed, Recovery girl noticed him move and checked on him. Saying ‘Good thing you didn’t broke any bones, If you did then you’ll be getting a bonk in the head young man’, he pretty much just translated it to ‘Glad there’s nothing serious, be careful next time'

He went to the locker room to change and take a shower.

He was removing his suit as his mind began to think of the recent events that were happening, specifically the kisses.

The unknown attacker(kisser?) always went to his room and kissed him in his sleep, if he was awake then they will just knock him out. Should he notify the teachers?

Nah, this was his problem. It’s not like the whole school is in danger. Whoever this was, was only focusing on him. It was pretty harmless though, it was still an invasion of privacy, but he will solve this problem.

Maybe whoever this was, just wanted to kiss somebody. Maybe for a quirk? If it was then he would be happy to help even if he had to…..kiss…them…

He slapped himself after removing the top part of his hero costume.

If I can help them, then I will.

He lowered his arms but stopped as he noticed something that was at this point was familiar to him.

On his forearm was a pink lipstick stain.

He went to Aoyamas’ locker, fortunately, it was unlocked. He will have to apologize later for invading his property but he knew that his classmate had a mirror in his locker. Opening his locker he looked at his reflection.

The stains or kisses were kinda drawn on his right chest. The kisses formed a smiley face with its tongue out.

He sighed

“If you’re gonna kiss me, then you might as well do it on the lips at this point” he grumbled half annoyed and half tired.

He went to the showers, not noticing the door of the male locker room open and close by itself.

-Later that night-

Izuku was prepared

He was not getting kissed tonight

Earlier he asked Mei to make him a sort of cheap duplicate of him, something simple. In return, he would return for her experiments once a week. She agreed instantly and proceeded to make it….scratch that, she didn’t make anything she just went to a closet a pulled a cheap copy of him.

Why she had a cheap copy of him he didn’t question it, taking it and thanking her he then put the dummy on the bed and made sure that the covers were covering the face and the hair was noticeable.

He then casually waited in a corner.

And waited

And waited

And waited

Looking at the clock it was already midnight. He looked behind him and only saw the wall

Good. Not getting knocked out this time.

He then heard a noise. He snapped in the direction and saw that his pencil fell off. Must have been the wind.

The wind

He snapped at the window and saw that it was wide open

He facepalmed at his stupidity. Walking to the window he closed it and looked around. No one was in his room.

But he was not taking any chances, grabbing his chair he then dragged it to the corner and then sat, his eyes felt heavy but he snapped awake.

He will wait for his attacker.

He was not going to sleep

He will catch them






He was afraid

No, scratch that. He was terrified.

He fell asleep and knowing his attacker they would have probably kissed him at that point.

Izuku was staring at the mirror almost contemplating whether to just get on with it or just sell it.

Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and began to take off his shirt. He took them off and took a deep breath.

He opened his eyes

And to his shock….there were no lipstick marks. He looked at his reflection as if the mirror was tricking him, he turned around and looked at his back. Nope still no kisses

Arms? No kisses

Neck? None

Face? None

Crotch? He stopped. Did they? He held his breath and checked his crotch….None.

He sighed.

Finally, it was over.

“Y’know what? I’m feeling energize. I’m going out for a run” he said energetically and proceeded to go the bathroom with a smile on his face. He whistled a tune on the way there, putting some toothpaste on his toothbrush he looked at his reflection and was about to put the brush on his teeth when suddenly


His lips..briefly shined. He blinked. Putting down the toothbrush he looked at his lips, there was a noticeable shine to them, he licked his lips and he tasted a hint of strawberry.

…lip gloss….

His mind was coming up with excuses. That may be the attacker put lip gloss on him and that was it, but that would be out of character with the rest of the night's meaning…

….they kissed him….on the lips.

His scream was heard inside the teachers’ dorms, where Present Mic sat up hearing the scream “Mom?”

-That afternoon-

He was going crazy, whoever this attacker was, they were smart, they were patient and they were crafty.

He now knows that his room was not safe, or any room at all considering he got kissed in the nurses’ office.

He had nowhere to hide---

“Hey Green” he jumped at that, he turned around and saw Kyoka Jirou.

“O-oh, hey Jirou”

“You good? You’ve been mumbling over there for a storm”

He chuckled lightly “Y-yeah, I was just-just thinking of stuff”

She raised her eyebrows “Fine, but I came to tell you that Iida wants to remind you that it’s your turn to cook dinner tonight”

“Oh! O-ok, thank you”

“It better not be Katsudon” she smirked. He pouted at that “Katsudon is not the only thing I know how to cook” “Really? Doesn’t seem like it”

He lightly grumbled, but he was amused. He and Kyoka have gotten a bit closer, same with the rest of the girls, but Jirou is different. It was refresher “Earth to Green. Come in Green”

“Ye-Yes!” he yelped a bit, not noticing he went on a mumble spree once more. They were now in the common room, most people were out training, in their rooms, or just lazing around somewhere

“Seriously, are you alright?”

“Ye-yeah, just….haven’t gotten any sleep is all” he sighed tiredly, she raised her eyebrow “My room just doesn’t…feel same as of right now”

“Why don’t you sleep in my room?” she offered slightly blushing “I’m gonna go and have a sleepover at Momos’ so you can take my room for now”

“I-I-I-I-I don’t want to be a bot-bother”

“You’re not” she reached into her pockets, fishing out a key she then handed it to him “Just go to my room around 8 and I’ll be long gone. Just don’t go snooping around” she smirked, she knows he wouldn’t it was just fun to tease him sometimes.

“I WOULD NEVER” his face was now fully red. He looked at the key “Thanks” he smiled at her

“Yeah yeah, go shoo” she made a shooing motion and he laughed, he went upstairs leaving Jirou behind. She then felt someone was watching her. 5 sets of eyes to be precise. She turned to the kitchen where the stare was coming from and smirked.

“We don’t have a sleepover tonight”

“Oh I know” she smiled.

“Don’t do anything suspicious Jirou”

“Coming from the girl who kissed him on the lips, but don’t worry. I won’t be kissing him on the lips”

“Oh~bold one are you?”

“You kissed him at the nurses’ office, I’m just doing the same”

“Don’t do anything you’ll regret Jirou”

“You’re the one that broke our deal, ‘no making a move to him’ remember?”

Jirou then proceeded to the elevator and go to her room.

-Later that night-

Izuku could feel himself relax as he opened Jirous’ door. Whoever his attacker was they would never imagine that he was in this room. He looked around Jirou’s room

“Man, Jirous’ room is so cool” he dropped his bag, inside were just some extra clothes he brought. “Good nights’ sleep here I come” he then flopped on her bed, and the scent of lavender instantly hit his nose. He inhaled and exhaled slowly.

“To hell with it” he then removed his shirt leaving him in just his shorts. Confident that his attacker would never get him “Bring it on whoever you are” he laid down and sleep soon overtake him.

*creak* the closet door slightly opened, a figure stepped out and the closet door was gently closed by what appears to be earphone jacks.

The figure stood at the end of the bed, they smiled and proceeded to crawl on Izuku’s sleeping body. The figure traced with their fingers the scars that littered Izuku’s body, they licked their lips and then whispered

“My turn~”

The figure then went crawled lower

-The Next day-

Izuku woke up refreshed, having the best sleep he ever had. Getting out of Jirou’s bed and proceeded to check his upper body. No kisses.

“Ha! Take that!” he yelled victoriously

“Yo green, I know my bed is comfortable but are you awake?” yelled Jirou from the other side of the door

“AH! Ye-yeah!” he then cleaned the bed and puffed the pillows quickly, grabbing his bag he opened the door.

Jirou seeing him blushed and slammed the door, Izuku was confused and then she yelled

“Wear a shirt dammit!” he looked down and saw that he was still shirtless, he yelped and shouted an apology. He found his shirt on the floor, putting it on he opened the door once more seeing Jirou with a slight blush on her cheeks.

“Seems you had a good night sleep”

“Y-yeah, thanks by the way”

“No prob. Now go, classes start in an hour and you need a shower”

He agreed and jogged back to his room.

Meanwhile, Jirou went to her room. Locked it. And stared at her bed. She then plopped face first on her bed and inhaled.

She sighed in satisfaction. His scent was still there.

She probably would be late for classes today

Back to Izuku, he got back to his room and found nothing out of the ordinary.

Taking his stuff, he then proceeded to the males’ shower.

He was pretty early so he was the first one there. He then began to take off his clothes. His mind then wandered back to his ‘attacker’ not showing up the other night and was relieved to find that he could actually run from them, now the only problem was to actually catch them….whoever they may be.

He removed his boxers and stopped midway when he noticed….a stain was popping out of the waistband


He removed his boxers and to his horror, he saw a lipstick stain with a color of a dark shade purple…on his crotch.


All over his crotch, his inner thigh had kisses. But no. The one that had the most attention was his…

Izuku’s scream could be heard by Nezu in the principals’ office

“Hmmm? Screaming? But it ain’t Monday yet”

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“How did it come to this?”

“It’s not that bad..”

Kendou looked up and stared at Setsuna who was looking at her mischievously while scratching her head. Kendou sighed and looked around. They were in the 2B Dorms filling the common room was the 2B-girls and 2A girls. The boys of both classes were out on their little outing, leaving the girls of both classes alone. This was of course a good opportunity to address the elephant of the room

“So you’re telling me” Momo began “All of us…in this room. Are in love with Izuku Midoriya.”

All of them nodded. Some were shy but still nodded like everyone else.


“You see it all started all those years ago when a baby suddenly glow-Ack!” Setsuna tries to explain but was stopped when Kendou chopped on her neck, her head then suddenly pop off and landed on the ground. The 2A girls were not used to Setsuna’s jokes and they all yelped.

Kendou sighed “Sets enough, this meeting is a headache enough as it is.” Setsuna pouted and blew a raspberry, her head then floated back to her body and reattached itself.

“Anyway. Yes, all of us here….are in love with Izuku Midoriya”

“And again, how?”

Everyone grew silent. Each one of them have their own experiences on they fell for the guy, heck some of them didn’t even mean to, it just happened. One minute they were talking and then boom, you can’t stop thinking about him

“What if we all tell how we fell for him” Everyone turned to Tsuyu Asui “It’s obvious that’s no one’s going to say anything. So why not just tell how each of us got attracted to him”

Everyone looked at each other

“Fine…but you guys first”

“Ochako. Go” Mina pushed Ochako upfront

“WHA?! WHY ME?!”

“You were the first person to fall in love with him! ” Mina then gave her a medal and a mic “The honor should be yours”


“Come one! We won’t judge” Setsuna commented

“While Setsuna is a bit pushy” Reiko started, making Setsuna pout at her “She is correct. You are among friends here, no judgment shall be made in this abode”

YEAH! GIVE US THE DEETS GIRL!” Pony cheerfully yelled, she seemed to have noticed that she said that in English and quickly corrected herself.

“Ok fine” Ochako sat down and the girls leaned in, some already know the story but it was always a joy to hear it again.

“It all started at the entrance exam”


‘I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die I’m gonna die!’ this was the thoughts of Ochako Uraraka as her ankle was trapped under a pile of rubble ‘Get up Ochako! You need to pass! You wanted to be a hero remember?’ She tried to move her ankle, but a sharp pain caused her to yelp ‘Dammit, ok. Just gotta remove the gravity and then slip through. One, two--



She looked up as the wind suddenly picked up and saw a man flying towards the Zero Pointer. ‘What is he--’ Whatever her thought was it died the moment the man. Punched. The Zero Pointers’ head in.

She didn’t believe that much in fantasies or talk in seeing things in slow motion, but the moment she looked at the man all she saw was a hero defeating a villain in the air with a cape and saving her.

And was now falling

To his death

CRAPBASKETS!’ she slapped the concrete that was on her ankle and made it float she crawled towards a robot’s head quickly climbing on top of it, she made it float and floated up.

‘Come on come on comeoncomeoncomeon’ he was in arms reached and she did the most logical thing she thought of

She slapped him.


“Pffft HAHAHAHA” Setsuna laughed interrupting the story, most of the girls looked at her in disappointment “I-i-i-I’m sorry haha, bu-but come one HAHAHA” she couldn’t finish what she was saying as she just laughed.

Everyone looked at her waiting for her to finish


Their heads turned as they saw Ochako trying hard not to laugh and failing, it was not long as all of them were now laugh or just giggling

“Okay, okay. I’m good” Setsuna said now calming down and soon everybody else was too. “But come on, why did you just slap him?”

“It was the first thing that come to mind at the time” Ochako tried to counter

“Talk about a memorable first impression” Setsuna smirked and Ochako just pouted

“So, what happened after that?” Ibara asked intrigued by the story.

“Oh! Well, I basically saved him but it took a lot out of me. Pretty sure I saw my puke as rainbows at that time” more giggles.

“Is that how you fell for him?” Kinoko, the mushroom girl, asked “Saved by a hero and then fell in love”

“Hm? Oh no, I think that was the first time I had a sort of attraction to him. It was just something y’know? The feeling of helplessness, almost giving up and was just desperate to get saved and then Woosh!” she made her hands make an explosion motion “This man just jumps and pretty much obliterate it with one punch”

“Mama likey” Setsuna had a far-away look

Kendou smirked “If I remember correctly, you pretty much went into a blushing stuttering mess when you fell for him” Setsuna blushed and pointed accusingly at her friend

“Oh, that’s rich coming from you! You pretty much couldn’t stop staring at him and when he looked your way you would panic and hide!” Kendou blushed and just tackled her friend with the intent to strangle her.

Momo tried to calm them down, while Pony and Kinoko were cheering and chanting ‘Fight! Fight Fight!’

Eventually Ibara had enough and wrapped the two students with her vines and sat them down on their respective chairs. “Honestly you two are children sometimes” she sighed and rubbed her temple

“Sorry mom” Setsuna teased which Ibara just glared at her, she raised her hands as an act of surrender.

“Apologies for my classmates”

“Oh don’t worry, please continue” Mina smiled cheekily “Nothing like a good catfight to rile someone up” Kendou blushed while her eyebrows twitch at this, while Setsuna just grinned

“Girl, I think you and I are going to be the best of friends” Setsuna hugged Mina and Mina just hugged back.

“Nope!” Tooru, 2A’s invisible student, pulled them apart “The spot for bestie is full!”

“Awww, I can always share~Ack!” Setsuna was once again stopped by Kendou

2A just laughed at their antics, then Reiko decided to continue on with the story “What happened next?”

“Hmmm? Oh!” Ochako then began to tell the tale of almost adventure that she and Izuku shared. From the first heroic class up to the summer camp.

“Wow” 2B was were in awe, they never interacted that long with Izuku, and hearing it from Ochako’s point of view pretty much told them that Izuku was a force of nature and had the heart of a hero through and through.

“I know right!” Tooru exclaimed “No matter how many times we hear it, it just sounds awesome every time”

“It’s not that amazing” Ochako quietly countered but was still heard

“Girl you don’t know what you’re talking about!” -Sets

“Yeah, Izuku sounds awesome!” – Pony

“A hero for sure” – Reiko

“Hm” – Yui

“Well glad you think so” Ochako smiled softly at that. While it was true that for her it wasn’t that amazing, but her time with Izuku was an enjoyable one. Filled with adventures, shenanigans, and occasional affection here and there.

“But wait, when was the time you fell for him then?”

“Huh? Oh!” Ochako scratched her head a bit “It’s a bit silly” she sat up a bit straight and began to tell the last part of her tale “It was during an internship, you guys remember the Overhaul fight?”

“Of course! That was epic!”

“Yes that was truly a sight to behold”

“Good, well while we were inside this building, Nighteye who Izuku was interning with had a vision”

“A vision?” everybody leaned in


-Flashback: Overhaul Fight: Underground-

“He’ll kill Midoriya….and escape”

At that point, the life in Ochako’s eyes vanished and all she saw was her and Izuku. All the times they shared all the tears (lots of tears), the laughter, the fights, the suffering, his smile, his laugh, his freckles, the way his eyes just shine with joy every time he talks about quirks or heroes. All of these things and more flood her mind.

And she couldn’t bear the thought of losing him.

To never see his smile

To never see the joy in his eyes.

To never…see him again.

Her body moved on its own

“We can’t---” but then a sharp pain went throughout her body. She was so tired. She wanted to move. To go to him.

“De-Deku” she struggled to say as her body was denying her. ‘I-I don’t want to lose him, I don’t wan--’



‘Why don’t I want to lose him? Why am I fighting so hard even though I’m so tired and my body is aching all over? Why do I want to see his smile? To see him happy? Why does she want to be with hi-’

‘Oh’ she stopped moving as everything processed in her mind. Everything that she was thinking and everything that happened between them


She grits her teeth “So, we’re supposed to do nothing?! Even if you told me that. I’m going”


‘Because I love him’

-Flashback End-

“And that’s about it” Ochako looked up and was expecting everyone to just look at her with smiles ready to laugh, honestly it sounded like a cheesy fanfiction.

What she didn’t expect was that everyone was in tears with smiles or wobbly smiles. Momo had stars in her eyes with some tears. Kyoka was just looking at her in awe, Mina and Tooru had napkins beside them, Tsuyu just had a smile on her face.

She looked at the 2B and Kendou was just like Jirou had an awed look on her face. Setsuna was slack-jawed, Ibara had a hand on her mouth. Pony and Kinoko were copying Mina and Tooru and were pretty much bawling with tears. Reiko was smiling wiping a small tear from her eye. Yui’s mouth was in an o shape.

“Uhh guys?”

Then the common room erupted



“A splendid tale indeed”

“It was so romantic!”

“I know right!”

The common room was just filled with chatter as the 2A girls and 2B girls just talked and talked about what their favorite part of the story was, and how she just admitted it right then and there

“You okay *kero*” Ochako’s best friend, Tsuyu Asui asked her in concern

“Ye-yeah, it’s just….not what I expected”

“You told them a story of how you just fell in love with someone in the most romantic way possible, what did you expect *kero* ?”

“I don’t know….”

Soon the chatter slowly died down and they were all beaming at her while she just blushed as she was now the center of attention

“Looks like, you got it hard. But if you think I’m gonna back off then you’re wrong!” Setsuna declared with a challenging smile

“While I don’t agree, with challenging someone” Kendou started sending a small glare to her friend “I agree on the part I’m not backing off. My experience may not be as strong as yours, but I know that what I feel for him is true.” She confidently declared and the girls just whistled and clapped, Kendou blushed replaying her words in her head.

“Me too!”

“Me three”

“Me four!”


“Me as well”

Each girl of 2B declared while Ochako and the rest of the girls would feel threatened. They all came to an agreement long ago.

“If that’s true, then there’s no need to fight. There is a compromise” Momo stated


Tsuyu suddenly raised a boombox and pressed play. It then played the Russian anthem





“I’M IN!” some would assume this would be Setsuna, but no dear readers. This was not Setsuna. This was Yui Kodai!

“First you must pass the initiation test” Mina said suddenly wearing a suit and shades.

“What is it?”

“You must lick Izuku’s sweaty abs”

“Oh God yes”



“Momo can you make me a bat?” asked Kendou feeling tired from dealing with Setsuna, she did not have the patience for a horny Yui

“I’m only kidding!” Mina dropped the shades

“Awwww” Yui now sounded sad and everyone just looked at her.

“How thirsty are you woman?”


*cough* Momo coughed at her hand to at least have some sort of control over the situation. “As much as this is enjoyable, I believe it’s someone else’s turn to tell their tale”

“Right, we are burning daylight here and the boys are not gonna be gone forever”

“So…who’s next”

Chapter Text

“So…who’s next?”

The question lingered in the room and everyone looked at each other, obviously not too keen on going next. Ochako meanwhile got behind Mina and with a fierce aura and glowing pink eyes were prepared to push her to get her revenge.

“I’ll do it” they turn to see Tsuyu who was now walking to the chair that Ochako once sat. “It’s only fair since Ochako went first.”

“I’ll go next” Kendou raised her hand

“Mmm” Yui also raised her hand

“*Sigh* fine let’s get this over with. I’m next after Kodai” Jiro raised her hand, her jacks slightly twitching out of nervousness

“Well then I shall go after Jiro” Momo volunteered

“I’m next after Yaomomo!” Mina raised her hands

“I’m next after my bestie” Tooru emphasizing the word my and facing the direction of Setsuna, who just rolled her eyes.

“Girl, I’m going to steal her from you”

“Oh no you don’t”

“Girls girls, come on there’s enough Mina for the both of you” Mina teased while trying to calm them both down.

The two girls looked at each other, then at Mina “Nope” Mina cried and the girls laughed

After a few minutes, this was the order they chose: Tsuyu would go next, then Kendou, then Yui, then Jiro, then Momo, then Mina, then Tooru, then Setsuna, then Kinoko, then Pony, then Reiko and lastly Ibara.

“Okay froggo, enlighten us with a tale of romance” Setsuna said dramatically with a bow, some of the girls giggled at her, while Reiko was annoyed a little bit her eyebrows twitching

“I somehow feel offended for some reason”

“I’m not sorry”

“Anyway” Tsu started. “I officially met Midoriya-chan, on the first day of school like anyone else. For me, he stood out like a sore thumb *kero*”

“Yeah, for a plain-looking guy he sure stands out a lot” Pony commented

“But under that cute face is a body of a Greek god!” Mina exclaimed getting a ‘Yeah’ from Setsuna

“Yes he’s adorable and hot to the point it should be illegal” Tsu commented “When we did the Quirk Apprehension Test, I assumed that his quirk wasn’t soothed for the tests, maybe his quirk was related to how fluffy his hair was”






Everyone just looked at Setsuna and Mina agreeing with each other and pretty much becoming fast friends, Tooru just crossed her arms and looked away

“Yes, fluffiness to the max *kero*” She then put her finger beneath her lip “Anyway Imagine my surprise when suddenly he just throws a ball, launches it, and breaking his finger in the process”

“It seems like an Izuku thing to do” the girls agreed to what Momo stated.

“Yep, so that was the first time I could say that I had a sort of attraction to him” Tsuyu then added “but it’s only interest or curiosity at that time”

“So, when did you fall in love with him?”

“I’ll tell you at the end of the story, but the next one would be when I had a crush on him”

“Oooohhh Juicy. Deets Girl” Tooru, Mina, and Setsuna said at the same time, Kendou and Momo just sighed and mumbled ‘Dear god, now there’s three of them’

“*sighs* Yeah, it was at the USJ honestly” 2A flinched a bit, while Tooru just shifted a bit

“Ah shit, are you guys, okay?” Setsuna her teasing grin gone and was replaced with a concerned look “I know that when heard of it we pretty much challenged you guys, but are guys truly okay?”

“We’re…fine.” Momo started slowly

“Yeah, Hound Dog visits us from time to time to check on us….but…yeah” Ochako started scratching her arm

“I guess it helps, that we’re not alone? We all sometimes talk about it. It helps make it feel like you’re not alone in this”

Some of the girls smiled remembering a certain somebody helping them.

“So yeah, USJ.”


“Let’s crumble the Symbol’s Pride”

In a blink of an eye, Tomura Shigaraki was in front of Tsuyu, hand outstretched and ready to turn the girl to dust.

The girl just stood there, she couldn’t move. She was scared

Is this how she dies? Is this how her story ends?

All she could think about was her family. Her siblings waiting for her at home, her mother and father greeting her when they come back from work, her life flashed before her eyes and suddenly stopped at specific memory

“The Princess and the Knight” is a storybook she once read when she was a kid. One of her favorite books, she loves the story of a beautiful princess and meeting a knight that would protect and love her always. She hoped she would find her knight one day. But fate seems to not be on her side

And then she saw movement coming from her right, she saw Izuku in the air, arm ready for a punch with the angriest face she has ever seen on him.



*BOOM!* Wind picked up that sent some of the villains hurling in the air, the water was violently splashed around and even the lights and the windows shattered.

Smoke slowly started to clear as Tsuyu looked in Izuku’s direction face with anger still on his face but was then turned to shock and she knew why the giant bird monster was in front of him and tanked his punch. The monster grabbed his arm and at that moment Tsuyu snapped.

She got out of the villain's grasp and shot her tongue out, her body and mind synchronized and focus on one thing


Time slowed down and by each passing second, the monster was inching closer and closer to Izuku.

Then the doors of the USJ burst open


-Flashback END-

“After that, I stayed at his side right until I needed to get home” Tsuyu finished her tale and the girls had stars in her eyes

“It seems as though you have found your knight” Reiko said fondly

“Yes, it would seem so”

“Why didn’t you go make a move then?” Kinoko asked and Tsuyu pointed at Ochako said girl had a blush on her cheeks and confusion on her face

“Because she’s my best friend, even I knew at the time that she somewhat had similar feelings *kero*” said girl was steaming right now

“Ok, but something happened that made you want the greenie. What was it?”

“Honestly? The same time with Ochako at the overhaul fight, but mine was…different”

“How?” Kendou leaned in, interested in how the friends differ


-Flashback: Overhaul Fight Aftermath: Nighttime-

It was the day that they came back from the Overhaul case and the returning students were wide awake, one of the students was Tsuyu Asui who was staring at her ceiling, sleep unable to shake everything that has happened. What she went through pretty much shook her understanding of being a hero. Risking their lives, going home, saving people…failing to save people, fighting and….watching your friends fights that they might not come back to

‘He’ll kill Midoriya….and escape’

One of the things that were stuck in her mind was that one phrase.

The moment she heard it her body just went…


She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t want to believe it. Izuku faced a lot of people, and yet he always comes back.

But just the way she heard it, just how he was so sure it will happen….

Her body just went on auto for the rest of the fight, hoping and praying that he would be alright.

That he would win

And smash that Villain to the ground

And he will smile. Like he always does.

Seeing him standing there, villain down and him still standing up. Sent a sense of relief throughout her body.

And now she’s back at the comforts of her room, phrase still circling over and over and over again.

‘He’s alive’

‘He’ll kill Midoriya’

‘He won’

‘He’ll kill Midoriya’

‘He’s still here’

‘He’ll kill Midor--’

She stopped that thought and closed her eyes to get some sleep, as sleep starts to finally go to her, she then saw a glimpse of Izuku on the ground.

She sat up and started to hyperventilate

‘I need to see him’

She tossed her covers to the side and walked out of her room, careful not to wake anyone up she walked to the elevator and went to the second floor where his room was.

‘What was she doing?’ She was now standing in front of his room

‘He’s alive, right? I should just go bac-’  Whatever her thought was, it died the moment the door opened and saw Izuku himself, clearly awake. The moment she saw him she rushed in and hugged him

“A-A-A-A-A-su-su-Asui-san?!” he whispered-yelled, startled by the sudden hug coming from a girl, but then he noticed how tightly she was hugging him. Oh.

“Call me Tsu”

He chuckled weakly and decided to hug her back.

Tsuyu felt hugs before, she felt parental affection, pride, and just overall love of a parent from the hugs she got from her parent, the love of a sibling from her sibling, a friend from Ochako. But she never felt this hug before. She never felt so…


Knowing that this man can level a building and yet gently hug her as if she’ll break any moment, made her feel safe around his arms.

“A-are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just needed to see you”


“…I thought you were gonna die when you were fighting Overhaul.*kero*”

“Well, I didn’t, see? I’m hugging you right now”

“Yeah” she then asks “Are you okay?”

“I….yeah, I’m gonna be okay”

“But you’re not right now”


“Wanna sleep together?*kero*”


“Tsu and I meant sleeping next to each other” then out of nowhere she then had the urge to tease him “Unless of course, you want to” she put her finger at the bottom of her lip while Izuku was busy malfunctioning, she, of course, was also affected ‘Why did I say that?! Mina I blame you

Tsu then continues “and besides”. You and I need the company. So just this once, let’s comfort each other.” Tsuyu smiled and Izuku relented if he was going to be honest. He didn’t want to be alone right now.


Both of them crawled on the bed, it was enough to fit two people so they were fine. They were both facing the ceiling, Izuku impersonating a tomato as it dawned on him that he was sleeping next to a cute girl. And then Izuku yawned.

“Good night Asu-ow” he felt a kick on his legs he looked at Tsuyu and saw her glare “Tsu. Good night Tsu” she smiled and soon sleep overtake him and he was slightly snoring.

Tsu turns to her side now facing Izuku, she brushes Izuku’s hair with her fingers looking at how his chest slowly rises and falling.

She didn’t want to lose him

The Princess has found her Knight, and she will never let go of him

“Sorry Ocha, but I love him”

Sleep soon overtook her as well and before she succumbs to a peaceful sleep her mind had one last thought

‘Cute huh?’

-Flashback END-

“And that’s about it” Tsuyu finished her tale and looked at everybody and just like before some of them had tears in their eyes.

Mina then points accusingly at her “NO FAIR! YOU CUDDLED WITH HIM! I ALSO WANT CUDDLES!”

“Mina you could just ask him” Tooru suggested and Mina looked at her suspiciously

“You’re speaking from experience, aren’t you?” Tooru let out a small ‘eep’ “AHA!”

“Now Mina, there’s no need to kill your friends for the fact that you haven’t hugged Izuku yet” Momo tries to calm her down

“You hugged him too haven’t you!” Mina pointed an accusing finger at her and she also let out an ‘eep’ “Has everyone already hugged him?” Several hands were raised, and she balked. She then saw Yui and Ibara not raising their hands. “Fine! Ibara and Yui you guys are now my best friends”

“Hey!” yelled Setsuna and Tooru, the two looked at each other and nodded, forming an alliance as they try to pry Mina from the two girls

10 minutes has passed and everything was normal.

“I must say Asui-sa” “Tsu” “Tsu, your story is quite wholesome.” Reiko commented

“Yeah, Asu-” “Tsu” “Tsu-chan, your story was like a fairy tale. Being saved by a hero and never ever want to leave him” -Pony

“Asu--” “Tsu” they could have imagined it but they could see Tsu holding a gun while saying that. “Tsu...That was quite a story”

“Yeah, you and Uraraka, basically are the same when you realized you don’t want to lose him.”

“Yep, so any way that was my story. Kendou you’re up *kero*” Tsuyu stands up and heads back to her seat. Kendou coughed lightly and went to the ‘confession chair’

“So, my story is a bit tamer than the first two” Kendou confessed “I’ll start with when we actually met. Frankly, a lot of 2B just met him in the Sports Festival, saw him take first place at the race, the cavalry battle, and then the Finals” 2B smirked remembering, that was pretty much the only time they saw Izuku in full action and felt some sort of attraction. “While the rest may have felt a crush or something I only felt admiration for him” She remembers how he fought Todoroki, no matter how much his body breaks, he just keeps going. Refusing to give up. “When I saw him fight, and break his bones in the process. I thought ‘This kid is crazy!’” 2A laughed that was their Izuku all right “I thought that was it, after shattering his fingers then arm, I thought he was done, but then..”

“He went plus ultra” 2A said simultaneously with a knowing smile

“Yeah, he just keeps going and that…inspired me.” Kendou’s eyes changed to something akin to a determined look “No matter what he just doesn’t give up, no matter how much his quirk hurts him, he refuses to back down. It was at that moment that I wanted to be like him.”

“That’s our Izuku all right. From shy boy to an inspiration to all” Mina said all so knowingly and the girls in the room agreed.

“Soooo” Setsuna started with a grin that yells ‘Aight, gonna tease you now’ “When did you have a crush on the greenie”

“Yeah, where is the juicy deets!”

“We-well, it’s actually at the forest training camp”

-Flashback: Forest Training Camp-

It was night time and the students were resting after a long day of fighting the beast monsters, majority of the students were now in their rooms, some but not all.

Itsuka Kendou was laying down outside surrounded by trees, she was close to the lodge so she wasn’t hard to find. She just needed some fresh air and to look at the stars for a moment.

She couldn’t help but feel she was kind of useless when they were fighting the beast forest, sure she helped like everyone else, she used her quirk and led her class to the lodge. But she couldn’t help but feel that she kind of….bland.

Her quirk was Gian Fist. That’s it, she makes her fist bigger and it helps her in a fight, she uses it in offense and defense and pretty much honed it to the point that she mastered it.

But seeing everyone performed, she couldn’t but feel like she wasn’t enough.

She shakes her head, what was she thinking? She was in UA, earned her seat, and is now training to be a hero. She deserved to be here….right?

Suddenly she heard rustling behind her. Years of battle instinct took over and she got up, turned around, and went to a battle stance.

Out of the bushes came out: Izuku Midoriya, concerned on his face turned relief, seeing her stance he raised his hands to show he wasn’t a threat.

Kendou sighed seeing the 2A student “Hey Midoriya, what are you doing here?”

“Oh! I-I-I was looking for you actually.” She raised her eyebrows and he continued “I-I heard from your c-c-class that you w-w-ent outside and I c-came to look for you”

Kendou smiled “Well thanks, I was just thinking of something. I’ll go back in a minute”

“O-okay.” He was about to turn around and walk back in, but he then looked at her eyes. Kendou raised her eyebrows a bit seeing that he stayed and just stared at her


“Don’t” he said one word and she closed her mouth “Don’t belittle yourself”

Her eyes widen at that and she shook her head “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about Midoriya, we should head back in” she took a step forward, but then he also walked towards her blocking her way ‘Wha-

“Your eyes” he gestured to his own eyes “They're saying you doubt yourself. Don’t” she stopped and looked at him “You doubt if you’re enough. You are. You doubt if what you did was enough. It was. Don’t let that tiny little voice in your head tell you otherwise. Why? Because you’re Itsuka Kendou, a martial artist that honed her body to the arts of fighting with a quirk to back it up.”

Itsuka was so shocked, she couldn’t speak. It was exactly what she was worried about and yet this boy…this man just straight-up murdered her worries and said fuck off. And he was right. She was Itsuka Kendou. Proud martial artist.

But of course, Izuku was not done. Because he would engrain in her mind that she was enough and no one can say otherwise. He grabbed her shoulders and made her look at him.

‘Did he always have those freckles’

“You. Are. Enough”

It was quite a sight truly, it was as if someone pulled a page from a romance novel. Here they were standing under a moonlight filled with stars in the sky, surrounded by trees all alone as the cold wind gently tickled them.

“Ahem” or at least they were alone

Both students stood up straight and turned. To see Tiger and Ragdoll looking at them while having smiles. The two students just stood there silently hoping they won’t be punished

“You’re not in trouble you two, but you do need to go inside now.” Tiger said and both students nodded, and they walked to their respective rooms accompanied by the two heroes, Tiger accompanied Midoriya while Ragdoll accompanied Kendou.

They were in front of the 2B Girls room when Ragdoll suddenly says quietly while having a Cheshire grin. “Here we are, next time please don’t run off with your boyfriend alone at night.” She turns and walks away leaving Kendou with a blush on her cheeks at the word ‘boyfriend’ nor did she deny it.

-Flashback END-

“After that, I just couldn’t stop thinking about him, told my mom and she told me that I have found my true love”

“Well turns out, she was right” Setsuna said with a grin of her own


“Are we just going to ignore the fact that, Izuku just smooth-talked Kendou without stuttering?” Setsuna said, weirded out that no one is pointing it out

“It’s Izuku” the majority of the girls said

“The moment Izuku sees you’re doubting yourself or someone harming you, he’ll go plus ultra to cheer you up” some of the girls agreed, remembering how they fell for Izuku

“Breaking News, Izuku is one hell of a smooth-talking bastard”

“A hot smooth-talking bastard”

“Yeah, what she said”

“So when did you fall for him?” Momo asked “Unless of course, that was the time you fell for him.”

“No, I fell for him..after the culture festival”



-Flashback: End of Culture Festival: Sunset-

Itsuka Kendou is seen seating on a bench staring at the sunset, she was resting and reviewing what happened today. It was fun. She had fun. Sure she was forced to do the pageant, but she had fun. Izuku was also there so she—

She stopped that train of thought. The guy was in her thoughts ever since the training camp and he just won’t go away. Even her dreams are filled with him and her just laying on the grass and just looking at clouds.

She sighed, she never thought she would have those thoughts. Her personality is more like a tomboy, girly isn’t her forte. The pageant was the first time she was girly for once, and the fact that Izuku saw her made her heart skip a beat.

She wasn’t confident that she would get him, he might like girls that are a bit more girly or curvy, considering his friends were Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Momo. Girls who are pretty much hot, sexy, and curvy. Her? She was a tomboy and masculine. He wouldn’t want her.

She sighs and looks at the sunset, oh how she wished he was here right now.

Fortunately or unfortunately for her, fate was of course a matchmaker sometimes and would proceed to be so as suddenly in front of her was a treat. A candy apple. Following the arm to the owner she found herself staring at the man she was wishing to be by her side

“Want some?” he smiled. Why was that smile so damn good.

She nodded and grabbed the snack, taking a bite she smiled at the sweetness. Call her childish, but sweet will always be a joy for her.

“So, what’s wrong?” was she really that obvious? “Your eyes are telling me something’s bothering you” okay maybe she could turn this around

“What’s with you and my eyes? Are my eyes that pretty for you to keep staring at them?” She heard from Momo that he was easy to tease and turn into a blushing mess, hopefully, this would get him to back off a bit.

“Yes. Yes, they are” he said without missing a beat and still with that damn smile of his. Not expecting her teasing would backfire she turned red and looked away from him and focused on her treat.

Midoriya was just there waiting for her patiently while eating his candy apple.

“It’s just…girl troubles” she said weakly. How the hell are do you say that you’re having problems with your crush while talking to said crush.

“Oh…well maybe I could help..or not.” He scratched his head making his hair slightly move back and forth ‘I wonder if it’s soft…’ “I could always lend an ear. I’m not good with this stuff, but I just can’t help it. Whenever I see someone sad, hurt, or in danger, I just can’t help but do something”

“Why?” she asked curiously, she wasn’t prepared as Izuku turned to her with a gentle smile and determined look in his eyes

“Because meddling when you don’t need to is the essence of being a hero”

Her eyes widen hearing those words from him. It was a cheesy line, but it fitted so perfectly for him. How the orange hue of the sunset just made him glow and how the wind just makes his hair go side to side. Everything that was happening was just….perfect.

Was she…falling for him?

She looked away face still stun and her mind was going haywire ‘No…I’m not…am I?’

Izuku just stared at her waiting patiently, she then caved in.

“It’s just….there’s this guy that I like and I just don’t think…he’ll like me back” trying to not give away that the guy she likes is currently seating beside her


*snorts* Why he asks, she looks at him with a smile “If you haven’t noticed Midoriya, I’m not that girly, heck in the pageant I just broke some boards. Not actually girlfriend material there.”


“What do you mean ‘and’?” slightly annoyed as he was not getting the problem “Most guys, no offense, like girls that are girly, not someone who could break their back with one chop”

Izuku was silent, probably thinking this through. Kendou was feeling ridiculous now, thinking her words were stupid and were about to apologize

“I really don’t see a problem”


“I mean sure, most guys like girls that are ‘girly’” he said girly with some air quotes that made her smile “But not all guys if the guy doesn’t like you because you’re not girly enough for him then he’s missing out.”

“Eh?” how many times was she shocked during this conversation? He fully turns to her, looking at her deep in the eyes.

“Kendou, you’re beautiful. You’re one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met. So what, if you’re not girly, your eyes are so pretty that someone could get lost in them, your hair whenever the wind makes it sway, emphasizes the beauty. Your knowledge and experience in martial arts make you a formidable opponent. Not only are you a strong woman, but you’re also beautiful, that’s a deadly combo. You Itsuka Kendou, are beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If the guy that you like doesn’t like you back because you’re not ‘girly’” again with the air quotes “Then he should get his eyes and his brains checked. After all, you are the real deal and no one should pass up” he was done with his rant, not noticing mid-rant he held both of her hands in his hands. Itsuka was….well she died.

Her face was so red and hot someone could fry an egg. Her brain was fried and was trying to calm itself down and failing.

“Itsuka Kendou.” His eyes determined and with a smile that could rival a thousand suns asked her “Will you be my girlfriend?”

-Flashback Interrupt-

“BULLSHIT!” Setsuna/Mina/Jiro/Yui/Ochako/Pony said the same thing at the same time, interrupting Kendou’s story. Kendou blushed and Setsuna pointed an accusing finger at her

“I refuse to believe that’s what he said!”

“That’s what it felt like at the time” Kendou sighed dreamily and had a faraway look.

“Boooo, tell us the truth!”


-Flashback Continuation-

“Itsuka Kendou” His eyes determined and with a smile that could rival a thousand suns smiled and said “A man will be lucky to have you, and if he doesn’t appreciate you, then know that someone with enough common sense will”


She looked at his smile, the same smile that comforted her, and find no lie to whatever he just said. He was telling the truth. And she, Itsuka Kendou..

‘I fell for him’

Has fallen truly in love with Izuku Midoriya.

-Flashback END-

“And there you have it” it seems that everyone is in a teary mood as the majority of the girls were holding tissues

“That was beautiful” Ochako yelled eyes watery and biting a napkin

“It sounds like a fairy tale” Kinoko commented drying her eyes

“This just in, Izuku is a smooth-talking bastard” Setsuna wiping a tear from her eyes

-Meanwhile in Dagobah Beah-

*Achoo!* Izuku sneeze stopping mid pushup

“Oh bro you okay?” Kirishima asked

“Yeah, you’ve been sneezing all day”

“O-Oh yeah, just felt like someone was talking about me. Let’s continue”

“RIGHT!” It is seen that Izuku is doing push-ups while Tetsutetsu and Kirishima were on top of him tyring to push each other off

-Back to the Dorms-

“I think we established that” the majority of the girls agreed

“Welp, Yui you’re next” Kendou got off the chair and Yui went and sat down. She then pulled out her phone and began to type

“Uhhh, Yui?” *ding*

All of the girls’ phones just gave off a sound, inspecting it they discovered that Yui made a group chat



So I fell in love with him while doing groceries


“Wait, so you’re going to tell your story through discord?” Mina asked

“MmMm” Yui nodded

“She doesn’t talk much, I mean sure she speaks some sentences but I guess telling a story Is quite long so, I guess I kinda get it.” Setsuna added, assisting Kodai in explaining. Said girl nodded.

“Oh, well go ahead girl!”



Ok so yes, I fell in love with him while doing groceries for the dorms


Wait, was it the time that you returned home with a smile on your face?


Yes. Just like Kendou, I noticed Midoriya at the sports Festival, but it was only interest and not actual love. Unlike your stories, I straight up fell for him there.


We all have our own pace, so go ahead. But do you love him?


Yes. I want to be with him, I want to support him, I want to see him smile. It’s when he’s there that I can feel…









To all I mean


Oh wow, what happened?




-Flashback: 3 months ago-

‘Carrots. Check. Flour. Check. Eggs. Check. Coffee. Check. Mushroom mix soup. Check.’ It was a Saturday afternoon and at the grocery store was Yui Kodai of 2B. It was nearing the end of the month and it was her turn to get groceries. Normally UA wouldn’t like to have a lone student going for groceries, but the place was surrounded by Heroes on patrols and the store was one of UA’s partners, so she was safe. But just to be sure the staff of the store was notified that a student would be going to them and to notify UA when said student enters and leaves the store, she showed her badge and the staff smiled.

And now here she was about to finish her list, all she needed were some cereals and she would be good to go.

She went to the aisle and looked for the cereals she was looking for ‘Setsuna, why is your cereal so hard to find. Who names their cereal DinoMashXXX?’ while she was thinking of this she didn’t notice who was in front of her causing her to collide with the person, she wasn’t going fast so the person wasn’t in danger, hopefully, but she quickly recognizes her fault and about to apologize only to stop as she saw who she hit.

It was Izuku Midoriya of 2A, her may or may not crush.

“Oh, sorry Kodai-san I didn’t see you there” he laughs sheepishly

“No, I’m sorry” It was her fault anyway for not looking

“Oh no, I’m okay. Barely a mark” he showed his hand where the hit was and true to his word there were no marks or bruise anywhere.

“Still, I’m sorry” hopefully she was giving him a look of concern

“It’s fine” he chuckles “So what are you doing here?”

“Groceries” she said simply. Dammit, can’t she say something more? “Nice shirt” she inwardly groans.

“Oh thanks!” he tugged the shirt a bit “At least someone finally liked it”

She nodded and stared….why can’t she say something else? Ok, gotta ask why is here right?

She was about to open her mouth when Izuku suddenly spoke “I’m here for groceries as well, with you know end of the month coming and all We-we needed groceries”

She blinked. Did he just understand her? No that couldn’t be, it was just a coincidence. He asked her and he just assumed, that it. She nodded and began to search for Setsuna’s cereal. Izuku did the same and he went ‘Aha’ when he finally found his, she had to stifle a giggle to see it was an All Might cereal. She looked down to see his list, her eyebrows raised a bit, the cereal in his hand was nowhere in the list. She looked at him with eyebrows raised. He catches her look and flinched a bit

“I-I-I-I know it isn’t on the-m-my list, it more of a…p-personal stash. And I’m using my own money sooo”

She didn’t stop her giggling at that point and she covered her mouth with her hand to help muffle it, he just chuckled with her. ‘Well he did share his secret might as well share mine’ She shuffled a few things from her cart, once she finds what she’s looking for she presented it to Izuku. It was a box filled with 3 shortcakes inside there was also a character on the box, the character had a sort of diamond on the center of its chest and the costume closely resembles Yui’s costume. ‘This is mine’ Izuku looked at her and then the box and she couldn’t help but cringe. She should say something. She was again about to open her mouth when Izuku lightly chuckled.

“Guess we both have a guilty pleasure food” he grinned and at that moment it dawned on Yui. He could understand her. She didn’t need to open her mouth because he understands her. How?

Before she could ask a shout was heard “Everyone hands up! This is a robbery!” asked a robber wearing a mask, there were three guys there too. 1 had pointy teeth, the other had tiny spikes on his fist, the other had claws for hands, and the last robber, the one that yelled was relatively normal.

Really? There are at least 4 heroes outside and this robber thinks they can get away. Plus her and Izuku were also heroes, they have their license already and can go on duty when the need arises. She was about to turn to Izuku to ask for his opinion but was shocked at what she saw.

She heard rumors about this. Izuku Midoriya, shy and jumpy around women, at first glance he was nothing but a nervous child that would even stumble at his own feet. But beneath that side of Izuku was another. When the call for a hero was there, his eyes that were once full of anxiety and nervousness will be filled with determination and focus. His body that was a bit slouched will go straight, relax, and then be ready for action. Some call it his hero mode, some call it his feral side like a wild beast finally unleashed to the world. But if Yui were to describe it…

It was like a force of nature ready to tear everything down on its path.

In a blink of an eye, Izuku vanished and was now in the air, black tendrils at the ready and the robbers still hasn’t noticed. With both of his arms he shot out the black tendrils capturing the gunner on his right and crab hands to his left, he then pulled making the two robbers crashing on each other effectively knocking them out. The robber with the sharp teeth finally noticed and was about to shoot, but Izuku was already on top of him arm at the ready. Izuku punched the robber before he could pull the trigger knocking him out. The final robber was shocked that his friends were defeated by a kid turned to run but was stopped as a tendril wrapped around him, pulled him back in, and was met by a fist courtesy of Izuku. All 4 robbers were knocked out. In 5 seconds.

‘I think I need to buy some new panties on the way home’

Everyone was shocked at what just happened, one moment they were being robbed and the next all 4 robbers were incapacitated by a green haired kid.

Then someone cheered


And everyone clapped, Izuku not used to this attention blushed and thanked all of them while bowing profusely.

Yui smiled ‘How are you adorable and hot at the same time?’

After a few minutes of congratulating Izuku they were able to pay for everything and were about to head back to the dorms.

If Yui wasn’t wet already, well she would be pretty damped now, because Izuku was literally carrying his and her groceries on his arms. And he wasn’t even breaking a sweat.

‘Are you sure you could handle that?’ she thought while looking at Izuku, he catches her gaze and chuckled

“I’m fine, I lifted heavier things than this. Th-this is nothing to me. Plus we’re close to the dorms so it’s not like I’m carrying them for long.” He said, without her even saying anything….yep definitely damped.

‘How are you understanding me?’ she once again looked and he understood

“Your eyes” he said simply “Even if you don’t say it I can k-kinda t-tell wha-what you’re saying with your eyes” he tried scratching his cheek but then remembers where his arms were, she decided to be bold and scratched his cheek for him, he blushed “Th-tha-thanks. So anyways yeah, I can kinda guess what you’re saying if I look in your eyes.”

‘You don’t think I’m weird?’

“No, not really. You’re talking to a guy, who mumbles a lot and has a hobby of studying and analyzing quirks, if anything I’m the weird one here”

‘No, you’re not. I think those are adorable’

“Re-re-really?” she nods “Th-thanks.”

So he could understand her, he doesn’t find her weird, he’s nice, smart and strong. Plus he’s cute. What else could a girl want? Is she in love? She just wishes that fate would give her a sign

And it was on that day that fate wanted to be a blessing and a bitch at the same time.

Two were suddenly in front of them, one of them bumped Izuku, the kid promptly bowed and yelled “Sorry mister!” and ran off with his friend, also a truck then drove off exactly where there was a puddle and splashing her making her lower half wet ‘It was wet before, but seriously?’

“Are you okay Kodai-san?”

She turns to Izuku to say yes, she was alright but for the third or fourth time that day she wasn’t able to say anything, not because of Izuku, no, his shirt was falling apart. Exposing his muscles, abs, pecks, scars. Everything. She was now thankful for her lower half being wet, she was pretty sure something was trickling that wasn’t trickling before.

“Yes. Yes, I’m alright”

Izuku haven’t notice his shirt falling apart, he did keep asking why a lot of people where whistling at him or calling him handsome.

She didn’t answer and just shrugged. She was not going to ruin a front-row seat at one of the best shows she ever had.

They soon reached the dorms and Izuku dropped her groceries on the front porch and walked off still shirtless.

She had a smile on her face

‘Someday, I’ll make sure you take responsibility’

She then felt something trickle once more down her thigh

‘I will make you take responsibility’

-Flashback END-



And that’s how I pretty much claimed him


Awwww, but also screw you DinoMashXXX is great


It’s bad for you, the amount of sugar in that thing would make even Izuku faint


No it won’t, he eats an all might cereal the amount of sugar in that thing is triple than Dinomash and he’s still alive


Remind me to confiscate those from him then.

Also, when did we get new nicknames?


During the part of Yui noticing that Izuku understands her.


Oooooh, nice


Why are we still talking here when we are literally 5 feet apart from each other?

Also, Momo don’t confiscate Izuku’s stuff


The girls then looked up from their phones, they were at a speaking distance and yet just decided to talk on their phones instead.

*Pfft* Ochako tried to stop laughing, but the sheer ridiculousness of the situation was just too much

Soon the room was filled with giggles and laughter once more.

“I guess, we got into too much in the story to realize where we were huh” Kinoko stated wiping a tear from her eye

“Yes, also Yui. That was a wonderful story it shows how much care he has and how much care you give to him. Even though some of them are lewd” Ibara commented in which Setsuna snorted

“Oh please, don’t forget I saw your close--” whatever she was going to say was cut off as Ibara wrapped her vines to her head with a huge blush on her cheeks.

“A-a-a-and you promised to keep it a secret” she released her from her hold and Setsuna just gave a peace sign

“Sorry sorry”

“Anyway, that was a good story Kodai.” Momo smirked “Seems as though you got a front-row seat at Izuku’s other side”

“Oh yeah! He just goes wild all the time, just pretty much dominates everything once you get him all riled up” Mina agreed

“Mm” she nodded “It was something”

“Next thing you’ll know Mina gets complimented by how exotic her eyes look” this turns Mina’s face lilac “Oh my god, he did didn’t he!”

“Hold on here, it’s not my turn to tell the story, it’s Jiro’s!” said girl yelped remembering that it was indeed her turn

“Fine fine,” Jiro sat at the confession chair, she fidgets slightly but continues “O-okay, so mine is short a bit tame than the others and short.”

“Meh, not like we’re complaining”

“Yeah, this isn’t a competition.”

“So yeah, it all started when I overheard something”

-Flashback: 5 months Ago-

Kyoka Jiro is going down the stairs after a long day of playing her instruments, tuning them and making new songs. It was a good day and no one was going to sour her mood, that was until she got down to the common room

“I’m telling you Mina has the hots for Midoriya!” she raised her eyebrows hearing Mineta’s voice ‘Mina? Hot for Deku? No way.’

“Look I just don’t believe it, no offense to Midoriya, but how are you sure?” Kaminari asked his friend

“She was seducing him with her booty shorts! And then one day she just went blushy when talking to Midoriya!”

“That doesn’t really help”

“Come on, you would know!” Mineta yells accusingly at him “You have the hots for Jiro!”

There were a lot of oohs in the kitchen

‘Sparky? Sorry to burst your bubble but the feeling is not mutual’

She was about to walk down to reveal herself but stopped, what she heard next shook her insecurities awake

“Jiro? Come on man, you know how I love my women. I want them curvy and big, Jiro is….well not”

She just stood there listening to this and without them knowing she was even listening

“Kinda agree with you there, no one’s gonna want that flat. She’s too ugly to be in anyone’s fantasy”

“I mean I wouldn’t go that far but….su-sure”

There was now some ‘Not cool man’ ‘Seriously dude’ ‘That is not something you say about a classmate!’ she heard it and decided to walk away, the last this she heard was ‘Kaminari, Mineta’ then a crash and a thud. She didn’t care she just needed to get away for a while.

She headed back to her room, slammed it close, and laid down in her bed. Feeling tired all of a sudden

Then a knock is heard, she grunted not wanting visitors right now, “Who is it?”

“It’s me…Midoriya”

Midoriya? What was he doing here? Probably to cheer her up. That’s what he always does, goes to someone and helps them, but she doesn’t want it.

“I’m good green”

“You and I both know that you-you’re not good.” She knows that “And you also know that I’m way too stubborn” She also knows this, heck the fight between him and Todoroki in the sports festival. Todoroki didn’t want any help and yet he basically just said ‘Fuck you, I’m helping you whether you like it or not’

“…I know, but you’re gonna have to do better than ‘please’ to make me open my door”

“If I se-se-s” she could hear him take a deep breath “If-If I se-serenade to you…will you open the door?”

If he would what now?

This got her attention to the point she now seating up on her bed. He could sing? And play an instrument? This was….news to her. She didn’t think there was another person here that likes music she did. And yet here was Izuku telling her he would serenade to her if that’s what it takes to open her door.



“Yes” She waited for a few moments then she heard him walk away, after a few minutes he didn’t return ‘Guess it was all talk’ she was about to lay down when she then heard shuffling outside her door. ‘Wha?’

“*cough* Soo…yeah anyway” she heard him say, she could practically hear his heart hammering in his chest “Here’s Wonderwall”

She then heard a guitar being strummed, it was…beautiful

“Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw it back to you”

She gasped hearing him sing, his voice wasn’t bad at all, it sounded deep but also inexperienced. Was she complaining? No, absolutely not.

“By now you should've somehow
Realized what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now

She didn’t realize it but she was now in front of her door, ear pressed on the door to listen to him better

“Backbeat, the word is on the street
That the fire in your heart is out
I'm sure you've heard it all before
But you never really had a doubt
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now”

His voice just sounded so heavenly, she didn’t know how he was doing it but she felt…safe.

In her mind, it was just him and her, and she liked that. She liked that a lot.

“And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I
Would like to say to you but I don't know how”

She could just stay here forever and she would be fine….what was she upset about again?

“Because maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You're my Wonderwall”

He then slowly stopped drumming, the sound of him breathing soothed her somehow, hearing his heart beating was also another soothing factor.

She glanced at her door, she blushed remembering her promise. He did sing, so might as well. She opened her door to see Izuku with a green guitar that had stickers on them, one of the stickers was a unicorn and a smiley face.

“Hey” he was slightly breathing hard clearly out of breath.

“Hey” she leaned at her door “Didn’t know you could play”

”Didn’t actually tell anybody, well I guess Kacchan knows”

She hummed, she then felt 5 sets of eyes on her she saw Tooru’s door slightly opened and she could feel all of their glares ‘Why are they glaring at me for?!’

She then grabbed Izuku and pulled him in. Ignoring the intensity of the glares.

She locked her doors and turn around to face Izuku who was setting his guitar down.

“Okay green, what do you want?” she honestly forgot why he was here

“Are you okay?”

She feels fine, what was he—Oh. Kaminari and Mineta, and just like that her insecurities were back, not as strong, but they were there.

“I’m fine Green”

“No you’re not”

“I’m fine they’re right anyway”

“No, they’re not” he said stubbornly

“Yeah, right I’m just ugly, I’m flat and no ones gonna choose me over a girl who has the curves the boobs”

*Slam!* she stopped as a hand slammed beside her head, she looked at Izuku and gasped. She has never seen Izuku this….angry before.

“Listen here Jiro and you better listen” she didn’t know what compelled her but she nodded “You’re beautiful and if you ever deny it again I’m going to make you look into a mirror and describe to you how beautiful you are, how the shade of your hair fits perfectly under the night sky, how your eyes just dart around whenever you talk about music, how your blush just basically highlights the beauty and structure of your face, how your neck is just exposed whenever you wear your deep dope shirts, how your hips would perfectly fit in someone’s hands, how your cute butt is just grabbable while someone is kissing you, how your long legs just emphasize your features and you Kyoka Jiro” his face then went closer to her.

She tried to back away, but the door was just behind her stopping her, he then held her chin and make her look up, he is practically looming over her. She never felt so helpless before, the fact that he could just take control and pretty much dominate her scares her…..and turns her on...

‘Wait what?!’

“Is just perfect” he finishes as they just stood there, him grabbing her chin as they stare at each other. His face then transitioned back to shock, he looks at his hand and the hand beside her when he just slammed it to shut her up, then back to her eyes again.

He jumped away and bowed


She took the time to breathe. She was holding her breathe for how long, she doesn’t know. After calming down she looked at Izuku who was still bowing, she gulped

“I-It-its okay green.” ‘I’m stuttering now? Seriously?’ “You gave me one heck of a pep talk, so yeah…” she twirled her jacks around her finger

“Y-y-you s-s—sure?” he looked up

“Yes green, I’m sure”

He stood up straight and massaged his back a bit. “Soo are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, I guess it still bothers me a bit, but again you gave me one hell of a pep talk, so I think I’m good” she said reassuringly, he did well. She was feeling better than before, some still lingered, but she can bury it later.

But of course, that was not enough for Izuku, he wanted to kill the damn thing

“Then what’s wrong? You can talk to me. I’m all ears”

She chuckled “Relax Green, you healed it. My appearance and boobs and butt” they both blushed at that “are now secure, so no worries. It’s not like anyone would fantasize about me” she finished jokingly, but there was one problem there

She was talking to Midoriya

“I would”


“O-okay I-I guess that would be wrong….I’ve fantasized about you”

This broke her, what was he saying….he…fantasize

“THE FUCK?!” she screamed backing up to her door, ignoring the fact her heart was beating in excitement

“Yeah…” he scratched his head at that embarrassment clear on his face

She was scared to ask, but she asked anyway “Wha-what did you…fantasize about?”

“Using you”


“I fantasized about using you for my pleasures, breaking you to the point you wouldn’t walk for weeks” He walked forward, Jiro felt trapped scaring and arousing her “I would imagine you bending you over and just straight up pound you leaving you a screaming and gasping mess” he was now in front her once more “I would fantasize about lifting you in the air, grabbing that cute butt of yours and having my way with you.”

….okay….Who. THE FUCK. IS THIS?!

This can’t be Izuku! It just can’t! Izuku is not this crazed, lustful, hot piece of hunk-DAMMIT

And by sheer bravery or stupidity, she asked him a question “…If you like that butt so much…why don’t you grab it”

He stared at her and she stared back and in a quick motion, his hands moved.

She let out a loud ‘Eep’, but she didn’t feel anything, she looked down and saw that his hands were just simply hovering as if asking permission or giving her a chance to back down.

‘Mina I blame you for corrupting me’

She gently grabs his hands and gently placed them on her butt. She then snaked her arms around his neck and pulled herself in.

He then squeezed and she snapped from whatever daze she was in effectively pushing herself off of him, she opened her door and tossed him out screaming “Thanksizukuimfinenowbye” and slammed the door close, her breathing was hard and heavy as she leaned in at her door. Then he heard Izuku mumbled “I touched the butt”

She blushes and returns to her bed, feeling tired from everything she then glances at her desk.

Seeing his guitar

‘Oh…I guess he forgot about that’ Well she did toss him out, she it didn’t help. She got out of bed and grabbed it.

Went back to her bed and set it on her lap

‘Am I actually falling in love with that idiot?’

She then played a string, the sound echoes in her room and her mind flashes to earlier when he was serenading her.

‘Yes, yes I am’



‘What kind of sick fanfic shit is this?’

-Flashback END-

“And that’s pretty much it” she finishes her story with a blush…that wasn’t tame at all, wasn’t it?

She looks up, the girls were strangely quiet.

Both 2A and 2B girls were looking at her with wide eyes, unresponsive. “Uhh, guys?”

“Well! I guess this would call for a bathroom break or a snack break!” Momo said franticly

“Good idea Momo, that was a lovely story. But I think a break would be good. Right girls? Right.” Kendou said also franticly and instantly agreeing

The girls also agreed, giving their excuses except for Kyoka who looked at them with her eyebrows raised.

“So be back here in like 15 or 30 minutes or so? Good All right” and without waiting for confirmation from others, Momo just rushed out of the dorms followed by some of the girls, some excused themselves that they would need to take something out of their room or going to the bathroom.

Kyoka was now left alone in the common room. “What was that all about?” she then looked at where Yui once sat “Oh”

There was now a huge wet stain on the couch


Chapter Text

If you were to ask Powerloader who is the brightest student he has, he would say it would be Mei Hatsume of 1H. Sure the lad was reckless and prone to explosions more than he could count, but the girl had her goals straight and was pretty much sprinting like a madman to get there.

There were some downsides though

As much as Mei is bright and pretty much a strong lady to boot, she was also a bit of an airhead sometimes, social skills? Non-existent. Life outside the workshop? Pretty much nothing. She probably broke inside the workshop once or twice. Forgot to bathe, forget to eat, or even forget people.

No matter how many times he tosses her out, she would just pop back in. Here’s an example

Powerloader approached Mei and while her hands weren’t busy he grab her shirt, lifting her off the ground and proceeds to toss her outside, he closes the door, locks it and turns around. Only to see Mei back on her station and doing her piece.

He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Hatsume, it’s lunchtime. Get to the cafeteria and get something to eat”

“I’ll eat when I’m done!”

“You said that before, and you were still here”

“I ate yesterday!”

“And what was yesterday?”


“Hatsume, it’s Tuesday”


Powerloader groaned, they could get on and on about this back and forth and it would be useless at that point. Luckily Powerloader has a plan, he grabs a button and presses it. He sets up his phone at the table and waited.

Not even a minute later someone came in.

It was Izuku Midoriya of 1A.

“Hello, Powerloader-sensei. Is Mei refusing lunch again?”


“IZUKU!” said girl glomps Izuku “Are you here to test some babies?”

Izuku chuckled “No Mei, it’s lunchtime. You need to eat.”

“Awww, but I don’t wanna”

Izuku smiles “We can have a talk about upgrades for my costume while we eat” he suggested, this of course puts a smile on her face

“Okay” and practically walks out of the lab

Powerloader chuckled

Mei doesn’t listen to anybody else than that boy, sure she listens to her sensei, but not like how she just listens to the boy. Why?

Because the girl was in love, the problem was she doesn’t even know. He once heard her mumble “Why am I thinking about Izuku so much” while doing his requests. Heck whenever he has a request, she would get it and make it her top priority without even noticing that she did it.

There were a lot of moments where the two acted like a couple or Mei actually having some sort of humanity in her system.

