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Kinktober 2021

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Gentle sunlight filtered through the gauzy curtains and across Louis’s cheeks. With a grunt he rolled over to wrap himself around his husband, Oliver. His head was still fuzzy as he slowly woke up, his skin buzzing with warmth. At the forefront of his thoughts as he slowly roused was the aching erection between his legs, pressed against Oliver’s ass. He let out a deep sigh as he pressed himself closer, slowly beginning to grind against him. 

After a few moments Oliver began to stir, stretching with a yawn, chuckling a little too himself as he felt Louis’ grinding against him. “Good morning, dearest.” He murmured, smiling as he received only a grunt in response. Oliver sighed softly and pressed back into Louis’ hold, enjoying the quiet moment.

Louis kept himself pressed tight to Oliver’s back, face buried against his neck, letting out little breaths and moans. Oliver has always been so soft and warm, so gentle with him, though guiding with a firm hand. It was all he could ask for. Oliver always took such good care of him, always kept him well fed and content, keeping him from his self-destructive tendencies and finding him a way to cope. He took in a shuddering breath as he rolled his hips, firm and slow.

A hitching whine left him as Oliver brought a hand up to bury in his hair, fingertips massaging his scalp. “You’re so cute, such a good boy.” Oliver hummed, playing with Louis’ hair as he continued to grind against him. “You can cum, dearest, whenever you need to.”

Louis moaned and continued to rock into him, his skin flushed and breath heavy. It took an embarrassingly short amount of time, but soon he was cumming. Louis’ hips stuttered and his moans came out choked and whiny. Oliver continued to pet his hair through it, relishing in how Louis seemed to just let go, going limp when he had finished.

“You’re such a good boy, a very good boy. Now, what would you like for breakfast.”

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Arthur gave a pleased sigh as he straddled his boyfriend’s head and lowered his hips. Alfred was always eager to please and quickly got to work, tongue swiping between his lips, over his hole and his cock. Arthur’s hands slipped into Alfred’s hair, nails lightly scratching over his scalp.

“God, fuck, Alfred,” his breath hitched as Alfred’s lips wrapped around his cock, sucking gently, laving his tongue over it. “You have such a lovely mouth when you’re putting it to good use.” Arthur laughed and rocked his hips down. He sucked in a breath as Alfred moaned against his slit, sending the feeling up his spine.

“Such a good slut,” Arthur hummed, eyes fluttering as Alfred brought his calloused hands to his hips and shifted him so he could slide him higher up. His nose brushed along his cock, though what really got him, what pulled a shaking moan from him was the way Alfred’s tongue flitted around his entrance before pressing into the slick heat. He lapped at his walls, his lips working over the edge of his hole, as if he was a starving man presented with a feast.

“This is what you’re-“ his voice caught and he pressed his hips down hard. “What you’re good for. Just a big dumb slut who can use his mouth. Ha- Wouldn’t you like to do this? Be my good slut. Let me use your mouth when I want. Have your dick wet constantly.” The rush that went through him as he imagined Alfred wanton and ready for him at any given moment, it was delectable. His lips quirked in a grin as Alfred whined, pitiful and needy against him and he doubled his efforts.

“That’s a good lad, fuck me right and we’ll see what we can do about letting you cum, hm? You’ve been so patient. Good boys get rewards when they listen and do what they’re told.” Arthur delighted in the way Alfred’s whole body seemed to jolt at the idea.

God, what a good, eager slut he had. 

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Audette had always been a light sleeper, so it really wasn’t a surprise that she stirred when the bed dipped. At first, she had dismissed it was her dog, Kumajiro, until the scent of spice and forest and leather met her. She blinked and made to sit up, but found her body was far too heavy. A small groan left her and she let out a sigh before breathing in the scent again. It was so warm, like someone was holding her. Her eyes fluttered shut for a moment, only to shoot back open when a hand ran down her side. The sound of a low chuckle was heard near her ear and she could feel the hot breath against her skin. There was not panic, no fear and the tip of a forked tongue brushed against the outside of her ear.

“Hey, darlin’,” a voice purred, the hand sliding up under her shirt. “I’ve missed you. Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Sinners to punish and all that.” There was a heavy laugh and his finger tips barely brushed the bottom of her breast. “Missed you baby.” His hand slid over the crest of her breast, the pad of his thumb rubbing over her hardening nipple lightly as he cupped her heavy breast. “You missed me too, I can smell how wet you are already.”

Audette’s head was tilted as he leaned in to breath in a long breath at her neck. “Sorry about the paralysis by the way. You know how it is. It’s not something I can really turn off. Some of them struggle too much. But not you, never you.” Warm, grinning lips ran over the skin of her neck before they were latching on and sucking, nipping, leaving a dark mark over the now fading ones from his last visit. Eventually he pulled away with a wet ‘pop’!

“What should we do tonight?” He mused, thumb continuing to run back and forth over her nipple, occasionally bending to scrape the sharp nail over it. “Thought about fucking your tits earlier. They’re just so soft and fuck do you look good with my cum on your face.” He laughed, brazen and amused. “But, I think I want to use your cunt tonight. Ya know? Fill you up with a few loads, make you swell from how much you’ll have to take. My cute little cum dump.”

The lithe appendage of his tail crept over her thigh and across the front of her panties, a wet spot beginning to form the longer she breathed in his scent and listened to him talk. Her body managed a small jolt as the band of her panties snapped against her skin as they were broken and thrown to the side by his tail. 

Audette felt the bed shift and her thighs spread to accommodate the form now between them but she couldn’t see him. It was too dark and he blended in like a shadow, save for the striking blue of his almost feline eyes. They nearly rolled back as he took a deep breath.

“God, I really did this to you, didn’t I baby? You’re so wet, so needy. Do you need me to fuck you, sweetheart? Need me to fuck you full? Until you can’t walk and all you can think of is my cock?” She could vaguely see his sharp grin, fangs glinting in the brief slivers of moonlight. It only seemed to widen at the pathetic whine that broke free from her.

“Don’t worry, sugar. I’ll fill you up nice and good.” She felt him press forward, his impossibly large cock rubbing between the soaking folds of her pussy. Her clit throbbed with every firm brush against it. She was already anticipating the way he would stretch her beyond human limits, fill her until the outline of his cocked could be see in her abdomen. God, she couldn’t wait and thankfully, she didn’t have to.

After a moment of maneuvering, he began to press into her. They had progressed past a need for prep, she was always so ready for him. She could feel every inch of him against her walls as he pressed to the hilt. Her breath began to come heavier, pitched with whines and moans as he reached the deepest parts of her. 

He let out a harsh sigh, almost a growl as he gave her a moment before pulling out to the tip and snapping his hips forward again. His hands planted themselves on her thighs, palms nearly burning with heat that flooded her system, and pulled her legs further apart and pressed them up, nearly bending her in half as he began to fuck her earnest. His hips in an almost mechanical precision and speed. Her head swam and those pathetic little sounds left her, her lips unable to form proper pleas and cries as he burned his mark into her cunt with every thrust. Vaguely, in the back of her mind she recognized that she shouldn’t be enjoying this as much as she was but at the forefront of her thoughts, she knew it was where she belonged. She was his pussy to fuck when he wanted, she belonged to him.

“Fuck, baby, you’re always so tight,” he grunted. “Always feel so good around me. I can feel just how much you love this. How much you love having my cock fill you.” He grinned down at her, predatory and dangerous in all the right ways that made her cunt clench and throb.

“Ahhh, fuck, I’m gonna cum- gonna fill you up so good-“ the warning came after several minutes of using her like a living flashlight. Leaning over her and fucking her until she felt like she might split in two.  Only moments later did he completely hilt himself in her, the hot gush of his cum beginning to flow into her, shot after shot of hot, sticky liquid until she could feel her stomach begin to distend from the sheer volume. Slowly, he began to pull back, cum leaking from her abused pussy and he watched with fascination.

“You look so pretty like this: stuffed with my cum and shaking.” He grinned, eyes roving over her body. Once she had caught her breath, he lined himself up once more.

“Ready for more, sugar?”

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Audette shuddered at the thick cock slowly slid into her, the hands on her hips pushing her down to the base. Her breathing had grown a little heavy and her thighs were smeared with an abundance of lube and her own slick. Her eyes lids fluttered and her head lolled down. She didn’t stay like that for long as the calloused hand hand of her current partner lifted her head and forced her to look at her boyfriend. 

Gilbert sat across the room, arms bound behind his back and his legs spread and tied to the chair to keep him from closing them. A few of the buttons on his shirt had been undone and his pants rest low on his thighs. Half-hard and growing, sat his cock against his thigh.

Erzsébet held her chin to keep her from looking away. “Tell him how much you like my dick. Tell him how it satisfies you better than he ever could.”

Audette let out a small whimper but licked her lips and sucked in a breath to speak. “It’s so good. It’s stretching me so well. I haven’t-“ Her voice faltered and her face was beginning to grow increasingly red. “I haven’t been filled so well before.” It was cheesy and embarrassing, but she supposed it was worth it by the way Gilbert’s cock jumped at her words and his breathing hitched.

“Good girl. Why don’t you give him a show? Ride me. Make him watch you pleasure yourself on my cock.” Though it was spoken like a suggestion, Audette knew it was a command and slowly raised her hips until only the tip of the strap-on was inside her. Quiet, breathless and needy sounds left her as she sunk back down, her cunt accepting the toy easily, even as it stretched her. Her hands moved to Erzsébet’s thighs to steady herself as she raised and lowered herself once more, beginning a steady pace.

Erzsébet’s lips found her neck and began to kiss up and now the soft skin. “What a good girl. You’re so good at following directions. Maybe that pathetic little bitch will follow in your lead.” Audette brought her gaze back to Gilbert and her pulse jumped at the sight of him achingly hard and breathing heavy, his pupils blown wide. “Such a good little thing. I might have to keep you for myself.” 

Audette let out a soft moan as Erzsébet began to suck a dark hickey onto the side of her neck, scraping her teeth along it before biting down. Audette cried out, head falling to the side and her cunt clenching down around the dildo. Erzsébet grinned and slid one of the hands on her hip down to the apex of her cunt, to her throbbing clit and began to rub in slow circles. 

“I’m going to make you cum on my cock, okay? We’ll show him what it looks like when a woman really cums. You won’t have to fake it for me.” Erzsébet was quick to focus her attentions Audette clit, relishing in the way she cried and gasped with every touch.

