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You can Hide, You can Run, but You can't dodge the Feels

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“Tell me again, why haven’t you two become a couple yet?”

“And for the last time, I don’t know what you mean”

It has been a peaceful semester for our heroes, after Shigaraki accidentally got a safe dropped on top of him, the heroes no longer have anything to fear and they can continue with their lives free of the LOV.

During those peaceful time, Izuku Midoriya has been more focused on becoming a hero and enjoying his time with his friends. Eri, an additional member of their group, is being cared for by Izuku himself and the little girl has been seeing him as a father figure calling him ‘Papa’

So Izuku has been taking good care of Eri, but of course, the little one has to have a mother figure while it was debatable, the little girl seems to gravitate towards Ochako.

This now leads to Ochakos’ situation in which Mina dragged her and the other girls to her room to interrog---to ask some questions

“Come on! You two are always together, You two go on ‘dates’, you two have nicknames, and more importantly!” Mina pointed at Ochako herself who was wearing an All Might hoodie “You’re wearing his clothes!”

“And let’s not forget you two have been taking care of Eri” Tooru added

“Thank you!” Mina cheered

“Mina is this really necessary?” asked Momo rubbing her forehead “Sure the two are close, but can’t we just let them be?”

“Never!” yelled Mina defiantly “I can taste the love that’s leaking out of the two of them”

“Gross” said Jirou


“Look Mina” started Ochako “Sure we are always together, but that’s because we’re best friends. We don’t go on dates, we just hang out, sometimes we take Eri with us. It’s just that. Two friends hanging out. He only calls me Ocha and I call him Deku--”

“LIES!!” Interrupted Mina


“You two call each other ‘babe’ or ‘honey’! If that’s not true then let God strike me where I stand!”

Momo was about to create a baseball bat but was stopped by Jirou. Shaking her head she just gave Mina a disappointed stare.

“No, we don’t!” Ochako yelled with a blush on her cheeks “That has never happened!”


“I don’t know. *Kero*” Tsuyu who was quiet this whole time finally spoke “I have caught you call each other honey that one time”


-Flashback a month ago-

Tsuyu was going to the laundry room to get her clothes out of the dryer, before opening the door she heard Ochako’s voice

“Look all I’m telling you is that If we use this conditioner, we’ll save more”

“And I’m telling you that if we use this, it will smell good. Plus it’s not that far off from that one” argued Izuku.


Tsuyu raised her eyebrows at the strange argument between the two. She was about to open the doors and come in

“*sighs* Fine you win babe, but can you at least consider it?”

“You just want it, because it’s All Might theme” Izuku nervously chuckled at that “But fine, I’ll consider it honey”


Not wanting to ruin a moment, Tsuyu just turns around and walks away

-Flashback End-

“AHA! I CAUGHT YOU WITH YOUR BS!” Mina yelled happily

“You’re really passionate with this” deadpanned Jirou

“Shush you” Everyone then turned to Ochako who was a blushing mess. She did not remember calling Izuku honey nor him calling her babe. Oh sure she remembers that argument it was one of the funny arguments they had over the past months, but she can’t recall ever calling him ‘honey'.

“I-I don’t remember that! Maybe Tsu just heard wrong”

“No, I did not”

“Well, I don’t remember it!”

“Also” everyone turned to Momo “How about that romantic dinner you two had?”

“The what now?” Ochako confused but was overshadowed by Mina

“Deets Girl!”


-Flashback 3 weeks ago-

Momo was walking down the stairs to get to the kitchen to get some water, she then heard people talking and she slowly walked down

“It’s been long since we last did this” said a male voice

“Last time we did, you burned the noodles” said a female voice, but with amusement behind it.

“That was one time!”

Momo pressed herself at the wall and looked around the corner and was shocked at what she saw. Izuku and Ochako was at the dinner table with the lights dimmed and a small lit candle between them, in front of them was a plate of spaghetti and grilled cheese.

“Yeah…but you still burned it though” said Ochako taking a bite of the grilled cheese

“….Coming from you, you almost blew up the oven” Izuku remarked while taking a sip of his soda.

Ochako almost choked, but was still able to whisper-yell “That was Kaminaris’ fault and you know it!”

“Kaminari wasn’t even there!”

Ochako crossed her arms and huffed “Whatever” Izuku just laughed and Ochako soon joined him.

Not wanting to ruin the moment Momo slowly walked back up.

-Flashback End-

Mina smiled. That oh so devilish smile that she has when her matchmaking senses go off, she slowly turns to Ochako who gulps at the smile she was giving. She opens her mouth to explain, but Mina grabbed her shoulders and began to shake her



Tsuyu wrapped her tongue on Minas’ waist and pulled her to a chair. Momo then created some acid-proof rope and tied her down

“You can’t keep me tied down forever! I will escape! The truth! The love! They all must be revealed!” Mina began to thrash around wildly

“You need a boyfriend” Jirou remarks

-30 minutes later-

“Ok, I’m calm” Mina said calmly after being released. “But seriously, why are you two not a couple yet? You two literally act like a married couple at this point!”

Ochako sighed, sure she and Izuku have been close. But a relationship is just….way too much a commitment. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for it. She has to be a hero and take care of her family, and then Eri came along. That little sunshine just brought the two of them together and the two have been inseparable since. Were they together though?........Nah, they were just very, very, very close friends.

“Look Mina, we’re just close friends”


*Knock*knock* “Mina? Have you seen Ochako anywhere?” Izuku’s voice came behind the door.

“I’m here Deku!” she opens the door to see Izuku standing there, seeing her he smiled “Hey, you still good for tonight?”

“Of course! Can’t actually say no to a movie marathon”

“Okay, okay. See you tonight babe”

“See ya, honey”

She gently closed the door and turned back to her friends, who were giving her deadpan looks, even Tooru who she couldn’t see gave off the feeling.

“Uhh guys?”


“Oh boy” this was going to be a long afternoon. Hopefully, she could still make it to her date—hang out. A friend hangout…..Dammit, Mina.