He smirked remembering the ‘Gauntlet incident’, one time Izuku was testing one of the gauntlets that he requested and Mei built after a few test runs they were done for the day, that was until the gauntlets decided to malfunction and explode while being worn by Izuku. The smoke cleared and out came Izuku asking all of them if they were alright. Powerloader was about to scold Mei but was shocked to see a worried expression in her face, that was new to him, her eyes widen in Izuku’s direction following her eyes he saw his hand was bleeding with small metals sticking out. Mei practically dragged Izuku out of the lab and to Recovery girl’s office.

Powerloader followed them and was treated by the sight of Mei being at Izuku’s side while Recovery Girl was beating him up with her cane, once he was healed the three of them walked back to the labs and Mei said “Sorry” this was surprising news to Powerloader, he never heard her say sorry after her explosions, and there were a lot of explosions before this one. With Izuku saying he was alright they split off and he and Mei went back to the labs. He was then treated to the sight of Mei fixing the gloves and following every protocol there was to testing, making, everything, it was pretty much the longest time he’s seen her work on a specific project. And to his surprise? No explosions. Even after stress testing it or practically trying to destroy it while using it or not using it, there were no explosions, no accidents and no failures.

And he then knew why, he heard her mumble “Not letting this baby hurt him again” in the sincerest voice he heard her all year.

He chuckles at that memory. He walks over to her station to inspect her work. It was an upgraded hood for Izuku. Shocker. Base on the notes, it works like a hood, but the fabric would ‘toughen up’ to protect the user from bullets or any kind of blunt attacks. The notes also had ‘This baby, would protect him’ ‘Head injuries are fatal most of the time, gotta protect him’  ‘Make sure he comes back alive’

He smiles. Mei is one of his brightest students all right. Though he wouldn’t say that to her face.


 Aizawa is paid enough for this kind of bullshit. He’s going to the student’s dorms to check on them, only to see Midoriya and Hatsume on a mumbling spree

He could handle the problem child’s mumbling, he has gotten used to it and he gives some good points to it too, but two of them? Nope

He walked to the principal’s office, resignation letter in hand

“Here” he gives the paper to the principal who inspects it

“What is this?”

“My resignation letter. I quit”

“Ah” the principal then walks to the left and sets the paper down on a small table, and almost like a cartoon. Pulls out a giant hammer and slams it on the paper. Grabbing the paper he gave it back to Aizawa

He looks at the paper and saw a giant ‘DENIED’ at the center

“Anything else?” asks the principal in which he just grumbles and walks away. He then passes by Izuku carrying a sleeping Mei on his back

“Hello sensei”

“Hello problem child”

Izuku then walks away presumably to the Support Course dorms, he sighs he pulls out his phone and checks the teachers’ group chat. Inside was a poll

Izuku x Ochako

Izuku x Tsuyu

Izuku x Momo

Izuku x Jirou

Izuku x Tooru

Izuku x Mina

Izuku x All 1A girls

Izuku x 1B Girls

Izuku x General Course

Izuku x Mei

Izuku x Every Damn Female

There was a betting pool on who would hook with who, and the problem child was pretty much the center of everything. He was the one that betted on the last one, and each teacher betted on their own choices, they could bet for more than one ship, but that would also cost a lot if you lose.

He added his bet with the Izuku x Mei option, after choosing he receives a text from the Principal “Good Choice

…Yep he’s not getting paid enough.


No matter how old Midnight would get, she would always be into romance, especially young romance. She would coo at the sight of two students being sweet at each other, case in point as she is looking at two students right now. Izuku and Mei were in the cafeteria while both of them was having lunch, the best part? Izuku was feeding Mei while she goes on and on with inventions, suggestions, or anything at all, while Izuku would nod and say a few things, but he would primarily just feed her. Mei would pause for a second, giving Izuku the time to raise the spoon and feed her.

It was so adorable that Nemuri couldn’t help herself and coo at the sight.

Izuku then took a bite of his food, but got some of the said food on his face he was about to wipe it off when Mei beat him to it.

“Oh you got something on your face” grabs a napkin, holds his chin and wipes it clean “There ya go!” Izuku blushes but said thank you nonetheless

Nemuri just coos at the sight, her co-workers just looks at her weirdly.


Toshinori Yagi was an IzuOcha shipper and he’s not ashamed to admit it, he has seen the interaction between the two students and firmly believes that they would end up together.

What he heard early on made him question that

He was trying to find young Midoriya and to inform him that it was time for training, he then finds him on his way to the Support Course dorms with Hatsume on his back, he was about to call out but stopped as he heard that they were having a conversation

“You know, you don’t have to finish all my requests. I’m not in a hurry”

“I know, but you got work studies right? You gonna need the gear”

“I’m fine Mei”

“I hope so, I don’t want to lose you out there” this made Izuku stop on his tracks


“It’s weird y’know? All the time I just can’t help but think of you all day. ‘How is he doing?’ ‘Is he safe?’ ‘Will I see him at lunch?’ those thoughts invade my head all the time whenever you’re just out there” Izuku looks at her over his shoulder, but she was just looking forward “Even though I’m so sure that I strapped your gear with enough protection and durability, I would always go worried that I will never see you again” she held his chest tightly.

“Mei…” he looks at her and he smiles “I’ll always come back, don’t worry”



She smiles and relaxes on his back, he then began walking again to the support course dorms.

After that, Toshinori just decided to wait for him to their usual meeting spot. With the time he has before Midoriya comes, he was faced with a difficult choice.….should he change his vote?

Chapter Text

“Now that we’re done with our short break, I believe we can continue with the stories” Momo oh so diligently said. Kyoka looked around, considering that she was the only one that didn’t leave the room she was the only one that didn’t change that much.

Most of the girls’ hair was disheveled a bit. Momo, Kendou, Setsuna, Mina, Reiko looked as if they just took a shower, while the rest just simply change their clothes, like Pony who now wears some booty shorts.

“Yeah, but let’s get back on that story because first of all” Setsuna then place her hands in a praying motion, then brings it down “What the fuck?”

“I know right?” Mina agrees “Never though Izuku would be that bold”

“That bold? Bitch he fantasizes about Jirou and dominating her” the girls didn’t notice Ibara twitching at the word dominate “What’s next? He’s good at making out?” Momo blushed at this, unfortunately for her, everybody noticed this




“MOMO WE HAD A DEAL!” Ochako yelled feeling betrayed

“It happened before we made the deal! I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did!” Momo tried to explain herself, while Tsuyu was trying to hold Ochako back

“So…” Yui started “Is he a good kisser?”

They expected her to nod or say yes or anything that will give some sort of confirmation, they didn’t expect for her to quietly moan.

Kendou, Mina, Tooru were now trying to hold back Tsuyu and Ochako

“Well, it’s a good thing you’re next, because we need an explanation girl” Setsuna smirked, Momo didn’t say anything else and just sat at the chair trying to ignore Ochako who has a rather terrifying aura surrounding her.

“I guess I should start when I actually had a certain…interest or crush on him” she coughed slightly “When I met him on the first day of classes I honestly nothing of him, he wasn’t faring well with the Apprehension Test, then he breaks his finger at that point I just judged him as the weakest link in the class.”

“Oh boy you were dead wrong” Mina says cheekily

Momo smiles fondly “I was. When he was elected as the Class Representative and me as the Vice, I thought that it will go downhill. I didn’t see him as a leader that would pull the class together”

“Still~wrong~” Tooru sang

“Yes. I judged him way too quickly back then. Seeing him now, I just want to go back and slap myself”

“You got it bad~” Pony sang

“I do”

“So when did you have a crush on him?” Kinoko questioned

“It was around the time of the Sports Festival, after my battle with Tokoyami”

-Flashback: Sports Festival (Aftermath of Tokoyami Fight)-

‘I’m a failure…’ this was the thought of Momo Yaoyorozu as she walks away from her fight ‘Fight? There was no fight. Just me standing around stupidly…do I even deserve to be here?’ She was smart sure, but academics can only take her so far. She was trying to be a hero, being smart was not enough you would lose and die, just like what happened in her match. ‘Maybe I should transfer to the Business Course, I can help with the family business

Her mother and father were quite supportive of her decision to be a hero. The majority of her father’s friends assumed her to continue with the business and fully inherit everything, while that was the plan her parents wanted her to be happy if her happiness was to be out there as a Hero then they won’t hold her back. Her mother did say that she needed to bring home a boy someday or grandkids to spoil.

‘What boy would want me?’ She knew that her suitors were just out for her family’s wealth. It was obvious really, they didn’t want her they wanted was her wealth. ‘And now with this failure? No one would want me’

She was about to turn right when she suddenly collided with someone

“AH SO-S-SORRY!” the person apologized loudly, she was about to apologize also but was shocked to see Midoriya there

“Ahh…I’m sorry as well Midoriya” she stood up and Midoriya followed “Well I must be going now, again I apologize” she was now walking away when Midoriya shout “Good fight by the way!”

He must have meant it as praise, but to her at that time just felt like mockery. Here was a boy who can’t even use his quirk without damaging himself, who also won his match, mock her for having a ‘good fight’

“There was no fight,” she said with a hint of anger, she turns around and walks towards Midoriya “There was no fight Midoriya, In case you didn’t see I just stood there making useless shields while being pushed off bounds. There was no fight, just me being useless” She finished her rant, she could feel tears threatening to spill out of her eyes.

“Are you done?” she looks up to see Midoriya smiling at her “Because I got something to say to you” she was blinking slowly, this Midoriya was confident, head held up high “First of all, you weren’t useless”

She was about to retort but he continued “You were able to block his attacks didn’t you? That’s something at least”

“But I lost” she countered


“What do you mean ‘so’? This is the Sports Festival! This is an important event to have pros scout as out and yet I failed.”

“You didn’t fail, you just lost a match”

“That’s fai-”

“You made a cannon right?”

“Huh?” shocked by the sudden question, a cannon? She did make that in the race “Y-yes I did, so wha-”

“You also made a blanket, so that you wouldn’t get electrocuted in the cavalry battle” she did make that as well, she nodded

“Sounds to me you showed your stuff.” He smiled “You made a cannon that could destroy a robot and a blanket that wouldn’t let the user get electrocuted. In the field, I might add. Sound to me you stood out from the rest”

She did, didn’t she? Nobody could do it the same as her. No one she knew could just make things on the fly as she did.

“So what if you lost this round? We all fail sometimes” he then gives her a thumbs up “It’s what we do after that said failure that counts”

What we do after the failure? What was she doing? She was looking down on herself, she was berating herself on how she was a failure and that no one would want her, what should she do then?

Learn…Learn from her failure…and improve. That’s right, she did lose but that wasn’t the end she could learn from this experience and improve. She smiled, feeling a bit better from before she was about to thank him but found him no longer in front of her, she tried to find him but after looking down she saw a bottle of water with a note ‘Looks like you figured it out, you look better without that sad look you had. Not that you don’t look good ever!...I’ll shut up now. Anyway, I hope you feel better Yaoyorozu-san. -I.M.’

She looked down at the note, and smiled ‘Izuku Midoriya…you surprised me today’

*thump thump*

Her eyes widen, hearing her heartbeat at the mention of his name. Is she? No, no it must have been a mistake, she walks away bottle in hand and blush on her cheeks

-Flashback END-

“Turns out, it wasn’t a mistake. After his fight with Todoroki I was so worried that I wanted to contact my father to get an ambulance”

“You would do that” Mina giggled “Newsflash, the moment you talk bad about yourself he just appears out of nowhere and cheers you up”

“If that isn’t a Midoriya way I don’t know what is”

“You aren’t feeling bad still right?” Ibara asked

“Oh yes, I’ve come to terms with my weaknesses and I improved, it helps that Midoriya is leading us”

“Oh yeah, we don’t know when it happened, but he just became a pseudo leader for us” Tooru agrees, every time Izuku would go out there may it be fighting a villain or doing school work. He would just put himself in front of everybody and began to drag them with him

“Yeah, the fact that he just takes charge sometimes is really surprising” Jirou states remembering the License exam. After setting back the child to the base, he went to the commander role and started giving out orders, suggestions, and things that would help them. It was quite a sight to see, he was in his element and smiling at everyone.

“Sure it’s not because you would like for him to take charge of you” Setsuna teased, Jirou blushed but then countered with

“What, and you don’t?” Setsuna balked at that also blushing, remembering certain things that Izuku said to her

“Shu-shut up”

“Good job Jirou, you made her stutter” Kendou and Jirou high fived

“So, what happened next?” Reiko inquired

“Next would be…” Momo gulped blushing “The kissing part”

The girls then leaned in, Ochako was now calm…for now

-Flashback: 8 Months Ago-

Momo was on her room’s balcony staring at the moon and stars in the sky, a couple of days ago her mother informed her that there was another suitor that requested an audience, they talked but her mother noticed her speech pattern was off, she basically squealed with delight screaming ‘My baby girl has found her man!’ Momo blushed at that denying anything related to that, her mother passed the phone to her father, and after her mother told that she finally found her man, which she still denies, of course, her father had just asked ‘So, are we preparing for a wedding soon?’ she wanted to end the call there, but she knew that her father was just teasing and had told her to be well and come home soon to visit in which she agrees.

And now here she was lost in her thoughts

‘Finally found a man huh?’ there was only one man she could think of, one that was stuck in her mind ever since the Sports Festival

“Penny for your thoughts?” said a voice, she jumped and looked left.

It was Izuku Midoriya, the boy that had been plaguing her mind ever since he cheered her up.

Who also was upside down, his blackwhip making sure he doesn’t fall

“Can I land here?” he asks and she nodded. He landed gracefully on her balcony “So-so-sorry for dropping on you like this. I got carried away with training.” Training? At this time? “S-s-so, what’s the matter?”

“What makes you think there’s something wrong?”

“Well I was upside down on your balcony and you didn’t even notice me, so…what’s up?” he asks waiting patiently. Ever so helpful, even when he doesn’t need to. What did he say? ‘Because meddling when you don’t need to is the essence of being a hero’ is such a cheesy line but fits him so well.

“Just…girl troubles” she heard him mumble ‘not again’ but chose to ignore it “Have you gotten your first kiss?”

Izuku balks at this and blushes, he scratches his head but answered “…Yes” she was going to ignore the hurt she felt in her heart

“…Oh, how did it happen?” the romance novel lover side of her wanted to know the magical moment of a first kiss, she never had her first kiss stolen yet and wonders if everything she read about was true.

“Uhh…well..” he was visibly uncomfortable as he just starts fidgeting and looks down, Momo was of course human and saw this

“You don’t have to tell me” she smiles gently “I was just curious”

He looks at her but then he took a deep breath “It happened…because of a dare or I guess a prank also” she now understood why he didn’t want to tell the story, she sends him a sympathetic look but he continues “Basically back in middle school, there was this girl who told me that she liked me and I had to go to the tree that was close to the entrance. I was excited at that time, a girl noticed me and actually like me…but I guess even that is just a dream for me”

‘I like you’ she said in her mind as Izuku leaned on the railing

“She then came and kissed me” he had a bitter smile “I enjoyed it at that time, but then she pulled away, backed away a bit. Next thing I knew paint was being poured from above and onto my head. The girl just laughed at me saying that no girl would ever want a useless moron like me”

‘That bitch’ “What was her name?” she ask while smiling innocently at him

“Hmm? I think it was Takara Naomi…why?”

“Oh nothing” she made a mental note to destroy this girl. “That wasn’t a good thing to do to you, are you alright?” she asks worriedly, she was not expecting that kind of story from him, having that kind of situation happen to you would certainly leave an impact.

“I’m fine, it was a long time ago anyway” she sets a mental reminder to give this boy all the love he needs “So how about you? How was yours?”

“…I haven’t had my first kiss yet” she admits, she looks away as blush then began to creep up “I have many suitors, but they never seemed to ever want to be with me and just my family’s wealth. So I never had the luxury to experience such things.”

“Oh” they were then quiet for a moment until Izuku ask something that set Momo off “…Do you want to?”

“Eh?” she looked at him as if he grew a second head, he realizes what he just said

“Ah! I-I ju-just me-me-meant that yo-you know, if you want to you know…I’ll shut up now” Izuku looked away doing an impressive imitation of a tomato. It took her a moment but she calmed herself down

“Midoriya…are you asking…if I want to kiss…you”

He gulped “I-It do-doesn’t have to be m-me…but yeah”

She gulped, this was it. This was her chance. ‘Ochako I’m sorry. But I want him’

“Ok” she walked forward, cupped his cheek, and leaned down, she was taller than him after all. When their lips met it was…magical

The novels didn’t do this experience justice, it was as if you were floating in an endless void while also having something sweet in your mouth.

Izuku put his hands on her waist and deepened the kiss and after a moment they pulled away. She was slightly panting and so was Izuku, but both of them looked at each other's eyes and knew they wanted more. Their lips met once more, but this time Momo let her instincts take over her as she asked permission with her tongue, he paused a bit but he opened his mouth and they were now making out. Tongues battled for dominance and Momo won…for a moment, once Izuku got used to the situation he was now the dominant one. His hands traveled to her thighs and she purred at his touch. She tried to take control once more but he squeezed her thigh making her moan and him gaining the upper hand. He surprised her once more as he lifted her using her thighs and pinned her to the wall, she gasped in pain slightly but that didn’t let it hinder their session. They pulled away saliva trailing, but the look in his eyes said that he wasn’t done yet.

“More” she moaned out and he happily obliged, carrying her to her bed, he dropped her and took of his shirt, Momo purred seeing his shirtless chest, all those scars from his battles, all those muscles. It was hers for tonight. He leaned down and captured her lips once more, try as she might she can’t get back the control, Izuku was in control and she wasn’t complaining, his hands then explored her back but he then growled ‘God that was hot’

“Off” he commanded ‘That’s even hotter’

Following his command she took off her shirt and leaving her breasts out in the open, she was still wearing a bra, but she was almost naked. He growled and leaned down once more capturing her lips and continuing her make-out session. She didn’t want this to end

*knock knock* Fuck you fate

Hearing the knock snapped the both of them back to their senses, Izuku panicked and jumped out the window, Momo frantically grabbed a shirt and put it on. Opening the door she was met by the sight of Jirou

“Hey, can I borrow....isn’t that shirt a little too tight?”

Momo looked down, in her haste to grab a shirt she didn’t notice she grabbed Izuku’s shirt.

“Ah yes, I was just…re organizing things and I found an old shirt. I just wanted to see if it would fit me”

“No offense, but it is kinda small” Jirou blushed

“I agree, so what was it that you wanted?”

“Oh dang I forgot, hmmm. Oh well, I’ll tell you tomorrow once I remember”

“Ah I see, see you tomorrow” she then waved goodbye and shut the door. She leaned on the door until she remembered something “Izuku!” she went to the balcony only to see Izuku gripping the side of the railing.



“Is it safe to come inside now?” she nodded as Izuku climbed back in “So…that happened” he was scratching his head and blushed, remembering what they were doing, she knows because she was also blushing

“W-well it’s getting late so might as well get some sleep.” He walks out of the door and Momo accompanies him, he was now outside and turns around

“ was it?”


“The kiss…was it, fine for you?”

“Oh!” Fine? It was more than fine, it was fantastic! “It was…everything I hoped for” and more, but she wasn’t going to say that

“Ah good, well just tell me if you want to do it again” he said nonchalantly, it took him a second to realize what he just said and he sputtered “I-I-I-I-I-I-”

“Goodnightizukuthankyouforhelpingme” Momo slammed the door close and she began to slide down ‘Why did I do that? Now he thinks I’m a weirdo’ she looks down noticing that she was still wearing his shirt, she brought the collar up to her nose and took a sniff making her sigh.

‘Smells just like him’


Her phone began to ring, she stood up and approached her phone looking at the caller ID, her mother was calling her. ‘This late at night?’ picking up her phone she answered the call “Yes mother?”

“My mother senses are tingling, you’ve fallen in love” she could practically hear her mother’s muffled squeals

“Mother, I don-” she stopped herself, remembering what just happened a few minutes ago “…How…how are you sure?”

“Ask yourself this my dear” her mother switches to a gentle motherly voice “Do you see yourself without him in your life?”

Without him?

She tries to imagine herself without him, getting married to someone else, comforted by someone else, having…kids with someone else. Everything felt wrong.

“Now imagine yourself with him”

She did, and each image in her mind just brought a smile to her face. She could see herself walking down the aisle with Izuku waiting for her smiling at her all the way.

“So, my dear” her mother’s voice snapping her out of her daydream “Have you fallen in love?”

Has she?

“Yes, yes I have” ‘…you better take responsibility Izuku~’

“Oh ho, Izuku huh~”

She said that out loud didn’t she….shit

-Flashback END-

“And that’s my story” Momo finished with a slight blush on her cheeks, she would admit that the story was…not that romantic at all.

Jirou excused herself to go to the bathroom followed by Ibara.

The girls were just staring at her and Momo fidget a bit under their stares.

“So what happened to the girl?” Ochako asked her bangs shadowing her eyes “Takara Naomi, what happened to her”

“Oh, I eventually found her. She’s a single mother working as a janitor for a small company”

“I know it’s not heroic to wish bad for people, but good riddance” Kinoko said with Pony agreeing

“*sigh*, yes, unfortunately, Izuku found me looking her up saw what I found and said that ‘Can’t leave her like that’ so now she works as a promoter in one of our small companies”

“Leave it to Izuku to defend other people, even though said people did horrible things to him” Tooru commented a bit annoyed that the girl got off easy

“Well it wouldn’t be Izuku if he was selfish” at this point Jirou and Ibara came back

“So, the story is good and all but here’s the most important question!” Mina stood up and pointed at Momo “How good of a kisser is he?!”

At this Momo blushed ‘Oh wow, he’s that good?’

“It was…magical, no just out of this world. Just being in his arms just makes you feel safe and lowers your guard” the girls leaned in cooing at the description “Then when he takes full control it was nothing like it. Like a predator looming over you, you can’t help but just feel powerless, helpless, and no matter how much you try to fight him he will always come up on top” she finishes and Jirou, Ibara, and Yui had to excuse themselves.

“Damn girl” Setsuna whistles “Kinda jealous you got your hands on him first”

“I’m still annoyed about that..” Ochako then sighs “But I guess it was before we made a deal, so I guess it’s fine.”

“Dibs on his virginity” Tsuyu said bluntly

“NOOOO! TSU NO FAIR” Ochako was now crying “We were supposed to be each others’ first”

Tsuyu then let out a chuckle with a few kero, the others began to laugh at the dynamic of the two

“But seriously, the guy would just help anybody huh.”

“If they need help, he will come to their aid”

“Even if he breaks his body in the process”

“How does he keep going after that?”

“Pure adrenaline mostly” the girls giggled at that

“So, who’s next?” Reiko asks once everything was calming down

“Me!” Mina energetically went to the chair

“Excited are we?” Setsuna teased

“Well mine goes a bit differently than you guys, I didn’t actually have a crush on him, when I saw him the first day I immediately looked at his hair” Mina pointed at her own hair “We’re basically the same, so I thought ‘Floof Buddies!’, that’s pretty much how I got him stuck to my head.”

“So what made you want him then?”

“Well” she chuckled scratching her head “ I planned to seduce him, then break his heart so that he would go to Ochako” the girls stared at her for a long time

“Mina that’s mean” Tooru stated and Setsuna agreed

“Considering how he got his heart broken the first time, you’re just abusing him”

“I-I-I know that! It was a good plan at the time, so I went for it”

“But you still shouldn’t have done it”

“Wait you said tried, what happened?”

“Well see here’s the thing…” she smiled innocently at them while her cheeks turn a shade of lilac “…it backfired”

-Flashback: 7 months ago-

It was the perfect plan. Make Izuku fall in love with her, break his heart (Sorry Izuku) then have Ochako save the boy and they would live happily ever after and have cute kids.

Mina shook her head, first thing first is to seduce Izuku and get his attention. Thanks to Kirishima she knew what the boy likes. Oh sure Izuku likes boobs, but he likes butts even more. She overhead Kirishima, Kaminari, and Izuku talking, the subject of course were what did they like in their women. Kaminari was more of the curvy one, Kirishima was amazons, and Izuku admitted that he likes butts. The boys talked it over some more but she just left after that.

Step 1 was to get his attention, easy. She would wear booty shorts and bend over in front of him, surely he would at least stare at her, giving enough time for her to catch him and invite him to her room to ‘apologize’, but as she turns around and saw him walking away. ‘That was unexpected’

Her second attempt was during one of her lessons, he asked her to teach him how to breakdance, saying that he was trying a new move she agreed, of course, this time she would be stretching giving him an ample view of her butt, she would catch him and then proceed to ask for an apology, but as she turns, she saw him stretching while facing away from her. ‘Okay this is starting to get annoying’

She was done with her 20th attempt and she was so tired, she was so busy getting his attention that she forgot about a test that was going to happen in just a few days. She was then terrified knowing she would fail, but fate seems to be on her side that day as Izuku the shining knight that he is, offered to help her study. ‘This is it!’ She agreed and here she was

She was wearing some booty shorts while also wearing a loose undershirt, she still had her sports bra so she was not completely naked. She was going all out to get his attention, make him fall for her, and go to Ochako

Shaking her head she re-runs the plan on her head.

  1. Study for the exams for a bit
  2. Lean over to give him some view
  3. Make him embarrassed
  4. Ask him out seductively with her awesome seduction powers that she knew existed somewhere.

Then a knock was heard and she went straight for the door, seeing Izuku in his famous shirts with puns and some shorts, he blushed looking at her outfit ‘Perfect’ but then just smiles. He went inside and she began her perfect plan

The plan crashed and burned the moment that they actually studied, they had so many to go over that she was tempted to just say screw it, but she needed to pass so she at least needed something to remember. Thankfully Izuku helping her study actually helped her understand the lessons, he would be patient when she wasn’t getting anything at all, he would explain things to her that even she would understand, heck he even uses old movies as his examples, she liked how he used the Alien movie, like if the alien were to get launched out to space, how fast or how far it would travel would actually make sense to her. She hate to admit it, but she was learning.

By the time they were done they finished about 80% of the things they needed to study for the exam, she was actually confident for once, Izuku said good night and walked to his room. She was tired herself, who knew studying would actually be this exhausting, not even bothering to change she crawled to her bed, went under the covers, and closed her eyes with one last thought in her mind

‘Izuku was kinda cute and helpful, plus he was patient with me….wouldn’t mind dating him’ Sleep soon overtook her and she finally rested.

Her eyes snapped open in realization

‘Uh oh’

-Flashback END-

“Uh oh is right” Setsuna laughing maniacally “that backfired on you so hard”

“I do admit that I find it funny Mina” Momo tries to stifle her laugh “You went through all that effort and you ended up falling for him”

“Yeah, it still irritates me how he’s so lovable”

“Oh we know” the girls agreed

“…so he’s an ass man” they turn to see Yui looking at Mina “He likes butts you said”

“Or thighs” said Tsuyu, noticing the looks she simply explained, “I noticed him looking at my thighs when we were training *kero*”

“Welp it if it’s butts then Yui got you beat” Setsuna pointed at Yu “This girl has a butt that greenie would like”

“Oh, you think you got a better butt than me?” Mina challenged and Yui smirked

“I don’t ‘think’, I ‘know’ I have better butt”

“Ahem” Reiko coughed “I believe I also have a better butt”

“Didn’t Izuku said that Jirou had a cute butt?” said girl blushed remembering her time with Izuku

“He did, but Tsuyu has the butt, hips, and thighs. So clearly she’s the best”

“True, but Ochako has the butt that would be comfortable to sleep on”

Kendou just rubbed her forehead at the conversation ‘If it’s the best butt then it’s mine, he pretty much kept grabbing it whenever we trained’ she looked up and saw the girls staring at her “I said that out loud didn’t I?”


“I-I-I think w-we should let Mina continue” Kendou tries to make an excuse

“We’re not done yet woman”

“So anyway, after I realized that I had a crush on Midori, I tried to just deny it or like bury it, because I really wanted for Ochako to have him” Mina explained, while Ochako was just staring at her “So 2 days after the exam, which I totally passed by the way, I told Izuku that I would teach him ballroom dancing”

“Ballroom dancing? Why?” Momo asked surprised

“Well, I kinda just wanted to talk to him while y’know…we were close to each other. But I told him that it was so that his body would relax and not actually be in the middle of the stress of breakdancing”

“He fell for that?”

“Yep, if you tell him that it was key to being a hero in some way, he would go full steam ahead. Anyway, this is how it went down…”

-Flashback: 6 days after Mina’s realization-

She wasn’t going to fail this time. She would make sure that Izuku would notice Ochako’s love and make them an official couple. Her making Izuku fall for her backfired, making her having a cru-

She shook her head. No, she was not crushing Izuku. She was just grateful for teaching her, she passed the exam after all. That was it, just her being grateful. And no, the pain in her heart was not her being upset that Ochako would get Izuku and be happy with him leaving her alone…it was not that at all.

She sighed and looked down at what she was wearing, she was just wearing a simple black dress, with her shoulders exposed and the dress just going slightly above her knees.

Hopefully, she could make Izuku realize Ochako’s feelings, otherwise….she didn’t know.

Hearing the doors of the stadium opened and she turns around, expecting Izuku to just wear a plain white dress shirt with jeans and his red shoes. What she saw made her jaw drop and a blush went to her cheeks

He was wearing a green dress shirt and over that was a black vest and a red tie, the dress shirt was folded showing his forearm and his scars, he was wearing black slacks and black shoes, his hair was also slightly combed to the left. Overall, he looked hot

‘Midori, why are you doing this to me!’ she whined in her head as her heart then began to hammer

“He-hey Ashido. Sorry, this is what I only had in my closet.” He rubbed his head and chuckled weakly

“I-i-i-i-t’s fine, le-let’s just…start” she pressed play on the boombox she brought and music filled the stadium.

She began instructing him on what to do, where to step, where to hold, etc., but something was bothering her.

“Do you know how to dance?” she asked, she expected that his moves to be sluggish or amateurish, but even as she instructs him, it almost feels like he already knows what he’s doing

“No-not exactly” he admitted and they continued dancing with his hands on her hips and hers on his shoulders “My-my mom used to be a ch-champion in ball dancing, I saw her watching her old videos and she taught me when I was a kid” Mina giggled, imagining a kid Izuku just trying to dance “So I guess I kinda picked it up from her, but it was so long ago that I danced that I don’t even remember some things”

“Well, you seem to be a natural at this, care to take me up for a spin?” she challenged, she was a dancer through and through, and hearing that a classmate was also a dancer? Well, he just pushed all the right buttons.

Izuku gulped but smiled “A-a-any chance you watched Dj Ice?” her eyes widen hearing that, she absolutely loved that! Letting go of her, and ignoring the side of her wanting his hold back, she watched him go to the boombox and chose a song he pressed something and then Cheap Thrills began to play

‘No fucking way’ he approached her smiled

“Wanna dance?” his grin was not out of nervousness but full of confidence. She grins.

They then danced to their heart's content, she smiled seeing how Izuku just swung his feet and how just…expressive he was, she laughed when Izuku just basically danced to get to her other side. Her? She was just having fun, no matter how she sway her hips, how excessive she kicked, or even how she would be spinning the whole time, she would just be smiling the whole way. She was nervous when she was going down, but there was nothing to worry about because Izuku just catches her. She just keeps laughing how he just expresses when he dances, it was a side no one got to see, and yet here she was.

Everything just felt…right, the way he holds her, the way they just synchronized with each step, the way he smiles, the way he laughs, the way his eyes just shines so bright

‘Am…am..I? I can’t! What about Ochako? She loves him, I can’t also be…in love with him’

They finished their dance as they each held each other panting, for a long time they were just staring at each other’s eyes, holding each other in their embrace.

And then…she kissed him

-Flashback Interrupt-



-Flashback Continuation-

They finished their dance as they each held each other panting, for a long time they were just staring at each other’s eyes, holding each other in their embrace.

“Her eyes are so exotic” he mumbles not realizing she heard him, but she didn’t care. She just wanted for this moment to never end.



They jumped out of each other’s embrace and looked at the entrance where there were a large group of students and teachers. All of them were clapping and cheering. Aizawa was to the side holding a phone obviously recording them, Midnight was over there wiping a tear out of her eye while also clapping and yelling ‘Bravo! Bravo!’, Present Mic was yelling but was unheard due to the claps and cheers.

“Your time was up when the song began” Aizawa explained pocketing his phone

“But we didn’t stop you, as Aizawa said and I quote ‘It would be illogical’” Present mic chimed in.

“Then the General course came and we just pretty much watched you two perform” Midnight explained, then gushed “But you two were beautiful, just seeing how you two were in sync with your movements made it look so good” then the general course came and pretty much told the same thing, after a few minutes they were able to walk out.

Izuku’s tie was gone and he pocketed it, while his vest was now open. They were walking back to the dorms. Mina was…lost in thought.

She planned to get him closer to Ochako, and yet like the other plan it didn’t happen. She just realized that she loves the guy, which shouldn’t even happen!

And yet…it did. She fell in love and she doesn’t know what to do. She wanted him to be with Ochako, it was destined, she knew it. They would be the perfect couple!

But what about her? She would be alone, she might find some guy in the future. But they weren’t Izuku. This was not those average crushes that you could just move on when you say fuck it, no. This was love. Pure love. She loves him. She wants him.

But what about Ochako? She would be happy, but she wouldn’t.

“Something on your mind?” said the man who was in her mind ‘Yes, you’re on my mind you big idiot’

She sighs. She made a decision. She would make him happy.

She skipped ahead and looked at the sky seeing the moon and the stars “Hey Midori” she heard him choke on the nickname, she giggled ‘Dork’ “What if there was a girl that liked you?”

“H-huh? Me? I-i-i-I don’t think that’s pos-possible Ashi--”

“Mina” she interrupts him “Call me Mina, you basically sweep me off of my feet earlier so might as well” she smiled gently at him and he blushed

“O-o-okay Mina” she smiled, ignoring how her heart just basically fluttered hearing her name

“But you didn’t answer the question”

“I just don’t thi-”

“But what if?” she insisted, Izuku looked at her and sighed

“I guess…I would also like them, kinda depends I guess.”

“What if it was Uraraka?” she asked finally turning to face him “What if Uraraka likes you?” he blushed but thought it through, she waited patiently waited for his answer

“I…I wouldn’t mind that. I guess I can see us being together, bu-but I…I don’t know. I want to see her happy I guess, so if she likes me then…I’ll make sure that she’s happy” he finished with a gentle smile and a slight blush on his cheeks. ‘Ochako, you’re so lucky’

She just wanted to end it there, finish with tease and call it a day. But against her better judgment, her mouth didn’t listen

“What if there was someone else that liked you?” she said staring at him with a blush on her cheeks “What if…Ochako likes you, but someone also likes you. Who would you choose?”

She wasn’t looking at him anymore, just the stars above while she waited for his answer. ‘He’s going to choose Ochako…when he does…maybe I can try to move on.’



She looks at him “I’ll choose both”

She still stares at him, she was about to yell he can’t just choose both but he then continued “I know it’s such a douche move, but I just can’t see myself choosing just one. If I know that someone other than Ochacko likes me then I can’t choose one and let the other be unhappy” he stares directly at her eyes “I will try my damndest to make the both of them happy, no matter what it takes”

They stare at each other for a long time, then suddenly Mina laughed

“Hahahahaha” Izuku just blushed realizing what he just said. “I’m sorry I’m sorry” she said while laughing “It’s just—you were so serious” she didn’t know why but…she felt lighter.

“So you’ll choose both” she asks after calming down

“Ye-yeah” Mina just smiled

“Well you better live up to that promise and make the both of them happy!” she grabs his hand and pulled him towards the dorms

‘Both huh?’ She looks at him and smiles, he returns the smile with his own

‘I’ll be waiting Izuku~’

-Flashback END-

“And that’s about it” she finishes and stares at the girls, which they just stared at her “Uhhh gals?”

She was then tackled to the ground by a crying Ochako

“I’m so sorry you went through all that because of me!” she said while tears were falling

“I-it’s okay Ocha, no harm done”

“That was very beautiful Ashido” Reiko stated while Ibara nodded.

“Gotta say, didn’t expect that from you pinky” Setsuna teased “Pretty sure you would have stuck with the ‘seducing’ plan all the way”

“If she did, she might need a lingerie next”

“Would you believe that I actually considered that” they then laughed imagining Mina in lingerie trying to seduce Izuku

“But seriously, you went through all that trouble just so Izuku and Ochako would get closer, which then backfires to you falling in love with him” Tsuyu summarized

“That about sums it up” Mina said while getting up from the ground

“He then said that he would choose both if there were some other girls that would be interested in him”

“Newsflash, there are a total of 13 girls that are interested in him.” Tooru chimed in

“Wonder how he would react after knowing that all of us are interested in him?”

“Pretty sure he would flood the whole dorms from crying” they laughed, Kendou looked at the time

“We pretty much have a few hours left before the boys come back from their outing”

“Let’s continue with the stories!”

“Who’s next?”

“Me!” Tooru shouted, then sat on the chair “It all started with an online dating app”

Chapter Text

“Me!” Tooru shouted, then sat on the chair “It all started with an online dating app”

“Wait you were using a dating app? Why?” Mina asked curiously as to why her best friend would use something like that

“Well, I kinda wanted to meet someone that’s y’know, not actually in our university or class” Tooru then continued “After a few weeks of using the app, I finally got matched with a guy, we talked and talked until we decided to finally meet at a mall. Normally you’re not allowed to go alone, but Midnight volunteered to come with me as she planned to buy something in the mall anyway.”

“So, did you know what the guy looked like beforehand?”

“No, the app doesn’t let you see each other, doesn’t let you give or take photos, so the identity of the person will always be a mystery unless you two decide to actually meet.”

“Got all that Mina?” Setsuna teased and Mina pouted

“I’m not that dumb!”

“Anyway, after all the stressful schoolwork, it was finally time for my date” the girls could feel the joy in the Tooru’s voice slowly disappear “I went there, I saw him and he…saw me”

‘Oh’ the majority of the girls finally realized the problem. Tooru was invisible, the majority of people would instantly go for looks, and Tooru…

“I’m fine, don’t worry” They can hear her voice slowly returning its joy “There’s a happy ending to this”

-Flashback: 6 Months Ago-

She was a fool to hope that her date would actually like her, ‘He was probably expecting a cute girl and not…air’ she sighed, she had hoped that the people she would meet in that dating app would like her for her personality and not just her looks or lack thereof, it just seemed perfect. Nobody knows what they look like, giving them time to get to know each other.

‘I guess that’s why he wanted to speedrun everything. He was kind of too flirty now that I think about it’ It was probably her fault too, she didn’t mention what her Quirk was so the guy would have gotten his hopes up and was excited to meet a cute girl. ‘Welp looks like I’m uninstalling that app now’

She now had to wait for Midnight to finish her shopping and go home, so for now, she would sit here on this bench.

“Hagakure-san?” someone called out to her, looking to her left she saw 2A’s golden boy, Izuku Midoriya dressed in jeans and an All Might hoodie.

“Midoriya? What are you doing here?” she questioned, why would Midoriya be here? Did he have a date too? Or was he just shopping?

“Oh, Aizawa-sensei told me to come with him to the mall to grab some stuff, but then when we got here he just gave me some money and just said ‘Go do what you do best’ and walked away. So I’ve just been wandering mostly. H-how about you?”

“I had a date today, came here with Midnight-sensei. Right about now I’m just waiting for her to come back”

“Ah, so how was your date?” he asked casually

“It was…fun!” she hesitated, but she didn’t need to bring down the mood “We talked and got ice cream, and…that’s it.” She finished slightly sad, her date wasn’t enjoyable at all, the moment her date got here and looked at her, she could feel the disappointment in him, he pretty much just wanted to get out, but was not trying to be mean, she gave him an out when she said that there was an emergency and he just agreed, saying he had something to do also.

“This seat taken?” Izuku pointed at the empty spot next to her while giving her a gentle smile.

“Nope, go ahead” he sat down and leaned back enjoying the noise of the busy mall. They just sat there for a moment, until Izuku opened his mouth

“If you want to vent, I can listen”

“To what?” was she that obvious?

“I know you’re lying” he pointed at her shoulders “Your shoulders are a bit slump and you’re not as expressive as you are when we’re in the dorms”

He…paid attention to her? Tooru was shocked that Midoriya was able to know when she was lying or happy, she thought she was able to fake her mood considering that no one can see her face, and yet here was Izuku looking at her eyes….wait.

She looked at his eyes and noticed that they were looking at her yes…not through them, but actually looking. ‘Can he…see me?’

Izuku seemed to have taken notice of this “A-ah, y-you must be w-wond-ering how I can” he gestured to his eyes “’see’ you” she nodded “Well, during our fi-first year I kinda took the effort to know where you are, I guess you can call it training when I face a villain with a quirk like yours. But during those time I kinda developed a…sixth sense and when I look at you, I would imagine a shape of a face and guess where your eyes are” he explained.

This was shocking news to her. Somehow she felt warm inside. She decided to test his skills and she moved her head and his eyes followed her. ‘Huh, you’re full of surprises Midoriya’

“I mean…it’s not that much trouble really. My date just pretty much came in we talked, now that I think about it even our talks were a bit bland, almost as if he wasn’t trying” and so she began her rant, she was just to keep it short, but her feeling began to surface and she just went on and on.

After her rant she was out of breath, how long was she talking? 5 minutes?

“15 minutes” said a voice, looking to her right she saw Izuku Midoriya smiling gently at her with two drinks in his hand “Y-you were mumbling” he handed her a drink, it was a caramel flavored drink “You might be thirsty so I bought you some”

She took the drink and drank ‘Hmm, caramel…how I love you so’

“So…you had a bad date” Izuku summarized “A-and now, you’re just waiting for sensei to come back”

“Pretty much” she was feeling better after ranting her feelings out “It’s a shame though, I was really excited for this date.” She did wait and imagined that this day would be fun, it wasn’t all bad, Midoriya cheered her up.

“W-well…it doesn’t h-have to end” Izuku stuttered and Tooru raised her eyebrow

“What do you mean?”

“Your date…you can still enjoy it” he said blushing and she frowned

“Midoriya, if you weren’t listening, my date is gone and pretty much ditched me--”

“I’ll be your date” he said suddenly and this got her to shut up


He coughed and began to impersonate a tomato, pretty sure she could see steam coming out from his ears “Wo-wou-would you like to go on a d-date with me?”

She was shocked, to say the least. A date? A proper one? She smiled

“I-I know that I’m not a g-good date so I-” he was interrupted as Tooru grab his hand and began to drag him

“Let’s go!”

-2 hours later-

What was she upset about again? She couldn’t remember, she was having way too much of a blast with Midoriya to remember.

First, they went to a café and chatted a bit, Midoriya mostly talked about heroes and his time in his work-study, there was an incident in the office that they call the ‘curry incident’, in which someone brought a curry mix of what Endeavor was selling, they then tried it and half the people in the building was chugging milk after one bite, the only survivor was Todoroki, Bakugou, and Midoriya. She was surprised at that, turns out he had a sort of immunity thanks to Bakugo’s mother who specializes in spiciness that would make you breathe fire at some point. While Tooru just told about all the funny shenanigans that happened in her life. She told about when she was a kid she would hide from her mother after taking a bath, she would open the front door but hide inside the house, she would get scolded but she would still laugh at the memory. After the café they went to an arcade, after winning a few games they finally exchanged their tickets for a few prizes, she now has a new stuffed animal to her collection and Izuku now has an All Might Thumbs-up glove.

She turned to her left and saw a punching machine “Hey Midoriya, wanna try that?” Izuku looked at the machine and it was an All Might theme, he smiled like a kid in a candy store and nodded.

The machine was titled “Punch the Villain! Go Plus Ultra!” on the side it said that the machine was designed from a fight that All Might had all those years ago. Which according to Izuku was true, because instead of a normal red bag it was a grey chest, base on Izuku it was based on a villain called ‘Tough Skin’, the villain’s quirk was able to handle one of All Might’s punches making it one of the top 5 longest fights that All Might had. The machine was free to use and anyone can go whenever they want, but considering that this was based on a villain that even All Might slightly struggle with, the odds were not in the players’ favor. But to make it even more unfair, quirks were not allowed.

She looked at the prize and it was a 130 cm green stuffed bunny, she would admit that it was cute and would be her favorite in her collection, but she also knew the odds were not in their favor it’s not like Izuku is strong as All Might…right?

Then the whispers began

“You think the guy would try the machine?”

“No way, that thing is impossible. Even if he did he would break his hand in the process”

“Yeah, I mean look at him. He’s probably skin and bones”

“You think that’s his girl?”

“Pfft, what does he see in her? Her personality?” she could hear the snickering and can’t help but be annoyed. If only they knew how strong Izuku was, she was about to tell him that they should go but he turned to her and pointed at the prize

“You want that?”


“The stuffed animal? I know you like those things, so do you want it?”

“I-I do, b-but, Izuku it’s impos” He wasn’t listening as he just smiled and took off his hoodie to reveal he was wearing an undershirt, showing his muscles and scars from all those fights he had. She could probably hear the jaw drop from the staff and the people that were whispering before. One of them even wolf-whistled at him. ‘Back off! He’s my date!’

“One green stuff animal, coming right up” he then went to a stance.

Raised his fist, and punched, his fist blurring in a blink of an eye and wind slightly picked up, she felt her hair move due to the wind and she was shocked at the result and so was the spectators behind her.

She expected the thing to not move at all, what she didn’t expect was for the chest to cave in and be sent back to the machine and be embedded to said machine. The machine burst to life with All Might’s voice ‘PLUS ULTRA! CONGRATULATIONS! HERE’S YOUR PRIZE!’ The machine dropped the stuffed bunny and Izuku caught it, he went to her and presented her the stuffed animal

“Tada” he said simply blinding her with that smile of his, she took it and hugged the toy as if it was the most precious thing she has. “Come on, let’s get some ice cream” he grabs her hand and pulls her away out of the arcade

And here they were back to the bench they once sat at and were enjoying some ice cream with her two stuffed animals. She enjoyed her date, heck this was the best date she ever had and it was all thanks to the green-haired boy who was enjoying his All Might special ice cream. She giggled.

“You really like All Might huh?” she said, obviously he did. He has a room filled with merchandise of said hero.

“He’s my hero” he said simply as if it was just a fact. “He inspired me to be a hero, to smile, to save people. He was the reason I wanted to become a hero. I wanted to be like him, I wanted to save people with a smile and make those people smile.” He then scratched his head “I guess that’s also the reason why I couldn’t just let you be sad.” She stared at him after that

“W-why?” she would ignore that her heart was trying to hammer itself out of her chest.

“Because how can I call myself a hero, if I can’t even make one cute girl smile” he smiled at her and Tooru could feel the heat rushing to her face

‘Cute?’ she might have said that out loud because he then turned into a blushing mess

“Ah! I-I-I-I m-ean not cute! NO! You are cute! Adorable even! No, wait! But you’re also beautiful, no I meant I aahh” he was just spitting words while flailing his arms, it was amazing that his ice cream hasn’t fallen yet. But Tooru was now focusing on what she was feeling right now

‘There’s no way right? There’s no way I’m falling for him. He cheered me up because I was his friend. Nothing more, nothing less’

‘Then why do I feel disappointed at that?’

Her mind then went to a talk that she and her mother once had when talking about relationships

“Learning to love?” kid Tooru asked

“Yep, you’re not just gonna fall in love at first sight, there are times where you just have to learn to love them first. Then if you’re sure, commit yourself”

Back to the present, she was still staring at Izuku who was trying to form a sentence.

She smiled

‘All right then’

She leaned in and kissed his cheek “You’re cute to Izu~”

It was at this point that he shut up and his ice cream finally fell, he then stared at nothing while also blushing crazy

“Ahem” she turned and saw Midnight in casual clothes, “I think it’s time for us to get you home” she smiled knowingly.

Tooru then stood up and picked up her stuffed animals. “Okay!” she then saw Aizawa behind Midnight with a wheelbarrow, she raised her eyebrows but shrugged.

She and Midnight then began to walk out of the mall

“Had fun?” asked Midnight

“Yes sensei!” hugging her stuffed animals tight. ‘One day Izu’ she turned around and saw Aizawa putting Izuku on the wheelbarrow and proceed to carry him to the other exit

‘I’ll love you’

-Flashback END-

“The End” Tooru finished her arms wide and joy in her voice. The girls clapped

“Wait was it that same day, that I informed you of my plan?” Tsu asked finger at the bottom of her lip

“If by informing me, you mean you knocking on my door and playing the Russian anthem then yes”

“I’m not sorry *Kero*”

“Okay first off” Kendou started “Whoever your first date was, he was a dick and I’m glad Izuku came to the rescue” the girls nodded in agreement “Second, he punched the machine…without a quirk?”

“Yeah, his usual lightning thing didn’t appear so I guess he didn’t” Tooru thought back, but Setsuna jumped in

“Okay I’m with Prez on this one” Setsuna “You’re telling me that broccoli pretty much destroyed a punching machine, designed from one of the longest fights that All Might had” but then Kinoko butted in with her counter

“And you’re surprised?” they couldn’t see it but they could feel the girl’s eyes were raised “Are you forgetting the joint training? Aka the day that you fell in love with him, aka the day that I realized I have dom and daddy kink”

“Too much information Kinoko!” Kendou scolded but she had blush on her cheeks

“Don’t kink shame me woman!” Kinoko pouted but then pointed an accusing finger at Kendou “And don’t lie, Ms. “Harder! Harder! Oh God! Break me!” I could practically hear you from my room! And I’m 4 doors away from you!” It was at this point that Kendou lunged and Kinoko yelped and ran away, Kendou then gave chase at the mushroom girl, while the rest of the girls just laughed.

It took Kendou 5 minutes to catch Kinoko, all through that time, the redhead was laughing and was just having fun.

“Did you really have to call me out like that” despite calming down, Kendou was still blushing

“The truth will set you free~” Setsuna, Mina, Tooru, Pony and Kinoko sang

“Fine” Kendou huffed “I want to be dominated, I want it rough to the point I’m just a gasping mess. There happy?” She looked away, some of the girls cheered, while some just said ‘Mood’

“I mean, if we’re confessing then I guess I’ll go next” Setsuna raised her hand dramatically “I used to be a dom, but after meeting green I kinda had a…epiphany ”

“Hmm? How so?”

“Well I still like to be a dom, teasing and just taking control…but now I guess I like it when someone puts up a fight and wins. It’s weird like I want to be a dom, but I’ll turn to a sub if the said partner was y’know…would put up a fight”

“That is interesting, but I do not know what the right term for that” Momo “Maybe a switch?”

“Maybe” Setsuna then made a dismissive motion “But enough about that, how about you guys?”


“Nothing would leave this room…correct?” said a low voice, but can still be heard. They looked at Ibara as she just fidgets in her chair

“Of course” Kendou “Nothing will leave this room Ibara, whatever you confess it will stay right here and no one will speak of it outside of our group” she smiled gently

“Look if this is about what I walked in on,” Setsuna said making Ibara blushed “Don’t worry, I’m not judging, it was surprising sure, but I’m not going to judge you for that”

“Correct, but don’t take this as peer pressure Ibara, feel free to share this with us when you want to” said Reiko, and the ghost girl just gave her friend a thumbs up

“Yeah girl” Ochako gave her two thumbs up “Don’t worry, we’ll keep it a secret. Right Mina” said girl balked

“Of course! I love gossip but I know where to draw the line!”

The rest of the girls nodded and waited patiently for Ibara who gave them a look of thanks.

“..d..m” she whispered lowly, the girls weren’t able to hear it

“Uhhh, we didn’t quite catch that”

Ibara took a deep breath


The girls blinked

Ibara fidgeted

“Wow, that uhh…huh” Kendou was not able to form words, the majority of the girls were in the same boat. They didn’t expect this from the Christian girl

“It’s disgusting I know” Ibara looked away and the girls panicked

“No no no! It’s not! It’s just…surprising is all” Pony admitted

“Yeah, it’s just wasn’t what we expected” Mina chuckled “Didn’t know you were into that”

“I’m not into public humiliation, or being hurt pyshically” Ibara clarified taking a deep breath “I’m just interested in…being tied up, blindfold, edging, dirty talk….spanking” Yui had to wipe a drool that was coming out of her mouth “while also feeling safe that my partner wouldn’t go far and would know my limits. I still would like to feel the touch and warm feeling of his arms around me as a man that can break me can still love me with his gentle kindness”

Ibara looked up and the girls were just slack-jawed with blushes on their cheeks

“Ummm, did I say something wrong?” Ibara blushed “Oh my, I shouldn’t have said any of th-”

“Ibara that was beautiful!” Kinoko cheered

“Hell yeah girl!” Pony also cheered

“Well that escalated quickly” said Setsuna with a drink in hand.

“I think you pretty much described Izuku there.” Ochako stated her hand on her chin “A man that can break you and yet still gentle? That’s Izuku right there” the majority of the girls agreed

“You…don’t think it’s weird?” Ibara questioned

“Nah girl, as long as you’re not hurting anybody then it’s fine” the girls nodded

“T-thank you. All of you” Ibara sighed a massive weight off her shoulders.

“Anybody else wants to tell their kinks?” Reiko raised her hand

“Cosplay” she said simply and the girls nodded at the simple word she then smirked “And using the backdoor”

“The ba-” Ochako started but stopped herself and just looked at her and so did the girls. Reiko just smirked wider making the girls blushed at the implication.

“You brave woman” Tsu said “I hope you have a wheelchair ready because you’re not gonna walk after he’s done with you”

“That’s even hotter” Yui and Reiko said at the same time

“Wait…” Setsuna realized something “How do you know that?”

Tsu just stared at her, but they could all feel the smug smile she was surely giving. “Wouldn’t you like to know~” she teased

“Tsu! Have you—Have the two of you--” Momo was breaking down while Ochako was looking at her best friend, and if you look closely you could see that her eyes are going from betrayal to how-to-hide-a-body.

“Relax, I slept with him remember?” It took the girls a second, but yes they did remember now. In her story, she and Midoriya cuddled to comfort themselves after the Overhaul fight. “I knew because…well morning wood is a thing” she just explained simply

“Okay then, that I can accept” Setsuna then leaned in and gave a grin “So…how big?” the girls just blushed but leaned in as well. Tsuyu just gave them a grin of her own with her eyes half-lidded

“Let’s just say that if we ever do ‘it’ with him, don’t expect to walk or feel your legs for a while”

The girls blushed, while Jirou excused herself once more. Kendou then began whispering something to Momo, whatever she was whispering made the raven-haired girl blush to the point there was steam coming out of her. Yui was wiping drool, Ibara just flinched with a faraway look. Reiko then began to mumble that if she had enough lube.

After a few minutes has passed everything calmed down once more

“The thirst levels are off the charts!” Setsuna fanned herself

“With all this talk you have to wonder if any of us are still virgins”


“I mean we are right?” everyone just nodded “How about Izuku?”

“What about him?”

“Is he still a virgin?”

“He is…right?” the turn to Ochako who blushed

“Yes! Maybe! I don’t know!”

“If he wasn’t, who took his first?” Mina wondered as so did the rest of the girls

-Somewhere in the middle of the woods, inside a lodge-

“Achoo!” a certain Pussycat sneezed

“You okay Mandalay?” asked Ragdoll who was busy typing on a keyboard

“Ye-yeah, I think someone was just talking about me” Mandalay sniffed ‘Was it him? It has been a long time since I’ve seen him’

“Maybe~It’s~Mi~do~ri~ya” Ragdoll sang and Mandalay blushed

“M-m-maybe not, surely he’s busy”

“Mmhmm” Ragdoll hummed giving her friend a Cheshire grin

“Shush you, you’re thinking of him too”

“Ah you see, the difference between you and me is that I fully admit it”

-Back at the UA Dorms-

“Well, there’s no point in worrying” Kendou stated then looked at the clock “We have about 3 hours left before the boys come back. So how about we take another break and finish later after a bite to eat”

“Yeah! I’m starving” Mina whined and Tooru just giggled “Don’t laugh at my misery”

“Well then, I hope pizza is good enough”

“Extra sausage please”

“Don’t make me get the bat Yui”

Chapter Text

Endeavor hooks Deku up with Fuyumi

Enji Todoroki is a horrible husband and also a horrible father, he knows this, this was now a fact for him. No matter what he does nothing can change that, nothing can change what he did.

But even so…


Even if he has done so many horrible things, mainly to his family, did he deserve this kind of torture?

“He’s cute isn’t he dad?” the voice of his daughter. Fuyumi Todoroki. Came from the video she sent, out of all his children she was the only one that kept in contact with him, sure he contact his son Shouto, but it was more for work reasons, the boy did not want anything to do with him, and considering what he has done to the boy he didn’t blame him.

“I’m gonna call him…MeowMight!” but even so…does he deserve this kind of torture?

Endeavor rubbed his forehead feeling a headache coming in. This was the…5th cat this month and this is the third time in a row that she named it after the previous number 1. He opened the messaging app and began to type to his daughter


E. Todoroki

Fuyumi, you need to get wedded soon

F. Todoroki

Too busy with work, plus can’t seem to find the perfect guy

E. Todoroki

Surely your co-workers are suitable for you

F. Todoroki

They’re not my type, some of them are just way too rowdy. I want a family man

E. Todoroki

How about from online apps? Or something like that

F. Todoroki

The moment that they see I’m a Todorki, they’ll get scared. Plus I don’t trust those kinds of apps.


Right, his status and reputation were carried out to his children as well. But he didn’t want to give up, surely there was a man for her, one that would stop making her have cats and naming after All Might…okay at the very least stop naming them after All Might. He then heard a ping, looking at his phone he saw that his daughter messaged him again.


F. Todoroki

Look dad, if you can find me a guy that’s strong, smart, caring, protective, good with kids, a family man, can cook and is not scared of you, I’ll marry that person in an instant.


He blinked seeing the message, so that was her type. That was who she was looking for. He looked up and saw the students of UA that were doing work studies in his agency, but his focus was on a sole person.

Strong? Check, he saw the Overhaul fight he was definitely strong.

Smart? Based on Shouto, he was one of the smartest guys in class, so check.

Caring? Shouto said he wouldn’t hurt a fly if he knew it would hurt its feeling, plus he seemed to care for his friends so check.

Protective? Shouto said he once beat up a whole street of gangs with knives and guns, just because said gangs called a child he was caring for a freak. So check.

Can cook? Shouto said he was one of the best cooks in his class to the point that he has been assigned for dinner duty every day. Check on that one.

Not scared of him? He remembers the Sports Festival and also the fact that he’s here means he was not scared of him.

He smiled and got up from his seat and went towards the students, some of the interns went to the side as he walked, meanwhile, the students were busy arguing, well the blonde boy was yelling, his son was just listening, and the boy he had his eyes on just simply tried to calm them down.

“Deku” this got them to stay quiet and said boy stood straight and his interns stayed quiet. “I have a few questions for you, answer them honestly”

“Yes sir!” the boy responded stiffly

“Are you good with kids?” he asked crossing his arms, the boy faltered but regained his composure

“Y-yes sir!”

“He’s taking care of Eri” his son pointed out “At this point, he’s pretty much his daughter”

“Yeah, the brat is pretty much attached to the nerd” the blonde boy, Bakugou, commented

So he’s good with kids. Check.

“Next, question. Are you a family man?” again the boy faltered a bit but regained his composure

“Y-yes sir! I enjoy my time with Eri and will love and support her always!” he declared staring at the pro’s eyes, while he could hear how moved his interns/employees were in his declaration.

Family man. Check.

That’s everything, which means that he was perfect for Fuyumi

“Midoriya, stand still I need to take your picture” he held up his phone and opened the camera app. His son looked at him weirdly but didn’t question it. He took the picture and sent it to Fuyumi he then typed ‘Found your husband’, pocketing his phone he put his hand on Midoriya’s shoulder.

“Midoriya, I have a task for you. This task is of grave importance and you are the only one I can trust that can fulfill this task”

Midoriya swelled with pride hearing his words, while Bakugou was just steaming in anger, his son raised his eyebrow.

“Y-yes sir! I-I will do my best!”

“Excellent. Your task is this” he then pulled out a picture of his daughter and showed it to Midoriya and everybody else leaned in “You are to marry and impregnate my daughter”

The echoing sound of ‘Eh?!’ was heard from Fuyumi’s room who was staring at the picture her father sent her.

“I mean….he is cute”


Kamui Woods hooks Deku up with Mt. Lady

Shinji Nishiya aka Kamui Woods knew some great things about his friends/co-workers. His friend Death Arms were, funnily enough, was scared of the dark which was also ironic considering most of his missions/fights consist of abandoned factories or warehouses. His other friend though was…something. Now don’t get him wrong, he respects Mt. Lady to some degree but her antics and her choices in life just made him question her sometimes. To the majority of the people, she was a hero for the fame and money, to some *ahem* perverts *ahem* she was a hottie and had a nice piece of ass, but he and her friends knew better. She was just acting, sure to the public she was that, but she still had the will to be a hero, a caring nature, and some professionalism…for the most part. No, one of the things that made him question her was her…love life.

There was a rumor that he and she were dating, but that was that. Just a rumor. They were friends and co-workers, nothing more and nothing less. Besides, her eyes were set at a…younger age. Specifically a certain green-haired hero in training.

It all started at the sludge incident, if the said event would be questioned or brought in any way then she would go into a rant about how he just stole the show, but in private she would go in a blushing mess while mumbling ‘Ohmygodhewassocuteohmygodohmygod’, next was the sports festival where his…fighting side(?) was shown, he could still remember the drool she had that day making him shudder.

Her crush on him was evident and only he was the only one that knew because of their sort of ‘partnership’. Why hasn’t she made a move yet? Well, as much as she likes to tease men in front of the cameras or how much she flaunts her body she of course when the said hero-in-training is nearby will transform into a shy schoolgirl constantly hiding in alleyways, dumpsters or would just simply run off. It annoyed him to the point he just wanted to bind them together until Mt. Lady herself would ask him out.

But until that day comes he would just have to tolerate her antics and rants about how ‘cool’ he was.

He sighed as they turn the corner, right now the two of them were asked by Endeavor to look out for some UA students that were interning at his agency, they were sent here to do patrol, and the two pros were tasked to look out for them because they knew the area.

“Can’t believe we have to babysit some kids” whined his partner, he sighed “Hopefully they’re capable, so we don’t have to hold their hands for each patrol”

“Maybe they are, they are interning with the current no. 1 hero after all.”

“Hopefully, it’s just a drag that we have to look out for them, can’t someone else do it?”

“We’re the ones that know the area best, so it was obvious that we’re the right choice”

“Still it’s pre--” she stopped herself as her eyes widened in panic. He knew that look, it was the ‘He’s here, I need to hide’.

‘But what’s he…no way’ Kamui Woods turned to the meeting point and found a blonde boy yelling at another boy with a scar on his face and of course Mt. Lady’s prince charming at the center. He turn to where his partner was and found no one there, he sighed and turn to the corner they were before and he saw her pressed against the wall and mumbling ‘ohgodohgodohgodhe’shere’ he pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.


This was his chance

He looked to the meeting place and his partner, under his mask he smirked.

“Hey guys! Over here” he called out and the students looked up, he could see the blonde boy say ‘finally’ and the green-haired student turned to joy seeing who called to them. Meanwhile, his partner looked at him with betrayal and tried to run away, he acted quickly and trapped her with his quirk, he knew she could break it if she went big, but doing so would make her stand out and he knew she didn’t want that.

He saw the students jogging towards them and released his hold.

“Sorry we’re late, we got held up by a villain” he explained, his partner slipped on her professional persona, it was as if she wasn’t a blushing mess earlier. “Anyway, I’m--”

“Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady!” the green-haired student gushed out “You two made your debut on the same day and the same place, Kamui Woods specializes in capturing villains and making sure they don’t get away” he then turns to his partner “You specialize in Big Villain fights and using your size you use the strength that comes with it as an advantage in fights that would benefit you size” he then produced a notebook out of thin air “Can you sign this?”

