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Scott looked up from his 3DS. He was tired. He heard the doorbell ring. Just as he began to walk over to the door, someone knocked on it. He opened it.
"Is it Gex night? I LOVE Gex night!"
Ah, of course, it was his good friend, Jeb. Scott had completely forgotten he invited him and Rex over to play "Gex", which was, in reality, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, the day before. He was exhausted. He guessed he just planned to sleep all day. He'd been playing Madden 08 for 7 hours. Thing is, he told them to arrive at his apartment at 7:00. It was 5:30.
He stared at his friend, who was staring right back at him, looking excited.
"Aha, Jeb, you're uh..."
Scott looked at his watch, and then back at Jeb.
"..You're here an hour and a half before I told you to get here."
Scott felt awkward, he didn't know what to say.
"Yeah, I was just SO excited to play Gex with you, and I wanted to come early to help you set up!" Jeb grinned.
Scott continued staring at the man, he was just so.. pretty. His light brown hair and charming smile made Scott feel so strange. It was like he had butterflies in his stomach. He blushed.
Jeb let himself in, almost instantly he was sitting down on the couch. Scott sat down next to him. They couldn't start the game without Rex, it had to be played with at least 3 players. What could he do? He couldn't stand being around Jeb alone. He still felt weird, and warm, and fuzzy. Jeb glimpsed at the taller man.
Scott struggled to say anything. "Well, uh, we've.. heh.. we've got some time to waste.." he managed to spit out. He couldn't stop staring at Jeb's pretty face.
"Seems we do. Up for a round of Gex?" Jeb pulled out a box of playing cards, making an enthusiastic expression.
"I don't.. I don't know, I-I'm kind of tired." Scott yawned.
Apparently, he was more tired than he thought, because he'd drifted off immediately after saying that.
Jeb glanced back at him. He slightly smiled at him. He felt kind of sleepy too.
The man laid down next to Scott. He didn't want to sleep on the floor, and there wasn't really anywhere else to sleep other than the couch. A pleasant and drowsy cuddle ensued.
They were both warm. It felt nice. Scott was ever-so-slightly awake, his cheeks rosy. He turned around to face Jeb. He wanted this sleepy hug to last forever. It was all he wanted. He felt like he'd needed it forever.
Jeb nuzzled up against him.
They fell asleep.

That was, until the doorbell rang.
Scott shot up, Jeb getting up as well soon after, rubbing his eyes.
Scott checked his watch.
"Shit, it's 7:00 already?"
He noticed Jeb.
That wasn't a dream?
Jeb shrugged, and gestured toward the door, which was being rapidly knocked on.
Scott trudged over to the door and opened it, running his fingers through his hair as he did so.
"Hey, guy!" Rex greeted him. "You look GREAT.", he sarcastically remarked.
Scott realized his hair was a mess.
"Oh, hey, Jeb! When'd you get here?"