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Hiding in the Closet

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He slowly gazed to his left, and then his right. He had lost him. Sweat trickled down between his shoulder blades. His capture was sure to happen soon, but James Kirk was not going to go down without a fight.

He had managed to evade him, but he felt that his luck would surely run out. What he needed now was a place to hide. God, he was sweating so much. He could feel his shirt sticking to his chest. But where could he go to avoid him? The things he would do to him, he hated it. He would have rather be locked up in a cell with a stinky smelly Klingon than go where his captor intended. All the probing and the questions, it never ended.

He heard voices, he was near, and someone else was with him. He swore to himself, thinking he should have known that his captor would have backup. Quickly looking ahead, he noticed there was no one in the immediate vicinity so he made a run for it. He spotted the door a few feet away and when he approached it, it opened and quickly got in.

James Kirk breathed a sigh of relief. He wouldn't find him here. He needed to remain quiet. After awhile his captor would eventually get bored and find someone else.

It was dark where he was. He hated closed spaces. But, for now he was glad to be here. He tried to relax, and he slowly leaned back against the wall in the tiny room but was met with something warm. He was not alone. Who the hell was in here with him?

"Who is here with me? What the hell, are you doing here?" Jim replied demanding an answer.

"I believe I am doing exactly what you are doing Captain. Avoiding capture."

"Spock! Is that you? It's so damn dark in here, can't see nothing."

"My eyes have become accustomed to it. Are you not avoiding someone?"

"You too?" Jim asked surprised that Spock also was in the same predicament.

"Yes. I have been here for only 12 minutes. I thought to leave, but you entered before I could."

"It isn't safe yet, Spock. He's got reinforcements. We may be outnumbered."

"I see." Spock responded his voice betraying defeat.

"We shouldn't give up just yet Spock. There is still a chance we can return to duty and not have to go through with it. In the meantime we wait in here."

"I am uncertain how long we can remain in the closet." Spock replied with an eyebrow raised.

"Me neither. Bones will eventually find us. I hate physicals."

"As do I."