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Love, Darling, Dear.

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When Harry decided to befriend Malfoy it was mainly McGonagal's doing. Inner-House Unity, she had said, We all could do with a little love where there was once hate. While he is glad she got him to do, right here, right now, sitting in the middle of potions with Malfoy's left leg brushing his own under the table, he is sourly regretting his decisions. 

Two Months ago, he would have assumed the sour face Malfoy had on his face was a yearly thing. No matter where or who he was with, Harry thought his face would stay the same. He quickly, as their friendship began to grow closer, realized his mistakes. 

Malfoy's face while in public still often times looks as if he just bit into the sourest of lemons; but in the small confinements of his room, or tucked away behind the rows of books at the library, or even out by the lake when not too many were around, Harry learned that Malfoy had many wonderfully pleasant faces. Ones that when you saw them made one believe in the world again; ones that could light up even the darkest of rooms. 

It was a pleasant surprise to Harry to see these faces. It made him feel special, in a way, knowing that he was one of the rare few who saw this side of Malfoy. 

A new development in the learning of Draco Malfoy, was that he was extremely affectionate to the ones he is close to. Harry found within the last two weeks that Draco loved saying endearments, especially to Harry. 

'Love, can you pass me the cowbane,' He would say in potions. 

'Can you slid me that book by your elbow, Dear?' He would whisper in the library. 

'How was your day, Darling'  He would ask down by the lake. 

Try as he might, Harry was slowly becoming obsessed once again with the person that was Draco Malfoy. His friends, surprisingly, didn't bat an eye to this new obsession. When he spoke of Draco they all just looked amused. 

But here, in potions, a class Harry needed but was currently failing, the obsession was bringing itself to the surface more than it ever did before. Instead of listening to his professor, all Harry could pay attention to was the brush of Draco's leg against his own. Instead of reading the board and writing what he would need for today's potion, all he could do was pretend he wasn't staring at Draco Malfoy next to him. 

In one of the moments where he was able to pull his eyes away from the blond who was distractingly rubbing the end of his quill against his lips, he felt a slight pressure of a hand against his thigh. 

He jerked back, nearly falling out of this chair. A smooth, slim hand grabbed his thigh tighter, as another one pushed at his back, righting him back into the chair.  

Draco looked towards Professor Slughorn before leaning over to whisper to Harry, "Love, are you alright?" 

Whether his heart was racing from nearly falling out the chair or from Draco's hands, Harry wasn't sure. But he did know that it sped up twice the normal amount when Draco whispered the word love.

Harry swallowed thickly, nodded a little too erratically. 

"Are you sure, Darling? You look a little pale." 

Harry couldn't take the concerning look Draco was giving him. So, when Slughorn asked if there was a problem at his and Draco's desk Harry nodded quickly and ran out the room, into the loo down the hall. 

Once he was able to get his breathing and his erratic heart under control, Harry leaned against the sink. 

"Logic." He whispered to himself. "Be logical." 

The scariest part of this was, Harry knew what all of this meant. The sweaty palms, the erratic heart, the smiles soft and wide. He knew what all of these things meant, and it scared him more than anything else. 

The feelings he felt towards Draco were, and are, much stronger than he has felt towards anybody - and he had no clue how to handle feelings this strong. 

Taking one last deep breath Harry started for the door. 

Everything went smoothly the rest of potions. Harry kept his heart somewhat in check and was able to brew a decent potion, mainly from Draco constantly pointing out what he was doing wrong. 

After class, he and Draco walked down to the lake, where Hermione and Pansy were already discussing their plans for the upcoming Hogsmead weekend. 

Harry plopped down, grabbing a cracker from the sleeve Hermione was holding. Draco gave them each a kiss on the cheek before sitting beside Harry. 

"One day, Malfoy," Ron said as he and Neville got closer, "You are going to kiss a girl's cheek and her boyfriend is going to beat you for it." 

Draco let out a laugh, leaning back slightly, "I'd like to see this boyfriend try." 

