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Pride of a Trash Lout

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The prince grimaces, before rubbing the bridge of his nose. “This is an inhibition remover. On it’s own, that wouldn’t be particularly dangerous, if obviously not recommended for such a locale, but the second one that’s mixed with it...” A frown. “I can only describe it as a loyalty elixir. It makes patrons associate strongly with a location, and the more positive their experiences, the more loyal they become.”

“If someone was under the influence of that drug,” His Cale says warily, “and won a jackpot, would that count?”

“It would. The rush of winning, the joy of it, that  would be a strong enough hook to keep a customer loyal, I believe,” Alberu says with a frown. “Combined, however, these two make for a very dangerous street drug - an illegal one, in fact.”

Choi Han can see how his lover frowns, worry over his beautiful face as he looks at the vial. He inches out a little, closer to his Cale, who rests a hand on his thigh, silent reassurance.

“Can it be ingested?”

“Frequently,” The prince agrees. “It’s not fatal, so in theory, every drink could be doused with it. It has no effectiveness in food, thankfully, but drinks remain suspect.” Cale grimaces, and Choi Han looks at his liege, a little frown of worry on his own face as he looks at the vial.

He’d drunk that. Was that what had made him feel so very aroused? Is this why he couldn’t take his eyes off of his lover?

“It’s addictive, isn’t it. Enough so that going to another casino, even for a few days, is unbearable. Given the behavior of the people around us, it’s not just like he’s dosing people lightly. The mask had a decent supply, enough to be dangerous to people around them.”

“Y-yes, you’re right,” he says, surprised, and Choi Han scowls. How dare he doubt his beautiful liege? Cale gently touches his shoulder, the contact making him shiver weakly, and he unhappily subsides. “I’m sorry - few nobles ever have such a deep, intimate understanding of drugs without using them.”

“I hate thugs,” Cale says simply, plump pink lips curling into a smirk. “And other trash. I took some time to understand how they worked, so I could disrupt their workings in my territory.”

“Diligent of you,” Alberu compliments, and Cale rolls his eyes. “But yes… they are all strongly addicted, and dismantling this ring will not be easy.”

“People get violent when they think they’ll lose everything they love,” Cale murmurs, and Choi Han looks at his lover worriedly. “The city could go up in flames if the casino is dismantled, and the drug removed.”

“Does that mean we’ll have to find a cure first? Surely there’s a way to slowly purge it, even if we hijack the supply and exchange it out.” The prince eyes him, then Cale, before looking amused.

“Just sit back and watch you two reach conclusions that take me hours,” he says with a sigh, shakes his head.

“Having another person to bounce ideas off of is in general quite helpful,” Cale says, amused. “We’ll need some time to figure out where the supply is coming from, and what, exactly, we should aim for. We don’t want anyone getting too close to us, and it’ll take some careful maneuvering. Choi Han will have to be the one to do the final infiltration, but we don’t have any good stealth abilities for a deeper infiltration.”

The prince looks between them, before nodding.

“I’ll take a look,” He says firmly. “And we can start tomorrow on working out what’s going on with the abandoned casino.” Standing, the prince gathers everything and bades them farewell.

Thank god. Choi Han was going to burst if he was forced to spend any more time with that man with the heat running in his veins.



“Well, now that the prince is gone...” Choi Han muses, “Might I ask you for something, master?” He says, a soft flicker of want in his gaze. Cale looks at Choi Han, raises a brow.

“Hmm… ” He says, before giving Choi Han an amused look. “I suppose, my Han-ah, that I can indulge you,” he says, and Choi Han blushes a little, tugs at his clothing and gives him a cutely pleading look.

“I want you to suck me off,” he says, and Cale gives a startled little laugh.

“Oh, is that all, my wolf?” He asks, pulls him closer to caress him, to kiss him. Choi Han goes very willingly, whimpering at his touch. “The drug is affecting you, isn’t it, my darling wolf?”

“Y-yes, my Cale,” he groans. “All I can think about is you, Cale.” Cale laughs softly, pulls him up to kiss him, hand sneaking down to cup the hard bulge in his palm, relishing in the way he mewls into Cale’s mouth, a needy, greedy little slut.