“Erszi, Erszi please- fuck- please I-I can’t-“ Audette had always had a hard time letting people play with her like this, it was overwhelming and incredibly sensitive, and she herself had a hard time touching her own clit. A sharp gasp left her as Erzsébet lightly pinched the hood, her hips jerking and slamming down on the thick dildo filling her to the brim.

“You can and you will. Or do you not want to cum?” Erzsébet’s voice had entered a low, dangerous territory and Audette knew better than to not listen. She was quick to quiet her words, though not her voice. Her thighs shook and she focused her gaze onto Gilbert once more. The tip of his cock was an angry red and pre-cum dripped from the tip. He had taken to squirming to get any kind of friction, his eyes trained on Erzsébet’s hand and the silicon dick pressed deep into his girlfriend.

Audette’s thighs shook and she had to seat herself entirely, unable to hold herself up and thankfully Erzsébet didn’t scold her, only continued to torment her clit. She tapped and rubbed, never keeping the same speed but a constant pressure that had her hurtling for the end. It wasn’t long before she shaking wholly and her hips jerked as she came. A choked sob leaving her as her cunt clenched and shuddered, her whole body jerking.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck- Erszi- Please- ahhh, fuck-“ A pathetic whimper left her as Erzsébet worked her through the orgasm, though the overwhelming touch eventually abated

“Such a good girl, cumming like that.” Erzsébet praised. Her hand came to her chin again, smearing her own slick against her skin. “Look at him, he came.” Her gaze was once more directed to Gilbert who was panting, his own spend soaking his abdomen and lap. “He liked watching you get fuck. Like seeing you get treated right. Maybe he’s learned his lesson.” Erzsébet laughed, as if the idea of him learning was hilarious. 

“Go let him out. Let’s see if he can make you cum that hard.”

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It had taken some convincing to get Ivan to agree, but Ilya had been insistent. He had eventually wore him down and Ivan had given in. Ilya had prepped and sterilized everything and gotten extra lube, just for this. They would be starting out small, Ilya knew that despite Ivan’s monster cock he wouldn’t be able to start large. But, regardless of how big the sound was, he knew Ivan was going to be putty in his hands.

“You know the safe word, yes?” Ilya asked, palm throughly coated in lube as he stroked Ivan to hardness. 

Ivan nodded, “I do.” Though he had been hesitant at first, to let Ilya do this. He figured, it wouldn’t hurt to try, especially since it was something Ilya though he would enjoy.

“Good. You use it if you need.”  He stroked Ivan for a while longer before grabbing the smallest rod in the set and making sure it had more than enough lube. “I’m going to put it in. Are you ready?” Ilya waited until Ivan nodded his consent and Ilya beginning to tease the tip of the rod along his slit.

Ivan’s breath hitched and he tried to keep still. It was foreign and it made his gut clench briefly, heat tingling up his spine. It was an odd feeling as the rod began to slip into his cock, cold and slick and it left a strange feel of fullness. It was new and made his abdomen curl with arousal. 

“O-oh,” he let out a shuddering breath, eyes falling closed at the drag of cool metal along the inside of his dick. He could feel every slow inch as Ilya carefully pressed it in. It was near overwhelming as the rod teased every nerve ending available. A soft gasp left him as Ilya began to stroke him with every small thrust of the rod. God, he didn’t know if he was going to last very long like this.

“Good?” Ilya asked, stroking his thumb along the underside of the shaft, following the tip of the rod. He had a feeling he knew, based on the quiet little moans and whines that left Ivan.

Ivan nodded. “It is, it is a little weird, but good.” He tried not to squirm as it was pressed deeper and deeper until it was brushing along a spot that had him seeing stars. He was quick to bring a hand up to his mouth and cover the loud whine that left him.

Ilya’s lips quirked up in a small grin as Ivan whined, his legs twitching. Carefully, he began to target that spot, enjoying the way Ivan quickly began to fall apart at the attention to his prostate. After a few moments, he knew it wouldn’t be long before Ivan came. In any other scenario, he might have edged him, but he decided to give him this.

He kept the rod against his prostate and began to rub the tip of his thumb over his slit and around the sound, enjoy the way Ivan gasped and twitched with every touch and thrust. He kept up the touch and stimulation until he began to see the signs of Ivan’s orgasm. He pulled the rod out to the tip and shallowly continued to thrust it, his hand stoking him firmly.

Ivan moaned and gasped and jerked his hips up as he began to cum, thick spurts of cum coating his cock and Ilya’s hand, leaving quite the mess in his lap. He panted and began to go a little limp as everything can to an end, leaving him sated and fuzzy.

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“Quit squirming,” Arthur grumbled and Alfred’s arms around his waist tightened. He knew Alfred always had difficulty being patient, but that was something they just had to practice.

“I can’t help it,” Alfred whined, burying his face in Arthur’s neck, breathing in the cologne he always wore. The one that made Alfred’s pulse race. “You’re so hot and wet, it’s driving me crazy.”

“A shame. But you’re a good boy, aren’t you? You can keep still and watch the movie, right?” Arthur hummed, voice even. “There’s a prize waiting for you upstairs if you can be patient. If not, we can save it for another time.”

Alfred groaned and huffed. “Come on! That’s not fair!” He lifted his head to pout at him and Arthur knew he had won. Alfred was a sucker for prizes and Arthur knew that.

“Of course it is. Who’s in control here, love?” 

“You are…” Alfred mumbled, arms tightening around him again. “I’ll be patient and watch the movie. I promise”

“Good. Thank you.” Alfred nodded and pulled a blanket over them so they could cuddle comfortably. Alfred took a deep breath as Arthur shifted in his lap, his cock twitching inside Arthur’s wet heat. It was always hard to be patient when it came to sex, everything Arthur did drove him crazy. 

Alfred barely made it though half the movie before he began to squirm again, hips stuttering up into Arthur as he shifted. A little thrill went up his spine at the small gasp Arthur gave.

“Alfred.” There was a warning to his tone and Alfred knew he would be in some sort of trouble if he didn’t reign himself in. Though all he wanted was to bend Arthur over and rut into him like a bitch in heat.

“Please, Artie, Arthur, I can’t do this. I want to fuck you, let me fuck you please. Babe please.” Alfred wasn’t above begging, he was so so hard and needy and Arthur was right there, wet and ready and taking him so well.

“Alfred. Are you disobeying me?” Arthur was patient with Alfred, knew he struggled with self-control, but even so, sometimes he had to resort to a firm hand. The whimper he got in return was satisfying.

“… no… I’m not.” Alfred shook his head. “I’m good, I promise.”

“Then prove it.”

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“Do I have to wear this?” Audette huffed from behind the changing curtain, stepping out with the corset in hand. She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman and Francis had seen fit to get her the according clothes, wanting her to dress her best like the other young women of the court.

“Of course, it’s what all the women are wearing now. Besides, you are positively radiant now, a corset will only highlight your assets.” Francis grinned as he looked her over, only in the thing white gown that would serve as her undergarments. Her breasts had grown significantly over the past few months, usually a little too big for the sweeping necklines of her gowns. Even now, her under gown was tight against her chest, leaving nothing to the imagination. Francis motioned with his hand for her to come forward as he set his wine glass to the side and stood.

“Come here. Let me do it up for you.” He instructed. With a heavy sigh, Audette moved forward and let Francis place the corset around her waist and placed her hands on the desk in front of her to steady herself.

Francis tool the stiff item of clothing and took the strings in hand. Skillfully, he laced it up. “Deep breath in, my flower.” He waited until he heard the intake of breath before tugging the strings as firm as he could. He felt his heart stutter at the small almost squeak she gave. He was quick to tie it, though his hands settled on her waist, rather than pulling away. “There we are.”

Slowly, Audette stood straight once more and turned. Francis’s gaze was quickly drawn to her chest. The fabric of her garments was pulled taut, so much so he was certain it might rip should she breath too hard.

“Good lord, Francis.” Audette nearly whined, though her voice was much quieter, as if she if she spoke too loud she’d loose her breath. “This is miserable.”

Francis resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “Nonsense, you look ravishing.” His hands kept to her waist, drifting down to her hip, enjoying the way her cheeks flushed. “Positively delectable.”

Audette groaned and turned away, stepping over to the vanity and beginning to put her hair up. Francis was quick to follow, nearly latching himself to her backside. His hands ran up her sides, around her front and up her torso, trailing his fingertips slowly up the center of the corset.

Audette took a shaky breath as she watched Francis’ hand travel up her body towards her chest. “Francis, this is inappropriate.”

“But you like it.” Francis chuckled and kissed at the side of her neck, pulling her hair to other side. “We have plenty of time before we’re expected at the party.”
“Not if you expect me to do my hair and make up.” Getting ready was a time consuming process and they really didn’t have time to mess around.

Francis pouted against her skin, giving her a look of pleading eyes in the mirror, watching as she rolled her eyes.

“If you help me get ready, once the party is over we get go back to one of our rooms and we can do what you want.” Francis lit up at the offer.

“If that’s the case, I would like for you to keep the corset on, it’s very flattering. And the way it highlights your chest… Everyone will be drooling over you.”

Audette couldn’t help but laugh a little and swatted his hands away from her chest when he tried to cop a feel.  “You’re so impatient. Help me get dressed and ready.”

Francis reluctantly pulled away to help her get ready, though he supposed the wait was worth the reward.

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Audette knocked briefly on the office door before opening it. “Mr. Jones, I have those reports you asked for-“ She cut herself off as she looked up from her clipboard, face going red as her gaze fell upon her boss, Alfred, and her coworker Arthur fucking in the desk chair.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” She squeak and was quick to turn to leave, more than happy to let them do their thing and come back later.

“Ms. Williams, come in and close the door behind you.” Arthur called from his seat riding Alfred’s dick. Audette froze in the doorway before hesitantly closing the door and stepping into the room. She kept her eyes averted and head down, certain her face might over heat if she were to look at them.

“I believe I overheard the other day, when you were at lunch, that you though Mr. Jones was rather attractive, yes?” Arthur spoke, keeping his voice even.

“What?” Alfred seemed to perk up at this information. “Really?” If he had had a set of dog ears they would have been standing up straight and at attention. 

Audette floundered for a response, hugging her clipboard and folders to her chest. “It’s rude to listen to other’s conversations, Mr. Kirkland…” She mumbled, curling in on herself, suddenly feeling a bit meek, especially when his gaze narrowed.

