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The Light, the Dark and the Green in between

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“It’s not food dumb fish, it’s my notebook idiot” pulling away the recently burnt notebook from the koi fishes.


“It’s best you give up”

Izuku felt a pang in his heart, everything around him seem to be a blur now, mind racing with everything being said between the doctor in front of him and his mum going over his head.

“Little Izuku has two joints, it indicates that he is a standard mold without a quirk”


“You’re still playing Hero Deku!?, You don’t even have a QUIRK”


A long time ago, the world changed when quirks started appearing around the world, the once extraordinary became ordinary and the many dreams became reality, 80% of the world population has developed unique abilities also known as quirks, but of the 20% that is quirkless, 75% of them are older than 60. New roles and occupations were created to protect the peace now that abilities to cause damage is more accessible to the population, one of those occupations are “Heroes”


“JUST KEEP LOOKING FORWARD!!, THAT’S RIGHT! DON’T LISTEN TO WHAT OTHERS SAY OR DO TO YOU” but deep down he knows it’s getting out of reach, standing no chance against any villains as he kicks the railing that he is leaning on by the seaside park. A small detour he likes to take once recently on bad days when the bullying gets really bad, staring off into ocean till sunset, compiling his hero notes based on the reports received on his phone, mumbling away his thoughts out loud, sometimes Izuku felt that there was something pulling him to this place.

He’s 17 now, just one year away from university, he’s dreading the hero entrance exam that he’s completely unprepared for, unsure on what to do if he failed the entrance exam, maybe he should be realistic and apply for general studies as a backup plan, maybe business course, support course? all it seems he was good for was to be beaten down by Bakugou and he minions.


IT’S TIME YOU STARTED THINKING SERIOUSLY ABOUT YOUR FUTURES! – as he hands out the printouts for the students to fill in on what they want to do in the future



Izuku looks at the printout that was given to him, many blanks on the piece of paper, with many different boxes and lines to write their desired first, second and third career path choices.

Maybe a career in the support course would be good, maybe in the future a hero analyst will be relevant enough to get me a role as a support-based sidekick, as he ponders about today’s lesson in class, he’s thinking while scrolling through the reports on his phone.

“hmmmm, Fatgum saves a man from falling at a workplace incident… oh latest news, it seems All Might solved another case in Musta… WHAT DAMMIT!!!!, I MISSED ALL MIGHT, I SHOULD’VE WENT MY USUAL ROUTE HOME! I COULD’VE GOTTEN HIS AUTOGRAPH! ALL MIGHT? In the flesh? That would’ve been an amazing experience, AHHHHHH” as he imagines what a meeting would look like as he continue to look at the report on his phone he continues writing notes into his notebook.

“It seems the villain captured a hostage with a powerful quirk and the struggle between the two caused a lot of damage, during the struggle the hostage managed to pull himself far enough away from the villain giving All might the opening to zoom in to subdue the villain” scrolling through the report a vague picture of the hostage was shown “What!? KACCHAN!?, the picture is kind of blur, that bundle of hair is unmistaka-” TUDD.

“What?” quickly panning his head to see the empty looking bottle that just hit his head as while he was in mid-sentence, looking at the bottle then looking up to see the large amount of trash. Looking around he felt he’s being watched, his hair around his body starts standing up, something feels wrong, feels off, feels dark, but there was not a soul in sight. Scratching his head while grabbing the bottle, took one look at it, odd, not much sand on it, some liquid remains in the bottle at the bottom that matches the bottle branding.

“That’s weird, why would there be a bottle flying… can’t be the wind can it?”

Looking in the direction of where the bottle came from, he keeps his phone in his pocket and taking a few steps onto the beach, leaving his notebook and bag by the railing that he was leaning on.

“Hello?” Izuku calls out.

No response, odd, it’s starting to be scary, but something making him feel like he needs to investigate where that bottle came from.

Very slowly walking through the trash in the direction he felt the bottle came from, walking on a path that seem clear of rubbish, watching his surrounding for the thing that sent that bottle airborne.

Eventually walking to only a couple of steps from the ocean, looking at the sunset by the ocean, hearing the ocean slow moving waves, but still not a clue where that bottle came from.

“Well, must be the wind, maybe it’s time to go home” as he pans around only to find a hooded figure sitting on top of a makeshift beach chair looking at him, the hood seem to cover his face.

“AHHHHH, oh gosh, s-sorry I didn’t notice you there” jumping on the spot “I was just w-walking out here to see if there was anything here, I’m sorry to dist-”

Wow, you don’t stop muttering loudly, do you?

“AHHHH-h Huh? English” remembering his few English lessons in middle school, always did well at school. “Ss-shorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you, I just did not expect a-anyone around

A bottle hit your head and you thought there was no one around? It’s a damn public beach, I just want to relax on a beach without someone blabbing right behind me

Ah! Sorry, I’ll be going now I just didn’t e-expect to find a tourist here, sorr-

“Just pulling your leg kid, just curious how you’ll react when I speak basic“ as the man grinned as he suddenly spoke in Japanese.


“Ignore that, just what I call English”

“ahhh ok”

The hooded man looked at Izuku, interesting, he feels a stronger presence in the force in him compared to most of the people he’s come met so far on this planet. Shame, he’s too old, too emotional and too many emotions in him, else it would be interesting.

“Entertain me a little kid, how old are you?”

Looking up at the hooded man question “17? Why?”

“ah, damn I was right, too old”

Raising one his eyebrow “too old? You can’t be looking for kids to kidnap right mister? Should I be reporting this to the authorities?”

“What? Hell no, I just asked how old you are, not here to kidnap kids, I’m not that creepy”

“But why else would you say too old?”

“Nah, it’s nothing, just wondering if you’re trainable”

“trainable? In what?”

“nothing, go away now” as the hooded man starts looking up waving his hands indicating he doesn’t want him around.

Izuku looks at the man, nodding to him, odd he couldn’t get a clear sight of his face, seems to be wearing a mask of some sort, taking steps back to his stuff sitting by the seaside street. Izuku paused, his mind going through what the man just said ‘trainable’ trainable in what? He can’t seem to take his mind off those words, picking up his notebook and putting it into his bag and starting to walk off, a feeling of resistance started to overwhelm his body, it’s odd, he never felt this compelled to do anything before, looking back while dropping his bags to walk back to the beachside.


“what do yo-?”

“What do you train people in sir?”

“nothing, now buzz off”

“I-i can’t I just wan-“

“I’ve got not much to offer you boy, other than you’re just wasting your time here, if you seek training, go to the gym, this is for your own good, I sense too many emotions in you to be trained”

“I can try to control my-“

“you can’t and you won’t, I’ve seen enough to know even in the best of us can fall to evil”

“I’m not looking to be evil, I’m looking to be a Hero”

“A hero? All of those that I’ve seen fall to the dark side was regarded as heroes, peacekeepers of the republic, all of us”

“The dark side?”

“yes, the dark side, it’s something that you will not unders-“

“Were you a hero?”

“I’m … not, not anymore” the man replied after a pause.

“What was your quirk?”  Izuku curiously ask.

“Quirk huh… the force is more than what you locals just call a quirk it’s something that is created by all living things, it surrounds us, binds us, it is what give me the power to fight”

“All living things? Even the quirkless?”


“can you teach me?”

“I said…”

“Please, I don’t have many other options to be a hero, I can pay for the lessons”

“I don-“ Pausing to think, a hero huh, like that overly zealous fool, maybe it’ll be fine, not like there’s an order to protect the galaxy now and the code to really stick to anymore “fine, tell you what, I can give you a couple of lessons I suppose, I just need you to get me a couple of things right now.”

Excited Izuku asked “Sure! Anything! What do you need?”


“Thank you for using Bubbles delivery service, your total will be 6000 yen”

Izuku looks at the 2 bags of food he’s holding in one hand and handing the cash over with the other to the delivery rider. Didn’t really expect what he wanted was dinner… is he making use of me? That was half of my monthly allowance and I had to call mum that he won’t be back for dinner as he has schoolwork with classmates and will be eating out, hopefully she bought that.

“Enjoy your Mega beef bowl…” as the rider sets off into the distance.

“Sir, I got you the dinner you wanted” placing the plastic bag next to the hooded man.

“Great, lets dig in” the man took off the bottom of his mask only exposes his mouth, Izuku notices his exposed skin was rough, wrinkled, burnt around the lips, as he opening the lid of his bowl of rice and stabbing it with the spoon with his left hand.

After a few moments of eating, the hooded man voice broke the silence. “So, what’s your name?”

“Midoriya Izuku” Izuku responded.

“So young Midoriya, you said you want to be a hero, why?”

“Why? They’re so cool and they help people in need” Izuku replied.

“So, you need power to save people? You can already do that without power, get a decent job, I hear the police force is always hiring, the civil defence force and the health care system saves people as well, so why do you want hero young Midoriya? Why risk yourself when others can do it for you?”

Standing up but unsure what to answer Izuku stopped eating and paused, thinking to himself, there’s nothing more in the world he wants to be, a hero, a hero with a smile on his face. But what if in the end he’s just a burden if he was a hero without a power, ending up endangering others if he wasn’t up to the task.

An awkward silence between the 2 of them grew, the man thought to himself, and he’s a mess now, unable to think clearly, fear and uncertainty clouds his judgement just after I give him a little bit of doubt. Shame, if I have found him years ago it would’ve been more interesting, but he’s now t-

“I still want to be a hero, someone who puts a smile in everyone's faces, a selfless hero giving hope and peace of mind to those that need it, I can’t just stand aside a when If I am able to do something about it”

There, he said it, selflessness, there is already good in him. Already instilled into this young one mind, but he has already formed attachments. His mind wondering to the code that he has been taught since he was a youngling.

The code of our order has failed us again, it has failed us thousands of years ago, and it will fail us again, it is time for a change. He can’t give a bantha’s ass about the light or the dark anymore, too much of either will be the undoing of us all.

He thinks the order that he was once part of may be rebuilt, but for what? Only to fall whenever we get too complacent and to fall again? Maybe we need to start again, change the code a little, try out if someone who is already in the middle, and guiding him would we then find balance to the force, not by following some damn prophecy, who knows what balance in the force even means.

He takes another look at Midoriya, still young, so much potential, could easily be train in the ways of the force. And if it fails, so be it, it’s unlikely he’ll find my ship and cause harm to the universe and there’s too little force sensitives on this planet really affect anything if this fails and the heroes seem competent enough to deal with a single dangerous force wielder if anything goes wrong.

“Fine, take a seat young Midoriya, we have much to discuss, and drop that sir nonsense, if you really want to be a hero, you better prepare yourself, and stop mumbling to yourself, I’m gonna make sure you get rid of that shit before you start”

“Really! Thank you, I’ll try my best” Izuku gleams at the man.

“Do or do not young Midoriya, there is no try” The man smirks, he felt like he was Master Yoda at this point, and wonders if this is what Master Yoda would’ve done.  

“But first” the man stated, “it’s time for introductions, enough with this sir nonsense, if you’re really ready to brave the harshest training you have experienced, you can call me master” pulling back the hood with his left hand looking directly at Midoriya, placing his hand over the mask that he was wearing and pressing a couple of buttons before the mask released itself.

In one motion the man removed the mask with his left hand revealing his face, charred on the left side with an eye patch over his left eye and a slightly whiten right eye, he straighten his back and stood up, giving Izuku a full view of his figure and outfit, a monk like robe with somewhat seem to be plastic looking plates with some burn marks that cover his vitals on his chest, his right arm is not visible and might be hiding inside the sleeve “Master Windu”.

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“Now lift that fridge off of the beach and onto the truck.”

“What!? I can't, I'm only able to lift cans and bottles and suddenly we’re dealing with fridges?”

“We don’t have the luxury with time Young Midoriya, if you think you can achieve anything at the UA entrance exams in a month’s time you can dream on and start planning in a career in the support department, I’m sure you’ll do well there with your over analytical mind”

Izuku opens both of his palms and points it at the fridge, trying to recall what Master Windu has taught him, calm down, close your eyes, empty your mind, imagine something that’s connected to his hand forming a field around the fridge, and slowly lift.


Izuku has been training for the past year on mastering the force, it was quite the slow process at first, he was forced to meditate, not knowing what to meditate to, eventually finding out that he was able to lift things with the force, similar to how his mother is able to attract small things. He was so excited that day that he even blurted it out to his mother showing her what he could do, by attracting a small paperclip on the table to him. The Midoriya residence that day was flooded, finally unlocking the quirk that he always wanted. It was good too, having the force be so similar to his mother was really easy to write it off as a quirk being passed on.

Since then, he was helping out cleaning up the beach, by lifting and using the force whenever possible. Over the months he has also increased his eating to gain some muscles, can’t exactly be a Hero when looking like a wet noodle that flops around when trying to lift or push anything of relevance, some muscle would be required when needed, Windu even taught him how to use the force to surround himself to give a small temporary boost to strength and speed, but it was far too taxing to Izuku to keep using it. First time he used it, he felt a burst of speed for 20 seconds, he felt he was able to do anything, lift anything in sight, after that Izuku was basically too exhausted to do anything for the rest of the day.

Windu said he could enrol in other martial arts so when he doesn’t have a weapon in his hand to defend himself with he won’t be so useless, he talked about how even with the force punching through Armor isn’t a problem, gave a couple of scrap cars that day a real beatdown, it was like that level from street fighter but cooler!

The past few months he also picked up Sword fighting at the recommendation of Master Windu, visiting one of the nearby Dojos that teaches marital arts, it was kinda weird, why would he need to learn sword fighting when having a telekinesis type power?

Enrolled in some Kendo lessons for beginners he was trained in simple sword stances, when with Windu he learnt “Saber forms” he had no idea where he came up with this stuff especially when Kendo and the internet don’t seem to have any references to “form 1” and “form 2” which Master Windu uses, but regardless he learnt whatever he could for now. No point questioning Master Windu, half the things he spouts seems to not make sense to Izuku, but regardless he was the only choice Midoriya had to become a Hero and it seem to be working, how else would he be able to launch a can which was 5 meters away from him at a faraway target over 50 meters distance? It wasn’t a possible challenge even with his own strength before he started training with master Windu.

Last month Master Windu even asked me to deflect airsoft pellets being fired by airsoft guns around him with a shinai, sounds simple enough just a harder version of baseball, even wearing a mask for protection… only for the mask to not be see through!? How the hell am I supposed to deflect anything without my eyes? It was quite a painful day being pelted by airsoft bbs the whole day.

In school the bullying seemed to cool down for some reason, Bakugou wasn’t so aggressive towards the rest of the class since the sludge villain attack. That gave Izuku more breathing room when it comes to his stamina, don’t need to deal with Bakugou and gang nonsense when the leader wasn't so aggressive against everyone anymore, something else must have caught his attention.

Master Windu is interesting as well, he doesn’t seem to like to have idle chat, his scars even initially made Izuku think he was a Villain in hiding. But after so much time spent with him, Izuku can tell he’s a good man, just very cautious. Sometimes Izuku asks about his past and he always tends to brush it off with some sort of excuse.

What Izuku can gather was that he's definitely not local, he hasn’t even eaten Katsudon!? How is that possible, the best dish EVER!


The fridge starts vibrating, causing a rattling noise that can be heard even from a distance.

Windu raises his eyebrow, as one of the legs of the fridge lifted off the sands.

“GAAAHHHH” sounded out into the vicinity before the sound of falling to the ground was heard. 

“I can’t, it’s too big” Izuku huffed out

“It’s because you don’t believe”

“W-whatt? I believed that I could before I tried! as you said”

“Not with that fake ass believe you’re trying to cheat yourself with young Midoriya, at this rate, you won’t even score a single point in the practical exams”


“But what? By tossing cans and bottles at those robots and hoping they go pop? Even B1 battle droids can take that shit, and a simple gust of wind would probably take them out.”

“What are these droids you speak about master Windu?”

“Ah forget what I said, just some common rubbish that I had to deal with before I came here, take a break young Midoriya” waving one hand at Midoriya to relax.

“I don’t mean to protrude Master Windu, but you’ve never told me where you were before you came here” Izuku continues to try his luck.

“It’s none of your business, now take a break and clear you mind Young Midoriya, the day is just starting.”

The next day he was at the Dojo he visits for his martial arts lessons.

“Ah Midoriya, come, prepare yourself, we’re training and sparring with students from other Dojos again”

Izuku nods and sounds off that he acknowledges to the sensei, moving down to the main hall, he’s continuing the day by sparring with a few random students from other prefectures in karate.


At the end of the day after changing out his attire, heavy rain pours into the night. Izuku waits for the rain to subside before going home, how can he be so careless to leave the umbrella at home!.

“Hey” startling Izuku, panning around it’s one of the other students from a different prefecture. Orange hair with teal eyes staring right into his, she seems to be around the same height and age as himself, prett-.

“ah, er ah yu” Izuku blurts out, nice going Izuku 10/10 for effort.

“Ah sorry for startling you like that, you’re that kid from the local dojo right? The one that seems to hesitate when matched with girls.” The orange hair girl commented with a smile.

“mmmmee? Hesiitta-“ Izuku continues

“You shouldn’t tease a fellow martial artist like this, Kendo-san, especially when he’s a yellow belt” a blonde figure with a tail followed behind the orange hair girl. Izuku remembers, both of them were black belts in fighting on the senior side of the hall.

“Name’s Ojiro, Mashirao Ojiro, you are?” The tail man said.

“a-hh, Ojrio-san, my name is Izuku Midoriya, n-nice to meet you” Izuku replied

“I’m Itsuka Kendo by the way, nice to meet you as well.” The orange hair girl added on.

“Aah Kkendo-san, thank you both for coming over to our dojo to pppractice, we don’t have many students to sspar with so it was a great opportunity to learn what he may hhhave missssed” Izuku brightly said but a few shutters.

“Please don’t need to thank us, we’re just glad we’re able to reach out to different dojos to experience different masters and their point of view. Helps prepare ourselves for Hero school” Ojiro comments.

“Hero school? Both of you are applying to Hero school?” Izuku replied

“Yup, both of us are aiming for UA, an-“ Kendo replied

Immediately Izuku brightened up, plastering the biggest smile on his face, reaching to his back and whipping out his notebook.


“Whoa whoa whoa, too many questions asked, at the same time, Kendo-san a little help? As Izuku continues to fire off question after question.

CHOP As Izuku wakes up to the little chop from Kendo to the top of his head pausing Izuku from continuing his barrage.

“aha, sorry, just got a little excited there” Izuku says as he collects himself

“You don’t say” as Ojiro scratches his cheek.

“So you’re also applying for UA huh?” Kendo asks

“Y-yeah, I a-am, H-hero c-course s-specifically”

“Cool, maybe we'll see each other there, we can compete to see who will destroy the most robots” Kendo says as she slams her fist into the palm of her other hand playfully.

“y-yeah! W-We could” Izuku smiles.

“You were asking about our quirks, right? I have a tail, I guess that’s pretty much it haha, it’s pretty strong, I think able to bash steel in pretty easy, tom boy there have inflatable hand” Ojiro jokes

“Oh, you’re so going down the next time we meet for a spar, just wait till you meet the end of my inflatable hands, and who you’re calling a tom boy” she frowns

“I’m just joking chill, you’ve already bashed my face in a couple of times just now”

“What’s a couple of times more for you?” Kendo smirks.

“nothing, I can do this all day” Ojiro snaps

“Both of you already know each other?” Izuku asks.

“Yeah, we do alright, we’ve been sparring partners at rival dojos for the past decade or so, always the annoying guy who never gives up after getting his ass handed to him” Kendo said

“Yup, I mean, our dojos was just a couple of streets down from each other, whatever the Kendo family sees us participate in, they make sure they’re there to beat get their asses beaten down” Ojiro snarked

“Such is life when the 2 of us are aiming for the same thing.”

“So, what’s your quirk Midoriya-san, we mentioned ours, just curious about yours” Ojiro asks

Izuku paused, other than his mother, he has always dodged this question when people ask, not sure how to explain the force to people especially when anyone strong in it can actually use it with practice… a lot of practice… just like martial arts in a way. But the both of them he can sense isn’t strong in the force in anyway, after learning from Master Windu on how to use force sense telling him to use it whenever he can to hone his abilities, but he still can’t seem tell the difference between light and dark as his master said it was able to, only thing he seem to get was how much of a ripple each person cause in the force which he assume was how strong in the force each one was considering Windu force was basically a tidal wave from his point of view whilst basically everyone he’s met was calm waves.

“Umm, it’s like telekinesis, I can pull, push and float objects with my hands” Izuku explains briefly, he doesn’t know if the other 2 would buy it, he’s never expected to explain his “gift” to others before, the others at school always regarded him as a quirkless loser and avoided him anyway

“Oh, cool, those heard those abilities are common, but when it’s really good, it really stands out, with ample training you could move tons of things” Ojiro said

Izuku releases his breath thinking they bought that his powers was telekinesis and was a quirk.

Kendo adds on “So you live nearby? We occasionally come by the dojos in this area and haven’t seen you before”

“Y-Yeah, I stay in Musutafu, haven’t really went to other dojos to s-spar with others considering I’m still n-new to this”

“It’s ok, pretty nice to stay so near to the school you’re aiming for huh? I stay in the Chiba area and he in Tokyo, but close enough to each other to beat the shit out of each other often, been coming by Musutafu area more often personally to prepare for UA” Kendo adds.

“Y-yeah it is hhaha, live just 10 minutes from this dojo, so it’s c-convenient.”

“Great” suddenly says Kendo “it means you know the area, what’s good around this area?”

Puzzled by her question “W-What’s good?”

“Food silly, wanna hang out over dinner after the rain lets up? Good to know each other once all of us are in UA” Kendo smiles as she says looking at Izuku.

Izuku was shocked, he’s never asked to go out with his friends for a meal before, it's a weird feeling being in this position, never really felt that way, small amounts of anxiety starts fuelling his mind, unsure what to do and say, chest starts feeling a sense of panic.

Clear your mind

Izuku repeats in his mind, calming himself, looking at Kendo before saying

“I know this Beef bowl place that’s really good” smiling excitedly.

“What are you so happy about?” Inko asks as Izuku eats breakfast happily, toast in the in his mouth gleefully eating with one eye looking at the phone, last night was one of his most eventful nights of his life thus far, eating with a couple of friends, they even gave him their numbers, first time a girl gave him a number!

“Ahh, it’s nothing, I just made friends at the Dojo that’s also planning to go to UA”


Spitting out his milk that he was still drinking in the air replying” WHAT? NO Mum, it’s not like that” Izuku says in a panic

Yeah, that was also a very eventfully morning for the Midoriyas

“Young Midoriya, it seems you’re in a better mood”

“What? Why does everyone say that today?”

“For one you seem to be giggling whenever you’re on your phone, my best guess is you’ve found some good friends”

“haha, it was that obvious huh Master Windu”

“Yeah it was, but I’m not against it, you’ve seem to make more progress today, so i would say socializing would do your progress some good”

“Yeah, but even with this much progress there’s no way I’ll be able to clear the beach at this rate, I don't think the truck would even be able to make so many trips to the recycling centre either.”

“True, but it’s alright, it seems you’re not the only one clearing the beach recently.”

“I’m not?!?”

“Yes, an acquaintance of mine also had the bright idea to train his student like how we are doing”

“Whoa, is his student also like me?”