If he had a camera he would picture this moment because the boy was literally fanboying and his partner was a blushing mess.

After a quick introduction, they then walked around the neighborhood explaining the ins and outs, the most area that’s full of villains and the area that have fewer villains, they were now taking a short break before going on a real patrol

“Look the areas here are big, so we need to split into two groups” his partner flinched and looked at him ‘You’ll thank me later’ “So I suggest that Bakugou and Todoroki are with me and Mt Lady and Midoriya would be the second group”

“Can I ask why?” Todoroki asked but he was prepared for this

“Easy, while the two of you are skilled fighters, most villain fights require capturing villains or making sure that the civilians in the area are not harmed during a fight. That’s why we’re going to the area in which there are more villains.” He then looked at Deku “While you Midoriya…suck at social practices” the kid balked but didn’t deny the statement “While some heroes are just for fighting villains and you just like these two excel at that. The problem is your interaction with people, you stutter and blush and can’t even form a coherent sentence. Civilians won’t feel safe with a hero they can’t even interact with” this got the boy’s attention “You don’t have to talk to them like have a conversation, a simple smile or thumbs up would be fine. My partner here” he gestures to Mt. Lady “Excels at that” Mt. Lady decided to butt in

“Hold on here, Deku here has those black tentacle things. Wouldn’t those actually work well with capture?” She countered, but she’s not going to chicken out on this one.

 “While yes it is, but Endeavor already trains him in that department. While I can teach him, I don’t want to distract him with something else if he’s already being taught by someone”

Mt. Lady sighed in defeat and accepted her fate. With the group finishing their break they began their patrol. Before he even managed to swing away he heard his phone go off, taking it out he saw a message from his partner


Mt. Lady

I hate you

But thanks.


He smiled and pocketed his phone.

‘Hopefully, you’ll ask him out soon, because I got the strangest feeling that you’re not the only one that wants him’


Nejire gives her boss a piece of the Deku

Her boss needed a boyfriend. This was the thought of Nejire Hado as she walked the halls of UA. While she respects her boss in dedicating her time to hero work, she needed someone to love and hold her.

How was she sure of this?

Well, one time when she was scouting the area around the agency she decided to surprise her boss by flying to her window and knocking at her window. What she didn’t expect was her watching soap opera on her large TV and whispering about how she wished a man would sweep her out of her feet and take care of her, she didn’t see much because Ryukyu turned and saw her. She got scolded and told to never tell anyone about what she saw and heard.

She kept her promise but it was still in her mind, so she decided to do her boss a favor and try to find a boy.

There was only one problem, there was no boy she knows that would actually fit Ryukyu. Sure there were some handsome boys in her class and other class, but being handsome was not enough.

Ryukyu needed someone to understand that she want to be a hero, meaning dates and times when they were alone or see each other will be rare, she didn’t need someone who would hold her back or make her think that being a hero was a burden. The second would be the guy had to truly care for her, Ryukyu was beautiful, rich, and famous, she was the whole package. Meaning some guys wouldn’t care for her and actually just want the fame and money that came with her, no it needed to be a guy that would actually care for Ryukyu. And try as she might there was no guy—

“Are you alright Nejire-senpai?” asked a voice, turning to her right she saw Izuku Midoriya, 1A’s golden boy.

“Yes, I’m just thinking of something” she said as she got into a thinking pose

“W-what about?”

“It’s abo-” she then realize who she was talking to. Izuku Midoriya. The rumored guy that can make any girl fall for him. She knew because she was one of them. And Yuyu was one of them, she practically has a shrine in her closet. Then the gears in her head turned and then clicked, she grinned

“Uhhh. Nejire-”

“Deku! What do you think of Ryukyu? Do you think she’s beautiful? Do you think she’s a fantastic hero? If you were given a chance to date her, would you take it? If you two were to have children, would you name them after me? Say what kind of women do you like?” she gave him a list of questions, but she knew can answer all of them, his hands were flying everywhere but he still answered

“W-well, I think she’s a fantastic hero, she deserves the no. 10 spot despite what she said that she didn’t earn it. Y-yes. Absolutely. Y-y-y-yesss. M-maybe. I don’t really have a preference, if they’re nice then I guess that’s good enough for me” that’s what she loved about Deku, he could answer all her questions no matter how many and how fast they were.

“Hey, are you free this Saturday?”

‘Don’t worry Ryukyu, Deku is here’

-At the Ryukyu Agency-

“Achoo” the pro heroine sneezed then shuddered as if someone was planning something behind her back

“Yo you good?” asked her visitor

“Yes, I’m fine.” She then sat straight in her chair “So what brings you here Miruko?”

Ryukyu challenges Miruko….Deku I’ll run if I were you

“Oh I was just in the neighborhood” she said oh so casually, Ryukyu squinted her eyes

“You and I both know that’s bullshit. So cut the crap and tell me why you’re here” normally she would be elegant with her words, but she was in the presence of a friend so she could let out a few curses here and there

“Oh I just heard from a certain someone, that you’re trying to get a certain student to intern with you” she dragged on as she walked around her office “And I was wondering if you get him as your intern…that you and I should t-t-team up” she said the word team up as if it was forced, which knowing her was.

‘Teaming up? Miruko doesn’t do team-ups. A certain student? Does she mean-’ her eyes widen as she figures out who she was talking about “…No”

“Wh-what?! Why?!” Miruko faltered a bit then tried to bring back her composure “C-come on, we could do so well! And I don’t normally do team-ups remember? So this is a great opportunity! Bond exercises and whatnot” she smiled innocently as if she could try and persuade the other pro.

She stood up from her chair and approached her. “First of all, that just it. You don’t do team-ups so that right there is a huge red flag. And second, ” she jabbed a finger to Miruko “You. Are. Not taking him away from me”

Miruko looked at her and then her eyes widen “Oh. Oh….You want him too” she smirked sparking a challenge

“Damn right I do.”

“Well sorry girl, but in case you haven’t heard” Miruko gestured herself “I’m a total babe”

“Oh yeah? Well, so am I. What do you have that I don’t”

Miruko then lifted her leg “These thighs”

“You sound so sure that he’ll want you over me”

“Girl I know for sure, have you seen our fandom?” both women shuddered “Point is, I’m wanted and people are obsessed with me.”

“Okay then, let’s have a deal.”

“Oho, this I like”

“If by somehow Deku interns with me, let’s team-up.” Ryukyu smirked

“Oho, and what’s the challenge or deal you’re talking about” Miruko now pumped up, she loves a good challenge and getting the greenie? Bonus.

“First one to leave a hickey on him gets to have him” Miruko’s eyes widened at that but then grinned

“You’re on!”

-1A UA Dorms-

Izuku shuddered as he felt as if he would be in grave danger, he reached out to his neck almost expecting something. He shrugged and looked forward. In front of him was the principal of UA himself, Nezu.

“So uhh. What’s the big news sir?” Izuku asked looking at those unblinking eyes of his principal

“Oh, nothing big. It’s just that Ryukyu herself has extended an invitation for you to intern with her”

“R-r-really?! I-I’m honored sir”

“Yes, the documents will be sent to you if you ever wish to say yes, and don’t worry with your current work-study, I’ll handle the paperwork if you decide to go to Ryukyu”

“A-ah, thank you sir very much” Izuku bowed deeply

“Think nothing of it” and the principal then walked away along with Eraserhead, but before reaching the doors he casually said, “Oh I think, Miruko herself would be teaming up with Ryukyu. I’m not sure though, it is just a rumor after all” then proceed to walk out of the dorms leaving Izuku staring with bloodshot eyes at the news.

After walking a few minutes Aizawa spoke “Sir, didn’t you just have a call with Miruko earlier. Pretty much informing her of Midoriya’s offer?”

“Oh yes, I do remember that conversation”

“May I ask why you told her about the offer?”

“Oh it’s all so simple”

Aizawa leaned in waiting for the answer

“Because it’s Monday”

Chapter Text

“Ok, so I hope everybody’s satisfied now and we can continue with the stories” they were now done with their snack break, there was a total of 20 boxes of pizza on the floor and 6 boxes in the kitchen for the boys when they come back, Momo insisted on paying for all of it, even though the girls were willing to share, but Momo was insistent and the adorable face she was making was way too hard to resist.

“Yes” said Momo who was wiping her mouth with a napkin “I believe it’s Tokage’s turn to tell her story”

“Yep!” using her quirk Setsuna flew and assembled in the chair ”So I got a crush on the greenie after our first joint training with you guys, then as Kinoko said, pretty much fell for him in our second joint training”

“Oh! You mean Izuku pretty much dominating his match?” Pony asked “Because I fell for him that way too, although as I was a spectator during the match”

“Wait” Jiro interrupted “So Kinoko, Setsuna and Pony fell in love with the greenie at the same event?”

“Looks like it?”

“So are we going to hear the same story three times?” Mina added “With just y’know…different perspectives”

“Hmmm, seems like it” Kendou contemplated

“Oh, I know!” Pony said excitedly “Why don’t me, Kinoko and Setsuna tell our story at the same time, that way we don’t waste time and tell our story with just different perspectives”

The girls looked at each other mainly Setsuna, Pony, and Kinoko. Then Setsuna grinned “Hell yeah!”

“Hmm, that does sound like a good idea. We won’t be wasting time and we could still tell our story. That is of course if you guys agree with it” Kinoko said “Plus mine is actually quite short, so this actually helps me”

“Yeah I agree with Pony’s suggestion, plus the boys will come soon and I don’t want this to be a to be continued” Setsuna agreed, and then it was decided that they won’t be changing the order, but Setsuna will stop her story after her telling when she had a crush, then Pony will tell her story how she developed her crush, then Kinoko. After that, the three of them would switch on telling how they fell in love in the second joint training.

“So, anyway I was still feeling a bit shitty about losing to Bakugou”

“And let me guess, Izuku came into the rescue and cheered you up” Jirou smiled and so did the rest of the girls


-Flashback: Aftermath of the first Joint Training-

‘I feel so pathetic’ Setsuna thought as she walked alone at the hallways of UA and heading to back to her classroom. It was probably an hour or so after their Joint Training with the 1A, a lot of things happened and a lot of students managed to show off, heck the green-haired guy, Deku or something, pulled a tentacle things from his arm, wrecked the training area, but still managed to take a win. It was a sight to see, she would admit seeing the guy in action, all serious and dominant made things stir in her ‘Gonna have fun teasing him’ she joked inside her head making her laugh lightly. But no her mood was soured due to her loss.

Their plan was perfect, her plan was perfect. But it crashed the moment that Bakugou decided to be a team player, and now they lost because she was too confident in her plan. Her teammates forgave her and so did her class, Monoma was his usual dickish self but was still sympathetic towards her and her efforts.

But still. They lost because of her, that’s a feeling she couldn’t shake off

“Ah! Excuse me Tokage-san!” someone called out to her, she turned around and lo and behold the green-haired kid she was thinking about earlier jogging towards her with a smile on his face ‘Wonder what he needs’ she looked down at his tie ‘And who made that abomination?’ the boy stopped in front of her slightly panting, then produced a notebook out of thin air ‘Where the hell--’

“Can I ask about your Quirk?” he asked with stars in his eyes. Ah, she did hear from Kendou that there was a quirk genius in Class A ‘Now that I think about it, she had this light blush on her cheeks when she was telling about the guy’ a grin formed on her face ‘Oho, I think I found her boy’

“Sure, we can walk and talk”

“Okay!” he smiled and it was so bright she had to close her eyes ‘Too bright!’ “Your Quirk’s name is Lizard Splitter and ---” and there he goes, she has to admit his questions were something, there were some good points and most of his theories were right and some she needed to test, but that will not happen because—

“Midoriya calm down! I can’t understand most of what you’re saying!” it was too fast for her to completely understand.

“A-ah sorry” he scratched his head “I just get excited when I talk about Quirks”

“Yeah I noticed”

“A-a-anyway, y-your quirk is really cool, the fact that you can detach yourself and yet still able control and feel your limbs is a great quirk to being a hero” and there he goes with his fanboyness once more

“Yeah, didn’t do much for Bakugou though” she grumbled

“What are you talking about? You and your team were amazing!”

“Yeah, but we still lost” she countered and she noticed that his eyes changed a bit. It wasn’t shy anymore.

“And? Your team pulled off a good strategy to counter Kacchan, if he was still what he was before then you would have won” his shoulders then relaxed and he stood up straight “The fact that you made the plan to counter Kacchan and use Jiro’s quirk against her, proves how amazing you are.” He smiled and she could feel heat rush to her face

‘Huh…is this what Prez feels?’ then the bell went off signaling the end of the day

“Ah! I forgot my bag!” he was about to run off but turned to her and bowed “Thank you very much Tokage-san!” standing up straight he then run towards his classroom.

She then turned and looked up and saw that she was in front of her classroom

“Huh, didn’t even notice I was here already”

“Yeah” a voice said, she looked down and saw Kendou staring at her with a slightly annoyed look on her face “You two were just standing there and looking at each other for like 5 minutes” she said with slight annoyance ‘Oh right, she has a crush on him’ Setsuna then grinned and leaned to the side

“What? Jealous~” she teased and Kendou blushed

“J-je-je—Me?! As if!” she crossed her arms and looked away

“Don’t worry, I won’t steal your boy from you” she walked past Kendou who sputtered once more ‘Not like I have a crush on him, right?’

She would soon know that yes, she did have a crush on him as she spent her night staring at her ceiling unable to sleep due to a certain boy in her head. She only uttered one word.


-Flashback END-

“And that’s about it” Setsuna then chuckled “Who knew the greenie was good at words”

“I think we established that Izuku is pretty much and I quote ‘a smooth-talking bastard’” Mina said

“I mean he made Prez fall for him with just words alone” Setsuna gestured at said girl “But who knew you were a jealous type”

“I was not jealous!”

“You couldn’t stop looking at me like you were going to chop my head off”

“*cough* anyway, it’s my turn!” Komori yelled out lifting her chair and setting it aside next to Setsuna’s “So I think it happened during our first years as well, I was going to the cafeteria when suddenly these guys just started bullying me”


“What a bunch of jerks”

“You should have told me” Kendou said “I would have beat them up and told a teacher”

“Nah it’s fine” Kinoko smiled “Izuku was there to help”

-Flashback: 1 year ago-ish-

“Look at the freak”

“Bet her eyes are so ugly she has to hide them”

“Dude, her quirk is so weird though”

“I know right, she was so obsessed with mushrooms back in middle school”

This was what surrounded Kinoko Komori as she just stood there. She was about to head to the cafeteria to join her friends, but suddenly she was cut off by a group of General Studies students, mainly her old classmates when she was in middle school.

“Man, if freaks like her are in the Hero course the standards might be so low” said a boy that was surrounding her…then another voice came.

“Pl-pl-please s-stop sa-saying those th-things to her” she looked up and so did the other students. She saw a green-haired student standing there arms raised and had a look that was very very nervous.

‘Who’s he?’

“Why?!” shouted a boy “We ain’t doing anything wrong” the boy shrugged

“Y-y-you’re bu-bullying her, you’re calling her n-names” stuttered the boy, she was glad for the help but she doesn’t think stuttering is going to help

“Y-y-y-you” mocked another boy “Guy thinks he’s tough when he can’t even say a sentence right” he and the other boys laughed

“Besides, we’re just showing her, her place” the green-haired balled his fist the moment he heard that. “Ain’t that right Komori-chan” the boy flicked her forehead making her yelp in pain. When she opened her eyes she was surprised to see the green-haired kid was in front of the boy who flicked her, fist raised ready to give a punch and in a flash, his fist made contact with the other boy’s nose she heard a crunch as the boy fell clutching his nose.

“Ah dammit! That shit hurt!” said boy as he clutched his now broken nose, the green-haired kid had an angry look on his face which then changed to shocked and then concern

“A-ah so-sorry! Are you al-alright?” said the green-haired boy

Then a boy raised his hands in defense “Oh shit we’re sorry!”

“Ye-yeah we were just having fun!” said another boy while the rest helped the other boy up his feet and drag him to the nurse's office. Once the boys were out of sight the green-haired kid turned to her

“A-a-are you o-kay?” he asked, she gave a smile of gratitude

“Yes, thank you for that”

“S-s-sorry for intruding like that, m-my body just moved on its own” he admitted

“Well still, thanks for standing up to me like that” she gave him two thumbs up “You’re a shroom guy” she had to admit that she cringed herself hearing that ‘gotta be good at those things at some point’

She then heard him chuckle and she smiled “Kinoko Komori. You are?” Might as well know her savior

“Izuku Mi--”

“Midoriya” said a gruff voice and Izuku stood straight, the both of them looked in the direction of the voice and they saw a man wearing black clothes and a strange scarf with a tired look on his face as if he didn’t get any sleep at all. She saw Izuku started to sweat a bit ‘Hopefully he’s not in trouble’

“10 minutes detention”

“Y-yes sir!” Izuku saluted and the man walked past them, but before he could pass Izuku the man leaned in a bit and whispered, thankfully she was close so she could hear the man whisper ‘Go for the jaw next time’

After the man was gone Izuku sighed in relief, Kinoko laughed a bit but then noticed the time “Hey wanna go to the cafeteria together?” she offered, she wanted to talk to her savior for a bit before they split off and never talk again


They walked to the cafeteria together, talked a bit, but once they got their food they split off and went to their respective friends

‘Izuku Midoriya….what a cute name’

-Flashback END-

“That’s it for my story”

“Okay, so whoever those bullies were they need a good ass-kicking” Mina said with an annoyed look on her face

“I agree, but I think Izuku got it handled. Base on the story, his nose wasn’t safe from his fist”

“And that was before he got total control on his quirk!” Tooru yelled out “Imagine if he just punched him with one of those”

“I don’t think he’ll survive that”

“Anyway, Pony” said girl hopped off her seat and placed it next to Setsuna, making Setsuna in the middle.

“Ok, so you guys know that my Japanese is not good, Monoma was the only one that actually ‘helped’ me” she air quoted the word ‘helped’

“Yeah, as much as he was a jerk, he did know English”

“Still mad that you guys didn’t point out that I was basically bad-mouthing 1A”

“Again, we’re sorry about that.” Kendou said apologetically

“Well, it’s in the past, so no use in actually bringing it up again” Pony sighed “Anyway, after we all took our license, Izuku approached me”

-Flashback: 5 days after Class 1B Provisional License Exam-

Pony Tsunotori was walking to her dorms after a long day of school ‘Can’t wait to take a hot bath and watch anime’ yes she was a weeb, what about it? She would cherish and fight anyone that would dare to make her stop watching anime

“Tsunotori-san” someone called out making her turn around, only to find 1A’s golden boy, Izuku Midoriya jogging towards her ‘Huh, wonder what he wants’

“Yes Midoriya? Something you need?”  she asks, though her Japanese wasn’t good she was improving

“Oh I just need to ask a few questions, i-if that’s alright,” he asked nervously, but she could feel the fanboyness radiating out of him ‘Is this what I am when I talk about anime?’

“Sure! Lay it on me” she said happily, hopefully, she could answer his questions.

“Ok so, are heroes in America different from the hero we have here?” he asked. In. Perfect. English.

Her jaw dropped hearing him in English, she couldn’t believe it. There was another student she could talk to! And can understand her!

Well I know about the current Top 10 there, but honestly I’m not that familiar with them, I’m more interested in their goals, stories and you know things like th-ACK!” he couldn’t finish his sentence as Pony gripped his shirt and pulled him closer to her making him lean down and staring at her eyes and happy smile.

Y-yeah, I-I watched a lot of shows when I was a kid, most of them were English so I just picked it up there” he said sheepishly, he then began to blur as Pony began to shake him

Can you teach me how to speak Japanese?! Please pleasepleaseplease

O-Ok Tsunotori-san, bu-but please stop shaking me” he said and so she did, she could see swirls appear as he was dizzy

O-oops, so-sorry” she then released him from her hold and he bend over a bit to stretch his back

I-it’s ok, but yes. I ca-can teach you Japanese


Many days went by as Izuku began to teach her Japanese, sure some of their lessons were come and go considering that the two of them were busy people, they didn’t mind it. Since some of their lessons were a bit too much with so little time, Izuku suggested they go with the way he knew English…through shows and movies

And this is what got her excited. Because they are also going to watch anime. Learning and enjoying herself at the same time? Hell yeah!

The plan was to watch a movie, episode, or even a part of a show in English and then watch the same thing but only the voice or language was in Japanese, that way she would understand what the characters were saying even though if she couldn’t understand it. It wasn’t the perfect plan, there are flaws here and there but it was the quickest and efficient way for both of them.

Right now, they were watching a movie about a guy with cancer who then became a hero with regenerative abilities.

“Technically he’s an antihero” clarified Izuku sitting beside her “He’s a mercenary who kills people, does it for money, and is entirely selfish”

“But he’s still somewhat a good guy” Pony argues

“Of course, I’m not saying he’s a villain or anything.” He gestures the move they were watching on her laptop “He is selfish, but sometimes his selfishness is for the right reasons” the movie was now showing said guy trying to rescue a girl “His goals and reasons…well some reasons does give him the light as being a hero, but what he does during that is what differs him from other heroes” Pony just stared at him while the movie was playing

“You’re so into this” he blushed

“W-well, I guess he’s my…second favorite antihero” he admitted

She hummed as they finished the movie, right now they were having a free day. Her handling of Japanese was going well so they decided to have a day off with the lessons. She then looked at Midoriya who was busy stretching, he was wearing a black t-shirt with a spider logo on the chest ‘He was a fan of those. Something about how he relates to the character’ she then looked at his face, his adorable face.



She may or may not have developed a crush on Izuku during their time together. BUT THAT IS A BIG MAYBE.

“Oh yeah” Izuku mumbled, he took out his bag and was looking for something “Aha!” he cheered and fished out a piece of paper

“What’s that?” she asked curiously what the piece of paper was

“This is..” he then presented it to her face “your certificate! Congratulations Tsunotori-san, you’re now able to speak Japanese fluently!” he cheered and true to his word the piece of paper was a homemade certificate it reads ‘This certificate is awarded to Pony Tsunotori for being able to speak Japanese under the guidance of Izuku Midoriay’ there was also a drawing of her on the left side and the right side were people talking with the chat bubble filled with Japanese words.

Then her mind processed what he just said…she was done?

She didn’t even notice it, but she was speaking Japanese more fluently heck her friends even commented on it.

She was done, finally…but why couldn’t she feel happy for some reason

“A-ahh, is this too much?” Izuku asked his cheerfulness dropping a bit “I thought of making you something to congratulate you, and this was the only thing I thought of so uh” he scratched his head in nervousness

Ah that’s why

If they were done…then she couldn’t see him again

Well shit.

“Tsunotori-san?” oh right…the certificate

“A-ah!” she turned to him smiling, it was forced but she couldn’t show him that she was sad “T-thank you, just shocked is all. It just…feels like yesterday when you agreed to help me” she said with a bit of sadness in her voice

“Time flies when you’re having fun” he chuckled, god she gonna miss his laugh “And we were having fun”

“Ye-yeah” she said accepting the certificate “We did…”

He then sat back down and Pony wanted to lean on him…okay fine she had a crush.

“So what do you want to watch next time?” he casually asked as he stretched once more….



“What do you want to watch next time? Now that we’re not watching them for your lessons we can actually get to enjoy ourselves.” He smiled at her



“You’re not gonna leave me?”

“No…why would I? Unless you want me to of course!”

“No!” she said that a bit too loudly than she liked “I-I’m just surprised that you still want to hang out is all”

“Of course I do, why wouldn’t I?”

“It’s just that, I thought we were only doing this because you were teaching me” she admitted pushing her two fingers together

“At first yeah” he scratched his cheek “But I do enjoy hanging out and watching things with you.”


“Yep” he said and smiled

She gets to see that smile again. In a sudden burst of joy, she tackled him to a hug sending them to the ground.

And then her door burst open

“Pony I heard you shout what--” Setsuna was standing there looking at the two of them. On the floor. With her on top of him. They blushed as they realized their position.

“Wait It’s not--” Both of them tried to explain but was once again interrupted

“What going on h--” Kendou then peeked around Setsuna to look at what was happening only to see the both of them still on the floor, she then gave the both of them a cold stare but was saved…kinda by Setsuna

“Just wear protection you two~” she teased as she closed the door

They just stayed there staring at the door in silence

“So…sa-same time next week?”


-Flashback END-

“And that’s my story”

“Awwww” the girls cooed

“You sure you’re not a jealous type Prez?” Setsuna teased and Kendou just chopped her neck

“I forgot that Izuku knows English” said the invisible girl “Isn’t he like the most fluent we have in our class?”

“Yep, him and Momo” Mina pointed at the rich girl

“Yes, it surprised me when he sang one of the songs that I watched” Momo confirmed remembering when she was singing absentmindedly in English and Izuku suddenly joined her.

“All I see is Izuku watching All Might shows” Ochako chuckled “Most of All Might’s shows are in English, so it’s no surprise that he knows English”

“Huh…you’re right”

“Enough about that, it’s time for our threesome special!” Setsuna cheered and Kendou groaned

“S-so when did this happen again?” Momo asked while also blushing lightly

“Hm? Oh during our second joint training”

“Second—wait during the 1 v 10 matches?!”

“Yeah~” Kinoko and Setsuna sighed dreamily and Pony just looked at them

“Yes” said Pony simply

“So how did it happen?”

“Well I guess I’ll start, so I’m going to start after the teachers announce the event”

-Flashback: 2nd Joint Training (Pony POV)-

“1 V 10 MATCHES?!” screamed the boy with purple balls for hair, he wasn’t the only one that was shocked all of the students were shocked at hearing the event.

“Yes” Aizawa nodded “Most fight out there aren’t fair, sometimes you fight with a group or with partner” Midnight stepped in and continued “But some also have you against groups that are far too many to handle. It is in this exercise that you get to experience that” Some of the students grinned while some looked scared, Aizawa then continued “With that being said, some of you might be going again after you already went in, so I suggest you finish the fight quickly and efficiently” A lot of them gulped while the purple-haired boy cried

“But don’t worry” said All Might stepping in “Each match is not centered in a fight alone, even a hero runs away sometimes” Present Mic then chimed in “That’s right listeners, in this exercise, there are two winning options for the lone hero. Fight or Escape”

Pony then hoped she would at least be in a team, as much as she trained hard, she isn’t sure that she can survive a fight with 10 other students

“I wouldn’t be so confident if I were you” said the principal who suddenly popped out of Aizawa’s scarf “Even if you are going in with a team, the lone hero might surprise you” she didn’t know why but Pony looked at Izuku of all people and seeing him…calm? Well, he wasn’t totally calm, he was still fidgeting but his shoulders were relaxed and his eyes were just full of…determination?

“With that being said” the principal clapped “Let’s draw lots shall we?”

The first match was Todoroki, Bakugo, Kendou, Awase, Ojiro, Sato, Kirishima, Iida, Monoma, and Kamakiri vs. Mineta.

Mineta’s soul left his body seeing his name

The students went inside the training grounds, which was the fake city-Ground Beta.

The students were given 15 minutes to plan. The students could hear both sides as the 10 man team was just stretching and chatting a bit, well Bakugo was yelling while Mineta was on the floor crying.

2A groaned while some chuckled.

Pony slowly gravitate towards Izuku “Hey” she greeted in English, getting a greeting in return “You nervous?”

“Kinda, but this is an essential part of being a hero. Even All Might fought over 20 villains in one fight.” He said going to his hero mode, she would always be fascinated seeing this side of him, then she noticed something, she was slightly looking up a bit then she was before

“Hey, are you getting taller?”

“Am I?”

“It’s true Deku!” said Ochako “I’m slightly looking up unlike before” she then pouted “No fair, are saying are you’re going to get even taller”

“Oh god yes” said someone, everyone looked around to find who it was only to find no one…might have been the wind

“W-well it was bound to happen at some point, my dad is quite tall”

“How tall?”

“Uhhh I guess about almost at All Might’s shoulders in his muscle form”

“God that’s hot” they again tried to look for the origin of that voice but found nothing.

*MINETA HAS BEEN CAPTURED! The 10 man team wins!*

Present Mic announced, Pony looked at the screen only to sweatdrop. Mineta looked like he was slightly burned, has a bruise on his two cheeks, and looked like he was punched in the guy before he was then frozen.

‘Talk about overkill’

The team was now walking out with a Mineta popsicle being dragged by Kirishima.

“Congratulations! Next up is!” The teachers picked the names

“Setsuna, Kinoko, Kaminari, Sero, Kamakiri, Kirishima, Tetsutetsu, Ojiro, Shoji and Sato vs. Midoriya”

Pony looked at the boy and then she saw his other side fully taking over.

His eyes were now focused and determined, his body went relaxed and he stood slightly straighter. She could hear Kaminari and Sero muttered “We are so fucked”

“Yo Nerd!” yelled Bakugou as he stood in front of Izuku and then lightly punched Izuku in the chest “You better not lose” then walked away.

“W-well Good luck Izuku!” she walked away going back to her class

“Had fun?” Setsuna teased when she came back she blushed and looked away. “Hope you did, because I’m going to win, so sorry if I get some dirt in your boyfriend’s face”

“Sh-shut up, he’s going to wipe the floor with you!”

“Yeah yeah” Setsuna gave Kendou a high five “Wish us luck” Setsuna and her team walked away and Monoma just screamed

“SHOW THAT 2A BASTARD THAT WE-ACK!” Kendou chopped his neck of course. Pony then looked at Izuku’s back as he walked to his side of the training grounds with 2A cheering him on.

They then watched as the screen went black then showed the two groups, the 10 man team on the left and Izuku on the right. The 10 man team was talking then…arguing? They couldn’t hear anything because the speaker was out for a moment. It seems as though 2A was looking quite worried, while 2B was almost annoyed. Looking at Izuku…he was just stretching.

Then the speakers burst to life

I’m telling you, that beating is impossible!” Kaminari’s voice was heard through the speakers almost sounding scared

Oh please” Kamakiri said “There’s 10 of us and only one of him, what’s the worst that could happen

Bold of you to assume that numbers matters to him” said Kirishima, Pony could hear Mina gasped and mutter ‘Even Kiri is scared’

And did you seriously just jinxed us?” Sero said also looking quite worried

Look, I know he’s your classmate and all, and you know him far better than us” Setsuna said trying to convince 2A “But we do have the number on our side and a balanced team to counter him

How so?” Ojiro asked

We have Kirishima and Tetsutetsu for the defense, Sero, Kaminari and Kinoko for trapping him, me and Shoji for scouts and the rest are fighters. We’re completely balanced and a perfect match for him

2A was still looking doubtful

Look, I’m still not sure about this…but I want to try” Kirishima said and Tetsutetsu yelled ‘Manly’

Well might as well go down like a man” Kaminari then stretched

Agreed, it’s a huge disrespect to an opponent if we just sit by and watch” Ojiro said adjusting his gloves

So what’s the plan Tokage-san” asked Shoji

They then began to talk with the remaining 10 minutes, Pony looked at Izuku only to see that he was now mumbling so low that the speakers won’t even pick up, she did hear him muttering about taking out Sero first.

“The nerd’s gonna dominate this match” said Bakugou everyone turned to him

“Oh? What makes you say that Young Bakugo” asked the principal

Bakugo just pointed at the screen “His eyes are the same as All Might’s”

All Might just smiled at the teen then looked to the screen


They then saw the 10 man team get ready and watch for any movement around them, they turn to Izuku who stopped his mumbling.

Put his foot behind him

And slowly reared his fist

“Is he?” Aizawa wondered

All Might laughed as if knowing what Izuku was about to do, Bakugou joined him, they asked what was so funny

“Told you..” he looked up and grinned “He’s gonna dominate this round”

Ok…Maximum effort” they heard Izuku say and Pony snorted knowing the reference ‘God I love this guy….WAIT WH--!’ before she could finish her thought

Izuku punched

-Flashback Interrupt-

“After that punch, seeing the result, him just standing there. At that moment I knew…we were fucked” Setsuna admitted then sighed dreamily

“It was something!” Kinoko cheered “One minute he was there and the woosh!”

“Hey come on, no spoilers” Pony sighed and Kinoko muttered a sorry

“It was a sight to see I must admit” Momo commented remembering that day

“So what happened next?”


-Flashback Continuation (Kinoko POV)-

After the announcement of the start of the match came, all of them got ready and waited. The plan was to lure Izuku to her then Kirishima and Tetsutetsu would keep him busy, Kaminari would then use his quirk to stun him and Sero would capture him. If that doesn’t happen then the backup plan would be for the fighters of the team to keep him busy while the others ran away and regroup somewhere with the help of Setsuna.

But all that crashed and burned when he happened

“Hey what’s that sound?” Kamakiri questioned, they could hear it too, it was almost like a building exploding one by one, and it was getting louder by the second “What’s that?!” Kamakiri shouted pointing up, they looked up from a building to see debris flying everywhere.

“Ah shit” they could hear Kaminari curse under his breath

“GET DOWN!” Kirishima shouted and the others followed suit, but that didn’t help because an explosion happened and smoke and debris came flying towards them, the wind knocked her out to the ground. A minute passed and everything else cleared up.

Opening her eyes she could see Kamakiri in front of her also on the ground trembling as he stared in front of them, she couldn’t see as the smoke was still blocking her sight. She looked around and saw that most of her teammates were laying on the ground except for Kirishima in his Unbreakable form slowly getting up, Tetsutetsu in his steel form on his knees, Ojiro in his defensive stance, Shoji was on his knees protecting their teammates behind him with his arms.

“Wh-what kind of monster is he?” muttered Kamakiri terrified, she looked in front of them once more and she could feel her eyes widen.

They were in a fake city. But the materials were real courtesy of Cementoss.

And yet…

Izuku fucking Midoriya just destroyed 3 entire blocks.

With a punch

Why in god’s name was she aroused?!

“Everyone get up!” Yelled Kirishima going in front of Kamakiri “Me and Tetsutestu will hold him back, Kinoko can you please try and cover him with mushrooms?” She was slightly scared and slightly damped but she nodded “Good, Sero get Kamakiri and the rest out”

Izuku just stood there and stretched his right arm, the arm he used to destroy the buildings ‘I wish he would destroy me~’ she shook her head. This is not the time to be horny.


Izuku smiled

And all he said before all hell broke loose was

“Pizza time” then he vanished

“Shit!” Setsuna cursed “Sero! Kaminari! Run, take Kama-” she stopped and Kinoko turned to her only to see she was shocked. Why? Because Kaminari and Sero was gone

“Where…?” Setsuna sounded so defeated



Well shit.

“Shit, okay Tetsutetsu and Kirishima. You two run and we’ll follow you. Shoji, you stay behind and see if you can hear him coming” he nodded and produced ears on his multiple arms in every direction. Setsuna turned to the first two only to see that they weren’t moving.

Kinoko was confused, why weren’t they moving? She approached them “Uhh guys” she touched both of them, only for the two of them to fall to the floor. Clearly unconscious.

When did he?

‘He can do that to the two of them without anybody noticing? Imagine what he would do to--’ she shook her head once more. Not the time.


“Everyone form a circle!” they did so, their plan was in ruins and they were in the open. Splitting up is a bad idea he would just pick them one by one, so it would be better to fight him with a group.

“What’s the plan Set?” asked Kamakiri after getting his shit together he finally uttered a word

“He seems to be doing a hit and run tactic, so our best bet is to not split up. We have Shoji who can hear everything, I’ll use my eyes to see where he is right now. Just don’t leave the circle” Kinoko nodded and looked to her left where Shoji was…and found no one.

“Uhh Sets?”


“Where’s Shoji?”

“He’s right…” she could hear her voice just stopped as she stared at the same empty spot where Shoji was.


“DUCK!” Kinoko then felt someone push her to the ground, turning around she saw why

Green-ish tentacles came out of the alleyway and wrapped Kamakiri’s limbs

“Wha-GAH!” he couldn’t finish as the tentacles pulled dropping him to the ground, the remaining four then watched helplessly as he tried to get the tentacles off, even his knives had no effect, he then just resorted to embedding the knives in the ground in hopes of slowing the process of him getting pulled, Sato woke up and helped Kamakiri. It worked as the tentacles released Kamakiri and retreated to the alley. They all sighed in relief.

Sato helped Kamakiri up

“T-thank you”

“No problem” Sato then turn towards them “I suggest we retreat, find a building to hide, and think of a proper plan”

“Agree, come one before he comes back” Setsuna said dusting herself, her remaining eye widen “LOOK OUT!”  but it was too late as Sato and Kamakiri was wrapped with tentacles and then pulled to the alley, their screams were all they heard.

They stared

Why did this suddenly turn into a horror movie?!


*That’s the fun part, I don’t teach him anything*

“He’s smiling” Setsuna muttered almost terrified

“What?” questioned Ojiro

“He-he’s looking at me…and smiling” She explained she then uttered one word “Run”


“RUN FUCKING SCATTER!” she literally did as her body parts detached and fly away.

They then run in separate directions Kinoko ran until her legs were tired she stopped, she looked around and saw no green hero in sight, then she heard a noise to her left and she walked back towards the ally. Not looking at where she was going she just kept walking and waiting, the noise was getting closer, and closer. And then!

She saw a trashcan lid roll and stopped at the entrance of the alleyway she sighed in relief, but then her back hit something solid. ‘Please be a wall Please be a wall Please be a wall’ she used her hand and felt behind her to the thing she hit only to find that yes she did hit a wall…a wall of muscles

‘God he’s behind me isn’t he?’ and against her better judgment her hand went lower ‘HOLY SHIT IS THA-’ she wasn’t able to finish as Izuku grabbed her waist and pinned her to the wall, her back taking the burnt of the impact and she was now staring at Izuku’’s predatory eyes staring right at her soul

‘Yes daddy~pin me to the wall and do whatever you want with me’ her horny brain said

‘Y’know what…I agree’ That was her last thought before everything went black

-Flashback Interruption-

“Izuku pretty much went to town on all of you huh” Mina said cheekily and Setsuna and Kinoko sighed dreamily


Jiro growled, but blushed when everybody looked at her “Oh yeah, you wanted to be dominated as well”

Jiro sputtered and Reiko coughed “I understand that attraction, I must admit that seeing that display from where I stood was…exhilarating” Reiko sighed dreamily “Seeing and hearing our friends screams of terror and Izuku was the cause just made my heart flutter and hnng-” Reiko bit her finger and closed her eyes as she rubbed her thighs together and she…shook. Everyone has their eyes widen at what they were seeing, did Reiko just---

She opened her eyes and she had this hazy look on her face

“Re-reiko…did..did you just” even Setsuna can’t even utter a full sentence after that display, Reiko then looked down

“Ah I seem to have released once more”


“It was during Kinoko’s story, when Kamakiri and Sato was pulled to the alley” she then put a finger to her lips “but I also came during the actual training, seeing that in action…turned me on” she then stood up “Which reminds me, I need to change” she walked away

“Le-let’s wait for her to come back” and so she did 4 minutes later and Setsuna continued the story

-Flashback Continuation (Setsuna POV)-

Setsuna stopped in front of a bank, she was panting hard. She heard the announcement of Kinoko’s capture so it leaves her and Ojiro left.

They were right. The 2A guys were right, Izuku is a fucking monster. They said that ever since the start of their second year, Midoriya just kept training harder and harder to the point that he even gave Bakugo a challenge. What was worse was the guy was being trained by All Might himself. The. Fucking. Previous. Number 1 hero!

And that was not all! He was being trained by Aizawa! Pretty much honing his fighting abilities, his technique, his offense, defense, and his capture! She. Was. FUCKED!

And the way that he looked at her, it was as if he was staring at her soul. And then he smiled, oh that damn smile, he looked like a predator coming to his prey. To his helpless prey, no matter how much it fights, he will fight back and he will come out on top.

So why the fuck did that turn her on?!

She was a dom, she knew this, this was a fact. She loves to tease, she loves being in control, she wasn’t forceful no, she just likes to be in control, if her partner says stop or is uncomfortable she will stop, but that’s not the point!

She was a dom, but seeing Izuku in action, seeing him just wreck her teammate up…made her question that.

She then heard footsteps coming out of the alleyway, she got into a stance prepared for a fight only to see Ojiro limping out of the alleyway, clutching his stomach, she then jumped over the metal railing and tried going to him

“Oh shit! Ojiro ar-”

“Sestuna..” he said weakly, he looked up at her “..Run” he was then pulled back towards the alleyway by green tentacles

“HELL NO!” she jumped to action and split herself into 20 pieces but her head remained intact, she flew into the alleyway and tried to find her teammate or Midoriya


“Shit” she then flew up in hopes to get a better view, but once she did what awaited her was Izuku himself waiting for her on top of a rooftop, they stared for a while and he smirked

“Hey” she didn’t know why but she yelped and could feel the blush on her cheeks, she assembled herself on top of the opposite wall and she waited “And here we are, the two of us. Alone.” Did she forget to say that he was also being tutored by Midnight?...shit. “How about you and I, have fun?” he smiled suggestively and she could feel her blush getting hotter. She shook those thoughts out of her head

“Oh, you think you’re cute!”

“Bitch” he then disappeared, she was about to look for him but she felt him hug her from behind with one arm pulling her in and his other arm snaking to her neck and then whispered in her ear “I’m adorable” then everything went black.

-Flashback Interrupt-

“After that, I woke up in the nurse’s office”

Jiro excused herself to the bathroom, as did Kinoko, Kendou, Ibara, Yui, and Tsuyu.

“Oof, I think I killed them”

“Meh, they’re fine” said Mina “But damn girl you literally got the full Feral Izuku experience” she leaned in close “How did it feel?”

“God~” she sighed “It was like he had total control, and the fact the I just witnessed him knocking everyone out. BY HIMSELF. Did not help build my confidence. The way he just pulled me in grabbed my neck” Jiro came back “I was so ready for him to just take me there on that rooftop, consequences be damn” and Jiro left once more

Soon the girls returned and Pony said her final piece

“So after we witnessed Setsuna’s team get absolutely wrecked, me and the rest were just shocked”

-Flashback Continuation (Pony POV)-

To say she was shocked would be an understatement of the whole year, her jaw didn’t even close the moment Izuku just made Kaminara and Sero disappear!

She could hear the principal laugh joyfully as his tea was spilling everywhere, she looked over to class 2A and saw that they were calm, shocked sure, but much calmer than her class she could even see Todoroki handing Bakugo some money, Momo was imitating a fish with the way her mouth was opening and closing the rest just stared at the screen as they saw Izuku carrying Setsuna in his shoulders and picking up the rest of the team with his tentacle things. She then looked at her class and she could understand their reaction. Kendou had a huge blush on her face, Yui was taking very breaths, Reiko was trembling a bit, Ibara had her eyes widen and in closer inspection, she was staring directly at the tentacles, Monoma’s face and body were stuck, while the rest just had a defeated look on their face.

Izuku was a monster.

And she was in love with said monster. There she said and admitted it.

“Ah thank you, Young Midoriya for carrying the teams here, but it would seem that Recovery girl called and she told me to tell you, that the moment you come to her office she would give your head a good hit for making so many students unconscious,” said the principal and Izuku just chuckled and began to make his way to the nurse office. The principal then clapped “With that being said, since we have lost 10 students today, we will be changing the fight to a 3 vs 1” many students sighed, “Coming next would be Bakugo, Todoroki, and Midoriya vs Mineta”

The boy who was now free stared at the principal, the principal looked back with a glint in his eye and just said “Good luck”

It was not a fun day for Mineta

-Flashback END-

“And that’s the end of our story” the three of them bowed and the girls clapped, some even whistled.

“That was a fantastic story indeed”

“Seeing Izuku going is something”

“Imagine what he’s like in bed” Yui suggested and everyone then stopped and thought, and all they could imagine was a smiling Izuku looking down on them, some imaginations went to extreme levels.

They all shook their heads “I-I mean, no one would know how Izuku would be right?”

“Yeah nobody”

-Somewhere deep in the forest, inside a lodge-

“Achoo!” Mandalay sneezed

“Are you sure you’re alright? That’s the second time you sneezed today” asked Ragdoll who was peeling potatoes

“Yes, I’ll take a medicine later just to be sure” said Mandalay as she whisked some eggs

“I have a question…”


“How good was Izuku that night” Ragdoll teased and Mandalay sputtered almost dropping the bowl

-Back at the dorms-

“Yeah nobody” Kendou said dismissively “It’s not like anyone actually knows how good and  rough he is right?” the girls just looked at each other “Right?”

-At a certain agency-

“Achoo!” a certain pro hero sneezed, someone came to her worried

“Are you okay Ryukyu?” asked Nejire in her hero costume and Ryukyu just nodded

“Yes, it just feels like someone’s talking about me” Ryukyu wondered who could be talking about her at this time

“Oh! Maybe it’s Deku! You two did have se--” Nejire couldn’t finish what she was saying as Ryukyu lunged at her from her office chair to cover her mouth with her hands.

Ryukyu looked around, they were in her office so no one would be able to hear it, even so, she had to make sure. Sighing she let go and looked at Nejire with a blush on her cheeks “Ho-how did you know that?” she was so sure that they did it without anyone in her agency

“Oh I came back after I forgot my bag, I didn’t see anything but I heard you though” Nejire then opened her arms wide “You were so loud too! You were like ‘God Yes Izuku! Darling that’s it, keep going. YES! HARDER!’ I was like two floors below you and I could still hear you screaming” Nejire pointed out smiling innocently

Ryukyu was embarrassed at this point, but she knew Nejire won’t tell a soul so she was safe.

“Oh don’t be embarrassed” Nejire tried to help “I scream his name too when I masturbate” it did not help

-Back at the dorms-

“Anyway, who’s next?”

“That would be me” said Reiko as she stood up and sat on the chair “Unlike the rest of you I did not give any sort of interest in him during any school event, no I had an attraction to his character when I was attending at an event”

“Translation: I had a crush on him, during a convention” Setsuna said with a grin on her face and Reiko gave her an annoyed look

“I hate you”

“I’m not sorry”

“But yes, I had a crush on him during an event”

-Flashback: 1 year ago-ish-

Reiko was about to have the time of her life! Okay, that was an exaggeration, she went to these conventions ever since she was 6, but she couldn’t help herself and be excited, not only are there so many things to do but the pro hero was here to put on a show, but it was one of her favorite heroes, White Lady.

She was going to get an autograph, and no one would stop her.

Well, someone did.

It was a green-haired kid with a blue and red hoodie, he was wearing shorts as red shoes. She remembers him, back in the Sports Festival. Izuku Midoriya was his name. Why was he here? Don’t get her wrong, anyone can be here, but he just stands out like a sore thumb, everyone was like her, a bit gloomy or wearing something that would resemble the paranormal. He was the only normal one here that would actually make him not normal at all.

But she just shrugged, she has places to be, a convention to enjoy, and a pro hero to meet. She was walking away but she then turned towards him when she heard him mutter

“Okay, White Lady’s show starts in 3 hours. I got some time to kill, might as well wait.” He was a fan? Looks like she just found her best friend

-Flashback Interruption-

“Hey!” yelled Ochako

“I do not mean any disrespect, I have not stolen him from your clutches”

-Flashback Continuation-

She did not have many friends that would enjoy the things she does. Even her new friends in Class 1B would not like the paranormal as she does, they would say that it was scary or creepy. She longed for a friend that would enjoy the thing she does. And seems as so that fate was giving her a blessing.

She walks forward to Midoriya “Midoriya-san”

Said boy jumped but still looked at her “Ye-yes? Oh you’re…Y-Y-Yanagi-san from Class 1B” he said in recognition.

“Correct. May I inquire why have you come to these haunted lands” Okay she really has to tone down how she speaks, it was cool but a stranger wouldn’t understand her.

“Oh! I heard that White Lady is here, I wanted to get an autograph from her after her show. Her Quirk is so cool! Tragedy Sense is a cool quirk, being able to identify what happened, where it happened, how it happened, who caused it, what caused it and able to identify and describe a murder is a great quirk for a hero and a detective!” the boy gushed and Reiko was amused, it reminded her of herself when she talks about the paranormal “A-AH! SO-sorry, I gushed way too much there”

“Think nothing of it, I find it amusing.” She smiled “Do you have company with you?”

“Ah no, I came here alone, I-I don’t really have that many friends, to be honest” he laughed as he scratched his head, she could sympathize about that

“Do you wish to accompany me?” she offered


“I also have come alone, and since you and I have the same interest, I wish for us to enjoy the event together…that is if you want to of course”

It took Izuku a moment as he just stared at her, but then he smiled “Y-yes”

-2 hours and a half later-

How many times has she smiled? She couldn’t remember. She and Izuku were just having a blast, it took some time for him to adjust, but he was enjoying the convention as much as she did.

They went to a haunted house, she thought he would run and be scared a lot but no, sure he was jumpy but he didn’t run away from everything at all, ironically she was the one that kept trying to run away but she didn’t and the most embarrassing thing she has done during the haunted house was to jump into Izuku’s arms and tell him to run to the exit, which he did. After exiting she sighed in relief and noticed their position they both blushed and Izuku put her down. Next would be some shops here and there, right now Izuku’s cheeks were adorned with cute ghost stickers while her cheeks had witch stickers, they both laughed seeing each other. She wasn’t even doing her normal pose anymore, she was standing straight and kept pointing at things and began to drag Izuku with her and they laughed along the way.

They then remember the show and decided to head to the area. They were seated at their designated chairs, which coincidentally was right next to each other. It was almost as if a god was trying to keep the both of them together. A thought for another day. The show began and it was a small play of course, about a girl who crashed and died then began to haunt a highway, in the story the girl would be asking for help in the road and people that would ignore her then look back would die.

The show ended with applause and the people lined up to get a short talk with the hero. It wasn’t that many people, White Lady wasn’t a popular hero, to begin with, but was still known. Once it was their turn, Reiko gave a picture of White Lady for her to sign

“Hmm, you seem to hold a deep conflicting feeling” White Lady said

“Hm?” she hummed not expecting for her to say anything “What do you mean”

“Oh sorry, my quirk lets me sense tragedies, but they also make me feel thoughts, feelings, and the likes that linger in the mind and soul of someone.” White Lady then grasps Reiko’s hands “Right now I’m sensing as if you have some troubling thoughts…about a boy.” She chuckled “And it seems even you haven’t even realized it yet, a stranger turned lover?” she said staring at Reiko’s eyes.

“That’s so cool” Reiko heard Izuku mutter from behind her and she looked behind her which was a mistake because now she could feel her heart hammer in her chest, and she couldn’t stop staring at his eyes, then his freckles, his nose and then his—

‘What am i--’

“Oh! It seems as though you’ve realized it” White lady smiled “Good luck and make sure you wear protection” Reiko blushed but nodded after bowing a thank you, she moved so that Izuku can get his autograph

Once he was in front, White Lady’s eyes widen almost in horror, Reiko could see that she took a deep breath and exhaled shakily

“Young man” White Lady said gently “Are you alright?”

“Huh? O-oh ye-yes I am!”

“Your demons speak otherwise” she said and Izuku flinched “I am glad that you didn’t follow his advice, but know this” she grasps Izuku’s hands “You don’t have to live in his shadow. You are enough” with that she released Izuku and signed his notebook and handed it over to Izuku. He bowed and thanked her then joined Reiko

They walked to the exit and were ready to go to the train station together and head to their respective homes, but Reiko has her mind stuck on two things.

  1. What she felt earlier when she stared at Izuku
  2. Izuku’s demons

The first one she could easily identify. She was crushing on Izuku. Hard. She inwardly groaned, this was the only time they even interacted and yet she was getting feelings for him already? The only thing they did was have fun, which then resulted in her having the best time of her life, with someone she could easily talk to and be herself for once, who also brought a smile to her face…fuck.

She had a crush

She then focused on the second one, his demons. The fact the White Lady looked horrified meant that whatever demons Izuku had was serious. She looked towards him, he might have sensed someone staring at him and looked at her and smiled.

A mask

He hides his pain with that mask

“I wish for us to be in contact” she says as she fishes out her phone

“A-ah! Okay” he also fished out his phone, they then exchanged numbers and after sending a smiling winky she was then treated with a malfunctioning Izuku, she laughed, grabbed his hand, and began to pull him to the train station

‘I’ll just have to bring that mask down and make you truly smile’

-Flashback END-

“And that’s the end of my first tale” Reiko finished and the girls clapped

“His demons?” Tooru wondered

“Yes, it seems as though he had some troubling thoughts, even when we were just simply texting he, it would feel like he had some…hesitance.” Reiko explained

“I noticed that too” Ochako said “It was like there was this wall between us. I can like go through the wall and hold his hand, but he can’t”

“Everyone in agreement in making Izuku give a session with Hound Dog say aye”

“Aye” said all the girls in the room.

“So what happens next Reiko?”

“Well after that, we did keep in contact. We texted from time to time and I recommended a few movies that he would watch and he would do the same.” Then she smiled “It was two months ago…that I fell in love with him truly”

-Flashback: Two Months Ago-

Reiko was…sad? No, maybe a bit. Today was a special day for her because every year on the same day she would go to a festival and enjoy her time under the moon. It was the annual Ghost Dance, it was not a real festival or tradition, it was just something her parents made up when they were dating, they would dance under the moonlight and sometimes they even said that ghost danced with them, hence the name, she would go with her family every year and just sit by a three have a small picnic under the moonlight. Her mother and father even said that it was the place her father proposed, so even in her family it had a sentimental value. But she wasn’t able to go today, both her parents suddenly got overloaded with work, they apologized and she understood.

But it still made her sad though ‘Might as well just go to the rooftop later and enjoy myself’

Then her phone pinged notifying her of a message, opening her phone she saw it was from her crush, Izuku Midoriya, she smiled. He would always make her smile.



Hey, excited for your Ghost Dance Festival?


Oh right, she told him about that too, smiling sadly she then replied


Ghost-girl (>”)>

Unfortunately, there will be no Ghost Dance this year. My family got overloaded with work so I cannot go.



Ghost-girl (>”)>

Nothing to apologize about, there’s always next year


But you sounded so excited though

Ghost-girl (>”)>

I..was. But I’m not that petty, I can just go to the rooftop and see the moon. It’s no problem


Okay…if you say so

Gotta go, need to do something

Ghost-girl (>”)>



She put her phone down and went to sleep.


She then woke up to a noise, getting up she noticed that it was now night time ‘The moon must be out now’


There it was again, she looked around to try to find the noise, but found nothing, she was confused now


Looking to her right, she discovered that the noise was coming from her window, walking over it she tried to find what was causing the noise, but she didn’t need to look for long as she found Izuku Midoriya in front of the 2B dorms waving at her while holding a piece of cardboard

‘What is he-’ her thoughts were interrupted when he raised the piece of cardboard it reads

’Reiko: Will you go to the Ghost Dance with me?’

She was never a fan of cliché romance drama, movies, novels, or anything like that. But seeing him there holding the sign and smiling at her. She understood the attraction. ‘This guy’ with a burst of energy she changed her clothes to something that would help in the chilly night, then burst out of her room almost knocking Kendou to the ground, she yelled a sorry as she went down the stairs with a huge smile on her face. She was now outside and she could see Izuku still holding the sign, going to him, his smile widens

“So is that a yes?” she laughed and nodded, he then put the sign down, grabbed her hand, and pull her to the deeper in the woods ‘This is the first time he held my hand’

They stopped at a clearing, she looked up and the moon was directly above them

“This is my favorite spot to train” he then pointed up “It’s also a good view”

“Yes, yes it is” Izuku then grabbed something behind a tree, pulling it to view it was a picnic basket and a blanket.

“I hope this is enough” he said unsure ‘It’s more than enough, all of this…for me?’ she smiled ‘Izuku any more and I would actually fall for you’

They then put the blanket down and brought out some of the food, inside were pies, sandwiches, and a thermos.

They relaxed under the moonlight while chatting a bit. She was…enjoying herself. She never thought she would get to experience this, she remembers the story her mother told her. Her mother and father would dance under the moonlight with slow music in the background, and when they stare at each other's eyes. They then leaned in and kissed. Sealing their eternal love under the moon.

She sighed, she knew that wouldn’t happen to her. She only told Izuku about the picnic. It was outside the realm of possibility for a dance and a kiss to happen

“Oh, it’s time” Izuku suddenly said making her visible eyebrow go up. ‘Time for what?’ she gasped as she got her answer. Soft music surrounded them ‘N-no…no way’

“Can I have this dance?” she didn’t notice him stand up, now here he was in front of her offering his hand.

Was this happening?

Yes. Yes, it was.

She didn’t trust her voice and just chose to take the offered hand, he pulled her up and escorted her to the middle.


They danced

It was a slow dance, her hands were on his shoulders and his hands were on her hips. She just kept staring at his beautiful eyes as they swayed in the beat of the song.

It was only the two of them, under the moonlight and deep in the forest.

She didn’t want this moment to end, she wants him to hold her close forever and just be lost in each other’s embrace. She just wants the man that she loves to stay with her


Yes…she loves him

She loves Izuku Midoriya

The music began to die down and they slowed to a stop but hands still firmly attached to each other. She decided to be brave.

So, she leaned in for a kiss

-Flashback Interruption-

“Bullshit!” Mina, Tokage, Tooru, Kendou yelled out, but Reiko didn’t even flinch and just smiled “No..way”

-Flashback Continuation-

So, she leaned in for a kiss

*Chu~* her lips made contact with his left cheek, pulling back she could see Izuku turn red, she giggled “Thanks for tonight Izuku, I really enjoyed it”

“Y-you’re welcome” they then sat back down ate some food, she took out her phone and took a picture of both of them and then sent it to her mother.

After finishing the food, they walked back to her dorms, after saying good bye she went inside with a smile on her face. Setsuna was the first one to notice

“Damn girl! Who got you smiling like that” she yelled getting the attention of everyone, she didn’t say anything and just sighed dreamily and walked back to her room. She then heard her phone go off, opening it she saw a message from her mother


Mama Ghost

I want grandkids

Little Ghost

After I graduate mother

Mama Ghost

I’ll give you until the start of your third year

Or else I’m taking matters into my own hands

Little Ghost

What do you mean?

Mama Ghost



Reiko just sighed and put away her phone, she touched her lips and smiled

‘Love you, darling~’

-Flashback ENDS-

“And that’s my tale” Reiko smiled and the girls clapped

“Leave it to Izuku, to give that much effort” Tsuyu commented “Never thought he had it in him”

“Well if someone is in trouble he just barges right in” Tooru excitedly said

“He just keeps saying that his body just keeps moving on its own”

“Let’s hope that his hips move too” Yui commented with a faraway look *Bonk* “Ow” she looked up and saw Kendou holding a bat labeled ‘Horny bat’ “Meanie”

“So anyway, I think we only have one more story to tell” They all look to Ibara who jumped but still stood up and sat down on the chair

“Come on girl! Take it home!”

“You know it’s weird” Jirou started “We all started this whole thing to know how we all got into a situation where we’re pretty much going for the same boy, which then evolved to us just confessing and telling stories about how we fell for said boy”

“Yeah it’s strange” Kinoko said “We’ve only talked today and yet I feel like I know all of you for much longer than that”

All of them nodded, then Kendou’s phone went off opening it she saw a message “Well we better wrap this up quick, Tetsutetsu sent me a message. They’re almost home”

“Go ahead Ibara! Finish this with a blast!”

“Preferably a blast from izuku” Yui smiled and wiggled her eyebrows *Bonk* “Ow”

“So I had a crush on him…after the second joint training, but I didn’t act on it. I merely thought that is was just in the heat of the moment, but it actually got confirmed and I…fell for him when he visited my club”

“Your club?” Ibara nodded

“My Gardening Club”

­-Flashback: 3 Months Ago-

Ibara was humming a tune as she waters her plants. Gardening was always a joy for her, keeps her calm and relaxed. As a child she always loves taking care of plants, even if said plants tried to eat her once or twice, she would still take care of them.

Right now she was in her club, she had permission during her first year to make a club like this and it got approved, sadly she was the only member, normally that would be a problem but the principal just said that as long the club doesn’t endanger the students or be a bother to some other clubs then the club can stay.

She then heard a knock on the door, strange no one ever bothers her here

“Excuse me, is this the Gardening Club?” asked a voice from the other side, not wanting to be impolite she went to the door and opened it

She was surprised to see Izuku Midoriya, Monster of 2A, aka her may or may not crush. “Oh, Midoriya-san, what brings you here?” she asked smiling, he returned her smile with a smile of his own

“O-Oh, I’m here to get Nezu’s flowers under his request” he then pulled out a piece of paper and a receipt, confirming that he was indeed under Nezu’s instructions. One of her patrons was the principal, he would order a specific bouquet of flowers, and yet she never noticed the same flowers in his office, she didn’t question it and just kept working. Reading the order he was now requesting a bouquet of daisies.

“Alright then, you can sit down while you wait Midoriya and I’ll get the order sorted out” she says as she walked to the section of daisies and began to pick the flowers with her tool

“You got a beautiful garden here Ibara-san” came the voice of Izuku

“Why thank you, Midoriya. I’ve been taking care of them since our first years” she then remembers the time she was only taking care of 5 plants and one plant that was trying to eat her, now she had over 30 plants and flowers alike, it was a joy for her to see her hard work pay off.

“That’s amazing” he sighed and she blushed, she distracted herself by getting the flowers. She then walked to her personal counter and began to tie them together

“IBARA WATCH OUT” she heard him shout and suddenly she felts something wrapped around her and then got pulled. Next thing she knew she was in Izuku’s arms with her back against his chest.

And she was blushing

‘So this is what Kinoko meant by a wall of muscles’

“Uhh Ibara what is that?” he pointed something on the counter, she looked and she shot an annoyed look at it.

It was one of the plants that tries to eat her, though they are harmless even if they did manage to get her they would just leave some marks here and there, nothing fatal and major to worry about.

“Oh that’s just Mido” she answered while blushing, it was pure coincidence that Izuku’s last name and her plant’s name were somewhat the same. Pure coincidence nothing more nothing less. “Don’t worry he’s harmless” she felt him let go of her and she had to smack the feeling of missing him down to the ground, she went to grab a spray bottle and began to spray the plant “Bad Mido, bad” the plant hissed and backed away crossing its leaves as if it was crossing its arms.

Ibara tied the flowers together and put them in a container “Here you go Midoriya” she handed the flowers to the boy who bowed and then left.

Once she was sure he was gone she ducked under the counter and covered her face with her hands, she could practically feel the steam that was coming out of her

‘The way he just held me like that’

It wasn’t a secret that Izuku Midoriya is a force to be reckoned with, everyone in UA saw and knows of his amazing feats, defeating a villain to save a little girl, taking care of said little girl, taking care of robbers during one of his grocery runs, and of course, the latest news of him pulling a win against 10 students against him.

He was the hot topic of the school, and also the most popular. He even has his own fanbase and admirers, though it amazed all of them that he was unaware of this fact and even denies its existence.

She sighed, she then felt a nudge on her arm, looking to her right she saw Mido looking at her

“What is it?” she asked the plant ‘Maybe I am growing crazy’

The plant then gestured to her with its leaves and then used the leaves to hug itself

“The hug was…enjoyable, yes. What’s your point?”

Then a second plant that tried to eat her a month ago joined its brother, the two plants connected their heads and their body began to curve, forming a heart

“I-I’m not in love with him!”

The two plants looked at her and she could feel the deadpan look they were giving. Yes, she’s definitely crazy.