“Is that any way to speak to your superior, Audette?” She could picture him raising an eyebrow at her in his demanding tone and she shook her head.

“No sir. Sorry.” She apologized quickly and Arthur hummed in response, as if he didn’t believe her. 

“Come here and kneel before me, Audette.” His tone left no room for argument and Audette hesitantly moved over to them, setting her clipboard on the desk and kneeling before Arthur and Alfred. She felt like she might combust like this, eyes hesitantly landing upon the sight of her boss’s cock buried within Arthur, the slickness between their legs glinting a little in the dim lights.

“Here’s what’s going to happen.” One of Arthur’s hands came down to bury in her hair and tug her face closer. “You’re going to suck my cock and when you make me cum, I’ll let Alfred fuck you for being a good whore.”

It should be degrading, getting called a whore while she kneels on her boss’ floor, both her superiors cocks in her face. But god, all it does in make the heat between her legs throb and her cunt clench around nothing. It didn’t have to be nothing though.

“Oh hell yeah. I get to fuck you both. Best day ever!” Alfred is grinning and presses his hips up into Arthur.

“Actually, Alfred, you’re going to sit still until I’ve cum. You can have your orgasm inside Audette. I’m sure she’d love to be used like that, wouldn’t she?” The question is directed at her and she can feel both of their gazes on her and her heart skips several beats under the attention as they wait for her to answer.

“I’d like that very much,” she admits. She can feel herself grower wetter by the second and she’s certain the skimpy thong she’s wearing is soaked.

“Oh fuck-“ Alfred’s response is surprisingly quiet and he stares at her for a moment before grinning. “What a pretty cumdump you’re going to be. Why don’t you get to work sucking Arthur off so I can wreck that cute little pussy of yours, yeah?”

God, it’s the filthiest thing he’s ever said to her and it has her excited and worked up and eager to please. She scoots forward and takes a breath before wrapping her lips around Arthur cock and beginning to suck. She’s more than able to fit it in her mouth, her nose pressed against his pubic area. Her tongue swirls around it in circles and Arthur’s hand tightens in her hair as a pleased groan leave him. She can hear Alfred’s breath catch as Arthur rocks his hips and grinds against her tongue. After a moment, Alfred shifts his hips up into Arthur and Audette nearly groans at the sound. She can picture it clear as day: Alfred’s cock disappearing deeper into Arthur, twitching at the way Arthur clenches around him. 

Fuck. It has he wanting to please them both at the same time. Her face buried between both of their legs as she laps at the base of Alfred’s dick and attempting to press her tongue into Arthur alongside Alfred. But she focuses on Arthur dick for now, giving the tiniest bobs of her head and sucking until Arthur is groaning and practically humping her face. She knows it’s her overactive imagination but she can picture him on top of her, toned thighs straddling her face, hands tugging her hair as he used her tongue to get himself off, not caring whether she could breath or got anything out of it. And that’s when she comes to the realization that she just want to be used. Wants them both to use her to get off. She wants them both to hold her down and use her body like she was nothing more than their personal toy.

Audette’s head feels foggy, almost, as Arthur continues to fuck her mouth, moaning and murmuring the occasional praise. Something along the lines of her being a good whore. That she was perfect for this, perfect for getting fucked, regardless of which hole it was. Before long, both of Arthur’s hands are in her hair, pulling hard as he wraps his legs over her shoulders and convulses, dripping down Alfred’s cock as he cums hard. He holds Audette’s face there until he’s done.

After a moment he let her pull away breathing hard and dazed as she sat up some more. Arthur’s hands were still in her hair, though they were gentler now, managing her scalp. She lifts her gaze up to them, Arthur is breathing hard, flushed and twitching. Alfred’s hands are tight on Arthur’s hips, as if holding him down would resist the urge to fuck up into him. Arthur grins down at her.

“Look at her Alfred. All I did was fuck her pretty mouth and she looks like she might do anything for us.” It sounds cruel, but something about his expression is fond and she nearly whines.

Alfred laughs and nods in agreement, his gaze almost predatory. “Why don’t you unbutton your shirt, darling? Pull you bra down and show us your tits.” It’s a suggestion, she doesn’t have to do it, but she reaches down and begins to undo her shirt. Her tits are nearly spilling out of her bra, heavy and round and soft. The tops of her areola’s stick out, like rosy crescent moons. She carefully tugs her bra down, letting them spill out, enjoying the way they stare at her hungrily. Arthur is the first to speak as they admire her.

“Stand up.” He instructs and Audette stands on somewhat shaky knees. “Lift your skirt up over your hips and pull your kickers down.” Arthur waits until she’s done so, dark pink pussy on display for them both and she’s glad she had gotten waxed yesterday. “Good girl. Now sit on the desk and spread yourself for Alfred so he can have his fun too.”

Audette pushes herself so she’s sitting on the desk, spreading her legs. She reaches a shaky hand between them to place two fingers between her folds, spreading them apart to show off her dripping hole and throbbing clit. Her face and shoulders are impossibly red but her head is dazed and her skin is hot and all she wants is to get get fucked. 

Arthur carefully pulls himself off of Alfred’s achingly hard dick and they swap places, Arthur seating himself in the office chair while Alfred comes to stand between her legs, stroking himself while he stares down at her.

“Look at you,” he places himself between her legs, rubbing his thick cock along the seam of her cunt. “Who knew my cute, shy little secretary was such a slut. If I had know I would have done this a lot sooner.” His grin is sharp as the head of his cock brushes her clit, pulling a quiet whine from her. Alfred teased her for a moment longer before lining himself up and pressing into her with a hard thrust. His hands grasped her hips and began a brutal pace, leaving her to cry and moan and scramble to grasp the edges of the desk while he used her like she was nothing more than a flashlight for him, She knows she won’t cum like this, knows she needs more stimulation to her clit or her breasts, not just penetration itself. But that’s the point. Her pleasure doesn’t matter, it’s a byproduct of Alfred’s pleasure. She’s there for him to use, for him to cum in. She’s a cute little toy for him to use to get his dick wet and she couldn’t imagine it any other way.

It doesn’t take very long. He’s hard and aching and on edge from earlier and soon Alfred is gasping and moaning, loud and unrestrained. She can feel him twitching inside her and soon he’s growling and filling her to the brim. His grip on her hurts but it makes her ache in the best way possible. When he pulls out, his spend following suit and dripping from her. Audette is breathing hard and shaking, on the verge of tears as she’s left without completion but pleased. She did what she was supposed to.

Alfred grins at her as he tucks himself in his pants. “Look at you. You look cute like this, Dottie, leaking my cum and shaking. Maybe next time I’ll tie you down and use you over and over again. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?”

Audette sucks in a deep breath and nods. “Want you to use me, sir.” She mumbles.

“Good. I can’t wait to fill you up again” Alfred winks before stepping back. “Anyway, I have a meeting to get to, you guys have fun. But not too much, I don’t want her to cum until she earns it.”

Arthur nods as he stands from the chair and pulled his pants back on. “Of course, Alfred. I’ll make sure she doesn’t.” 

“Great! I’ll see you guys later.” The door closes behind her and Audette pushes herself up on shaking arms and looks at Arthur who is smirking as he takes out his phone and snaps a picture of her.

“You were such a good whore. I can’t wait to have more fun with you.” Arthur tucked his phone away and stepped over to her, his hands going to her knees to keep her legs spread. “We have about an hour before Alfred comes back. Lets see how many times I can get you to the edge before he comes back.”

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“This is bullshit,” Arthur huffed as he pulled aside the massive leaves and vines, stepping through them as they continued to trek forward. Behind him, Gilbert rolled his eyes.

“Can’t you just use magic or whatever to make a path?” He asked. They had tried using his sword to cut through but it seemed the plants were far too tough, near impossible to even knick.
“Can’t I just use magic or whatever,” Arthur mocked, glaring over his shoulder at him. “This place is sapping the mana from me, I can’t do shit and since neither can you, I recommend shutting the fuck up.”

Gilbert scowled. “Watch it, dickhead, my sword might not work on this dumbass fucking jungle but it’ll sure as hell work on you.” God, what a sour, shitty little wizard he had gotten stuck with for this job.

Arthur spun around, expression furious and eyes near glowing like burning acid. “Are you threatening me? I will wreck your shit so fucking fast, don’t fucking test me!” Arthur jabbed a finger into Gilbert’s chest. Gilbert opened his mouth to shoot back a reply, only to gasp as a large nearby flower opened and puffed out a thick, yellow pollen, coating the sides of their faces. They both groaned and Arthur let out a loud sneeze.

“Let’s just keep going, this place fucking sucks.” Gilbert grumbled and shouldered past Arthur to take the lead. “It’s getting dark, we can set up camp soon.” Gilbert kept his hand on his sword as he pushed forward through the dense foliage, other hand wiping the pollen from his cheek and nose. He sniffed as his nose ran a little. Arthur reluctantly followed behind him, arms crossed and lips pulled into a scowl.

They were able to continue forward for about an hour longer before they had to stop and set up camp before the light was gone. Though the night was supposed to get cooler, Arthur began to sweat, skin flushed and feeling rather warm. He had to stop in helping set up the tent to take off his leather chest piece and arm bands.

“Good lord, it’s fucking hot out here.” Arthur  groaned and ran a hand through his hair, his breathing heavier and his white tunic a bit damp. Gilbert looked up from setting up the bed rolls and frowned, sure, he was a bit heated himself but Arthur wasn’t looking great.

“Shit, you don’t look good.” Gilbert was quick to come over to him, pressing the back of his hand to Arthur’s forehead and taking in the daze look on his face.”You’re burning up.” Gilbert was quick to guide Arthur to sit down on a log, keeping a watchful eye on him. Though, the longer he looked at him, the more Gilbert realized just how pretty Arthur was.

When his face wasn’t all scrunched up in anger he looked rather nice, someone Gilbert wouldn’t mind kissing, his lips were so pink. Gilbert shook his head and blinked, forcing the thought out of his head. He moved to get his water skin for Arthur only to have his sleeve grabbed. Arthur was breathing hard, shaking a little as his hand gripped gripped Gilbert’s sleeve. “The- the flower- I think-“ He let out a soft gasp as heat pulsed through hum. “The pollen- I think it’s- I think it’s an aphrodisiac.”