“Like you as strong in the force? No, the student is not strong in the force, however my acquaintance is” Izuku piqued at that little bit of rare information Master Windu is suddenly giving him, seems like a good day for him.

“Are we going to meet them? Maybe we can even team up to clear the beach faster, master” Izuku responded.

“No, I’ve already made arrangements with them a while ago, we will clear the south beach while they clear the north”

“Is the student also planning to be a Hero like me?”

“Yes, I’ve met the student, and I sense good in them and with the goal of being a hero, no doubt the both of you will meet eventually”

“Wow, looks like I have something to look forward to master” Izuku smiles to Windu

“Indeed, young Midoriya”

Knowing Midoriya, he would probably have a mental breakdown if he knew who my acquaintance was, nevertheless amusing to be approached by him, asking how to train a student. Who knew even a Hero of his level needed to take advice from me? How time has passed since my first meeting with him?



“R4, find us a suitable landing point, somewhere easy to hide ourselves.”

“Beeep Duuuuu”


Mace Windu, sitting on the passenger seat of the ship, one hand on the stump of the other, hooded up in a way that is hard to see his face, it was risky taking the publicly available route to Dantooine, but it’s not like he had many other choice, the Republic ships are all tracked but he was able to forge a chain code to get onto the transport. He thought of fleeing to other planets, Tython came to mind, but it was too obvious for him to flee to that system. Nar Shaddaa was also another option, no one's gonna notice him among billions of others that look just as homeless as him. But he wanted to see what he could salvage from the old temple on Dantooine before entering exile.

Looking through the terminals in the Jedi archives on Dantooine, looking for a planet one that would seem easy to hide in, he spotted earth, a planet that is still developing, full of abilities and is on the not to disturb list. He takes the planet coordinates and delete all records that indicate that he was ever there.

He needed to move now, it’s just a matter of time before the clones patrol this area again. Moving to the underground hangar, seeing many different ships that the order has collected over the years.

He looks at R4, a droid that serves him after the battle of coruscant. “Find me a working ship in the decommissioned hanger” he knows the ships there are not important enough for his pursuers to even notice was gone, but still in working condition, albeit in bad shape.

“Duuuu!” as the robot spits out a data pad.

Windu grabs the data pad with his one hand and takes one look at the ship that his droid found.

“Really? This is the only ship?”


“Why would they plan to recommission this ship?”

“Doo Doo”

It doesn’t matter, it was working, in bad shape but was able to fly at a moment’s notice and it was fast, for its time at least.

Entering the garage, he looks at his ride out, the Ebon Hawk.



Hold it together R4, we need to land this quietly!

“Bbbbbweeee!!! Beeeeeduuu” the droid screams

“What did you mean the engine have a failure?” Shit, what could have gone wrong is going wrong.

“Prepare the escape pods R4!”


 “What about the emergency repulsors?”


“Fly by wire?”


“Well what’s not damaged?”


“Motherfu…Why would I need that now?” Windu screams

“Whatever just land as smoothly as possible on the nearest landmass”

The ship which was trying it’s best to stay in control started to enter the earth's atmosphere, slowly giving sight to Windu an island that he can land on, preferably somewhere in the middle. The ship begins to pull up in an attempt to crash land on its landing gear and belly.


From a distance a few shadowy figures see a fireball heading straight for the forest by the side of the mountain, shocked, they dial in a number on their phone.

“Hello, You’ve reac-“

“Patch me to the boss”


A sound of a crash filled the air, the side of that fireball hit the side of the mountain and started barrelling towards the ground before crashing and coming to a halt in the forest.

The 4 of them nodded to each other before jumping off the watchtower they were perched on.

It’s been a bad few days for Windu, betrayed by the very thing he was protecting, betrayed by the people he once considered a comrade, and betrayed by the person he trusted and now crash landing in this forest, one of the hardest crashes he has been in.

“dam, ship had to blow the moment that matters the most, R4, that wasn’t a smooth landing i asked for” as he rub the back of his head which took an impact when the ship landed “R4, get me a system diagnostics of the ship”

Only the sound of sparks and fire filled the room, Windu looked around, his vision was blury but he could still somewhat see, before looking at the spot where the droid once was, still in one piece, good, maybe it turned off when the ship landed.

“R4, help me out of here”

He did not get a response.

“Knowing my luck he’s wrecked by something” as he crawls out of the seat, taking a look at the droid. “great, just my luck” R4 was crushed by debris almost completely destroying it. He reached to the back of the wreck of a droid looking for where the memory core was, dam, it’s dented and protruding something, plugging it out. It may be useful eventually if he can get the resources.

Looking around the ship was in bad shape, literally, it doesn’t seem like it’s in one piece anymore as he tries to crawl to the neck of the ship, the main hold was completely missing, he don’t even know where it went, all he saw was trees fire and debris littering the forest he crashed into. Dam, this certainly is a shit situation to be in, no food, no water and no idea where he is. Crawling out onto the dirt he laid on the ground to get a breather flipping himself up to see the night sky.

Well, at least the archives were right about the atmosphere, breathable without any gadgets. Slowly he hears branch cracking, he senses the presence of life forms around him, slowly approaching, he has no idea if they are animals or living being, could be bandits that comes by to loot whatever’s crashed, could be large cats ready to pounce on him, he tries to summon his strength to get up before he hears.

Don’t Move

Telepathy? A force user? But he doesn’t sense anyone with a strong enough presence nearby.

We’re here to help

Windu has no clue if the voice in his head speaks the truth, he doesn’t know. Sensing a being right behind him, he can feel that being hand reaching out as he looks up.

Hey there, don’t move, we don’t know how injurt you are, relax, just stay with me, heroes are here to help you ” This brown hair female spoke to him in basic, good he thinks, this world humans also knows how to speak basic. Sensing another being next to him, seems to be a girl with green hair looking right at him, he sensed no danger from the 2 of them.

“Odd, his profile is not showing up on my search.” the green-haired one spoke in a different language, what language is that? Why are they suddenly speaking in a different language?

“I did, worldwide search, he’s not showing up on anything”

“Yeah, it’s only him I detect, I don’t see anyone else”

Who is she talking to, I don’t see anyone else talking to her Windu thought, before slowly sitting up

Whoa whoa, don’t move yet, are you able to speak ?”

Yeah, I am, who are you ?”

We’re local Heroes in the area, help is on the way, do you know where you came from ?”

What? Heroes? Where did I came from? Shoot I forgot that this planet has not made contact with any other parts of the galaxy, if I’m found out I could meet fate worse than death.

I… don’t remember

Ok no worries, there might have been a concussion, just don’t move too much, you don’t seem too hurt, but we can’t be too careful. Was there anyone else with you ?”

Interrogation? No, are they the local peacekeeping force?


Good, means we got everyone accounted for. Don’t worry about anything else, we’ll sort this out at the medical centre


Laying down on a white bed with all kinds of weird things now stuck to him, it seems this is the local way to healing and monitoring the injured, seems kind of slow when compared to a bacta tank, but it’ll have to do, he doesn’t have enough strength to use the force to heal himself nor does he wants to expose himself so quickly. But he never felt this good since his last defeat, no point wasting this opportunity.

After a small wait, he senses something, a strong presence in the force stronger than the average force sensitive, the door opens to his room, panning to see, he sees a blonde hair with an out of this world hairstyle, with a big ass smile, and an overly built body. He walks to the side of the bed. Windu senses good though, an alarming amount of good, he doesn’t know if he’s a force user and is using force conceal, disguising himself as a light side user, and he’s practically radiating the force.

Seems you took quite a hit mister, you may have suffered a concussion, but I heard you speak English, Do you remember your name?

Yeah, my na- “ Windu stops, he doesn’t know if giving away his name would compromise him in the future, the archives stated the planet has not been visited, doesn’t mean what remains of the republic won’t follow him. “ me…. Is… I-i can’t remember

It’s all good, mister, it was one of the harshest crashes I saw on video, you were lucky we had Heroes in the area to quickly find you .” Windu looked at All Might and raised an eyebrow “ I- ah I forgot to introduce myself, apologies, you might not remember who I am ” suddenly his smile became even wider “ Name’s All Might ”.


Chapter Text


A loud sound wakes Windu from his idle daze, looking back at the fridge Young Midoriya was trying to get on the truck, crashed onto the ground, and dented all around. Frowning, he walks up to Midoriya.

“You alright Young Midoriya?”

“Yeah, huff, huff, i-I just lost focus for a moment when trying to lift the fridge again” he says while panting heavily, it seems it still took a large toll on his body when lifting something of such a size.

“Take your time Young Midoriya, sit down catch your breath and we’ll try again later”

“NO! … sorry, I mean rest is not needed Master Windu, I can do this”

“Just take a break, the fridge isn’t going anywhere, your mind is too clouded to continue, just rest and reflect on your emotions”

“Yes Master” Izuku nods as he takes a few steps back and sits on the beach.

Windu turned around with his eye on the fridge, standing on the sand straight up. Dents all over, the hinges were completely crushed inwards, but no other signs of damage. He thinks to himself, force crush , that isn’t good, it’s predominantly a dark side power, he’s already unable to control his emotions so quickly?

It’s cause for concern, fearing leading him forward may endanger the rest of this planet if he continues down this path. Maybe the Jedi order was right again, to not train those with attachments and those unable to control themselves in the way of the force.

No, let’s not give up the moment we see darkness or repress everything dark, maybe I should talk to him, from what I sense he didn’t even know that he used a hint of the dark side of the force. Can’t learn what you don’t know, it's best I tell him.

At the end of the day, when the sun was setting, Midoriya was cleaning himself up to prepare to travel home. Windu looks at the fridge, nods to himself and walks up to Midoriya.

“Young Midoriya, can I have a moment of your time”

Izuku looks back, for some reason he can feel some fear, perhaps he knows himself?

“Of course, Master Windu”

Windu smirks and sits down on the bench next to him. “How’s progress at school?” He doesn't show it but he is still concerned with the little one's education, he can’t spend all of his time here training and ends up flopping at the entrance theory exam.

“Ah great Master Windu, we had prelims the other day and I’m on track to score well at the entrance exams”

“Good, make sure to keep it up, knowledge is still important to your progress” he nods, “I want to speak about something else at school, is something bothering you?”

Izuku looked at Windu surprised, unsure what to even say.

“Yeah, all good, all fine Master” he said with a sweat dropping by the side of his head.

“You know I can sense when you’re not telling me everything Young Midoriya”

Izuku ponders to himself, not knowing if he should hide anything from Master Windu.

“I-i… talked to some of my classmates at school today, they weren’t exactly very happy with my goal of being a hero”

“Why is that so Young Midoriya?”

“Because I’m… Quirkless as far as they know, they don’t exactly treat everyone equally at school, making fun of me when I said I aim to be a hero”

Windu nods, he is understanding to what he's trying to say, the inability to fit in due to differences, he’s seen countless incidents throughout his journey in the Galaxy.

“But it’s ok Master Windu, it’s been a while since they have disturbed me, today it was only Bakugou's buddies who got bored and decided to try something funny”

“I see, when those guys tried something funny, did you feel anything?”

“Yeah, a little humiliated”

“Did you feel some of that emotion when you tried to lift the fridge?”

“I’m not sure, I just thought I could prove to them that I could do something”

Windu nods, he let his emotions leaked out slightly when he was trying to lift that fridge, tapping into the dark side just a touch to crush parts of the fridge.

“You know when you did that, you tapped into the dark side of the force”


“It’s ok” Windu reassures him.

Puzzled, Izuku looked at Windu. Using the dark side of the force can’t be a good thing right? It’s the bad guy's power isn’t it? Izuku thought.

Windu looked up to the sky, he thinks he’ll try something different, we’ve always barred and repressed our younglings from emotions and tapping the dark side of the force when they’re young and when they develop that feeling of stagnation when stuck with using the light side of the force, it may bring them closer to the dark side when they get a taste of it, abusing it and completely falling to the dark side when they are addicted to it. If I can teach him to control the pull to the dark side, perhaps it yields different results.

He himself knows how to prevent himself from falling to the dark side, his lightsaber form is notorious for practitioners falling to temptation. He himself even used force crush against his foes, but even now he hasn’t fallen to the dark, maybe lost touch with the light, but not embracing the dark.

“We’ll learn and understand this aspect of the force together, I want you to also understand the dark side of the force, learn how it pulls people towards it, and learn how to control that pull, not completely barricading yourself from using it, we’ll discuss this another time.”

“Yes, Master Windu”

Windu observed Midoriya boarding the bus at the bus stop by the beach side, sighing to himself, panning his head away from the bus and at the skyline of the sunset… before speaking out “You know I can sense your presence”

A Loud laughter was heard “HAHAHA, I just wanted to know how you’re doing” All Might appears from the background behind Windu while looking at the bus “So that’s your infamous student on that bus?”


All Might nodding to himself, “Good to see the next generation of heroes working towards their goal, with you training him, no doubt he’ll be powerful, he is progressing well to reach the entrance exam I presume”


All Might, looks at Windu with a puzzled face, before asking “isn’t the exam in a month’s time? What do you mean he isn’t going to be ready?”

“He’s not ready, his power is lacking for the test, he’s too emotional, too attached to the idea of being a hero, our order starts their training from a young age, leaving their families before they can even form attachments, typically when they’re infants, or children that’s too young to be aware.”

“My student is 17, and has only started learning months ago, most Jedi take years to reach the required amount of preparation for you world entrance exam, even with my accelerated training programme there’s just too much to learn and too much to overcome to be a Jedi, he’s also too old, the last time we took in a child that’s too old, the order was destroyed, the galaxy went into chaos, and lost my right arm to that very child.” He moves his right stump into view for All Might behind him to see.

“He’s just used a hint of the dark side, when clearing the beach” All Might's bright smile goes into a neutral state when Windu says that.

“So he’s too dangerous to continue teaching?” All might said with a worried tone

“Maybe, but I’m not teaching him the ways of the Jedi, I’m teaching him something in between, a little test to see if what we’ve done as the Jedi to repress everything has been wrong all along, I didn’t even tell him the Jedi code yet”

“And if he falls to the Dark side?”

“Then i hope the light will rise to meet him then”

All Might feels like knows what he means by the light, he was often described by Windu as the strongest light side presence he has felt on this planet so far, he could mean him… or his student that he’s training in parallel with Windu, even quite poetic All might think to himself.

“Let’s hope the light will never need to rise to deal with him then” he turns away from the sunset to see All Might



Windu looks out of the hospital window, to see the sunrise. The conversation with All Might was interesting,he has found out a lot about this place, Earth, and a nation called Japan. The world is peaceful with many peacekeepers with all sorts of abilities employed by the government to stop crime, investigate problems and so on. He knows now he’s a problem now that he just came in on a spaceship crashing into a local forest. He could save all the trouble if it weren’t for that damn engine blowing up at the last second.

He was lucky it was All Might, the No.1 hero in Japan and easily the strongest hero in the world, a person that has plenty of “English” knowledge and clearance to speak to him regarding his situation. He made a deal with him to try to keep the knowledge that he’s basically from space under the table, in exchange for his cooperation, not that he has a choice, he’s in no condition to disagree and the authorities top responder is literally next to him.

Seems my side of the agreement is to answer any questions to the best of his knowledge to some detective, and for me to integrate into society without causing too many problems and revealing that he’s basically an alien. Their side is to ensure he’s protected, not harmed and to make up a fake identity for him to live here in Japan.

The door opens to see a man in a white suit and blue face mask, looking at him.

“Ohayo Windu-san, Genki desu ka?”

Oh boy, and a whole other language to learn, I’m getting too old for this shit

“Here are the contents of whatever we’re able to recover from the crash site” a half-naked guy with some sort of metal head helmet? Told Windu, placing a large box in the front of his room.

“To be honest, a lot of things were unsalvageable, everything burnt up, only the front was somewhat intact, it was a miracle that you survived that plane crash. The things I found were weird, no idea what it was but we just tossed it all in that box, take care of yourself alright?” As the man leaves the room.

Windu thanked that person for his concern as he left the room. A room that was provided by All Might for the foreseeable future while his identity is being sorted out. It’s in a busy district of Tokyo too, the capital of Japan.

Looking at the box, it was unexpectedly small, he thought more of the ship would’ve survived the crash, but there was not much value of the contents of the ship. Maybe only the holo projector that may interest them, but probably too damaged to salvage.

Opening the box, the first thing he saw was half a head of R4, the damaged droid that helped him escape to this planet, not much use to him in that state. A few tools from the workbench that was in the garage of the ship, a couple of heavily damaged hand blasters, a couple stun batons and a short Vibro blade from the ship storage. Some stimulants from the medical bay and a few computer parts from random parts of the ship. Taking out the Vibro blade, thinking to himself, it’s no Lightsaber but it’s better than nothing.

Lastly a holocron that can only be activated with the force was also taken out of the box as Windu saw, flowing a little bit of force into it the Holocron opens up projecting a figure.

“This is Master Obi wan Kenobi. I regret to report that both our Jedi order and the republic has fallen, with the dark shadow of the empire rising to take their place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi, trust in the force. Do not return to the temple. That time has passed, and our future is uncertain. Avoid Coruscant. Avoid detection. Be secret, but be strong. We will be challenged, our trust, our faith, our friendships. But we must persevere, and, in time, I believe a new hope will emerge. May the force be with you always.” The projection stops.

Windu nods to himself “May the force be with you too” as the holocron slowly closes.

Windu walks the streets of Roppongi, Tokyo, he’s never really interacted with the public before. He saw this bright red sign that looks like the food he saw in the magazine he read when hospitalized. ‘Interesting’ he thinks to himself, he hasn’t tried the local food other than the provided hospital food, he opened the door and walked into the shop and was greeted “IRASSHAIMASE” by the lone blue counter girl that seemed to be working there.

Unsure what to do, he walked up to the counter and sat down, he has no clue what he’s looking at, or what or how to order food. He barely spoke the language he recently been trying to pick up. The counter girl stared at him, before looking at a wall of buttons and nods back to him. The girl seems to have blue hair and blue skin, wearing a crop top and an apron kind of reminding Windu of another blue skinned Jedi he worked with often. Windu looks at the buttons, presses the one in the middle… nothing happens, a light pops up indicating 800 is shown, he takes out the currency in his pocket that All Might has provided him and stares at it “1000”.

Looking back at the counter the girl is just staring at him trying to figure out how to use those buttons, geez, this can’t get any worse can it? He looks at the contraption in front of him before spotting a slot that matches the shape of the note, he sticks the currency in it and suddenly it sucks it in, some round metal and paper pops out. Collecting the both of them, he returned to the seat and placed both of the objects on the counter in front of him.

The girl continues to stare at him, jeez what’s your problem can’t a man order food without being judged? The counter girl collects the slip of paper while saying something in Japanese before running off. Windu stares at the metal objects, “I guess that was the meal ticket and this is the change”, he collects the metal objects placing it in a pocket in his robes. The Republic had credits, but he never had to deal with flaps of material as currency nor a droid that takes in credits to order food like this.

“You’re not from around here, are you?” The girls speak to him in English while looking at him, Windu looks around the rest of the shop and there’s no one else.

“What gave you that idea?” Windu says as he raises the bowl to meet his mouth, sipping on the contents.

“I don’t know, you seem rather confused when it comes to all of this, replying in English as I expected” the girl smirked “and I’ve never seen anyone actually order Salmon Miso soup as their main dish without anything else, especially without rice” the blue skin girl smiled.

“Very insightful of you, you seem to know the local customs very well” joked Windu as he took another sip from the bowl.

“Yup~ born and raised here”

“You the store owner?”

“Not really, I’m just the part time dishwasher, have a good quirk for it” As she smiles and rubs the back of her head. “it’s like mid-afternoon, we tend to not get customers around this timing, our usual staff is on break”

Taking out the metal objects he places them on the counter in front of him.

“Think you could teach me how a few things work around here?”

The counter girl grins giving a thumbs up. “SURE!”

It’s been a few months living in Japan, with the information Windu gathered from the informants that he has recruited and trained, he’s able to acclimatize well, even had a sneak peak of the underworld, not any different with the riff raff on Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant when he saw it. Crime breaks out between the common folk, heroes then come in to save the day and repeat, cartels or in this case, Yakuza have some control over the underworld taking advantage of the less fortunate, a never-ending cycle.

Looking through the internet, there’s a few places he would like to investigate when given the time, structures around the world that look like a Jedi temple, even if the Jedi archives states there isn’t any on earth, no harm trying. But trying to get there legally seems to be a hassle for him since his identity isn’t exactly very legitimate nor ready, but he has time on his side, there’s no rush.

Windu Sighs as he closes the laptop in front of him. Looking out from the nearby streets of Masutafu, shifted here after securing some more local currency. A more remote and less busy location is what Windu is comfortable with for now, but not too isolated, it’s easier for him to hide in plain sight. Windu got up and slowly moved to his meditation room, sat down and proceeded to start meditating.

Windu has been sensing a shatterpoint looming for a while, he’s unsure what’s going on, but he senses a great darkness rising and opposite to that darkness is the light… All Might? He hears a conversation between the 2 of them but can’t tell what’s it about without any context. Where and when this is going to happen is a mystery, but it’s soon. He should inform All Might, but he ponders, what if he’s the cause of the shatterpoint? Conflicted but determined, he pulls out his phone dialing the contact on the top of his list.

“It’s Windu, we need to talk”

“So you’re saying that there’s a great darkness coming?”

“Yes, I sensed it. My powers allow me to sense a shatterpoint, one of its aspects is to sense a critical point in time, and this point of time is soon, very soon” Windu explains to All Might and his companion in his office.

“What else did you sense in regard to this great darkness?” All might asks

“Not much else, he’s a mystery to me, he did mention 2 things that stood out. One for all and All for one” All Might facial expression completely changes.

“And of the light that’ll meet him?” the companion asks

Windu frowns, unsure if he should make it so explicit. He looks at All Might “The Light in this instance that I sense is you, All Might”

All Might frowned, his smile not existent anymore and looked at his companion.

“It aligns with my Foresight, it seems the inevitable is upon us, I thought we would have more time” the tall thin man frowns

“May the force be with you” Windu says as he takes his leave after a discussion

The door closes, and the companion looks at All Might

“Are we able to trust him? I don’t seem to recognise him, I’ve had Centipeder check his profile, it’s a complete blank”

“You can Nighteye, I trust him”

“And about One for all? He knows”

“He doesn’t know the full details, only the name”

Nighteye looks visibly annoyed, he doesn’t know why All Might trusts him so much, more than him? His own sidekick?

“So what is our course of action?”

“All we can do, If All for One is planning to make his move soon, we need to be ready to meet him, but we cannot let the public know of this, make preparations to ensure it doesn’t, call all the Heroes that know about All for one, inform them to prepare to lend a hand.”

“And of One for All in case anything happens?”

“Nothing will happen Nighteye, I’ll settle this once and force all”

All Might thinks again about what Windu said, the Light rising to meet the Dark, One for all rising to meet All for one.

***Flashback Ends***

Toshinori Yagi remembers as he walks by the beachside. It’s been almost 6 years since, where light met the dark, and possibly again in the future if Windu student fails. The sun has set as he stops by the north beach. He’s seen what Windu can do, he has said before that the dark side he has fought is far more cunning, far more dangerous, potentially world ending if not handled correctly.