“Okay fine, I might have a crush on him” she emphasizes the word might, but the plants just shook their heads, a third plant joined them and Mido gestured the door and then to them. Mido and the second plant were swinging their ‘arms’ as if to illustrate them having fun, then the third plant nudged the second plant gaining its attention, the third and second plant then began to hop off away from Mido who then has its head down looking sad

“Midoriya might like me back, but if I miss my chance someone might steal him from me” the plants nodded to her and she sighed “If someone…gets him before me then…I’ll be happy” the plants tilted their heads “If the girl would make him happy then it’s fine if she loves him and he loves her too then it would be fine. He wouldn’t pick me anyway, I’m just the weird Christian girl. He would pick someone so much better than me” Mido then nudged her cheek wiping something wet.

She was crying?

Who knew love would be a pain.

“I don’t think you’re weird” Ibara jumped hearing a familiar voice, she looked over the counter to see Izuku himself leaning on the counter.

‘How much did he hear?!’

“I don’t know who the guy you’re talking about, but if he thinks you’re weird because of something you believe in then he’s not worth your time.” He jumped over the counter and joined her on the ground, sitting beside her Izuku looked at her straight in the eye and she had to stop herself from kissing him then and there. “I honestly think you’re belief is admirable, the fact that you believe in something so passionately is something I actually admire about you” he smiled

‘He admires me?’

“I don’t passionately believe in the same way you do, but I do like some of the lessons that are taught in your religion. I’m not gonna lie, I use some of them in my daily life” he smiled “So don’t think that you’re weird, whoever that guy is is completely missing out.”

“H-how so?”

“Because you’re a wonderful person Ibara” he grabs her hand “You’re kind, you’re smart, you’re beautiful and you’ll be a fantastic hero” she giggled at the last part ‘Always about heroes huh.’

They stare at each other's eyes and she could herself getting pulled by those eyes, she could feel her plants nudging her to go for it. Just one push and she could feel his lips on her own. Should she risk it?


“I AM HERE!” yelled a booming voice from the door “Young Midoriya are you in here?”

Izuku jumped and stood up releasing Ibara’s hands “Y-yes All Might!”

She never thought she would hate the symbol of peace to some degree, she also stood up and saw Izuku and All Might talking, well Izuku was bowing repeatedly while All Might was laughing, her gaze then went higher and she gulped seeing 10 of her man-eating plants ready to jump at the symbol of peace.

She decided to do something as she also jumped over her counter

“A-All Might sensei, w-what are you doing here?” she asked while looking up a bit keeping an eye on her plants.

“Ah apologies Young Shiozaki, the principal sent me to fetch Young Midoriya because he was taking too long to get the flowers” he explained he then turned to Izuku “Why have you taken so long Young Midoriya?”

“Oh!” he then fished out a card “I forgot to give you this Ibara” he gave her the card, reading it states ‘Izuku Midoriya – UA Personal Helper’ and has a phone number attached “Nezu assigned me as a personal helper for the clubs in UA, right now I’m just assigned in the Gardening Club, so if you ever need any help then just contact me” he smiled, she blushed knowing that she could now see Izuku again from time to time.

“T-thanks” and with that, they said their goodbye’s leaving Ibara alone once more. She sighed and looked at the card and then turned it. “Huh?” She could that some water got into the card, probably from her hands because she was watering earlier, she wiped it off with her shirt, looking at it again she saw that the card now had marks and a letter ‘k’ was now visible, she raised her eyebrows and began to wipe the card with a wet rag and words were formed ‘Good luck’ with a smiley face at the end.

Ibara blushed, was the principal planning for this to happen?

No, it can’t be, it was probably a custom and she just happen to find it. She pocketed the card, but then felt a nudge on her arm, she looked and saw Mido smirking at her.

“I don’t have a crush on him” She could practically hear the groan Mido was making, but then she smiled “I love him. Happy?” Mido and 10 of her man-eating plants nodded vigorously

What is her life?

-Flashback END-

“And that’s my story” Ibara finished and the girls clapped.

“So let me get this straight” Setsuna started ”Your plants pretty much gave you a pep talk and comforted you?”


“Huh” Setsuna simply said “Normally that would weird me out, but honestly that’s probably the sanest thing I ever heard”

“Probably because our principal is a rat-bear-thing” Tooru pointed out

“That too”

“Can’t believe that All Might blue balled you” commented Yui and the girls laughed

“So…” Kendou started “That’s everyone, so what happens next?”

Tsu raised her boombox *Russian Anthem begins to play*

“That doesn’t actually answer my question Tsu”

“5 months ago Tsu invited us to her room” said Momo “She then asked if we have feelings for Izuku after a few denials here and there we said yes”

Tooru then stepped in “Then she played her boombox and played that anthem and said bluntly”

“Our Boyfriend” Tsuyu finished

“Our—wait so we share him?” Kendou asked her eyes wide at the implication

“Yes, just like in Mina’s story, Izuku won’t choose if he knows that another person also likes him. It’s not in his nature to hurt someone like that.” Explained Ochako

“Plus he doesn’t seem to be the type of person that accepts that someone actually likes him” Mina said “Probably because of that chick in Momo’s story”

“She’s a bitch” commend Pony and the girls agreed

“That’s why we have a plan”

“And that is?”

“We make Izuku comfortable with the idea that someone can like him and is willing to like him” Momo said “There are rules of course”

“No one makes a move on him” Ochako said and looked at Momo briefly “We need him to be comfortable first, otherwise he’ll just think you’re just being nice.”

“Everyone will confess at the same time *kero*” added Tsuyu “This way he’ll know that everyone likes him”

“But we don’t force him” Tooru added “Izuku can’t say no, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an excuse for us to abuse his kind nature. He has to like us because he wants to, not because he feels an obligation to” the 2B girls nodded

“And lastly, he can say no” Ochako said while being sad a bit “There is a possibility that…he doesn’t love us in that way. And we have to accept that.”

“Even if it hurts?” asked Pony


The girls were now silent as they slowly digest the information. “I have a question” said Ibara “What if…someone confessed to him, outside of this group I mean and he says yes. Is that alright for us”

“Yes” answered Ochako “If someone confessed to him then…it would be fine, we just have to make sure that he’s happy. If the girl makes him happy then that’s fine for us.”

“Man, who knew loving someone could be this complicated” whined Setsuna, and the girls laughed clearing the heavy atmosphere

“So we share him”


Kendou looked at her classmates “Is everyone all right with that?” the girls looked at each other but nodded

“Might as well, the guys have so much love to give anyway, and just like I said” Setsuna showed her sharp teeth “I ain’t giving him up”

“Me too!”

“Me three!”


“Yey! Welcome to the MidoriCulit!” yelled both Mina and Tooru

“Is that really the name?” deadpanned Kendou

“Heck it’s better than Harem for the Green” Jirou snorted.


“I smell pizza!”

The girls jumped as they heard the voices of the 2B boys

“Oh? Didn’t know you guys had visitors” said Tetsutetsu seeing the 2A girls

“AHA! ARE YOU HERE ADMITTING THAT 2B ARE BETTER TH-ACK!” Monoma couldn’t finish his rant as Kendou chopped his neck

“Miss you too you blonde idiot”

And with everything was said and done the 2A girls said their goodbyes and walked to their own dorms. Tooru was carrying their share of the pizza to give to their classmates, Momo and Jiro were talking about what’s for dinner and Mina and Tsuyu were talking about something that concerned about whose butt was better

“That went well” commented Ochako

“Yeah, I kinda expected that we would have to fight them, to be honest” Jirou said clearly exhausted

“I thought they wouldn’t agree” Tooru added

“Well it turned out fine and now, we found people that love Izuku just like us”

“Gotta wonder how many people love Izuku huh”

“I bet it’s not that many”

What they didn’t know was that a lot of women just sneezed at the same time, wondering who was talking about them, but that was a concern for another day as the girls sees their dorm coming into view and they could pretty much hear the rowdiness of the boys inside.

They entered and the boys noticed them

“Hey guys, where have you been?” asked Kirishima who had Kaminari slung to his shoulders trying to make the electric boy puke, and based on the face he was making it wasn’t long.

“Oh we hung out with the 2B girls for the rest of the day” Mina answered “How was your outing?”

“It was fantastic!” exclaimed Kirishima “We had a lot of fun and got to meet with some people”

“Well mainly he got to meet them, they pretty much went to him the moment they saw him” interjected Sero who had a bucket

“Who?” asked Tooru

“Oh M--”

“I’m here too!” exclaimed a tiny cute voice they turn and saw Eri beside the couch

“ERI!” Yelled the girls and Tooru basically just slid towards her and hugged the cute unicorn “We missed you so much!” Eri giggled

“What are you doing here?”

“Papa and Uncle Zawa told me to come here, saying they have something to tell me”

“Yeah, Izuku basically told us to watch over her while he takes care of something” added Sato

“It’s true, though I believe it’s not bad news considering that Midoirya was smiling” Tokoyami said with a plate of apples, Dark Shadow popped out of Tokoyami and grabbed the plate and placed it on the table

“Here you go Eri” said the quirk

“Thank you” as she then grabbed a slice and began to munch

“Well then, I believe it’s my turn to cook dinner” Momo said and she kneeled to Eri’s height “What do you want for dinner Eri-chan?”

“AFFWE FIE” she said with a mouthful of apples, all of them laughed at the adorableness. Even Iida just let it slide

“Don’t talk when your mouth is full kid” Bakugo lightly scolded while he was playing video games, Eri then swallowed

“Apple Pie!” she repeated. It was a sight to see that Bakugo doesn’t curse when Eri was around, heck he wasn’t aggressive at all when she was around. He was still angry, but not violent

“Again? That can’t be healthy for you Eri” said Sato

“Be quiet and make the damn pie” Commented Bakugo whose eyes are still on his game, Sato sighed and gave in

Momo then suggested making some curry for dinner in which no one disagreed, but before they could even begin to cook Izuku walked in with All Might, Aizawa, and his mother in tow.

The girls then began to panic

‘MOM ALERT! MOM ALERT!’ they hastily try to fix themselves properly seeing the parent.

“Uhh, what’s going on?” asked Kaminari

“Midoriya has an announcement to make” Aizawa said his eyes then went everywhere then stopped seeing his target “Eri, can you come over here please” the little girl did so and Izuku crouched to her level

“Hey Eri-chan” he gently smiled

“Hello Pa-Deku” she corrected and Izuku smiled

“You don’t have to be shy or correct yourself anymore. You wanna know why?” he said gripping the piece of paper in his hand

Inko was about to tear up but she stopped herself, All Might wore a proud smile, and Aizawa, while you couldn’t see because of his scarf he was also giving a smile to the teen and little girl

“Why?” asked Eri as she nervously gripped her dress

Izuku then brought the piece of paper and folded it open “Because from this moment forth, I Izuku Midoriya is now the father of Eri Midoriya” he showed the paper

It was an adoption paper

Izuku was now officially adopting Eri

Everyone was silent as they stared at the duo, the guys were shocked and their jaws were open, Kirishima had to hold back yelling ‘Manly’. The girls were shocked and happy at the same time as they watched and waited.

“Y-you’re my p-papa now?” she said staring at the paper and then at Izuku

“Yes Eri, I’m now your Papa and you are now my daughter” his smile widens further as Eri lunged and hugged Izuku, crying on his shoulder.

The 2A yelled in celebration at the now father and daughter hugged, the girls squealed and Mina grabbed Tooru and began to shake her, Ochako though grabbed Tsuyu and began to shake her making the frog girl blur a bit

Kirishima was so happy that he grabbed Kaminari and slam him to the ground then proceed to yell out ‘MANLY’ Bakugo just crossed his arms but had a smirk on his face.

It was a joyful night for the 2A as they celebrated the now Father and daughter.

Nezu then dropped by alongside Midnight and Lunchrush pushing a cart full of food.

Ochako took a picture of Izuku hugging Eri while the both of them had smiles on their faces, she then sent the picture to the newly made group chat

As the celebration began to die down, Izuku’s mother had to go back to her apartment after saying goodbye to her son and now grandchild, she was escorted by All Might.

Nezu also had to go and pull the rest of the staff with him.

Eri was now tired, the day for her was a fun and exhausting one. Seeing her yawn Izuku decided to put her to bed, which was in his room. Saying good night to his friends he began to carry his daughter to his room.

It was currently 9 pm and the rest of the students said their goodnights and went to their rooms.

Ochako was in her room was wearing her custom mittens, it was an eventful day and a tiring one. She couldn’t wait for what tomorrow would bring.

She laid down, but before she could sleep her phone gave off a notification, she groaned clearly annoyed. Opening her phone she discovered that Kaminari made a group chat

‘Don’t we already have a group chat?’

She then just read the messages


Kaminari made the FOR THE BOYS group chat

Kaminari added 19 people to the group



Isn’t it kinda weird that Midoriya is not a virgin anymore?


That made Ochako wide awake as she stared at the message with bloodshot eyes



You dumb fuck


What? I didn’t mean like it’s weird that he ain’t a virgin, I meant like it was kinda unexpected you know?

I mean I’m no virgin either, but if I say it then it’s not actually unexpected


What girl would be dumb enough to fuck you


Bold of you to assume it’s a girl






Kaminari, we agreed that everything that was said in our trip would stay with us


Yeah! It’s not like I added the girls here, just 2A and 2B boys


Dude…look at the people you added


Fine fine



You dumb fuck


Ochako stared at the messages as if it was holding a knife to her throat. Then another ping went off, this time it was the girls group chat




We have a problem


Chapter Text

Itsuka Kendou was frustrated, to say the least, and it was all because of a green-haired student of 1A named Izuku Midoriya.

She didn’t know how it happened if she was being honest, he suddenly just can’t stop appearing in her head, no matter what she does or what gross thing she tries to think, he always crawls back with that stupid, adorable, cute face he has.

She groaned.

How did it start?

He got her attention at the Sports Festival, the fact that he finished first was pretty much how she knew his name, then his fight with Todoroki, time and time again he broke his bones and just didn’t stop no matter how it hurt, she was impressed. After that, the name and his face were pretty much in her head ever since.

Then the Stain thing happened and she wouldn’t lie, she got worried for the guy. Facing the Hero Killer? There’s no way he got out of that without any injuries.

Then after the whole camp fiasco, she heard that he beat a villain, broke both of his arms, and still kept going….she didn’t know why but she wanted to just barge in his hospital room that day and just chain him in his bed until he fully recovered.

Then the Overhaul thing happened, she watched it on the news. The moment they described a green blur was beating up a huge monster, she knew it was Midoriya

Then the Cultural Festival happened, she joined a pageant show, not her style but she joined nonetheless, and then she saw him standing there holding a kid and smiling at her.

She wasn’t gonna lie, it felt nice when she felt his eyes on her.

Then the joint training happened, and she was both terrified and impressed. The fact that the whole tentacle thing happened and he still managed to pull a win, left an impression on her.

After that, he pretty much approached her and asked if she could teach him martial arts. She agreed, it has been so long since she had a decent sparring partner.

This then led to Setsuna teasing her that they were ‘close’, and the fact that she didn’t deny it added fuel to her teasing. It was a common thing now that whenever she got back from a training session with Midoriya that one of the girls would sing ‘Itsuka and Izuku sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G’

Setsuna kept suggesting that she had it bad, and she was head over heels for the guy.

Which was not true!

She was not in love, she just…admires him.

Who wouldn’t?

He’s good with academics, he’s a skilled fighter, he was nice, he was patient, he was cute, he had nice freckles that makes you want to connect them with a marker, he had a great bod—

She shook her head at that thought


She was not in love

She will never be in love

Nope, not gonna happen

“You seem to be in deep thought Kendou” said Yanagi Reiko in her gym uniform, oh right they had training today “May I ask what makes you seem troubled?” Kendou sighed but before she could answer Setsuna beat her to it.

“Probably thinking about her boyfriend” she teased and the girls reacted

“Kendou you got a boyfriend!” Kinoko yelled

“Congratulations!” congratulated Pony, and Itsuka groaned

“For the last time Sets, Izuku is not my boyfriend” she said firmly with a blush on her cheeks

“Ah see the thing is, I didn’t say his name” Setsuna cheekily replied and Itsuka realized her error “You just assumed that I was talking about Midoriya”

“Sh-shut it!” Kendou stuttered “Of course he’s the one you’re talking about, he’s the one you keep talking about!”

“I mean I don’t blame you, that guy is a catch” Setsuna grinned with a blush of her own. Itsuka then saw this as an opportunity for revenge.

“Well if you think he’s a catch, why don’t you go after him” Kendou suggested with a smirk, which then backfired as she saw Setsuna just blush even more and went to a thinking pose

“You think I should? I don’t know…I don’t seem to be his type y’know?” it took a moment for Itsuka to process what her friend just said when it did come to she blushed and pointed at Setsuna

“Hold on! Are you for real?!” Setsuna seemed shocked but nodded

“I mean yeah, I wasn’t lying when I said he was a catch” she admitted and Kendou could feel her jaw drop

“Agreed!” Pony cheered “He’s like super cute!”

Kendou then looked at Reiko and saw that she was also blushing “You too Reiko?” said girl flinched a bit

“Y-yes, I do admit that he has captured my interest” Kendou then sighed

“Is everyone here having a crush on Midoriya?” she asked rhetorically, she looked up and all the girls raised their hands “S-Seriously?”

“Yes” said Yui, the quiet girl now finished changing “Unlike you, we fully accepted that we are in love with Izuku”

“Why should I accept that?!” yelled Itsuka “I’m not in love with him!” the girls looked at each other

“Girl you should be honest with yourself” said Kinoko

“Yeah it’s kinda obvious” added Setsuna and before Kendou could say something there was a knock on the door

“Uhhh girls?” came the voice of Awase from the other side of the door “Are you okay in there? You’re taking a long time to change, all of us are in the gym already. You guys are the only ones we’re waiting”

After yelling an apology the girls then changed quickly, before Kendou could walk out of the locker room, Setsuna stopped her. “Listen, I’m not going to force you. All I’m saying is, to be honest with yourself” and with that Setsuna walked away, leaving Kendou staring at her friend

Be honest with what?

She was being honest. She wasn’t in love with Izuku. That’s it.


“Welcome students! Today we will be having a 1v1 fight. No Quirks!” announced Vlad. As much as that would have excited Kendou, her attention was set on a particular boy, who was on the other side.

Turns out, they were having another joint training with 1A, this time no quirks. Hooray.

She couldn’t find in herself to be excited, she was just frustrated. Right now she was staring at the source of all her frustration, Izuku Midoriya.

The boy must have felt someone staring at him, looking around he saw Kendou and he smiled and waved at her.

And just like that her frustration was gone and was replaced with a happy fluttering feeling. She could practically hear her friends groaning at her.

“First match!” Vlad then took out a piece of paper from a box “Itsuka Kendou!”

“Versus” said Aizawa tiredly as he took out a piece of paper as well “Izuku Midoriya”

There were some oohs and cheers from her class with Setsuna yelling ‘Go get your man!’ she would strangle that girl later.

Right now she was looking at Izuku who was on the other side of the ring.

Okay, this was it.

She was going to prove that she wasn’t in love by beating Izuku with her martial arts. After that hopefully, this would her friends from telling her that she was in love with the boy.

She heard the starting signal

She lunged

And now she was staring at the ceiling

She blinked

‘What happened?’

“Itsuka Kendou is out of bounds! Izuku Midoriya Wins!” she heard the announcement, but she was still confused about what had happened, one moment she lunged at Izuku and the next she was staring at the ceiling…what?

Then his sweet adorable face came to view with the concerned expression of his that he always wears whenever he saw someone get hurt.

“A-are you o-okay Kendou-san?” he asks while she just stared, she could see from behind Izuku that the principal was sitting in one of the support beams, he looked at her and waved. Her attention then went back to the adorable boy that was above her.

‘Huh…Was he always this handsome?’

Not even a second after she thought that, that she screamed “Kya!” the sound of her scream would forever haunt her and would forever be ammunition for Setsuna to tease her and tell her again and again how she realized her feelings for Izuku.

She then began to crawl away while having a huge blush that covers her face, her girl friends’ then began to comfort her, well Setsuna was smiling smugly at her and Ibara was telling her that ‘Don’t worry I screamed too when I realized it’

At the corner of her eye, she could see Vlad giving some money to Aizawa, but that was the least of her concerns as right now she is now focusing on the big issue that she, in fact was in love with Izuku Midoriya

And all it took was for him to slam her to the ground for her to realize it.

Chapter Text

Shino Sasaki, aka the Pro Hero Mandalay, stared at the device in her hand with a mix of joy, terror, and anxiety.

She expected this, but it still hit her hard. She lied to him that it was a safe day, she lied when she said that she was going to take a pill the next day and she lied when she said it meant nothing to her.

On her hand was a pregnancy test.

And it was positive…

She was pregnant with his child

She smiled at that thought and she sighed. She remembered that day.

It was his graduation, and of course, she and her team and other more pros were invited to the graduation party that night. After a long night of dancing, singing, and just chatting, the two of them talked privately outside of the building where the party was held. She had to admit that she giggled a lot seeing the man still blush and be a fanboy even though he was now an adult. After a long talk and a confession coming from the both of them they decided to go somewhere more…private.

They went inside his dorm and for the whole night they just made love, she had to admit that even though she was the mature one there, she didn’t know what to do, because at that time she was still a virgin and so was he. That night she completely surrendered herself to him and the both of them just got lost in the pleasure, and when he was about to burst, she told him to come inside, he was hesitant but she insisted. That night, it was just her and him.

And now, the price has shown itself.

Did she regret it? No, absolutely not.

Will she keep the baby? Yes.

Will she tell the father?....No, as much as she wanted to. The baby was her responsibility, she couldn’t trouble him with this, he was on his road to being one of the greatest heroes that ever existed. It was his dream, and she wasn’t going to take it away from him.

She was going to tell the news to her team though, they’re going to find out eventually and she needed all the support she needed.

Taking a deep breath, she tossed the test in the trash and walked out of the bathroom.

The next problem now was how to tell her team. As much as the direct approach would work, this kind of news needed to sink in and needed to be gently given.

Walking to the kitchen she could hear her team chatting and someone cooking, heading there she prepared her best smile and was ready to tackle the day.

“Hey guys” she waved, her team then looked up when she entered. Tiger or Yawara Chatora, was sitting beside Ragdoll or  Tomoko Shiretoko, and they were reading a magazine, on the stove was Pixie-Bob or Ryuko Tsuchikawa.

“She’s here!” shouted Ragdoll excitedly, she then jumped towards her, grabbed her hand, and sat her down on the couch, meanwhile Mandalay was confused at her friend’s reaction. Ragdoll then put her hands under her chin and looked at her expectantly. Tiger then sat beside her on her left and she could see Pixie-bob leaning on the counter looking at her giving her a gentle smile

She smiled. She had the best teammates

‘You guys already know don’t you?’ using her quirk to deliver her message to her teammates

“Well duh” Pixie-bob said smirking at her “Kinda easy to connect the dots when you suddenly leave, come back with 3 pregnancy tests and disappear in the bathroom for like an hour“ Mandalay blushed at that “So deets girl, are you expecting?”

“Yes” she answered and her teammates cheered

“So who’s the father?” Tiger asked and Mandalay just smiled

“It’s someone special”

“You’re not gonna tell us?”

“No” she then raised her finger “Not because I don’t trust you guys, but because I know for a fact that you would hunt him down and drag him here”

“No we won’t” Pixie-bob said crossing her arms and looking away, Mandalay just stood up and opened the curtains, and pointed outside where there were at least 30 mud beasts outside on standby. Pixie-bob then scratched her head and deactivated her quirk

“Well, are you at least going to tell him?” Ragdoll questioned and Mandalay just smiled

“I don’t think I will”

“Can I ask why?” Tiger asked

“It’s…personal” and they just stared at her, that was until Tiger stood up

“Well if that’s your decision then we will respect it.” He gave her a thumbs up and her teammates agreed to give her support.

“Thank you”

“I’m home!” yelled a young boy, Kota, her nephew “And I brought someone with me” now who could that be

“We’re in the kitchen Kota” Mandalay yelled and cleaned herself up a bit to at least make herself presentable. She looked up to greet her nephew but was too shocked when she saw who her nephew brought.

Izuku Midoriya, aka The Pro Hero Deku, no. 5 in the hero charts and was on his way to be no. 1 in a few months.

He was also the father of her child…their child.

“He insisted on coming here, saying that he needed to talk to you” Kota said to her and it was true, the moment Izuku was in the kitchen his eyes zoned in on her and she couldn’t help but gulp.

He wouldn’t know that she was pregnant. So she was safe.

“Anyway I’ll be in my room” said Kota walking away, her team noticed the atmosphere and the way that the two of them were staring at each other was enough to give the answer they asked earlier. Taking this as their cue to leave, they excused themselves giving her and Izuku some alone time.

“Hey” he awkwardly greeted

“Hey yourself” she smiled, always the dork. “So how are you future no. 1”

He chuckled “That’s only a rumor, I’ve been good. Been busy with work and you know…making a name for myself. That’s it. You?”

“Oh you know, been busy trying to get Kota back to school, been reorganizing some stuff here and there, and also taking a short break from hero work” she said the last part as she turned around and went to the pot that Pixie-bob was handling earlier.

“A break? Why?” he asked going behind her and leaning on the counter

“Oh you know, just getting tired and all. Might as well help Ragdoll with some of the paperwork in the office” a lie of course, but she wasn’t going to tell him the truth.

“Shino” she gripped the handle tightly hearing her name, the only time that he used that name was that night. “Are you…” Ah, of course, he knows

“Am I what?” she walked away not facing him “Tired? Of course, I am, you know people my age. We just get tired so easily now, we’re not that young anymore--”

“Pregnant” he said making her stop “Are you pregnant with my child” he was behind her, she could feel it.

“And what if I was?” she asked hugging herself “What are you going to do about it?”

“What am I—I’m going to be there for you of course!” he was now in front of her looking at her as if she asked something dumb “I’m going to stay by your side, I’m going to slow down with work--”

“That’s the problem!” she yelled balling her fist and looking at him “That’s why I didn’t want to tell you! Because you would stop with work and start taking care of me!”

“Well what do you want me to do then!” he yelled back equally annoyed “Leave you alone and let you raise this child alone?!”

“Yes! Because you would at least live your dream!” she pointed a finger at him “It’s what you always wanted right?!”

“What I want is to be with you! And to be with my child!” He took a step forward “I’m not abandoning you and my child. And that’s final”

“God you’re so stubborn!” she yelled going up to his face

They stare at each other, waiting for the other to make a move, and someone did.

Mandalay grabbed his shirt and pulled him close capturing his lips with her own, Izuku then hugged her with one arm while the other was behind her head deepening the kiss.

And almost instantly Izuku put his hands on her thigs and lifted her and pinned her to the nearby wall, she gasped as her back collided with the wall, but that didn’t stop them from connecting their lips once more.

After a minute, they pulled away and looked at each other’s eyes

“Still not gonna leave? This is your final chance” Mandalay asked looking at his eyes

“No” He said firmly, this was his decision. “I’m staying”

Mandalay sighed and laughed. “This is one hell of a day”

“Tell us about it” said a voice and both of them jumped, Izuku looked back and Mandalay peered over his shoulder

Peering over the doorframe were Ragdoll, Tiger, and Pixie-bob. All three of them were smiling at them “Who knew that the kitty was so bold” said Ragdoll while wiggling her eyebrows

“Yo Izuku you better take care of Mandalay or else I’m beating you to a pulp!” threatened Tiger

“Hey Izu do you have any friends that you can introduce me to?” asked Pixie-bob who was then sprayed by Tiger with water and she hissed.

Izuku sighed and Mandalay smirked “Better get used to it lover, this is your life now” she smiled and Izuku just looked at the woman and stole another kiss, getting a few cheers from the three people in the doorframe. Pulling away he just smiled at her

“I’m still staying”

Chapter Text

Aizawa uses Deku on Ms. Joke…it’s super effective!

Aizawa was annoyed, to say the least, and the source of his annoyance was standing in front of him.

Emi Fukukado, also known as Ms. Joke

She was an annoyance before, but he didn’t know why and how but she seemed to be even more annoying than before, if he were to track down when she actually became even more annoying it was probably after the License Exam.

After that, she seems to have taken a liking to visit UA almost every other day. Why Nezu allowed this, he had no idea and he wasn’t going to ask the rat.

But he did find it strange though. Normally she would joke about him and her getting married, but no. This time it was centered around his class.

‘Hey, any of your students got engaged yet?’ ‘Your students still single?’ ‘Wanna hook me up with one of your students’ those kinds of jokes, he didn’t know why but she would have this light blush on her cheeks whenever she asks and she never had those kinds of blushes when she joked around him.

So what changed?

His answer then came the next day.

It was a normal day for the staff and students of UA, he and some other teachers were in gym Gamma teaching were teaching their students some proper control with one of their quirks, other applications for their quirks, and testing the limits of what it can and can’t do. Emi, of course, was there watching them and annoying Aizawa as usual he was barking orders left and right, nothing unusual there.

Then he yelled at Izuku Midoriya

And out of the corner of his eye…he saw her flinch and look in Izuku’s direction.

Now he could have written that off as just him barking an order to a particular student, if not for the fact that he has been barking orders to every student and calling their names and she didn’t move. It was only when he yelled at Midoriya that she moved and stopped annoying him, even if was just a second, at that moment. He saw right through her.

He grinned like a madman and decided to put his plan into action

“Midoriya!” he yelled and gestured for the student to come down, Emi tried to excuse herself but he captured her with his scarf, she looked at him with wide eyes and he could feel that she was panicking as she saw the grin that he had.

“Y-yes sensei?” asked the boy after landing down

“I’m sure you know who this is” he pulled Emi a bit closer, and he saw his student go fanboy mode but he wasn’t going to listen “Ms. Joke here has personally volunteered to teach you the works of being an underground hero” he could practically feel Emi’s eyes boring to his skull “As such, for the rest of this period. She would be in charge of you” he pushed Emi lightly in front of Midoriya “Good luck” and then walked away, he could hear Midoriya shouting a bunch of thank you’s, but he didn’t care. His job was done.

He then felt his phone vibrate, opening it he saw a message from the principal



I’m proud of you


….Yep his job was done.


Togata hooks Deku up with Bubble Girl

Togata was curious as to why Bubble Girl wouldn't contact Deku. She clearly misses him, right now he was behind her and she was looking at her phone, on her phone was a picture of her and Deku.

He clearly is confused to why she couldn’t just text or call him.

He actually thought that once the Nighteye agency was back in action that Deku would come back with him, now that his quirk was returned thanks to Eri he was back to work. Sadly Deku was in Endeavour's agency and said that he was needed there. They didn’t complain and just said to visit sometime.

On the other hand, Bubble Girl was saddened by the news but still kept working. And now here he was scratching his head as to why she wouldn’t just contact him.

Then he had a thought

Why not call him himself and give the call to Bubble Girl?

That was a brilliant idea me!

Thanks me!

Fishing out his phone, he pressed the video call option on Deku’s contact, once it rang Bubble Girl jumped finally noticing him

“What are you doing?”

“Calling Deku” he said simply waiting for Deku to answer


“Oh bec--”

“Hello? Mirio-senpai is something wrong?” answered Deku his face was shown and in the background were more people getting food, clearly he was in a cafeteria of some sort.

“Hey Deku! Nothing’s wrong just calling to check up on you”

“Oh! Well I’m fine, I’m actually in the mall, got a day off” he said

“Oh well, that’s great! By the way, Bubble Girl misses you” he said simply and Bubble Girl jumped and before she could escape “Here go talk to her!” he brought the phone to her face making her go face to face with Midoriya.

“H-hey Midoriya” she said waving giving a small glare in Mirio’s direction

“He-hey Bubble Girl” he fidgeted and set his phone down “How are you?”

“Oh I’m fine” she said grabbing the phone “Been busy, with the agency going back to full swing everyone here is just adjusting to everything.” She added and she was right, with the Work Studies returning some old interns were coming back and working, while some universities cut off ties with them due to the death of Nighteye, there were a lot of things that needed to be adjusted.

“That’s good to hear, I’ve been meaning to visit but work has been so stressful” he whined and Bubble girl giggled

“Welcome to the real world kid”

“Living the dream” Izuku sighed “So what’s new? Are there any new missions for you guys?”

“Not really, but we are doing a collab with Ryukyu next week, something about a drug den or something” the information wasn’t actually classified, so sharing wasn’t a problem, meanwhile Mirio gasped at the news. He hasn’t heard of this yet!

“Oh! Then we might actually get to see each other soon then” he smiled “I just got an offer from Ryukyu to do my work studies there, I’m still thinking about it though so I guess I’m not sure still” he admitted, Mirio could see that some bubbles were coming out of her head that was shaped like….hearts?

“Oh, that’s wonderful! You sure are getting the attention of the Top 10 huh” she smiled “Makes me think that you have forgotten about us” she teased

“No I haven’t! I couldn’t forget any of you” he shouted but then he ducked as people began to shush him, they could see on the phone that he began to apologize and he and Bubble Girl laughed

“I’m kidding I’m kidding” she then smiled “We should really hang out more” and then the bubbles that were coming out of her head popped and Mirio could see her eyes widen “I mean uhh”

“That sounds great” Izuku smiled “When are you free?”

This was the time that Mirio decided to butt in “Oh she’s free this Saturday Deku!” but before Bubble Girl could deny it, their boss Centipeder then joined in “Mirio is correct, she is free this Saturday” then walked away, the two sidekicks stared at their boss for a second then looked at Deku once more.

“So I guess Saturday it is huh?” Izuku said over the phone while developing a thinking pose “If I remember correctly there’s an amusement park that’s gonna open near Dagobah beach, wanna go there?” Bubble Girl just nodded while turning a dark shade of blue “Good well I gotta go my fr--”

“Who are you talking to Midoriya?” asked a female voice

“Oh just a friend” Midoriya said looking at the person who they can’t see on the phone, suddenly a woman came to view, she had shoulder length white hair freckled with a few noticeable crimson color.

“Oh hello there” the woman waved “I’m Fuyumi Todoroki, nice to meet you”

“Hello Todoroki-san!” Mirio waved while Bubble Girl nodded staring blankly at the phone.

“So-sorry guys, gotta go” he waved and Mirio waved back and ended the call, Mirio then took his phone and looked at Bubble Girl, who was still staring blankly at nothing.

‘Huh, she was happy a moment ago…Quick! Think me!’

“Uhh…Good luck on your date?” he didn’t know why it formed into a question, but Bubble Girl did nod so it wasn’t much of an issue

Good job me!

Thanks me!


Kota tries to get Izuku as his stepdad through Mandalay

“You want to what?” asked Mandalay looking at her nephew with one eyebrow raised

“I want to get adopted by Izuku” he said in a manner that it was a final decision

“I don’t think he can adopt anyone just yet Kota” she tries to argue

“He adopted Eri last week” he pointed out “If he can adopt her, then he can adopt me too right?”

“He adopted who now?” asked Ragdoll from the kitchen “Isn’t he a bit too young to adopt anyone?”

“Nope, Kota’s right” said Tiger as he appeared from the door “It’s in the article here.” He showed the phone to Mandalay, taking it she read the title ‘Young Hero adopts Cute Unicorn after a long fight with the now burning System – an article made by Nezu’

‘Well if he’s involved then no wonder it went smoothly’ Mandalay sighed looking at her nephew “Still, he has to agree with adopting you, plus he’s already taking care of a kid, I don’t think he can handle two kids, and yet focus on school all by himself” she again tries to argue, now she doesn’t mind Izuku Midoriya taking care of Kota, heck she would support it. But Kota was her only family member left she would be heartbroken if he got out of her life, but if it was Izuku then it was fine the only problem was that he was a single parent she at least wanted to see if there was a kind woman by his side.

“Then why don’t you date him” Kota simply suggested and Mandalay could hear the shatter of glass from the living room and the stirring noise that was coming from the kitchen stopped. “If you date him, then not only does he get a woman in his life, but you’ll also be taking care of me…well I guess us, if me and Eri will be siblings.”

Before she could reply she saw Pixiebob behind Kota, she then blasted Pixiebob with a million thoughts with her quirk giving her a headache and falling to the floor. Ragdoll peeked her head from the kitchen and Mandalay just looked at her and Ragdoll ducked back in the kitchen.

She sighed “Kota, he’s almost 10 years younger than me. I’m way too old for him”

“No you’re not, he even said so”

‘Eh?’ She then saw him fished out his phone and clicked on a few apps then a voice came from the speakers of his phone

Hey Deku what do you think about my aunt?came the voice of Kota, he turned the phone so she could see the video that he was playing, the video was just pointed at Izuku in a corner seemingly hidden from the boy in question, the background suggests that they were in an ice cream parlor.

Mandalay? Well I think she’s an amazing hero, the fact that she can use her Quirk the way she does and fight is amazing enough” Mandalay was now blushing at the compliment, while Pixiebob hissed at her, Ragdoll stopped stirring and was now eavesdropping, and Tiger was just sitting there reading the article on his phone

But what about as a woman?” Mandalay snapped her head at Kota, while said boy just pointed at Pixiebob who gulped, she then fell once more after a million thoughts attacked her head. “Like…would you date her if given the chance

I-I don’t think that’s possible Kota” Izuku scratched his head “I think I’m far too young for her, surely there are a lot more older guys that she likes

But would you date her?” the Kota in the video pushed the question and she could see Izuku was thinking, and she would be lying if she said she wasn’t waiting for his answer.

S-sure, I-Idon’t really mind. Your aunt is a kind woman after all” he chuckled nervously and she feel her blush creep in, Izuku then looked at Kota “Yo-you aren’t going to t-tell her I said that…right?

Yeah yeah sure” the screen moved and the video ended, Kota took his phone back and stared at Mandalay, she then looked at him

“I thought you promised him not to tell me?”

“Technically I didn’t, he did” he pointed at his phone “I just showed a video of him saying it”

‘I guess…that’s kinda true’ Ignoring the fact that that kind of reasoning was not ethical at all she rubbed her forehead feeling a headache coming in. “Look I just don’t think it’s a good idea for him to adopt two kids, the media would eat him alive” then her phone pinged, fishing out her phone she saw it was a message from an unknown number



Oh, don’t worry about the media, just one more thing to burn :)


….That damn rat.

She sighed, she didn’t know if she should say yes.

‘Maybe I should ask him myself’ she suddenly thought and she couldn’t find it in herself to disagree with that. Might as well ask him and get his opinion on adopting Kota

‘And maybe ask him if he really doesn’t mind in dating someone like me’ She looked up and saw a smiling Kota, a coughing Tiger, an angry Pixiebob, and a slack-jawed Ragdoll.

“I broadcast that didn’t I?”

“YOU TRAITOR!” screamed Pixiebob and she was about to tackle her but she was then sprayed by Tiger with water.

Mandalay sighed this has been a tiring day, now all that’s left was to find the opportunity to talk to him.

Her phone pinged once more, opening it she saw that it was from Izuku himself



Hey uhhh…are you busy this Sunday?


Mandalay blinked at that, was he?

She shook her head, he wasn’t asking her out. That would be ridiculous



Not really, why?


Can you watch Eri for me? I’m sorry. Everyone I asked just said they were busy, principal Nezu said that I should ask you since you might not be busy, but if you are then I can understand….sorry.


…That damn rat. Then another ping from an unknown number, it just reads ‘You’re welcome :)’ she sighed and decided to reply



Stop apologizing, it’s all right. I’m free this Sunday so I can take care of your daughter. Congrats btw.

Also, can I take Kota with me?


Thanks! And sure, you can take Kota, I’ve been meaning to get Eri some friends her age, but that’s kinda hard with university and all


I understand, we’ll head there on Sunday around 9 am. Is that all right with you?


Yes! Thank you again. See you this Sunday :D


See you


Suddenly she then felt someone breathing on her neck. Turning around she found her teammates and nephew looking over her shoulder and to her phone

“Uhhh…I can explain?”


Oh boy, this is gonna be a long day


Todoroki tries to help Burnin with her oh so obvious crush

Shoto Todoroki was clueless when it comes to social interactions or in anything social at all. He didn’t have many friends nor did he choose to have friends, the only reason that he was in Midoriya’s friend group was that the boy basically dragged him.

Was he complaining? No. It felt nice to have friends

But even so that he was clueless about these kinds of things, he was not blind.

He remembered he was staring at Burnin, a sidekick in his father’s agency bark orders to Izuku. Now normally this won’t actually get his attention, but Burnin just kept barking orders to and only at Izuku.

While yes, he and Bakugo would get orders as well, but she seemed to be around Izuku more often. Even in assignments where it requires two people, she would just gravitate towards Izuku or take Izuku as her partner.

It was obvious that Burnin had a crush on Izuku.

Now some may ask why should he care about this, well Izuku his first-ever friend needs more women in his life.

Izuku did have his sister, were they dating he has no idea, but what he does know was that his friend has so much more love to give that he has much to spare. And since Midoriya opened his eyes back at the Sports Festival, he feels like this is a good chance to pay him back.

Plus, he once read in this book called ‘Friends for Dummies’ that friends make each other happy. Was Izuku making him happy? Yes. Was he making Izuku happy? He has no idea, that’s why he will make sure that he will be happy. How? By giving him women that obviously love him.

This is where he is now, waiting for Izuku while holding two objects in his hands, he has a plan and all it requires are Izuku, Burnin, a room, and his ice.

‘Hmm, he should be here any second now’ just as he thought that Izuku came running around the corner wearing his hero costume.

“Hey Todoroki-kun, you need me for something?” he asked and all Todoroki did was raise a notebook.

“Inside of this notebook are information about the Quirks of everyone that is interning in this building” he only had basic info, but for Izuku that was basically a gold mine, then he raised the second object “And this is the first-ever All Might action figure that was made after his debut” he knew that this was true because he called in a favor from Momo and she said that this particular figure was from a now-deceased collector and the family of the collector was selling his collections. She bought it in exchange for a favor and he agreed. Now he has two objects that Izuku wants, what is he going to do to said objects?

Toss it inside the darkroom beside him, and just like he predicted Izuku dived right in for said objects, he was now busy writing the info on the notebooks to his own at a very fast pace.

‘Good that will distract him for a moment’ He just needed to distract Izuku for a couple of minutes before she arr—

“Hey, you called?” ah just in time, Burnin was walking towards him

“Yeah, Midoriya broke his ankle inside that room” he pointed inside the darkroom with Izuku now in the center still writing.

She sighed but he could see a blush forming on her cheeks “That guy, always so helpless” she went inside “Wait, he doe--”



Todoroki slammed the door close and pretty much froze the door. This was his plan, trap the both of them in a room so that they can have a nice talk alone. He watched this on tv once, two people were trapped, and then once they were out they were more close than ever, he didn’t understand why their clothes seemed to be a mess or why their hair seemed to be disheveled, or why there were bruises on their necks, but he didn’t care, all he knew was that if you trap two people in a room they get close.

He then walked away ignoring the shouts that he heard from the door ‘I’ll let them out in an hour’


Bakugo is sick and tired of Mina’s rant about Deku

Bakugo slammed his face on his food

There she goes again with her rant about how ‘cute Midori is’, or how ‘delicious Midori made dinner’ or how Midori is this or that and on and on and on and ON AND ON AND ON!


He and the ‘Bakusquad’ were in the cafeteria and having lunch and once they sat down they went to a bit of chatter while he just stayed quiet. Then Racoon-Eyes decided to go to her usual rant of how ‘special’ Deku is.

It was fine during the first semester, he could tolerate that. But. She just. Didn’t. STOP!

Every day this was his torture, just hearing Racoon-Eyes go on and on makes him want to tear his hair out. JUST. BANG.

He raised his head and some of his food fell out of his hair, but he didn’t give a fuck. There has to be a way to shut her up.

He growled and looked at another table where the ‘Dekusquad’ was sitting and tried to put a hole on the nerd’s skull. The boy gulped and Bakugo set his attention back to Racoon-Eyes who was still ranting about how special the nerd is, his ‘friends’ just looked at her and let her talk, they could tolerate her but he can’t!

If he has to lock the both of them up in a room then—

He stopped that train of thought and let it process

That was it.

He grinned

‘Oh, peace and quiet here I come’

He tolerated the next few hours of Racoon-Eyes’s rant, this was the last he would hear of it so why not. When they were finally back in the dorms, he waited until it was nighttime and everybody was in their rooms. Not bothering to knock, he slammed the nerd’s door open with his foot, the said boy was just sitting on his chair writing something, but Bakugo didn’t care and just proceeded to grab the boy’s shirt and drag him to the girl’s side

“Ka-Kacchan w-where are we going?!” the nerd asked while slightly struggling

“Shut up” Bakugo answered and continued to drag the boy, once they were in front of Racoon-Eyes’s door Bakugo just knocked harshly at the door he could hear her yelp “Racoon-Eyes open up!” the door opened and Racoon-Eyes was in her pajama bottoms and a shirt labeled ‘ACID’

“Huh? What do you wa--”

He didn’t let her finish as he pulled Midoriya “Here” and push him to her, fortunately, Racoon-Eyes managed to catch the nerd in a hug, Bakugo then grasped the door handle “Now bang and get it over with” and slam the door close, then proceeded to walk away.

He plopped down on his bed and went to sleep with a smile on his face, happy that his plan worked

The next day, the students were back in the cafeteria to enjoy lunch and Bakugo…

Slammed his face on his food once more.

His plan failed. Hard.

Based on her rant, they didn’t bang. All they did was talk about quirks, heroes and watch movies. And now she has new things to rant about how ‘awesome Midori is’

He got his face out of his food again and looked at the ‘Dekusquad’.

There has got to be away to get her to—

He blinked, then he looked closer to the nerd’s group.

Round Face or Uraraka, was sitting oddly close to the nerd and shifting his eyes back to Racoon-eyes he could see that she was staring too and whenever she stares she would go quiet, looking at Round Face again she was also staring at Mina albeit a bit annoyed, but that was not all even the Frog was sitting close to the nerd.

That was it.

Jealousy. That was the key.

Make women get close to the nerd and make Racoon-eyes so jealous that she keeps quiet. It was brilliant.

But there was one flaw.

Two girls were not enough, he needed more.

Then he listened. Actually listened to the chatter of the cafeteria.

All he heard was the nerd’s name, if it wasn’t his name then it was at least something about him. He looked around, some of the girls from the 1B were stealing glances at the nerd and so were the girls in the support course and general course, heck even the third years were stealing glances at him.

He grinned

This. Was. Perfect.

The only problem was how to make them interact with the nerd.

Then his phone vibrated, opening it he only saw that it was an unknown number and the contents were just a simple smiley face.

‘The fuck?’ he just pocketed his phone and stared at the nerd and grinned like a madman



-At the Dekusquad-

Izuku Midoriya was scared, no scratch that. He was terrified, as he stares at his childhood friend grinning madly at him. That could only mean one thing, Kacchan was planning on something and it will directly affect him.

He gulped

“What’s wrong Deku?” asked his best friend Ochako Uraraka “You seem to be out of it”

“O-oh I’m fine” he said now calming down.

“Midoriya-chan” said Tsuyu Asui “I have a question”

“Ye-yes?” he took a sip of water and coincidentally Todoroki and Iida was doing the same

“Did you and Mina have sex last night?”

Cue spit take

“*cough*cough*N-No *cough*” he coughed and he could feel Uraraka rub his back

“Asui-san!--” “Tsu” “—That is not a question that you should ask in public! And Midoriya” Iida gestured to Izuku with his hand “If you do decide to do the deed then please wear protection” Iida then somehow produced a white screen and a projector “Luckily I have prepared 50 slides of Safe Sex”

“Iida t-that won’t be necessary!” Izuku tries to stop his friend “I already know everything!”

“Plus he doesn’t need it” Todoroki commented after recovering from his spit take

“What makes you say that Todoroki-san” asked Iida with his chopping arms

“Because his fiancé can teach it to him if need be” Todoroki answered then began to slurp more of his soba not noticing that the whole cafeteria had gone quiet, well Bakugo was laughing maniacally, but that was beside the point.

All of the girls turned to Izuku and as they turned you could practically hear the creak while they turn.

“Fiance…?” Ochako and Tsuyu asked almost hollow like and Izuku gulp feeling the pressure

“We-well you see…there’s an explanation here” he said then the two girls leaned in

“Well? We’re waitng”

Before he could tell the truth the cafeteria door burst open, snapping everyone from their daze and looking at who was at the door.

It was Moe Kamiji, aka Burnin. She looked around while holding a piece of paper. Her eyes then landed on Izuku and she sprinted towards him



Burnin jumped and landed on Midoriya’s lap, Izuku not wanting her to fall held her with his right arm on her back and the other beneath her legs.

“Babe what’s the meaning of this?!” she shoved the piece of paper to his face. Izuku read the paper and he saw that it was the document that says his transfer of work studies. She gripped his shirt “After what you’ve done to me, you decided to leave me” she said with tears in her eyes.

Iida was malfunctioning, Bakugo was on the ground laughing, the rest of the girls had dangerous auras surrounding them, the guys just said Nope and walked out of the cafeteria, Mineta was bound with head to toe with tape and was screaming, and Todoroki was still slurping his soba.

“I promise not to be mean to you anymore, so please don’t leave me!” Burnin then hugged him tightly then looked up at Izuku “What about our child?”






“I need more Soba”


-Principal office-

Nezu was having the time of his life sitting in his chair and watching the live feed from the cafeteria.


Shutting off the monitor he then sat straight “Come in”

Aizawa then walked in with a piece of paper “Sir your request to have a week of joint training with the Seiai Academy has been approved”

“Ah excellent” accepting the letter, Nezu then began to place it inside his drawer

“Sir I have a question if I may”

“Oh, what is it?”

“Why did you suddenly decide to have a week's joint training with an all-girls school?”

“Ah Aizawa, don’t you know” Nezu sat straight and looked at Aizawa right in the eyes and Aizawa could feel the predatory glint “Next week is Monday”



“I quit”


Chapter Text


We have a problem


Tell me about it, Yui won’t stop moaning.


Yui for the love of God, please stop.


There’s only one cure for me


And that would be?


Izuku to stick his Dicku in me











But not the point.

Ocha, you still alive?





Girls we have a situation in our hands.

Our Boyfriend is no longer a virgin


Damn girl you work fast


I didn’t take it


Did Uraraka take it? If so, how good was he? Was he rough? Did he start gently then just proceed to take you to pound town? Did he choke you? What position did he take you? Did he pin you to the wall?


It amazes me that you were able to type that in just 3 seconds


Im gonna assume that prez used the bat again


Well I did hear a door slam open and then a sound like…wood being hit on something hard


It’s too damn late to be this horny


Meanie, but seriously did Uraraka take it?


No she didn’t




Wait then who did?


That’s the problem, we don’t know


Kaminari just basically made a group chat and accidentally added us girl instead of the boys in your class.

Then just blurted out how Izuku isn’t a virgin anymore




Easy…he’s dumb


I’m sure he’s trying Jirou


He once challenged a toaster to a staring contest and lost




Ok, we’re getting off topic here. So greenie is no longer a virgin…well shit. Now what?


Now, we need to find out who took it

Gear up girls, we’re going to a fucking crusade!


Can’t we just ask him?


I don’t think that’s a good idea.

He didn’t tell me that he lost his nor to any of his circle of friends besides Iida and Todoroki.

But even so, he told the guys. Maybe he was dared to do so.

Point is, we can’t just ask him just because we found out accidentally, he has to tell us himself because he wants to.


And this girls is why Ocha is best girl for Izuku








I heard a thud, I assume that’s Ochako hitting the ceiling.




So what is the plan?


We need more info, and the only place we can gather said info is in groupchat Kaminari made


Yeah, so I’ll be switching to the other chat now


Good luck!


Ochako then closed her eyes then sighed ‘Who would take his virginity though?’ her brain began to rack on girls whom Izuku has formed a sort of friendship with.

Was it Nejire? No, she just graduated it would be impossible for her to come and contact Izuku

Mei? Sure they were on good terms but she seemed to be focused on her inventions rather than be focused on Izuku

But the other problem was the location and time, it was hard to deduce who if they didn’t have a time frame of when it happened.

‘Why couldn’t it be me though?’ Her mind then began to wander

-Ochako’s Imagination-

*knock*knock* Ochako heard a knock on her door, she was just done training so she was a bit sweaty. Not being rude she decided to open the door

Then someone barged in and closed the door

She would have panicked if she didn’t see who actually barged in

It was her best friend and also the person she fell in love with, Izuku Midoriya.

“De-deku? What are you doi-”

“I lost my virginity” he said simply looking down, his bangs shadowing his eyes. The news shocked her and she just stared at the boy feeling heartbroken.

‘I guess I was too late huh’

“Well…congra--” suddenly Izuku tackled her to her bed, her wrist was being pinned above her by Izuku’s hands as he hovered over her

“DE-deku?!” she shouted shocked “Wha-wha”

“I wanted you” he said his voice was low and husky and she could feel his breath on her face “Even when I was over there you were all I thought about” his grip tightened “Ochako I love you, I want you. I want you. Now.” He leaned in and all she could do was stare at Izuku as he began to lower himself and put a kiss on her nec—

-End of Imagination :)

“Eep!” Ochako yelped and she covered her blushing face with her hands and she began to float up, she removed her gloves so that could text, but that was now a bad idea as she just kept floating.

Releasing her quirk she shook her head and opened the group chat Kaminari made, her eyes widen a bit seeing the messages




You dumb fuck



Kaminari has left the chat

Bakugo added Kaminari to the chat


You reap what you sow, bitch

Now die like a real man


Please! I don’t wanna get killed!


Bakugo do not harm any of our classmates!


I won’t

But the nerd will

And I will be there to record it.


Okay maybe we can salvage this, the girls might not have seen the message yet


Nah, we saw it








Ah….well it’s been nice knowing you Kaminari


Dude! HELP!!

Wait, genius time

Kaminari has kicked Midoriya from the chat


Phew! Safe at last


How the hell did that solve anything?


Well if he isn’t here then he won’t be able to know that I told his secret


…Ok you dumbshit here’s a pop quiz


Awww I hate pop quiz


Shut it

When Deku told us that he banged someone already, who did he tell it to?


Us guys of course. Y’know 2A and 2B


Good. Now, who did he not want to know the secret?


The girls of course, if was just for us guys after all.


Very good. Now last question. Who are the people in this chat that can obviously read your previous message from earlier which you basically spilled his secret?




Hello :)


Hi :)


Good job Kaminari. You figured it out.


Now give me one good reason why I shouldn’t add the nerd back in here again


……Because…you love me?


Adding him now




…Anything you say?


Bakugo stop whatever you’re doing.







Oho, this I gotta see


Midoriya has put his trust on us when he told his secret, and yet you…you squandered it! Was his trust for you not great enough?! Have you no shame! He trusted you like a brother! A friend! And you just threw it away like that! How dare you!




Dude I’m crying right now, that was so manly!


Iida I think you’re being too dramatic here


Do you not feel the same way? Midoriya trusted us!


Yes and Kaminari is an idiot


See, even Half-and-Half agrees


In any case, I think we can trust the girls to keep quiet, until he tells them himself


I guess…it’s just that I don’t think I can look at Deku the same way


Understandable, but it’s not like he’s different right? He’s still Izuku


You’re absolutely right Todoroki-san! :D


I guess I can keep quiet


Will you though? I find that hard to believe XD


Meanie! You’re not my Horn buddy anymore! Eri is my one and true horn buddy!


Still can’t believe that Izuku adopted Eri, not that I’m complaining.


It’s super manly!


So I guess that’s it right? Midori is no longer a virgin?




I guess to be fair, we don’t actually know who he lost it to.


Yeah, we don’t actually know who it is, and we didn’t ask


So you guys don’t know who he lost it to?








No and I don’t care


I do


So I guess that’s it. We’re just gonna pretend that this didn’t happen and go to sleep


Pretty much


Man this day just keeps going huh?


It has been a long day, it would be best for all of us to go to sleep.


Seriously? But we don’t have school though


Dude listen to your mother






Night everybody!










Good night


Good night everybody!


Go to sleep extras


Ochako sighed and closed the app. They didn’t go anywhere, sure they confirmed that Izuku is no longer a virgin, but now they have no leads and no new info. Opening the app she saw that Tsuyu was relaying the bad news.

They agreed to talk it further in the morning and that they all needed a good night’s sleep. After another round of good nights, she locked her phone and put it on her nightstand. She wore her gloves and began to fall asleep.

Her eyes snapped open in realization

-10 minutes later-


Shoto Todoroki stirred awake hearing the knock that was coming from his door. He slightly grumbled ‘Who would be disturbing me in this hour?’

Walking to the door, he then opened it. He raised his eyebrow in confusion as he sees what was in front of him

Mina, Tsuyu, Momo, Jiro, Tooru and Ochako was standing there staring blankly at him.

“Yes?” he asked

They didn’t say anything.

Then Ochako raised a roll of tape, Momo created some rope, Tsuyu raised a rag, Jiro raised a sign 'Good luck' and Mina and Tooru just put shades on.

Ochako broke the silence

“Get him”

Chapter Text

“Will you please go out with me?!”


Now some may be confused at this whole interaction, I know you readers are confused as to what the hell is happening, so let’s go back in time and try not to break the 4th wall anymore.

-30 minutes ago-

It was a quiet day in UA as the students enjoyed another peaceful morning of studying and training for some, it was now lunchtime and the students were now in the cafeteria.

Our victi-protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, was enjoying a quiet lunch with his friends.

That was until of course, someone came to their table

“You’re Midoriya Izuku right?” asked a voice, Izuku looked to his left and saw a young woman with dark hair, ear-length bangs, and curved pigtails. She also seemed to have a sullen expression.

“Huh?” Izuku asked confused and his friends has stopped eating

“Are you…Midoriya Izuku of 1A” she asked again, her hands lightly gripping her skirt.

“A-ah, yeah that’s me. Is there something you need?” Izuku asked hurriedly not wanting to upset her.

“Y-yeah. Can I talk to you outside for a minute?” she asked while pointing at the exit “It’ll only take a second”

“O-oh sure” he stood up, but was stopped as someone pulled him back, looking back he saw Ochako pulled holding his arm

“Hold on! What do you want with Deku!” she asked a bit loudly and she look a bit fierce, fortunately, the only one that heard her was the table on their left which was where Mina, Tooru, Momo, and Jirou were.

The girl flinched but stayed “I-I just need to ask him something…that’s all”


“Uraraka” said Izuku gently he smiled at her “It’s okay, I can handle it. I’ll be back before you know it.” He stood up and followed the girl outside



“We’re gonna follow them right?” asked Mina appearing beside Ochako


Ochako, Tsuyu, Mina, Momo, Kyoka, and Tooru all stood up and followed the mystery girl and Izuku. Meanwhile back at the table, Iida and Todoroki stared blankly at the exit door.

“I feel like we have been forgotten”

“As long as they don’t disturb me or my soba then it’s fine”

The girls have followed Deku and the mystery girl and were hiding in a bush. Deku and the girl, who was facing away from him were under a tree, the shade giving them cover from the hot sun.

“So, uhh miss..” Izuku started unsurely, he feels like he has seen her before but can’t quite remember where then it hit him “Oh you’re that girl from our concert”

She flinched “Ye-yes” she then turned “My name is Togeike Chikuchi

“Ni-nice to meet you Togeike-san” he smiled “You said you need to ask me something”

“Y-yeah” she took a deep breath and bowed

“Will you please go out with me?!”


-Present Time-

“Eh?” came from the girls as they stared at the two of them “D-did sh-she just”

“I’m gonna kill her” Ochako stood up and all the girls promptly pulled her back to the bushes and covered her mouth

“Ochako-san please wait!” Momo whispered-yelled “Le-let’s hear them out first!” Ochako stopped struggling as they peeked and saw Izuku malfunctioning

“W-why me?” he asks

“I-I re-really like you, I think your cool and I really want to be with you” she answered still bowing “Y-you can say no…I just wanted to ask”

Meanwhile, Izuku was panicking, a girl was confessing to him and asking him to go out with her. He didn’t this would happen at all in his life, and here he was!

‘O-okay, calm down’

“I-it’s just that…I don’t really know you all that well Togeike-san” he confessed scratching his head

“O-oh…right” she said raising her head, well at least she tried

“B-but, I do w-want to know you..” she snapped her head at him, hope filling her eyes “If..that’s okay with you” he finished

“Y-yes! Tha-that’s fine with me!” she smiled

After that, they agreed to have exchange phone numbers and keep in touch. After saying goodbye Togeike skipped away with a smile on her face, while Izuku was left standing there, processing everything that has happened

….Was he dating someone now?


Oh God he’s dating someone now isn’t he?

He then began to panic as he walked back and forth on what everything meant and what was the plan from here on out.

Then the warning bell came, signaling the end of lunch snapping him away from his mumble storm. When he returned to the classroom he was surprised to see his female classmates were staring blankly at him, when asked what was wrong they would answer that everything was fine.

When hero training began the girls were…clingy suffice to say. Ochako seemed to want to touch him more often now, Tsuyu sometimes hops on his back and makes him carry her, Tooru hugs him from behind, Mina hugs him from the front and Jiro and Momo wanted to be carried bridal style. It was a tiring day of training and trying to run away from Mineta, although it was useless considering he was his neighbor.

He was now in his room already eaten dinner and was now staring at his phone as if it would explode in any second.

He has texted before, he texted Uraraka, Tsu and some of his friends, heck they even have discord. And yet this was completely different, he would be text a girl… to court her.

Well technically they were just hanging out and getting to know each other, but still!

Then his phone gave a notification and he jumped.

Staring at his phone he saw that it was a message from Togeike. All she wrote was ‘I’m pooped :b’

He sighed, he could do this. He opened his phone and began to type a reply ‘Wanna talk about it?’

What followed next was 5 hours of texting, laughing, and sending funny memes (well she’s was the one sending them, but still!). It was fun but now he was tired and so was she.

He decided to be brave.

‘Are you busy this Saturday?’

He waited

And waited for what felt like an hour but in reality, it was only a minute.

Then the speech bubbles came


They then agreed to go on a date on Saturday, but with UA being on guard they can’t actually go outside. So they decided to have a simple picnic somewhere in UA, he promised that he knows a spot and just agreed to meet at the entrance.

The days went to a blur as Saturday was now here, Izuku was standing there with shorts and his Famous shirts with ‘Dress shirt’ written on it and carrying some drinks in a bag. He didn’t really feel like dressing up much, and luckily it seems his date was thinking the same as she approached him wearing….the same shirt as him, hers has ‘Dress’ written on it, wearing some jeans and carrying a picnic basket.

Stopping in front of him she saw his shirt and snorted “Nice shirt”

“Nice dress” they laughed and unbeknownst to them the 1A girls were hiding in a corner watching them

“Why are we doing this again?” asks Tooru

“Because we need to make sure that she’s not going to hurt Deku” Ochako said while staring intently at the ‘couple’

“Are you sure that’s the only reason”


Back to the couple, Izuku then began to lead them to the UA building, stopping in front of one of the windows, Togeike raised an eyebrow at him “This is the spot?” she askes unsurely

“Do you trust me?” he asks letting blackwhip out, Togeike stared at the tentacles then at Izuku he has one of his confident grins.


Blackwhip grabbed the basket from her hands and Izuku then proceeded to carry her bridal style, she yelped not expecting him to carry her suddenly


“For wh-” she wasn’t able to finish as Izuku bend his knees

And jumped

They were soaring up in the sky and she could see the window flew past them as they went higher and higher, then they soared over the building she panicked and was about to yell at Izuku, that was until she saw his smile as he stares at something, turning to the direction he was staring at she gasped

The sunset was beautiful.

She took out her phone and took a picture, then they descended slowly to the rooftop.

“So this is the spot?” and Izuku nodded

“This is my favorite place to just…relax”

Togeike hummed in agreement “The view is something”

On the other side of the building was the 6 girls slowly climbing up the building, using a grappling hook that Momo made.

The ‘couple’ were now sitting down with sandwiches on their hands as they enjoyed the view.