“Silly little wolf,” Cale murmurs. “Of course I’ll suck you off. You’ve been such a good wolf for me, my lover.” Choi Han shivers at his words, and he obediently strips down, his body quivering in eager expectation, cock springing up from the confines of his slacks to slap against his stomach. Cale laughs at him, at his eagerness, and he leans in to kiss right under that sensitive cockhead, Choi Han giving a shameless noise of pleasure. “Go get washed up, my greedy wolf,” Cale orders, and Choi Han happily goes off to obey his whims, Cale watching indulgently as he does so. Leisurely, Cale strips down, stretches out now that he’s fully bare, lazily wandering past the desk and looking around himself to see what would be best to spice up their evening.

His eyes land on the mirror, and with a grin, he drags it over to behind his desk, angles it just so while he waits for his lover to return. Bending over the desk, Cale gives a little yelp of surprise when warm arms wrap around his waist, a hot, thick cock rubbing between his thighs slyly, leaking clear fluid all over. He hadn't even noticed when his wolf had arrived, despite facing the mirror.

If he'd been anyone else, Cale would have been embarrassed.

“Oh my, Choi Han,” He groans, allowing his wolf to nip and bite and lick at his throat. “You’re certainly eager, aren’t you?” Cale gasps, his wolf nuzzling him, cock oozing more between his thighs, makes them slick.

And isn’t that an idea? He kisses his wolf, who happily kisses him back, talented tongue licking into every inch greedily.

“Choi Han,” He says, his lover looking down obediently at his hungry words. “Why don’t you fuck my thighs, mmm, my wolf?” Choi Han makes a choked noise, cheeks reddening at the suggestiveness of it. “I’ll still suck you off, don’t worry about that. But I want -” Choi Han shudders at that, “-to feel you there.”

“Of course, Cale,” he says, pupils blown wide and eyes wide, cock leaking profusely over his thighs.

With a grin, he presses his thighs together briefly, gets a startled little moan from his beautiful wolf.Choi Han reluctantly lets him go when he pushes his lover, grinning cheekily when his lover looks more alertly around them, whimpering cutely when he sees the mirror on the other side of the desk, displaying them and their debauched, bare forms.

“Do you think you could fuck me in such a way that you can see what’s going on, my wolf?” He asks, and Choi Han nods rapidly, making him laugh. “Then go ahead, my beautiful lover,” Cale murmurs, pulling him in for a hot and heavy kiss.

Had it been any other drug, Cale would have tied Choi Han down, and refused to let him have his way with Cale. But he trusted his beautiful wolf to be capable of reason, and his obedience was absolute, if he was allowing Cale to call the shots right now.

“My Cale,” Choi Han whimpers a little, and Cale looks at him fondly, offers him a little kiss. “My Cale, my Cale, I want to try something with you,” he nuzzles Cale’s shoulder, and the redhead lets him.

“What is it, my Han-ah?” he asks fondly, watches Choi Han as he allows the drug to give him the ability to unwind. His dick is so hard, so greedy, and Choi Han looks at him with such want that Cale can’t help but enjoy the way he whines for him, begging and crying like the sweet, vulnerable little toy he was.

“I want to fuck you against the mirror,” he says weakly, and Cale sucks in a little breath.

“Oh, you’re so dangerous,” He says, shaking a little. “My dangerous lover, my beautifully dangerous lover. Yes, god, you can do that my love.” He says, and Choi Han makes a delighted little noise, pulls him in close to kiss him hard, nibbles his lower lip.

Cale moans into the kiss, his wolf’s hands roaming freely over his skin, fingers digging into Choi Han’s shoulders, the two lost in their passionate actions to devour one another.

Choi Han hefts him up, shoves him up against the mirror, and Cale squeaks, forced to cling to it.

“I’m going to put you to work, my Cale,” Choi Han murmurs against the shell of his ear, making him groan and shiver slightly. “Tie you up, pin you down, make you work for me.”

“Aaah,” Cale groans, cheeks hot and flush at his dark, teasing words. “You’re going to make your precious lover work?” He gasps, and Cale can feel how Choi Han grins against his back, nuzzles him briefly.

“Of course I am,” he says, laughing against Cale’s skin. “I love it when you work for me, my Cale.” Cale gives a little moan, feels how Choi Han leans against the mirror as well, pushing it experimentally until he’s sure that it will not budge. Cale finds his body lifted onto the desk, hands gripping the top of the mirror more securely, kneeling on the wood and pressing his thighs tighter together with a little laugh.