“Toshinori-Sensei!” the figure in the distance shouts, All Might smiles as he looks at the figure, waving back.

A bio-electric aura forms around that figure.

“I Did it Sensei!” the figure said with an excited voice

Toshinori smiles. Feeling proud, all he can do now is to prepare One for All for anything that comes.

“Huff, huff” Midoriya pants as he clears most of the trash on the breach.

“Master Windu, almost done *huff*” while Midoriya looks at the few remaining trash that, it seems only the fridge is left, it’s in one piece, Midoriya has sort to destroy anything that’s too big and heavy into smaller pieces before dumping it onto the truck, but this specific fridge was untouched since he used force crush.

Pointing his palms at the fridge, he tries again, rattling the fridge. The door opened up and started swinging back and forth as it slowly lifted off the ground. It’s moving really slowly, making more noise than it should.

Windu looks at his student as he tries his best to at least slowly move it towards the truck, step by step. That fridge was big, but not large, it certainly would’ve been a challenge for a youngling, but for a Jedi padawan it shouldn’t be a problem.

Midoriya managed to get to the steps that lead to the beach carpark, but he couldn’t lift it any more, he’s sweating all over his body just to get it where it’s currently is, his muscles all over scream in pain, from the over usage of the force.

He wants to prove himself, he wants to tell the world that he can become a hero, pushing himself beyond the limit!


Izuku stumbles, looking up he sees the fridge on the beach… he fails to get it up the stairs, he’s already beyond his limit. He failed to clear the fridge. Looking down at his hands, he couldn’t lift it with the force. What could he have done differently? I don’t know.

Windu looks at Midoriya, nodding to himself.

“It’s fine”


“The entrance exam is tomorrow?” Windu comments


“take a days rest, Young Midoriya, prepare yourself for the exam”

“But Master Windu I ca-“

“Overdoing it will just lead to negative results, the fridge will still be here even after the exams”

“But it’s not enough to just pass the exam, I have to work harder than everyone else, I’ll stumble and fail, but I want to be a hero, I want to be the strongest hero!”

Windu smirks “That’s why I want you do prove yourself as a hero during the exam, I need you to be at a 100% at the exams, patience Young Midoriya”

Izuku, looking down, knowing he failed his initial objective to prepare for the exams, he got his second chance, he’ll have to try to pass the exams with his current power.

“Yes, Master Windu, I won’t let you down”

Chapter Text


Izuku opens his eyes, looks at the alarm clock ringing. February 26, it’s Izuku's D-Day today, also known as the entrance exam for UA.

“I’ve… made it..” looking at UA, standing at the entrance. It’s time to take my first step towa-

“Fuck off Deku” Startling Izuku.


“Don’t stand in my way, or do you wanna fucking die?”

“ah, hhe-yy-y, theeeeere Kacchhhann, let’s do-do our…” Izuku tries to blurt out

Bakugo just ignores him and walks past, shunting into Izuku a little. Ever since that day with the slime villain he hasn’t laid a single finger on me, he certainly has changed much, just looking more tired and less active than he usually is in class. Doesn’t matter, it’s time to step forward!

He thinks to himself as he trips over his own feet.

Well, I guess I’ll just die then.

. . . . . odd, he hasn't felt the floor yet, feeling something wrapped around his collar pulling him up.

“Jeez you’re heavy you know that?” a girl voiced out.

Quickly putting his foot forward to gain balance. He turned around to look at the person that saved him from falling. A fair skinned girl with triangular looking eyes with dark purple hair with earphone jacks looks at him, cut-.

“Try not to fall again next time, ok? Sorry if I hurt you when I grabbed you there, thought it’ll be better than falling face first, don’t be scared by the other contestants, they’re just trying to rile you up”

Izuku looks at the girl, no idea how to respond. “ahh err ya thaaaan yyuu-“

“And your heart rate is all over the place, you should chill out abit”

My heart rate? Ah, not calm, emotions running everywhere, try to calm yourself down Izuku, Clear your mind…

The girl raises an eyebrow “ok seems you calmed yourself down really quick, so don’t go hurting yourself again, cya” the girl waves as walks off

I…i… talked to a girl again! my life is certainly changing! - Izuku < He didn’t actually say anything that resembles a word.


Silence fills the room.

Izuku thinks to himself, gosh he's the voice type hero, present mic, really like listening to him on the radio, but haha, he feels a little out of place trying his style on a bunch of students preparing to take on the exam that’ll change their lives.


Looking at his paper, it states with a large letter “B”, one eye rolling to the side, he can see Bakugou have “C” on it. Whew, don’t have to deal with him today. Looking around the other students, he sees a familiar orange head a few rows above, waving at him. Izuku smiles and waves back. Ahhhh, it’s so reassuring to see familiar faces, I’m glad I saw Kendo… I wonder where Ojiro is…



“Excuse me, may I ask a question”


“On the print out, there are clearly four types of villains listed, Is there a reason it is left out of your briefing? Is this an error? Ho-


Izuku noted down mentally what the hero said, a villain to avoid, he looked around at the other students participating… so nerve wrecking, all of them having their abilities their entire lives, against something that came out half baked from training after 9 months? No way he can compete right? It’ll be lucky that he’ll even score a few points, he thinks to himself.


“Whoa, it’s so big… What kind of budget does UA even have? And there’s a few more of these cities around the campus? How big is UA again? Do we have to drive from one training ground to the other?!”


Startling Izuku, he turns around to look at a tall well-built guy, with the number 7111 plastered on his chest, from the top he sees blue hair, glasses and lower down he sees exhaust… exhaust? Looks kinda like Ingen-

“You should keep it down with your speeches, you’re disturbing others, you didn’t come to obstruct your fellow test takers did you?”

Ahh… so the habit hasn’t been fully fixed yet, Izuku thought. He glances around to see everyone looking at both of them, Izuku wants to hide his face somewhere now.

Opening his mouth to reply when-


Everyone looks up at Mic, slightly confused


Izuku looks back to ground level to see nothing, everyone has long bolted into the testing venue.


Izuku takes off behind them

It’s ok, calm down, clear your mind. There’s still a chance. Focus and believe in the force.

Running behind the main pack of participants, Izuku thinks to himself… I could use force speed and force Valor, glancing at the remains of a 1 pointer destroyed on the streets in the wake of the horde in front of him, taking a moment to look, the robot seems fragile, easy hollow and probably easy to take out with a force push hard enough. But he has a limited amount of power before he’s burnt out, if he uses it too early, he won’t be able to do anything near the end. I can only use Force Valor and force speed once without drawbacks, use any of anymore than that I’m done for, 20 seconds first stint and 20 seconds for my final stint. I can’t afford any more than that!

Reaching the main street, he sees chaos, everything destroyed around him, Izuku can’t even tell what’s destroyed and what’s not.

“35 points!” says the blue haired guy

“Wheey * Coughs *, 28 points” said a yellow hair guy

The number of robots in the main street is dropping by the seconds. If I get to an alleyway, I might find some robots that haven't been taken out.

Running into an alleyway that he didn’t sense no force presence in, he saw a 3 pointer in front of him, ok 3 points, I the Armor is a lot thicker, tapping into the force and covering it around his body. He thinks to himself. FORCE VALOR. Izuku feels a surge in strength and charges straight at the bot, the bot notices him and pulls its arm back to meet the charging greenie.


Izuku sees the robot that was shot in half by a Laser, panning he sees a blonde man running and screaming “Merci!”.


Looking around in a panic to at least destroy something with the remaining time left with Force Valor, Izuku bolts off into another street.

*Somewhere in some dark room*

“This year’s crop is quite the something” A Lion shaped shadow says

“Indeed, would be interesting what they’ll do at the sports festival” as the panel of shadows looked at the many different monitors

“I didn’t know you were looking that far” the lion replies

“Just starting out early, Nezu wanted us here to promote collaboration, i’m just taking it seriously” 

… On the other side of the room

“Different students using different techniques to deal with the situation, Insight, Agility, Judgement, and the most impressive of all, Firepower.” As the shadow looks at the screen showing a blonde student with smoking palms.

“Some even deal with the robots in unconventional ways” another shadow looks at the screen showing a robot completely disabled stuck by 2 purple balls.

“Nezu, I think it’s time”

“Indeed it is. At this rate we won’t have enough robots to satisfy everybody, time to bring out the big guns”


The earth shakes around the test centre, looking up and seeing a towering figure tower over everyone, the zero pointer, tall as the buildings around it, with large tracks moving forward. A WORTHY CHALLENGE, TIME TO TEST OUT MY NEW MOVE, he thinks, ignoring the screams and fleeing students, he charges straight at the robot before aiming his arms to the floor. An explosion erupts, sending the person airborne.

Twisting his arms and wrist, he fires off small explosions out of his palms sending him into a spin, using the small explosions to adjust he trajectory at the robot before shouting, screaming and concentrating all the sweat he has built up into one move and one point on his arms. And just before the hand makes contact with the robot...


Midoriya looks up at the towering figure, you’re kidding me? A robot this size? It’s as tall as the buildings around it!

GAHHHH THE ZERO POINTER! RUNNNN!!! ” Some random guy screams

Izuku pans around, everyone is running away from the zero pointer, there’s no point, there’s no reward for sticking around when there’s no reward, I can’t be lollygagging, I only have a couple of points. Twisting around, to follow the crowd before spotting somebody in the direct path of the zero pointer, just standing there giving a thumbs up. What? What is he doing?

The robot comes to a stop before raising its arm pointing it straight at the guy. That can’t be right, right? I don’t think the robot is going to crush that guy just standing there? It’s just a test?

*BGM: You Say Run*

The robot launches its arm at the guy.

It’s not good, even if he dodges he won’t get out of there in time! No time to think, I need to do something now!

Closing his eyes and Tapping into the force. FORCE SPEED!


Tenya Ida day has been going well so far, he’s racked up 50 points so far, could be enough  to pass, there’s still time, best to-, before feeling the ground rumble, turning around he sees the Zero pointer, not quite what he was expecting, everyone around him starts fleeing thinking the same thing. Best to do the same, as he starts running, no point boosting, till he sees another opportunity to take out a robot.

While running, he spots that green boy that he lectured before the test, he’s still looking at the Zero pointer, why? Slow reaction? Suddenly he closes his eyes. He’s giving up? That’s it? He sees the green haired boy swing both of his arms over his head to one side before the ground cracks around him and suddenly disappears, leaving an afterimage of himself. What!? Tenya looks up in the direction of where the green boy was previously looking. A guy? Still standing there? Why?… recalling the very words he heard half an hour ago “ YOUR GOAL LISTENERS, IS TO RACK UP A HIGH SCORE LIKE A HERO! ”.


Izuku surroundings turns into a blur, he swings his arms to adjust for the speed he’s about to move at, before opening his eyes


Stepping off the ground, literally crushing the asphalt under him, sprinting as fast as he can towards the yellow hair guy.


“Wheeyyyyy” the guy responded. No good he seems out of it - Izuku

Izuku puts himself in front of the guy and in the path of the robot arm. Going straight at him. Izuku has no choice, he has to tap into the force one more time, he braces himself before screaming


His entire body tensed up from the force power, his body burns from tapping into the force more times than he has ever done before. He put his arms up just in time to catch the robot arm slamming straight into him.


GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ” Screams Izuku, he’s caught the arm, but he can’t hold it forever! I don’t know how long I can hold this before I my body isn’t able to take it. The robot arms slowly moulding itself around Izuku. The ground around him cracks, slowly cratering around him.

“I-I CAN’T HOLD THIS FOREVERRR!!!!” shutting his eyes when suddenly something sounds off in his head.

Let yourself go, let your hate flow through you, use it...

The years of harassment he’s experienced in school, the years he’s spent quirkless, “You’re Quirkless, you can’t be a Hero”, “You should just take a dive off the rooftop” all flashed before him.

Yes… good, you need power, we can give it to you, give into your anger just repeat after me. Peace is a lie, there is only PASSION, through passion, I gain STRENGTH, through strength, I gain POWER, through power I gain VICTORY…

What is this, I’ve never heard Master Windu saying this before. Gain power? I don’t know what even is this, using hate? Giving in to my hatred. That definitely does not sound like light. 

“I CAN’T HOLD ON ANY LONGER” Izuku screams into the air, his body screaming with him from the amount of stress he’s under.

It seems you need a bit of a taste before giving in…

That voice, I recognise it… but what should I do? I've already passed my limit long ago… if i try it i could sav-


“Power loader, it seems your zero pointers this year isn’t as strong”

“It is, it’s just unexpected 2 of the students already destroyed them, how would I prepare for such a th-“

“That boy! He can’t be serious!?” a female said in the dark control room

“The half of the room screen switched to view Test centre B”

“Holy shit”


“Power loader, stop the test there’s no way he ca-”

“Do not worry everyone, it is all under control” says a calm voice behind a chair.

“You can’t be serious?”


He can’t be serious?


Tenya sees the green boy holding back the entire zero pointer punch, such strength, such speed, all to save that guy… like a he-

Tenya widens his eyes, he finally understands the true meaning of the test, and that boy knows it. Shame, shame on him for not realising it earlier.


No, I can still do something about it! As fire starts coming out of his exhaust in his legs and changing into a running position.

I can still make it, I can save them!


Tenya reaches the yellow haired boy, grabbing him and moving him away from the danger zone.  Looking back, the green hair boy is still holding the arm, I can still help him as well, changing direction while letting go of the guy in his hand preparing to launch himself at the arm, no clue what he is gonna do, he can’t just grab him as he’s surrounded mended metal around him. He’ll just cross the bridge when he gets there.

Getting into a running position again preparing himself to dash straight into the arm, moving the weight of his body forward when-




Midoriya snapped out of it, suddenly he felt there was nothing pushing him, but he still held position. He was on autopilot when he held the robot arm, he couldn’t give in for those few moments, now it’s done, the test is complete… I’ve only scored 2 points… i…-

Izuku let go of his strength, Force Valor being deactivated at the same time, his body leaned back, before all semblance of strength was lost. Looks like he’ll fall in the end…


With all of his strength Izuku opens his eyes seeing the blue haired guy holding him, catching him in the fall… but he has no strength to lift any part of his body up, “I just need to get more points… I’ve only got 2 points…” he mumbled before losing consciousness.


All Might looks at the screen in front of him with a label “Test Center D”, smiling to himself.

“All Might, you see that kid in test center B? Looks like you when you’re being Heroic”

Toshinori Yagi smiles and nods, indeed, that green bundle of hair seems familiar, thinking he has seen it before… those powers he used, almost looks like my own, super strength, super speed… before going back through the video feed to a couple minutes before the zero pointer was activated. He sees the green hair boy finding a 2 pointer, waving his hands to telekinetically throw those robots into the wall.

Those powers… he has seen it before… 5 years ago…

***Flashback*** BGM: All for one theme

“It’s over All Might, you’ve carried One for all for too long, parading around the world as the number 1 hero. Since you’re not going to give in to my demands, I think it's time to end this game” All for one says, pointing his arm at All Might who was holding his left stomach.

“Say Hello to Shimura-san for me” AFO smirked as his arm starts charging something

“YOU BASTAR-“ All Might screams into the night sky


AFO suddenly rag dolls away from him, skipping on the ground a few times

“It’s sad to see you in this state All Might, it’s time to get your ass up”

All Might looks to the side, as Windu does a superhero landing next to him.

“Windu-san, i-“

“Well well well, it’s unexpected to see All Might needing help from a civilian” AFO walks back into range of both of them

“And who are you supposed to be?” Windu Quipped

“Ah, apologies All Might, looks like I have to introduce myself to the uninvited guest” bowing to All might before looking at the man in the robe “you can call me All for One” he smiles

“and you’re supposed to be the head honcho around here?”

“I suppose i-“ when suddenly he rag dolls again, as Windu waved his arm with an open hand.

“GAHHH, how rude of you” suddenly teleporting behind Windu

“Pity I couldn’t get to know you better, however, we are short on time, i’ll be taking your quirk now” as a few tendrils spout out of AFO straight at Windu

Windu draws his short Vibroblade while force jumping back and with one swing, cutting off most of the incoming appendages.

AFO frowns “Why can’t you stay still!” as he launched every tendril he had at him from all directions.

Windu stands position, blade in one hand, focusing on the force, suddenly turning his blade making many swings around him to cut as many of these tendrils as he can. His defence was good, cutting away tendrils after tendrils attacking him, and dodging those that he couldn't, letting it stab into the ground behind him but it was a matter of time, his defence wasn’t flawless, he couldn’t use his preferred form for defence with only one hand.

All Might see his display of skill, holding back All for one like that isn’t a small feat… he’s buying precious time, he’s not even a Hero, I’m pathetic, how can I be called the No.1 Hero when someone else have to defend him from his responsibility, getting up, ignoring the pain as his focus is now 100% on All for one.


One of the tendrils finally met its target, going straight into Windu back. “GAH!”

“Finally I’ve got you now-.. what? Impossible You can’t be” All for one face changes.


All for one turn his attention to the new sound, remembering the initial foe he was supposed to be fighting with. “All might!” now in point blank range of him, fire in his eyes, hole in his stomach, arm pulled back, butt clenched and screaming at the top of his lungs. 



“All Might” as Toshinori snaps back to reality.

Looking next to him, Nezu was standing there looking at the video as well “Fascinating isn’t he, quite like our old friend”

All Might nods, “Indeed he is” looking at the screen seeing the Youthful hero recovery girl tending to him. 

“...Were you really going to punch that participant?”

“Heavens no, what did you take me for? A killer?”

“...Then that kid that pushed himself over the edge, was that all controlled?”

“Of course, I had the bot to push as much as he was pushing back, it’s a smart fail safe is it not? In the end we saw his intention, that’s the most important part” as the rodent sips on his never ending cup of tea


“Izuku… Izuku!? Are you alright? What are you doing smiling so vacantly at the fish!?”

“Ah sorry, it’s nothing, just lost in thoughts” as he continues to eat lunch.

If I were to grade myself, I guess I passed the written test without any problems. The problem comes that he only scored 2 points from the practical skills portion. That hardly mattered now.

After the test ended, Windu messaged me to not come back to Takoba beach for a while, there’s some stages being setup at the beach.

I haven’t told anyone about my performance at all, not my mum, Windu, my friends Kendo-san and Ojiro-san on our messaging group.


Opening up the letter, All Might appears from a device.

Testing 1,2 am I on screen?

All Might!!?

It took some time to jump through some hoops and get this done, so sorry for not being able to send this sooner everyone, that’s my bad!

You did fine for your written test, but… at the practical you scored a total of 2 points, which would result in a failure.

I knew it, I failed… i-

But wait there’s more! Behold, this screen.


“Greetings Mic sensei, sorry to bother you but, do you know the boy with the curly haired kid, freckles and plain looking?”

“Would it be possible to share some of my points with him? He mention he only scored 2 points, he saved that boy life, and as an aspiring hero, he displayed what made a hero a hero, if I am able to pass but he didn’t with his heroic actions-”

“It’s ok listener, you can’t share points, and I think you won’t need to in the first place”




Chapter Text

Tears continue to pour out of Izuku's eyes, he never felt more relieved, liberated, it’s incredible. The holoprojector changes the image to the practical examinations scoreboard.

  1. Katsuki Bakugou:  85 Villain points, 0 Rescue points
  2. Kinoko Komori: 70 Villain points, 11 rescue points
  3. Itsuka Kendo: 30 Villain points, 50 rescue points
  4. Ibara Shiozaki: 45 Villain points, 32 rescue points
  5. Fumikage Tokoyami: 65 Villain points, 9 rescue points
  6. TetsuTetsu TetsuTetsu: 44 Villain points, 30 rescue points
  7. Eijiro Kirishima: 44 Villain points, 30 rescue points
  8. Tenya ida: 50 Villain points, 20 rescue points
  9. Toru Hagakure: 24 Villain points, 45 rescue points
  10. Togaru Kamakiri: 60 Villain points, 8 rescue points
  11. Jurota Shishida: 40 Villain points, 26 rescue points
  12. Yui Kodai: 51 Villain points, 14 rescue points
  13. Sen Kaibara: 55 Villain points, 7 rescue points
  14. Reiko Yanagi: 50 Villain points, 10 rescue points
  15. Denki Kaminari: 58 Villain points, 0 rescue points
  16. Kojiro Bondo: 50 Villain points, 6 rescue points
  17. Yosetsu Awase: 37 Villain points, 18 rescue points
  18. Pony Tsunotori: 30 Villain points, 22 rescue points
  19. Izuku Midoriya: 2 Villain points, 50 rescue points

19th …. Ahhhh much better than expected, I would've thought I would be placed 10,000 th or something. Kacchan is the No.1 highest score in Villain points as expected. Everyone in the top 36 has more Villain points then me…that’s a little disappointing, but guess I’ll have to work doubly hard!. Izuku notes to himself


Izuku looks at the phone, the chat group with Kendo, Ojiro and himself is going off.


Itsuka : Guys, I received my letter from UA, opening it now!

Itsuka : Ha! I got in! Top 3 in the practical exams 😉 looks like dinner will be Ojiro’s treat

Ojiro : I scored more villain points than both of you… combined! I thought that was the bet

Izuku : We had a bet?

Ojiro : Yeah, we did, most destroyed robots remember?

Itsuka : What? I can’t hear you, Mr. 20th place. I’ll have the Big Smash Burger, oh wait, maybe that rainy day only Nikudon special, thanks Ojiro for the meal!

Ojiro : oh you’re so dead when we meet

Ojiro : Also Midoriya! 2 villain points? How did both of you even score 50 rescue points!?

Izuku : Well, funny story…

Itsuka : Save that story when we meet up for the meal, we’re both the highest rescue points scoring students!


Izuku giggles, swiping the phone to the next contact below and selecting call

“Speaking” said the voice on the other end

“Master Windu! I’ve just received the results of the entrance exam, I passed!”

“Excellent, I say this is a course for a small celebration wouldn’t you agree? Young Midoriya”

“I mean yeah, of course!”

“Good, the Takoba beach is having a festival here as well. Meet me here to discuss your future plans”

“Great! I’ll come down now”

“No need, just come back the usual shoreline we used for force training at 5pm, I’ll see you there”

“See you there too Master Windu”

A Festival, Izuku hasn’t been to one in a while, funny they’re doing it at the beach they just cleaned up. Swiping back to the messaging group.

Ojiro : Double or nothing, your arm and my tail, we’ll settle this bet!

Itsuka : Deal, just name your place and time

Izuku : How about tonight? 6pm at Takoba beach? There’s a festival going on from what I heard

Itsuka : Awesome, we could even get the treat settled there.

Ojiro : Great, I'm looking forward to it.

Windu ponders if this is the best decision, he knows Izuku’s progress may stagnate if he didn’t do this right, and stagnation is a quick way to slowly over rely on the dark side of the force for progress. He understands many Jedi took that route as the dark side is a quick and easy way to gain power. Half the reason why we took in so many force sensitives was to reduce the chances of them turning to the dark side.

Nevertheless, he’s been asked to do a favour by All Might, travel to USA and help the hero Star and Stripe with an investigation that might be extra-terrestrial, he needs to deal with it if it’s the empire, some crazy smuggler, a false alarm or if it’s another Jedi in hiding he needs to make contact before it causes too much trouble, all of this under the table if possible. He thinks about Izuku, he can’t always be around for him, if he over relies on me and my old teachings, he might rely on me to choose a path for him rather than choosing a path for himself, if i give him choice, maybe the dark side won’t be so addicting like it was for so many. I just hope that bum is able to keep him away from the dark side.