“Hey Togeike-san” asked Izuku and the girl hummed “Why did you ask me out?” she coughed some of the food got stuck on her throat, after a few minutes she was now calm and slightly fidgeting

“You see…” Izuku waited patiently at the answer “…I was kinda dared to do so”

“…Oh” He should have expected that, no girl would willingly ask him out like that. “I see”

“Yeah…my classmates just kept bugging me that I should ask you out already and stop wasting time”

‘Wait what?’

“Huh?” he asks now confused, wasn’t her reason for asking him out was because of a dare?

“Oh god, I guess I’m gonna admit it finally huh” Togeike-san shyly said as she blushed “Fine” she took a deep breath “I got a crush on you ever since the sports festival” she admitted then began to cover her face with her hands while muttering ‘Ohgodohgodohgod’


“Why?” she repeated “Dude you literally won first place in the race without using your quirk and then in the fight with that Todoroki guy, you just kept fighting even when you were hurting yourself!” she said with a smile on her face “Kinda hard not to get a crush on you there”

“Amen” came from some of the girls that were hiding behind a roof ventilator

“Also I guess…I got inspired you know” she admitted with a bit of sadness in her voice as she stares at the sunset “Seein you work so hard, even though your quirk destroys you…inspired someone like me”

“Someone like you?” he didn’t know why, but the moment he heard her say that he could feel a…connection from her

She laughed but it wasn’t a happy laugh “Oops, I guess it’s time for the big surprise” she turned to him and smiled “I’m Quirkless”

His eyes widen. ‘…Quirkless?...’

“Yep, the girl that asked you out is a creepy, waste of oxygen, quirkless freak” she sighed “Go ahead…call me whatever you want, do whatever you want, heck you can even leave” she hugged her knees but still looked at him and smiled “I had fun, thanks for humoring me Midoriya”


Here he was, living his dream. The shoe was now in the other foot, as he stares at her smile.

Her smile….were sad.

He knows….of course he knows. He was just like that once.

And like all things, his body moved on its own.

He stood up and went to her side. And hugged her with one arm.

The girl blushed, but shook her head expecting a trap.

But whatever trap that may be it never came, just Izuku hugging her.

“I’m not leaving by the way” he said simply

“Really now?” she looked at him in the eye “Even for a Quirkless freak like me?”

He looked at her and she could feel him stare directly at her soul

“I’m not going to leave you“he said as if it was his final decision and she could feel her face growing hotter, she just then decided to look at the sunset.

“You’re all right Izuku Midoriya”

-Next Day-

The Dekusquad were in the cafeteria enjoying lunch but this time they have a new addition to the group

“Guys this is Togeike Chikuchi” Izuku introduced and she waved

“Hello there Togeike-san! It is nice to meet you!” greeted Iida with his usual chops

“Hello” greeted Todoroki who was slurping his Soba

“Hello Togeike-chan, call me Tsu” greeted Tsuyu warmly

“Hi Togeike-san, wanna try this rice?” Ochako offered with a bright smile on her face

Turns out, they heard everything and decided to no longer be hostile to the girl, it wasn’t like they could help it though, it wasn’t the first time Izuku managed to get a girl to have a crush on him.

“A-ah, su-su-Ow” Togeike was about to reply when someone accidentally elbowed her head

“Oh sorry about that, guess that big head of yours got in the way” said a random guy “Freak like you sitting on this table, got a lot of nerve there freak”

Izuku was about to intervene, but someone beat him to it…with a fist to the face.

The guy that was insulting Togeike fell to the ground as he clutched his now broken nose, standing over him was Ochako's fist raised and smoking, but she wasn’t done.

She grabbed the guy’s shirt and pulled his face to hers

“Listen here you two-bit waste of organism” she gripped his shirt as she stared directly into his eyes “You will never call her that, or insult her in any way shape, or form, and if you do I will find you and I will shove my foot far up your arse that you’ll see your ancestors. Am. I. Clear?” she growled

“Y-yes ma’am” she released her grip and the guy began to crawl away. Ochako then sat back on her sit and her face was back to her normal bubbly face

“You want some rice?”

“Yes please”

Chapter Text

It was dark.

The curtains were drawn and no light pierced his room. Todoroki tried to move his writs only to remember that they were tied to the chair he was seating on, and so were his feet.

He could just freeze or burn them, they were only rope. The only reason he didn’t was that he knew who put him here.

The girls of his class knocked on his door and then proceeded to force him to a chair, tape his mouth shut, and tie him to said chair. It's a good thing one of them put a rag while they were tying his wrist, otherwise, his wrist would be an annoyance to him.

So there he was, sitting in a dark room waiting for the girls to begin whatever they planned.

‘God I need sleep’


Suddenly a bright lamp shined to his face making him recoil, once his eyes adjusted to the light he looked behind the lamp and saw Ashido standing there wearing a suit and some shades.


The tape that was on his mouth was ripped suddenly. Ow. Looking to his left he could ‘see’ Toru Hagakure standing there while also wearing a suit.

He looked at Mina “Wha-” *SLAM* he was about to ask but was interrupted when Mina suddenly slammed her hands on the table making the lamp shake a bit

“We’re the one asking the questions here!”

*knock*knock* a knock was heard from a wall “Keep it down over there, I’m trying to sleep” the muffled voice of Sero was heard, Mina at least had the audacity to look sheepish, clearly forgetting that it was nighttime. She then turned to him once more.

“Todoroki” she then pointed a finger at him “Where were you yesterday at 8 PM?!” she whispered yelled and Todoroki raised his eyebrow.

“I was in my room studying”

“Oh really now?” she leaned in while crossing her arms

“Yes, because unlike you I actually take my education seriously” he remarked and Mina faltered a bit almost like his words offended her, in the shadows, some giggles were heard and Mina turned to them and shot a glare.

“Fine” she said “But yesterday, Sato has made some blueberry pies, correct?”


“And you would also agree that everyone in 2A had a slice”


“But some were reserved, correct?”


“And one of those reserved pies had names on them”


“Then!” she stood straight and then pointed a finger to him once more “Have you Todoroki went downstairs that night, went to the fridge and…” she slammed a plate on the table, thankfully it didn’t break, the plate was empty of course except for a small flag the had Mina’s name written on it “ATE MY PIE!” she shouted accusingly

*knock*knock* “Come on man…”

Mina didn’t flinch and just stood there pointing at him.

“No, I did not eat your pie” he answered simply, as he said that Mina went to the floor, sitting on her knees and the plate in front of her

“Who did it? I didn’t even have a chance to have a nibble” she cried

“Mina is this actually necessary?” said a voice that Todoroki could recall was Momo’s, the lights turned on and all of the girls were there standing and leaning to a wall, Toru was comforting Mina and Jiro was just shaking her head.

“You don’t know how it feels” she whispered-yelled “I was very excited for it and yet once I opened the fridge” she brought her head down feeling defeated “It was gone”

“We can solve your pie issue later, right now we have bigger issues” Ochako said setting aside the table and untying Todoroki, Momo helped as she was on his left “Sorry about that, we thought you would run away” Momo nodded and blushed, feeling embarrassed at the situation

“Yes, though I now realize that this has been…excessive” Momo admitted and Todoroki stood up massaging his wrist “But still, we have a question that we hoped that you would answer”

“What is it?”

“In the group chat, you said that you knew who stole Midoriya-chan’s virginity” Tsuyu said bluntly “We were wondering if you would tell us who it was” the other girls nodded while blushing, they could have worded that out differently but they needed to know.

“Ah” he then crossed his arms “Why?”

They were taken aback by his question. They don’t know how could they answer the question without actually revealing that they all like Izuku.

“Is it because you all like Izuku?” he questioned and the girls flinched their eyes widening by a huge margin

He knows….?

“Y-you kn-know?” Momo stuttered and Todoroki turned to her with one eyebrow raised

“Of course. While I admit I’m socially awkward, I’m not blind Momo” he said, then he looked at all of them “It was difficult at first, but as the days went on I could notice the looks that you keep giving him or the smiles that would just appear sometimes in your faces whenever he was near” he looked at Ochako specifically “At first it was Uraraka, I noticed that you just gravitate towards him” he then turned to Tsuyu “Then Tsuyu, I could see that you would always care about him, even the little things like forgetting his lunch” Then to Momo “I could see on the way you look at him was different from the first day, as if you respect him” Then to Mina “I kept noticing how much happier you seem to be whenever he was near” then to Tooru “Toru was…difficult to know, but whenever Midoriya talks to you, you would just stop and just…listen” then lastly to Jiro “I noticed that you were comfortable around Midoriya, not as friendly as you are with your other friends but whenever you were Midoriya you would visibly relax” he finished and the girls were shocked

Were they that obvious? How long did Todoroki know?

Todoroki then continues “I couldn’t actually say that you all liked him in some way other than friends, but the only thing that I could all see that was similar was that whenever Midoriya was near, all of you would be happy.” He finished crossing his arms

The girls just stood there trying to process everything that Todoroki said. They were all that obvious. If they were that obvious then how many people knew? Momo then asked what everyone was thinking

“H-How many people know about this?”

“As far as I know only me” he shrugged “I didn’t voice it to anyone because I wasn’t actually sure on my guess to begin with, if I did then I would just be going around making rumors about my classmates that was only centered on assumptions”

The girls sighed in relief, they looked at each other then nodded. Agreeing to come clean

“Okay fine.” Ochako started “All of us here are in love with Deku, all of us have different stories on how it happened, but all of us feel the same”

“Yep” Toru agreed “Izuku pretty much captured our hearts with his witty charms”

“Though some us, he just approached because we all looked like we needed help” Momo commented and Todoroki smiled

“That I can believe” he still remembers his fight with Midoriya, he didn’t ask for help, and yet there he was, breaking every finger he has just to open his eyes “So I assume that I’m the only one that knows this?”

“The 2B girls also know” Tsyu replied “Though they also like Izuku the same as us *kero*”

Todoroki just nodded “And I’m right to assume that you want this to be kept as a secret?” the girls nodded “Even to Izuku?”

“We want to tell him ourselves” said Ochako “We’ll come clean with the other guys as soon as we confessed to him”

“Ok, you’re secret is safe with me“ the girls sighed in relief feeling some weight on their shoulders finally released

“Ok, so can you please tell us who stole Midoriya’s virginity?” asked Mina and Todoroki looked at them, took a deep breath, and said simply:


They stare at him blankly

Next thing Todoroki knew the lights were turned off and he was back in the chair all tied up once more

“We wished it didn’t come to this Todoroki-san” said Momo behind him “But you left us with no choice” she then put a mask over his mouth, he tried to say something but only a muffled noise came out. He raised his eyebrows at the mask. ‘Why would I need this?’ Then suddenly a laptop was placed in front of him with a video paused “Mina play the video” Mina pressed play and the video began to play.

At first, nothing happened it was just a black screen and then suddenly the Cha Cha Slide dance song started to play, he looked at Momo but she just smiled, grabbed his head turn him back to the screen, and kept it there.

Then the screen became white and his father's face was shown looking at him over his shoulder, the Endeavor on the screen was animated of course, but it was well made that it almost looked real, then the camera zoomed out and his widened.

The top part of his father was fine, he was wearing his old costume…the bottom part was what made him look terrified. His father….was wearing fishnet stockings and some heels. It felt so wrong, he tried to turn away but Momo’s hands kept his head firmly on the screen with surprising strength.

Then…his father danced

Slide to the left!

His father still has his back turned towards him did so, and he recoiled seeing his father’s ass jiggle. WHAT WAS THIS SHIT?!

Slide to the right!

His father did so


His father jumped, he tried to close his eyes but found that someone was keeping it firmly opened with their fingers

“Keep watching Todoroki~you’re gonna miss the best part~” the sound of Toru’s voice sang in his ear

He watched. Oh he watched as his father kept sliding and jumping, how could this get any worse

Cha Cha real smooth

And the unthinkable happened

His father twerked.

He screamed loudly but only muffled sounds came from him due to his mask, he tried breaking from his binds but found that the rope was somehow canceling his quirk. He struggled but it was no use, the girls had him and all he could do was watch

*SLAM* Sero slammed the door opened with an annoyed look on his face

“Dude can you keep it d--” Whatever he was going to yell was forgotten as he looks at the scene in front of him, Todoroki was struggling on a chair with Momo behind him, her hands firmly on his head preventing him from turning away from the laptop, based on the floating clothes beside him Toru was also keeping him from doing something, Mina was beside the laptop smiling at Todoroki.

“Yes Sero-san~?” sang a voice beside him, he jumped and turned to the voice to find Ochako with her eyes closed smiling innocently at him “We apologize for the noise, but we just need to ask Todoroki-kun some questions” she then opened her eyes and Sero could only see a promise of hurt and trauma in her eyes “Maybe you would like to join him later?”

He gulped and looked at Todoroki “N-nevermind” he slowly closed the door and walked away, mumbling about how he was just going to forget anything he saw and just go to sleep.

Meanwhile, Todoroki was still watching the video, then it paused.

He took a couple of deep breaths. ‘What kind of abomination was that?!’

“I hope you would be cooperative from now on Todoroki-kun” said Momo sweetly she turned the chair towards her “Now…give us a name”

He looked at her and stilled himself “No”

Momo looked almost disappointed, she turned to Mina “Mina load up the one where Endeavour and Hawks are making out”

“NO WAIT!” he screamed, the girls looked at him expectantly “I…won’t give you a name, but I’ll give you a time frame”

“A time frame?” Mina asked “What good will that do us?”

“We could eliminate a lot of people with a time frame considering that we don’t know when it happened, having a time frame would help us in eliminating people that Midoirya hasn’t talked to in those days” Momo deduced

“But why to have that, when we can directly get the name from you Todoroki-kun~” sang Toru still beside him

“Because no matter how many videos you make me watch. I would never betray my friend” Todoroki said firmly, the girls looked at him as if weighing their options

“It’s better than nothing *kero*” Tsuyu sighed “We would at least have some info to go over tomorrow”

“Yeah, I don’t know about you guys, but I want some sleep” Jiro yawned tiredly

“Well then, it looks like we have an agreement” Momo said joyfully and turned to Todoroki “So Todoroki-san?”

He sighed “It’s after our dance in the culture festival and the day of the hero ranking announcement”

“Oh!” Toru shouted “So it happened during our first year?”


“That does help, thank you very much Todoroki-san” Momo cheerfully said

“Ahem” Todoroki looked at them expectantly then raised his hands to emphasize the binds he was in

“Oh! I’M SO SORRY!” Momo panicked and began to untie him

“Man Momo, you really went all out” Jiro snickered

“Yeah, and you called me excessive” Mina laughed and Momo just pouted

With Todoroki freed, they said their thank you’s and apologies and went off to their rooms to have a good night's sleep.

Jiro went inside her room, locking the door she turned to her bed but before she could walk forward her attention was stolen by a specific instrument that wasn't hers sitting at a corner, going to it she played a couple of strings and giggled.

Mina stretched in her room feeling tired after a long day, she then noticed something sticking out of her closet, opening it she laughed seeing a familiar dress. ‘That feels so long ago’

Tooru was in her room plugging her phone into her charger, her phone lit up and what she immediately noticed was a very familiar app. She smiled and dragged the app to a trash can uninstalling it. ‘I found the one for me’

Tsuyu curled around her bed with the covers over her, she then grabbed a pillow and hugged it imaging it was the boy that captured and took care of her heart.

Momo was in her bed trying to fall asleep, but no matter what she did, sleep did not come to her. She sat up and looked around her, confirming that she was alone, she then walked to her closet and opened it, and pulled out a plushie, but this was no ordinary plushie, it was an ‘Izuku’ plushie. The plushie was Izuku in his casual clothes but the word that was written on the plushie’s shirt was ‘Lover’, walking to her bed, she hugged the plushie as she laid down, the scent of cinnamon and mint hit her nose and she sighed.

Ochako was laying on her side, clearly awake and thinking of everything that has happened. Her falling in love, knowing that her classmates also loved the same boy, them talking about what to do next (Well Tsuyu just raised a boombox, but that was beside the point), them surviving the first year, then suddenly finding out that the 2B girls also loved the same boy, sharing their stories, and now this.

Normally she would be jealous, someone getting his attention. But after finding out about her classmates also loving the same boy, she found out that she just didn’t want to be forgotten. With all the girls trying to get his attention, she was afraid that she would lose him, but who was she kidding? This was Izuku, he wouldn’t leave her, heck one time he panicked when he forgot her in the mall, he basically jumped from the dorms to the mall and apologized profusely at her. Pretty sure that was the reason Aizawa started mixing vodka in his coffee.

She opened her phone and all she saw was her wallpaper and she smiled. Her wallpaper was her and Izuku from their first year, him smiling awkwardly and her smiling while taking the photo.

He wouldn’t forget and leave her.

No matter how many girls he has, he would always love and cherish all of them.

Plugging her phone, she then closed her eyes.

And with that, the day has ended will all of the students sleeping peacefully.


*A phone call is here!* A phone call is here!* A phone call is --*

Izuku Midoriya reached out for his phone, answering the call, he yawned and put the phone on his ear. “H-hello?” he said tiredly

“Problem Child” said the tired voice of his sensei

“Y-yes Aizawa-sensei?” he woke up slightly, he looked at the clock and it was midnight

“We have an Ochako problem” his sensei said simply and just with that, he understood.

“Okay, I’ll take care of it” his sensei hung up and Izuku stretched, he carefully got out of bed making sure not to wake his daughter up, and walked out of his room, and proceeded to go downstairs.

Reaching to the common room he walked to the entrance door, the chilly night hitting him in the face making him shiver ‘Better get this quick’ walking further out he then looked up and sighed

His best friend, Ochako Uraraka was slowly floating away from the dorms, thankfully she wasn’t going up just away from the dorms. ‘How she’s still asleep in this chilly air would be a mystery to me’

He fired up One For All at a low percentage, he looked at the direction she was heading, calculating his trajectory, he jumped.

Once he was close, he activated the 7th’s Quirk. Float.

He gently went towards her and making sure she won’t wake up, carried her in his arms.

‘Oh? Now isn’t this a sight to see~’ teased a female voice in his head ‘Now pray tell, what are you two doing in the middle of the night? You two better use protection’

Izuku blushed ‘You can see what I see Nana, don’t try to put images in my head’

‘Boo, you’re no fun’

That’s right, after a few training sessions and a few broken bones. He was able to access Float, not only that they discovered that he could somehow ‘talk’ to the previous users if he were using a specific quirk. At his state, he could talk to the 7th and the 5th user when he was using blackwhip.

He then landed back to the ground while still holding Ochako firmly, her quirk still active. ‘Besides, I don’t think she would be interested in me in that way’ he then turned around and walked back to the dorms

‘Oh I don’t know about that, call it women’s intincts’ she said and he didn’t know why but it felt like whispered in his ear.

‘No offense, but I highly doubt that, you kept saying that to everybody. I still remember you saying that Komori-san has the hots for me when I was fighting her’ he was now on the stairs, turning to the girl's side he began to walk to Ochako’s room

‘What? All pinned up on a wall with a hunk like you? Anyone could be aroused’ he could feel the smile that she was giving him ‘I know I was~’

He shivered at that. He would never understand women, and that was saying something considering that there was a woman inside his head right now ‘Hey!’

He sighed, he was now in front of her door. Luckily he has a copy of everyone’s door in his pocket. It was given to him by Aizawa with the approval of Nezu, even though Iida was the representative, they felt that it would be appropriate for him to have the responsibility of having the keys. Good thing too, because a situation like this always happens.

One time Toru was sleepwalking, and she sleeps naked. He was red for a whole day.

Opening the door, he set her to the bed. He wrapped a line of blackwhip to her waist gently, and before she could float away he pressed her fingers together deactivation her quirk. He used blackwhip to gently put her to bed, he then put her gloves on, closed the window, and locked it. He sighed and then put the covers over her.

“Good night Chako” he said and Ochako mumbled something in her sleep. He smiled and walked out of her room

‘Yo kid, switch to float. Nana wants to talk to you’ said the 5th user, Daigoro Banjo, he nodded and switched to Float, he was in a low percentage so he wouldn’t actually be floating anywhere ‘Yes Nana?’

‘In all seriousness Izuku. Are you really that blind to the looks they give you? Heck even that, what was her name…Camie? I think it was Camie, she kept giving you the ‘Fuck me’ eyes’

‘Oh? Did your women instincts tell you that?’ Now he wouldn’t normally backtalk to someone like this, but he was tired and they had this conversation over 5 times this month. It was getting quite annoying.

He didn’t know why but he could feel the stares of the other users looking back at him and then at Nana, he could feel the fourth user question his sanity while feeling the second and third users looking nervously and yet…feeling a bit of pride?

‘You sound so sure young man, want to bet on it’ Uh oh, he was in it for it now. What was the phrase he should have followed? Hell hath no fury of a woman scorned? ‘Close, but not quite. But since you’re so confident that none of the girls like you in that way. Want to bet on it?’

He could feel the vestige of All Might shaking its head but under his better judgment. He agreed.

‘Fine, you’re saying that all of the girls that you mentioned that ‘likes’ me actually likes me…that’s a long list Nana’

‘A list that I’m confident in, tell me Izuku how many women have you ‘smashed’?’ he could feel her teasing smirk and he gulped, his hand frozen at the handle of his own door

‘…more than..4’ he hesitantly said and she hummed

‘And you’re saying that none of those women like you romantically?’

‘I-it was just sex!....right?’

‘I don’t know, my women instincts are not to be trusted remember?’ he cringed at that, he was so in trouble now ‘Which is why we’re going to bet on it’

‘And the bet would be?’ he opened his door and walked inside

‘If none of those girls confess to you by the time you graduate, I will stop talking about this and would admit that I was wrong with my instincts’

‘And…if they do confess?’

‘Then You. And I. will have some quality time when you fall asleep’ he stopped and processed what she just said, as he was staring at a window he could see that his reflection changed to Nana’s and she winked.

Now he would admit that Nana was a beautiful woman ‘Why thank you’ Let me monologue in peace. She was a beautiful woman and he wouldn’t be against having some quality time with her…

‘Buuuuuut?’ Nana sang teasingly

He felt unsure of it. He kinda wanted it, but it also felt like he shouldn’t. It was a weird feeling.

‘Well good news is that it will only happen if I win the bet, and you have a full year for your to decide…well I guess until someone confesses to you that is’ he could feel her smile gently ‘Chin up kid, don’t let this old woman bring your mood down’

‘You’re not that old Nana, you at least look like in your 20’s’

‘Oooh~smooth talker huh? No wonder you made all of those girls fall’ He could hear her laugh and he just sighed, there was no winning ‘But do you agree on the bet?’

He pondered on the bet and what was at stake….there was no way all of those girls were interested in him right?

‘Fine’ he agreed, sealing his fate.

‘Good, now go to sleep before your daughter wakes up without you by her side’

He agreed and deactivated One For All entirely, he got back to bed and hugged his daughter tight. And before he could go to sleep, one thought went to his mind.

‘Why do I feel like I made a terrible mistake?’

Chapter Text

Aizawa blinked

His class blinked

He blinked again

They did also

He sighed already tired and it was only homeroom. He looked at his students, well most specifically his female students, why?

Every single one of them was in a wheelchair. Why? He didn’t know. Does he care? Honestly, he just wanted to get it over with.

“Care to tell me why the girls are in wheelchairs?” he asked tiredly and the guys looked at each other. Clearly, they don’t know as well, he raised his eyebrow and noticed that Midoriya wasn’t actually looking at anyone, he was facing away from him and had a huge blush.

Of course, the problem child was the reason for this. He sighed and looked at the girls “Well?”

Momo stared at him for a moment then answering “I tripped”

“…You tripped?” he asks slowly and the girl nodded, he looked at the rest of the girls “And the rest?”

“I slipped on a bar of soap” ”Stubbed my toe” ”Something hard ram into me” “Slipped” “Dropped my controller” all of them said at the same time, but he didn’t care because he was focusing on Midoriya who got redder and redder by each reply.

‘Note to self. Don’t let Midnight know of this’ he sighed, it was not his problem nor did he care to make it his problem “Homeroom is over, take time to study or whatever” he said and he just slipped to his sleeping bag “Wake me up when I’m dead”

Then the class exploded asking questions to the girls, but they didn’t listen nor hear their voices. Their minds were still at the events of last night, a story to tell….








But a story for another time…

Chapter Text

It was after lunch that the girls decided to discuss what they would do next, they decided to make a list of people that Izuku has talked or interacted with between the cultural festival and the hero ranking announcement.

They went to the common room and the moment they grabbed a pen and paper that they hit a roadblock


Because they have no idea who Izuku has talked to during those days

“I mean we know that Kendo is one of them” Momo reminded “She fell in love with him on that day remember”

“Okay, so that’s one” Ochako said putting Kendo’s name on the list “Who else?”

“Nejire” Tsuyu snapped her fingers “I remember he talked to her during the pageant” Ochako nodded and added her to the list.

And that’s where it stopped

“…Who else?” asked Ochako and they all sighed. It was useless, even if they do remember they were restricted to what they know, Izuku might have talked to someone else during those days and they wouldn’t know.

“Welp” Momo slapped her knees and stood up, her hands glowed, and out came some rope “I’ll go get Todorok--”

“What are you guys doing?” said a tiny cute voice, they looked at the edge of the sofa they saw Eri holding a cookie. Since Izuku now has custody of Eri, she was now living with them. It was quite a cute sight to see Izuku walk down the stairs with Eri in his arms yawning cutely.

“Hello Eri~” Toru cooed “How are you?” the child smiles brightly

“I’m great!” she then presented the cookie “Papa made me a cookie!” they cooed at the sight. For 8 months Izuku has been learning everything from knitting, baking, cooking, cleaning, and being an overall father. And now that he was officially the father of Eri, his skills were put to the test. It even got to a point where Todoroki asked him if he would be his father. “So what are you guys doing?” she asked and looked at the paper

“Oh!” Momo tried to come up with an excuse “We were…uhh”

“We’re trying to know who Izuku has talked to between the culture festival and the hero rankings announcement” Tsuyu blurted out and the girls looked at her with wide eyes while Eri just looked at her curiously


“We’re…curious” Jiro answered slowly. Eri just stared at them and the girls just held their breath.

“Okay” she said grabbing the paper and the girls sighed in relief but then looked at Tsuyu

“Tsu, why did you just tell her that?” whispered Mina

“We’re being too slow to answer her, besides” Tsuyu squinted her eyes at them “can you lie to that adorable face?”

The girls kept quiet and just sighed in defeat not noticing that the little girl has walked away

“Still, we could have at least come up with something” Ochako sighed “Oh well, we’re still not progressing with the list”

“Hey, where is it?” Mina asked

“What to do you mean, it’s right th--” Ochako pointed at the empty table. No list. And they began to panic “Wher--”

“Here you go” said Eri while smiling and presenting a folded paper, they grabbed and opened it and their eyes widened seeing over 30 names on the paper. They looked at Eri and then the paper and back to Eri and back to the paper.

“E-eri…sweetie…how?” asked Momo

“I asked Papa” they went stiff there “I said if I can have a list of people that he talked to between the culture festival and the he-hero rankings. And he just wrote all the names and gave it to me” she said smiling and explaining as if it was the most obvious and easiest thing to do. The girls looked at the small child and then went up and hugged her forming a group hug

“Oh my god Eri, thank you!”

“You’re the best!”

The girls praised Eri while the little girl was just confused but smiled nonetheless. Izuku walked out of the kitchen, he raised his eyebrow seeing the group huh but shrugged seeing the smile on Eri’s face.

“I’m going to the gym, Eri, Kacchan is in charge of you” the girl just cheered with a ‘Yey!’ he shaked his head and began to walk to his room. The girls put Eri down and she just sprinted to the backyard where Bakugo currently was.

“Okay so, we have a list now and it came from the boy himself” said Mina “So who do we hunt first?”

“Hold on” Jiro said reading the list “There are some guy names here, meaning Midoriya put everyone he talked to here”

“Then let’s remove every guy there then” Mina hastily said “Also, don’t you guys think we should, I don’t know…move this somewhere else”

“Right, my room should be good. We can just sit on the bed and talk” Momo suggested, the girls agreed, packing some of their stuff, and went to Momo’s room. Once they were there Momo opened the door and let the girls in.

“Lets get thi-” Mina stopped once she glanced at Momo’s bed, more specifically what was on Momo’s bed, the girls except Momo saw the object as well and stared at it. Ochako had a look of hurt and betrayal on her face “Momo?”

“Yes?” Momo was just closing the door

“What is that?”

“What is wha-” she stopped as she saw what the girls were staring at. It was her Izuku plushie.

She yelped and dived right for it and hiding it under the covers “Whatwaswhat?” she replied smiling as if it would help her predicament

“The plushie” Tooru said “The Izuku plushie that was sitting on your bed”

“Plushie? What plushie? I don’t know any plushie you speak of” Momo chuckled nervously “Maybe we should go to Jiro’s room instead?” she suggested and the girls just stared at her blankly

“Momo…” Ochako whispered, then she whipped her head up with a look of determination she yelled “GIVE IT!” she then lunged and Momo had to fight for her plushie with 5 girls trying to take it.

---10 minutes later

All 6 girls were now hugging their own Izuku plushie. Ochako’s plushie was Izuku in his hero costume and she dubbed it as her Deku plushie. Tsuyu’s plushie was Izuku in his student uniform and the face was slightly red imitating his blush. Mina’s plushie was Izuku in his ‘dancer’ outfit as she calls it. Tooru’s was the same as Momo’s but instead of ‘Lover’ it was ‘Boyfriend’, Jiro’s was the same but hers had a musical note written on the shirt.

Momo was eating two slices of pie from the other night to recover some of the fat she spent.

After the last bite she sighed “Hopefully you guys are happy now” all she received were a few hums.

“*coughs* I think we got sidetracked a bit *kero*” said Tsuyu setting aside her plushie

“Yeah so anyway” Ochako put the list on the center of the bed “We should start”

And start they did and after a few minutes of chatting and a bit of arguing here and there, they were finally done. They managed to clear out a few names of the list and came down with a few suspects.

“Ok so we have” Ochako held the paper up and began to read the list “So we have Chikuchi Togeike, Bubble Girl, Kyoka Jiro, Mawata Fuwa, Mei Hatsume, Nejire Hado, Ryukyu, Pixiebob, Mandalay, Ragdoll, Tsuyu Asui, Me, Itsuka Kendo, and Yuyu Haya” she put down the list “Ok so, I think we should try to remove the people who we can easily interrogate” she squinted her eyes at Jiro “Kyoka”


In a blink of an eye the curtains were drawn and it was dark, she was tied up to a chair and a lamp was hanging over her head.

“Did you fuck him?” asked Mina who was wearing a suit, behind her were the rest of the girls who were also wearing suits, but Tsuyu was holding a bat that had nails on them.


“Oh? Then when did you talk then? You are on the list, so meaning you and Izuku talked after our concert. Care to explain?” Momo said crossin her arms and Tsuyu was now closer to Jiro

“N-nothing happened! We just talked! He approached me after the concert to thank me for making it good, that’s it!”

The girls leaned in looking at her eyes to see any indication that she was lying, but found none.


And in a blink of an eye once more, everything was back to normal and they were all seated on the bed, Jiro blinked extremely weirded out by what the fuck just happened.

“Ok Jiro is out” Ochako crossed out her name “Next is Tsuyu. TSUYU!”


“Ok” Ochako crossed out Tsuyu’s name

“Hold on why didn’t she get interrogated?!” Jiro snapped but the girls ignored her

“It also isn’t me” Ochako was about to cross out her name, but suddenly she found herself tied to the floor

“Bestie” Tsuyu said as she had her hands behind her back “I had hoped that you wouldn’t betray me like this, but alas, it’s always the ones that are closest to you that hurts you the most *ribbit*”

“But I did-” Ochako wasn’t able to finish as Tsuyu put a finger over her mouth

“Just know that this hurts me more than it hurts you” she turned to Momo who plopped a suitcase on her bed “Momo. Give me…” she removed her shades with one hand “The interrogator”

“The wha--”

“Right!” Momo opened the suitcase and brought out a whip, Ochako’s eyes widen but she sighed in relief as she tossed the whipped away, then she pulled out a drill with a dildo attached to it, turning it on she dildo then began to spin rapidly, Ochako almost ran for it but she calmed down when she tossed it aside, but her eyes widen she really wanted to book it when Momo suddenly pulled out a chainsaw but instead of the blades there were two dildos attached to it, Momo revved it up and the dildoes began to pump at ridiculous speeds.

Ochako was crying and praying to every God she knows to put her out of her misery. She sagged in relief as Momo tossed it aside. Then she pulled the most dangerous weapon of them all.

A feather

Ochako tried hopping to safety but Mina grabbed the chair and carried her back to her previous position.

“No running Ocha-chan~”

Ochako getting more terrified by the second as Tsuyu came closer, feather in hand and a smile that promise that there was no escape

Her screams and laughter were not heard in the dorms.

“So it’s definitely not Ochako” said Tsuyu now in her casual clothes and sitting on Momo’s bed. Ochako was hugging her plushie tight.

“So who’s next?” Mina asked leaning over to see the list, Tsuyu read the next person

“Itsuka Kendo”


---2B Dorms---

Itsuka Kendo was chilling in the common room listening to the chaos that was happening in the kitchen. As much as they were capable cooks, some of her friends just don’t get along when it comes to cooking.

Case in point Tetsutetsu and Awase

“Why would you want to put energy drinks on a soup?!”

“To give it some pump!”

Yeah they don’t get along, not that she’s complaining about Tetsutetsu’s ideas and…recipes, but Awase is more of a traditional kind and likes to follow recipes and not just experiment. Especially if the ingredients were extremely questionable.

*Ding dong*

The doorbell rang and she stood up, opening the door she saw all of the 2A girls smiling at her innocently.

“Hello Kendo`” all of them said at the same time “Can we borrow you and the girls for a girls meeting?”

She didn’t know why but everything felt wrong and her mind was screaming at her to say no…but what could go wrong?

Everything. Everything could go wrong.

After she agreed, Ochako basically touched her shoulder and floated her up in the air, and dragged her like a balloon. Tsuyu chatted at the group chat to meet them in Kendo’s room. Not long after that all of the 2B girls were in her room and Kendou was on a chair.

“W-what’s going on?”

“Itsuka” Momo started “After last night, we have interrogated Todoroki of what he knows about Izuku’s virginity. Confirming that it was indeed stolen and he also knows who stole it.”

“Really?” Kinoko asked surprised “Why didn’t you tell us then?”

“Because he didn’t tell us who, he only gave us a timeframe.” Momo explained then continued “We decided that after getting the list of names we would have had another girls day and talk about our suspects”

“So is that why we’re here?”

“No” Momo then pointed her accusingly “We are here because you’re one of our suspects!”

The girls gasped

“No fair” Yui muttered “You got the dicku but you didn’t inivite me”

“I wasn’t going to invite anybody because I didn’t fuck Izuku!” Kendo exclaimed then Mina clicked her tongue

“See I don’t believe you” Mina said putting on her shades

“Why is that?”

“Because” Mina pushed her shades a bit making it glint “You lied to us before”

“Gak!” Kendo gasped remembering the story she tried to push “B-B-But I didn’t! I corrected it and gave you the true story” she stood up and tried to explain “After Izuku and I talked we then walked in different directions, I went to my room and I slept” she finished and Jiro’s eyes widened

“She’s lying…” Jiro commented “Her heart is beating faster than normal. She’s lying” Kendo flinched as the girls looked at her.



“Tell me how good is he right now”

“STOP!” Kendo put her hands forwards trying to calm everybody it worked but she could see that they still want answers “Fine I lied, but!” she yelled as she saw Setsuna and Ochako about to lunge at her “I lied about me going to bed”

Jiro nodded confirming that it was the truth

“Then what happened?” asked Setsuna but Kendo just stayed quiet, but the girls just leaned in

“…r..ted” she mumbled but went unheard, even Jiro had a rough time deciphering what she just said

“Girl speak up”

“I MASTURBATED!” she yelled but quickly covered her mouth with her hands, the girls just stared at her while she just sat there in the chair blushing madly.

“Deets” Yui said simply and Kendo snapped her head towards her.

“She’s right” Tsuyu agreed “If you want us to believe you, then you’re gonna have to tell us what happened. Every. Detail” Yui nodded furiously, the girls blushed but didn’t argue and just looked at her expectantly.

Kendo tried to find someone to help her and her eyes landed on Ibara “C-come on Ibara, su-surely you don’t wa-want to hear that right?”

The vine girl just stared at her, then blushed “Consider this your punishment for lying” Kendo sagged tiredly as she had no help, while the girls just congratulated Ibara.

“Fine” she said “But don’t go complaining that it’s boring.”

-------- SMUT WARNING ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ----------

-Flashback: After Itsuka fell in love with Izuku-

Itsuka was laying on her bed and staring at the ceiling.

‘I love him’

It was probably the tenth time she said that in her head, and every time she just felt giddy. She just couldn’t stop, she felt like she could take on anything, nothing ever bothered her. Not Setsuna’s teasing, not Kamakiri’s porcupine salad, not even the mountain of homework that was surely going to be given to them by the teachers after the festival.


Well I guess there was one thing, her neighbor was Yui and every night she would just watch porn and moan. If it's not her moaning then it’s coming from the laptop. She asked her to stop or at least wear earphones, but she just nodded and the very next day would blast her speakers just to spite her.

Now she couldn’t blame the girl, Kendou also had porn but at the very least she was quiet!


She sighed annoyed at her friend.

But then as she just kept hearing the noise of slapping skin over the walls she could feel herself start to get turned on, her eyebrows twitched at the growing heat in her crotch.

She tried to ignore it

But then through the speakers.

The magic word came


In the blink of an eye, she discarded her pajama bottoms and got her finger to work.

She gently explored her folds and put a hand over her mouth to keep her voice down, she put one finger inside and began to move then in and out under the rhythm of the skin slapping that was coming out of the speakers.

She closed her eyes intently focusing on the sound, but she then imagined Izuku over her smiling and it was his finger that was inside her and not hers.

“Come on baby~” he added a finger and began to go on a fast pace “Want to cum?”

“Y-yes” she mumbles and she shrieked as his thumb graze over her clit each time he thrusts in

“Do it” he looked at her in the eye “Cum for daddy~”

And she did

She had some sense to grab her pillow and put it on her face to muffle her scream as everything just went white.

Once her vision came back to her, she could feel her legs shake and she could feel herself go limp.

She was panting and taking huge gulps of air. After she calmed down she removed the pillow and tried to move her legs, only to find that they were numb

‘How the f--’ whatever her thought was it died the moment she saw the aftermath of her ‘quality time’. Her sheets were soaked and so were her covers she then looked slightly forward and saw that there was some liquid on the floor that was 10 feet away from her.

She gulped. How was she going to explain this?


She jumped hearing the sounds still going from the other side, she then looked down and felt something drip.

One more round wouldn’t hurt

-Flashback END-

-------- SMUT END ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)  ----------


“I didn’t go for just one round after that, I went for like 5 rounds until I basically knocked myself out.” She shrugged “I woke up the next morning, all sticky and the covers pretty much soaked.” She looked up with a blush on her cheeks and saw that the girls were still staring at her with blushes on their face “So…there”

“Hot” Yui commented and the girls just nodded and Kendo just looked away

“Ok I’ll be honest” Mina said getting her hands in a praying motion before bringing it down “I think I’m bi”

Jiro smirked “Welcome to my world” the girls looked at her “What? I fully admitted that I’m a submissive bitch for a guy that can split me in two, we’re way past being shy”

The girls just blushed and didn’t comment

“So…yeah. That’s my story.” The girls looked at Jiro for confirmation and the girl just nodded

“So I guess Kendo is out in the list” Ochako said crossing Kendo’s name off the list.

“Hmm, can we see the list?” Ochako gave the list so that the girls could see the names “Oh wow that’s a lot”

“Yeah and we need to go over all of them” Toru said “Which reminds me, who’s next?”

“Hmmm.” Setsuna hummed but then noticed a particular name “Nejire Hado? Wait didn’t that girl graduate already?”

“Yep, but she talked to Izuku during the pageant and the morning when UA had custody of Eri” Momo explained

“Ok, but how do we contact her?” Pony tilted her head

“I already texted her *kero*” Tsuyu announced “I told her that when she’s free we’ll call her”


The sound of Tsuyu’s notification went off “She said she’s free now”

“I’ll call her” said Ochako opening her phone and pressing the call option on Nejire’s contact, it rang for about 5 seconds before Nejire answered it

“Hello Ocha-chan!” greeted the girl

“Hello Nejire-chan, can I ask a question?” she said oh so sweetly

“Oh sure!”

“Did you fuck Izuku?”



Ochako gripped her phone too tightly, breaking her phone in the process. The screen was cracked and some parts of the keyboard were laying on the floor

“Uhhh, Ocha?” Tsuyu pointed at Ochako’s phone and the girl looked finally noticing that she broke her own phone


A minute later Ochako was on the ground poking her now broken phone with a stick, Momo was beside her comforting her and promising to buy her a new phone.

Tsuyu sighed and decided to call her senpai herself, putting it on speaker, the phone rang 2 times before Nejire picked it up

“Hello Tsu-chan!”

“Hello, senpai. Did you fuck Izuku?” she decided to just be blunt and direct

“Yes” the girls grumbled at that and Yui just mumbled ‘Lucky bitch’ “Although I guess that isn’t quite true. It’s more like he fucked me” Some girls twitched at that but not out of jealousy “Yeah the way he just pinned me to the wall and just basically rearranged my insides was quite a sensation” Another twitch

‘Calm down Tsu, Calm down’

“And also when he put me in a full nelson and destroyed my ass-” *BREAK!*


Another minute has passed and Tsuyu was joining her bestie in the poke your phone club while Momo was comforting and promising them that she would buy new phones for them.

Tooru then luckily grabbed the contact info from Tsuyu beforehand and began to call her and just in case that she might break it, she put her phone on a table and put it on a speaker. It rang for 5 seconds before Nejire answered

“New phone who dis?”

“It’s Toru, Tsuyu and Ochako’s friend” she said simply and the girls just listened in

“Oh hello Toru-chan! I was talking to both of them earlier when suddenly I heard something crack and then the call ended. What happened? Where are they? And why were they asking if I fucked Izuku? Do they also want to be fucked?”

Ignoring a ‘Yes’ from Yui, Toru answered “Ca-calm donw Hado-senpai” she stuttered a bit overwhelmed by the question and the speed “We were asking because we were curious”


“Yes, me the rest of 2A and the rest of 2B girls”

“Oh! Is it because you all like Izuku?” The girls squeaked at that they could feel the smirk that Nejire was giving “Girls you aren’t slick, I’ve seen those Fuck me eyes. Especially Kendo” said girl flinched “She pretty much drools whenever Izuku is nearby”


“Anyway, why did you girls call me specifically”

“We were trying to find out who took his virginity” Tsuyu commented finally recovering from her poking spree “But I think we found who took it”

“Oh, then I didn’t take it” and the girls were shocked

“But you just said you fucked him” Ochako countered

“Correction. He fucked me, and also” they heard something shifting “that boy was experienced. That man. DESTROYED me. Do you really think that Izuku as a virgin, would be able to put me in a full nelson, fuck my ass and talk dirty to me?” Some of the girls rubbed their thighs together as she kept describing her experienced. “Heck, if we weren’t on a time limit, I would drag him to my room and let him fuck me till I can’t walk and just make me his personal cumdump”

“Nejire…please stop” groaned Jiro

“No, please continue” said Yui as she then took a huge swig of water.

“But just think about it! Him bending you over, and he just kept ramming his dick insided you over and over and over again until you’re just a gasping mess of a woman as he just fills you u-”


They then heard a moan, they looked at each other but the moan did not come from them.

It came from the phone

“Oh yeah! I forgot that you were here!”

“Nejire…who else is there with you?” asked Momo slowly

“Oh Yuyu is with me”


“Oh! I’m training her on how to fuck Deku. You guys wanna see?”

“No need--” Momo tried to stop her

“Too late!”

The phone then made a ding sound, but no one approached the phone. After about a minute a few brave ones namely, Jiro, Tsuyu, Yui, Setsuna, Mina, Pony, Ibara, and Kendo approached the phone and opened the message


-------- NSFW DESCRIPTION OF THE PHOTO WARNING ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ----------

The image was Yuyu naked as the day she was born, her arms were tied to the headboard of a bed and so were her legs, leaving her womanhood visible to the camera. She had a blindfold on and a ballgag in her mouth. There was a vibrator that was taped to her crotch so that the vibration was focused on her clit and there was a discarded and used 9-inch dildo on the left side



-------- IT’S SAFE NOW ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)  ----------

The girls blushed. Jiro, Kendo and Ibara had to excuse themselves but Tsuyu raised her eyebrow

“9 inch? Izuku is much bigger than that though”

“It’s the biggest thing I can buy right now, and it’s only training. I still want to see her surprised face when she sees the real thing”


“I think we got sidetracked” Momo rubbed her forehead “Okay so Nejire didn’t took it, and since she is…training Yuyu, then we can assume that she hasn’t as well”


“Well then…we can take both of your names off the list” Tsuyu sighed at that moments the girls came back and sat down “So thank you Nejire for answ--”

“Tell us” Yui blurted out the girls raised their eyebrows “Tell us the story of how he fucked you” the girls eyes widen at that

“Yui! You can’t really mean!”

“Oh I love this girl already”

“Where’s my bat?!”

“Look” Yui looked stared at them with a serious look in her eyes “We can use this as reference”

“For what?”

“For when we do it with Izuku” the girls looked at her as if she grew a second head “Think about it, we have Nejire here who clearly experienced Izuku in his dominant state and was able to destroy her if she tells us her story of how he fucked, we would know what to expect when Izuku fucks us

“Horny Yui is something” Setsuna grumbled “But I guess…it makes sense?”

Kendo just squinted her eyes at Yui “You just want to hear how Izuku fucks” Yui just looked at her and shot back

“You don’t?” Kendo just flinched back and the girls giggled

“She got your there Prez” Setsuna laughed and Kendo just glared at her

“Fine” Kendo sighed

“Oh hold on, I’m just gonna release Yuyu”

“Bwah! *pant* Da-dammit *pant* Nejire….*pant**pant* we’ve been at it for *pant* an h-hour, can’t we rest?”

“Izuku fucked me for an hour and a half and he could still keep going. If you can’t survive that then you’re gonna die” They could hear some grumbling from the other side and the sound of something hitting the mattress. “Ok so, here’s how Izuku basically made me his bitch”


-Flashback: Nejire’s Graduation-

“PLUS ULTRA!” the students yelled tossing their hats to the sky and hugging their friends in joy as they celebrated the day of their graduation. Nejire was one of these people as she flew in the air and then navigated to her parents who she hugged tightly. She talked to them for a while and after a promise of a huge dinner she flew to her friends

“MIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” she tried tackling him to a hug but she just went through him making her skid to a halt by using her feet, turning around she hugged her two friends “WE DID IT!”

“Yep!” Mirio hugged back and Tamaki blushed but hugged her back also

“I can’t wait to do our first patrol as official pro heroes!” she yelled excitedly as she bounced around “Race you guys to the Top 10 spots!”

“You’re on!” Mirio agreed and Tamaki just sighed “But first let’s celebrate!”

“Congratulations Senpais” said a voice, she looked behind her and saw Izuku Midoriya with Eri on his shoulders

“Congrats!” said the little girl, Izuku put her down and she went to hug each and one of them

“So what’s the plan for you guys?” asked Izuku holding Eri’s hand

“Today we celebrate” said Miro pointing to himself and then to the sky “Tomorrow we go as heroes!”

“We’re celebrating at a steakhouse downtown in about…” Tamaki looked at his watch “2 hours or so”

“Yep right now, we’re just saying goodbyes to some of our classmates and chatting with our family” Nejire finished, her eyes not leaving Izuku

“Sorry for the interruption” said a gruff voice, she looked to her left and saw Aizawa “But I need to take Eri now”

“Awwww” whined the little girl and Nejire could have sworn that she saw Aizawa smile a bit

“Yes, as much as it pains me. Say goodbye to the Big 3” the little girl hugged them one last time and took Aizawa’s hand before leaving she yelled out “Kick some butts out there!”

The Big 3 smiled and waved goodbye

“So, what’s the plan?” asked Nejire

“I have to go talk to my folks” Tamaki said pointing at a couple by the entrance

“Same” said Mirio as he could see his father waving happily at him

The both of them left, leaving Izuku and Nejire alone

“Hey Deku” she said leaning over a bit and smiling at him “I have a question”

“Hm? Oh sure, what is it?”

“How big is your dick?”



-------- A SMUT WARNING IS HERE! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ----------

“N-N-N-Nejire-san, w-we shoul-shouldn’t do this” Izuku stuttered.

After she asked her question she dragged him to a locker room and after locking the door she pinned him to the wall, her chest was pressed to his chest and she looked up at him while smiling

“Why? Don’t you like this?” she pressed on him harder making him yelp, she giggled “You’re cute Midoriya, I had my eye on you ever since I met you” she said as she hugged him “All cute and stuttering, makes me wanna. Eat. You. Up” she giggled as he flinched “Besides” hand right hand then went low to his crotch “I think this little gu--” she stopped herself as her hand stopped to his crotch expecting a two-inch thick something and maybe 3 inches in length.


What she was grasping was not a two inches thick and surely not 3 inches in length

She dropped down to her knees and basically ripped down his pants and boxers making his…monstrous flesh smack her cheek and she just stared at it.


“Neji-HA!” Izuku wasn’t able to finish as he gasped when she leaned in licked the tip but she wasn’t going to let him get away, she leaned in once more and kissed the tip, she teased his head with a few licks and kisses before swallowing it.

She could hear Izuku groan as she took him in her mouth meanwhile, she moaned feeling him fill her mouth. She opened her eyes and saw that she was able to take half of his length. ‘Damn I could already feel him in my throat’ She pulled out slowly making sure to graze her tongue on his length and once the tip was on her tongue she then dived right back in. She then bobbed her head back and forth effectively fucking her own throat with Izuku’s dick.

She then heard him groan and felt his dick twitch. She quickly removed his dick from her throat and mouth and smiled at him, he was panting and sweating. She leaned in and kissed the side of his shaft “Were you about to cum?”

“Y-yes” he was able to breathe out.

“Hmmm, but I don’t want you to.” She kissed his tip “You’re not allowed to cum” Lick “Until I say so” She took him inside her throat once more making him go to the edge, but every time he gets there she would stop and tease him, she repeated this process for 4 times and she was impressed on how much he was holding, she decided to reward him, she then to stroke him slowly “What’s the magic word?”

“…Fuck you” he growled

‘Now that’s mea-’ whatever her thought was it died the moment that Izuku grabbed the sides of her head and sheathed his entire length down her throat. Luckily she was quick to act and started breathing through her nose, her eyes widening even further as the grip he has in her hair tightened ‘Uh oh…’ he slowly pulled out, and when the tip was almost out of her throat he slammed it back down. He repeated this process over and over and went much faster each time, his balls were slapping her chin and the only noise that echoed the locker room was Izuku’s grunting and the noise she makes whenever he sheathed himself.

“You like that you slut?” she was surprised hearing this, from what she’s seen he was very gentle and nice all the time, he would apologize to a lot of people even though they were the ones at fault most of the time. This? This was news to her. Was she complaining? Absolutely not. She moaned in satisfaction making him grin “This is why you dragged me here, you just wanted your throat to be fucked and be filled with my cum” she moaned in agreement “Well here it comes slut” he groaned and his hips started to go even faster. He thrust one final time and emptied his load down her throat. After a full minute he pulled out and she coughed feeling some of his seed still on her throat.

Her mind was a bit hazy as she tried to recover, she could hear Izuku try to apologize, surely coming to his senses but she didn’t care.

She wanted to be fucked


She stood up and sat on a bench Izuku looking at her curiously, she then smirked and then hoisted her skirt up showing her lacy blue panties, she set it aside using her finger showing her shaved pussy

“Wanna go to this hole next?”

The next thing she knew she was topless, her skirt and panties were nowhere and all she had was her socks and shoes, she was then bent over and faced the wall, she wiggled her ass and Izuku lined himself up and began to push in. She moaned feeling him fill her

“Y-you’re tight” she heard him groan ‘You’re just big’ she felt him grab her hips and he then pulled out and thrust back in, he started slow but she didn’t want that, she got used to him already she looked at him over her shoulder

“Break me Zuku~” and just like that, a flip was switched as he gripped her hips and slammed his hips forwards making her scream. She could feel her ass jiggle as Izuku slammed his hips at her. Then she saw white.

Calming down she could feel her legs shake, but she could also feel Izuku not stopping and just kept fucking her through her orgasm

Goddamn Izuku was a beast, how the fuck was he single? She could feel him reach her deepest parts and hit every damn sweet spot. His hands then snaked to her breast and she moaned as he groped and pulled her and pinning her to the wall even more.

She then felt him twitch and groan, indicating that he was close. She wanted him to fill her up, unfortunately, it was not a safe day. Using every ounce of her willpower she whispered “I-i-it’s not safe” that did the trick as he stopped and moved his hands to her hips gripping her tightly. ‘God he has good control’

“’Pull out for a sec” he did slowly making sure not to explode here and there, she heard him take a couple of deep breathes and so did she, but she didn’t want to stop she put her hands on her ass and stretched her asshole, she saw him widen his eyes and she smiled at him over her shoulder “Dump it here”

She saw him activate his quirk and in the blink of an eye she was staring at the ceiling her legs raised up and pulled back by his inner elbows and she was in a headlock. Holy shit she was in a Full Nelson.

His dick hovered over her ass as if giving her a chance to back out….Plus Ultra

“Do it” she tried to look back at him “Make me your bitch”

And just liked that he thrusted up filling her tight ass to the brim, she moaned in pain and pleasure as Izuku just groaned. He went slow for a short amount of time but then he just switched speeds and just fucked her.

She couldn’t say anything, she was pretty sure she was speaking gibberish at this point and drool was just everywhere.

How many times has she cummed? No idea. Did she care? She couldn’t even if she tried. All she cared about was the dick that was continuously slamming inside her ass and pretty much rearranging her insides.

‘Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me FuckmeFuckmeFuckme’ she heard him groan and she didn’t bother to stop him this time and just let him explode inside her and explode he did.

She could feel herself becoming fuller and fuller by the second as Izuku just slammed her down and came hard

After a full two minutes of cumming she could feel his grip slacken and began to set her down

“Cansh fwel” wow she was fucked that hard that she couldn’t even speak properly.

‘I can’t feel my legs, my ass is gonna be so sore tomorrow’ Izuku was breathing hard behind her, his chest rising and falling. She was her phone on the floor, she tried to get it but there were two problems. 1. She was so tired 2. He was still inside her.

Luckily Izuku knew what she wanted and used his blackwhip to grab her phone and give it to her, she mumbled a thank you and she saw that they were going at it for about an hour. She needed to meet her friends in 30 minutes or so.

Meaning she had 30 more minutes of fucking.

Using whatever energy she had, she pushed herself off of him making the both of them groan. She then got to her hands on knees on the floor and looked back at him

“We have 30 mins left” she smiled “Use that time to break me”

-Flashback END-


-------- THE SMUT IS NO LONGER HERE! ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)  ----------


“He pretty much fucked me like a madman that day…I think he used his quirk too because his hips were just a blur at some point, after that it took everything I had to not drag him somewhere else and finish there, but I had to meet Mirio and Tamaki so we had to say goodbye.”  She finished her tale

But the girls were strangely quiet


Thankfully Tsuyu managed to open her mouth “We’re still here….Thank you Hado-senpai, we’ll call you later”

“Hm? Oh sure! See ya guys hope we meet somewhere when I’m patrolling Bye! YUYU! GET THAT ASS OVER HER--”

Tsuyu pressed the end call button and just stared at the floor like the rest of the girls trying to process everything that was just said to them.

“Where’s Izuku right now?” asked Yui, but they didn’t pay attention to her and Mina just mumbled out ‘In the gym’

Yui stood up and walked out of the room like a woman on a mission



They then realized who exactly walked out of the room and then they panicked and ran out of the room





The guys in the common room were just chilling and playing video games after they ate lunch which was a soup made by a grumbling Awase and a laughing Tetsutetsu, when suddenly


Yui dropped down the stairs but stood up and ran carrying a…collar? Following her was Kendo who had a bat over her head, Momo with a rope, Jiro with a chair, Reiko carrying a bottle of…liquid, Pony carrying Kinoko who was also carrying Tsuyu who also carrying a boombox which was playing the Russian national anthem, Ochako with a chainsaw…dildo? Mina and Tooru had their phones out, Setsuna laughing maniacally and an Ibara with a hand on her head.

And with that, the girls ran outside leaving the guys looking dumbfounded.

Awase sighed “See?” he gestured the soup “This is why we shouldn’t put energy drinks in soups”

Chapter Text

It was finally Halloween and UA decided to host a Halloween party for each course. Each course has its own separate gymnasium to host their parties and get wild, and thanks to Nezu and his connections, each gymnasium was filled with bowls of candies and also pumpkin pinatas that were filled with candies themselves. There were only two rules. No one gets hurt and no one questions how Nezu got that many candies. It was going to be a fun night filled with people with different costumes and have their own ways to have fun, and since it’s UA, the party will be going to a Plus Ultra side.

Right now we go to the common room where we see Tsuyu Asui waiting by the entrance for the rest of the girls so that they could all go together. Unfortunately, by some weird coincidence the guys of 1A except for Midoriya Izuku got stomach aches and couldn’t attend the party, the girls and Izuku promised to get as much candy as possible for the guys to munch on in the morning.

Tsuyu Asui was dressed in a familiar-looking cheerleader outfit. She still had the outfit from the sports festival so she decided to go to the party as a cheerleader.

“Hey Tsu” greeted excitedly, Tsuyu turned to see Mina Ashido dressed in a black bunny girl outfit with black stockings and black heels. Tsuyu narrowed her eyes at the costume.

“You really went all out huh?”

“Of course I did!” Mina said smugly “I’m not going to lose at our bet”

Ah yes, the bet.

With Izuku being the only guy in the party, the girls decided to make a bet on who would he stare at the most. The winner will get 1 week alone with him.

“You sure are confident *kero*”

“Girl” Mina did a pose “Have you seen these legs?”

“Don’t forget about me” said a voice, both of the girls turned to see a fair-skinned young woman with short pink hair that reached her neck, pink eyes wearing a beige sweater and some jeans and some sneakers. Both girls blinked, her voice was familiar but they did not know who this girl was. That was until she tilted her head and smiled “It’s me Toru!”

Tsuyu and Mina’s eyes widened at that not believing what they were hearing, Toru giggled at their reaction, she then fished out something in her pockets, it was a folded paper. Unfolding it she showed it to the two girls. It was a drawing of what Toru was looking like now “Izuku made this for me, this is what he imagined I looked like, so I decided to wear some cosmetics here and there and voila” Toru twirled and did a peace sign “Visible Toru is here and ready to gets Izuku’s attention”

“Don’t count me out yet” they looked at the stairs to find Kyoka Jiro wearing a hoodie and a skirt, she was also wearing purple striped knee-high socks and some sneakers, but that was not the one that caught their attention, what caught their attention was the cat ears that was twitching and swinging tail that was behind her. “Hey”

“Catgirl seriously?” Mina asked shocked and confused

“Well you went for the bunny girl, so you have no right to judge” Jiro countered while crossing her arms. “So who’s missing?”

“Momo and Ochako” Tsuyu replied “Now I’m curious on who will actually get Izuku’s attention”

“Hopefully, that would be me” the girls turned and saw Momo and Mina whistled. Momo was wearing a sexy maid outfit showing off a majority of her skin and a huge boob window.

“Hmm with all these costumes it will be a miracle if Izuku doesn’t die from a nosebleed” Tsuyu commented

“Well it will be a competition on who makes have a nosebleed then” Mina declared “So where’s Ochako?”

“Here” the girls raised their eyebrows seeing the brunette's choice of costume. Unlike them who had revealing skin, besides Toru, hers was a simple wedding dress with a veil. She was also carrying flowers to finish the look “How do I look?”

“Very Pretty” Toru gushed

“But you’re going as a bride?” Mina asked and Ochako shook her head and smiled wide

“I’m going as Izuku’s bride” she declared and the girls felt their eyebrows twitched at that “Well let’s go, don’t wanna keep my husband waiting”

‘Oh we’ll see about that’ thought the rest of the girls as they followed Ochako and head to the gymnasium


-At the 1B Dorms-

Meanwhile in the 1B dorms, just like the situation in 1A the guys mysteriously had stomach aches and no one was safe leaving the girls to attend the part by themselves.

Waiting in the common room were Kendo, Kinoko, Pony, and Ibara. All four of them have somewhat normal costumes.

Kendo was wearing a blue qipao with golden accents, puffy sleeves, and a white waistband. She was dressed as a character in a game, Chun-Li.

Pony was wearing some cowboy boots, jean shorts, a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the hem was tied to show off her stomach. She calls this the ‘Cowgirl Outfit’. When they asked why it was called the cowgirl outfit she just winked and said ‘Ask Izuku in the morning, he’ll know what it means’

Ibara was wearing a standard nun outfit with a cross necklace.

Kinoko was the strangest, she was…a giant mushroom.

Kendo sighed “Come on girls, what’s taking so long?” she yelled out, after she yelled the sound of rushing footsteps came

“Well sorry, this thing takes longer to inflate than I thought it would” Kendo honestly expected Setsuna to be in a revealing outfit or something along those lines, but she was shocked to see that Setsuna was in one of those inflatable dinosaur costumes. “Tada!” Setsuna said raising her arms, well not by a lot considering that the arms of the dinosaur costume weren’t able to do that.

Silence was what came after ad Setusna pouted “Well screw you guys”

“We didn’t say it was bad” Kinoko said “Just unexpected I guess”

“Hmm? How so?”

“I kinda expected you to wear something slutty to be honest.” Kendo admitted “Who are you and what id you do to Setsuna?”

“Meanie” they saw her smirk “Besides I’m naked under this”

“*sigh* Yep, you’re Setsuna all right” Kend sighed massaging her forehead feeling a headache coming in

“Honestly same” They snapped their head towards Kinoko and she was smiling “My hands are also busy, there’s a reason why I don’t have arms on these”

“I’m going to have to ask Momo for a bat when we arrive” Kendo said defeated “So all that’s left is Reiko and Yui”

“Here” said Yui coming down the stairs wearing…a casual outfit? She was only wearing a simple t-shirt with ‘Daddy’s Girl’ written on it, some jeans and some sneakers.

“Umm girl?” Setsuna began “Did you forget your costume or something?”

“No” she then strapped something on her neck. It was a collar with a tag on it, written on the tag was ‘Property of Izuku Midoriya’ she stared at them blankly “I’m going as Izuku’s personal property”

Kendo grumbled

“Now now, I don’t blame Yui for going like that. I as well am going for something similar” Reiko came down the stairs. She was wearing a short sleeve fishnet shirt and under it was a black sports bra, black short jeans, and black boots. She also had black lipstick on. Overall she looks like a Goth.

“Huh, so you’re going as a Goth?” asked Pony

“Correction” Reiko smiled “I’m going as Izuku’s Big Tiddy Goth GF”

Reiko and Yui high-fived, Ibara was blushing, Pony and Kinoko were just staring at the two, Setsuna was cackling and Kendo was just done.

“Let’s just go” Kendo said and walked out of the dorms.

‘I hope Izuku likes my costume’ was the thought of everyone


-Gymnasium: Hero course Halloween Party-

Izuku Midoriya was standing there alone in a corner with Aizawa and Principal Nezu (who was sitting on a stool), why? Because the gymnasium was filled with women. He was shocked to know that every male student in UA suddenly have stomach aches except for him, he didn’t know if he was lucky or unlucky. So now he was just chatting with the teachers and trying his best to avoid looking at the female students that were in there.