Gilbert groaned and ran a hand through his hair. He’d been hit by the pollen too. “Fuck!” This wasn’t good, but he supposed there was no way around it. He could feel the same kind of heat prickling at his skin, painting his pale cheeks red. What were they going to do? Well, he supposed they would fuck, if the aphrodisiac got worse and given the state Arthur was in it was likely going to.

Gilbert’s gaze flickered back to Arthur when he let go and began to divulge himself of his shirt and Gilbert was left with the rather nice view of Arthur’s chest and torso. He was thin with a softness to his stomach that wasn’t noticeable beneath his clothes. He had two symmetrical scars underneath his pectorals, though they were faint and barely noticeable. His shoulders were red and the color was creeping across his collarbones.  Arthur was surprisingly… attractive. It was like Gilbert was seeing him through a new lens, one that was more rose-colored. He could feel just how warm his skin was and the stirring of something more primal in his abdomen.

Arthur sucked in a deep breath, flushed and panting and beginning to soak through his undergarments with the way arousal seemed to course through him. His gaze raked over Gilbert, taking in the way his own tunic clung to his skin, highlighting his muscles. Gilbert may have been an annoying prick but good lord he was hot. His eyes paused at the front of his trousers where the fabric was beginning to tent and a full body shiver ran through him.

“Gilbert, come here.” Arthur waved his hand, motioning for him to come closer. Gilbert hesitated for a moment before coming closer, standing before him.

“Do you need water or something?” He was beginning to do worse himself as the minutes passed but he figured Arthur was in more need of assistance than he was. A sharp gasp left him as Arthur grabbed him by the belt loops and tugged his trousers down in one go. Gilbert shot his hands down, his whole body seeming to stutter as Arthur wrapped a hand around his cock and began to stroke him.
Gilbert groaned, the heat infecting him clouding his wind worse as Arthur touched him. Another strangled moan was pulled from him as Arthur leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the head, the tip of his tongue running over the silt, hand still stroking the shaft. His hands shot out to bury themselves in Arthur’s hair, resisting the urge to thrust into his mouth. Gilbert was breathing harder now, feeling confined within his shirt and itching to fuck something, especially his traveling companions mouth. His eyes nearly rolled back as Arthur pressing himself forward until he had as much of Gilbert in his mouth as. He could manage without choking himself. Everything was too much, every feeling, every sensation turned up to 100. 

“Arthur, fuck, please,” Gilbert whined. His hands desperately pulled at his hair, hips easing forward with as much self control as he could muster. And then Arthur began to bob his head, hollowing his cheeks and sucking him off like his life depended on it. Gilbert cried out, hips snapping forward. Arthur moaned in response, looking up with teary eyes as he was made to take Gilbert to the hilt.

Gil held his hair tight as he pulled out and thrust into his waiting mouth again, groaned as the way his tongue worked over every sensitive spot he could reach. It didn’t last long, not with the way the heat was beginning to consume him, made his skin burn and his cock ache. It was too much, too much, too much, he couldn’t take it. Gilbert let out a harsh sound, almost like an animalistic growl as his came. Arthur swallowed and normally Gilbert would have cringed, he knew that shit didn’t taste good, but in this moment it was the hottest thing he could have imagined.

The moment was still, save for their panting. And then, before he could really process it, Gilbert was on his back and Arthur was straddling his lap. This was going to be a long night.

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“I’m home, dearest!” Oliver called, stepping into the house, his arms filled with grocery bags. “I’ll be right up!” He set to work putting everything away, perhaps taking more time than necessary. But soon everything was put away and Oliver was making his way upstairs, lips quirking up into a grin as Louis’ hard breathing and quiet moans reach his ears. He knocked on the bedroom door before opening it and stepping in.

Before him on the bed knelt his darling husband. His hands had been cuffed to his thighs, though he could have gotten out of them if needed. His dick stood red and aching and twitching A faint buzz filled the air between Louis’ gasps and groans. It was a lovely sight, especially with the pretty blue cock-ring keeping him in such a state.

“I’m sorry that took so long, my darling. Traffic was abysmal.” Oliver sighed and pulled his warm cat sweater up over his head and hung it up on the back of the bedroom door. He couldn’t help his grin as Louis gave him a needy whimper in return. He was just too cute when he got all worked up.

“Right, of course my lovely. I’ll take it off in just a minute. I just want to touch you for a moment, okay?” Oliver stepped closer, rubbing the top of Louis’ thigh, enjoying the way his breath hitched and he shivered at the touch. Hoisting himself up onto the large bed, Oliver settled behind Louis. His hands moved to Louis’ sides, kissing at his shoulder blades, enjoying the way he arched at the touch. Slowly, his hands moved down to his ass, feeling him up for a moment before grasping the flared base of the vibrator and slowly pulled it out and pushed it back in.

Louis gasped and his hips twitched. His arms jerked in the cuffs and Oliver couldn’t help but laugh a little. “How beautiful you are, like this. Positively lovely.” He hummed, shifting the vibrator and pressing it deeper into him until he was squirming a crying out. He always like hearing Louis fall apart, knowing he would stay quiet forever otherwise and he had such a lovely voice.

“Oliver, I-I can’t-“ Louis whined and pressed back into Oliver’s hand.

“Of course, my love, you’ve earned it. You’re so good.” Oliver reached his freehand around and carefully pulled the cock ring off. Oliver reached over to the nightstand and squirted some lube into his palm before wrapping his hand around Louis’ erection, beginning to stroke him. His palm circled the head for a moment before moving down the shaft to fondle his testicles. Louis jerked, unable to handle it as Oliver worked his cock with his hand and continued to thrust the toy, and soon he was humming hard with a strangled cry. His back arched and his hips jerked forward into his hand.

Oliver worked him through his orgasm, murmuring soft praise and comfort. He gently pulled his hand away and wiped it off on the towel he had set to the side earlier. He gave Louis a moment to come down and carefully undid the cuffs around his wrists and thighs and laid him down.

“Do you need anything, dearest?” Oliver asked, keeping quiet for him. Louis grunted and reached for his hand, content to just be close and be held for a a moment before they went and cleaned up. Oliver smiled and shifted them so Louis was resting his head on his thighs and he was petting his hair. Knowing his lovely husband was okay and had a good time was good enough for him.

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“They’ve grown. That’s good.” Audette was quiet as the laboratory physician measured and inspected her chest. Cool, gloved hands cupped her chest, now a small B-Cup, brushing thumbs over her puffy areoles and swollen nipples. “You might start lactating soon.” There was approval in his voice. “You’re coming along nicely.”

Audette offered no response, keeping her stare dead ahead. She had nothing to say to anyone in this godforsaken place. Besides, they preferred quiet compliance. The physician, Dr. Kirkland, sighed and helped her stand so he could get some more measurements before he had her sit once more and injected her shot into the outside of her thigh.

“That’s all for today. Your nurse will be by any minute to come collect you. Do you have anything you’d wish to discuss in the meanwhile?” Dr. Kirkland always asked at the end of her appointments and she knew it was an attempt to make her more comfortable. But that wasn’t going to happen as long as she was trapped in here. Dr. Kirkland sighed at her lack of response but the silence didn’t last long before the door was opened and the cheerful face of her personal nurse was peeking in.

Alfred grinned when he saw Audette back in her gown and ready to go. “Hey, Dr. K! She doing okay? No outbursts?” He asked, knowing sometimes if she didn’t take her meds Dottie would lash out. It was something they were working on in her behavioral training but her trust was fickle and she seemed rather paranoid about everyone around her.

“She did well. No outbursts today, not even when I gave her her shot.” Arthur patted her thigh before urging her to stand. “She’s still not talking but that’s alright. In other news though, she’s grown about an inch since the last appointment. She should start lactating soon so I would keep an eye out for that.”

Alfred nodded and moved to Audette’s side to guide her back to her room. “That’s good to know. She’s taking everything well for a rescue, I’m glad we’ve got her on hormones. Poor darling was so confused when she was brought in but now she doesn’t have to worry about any of that anymore.”

Arthur nodded in agreement. “It’s a good thing we found her when we did. I don’t think we could have done much any later. Though… I do have some concerns I’d like to talk to you about later.”

Alfred frowned but nodded. “Alright. I’ll drop her off back in her room and then we can talk.” Alfred gently guided Audette out of the medical office and back down to her room. It always worried him when something was wrong with her. When they had first gotten her from the rescue team she had been so confused. Her family had been feeding her suppressants since they had found out she was an omega, stunting her growth. The poor dear thought she was a beta up until she had been off suppressants long enough to have her first heat at seventeen. But know, with proper hormonal treatment and behavioral therapy she was coming out to be such a good omega, even if she still had some issues.

Alfred got Audette settled in her room and made sure she had plenty of snacks and water and the alpha scents in her blankets was refreshed before stepping out to meet with Dr. Kirkland once more.


A few days later, Audette was launched into an intense heat after another one of her shots. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, the hormones they were giving her were likely to cause heats after extended use, which was ideal. After the first few heats in the facility, they had attempted to pair her with an alpha partner, only for her to lash out, going for his throat and nearly killing him. Now, the only one allowed in during her heats was Alfred, for a reason most of the staff didn’t understand, she had taken a liking to Alfred.

Audette writhed in the barebones nest they had provided for her, grasping at the blankets and rubbing herself against the pillows. Her head snapped up, whole body going tense and rigid as the door opened, easing when Alfred stepped in. Though she didn’t want anyone around her in such a vulnerable state, she knew Alfred wasn’t going to try and hurt her. She glanced at him with hazy eyes before lowering herself back down. A small groan left her as her chest brushed the pillows. It had been aching since the start of her heat, her nipples sore and puffy.

“Hey sweetheart,” Alfred knelt by the nest, keeping his voice low. “How are you feeling?” It was his job to make sure she was okay first and foremost.

“Hurts,” she slurred, head clouded and dizzy if she moved too fast. Alfred frowned at that and carefully turned her to face him, looking her over for any visual injury.

“Can you tell me what hurts? What kind of hurt?” He asked, not leaving her side for his med bag and first aid kit just yet. 

“Chest, aches,” she whined. Alfred glanced down at her chest, noting how red and puffy her nipples were, his concern eased when he noted the pearly liquid beading there.

“Oh, I see. We’ll fix that right up for you, okay?” Alfred smiled and stood to go get a towel. He came back quickly and shifted to prop her up between his legs, her back to his chest and the towel draped over her lap. “This might hurt a little bit since you’re are but it’ll feel better after. I need you to sit still for me.”