He senses Midoriya in the distance, thinking to himself, it’s time for the father bird to leave it’s nest.

“Young Midoriya, congratulations on your exam results”

“It’s ok Master Windu, I couldn’t have done it without you”

“If that’s what you say…” Looking out into the sunset, he needs to do it now

“Well, as a celebration, I want you to have a few things I found on my journey” as he moves a box by his side towards Izuku.

Midoriya opens the box, confused as he looks at Windu. “What are these master Windu?” as he pulls out a stick.

“Ah these, are shock batons, a couple of them, something the military used where I’m from to disable droids or people, it’s very effective, they require some high density cells, so you need to charge them regularly via changing the cells at the bottom, it’s quite big as I had to adapt to electricity instead, one good hit and the bad guy would be down for awhile, non-lethal, quite tough to bludgeon a guy with this stick to death”

Midoriya continues to look around, there’s a few pieces of plastic? Windu described it as an energy absorbing material, useful to be part of his hero costume that they have discussed before. Continuing to look around whipping out a small pistol?!

“Ah don’t worry about that, it’s spoilt, better off using the stun batons, but if you can fix it up, that blaster got a stun setting, very effective to take out someone at range”

Blaster? Not a gun? Next, Izuku pulls out a square, confused as he looks at Windu.

“And the next item is a Holocron”

Izuku looks at the square puzzled “Holocron?”

“Yes, it’s what us force users use to store information, this one specifically I’ve used it to store future lessons for you”

Store future lessons?

Windu looks at the puzzled Izuku, now is the time.

“I’ll be going to the US for a while, I have some urgent business I have to take care of, it might take a while before I return, the rest of the items are just more energy absorbing materials, do try to put them on your hero costume, i’m sure it’ll benefit you more than it’ll benefit me.”

“Oh, it’s ok master, I’ll await for your return”

“There’s a chance it’ll be a long while Young Midoriya”

“What? What do you mean”

Windu looks at Izuku and smiles.

“By the time I return to Japan you might not be a student anymore Young Midoriya”

Izuku understands it now, it might not be a short journey for him.

“What I have taught you so far is enough for you to become a padawan”

“A padawan?”

“An apprentice, normally paired with a master to learn to become a fully-fledged user of the force, but unfortunately you won’t be paired with a master, you will have to make the do without one”

“When will I see you again Master Windu?”

“I’ll return when I must, for now patience young Padawan”

“But for now, everything will be explained in that holocron, place it in front of you and meditate, you’ll unlock the contents when you need it”

Izuku looks at it, nods, placing it in his bag.

“Before I go, I want to tell you a story”

“A story?”

“A story of how I got here, Young Midoriya, you were always asking me about my past, what you’ll do with that information is up to you, I only ask you don’t spread it around, can you do that for me?”

“Yes, master Windu!”

“First off, I am not from your world”


A few hundred meters away, a girl was sitting by the coastline, enjoying the sunset. She only has this time before she has to get ready…

I am not from your world

Did I hear that right? Looking around, in the far distance she can see a couple of shadows, too far to figure out anything… she plugs something into the sand to continue listening…


“And that is the Jedi Order, peacekeepers of the republic. We wield the force for good, and the betterment of the force. Or so we thought.” Master Windu explained about his order, just after he explained why and how he arrived on earth.

“Jedi training starts with force sensitive children when they are young, 2 to 4 years old normally. Train them to be a Jedi, guide them to use the light side of the force. That’s why when I met you, I said you were too old.”

“What changed your mind, master?” Izuku asks

“Before I arrived here, the republic was in a civil war, we were protecting the republic, spreading our numbers to wherever needed us, we sensed the dark was behind this war, and were looking for it to stop the war once and for all.”

“During the final days of the war, we discovered the master of the Sith was the one leading the republic, we confronted him and eventually i lost my arm and was left for dead”

“And in one moment the Sith took control of the republic and started executing the us, I escaped, leaving behind everything I had”

“Then I met you, willing to do whatever it takes to be a hero, so I thought I could teach you to wield the force, but not as a Jedi yet. That’ll be up to you to decide if you want to be one.”

“Lastly, the Jedi code, remember this well, take and use what you want and need from the code, you can choose to not follow it, but always have it in mind.”

“When there is no emotion , there is peace , when there is no ignorance , there is knowledge , when there is no passion , there is serenity , when there is no chaos , there is harmony , there is no death , there is the force .”

Izuku thinks to himself… the code sounds rather similar to what the voice said…

Izuku looks down, not sure what to say, should he mention that voice he heard during the exam?

“It’s ok Young Midoriya, you’ll understand with time. It is time for me to leave”

“Right now?”

“Yes, my acquaintance is waiting for me”


“Do not worry Young Midoriya, stay on your path to become a hero, study and train hard at UA, make me proud of my decision to train you”

“Yes Master!”

“Why don’t we finish up your preparation to be a hero student” Windu points to the fridge

Izuku looks at the fridge, he knows what needs to be done. Jumping onto the beach, he points both of his arms at the fridge, slowly feeding the force into it. Izuku feels the familiar feeling, slowly wrapping it around the fridge before lifting his hands. The fridge lifts off the ground, it still rattled and vibrated as much as before, but it’s making better progress, lifting it above the steps and hovering it over the back of the parked truck, slowly letting it down.


“Gahh…ye-I did it Master, i-” looking around, Master Windu is out of sight now, nowhere to be seen

May the force be with you, always


“YAAAAARRRRRRR” sounded in the air as shockwaves sent sand flying all over.

Izuku expected a duel, but he wasn’t expecting this. Itsuka and Ojiro are arm Wrestling on the beach, although an expanded hand against a muscular tail wasn’t quite quoted in the rules of arm wrestling.





Judging by the amount of sand being tossed around from the continuous shockwave being created by the 2 of them wrestling, it’s getting really intense. Izuku scribbles down in his notebook as he watches. So Ojiro's tail is about the same strength as one of Kendo’s hands… So would that mean Kendo overall is stronger as she has 2 hands? How do I check and compare this? Maybe if I get them to-


“GAHH!!” startled by a girl’s voice < it’s becoming a pattern isn’t it?

“Whoa, it really is you, the guy who almost face planted himself”

“What? When di-“ he looks at the girl that’s sneaked up on him, a familiar girl with triangular looking eyes with dark purple hair with earphone jacks looks at him, cu-.

“You don’t remember me? Your saviour? man, i’m deeply hurt by this, should’ve just let you faceplant the ground” she says with a sarcastic voice

“Aah! The girl who saved me from falling at the entrance exam”

“And he does remember” The girl smirks

“Yes! T-thank you very much for saving me from that fall” bowing slightly

“So what’s happening here?” looking at the 2 that’s on the beach

“ahhh that… just a c-couple of my f-friends settling a bet over an arm wrestle”

“Isn’t that a tail?”

“Yup, part of his quirk, that’s the strongest part of his body... both of them is taking a while to settle things”

“What’s the bet about?”

“Ah, it’s about the UA entrance exam, think it’s who score more points having to treat us, the issue only comes when one says they should only count villain points and the other total points”

“Ah the rescue points, yeah, I benefited a lot from that”

“S-Same…” says Izuku as he rubs his hair, he knows there’s no way he’ll pass with 2 points.

“So how did you do?”

“What? How d-did I do?”

“The practical exams silly”

“Ah yeah, I did enough to pass”

“Cool, looks like I’ll see you there”

“You passed as well?!”


“Ahhh, I’m so glad you passed, we could be classmates, which class were you placed into?”


“We are classmates! Same, I’ve also placed into class 1-A, same with my friends, so lucky to already know so many of you”

“Feelings mutual… say, you guys will be at the festival later, right?”

“Yeah, we’ll be at the festival”

“Cool, here” as she takes out a few slips of paper

“There’s a concert happening at the north beachside by the festival, got some extra tickets”

“Really? Thank you!” receiving the tickets “you’ll be attending as well, right?”

“Attending? I’m supporting the concert” she winks

“That’s so cool, we’ll be there to support you”

“Great se-” *Buzz Buzz* Jiro whips out her phone and take a look “Ah, seems like the boss is calling us back, gotta go”

“Ah ok, Ah! Wait! I didn’t catch your name”

“It’s Jiro, Kyoka Jiro” she replies

“Ah Jiro-san, I’m Midoriya Izuku”

“Great, see you soon Midoriya-san” as the Jiro takes her leave down the beachside

Ahhhh it feels good to have a normal conversation with a girl. Maybe I’m getting to my popular stage! <He’s not

Looking at the 3 tickets handed to him, Takoba Beach Rock Concert Admit 1

“Looks like someone is enjoying himself” … Shit, Izuku pans his head around robotically slowly

“Indeed, picking up girls the moment we look away…why am I even fighting over the bet, Midoriya has the lowest villain points between the 3 of us…” Itsuka deadpans 

“Not only the 3 of us, of all of those who passed Kendo-san”

“ahhhh….” Izuku panics “What happened to the arm tail wrestling guys?” he tries to deflect, not knowing how to explain to his friends the scene they just witnessed.

“Too distracted to even see the results of our efforts, I’m so disappointed in you Midoriya-san, I thought you were our friend” Ojiro said with a tear in his eyes.

“uhhh we were just talking about school, yeah school!” Izuku says as he fears for his life now

“You know Ojiro, now that we’ve settled our differences, we should get a meal”

“Yup, a reallll good meal, maybe one of everything at the festival, Mr popular here treat obviously”

“Guys! Guys, I got us tickets to the concert by the beach!” Izuku says in a panic

“How sweet of you… or maybe I should thank the girl you just sweet talked into giving you her tickets” Itsuka smiles with an evil intent.

“Didn’t know you were such a smooth talker Midoriya, I actually thought you were one of the bros, by the way, we’re going to the Yakitori booth first” Ojiro smiles with an evil intent as well.

“Wait wait wait wait wait!, maybe we could talk this out, maybe we could reach compromis-” Izuku slowly stepped backwards

The 2 martial artists saw their opening and dived into action, both of Izuku arms were grabbed and locked by them, each of them with one of Izuku’s arms, dragging off in the direction of the festival, screaming for his life, may the force have mercy on his wallet.

Thank you for your patronage!

“Whhhewwww, you certainly were right Kendo, the premium Takoyaki is 10 out of 10” Ojiro reviews.

“I know right~!” As Kendo bites and pull another mouthful of takoyaki off the stick

“Yeeeaaahh guys… maybe you guys had enough for one day, we should stop about now” Izuku painfully say as he sees butterflies fly out from his wallet.

“But we haven’t gotten our crepes yet Izuku~ :/” Kendo pouts as she talks with takoyaki still in her mouth, Izuku flinches at the mention of his name.

“Don’t think you’ll be running away Midoriya, there’s still a handful of stores we haven’t visited”

“No no, I mean the concert we have tickets for, it’s starting in 10 minutes on the northside beach…”


“We’re on the southside beach?”

“Don’t worry Midoriya, we know you’re desperate to meet your girlfriend”

“I told you guys i only just bumped into her at the entrance exam and bumped into me while you guys were wrestling”

“Awfully convenient Midoriya, doesn’t excuse why she suddenly gave you tickets”

“Haha… well, she’s helping out at the concerts and had extra… and we’re gonna see her 6 days a week soon”

“6 days? You're really gonna hang out with her as much as your friends and classmates?” Ojiro says

“Bruh” Kendo deadpans at Ojiro

“What?” Ojiro responded

“I don’t remember you being that dense” Kendou continues to deadpan

“Dense? Wh-... oh… she was at the entrance exam wasn’t she…” Ojiro finally realized what the both of them mean 

“Yeeahh…” Izuku softly replies



“Man, you really scored a girlfriend and found out she’ll be a classmate in UA? Lucky~ bastard~” Ojiro jokes

“WHAT?!” Izuku screams





Better off, stepping aside~




Warned you before~

We are unbeaten~

No one can question it~


You’ve hit the wall~

Did you think you could get away?~

You have us to repay~

*Drum and guitar plays to the end of the song*

The crowd cheers at the end of the song, screaming, shouting as they wait for the next band to take the stage

“Wooo!!! You know what Midoriya, i’ll forgive your betrayal, never expected concerts to be so exciting” Ojiro say to Izuku with a loud voice

“Betrayal? I didn’t eve-”

“Yeah Izuku! You should’ve said it was this good earlier, we might have skipped out on the taiyaki” Kendo adds on while smiling, Izuku flinching again.

“Kendo, not the Taiyaki, maybe if we dropped the Dango, it wasn’t really good” Ojiro said

“Dango? Maybe i shouldn’t have gone easy on you with the arm wrestling Ojiro” as Kendo frowns at the disrespect given to one of her favorite snack

The crowd starts to get louder, the sound of keyboard fills the air

Izuku smiles at the back and forth Kendo and Ojiro are on, taking out his phone, maybe he could snap a picture of this moment… *Snap* “hope it’ll come out well” looking at the picture taken, he’s quite satisfied, him and the 2 that’s quarreling in a crowd.

“Midoriya! It’s your girlfriend! * OOF *” Ojiro says to the both of his friends before getting elbowed by Kendo

Izuku looks up at the stage, It’s Jiro! Not front and center of the stage, but at the back on the drums, a smile on her face playing the drums like there’s no tomorrow. She's really having fun, Izuku thinks to himself.


“Glad they even did an Encore, A stranger i remain pretty unexpected from that idol group, it was kinda metal” Kendou smiles to herself, she really enjoyed herself today.

“First time I've been to a concert myself, I wasn't expecting it to be this good, give my thanks to your girlfriend'' Ojiro remarked, giving a thumbs up.

“I told you she isn’t my gi-” Izuku says before getting interrupted, sensing something odd in the force.

MASHIRAO -KUN!!!!!” a voice was heard behind the 3 of them.

“Eh!?” Ojiro says out loud before a figure jumps onto Ojiro's tail.

“How could you, Mashirao, didn’t even invite me out to the festival?” the girl says

“Ahhh Toru, you haven't seen me in months and this is what you say to me?”

“OOoo-Eeehhh?, what’s this?” Kendo says with a biggest smirk on her face

“You flamed me for betraying you by talking to a girl, and you’re already on a first name basis with another?” Izuku deadpands

“Wait wait wait wait! I can explain” Ojiro says in a panic

“I don’t know Ojiro, how are you gonna explain your way out of this situation while having a girl stuck to your tail” Kendo grins

“Yeah Mashirao, how are you gonna excuse your way out of this one?” The girl on his tail chips in.

“Toru, you’re not making it any easier for me”

“How could you still push me away Mashirao, after all that you’ve done to me, i even gave you my first-”

“WAIT WAIT WAIT TORU, DON’T ADD OIL TO THE FIRE!” Ojiro screams in horror

Kendo and Izuku jaws dropped, staring right at Ojiro

“PLEASE TORU, one thing at a time, don’t give our friends any weird ideas” Ojiro desperately tries to control the situation.

The girl tears up “but you abandoned me after that, we were supposed to be expecting~” as she sticks her tongue out ;P Izuku and Kendo jaw floored


“Ah, nice to meet you Hagakure-san” Izuku and Kendo says at the same time

“Pleasure is all mine Midoriya san, Kendo san” Toru replies with a smile on her face, she has blonde hair like Ojiro with a center parting, hair clips holding both sides of her hair up, she wears a black mask that covers her eyes, it has a few circle patterns on it whilst being slightly see through, but not transparent enough to see her eyes. 

“You two together or something?” Kendo curiously ask

“Nah, we’re best friends since childhood, Mashirao-kun lives opposite my block in tokyo”

“Toru, you could’ve started with that” Ojiro finally calms down

“But where’s the fun in that? You teased me the last time you were with my classmates” Toru says with a cheeky face

“That was so long ago, back in middle school wasn’t it?”

“A woman never forgets, as a famous saying goes, Toru will remember this …”

“What are you even doing here anyways?”Ojiro asks

“What do you mean what am I doing here? What are you doing here?”

Izuku suddenly senses something new from his force sense, it’s a new feeling, odd, he doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary around him.

“Going out to the festival with my friends?”

Izuku and Kendo nods

“So they’re my replacements? So mean of you” Toru teased

“They’re not your replacements, we’re all friends from karate, we are all classmates next year”

“Speaking of classmates, Mashirao-kun, which class are you in next year?”

“1-A” Ojiro replies

“Well then” Looking at Izuku and Kendo, “I’ll be your classmate in the coming year, will be looking forward to work with you” 

“What!? Really?” Izuku and kendo said at the same time

“Yup, enrolled into 1-A as well”

“Wow, we’re so lucky to meet so many of our classmates today”

“Speaking of UA, seriously Ojiro? 20th place? Why? Did you even focus on your Karate practice?”

“Ah great, not you as well” Ojiro whines

“Where were you placed in the entrance exam Hagakure-san?”

“9th!” Toru says holding up a peace sign

“Wow! top 10?” Izuku got curious

“I’m even more surprised you got top 10 Toru. i saw the score board and was pretty sure that was seeing a different person with the same name as you”

“What Mashirao, you didn’t believe in me? That I promised I would be a hero, so here I am. I worked extra hard the past year for this”

“I just didn’t expected you to do so well, i’m more curious about your training regiment now” Ojiro remarks

Izuku sensed a weird feeling again, not sure from where, but it quickly dissipated, it felt like a rapid fire wave.

“It’s a ladies secret” Toru says, putting a finger over her mouth.

“Izuku, how was the festival with your friends?” Inko sees her son returning home, asking him as he takes off his shoes.

“Great mum, we had a fun time, attended a concert, saw fireworks, made a few new friends and we ate quite a lot” Izuku said while smiling and rubbing his head. There goes his entire month allowance in one night.

“Glad you had a fun time, remember to rest early tonight, avoid using your phone too late” Inko says smiles

“Sure mum” as Izuku grabs a cup of water and start chugging it down

“By the way Izuku, are any of your new friends girls?” teased

PUIWWWWWW *Cough*Cough* as Izuku chokes on his water, spitting out what’s in his mouth

“MUM!” As Izuku turns red

“Just teasing you Izuku… but it’ll still be nice to bring home a girl”

“MUM!” Izuku says completely embarrassed

On a flight, somewhere in the pacific

Windu looks at the tablet, reading a report given to him by America’s extra-terrestrial intelligence and combat unit XCOM, 5 months ago strange readings was picked up by radars and some scouting quirks, but it was written off as falling debris from space. 2 months later, there has been a strange increase of people going missing in the area the debris was supposed to have crashed at. Some evidence was found near the area, burnt marks cauterizing the wound of a man that was found. For all we know this is all a coincidence and just a fire quirk user causing trouble.

The FBI investigation yielded nothing and someone brought in XCOM to investigate, the issue escalated up to the Heroes, but due to the sensitive nature of extraterrestrials, only heroes with clearance are allowed to participate in the investigation on a need to know basis.

Eventually the issue made its way to All Might, who figured, hey since i’m the only space wizard he knows, i would have the best idea on what we’re dealing with. 

Sighing to himself… it was fine, he wanted to visit a few areas in Americas anyway, the Chichén Itzá came to mind. If he thinks his research was correct, he might want to spend some time there. 

Thinking back about his student who he left behind in Japan, maybe it was too abrupt how he left Young Midoriya, like unto the sacred fire of lore… the transferred flame is still small, it may waver, it may be extinguished, burn out, but if he keeps his believe, his trust in the force, not even driving rain will check hinder its growth, and my flame will slowly fade away and vanish, and hopefully my duty will be done.

*Ding* We would like to thank you for flying Air Uwabami, we would like to welcome all of you to I-Island, currently situated by the coast of Honolulu, the time now is-...

Time now is 5am . Noted the man working on a laptop.

It is only a few more weeks before the school term starts in April, looking at the pile of reports that he has cleared in front of him, only 3 more left for 1-A he mumbles to himself grabbing the checklist titled “Class 1-A Roster” in front of him, ticking No.17 off his list.

Class 1-A Roster

  1. Yuga Aoyama
  2.  Mina Ashido
  3. Tsuyu Asui
  4. Tenya Ida
  5. Ochako Uraraka
  6. Mashirao Ojiro
  7. Denki Kaminari
  8. Eijiro Kirishima
  9. Koji Koda
  10. Itsuka Kendo
  11. Mezo Shoji
  12. Kyoka Jiro
  13. Hanta Sero
  14. Fumikage Tokoyami
  15. Shouto Todoroki
  16. Toru Hagakure
  17. Katsuki Bakugou
  18. Izuku Midoriya
  19. Minoru Mineta
  20. Momo Yaoyorozu

Taking the next profile off his stack turning over to the first page.

* Tch * another problematic student.

Chapter Text


“Yes mum”


“I did mum”




Izuku smiles and nods, “See you soon mum”

Whew, this door is humongous, guess it’s to accommodate students that may be larger than expected. It’s time to take a first look into his class for the next 3 years! *Rolls Open the door*

Don’t put your legs and shoes on the desk! Don’t you think that’s disrespectful to those who will use this table in the future?

No, as a matter of fact, I don't think so, which high school are you from anyway you two bit extra?

I’m from soumei highschool, the name is Ida Tenya

SOUMEI? Well aren’t you an elite. Seems I've got a reason to beat you good after all.

What nerve! Are you sure you want to be a hero? I..- Ah

Great… Izuku thought to himself, Bakugou was the last person he wants to see, before noticing that Ida saw who just entered the classroom, quickly shuffling to the entrance

“Hello, i’m Ida Tenya, i-”

“Oh yeah yeah, i overheard, i’m Midoriya, nice to meet you Ida-san”

“Midoriya-san, i must hand it to you, you divined the actual nature of the practical exams, i’m so ashamed of myself, i was blind to it and completely misread you. I hate to admit it, but you were the better man that day.”

What is he talking about? Izuku thinks to himself, sensing someone approaching behind him before panning around

Oh? It’s Midoriya!

“Ah! Morning Ojiro-kun, Hagakure-san”

“I told you to call me Toru right?”

“Ahhh… right Hag-T-toru-san”

“Ahhh, already socializing without me huh?” Kendo appears from the otherside of the hallway. Izuku smiles and continues to chat with his friends



WHAT DIRTY TRICKS YOU USED TO PASS THE EXAM!? Bakugou screams while grabbing Izuku school uniform

I was supposed to be the first student to enter UA from here! Me alone! You ripped that record from me and shredded it to pieces, I TOLD YOU TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE YOU QUIRKL- suddenly his ass felt the ground and saw Izuku a couple meters away.

Izuku saw his opportunity, he grabbed his arm pushing it aside before giving a light tap to Bakugou chest, sending him back.


“You can’t stop me from heading to UA Kacchan…”

“I worked hard for the past year, getting acknowledged by someone, telling me if i worked hard, i could be a hero, Kacchan, i passed the exam fair and square, you can doubt me all you want, but you’ll believe it when you see it.”



“I’m so excited for the ceremony, orientation, games and ice breaking session!” Toru excitedly says.

Smiling to himself Izuku was indeed excited about today, it was the first time he’s talked with classmates that consider him friends, can’t wait to meet everyone!

If you’re gonna be hunting for buddies I suggest doing it elsewhere.