Some people just took out their hero costumes, some went for something different may it be normal, weird, or outright revealing.

Heck, Nejire was flying around dressed as Tinkerbell. He definitely has to take a cold shower after this one.

He also didn’t know why, but he felt like everyone was staring at him, but when he looks back he found everyone was just talking to each other or dancing or trying to stuff as much candy as possible. Maybe it was his costume? He was wearing an All Might golden age costume, though this one was tight fighting for him, so it basically hugged his body while also not being uncomfortable to wear.

Though he now develops a new mantra on his head ‘Don’t get hard Don’t get hard Don’t get hard’

Maybe he should just leave…nah, he promised his male classmates that he’ll get some candy for them and promised the girls that he will be here. So here he will stay…it’s so hard being a good friend sometimes.

“Problem child” Izuku snapped out of his mumbling spree and turned to Aizawa

“Yes sensei?”

“Me and the principal are leaving” that one sentence made him entirely freeze on the spot “We’re now heading to our own party”

“Bu-bu-bu” he tried to stutter out a reply

“You all will be under the supervision of…” Aizawa sighed “Under the supervision of Midnight” Izuku looked at said teacher who winked at him and he felt a shudder crawl up to his spine. He didn’t know why but he now fears for his chastity.

“Goodbye Midoriya, but take this. I don’t want any mini dekus running around anytime soon” Aizawa handed him a plastic bag, inspecting the contents Izuku’s eyes almost bulged out of his eye as he saw 10 boxes of ‘PLUS ULTRA CONDOMS! NOW WITH DIFFERENT FLAVORS SUCH AS MOCHI!’

Izuku looks up to see that Aizawa and the principal were gone, on the stool was a single note ‘Happy Halloween! You can try to run :) ’

He gulped, okay this was not bad at all. It’s not like anyone is actually trying to get him…right?

Just then the entrance door opens and he sighed in relief seeing his classmates. He did raise an eyebrow though seeing Ochako’s costume.


With the announcement of Midnight, music then began to blare and every student began to dance, eat, drink to their heart content.

Everyone was enjoying themselves as they just let themselves go, there was a moment when Izuku and another student roleplayed an All Might fight, there was also a time when Mina ate so much candy she was literally everywhere at once, this of course had nothing on Nejire as she went to her own sugar rush and just bounced off the walls multiple times like a ball in a pinball machine.

Everything was a blur at that point. One minute he was dancing with Ochako and now he was staring blankly at a ceiling

Why exactly?

Well, for one thing, he was naked. And not only that, but he also had Itsuka and Momo on each of his sides and were also naked.

He blinked still trying to process what happened.

He slowly sat up, careful not to wake the two girls, and had to cringe when he saw what was in front of him

On the floor were at least 20 girls he didn’t recognize. There were also a few of the 1A and 1B girls.

There was also a hole in the wall and a girl was laying there, her feet were dangling and he assumed so were her arms on the other side. Setsuna was laying on the floor with the bottom half of her costume was gone, but the top half was still there, ass raised in the air. Kinoko was beside her but her costume was still on and some white liquid was leaking out of her. Ochako was on a table…well a broken table, her legs dangling out as she sleeps peacefully. Ibara had her vines tied to her wrist and legs and she was on her knees. Mina was stuck to the wall based on the substance on her back, she was glued there somewhat.

Everyone else was tangled to each other, either to his classmates or to someone else that he didn’t know.

‘I guess…good thing I had condoms huh.’

He then looked back at Kinoko and then between her legs

…White liquid was leaking…out of…her

He jumped out of bed and landed safely without touching the girls on the floor and went to the box of condoms on the table. He inspected the contents and he sighed in relief. There was only one condom left in the box, meaning he used it last night. He grabbed the condom and inspected it. Then what was leaking out of---

The condom glinted a bit when he put it near the window.

A hole…there was a hole.

Then he remembers something last night


-------- SHORT SMUT: WARNING ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ----------

-Flashback: Earlier that Night-

The sounds of Izuku’s grunts and the moan of a woman were heard as Izuku kept thrusting inside the woman’s snatch over and over again. Izuku opened his eyes and the face of Midnight was what he saw smiling at him.

“Oh Daddy~” she moaned, she then wrapped her legs around his waist “You’re going to be a daddy~” she purred.

Izuku didn’t care, he was wearing a condom so what was the worst thing that could happen, he just thrust harder making her scream in delight

“Come on Izuku~” someone hugged him from behind “Cum already so you’re wife can have a turn already” whispered the woman, he only knew one person that called herself his wife. Ochako Uraraka.

He thrust one last time and he came. Not even a second as he pulled out of Midnight and grabbed Uraraka’s waist and put her on a table

“Time for the honeymoon~” he came twice insider her that night.


-Flashback END-

-------- SMUT END ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)  ----------


He stared wide-eyed at the piece of condom

No…he used it. There was no way right?

Then suddenly everyone decided to turn and move from their positions and as he stared closer, he saw a white substance leaking out of each and one of them.

He did the only thing he could do.

He fainted.

Chapter Text

‘If you use Blackwhip on your dick, do you think it will be longer?’ 

“And here I thought my morning couldn’t get any weirder”

‘Tried that once, 4 out 10, would not recommend’ 


When Izuku woke up he was treated by the sight of his daughter sleeping next to him and hugging him tightly, he picked her up and went downstairs and made her some pancakes for breakfast, he was feeling a bit happy that morning so he decided to make all of his classmates some breakfast. It was quite weird to see Kaminari look at him as if Izuku was about to strangle him with his blackwhip, heck even Bakugo was expecting something. Izuku just shrugged and went on his day.

Though it did feel like something happened last night….

Oh well

Now he was in the gym floating in the air while juggling small rocks with blackwhip. The past users agreed to train him in their quirks and suggested that using two at the same time would be beneficial, hard for the body but beneficial. In his state, this was all he could do.

‘Ok kid that’s enough, get back down and lift your usual weights’ said Nana and he nodded and took his shirt off. He grabbed the dumbells and started his routine.

His mind traveled elsewhere as he did his usual routine, their second year in UA was relatively peaceful compared to their first year. No major villain fights, no League of Villains suddenly attacking, it was…refreshing.

But knowing his own luck, that’s bound to change sooner or later


The door of the gym he was using slammed open, looking in that direction he could see Yui Kodai panting and looking around.

“Uhh..Hi Kodai-san” he greeted and he flinched when her head snap in his direction and then looked down to his abs and licked her lips, he didn’t know why but he was afraid for his nonexistent virginity. She then marched towards him with hunger in her eyes.

Once she was in front of him she looked up at him with the look that was oddly similar to a certain blonde pussycat he knows, he gulped “Uh..Hell--” she was then tackled by an orange blur.

He blinked and looked to his right, only to see Kendo and Yui on the ground. Kendo had Yui on a martial arts hold but her hand was on Yui’s mouth preventing her from saying anything. Kendo looked at him and smiled. He then heard the sound of footsteps from the entrance, then to his confusion, he saw the girls from his class and the girls of 2B approached the two girls on the ground. Each one of them greeted him while trying to subdue the struggling Yui

“1, 2, 3, UP!” then all of them were carrying a tied up Yui over their head and walked out

He sighed and just resumed his routine, though he did have one thought in mind

‘Was Ochako carrying a chainsaw Dildo?’


The girls were now backed in Kendo’s room and Yui was tied to the chair, Reiko had a special something to keep her quiet, what that special something was they had no idea, for them, Yui was just wearing a facemask but if it keeps her quiet then they weren’t going to complain.

“Ok, so” Kendo started “Now we’ve somewhat subdued Yui, what the next plan?”

“We go for the next girl” Toru answered

“And that would be?” Setsuna asked looking at the list, Jiro pointed at a name

“Chikuchi Togeike” said Jiro “She’s a Gen Ed student here in UA, she’s the girl who admitted that they watched us play to see us screw up”

“Well, she’s mean” Toru “Why did Izuku talk to her though?”

“Probably sensed her being sad and just went to cheer he up” Setsuna snickered

“That is a bit like him yes” Momo sighed, Kendo examined the list

“I think we should split up” Kendo suggested “We’ll be able to reduce the people faster that way”

“Agreed, we should all form a small group and try to ask more people” Momo said taking the list “We should at the very least reduce three or four more people from this and continue on tomorrow” then Mina whined

“But we have school tomorrow” Mina complained “That’s gonna be so much work!”

“Don’t forget about the 5 quizzes that we have tomorrow” Jiro reminded and they could see Mina’s soul leave her body “Dude the teachers gave us a week to study for that”

“I was busy!”

“With what!”

“With stuff!”

“Enough!” Momo yelled “Honestly, you two are like children”

“Sorry Mom~” the both of them sang and Momo could feel her eyebrow twitch while the 2B girls laughed

“Anyway, I agree that we should try and clear three or four more people” Tsuyu commented “ But we should focus on these three in particular” she pointed at three names ‘Chikuchi Togeike’, ‘Mei Hatsume’, ‘Mawata Fuwa’ “All these three are here in UA, might as well start with them”

“So that’s three teams, sir Aizawa might know where Fuwa-san might be but I’m honestly not sure” Momo admitted, then Ochako got a brilliant idea

“I know how to get Mei!” Ochako shouted and opened the balcony window “You girls might wanna stand back” she then coughed and the girls followed her advice “I need some costume upgrades”

And not even a second later a pink blur crashed in the room and landed gracefully on the floor and began to look around

“Did someone say costume upgrades?!” yelled Mei Hatsume as she looked around the room

The girls just looked at her ridiculously and Ochako just sighed “This is Hatsume” Ochako said gesturing at the inventor, said girl stood straight and pointed at herself

“Mei Hatsume future owner of the Hatsume Corps and bride of Izuku Midoriya at your service!” Mei declared proudly

The girls just stared at her

“Wait…” Tsuyu started “What did you just say?”

“Mei Hatsu--”

“No, not that part, future bride of who?”

“Future bride of Izuku Midoriya!” Mei declared proudly once more, hesitance nowhere in sight. It was at this point the girls realized that more women were in love with Izuku

“Oh come on!” Mina, Toru, and Setsuna yelled “How many more women are there!”

“Next thing you’ll know he’s going to attract a highly dangerous villain” Jiro sighed



A woman that was hidden in the shadows looked up as if she was being called out by someone

“Is something wrong?” said a voice, the woman looked to the window that was in her cell, she could see the figure standing there, heck the figure was so small she could see that they were standing on a table

“Nothing, now what do you want?”

“To the point? I like it” the figure cleared its throat “I wish for you to be a teacher in UA--”


“Oho, now why is that?” The woman narrowed their eyes

“Because that school of wannabe heroes is filled with fakes, all in it for money and fame” the woman growled a bit “I’m not going to teach them anything nor do I even want to”

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll only be teaching one student”

“How is that better?” she didn’t know why but she could feel the smirk of the figure as it stared at her

“Oh I just have a feeling that you’ll like this student, I can arrange a talk between you two if you would like”

“Yeah right” she smirked “Next thing you’ll know I’m falling for your student”

“Oh but that’s also a possibility”

“Yeah right”

“Wanna bet?”

She didn’t know why but she could as if she was trapped and there was no escape, but she decided to be stubborn “Fine, bring that student here and we’ll talk. If he manages to convince me then I’ll go and teach”

“And if you somehow fall for him?”

“I’ll fuck him on the spot” she declared smirking, she knew that it will never happen.

“Deal, we’ll come back next week Monday morning” and with that, the figure left leaving the woman alone in the shadows.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure walked out of the interrogation room, the figure was none other than the principal of UA, Nezu.

“Sir?” asked someone with a gruff voice “Did everything go okay?”

“Of course Aizawa, now who’s next on our list?” said Nezu sitting on the pro’s shoulders

“A woman named Himiko Toga, murderer, bloodsucker and self-proclaimed and I quote ‘Pro sucker of the Dicku’”

“Ooh! I like that one. Let’s go!”


-Back to the girls-

“Please don’t jinx it” Pony said

“Knowing Izuku’s luck, it’s bound to happen anyway” Tsuyu commented “So Hatsume-san”


“What do you think of Izuku?”

“I’m going to make babies with him!’ she declared smiling and the girls blinked except for 2A who was used to Me’s antics

“By babies, you mean inventions right?” Mei didn’t answer and just smiled “…You mean inventions…right?”

The girls groaned but Tsuyu just decided to do what she do best. Be bunt

“Mei did you have sex with Izuku?”

“No, but I want to!” there was a chorus of ‘Mood’ that came from the girls

“Ok that leaves Chikuchi Togeike and Mawata Fuwa, two people we have no idea where they are right now” Kendo said after crossing Mei’s name on the list

“Oh, I can help with that!” Mei then fished out a sphere “Deku Drone wake up!” the sphere then opened and out came a mini Izuku the size of a fist, hovering in front of Mei’s face “Look for…” she then looked at Kendo “Who are we looking for again?”

“Chikuchi Togeike of the General Studies and Mawata Fuwa of 3A”

“Yep those two!” the Deku drone nodded and flew out the window “Now we just have to wait until my drone comes back”

“Well, that’s helpful. Thank you Hatsume-san” Momo gratefully said

“You’re welcome whoever you are!” Momo sagged at how quickly she forgets.

“I’m Momo of 2A” she introduced herself

“Nice to meet you and I already forgot who you are” the girls facepalmed “Sorry”

“Wait then, how do you remember Izuku’s name?” Kinoko asked curiously

“Gotta remember the name you’ll be screaming while having sex” the girls blushed but didn’t disagree “Plus you don’t forget someone like Izuku”

“Mm*gk*hhd” came from Yui who was still on the chair

“I think it’s time to let you out of there” Reiko said approaching Yui, she removed the facemask and the girls raised their eyebrows when they saw something round on Yui’s mouth. Reiko then grabbed the round object and pulled it out slowly.

The girl's eye’s widened when they finally realized what the object was.

It was Dilddo…a 9 inch dildo…Yui had a 9 inch dildo in her throat for the whole time that she was subdued.

*Gasp!* Yui gulped as much air as possible once the whole thing was out while the girls just staring at Yui while Reiko was untying her.

Once she was untied, she stood up and grabbed Reiko’s shirt

Then proceed to kiss her

Reiko moaned and brought her hand at the back of Yui’s head lacing her fingers on her hair and pulling her close deepening the kiss, after a minute they pulled away panting

“Okay, I’ll be honest” said Yui still panting “I think I’m Bi”

“You think?” Reiko smirked at her friend

“Ahem” both girls looked in the direction of the voice, to see Momo with a blush on her face…no, scratch that, all of the girls except for Mei had a blush on their face “If you two are done we can continue with our investigation”

Both girls nodded and joined the circle once more “As much as I want to blame Yui for her horniness, I’m going to blame Reiko this time” said Kendo rubbing her forehead

“I have no regrets” Reiko smirked “Plus it's good practice, you heard our senpai Izuku is much bigger than this” she gestured the dildo still in her hand “Might as well get used to it”

“You girls better be careful” said Yui who then proceeds to move her hands in a groping motion “Now that I have awakened, all your assess are mi--*BONK*”

Kendo bonked Yui with a bat while her eyebrow was twitching “If anyone is groping my ass, it’s Izuku-*BONK*” Momo snatched the bat and bonked Kendo in the head “Ow” she looked up at Momo who was still holding the bat, then blew a raspberry “I have no regrets *Bonk*”

After a minute has passed everyone formed a circle with Mei in the center

“So Hatsume-san” started Setsuna “Why do you like Izuku?”

“Oh!” they noticed that Mei’s smile brightened “Well he treats me like a…someone I guess. He doesn’t’ think I’m weird in any way, he can keep up with me, and he’s nice” she finished

“Well that’s just adorable *ribbit*” commented Tsuyu “But when did you fall for him?”

“Oh that, well it actually happened…5 months ago”


-Flashback: 3 months ago-

Mei Hatsume was busy with an order from a third-year student, something about shooting lasers with their eyes or something, she then heard her name being called by a familiar voice. A voice that always seemed to make her heart flutter and her smile wider.

“Mei” Izuku Midoriya was the name, it surprised her at first when she remembered his name, she always forgets other people’s names and yet she was able to remember his “Mei” oh yeah he was calling her, she should turn around, right? Right

And turned around she did but her smile faltered a bit when she saw his state. Izuku’s right arm was covered in bandages, it was rare for her now see him covered with bandages, considering that he got some control with his quirk now she imagined he wouldn’t get hurt anymore. Oh well.

“Yes 10 million?” ah that nickname, it came from the sports festival when the points were announced, the nickname kinda stuck ever since then and it was her way of remembering him and the day that she laid her eyes on him, so win-win.

“My suit needs to be fixed” he gestured at the briefcase he was carrying with his other hand. ‘When did that get there?’. “S-sorry for damaging it again, I know how hard you worked and yet I still managed to destroy it somehow” he apologized

“Meh, more opportunity to improve! So what got damaged?” she opened the case and saw his right arm bracers and right-hand gauntlets were severely damaged, she stared at it and then looked at his bandaged arm

“Yeah, I was fighting Kaminari at the time, he sent out his attack and the gauntlets took the burnt of the attack” he then raised his bandaged arm “Unfortunately it caused the gauntlets to explode and kinda da-damaged my arm a bit” he confessed and Mei just stared at the arm

‘My baby…did that?’

She reached out for his hand and held it gently, seeing him flinch she pulled away a bit but still hovered her hand over his hand.

“I…I did this?” she mumbled silently but Izuku heard her making him panic

“N-N-NO! Mei you didn’t do this. It was me that decided to punch Ka-Kaminari, I wasn’t thinking of the effects of his quirk on the gauntlets that you perfectly made. So it’s my fault” he hurriedly said, but she was still staring at his hand “I-I’m f-fine now, see?” he moved his hand a bit slowly but she could see how his eyebrows twitched in pain. “N-nothing to worry about”

She stared at him for what felt like an hour but in reality, it was just a minute, she then smiled bright “Well then, better make sure that this baby would be perfect next time! Don’t want you getting injured again” she then turned to the gloves “Bad baby! Bad!” Izuku chuckled at this. ‘I like his laugh’

“Better leave you to it then, I’m going to head to Recovery Girl” he said turning around “Make sure you get some sleep”


He laughed and walked outside of the studio leaving her alone. Once she was sure that he was gone she stared at the gloves once more, inspecting it she narrowed her eyes seeing some dried blood on the gloves and bracers. ‘Gotta make sure that this baby doesn’t hurt him again’

After a grueling 10 hours of working and subjecting the gloves and bracers to every danger zone there is, may it be electricity, fire, explosion, guns, knives, lasers, a motorbike, a car, a truck, heck she even tried drowning the thing, it was then that she was finished putting the equipment back to the case, closing it she sighed and looked up. Oh.

It was now nighttime, how and why Power Loader let her stay in the studio she would never know.

“Well I’m here already, might as well--”

“Mei?” she looked at the door to see Izuku wearing some All Might pajama pants and an undershirt.

“Oh hey, I was just done with your gloves, wanna see?” she gestured at the case, but Izuku just put his hand on her shoulder

“It’s to sleep Mei”

“Oh? But I’m not--” just then she yawned and her eyes felt heavy ‘Huh, I guess I am tired’

“Come on” he tried to lead her out of the lab, but she was stubborn and planted her feet on the floor “Come on Mei”

“If you want me to go, then carry me” she grumbled, she then let out an ‘eep’ when he then suddenly carries her in his arms.

“And off we go” he said turning off the lights with his blackish tentacles and proceeding to march to her dorms.

She just rested her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. It was a soothing sound. She snaked her arms around him, hugging him and he could feel his hold on her tighten a bit.

She wanted to hear more of his heart

She wanted to see his face more

She wanted to see his smile, hear his laugh, see him go to her every day just to make sure she was alright, she wanted him to continue on bringing her lunch and feeding her when she was way too focused on a project.

She didn’t want him out of her life

‘Why?’ That was the question. Why? Why does every time he comes her heart just flutter? Why did she smile all the time he’s near? Why is every time that he gets hurt, her heart just gets smashed as if a hammer was dropped onto it?

“Awww~You two are just adorable” cooed a woman’s voice, Mei looked in front of them and saw Midnight. “Look at you two lovebirds, just wear protection all right?” she said and walked away leaving a blushing Izuku and a confused Mei





Why did that word felt…right?

She looked at Izuku’s face as he carried her, he must have sensed that she was staring and looked down on her and smiled


‘I love you’

-Flashback END-


“And that’s about it” Mei finished with a faraway look on her face. The girls clapped commenting on how adorable their whole interaction was, it was just then that the Deku drone returned.

“Chikuchi Togeike is spying on Izuku Midoriya and Mawata Fuwa is in Gym Gamma” The Deku drone then sparked a bit, then exploded

“Well, there you have it!” Mei proudly yelled picking up some of the pieces of Deku drone

“Ok now we’re back on track” declared Momo “2A and Hatsume will go to Fuwa-san and 2B will go to Togeike-san”

“Wait, what does she look like?” asked Pony

“Black hair and has pigtails” answered Jiro “If she’s spying on Izuku then you’ll be able to see her”

“How about Fuwa-san?”

“Fuwa-san I think has pink hair and those puffy earrings” said Tsuyu gesturing to her ear when saying the last part “We should be able to find her easily”

“So we got our teams, we should stay in contact in our group chat” the girls nodded and they all went off to their respective vict-suspects.

The boys of 2B did raise an eyebrow when they saw the girls march down the stairs and head outside

“Should we follow them?” asked Kamakiri

“No way man” said Kaibara “My mom had that look before, trust me you don’t want to get in the way of that” he finished in a shaky voice as he hugged his knees

“You okay man?”

“So…many…slippers” muttered Kaibara

Meanwhile, the girls of 2A was now heading towards gym Gamma, upon reaching their destination they could hear the sound of rocks breaking apart and some grunting. They opened the door and peeked inside.

Inside was a young woman with pink hair, dark blue yoga pants with a matching sports bra, her hand was outstretched and rocks were crumbling in front of her, on her ears were some puffy, cloud-shaped earrings.

“Is that her?” asked Toru staring at the woman

“She’s the only one here, so it’s gotta be” answered Mina, they all nodded and started to approach the young woman “Umm, hello”

The young woman turned and smiled “Oh hello there, you’re the second years correct?”

“Y-yes senpai, are you Mawata Fuwa?” asked Mina, seeing the young woman nod she continued “We actually have a question”

“Do you know Izuku Midoriya?” asked Momo, it was brief but they could see a small blush appear on Mawata’s cheeks

“Yes, I do know him. Why?”

“Uhh…Well you see…” tried Toru, but how do you ask someone you never actually talked to if they had sex with your crush?

“Did you two fuck?” asked Mei and Tsuyu at the same time, they looked at each other and nodded automatically forming a friendship of some sort.

Mawata shook her head “No, we have not” the girls sighed in relief and in fatigue, tired from trying to find who took Midoriya’s virginity

“But do you like him though?” asked Mei stepping closer

“Like? Let’s go beyond that” Mina said stepping closer even more “Do you love him?”

“How about beyond that. Do you lust for him?” Tsu said now in front of Mawata, said girl was just chuckling and the other girls just shook their heads.

‘’Why are you asking anyway?” Mawata asked looking at the other girls that weren’t invading her personal space

“We and our sister class loves him, and we just found out that he was not a virgin anymore and now we’re trying to find out who took it”

“Why?” asked Mawata halting the three people that were slowly advancing and making the girls eyes widen “Why do you guys want to find out who took it?”

“A matter of pride mostly” Ochako answered “Me and Deku have been friends ever since first year, sure I didn’t show any sort of romantic interest back then, but now that I do, it hurts knowing that the girl that was there by his side wasn’t the one that took his first” Ochako looked at Mawata in the eye “That’s why I want to find out, I want to find out what was so special about this girl for Izuku to let her take his first”

*clap* clap* clap* clap*

The girls clapped amazed at the explanation, while Ochako just yelped and began to float away making the girls laughed.

“Well, I guess it’s my turn to explain myself” said Mawata “Yes I know Izuku we met on my first day being a third year. Although it was accidental”

“How so?”



-Flashback: Mawata’s First Day of being a Third Year-

“Man, can’t believe I’m a third-year now.” Muttered Mawata Fuwa as she walked the halls of UA and was headed to the cafeteria “Almost feels like yesterday when Aizawa-sensei expelled us” that was not a fun day for all of them, knowing that you tried only to be expelled anyway, sure they got enrolled instantly and was able to continue their dream, but it still sucked. The good news was that they were able to grow and train themselves to meet the expectations of the sensei. So hooray.

She was about to turn right but was stopped when she collided with someone making her fall, luckily the person was able to catch her in time.

“I-I-I’M SO S-SORRY!” the person apologized. She blinked and looked at the person she collided with. The person had curly green hair and green eyes, he also had some freckles ‘Huh, cute’

“Nah, it’s fine” she said, getting out of his hold and standing up, now that she got a good look at the person she gasped “Oh wait you’re Midoriya right?”

“Ah-ah yes, ho-how do you know me?”

“Oh, I know you from Aizawa-sensei. Though he always refers you to ‘problem child’ whenever he talks about you”

“T-that’s sensei all right” he sighed

“Oh cheer up, the fact that he talks about you a lot shows that he’s fond of you” she said patting his shoulders “I’m Mawata Fuwa by the way, now third-year student of the Hero Course”

“Ah hello senpai, I’m Izuku Midoriya, now second-year student of the Hero Course”

“Well I better be going now, don’t wanna miss lunch” she said walking away, but Midoriya caught up with her and began to walk beside her

“S-senpai, wait! I have a question”

“Oh? Shoot, we can walk and talk”

“What’s your quirk?” he asks while producing a notebook out of thin air ‘Where did that come from?’

“Hmm, well my quirk is called Floof. Basically, I can turn anything I see into these fluffy cloud shapes with a snap of my fingers or any noise I make with my body, may it be a click of my tongue or me clapping. The noise has to be audible though, so I can just put my fingers together silently and expect my quirk to work. I can also release it by the same method and the thing I floofed will stay the same” she finished explaining and had to stop herself from giggling when she turned back to Midoriya who was scribbling everything she said to his notebook.

“That’s amazing! Not only is your quirk versatile but also the limitations are endless! Question, what if it’s a group of objects, does your quirk classify it as one object and just convert it to one fluffy shape or does it convert it separately? What if something is thrown at you and then you floof it, when you un-floof it does the momentum carry out, or does it stop entirely? What if yo--”

“Calm down Midoriya” she giggled “I can’t tell you all my secrets, but I’ll answer your two questions.” She giggled once more seeing the stars in his eyes. ‘Okay this kid is absolutely adorable’ “For your first question, it’s more like what I interpret as one object. For example you a school bag filled with books, once I floof it, it will only be one object, but once I release it the contents stay the same, the same goes for an assortment of foods in front of me. If I have a…chocolate cake, a banana and a milkshake in front of me, that’s three objects right?” he nodded listening intensely “But if I just think of it as just one object and label it as..’my lunch’ then my quirk would floof it as one object. Though if I un-floof it the placement stays the same” she giggled seeing him furiously writing in his notes

“That’s amazing Fuwa-senpai” he praised like a kid in a candy shop

“Thank you, now for your second question” she put a finger on her chin “Maybe I should demonstrate it instead” she said stopping in front of him “Throw your pencil at me” he blinked unsure if he should do it “Don’t worry I did this a lot of times before” once she said that he threw the pencil and with a snap of her fingers the pencil turned into a round fluffy object that resembles a round cotton ball, she grabs it and then shows it to Midoriya, she gently tosses it to him and she snapped her fingers. The cotton ball shook slightly and then transformed back into a pencil, what was more surprising was that once the pencil returned it launched to Midoriya as if he threw it, he yelped and ducked. “The answer to the question is yes”

He gawked at the pencil on the ground

“This is quite useful with long-range attacks, I can floof it and then give them back their attacks when I release the quirk” Izuku gawked and stared at her as if she was the most fascinating person he has seen, she did fight a blush and just laughed at his reaction.

“That’s amazing” he muttered and went back to writing in his notes

“Really think so huh? I trained hard to get this far, so I guess I’m glad that someone thinks so”

“No wonder you’re in the Hero course, you clearly are something senpai” he smiled bright and Mawata smiled too.

After that, Izuku bowed and thanked her and walked away, leaving Mawata alone

‘Hmmm…wonder if he’s single?’

-Flashback END-

“And that’s how it went” she finished and the girls stared at her gobsmacked jaws on the floor and was just simply staring at her

“Senpai…your quirk is OP”

“Maybe, but it’s only strong because I made it strong. You should have seen me in my first year” Mawata chuckled “I was only limited to one specific object and I only snapped my fingers to activate and deactivate my quirk” she then gestured to herself “And look at me now”

“*sigh* So I guess, that’s it” Ochako said crossing Mawata’s name on the list “Thank you for your time senpai” she bowed

“Hey wanna join us?” asked Mina and Tsuyu grinned

“Join? Join what?” Mawata tilted her head and Tsuyu raised her boombox and began to play the Russian anthem

“…” Mawata was silent and the girls stared “That…that doesn’t actually answer my question”

“I know right!” Toru agreed

“Just like what we said before” Momo started “All of us here are in love with Izuku, and we decided to share him”

“What in a…what’s it called? Polyamory?” Mawata asked unsurely

“I think so..” Momo said while also unsure

“So, who else is in this group?”

“The 2B are and this maniac” Ochako said gesturing to Mei who just grinned

“Hello, Mei Hatsume future owner of the Hatsume Corps and future bride of Izuku Midoriya!” she declared again with no shame

“…You sure that you guys want me to join?” Mawata said raising an eyebrow “For all, I know this is just nothing but a crush”

“Oh don’t worry about that, we also started like that” Mina said

“Yeah but Izuku decided to go Plus Ultra and here we are” Toru added and Mawata just smiled

“Ok fine, I’m in” she was then hugged by Mina

“Yey! Another pinky in the group, Mei get over here!” Mina cheered while dragging Mei to the hug

“Welcome to the Midocult” said Tsuyu with a smile on her face

“Wonder what 2B are handling are doing?”

“Let me check” Momo said opening the group chat and beginning to type




Kendo, how goes the hunt?

Frogbutt added Mawata Fuwa to the chat


Hold on

Mawata Fuwa has set their nickname to FluffMonster


Much better


Oohh a new member, welcome to the cult!


Set, do not call it a cult


Bite me


I won’t

Yui will


You bet I will, get the ass over here


Ibara, encouraging violence? What has the world come to


I still want peace, but…

Ibara has sent a photo of shirtless sweaty Izuku who had Kendo on a chokehold


He decided to exist










Okay, 1. Why does Izuku have Kendo on a chokehold, 2. Why wasn’t I invited, and 3. Did you find Togeike-san yet?


  1. She was supposed to be a distraction while we talked to Togeike-san 2. We thought you were busy

Ghost had added Chikuchi Togeike to the chat


  1. Yes

Chikuchi Togeike has set their nickname to Simple Girl

Simple Girl

Ah, so it was true.

All of you are in love with the same boy


Get used to it, we are one big family here




It was then that Yui called from the group chat, 2A raised their eyebrows but answered the call nonetheless

“So, bad news Togekei-san is not the person that took Izuku’s virginity” Yui’s voice came through

“The good news?” asked Mina

“The good news is that the two of them had sex and she’s about to spill” Yui said with an almost deadpan voice with a little of excitement mixed with it, then the sound of someone trying to take her phone came

“No, we didn’t have sex we just….he just…” The voice of a woman they didn’t know came through, but they shrugged and assumed it was Togeike

“He what?”

“He…ate me out”

“Okay deets” demanded Yui

“I agree” said Tsuyu who gripped the phone tightly

“And…if I don’t want to?”

“That’s funny, it’s as if you have a choice” laughed Kinoko

“…Fine” they heard her cough “So I’ll spare you the long story of how we met, basically we met a day after the culture festival, we talked and…”

“He smooth-talked you didn't he?” teased Mina

“Yeah…also we had a…connection I guess”

“Connection? Like what?” asked Ochako

“He admitted that the majority of his life he was…quirkless. So we had the same kind of pain”

“The same? Wait you’re--”

“Quirkless? Yeah. So laugh at me if you want, I don’t really care” Ochako hearing this snatched the phone and basically demanded

“Listen here you beautiful being, you are not going to be laughed at, bullied, made fun of by anybody. You are a beautiful being with a beautiful heart and everyone that says otherwise I will float to the moon” she said almost crushing the phone

“…Huh, Izuku was right. You guys are different” they heard her say with a much softer tone “Thanks”

“Excuse me, but this is news to me. I knew Izuku wasn’t treated right, but I didn’t know he was bullied” Momo said staring at Ochako as she connected the dots together. If Togeike-san was bullied and she and Izuku have the same pain. Then was Izuku also bullied for being quirkless?

“Hm? Oh yeah…it’s not really my secret to say, but basically, he didn’t have the best childhood” Ochako admitted “Even the teachers didn’t stop it even if it happened in front of them”

“And what was this school?” Momo said almost threateningly

“Aldera…I think, why?”

“Oh, nothing…just curious” Momo said while sneaking a text to her father. “So Togeike-san, you were saying?”

“Oh right…So after that we decided to…what’s the word…relive our childhood I guess” they couldn’t see her but they could feel the smile she had “We were both nervous and unsure of what to do…well that was until he asked me who my favorite hero was, I answered All Might and from that point, it just went to a blur of the both of us just gushing” they heard her chuckle, Ochako was slightly jealous but smiled. As much as she was his best friend, she was glad he met someone who could keep up with his hobbies.

“That’s all well and good” came the voice of Yui “But I was promised of him eating you out. Now. Spill. So I can masturbate to it later” they then heard a bonk from the other side

“I had to” they heard Ibara

“So anyway…”


-Flashback: 8 Months Ago-

Chikuchi Togeike and Izuku Midoriya were in her room binge-watching an All Might inspired anime on HeroTube. The two of them became quite close after finding out that they liked the same hero to the same degree, meaning they could be weird all they want with each other and no one will judge.

Then they groaned as the 7th unskippable ad began to play

“Why” Izuku groaned “These ads are just a pain”

“I know…” Togeike sighed “Hopefully they don’t get too confident and put 20 ads in the future”

“If that happens, I’m not gonna watch anything on HeroTube” Togeike laughed, the both of them began to watch the ad.

‘Want to satisfy your lady in bed?’ they blushed hearing the commercial, how was this PG? ‘Get the tongue vibrator 3000, make her squ--’ Togeike pressed the home button so they didn’t have to watch that ad anymore

“Well that was something…” she mumbled out trying to lower her blush

“Yeah…” she then laughed trying to lighten the mood

“I mean it’s just a stupid ad, it’s not like it’s true” she laughed but then it all crashed and burned the moment she heard Izuku mumbled

“Yeah, you just need to hit the right spots to make squirt” her head snapped in his direction and he stared at her “I…said that out loud didn’t I?” she nodded and they stared for a long time before he stood up and patted his knees

“Welp, I’ll take that as my cue to leave” he said as he turned to her door, but she decided to hell with it and tackled him to the ground

She sat on top of him, normally she would blush, well she is blushing, but she was focused right now

“Are you saying…that you’re experienced in that department?” she asked with nervous smile on her face


“So if I…ask you to…do it with me…would you say yes?” in all honesty, she didn’t know why she was doing this or why she was asking this question. But this was a special case, Izuku like her knew the feeling of being abandoned by society, they weren’t able to feel or experience things that normal kids these day felt, so of course…she gets curious to some things, maybe some of those things are sexual in nature, but she was curious nonetheless, and Izuku here unlike her has already experience something that she longed for. So she wasn’t going let that chance slip away

She saw him gulped, but she felt his hand go to her hips, he looked at her in the eyes and said “Yes”


-------- SMUT WARNING ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ----------

Izuku laid her on the bed and making the first move he cupped her face with his hand and leaned in, but not entirely stopping by only an inch away from her lips

“Are you sure about this?” he asked and instead of talking she leaned in capturing his lips with her own.

Mint and Cinamon, not a flavor she would have thought would go well together, but here she was. She felt Izuku’s hands slid up her back and unclip her bra with one hand ‘Talk about experienced’ they pulled away and she took of her sweater and bra, Izuku now shirtless stared at her C cup boobs

“L-look I know I’m not b-bi*GASP*” she let out a loud gasp as Izuku dove in and sucked her left nipple. She shuddered as she hugged his head and he gave both of her nipples all the attention they needed, he pulled away and kissed her once more, once he pulled away and he smiled

“I think they’re beautiful” he gently pushed her back to the bed and began to trail kisses downwards, he then reached her legs and he grabbed the hem of her leggings he looked at her asking for permission and she nodded, he began to take her leggings off and all she had left was her white panties, she decided to do them herself, she watched this on a video before and decided to do it.

She raised her legs and began to slowly taking them off while looking at Izuku the whole time, she had to bend her knees a bit, once they were off she flicked it to the side. She then parted her legs and invited him with her finger

“W-well, are you going to stand there or --ah!” she yelped and for the second time that day he dove in and gave a kiss to her thigh and gave her snatch a quick lick making her moan, he must have took it as encouragement as he continued licking her. “Sh-shit!” she gasped as she felt his tongue enter her and began to writhe inside of her “Oh motherofgod!” she moaned out as she just grabbed Izuku’s head and kept his head between her legs “SHIT” she gripped his hair tight, was it weird that she felt that she was floating?

She knew she couldn’t last any longer and with a scream, she came and her juices went flying to Izuku’s lower face but he didn’t stop and continued to eat her out while his grip was on her thighs. Once she calmed down she was gasping for air while Izuku hovered above her

That…was amazing

What was next? Oh yeah, it was her turn to pleasure him…hold on..why was everything going black?

-Flashback END-

-------- SMUT END ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)  ----------


“I woke up in like two hours, a note was on my nightstand saying he tucked me in and he left” finished Togeike and they didn’t even need to see Yui to know that she was the one that was breathing hard

“So he basically ate you out to unconsciousness” summarized Tsuyu


“And here I thought my tongue would give me an advantage *ribbit*”

“Tsu, you better give me that tongue of yours” demanded Yui, and Tsuyu just smiled


“Dammit. Ibara” there was a pause “I want you to put your vines ins--” there was a loud bonk and a thud and someone breathing hard

“Sooo, Ibara just killed Yui” commented Kinoko “Also, Kendo seemed to be finishing up. Where do we meet after this?”

The girls began to think and Mina snapped her finger “Oh how about our dorms? Plus we could have a sleepover too”

“And a study session” Jiro added making Mina groan

“We probably need to ask Vlad-sensei for permission, but I think he would say yes”

“Good, then we should meet in our dorms”

“Okay Kendo’s here, we’ll head there now”

“Sounds good” Momo said pocketing her phone “How about you senpai, do you want to join us?”

“As much as I want to, I can’t” making Mina and Toru groan “I have a ton of school work to finish, so just keep me updated”

And with that after saying their goodbye’s 2A and Hatsume left the gym. They walked away for a bit and once there was a turn Hatsume spoke up

“Well I guess, this is my stop. It’s been fun” she said splitting off and walking away, she didn’t go far as Ochako spoke

“Don’t you wanna join us?” she smiled making Mei stop and look at the other girls each of them giving their own smiles

“I-I’m invited?” she pointed at herself

“Well duh” Ochako shrugged “Look, I know I kinda hated you back then”

“You hated me?” she asked completely unaware of the brunette's hate, but Ochako just continued completely ignoring and choosing to ignore her question.

“But right now, we’re in love with the same boy and is part of this….family, so like it or not. You’re stuck with us” Ochako finished and the girls looked at Hatsume with smiles on their faces.

“Huh…never had friends like you guys before”

“Well then we’ll be your first!” yelled Mina and decided to hug her pink friend “Welcome to the MidoCult”

“Can’t believe that’s what we’re calling ourselves” Momo sighed

“You got a better idea?” asked Jiro

“DickuCult” Jiro jumped at the sudden voice that came from behind her, turning around they saw Yui and the rest of the 2B girls minus Setsuna and Kendo and Chikuchi Togeike

“No, we are not calling ourselves that” said Ibara rubbing her forehead

“Say where’s Setsuna and Kendo? And also Togeike-san?”

“Togeike said she needed to finish some homework, so she can’t come to the slumber party” said Pony, she then raised a phone “Also Sensei approved of the slumber party, he said Aizawa-sensei will come to the dorms to check on us” the girls nodded

“Our two friends of course we don’t know, they were ahead of us earlier, so they might be there already” said Reiko, the girls nodded and began to walk towards the 2A dorms.

The dorms were in sight but then suddenly some of the bushes ahead of them began to rustle.

Months worth of training began to kick in and they all went to their defensive positions ready to engage whatever comes from the bushes

They blinked seeing Kendo walk out of the bushes and begin to fix her hair and clothes, not noticing the group of girls that was staring at her, Kendo then sighed and grabbed something from the bushes, she then pulled and out came Setsuna Tokage with a dreamy look on her face and wobbly legs, she hugged Kendo and leaned on her for support

“Come one the girls could be here in…any…min…ute” she said as she noticed the girls that were staring at her. She blinked. They blinked. She then chuckled “Uhhh..Hi” she waved and Setsuna just hummed

“Y’know what” Ochako sighed “I’m bi”

“Finally” said Tsuyu, she then grabbed Ochako’s shirt and pulled her in for a kiss. Ochako let out a muffled ‘eep’ completely taken aback by the kiss, Tsuyu then released her and she sighed “I’ve been waiting to do that for months!”

Meanwhile, Ochako was malfunctioning

“Oh, are we kissing each other now? Sweet!” cheered Mei she then grabbed Ochako’s shirt and pulled her in for another kiss, if Ochako’s eyes weren’t wide already, they were completely wide now. Yui was cheering in the background, Ibara had her hands cover her face but she was peeking from time to time, Reiko just stared at the two teens kissing, Pony and Kinoko were also cheering and clapping, Mina and Toru were taking a picture.

Mei pulled away releasing Ochako, who just stared at nothing. Ochako then did what was the most sensible thing she could do right now

She fainted

Luckily Mei caught her “Huh…did I kill her?”

“In a way yes *ribbit*”

“Y’know what?” said Momo rubbing her forehead “Jiro come here” she grabbed the small girl and connected their lips, it was a brief kiss, a quick one but it still made Jiro malfunction, and just like Ochako, she also fainted

“Oh hey guys, what--” the door of the 2A dorms began to open, they turned their heads towards the door and saw none other than Izuku Midoriya, he blinked and quickly noticed the two unconscious women “What happened to them!” he yelled activating his quirk and began to sprint towards them

Let’s just say that they had to think of a good excuse for this one.

Chapter Text

Class 1A had gone through a lot this past year, villain attacks, work studies, villain attacks, internships, rescuing a little girl, a concert, more work studies, and then the whole liberation base thing, almost losing some friends, teachers, and a few good pro heroes. Luckily they all lived with just a few scars and trauma here and there.

All in all, they needed a break.

And with them about to be second years in a few months, they decided to relax, and what better way to relax than a shopping trip to the mall and a trip to the hot springs.

“Come on Deku, let’s check out the food court!”

Izuku blinked, the voice of his best friend snapping him out of his thoughts. They just arrived at the mall and Aizawa-sensei and Midnight-sensei left all of them to their own devices.

“A-ah yeah!” Izuku said jogging up to his friend. Friend. That was something he was sure he would never get, and yet here he was, surrounded by people that he gladly calls his friends.

“Let’s go buy clothes!”

“No, arcade first!”

“How about some window shopping?”

Ah yes, here they were arguing on where to go first. They only had 5 hours in the mall before they go to the hot springs, and 1A is fighting on where to go first, it was decided that they would travel in groups so that if one person was in trouble then the people they were with would come to the rescue. He chuckled at that, knowing that the rule was implemented because of the last time they had a shopping trip.

“How about we split up?” suggested Toru “The only ones fighting here are the boys and the girls, one for clothes shopping and the other wants to go to the arcade”

“Correct, so what if the boys and girls spilt up so that both needs are met” Momo agreed

They all looked at each other and nodded, they were still going in groups so they weren’t exactly breaking the rules or anything.

“So we all meet back here in like…2 hours?” everyone nodded “Great” Momo clapped

“Right!” Iida stood straight then chopped his hand in a specific direction “Men! To the arcades!”

“Hold on” Mina started and leaned in a bit smiling, Kirishima sweated a bit seeing her smile “We might need some help with some bags~” she sang, and just like that all the boys run off only leaving a dust cloud of their shapes. Only Todoroki and Izuku were left behind, Todoroki blinked

“Oh” and just like that he disappeared as well

“Eh?” was what came out of Midoriya a giant question mark appearing on top of his head


And that kids, is how I met your mothers….wait that’s a different show.

And that was how Izuku got into the situation he was in now. He was currently carrying 2 boxes in his hands and on his arms were 10 shopping bags each….and they were only an hour in.

As much as he wanted to go to the arcade or go shopping for some hero merchandise, the moment Mina said ‘help’ he just let his body go on autopilot and be the gentleman that his good mother raised him to be.

Guys that he passed along the way gave him sympathetic nods as they paid respect for their fallen brother, right now he and the girls were in a clothing store, he was just sitting on a bench while the girls went around the store picking some clothes that caught their attention.

He sighed and just then Ochako sat beside him

“He-hey Chako-san, you done shopping?” he asked noticing that she wasn’t picking any clothes and just massaged her feet, now that he thought about it he only saw her buy one shirt from the other store.

“Y-yeah, I-I was just browsing, I need to save money as usual” she confessed while scratching her head, although the work studies did provide some allowance, she still insists on saving some and only buying necessities, he agrees and Iida did too, it just pains him a little bit seeing her eyeing things and flinching back. But it was her decision, and he chose to respect it. “How about you?”

“We-well, I’m not really i-interested in cl-clothes, to be honest” he chuckled “Plus my clothes still fit me so it’s no big deal”

Ochako looked at him and then deadpanned “You sure you don’t need a wardrobe change?”

“Come on, it’s not that bad” he gestured at his pun t-shirt and jeans “It’s simple, I like it”

“One of these days Deku, you’re gonna change your wardrobe”

“The day that happens is the day I get a girlfriend” he chuckled, she didn’t answer and just hummed. It was at that moment that the girls returned carrying a handful of clothes, once they paid for their stuff, well Momo paid for all of it, but honestly, they couldn’t say no even if they wanted to, they then decided to go get a snack. They all left to get some ice cream while Izuku stayed at a fountain, they weren’t far, so it was nothing to worry about.

“Wait is that Midoriya?”

That voice…sent shivers down his spine. His eyes widened and his body went stiff as he heard that voice. He turned and saw Takara Naomi, the person who stole his first kiss and also the person that also tormented his childhood. Behind her was his old classmates as well, all of them had a surprised look on their face

“Dude, no way” said a bald-headed guy “Quirkless freak in the flesh!”

“Quirkless? Dude, haven’t you seen the sports festival? He totally wrecked that Todoroki guy”

“While breaking his bones like a dumbass”

“Yo, Midoriya still stalking people with that notebook of yours?” asked Naomi “Bet you still think about our kiss huh?” she said giving him a flying kiss, and laughed and so did the rest of her friends.

He just tuned them out as they laughed, he was used to this, he could even feel the stares of some other people looking at the commotion. He could get punched, stab and be beaten up by villains and he would be fine, but the pain his old classmates were poking was rooted in his soul.

“Why are you alone Midoriya? Have a date?” said a girl with twirls on her hair

“Ew” said Naomi “Who would go on a date with him?”

He opened his mouth to say that he was here with friends, but he was interrupted as a spoonful of ice cream went in his mouth, he blinked, the spoon still in his mouth and looked to his right.

Tsuyu Asui was there staring at him holding two cups of ice cream, one cup was missing a spoon “Got your ice cream *ribbit*” she smiled “Mint chocolate right?” he nodded slowly, she then turned to his old classmates “Who are these guys?”

He removed the spoon and answered “T-they’re…my old classmates back in highschool”

“Really? They seem like jerks to me” she said bluntly, bringing a small smile to Izuku’s face

“Hey, we’re right here y’know!” yelled Naomi “Who are you anyway? His girlfriend?” Izuku chocked on his own spit at that

“And what if I am?” Tsuyu said not missing a beat “Jealous?”

Naomi sputtered “W-w-why would I be jealous?!”

“Cause Izuku’s a great guy” said Jiro who walked towards Izuku while holding her own cup of ice cream “He’s a gentleman, he’s nice, he’s caring, he has a cute face, and he’s hot” she said this with a blush on her face, which Izuku has chosen to ignore

“S-so what?” said the bald-headed guy “He writes these creepy notes in his notebooks, always asking about quirks and whatnot”

“We don’t see a problem with that” said Momo holding 3 cups of ice cream “It shows that he’s passionate about his hobbies and is highly intelligent” she then smirked “Though I don’t blame you for not understanding his notes. It would seem that only intelligent people can read and understand his notes”

“…Did she just call me dumb?”

“Dude, she called us dumb”


“Enough!” shouted Naomi “What are you guys to him anyway?”

“His friends” said Ochako walking to his side “Unlike you jerks, we’re actually his friends, who want to hang out with him, laugh with him, cry with him, fight for him and so much more”

Naomi and her pals just stared at them as they formed a protective circle around Izuku.

Meanwhile, Izuku was just stunned as the girls surrounded him and talked back to his old classmates.

So this is what having friends having your back feels like…

“I think you guys should leave” said Mina “You don’t want this to get ugly”

“I think she’s already there” commented Jiro as the other girls chuckled and so did some bystanders who were listening in

“Why you” Naomi grumbled, dust slowly began to pick up but Mina showed her an ID, not just an ordinary ID, it was her provisional license

“Ah, I wouldn’t do that if I were you” Mina smiled “We’re technically heroes here, and if you use your quirk in public and with the intention of harming someone, we can arrest you” the other girls nodded and Naomi looked at her in shock and her friends gulped. The dust then dropped and Naomi clicked her tongue

“Whatever. I don’t want to waste my time with that freak anyway” she said as she walked away followed by her friends.

After they left Izuku released a breath he didn’t know he was holding and looked at the girls, suddenly someone hugged him from behind

“You okay?” the familiar voice of Toru came to his ears “We kinda stood by because we thought they were your old friends”

“Then she started to insult you and we just couldn’t help ourselves” admitted Tsuyu grabbing his spoon and scooping some of his ice cream

“Y-you guys..did’t hav--” he was interrupted once more as Tsuyu shoved his spoon in his mouth once more

“We wanted to” she stated. He just looked at her and the others, they had smiles on their faces.

He was glad he had friends, he could cry just from the sheer emotion he was feeling right now, scratch that, he was crying right now

“Good thing we bought that inflatable raft”

Not even a moment later they were back on track with their shopping, as a ‘reward’ for helping them shop, they joined Izuku in shopping for some merchandise, he already had some of the contents in the shop, but what surprised him was when came onto the hoodies section

“Wait..are those..”

“Dude they look like your hero costume”

It was true, there was a line of hoodies that looked like Izuku’s hero costume

“Oh those things?” said the clerk “Yeah they’ve been selling like hotcakes these past few weeks. Ever since the kid got popular when he joined the No. 1 hero’s agency and with one of his solo fights” the clerked pressed a button on a remote and the tv that sat beside her played on of his fights, he blushed remembering that specific fight. He was fighting three villains at once, Todoroki and Bakugo left to chase a car that was escaping while Endeavor was fighting a villain in the air, leaving him fighting the guys on the ground. He also started wearing his mask and hoodie more, he remembered Burnin telling him that he looked menacing when he wore it and that would add to the fear factor for the villains, so he decided to keep wearing it…though he did try to stop looking menacing when he was speaking to civilians

Long story short, he fought and captured them, but his hero costume suffered the most leaving his torso open to the world, strangely his hood and mask were left unharmed

“After that, small companies decided to make him some basic merch. Hoodies, shirts, and the likes” explained the clerk

“Is this even legal?” asked Izuku, as far as he knew only Pro Heroes could get merch. The clerk nodded

“Yep. Small companies like HeroWear and Capes can make stuff like these as long as the hero has a license. Though they can’t advertise it and some of the profit that they make needs to be shared with the hero they’re making merchandise to” the clerks clarified “So are you guys buying some or what?”

“O-oh, I’m no-”

“Yes” said all of the girls each of them holding a Deku hoodie and he just stared at them as if was witnessing a murder happening in front of him

“Look Deku” said Ochako, she was holding a kid-sized Deku hoodie “This will look good on Eri!”

Okay, he wasn’t going to lie….that would look good on the adorable unicorn known as Eri.

After they made their purchase they went back to the meeting place, once they were there they saw the guys waiting for them. Iida went to Izuku and apologized for leaving him and gave Izuku an All Might keychain that he exchanged with some of the tickets he won, Todoroki tried to apologize by giving Izuku Endeavour’s credit card in which the green-haired boy instantly refused to accept and just said that he should just buy him some food in the food court as an apology.

And with that they went to the food court and ate, the guys grabbed the boxes to help Izuku out, except for Mineta, he was currently being carried by Sero. They spent the last hours just walking around the mall and buying some things here and there

Before they knew it, it was finally time to meet back with their sensei’s and head to the hot springs.

They boarded the bus and drove off, it was a 3-hour drive and before they knew it was nighttime when they arrived at their destination, Izuku looked up at the name of the establishment

“Misty HotSprings and Resort” he mumbled out

“Yep” said Midnight “The owner was kind enough to invite us to stay for the night free of charge and use the hot springs for free”

“It’s the least we could do” said an elderly voice, the door of the resort opened, and out came an elderly woman with a kind smile on her face “One of your students saved my granddaughter, it’s our way of saying thank you”

“Oh, not to be rude ma’am” asked Sero “but who saved your granddaughter?”

The old woman began to think “Hmm if I remember correctly she said he had green fluffy hair and a green costume, oh and she also said he was glowing” the students and the teachers looked directly at Izuku who just stared at the elderly woman. It didn’t even register to him that he was the reason for this sudden vacation, the only thing he heard was that he was the reason her granddaughter was alive.

He smiled at that, his road to heroism was shining brightly

“And since you’re the only one here with green fluffy hair, I assume it’s you young man?” asked the elderly woman, and Izuku bowed

“Y-yes ma’am”

“Raise your head young man, it’s I who should be bowing but I’m afraid my back wouldn’t be able to help me with that” laughed the elderly “Now, come on in. Just follow the staff so you could get changed”

The inside was beautiful, it wasn’t fancy but it had a traditional look on them. 1A smiled and gawked at the designs and decorations, they were then at the reception desk and the elderly woman spoke up with regret in her tone

“Unfortunately I do have some bad news” said the elderly woman

“And that would be?” asked Aizawa, he might be a tired man who desperately needed sleep, but he was respectable to the elderly

“Due to a fight with some clients last week, we had to implement some rules about the number of people in the hot springs” explained regretfully the elderly woman “As of right now, only 14 guests can enter each hot spring, same goes for the mixed bath”

Aizawa looked at his students. There was a total of 15 of them, and that included him. He could always come in last or not go at all, it was their time to relax after a tiring year so he had no complaints

But Midnight decided to make a decision for him

“Well we only have 7 young women here---” Aizawa coughed at the young woman part and Midnight could feel her eyebrow twitch “And 15 guys, I say Aizawa should go with the students, while one student goes alone in the mixed bath”

“…Why?” Aizawa had a bad feeling about this, but he couldn’t put his finger on it

“Well we can’t actually leave our students behind unsupervised, and with one student being in the mixed bath we can check up on them if need be” explained Midnight with a gentle smile, too gentle for Aizawa’s liking, but he couldn’t find any holes in her logic, so he agreed. He then turned to his students

“Okay so you heard the situation, you boys should vote on who will be put in the mixed bath.”

Izuku blinked at the situation. One student will be left behind? Alone in the mixed bath? That…was something. He shrugged and the boys formed a huge circle. They decided to do a 14-way rock paper scissors game, the loser has to stay in the mixed bath

Hopefully, his luck would let him win.

He sighed as he stared at the empty hot spring in front of him. He lost. And at the first round as well, all 13 of them chose paper and he chose rock, making him lose.

Oh well, he then began to submerge in the water. The hot water made his muscles relax in an instant making him sigh in relief

“This is the life” he sighed out and closed his eyes, he didn’t even notice that someone sat beside him “I wish I could stay like this forever”

“Oh? What about hero work?”

“That can wait until tomorrow..”

“Hmm I agree with you there”

He hummed in content

He opened his eyes and flailed around the water, calming down he looked at the source of the voice.

It was Midnight herself….naked.

“Hey” she smiled

He did the most reasonable thing to do. He looked away “S-s-s-s-sen-sensei, wh-what are you doing here?”

“Oh, I was just going to check up on you, but then I decided to stay for a little bit” she alluringly smiled “Why? Is it a problem?”

“N-No! M-maybye I sho-should get up now” he tried to get up and grab his towel but Midnight reached out and pulled him back in “S-sens-”

“Stay” she said gently “Out of all the students, you’re the only one that pushed the hardest all the time” she then traced his scars “Always risking your life for others” she chuckled “But I guess that just makes you…you”

“Y-yeah. I just can’t help it and just…help” he said still not looking at the other way, he then felt her trace a specific scar

“You got this when you were saving Jiro” she then traced the slight burn mark on his forearm “This one when you saved Yaoyorozu” she then turned him around, he had to remind his eyes to remain up while she traced the slightly large scar on his chest “And this when you saved me” she sadly smiled “Time and time again you go and risk your life for others without a second thought” she sighed “I can’t stop you even if I try, so the only thing that this old woman could do is to make sure you rest” she said cupping some water with her hands and raised it above his head, effectively wetting his hair.

“Y-you’re not that old sensei” he admitted

“Oh well aren’t you a charmer~Would you really go for a woman like me?” she smiled captivatingly, he didn’t answer but he did feel something twitch between his legs, she must have noticed something moved and she looked down and then back to him. He blushed and began to move away, but Midnight was faster as she grabbed his arm and pulled him into a hug. His blush became darker as he felt something soft behind his back, he gasped as he felt her hand on his thigh.

“Ara ara~” she whispered in his ear “What do we have over here?” she hummed and began to rub his thigh “Looks like I have another way to make you relax hero~”

“Can’t believe that only the mixed bath are available”

“I know, hopefully, there aren’t any nasty guys in there”

“Oh quit your whining”

Just then the doors opened, for a moment he thought he was safe and done for but he could feel his eyes jump out of his skull the moment he saw who opened the door

Mandalay stood there clad in only a towel, she blushed and blinked seeing him

She was not alone though

Behind her was Ragdoll and Pixiebob, who winked at him and smiled. A smile that promises that they would be doing something for the entire night.

Behind them was Ryukyu who was surprised to see him and Midnight in such a…compromising position

Miruko was there too and she was grinning like a maniac…Oh yeah, there was this one time she chased him demanding he gives her his babies…would he be able to run in this position

Uwabami just stood there with her hair down looking at him up and down and nodding approvingly.

Mount Lady was just shocked and was intimating a fish out of water.

Then another blonde woman came to view

“Oh hey there fam” Camie Utsushimi stood there naked, her towel was on her shoulders. What was she doing here? “Thanks for saving me by the way” Ah…she was the granddaughter of that nice young elderly woman.

….What was his luck today?

“Izuku is that you?” said a woman, walking to view was Mitsuki Bakugo, mother of his childhood friend and a woman who was also clad in just a towel “What are you doing here?”

“…Fuck me” he muttered, he gasped as he felt a hand squeeze his thigh

“Oh don’t worry” whispered Midnight “We will~”

Chapter Text

Present Mic gives Jiro a hand on her love life

Hizashi Yamada aka Present Mic, was one hell of a hero. Not only was he a pro hero but he also had a radio show, not only that he was a teacher at UA university alongside his friends.

Oh yeah, there was the principal too…..yeah

Anyway, in his years of teaching, he always sees the same thing each time, and Midnight agrees with him.

Young Love

And he was staring at it right now.

His class was doing an activity he gave them, giving him an excuse to look at them.

Of course Midoriya, Yaoyorozu, Jiro, Bakugo, and Todoroki were done. They were his best students when it comes to English.

But that wasn’t what got his attention.

It was how Jiro kept stealing glances at Midoriya. It was subtle, if you weren’t paying attention to her she wouldn’t be noticed.

But he noticed.

Screw what the other professors say about their vote on who will Midoriya end up with. IzuJiro for the win!

And he was going to be the one to give them a little bit of push.

“Okay younglings, time’s up” he heard multiple groans and slam from his students “Before we end our class I have a small project for all of you” more groans “You kids are going to make a short movie” this got their attention “The topic would be!” he then wrote something on the board and he could hear the squeals of some people “Romance!” he could see Ashido vibrating in her seat, Yaoyorozu was interested and Toru was also slightly vibrating, the rest had a normal look on their face, well except for Midoriya who was very nervous

“Let me continue!” this got them to quiet down “You all will be grouped in pairs, you may be paired with the same gender or you may not. The goal of this project is to create a short movie while speaking in English” this got groans to some “I took the liberty to choose your partners last night randomly” they were not random at all “Okay here are your partners!”

There was a hologram in front of them, as much as he wanted to take note of the reactions of the rest of the students, he was just focusing on one pair

Midoriya and Jiro, this got a blush from the both of them, while some glared at the girl. He smirked, this would give them the push they needed

It was only a matter of time before they get together.

And when that happens, he will happily teabag Aizawa


Monoma proves that 1B is better

Despite what many people think. Neito Monoma was an angel, he wouldn’t hurt anyone for the sole reason of hurting them. No. He was a true hero to heart, and would never disgrace anybody

Except for 1A, they can all go to hell and be turned into little shits for all he cares.

1B was better. He even has a T-shirt that has ‘1B RULES, 1A SUCKS!’ written on it.

And now he hears a rumor that Midoriya from 1A has captured the hearts of every damn female in school? This was unacceptable

What was more unacceptable was the fact that there was no mention of 1B. He’s going to change that


Well, he’s going throw every damn female member of 1B at Midoriya.

That will teach 1A that 1B is superior.

And what better to start than the class representative, Itsuka Kendo.

The plan was simple. Talk badly about Izuku’s lack of fighting style, Kendo will knock him out and offer to teach Midoriya a few fighting styles here and there, and boom! A perfect date for the two.

Monoma smiled as he carried his tray, he then saw Midoriya with his group of friends and he smirked starting his plan right away.

He hit Midoriya with his elbow “Oh sorry about that, your big head got in the way” he remarked “Although it’s so weak of you to not have a fighting style huh Midoriya? Clearly us having Kendo is luc-ACK!” and right on cue Kendo chopped his neck, he has grown accustomed to it so he was barely conscious. He couldn’t do anything but he could hear the conversation

“Sorry about that Midoriya” he heard Kendo chuckle “I don’t know what got into him”

“I-It’s a-alright Kendo-san. He-he is right though, I don’t have a fighting style”

“Want me to teach you?” he could imagine her having a blush after that…did she have a crush? No…well she would if this plan would be successful, but she wouldn’t have a crush early on…right?

Problems for another day.

“I-I don’t w-want to be a bother to you” he heard Midoriya stutter ‘Foolish 1A, don’t you see the kindness she is giving? Damn you!’

“I-it’s not really a bother Midoriya, plus you could be my sparring partner. That way, we both benefit from this”


“Well then” he felt her drag him away “See you after school!”

“Se-see ya”

Plan successful!

All he had to do now was to keep going.

The next day he decided that Yui was next.

Honestly, hers would be simple. He has come to learn that she was…what’s the word Setsuna used? Thirsty. Yeah, that was it.

She was thirsty, and coincidentally she was thirsty for Izuku. So all he had to do was to push her to the right moment to unleash her thirst.

