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You can Hide, You can Run, but You can't dodge the Feels

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“Momo what are you doing?”

Said woman looked up

“Oh, nothing much”

“…You sure?”

“Yes” and with that Momo returned to what she was doing. Meanwhile, Jiro continued to stare at her friend who was loading a tranquilizer sniper rifle with what looks to be pink syringes.

“…Ok…” Jiro just decided to sit on her friend’s bed while she worked “Sooo…who are you shooting?”

“Midoriya” Momo answered simply making Jiro choke, Momo raised a syringe “This syringe is filled with a sleep toxin that would surely put him to sleep”

“Okaaay…can I ask why?”

“Oh!” Momo blurted after cocking the bolt of the rifle “Aizawa-sensei told me that Midoriya has been training non-stop for the past week with no sleep whatsoever” Momo inspects the rifle “And asks me to put him to sleep”

Jiro blinked “And you’re going to shoot him?”

“Yes” Momo answered putting the rifle down and cleaning some of the mess that she made “It seemed to be the most logical thing to do”

Jiro continued to stare at her friend like she just grew a third boob “Okay…how did you get the syringes then?”

“Hatsume made them for me” Momo set the rifle on her desk “She said it was the same formula that she used to make him fall asleep to test her inventions at him”

“Ok” Jiro finally stood up “Ignoring the fact that that sounds so unethical and wrong” she then pointed at three green syringes on the table “How many ammo do you need?!”

The rich girl blushed at the mention of the other syringes “Oh those syringes are not for shooting” she then began to twiddle her thumbs “Hatsume gave them to me for no reason” the rocker girl raised her eyebrow and Momo sighed “She said those syringes increases a person’s sexual drive” the purple-haired girl’s eyes widen “A small drop could make any individual last long for about two hours in bed, fast recovery time, make them extremely horny, and able to ejaculate in buckets”





The two of them went on for about five minutes before Jiro gave up and plopped herself on the bed while Momo rested on her desk chair.

Jiro then stared at the rifle for a few moments and then at Momo “So what’s the plan?”


“Your plan on making Green go to sleep” Jiro clarified

“Oh!” Momo adjusted herself on her seat “I plan to do it tonight. I’ve invited him to help me study. Once he opens the door I will simply shoot him and carry him to bed”

Jiro shrugged her shoulders at her plan “You’re gonna need some help if you’re going to carry him to his bed” she was then met with silence, she looked back to her friend to see her looking away “You are going to carry him to his bed right?” More silence “OH MY GOD--MOMO?!”





Momo stood up to defend herself only for something to fall off of her shorts. Both women looked at the object that fell.

It was a condom.

Jiro could feel the dots starts to form in her head and after a few seconds, there was a ding in her head as she finally came to a conclusion.

“YOU WERE GOING TO FUCK HIM IN HIS SLEEP!” Jiro pointed an accusing finger at the blushing raven-haired beauty

“YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!” Momo stomped her foot on the floor “Every time I see him he’s just so…PERFECT!” she threw her arms in the air “May it be walking, on a test, on an exam, hero work, or even talking!” she grabbed Jiro’s shoulders and shook her “WHY. IS. HE. SO. PERFECT!”

Jiro managed to break free from her friend's clutches “I know he’s perfect!” she grabbed her own head and gripped her hair “His taste in music is almost the same as mine, he thinks I’m cute and looks at me as a woman, he cares for me and!” she poked her ear jacks at each other “He looks cute when he mumbles” she then snapped after a few seconds and snatched the condom out of Momo’s hands ‘Hey!’ “If anyone’s fucking him it’s me!”

Momo glared at her friend after her bold declaration. Her expression changed to something dark, she turned around and grabbed her rifle

“Momo what are you--”

“Y’know this thing will instantly knock you out” she turns around, rifle in her arms, and looked at Jiro who gulped “You won’t feel a thing. You’ll just wake up in a few hours like nothing happened” Momo then aimed the rifle at Jiro “As if everything was just a dream”

“Momo let’s talk about this”

“Good night Jiro”

But before she could pull the trigger, their attention was taken by a knock on the door.

“Yaoyorozu-san? It’s me” the voice of Midoriya came from the other side

“Come in” Momo answered. She then aimed at the door just in time for it to open and enough time for Momo to pull the trigger.

The syringe went flying towards Izuku and stopped an inch away from his neck.

Izuku caught the syringe with his hand. He place the syringe in front of his face and looked at Momo with his eyebrows raised. Jiro leaned in and whispered sarcastically “Well that worked”

“Wait for it” she whispered back

The syringe then made a sound, this time Izuku wasn’t able to dodge the pink gas that assaulted his face and he naturally took a deep breath.

Momo looked at her friend and smirked, Jiro could only roll her eyes.

Just then Momo’s phone began to ring, fishing out her phone she saw it was Hatsume calling her.

“Yes, Hatsume?”

Heya whoever you are!

“It’s Yao--”

Don’t care! Anyway I was just calling to inform you that I got the syringes wrong!” Momo’s eyes widen at that and looked at the not falling asleep Midoriya at the door, gripping his pants and was breathing heavily ‘Oh no’ Yep! The green syringes are the sleep toxin while the pink ones are the over sexual drive one. Good thing I warned you before you got to use any of them. Ciao!” she then hung up leaving Momo staring at Izuku and the huge tent in his pants.

“Hey…he’s not sleeping” Jiro nervously said also noticing Izuku’s odd behavior “You gave him the right syringe right?” she looked at her friend “…Right?...”

Momo opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by a green blur slamming and pinning her in her own bed.

It would be a mystery why Momo, Jiro, and Izuku were missing for a whole week, and after they returned everyone would be greeted by an Izuku looking refreshed, while Momo and Jiro were being carried while also being highly affectionate towards the green-haired hero.