Everyone stops talking looking at the worm on the floor?

This is the department of heroics… he lazily says as he took out a packet to suck on

Impressive, the lot of you took 8 seconds to settle down, life is short kids, you’re all lacking in common sense.

Sensei? This is UA, so he must be a pro hero, he looks kinda washed up tho, like how Master Windu used to look before i bought him some all in one soap as a present, a little passive aggressive gift is needed to deal with him sometimes.

I’m your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta. Pleasure meeting all of you. He says worming out of his sleeping bag.

Homeroom teacher? Aizawa? Did I ever read up on a hero with such a name?

All right, the lot of you, get into your P.T. uniform, and meet me at field C, 


“We’re having a quirk apprehension test”

“EEEHHH?” says the brown haired girl and Toru at the same time

“If you’re here to be heroes, we don’t have time for such things on the first day, you should know by now the school reputation, we have a standard to uphold”

“For today, we’ll be doing activities you should have known from PE lessons when you were in middle and high school naturally. Tests where you were not allowed to use your quirks and abilities, which i think is ridiculous, a bias system”

“Bakugou” Tossing him a softball

“How far could you pitch this in high school?”

“67 meters”

“Good, now try using your quirk, same rules apply, i don’t care what you do, just throw it and don’t hold back”

“You got it”

Pulling his arm and torso back, priming himself to throw it.

Izuku senses something odd, his force sense felt the wave being pulled instead of pushing into him for the first time.


*KATOOOOOOOM* ...Boom...Boom~ 

Ah the ball broke the sound barrier for a moment.

BEEP BEEP 705.2 Meters 

“This will be the rational measurement we’ll use to form the basis of your hero foundation”

“705 meters? Unreal!” A yellow hair guy commented

“We really can use our quirks now!”

“Awesome, it looks like fun!”

“It looks fun you say?”

“All right then, we’ll do a little wager, an elimination game. The rule of this game is, the student who ranks last in average points will be judged as hopeless and expelled. We are free to do what we want after all . WELCOME TO UA DEPARTMENT OF HEROICS “ Aizawa said with a grin

“Sensei! Isn’t it a little too unreasonable? It’s our first day here!”

“Unreasonable? I see, next time you see a villain, you tell them they’re being too unreasonable and see if they surrender. Natural disasters, massive accidents and villains with more power and over inflated egos, all of them are unreasonable. It’s our job as Heroes to reverse it all and restore reason.”

“It’ll always be one hardship after the next, you should expect your life as a hero and at UA to have hardships. If you were counting on going down to the local Mcdonalds after school with your friends hand in hand everyday, that’s too bad”

“You will give me Plus Ultra and nothing less, and I expect all of you to overcome all trials that’s coming to you. Now then, that was the first participant, No.1, i want you to go next”




“It’s the brown hair girl turn, wonder what she’ll do with the softball” Izuku wonders as he writes onto a notebook. 

“Here we go!” she tosses the ball lightly and it goes… and goes and goes… the ball isn’t arching back to earth? Her quirk is anti gravity?!

Beep, Infinity, ball has exited earth atmosphere

“Holy cow she got an Infinity!”

“Is that even possible?”


Oh no... how am I gonna do this, Izuku wonders to himself, he’s only able to use Force speed or valor twice a day, maybe stretch it out twice and use the force normally afterwards? He’s not gonna be looking forward to it, he felt like his body was moving and pulsing by itself for a few days after the entrance exam, the worst feeling he's ever felt. 

“If I use force speed during the endurance run, maybe I can complete the entire track in 20 seconds? No it’s kind of a stretch, it’s fast but not that fast. We’re going one station by one station so that means i can only use 1 force buff per station, there are seven trials, i need to choose carefully, the seated toe touch won’t need the force, but everything else would benefi-”

“You do know I can hear you right?” someone whispers to his ear


“Why are you acting so surprised everytime i talk to you?”

“Ah Jiro-san, it’s nothing i was just deep in thought”

“Not exactly in thought when you’re whispering to yourself Midoriya, most can’t hear you but i have super hearing” Jiro winks

“Ahh, sorry about that Jiro-san, was just nervous and planning where do i go all out”

“You can drop the honorifics Midoriya”


“If you allow me to call you green”


“Ah that’s my cue, good luck Green” giving him a thumbs up

“Good luck Jiro” Izuku waves


Izuku walks up, being handed the ball, stepping towards the point to stand on. He isn’t sure if he should use force speed or valor on this, using it now simply means he won’t be able to use it later. He doesn’t know what to do, and starts to feel extremely anxious, nervous and starts shaking.

“Midoriya doesn't seem to be comfortable right now isn’t he?” Tenya said out loud

“Of course he isn’t he’s a quirkless fuck” Bakugou growls

“Quirkless? Didn’t you see what he did at the entrance exam?” Surprising Tenya


Stepping onto the spot, Izuku looks at the ball, with no idea how to proceed, he wants to conserve usage of his powers but he doesn’t want to fail. What can he do with the force?


What? It’s that voice again

Unshackle yourself, use your emotions

Not now… I need to focus, focus Izuku, you don’t have strength to brute force this, even with Valor i don’t think i’ll be able to throw as far as the others, i need to leverage… leverage? I’m holding a softball, maybe if I use the force like a softball bat? I’ve never used it that way, I don't know if it’ll work. Golf? I don’t even know how to swing a club… what about that old sport I used to see people compete in… hammer throw, slingshot? Use the force to build momentum? I could try it, it seems like my best shot.

Placing the ball on one edge of the circle in the throwing direction, before moving to stand on the other edge of the circle.

“What’s he doing?”

“He’s gonna kick the ball? It’s not big enough to really kick!”

“Football kick isn’t really a quirk right”

Izuku holds his hands out, closes his eyes and clear his thoughts, he only got one try so best not to mess this up. With the force Izuku lifts the ball in front of him off the ground slightly holding the ball in position, he gravitates the ball as far as he can.

He can’t possibly be just floating it to the end? - Aizawa thought

Force PULL!


The ball passes by Izuku’s and to behind him, before he turns around quickly using the force to grab onto it again.

Force PULL!

The ball swings back again, passing by Izuku once more, before finally turning around, putting up his hands, focusing on it…

Force PUSH!

. . . . .


BEEP BEEP 409.9 Meters

It wasn’t bad, i was thinking i could do it like a  hammer throw but best play it safe, but it was better than i could have done if i used a force push alone - Izuku thinks to himself

He’s too slow, his throw alone with that push wouldn’t have gotten him far, but he made up for it in technique, it wasn’t the best i’ve seen, but he has potential - Aizawa noted to himself

“Wow Midoriya, that was pretty cool!” Hagakure says, waving her hands.

“Yeah, I didn't expect that’s how a telekinesis user would throw a ball.” Tenya said out loud.

“It certainly was done in style” a blonde classmate remarked


Izuku pans his head around, seeing Bakugou charging right at him, Izuku steps back, preparing for the worst.



“It’s my special capture weapon, a steel wire alloy woven with carbon nanofibers. Also, don’t make me use my quirk so much… I've got dry eyes, dammit!”

Eyes? Red? Wait, I've read about this before, a night hero that is able to disable quirks with sight… “ Eraserhead ?!” Izuku says out loud

“I don’t care what’s your beef is, but if you do anything like that again, it’s the principle office, no questions”

“And you!” Aizawa looks at Izuku. “You took too long at the start, half a minute before you even did anything, make sure you don’t do it again, villains won’t give you the chance to even think of a plan of attack”

Izuku nods, replying “Yes Sensei!” before running back



Released from the capture cloth, Bakugou stares down Izuku


“I’m jealous kacchan, your quirk is so cool! I hope mine soon” he recalls



“Wow Izuku, that was such a throw, it reminds me of a slingshot” Kendo told Izuku while raising her hand for a high 5.

Izuku flinched again, replying to the high 5 with his own. “I-It was nothing, i took too long to figure out what i wanted to do”

“It’s ok, that’s why we’re here, to improve ourself to remove such imperfections” ida replied

“It’s actually the first time we saw your powers Midoriya, wasn’t expecting that” Ojiro remarked

“It certainly was stylish monsieur Midoriya” a blonde guy said


“Looks like it’ll be the final throw guys” Jiro informed us everyone looking at the onyx haired girl stepping up

“What is she doing with her clothes… is she?!” Tenya was surprised

“I cannot believe it!” 

“UA certainly is different” a purple hair boy comments

“She just took out a tube?!” Jiro remarks as she took out a tube from her stomach area

“Where did she get that from?!”

Izuku resumes taking notes in his notebook. That is interesting, she whipped that out from her exposed stomach, a quirk to create weapons perhaps?

Izuku looks at what she does, she pushes the softball into a shell before angling the tube at a 45 degree angle, placing the shell at the top end of the tube bracing herself. She lets go of the shell, dropping it straight into the tube.


It was loud, it even had a shockwave coming out from the end of the tube blasting sand everywhere. Izuku looked at the direction of the projectile, it’s out of sight?! Looking back at the girl, who immediately discarded the tube and looked at Aizawa. 

. . . . 

. . . . nothing is happening? 

BEEP BEEP 4,490 Meters

Other than the brown hair girl score of infinity, it was the highest! The entire class dropped their jaws.

“Tch, show off” - Gumbles Bakugou

Standing long jump, Izuku used the force to propel his jump, it wasn’t as far as some of his classmates that seem to be able to fly like Bakugou and the raven head or the girl who whipped out a pole vault to do a long jump, she seem to be in the wrong sport.

50 meter dash, normally completed in a few seconds, izuku again couldn’t decide to use force speed, with it he could complete it in about 3 seconds, but waste 17 seconds. No, I have to use it now, if not now then when? His highest score in highschool was 8 seconds. 

Stepping up to the line, closing his eyes and tapping into the force… 




3.69 seconds!4.13 seconds!

Izuku did it, he was still feeling the force flow through him.


THE BASTARD! HE BEAT ME - Bakugou thinks to himself

Bakugou clenches his fist, fuming internally


Grip strength… izuku looks at the machine, he knows he can’t really use his hands, but what if he use the force to push it into each other, Force Valor would be usefully, but it boost his physical attributes, not sets the physical attributes to a certain level and Izuku isn’t confident about his chances. Holding the machine out, he pushed the machine away with the force while holding it as hard as he could.


Ah, twice his best score in highschool, that’s good


Panning around he sees the tallest classmate holding his machine, such high natural strength!?

“540 Kilos?!” What are you a gorilla?! no, more like an octopus!”

“Octopuses are pretty Hot”


Sustained sideways jump, for seconds jump side to side as many times as possible.

30 seconds? I can use force speed to its maximum.

Deciding to do just that… FORCE SPEED

Hoping side to side, quickly, he certainly is satisfied with this pace, already long past his high school record. The machine beeps with every jump.

After 20 seconds, he significantly slowed down. Jumping side to side like a normal person.

Whew, that was so many more times better than he did in highschool.


What?! Looking back he sees the purple boy bouncing side to side at an insane pace!, it’s like only looking at afterimages.

Finally the final trial… Endurance running, run 2.4 kilometers as quickly as possible.

Izuku is out of buffs, his body strained and nearing it’s limit, he’ll have to do this like a normal person.

“WHAT?!” he heard Jiro say

Looking back, he sees the onyx black hair student again, on top of a mobility device, a standing scooter. Oh boy… no way he’ll be able to beat that… also noticing the girl seem to be pale now. Is there a limit to what she is able to produce?

Oh yeah, that whole expulsion thing was a lie

“WHAT?!” most of the class said in unison

“It was a logical ruse to get you to push yourself beyond”

“Of course  it was a ruse, guys…” Kendo and the Black hair girls says at the same time before looking at each other

“But don’t get too complacent, look at the scores, i want you to reflect on yourself, on how to improve”

  1. Momo Yaoyorozu
  2. Katsuki Bakugou
  3. Tenya Ida
  4. Itsuka Kendo
  5. Mezo Shoji
  6. Shouto Todoroki
  7. Toru Hagakure
  8. Mina Ashido
  9. Tsuyu Asui
  10. Mashirao Ojiro
  11. Izuku Midoriya
  12. Eijiro Kirishima
  13. Fumikage Tokoyami
  14. Ochako Uraraka
  15. Yuga Aoyama
  16. Hanta Sero
  17. Kyoka Jiro
  18. Minoru Mineta
  19. Koji Koda
  20. Denki Kaminari

11th, dead average - Izuku thinks to himself

“I’M SAVED!” says the Yellow hair boy with a black stripe parting. Isn’t he the boy that was about to be crushed at the entrance exam?

I gotta improve, maybe i should consult the holocron today - Izuku reflects on himself as he packs his bags

“I have to say, Aizawa-sensei really got me, I actually thought this is the highest academia is like! Now I see how a teacher can encourage through deception…” Tenya says out loud reviewing his thoughts to the group.

“Hey you guys, heading to the station?” Jiro calls out to the group at the entrance of the classroom walking alongside a brown hair girl.

“Yup, Jiro, will you be joining us?” Izuku replies

“Yup, my place is just a couple stops down”

“You stay in Musutafu too Jiro?”


“Yay! we could all walk home together, i stay around the area too” the brown hair girl says

“Must be ni- OOF ” Ojiro said before getting elbowed by Kendo

“That joke is old already Ojiro”

“What joke?” Tenya asks

“N-Nothing! Just an old inside joke they had between them” Izuku quickly answers

“By the way, sorry for the late introductions, i’m Tenya Ida” Tenya introduced himself with a slight bow to the brown hair girl. 

“Ahhh!” She blushes at the attention, “I’m Ochaco Uraraka! Nice to meet all of you!”

“Nice to meet you too Uraraka-san” Izuku smiles before everyone introduces themselves to Uraraka.

“Where do you stay Ida?”


“SAME!, you can join us on the way back” Hagakure says grabbing Ojiro

“That’s a splendid idea, let’s make our way to the station.”

“By the way Green, why did blasty call you Deku?” Jiro asks while everyone was making their way down the hall

“Ahh it’s just a nickname he gave me when we were young, he usually uses it to insult me”

“Really? It’s an insult, i shall talk to that brute-” Tenya says

“It’s fine it’s fine, we call each other names, i call him Kacchan sometimes”

“You know, Deku kinda sounds like Dekiru, it has a nice ring to it! Super cool!” Hagakure says with Uraraka nodding besides her

“Yeah, you could just take it and make it your own, not let him define that word for you” Jiro adds on

Blushing at the amount of attention he’s getting Izuku tells the group “You guys can use if you want”

“Really Midoriya?” - Tenya

“Yeah!, it’s alright, you guys are my friends!”

“Sure! Deku-kun” says Uraraka

“But i’m going to continue with green” Jiro smirks


“Come join the Kendo club!” Students at the gates with booths call out.

“Join the Cinema appreciation club! It’s Free GPA!”

“Join us at the Financial studies club! We have advice for your future!”

“Join the MMA club, we’ll help you with your Hero career!”

Izuku and the group were surrounded by seniors asking all of them to join their club, it was a new experience, he was basically ignored in high school due to his quirklessness, only joining the book club as they needed more members to qualify for more financial benefits from the school, even then he was completely ignored after he was dragged in.

Izuku thinks he certainly would receive benefits to his GPA if he joins, even if it’s a fraction of the overall. It could be beneficial if he had the time, Master Windu did tell me to continue practicing the forms taught by the Jedi order, he could only get so much practice he thinks as he looked at the Kendo club. He’s only done Form 1 and not even done it well… Master Windu said there were 7 forms in the Holocron…

“Earth to Green?” Jiro waves her hands in front of him, snapping out of his thoughts

“Ah, sorry Jiro, was deep in thought”

“Yeah, it was obvious, are you interested in any of the clubs?”

“Not sure, I've been asked to continue my sword training…”

“By who?” Jiro asks softly

“Yeah by m-” Izuku replies before realizing that he never mentioned Master Windu in front of anyone before, he doesn’t know if he should say such things about the hermit.

“A-ah, by someone I knew taught me many things” over the past year to get into UA, what about you Jiro? Interested in any of the clubs?” Izuku quickly deflects

He seems to be avoiding that subject, his heart rate spiked again - Jiro thinks to herself

“Nah, not really, maybe the one of the bands, but i could do much better without them” Jiro casually says

“Ah, you were the drummer at that concert weren’t you? You were so cool up there” Izuku says

Slightly red at that comment “Yeah, haha was a gig my parents got last minute, the drummer fell sick and i was available for that idol group”

“Izukuu!!!” Kendou calls out from the other side, jogging up to him. Causing Izuku to flinch again.

“I'm looking at the karate club, are you interested in taking a look?” Kendo continues “You were only a yellow belt at the dojo, we could get you up the ranks real fast together”

“I-i’ll think about it” Izuku answers, “They’re probably accepting members all year round right?”

“Yeah, think all clubs are accepting members all year round”

I’ll bide my time for now, i still have much to learn from the Holocron Windu have me, if i stagnate maybe i’ll join a club to get a new perspective, especially with Sword fighting, i can’t improve if there’s no one to practice on - Izuku thinks to himself

“I’ll think about it for now, i don’t want to jump into a club and not be able to cope with our hero studies”



“BUT THEIR OUTFITS ARE TO DIE FOR, WHAT ABOUT SWEETS APPRECIATION CLUB?” as she grabs Ojiro dragging him in the direction of some of the booths

“Should we go and save Ojiro?” Jiro asks

“We should, but i feel like we should leave him to his fate” Izuku Smirks

“No complaints there” Kendo agrees


“Finally! It’s the first Foundational Heroic studies!” Hagakure says excitedly 

“I wonder who will be teaching us”


Izuku suddenly senses something, a large presence in the force, it’s overwhelming in fact, it’s engulfing him, just like how Master Windu engulfed force levels engulfed him. He’s close, Izuku isn’t sure on what to do, what if it’s Master Windu? 


All Might! The class cheers in unison


Izuku can’t believe it either, it’s All Might, his presence is overwhelming. He is strong in the force, so strong it’s hard to ignore it. I wonder if Master Windu knows this?






Izuku walks up to the No.18 Box, my own suit… this is it! Izuku gave the box the widest smile.

(BGM: Hero A)


Izuku walks out together with his class with his suit on, this will be my suit, the Green Leader Version V1.1! 


“That’s your suit?” Windu asks

“Yeah, it’s simple! But my mum said she made it for me if i managed entered UA”

“Ah hell nah, you’re not walking around in that, it offers no protection and benefits, you don’t even look good, only dam thing that is practical is that respirator ”

“But my mum-” 

“Is not a designer, part of the support department nor a hero, let’s improve on this shall we? We can keep the base design if you like it”

“Ok…. Master windu, but what do we do?” 

“First thing first, that hood gotta change, you look like you have bunny ears”

“Bunny ears?! It’s supposed to be a callback to All Might hair”

“All it is now is a call back to Miruko! Not that she’s a bad hero to call back to”

“What else master?”

“We’re definitely gonna need to add some utility and armor, I have some extra lightweight materials you could use”


Green Leader V1.1, a dark green padded neck up long sleeved jumpsuit with thick black lines down on the side of his body. Green and black padded pants with some white plates covering his thighs and shin together with some red and black lightly armored shoes. His suit also has a red utility belt, in the front a few pouches containing assortment of utility items, and some carabiners flushed to his body unused, the sides of the belt has a holster, now containing stun batons on either side. His back has a pouch with a big Red Cross on it, containing the basic emergency medical supplies. 

His chest has a white plate protecting his vitals, held by straps going over his shoulders and under to his back linked up by a 4 way buckle. His outer parts of the arm are protected with more white plates, his hands protected by a pair of black leather fingerless gloves. Shoulders are padded pieces attached to the suit. A single small antenna sticks out from the right back shoulder, connected to the suit. His mouth is protected with a translucent mesh pattern mouthpiece that functions as a respirator, his ears have a wired hooked earpiece with a small microphone extending to his mouth. His hood is present with smaller bunny ears, a pair of goggles hang on top of his hair, pivotable together with his hood.

His sleeve has a velcro patch with the UA logo on his left side and the Jedi symbol on the right, a callback to his Master, once a master of the Jedi order.

Chapter Text


Class 1-A walks out of the hall, donning their hero suits, looking battle ready.


“Seriously Ojiro, isn’t that just your Gi with a utility belt?” Kendo deadpans

“What? What’s wrong with it? It’s comfortable and it suits me, you’re only wearing a qipao and a eye mask”

“You don’t even look like a hero when you’re wearing that! You still look like you came back from the dojo” Kendo continued, looking at the Hagakure next “Toru, why are only your legs protected?”

“Ahhh, that, they kinda ran out of materials sturdy enough to protect me that can also turn invisible when I activate my quirk, and I tend to tear through normal pants when I get carried away.”

“Too far? Isn’t your quirk only able to cover one part of your body?” Ojiro questions

“Mashirao, your information is already outdated, i kinda developed a second ability to compliment my first” Toru rubs the back of her head

Izuku whipped out his notebook, a second quirk? How exciting, he’s heard stories of such things happening before, quirks allowing their users to access multiple abilities.

“Whoa Haga-Toru-san, what’s your first quirk, how did you activate your second ability? How did it feel? wha- CHOP! ” Izuku asks until Kendo interrupts him.

“Sorry Toru, he’s something of a quirk nerd” Kendo apologies

“It’s ok, we always meet up and chat about our abilities another time” Hagakure answers

Odd, her heart rate went up when she mentioned her second ability and when Midoriya asks her about it - Jiro notices

“Also Midoriya, looking cool, UA patch on one side and a phoenix one the other side?” Hagakure changed the subject to Midoriya

“Ah yeah, added some velcro to my sleeves, I can swap out patches anytime, this patch isn’t a phoenix though, it’s a symbol of the order my mas-trainer used to represent. He did so much for me, i wanted something as a callback to him” Izuku answers about the Jedi order symbol

Jiro looks at Midoriya, staring right at the patch and processing his words. 

“Your overall suit looks great too, very protective and stylistic” Jiro comments “I asked for mine to be a little punk, but i didn’t expect it to just be a leather jacket and a ripped shirt with some loudspeakers on my boots”Jiro points to her suit before looking at Izuku little antenna “that antenna connected to anything?”

“Yeah, it’s linked to my earpiece microphone, and i can communicate on any radio channels by turning this knob on my earpiece” 

“Whoa!!! And it’s practical too. I wish i’ve drawn my request a little better, it came out a little bit tight, it’s a little embarrassing” Uraraka said rubbing the back of her helmet, her suit is indeed skin tight with a clear see through visor helmet combo  “Maybe i should ask you to help me design future iterations!”

Future iterations!? I didn’t even design Green Leader, thinking back to Master Windu, who basically overhauled his initial design of a green jumpsuit with a respirator doubling as a smile and some knee and elbow pads. What am I gonna say if they ask me to help design!? - Izuku thinks to himself

UA is the greatest ” a purple hair dwarf suddenly tells Izuku, giving him the thumbs up




“What about the Foundational training kero?”