Audette reluctantly nodded and tried to sit still, wanting the pain to go away. She tensed up once more as Alfred wrapped his arms around her, calloused hands gently kneading the flesh of her breast. Though the touch was easy and gentle, her chest ached and throbbed a little. Carefully, Alfred squeezed and pulled forward on the breast, watching as the same liquid began to leak down his hand and onto the towel. He worked the left breast first, slowly emptying it onto the towel before moving onto the left. This was such good news. He’d have to let Dr. Kirkland know of the development once he was done. The pain eased once Alfred had finished emptying her chest for the moment. With the ache abated, she was able to fall into a light rest. 

Only hours later she awoke, the heavy fullness in her chest renewed and her chest nearly a size bigger than it had been a few days earlier.

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Chiara shifted to settle onto the pillow, thighs on either side, clad in nothing but a pair of fishnets the didn’t cover anything. She was rather wet already as she slid two fingers through her folds and circled her clit. She took in a shaky breath before she pulled her hand away and settled against the pillow.

Her hands moved to the sheets as she bent forward and began to rub herself against the pillow, letting out a low moan as the fabric brushed her clit. Her cunt throbbed with arousal as she worked her hips back and forth. “Fuck…” Her hands clenched and unclenched around the sheets.

Her thighs clenched around around the pillow and a needy moan fell from her. Her blood rushed through her veins and she couldn’t help the groans and whines she gave, her skin flushed. She brought a hand up to her mouth to quiet herself as she began to eagerly rock her hips fast and eager and god it was so good for something so simple. Maybe it was because she was regularly more sensitive, but god she was close.

She felt pathetic like this, grinding against the pillow like a whore to the thought of her date from the other night. Embarrassment burned alongside her need at the idea of her seeing Chiara like this. “Oh god, please fuck me,” her voice broke and her hips stuttered against the fabric, groaning as the wave of satisfaction washed over her and she went limp against the bed.

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Gilbert groaned and he pressed into Arthur, hands grasping his hips tightly. Fuck, Arthur was so wet and hot around him. With a grunt, he pulled himself out to the tip, before pressing back it. It didn’t take long before he was setting a bruising pace and Arthur was moaning below him. There was something so incredibly arousing about having someone so powerful beneath him like this, speared on his cock and moaning like a bitch in heat. God, what he’d give to live this moment over and over again.

The pace was rough and unforgiving, pouring into Arthur until he was crying out and grasping at the table he was being fucked over. One leg was bent and resting on the surface while the other was barely reading the floor. Arthur had buried his face in his arms, face flushed and near drooling as as Gilbert continued to fuck the life out of him.

And then there was the first pang, the first hint of something looming. Arthur’s face went near-white when he realized what it was. Shakily, he reached back to grab Gilbert’s wrist and pushed himself up some.

“Wait, Gilbert, I have to piss-“ He was cut off by his own moan as Gilbert thrust into him, hard and fast. He didn’t show any sign of slowing down or stopping and he could practically feel the sharp grin he wore.

“Oh? You have to piss?” There was something cruel and amused about his tone. “Then piss on my dick.” Gilbert brought one hand to wrap around Arthur’s throat, pulling him up so they were chest-to-back and Gilbert was fucking up into him. “Either hold it or piss now, I came here fuck.”

Arthur nearly whined at that, hot spikes of arousal coursing through him as Gilbert handled him like a rag doll. It was so different to his other partners where he made the decisions and called the shot. The way Gilbert overpowered him like this, it made him throb and ache with need. His breath caught and clenched around Gilbert’s dick, desperately holding it in. 

Gilbert laughed, loud and victorious.  “Maybe I should fuck you like this all the time. Having you tighten yourself up for me is nice.” He doesn’t stop and his pace doesn’t stutter as he continues to pound into him. With the new position, every thrust jostles his bladder and Arthur feels like he might burst. A pathetic cry leaves him as Gilbert brings a hand around to rub his palm over Arthur’s dick, rough and too much and all too good. He’s going to cum is Gilbert keeps at it.

Arthur is shaking, clenching around Gilbert and his breath hitching with every rub against his clit and oh god, oh fuck, he can feel a small, hot stream leak down the inside of his thigh and he tenses and holds it back. He doesn’t want to, doesn’t want to give Gil the satisfaction but fuck Gilbert has him hurtling towards his end and the embarrassment is only adding fuel to the fire in his gut.

“Oh, fuck, fuck- Gilbert I can’t-“ His breath it catching and he shoots his hands down to grab Gilbert’s hand and pull it away but it doesn’t budge. Just keeps a firm, overwhelming pressure on his cock and oh fuck-

Arthur’s legs shake as Gilbert fucks his through it. It’s wet and loud and his thighs are soaked. His face is burning as Gilbert keeps going despite the mess and Arthur cuts before he’s even finished. Gilbert bends him back over the table, holding him down by the back of his neck as he drools against the wood and his hole is used for Gilbert’s pleasure. As he cums, Gilbert pulls out, coating his folds in his spend, adding to the mess and Arthur can imagine his shit eating grin. They’re breathing hard but Gilbert wasn’t quite done.

He bends down and digs through his now soaked pants beneath them and pulls out a small packet of lube. He doesn’t give Arthur a moment to think or catch his breath before he’s shoving two fingers into his ass and beginning to stretch them.

“I usually have to take a piss myself, after sex that is.” His cock isn’t quiet hard anymore but he pushes himself into Arthur’s ass anyway, delighting in the gasp it pulled from him and lets go.

Arthur freezes as hot liquid begins to fill him and he realizes Gilbert is using him like a toilet. It’s degrading and disgusting and so, so fucking hot. He can feel his arousal renewed and growing as he’s filled to the brim with piss and when Gilbert is finally finished and pulls out, it leaks down Arthur’s thighs. 

Gilbert grins as he looks over the mess he’s made of Arthur and files away the mental image. He’d have to do this again, though maybe next time he’d tie him down for it.

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“Dottie!” Alfred burst into the room, grinning bright and joyful as usual. Audette sat in her personal corner of her room, where she usually was, working at an embroidery project Arthur had given her to keep her busy. She looked up from it and put on a practiced smile, warm and welcoming, everything Alfred desired from her.

“Welcome back, Alfred. How did the meetings go?” She set the project aside and stood, stretching out her body and wings before approaching him.

Alfred waved off the question. “They were fine, boring, but fine. That doesn’t matter though! The gift I got you came in!” He was practically buzzing with excitement as he held the box. He thrust it into her hand. “Open it!”

Audette resisted the urge to roll her eyes at him and took the box beginning to open it. “How kind of… you” Her voice faltered at the removed the lid, revealing a shining, golden and sapphire laden collar. Disgust began to curl in her gut at the sight. It matched the dampening bracers they had put on her to keep her subdued.

“Dottie? What’s wrong? Do you not like it?” Alfred tilted his head in concern as her expression fell, her lips forming a frown and her eyebrows furrowing.

Audette cleared her throat and shook her head. “It’s fine. It’s beautiful.” It was a trap. Up until now, she had been able to keep some sense of self, retain some sense of agency. But if she put this on, it was over.

“You don’t like it.” Alfred looked a little heartbroken before bouncing back. “That’s okay. I can have a different one made. I guess I should have thought about it more, you like simpler stuff anyway. But let’s put this one on anyway, yeah? Francis has been eyeing you up since he got here, I don’t want him getting ideas.” He reached to take the collar from the box. “Can you turn around and lift your hair from me?”

Audette froze, hesitating. God, this was it. Once this happened there really wasn’t anyway out. Who knew what kind of properties it had. What it could do to her.

“Dottie? You okay?” Alfred was frowning and fuck, the collar was in her hands and she was nothing more than a glorified pet to him. She blinked and swallowed down the burning in her throat. What could she do? He would get one on her at some point.

“Right, sorry.” She didn’t offer an explanation and turned, littering her hair up out of the way. And then it was on, the cold metal clicking around her neck. She took a deep breath and turned to face him again and he was beaming once more.

“It looks good! Though once we get one more your style that’ll look even better.” Alfred leaned up to kiss her cheek before heading towards the door. “I have a few more meetings to do. I’ll see you later babe!” And just like that she was alone again.

After that, Audette continued through the motions of her day and when evening came and Alfred still hadn’t returned, Audette curled up on her side of the bed. She buried herself in the warm blankets and began to weep. Pent up frustration and weakness and resentment welled up until she couldn’t hold it back and the only thing she could do was cry.


By the time Alfred came back, Audette had fallen asleep, curled tightly around a pillow. Alfred couldn’t help but pause and admire her for a moment, especially now with the collar. She was beautiful; perfect and peaceful and kind. There wasn’t anything more he could ask for. He felt as if he didn’t deserve her most of the time. He knew that adjusting to hell had been difficult for her and this wasn’t the position she would have ever wanted, but he couldn’t imagine not having her to himself. It was selfish and cruel but she was his, not anyone else’s.

Alfred turned on a lamp and changed out of his clothes and got ready for bed. Audette stirred as the light was turned on and sat up slowly. She rubbed her eyes, still red and puffy and defeated.

“Alfred?” She called quietly and he peeked his head out of the adjacent bathroom.

“Yeah, baby?” Alfred frowned when he realized she looked like she might have been crying. “Have you been crying? What’s wrong?” He stepped out, moving to sit down on the bed with her, cupping her cheek gently.

Audette shook her head and gave a tired smile. “Nothing.” She leaned forward to kiss him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Maybe she could make this work. After all, what other choice did she have? She had to make this work, if only to keep sane.

Alfred blinked in surprise but eagerly kissed back. Audette was usually so reserved with romantic or intimate gestures, this was certainly a change. Not that he was complaining. His hands moved to her hips, rubbing her sides through the thing fabric of her night gown. He cherished everyone moment like this with her.

Slowly, Audette stood to her knees and straddled his lap. One of her hands dipped between his wings and began to rub up and down his spine, knowing he liked that. She knew almost everything when it came to what pleased him: she had been trained in it.

Alfred gasped, pulling away from the kiss for a moment and sobered up a little when he realized her eyes were still red. “Hey, are you sure you’re up for this? We can just go to bed.” He offered, not wanting to push her when she seemed so upset. 

Audette simply simply shook her head. “Make me forget, Alfie. Make me yours. It’s what the collar is for, isn’t it?” She laughed, if a little humorlessly and let go of him to take off her night gown, leaving her in only a lacy set of underwear Alfred had gotten her. 

