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Kinktober 2021

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Gentle sunlight filtered through the gauzy curtains and across Louis’s cheeks. With a grunt he rolled over to wrap himself around his husband, Oliver. His head was still fuzzy as he slowly woke up, his skin buzzing with warmth. At the forefront of his thoughts as he slowly roused was the aching erection between his legs, pressed against Oliver’s ass. He let out a deep sigh as he pressed himself closer, slowly beginning to grind against him. 

After a few moments Oliver began to stir, stretching with a yawn, chuckling a little too himself as he felt Louis’ grinding against him. “Good morning, dearest.” He murmured, smiling as he received only a grunt in response. Oliver sighed softly and pressed back into Louis’ hold, enjoying the quiet moment.

Louis kept himself pressed tight to Oliver’s back, face buried against his neck, letting out little breaths and moans. Oliver has always been so soft and warm, so gentle with him, though guiding with a firm hand. It was all he could ask for. Oliver always took such good care of him, always kept him well fed and content, keeping him from his self-destructive tendencies and finding him a way to cope. He took in a shuddering breath as he rolled his hips, firm and slow.

A hitching whine left him as Oliver brought a hand up to bury in his hair, fingertips massaging his scalp. “You’re so cute, such a good boy.” Oliver hummed, playing with Louis’ hair as he continued to grind against him. “You can cum, dearest, whenever you need to.”

Louis moaned and continued to rock into him, his skin flushed and breath heavy. It took an embarrassingly short amount of time, but soon he was cumming. Louis’ hips stuttered and his moans came out choked and whiny. Oliver continued to pet his hair through it, relishing in how Louis seemed to just let go, going limp when he had finished.

“You’re such a good boy, a very good boy. Now, what would you like for breakfast.”