“IS THAT REALLY HOW WE’LL DO IT?!” Tenya exclaims

“In real life, pros are often forced to make impromptu team ups they never met before, so this could be testing that” Izuku explains his theory



  • Team A: Izuku Midoriya/Ochako Uraraka
  • Team B: Shouto Todoroki/Mezo Shoji
  • Team C: Momo Yaoyorozu/Toru Hagakure
  • Team D: Katsuki Bakugou/Tenya Ida
  • Team E: Eijiro Kirishima/Itsuka Kendo
  • Team F: Koji Koda/Yuga Aoyama
  • Team G: Kyoka Jiro/Mina Ashido
  • Team H: Tsuyu Asui/Hanta Sero
  • Team I: Minoru Mineta/Fumikage Tokoyami
  • Team J: Mashirao Ojiro/Denki Kaminari

“NOW FOR THE FIRST MATCHUP” All might say while dipping his hands into the boxes.


Izuku immediately senses hostility, looking at Bakugou, staring right at him smiling.

Shit, of course it’s Bakugou, lady luck is long gone

Team matchups:

Team A VS Team D

Team B VS Team J

Team C VS Team E

Team F VS Team I

Team G VS Team H


“I didn’t expect the package to be this big, but I suppose it’s to challenge us to protect hard to move VIPs or facilities.” Tenya said, knocking on the big black box labeled “OBJECTIVE”.

“Yo, So Deku got himself a quirk after all, right?”

“You saw it for yourself didn’t you, that burst of speed and strength, and the ability to use telekinesis. Don’t tell me you have beef with Midoriya?” Tenya replies 



“The layout of the map with a cross to mark out where the objective was placed, that’s convenient” Uraraka says looking at the printout.

“But i’m so relieved, there isn’t any penalties like with Aizawa-sensei” Smiling wide before looking at Midoriya

“Yyyyyyyeeeaaahh….” Izuku managed to get out


“I-it’s ok, it’s just that my opponent is Kacchan”

“The explosive guy with attitude issues? Oh yeah he calls you Deku as an insult didn’t he?”

“Yeah… I hate his guts, but I admire him, his ambition, his confidence, his strength, his quirk, he’s better than me in so many ways.” Izuku says, reflecting on his time with Bakugou. “And that’s why i have to beat him, i don’t want to lose to him anymore if that makes sense.”

“So then this must be fate, a Duel of the fates!”

“Oh man, sorry if i’m blabbing about something that has nothing to do with you”

“It’s ok, we are a team now, aren’t we. Let’s do our best!”

“Uraraka-san, it is likely Bakugou will come straight for me, ignoring you. I’ll try my best to hold him off, if you can get to the objective and get past Ida, we’ll win this”

“Will you be ok?”

“I will, i have a few tricks up my sleeves” looking at Uraraka “What does your quirk exactly do?”

TEAM A VS TEAM D, STARTO! The speaker blasts

“STUDENTS, Now watch and learn from their mistakes, hatch strategies of your own!”

“OH MAN, IT’S SO EXCITING!” a class member says

“Which team do you think will have the upper hand?”

“You’ll never know, but based on our results so far, Team D is far superior. Bakugou and Ida were Top 3 yesterday in the apprehension test, and both of them are top 8 in the entrance exam Kero.”

“Yeah! You’re right, I remember Midoriya only scoring 2 Villain points, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that, he must have been really heroic for the judges to score so many points.”

“That means Midoriya combat skills have many issues kero. Uraraka didn’t place very well in the entrance exam and the apprehension test, it’ll really be an uphill battle for them kero.”

Kendo hears the conversation with her classmates, it does seem like an uphill battle for Izuku, i hope he’ll be ok.


“There are a lot of blinds spots here, be careful”

I still can’t use any of the force buffs more than twice, even after what i did at the entrance exam, i have to be conservitive with when to use it. It’ll just be force push and pull and Uraraka zero gravity. That’s all we have, knowing Kacchan, he too will have many tricks up his sleeve - Izuku reminds himself

“Wait, I sense something coming” Izuku softly says. It's getting closer… an ambush!


“GAHHH!” Uraraka cries out being pushed out of the way by Izuku

He grazed me! Izuku mask, now half of it is burnt off, my top left shoulder armor plate took the blunt of the explosion - Izuku

“You ok Uraraka?” 

“Yeah Thanks”


I was right, his priority would be me - Izuku

“I’ll BLOW YOU AWAY THIS TIME!” Bakugou scream pulling back his right arm

The opening! Now! - Izuku

Izuku dives in to grab Bakugou right arm, one left pushing into Bakugou legs, using himself as a point of leverage his pulls his arm over himself


< In the control room >

“Wow, that's an unmanly move to ambush him!”

“Ambushes are a good strategy, you shouldn't waste the element of surprise if you have it, wars have been won or lost because of it” Yaoyorozu says to Kirishima

“Midori actually ducked away pretty well!”

“His suit don’t look as dazzling anymore”

“Whoa! Midori got some moves!”

“He looked like he was a martial artist”

He’s a martial artist tho… - Kendo and Ojiro

“WHAT THE FUCK…” Bakugou growls out

“Uraraka Go! Plan A!” Izuku calls out to Uraraka, who nods and runs off without him


“Kacchan, you always lead with a big right swing! I can’t count how many times I've seen you do it. I've analyzed and taken notes on all of the heroes that were amazing… INCLUDING YOU!”

“I’m no Longer the Deku you defined as useless! I’ll be the Deku who will never give up!”

“YOU FUCKER! NOW I’M REALLY PISSED” Firing a blast right behind him launching himself into the air right at Deku “YOU WILL REGRET YOU EVEN WOKE UP TO- * OOF *”

Izuku pushes his hand out at Bakugou using force push sending him flying back, crashing into the wall.


Bakugou looks up, Deku was not where he last saw him, Where did that bastard go!




Young Bakugou's head is bloated beyond all reason… I hope he doesn't disregard others' safety. - All Might

“Damn, Bakugou is PISSED!”

“That face he’s making it’s scary”

“Green is pretty cool when he needs to be huh”


If both of us stuck together and let Bakugou attack us head on, it’s likely our chances of winning would have been the slimmest, but if i can buy some time for Uraraka to get to the bomb, we have a chance to win, especially when all she needs is a touch.

I can do it, I just need to pay close attention to his palms!

*Deku!* a voice was heard on his communication device

*I got discovered by Ida, Sorry, he’s edging closer and hard to deal with. He’s prepared for my arrival and I have nothing to use!”

“Where are you?!”

*The south room of the 3rd floor!”

She’s in the neighbouring room above me! - Izuku


That feeling! A pull in the force? Izuku turns to the direction of that pull

“It’s ready…” 


“Why don’t you attack Deku, don’t tell me you’re still looking down on me? Fucking Deku”

“I’m not afraid of you anymore, you can’t keep bullying me”


“Here I am then, what are you waiting for!?”

Bakugou smiles, pointing his arm at Deku. “Since you’re such a know it all Deku, you should know my quirk, my explosions are sparked by the sweat, which is nitroglycerin”

“Now if the specs I asked for are implemented correctly, I can then store all of my excess sweat into this bracer and…” Bakugou pulls back on the handle revealing a pin, a charging sound fills the air.

Izuku felt the pull is getting stronger, too strong, it’s overwhelming now! He can’t possibly fire his explosion from this range unless... !


“IF IT DOESN’T HIT HIM HE WON’T DIE!” Bakugou screams as he pulls the pin


A large fireball fills the entire room

Deku raises both of his hands up

FORCE PUSH! As the blast gets into range of him

Pushing back the blast, it’s Hot! Crazy hot! My powers are not good enough! The fire getting closer and closer to him, Feeling time slowing down

It’s Time Izuku, Prove everyone that you are stronger than this

It’s that voice again… I don’t have time for this!

You’ll are not good enough for this, stop forcing yourself


Fine, have it your way, don’t come crawling back to me once he’s done with you

Time starts to revert back to normal, the fireball still engulfing the area around him, I can't keep this up! Think, think, I can try to do that! But I have no practice, no time to think, just do it!


Tapping into the force once again, the feeling of the force surrounds Deku, giving the feeling that he is protected. Deku tries his hardest to continue to try to push it back, but the blast is too great. Finally breaking through his force push blasting him through the wall and into another room.



“The camera died kero”

“Bakugou gone mental, he might have killed him!”

“Sensei! You got to put a stop to this!”

“There! Camera 10! He’s in the next room?”

“It’s Midoriya!”


“What The!? Was that Bakugou? What is doing! With that amount of force the build could collapse!” Tenya says looking to the floor

“This is my chance!” Lightening herself and jumping at the objective

“Oh no you don’t!” Tenya getting ready to intercept

“WELL, ISN’T IT FANTASTIC, THE GAUNTLET WORKS PERFECTLY, WHAT’S WRONG DEKU? YOU CAN STILL FIGHT CAN’T YOU?” As Bakugou walks out from the smoke created by the explosion

Deku looks down to do a stock check, his suit has seen better days, all of the armor that is still on him has been burnt, it absorbed most of the energy that got past him, he doesn’t know where to get more of these plates! Master Windu isn’t around anymore!

Bakugou has gone mad with power, that wasn’t an explosion, it was an eruption! That i can’t take another blast like that!


“Well, looks like the other gauntlet is ready!”

Shit - Izuku

Placing his hand on his earpiece “What’s the situation Uraraka!?”

“YOU GOT SOME NERVE TO IGNORE ME!” pointing the other gauntlet at Deku

* Bakugou, my boy, if you shoot another blast like that i’ll end the exercise by force and you will lose, such an attack should never be used indoors, it defeats the purpose of protecting your stronghold, it also causes the public damage *


“Uraraka, prepare yourself, Plan E, over”

“STILL IGNORING ME?! LET’S JUST THROW SOME PUNCHES” Jumping to the air blasting himself right at Deku

I can’t dodge! I can push him back! - Izuku raising his arm again

NOW - Bakugou creating a blast below him, sending him upwards

FORCE PUSH! What!? What did he do? - Izuku sends a force push to where Bakugou once was, pushing the smoke and the concrete on the other end of the room instead.


“GAH!” Izuku screams as he gets blasted from the back. 


“He’s crazy” Ojiro says watching the screen

“He’s learnt from the last time he jumped straight at Midoriya” Kendo commentated, remembering the first time he jumped at Izuku

“He deliberately misled his opponent opponent and used his explosion to change his trajectory to his advantage, he may be crazy, but to pull something like that requires high levels of motor skills” Shouto added on

“Landing a blow like that while resisting the inertia at the same time means he must be able to adjust his explosion levels really finely, can’t say i like him, but he have raw talent, lots of it” - Yaoyorozu 

“I have no idea what was just said” Denki cries out

“He moves like an animal!” Ashido adds on

“HE’S A BEAST!” Kirishima continues




“AND ALWAYS REMEMBER! YOU ARE BENEATH ME!!!” Bakugou, using explosion with one hand to create momentum to throw Deku over him and into the ground


OOF !, he’s not giving me any time to strategize, I knew this would happen, I never had a chance to beat him head on. I have no choice now, I have to execute the plan and hope for the best.

*1 minute remain* his earpiece sounds off

Izuku gets up, running to the window and leaning against it


“That’s not it”


I should stop this, but it might get worse for Young Midoriya if I had to interfere.


“The Dark side?” Toshinori questions

Toshinori Yagi, sitting in his office, with many bandages still wrapped around him. It has been a few weeks since the battle of All for One.

“Yes the Dark, the equivalent to what you would call Villains in your world, and the Sith would be something like All for One by your standards” Windu answers his question

“So you’re saying a Jedi can easily become a Villain?”

“Yes, i’ve seen the best of all fall to the dark side, even Jedi Masters, they are not the exception, it is no different in this world, a Hero can easily fall to villainy if they fall to temptation, greed, pride and such”

All Might looked down, he had no idea such a thing was happening far far away, what if these dark side users come down to earth? Will we be ready?

“I can sense your worry, do not worry, there’s no charted path to earth, it is also on a do not disturb list and i have covered my tracks when i arrived for my exile”

“Why do so many of the Light fall to the dark?” Nezu asks

“There are many reasons, the most common of them, stagnation, fear, greed, pride, not getting the recognition they think they deserve, losing their will, giving in to their hate, and the list goes on. Even something as simple as losing confidence may easily cause a Jedi to fall.”

“What about you? Why haven’t you fallen?” Nezu continues to ask

“I know my limits, i have always been tip toeing around the dark, my knowledge of the dark also helps me prevent myself from falling”

“If you do? What can a dark jedi do?”

“Possibilities are endless, some of these Dark Jedi don’t progress far into the dark due to many reasons, lack of knowledge for example, but those that do, maybe change the fate of the galaxy for better or for worse”


This is a necessary battle, if I interfere too much, I may easily destroy whatever Windu has taught this kid!

“Sensei! Enough is Enough! Sensei!!?”

“Kacchan, It’s because you’re amazing, that’s why i’m not giving up! I want to win!”

“KNOCK THAT FUCKING EXPRESSION OFF YOU FUCKING FACE!!!” Bakugou starts running towards Deku

“I WANT TO WIN AND SUPPAS YOU! HOW DO YOU NOT GET THAT DUMBASS!” Deku starts running towards Bakugou




FORCE SPEED! Izuku screams at the top of his lungs, just before making contact with Bakugou


Making contact with something, Bakugou bounced off what he hit. Shit, I need to cover my flanks,Firing another 2 explosions on his flanks to move backwards and creating a gap, then sweeping aside the smoke to get a good view. He sees Deku jumping off the Window


Deku Jumps down

“WHAT THE HELL?” Jiro Shouts out

“WHY?!” Kendo cries out

Suddenly a bakugou sees a shadow moving upwards.

“THE FUCK WAS THAT?” Running towards the window and looking down

“DEKU WHERE ARE YOU!?” Blasting himself up and out of the window and onto the 3rd floor window

Deku had no other options, he couldn't beat Bakugou head on. FORCE SPEED ! Allowing him to raise his hand faster, and just before Bakugou fires off his explosion, FORCE PUSH ! And at the same time, he turns around sprinting to the window, he has to do it now while he can’t see!

Jumping out of the window, he prepares himself to land like he learnt from Windu lessons on the holocron. Landing, he looked up, 3rd floor, he needs to go now. FORCE JUMP !

With his speed and force jump he flew up the building, breaking through the Window with his body. Seeing both Uraraka and Tenya staring at his sudden entrance, taking advantage of the confusion,he tries to make a dash for the black box, Tenya dashes in front to intercept, reaching the front of the objective before Deku reaches it.

Deku dove to the left, looking at Uraraka nodding at each other, Uraraka quickly removed gravity from herself and prepared. Deku raised his hand, FORCE PULL , pulling Uraraka at a high speed, towards the objective. This was Plan Z, Zero Gravity Force combo!

“WHAT!?” Tenya got surprised by the move

“RELEASE!” Uraraka shouts before landing on the objective. As Bakugou enters the room via the broken window.


The control room was silent, they never expected Midoriya jumping out of the window, and out of nowhere appearing next to the objective.

. . . . . 

. . . . .

“That was insane wasn’t it”

“That may be under selling it kero”

“All Might Wh-, Where did All Might go?”

“There! He’s with Bakugou now”

“The winning team is in horrible shape, and the losing team is fairly uninjured” Everyone looking at Midoriya and Uraraka who was in pretty bad shape, especially Midoriya, his suit does not even have a shade of white anymore.

“It was Pyrrhic victory for Team A” 


WE WERE GOING AT IT, HE TRICKED ME. THE BASTARD! - Bakugou looks right at Deku, Anger building inside him, doubt and anxiety adding to his heart rate.

“Deku… YO-” Bakugou starts walking towards Deku, who was on the floor.

A hand appears in front of him, blocking him from going any further.

“Enough is enough, young Bakugou, No matter weather you won or lost, you take one look back and reflect on the experience, moving on with your life”

Bakugou is having his world torn down around him, this was never supposed to happen, it should have never happened on his watch.

“Let us return Young Bakugou, it’s time to review and critique the match”

“The MVP of this match was young Midoriya!!” Surprising no one

“I Wonder why would i poooossibly think so~?”

“Yes All Might Sensei” Yaoyorozu volunteers

“It’s because Midoriya adapted the most to the situation. Uraraka game got loose halfway through, and her attacks were ineffective on Ida, she was only relevant in the last moment for Midoriya to pull” a disappointed Uraraka can be seen, remembering her mistake giving away her position so carelessly

“Ida was too tunnel visioned, he did well to adapt to Uraraka powers, but the moment Midoriya broke through the window, he forgot about Uraraka, but there wasn’t much he could have done considering Midoriya would’ve reached the objective either way, it was better to move the objective away from both of them as he was still faster than Midoriya” Tenya similarly reviewing what he could have done

“Having watched the fight Bakugou behavior was driven by his personal grudge and thus totally arbitrary, leaving his faster teammate behind without devising a plan. Furthermore, just as you told us earlier sensei, a large range attack in an indoor arena was careless as a Hero” Bakugou looks away from the critic

“Midoriya, seemed to have devised a plan against his opponent, knew what they would have done, protected his teammate, playing the objective when it mattered. Positioning himself to assist his teammate to reach the objective without resistance.” Midoriya is embarrassed at the praise he’s getting, while sitting on a chair to recover.

. . . . . The class was silent

“Well… Young Midoriya might have also been too reckless jumping off the building as part of his plan, BUT CORRECT ANSWER!”

“Now then, let’s not waste anymore time, we shall move on to the next building as this one is destroyed!”

“Young Ida, could you help Young Midoriya move to the next location? He seems out of it, do inform me if he’s too tired to carry on”


“It’s ok All Might, i can get there on my own”

“It’s OK Young Midoriya, as a Hero there are times you’ll need a helping hand, i do not know if you’re pushing yourself right now to continue, but i don’t want anything serious happening to you”

“Well ok, All Might Sensei” as Izuku allows Tenya to help him stand up and move to the next monitoring room


Chapter Text

“MIDORI! THAT MATCH WAS SO INTENSE IT FIRED US ALL UP, YOU REALLY DODGED LIKE A CHAMP!” The pink skinned jumps in front of Midoriya in the new control room“

“NICE JOB BACK THERE MIDORIYA!, THAT WAS SUPER MANLY!” Red haired classmate followed up.

“GUYS, we need to give Midoriya some space, he’s still recovering” Tenya tries to block them from getting too close

Bakugou, sits on the opposite side of the room, looking away from the group surrounding Deku

“Izuku, are you sure you’re ok? That battle from our perspective was really harsh, that explosion looked like it might have killed you” Kendo checks on Izuku applying first aid to him who flinches at his name again.

“I’m alright Kendo-san, just a little bruised and tired, but i’ve been through worse, just my strength is a bit sapped”

“Good to know you’re still kicking green, if you need anything, let us know” - Jiro


“Oh, the next match has started, let’s watch it guys” Izuku said.

Ojiro walking up to Kaminari “What’s the plan? We’ve seen how the two of them used their quirks”

“Let them come in, i’ll drop down from above and shock them, you can take care of the rest right? I think i can shock through ice”

“So let them into this room?”

“Yup, let them into this room”

“Both of them are on the north side of the fourth floor, I think one of them is on the ceiling?” Shoji says

“Go outside” Shouto told Shoji, who promptly walked out of the building “If they intend to make this a defensive game…” Putting his hand on the wall

“Then this game is already over”



“WHAT, I CAN’T MOVE?” Kaminari exclaims after being frosted on some boxes near the ceiling

“Neither can i, maybe if i-”

“Don’t bother, if you take a step, that will peel the skin off the sole of your foot, it won’t look good for your ability to fight”

“BUT I CAN, ELECTRICITY can be conducted on ICE!”

“But not a good one, don’t bother, i have added enough layers to stop electricity from reaching me, you can try if you like, but it’ll be a waste of effort”


Shouto just walks past Ojiro, and touches the objective. 



“He made sure his comrade didn’t get caught in the attack and refrained from damaging the objective and the building!” All Might thinks to himself, Todoroki kid certainly is something

“He has HEAT too!?” the class sounded out

Bakugou saw what happened on screen, if he was fighting him, would he have lost?

“Let me get you out of there” Shouto said when touching the wall again, suddenly the ice started melting

“Heat?” Kaminari asks

“We never stood a chance did we?” Ojiro ask

“Sorry, the gap between us is too big”



Hagakure looks at Yaoyorozu, who is now creating a shield. She wears fireproof Leotard with a zipper down the middle, her suit also has no sleeve to reveal more skin area where she can create objects. A loose belt is also around her waist, allowing many different things to be stored in it’s pouches. She wears fireproof gloves on both hands with the left one having a built-in screen that acts as a device to search and communicate.

“Yaoyorozu, what do you think we should do?”

“Barricade ourselves into this room, leaving only one way in, this way they would be bottlenecked and forced to come in this way. Come, help me reinforce the room around me”

“WE should just charge straight in!”

“Really? Did you see how versatile Yaoyorozu is?” 


“But no, it is likely they’ll try to barricade themselves in, i could create an entry from one side and you could create another on the other side, give Yaoyorozu no time to think, she’s able to create objects, but will likely have a delay”

“What about Hagakure?”

“Same thing, she’s strong, but we’re strong as well, we can brawl in the room, as long as we touch the objective eventually, we’ll win!”

“They’re here, I hear footsteps.” Yaoyorozu prepares herself, wearing a pair of sunglasses, holding a small riot shield in one hand and a Benelli M1 combat shotgun loaded with bean bag rounds in the other. Pointing the gun at the only entry

Toru nods, focusing to herself

One for all, Full Shadow !

A yellow aura wave sweeps around her, turning herself somewhat invisible, hiding herself.


“What is that?... Don’t tell me!” Yaoyorozu turns to the origin of the sound, it’s going around the room?


The walls around the room starts to crumble around them, leaving many holes to view into the room but not big enough to go through

What?! I don’t know where to aim! - Yaoyorozu

She aims at the unbroken wall just a couple of meters from the previous broken wall, readying herself.


Pulling the trigger, a beanbag round was shot into the hole in the wall that was just created


“I think I got the person breaking the walls!” Yaoyorozu said, preparing herself for the unexpected.


The wall next to her suddenly caved in with Kirishima jumping through it while he was hard

“THAT HURT MAN!” Kirishima scream

Quickly pointing the barrel at Kirishima and pulling the trigger, another round was shot.

Kirishima knew what was coming, he was hit by the shot earlier which almost took him out as it was unexpected, but he expects it now! The plan was still to charge at Yaoyorozu! TIME TO BRACE FOR IMPACT!

BANG*TUDD ! The sound of the round hitting Kirishima staggers, keeping his hardening up slowly approaching Yaoyorozu.

Yaoyorozu knew he was going to reach her if she didn't unload everything she got. Firing every round at him

BANG*TUDD ! BANG*TUDD ! BANG*TUDD ! BANG*TUDD ! “GAH, THAT HURT!” Kirishima cries out with his arms in front of him at the same time noting where the objective is. Seeing her stop shooting, she must have ran out! Kirishima starts running towards her now.

“Toru! FLASH!” Suddenly the room was filled with a bright light, stunning Kirishima who is still charging straight at Yaoyorozu. 

Yaoyorozu was wearing a pair of sunglasses, it was the last line of defence for her to use Toru as a flash bang. But Kirishma is still charging at her! 

Tossing away her shotgun at him and creating a non lethal Sasumata, pointing at Kirishima before he drives into her.

Clank !

Yaoyorozu caught Kirishima in her Sasumata, but he came in with too much momentum, pushing her back a couple of meters. Once stopped, Yaoyorozu tried to twist the polearm, but it wouldn’t budge, he’s too strong to push around.