Alfred nearly growled at the night of her, something instinctive and primal within him itched at her words and display. Without hesitation, he leaned forward to kiss her, harsh and eager but so, so adoring. His hands took to her breasts, groping and fondling, thumbs rubbing over her nipple in circles as he took in the heavy weight. She had such nice tits. If he wasn’t so worried about others making a move, he might’ve had her walk around naked so he could take in the sight any time he pleased. But he wouldn’t. This was enough and only for him. As he played with her chest, his tail slipped between her legs, beginning to rub along the seam of her slit through the pathetic fabric of her panties before he wrapped it around the band and ripped them clean off. He delighted in the way she gasped against his lips.

One of the hands on her breasts quickly came down between her legs and two of his fingers gently began to circle her clit, working around it for a moment before tubbing his thumb against it directly. Audette’s hips stuttered forward into the touch, wetness beginning to grow as he continued to work at her clit and as he came forward to lap at the unattended nipple.

Audette moaned under the attentions, arousal beginning to pool in her abdomen, hot and wanting. Her hands buried in his hair and she began to grind down against his hand, small, panting moan coming from her. A quiet curse left her as Alfred slipped two fingers into her. She wasn’t quite wet enough but with the way he easily found and began to target her g-spot she figured it wouldn’t take long before she was soaked.

Alfred felt himself growing hard at every sound she made and the way she rocked herself against his fingers. Fuck, he couldn’t wait to bury himself in her and fuck her until she couldn’t remember anything but him. He wanted to be the only thing she ever thought about. Wanted her to think about how good he made her feel. After a moment he pulled away from her nearly entirely, only to grab the lube from the nightstand. He shimmied out of his boxers and took himself in his hand, coating himself as he urged Audette to lay back. His heart hammered as she laid back, careful of her wings, and spread her legs, eager and waiting for him.

With a near feral grin, he lined himself up and thrust into her with a snap of his hips. He couldn’t tell if her gasp was one of pain but as he began a steady pace, her voice pitched into moans. He lifted her hips so she was resting on the backs of her shoulders, bearing down on her with heavy, eager thrusts. Fuck, she was so hot and tight around him and fuck, he was going to knot her and stuff her so full. A snarl left him as he bent over her, one hand on her hip, holding her up and the other holding onto the nightstand. Her body jolted forward with every thrust and he found himself watching the way her tits bounced with every movement. And then his eyes caught the collar. Shining and bright, marking her as his. She was his and no one else could have her, no one else would have her. Before he could even process it, he was cumming with a guttural moan, pressing into her as his knot began to inflate, a steady stream of his cum beginning to fill her as he locked himself to her.

Audette froze as her cunt was stretched and his cum began to fill her until she didn’t know if she could take it and then more. Her heart hammered and she throbbed with need, her cunt pounding with heat. She twitched around him, clenching and tightening. 

“Alfred, Alfie-“ She whined, brining a hand down to spread her lips. “Please, I need to cum, please make me cum,” she pouted up at him, eyes a little teary and shit, Alfred couldn’t say no to a face like that.

“Of course, sugarplum.” He would always make sure she was satisfied. He brought his hand down and began to toy with her clit, rubbing, flicking, pinching. Of course, never enough to actually hurt her. Groans fell from him as she squirmed, pressing herself further onto his knot as he toyed with her clit. Loud cried and gasps left her as he continued to work her over, pace steady and too much, too much and God, she was humming around his cock. Her thighs shook and she was too full, stomach beginning to bulge from the volume of his spend inside her and her thighs shone with her own slick.

Alfred watched her with a hungry gaze, first on her twitching pussy and then up to the collar around her neck. She belonged to him, she was his.

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“Are you almost done in there, Amelia?” Victoria called, knocking on the bathroom door. She had sent Amelia in there nearly an hour and a half ago to get herself ready.

“Almost, mommy! I’ll be out in a minute!” Amelia called back, barely retrained excitement in her voice. And just like she said, a few minutes later she was opening the bathroom door. She had shaved and lotioned, her hair up in two curly pigtails, and dressed in a short, light blue overall dress and a white button up. Amelia was beaming ear to ear as she did a little spin for Victoria.

“Whaddya think, mommy? Aren’t I cute?” Amelia couldn’t help but giggle. Getting dressed up for Victoria always made her excited. She liked impressing her and loved the praise that came with it. Her heart hammered as Victoria smiled and nodded, bringing a hand up to play with one of her curls.

“You look positively darling.” Victoria patted her cheek before pulling away. “Now, let me see and make sure you did every correctly.” Amelia nodded eagerly and lifted her skirt, showing off her smooth, freshly shaved pussy, spreading her legs so Victoria could check and make sure. Victoria reached her hand between her legs, running it over her cunt and making sure she was spotless, patting the area where he clit was as she pulled away, enjoying the way her hips twitched forward.

“Good girl. Now, I have a surprise for you. Come along.” Victoria let her drop her skirt and took her hand to lead her back to their room where a wrapped box sat on the bed. Amelia rushed over and nearly through herself on the bed, taking the box into her lap.

“Can I open it? Can I, can I, can I?” She was bouncing a little, giving Victoria her best pleading look. She nearly squealed when Victoria nodded her permission and tore into the wrapping.

Inside the box was a large dildo with a thick knot at the base. It was a transparent blue with sparkles inside, the thick, flared tip a deep swirled purple that ran down the underside to the knot. It filled both of Amelia’s hands and her breath caught a little.

“Oh my god. This is gonna tear me in two.” Despite the statement, she licked her lips, running her hand up the shaft. She could feel herself growing wet at the idea of it filling her up. She turned her gaze to Victoria and beamed. “Thank you, mommy!”

“Of course, dearest.” Victoria moved to take the dildo from her, assuring she would get to use it, and moved to the freshly swept and mopped floor in front of the mirror and suctioning it to the floor by the base. She had set up two small pad for Amelia’s knees. Amelia was quick to follow her after grabbing the bottle of lube.

“Am I gonna ride it?” She asked, absently twirling one of her twin-tails as she moved to stand beside Victoria.

Victoria nodded. “Yes, but not yet. Mommy needs to stretch you before you can though. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” She moved to sit on the floor, motioning for Amelia to lay before her. “Lift your skirt for me.” She instructed once she had laid back, legs spread and pussy on display, pink and twitching with eagerness. She was a little wet already.

Amelia was quick to lift her skirt up past her hips, trying not to squirm as Victoria squirted a generous amount of lube on her fingers. She shuddered as her finger ran through her folds, soaking her labia and clit. She focus her attention on her clit for a moment, knowing how twitchy Amelia got when she was played with. Direct contact was always a little too much, Amelia preferred attention around it and the hood, but Victoria wanted to make her squirm. Amelia’s hips jerked and she whimpered as Victoria rubbed two fingers directly over her clit.

“W-wait, Mommy,” Amelia whined, already flushed. “It’s sensitive there.” She pouted at her, turning her head away to hide her blush.

“I know baby. Mommy’s going to make you cum first, so you’re nice and loose.” Victoria kept it up, grinning at Amelia’s thighs twitched, her entrance grasping for something to fill her up. Her darling was always a bit of a size queen, the bigger the better and she loved to be filled until she was incoherent but Victoria knew she fell apart as soon as her clit was played with, sensitive and needy.

Amelia’s heart hammered as Victoria continued to rub her clit, heat boiling in her cunt as she tried not to squirm. She throbbed with every pass of her fingers, hips pressing up and pulling away, too much and not enough at once. Her hands gripped her skirt tightly and she struggled to keep her legs open as she throttled towards an harsh orgasm.

“Mommy, mommy please, I can’t- mommy-“ Amelia whined, loud and needy and ready to burst at any second, her pretty little pussy leaking, even without the lube. Her stomach trembled with every breath and her hips stuttered up into Victoria’s hand.

“Good. Cum for mommy so she can fuck you with your new toy. I’ll fill you up the way you need and make sure your pathetic little cunt is stuffed until all you can thing about how good it feels. Until you’re crying and begging me to stop.”

Amelia’s breath caught as she spoke and came only moments later to the mental image of Victoria holding her down on the thick knot, forcing orgasm after orgasm out of her until she was crying and couldn’t take it anymore. Her vision went white and her whole body tensing for a moment and shaking violently before she stilled and went limp.

“Good girl,” Victoria cooed, pulling her hand away. “Now, let’s get you ready to be fucked.”

Chapter Text

Matthew sighed as he stepped into the cabin, weary and a little sore from the hike he had gone on that day. It well into the evening now and he rid himself of his soiled clothes as he made his way to his bedroom. He was more than ready to fall into bed in nothing but his boxers and buried himself under the heavy covers, allowing himself to drift off without a second thought.

Quietly, sheets shifted and the bed dipped and Matthew stirred, morning light shining in dimly, gold and warm. Before him stood… someone, but he could tell they were smiling and he couldn’t help but smile back as they leaned down to kiss him with a soft, “Good morning.”

Matthew stretched and groaned, the blankets pulling down past his hips just a little to reveal he gone to bed naked last night. “Morning,”  he grumbled, rolling over to face them as they sat on the edge of the bed. There was a little small talk of how they both slept and in the fuzzy lapse of time, they were kissing again. They had shifted to straddle his lap, no longer covered by the blanket.

Against their ass his cock began to twitch and before long he was hard. Their hands carded through his hair, massaging his scalp and pulling gently. A soft groan fell from him and his hands moved to their hips, holding them down as he ground up against them. God, they were so soft and warm and he wanted to be in them. In a beat, his cock was being rubbed between the wet seam of a cunt and their breaths hitched in quiet moans as they rocked their hips. Heat pulsed over Matthew’s skin and his hands ran over their thighs.

A moments later they lifted their hips and lined him up, the feeling of them sinking down on him, hot and wet and tight had him groaning, hips jerking up. And they began to move, up and down, gasping and crying out softly, muffled and sweet. His cock twitched within them, drooling precut with every thrust down, the head hitting the deepest parts of them and pulling out beautiful cries.

“Fuck, Matthew, Matthew, please-“ They gasped, pace beginning to speed up. “Matthew, I love y-“

And then he was awake. Cold, alone, and painfully hard.

Chapter Text

“Look at how cute it is.” Victoria hummed at she looked at the piercing between Audette’s legs that was finally healed and ready to play with. It had been a long pause on their sex life but Victoria was more than happy to wait it out. Though Audette had taken to the abstinence a lot less. Despite her outward appearance of innocence, Audette’s libido was intense.