And what do you know, today was the day because Midoriya was doing his morning jogs. Shirtless. And he was sweaty. And Kodai was on the couch.

“Hey isn’t that Midoriya” he saw her twitch “Shirtless?” she pressed herself on the window.

And he would forever regret the next words that would come out of his mouth. But a small price to pay for salvation.

“Man you could lick those sweat of his” he shuddered as said that, but the result was evident as she rushed outside and began to chase Midoriya, the boy only saw her for a brief second but something told him that a girl with glowing eyes and hunger in them spells only bad for his health, so he decided to do the most logical thing there is.


Monoma cheered as he saw Midoriya run away from Yui.

Oh but Monoma didn’t stop there, as soon as lunch was over he went to Pony.

He heard that Midoriya somehow got the attention of an American and he was good in English, not as good as Monoma but good nonetheless.

It was simple enough, just say to Pony that Midoriya was good in English and off she goes. She did have a blush on her face though, he just shrugged let it be.

3 down 4 more to go.

Next up is Kinoko Komori and hers were….slightly difficult, but not impossible.

It was hard to find something that she and Midoriya would like…well that was until she mumbled being a fan of Hawks.

Now correct him if he was wrong, but he remembers that Midoriya had notes about pro heroes and his classmates, surely there was a note about Hawks or info about Hawks.

He asked a favor on Tetsutetsu to ask the red-haired copycat to ask Midoriya if he had info about Hawks, and sure enough, the green-haired brat had, not one, not two, and not even three! He had 5 notebooks filled with notes about Hawks

And once he heard it he just said it out loud “Oh so Midoriya from 1A had notes about Hawks huh?”

“Uhh yeah dude, that’s what I just said” Tetsutetsu said looking at him weirdly, but he didn’t care. He cheered when he saw Kinoko walk out of the dorms

3 more!

Strangely enough, Ibara was way too easy.

“Is Midoriya holding a bible?” true to his word, Midoriya was by himself sitting under a shade

“WHERE?!” Ibara screamed her head whipping towards Monoma’s direction, he gulped and just pointed. Next thing he knew she ripped the doors out of their hinges and marched to Midoriya, who seeing her wanted to run, but was stopped by the vines that covered him from head to toe

He almost felt bad…almost

The only ones that were left were Setsuna and Reiko, and he had no idea how he was going to get them to notice Midoriya.

He scratched his head as he walked down the stairs, reaching the common room he raised his eyebrow noticing Setsuna on the couch all red in the face, hugging a pillow and sighing dreamily.

“What’s with her?” he asks and Kaibara walked out of the kitchen holding a plate of…color-changing curry?

Tetsutetsu’s cooking he presumed

“Oh she was like that after talking to Midoriya earlier” answered Kaibara, the mere mention of Midoriya’s name made Setsuna sigh dreamily “Don’t know why though”

That man dared to talk to his classmate like that?! How dare him! Although this does mean that she was now attracted to him in some way making some progress with his goal, but still! How dare he!

Days have passed and he couldn’t think of anything to make Reiko notice Midoriya. Grabbing his tray he walked to his classmates but was stopped by a voice

“Copy-cat Bitch” someone grunted, looking to his left Monoma saw the disgusting face of Bakugo

“What do you want 1A?”

“I see you’re having trouble with getting that ghost girl to notice the nerd” Bakugo smirked


Bakugo enters the scene and helps Monoma?!

“That’s none of your business 1A” Bakugo just smirked and sat down on a table, Monoma followed suit

“Watch and learn shitface” Bakugo cracked his knuckles and grabbed his carton of milk and proceeded to put it under the table, Monoma raised his eyebrow and looked under the table, his eyes widen as he saw Bakugo subtly spilling the milk.

“Making a mess? Classic 1A, don’t even know the importance of--”

“Shut it”

Monoma grumbled, but then noticed that Midoriya was on the table next to them, he then heard Reiko’s voice behind him, she was talking with Kendo, not noticing the spilled milk on her path

And just then….everything connected

“You sly--” he was interrupted as he heard Reiko yelped, slipping on the spilled milk and tossing the contents of her tray in the air.

She was about to fall, only for Midoriya to catch her, grabbing her waist with one arm and the other catching her tray and with one smooth motion, he caught. Every. Single. Food. And a carton of milk.

“Are you alright Yanagi-san?” Midoriya asked her, still holding her waist while Yanagi was just blinking with a huge blush on her face “Yanagi-san?”

“O-oh, yes I’m fine Mi-Midoriya” Midoriya smiled and Monomo could have sworn that Reiko’s blush got even darker, he helped her stand and gave her back her tray, and with that Kendo, who was staring blankly at a smiling and blushing Reiko walked away and went to their own table.

Bakugo was just smirking at Monoma, Monoma just scoffed “Fine that worked, but…” Monoma smirked “You just made 1B the talk of the school, with the whole 1B girls with Midoriya, the attention will be on us” Monoma finished with a triumphant grin on his face.

Then Bakugo coughed “You sure about that shit head” he pointed behind him. It was a miracle in itself that Midoriya and his friends didn’t hear them.


He looked at Midoriya’s table and was shocked to see that, no he wasn’t sitting with his friends, rather he was sitting with a blonde woman with glasses, a pink-haired girl with goggles, a blue-haired woman who looked a bit older than them, a plain-looking girl with pigtails, and….Midnight and Ms. Joke?

He could feel his jaw drop just staring at them, and his eye twitch when he saw Midoriya feed the pink-haired girl.

“If you can top that” Bakugo said munching on his sandwich “Then go ahead, I’m just enjoying my peace and quiet” he said with an odd calm look on his face

“You’ll see” Monoma grumbles, biting on his sandwich with the foil still on it


Kaminari gets cold feet on a date and begs Izuku to go on his stead

“Dude please!” Kaminari bowed in front of Midoriya, said boy just sighed and shooked his head.

“Ka-kaminar-san, why should I go?” It was Friday and luckily no school, so the class just decided to chill in the dorms, well that was until Kaminari decided to drop a bombshell that he got matched in an online dating app and he had a date today, the bad news was that he was too afraid to go.

“Because…I may have…used your info on the app..” he what now? “I have two accounts!” Kaminari yelled standing straight and opening the app “My first account is my real account with my info” he grimaced as he showed that there were no matches in his account, then he showed another account “My second is well…yours with--”

“My information” Izuku massaged his forehead “Show me” and Kaminari did, showing the app with his info on it.

Name: -SSSHHH-

Age: 19 – 20

Gender: Male

Likes: Heroes, Quirks, All Might, Katsudon, cooking, baking,…

Occupation: Student

Izuku blinked at the information that was there “Why is the name ‘SSSHHH’?”

“Oh the app, doesn’t let you put your name there, it’s a mystery until you two decide to meet or you say it in your messages” Izuku nodded and stared at the picture he chose. It was just him working out shirtless, he cringed at the amount of sweat he had making his shirt cling on to him, Kaminari did put a white box to block his face so he wouldn’t actually be recognized easily by anyone, he balked at the number of people that liked him

“It’s over 9,000?!” Izuku yelled feeling his jaw drop

“Y-yeah…I was shocked too”

“How many people did you talk?!” Izuku panicked feeling his soul start to leave out of his body

“Just one!” Kaminari frantically opened a few tabs and showed him a picture of a young woman with light blue hair who had her back facing the camera while she was staring at the sunset “I accidentally liked her back last week and I agreed to a date today!” he then bowed again “Please dude I’m begging you, I’ll do anything!”

Izuku sighed feeling tired and it was only 9 am!

He needs a nap


-Hero Course Faculty Dorms-

Aizawa slowly sat up, feeling as if he just connected with someone and that someone deserves a passing score in the next exam.

-Back at the 1A Dorms-

Izuku put his thumb under his chin and began to think.

He could just ignore this, it wasn’t his problem. He wouldn’t be blamed for this nor would he be in trouble

Then an angel version of him appeared on his right shoulder “No Midoriya, you shouldn’t think like that! Are you really going to leave that girl waiting?”

Then a small version of him in his hero suit appeared on his left shoulder “He’s right, a true hero shouldn’t let a woman down. And meddling when you don’t need to is the epitome of being a hero!”

Then a mini All Might poof on his head “That’s right Young Midoriya, while it is not your business and you have a choice to ignore this, it is not heroic to make a lady cry!” the mini All Might floated in front of him “Would you make a lady cry Young Midoriya?”

“No sir!” Izuku saluted

“Then go Young Midoriya! Capture this women’s heart! Bed her! And wear protection!”

“Yes sir!” the small versions of him and All Might’s vanished

“Dude are you okay?” asked Kaminari looking concerned for his friend

“O-oh” Izuku faltered a bit, realizing he wasn’t alone “Y-yeah, I just had to think” Izuku coughed “Anyway fine, I’ll go” Kaminari cheered “But…” Kaminari flinched “As punishment, you have to do two things”

Kaminari sighed “Fine, I guess I do deserve it. What is it?”

“First you have to delete the account that has my info on it” Kaminari nodded and pressed delete on an account, showing Izuku the notification that an account was deleted, not really noticing which account was deleted “Good, now second” Izuku used blackwhip to grab something from the kitchen “For a month you have to add this to every dish you eat” Izuku smiled and showed Kaminari a bottle, but no ordinary bottle, it was Bakugo’s homemade hot sauce. The only people that can withstand this were Bakugo and his family, and Izuku and his mom.

“Dude! I’ll die!” Kaminari tried to reason with him “Todoroki breathed fire at some point when he tasted that, I won’t survive a month!”

“Fine” Izuku sighed and gave Kaminari a gentle smile “4 and a half weeks”

“Deal!” they shook hands


-Hero Course Faculty Dorms-

Ectoplasm slowly looked up, feeling disappointment in his veins on a particular student.


-Back with Izuku a couple of hours later-

After the whole thing with Kaminari, Izuku asked Kaminari what he and the girl talked about. It was not much, Kaminari tried his best to keep Izuku’s character on while they were chatting, eventually, the girl asked to meet and he said yes.

Now he was waiting on a bench, tapping his foot in nervousness.

Izuku has never been on a date before, heck he hasn’t been on a date ever! Let alone kiss someone, and yet here he was going with someone he has never met…on a date…just the two of them…

‘Get yourself together Midoriya!’ he chastised himself ‘You’ll explain to her what happened and see where it goes from there’ That was his plan, it was unfair for the girl to go on a date with someone she never actually talked to, she talked with Kaminari, not him. So he decided to tell her the truth and see where it goes from there. If he gets slapped on the face, then it is what it is, so all he had to do now was wait.

And wait he did

He waited a bit more

And a bit more

Izuku looked at his watch and saw that his date was two hours late

Maybe he got stood up? Well Kaminari wouldn’t be worried now, because the girl wasn’t genuine at all

‘Maybe I should just go…’

“Excuse me are you my date?!” said a female voice making him jump, he looked in the direction of the voice and saw a young woman with light blue hair, she was wearing an aqua-colored turtle neck sweater, black jeans, and some flats. She had her hands on her knees as she took huge gulps of air, she must have run to here “S-sorry if I’m super late, a villain hijacked my train and it took some time to arrest him and get the train in working order” she chuckled as she scratched her cheek, she opened her eyes and Izuku instantly recognized her

“Y-yo-you’re Sirius!” he gushed as he fished out his notebook “Can I get your autograph?” he had stars in his eyes and Sirius giggled

“Well you did say you were a hero nerd” this made him blush “Don’t worry about it, I think it’s cute” she grabbed his notebook and looked at his notes “Oh wow, this is good” she said amazed at his notes “You’re right in some points” she smiled and signed his notebook and gave it back to him “Can we sit for a moment? I’m exhausted”

“O-oh sure!”

They then sat there for a couple of minutes just listening to the busy chatter of the street. While she was relaxing, Izuku was contemplating how to approach this situation.

How can he just tell her that he wasn’t who she was talking to in those past messages?

Like what, oh hey by the way the person you were talking to when we matched, wasn’t me. It was my friend who thought it was funny to make an account with my info and accidentally liked you back.

Was that what was he gonna say?

“You should”

Why sho—

Izuku snapped his head in her direction and saw her smiling gently at him. Did he just…said that out loud?

“Yes, and you’re still talking out loud” she giggled making him blush. Izuku just sat there awkwardly scratching his head “Hey don’t feel guilty, I already knew” Izuku raised his eyebrows “It was subtle though, as time went on, when ‘we’ chatted it felt like you were trying way too hard to be someone else” she explained and he just listened “You would slip up here and there and try to emphasize something. And then when I said that we should meet up, ‘you’ took way too long to answer me” she smiled and tucked her hand under her chin “I’m honestly surprised that you showed up, while I was fighting the villain, the only thing that I thought was ‘Is this guy even worth it’ or ‘If I get stood up, I’m gonna drown that fucker’, y’know things like that”

Izuku gulped, glad that he did come after all

“So what I propose is this” she sat up properly “Why don’t we hang out today and actually know each other for real”

Izuku stared at her for a moment contemplating her words, finding them genuine he smiled “I-I would like that” he put out his hand for a shake “I’m Midoriya Izuku”

“I’m --”


Suddenly a store 8 feet away from them exploded and out came the smoke and fire were three robbers carrying a few bags

A Hero’s work is never done.

“Nevermind” Sirius sighed and turned to Izuku “Guess we have--” she stopped herself seeing Izuku glowing with a few lighting bursting out of him, already wearing his gloves, and went on a runner’s position

“Time to go to work” and just like that he was off, ready to save the people in the store and beat up some robbers

Sirius clicked her tongue while smiling “That guy..” she got up and strapped in her earpiece and ran after him

All in all, the date went well


Eri got Bubble Girl to be her temporary Mama

Bubble Girl plopped on her bed exhausted after a hard day at work.

The interns needed so much handholding!

Good thing Mirio was back, he kept them in line, and by inline meaning them being unconscious on the ground clutching their stomachs then yes, he kept them in line

She was so excited about her day off tomorrow

She could sleep in, eat some snacks, watch her favorite series, go on a date with Izuku, watch some more—

Her eyes snapped open

Her date…

With Izuku…was tomorrow.

She screamed as she sat up holding her face with her hands, feeling her face burn up

She completely forgot about her date


It wasn’t a date! It was just two friends hanging out…in an amusement park…alone…yeah.

Suddenly she heard her phone give off a notification, she opened it and blushed to see a message from Izuku, the message reads ‘Hey…about tomorrow’ she raised her eyebrow at this ‘Does he want to cancel? I wouldn’t blame him though’ she did feel her heartache at that, but she decided to toughen it up, she then began to type a reply


Bubble Girl

Yeah? Do you want to cancel?



I still want to go…

It’s just that…

Bubble Girl



It’s Eri…I can’t find a babysitter for her

Everyone in 1A is busy tomorrow and Aizawa is off on a mission

The Big 3 is busy as well, none of the staff here in UA can help me T_T

So I was wondering….

Bubble Girl

What is it? Out with it Deku or I’ll tell Mirio about that photo you took


Please don’t

And I was wondering if…Eri could come with us?

I know I promised that it was just the two of us, but I can’t leave her alone



Eri will be coming with them?

That cute little adorable unicorn will be coming with them?

Hell yeah!

How was she going to say no to that, the only way she could be if she hated Eri and she didn’t. She loved that little child and anyone who make her cry gets a punch in the face

‘Not only that, but they would be a little family’ a random thought stated and made her blush. She decided to just type an answer


Bubble Girl

Sure I don’t see a problem bringing her along



Bubble Girl

No problem, as long as I get to hug that little child then we’re all good :D


Haha, will do.

Guess who’s excited for tomorrow

-Deku has sent a pic of Eri with a huge smile on her face and was hugging a pillow-

Bubble Girl

Congrats. You killed me with cuteness


Haha, see you tomorrow.

Good night

Bubble Girl

Good night


She put down her phone and sighed dreamily. She couldn’t wait until tomorrow

And before she knew it, tomorrow finally came and the time for her date has come.

Kaoruko Awata was waiting patiently at a bench on Dagobah beach, the amusement park a few blocks away from her. She was wearing a black off-shoulder crop top, brown jeans, and some heels.

She then looked up hearing footsteps and sure enough, Izuku was walking towards her with Eri on his side

“Hey” he waved and Eri greeted her with a small ‘Hi’, she smiled at the little girl “Did you wait long?”

“Not really, I just got here” she then pointed at the amusement park “So shall we?”


Everything was a blur after that, they went onto some rides and even rode the carousel at one point, she now has a cute picture of Eri smiling brightly while holding tight on the bar.

Izuku even won some games for her and Eri.

All in all, it was a good day for them.

Eri got comfortable around her, to the point she lets her hold her hand.

Right now Bubble Girl was holding Eri’s left hand and Izuku was holding Eri’s right hand. They looked like a happy family.

Fine, she wanted a family…preferably with Izuku, can you blame her?

“Papa, what’s that?” Eri released her hand and pointed at a stand. A cotton candy stand.

“That’s a cotton candy stand, they sell Cotton candy Eri” Izuku explained

“Cotton candy?”

“Close, but yes. It’s like this sweet cloud that melts in your mouth when you eat it” he smiled at her “Want to try it?” the little girl nodded and basically dragged the two of them to the stand making Izuku and Awata chuckle

“3 cotton candy please” Izuku said reaching for his wallet but Awata just slapped his head lightly “Wha?”

“You paid for the rides earlier, let me pay for this” she said reaching for her wallet and giving some bills to the elder lady manning the stand.


“Shush” she said pointing at him, Eri then copied her and pointed at him too “See even she agrees” she said ruffling the little girl's hair making her giggle.

“Fine” he sighed and grabbed the offered treat and gave one to Eri, who began to eat her treat with joy.

“Young lady” Awata looked at the old woman, who gave her a kind smile “I just wanted to say that you two are doing well with the whole young parent's thing” Awata blushed “Keep it up” the old woman gave her a thumbs up and Awata just nodded and walked towards Izuku

“Hey, wanna go to a few more stalls and call it a day?”

“Sure, I have no problem with that”

After an hour of walking they decided to end their date, Eri was sleeping in Izuku’s arms, the little girl was clutching lightly on Izuku making her giggle at the sight, they then walked to the train station to get Izuku and Eri back to UA

And a few minutes later the train came and no one came out.

“So…this is our train”


“Wanna come with us?”

Why did she say yes?

Why was she here?

Bubble Girl was inside the 1A dorms common room with Eri quietly watching television and Izuku cooking dinner.

They were alone

The rest of 1A either went home to their families or were stuck in their work studies. Either way, it was only the two of them here.

Sure she didn’t have work tomorrow, so she could technically stay…but why was she here?

She looked at Izuku and sighed and got up from the couch “Need some help?”

“Not really, could you set up the table though? This is about to be done anyway” she nodded and did just that. Putting some plates for him, her, and Eri.

“Okay dinner’s ready!” and with that, the three of them ate in peace with Eri occasionally telling a few stories here and there, and Awata having to wipe a few stains on Eri’s cheek. Dinner was done and Izuku was doing the dishes

“You could have let me do the dishes”

“Well you’re a guest, so I’m not gonna do that”

“Mama” came the voice of the little girl “Can you help me take a bath?”

“Sure sweetie” she smiled and scooped her up and began to playfully sniff her “Phew! You stink!”

Eri giggled “No I don’t”

She then walked to the girl's section of the bath

“I’ll bring you two some change of clothes!” Izuku yelled from the kitchen and Awata just yelled out thanks.

Awata was washing Eri’s hair making sure to scrub the roots of her hair, she even used her quirk for Eri to playfully pop. Izuku knocked on the door and told them there was some change of clothes outside, both girls yelled out thanks, and once they were done Awata dried Eri off and then herself and walked out.

Seeing the clothes, she dressed Eri up in her clothes, after that she then dressed herself with clothes Izuku gave her. Which were just some joggers and a T-shirt that has ‘Sleepwear’ written on it.

They walked out and saw Izuku watching television, she hit him on the head “Your turn stinky” Eri then playfully hit Izuku and also called him stinky

Izuku sighed in defeat and walked to take his own shower.

Awata and Eri then sat on the couch and watched television

Ten minutes later and Izuku walked out of the shower looking fresh while wearing some shorts and a plain black t-shirt.

He sat on the couch, putting Eri in the middle and they just watched television

Izuku and Awata’s eyes widen

‘Did she just call her/me Mama?!’

“Eri…” Izuku started slowly, the girl looked at him with joy in her eyes. Did he really have the heart to break her heart…he has to…her heart will get even more broken if he decided to lie to her. “Awata-san…isn’t…your Mama”

“I know”

“She’s--” he blinked at his daughter “You…know?”

“Yeah” the little girl nodded “I know that she isn’t my actual…mama like you are as my papa” she then scooted closer to Awata “But she takes care of me, makes me smile, she’s nice…like you” Izuku could feel his heart swell with pride and joy “So…for today, she’s my Mama” she smiled at Awata who blushed and felt this overwhelming feeling of…motherhood

Izuku blinked and looked at Awata “I mean…if that’ okay for her I guess”

She looked at Izuku and then at Eri.

Honestly…who could say no to that cute face

“Well I guess I’m your Mama now” she said hugging the little girl, she then looked at Izuku and with a blush on her face “Hear that Midoriya? I’m her Mama for today, that means you’re my husband. You better take responsibility” Izuku blushed while Eri just yelled ‘Reshonshibiwity!’

Izuku and Awata just chuckled at that.

Welp looks like they were a family now.

Just for today

And before they knew it, the next day came.

“You two should go on a date!”

Well, that’s one way to start a morning.

How did all of this start…well it started when Izuku woke up this morning at about 5:30 am as usual. He was surprised as he found Awata on his bed, fully clothed mind you, and Eri in the middle. The little girl was being hugged by the blue-skinned girl who had a smile on her face.

He blinked seeing this, but shrugged remembering last night, he got up and prepared for his morning jog. He greeted Iida who was also going for his morning jog, he said good morning to Momo who was enjoying her tea, and he greeted Bakugo who had his usual scowl on his face.

After his jog, he went back to his room, to find Eri sitting up, still sleepy but awake nonetheless. Wiping off the rest of his sweat he picked her up and went back downstairs for breakfast.

He decided to make some waffles for breakfast and with the extra person in his room, he decided to increase his batch.

Even though he was cooking right now, his mind was elsewhere.

Today was the day that he, Endeavour, and a group of underground heroes would come together and defeat an organization that was selling highly dangerous drugs. It was rumored that there were about 100 villains in the drug den that had huge amounts of strength in them, from what he was told 5 of those villains were of the same strength as Muscular. He shuddered thinking that.

He was told that this would be his second big operation to take part in, as much as they wanted to take the students out of it, Izuku was the only one that had the strength, experience, and quirk to do it. Aizawa agreed with this, although reluctantly. All Might also agreed and recommended him, the principal sat him down and said to him that he had a choice to not go and both his teachers emphasized that as well.

But he wanted to.

Because that was what heroes do.

He finished the last batch of waffles and smiled seeing his classmates wolf down their breakfast, Momo and Ochako were taking turns taking care of Eri.

“Hm? What’s that extra waffles for?” asked Kaminari staring at the extra waffles he made

“Oh? Are you going on a cheat day Deku?” Ochako tilted her head

“No it’s for--” just then Awata decided to walk down the stairs still wearing the clothes he lent her. “Good morning Awata-san”

“Morning” she yawned out, his classmates just stared at her and Mineta had bloodshot eyes. Ochako felt her jaw drop seeing the shirt Awata was wearing

“Morning Mama!” Eri greeted and the girls in the room froze.

“Morning sweetie~” she said kissing the little one on top of her head, she then saw the empty seat with the waffles “Oh is that mine?”

“Yep” he sat down and chew on his waffles, Awata sat next to him and ate the waffles. Everyone was silent as they watched the two, the girls could feel jealousy and rage slowly bubbling up but they forced themselves to calm down.

Some people though, with the name Mineta had other ideas

“MIDORIYA!” the boy screamed making Izuku choke a bit “HOW DID YOU SCORE A HOTTIE LIKE HER?!”

Izuku sputtered realizing that his friends had no idea who Awata was, said girl was blushing realizing that they weren’t actually alone

“Sh-she’s a friend from my old work studies!”

“OH YEAH?!” the midget then slammed his fists on the table, luckily he wasn’t strong enough to move anything “THEN WHY IS SHE WEARING YOUR CLOTHES THEN?!”

“She stayed the night! I just let her borrow some clothes!”

“Mineta cease this foolishness at once!” Iida said yelling and chopping his hands “We have guests, so be polite!” he then turned to Awata “Nice to meet you, Miss, I’m Tenya Iida the class representative of this class!”

“N-nice to meet you” Awata chuckled

“I have a question” said a set of floating clothes “Why did Eri call her Mama? Are you two dating or…”

Before Awata or Izuku could answer, Eri beat them to it.

“Because she and Papa took me to an amusement park yesterday” she cheerfully answered “And she took care of me as Papa did!”

It was at this point that the girls went catatonic and the guys froze, except for Bakugo who had an oddly calm look on his face

“So…” Sero started “They went on a date?”

Izuku could feel the eyes of 6 women on him and something told him to lock his doors and windows later when he comes home.

With breakfast out of the way and a few minutes later, Awata was at the doorstep slipping on her heels ready to go home. Izuku promised to walk her to the gates.

“Bye Mama” Eri said a bit sad and Awata smiled

“Be good okay?” she ruffled Eri’s hair and kissed it making the little girl giggle

“So shall we?” Awata asked looking at Izuku

“Yep” he put on his signature red shoes and looked at Eri “Go and get ready, Kota and Mandalay should be here in an hour or so” the little girl nodded and he looked at Momo “Can you help her get ready?” the girl blushed but nodded taking Eri’s hand and walked to the showers. And just like that Izuku and Awata were outside.

They walked to the gates in peaceful silence, the sound of their shoes hitting the pavement was the only sound that was heard between them.

“So…what’s your plan for today?” Awata asked starting the conversation

“Have some work to do, Me and some pros are headed to stop a drug den” he looked at the time on his phone “I have to get dressed in about 2 hours”

Awata nodded. It wouldn’t be the first time he would go on a dangerous mission “Just be safe”

Izuku chuckled “Can’t promise that, I’ll try not to break some of my bones”

“You better” she pinched his cheeks “I don’t want to hear in the news that a student got gravely injured”

“I won’t I wont”

They were now at the entrance and the both of them stared at the huge gates

“I had fun yesterday. Thanks” she said

“No problem, we should hang out more” he said absentmindedly, he blushed as he realized what he just said “I-I-I-I mean--”


He was stopped as Awata leaned in and kissed his cheek making his mind go on a force reboot.

“I would like that” Awata smiled “See ya” and with that, she walked away and headed to the train station leaving Izuku there staring at nothing

“Midoriya” said a female voice snapping him awake, he went face to face with Shino Sosaki aka Mandalay “Are you alright?”

He blinked realizing that he was standing there and staring at nothing for over half an hour

“Y-yeah I was just...thinking”

Shino raised her eyebrow at that but decided to nod nonetheless

“Hey Deku” greeted the little boy and Izuku smiled as he crouched down

“Hey there Kota, how are you?”

“Fine” he then smiled “Hey can you go out wi--” Shino then covered his mouth her hand

“Where’s Eri?” she immediately asks and Izuku raised his eyebrow but decided to let it go

“Oh she’s still in the dorms getting ready” he said as he stood up “Come on I’ll walk you two to the dorms” He picked Kota up and put him on his shoulders, the kid just sat there gripping his hair slightly.

Shino seeing this only had one thought as they walked to the dorms ‘He does make a good father’

“OH COME ON!” screamed the purple-haired midget as Izuku and Mandalay walked inside the dorms “YOU LEFT WITH HOTTIE EARLIER AND NOW YOU COME BACK WITH A HOT MIL--”

He didn’t finish his rant as Tsuyu began to cover him with tape and hung him upside down. “Sato-san, help me tie this”


Izuku chuckled nervously “S-sorry about that, we kinda get a bit…rowdy in here”

“He’s still at it again” Kota grumbled staring at Mineta

“His heart is in the right place…somewhere” Izuku tried to defend his…classmate

“Hello” greeted a little voice, Izuku turned and had to keep himself upright as he saw Eri wearing a black striped T-shirt with pink overalls over it.

“Hello there Eri, my name is Shino and this is Kota” Mandalay introduced while giving a gentle smile. She looked at Izuku “So when are you leaving?”

“Oh I was just about to--” suddenly his phone rang, fishing it out he saw that it was a call from his sensei. “Hold on, I got to take this” he said excusing himself outside

“Sure thing, Kota why don’t you and Eri talk for a bit” the boy nodded and introduced himself to the little girl

Meanwhile, Izuku was outside talking to his sensei

“Yes, Aizawa-sensei?”

“Midoriya” came the voice of his sensei “You remember the operation later?”

Izuku’s features turned serious “Yes sir, I was just about to get ready”

“Yeah…about that”

In Aizawa’s location, he was busy staring at a pile of rubble and some police handcuffing and dragging a couple of villains

“I don’t think it’s necessary for you to get involved”

“Wh..what do you mean sensei?” Izuku was confused now, by the way his sensei told him that it almost feels like he was witnessing bullshit to some degree

“Long story short problem child is that the villains that had the strength of Muscular got into a fight with each other and then accidentally opened some gas, coincidentally there was a villain there with an active fire and then boom…they took the whole hideout and every villain is unconscious”

Izuku stared blankly as he digest the story “But…what about the drugs sir?”

“They’re here as well. We have about 10 crates of drugs all accounted for”

Izuku just stared blankly not really knowing what to say

“Enjoy your weekend Midoriya”

And just like that his sensei ended the call while he just stood there making no movements at all.

He should be glad right? Yeah he should be…then why does it feel…empty

He sighed and just walked back to the dorms. He now has another problem

How was he going to explain this to Mandalay?

Once he was inside, he was treated with the sight of Eri and Kota playing video games and Mandalay was just chatting with the girls.

Might as well get this over with

“Sosaki-san” he called out and the woman looked at him, he gestured to follow him for a bit.

Once they were in the doorway Izuku told her the news.

“Hmm…I gotta be honest.” She chuckled “The situation feels anticlimactic”

“I know” he chuckled “So…now what?” he said while scratching his head “You guys did went all the way here”

“I mean…what is there to do?” Mandalay asked and the both of them jumped when two voices decided to shout


Kota and Eri joined forces to get Mandalay and Izuku together

“You two should go on a date!”

And now here he was staring at Eri and Kota.

‘Was that a plate that just broke?’

It was a problem for another day, right now he had to deal with two kids playing matchmaker

“I say that’s a splendid idea” Izuku choked on his own spit as he faced Mandalay “Not the dating part, but all four of us go out together”

“W-why?” he asks

“Well Eri and Kota are already dressed, and it’s a good reason for the two kids to go out” she explained in a gentle tone “Unless of course, you don’t want to”

He thought it through. Eri did need to go out more and since Kota was here she would have a friend that was close to her age, and he could watch them…this doesn’t seem too bad.

What’s the worse that could happen?

And with that, he agreed.

After taking a quick shower and a quick change of clothes. He, Mandalay, Eri, and Kota went to the park. Leaving a stunned 1A with the girls having dangerous auras around them and the guys praying they don’t get hit in the crossfire. Bakugo was laying on the couch happily taking a nap.

In the blink of an eye, it was nighttime and Izuku and Eri were back in the dorms after saying goodbye to Mandalay and Kota.

It was a fun and happy day for Izuku and Eri, she tripped a few times in the park while she and Kota were playing tag but before Izuku could run to her, she got up and gave chase with a smile on her face. He was glad to see Eri acting like a kid. By the time the two kids were done, Kota and Eri had some branches sticking out of their hairs and a few dirt here and there, but they had smiles on their faces so he wasn’t complaining. They went to an ice cream parlor and an arcade after that, Izuku pretty much lost to every game, but he wasn’t going to complain, and with all of that done, they said their goodbyes and head to their respective homes

It did feel weird though, there were moments where he felt that someone was taking a picture of him and Mandalay while they were in the park and the ice cream parlor. He just shrugged, ignoring the feeling.

He would soon come to realize that someone was taking photos of him and Mandalay and it was currently trending.

But he didn’t need to know that just yet.



Nezu was sitting in his office staring at his laptop with glee as he watched the photos begin to explode on the internet.

He made 50 accounts and each account have their own articles revolving around the photos. His favorite one was the one he entitled ‘Age doesn’t matter, Love finds a way’. It was currently trending right now.

He then copied the links from each article and opened a few messages prompts, each prompt was a specific heroine/civilian/student that may or may not be feeling some attraction towards a specific green-haired student

He looked at his watch

11:55 pm – SUNDAY

“Sir” said a deep voice and Nezu looked up and saw Cementoss

“Ah Cementoss, what is it?”

“The building you requested for the Seiai Academy is done”

“Ah very good, you can rest now” Cementoss nodded and walked out of the room.

Nezu smiled and pressed send

“And now…it begins”

12:00 am – MONDAY


Chapter Text

“Help me!”

There comes a time in life where the hero is the one that needs to be saved

“Have no fear!”

And when that time comes…

“The Amazing Eri-chan is here!”

…a hero is there to save the day

Eri was at the bottom of the stairs of the common room, smiling wide and her fist in the air with her costume on. Her ‘costume’ consists of a green raincoat with bunny ears and a red cape.

She then ran to the entrance of the kitchen where Izuku, the civilian with a white cloth covering his body was sitting on the floor his back facing Eri.

Eri then removed the cloth and hugged Izuku “You’re safe now!”

“Yay!” Izuku cheered and turned around, as he stood up he carried Eri in his arms “You saved me!”

In the kitchen was Ochako holding her phone and was recording the whole thing while trying not to die from the sheer cuteness of the two.

Her friends though were not so fortunate.

Momo was on the floor unconscious, the moment she saw Eri in her costume she just fell from the cuteness.

Mina and Toru were also unconscious but unlike Momo, they fell when Eri said ‘The Amazing Eri-chan is here!’. The moment they heard that they just transcended to a new realm of existence.

Jiro was looking away, the moment she saw Momo pass out she knew she wouldn’t survive.

Tsuyu was standing there contemplating whether to hug Eri or Izuku or both.

Ochako pressed stop on her phone, she opened the messaging app that she had and sent it to the group chat

Not even a moment later, Izuku’s phone began to buzz. Checking his phone he saw that he was getting a call from his mother.

He put it on speaker as he answered it he couldn’t let out a greeting as he heard his mother scream: “MY BABY IS GROWING UP!” followed by the sounds of her crying “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME I WAS A GRANDMA?!”

“What?!” Izuku screamed putting Eri down “K-Ka-Kaasan ho-how did you-”

“Katuski sent me a video of you and that little girl” Izuku’s mother managed to let out “Young man, I demand you bring that little girl with you the next time you visit”

“Ha-hai” Izuku sighed not really finding something wrong with her request

“And bring your girlfriend with you”


“What was her name? Ochako was it?”

Izuku and Ochako blushed hearing that.

Mina woke up smelling the love

“K-Kaasan…she’s not--”

“Anyway, I’ll see you Saturday all right? Bye!” she then hangs up leaving two blushing young adults in the common room

“Soooo Midori~” Izuku felt a presence behind him, turning around he saw Mina with a grin on her face. He did not like that grin “What this about you talking about Ochako-chan?”

Izuku felt the danger he was in, and he did the only logical thing there was.

He ran

Firing up One For All he sprinted out of the Dorms, Mina gave chase screaming about how she was going to get the answers from him whether he likes it or not

Chapter Text

In today’s story, Pro Hero Deku has stopped 10 robberies for the past 5 hours, it has been rumored that the hero would be the next number 1 in the next ranking announcements--” said by the male news reporter that was on the TV in a living room.

Sitting on the couch watching TV was a beautiful woman, but don’t let her appearance fool you. This was the 44 year old, Mitsuki Bakugo…well she was divorced for over 9 years now but she decided to keep the name until she remarries, her ash blonde hair retained its spikeness and despite her age she still had a youthful appearance that would make any old woman jealous. She was wearing a long-sleeve purple sweater with her usual black skirt on.

She was currently waiting for her son and the Midoriya’s, it was their annual dinner tradition. Basically the two families would have dinner and catch up, it was their tradition ever since the two kids were born and they just kept doing it.

Even after she got divorced.

She smiled sadly at that.

They were still in good terms, her and Masaru would go out like good friends and still meet up at work like normal. Even after they got divorced nothing actually changed…well Masara had to move out, but other than that nothing changed. They were still close, a few banters here and there but nothing too serious. Heck she even heard that he was hanging out with an older woman, she teased him the whole day for that.

She still remembered the day. Katsuki was 10 at the time and he was sleeping in his room, leaving her and Masaru alone in the dining table, and at the same time they just blurted out ‘I want a divorce’ they blinked hearing each other and laughed. They had the same reason, the way they looked at each other was not like a lover looking to another lover, it was more like two friends that just ended up together in some way.

After the divorce papers were done it was decided that she would keep Katsuki and the house, and he would pay for half of the expenses. After that they continued to hang out from time to time and took care of Katsuki, the boy in question was confused for some time but as he got older he understood that his father was no longer ‘legally’ his father.

After that they just went their days like every other days and all things went well.

She then heard the sound of her doorbell going off.

Standing up she went to the door and opened it, and smiled staring at Inko Midoriya who was slightly losing weight and Izuku Midoriya who was now at her eye level. ‘Damn puberty sure came late and hit him hard’ she looked around for her own son and raised her eyebrow.

Izuku chuckled and explained “Kacchan was suddenly pulled in an operation in his agency. It was important so he couldn’t come today.”

Mitsuki took a deep breath and the two Midoriya’s covered their ears as she shouted


A few minutes later and the two Midoriya’s were now in the dining table with her enjoying a plate of curry and some champagne. The two woman was conversing while the young man was eating his curry in silence.

“So Inko~” Mitsuki droned out and Inko gulped knowing her friend she was bound to tease her to no end “Care to tell me about a certain thing in your finger?” she pointed at the golden ring that was on Inko’s ring finger, said woman yelped forgetting all about the ring in the first place.

Izuku meanwhile blushed and choked on his curry.

“So…” Mitsuki smiled “Who’s the lucky guy?” she wiggled her eyebrows while Inko fidgeted


“..Tos—ALL MIGHT?!” Mitsuki screamed her hands slamming at the dining table “When did that happen?!” and Inko flailed her arms as Izuku just blushed and hid his face with his hands

“I-I-It’s was…5 months after my divorce..” she admitted as she chuckled.

That was right, Inko Midoriya decided to divorce her husband after Izuku graduated. Hisashi agreed in the divorce, and after a year it was finalized but she kept the name for personal reasons.

“Deets girl!” yelled Mitsuki as she grabbed the other woman’s hand

Long story short, 5 months after the divorce was finalized was Izuku’s first ever Hero Ranking Announcement and in that announcement, he was placed as the number 10 hero, just behind Sun Eater who was number 9 and was ahead of Bakugo who was sitting at the 11th place.

Izuku suggested that he and her mother should go somewhere fancy for once, but her mother refused and decided to cook Izuku a huge bowl of Katsudon and some cake, she even swatted his hand when he reached for his wallet saying that she could handle it, she even invited All Might, the retired pro agreed and congratulated the boy.

While they were enjoying their dinner All Might or Toshinori commented that Inko’s cooking was the best thing he ever tasted and she even said that he could come back if he ever wants some more, after a few refusals from Toshinori and the insistence of Inko, Toshinori agreed that he would come back at least once a week.

What was once Toshinori coming to eat for dinner transformed to the both of them hanging out, going places, watching a movie, a picnic and introducing the other person to their love ones.

They were literally dating without even realizing it.

It took Izuku who jokingly said as walked in the room and saw them cuddling and watching a soap opera

“You two should get married”

And before you knew it, the week after that Toshinori was on one knee and presented a ring to Inko while saying the magic words

“Will you marry me?”

It doesn’t take a genius to know what happened after that.

And that was just a week ago, Mitsuki’s best friend got engaged to a retired pro, not just a retired pro, a very famous retired pro who was the number one hero and was very well known, her best friend got engaged to All Might himself a week ago.

Holy shit

“So when’s the wedding?” Mitsuki excitedly asked as Izuku took their plates and headed to the sink

“We don’t know yet, we just wanted to process all of this first and then make a decision.” Inko explained and Mitsuki hummed at that but smirked

“Bet you’re excited for the honeymoon” Inko yelped at that “Careful not to die all right? Don’t wanna hear that my best friend got smashed to death”

“Mitsuki/Auntie!” both Midoriya’s yelled and Mitsuki just laughed, she then turned to Izuku

“How about you kid? Got a girlfriend yet?” the young man flinched

“N-no, been busy with work. D-don’t really have the time for that to be honest” he chuckled scratching his head

“Really?” Mitsuki raised her eyebrow “A hunk like you is single?” she then sighed “Woman these days have no taste”

Izuku chuckled at that and the two women began to converse once more.

Before they knew it their dinner was over and Izuku was carrying her mother back to the apartment with Mitsuki in tow.

“Your mother couldn’t really handle her alcohol that well” Mitsuki chuckled seeing her best friend slightly red in the face, she then looked at Izuku “And neither could you it would seem”

Izuku chuckled nervously, he wasn’t that drunk but he did feel the buzz and the slight dizziness “I’m not really…into alcohol that much”

“Oh what? Are you saying I’m an alcoholic now?” Mitsuki feigned a hurt expression making Izuku panic, she laughed “I’m kidding kid” Izuku pouted at her making her laugh even more.

Reaching his mother’s apartment he tried to reach out for his key, but Mitsuki beat him to it by inserting her own key “I have a copy so don’t worry” she opened the door and he muttered a thank you “Is Toshinori here?”

“No, well not yet I guess” he said slipping out his shoe and Mitsuki did the same “He’s going to move here next week”

“Huh…I imagined it was the other way around” Mitsuki said closing the door “Him being rich and all”

“He tried that, but Kaasan insisted on staying in an apartment like this and he agreed as he did enjoy the simple things in life”

Mitsuki laughed as she opened Inko’s room “Gonna feel weird calling your idol ‘dad’ soon?”

Izuku chuckled “I guess it will…but” he gently placed his mother on her bed and began to remove her shoe “All Might kinda…became a father to me while I was still in UA even after I graduated he kept in touch with me, asking how I was, making sure I eat well and not to forget my health” he turned around and faced Mitsuki “So in a way…he kinda is my father…even before he started dating my mom”

Mitsuki smiled at that and reached for his cheeks “Well it’s a good thing you’re all right with all of this” she then patted his cheeks making him pout “Come on and let’s leave your mom” he nodded and they walked out and Izuku gently closes the door making sure it would not make any noise.

With that done they were by the door and Mitsuki slipped on her shoe, she raised her eyebrow as she saw Izuku doing the same

“Kid what are you doing?”

“Hm?” Izuku raised his head “Oh I’m gonna walk you home” this made Mitsuki laugh

“Kid I’m a grown woman, I can walk to my home by myself”

“I-I know, but it’s my job as a hero to make sure you get there safe” he insisted

“Gonna play the hero card huh?” she said putting a hand on her hip and he just nodded making her sigh “Fine”

Their journey to the Bakugo household was a silent one, with shops finally closed and people inside their homes they were just accompanied by chilly wind and the moon in the sky.

Reaching her home she opened the door and turned to Izuku “Wanna have a few drinks with me?”

Izuku flinched and stammered a bit

She chuckled “It’s just two friends having a drink kid nothing wrong with that” she shrugged “Plus I really wanna catch up with you” she pouted “Katsuki isn’t really talkative y’know?”

Izuku gulped but nodded nonetheless

And she wasn’t lying when she said they were going to have some drinks, she and Izuku were in the living room, the lights were turned off and only the television was on illuminating the both of them and the room.

Mitsuki opted to wear something comfortable and changed into a v-neck t-shirt and some hot pants. Izuku gulped seeing her legs and butt and to tease him even more she winked and did a pose making him blush even more. She tossed him a t-shirt and said to go change while she opens another champagne bottle.

A few minutes later they were sitting on the couch watching a movie, both of them had a glass of wine in their hands. They were only an arms distance from each other as they watched the movie in silence while also conversing from time to time.

Midway through the movie, Mitsuki was slightly red in the face finally feeling the buzz while Izuku was very much red in the face and was leaning forward a bit while he caressed his empty glass.

Mitsuki chuckled and decided, against her better judgment, to know what drunk Izuku was like

“So how are you feeling kid?” she asked

“I feel…floaty…and also sick…also…buzzy” he mumbled out as he shook his head and laughed a bit as he felt the buzz.

“You sure you don’t have a girlfriend?” she said caressing her own glass “Future number 1 don’t have any women chasing him around?” she teased and he just shook his head “Shame, you are a catch” she laughed and filled her glass with more wine “You have any woman that you want though?” she then took a sip


She immediately did a spit take and coughed a bit, she looked at him and he turned his head towards her. She gulped seeing his eyes filled with want and desire.

“I want you” he scooted closer to her and she scooted a bit far back, she was only stopped as her back hit the armrest.

Before she knew it Izuku was hovering over her, his hands were preventing her escape

“I-I-Izuku…we can’t…I’m your--”

“Mitsuki” she closed her mouth hearing her name, he usually calls her ‘Auntie’ or ‘Aunt Bakugo’, the way he said her name was filled with want and need “I want you” he then leaned down and she put her hands on his chest but the didn’t stop him from lowering his head towards her own.

She closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable kiss….

…which didn’t happen.

She opened her eyes as she felt something heavy pressed on her shoulder and saw Izuku fast-asleep and was snoring.

‘Did that just…happen?’ she wondered and shook her head as she tried to get off the couch. It was a bit of an effort but she was successful, she observed his face as he slept peacefully. She blushed remembering his words.

She shook his head and went to her room to get a spare blanket to cover up the young adult.

After that, she turned off the tv and went back to her room to sleep.

As she laid down, the event from earlier replayed in her head and the words of ‘I want you’ echoed in her head.

What was worst was what she realized.

She didn’t stop him

It was safe to say that she had trouble getting some sleep.

Morning came and her alarm blared to life, slamming her fist on the alarm she groaned not having enough sleep last night.

She then heard a thud and a groan from outside, opening her door she was treated with the sight of Izuku laying face first on the ground groaning.

She chuckled at his state “Hangover am I right?”

Izuku groaned “Kill me”

She chuckled “Nah, I think I like seeing your suffering” he groaned making her laugh “Okay big guy, I’m coming” she grabbed his arms and helped him back to the couch, he mumbled a ‘thank you’ before sitting up properly.

Now that she was close to him again, she blushed and got worried as she remembered what happened last night, which then turned to relief as Izuku asks

“What happened last night?” he said massaging his head trying to soothe his headache

“Hmm” she hummed trying to think of an excuse “What do you remember?”

“Last thing I remember was…the movie…and us talking about….how Kacchan got stuck in the toilet” he said chuckling at the last part but flinched as he felt his headache got worst.

“Hmmm” she hummed in deep thought and Izuku groaned

“Please tell me I didn’t run around town butt ass naked again” he said making her raise her eyebrow at the ‘again’

“Nope” she said and she flicked his nose “You literally fell asleep a few minutes after we had that conversation” she pouted “You shouldn’t leave a woman like that y’know”

He chuckled as he massaged his head “I’ll try to do better next time”

She was going to ignore how her heart jumped at the ‘next time’

“Anyway, you should really get going don’t want your mother to get worried” she stood up and went to the kitchen “Drink some medicine for the headache”

“Thanks Aunite”

After drinking his medicine he then left and went to his mother’s apartment, leaving her alone in her house once more.

She sighed and did her usual chores.

With her son moving out about a month ago, she was left alone but she didn’t complain. She did less chores now and she was free at her own home.

She then picked up her laundry basket full of her clothes that she wore for the past week, she then picked up any clothes that were either dropped or was just laying somewhere, she then went to the bathroom to pick up her used towels or underwear but stopped as she noticed something

Her eyes widen as she looked at a particular clothing that was on the sink.

It was a green flannel shirt that wasn’t hers, Masaru’s or Katsuki’s. It was the same shirt that Izuku wore last night.

It was his shirt.

Izuku’s shirt.

Why was she just staring at it?

He must have forgotten and left with one of Masaru’s shirt that she lent him.

She should call him and tell him that he forgot his shirt……so why wasn’t she calling him?

And when did she grab his shirt?

The shirt was now in her hands as she stared at it and without even thinking about it she closed her eyes and brought the shirt to her nose taking a long sniff.

She sighed

‘It smells just like him…’

Her eyes widen realizing what exactly she was doing and the blink of an eye she tossed the shirt to the basket and went to the laundry room

‘What is wrong with me?! I’m an old woman acting like a horny teenager!’

She opened the washer and tossed the clothes inside, she blinked as she noticed that the flannel shirt was left.

‘…Maybe one more sniff wouldn’t hurt…’

She grabbed it and before she could close her eyes, her phone went off making her jump. Opening her phone she noticed that she just received a text from Izuku himself, the message reads ‘Did I left my shirt there?’

She blinked, a small part of her brain wanted her to lie but she shoved that idea aside and answered



Yeah, I was about to wash it

Little Izu

You don’t have to!


Too late :)

Little Izu

Atleast let me make it up to you


You’re making a real fuss over a shirt kid

Little Izu

It’s the principle!

Plus you kinda took care of me when I was drunk so there’s that too


Fine fine, take me to dinner or something

Little Izu



Mitsuki blinked at that, when she typed the dinner thing it was more of a joke, she didn’t think he would take it seriously, she began to correct her mistake



Kid, I’m kidding.

You don’t have to take me to dinner

Little Izu

I don’t see why not, plus it’s no big deal for me

And it doesn’t have to be dinner, it can be a movie or whatever you want


Mitsuki groaned trying to control her heartbeat

‘Stop making it sound like a date kid, you’re killing me here’ she sighed and just agreed.

What was the worst that could happen?


-Time skip: 3 days later-

Almost everything she realized

She was fiddling with her phone waiting for Izuku to arrive. They planned to see a movie of her choosing and then head to get some food at a near burger joint after that.

She couldn’t sleep properly these past few days as her mind just went back to Izuku. Even in her dreams she was being haunted by the young man.

And as she waited for the day of their ‘date’ she couldn’t help but feel excited and yet nervous at the same time. For the first time in her life she was worried on what she looked like and had to slap herself to remind that she was a grown ass woman.

She sighed as she glanced at what she wore.

She was wearing light blue jeans with brown heels and a black shoulderless sweater.

“Hey” said a young mans voice, she looked up and saw Izuku wearing a white shirt and a jacket over it, some jeans and his infamous red sneakers. “Have you been waiting long?”

“Nope” she answered as she stood up

“So…shall we?”

Their ‘date’ went well, they watched a horror movie in which Izuku had to grip the seat every time there was a jump scare and Mitsuki just laughed, they then went to the burger joint and ordered some burgers and some fries. There were only a couple of people that recognized Izuku and asked for his autograph but no one made a fuss over them.

And without even noticing they were now heading home as Mitsuki had a smile on her face. ‘That went well’

She honestly could say that she had fun, she was worried for nothing. Sure her heart went on some leaps here and there but overall…she had fun, she enjoyed her time with Izuku

“Well that was fun” she smiled as she grabbed the door knob

“Glad you enjoyed it” Izuku chuckled, she then turned to him as she opened the door

“Got any plans for tonight?” she asked not really minding that she was basically inviting a man to her home. A man that admitted that he wanted her.

“Yeah, I got the night shift today.” He shrugged “Pretty much gonna head to work in a few hours”

“Oh” she said trying to hide her disappointment “Well then take care of yourself out there and tell Katsuki to visit his mother sometime”

“Will do” he said as he turned around, once he was on the road he then crouched and jumped.

Her jaw dropped as she saw the man now in the sky seemingly flying “That guy” she chuckled and went inside.

Once she was inside she plopped down on the couch and sighed.

She didn’t know what to do.

Was she literally having feelings to her best friend’s son?

A guy that was literally almost 20 years younger than her?

She groaned but blinked as her phone gave off a notification, opening it she saw a message and it reads ‘You good for tomorrow?’ and not even thinking about it she said yes, there was one person she could talk this about and hopefully get some advice.


-The Next Day-

Mitsuki entered a café and looked around

“Mitsuki! Over here!” yelled a male voice, she smiled as she saw her friend and ex-husband, Masaru Bakugo

"Masaru!" once she got close the two embraced in a friendly hug “How are you?”

“Fine, how about you?” they then sat and began their usual hang outs “Congrats on your new clothing line by the way”

“Thanks, congrats on your…marriage?” Mitsuki blinked seeing a ring that wasn’t there before, she gasped realizing what it meant “You two are getting married?!”

“Y-yeah” he stuttered blushing a bit “Honestly it was more like she was the one that proposed to me” he laughed and began to tell his tale on how he got married. Basically the woman bought a ring, gave it to Masaru and told him to propose to her, and then just like that they were engaged.

“Congrats” she smiled “So when’s the wedding?”

“Probably this month” he said giving her a card “And I want you and Katsuki to be there if you want”

Mitsuki stared at the invitation “A-are you sure? I’m your ex-wife after all”

“Yeah, she and her family know you and they don’t have any complaints….well her father threatened me with a shotgun to not hurt her daughter but that’s about it” he chuckled remembering the time he told her about his ex-wife “So if you guys want to, then you guys can go”

Mitsuki smiled and took the invitation “We’ll think about it, but nonetheless. Congratulations” she then looked at him in the eye “You sure it’s not gonna end up like us?”

“Y-yeah…I’m sure” Masaru adjusted his glasses “I though it through when I started dating her, making sure that what I felt was real and wasn’t just…like…it happened because it just happened y’know?” he asked unsurely but Mitsuki nodded understanding what he was talking about. “Now…whenever I think about her I just think of the days that we will spend together”

Mitsuki didn’t know why but as Masaru talked her mind then began to go elsewhere

“I just think about the sick days that I have to take care of her”

Her mind imagined Izuku laying on the bed, sick as he can be but was still stubborn and trying to convince her that he was fine.

“I think about the fights that we will have”

She imagined herself yelling at Izuku for getting his bones broken again and him trying to convince her that it was no big deal

“And then I think about the good times we had and we will have”

Then her mind decided to show her various images of her and Izuku, from the both of them hugging in the couch to Izuku trying to stop Katsuki from being a bad influence on his little brother


Should she go for it?


The kid is literally younger than her and she in her 40’s now


Plus she was his aunt and she was her best friend’s son, how was she going to react?


Oh hey Inko, I just realized that I love your son. Can I date him?


What was her life…

Then a sharp pain went to her forehead making her yelp, she blinked and looked at a smiling Masaru, his hand raised indicating the he was the one that caused of her pain.

“You okay?” he asks lowering his hand

“Y-yeah, I was just thinking”

“I’ll say, I was calling your name for the past five minutes” he smile widen “You must be deep in thought”

“Ye-yeah” she sighed

“So...who’s the lucky guy?” he teased making her eyebrow twitch in annoyance “And before you ask you got the same look on your face I had when I fell in love”

She sighed, there was no escape so might as well get it over with.

“Fine you’re right, there’s a man that I…might have fallen in love with” she said hesitantly and Masaru nodded taking a sip of his coffee “It’s Izuku”

Cue spit take and coughing noises

Mitsuki sighed and went to his side and patted his back. Once he was calm he looked at Mitsuki

“Izuku…as in Inko’s son?” she nodded “You…fell in love…with your nephew?” this made her groan as she laid her head on the table and hid her face with her hands.

“I know how it sounds like….it’s just…” she tried to form the words but she couldn’t find the right words to properly express what she was feeling

“You want it…but it feels like you shouldn’t” Masaru suggested and Mitsuki digested his words

“…Yeah” she sighed and sat up straight “He’s my nephew for crying out loud, not blood related, but still…”

Masaru stared at her and smiled. He hasn’t seen her like this. All unsure and shy, she would normally have the attitude of ‘Fuck you, I’m taking what I want’, albeit more calmly and respectful.

She was calm and polite, yet aggressive in her approach.

This Mitsuki was different from that, a side he had never seen before.

“Maybe…” he started making Mitsuki look at him “…You should stop thinking what others would feel and start thinking about what you want”

Mitsuki raised her eyebrow confused but Masaru just continued “It’s nice that you’re thinking of others, but how about you stop and think” he looked in her eyes “What do you want?”

What does she want?

What does she want?

She wanted Izuku of course, that part was obvious. The only problem was that should she go for it? Ignore what Inko might think or what others would think? Just go for what she desires…

She wanted him to hold her

She wanted him to kiss her head

She wanted to bonk him in the head for every mistake he makes

She wanted him

“Looks like you figured it out”

Mitsuki snapped her head at Masaru who was just smiling.

“If you want my advice, I say go for it. You’re not actually hurting anyone here” he smiled and held her hand “Just make sure you invite me on your wedding” he added as Mitsuki blushed and they both laughed.

After that they just proceed as normal, talking about random things and sharing a few ideas for their business.

When they were done Mitsuki’s mind was set.

She was going to get her man. Her way.


-Time Skip: 3 hours later (Izuku POV)-

Izuku Midoriya was living his dream. He was currently the number 5 hero and was saving people left and right with a smile on his face

Right about now he was headed to his agency.

You heard that right, his agency. This was no ordinary agency though, this was All Might’s previous agency that he gave to him for his birthday.

He still couldn’t believe it that he received an agency as a present.

All Might explained that in his will he wished for it to be given to either Nighteye or Gran Torino, the former was unfortunately dead and the latter was living happily and still kicking much to All Might’s joy and horror. And seeing Izuku took the number 10 spot he deemed it worthy to give it to him, it was safe to say that he and his mother flooded the apartment after that.

And with that he accepted it and with the help of his friends the Pillars of Hope was created.

Welcome back Deku” said a robotic voice as he landed on his balcony

“Hey Al, do I have any new messages?” he asks as he removed his heavy steel boots

Yes, you have one new message from: [Aunt Mitsuki]

“Auntie?” he then checked his phone, the AI that Mei built with the help of Nezu was designed to help him filter out his calls and texts that was important, like emergency texts and whatnot. If the text didn’t have the telltale signs of an emergency then the AI would just ignore it.

Unlocking his phone, he saw a message from his aunt. The message reads: ‘Are you busy this weekend?’

Sir, I’m detecting an increase of heart rate. Would you like me to call emergency services?

“N-No Al, I’m fine just…nervous”

Is it about your crush on your aunt?” Izuku choke on his own spit as he heard the AI say it so casually

“W-what do you mean?” he stuttered looking at a monitor where there was a smiley face on it

Your obvious crush on your aunt. I have observed your patterns sir” the monitor then shifted to an image of Izuku staring a picture that Mitsuki posted of herself wearing a beautiful purple dress. Izuku blushed seeing the picture of himself “I have seen how your eyes linger on places sir” There were then several picture shown of Izuku staring at his aunt’s butt, boobs and face. “And let’s not forget sir how you masturbated to your aunts pic” a video was then shown of him in his office, his back was turned and his waist was hidden under the table, his left hand was holding his phone and on the phone was a picture of Mitsuki wearing a bikini. It was obvious what he was doing in the video as his right continued to go back and forth as he heard himself groan and moan his Aunt’s name.

The video ended and the smiley face returned “As you can see sir. I know everything” he didn’t know why but the smile felt more sinister and he could see Nezu staring directly at him

‘Was this what the other pros felt?’


-UA Staff Dorms-

Aizawa raised his head feeling a surge of empathy. It was as if he was finally understood and someone finally felt what his suffering was like

“Something wrong Aizawa?” asked Nezu as he popped out of the ceiling

“No, sir” Aizawa answered as he resumed grading his new students

“Good” Nezu said simply as he went back to the ceiling


-Back to Izuku-

“Does…does anybody else…know this?” he asked cautiously as he stared at the AI

No, sir. Only I know this” he didn’t want to believe that, but what was his choice

‘Note to self. Never use anything that Nezu sent to him’

“Fine” he sighed “I have feelings for my aunt. There, you happy?”

Yes sir, acceptance is the first step. The second step is now up to you

“Up to me?”

Yes sir” Al then showed Mitsuki’s message on the screen “Do you take the leap or would you crawl away?

He stared at the screen and then his phone, he took a deep breath

“Plus Ultra” he then typed and sent his response and hoped to God that he made the right choice

‘No I’m not busy. What’s up?’


-Time skip: Saturday – 8 PM (Izuku POV)-

Whatever confidence Izuku felt days prior just said fuck you and took a damn vacation as he walked to the Bakugo household.

Mitsuki invited him for dinner, a movie and some champagne.

Nothing weird at all, it was just two friends hanging out. It wasn’t like his aunt have feelings for him, right?.....right?

He sighed ‘Why was his crushes always older women?’

He walked a bit farther before coming to a stop as realization hits him.

Has he ever had a crush that was his age?

He panicked and began to rack his brain.

His first ever crush was his aunt, but it was more like admiration and she was the first beautiful woman he saw besides his mom.

His second crush was…Mandalay. Another older woman. His eyes widen in horror as the only thing that came to mind were older women. Ryukyu, Midnight, Pixiebob, Ragdoll, Uwabami, Miruko, Mount Lady, Ms. Joke, heck even Jiro’s mom!

He smashed his head on a wall as he thought that.

He was into older women…..Fuck

And now he was headed to his first ever crush. Alone.

He sighed as he reached the door and rang the doorbell.

‘There was no way that Auntie has feelings for him, right?’

The door opened and his eyes widen at what he saw and at that moment he knew. He was fucked

Standing on the doorway was Mitsuki Bakugo leaning on the doorframe with a smirk on her face, as much as she was beautiful, that wasn’t the reason he was shocked. His aunt was wearing a short length short-sleeved silk robe, the knot was perfectly hugging her hips that made her curves shown, he gulped as his gaze went from her legs to her chest and then to her face and it must have been his imagination but he could see her smirk widen




“Hey” she said hotly and he then felt something twitch in his pants ‘Down boy!’ “It’s cold out, wanna come inside?” she beckoned him with her finger as she stepped away.

He gulped feeling his mouth dry but still nodded

And in a blink of an eye the both of them were watching a movie with dinner on the coffee table and an opened champagne bottle.

What was different from before was their distance from each other. Before they were at least in arms-length.


Well, Mitsuki was sitting next to him with his left arm draped over her body as she leaned onto him, his hand was on her belly and he had to stop himself from caressing her stomach.

“So you like the movie?” she asks while taking a sip from her glass

“Y-ye-yeah” he stuttered out, honestly he wasn’t focusing on the movie itself, he was trying so hard to control his body from 1. Getting an erection (Which was impossible) 2. Making sure his hand stayed where it was and not move at all and 3. Make sure his eyes on the front

“It’s a good movie” she said putting her glass down “It’s about this middle age woman who fell in love with this young man” Izuku’s eyes widen a bit but she continued “The woman didn’t want to admit that she was in love, she was way too old for him but…” she moved and slowly swung her leg over his legs straddling him easily, he gulped as he stared at those piercing red eyes “Turns out the young man actually loves the woman as well and they lived happily ever after” she snaked her arms around his neck “Sounds familiar Izu?” she purred

Izuku gulped and groaned as she grinded on his groin. “See I have come to the realization that I’m in love with you Izuku” Izuku’s eyes widen at that making her chuckle “Yep and I have decided that I. Want. You.” Each word was a hard grind to him making him groan as he placed his hand on her thigh “The question now Izu is that…” she leaned down making their lips only inches apart “Do you want me?”

Does he want her?

Was he willing to take the jump?


He decided instead of saying it he just leaned in capturing her lips with his own.


-------- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) SMUT WARNING WE BOTH KNOW THIS WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ----------

Mitsuki’s bedroom door burst open as Izuku carried Mitsuki to her bed, once he laid her on her bed he broke the kiss and took his t-shirt off

As he tossed his shirt he was surprised to see Mitsuki who had the knot of her robe undone, wearing black lace bra and panties

“You like?” she purred

He didn’t answer and just captured her lips once more and tossing the robe somewhere in the room. His hands began massage her thighs making her moan as her hands were on his back.