Kirishima was blinded, but suddenly he felt something was driven into him as he was charging at Yaoyorozu, he kept pushing while slowly regaining his sight, recovering he saw Yaoyorozu right in front of him, grabbing the pole and crushing it.

“HAGAKURE! NOW” Yaoyorozu calls out 

One for all, Full Cowling ! Toru reveals herself, now with a yellow electric aura surrounding her.

Toru appears from behind Kirishima, grabbing him and trying to push him down onto the floor


What? Both of the girls looked at each other before realizing they had been tricked!


Kendo suddenly appears from the ceiling right on top of the objective.

Going straight at the Objective.

Toru dropped whatever she was doing and launched herself at Kendo.

Kendo saw Toru launch herself at her. I need to brace myself! - Kendo Enlarging her hands before Toru makes contact, Kendo catching the blow with her enlarged hands so she didn’t take the blunt of the hit, but it threw her off course.

Kendo lands, momentum from the attack still drifting her back as the sound of her rubber soles fills the room, still with her eyes on the objective, Toru lands in front of her

“I can’t let you pass” She stands in front in a fighting pose and an electric aura is being cast off her

“Where would be the fun in that” Kendo replies smirking entering her fighting stance as well

Both of them charge at each other, Toru throws a punch that Kendo deflects and pushes away her arms, before launching her palm at Toru's chest, enlarging it at the last second, sending Toru back, but not before she launches a kick at the hand. 

Toru threw herself at Kendo again, initiating hand to hand combat. Toru was fast, but Kendo was a martial artist. They trade blows, Kendo generally deflecting all the attacks, when Kendo tries to counter attack, Toru quickly throws more sporadic punches to stop her from attempting it. Eventually Kendo grabbed a jab that missed, pulled back and spun, sending Toru back a couple of meters back behind her. 

Kendo this time goes on the offensive, throwing her fist out, Toru dodges but the fist expands quickly filling up the space between where her fist was and her face. Using One for all Toru did a backflip and landed on the side, wasting no time she launched herself again at Kendo, attempting to kick the flank.

*WHAM!* The leg makes contact, but it wasn’t her flank she got, but Kendo hands, who pulled and tossed her aside.

“You know, I can do this all day” Toru says, getting up and spitting on the floor, preparing herself by moving her body up and down with her footwork, arms tucked in with a boxer's pose.

“Sadly for you, you don’t have all day”



What? Toru looked back, Kirishima was touching the objective, while her and Kendo were dueling, he overpowered Yaoyorozu and made a dash for the objective. Yaoyorozu quickly created a lasso and tied him to her, but she was just dragged along, Kirishima just powering through the additional weight cast upon him

“It was a good fight, you could work on your footwork and punches, your stance is all wrong and there’s a lot of wasted energy in your punches” Kendo says smiling 

“Aww, GG tho” Toru says to Kendo

“That was a manly fight! It really got intense in the end”

“Sorry Hagakure-san, i couldn’t hold him back” Yaoyorozu apologies 

“It’s alright, we just need to review what happened and see where we could improve next time” Toru says with a peace sign “Kendo, can we spar more often? I really need to work on my technique”

“Sure, or you can ask your boyfriend Ojiro. He’s always available” Kendo teased

“Sure… Wait no... He’s NOT MY BOYFRIEND!”

Wow, that was intense between Kendo and Toru, all of their powers are interesting, i wonder how does that electrical aura is formed, it seem to give Toru strength and speed, she was also able to create a flash, how does that work - Izuku thinking to himself watching the footage.

“Didn’t expect Toru to challenge Kendo so well, she really has changed” Ojiro said to the group

“Kendo was so cool! The way she deflected so many punches without using her quirk is amazing!” Ashido screams excitedly

“Not surprising, she is a black belt in multiple martial arts after all” Izuku mentions

“Really!?” surprising Uraraka.

“Yeah, she’s a martial arts nut, she has has like black belts in Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu and Aikido” Ojiro informs them “I think she also practice MMA, Muay thai, boxing and Wing chun, she’s also the assistant instructor at her parents Dojo, and lead her middle and high school team for Karate and Judo at the Tokyo Budokan”

“That’s a crazy amount of achievements!” Shocking Ashido

“That’s impressive!” - Tenya noting her achievements

“Wow! What hasn’t she mastered?!” Uraraka asks

“Personal hygiene” Ojiro says delivering the line with a straight face

. . . . .

“You know she’ll get you for that right?” - Izuku 

Izuku felt a tap on his shoulder, what?

“Wake up Izuku, school is over” Kendo informs Izuku, crap it seem Izuku fell asleep

“Crap, I didn't know I dozed off, what happened?”

“After my match you seem like you had no energy left, slowly closing your eyes and drifting to sleep for the next match, All Might didn’t mind, he told me to wake you up when lesson is over” Kendo replies

“Ah sorry, i couldn’t stay awake”

“It’s ok, just leave it to your big sis” puffing her chest out

“Ah crap!, i wanted to see the reviews of the other matches”

“It’s ok Green, All Might said he’ll do that in tomorrow’s lesson, he seem to be in a rush for something”

Toru's heart rate went up again? Odd - Jiro

“Let’s go join the rest of the class, Ida is already leading the rest back to the locker room”


Walking into the classroom after changing out of his suit, he walks into the classroom. 

“Whoa, Sleepy head there is finally back!” Ashido alerts the rest of the class

“Yo!, I’m Kirishima Eijirou.”

“Ashido Mina!”

“I’m Asui Tsuyu, but call me Tsuyu ok?”

“STOP SITTING ON THE DESK, STOP THIS INSTANT!” Izuku sees Ida lecturing a classmate sitting on the desk… Oh Ida, never change.

“So wanna go out to eat? What sort of food do you like?” Kaminari asks Uraraka

“Rice cakes… Deku!” Quickly moving away from Kaminari and towards Izuku “aww”

“You’re ok right? You fell asleep in the last couple of matches”

“Yeah, it’s ok, I just had no energy to stay awake, more importantly Uraraka, Where’s Bakugou?”



“I think I need to tell you… I’ve obtained my powers recently with the help of someone else”

Bakugou, not sure what to make out of this, just continue staring at Deku

“I can’t really say who it was, but i swear it’s true, even if it sounds like some fantasy, i haven’t mastered it yet, but that’s why i can’t fight with you directly yet, i know i couldn’t win, i’m just nowhere near strong enough”

“One day i’ll have it made it properly as my own power, then i’ll surpass you with it”

Shit, i’ve only came to say i haven’t been deceiving him, so why i am telling him that all of the sudden

. . . . .




What? I sense something again



“Let go of me, All Might, i can’t walk”

“I didn’t tell you before so allow me to correct that All Might, i’m gonna surpass you too! I’m going to vault over you as a top hero” Bakugou says as he walks away.

Teaching sure is difficult… - All Might


“Have you seen this? He’s become a teacher…”

“Hey what do you think would happen, if the once symbol of peace got snuffed out by us?”

Chapter Text

“WHAT KIND OF LESSON ALL MIGHT TEACH?” a Microphone is shoved in Izuku face

“Eh!!? Sorry, i gotta head to class” Izuku replies quickly running away

“Lend us some of your thoughts on what it was like having All Might standing before you at the pinnacle of Hero Education!” now pointing at Uraraka

“My thoughts? Uhhh…. He’s really Muscly!” Uraraka replied… the reporters isn’t sure what they can do with that information

“What do you think of All Might as a teacher?” Now pointing at Ida

“It redoubles my awareness of the fact that i’m enrolled where i can… … … … … … … … furthermo-” Tenya replied with a long answer, even the reporter had no idea what to do with this speech

“What do you think of All Might? Aren’t you also the kid from the sludge villain incident!?”

“DROP IT, and bugger off” Bakugou said aloud before walking through the front gates.

“Give us some insights on All Might?!”

“The man is off duty now, you’re interfering with our lessons here, please kindly vacate the premises” Aizawa said trying to shoo them away from the entrance.


“Apologies for the commotion outside of school class, we’ll make sure there are measures in place to prevent this in the future” Aizawa said to the class “Now then, i hope you’re all rested from yesterday's battle trial, i took the liberty of looking at your marks, evaluation.”

“Bakugou, so acting childish over nothing, you’re wasting your own talent”

“Yaoyorozu, you need to work on improving your confidence and not hesitate when there are opponents too close to you”


“Now… let’s get started with homeroom notices, i’m sorry to have to spring this on all of you, but, this is too important to ignore”

What now? Another Test? - The whole class thinks to themselves

“We need to pick a class president”

“FINALLY, SOMETHING SCHOOL LIKE!!!” Most of the class was relieved after hearing that.

“I wanna do it!” Jiro said with a straight face, “That’s a leader's position, I'll do it! Me, Me!!” Ashido exclaims excitedly, “OHH OHH!, I WANNA BE CLASS PRESIDENT!! PICK ME PICK ME!” shouts Kirishima, “Oh the position that is created just for me” says Yuga, “MY MANIFESTO AS CLASS REP IS THAT ALL GIRLS WILL WEAR MINI SKIRTS!”... At some point almost everyone has said something out loud indicating their interest.


“The class rep is an office that requires the greatest esteem and trust of everyone around you! The only truly worthy leader will emerge from a democratic choice reflecting the will of the people! Burdened with carrying 1-A flag and responsibility, it is something not you can do because you want to, but something you do because you can! WHICH IS WHY THIS MUST BE SETTLED BY AN ANONYMOUS VOTE!!!” Ida says sticking his hand up higher than everyone

“It’s still too early to have developed any trust in each other kero” Asui said to the class

“And everyone will just vote for themselves!” Kirishima added on

“That’s precisely why the person who does manage to earn multiple votes will truly be an appropriate person for the job, no?” Ida adds on “Isn’t that right sensei!”

“I don’t care how you all decide by the deadline, anything is fine by me, just get me the class rep, assistant rep, treasurer and support rep”

“Alright Class, Let's start by introducing ourselves”


<Names are not visible to each other>

  1. Itsuka Kendo - 4 Votes (Izuku, Ojiro, Toru, Tenya)
  2. Izuku Midoriya - 3 Votes (Uraraka, Jiro, Kendo)
  3. Momo Yaoyorozu - 2 votes (Herself, Shouto)
  4. Mina Ashido - 2 Votes (Kirishima, Herself)
  5. Tsuyu Asui - 1 Vote
  6. Fumikage Tokoyami - 1 Vote
  7. Yuga Aoyama - 1 Vote
  8. Hanta Sero - 1 Vote
  9. Mezo Shoji - 1 Vote
  10. Katsuki Bakugou - 1 Vote
  11. Minoru Mineta - 1 Vote
  12. Koji Koda - 1 Vote
  13. Denki Kaminari - 1 Vote
  14. Eijiro Kirishima - 0 Votes
  15. Ochako Uraraka - 0 Votes
  16. Kyoka Jiro - 0 Votes
  17. Shouto Todoroki - 0 Votes
  18. Mashirao Ojiro - 0 Votes
  19. Toru Hagakure - 0 Votes
  20. Tenya Ida - 0 Votes

“WHAT!? I GOT 3 VOTES?!” Izuku is stunned, he did not even vote himself!


I hope Bakugou doesn’t find out one of the votes was me - Uraraka, looking away

“Zero Votes… I see how it is, of course! Since I insisted on the sacredness of the role..” Ida said disappointed in himself.

“You voted for someone else…” Yaoyorozu comments to his disappointment

“Even though you wanted the job so badly…” said kirishima

“I voted for the person who I believed would be the best for the class!” Tenya reiterate

“So then it’s President Kendo and Vice president Midoriya?”

“WHAT?! F-f-f-or real? i-i-i- don’t k-k-know w-w-what t-t-o s-s-say”

“What about the other 2 roles?”

“Yaoyorozu is smart, maybe the support rep? They’ll talk with the support department for our hero costumes right!? She can create things, it’ll be perfect!”

“So Ashido is the treasurer?”

Kirishima shudders at the thought.

“Leave it to me! I’ll make sure you money is well spent!” Ashido exclaims

“Ahhhh, Lunch rush food is so good, i wish i can cook this well” Izuku says after finishing his food

“You’re right Midoriya, it’s so good, I don't even know how he cooked plain rice this well.” Uraraka adds while taking another spoonful

“What’s on your mind green, you seem a bit nervous” Jiro asks

“Ah, I was just made class vice rep… i’m unsure if i’m even up to the task”

“Sure you are Deku!” Uraraka chips in before taking another mouthful

“You’ll be alright, you’ll have me by your side” Kendo adds on

“You got the guts and judgment when it counts, Midoriya” Ida says with confidence “I’m sure those who have voted for you thinks the same”

“But didn’t you want to be class rep yourself Ida?” Uraraka asks “You’ve got the look down with the glasses and all!”

“Like i said, mere volition has nothing to do with one actual suitability” Ida replies “I did nothing more than to follow my own judgment on the matter”

“Say, you’re always so proper Ida” Hagakure asks

“Yeah, you’re always going on about honor and stuff, I might be wrong, but are you from and upper crust family!?” Uraraka adds, Izuku wonder what crust means

“I don’t like it when it’s brought attention to, but if I must talk about such things… then yes, I'm from a family that’s been heroic for generations.” Ida states “The current hero Ingenium, is my elder brother, a beloved hero that prizes the rules and guides the people, i aspire to be a hero like him one day”

“Yeah! When i saw your quirk you really reminded me of the turbo Ingenium, he’s been climbing the ladder really quickly recently, he even has 65 sidekicks!” Izuku says while scanning his notebook he just whipped out.

“Wow, you’re really knowledgeable Midoriya” Ida compliments Izuku

“Woooow, it really runs in the family huh?” Ojiro says

. . . . . everyone staring at Ojiro for that pun

“Pun not intended” Ojiro fixes

“It better not be” Kendo deadpans

“Hey Green, what’s up with the notebook”

“Ah, it’s something i use to note down the heroes i see” Flipping to Ingenium page “I’ll list down their quirks, achievements, their support gear, a sketch of them”

Ida saw his notes on his brother, interesting, so that’s why others think of my brother… Suit improvements?

“You also noted down potential improvements?” Ida ask Izuku

“Yeah, sometimes when I think there are some things that I can improve, I'll list them down. My Mas… Trainer told me if were to analyse a suit, might as well think of suggestions”

“So that’s why your suit looked so cool yesterday!” Hagakure compliments

“It’s super functional too!” Uraraka adds

“Thanks guys, but my suit wasn’t designed by me, my trainer helped me designed it based on his experience”

“Sound like a pretty cool guy to me green” Jiro says

“Yeah he was”

“You would probably made a good support rep as well” Ojiro adds

Yeah, it would be interesting if I was the support rep, maybe I could get them to help fix those blasters Master gave me - Izuku, maybe I can ask the class that I should b… wait.. My Force sense is going off… this feeling… I've never f...



“What’s Level 3 security?” Ida asks

“It means there’s someone who infiltrated the school grounds! Come lets go” Yaoyorozu appeared behind the group with Tsuyu.


The hallway is a mess! Why are there so many students pushing each other! What is this feeling, it’s new, I've never felt this before, it feels like I can't breathe. - Izuku

“Yaoyorozu! Create a loudspeaker for me!” Kendo ask

“Sure! What are you going to do with it?” Yaoyorozu agrees and creating on from her thighs 

“I’ll tell you later, Izuku! Get me up!” Kendo shouts, Yaoyorozu nodding

. . . . .

“Izuku?” Kendo looks back, seeing Izuku in a state she’s never seen him in, like he’s having a panic attack, pale and out of breath

“Uraraka!” Yaoyorozu shouts to her seeing what is happening

“What?” Uraraka replies

“Make Kendo float up!” Yaoyorozu continues

Uraraka looks at Kendo, currently distracted by Deku “Kendo! You need a lift!?”

Kendo, looks at Izuku, she knows she needs to do something “Yes, send me up!”

Tapping Kendo and pushing her up, Kendo floats in mid air, placing the loudspeaker in front of her mouth.


“What happened Izuku?” Kendo asks

“Ah… it’s nothing, just not used to so many people” Izuku brushes it off. 

Izuku doesn’t know what else to say, during that alarm, his force sense went crazy, it was like something was choking him, taking away his air, was that what caused the alarm?

“Doesn’t look like nothing green” Jiro chips in

“It’s ok, really” Izuku trying to reassure her

Jiro knows Izuku is hiding something, his heart rate goes up everytime he does, or when he’s asked an uncomfortable question… especially when I ask about his space master.


“Kyoka!” Mika shouts to her daughter

“What mum?”

“Are you free this afternoon?”

“Probably… why?”

“There’s a gig that’s open this afternoon, their drummer got sick, they need a backup drummer, i’ve named dropped you and they would like to grab you for tonight's concert”

“Really? Who needs the backup drummer?”

“It’s Shan’s idol band” 

“I’m in!” Jiro knows the band well, often playing with at their studio when they were starting out when she was still a kid.

“Great! You know where their studio is, they’ll want to sync with you before the concert”

“Where’s the concert anyway?”

“Takoba beach, next to a festival”

“Takoba beach? Isn’t that the one with all the trash?”

“It seems recently there was a group cleaning it out, it’s basically spotless now”


Jiro Lays out on the beachside on a rock, enjoying the sunset, she was given some time to herself while the band deal with last minute logistics regarding the concert, she wasn’t really involved in that part so, here she is, basking in the sun, listening to the waves with no one in sight…

I am not from your world

Or so she thought… seem there’s a couple of people down the beach… wait what world? Jiro got curious, plugging in her jacks into the ground to eavesdrop on that pair.

“Master Windu, what do you mean?” the younger boy asks

“I am not from this planet, young midoriya, i was not originally from earth”

“SERIOUSLY?” Surprising the kid

“Yes, like i said Young Midoriya, do not tell anyone about this” Windu repeats “I was what we called a Jedi, wielders of the force, some call us peace keepers of the known galactic republic” Windu continues “I myself was a general of the grand army of the republic, and a member of the Jedi council. We are what you call Heroes on your world, or at least that was what we thought we were”

“So what happened master? What brought you here?”

“We were betrayed and i was defeated by the leader of the Sith”

“The Sith?”

“The opposite of the Jedi, wielders of the force, but not for peace, but for their selfish reasons, power, greed, revenge, pride fuels their connection to the force” Windu explains to Midoriya “We Jedi call ourselves users of the light side of the force, they are the opposite, the dark side of the force”

“But it’s not only just that, a Jedi can easily be converted to the dark side if they are not careful, turning themselves into sith” Windu knows himself he’s seen it first hand multiple times “that why when i met you last year, i said you were too old, starting Jedi training when’re too old often to lead themselves to the darkside”

“I see…” Midoriya said remembering he was that close to not being trained

“After my defeat, i escaped to a old Jedi temple, there i managed to get a spaceship and travel here to hide in exile” Windu continues “But when entering earth atmosphere, we lost power and the ship crashed, i survived but everything else on the ship did not, i lost most of the cargo i salvaged from the Jedi temple in the crash”

“What’s a Jedi temple?”

“It’s like a base for the Jedi, we train and learn there. Store our teachings and material for our students, it also tend to be where we do our meditation, to connect ourselves to the force” Windu answers “On my trip to the US, i will detour to a suspected temple on earth”

“Here on earth? There was once a Jedi here?”

“There shouldn’t be, on our records there was never a Jedi temple built here, i will go and investigate, it’s only a theory but it’s worth a try, we may find things to help us here on earth”

Jiro is confused, what is all of this she’s listening to? Galaxy? Republic? Sith? Jedi? Force powers? Temple? She’s recording the conversation she’s hearing into her phone with her other headphone jack. Whatever this is it’s obviously none of her business, also something that may get her in trouble for, but she can’t help but be curious.

Looking at the pair of them… the older man is in some robes, almost like a monk, the younger boy… he looks familiar, she has seen that green mop top somewhere before. UA? Maybe? That boy that almost planted himself? Hmmm, I'm too curious now.

Suddenly the boy jumps off where he was sitting on and onto the beach, nodding to the man, he points his arm towards the fridge. The fridge suddenly moves and lifts itself up, is that his quirk? Jiro thinks. The fridge floats above the parked truck near them, and it slowly places itself down on the back.

May the force be with you, always

That’s a weird echo Jiro thought, felt like it was in her head. Looking back suddenly the robed man is not there anymore. She loses focus for a moment and the guy disappears on an open beach! She didn’t even hear any footsteps. Looking at the boy on the beach, she got curious…


Jiro remembers, she took awhile to try to piece the clues together from that story she has recorded, if her theory is correct, Izuku is the one who cleared the beach with his powers, he has been training with that space monk for the past year. This space monk was the one that trained him in the “Force” whatever that means, it matches what he sometimes says when fighting, Force Push, force Pull, force speed... So are there others like him able to use the same quirk?

Not only like him, but life on other planets? If what that man say it’s true, it's a breakthrough! Alien life, she can’t back out now, maybe if she got closer to Izuku one day he may meet the space monk again and i can ask him? The thought of going to space, exploring the stars is too rad to pass up.

“What do you think about it Jiro?” 

“What?” Jiro snaps out of her thoughts “Sorry wasn’t listening”

“I was just discussing with Yaoyorozu… maybe we should swap roles, i could take the support rep instead”

“I think that’s a cool idea” Jiro smiles


“In the end I think that Yaoyorozu would be better to represent us as Vice president, her quick thinking and communication with Kendo was amazing, I think this is the right choice!”

“Yeah! He’s got a point, she asked me to get Kendo to float, it's so cool!” Uraraka chips in

“She also gives off that responsible vibe right?!” Hagakure adds her opinion, she knows this as she was her teammate in the Battle trials

“So with that, we’ll have Kendo as class rep! Yaoyorozu as vice rep, Ashido as treasurer and Midoriya as support rep!” Ida announced

“Could any of the reporters have done something like this?” The person in the space suit asks, looking at the state of the UA entrance

“No, it’s unlikely, it’s more likely someone instigated this.”

“Has some element of evil pentraded the school grounds?”

“We need to investigate that, or maybe this was intended as a declaration of war…”

Chapter Text

“Today’s foundational skill of heroics we’ll study today is rescue missions”

“Sensei! Where’s All Might sensei? I thought he’ll be teaching us foundation heroic studies!” Sero asked

It was decided that you’ll be supervised by more than just all might, today there’ll be three of us, consisting of me, All Might and No.13.

“No.13?! Wow! I’ve always liked No.13!” Uraraka comments

“Kendo, get the class prepared, we’ll be traveling by bus to the training area”

“Hmm? Where’s some parts of your armor Green?” Jiro asks, noticing some parts of his costume is missing, primarily the plates on his shoulder, his thighs, and chest plate, the only remaining plate left was his shins, but even that it was still looking a little charred

“My costume was in pretty bad shape after the battle training, the support department wasn't able to replace most of the pieces.” Izuku replies remembering what happened at the support department



<In the hallways of UA>

*Knock* Knock* “Hello? This is Class 1-A representatives”

. . . . .

“No response? Am I visiting outside of working hours?” Izuku said out loud

“Maybe you should try again?” Ashido asks

“Sure” Izuku says before trying again “Hel-” Force sense is now pushing really hard towards him. What?



