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The Sage's Vessel

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Carnage and chaos lingered around the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, flames engulfing most of it as lunarian emissaries amassed the location like flies to a rotting corpse.

But they wouldn't get far, not with each arrow whistling through the air with frightening precision.

Eirin just aimed and let go, asservating her presence to those that wished to capture her, forgoing her longevous existences filled with experience.

Over and over she reminded them as to who she was.

Eirin silenced each attempt, the arrogate nature of the lunarians being their downfall.

The outskirts of Eientei were littered with bodies, drenched with blood, decimated with ammunition. 

Yelling continued but Eirin wasn't deterred, countenance stony as blood trickled down the side of her head.

A stray bullet.

Several more lodged into her back as she healed, faster than Kaguya and Mokou could.

It didn't stop her from aiming at the incoming emissaries.

One arrow pierced between their eyes, digging through the procerus muscle which dragged the flesh into their skull.

Another lodged into their heart, aiming for the pulmonary artery, cutting off the blood supply to the lungs.

The next arrow broke though the helmet they wore, brushing beyond their lips till the arrow sped out from the other side, leaving a gaping cavern.

The following four projectiles met the targets on the incoming assailant, specifically their shoulders and knee caps, their crippled body collapsing backwards as they screamed in agony.

But Eirin wasn't done yet, disgust and fury waging war within her at the provocation from the Lunar Army, once again.

They just couldn't leave Gensokyo be, her home.

She grit her teeth as more attempted to apprehend her but she took them down with ease, movements fluid even without needed her bow.

The goddess grabbed one by the throat with one hand, pressing hard enough to break their neck, head lolling back as another emissary came at her from the side. She was prepared, using the gun from the deceased and slamming it into the enemy's chest, breaking apart their chest cavity as blood splattered everywhere. A nauseating crunch of bones shattering and melding with organs served as a warning for the rest.

They kept flooding, she kept killing.

Would do so until the grounds of Eientei were dyed crimson with the remains of those who dared to disturb Gensokyo again.

Eirin was in a trance as she flew through the tree line, the sight of an emissary gunning down a youkai she often saw in the clinic making her frenetic.

She yelled, procured an arrow and lifted the perpetrator to the stalk of a bamboo tree, pinning them onto it before slamming the arrow into their throat with enough force to push through their spine and the bark of the bamboo tree.

They remained hanging there, lifeless, crimson sliding down the green stalk as Eirin retrieved another arrow.

The reserved woman couldn't help herself, plunging the weapon into the emissary's body repeatedly, the horrific sounds of flesh tearing and incarnadine droplets splattering permeating the air.

Her face was marred with her own blood and those of the emissaries she has slaughtered.

At this point, Eirin wasn't sure when she dropped the arrow or when Yukari had appeared, her breathing ragged as the blonde embraced her, pushing her back from the mess. There was a brief struggle between the two sages as Eirin attempted to lunge for the decreased emissary again, eyes dilated and a snarl on her lips.

It was the most youkai like Yukari had ever witness the lunarian.

"Eirin.." Yukari spoke, softly, calmness inundated in each word, "It's over, we won, it is over now".

In the caliginous forest, the sounds of a battle coming to a cessation rang through, a zephyr passing by to indicate Gensokyo's victory. 

Yukari's grip on the goddess increased as Eirin's hands fell to her side, blue eyes unblinking while the feeling of the youkai sage over her rigid form took over, bringing her back.

Eirin swallowed, tasted salt, dirt and blood as her knees began to shake, the adrenaline fading through her system.

The woman crumbled, Yukari held her tighter as she lowered her to the forest floor, now her knees.

Yukari crouched over her, eyes staring down into detached blues as she cupped Eirin's face and wiped the streaks of blood from her cheek and lips. Her demeanour was as tousled as her appearance, though a semblance of rationality was seeping through with each touch.


Yukari sighed, expression of solicitude present, "I'm here.They are all dead. Nobody is taking any of you back, Eirin. I promise".

The sepulchral tone in the way Eirin had said her name was jarring, like the woman whom was embroiled in a constant war with herself, the moon and the guilt had finally coalesced into one, drowning her from the inside.

Eirin's next question only added to the maudlin mood.


The goddess's voice was quiet as her hands clutched at the sides of Yukari's tabard and Yukari could feel the desperation in those fingertips, in that hold.

She swept away some of the errant silver strands from her lover's forehead, "Still here. Thanks to you".

Eirin's detachment began to waver as she looked at Yukari, those entrancing violet eyes returning her to the present, like she had utmost control over her.

"I..see. Are you okay?".

"Not a mark" Yukari smiled, "Again, all thanks to you, Eirin".

"I'm glad".

Eirin allowed herself to be guided to Yukari's chest as the blonde's fingers worked on soothing her, steadying her. One hand remained around Eirin's shoulders, the other on the nape of the goddesse's neck, the pads of her warm digits stroking gently.

She exhaled as her body finally succumbed to the apprehension she had felt the moment the emissaries had managed to locate them, unleashing hell on Gensokyo.

"Do you know how they got through?".

"I do. Not to worry, they have been taken care of. Every last one".

By Eirin.

The concentrated attack on Eientei wasn't unintentional, there was a reason why and how the lunarians had found the elusive home of the fugitives.

Yukari glanced at the emissary leader pinned to the tree, shredded to the bone, a most satisfied smirk forming as she turned back to Eirin, pressing her lips to her hair.

The moon's greatest asset was in Gensokyo, in her arms, at her side.

Yukari liked to test Eirin's allegiance now and then.

This was simply one of those moments.

Recruiting wayward lunarians wasn't an exigent task, they were all desperate to retrieve Eirin so coaxing them to earth was child's play.

As was allowing them into Gensokyo as its creator. 

And Eirin would be none the wiser to it, coiled around Yukari's gaps, being shaped to the blonde's whims.

"All thanks to you".