She pulled away smirking and began to crawl backwards positioning her head on her pillows, Izuku crawled after her as they kissed once more.

He felt her smirk a bit and in a burst of strength she managed to toss him to the side making her on top, he blinked surprised at her strength.

“I hope you’re ready Izu~” she purred as she reached out behind her unclipping her bra “The fun is just about to start” she slipped off of her bra and her breast was freed from its confines making Izuku stare at her big melons making her giggle, she then swayed her chest a bit teasing him “You like?” her answer came as he dove and began to suck on her left it and massaging the other making her groan.

She began to grind on his groan making him groan as he switched to the other nipple

“Now now” she patted his head “As much as I want you to suck my tits like a baby” he blushed at that “I want what’s been poking me this entire time” he blushed harder and nodded, he laid back down and began to remove his belt only to be stopped by Mitsuki herself “Let me” she pecked his lips and then his chin, then his neck. Her kisses went lower and lower as her hands removed the belt.

As she faced his crotch she removed his pants and was surprised to see a large tent on his boxers “Oh for me?” she grabbed his dick over his boxers and she purred at the size, she then began to jerk him off through the cloth making him squirm, deciding he had enough torture she removed his boxers as well making his dick slap her in the face.

She stared at the thing that was attached to the man she loves, it was huge, long and thick.

She then grabbed it and began to pump her hand up and down slowly making him moan and groan ‘Goddamn would this even fit?’ the thought of Izuku’s big dick inside her made her both excited and nervous.

She then kissed the tip making Izuku whimper, she giggled as she just kissed and licked the tip teasing him even more, she then took him in her mouth and began to bob her head.

Izuku moaned and grabbed her head as he received his first ever blowjob.

Mitsuki then surprised him even more as she pressed onwards completely sheathing his cock in her throat, Izuku gasped as he almost came right then and there. Mitsuki pulled off and began pumping his shaft.

“Try not to cum” that was his only warning as Mitsuki dove back down and began to fuck her own throat with his cock. He groaned and gripped her head. Sometimes she would come up and teased the head giving it painfully slow licks.

What was worse was when she hummed causing some sort of vibration around his dick

‘How the fuck was I not gonna cum from this?!’

But he held strong and grit his teeth

“Oh wow” she purred he looked at her and saw her grinning she was jerking him off but when she reaches the head, she gave it some extra attention that made him grunt. “I’m surprised you didn’t come yet”

‘Me too’

“I guess you need a reward” he blinked at that confused on what she meant as he took huge gulps of air, he then proceeded to choke on his own spit as she raised slightly and put his cock between her breast.

Oh he was so fucked

“Don’t worry” she said as she began to work her tits up and down slowly “Cum all you want Izu” she emphasized this as she began to lick his head whenever it pops out. He couldn’t take it anymore and with a grunt he came hard covering her chest and face, Mitsuki giggled and began to scoop some of it with her finger and tasted him.

“Hmm, you taste oddly sweet Izu~” she purred as Izuku stared at the ceiling as he gasp for air.

And without any warning, she felt something wrap around her waist and before she knew it she was facing the ceiling. She blinked and not a moment too soon Izuku was hovering over her with a look of hinger and desire in his eyes.

“Time to return the favor” that was all he said as he then raised her legs in the air and positioned his head between them. Mitsuki panted in anticipation. Izuku took the initiative and began to prod her entrance with his tongue making her moan a bit. He was an amateur at best but he just did a few experimental licks and listened to Mitsuki’s moan, he took it further as he pressed himself further in order to stick his tongue deeper.

He then had a thought and prayed to every deity that it would work and wouldn’t ruing the mood.

Mitsuki was having the time of her life, here she was with the man she now loves, making love and him eating her out. What could be better than this? Well besides him sticking it ins—*Yelp*

Mitsuki yelped as he felt Izuku’s tongue went deep inside her and was thrashing around slightly, she forcefully pulled him off and was surprised to see his tongue was replaced with a black tentacle thing. He looked at her and the tentacle then dissipated

“Uhh…did I do something wr--” he was interrupted as she then shoved him back between her legs, taking the signal that he didn’t don anything wrong, he summoned blackwhip once more and proceed to eat her out. Mitsuki squirmed under all of this, his ‘tongue’ was reaching deep inside her and was thrashing around making it hit with all of her good spots.

‘At this rate I’m not gonna last!’

Izuku then remembered something from health class ‘Isn’t the clitoris a sweet spot?’ as he thought of this, he sent out a small strand of blackwhip to play with the little bump.

The effect was immediate as Mitsuki screamed “Oh GOD!” her legs squirmed and she was beginning to drool, she clenched his hair and her thigs clamped his head in place.

With one final scream her whole body convulsed and shuddered as her juices then sprayed out but Izuku didn’t stop. He only deactivated blackwhip and began to ‘drink’ her juices.

She then went limp for a second and all he heard was her taking huge gulps of air as she recovered.

Izuki blinked worriedly as she stayed there motionless/

“Mitsuki…are you--” he was interrupted once more as Mitsuki rose to life and tackled him making his back hit the mattress

“Take pride Izu~” she purred as she grinded her crotch against his dick making the both of them moan “No one has ever made me cum like that” she licked her lips and looked at him straight in the eye “Let’s go the main event shall me?”

He gulped but nodded nonetheless, his anxiety and nervousness was clear on his face

“Hey” Mitsuki said gently “Is this your first time?” Izuku blushed but nodded slightly looking away “Hey look at me” he did “Don’t worry about it, it’s not something to feel ashamed about” she stroked him slightly “You don’t have to worry about moving, I’ll handle it” she smiled and raised herself as she rub his head against her entrance. It has been long since she had something inside her, she was both excited and nervous.

Taking a deep breath, she then lowered herself on his cock, she slightly winced as she felt him penetrate her. Izuku groaned as he felt the tight wetness of her walls, she kept lowering herself until she bottomed out and het butt rested on his legs. She hummed in pleasure as she got used to the feeling of him insider her, she slowly rocked her hips back and forth making Izuku gasp in pleasure

“You okay down there?” she purred and Izuku nodded “Congrats on getting rid of your V-card” she smiled “Now let’s make sure you never forget this night” she then raised herself and once the tip was almost out she slammed back down making the both of them moan, Mitsuki repeated this slowly at first but then began to speed up as time passed, Izuku’s hand rested on her hips and he began to match her rhythm, every time she comes down he would thrust up.

The bed was squeaking loudly as the two lovers got lost in the pleasure, the sound of their flesh smacking filled the room but their moans and grunts was the loudest.

Izuku could feel himself getting closer to his climax and by the way Mitsuki sped up she was close too.

“I-I-I’m c-close!” he managed to let out between his grunts and moans

“Inside! I-inside! I want you to fill me up” she could see the hesitance in his eyes “I’m on a pill” she grinned “G-go all out”

And all out he did, as he gripped her hips and slam her down with a grunt as he emptied himself inside her. Mitsuki let out a soundless scream as she felt her wall clamp around Izuku’s manhood as she came hard, she could feel him filling her to the brim as he ropes of his seed was shot out.

Soon Izuku’s grip slackened and Mitsuki flopped on his chest. The both of them a panting mess

“So” Mitsuki panted out “How was that as your…first time?”

Izuku answered her with a hug as he wrapped his arms around Mitsuki making her hum in content “Amazing” he panted out “You’re amazing”

She giggled at that.

Once the feeling on her legs returned she gently pushed off of his chest and sat up. She then noticed that Izuku was still inside her, she then raised herself slowly.

Once she got him out inside her she then rested opposite of Izuku and was just between his legs “Damn” she gasp as she saw his seed leaking out of her, that wasn’t what surprised her. It was the amount of his semen that was leaking out of her “Were you trying to get me pregnant?”


She raised her head to say it was fine but she stopped herself as she saw his dick was still hard “H-how?”

Izuku blinked and looked at where she was looking, he blushed “Ye-yeah. I have…a lot of stamina” he chuckled nervously

Mitsuki stared for a moment before smirking, she then laid down and presented her pussy once more. She parted her lips a bit making some of his seed leak out some more “Well then, looks like you’re good for another round” Izuku blushed and she beckoned him with her finger “Come and get it tiger~” she yelled in excitement as Izuku dove and captured her lips, she screamed as she felt Izuku enter her.

He wasn’t going slow, no. Now he was relentlessly pounding in her and she loved it. Izuku felt himself lose control to the pleasure as he continuously rammed into her

He broke the kiss letting Mitsuki let out her screams “Yes! Yes! Yes! Izuku! That’s it! Harder! Go Harder!” he grunted and without realizing it he activated Full Cowling at a low percentage and began to pound her harder than before. Izuku had to grab her hips to stabilize himself as he fucked her.

FUCK! FUCK YES!” Izuku grunted as he got lost in the warmth of her pussy and the hypnotizing bounce of her tits. She let out a scream as she came hard but he didn’t stop, if anything he went even faster as Mitsuki came over and over again.

Mitsuki could only let out a few grunts as her voice was long gone. Izuku could feel his own release coming, he already got a go ahead to release inside so he didn’t stop.

With one final thrust he emptied himself once more inside her and he could feel Mistuki tightened up again as she came again.

Full Cowling the dissipated as he panted hard, Mitsuki was once again motionless but was still breathing, he then pulled out making her groan as his see leaked out once more.

Mitsuki’s vision cleared once more, her legs were slightly numb but she could move it. ‘That…was…amazing’ she sighed dreamily, she slowly sat up to see a sweaty panting Izuku looking at her, she looked down and her eyes widen at the still rock-hard cock that he had. She smiled the boy had stamina but so did she.

She then slowly turned making Izuku blink in confusion, she got on all fours, her ass high up in the air

“Izu~” she purred, she reached behind her and spread her asshole “You still got one more hole to claim~” Izuku’s eyes widen as he stared at her asshole. He slowly went to her ”Don’t worry I’m clean” she winked

He pressed the tip on her anus making her gasp “Just be gentle, okay? It has been a long time since I had something inside there…” Izuku nodded as he pushed the head through her anus making her moan at the sensation.

“T-tight” Izuku grunted out and Mitsuki moaned. He slowly pulled out and went back in again, he did this over and over again, and just like promised he was gentle. He was just getting deeper and deeper inside her each time he went back in.

Soon he was completely sheathed insider her making the both of them moan.

“G-give me a minute” Mitsuki panted and Izuku nodded waiting patiently as she got used to the feeling of him inside her. “O-Okay…you can move now..just be gentle”

Izuku nodded and pulled out gently before going inside once more, and after a few minutes of this process he began to go faster and Mitsuki was moaning in pleasure

Before they knew it, Izuku was fucking her ass like there was no tomorrow, Mitsuki just screamed as she felt Izuku pounding her, this was what she wanted.

She wanted to control her man, become dominant.

But she also wanted someone to dominate her and make her his woman

“CUMMING!” she screamed, she spasmed and made her ass clench making Izuku grunt at the sudden tightness making him cum as well.

As they calmed down from their high, Mitsuki collapsed on the bed and so did Izuku as he laid there on her back.

They were both panting from the extreme pleasure night that they felt.

“Mistuki” Izuku whispered in her ear, she grunted indicating that she heard him “I love you”

That made her open her eyes and looked at Izuku’s vibrant green eyes “…I love you too”

Izuku kissed her on the lips while he pulled out of her ass, she then turned to face him so they could kiss properly.

She opened her eyes and stared at Izuku lovingly.

She then looked at her alarm clock and it read ’11: 25 PM’ she smiled and stared at izuku

“Wanna go for a few more rounds lover?” the thing poking her thigh was enough of an answer for her

And just like that for 5 hours straight they subjected themselves to their lust and desire, in those 5 hour they went to different positions as Izuku relentlessly fucked her until she was a gasping mess of a woman. They did missionary, doggy style, Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, Full nelson, he even pinned her to the wall as he fucked her ass, he carried her in the middle of the room as he just thrusted inside her pussy over and over again.

It was a good thing she was on the pill, otherwise she was sure that she would be pregnant with the amount of times Izuku came inside her.

Right now she was on top hugging Izuku as Izuku hugged her waist as he thrusted upwards and with one final grunt he came once more filling Mitsuki to the brim.

They laid there in each other’s arms. They were sweaty and tired. With the little energy he has left, he summoned Blackwhip and grabbed the covers, that was fortunately spared from their fuck session and was clean. Izuku covered the both of them as he heard Mitsuki snore on his shoulder, he smiled and soon sleep overtake him as well



-------- ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) END OF SMUT IT’S SAFE NOW ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) ----------

Mitsuki’s alarm blared to life as only to be broken down by a fist

Izuku groaned his body slightly aching, he opened his eyes slowly, he then grunted as he felt something move on his chest looking down he saw Mitsuki herself in all of her naked glory snuggling on top of him. She looked up and slowly opened her eyes.

“Hm?” she hummed “Morning already?” she looked at Izuku and blinked.

The both of them blushed remembering last night, Mitsuki snuggled closer to him as he moved his hand to her hair.

“Did you regret it?” she asked hugging him tighter “Last night…did you regret it?”

He didn’t answer her and just lifted her chin up, he smiled and captured her lips with his own, she gasped but she kissed back with the same love and passion as before.

They pulled away and Izuku smiled “Does that answer your question?”

“Maybe~” she sang but then yelped as she felt something poke her thigh. Knowing what it was she smiled at him “Even after all of that, you’re still raring to go~” she purred

“To be fair” he started “You’re a beautiful woman”

It was safe to assume that they were busy the whole morning and afternoon.


-Time skip: 1 year later-


In today’s story, Pro Hero Deku has stopped 20 robberies and has refused about 10 marriage proposals that were sent to him, it’s rumored that the Yaoyorozu family and Intelli family were one of the people that sent their marriage proposals --” said by the male news reporter that was on the TV in a living room.

Sitting on the couch watching TV was Mitsuki Bakugo…scratch that, future Mitsuki Midoriya as she stared at the ring that was on her finger.

She giggled at the memory of his proposal, but that was a story for another time as the doorbell rang indicating her visitors were at the door

Opening it she saw the two Midoriya’s and her son Katsuki Bakugo

“Finally had the time to visit your mother huh?” she said pinching her son’s cheeks

“Shut it old hag!”

The two Midoriya’s smiled, when Mitsuki met Izuku’s eyes they couldn’t help but linger a bit, she shook her head and let her guest inside.

They were silently eating some American food that Mitsuki cooked and instead of wine they were just drinking soft drinks as the two young man had an early shift tomorrow.

“So mom” Katsuki started as he pointed at the ring on her finger “Your boyfriend finally popped the question?”

“Oh yes he did” she showed off her ring “He almost fainted though, but obviously I said yes and I’m getting married soon”

Katsuki grunted but mumbled a ‘congrats’

Inko glanced at Izuku, the boy flinched as he felt his mother’s gaze. “So, when’s the wedding?” she was still knowingly looking at her son, but the question was directed at Mitsuki who giggled

“Don’t know really, we’re hoping to plan it this weekend”

“Oh really now” Inko slowly said as she kept staring at her son, who was sipping on his drink with shaky hands

Turns out, they couldn’t escape from Inko. She found out the moment Izuku and Mitsuki went out on their third date. Fortunately she approved their relationship as long as they treat each other right.

The only that didn’t know was Katsuki himself who was switching his gaze to his mother, to his aunt and to his friend

He felt like there was something they were keeping from him…something that will make him question his sanity.

“So” Katsuki started finishing his meal “When do I get to meet this guy?”

Mitsuki smiled “Right now actually”

“He’s here?” Katsuki looked around for someone that was hiding “Where?”

“Right there” Mitsuki smiled and pointed at the end of the table, Katsuki followed the finger and his gaze stopped at his friend…who just waved innocently at him.

“..What?” Katsuki muttered out and Izuku stood up and sat beside Mitsuki

“Your mother and I…have been seeing each other for a while” Izuku explained slowly trying to not make his childhood friend explode.


“We’re dating” Mitsuki said simply “We didn’t really have the time to tell you, there were time when you were busy or one of us was busy.”


“Don’t worry, we’ll no longer be dating” Izuku said smiling

“As the ring suggests. We’re getting married” Mitsuki added and Inko cooed

Katsuki was left sitting there with his jaw open as he questioned his sanity

“Also” Mitsuki added “I will be taking his family name and as my son so will you. After we get married, I will be Mitsuki Midoriya and you will be Katsuki Midoriya”

Katsuki was sitting there questioning life and the reality that he sat. There was no God.

Izuku and Mitsuki then kissed showing their love as Inko cooed and took a picture.

And Katsuki?

Well, he was on the ground unconscious and as he dreamt, he saw himself floating in the abyss as he questioned life itself

“What is the meaning of life?!” he screamed at the abyss and for a moment there were only silence, soon a bright light came, Katsuki had to shield his eyes as the light was too bright.

Once the light dimmed a bit, he blinked as he saw a mouse-bear thing in front him

“The meaning of life” it said and Katsuki leaned in “…is suffering”

Katsuki then felt himself fall in high speeds and with a jerk he woke up.

He was in his room, he looked around and found nothing was wrong…that was until he heard something.

It almost sounded like screaming…and as he listened he could hear it clearly

“Fuck me Izuku! Fuck me! Breed me you goddamn stud”

“You want my kids?! Take it! Get pregnant with my child!”

He heard his friend and his mother…fucking.


His mind couldn’t take it as he fell down once more.

Chapter Text



Komari Ikoma never really thought her life would lead to anything interesting. Her goals in life were to graduate university, have a job, have a husband, get kids, grow old, and then die.

Sounds simple, but it was enough for her.

Fate had other plans though.

It wasn’t long after she landed a job as a school teacher that she met her husband…well ex-husband now, but we’ll get to that. After two years they got married and then decided to have kids…sadly...she couldn’t have kids. It was a sad day as it was explained by the doctor.

Her dream of having a little version of herself running around the house…gone.

Although adoption was an option so she didn’t give up hope, her husband though…did.

He wanted a child of his own and the thought of adoption sickened him, after 2 weeks of arguing they decided to have a divorce.

Her parents comforted her for some time but she moved on and stayed in her apartment with her cat, and with the comfort of beer every once a week.

And now here she was, looking upwards as debris was falling towards her from a villain who collided with a building.

Life does flash in your eyes when death is upon you.

She closed her eyes and waited for her painful death.

Her ‘death’ came in a form of something colliding on her side and lifting her off of her feet.

This wasn’t painful at all…

“Are you okay?” asked…death?

She opened her eyes to look at ‘death’ to be taken aback as she stared at a young man’s vibrant green eyes, his face was hidden by a green hood with bunny ears(?) and a metallic face guard, and yet his voice soothed her.

She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out so she just nodded, his eyes shined for a bit and she could feel her heartbeat a bit faster than normal.

“Creati, take care of her. I have a villain to take care of” he gently put her to the ground and turned to face the behemoth of a villain who was fighting Mount Lady, she didn’t pay attention to the person that was taking care of her, her attention was on her savior as he crouched and jumped high in the sky.

She could feel her jaw slackened as she stared at the man who was now in the sky, produced black tendrils, and wrapped it around the giant.

She could see Mount Lady smirk and simply say “Buh bye” as the giant got pulled off the ground and into the sky, passing the green hero

“Here it comes!” she heard a kid yelled

“GATLING!” some teens cheered and she grew curious at what they were cheering “DETROIT SMASH!!!” Her answer came as she saw the villain being repeatedly punched in the sky by what seemed to be…wind pressure?

The punches stopped and the villain was unconscious, it let out a poof as the villain shrunk down to normal size.

The green hero descended with the villain wrapped around his tendrils.

“Here you go officers” he said handing the villain to the police, he then looked at her and she could feel herself blush as he looked at her and gave her a wave, she shyly gave a wave and she could hear the person beside her grumble ‘Not another one’

She raised her eyebrows at that but ignored it for the time being as she saw the green hero walk towards her, only to be stopped as Mount Lady herself decided to glomp the hero.

“Good work, out there Deku!” she said as she hugged the hero, Mount Lady then smiled as she traced her finger at the hero’s chest “Wanna go on a date after this?” Komari suddenly heard a noise beside her and for the first time, she looked at the person beside her.

It was a young woman wearing a red leotard with yellow belts on her waist, the noise she heard was her pole being bent with her hands as she stared at Mount Lady.

Then something else landed in front of her making some dust fly towards her. Creati then went to her hero mode and produced a shield in front of Komari, protecting her from the light dust.

“Hands off blondie!” yelled a commanding voice, the shield was raised and she could see Miruko marching towards Mount Lady and Deku “If anyone is getting touchy with him, it’s gonna be me!” she said pulling Deku towards her making the man stumble a bit.

“Now now ladies” said a woman with grace, Komari looked to her left to see Ryukyu walk towards the two heroines “Let’s keep calm and remember who should get ‘touchy’ with Deku” she yanked Deku off of Miruko’s grasp making the man stumble once more.

And so the three heroines bickered in the middle of the street as Komari blinked

“Are you okay?” said a kind voice, looking in the direction of the voice she saw the green hero known as ‘Deku’ removing his hood and mouthguard revealing his fluffy dark-green hair, freckles, and kind smile

‘Oh no he’s hot!’ he then tilted his head ‘And cute!’

She didn’t trust her voice so she just nodded, he smiled and helped her up and quickly noticed that he was taller than her.

“That’s good to hear” he then looked behind her “Did she have any injuries?”

“Nothing major, just a few scrapes here and there” said the young woman from before “How about you?” she said worriedly

“I’m fine” he said smiling and turned to Komari once more “Do you need help getting to your destination? The police might clear this area off so it might take some time for you to go somewhere” he then fully faced her “Where are you headed anyway?”

“H-Home” she muttered but loud enough for Deku to hear as he nodded

“Do you want me to carry you there?” he offered making her blush

“N-n-no need! I can take ca-care of myself!” she automatically rejected, as the hero might be busy. She couldn’t possibly take that much of his time!

“If you say so-GAK!” he yelped as he was roughly pulled backward by Miruko

“Let’s settle this once and for all” Miruko then put Deku in the center of the heroines “Kid, who would you rather be with? Blondie 1, Blondie 2, or a babe like me?” she gestured to herself as Deku then blushed and stuttered as the three heroines leaned in and waited for his answer.

Komari couldn’t hear any more as the police escorted her out of the scene.

A few days have passed ever since her close encounter with death and Komari’s mind couldn’t help but wander to the hero that saved her. How his arms wrapped around her protectively, how his eyes showed concern towards her

She wondered why hasn’t she heard him before, maybe he was a new hero?

Well, he left an impression on her, and now she can’t get him out of her head!

She sighs as she goes to what society has dubbed ‘The Hero crush’, basically having a crush on a hero and having the knowledge that you would never be together. A dream will just be a dream.

“Ikoma-san” said someone snapping her out of trance state, she turned to the voice and saw the principal “The hero is here” he whispered

That was right, their school was having a small event in which a hero course student from a Hero school will give a small speech to the children.

Right now they managed to invite a student from UA to give the speech.

She prepped herself and straightened her clothes to look presentable. She didn’t know who was brought, all she knows was that the principal of UA picked this student himself.

She went to their gymnasium and went to her students, they were a rowdy bunch but she was able to teach the kids some manners here, and thereafter she was inspired at the remedial license exam a year ago.

“Good morning students. I’m proud to present to you the second-year student of UA university!” Komari’s eyes widen as someone walked out of backstage, someone that she knew and met a couple of days ago “DEKU!”

“He-Hey kids” he stuttered but smiled “It’s an honor to be here”

Deku took half an hour for his speech and the kids loved every second of it. He explained the value of heroism and being kind to others no matter what their flaws may be.

‘A true hero doesn’t pick whom he will save, he saves everyone that he can no matter who or what they are’ he said and the kids seemed to have some sort of understanding to this statement, after the speech, the kids surrounded him as they asked for his autograph or something like that.

She did wonder why he was so famous considering that he was still a student.

She opened her phone and searched ‘Deku’

She was surprised at the amount of information that popped out

Overhaul raid, child savior, young father, young hero, number 1 hero intern, All Might’s protégé, All Might secret love child, Top 5 hottest upcoming heroes.

All of these were either articles or websites describing Deku, all his fights, and basic information. In just two weeks of his start at being a second-year he was declared as the next ‘All Might’, the next month after that All Might himself has declared that Deku was his successor, it was then that Deku was given small missions to deal with and his popularity kept being raised.

Komari blinked at the information…great…she was crushing on the next Symbol of Peace. All the more reason that her small crush will remain a small crush.

“Are you alright?” said a voice behind her, she didn’t look and just automatically answered the stranger

“Oh yes, just had a realization is all” she sighed sadly

“Hm? What kind?”

She sighed and turned at the stranger “Oh y’know the realization that I’ll never get together wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii—DEKU?!” she shouted the last part as she finally noticed who she was talking to. It was the man himself, smiling at her

“Get together with who?” he asked while tilting his head as she grew nervous by the second

“Uhhhhhh” she said not able to form a sentence. ‘Come on! Be the adult here, you’re literally older than him. You should more compose than this!’ she scolded herself while trying to come up with something to say

*Snap* Deku snapped his fingers “I remember you!” he said “You’re the person from a few days ago” his smile transformed into a concerned one “Are you okay?”

“O-oh yes, I’m fine” she took a deep breath and bowed “Thank you for saving me back then”

“P-please r-raise your head, you don’t have to bow” he said and she raised herself “Besides, it’s what we heroes are supposed to do”

“Still, I have to thank you. You saved my life”

“Well then…you’re welcome…umm”

“Ikoma Komari” she said with a smile “It’s an honor to meet you Deku-san”

“You as well Ikoma-san” he smiled

She didn’t know how or why, but she suddenly felt a burst of confidence “Wanna go to a barbecue place nearby? They have good beer”

Deku blinked at her offer and she almost thought she screwed up, but all of her doubts were shattered as soon as he gave her his answer


Let just hope to God that she doesn’t get drunk and make a fool of herself

Oh, how wrong she was…

Komari groaned as she opened her eyes, flinching at the sunlight that hit her eyes. She groaned once more feeling the familiar massive headache she had.

She would always get like this whenever she got drunk and luckily she would be able to get back home safely…which was a miracle in itself.

She stared at the ceiling remembering last night events

‘Let’s see…I remember going to the barbecue place with someone…who was it again?’

“DEKU?!” She yelled as she sat up making her flinch at the sudden motion, she covered her face with her hands in embarrassment as she realized that she got drunk and made a fool of herself in front of her crush…who was younger than her for crying out loud.

She sighed ‘Welp…there goes my love life’

She slowly sat up, she blinked as she noticed a glass of water, some medicine, and a folded note on her nightstand.

She blinked and grabbed the note

‘Maybe her parents came and visit?’ she thought as unfolded the note

Hey, hope you’re alright. Sorry, I had to leave early, I had to get back to my dorms and get ready for work. Hope you’re alright, you did drink a lot last night…and tripped a few times, had to carry you back to your apartment. I had fun, hope we get to do it again sometime. Call or text me…or should I call first? I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable or anything…yeah I’m just rambling now. So yeah, I hope you get better and I hope to hang you with you again Ikoma-san. – I.M. aka Deku

She blinked

She blinked again

And again

And then she reread the note

And again

And again

And again

Yep…it was real.

She put the note back down and slowly laid on her bed, she stared at the ceiling for what felt like an eternity.

She then grabbed the pillow beside her and put it on her face

And she screamed

And for the past 10 minutes, she was jumping in joy in her room like a schoolgirl that scored a date with her crush, which was accurate because that was what she was feeling right now.

She then rushed back to the note and looked for his number, once she found it and saved it on her phone she thought of something bold…something dangerous.

But she was on cloud 9 right now, so she was going to do it.

She decided to….send a good morning text.

Unbeknownst to her, that text would be the doom of a certain young man who was being interrogated at this very moment.


-1 hour earlier (Izuku POV)-

Izuku Midoriya was finally back in UA and was walking to his dorms.

Last night was…quite an experience.

He and Ikoma-san went to a barbecue place that was near the school and just like she said they had good beer, unfortunately, or fortunately, he can’t get drunk easily as this is strangely one of One For All’s side effects. He then watched as Ikoma-san drank almost 20 glasses of beer before she stopped and sank in her seat complaining about how single she was and how her husband left her.

After he paid the bill he then carried her to her apartment with her direction…well she would answer him with a grunt but he took it as a ‘You’re going the right way’ approaching an apartment he was then approached by an elderly woman who quickly recognized Ikoma-san, she then directed him to Ikoma-san’s door and told him where she hid her keys.

Opening her door he was greeted by a cat that was staring at him, he shrugged and just went to her room, once he laid her down, took her shoes off, and put the covers on, did he walk away from her room.

He thought that he should just leave, but his instincts told him not to.

She might need him still, and with that, he laid on her couch and went to sleep.

He woke up and checked on her, he sighed in relief seeing her still asleep. Before he left, he prepared some medicine for her and left her a note.

And now here he is, walking back to his dorms.

“I’m ho-” he stopped himself as the guys were in the hall “Uhh..guys?” he asked nervously and the guys looked at him with sympathy.

“It’s been nice knowing you buddy” said Kaminari as he patted Izuku’s shoulder

“Do not fret Midoriya, I will take good care of your merchandise” Iida said as he looked away

“You ready to die nerd?”

What did he do?

He walked past them only to gulp as he felt a menacing aura

“Oh hello there Midoriya-kun” greeted Momo with a smile, but he could see an intense aura coming out of her “Glad you could join us”

“Yes” said Mina as she stared blankly at him “How nice of you to join us”

“Deeekuuuu~” sang Ochako as she smiled at him innocently, but he could feel and smell death behind her smile “Care to tell us where you were last night?”

“Yes *Kero*” agreed Tsuyu who stared at him with those big eyes as she stared at his soul “Where were you?”

“I was…out” he said simply afraid and confused at their behavior

“With a woman” whispered Toru in his ear making him jump “You were with a woman last night”

“H-how di--”

Jiro picked up the remote and turned on the TV and his eyes widen.

On the TV was a Twitter post, but the content of the post was him carrying Ikoma-san on his back while the woman was laughing joyfully

“It was all over Twitter last night”

“We-well you see, there’s an explanation here” chucked Izuku nervously as he tried to explain, which was ignored by Momo

“So let’s see.” She said putting her tea down “You were with a woman, and by the look on her face she was drunk, meaning you had to take her back to her apartment which would then lead to you going to her own room and laying her down” Izuku nodded confirming her guess “Which now begs the question…” she said smiling innocently and tilting her head to the side “Where did you spend the night I.Zu.Ku?”

“W-well, I had to stay with her. She mi-might still need me.., if you know…she got sick and all that” he explained as he chuckled nervously not really knowing why there were mad at the first place

“And nothing happened?” asked Jiro as she leaned in as well

“…Yes” the girls stared at him for a moment before their menacing aura disappeared instantly. The guys sighed and Sato went to the window and shooed something away, Midoriya blinked and looked out the window, only to sweatdrop as he saw Sero and Kirishima walking away with a coffin

“Hey, Deku can I borrow your phone for a sec” asked Ochako her eyes returning back to the kind eyes he was familiar with.

“Oh sure” he said unlocking his phone and giving it to her, it was just then that his phone decide to give off a notification

“Good morning Deku~, thanks for last night. I hope we can do it again sometime, call me XOXO” Ochako reads the message

And just like that, the menacing aura returned

Izuku gulped and the guys just said Fuck it and left, leaving him alone with the girls

“I~ZU~KU~” the girls sang, it was right then that he knew, it was going to be a long day

Chapter Text

“So…they tripped?”


After Izuku found both Ochako and Jiro on the ground, he quickly went ahead and carried Ochako in his arms and carried Jiro with Blackwhip. The girls explained that they trained with a third year in the gym and Ochako and Jiro were simply tired and tripped.

He didn’t believe it at first but accepted it nonetheless, his priority was the two girls and the truth could come in some other time.

“W-well, we should pr-probably take them to their rooms to rest” he said as he stood up while Jiro was carried by Blackwhip. The girls nodded and went to the 2A dorms.

Izuku blinked as he finally noticed Mei and the 2B girls walking beside them “Eh? What are the 2B girls doing here?”

“Oh!” Ibara jumped a bit “W-we’re…having a sleepover with the girls!” she said hurriedly

“Y-yeah! You know…a simple…sleepover…yep” Kendo chuckled weakly while the rest of the girls groaned, but of course, Izuku believed this and just nodded. He then looked at Mei

“Even you Mei?”

“Yep!” she cheered while grinning madly making Izuku chuckle

“J-just try not to blow up the dorms”

“No promises!” Me laughed madly as they approached the dorms

As soon as Izuku stepped into the common room all he heard was a scream that was more akin to a banshee

“MIDORIYA YOU TRAITOR!” It wasn’t a banshee, it was Mineta….hooray?

“Wha?” Izuku asks as Mineta just pointed at him

“YOU LEFT FOR NO LESS THAN 5 MINUTES AND YOU COME BACK WITH A GROUP OF BABES!!” Ah, that was his reason for screaming. You would think that after a year of being with the guy, everybody would get used to him, nope. He’s even more annoying.


Luckily Bakugo is always on Mineta duty whenever he was on Eri duty

“Shut it” muttered Katsuki with Eri riding on his shoulders gripping his hair so she wouldn’t fall

The 2B girls blinked as this was their first time seeing Katsuki with a calm look on his face

“Yeah he gets like that” whispered Mina “Whenever Eri’s around he won’t even curse or yell loudly without reason” the girls just nodded slowly as Izuku went into the elevator

“Yo Midoriya, is dinner ready yet?” asked Kaminari who was playing videogames on the couch

“Maybe in an hour or so” Izuku replied pressing a button on the elevator “I have to put Ochako and Jiro to their rooms” he then looked at the girls and smiled “You guys have any requests?”

Most of the girls blushed as they felt a sort of domestic aura from Izuku, but 2A just had a droopy smile on their face as they were sort of immune to his domestic aura at this point.

“Y-Y-You don’t have to Midoriya!” screamed Kendo “W-we can just order pizza or whatever” the 2A girls chuckled and muttered ‘There is no escape to his kindness’

“But pizza is so unhealthy though” Izuku just smiled wider making the girls cover their eyes a bit due to the bright light “Don’t worry it’s no big deal for me”

“C-curry i-is fine” muttered Kendo and the rest of the girls agreed

“As long as it’s not Bakugo’s recipe then I’m good” said Sero as he tied Mineta up with his tape

“Not my fault you have no taste” Katsuki rebuked as he put down Eri, the girl then ran towards Dark Shadow who had a plate of apples

“Pretty sure our taste got burnt after we had your hot sauce soup last month” remarked Shoji, he still remembers the way he ripped his own mouth from his arms to stop the burn.

“You’re just weak!” yelled Katsuki

Meanwhile, some of the girls decided to take the stairs while some take the elevator with Izuku

Normally Izuku would blush as he was ‘trapped’ inside the elevator with the girls…well he was still blushing but not excessively so as he was before, he seemed to have some confidence now and it also helped that he had…’interacted’ with a woman more to get used to them.

He shudders as he remembers Midnight’s ‘lessons.

Once the elevator doors were open he stepped out and proceeded to Ochako’s room the girls followed him and so did the girls that were coming out of the stairs. Reaching her room he opened it with the spare key he had and laid her down on her bed. He then pulled Jiro closer to him and carried her in his arms, he ignored how she purred and leaned into his chest.

“A-ah no need Midoriya” interrupted Momo “We can take her we’re probably going to have our sleepover here anyway” she said gently as she took Jiro off of his arms and into hers. She blushed as Jiro purred once more and rubbed her head on Momo’s chest.

“…You sure?”

“Yes” said Momo as she put Jiro down next to Ochako, the petite girl grumbled a bit but proceeded to hug Ochako in her sleep with a content smile on her face. Momo and Tsuyu could feel a tiny bit of jealousy in their body but shook it off.

“Also” interrupted Kendo “I believe you also have dinner to prepare”

“Ah right” Izuku sighed “Curry is good right?” he received several nods

“I can help if you like” said a gentle voice, the girls whipped their heads at the voice to see Ibara, who also had her eyes widen seemingly shocked at what she blurted out.

“…If you want to…I guess I could use a hand” replied Izuku with a shrug “T-though, I don’t wa-want to interrupt your sleepover or anything” he quickly added

“Oh don’t worry” replied Ibara as she composed herself “I’m sure the girls would be fine” she smiled as the girls gave her a glare

“Well, okay then,” he said as he walked out of the room with Ibara in tow, she would forever deny that she was smug at the time as the girls glared at her as she and Izuku walked out of the room.

It was at this moment that Ochako and Jiro stirred awake, once they opened their eyes they had to blink repeatedly as brown eyes meets black eyes.

They stopped as they hear several familiar clicking sounds that were akin to a camera shutter, they snapped their head to the sound only to see all the girls had their phones out and was taking a picture.

“Oh would you look at that” muttered Mina “I now have some blackmail material”

Jiro and Ochako blushed, the latter blushed even more as Jiro hugged the brunette tighter

“I have no regrets”


5 minutes later and all of the girls were on the floor while Setsuna was holding the list.

“Okay so all that is missing are Bubble Girl, Ryukyu, Mandalay, Ragdoll, and Pixiebob” said Setsuna “The problem is that none of these women are in UA or we have any sort of contact”

“We do” said both Ochako and Tsuyu

“Both of us are interns of hers *Ribbit*”

“Yeah….but we can’t just…you know…” Ochako tried to word her sentence but failed

“Ask our boss if they fucked our friend?” finished Tsuyu


“What?” Tsuyu tilted her head “That’s what you were trying to say wasn’t it?”

“Ye-yeah but…” Ochako stuttered as she blushed lightly

“What’s the matter Ocha~” Setsuna smiled “Frog got your tongue?” Ochako blushed harder at that remembering the events from earlier

“Trust me” Tsuyu started as she pointed at herself “I was tempted to shove my tongue down her throat” Ochako was steaming at this point

“Kinky” commented Yui as she drank some water “Can I try?”

“Some other time” answered Tsuyu with half-lidded eyes that made Yui drink some more water

“Horniness aside” muttered Kinoko “How are going to contact all these women?”

“Nejire could probably ask her” suggested Tsuyu “She’s a current sidekick of Ryukyu and they seem close”

“How close?”

“I think Ryuku’s exact words were ‘It’s like having an annoying lovable over-energetic little sister’” Ochako answered as she giggled “So I can pretty say they’re close”

“So I guess we’re going to call her once more” said Reiko

“Yep, hold on let me call her” Ochako said as she raised her new phone, courtesy of Momo, and dialed Nejire’s number and put it on speaker. It rang for 5 seconds before all of them heard the sound of rushing wind

New phone who dis?” Nejire’s voice came out as the wind slowly died down

“Nejire it’s Ochako”

Oh hey Ocha!” Nejire screamed as they heard a slight thud

“Hey Nejire” Ochako played with her hair a little bit “I need to ask a favor”

Sure what is it?

And before Ochako could word it better Tsuyu decided to be blunt and direct “Did Ryukyu fuck Izuku?”

“TSU!” screamed the majority of the girls


“We could have at least word it--” Ochako stopped herself and stared at her phone, and so did the rest of the girls “…What?”

Oh, well I guess it was more of like Izuku fucking Ryukyu by how she was screaming…” there was a small pause “…but yeah…they fucked

“Y’know what” started Mina “Next thing we’ll know he fucked Midnight as well”


-UA Staff Dorms-

“Achoo!” sneezed a curvaceous woman with dark purple hair, the woman was wearing an oversized sweater with leggings. This was Nemuri Kayama aka Midnight

“Please don’t tell me you got the flu” groaned Aizawa as he lay on the floor

“Trust me I don’t have the flu” snorted the Midnight “And how are you comfortable in that?”

“With patience and willpower” grunted Aizawa. Midnight just hummed and continued to watch her soap opera


-Back with the girls-

“Oh God please don’t jinx that” groaned Jiro “I could never look at her normally”

“Oh please” Setsuna snorted “You might never know, Izuku might have fucked a villain to rehab”



“Achoo!/Achoo!” sneezed both an ash-blonde young woman whose hair was styled in messy buns and a short shiny red-haired woman

‘Huh…is Izuku thinking of me?’ wondered the ash-blonde woman

‘…Wonder if that kid is thinking of me…’ thought the red-haired woman


-Back with the girls-

“Nope!” Ochako crossed her arms “I’m stopping those thoughts right here!”

“It’s just a thought” Mina chuckled “It’s not like those things actually happened right?” she was met with silence “Right?”

“Moving on” interrupted Momo “Hado-san, how do you know that they…had sex”

Oh I heard them” she said casually as they heard a small thud “I forgot my bag one day and when I came back to the office to get it I heard Ryukyu screaming ‘God Yes Izuku! Darling that’s it, keep going. YES! HARDER!

“That’s hot” Yui commented as she hugged Reiko from behind

“You gotta wonder though” Kinoko said “Who taught him to the point that he’s that good”

“It’s Izuku” answered the 2A girls

“Give him some pointers and the next thing you’ll know he’s doing every research and training there is to be perfect”

“That’s him if he’s self-thought” added Toru “Now imagine if someone’s there to actually teach him”

“Mother of God” muttered the girls horrified and slightly aroused by that idea

“Hmm, well we gotta thank whoever took his virginity. That man is a beast”

“Oh yeah, you got fucked”

You damn right I did

“Wait…” Tsuyu hummed “When was this?”

Hm? Oh! It was like…five days after my graduation

“Oh, well Izuku talked to Ryukyu way before that” Tsuyu got to her thinking pose “Do you think they talked between the cultural festival and the hero rankings?”

“Hmm...Well I do know that Izuku came to the office after the cultural festival to give some documents, but I’m not really sure if they talked”

“Can you uhhh….ask her?” asked Ochako unsurely, hopefully, Nejire was mature enough to word her question better.

Oh sure, I’m about to finish my shift anyway” They then heard a ding, the next thing they heard was Nejire’s footsteps and her humming a song as she walked.

*Knock*Knock*” they heard a ‘Who is it?’ from the other line “Nejire-chan reporting for duty!” They heard Nejire cheerfully answered next thing they knew they heard a door opening and the voice of Ryukyu came through

What can I do for you Nejire-chan?

I have a question

What is it?

Did you take Izuku’s virginity?” cue the girls facepalming and groaning while Tsuyu, Yui, and Mei were just staring at the phone listening intently. The only they head was the sound of a spit take and someone coughing

WHAT?!” screamed Ryukyu

Did you take Izuku’s virgini-EEP!” they then heard a door slam shut

I heard you I heard you just….” They heard Ryukyu groan “Don’t say it out loud like that, what if someone heard you” the girls looked at each other while gulping

We’re the only ones on this floor so it’s not like there’s anything to worry about

They heard Ryukyu sigh “Honestly Nejire if I didn’t look at you as a little sister then I would have fired you on the spot

You wouldn’t do that because you love me right?” they heard Nejire sing and then let out a small yelp

Don’t push your luck kid” Ryukyu chuckled


-Ryukyu Agency-

Ryukyu turned around and walked back to her desk, she leaned on her desk as she crossed her arms “So about your question”

Neijire who was still in her hero costume leaned in, her phone in hand but was forgotten and ignored by the two women in the room

“No I did not take his virginity” Nejire deflated at this making her chuckle “The time that you accidentally heard us was the only time that we had…sexual intercourse” Ryukyu finished blushing lightly as she remembered her private time with Izuku

“Awww~” Nejire whined but then had a thought “Wait, then what happened when he came here after the cultural festival a year ago”

This made Ryukyu blush a bit harder “Oh that…” she fiddled with her hair a bit “We just…talked”

“Doesn’t look like you just talked” Nejire smiled teasingly “Come on tell us~” she said jumping a bit

“*Sigh* There’s no escape from you isn—wait…’us’?” she questioned as she looked directly at Nejire and her eyes widen as she finally noticed Nejire’s phone in her hands.

“Yeah us” Nejire raised her phone “Me and the girls”

“Who…are these girls” Ryukyu asked slowly, feeling a headache coming in

“Oh Ochako, Tsuyu, this Mei girl, basically the 2A and 2B girl of UA” Nejire smiled unaware of the first girls she mentioned nervously sweating

“Uravity. Froppy.” Ryukyu said in a commanding tone

Yes Ma’am” Ryukyu heard from the other line making her sigh

“Did you and the rest of the girls there hear everything?” Ryukyu’s tone was flat but still held a serious tone that made the two girls shiver.


Please don’t fire us

Ryukyu sighed feeling all of her energy gone “Don’t worry girls I’m not going to fire you” she could feel the relief from the phone “I might fire Nejire though”

“Oh come on!” Ryukyu sighed as she walked back to her chair, she collapsed on her chair and hit her head on the desk, covering her head with her own arms

“I’m ruined” she mumbled

“Oh don’t be like that” Nejire instantly was beside her and patted her back “The girls won’t tell anybody” there was a chorus of ‘yes’, ‘definitely’, and ‘I would never’ from the phone that made Ryukyu smile slightly

“Thanks….but that doesn’t really make me feel any better girls” she sighed and after a short pause a voice was heard once more

If it makes you feel any better Ryukyu-san…we could share with you our secret

Ryukyu raised her head and looked at the phone with a raised eyebrow “A secret for a secret?”

Yes, it only seems fair since we found out your secret

Ryukyu hummed at this, it did seem a good trade. They wouldn’t spread her secret since she would know theirs as well

“Okay then. I accept.” Ryukyu said as she properly sat on her chair “Though I highly doubt your secret would be any crucial” she imagined that their secret would be that they once lost a bet and they had to do a certain thing, nothing big. Just embarrassing.

We love Izuku

…That…wasn’t what she expected though

“…Excuse me…what?”

She heard a slight coughing sound from the other line “All of us 2A and 2B girls…are in love with Izuku Midoriya

Ryukyu blinked…not believing what she heard

“Izuku also fucked me in my graduation” Nejire cheekily said grinning at Ryukyu “He made me his bitch that day”

Okay…she must be dreaming…there was no way that Izuku Midoriya…somehow has a harem of sorts…Okay now that she thinks about it, it was plausible considering that the young man was what every woman wants as a partner. It now left a question on who else was on the list that was attracted to him.

She groaned and massaged her forehead

Are you alright Ms. Ryukyu?” the voice of Ochako came through

“Yes, Uravity…I’m fine…just…trying to wrap my head around this whole thing”

Trust me, ma’am, I also wouldn’t believe it, but here we are.

“Yes…here we are” Ryukyu sighed “How did it come to this..”

Well…” Ochako started “Long story short, all of us have our own reasons why and how we’re in love with Izuku, one day we heard that someone from 2B had a crush on Izuku, after a few days of confirming the rumor we head out to 2B to investigate

Which we then found out that the whole 2B girls are in love Izuku” continued Froppy “And after a whole day of telling why and how we fell for the same boy we then later found out that he was no longer a virgin

Which then led us to a..hunt of some sort” continued a voice that was elegant yet young “Which we try to find out who took his first time

“Which then led to me being one of the suspects?” finished Ryukyu as she felt where they were going with their story, she heard a few hums of agreements before she continued “Why?”

We have a timeframe” answered Uravity “We found out that someone actually knows who it is, but they weren’t going to give the exact information so they just gave us a timeframe

Our timeframe is between the Cultural festival and the hero ranking announcement last year

“Hmmm, okay. I did talk to Izuku between those days, it was three days after the cultural festival, I needed some documents that concerned the Overhaul investigation, and since Nighteye was the one leading the investigation he had the most info.” Ryukyu blinked as she saw Nejire sit on the chair in front of her and place the phone on her desk, she sighed and continued on with her story

“What I didn’t know was that Izuku himself will be delivering the documents”


-Flashback: Three Days after Cultural Festival-


Ryukyu looked up as she heard knocking coming from her door, her assistant in the lobby informed her that someone from the Nighteye Agency came to deliver her requested documents.

She smiled sadly as the name of the pro came to her head. It was the bitter truth in their profession. Some lives were just taken, even if you did all you could. You can’t save everybody.

That doesn’t mean she couldn’t be frustrated though.

She sighed and looked at the door once more “Come in”

The door opened and the person that walked in surprised her. It was the young man from the raid, who had defeated Overhaul and was one of the interns of the recently deceased pro.

“H-he-hello Ms. Ryukyu. I’m De-Deku from the Nighteye Agency” he then handed her an envelope “H-here is your requested documents Ma’am”

She nodded and accepted the documents, opening the envelope she then inspected the contents to see if everything was there, satisfied she closed the envelope and looked at the young man

“Thank you Deku, everything seems to be in order. Tell Centipeder thank you” she said kindly

“W-will do Ma’am” he then turned around and started to walk away, but before he could even take a step she decided to stop him

“Hey” he turned around to face her “I need to ask you a few questions. Would it be alright?”

“Y-yes!” he stood ramrod straight making her giggle, she gestured at the chair in front of her. Taking the message he sat down and looked at her

“Are you alright?” she asks gently “I’m pretty sure, losing a mentor wasn’t one of your expectations in your work studies” she tried to be gentle but also trying to lighten the mood a bit.

Deku looked at the ground and played with his thumbs “Y-yeah, I’m okay…”

Ryukyu leaned in a bit “Are you sure? It’s okay to let those emotions out” she gave him a smile to assure him “You’re safe in this room. No one, especially me, will judge you.”

He looked at her unsurely, but she wouldn’t budge so he sighed and looked ahead “I guess…I feel..” he put his hands in front of him “Inadequate?... Like I could have done better”

She nodded fully listening to the young man

“If I could have just…reached him faster or if I grabbed Eri and ran at full speed or if I….I don’t know” he sighed in defeat

“It’s not your fault” she says gently but he just smiled sadly

“That’s what everyone said…but I still feel like I could have done…more”

“I know the feeling” she says as her mind wandered back when she was underground with Nighteye “Maybe if I could have flown him to the nearest hospital, he would be alive…or if I have just reached him faster and fought Overhaul myself, he wouldn’t need to fight in the first place”

“It wasn’t your fault…you did what you could” this made her chuckle

“You’re sounding like a hypocrite Deku” she saw him blush brightly making her chuckle once more “But that’s my point” she sat up properly in her chair and looked at him “We all did what we could at the time, as much as we could think of all the things we could have done…there wasn’t really a choice” she said and she saw him look defeated and a bit sad “That’s the reality we face kid, we can save all the people we want…but we can’t save everybody” she thought sadly and remembering all the lives she saved and lost in her time in being a hero “But…” she continued, Deku looking at her “That doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from this” she smiled at him “Use your mistakes and the things you wish you could have done and use them as your inspiration to be better”

Deku listened to her words and seemed to slowly digest them as he looked at the floor

And then he smiled

“You’re…right” he said looking at her brightly “T-thank you…”

She gave him her own smile “No problem kid” she looked at the clock that was in her desk and noticed that they talked for almost 30 minutes, she then grabbed a blank piece of paper and wrote her number on it. “Here”

Izuku looked at it and blushed “I-I-I-I-I-I” she giggled at his stutter

“Take it…just in case you need someone to talk to”

Deku nodded and grabbed the piece of paper as if it was the most fragile thing and the rarest thing on the planet. “T-th-thank y-you, Ryukyu-san”

“Kid we literally fought together, just call me Ryukyu or Ryu” she blinked at the last one not knowing where it came from but she could feel a sort of growl inside her that likes the idea making her question it even more

“O-o-okay…Ryukyu” he blushed brightly

“Now go ahead and scram kid” she said playfully “Centipeder might be worried that I kept you this long”

“A-ah right!” he said and after bowing he then sprinted out of her office, she was going to ignore the feeling of disappointment that she felt when he left

She decided to scan the documents and start working, the first thing she grabbed was surprisingly a picture and not just an ordinary picture.

It was a picture of Deku in his UA school uniform smiling, at the bottom of the picture was the simple details. ‘Name: Izuku Midoriya, Age: 18, Year: First Year, Hero Name: Deku’. Ryukyu looked at the picture itself and smiled

“He looks so cute” she purred as she held the picture

She blinked


She purred….



-Flashback END-

“After that, my instincts basically screamed at me to see him and claim him” she chuckled as she blushed “I had to fight myself every time whenever I either talk to him or meet him face to face”

“Bet it was heaven when you two fucked” commented Nejire and she had to blink in surprise as Ryukyu purred and had a faraway look on her face

“Trust me~” she purred “I marked him so much and he marked me. So. Many. Times~” she sighed dreamily. She then remember where she was and coughed, recomposing herself “And that’s basically how our talk went”

…Huh” mumbled Ochako

“Hm? Is something the matter?” asked Ryukyu surprised at their reaction

O-oh no! it’s just….the first time we heard someone falling for him, but he was the one being comforted…

“…Well to be fair” Ryukyu chuckled “I was the older one in the room, it wasn’t like he was going to pull a move on an old woman such as myself”


-UA: 2A Dorms-Kitchen-

Izuku looked up from his position, his hand stopped stirring

“Is something the matter?” asked Ibara as she checked the rice, she was wearing a cute pink apron with a heart in the center.

“N-no…I don’t know why but…” he narrowed his eyes as he looked at the sky “I just had this…sudden urge that I needed to tell someone how beautiful and perfect they are”

Ibara squeaked at this imagining him looking straight at her eyes and saying she was the most beautiful thing in the world

Mineta was screaming from his mummified position in the corner of the common room, the boys were just playing video games while some were betting when the green-heads would get together.

Shoji was taking a picture of the two and saving it with a caption ‘Husband and Wife’

Eri was staring at the two with wide eyes and in her combination of joy, excitement and innocence decided to utter one word



-Back with Ryukyu-

If Izuku heard you say that then he would just spend the rest of his day telling you otherwise” said Tsuyu as the rest of the girls giggled at her statement

“Yep sounds like Izuku” agreed Ryukyu “So, where do we go from here?” she then heard an excited gasp from three women

You should join our cult!” she then heard three ‘Bonks’

Do not call it a cult

Ryukyu raised her eyebrow “What is this…cult?”

Hearing a sigh from the other line “We’re…calling ourselves…the MidoCult

Though we are not a cult, we’re in a Polyamorous relationship

“…Oh” Ryukyu blinked “And you want me to join…that?”

No one’s forcing you, you can still be with Izuku” Ryukyu blushed at that “And we would give our consent, just as long as…y’know…we know.

“…I’ll consider it” Ryukyu finally answered, Nejire let out a small ‘Yey’ as tiny sparkles surrounded her “In any case, I wish you luck with your investigation”

After a few ‘Goodbye’ from the other line, the call was ended. Ryukyu then dismissed Nejire and after 2 minutes of assurance that she wasn’t fired, the blue-haired girl finally left leaving Ryukyu alone once more

She stared outside for a while before she reached out for her phone and began to type on a particular group chat


Deku? Dicku…what’s the difference?


It would seem…that we have competition


Oh this should be good


Please don’t tell me the 2A and 2B girls are also in love with him




Oh come on!


To be fair, we did consider the possibility of him attracting women his age.


Oh shush you

You have a hand on expanding his harem


I have no regrets


Among other things


Why you little…


Now now, let’s all calm down

Laugh B***h

Nope, let the chaos reign in girls!


Why am I here again?


You also love Izuku don’t you?




We all started that way


And look at us now…fallen desperately in love with the same man


You’re the only desperate one here


You wanna go old hag?!


Bring it!


Let’s all calm down, it is 7 pm. Let’s not start a fight


So anyway…what is this about a competition?


You see…



- UA: 2A Dorms-Ochako’s Room-

“So that happened” commented Kendo after the call was ended

“Indeed” said Momo “All that’s left now is Bubble Girl, Pixie-Bob, Mandalay, and Ragdoll”

“How are we going to contact all of them though?” asked Toru caressing her head after being hit by Kendo “I don’t think any of us have their numbers” they shook their heads

The 2A girls felt their phones vibrate, Momo opened her phone and saw that Izuku texted in the group chat saying that dinner was ready

“Well looks like we’re going to find out later, dinner is ready” this made every female in the room have a growling stomach

“DINNER!” screamed Toru and Mina as they both sprinted out of the room and headed downstairs. Momo sighed at their behavior but followed nonetheless.

Soon the 2A and 2B girls minus Mina and Toru, were walking down the stairs. They blinked as they saw the males were eating in the common room, while the coffee table was filled with foods that the boys shared.

“Oh, girls I’m right here in the kitchen” yelled a happy voice that they recognized was Ibara’s voice. They walked to the kitchen and blinked as they saw Mina and Toru staring at a particular spot, following their gaze they could feel their eyes widen as they saw Ibara…with Eri on her lap…smiling.

What they heard next broke them

“Mama why is Papa over there and not sitting beside you?” asked Eri as she looked at Ibara


…Eri called her Mama…Eri called…Ibara Mama

‘Traitor!’ screamed most of the girls in their head while some were still processing what they were seeing and hearing

“You’re right Eri, let me fix that” Ibara shot out her vines quickly towards the lounge where a certain green-haired young man was. The girls heard someone let out a yelp before the vines quickly pulled something onto the chair beside Ibara.

Izuku blinked as he held his plate of curry that was miraculously undamaged, one minute he was with the guys, the next thing he knew vines were suddenly wrapped around him, and in the blink of an eye he was in the kitchen once more sitting besides Ibara. Eri cheered and climbed to his lap, he patted the little girl’s head and looked at Ibara, he blushed as he remembered when Eri suddenly called her ‘Mama’. He basically crashed right then and there and he didn’t have the heart to tell the little girl the reality and instead opted to ask Ibara to ‘pretend’ to be her mom for one day.

Which he didn’t need to do in the first place as Ibara suddenly radiated with joy and hugged the little girl and began to dote on the child.

He could feel Nana smirking and whistling inside him and he had to convince himself that Ibara was just doing this for Eri and not because she liked the idea of them getting married and having kids.

Yep…just pretending. For Eri.

He then saw the rest of the girls standing and staring at them, well mostly at Ibara, and decided to invite them to the table

“Umm…dinners ready?”


-1 Hour Later-

Dinner was…quiet. For the most part.

The girls sat down and ate dinner, with Eri being assisted from time to time by either Izuku or Ibara, which would then lead to some of the girls giving Ibara a look which the vine-haired woman didn’t give any sort of care in the world as she just smiled.

Izuku meanwhile was looking between Ibara and the girls. Slightly worried at the gazes that they were sending to Ibara, while not threatening it was slightly worrying.

Dinner was done and he was about to wash the dishes, only to be stopped by a large hand.

“Let us do the dishes Midoriya, it’s the least we could do”

“O-oh, I couldn’t p-possibly” Izuku then felt a hand on his shoulder, looking to his left he saw Momo

“We insist” as she said that he could feel some auras from the rest of the girls, knowing that he wasn’t needed there and understanding that there was going to be a talk between the girls, he nodded and picked up Eri and went to the lounge.

Finally alone, Ibara gulped as she was released from her high

“Ibara~” Ibara felt a hand on her shoulder she looked up and saw Setsuna and Ochako “Care to explain?”

And explain she did. Basically, as soon as they started cooking dinner she was on a high, the feeling of someone you love cooking beside you just felt so right with her. She just sees herself cooking dinner with him while there were little versions of herself and Izuku running around the house, it was at this moment that Eri called her ‘Mama’. She couldn’t explain it, but there was something inside her that…clicked and she has never felt so…happy and content with her life.

“It was at that moment that…” Ibara sighed dreamily “That I knew I wanted to be with him” she whispered and the girls cooed at her, even Kinoko and Pony who were doing the dishes cooed at her. Jealousy was gone and they were back to see the two as a cute couple

“We should have taken a picture” Toru said making Setsuna and Mina snap their fingers as they realized they missed their chance.

“Welp, it’s official” Ochako sighed “Ibara is one step ahead of us” it was at this moment that Ochako realized that someone was missing in their group “Hey where’s Mei?”

The girls looked around for the pink-haired maniac, Jiro perked up as her jacks pointed at the common room

“I think I hear her in the lounge” the girls stood up and looked for their friend only to crouch down to not disturb the adorable sight they saw.

Mei was sitting on the floor while hugging Eri, who was sitting on her lap as the little girl drew on a piece of paper. Eri herself was drawing, Izuku and Kirishima who were carrying Sero and Sato respectively. The four males were posing for Eri as she drew on a piece of paper.

The girls cooed silently as the sight

Once Eri was done, everyone gathered around the paper to see her work. And yes even Mineta, though he was being kept away from the girls by Sero.

Eri’s drawing was a simple one, she was a child after all. Everyone was a stick figure with different types of hair and colors of stick figures. Izuku was obviously the green one with cloud-like hair, Kirishima was the red one and his hair was spiky, Sero was the black one and his hair was five lines, and lastly Sato was the brown one with his hair similar to Kirishima’s but his stick figure had round shapes on its arms depicting his huge muscles.

It was a simple drawing, but for everyone in the room, it was one of the most sacred drawings they have ever seen.

“This is amazing Eri!” complimented Momo and the little girl giggled. Izuku took the drawing and placed it on the fridge for everyone to see.

Izuku smiled proudly and fondly as he stared at Eri who was finally acting as a kid and enjoying it.

It was at this moment that they had a visitor

“LEMILLION!” screamed someone from outside the front door, suddenly a yellow streak flew through the door and into the lounge “IS HERE!”

“Uncle Mirio!” screamed Eri as she hugged the blonde man

“Hey there champ” greeted Miro as he returned the hug “How are you?”

“I’m fine!”

“Don’t forget about me” said a young woman at the door. The young woman was fairly well-built with a rather slim build, her skin was light blue and her hair was dark blue. The blue-skinned woman raised a small box “Look what I got Eri~”

Eri looked at the woman and the box and her smile widen, she wiggled out of Mirio’s grip and hugged the woman’s legs “I would never forget about you” The woman melted at the little girl’s hug and smile fondly.

“Here you go, you little cutie” the woman pinched Eri’s cheeks lightly making the little girl giggle, she then gave the little girl the box.

Eri then ran off with the box and headed in Tokoyami’s direction. “Uncle Toko can you open this for me?” the bird-headed man smiled and nodded

“Of course, little one” grabbing the box he headed to the kitchen. Dark Shadow then came forth and grabbed Eri making the little girl laugh as she ‘flew’

Izuku smiled seeing Eri’s smile. He remembered the first time that Eri and Tokoyami first interacted, and she was scared seeing him as she remembered everything that Overhaul did. Tokoyami of course was shocked at the clear fear in the eyes of the child when she saw him and after he was explained why that was the case, he had to fight Dark Shadow and himself from finding the man that was responsible for the torture that they have given to the child.

Tokoyami understood why he needed to be out whenever Eri was in the dorms or anywhere at all, considering that he was one of the triggers of her trauma. He wasn’t sad nor upset that he needed to go, he completely understood and left. That was of course when one day, he was training in the backyard away from Eri. When he sat down and took a break, he was surprised when Eri herself came to him slowly with a bottle of water, she gave the water with shaky hands and he thanked her after he grabbed the water she ran inside but peeked every once in a while.

After a few months, they grew close and he held the title of ‘One of the Best Uncle’ in Eri’s life.

“Earth to Izuku” Izuku felt someone knocking on his head, looking to his left he saw the blue-skinned woman in front of him

“Y-yes B-bubble Girl?” What he didn’t know was that the moment he said that the girls snapped their head in his direction.

Bubble Girl pouted and pinched his cheeks and unlike Eri’s, this one hurt “How many times do I have to remind you to just call me Kaoruko or Awata when I’m not in uniform”


The girls meanwhile were staring at the scene and they noted how close the two of them are. They all looked at each other and nodded, wordlessly agreeing on what they needed to do. All of them simultaneously put on some shades.

It was time to interrogate once more.