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Naming Syndrome

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Another long day of reading appeals and attending ministers assembly. Those are the usual days of Cheoljeong being the king but what makes him look forward in his role is being a husband to his loving wife. For the last six months, the couple received a joyful news that brings festive mood in the palace for after years of waiting, a heir to the throne will come. Few months in time, Cheoljeong will not only be a king and husband, but also will be a father to his child. The thought makes Cheoljeong smile and excited while walking to Daejojeon together with his parade of servants but he saw one of Soyong's closest court maid Hongyeon having books in her arms. Hongyeon bow downs her head to acknowledge the king and Cheoljeong ask "Where is the queen?... did she ask for that books?" while glancing to the pile of books she have in her arms and ask one his servant assist her. "The Queen ask me to get these books, Your Majesty... if you plan to visit Daejojeon, the Queen is not there Your this moment the Queen is at the pavilion Your Majesty" Hongyeon said while bowing her head. The king was quite surprise and glad "Did my queen got bored? maybe she wants fresh air" and the entourage change their direction to the pavilion. 


He was near the stairs of the pavilion when Cheoljeong got a glance of his wife. Soyong is busy flipping through pages of one book and flip another book in her right hand. His gaze was too focus in Soyong's face, he can't help himself being mesmerised with her beauty, the perfect shape jawline, the milky face that radiates all over the palace, her goddess aura, the kissable lips that can make his knees weak, and the eyes that he can watch all day. He was indeed hypnotised with her, after their years of marriage nothing changes and everyday he was falling over again in love with his wife. At that point, he wanted to give a kiss to the mole above jawline of Soyong's face, he was slap back to reality with "Your Majesty, are you doing well?" the head eunuch said behind and startled him. He almost lost his balance but quickly got steady when he heard Soyong "My king, are you alright?" and she tried to rise from her feet but Cheoljeong stop her "I'm alright my queen, just stay with your position... your back might hurt" the concern tone evident in his voice and he take the seat beside Soyong.

The queen continues to do her work and Cheoljeong also continue to stare at his wife especially to the large bump on her belly. Soyong suddenly became aware of his stare and commented while writing something "Your Majesty, I might melt any moment" she sounded like stating a fact. Cheoljeong suddenly display his laughter "Oho, my queen... well I'm just" and he try to sound funny "looking with your tummy and realize something" and those words stop Soyong and face his husband "What is it Your Majesty?" enthusiasm and curiosity obvious in her voice. Cheoljeong let all the servants to go a little bit away to give them privacy and space.

The king was smiling to Soyong and said "Are you really curious my queen?" and his wife gives him a nod. "My queen, you look like... you have eaten a large watermelon" like a uttering a matter-of-fact. Silence. Only birds chirping embraces the pavilion and the desk suddenly push forward, suddenly Soyong shouted a little "Yahhh... wonbeom-ah".

Cheoljeong can't contain it and laugh. These past few days, he enjoy to tease Soyong and he want to pinch her pouting face. The pregnancy syndrome that shared for both them, causes this new banter.

Soyong didn't like it this time and annoyed her. She feel helpless being tease with Cheoljeong and tried to walk out from him but her back doesn't cooperate and she stick with her sitting position. Cheoljeong making fun with her shape sends frustration to her and she cried similar to a child throwing tantrums "Your Majesty, am I that ugly to be tease?" and she sobs "You don't love me Wonbeom-ah?"

Cheoljeong feeling guilty with his words and just embrace his wife "My queen, I'm just kidding... you're beautiful since then and became gorgeous when you carry my child inside your belly" and tried his best to find soothing words for Soyong.

After sometime, Soyong finally recover and push her husband "I forbid Your Majesty to come in Daejojeon tonight and next" she was quite firm and playful with her tone. She reach the table and get back to her business. The king only smile and said "I know you can't sleep without me Soyong-ah".


The couple tends to relax with the view surrounding the pavilion. Cheoljeong's thoughts drifted to their marriage adventure, between him and Soyong. Their relationship proves that love can forgive, takes patience, full of flaws, and hardships. He was too glad that after all the misunderstandings, love pave way on how strong the bond they have. 

Meanwhile Soyong was thinking something wicked, well just smooth and not severe wicked revenge. She doesn't want that anyone will make fun of her and, her husband is not an exception. She can't accept the King's comment that she swallowed a large watermelon, shes just a beautiful pregnant queen. She wasn't born to be a clown, she want that at the end of the day, her laugh will dominate and she said in her mind "Baby, eomma will just teach your appa a lesson" and stroke softly her tummy. 