But even with her impatience and the much more intense sensitivity, Audette had listened to Victoria and refrained from touching herself, letting the piercing heal completely. Audette sat still on the bed as Victoria looked it over, a little flushed and more than eager. She kept her legs spread, showing off the silver, ‘u’-shaped piercing , and resisted the urge to grind herself against the mattress.

“You’re rather wet,” Victoria couldn’t help but point it out. It always amused her just how ready Audette was always. She really couldn’t have asked for anything better. She loved how eager she was, she could say the same about Amelia.

“I can’t help it!” Audette huffed. “It’s been so long, I need you so bad.” She was sick of being patient. 

Victoria couldn’t help but laugh. “Of course, darling. I’ve made you wait long enough.” She urged her onto her back and had her hook her arms around her knees to hold her legs open. It was a pretty sight for certain, her pussy pink and wet and her clit glinting with a pretty ring, marking her as Victoria’s cute little pet.

Squirting some lube onto her fingers, Victoria brought them to Audette’s hole, pressing three in without hesitation. She knew how impatient her darling could be. Knew she could take her fingers and then some in one go. She gave an appreciative hum as Audette clenched around her fingers and she crooked them forward, quickly locating her g-spot and targeting it.

Audette was quickly reduced to a puddle of shaky moans and cries, pussy twitching and beginning to drip at every touch and stroke. Her thighs shook a little in her grasp and she pressed her hips up with a needy whine. She had always been sensitive, so she was eager to see just how the new piercing affected her sensations.

Victoria watched as Audette squirmed and began to pant and continued to target where she knew Audette would like. And then her spare hand was against her clit, fingers gently tugging the piercing, drawing out a loud cry. She placed her thumb flat against her clit and began to rub in slow circular motions, pulling every moan and whimper from her. She could feel her blood pounding beneath the skin and focused her attention on both spots, knowing she was intent on making a mess out of her pretty pet.

“Cum when you need, darling. You know you don’t have to hold yourself back.” Victoria cooed, speeding up the motions of bother hands, delighting in the way she twitched and squirmed. It never took much to get Audette to cum, with how sensitive she was and lord was she fun to overstimulate. To keep going after she pulled orgasm after orgasm out of her.

Audette nearly sobbed with every touch and her clit was throbbing and she was going to cum, fuck, fuck fuck- It was intense and within moments Victoria’s hands were soaked as liquid poured from her and her hips jerked. Victoria worked her through it and eased her movements to a stop to give her a moment.
“Ready to go again, dearest? It’s been so long after all.”

Chapter Text

“You’ve got to be quiet, babe.” Gilbert purred, sharp fangs on display in his grin as he continued to piston his hips in and out of Arthur who was bent over his own desk. “Alfie’s gonna hear if you don’t. Imagine how destroyed our little king would be if he found out you weren’t into him.” Gilbert couldn’t help but laugh, cruel and cutting. As much as he liked the  king of Spades, it was too good of something to hold over Arthur.

“Shut it, you asshole,” Arthur gasped, hands clawing at the desk. He was still in his clothes, breeches only pulled down enough for Gilbert to slip into him. A pathetic whimper came prom him as one of Gilbert’s hands slipped into his hair and held his head down against the desk. The wet slap of their hips filled the air alongside Arthur’s breathless moans.

“What a whore you are. Letting me fuck you in your office while your king is out there, doing his duties.” Gilbert couldn’t help. It was so easy to be mean and vile; poking the bear was his forte. “Fuck, you take me so well, you know that? You tight little cunt takes me so well. You’re so wet and welcoming. Does it turn you on? Knowing that at any moment Alfred could walk in and you’d break his heart. To you get off on the idea of hurting him? Bet you do, filthy bitch.”

Arthur wanted to argue, dispute him but there wasn’t a solid argument to make when he was so close to cumming, cunt clenching with every nasty word. And Gods, it did turn him on, the idea of Alfred walking in on them. Seeing him practically drool, face first on his desk, gets his thoughts fucked out of him.

Gilbert laughed when the only response Arthur could muster was a whine. “Knew you fucking liked it. You’re disgusting. A disgusting little whore who’s going to cum on my cock.” Gilbert continued to pound into him, rattling the desk with every thrust and Arthur was reduced to a dripping mess. His head spun as his orgasm rushed over him like a hot, overwhelming wave, the wet drip of his own cum against the tile floors reaching his ears.

“Did you just squirt?” Gilbert paused, grin growing wider, near fear. “Think I can make you do it again? Make you squirt like the disgusting bitch you are?”

“Fffuck- please do, please- I’m such a dirty whore-“ Arthur whined and Gilbert didn’t hesitate to fuck into him harder, faster, the desk screeching against the floor. Gilbert was going to make him fall apart like the whore he was.

Chapter Text

It was stupid, giddy excitement as Alfred made his way through the crowd, greeting the guests and other royal’s. The crowning ceremony had gone perfectly, all thanks to Yao and Arthur’s planning of course, and now Alfred was the king of Spades. The role he had been preparing for since he was 16. Now 18, barely an adult but tradition cared not for specifics, he was a King.

Eventually though, Alfred wore himself out socially and stepped out onto an empty balcony, away enough from the party to get some peace and quiet as he over looked the impressive garden.

“Are you hiding, little king?” Alfred nearly jumped out of his skin at the voice and whipped around to see King Ivan of Cubs. He wore a pleasant smile and tr\aditional Clubian formal attire. “I never took you as one too shy from festivities.”

“I’m not hiding!” Alfred huffed and glared up at him. “I just needed air. With Yao and Arthur breathing down my neck and all.”

Ivan chuckled and raised his hand in mock surrender. “Not hiding. Of course, my mistake” He took a step forward towards Alfred, standing next to him near the rail. “It is a beautiful party. Spades has out done itself once more. My sister’s love the cakes.” Ivan hummed.

“That’s good. I like the cakes too. I like all the food, really. The cooks really outdid themselves.” Alfred laughed a little before clearing his throat. “Anyway, what are you doing out here?”

“I saw you slip away. I figured I would see what you’re doing. Besides, it has been a long time since I have seen you, little king. You have a grown.” Ivan turned his head to give him a once-over, his eyes carrying something that left Alfred a little flustered.

“It hasn’t been that long. I haven’t really changed.” Alfred shook his head. Which wasn’t true. He had grown a good six inches since the time Ivan had seen him and had filled out quite nicely. 

“Hm. Your muscles would say otherwise.” Ivan reached over to feel up one of his biceps. “You’ve gotten taller too. We can nearly see eye-to-eye.” Ivan grinned, playful and teasing and Alfred couldn’t help the fluster pout he gave.

“You’re still an ass, I see. I guess old people don’t change much.” He shot back, though he wasn’t really upset or anything. Ivan laughed.

“Entertaining as always.” He sighed softly and brought a hand up to cup his cheek. “I have missed you.” And Alfred softened. He hadn’t seen Ivan since he had come to the castle in Spades, him 16 and Ivan 19, already a king at the time. But they had quickly grown close through friendly rivalry and raging teenage hormones. 

“I’m not going to say I missed you, but hanging out with Arthur isn’t the same. He’s such a fucking princess.” Alfred huffed and puffed his cheeks out, though he leaned in to Ivan’s hand. “Do you wanna get out of here? Parties like this aren’t for catching up.”

Ivan pretended to consider it before nodding. “Yes. I would like that.”

“Good, meet me up in our room. The last guest room on the left. Don’t come right after me though, Arthur will get on my ass.” He bounced up to plant a brief kiss on his cheek before bounding back into the ballroom and to the guest room. Ivan watched him, fond, and longing, and gave him a head start.


“Alfred?” Ivan peeked into the room and eased when he spotted Alfred draped on the, slightly dusty, bed. He stepped in and closed the door behind him, preparing himself for the Alfred that inevitably rammed into him, slotting his lips against his in an eager kiss. There was barely any time to breath as Alfred kissed him, over and over, and dragged him to the bed. He was pulled down, nearly in Alfred’s lap.

Ivan eventually pulled back, grinning. “Eager. I suppose they do say distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

“Oh shut up. I only missed your huge dick.” Alfred was grinning as he pulled him down for another kiss, hands firmly grasping the collar of Ivan’s shirt. Though they didn’t stay there for very long, moving down across his chest and sides, groping him. 

“Of course.” Ivan laughed and eagerly kissed back. And all at once they were just two woefully unprepared and unknowledgeable boys with too many responsibilities again. “I did miss you,”  he murmured through gaps in the kisses.

“Me too,” it was quiet and barely there, but that was okay. “I brought lube, by the way.” It’s louder, clearer. Covering up every Alfred wasn’t ready to say. “Waddaya say we get this show on the road.

Ivan nodded. “We can do anything you want to do.” It was okay to not be ready. This was good enough for now.

Chapter Text

“W-wait- Matthew, I can’t-“ Anya practically squeaked as Matthew buried his face between her legs. She was still shaking from getting her guts rearranged, her thighs soaked with her own cum. “Matthew-“ she whined as he eagerly began to eat her out, tongue working around her entrance and up to her clit.

Anya’s hands shot to his hair, though she was unsure if she was pushing him closer or trying to pull him away. Her skin was flushed and a little shiny with sweat. Her pussy quivered at every touch and pass of his tongue. It was almost painful as he continued to pleasure her, too much. Far too much. It left her breathless and whining like a bitch in heat. Her hips stuttered forward as he brought his hand up and slipped two fingers into her, crooking them just so to target her g-spot. He focused his tongue on her clit, rubbing flat against it for a moment before wrapping his lips around it and beginning to suck.

Anya let out a harsh sob, rocketing towards another orgasm. Slick dripped around his fingers as her rubbed them back and forth across the little spot inside her. Anya was shaking like a leaf, cunt throbbing and the intense feeling climbing to a peak and fuck, fuck, fuck! The wet sound was entirely too lewd as Matthew continued to lap and suck at her cunt, face soaked as she began to squirt, cooking her own thighs and the sheets below them.

It was a positively ruined cry as she ground herself against his face as he worked her through the orgasm and didn’t stop.

“Ma- Matth- Matthew- I can’t, I can’t.” It was pathetic and whiny and she really couldn’t go again, certain she might go insane. But didn’t stop, intent to ruin her.