Pansy rolled her eyes, leaning back against Neville's chest, "You wouldn't know a thing about fighting, Draco." 

With a shrug, Draco quickly responded, "No, but I am pretty good at holding my own, just ask Potter." 

Ron smirked around his cracker, "I bet Harry would know, wouldn't ya?" 

Harry tried to hide his embarrassment to Ron's statement with a cough. "Yeah," He pulled his legs into criss-cross position, "But Pansy's right, his swing could really use some work." 

Draco scooted closer to Harry, leaning against his bent knee, "Is that you offering to help me, Potter?" 

Luckily, Ginny and Luna chose that moment to come over to them, so no one but Draco saw how red Harry's cheeks had gotten. 

As the girls said their hellos, Draco leaned further into Harry's leg, nearly draped across it, he spoke softly, "Do you think," He paused for a moment, glancing at Ginny and Luna, "that they might be an item?" 

Harry leaned over Draco to see the two girls sitting right across from them. Ginny was sat just as Harry was, with Luna sitting nearly in her lap, playing with her fingers. 

He raised an eyebrow towards Draco, "If they are, what do you think they think of us?" He whispered back. 

Draco smiled one of his sweet smiles up at Harry. Turning back towards the conversation the others were having. 

Harry knew he should be paying attention to the conversations around him - it was so rare that they all had a break in their studies to be together; but he couldn't focus on anything but Draco leaning further back on him, head against Harry's shoulder. 

"What about you, Harry?" Luna was asking him. 

"Hm?" Harry replied, having no clue what she was asking about. Everyone in the group gave each other looks, like they knew a secret Harry didn't. "What?" He asked impatiently. 

He startled as Draco picked up his hand, threading their fingers together, "I think they were making fun of you, love." 

Harry looked around the group, confused, "About what?"  

Hermione smiled at him, "Oh, no reason, love." 

The bell for dinner rang out, causing everyone to groan. 

"But its so peaceful outside," Ginny was groaning as Luna pulled her to her feet. 

"Don't worry," Luna said, "You can find peace anywhere you go, Ginerva." 

Instead of standing like all the others, Draco leaned further into Harry. "Let's stay for just a minute longer." He whispered. 

Harry, who at this point realized how much of a goner he was for Draco, said simply, "Okay."

He waved to the others as they walked away, leaving him and Draco looking out of over the lake alone. 

"Do you know what your going to do when you leave here?" Draco asked him softly, as if if he spoke too loudly the peace would shatter. 

Harry let out a sigh, squeezing the hand that still held Draco's. "I thought I did. I thought I knew exactly where my life would go after, well." He looked out at the dark water. "The future is so weird." He mused.

Draco turned his head to look up at Harry, "How so?" 

"Well," Harry began, "You think about they future your entire life, don't you? What you'll do, where you go. As a kid, you imagine this life for yourself that you think would be perfect. I had ideas and dreams and now, now that the future is here right in front of me all I want-" He stopped himself before he could say -is you.  

Draco leaned away from his chest to look at him better. "All you want is what, love?" 

Harry looked deeply into Draco's eyes drowning in the vibrant grey. Without thinking properly he spoke, "Have dinner with me?" 

Draco's brows furrowed, "Um, alright, I'll sit with you at the Gryffindor's table."

Closing his eyes, he shook his head, "No, no, I meant like- let me.. We can go.." He trailed off, losing the sentence. 

Draco's mouth made a 'oh' shape, before turning into the biggest grin Harry has ever seen, "Are you asking me on a date, darling?"

Biting his lip, Harry nodded. "If that's- I mean, If that's alright, I would love to.. Yeah, I would love to." 

Giggling, Draco dropped his forehead on Harry's cheek, "My love," He whispered softly, pulling back to look Harry in the eyes. He ran a hand across Harry's bangs, the other laying softly on Harry's waist. "Of course it's alright, I would love nothing more than go on a date with you." 

McGonagal, Harry thought, had a very good point about Inter-House Unity.

As he lay there in front of the Lake and setting sun, with the person he once hated, he is ever so glad that he was able to find love.