The king finally notices that Soyong was writing and tried to read it "Su-Ryung, Young-Soo, Sook Hwan, Chu Gae, and Hak-kun.... what are those my queen?" and Soyong displays a little smirk then got to compose her calm demeanour again and said "Your Majesty, the heir's arrival will happen in few months and I'm finding best names that can be the choices we can choose from... the names you have mentioned are the few I want to have...well Your Majesty can help me too" and flash her deceiving smile. The king seems convince "My queen, your choices are great and I can't wait to decide what will be the name of our child". The king wasn't aware that Soyong made another list (hide the official list) of names that can be prospective name of their baby but the names are former names of Soyong's male friends well according to her orabeoni Byeong In, they are not friends but former suitors. She can recall those names for she considered them as friends and nothing more. The queen finds Cheoljeong's jealousy "cute" thats how Bonghwan coined it. 

Their conversation was stop with someone's cough and greet them in a respectful and formal manner "How was your day going, Your Majesty and Your Highness?"

Its Soyong's oreaboni, Kim Byeong In. Soyong flashes her big smile, what a lucky day for her, someone's gonna help her do the soft but not severe punishment for her husband, she knows well how Byeong In will react by just hearing their names. 

The king acknowledges Byeong In's greetings "I apologize Kim Byeong In, for not recognising you... the queen and I just discussing for the name of our child" and Soyong added "Oreaboni don't be too formal, we are the only people here... oreaboni can you help us decide what name should we have?" 

Byeong In can detect that somethings up with Soyong especially with her tone, she used this tone especially when her father asked them to find him a copy of a book but will end up playing tujeon in Hwan's residence. 

"Oreaboni so these are the choices: Sook Hwan,... Chu Gae,... and Hak-kun" she reiterates the names with full of admiration in her voice. Soyong wasn't disappointed with Byeong In's reaction, did goes beyond it. Her oreaboni says "Your highness, didn't you forgot those names?... did you still cherish them up to now?"

They are really siblings even though not by blood and Byeong In buys the situation "Oh yeah" and Soyong rejoices inside her mind but self-restraint must prevail, she didn't want to spoil the show. Soyong replied in a poetic and loving tone "How can I forget them oreaboni... how heartless am I not to fulfill my promise... to name my child after them... they made my teenage years meaningful... I suddenly miss them" Soyong's line end with a sigh. 

Byeong In enjoys this, especially the King's confuse yet jealous reaction and he adds fuel to the fire, sounding like a protective brother "Your Highness, I remember your father's threat to those guys and I supported him... you might be swoon with them and can choose your future husband from them... those guys maybe gifted with looks but-" and Soyong continued "they can be great man if they-" suddenly Cheoljeong screamed "Yahhh..." and king's tone back again "Are we still discussing names for the future heir?... and for the record, this is my child not just by anyone". 

Byeong In satisfied with the commotion says "I apologize, king and queen, I just drop by to say my greetings, I think I can't join the discussion anymore for my scheduled training will begin" since he was assigned to train the department wherein Yeongpyeong was in charge. Byeong In rise on his feet and give his final goodbye, but stop on his tracks for a while and said "Your Highness, I met Hak-kun yesterday and want to catch up with you, if permitted". Before Soyong can utter any words, Cheoljeong says "No... I mean she can't... shes preparing for giving birth" and Byeong In gives his final bow and left. 

Soyong was rejoicing inside her mind as her oreaboni made his exit, indeed "The queen wins during the day" and smile wickedly. The moment she turn her head to the king, his eyes was turning into tiny slits while pouting. She just shrugged her shoulders and pretend to read the books again.

Later on, Cheoljeong can't take it anymore and being hurt and offended evident in his voice "My queen, are you really serious of naming our child with your... past... lovers?"...andwae... only suitors? " sounded like a sulking teenager. Soyong find this encounter so funny and tried to imitate Cheoljeong's way of speaking "Ohoo a queen never lies". She can see that Cheoljeong was getting emotional, due to shared pregnancy syndromes for close couples, by seeing his eyes getting misty a little bit. If Bonghwan will witness this, definitely he will tease Cheoljeongie more but she will end this here. Soyong's laugh invaded the whole pavilion and try to compose her queen mood, but she just laugh again. 

Sudden touch of a hand to her tummy make Soyong stop laughing, the king embraces her from the back. Cheoljeong leans his head near her neck while caressing her belly "Baby, your eomma is such a great actress... I was nearly convince a while ago...but I know your eomma loves me more than those namja". 

The queen accepted his embrace "I apologize my king, but I enjoy witnessing your pouting face" and Soyong did try to pinch his cheeks. They stayed in that position for a while, Cheoljeong's hand never left her bump and the king suddenly speaks "Soyong-ah, I know what name we can give to our child...Bong Eun".

"Wonbeom-ah did you steal my list?... How did you find out my first-" she was stop with movements from her belly "Omo... omo did you feel that?... my baby did you just kick?" then another movement did happen. The couple become ecstatic experiencing this milestone and Cheoljeong put his head near Soyong's stomach "My baby did you like the name Bong Eun?" the king says with enthusiasm and added "Bong Eun-ah... come out safely please... don't let your eomeoni suffer too long during delivery...abeoji is looking forward to meet you and hold you in my arms" and ended his message kissing his wife's belly.