Chapter Text

Ivan raised an eyebrow as he stepped into his office and found Zoey sitting in his chair, looking through his files. With a sigh he set his briefcase down by the door.
 “What are you doing here, Ms. Jacobs?” He stepped up to the desk, pushing down his annoyance at her unannounced and unplanned visit.
 “You’ve been ignoring me.” She looked up from the file and pouted at him. “No texts, no calls, not even an email.” She leaned forward to rest her elbows on the desk and rested her face in her palms.
 “Need I remind you, we are enemies? My boss would not be very pleased if we were to interact outside of meetings and fights.”
 Zoey rolled her eyes. “Please. We may be their pawns but what they don’t know won’t hurt them.” She pushed herself up. She’s wearing that tight skirt she knew he liked and her blouse is unbuttoned nearly halfway down. “And besides, I’m here now. Why don’t we enjoy it while we have it?”
 She made a compelling argument, he had to admit. With a sigh, Ivan rounded the desk and took her by the hips, pulling her close and planting his lips firmly against hers. He had missed this.  Zoey was more than happy to kiss back, pressing up against him. His hands were quick to travel down, cupping her ass and giving a firm squeeze. He had certainly missed how soft she was over all that muscle.
 After a moment of heated kisses and Zoey’s hands quickly undoing the buttons of his shirt, she guided him to push him down into the desk chair and straddled his lap. She was quick to undo the buttons of her own blouse, revealing the lacy, white bracelet she had worn, the thing fabric barely covering anything. Ivan was quick to lean in and begin kissing over the tops of her breasts, leaving small red marks here and there. His hands pushed the skirt up over her hips, one hand brushing over the lacy front of the matching thong.
 Zoey swatted his hand away so she could shit and grind against him, a smug smirk coming to her face as she felt him twitch against her, beginning to harden and tent in his trousers. She began to grin as he let out a small groan, rocking up against her. It didn’t take long before he was fully hard and his hands were on her hips, holding her down as he continued to grind up against her.
 After a moment though, Zoey pushed herself up onto her knees so she could work his pants down his thighs. She took a moment to gasp his cock, rubbing the head go it along the seam of her pussy, her other hand holding the fabric to the side. Her breaths came in short breaths as she ran it through her folds for a moment before she lined him up to sink down, her cunt more than wet enough.
 Her breath caught as her walls stretched around him. He had always been impressively large, which was perfect for a size queen like her. Bigger was better, after all. She took a moment to adjust before eagerly beginning to bounce, the desk chair creaking with the movement and Ivan panting below her. God, sneaking into enemy territory had been absolutely worth it.
 Zoey didn’t go gentle or slow, she was fast and rough and eager, having been waiting for this for far too long. Her lips were on his once more, just are aggressive as the rest of her as she continued to drop and rise, moaning as he reached the best parts of her.
 Neither of them lasted too long, having been waiting for this for ages and sexually deprived because of it. They both came, moments apart with harsh, panting groans and slumped in the seat. Sweaty and painting as they rode it out.

Chapter Text

The holidays were finally over and the cold bitterness of February had set it, leaving Gilbert and Chiara cuddled up in front of the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate. Gilbert had surrounded them in thick furred blankets and pillows, mimicking the feeling of a pack as best he could with just the two of them. Lazily, his thick furred tail beat against the floor as he held Chiara in his lap, nose buried against her neck. Content warmth buzzed beneath his skin and his head felt pleasantly foggy.

Chiara smelled nice, he noted absently. Like the sun and those nice coconut-something lotions she wore and home-cooked meals. She smelled like comfort. It was easy to be lulled into a dazed state of half-asleep and barely aware. One of his ears perked up when Chiara yawned and he cracked an eye open to glance at the clock. It was getting a little late, a few hours after they had eaten dinner. 

“Time for bed?” He murmured, untangling his legs from hers. Only for Chiara to groan and shake her head, leaning on him more heavily.

“No. It’s warm here. I don’t want to move.” She grumbled and Gilbert couldn’t help but chuckle at her answer.

“Right. Of course. Let’s lay down though, you’re ruining my posture like this.” He grinned at the huff she gave in response and moved when she laid down, pressing himself to her back again, holding her close, and tucking her up against his body again. He knew they were going to fall asleep like this, but he couldn’t really find it in himself to care. Not with how warm and comfortable he was.


As he anticipated, they had fallen asleep. He woke up around two in the morning, sweaty and hot. The heated grip of arousal was firm and his head felt hazy in the grogginess from waking up. He was achingly hard and for a brief second, he was glad he was in his loose pajamas, not that he would be keeping them on for very long. His arm was wrapped tight around Chiara, keeping her close to him and his tail began to eagerly beat against the thick blanket puddle with dull thuds and a needy whine was pulled from him. She smelled so good, everything feeling heightened in the moment. Every sense felt like it had been turned up to eleven. Without a second thought, he hooked one of his legs around Chiara’s and used the leverage to firmly grind himself against her.

“Gil?” Chiara’s voice was rough as she stretched out. “You okay?” She went to shift and roll over, only to be held in place, Gilbert grinding against her once more. “Oh.” There’s a breathless quality to the sound that made his gut shudder. Before he can really consider otherwise his hands are grabbing at her pajama bottoms and pulling them down, his thumbs hooking around the band of her underwear and tugging them down as well. And fuck, fuck, holy shit. Maybe it was just instinct but the scent of her went straight to his head, a low growl building in the back of his throat as his cock twitched. God, he couldn’t wait to bury himself in her, filling her up to his knot and pumping her full of his cum until she was round like she would be, filled with his pups.

It didn’t take long for Gilbert to rid himself of his own pants and slipped his cock between her legs, sliding it through her folds, the head brushing against her clit with every thrust of his hips. He could feel her growing wetter, hear the little hitches of her breath, feel the tiniest movements of her own hips in response, he could smell her growing arousal and shit- he couldn’t take this. Another whine fell from him and one of his hands slipped up under her shirt and cupped one of her breasts, groping and fondling. Her breasts weren’t that big, not that minded, but fuck was it hot to think of how they would grow with pregnancy. They’d probably be more sensitive too.

Under his attentions it wasn’t long before Chiara was soaked, dripping over his cock, her breaths heavy. She could feel the way Gilbert’s chest rumbled with low, needy growls, his hips jerking, uneven, and desperate. After a moment, he lifted her thigh and shifted to thrust into her, missing the first time but having better luck the second as he thrust in. A low moan left him at the drag of her walls around him, wet and welcoming and so, so hot. The quiet whimper Chiara gave in return practically set his blood on fire and in just seconds he was leaning over her and thrusting into her hard and fast and desperate. He held one of her thighs up and kept her legs open as he set up a brutal pace.

It wasn’t like their usual sex, it was carnal and animalistic and aggressive. It was instincts and need, fucking up into her until he could feel his knot beginning to swell. The soft and wet pop of his knot pressing in and out of her was so fucking hot.  God and the way Chiara clenched around him, was more than enough to send him over the edge, his not swelling to full size locking them together as his orgasm washed over him and then his cum just kept going, coating her insides and selling her until he had nothing left to give, her abdomen taught and round. Chiara whined as he continued to fill her, her stomach cramping for a moment before it eased, Gilbert’s hand rubbing small circles against the skin until the pain abated and she was left heavy and full.

Chapter Text

It was dark. Audette's mouth was dry and her dick was harder than a fucking diamond. Quietly the TV played the soundtrack of the movie as it stayed on the menu and Chiara must have gone to bed. Audette’s head was fuzzy and her whole body was hot. She supposed that was what she got for falling asleep during their usual movie night.

Carefully Audette pushed herself up and rubbed her eyes as she glanced down at the tent in her pajama pants and sighed deeply. Usually, she would have stowed away in the bathroom or her bedroom to take care of it, privacy was always a good thing. But it was late, the lights were off and Chiara had surely gone to bed. God and she felt like her bones had been replaced with concrete, did she really want to get up? No, not at all. With another yawn she leaned back against the couch and brought one of her hands down to cup herself through the pants, running her palm over the length with a soft intake of breath. She began to worry at her lip after a moment. God, what if Chiara saw her? She actively tried to push the thought away, unsure if she could handle the embarrassment.

Audette’s heart hammered and she let out a heavy breath as the strokes of her palm became firmer, her cock twitching against the fabric of her panties and pajama pants. There was a brief moment of hesitance before she slid down the band of her pants and tugged her underwear down to follow, letting her cock rest against the soft plane of her stomach. Fuck, what if Chiara saw her like this, she’d die. That, of course, didn’t stop her from wrapping her hand around her cock and she began to stroke, let out a shaky sigh as she brushed the pad of her thumb over the tip.

Audette kept it slow for a moment, a little gentle, and her touches fleeting before her grasp become more firm. She briefly mourned the lack of lubricant but she wasn’t going to use her spit, she just didn’t like that, but it didn’t bother her too much. She wet her lips with a flick of her tongue and her heart stuttered as she began to work her hand up and down, her cock twitching in her hand. Her anxiety began to ease as it seemed she was by herself for good. It was a moment of indulgence and she needed to relax, so she forced herself too, easing into her own touch. She kept it up, pressing her lips together to muffle the small grunts and moans.

It didn’t take long before she was panting, her hips jerking up and pressing into her hand. Her cheeks were flushed as she continued to jerk herself off, grip firm. Briefly, she imagined it was her roommate’s hand, rather than her own and her breath hitched. Maybe Chiara walking in wouldn’t be so bad. Well, it probably would be, but it didn’t hurt to imagine it wouldn’t be. She wet her lips, thighs shaking a little as she closed her eyes and let the idea of Chiara stroking her settle in. Lost in thought, she didn’t hear the door down the hall open and the soft pad of footsteps coming towards the living room.

“Audette?” Chiara’s voice was a little gruff with sleepiness and confusion.

Audette nearly left out of her skin, breath catching in a surprised gasp. “Oh my god!” She was quick to yank her bottoms back up over her hips. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t think you were up! That was so inappropriate of me- I should have gone to my room!” Audette was quick to apologize, her whole face felt as though it was on fire, made even worse by the way she could feel Chiara staring at her.

“Relax. I’m not upset.” Chiara waved her hand dismissively and her lips pulled up in a small grin. “It wasn’t a terrible sight at all. You don’t have to stop on my account.”

“Oh um, I- what are you saying?” Audette was hesitant to look at her, still flustered, her heart pounding.

Ciara couldn’t help as her lips quirked up into a grin. “I’m saying, I want to watch you.”