They were so indecent, weren’t they? Was this what it felt like, to constantly have to work out months of sexual frustration? To be forced to work together without any outlet for their needs? He’d wanted Choi Han for so long, had denied himself those pleasures, and now here he was, taking Choi Han without any semblance of shame or modesty. Cale laughs, head tilting back as Choi Han’s cock slides between his tightly pressed thighs, kisses liberally dropped against his skin, little nibbles and licks, light kisses and cuddles. Cale looks down after a moment, can see the head of Choi Han’s cock peeking out from between his thighs, Cale’s own cock bobbing with every breath.

God, he wanted so badly to be fucked right now. Choi Han slowly moves, and the feel of that hard cock sliding between slick thighs was enough to make him moan, tremble as he watches it disappear between his legs, clear fluid dripping down his skin. Choi Han, too, groans greedily, nuzzling him and nipping at his flesh, little bites that leave delicious pleasures behind.

“So good,” Cale murmurs, head tilting back as he relishes this, relishes the feeling of Choi Han using him for his pleasure. He closes his eyes as Choi Han begins to pick up the pace, slick, wet noises filling his ears, little moans leaving his lips as he allows himself to relish in the sensation. His cock is dripping with precum, the liquid sliding down his length and smearing itself over his balls as he moans, the sensation incredibly delicious and utterly enjoyable. He loves this, he loves it, the way they treat each other, the way they enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with one another’s bodies, Choi Han happily rutting between his thighs, the faint burning sensation of skin against skin dulled by their slick juices.

“Cale,” Choi Han groans against his back, “You feel so good, so slick around my cock. Every single part of you feels so good, like you were made for me and my cock to enjoy,” He murmurs shamelessly, hands moving from his hips to rub against his nipples, Cale whimpering. The steady, relentless motion of Choi Han’s cock hadn’t abated, and Cale wonders how on earth he still has so much self control in the face of this overwhelming pleasure, of this absolute sin.

“Isn’t it the same for me?” He groans, head tilting back. “You’re mine, you know. Every delicious inch of you. Made to fuck me, to love me, to spread me open and fill me up with your love,” Cale shudders, gives a moan when Choi Han begins to move again, a little faster, a little less coordinated. The tip of his cock brushes against Cale’s balls, and the redhead can’t resist another groan, the thick length that lovingly rubbed against his thighs and teasing his cock impossibly good. It was as though he was the one drugged, the one in dire need of the mounting pleasure that was filling him to the brim, ready to make him burst from the pleasure alone. Choi Han nuzzles his throat, teases his nipples, every inch of him is tormented and pleasured and it’s all too much, too delicious for Cale to last, the softer, slighter man clinging desperately to the mirror.

Choi Han is looking at him in a way that makes him a bit nervous, when he looks up, head tilting to a side.

“Did you prep yourself, my Cale?” He asks, and Cale manages a dazed nod. Of course he did, he’d planned on welcoming Choi Han with his body as soon as the prince - A moan is forcefully ripped from his throat as long, lean fingers plunge into his slick hole, spread him wider and torment him shamelessly, Cale’s eyes rolling up into the back of his head as that stimulation brings him to orgasm.

His thighs close tighter in response to the sudden, delicious stimulation, and he can feel Choi Han too, the swordsman groaning as he cums himself, white splattering over the mirror, the two left panting and a little stunned.

The night wasn’t even half-over, and yet, he was ready to burst.

“Ah...” Choi Han was panting, and Cale couldn’t help the smile as his wolf sheepishly pulls his fingers free, the noble clenching uselessly around nothing to keep them in. “My Cale… I’m sorry,” He murmurs, and Cale laughs a bit.

“What for, my love?” He asks, and Choi Han blushes. “It felt so good, having you use me like this.” A squeeze of his thighs, and Choi Han groans when Cale uses a hand to rub against the tip of his cock, teasing him over and over until more precum splashes over his palm, Choi Han giving a startled moan. “If you feel like you’ve disappointed me, then let’s work on that. Make it up to me with your body.”

Choi Han’s sheepish expression shifts, embarrassment turning to eager want.

“Of course, my Cale,” he says, a smile blooming over his lips as he nuzzles Cale’s skin, nips at it again. "Whatever you desire."