“FUFUFUFU, But failure is the mother of invention, power loader sensei!” A girl voice was replied

“That’s not the problem! Could you listen to me for once?” The male voice continued

“Ooooh? What’s this!? A boy!?” the female voice continues to talk

The smoke clears up around the source of sound giving a view of a pinked haired girl laying where Midoriya once was, now on top of Midoriya with her chest pushed against him.

Ashido, who was accompanying Midoriya to visit the support department to submit a list of damages class 1-A have caused to their costumes the other day, gets a full view of the scandal in front of him! Juicy!

“Ohhh? He’s pretty hard for how he squishy he looks”

Izuku is in a daze, he felt the force speak out to him one moment and the next he got smacked by something real hard. Now he feels there’s something heavy and warm on top of him, crap, I hope it’s not the door that is crushing him now or his blood that is warm…

Opening his eyes, his vision is still blurry, he’s looking at the ceiling, looking down at where the weight is, he sees pink, before two crosses looking right into his eyes. Izuku's vision slowly gets better before he sees the girl with her chest right on his stomach.

“You’re pretty hard, you know that?” The girl says looking right at him

“WAAAAHHHHH?!” he mindlessly says while looking directly at her chest



“Calm down… calm down, clear your mind” a Cherry red Midoriya says to himself as Ashido laughs her lungs out. Looks like she now has plenty of teasing material to work with.

“Sorry about the sudden explosion, hello there! I’m Hatsume Mei! Your current genius and future CEO of multi trillion dollar company Hatsume Industries!”

“Howdy! I’m Ashido Mina, Class 1-A treasurer and fellow pinklet!” 

“I--i---i--’m i-i--izzuukuuu m-m-idori--ya….” Izuku shyly says with a blush still on his face.

“I see i see, well then I got to get back to my babies! So, nice to meet you”

“Babies?” Ashido and Midoriya looks at each other puzzled 

“Wait hold on, we need to submit our form for damages to our costume after the heroics lesson”

“Yeah, just pass it to power loader sensei there” “Hatsume says flicking her hand in the air

“Ah i see, thank you” Power loader says

“Yup, we’re also here to introduce ourselves as Class 1-A representatives to the support department, i’m the main support rep Izuku Midoriya Izuku and Mina Ashido-san is the treasurer”

“Well nice to meet both of you” Power loader says while looking through the list. “It seems it’s mostly your costume that is damaged… really badly” Izuku flinched in response 

“Plastoid? What is that?” Power loader asks when looking at Izuku costume spec sheet

“Eerrr, it was something given to me by the person that designed my suit” Izuku quickly tries to give an excuse

“Hmmm” Power loader says while pulling out the chestplate to have a good look “This seems familiar it’s almost like…”

“OI HATSUME! STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING THERE!” Power loader attention suddenly switches

“What? I was almost done with this baby! I just need to test it” Hatsume whines, wearing a belt of some sort.


“Jeez, it’s too far!!…” Hatsume says before she caught her eye on the chestplate “Oooohhh what’s this?” Hatsume says suddenly appearing in front of power loader

“Oh no… Hatsume, this is beyond you, you shouldn't… wait what?” The chest pieces he was holding suddenly disappears from his hands

“It’s amazing, so light yet so durable, it absorbs energy really well too!” Hatsume now at her work bench examining the material “I have never seen such a material before”

“HATSUME, YOU GET YOUR-” Power loader shouts

“Power loader sensei! Give me the chance to study this, I want to know what this material is made out of!” Hatsume exclaims

“No Hatsume, that is something you shouldn’t be playing with!” Power loader denies Hatsume, fearing she’ll just cause more issues

“I won’t make anymore babies until i’m done with this” Hatsume offered

DEAL ” Power loader instantly accepting

“What on earth is happening in front of me” - Izuku says out loud… “Art of the deal i guess” Ashido answers with a joke

“Either way Midoriya, it’s likely we won’t be able to fix damage for awhile, i’ll try to get it fixed up by the time you’ll need it for internship after the sports festival” Power loader says disappointing Izuku

“Internship?” Both Ashido and Izuku looks at each other

“I also got something i want to run you by, something that was given to me by my designer” he pulls out a hand blaster from his bag

“Hmmm…” Power loader examines the blaster under his microscope… I've seen this before… it’s that guy from the crash a few years back if i recall correctly… “What's up with it?” Powerloader asks

“It’s not working, my designer said there’s a stun mode that could be useful, he says if someone could repair it, it’ll be useful in the future” 

“Hmmm, i got no guarantees with this thing, we got no blueprints relating to this, i’ll have to run this by a support company to … wait where did it go?”

“WOW, THIS LOOKS SO DIFFERENT FROM THE CONVENTIONAL FIREARM?! WHAT KIND OF AMMO DOES THIS USE? BATTERIES? GAS?” The pinklet now on the other side of the room with the blaster

“HATSUME! GET BACK HERE” Power loader shouts

Hatsume disappears from power loader sight suddenly appears in front of Midoriya

I want to be yours ! You’re interesting!” - Hatsume grabbing Midoriya's hand, Both Izuku and Ashido jaws dropped, and Izuku went supernova, steam coming out from the back of his head.



*The sound of the bus electric engine fills the air, with chatter being heard from the passengers on board*

“Really? That’s so cool!” Kaminari says to Hagakure

“Yeah, dual quirks aren't that common, you’re so lucky with super strength!”

“It kinda reminds me of All Might’s Kero” Tsuyu says

“Nahhh, it’s something i realized about my quirk, it’s not only controlling light haha”

“Say Hagakure-san, why do you wear that mask?” Kirishima asks Hagakure when discussing their quirks

“Ah… I'm just…” Hagakure tries thinking on how to explain her issue “just very sensitive to light, and without the mask i would be blinded when there’s light”

“Without the mask she’s also colorblind, so a normal pair of sunglasses won’t work” Ojiro adds

“Ahhh yeah, it’s an annoyance but i just have to deal with it everyday, so i’m used to it” Hagakure continues

Izuku, wearing every detail down onto his notebook, now with the label “1-A”, wondering, if hagakure is sensitive to light, would she still be in the dark?

“It’s still a pretty flashy quirk even with the drawbacks” Kirishima adds, “my hardening isn’t that flashy”

“I think it’s an awesome quirk! A great use for a pro!” Izuku compliments him

“Pros huh, you know heroics has a lot about it that’s more like a popularity contest too right? My navel laser is both flashy and strong enough for the pro level!” - Yuga exclaims proudly

“But your drawback isn’t very flashy, it’s really bad if your stomach collapses on the field!” Says Ashido

“If you’re talking flashy and strong, Bakugou and Todoroki can’t be left out! Hagakure and Midoriya certainly also stand out!”

“Bakugou is also fuming tho, so he won’t be very popular with everyone”


“See?” Tsuyu reaffirm her position


“What vulgar conversation!” Yaoyorozu says

“But it’s funny!” Uraraka says

“Settle down everyone, we’re almost there, i want everyone out in 30 seconds” Aizawa sounded out

“Yes Sensei!” the class responds


“Is this the USJ or something!?”

“Flood wrecks, Landslides, fires… this is a practical training area I created to simulate all kinds of accidents and disasters and it’s name is… Unforeseen simulation joint!”

It really was the USJ… - The class

“Wooo! It’s Space hero No13!” Izuku gets excited

“Always like her! A phenomenal hero who helps with disaster relief!” Uraraka says

“Hey 13, where’s All Might? He should already be here.”

“Ahhh, it seems he’s still out being a hero” giving a 3 sign to Aizawa“He’s likely to miss this period”

“That guy is peak irresponsible” Aizawa says “Oh well, we shall continue with the lesson regardless”

“Before we begin….”

Deku feels something off, he can feel it in the air, it’s stale, his force sense is throwing him off since he exited the bus. Not good, he can’t focus when everything is throwing him off.

“Green, what’s wrong?” Jiro asks

“Ah nothing, i just have a bad feeling about this” Deku answers

“Why?” Jiro inquires

“There’s something strange, i can sense it, it’s not giving good vibes” Deku answers again “i’ve felt this before, the same feeling that day when the alarm went off”

*BRAVO BRAVOO!!!* Ida suddenly clapps and applaud No.13, pulling both Deku and Jiro focus away from each other

“All right class, first thing first, we need to bri..”

Deku force sense now hurt, giving him a headache, it’s going wild, putting his hand on his forehead and looking down

“Green, you’re definitely not ok”

“Izuku, what’s wrong, you’re having a panic attack again?”

The lights around USJ suddenly flicker, and suddenly shuts itself off, the water foundation in the middle of USJ suddenly stops spraying water. Aizawa also sensed something afoot turning around to see a black mist forming in the middle. A hand suddenly protrudes from the mist, and a guy with a hand on his face appears out of the mist before the mist suddenly gets bigger with many bodies moving out from it.

“Whoa! Are those the actors we’re gonna be saving!?” Kirishima said when noticing them

“They look a little too rugged to be victims Kero” Asui questions

“HUDDLE TOGETHER AND GET BACK EVERYBODY!” Aizawa suddenly shouts “13! Protect the students! Kendo, make sure everyone is accounted for!”

“What? What’s happening” Kaminari asks

“Don’t! Step any further! Those are Villians!”

“Eraserhead and 13… according to our information we got All might is supposed to be here”

“Even after we went through all that trouble to get that information… all of our manpower and you tell me All Might isn’t even here? So annoying… maybe he’ll show up after we… take care… of some of these students”

“Sensei!, what about the intruder alarm sensors!?” Yaoyorozu asks

“We have some set up, but they don’t seem to be activated” 13 replies

“This means they have already calculated for that, are they only here or are they also attacking the main campus” Todoroki says out loud “But they are attacking a isolated space when there’s a class scheduled, they must have an objective, and this is likely an ambush”

“13 start the evacuation procedures and call the school, make sure they know what’s happening”

“I can’t seem to contact them” 13 replies tapping away on a screen strapped to her wrist

“That means there’s a chance there’s a electrowave type quirk among their ranks who may be interfering with the signal, Kaminari, Midoriya, try contacting UA with you gear and quirk”

“I got nothing Sensei” Midoriya replies, after trying to get onto the radio waves

Aizawa puts on his goggles and prepares himself

“Sensei!? You can’t be fighting all of them alone?!” Ida asks “Even if you suppress all of their quirks you’re massively outnumbered”

“Your preferred style of combat is capturing them one on one!” Izuku exclaims

“Don’t worry, a hero always has more than one trick up their sleeves” Aizawa says “13, make sure all of them are safe!” Aizawa shouts before jumping down the stairs starting combat with the villains

“Whoa! So cool!” Kirishima says

“This is no time to view a fight, we have to evacuate!” Ida says pulling Kirishima back

“I’m afraid i can’t allow that” The mist appears in front of them “Greetings, we are the League of villains, i apologize for the commotion below, but we have a timeline to meet, we are hoping if we are able to meet All Might, who is supposed to be in attendance of this class. Or is he not available?”

13 jumps in front of the class preparing herself to combat the villain, when Bakugou and Kirishima jump in front of her.

“DIE!” *BOOM!* Both of the students attacking the mist, bakugou creating an explosion that leaves smoke where he attacked

“That was quite perilous, as expected of heroes in training” The mist 

“It’s no use RUN! Both of you” 13 shouts to the 2 students in front


* Doosh * *ouch….* * Doosh * “GAHHH”

Deku felt his face hit the dirt on the ground after being sucked in by the purple mist… only for something to land on top of him. What? “Oh Sorry Izuku, i’ll get off of you” It was kendo who landed on top of him… awwwch

“Where are we?” Jiro voice was heard “It seems it’s the mountain zone” Kendo responds

“WELL WELL WELL, IT SEEMS WE HAVE A COUPLE OF GIRLIES HERE” A rugged voice was heard “Aren’t we lucky, we should thank Kurogiri later” Another one said licking his lips “There’s still a guy there, any takers?” A different creepy voice added eyes staring at Midoriya “He’s kinda wimpy, but i’m sure one of us will have fun”

Villains! The 3 of them thought at the same time, moving back to back in 3 different directions. “Guys, i don’t think they’re here to be friends” Kendo says

“I think i can hear shy of 40 of them” Jiro said “40! Are you kidding me?” Deku is worried, there’s about 13 of them for 1 of us. Any mistake would be the end of them.

“Well, if all of you surrender, i’m pretty sure we all could be friends” one of the them says

“Thanks for the offer, but i’m good with my pals here” Jiro quipped

“Tch, that one is bratty, dips on the ginger head!” the villain jumps in

“HEY! Wait your turn!” The biggest one shouted “Let’s GO, TIME TO- *OOF* ” The person shouting suddenly gets hit by an object, that object was the person who initiated the battle by jumping in, now being thrown off course and into the biggest one, causing him and the bunch of them behind him to fall down.

“Strike! If you do not want to get hurt, you stay where you are!” Deku shouts, drawing his Stun batons, holding one and handing the other to Jiro.

“YOU SHUT YOUR TRAP BOY! YOUR ELDERS WANT TO HAVE FUN!” The man starts running, prompting the lot of them to rush

*BEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEE* Suddenly the few of them fell to the ground holding their ears in. “GAAAAAAAHHHH MAKE IT STOOOOPPPP!!” screams a few of them.

Jiro plugged in her jacks into her loudspeaker, creating a loud pitch at a frequency normally unbearable to humans. “I’ll hold this bunch down, cover me!” Jiro Shouts as the villain tries to jump her. “You Lil brat, You’ll re-” 

*GRAB* Kendo's enlarged hands surround him “Prepare to land ok?” Kendo says with a smile, before pulling back and tossing him far into the air. 

“FIRING SQUAD, FIRE!” RATATATATATATA ! A bunch of villains with range quirks launched projectiles at the trio, many of which can be pretty painful and at worst fatal when launched at such velocity. Deku saw this, quickly putting himself between the girls and the incoming projectiles. Closing his eyes and extending the baton by swinging it down. It’s just like how Master Windu taught me! Opening his eyes.

* SWIPE !* a piece of metal being deflected was heard. Deku swinging the Baton to deflect the first projectile from reaching his friends. * SWIPE !* * SWIPE !* * SWIPE !* quickly stopping the next 3 projectiles. The sound of rocks, metal, pellets pelts the land around them, missing completely, Stunning the firing squad.

“What the fuck!?” “Impossible!” “What are you fools doing, keep Firing!” The villains firing squad continues suppress the greenie.

* SWIPE !* * SWIPE !* * SWIPE !** SWIPE !* * SWIPE !* * SWIPE !** SWIPE !* * SWIPE !* * SWIPE !*

Every single projectile either misses or is deflected. Kendo was in awe of the showing, she had never seen anyone with such skill with such precision with a weapon, before continuing to focus on taking out all of the others who were still rushing them. * WHAM*CHOP!* As Kendo backhands and one villain Karate chops another.

<Somewhere else in USJ>


As the sound of gunfire rang in the air of the Fire hazard zone, Ojiro and Yaoyorozu were running through the streets, taking out anyone they didn't recognize. Ojiro was always covering Yaoyorozu from any threats behind her, as she was holding a benelli m1 combat shotgun in her arms, belt filled to the brim with fastloaders with shells stuffed with less than lethal rubber slugs.

*BANG**BANG**BANG* Yaoyorozu fires in quick succession at 3 villains in front, all of which were swept off their feet when the rubber rounds collected them. Grabbing a fastloader from her belt with her trigger hand, she pushes it into the shotgun, loading another 4 rounds into it in one motion before her hand returns to the trigger guard.

<Somewhere else in USJ>

“Scatter and kill us huh?” Todoroki says “Sorry to say, but it looks like none of you will be doing that today, you’re all just a bunch of thugs who have completely wasted their lives by attacking UA today.”

The entire landslide zone was frozen, every single villain already encased in ice.

“Jeez Todoroki, not even leaving any of them for me?” Joked Hagakure

“If you want you can always join Aizawa Sensei in the main square” replied with a straight face. “Now then…” Todoroki walks up to one of the thugs as Hagakure walks off in the direction of the square


“Is he really just a kid, I can't even move!” a random thug says out loud

“You… At this rate all of you guys will gradually succumb to death by necrosis, but since i’m aiming to become a hero, i would like to not kill you” Todoroki asks the villain stuck “I just want to know, how are you going to kill All Might?”


“Wrong answer” completely freezing him with only his mouth and nose exposed “Anyone else want to try me? I said i won’t want to kill you, doesn’t mean you will not experience unimaginable pain, so you better answer my questions, capeesh? ” The Villains seeing what happened, all starts nodding

<Somewhere else in USJ>


“Is that all of them?” Kirishima asks

“I hope so… “ Uraraka answers watching her surroundings with a bunch of rubble in her hands

“Man these guys are weak, fucking bottom feeders” Bakugou says tossing a freshy toasted racoon guy away

“C’mon, we gotta go help the others! We were warped here means everyone else is around USJ, i’m worried for the others that isn’t ready for battle” Kirishima calls out to the both of them “We rushed ahead to attack, so No.13 sensei was forced to hang back, maybe if we let 13 sensei take care of that black mist, all of us wouldn’t have gotten teleported everywhere”

“If you wanna go, go by yourself, i’m going straight for the boss” Bakugou replied

“HAAHH?? You heard Aizawa Sensei! We should get out of here, not go attack the boss! They wanted to kill All Might! We should help the oth-” Uraraka says in response to Bakugou

“YEH THINK YA EVER GET TEH CHANCE!? I’LL'' A Chameleon appears with a knife

* BOOM* Bakugou catches the Chameleon face with his hands giving it a blast to the face

“I mean, look at this kind of chump, useless” Tossing away the Chameleon “If everyone got scrubs like this, they ought to be fine.

<In the mountain zone of USJ>

*Click* Click*

“What are you fools doing! Keep suppressing that boy!” A villain shouts “We can’t we’re out of everything, it doesn’t matter he’s only holding a stick!” The firing squad shouts back, drawing their weapons before charging straight at the trio.


The other villians of the firing squad turn their head, a stick hitting one of them in the face shocking them “Wha-?” suddenly the stick changed directions, going straight into the other few villains standing next to each other *SMACK* BUZZZ**SMACK* BUZZZ* all of them collapsing onto the ground. The stick that hit them suddenly flew straight in the opposite direction. * CATCH * as Deku catches the Stun baton back into his hands.

“Huff, Huff…” Deku tries to catch his breath after deflecting so many rounds “Both of you alright?”

“Yeah…*huff* i never used my quirk for such extended periods of time” says the exhausted Jiro finally plugging her jacks out.

“I’ve never beaten so many people up at once either… *huff*” Kendo adds, standing around a mountain of bodies “We should go, the others may need our help” 

A flash of light lit up the shipwreck zone suddenly, the trio looking at what happened. “Seems we know where Kaminari went” Izuku comments. “Who in the right mind sends someone with electrical powers to a shipwreck zone?!” Jiro asks “It’s likely they did not know our quirks, else they wouldn’t have, they just scattered everyone everywhere” Izuku replies

“I’m worried for Aizawa, his quirk isn’t suited to a prolonged fight with so many opponents” Izuku concerned about their homeroom teacher “I know you are Izuku, but we need to get to safety” Kendo says

“Yeah, we should go help him if possible take some load off” Izuku says “You can’t be serious!? What about the others!” Kendo say

“I am, i just have this feeling in me” Izuku says

“I trust Green, his senses seem to always be correct” Jiro backs Izuku.

“GAHHH, FINE you guys are horrible, we’re just going down to take a few thugs and we’ll make our way to the entrance nothing more.” Kendo says with an annoyed face, clearly in disagreement with their involvement at the square “Sure, Let’s go!”


<At the entrance of USJ>

“IDA I TOLD YOU TO RUN!” Shoji shouts at Ida

“SHHIIIT!!!!” Ida takes off towards the door

“Oh children, do not make a mess, if you called the teachers to your aid, i fear that would compromise us” The mist teleports in front. Ida slides his feet on the ground, about to drift into the mist.

“GAHHH, GO!” Shoji suddenly grabs the shadow

Tenya boosted towards the door, grabbing the handle and pulling, It’s Stuck!


* STICK * Suddenly Kurogiri was being reeled back “WHAT?!” Sero pulls his tape which is attached around Kurogiri “You’re not getting away” Mina grabs the tape and pulls with Sero.



* PEEEEEW * The door got blasted by a flash of light, forcing the door open. At the other end of the light was Yuga

“Thanks!” Shouted Ida dashing straight out of the door


Kurogiri sees the hero in training blast off into the distance, knowing his mission failed he vanished. Leaving the students at the entrance with a badly injured No.13

Chapter Text

“You know Eraserhead, you really are super cool” Shigaraki says while stepping on Aizawa’s head, who is held down by Nomu, one hand on his back and the other holding his broken arm

“Knowing you are in a disadvantaged position, you still jumped in to look cool for your class, but faced with overwhelming numbers you might as well be quirkless”

*twitch* Eraserhead tries to lift his hand * BASH * the monster bashes his head onto the ground again

“Well now, let’s not be too hasty” Shigaraki says, when Kurogiri appears. “Shigaraki...”

“Ah kurogiri, is 13 dead yet?” Shigaraki asks Kurogiri “I have incapacitated him, however i’m afraid a student whom i was unable to scatter stopped me from finishing him off, and another one of them was able to forcefully escape”

“GAHHHHH, KUROGIRI, IF YOU’RE NOT OUR ONLY WAY OUT, I WOULD HAVE DUSTED YOU” he screams scratching his neck “If they call a dozen pros all we have done was for NAUGHT! IT’S GAME OVER!”

“But before we declare game over… we should break All Might’s pride a little shouldn’t we?”

“We shouldn’t be here any longer Izuku” Kendo whispers

“What about Aizawa?” Izuka whispers back

“I don’t know if we’re able to get him, look at the monster, it screams danger” Kendo replies

Izuku also knows that the monster specifically is dangerous, he’s feeling a weird amount of force coming out of it, like the flow is inconsistent, it’s like an abomination! 


“I think they’re going off guys, we sho-” Jiro whispers to them before turning her head to see a hand in front of her! 

Deku time goes into slow motion, NO, he can’t let that happen He-

“You’re really cool guy Eraserhead” The hand man said as he stops shy of all fingers touching her face before the monster bashed Aizawa head in again

NONONONONO, I CAN’T LET HIM TOUCH JIRO! “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!” Deku screams while jumping out of the water. Force Speed!



The hand man is pushed away, drifting away from the trio, his mask on his face disconnected from his face and falls to the floor, and the monster screams. Izuku pulls out both of his batons and extends it all the way, it’s do or die now!

“GAHH NOMU!” The monster suddenly charges at the trio, Deku readies his sticks extending both of them all the way, feeling the force surrounding him. “KENDO, JIRO GET AIZAWA OUT OF THERE”

* ROAARRRRRR * His force sense can feel it, a pull from the left side, looking at the monster's right arm being pulled back preparing to throw a punch. Deku knows he can’t stop that punch


Dodging the punch which went over him, he slides under swiping his baton onto the beast


Deku turns around, swiping crisscrossed at the monster hitting two more times, preparing himself for a counter attack which comes almost instantly as the monster twists itself around.


Deku dodges the monster arms with his burst of speed from the force, spinning around the monster, hitting it with a flurry of blows. But nothing, the stun setting did not work on it.

Swinging the batons again in a cross pattern while dodging another grab before finally jumping back to create a gap.

“You have nice moves lasting this long, even separating me from father… that shouldn’t happen, I'm gonna make this painful, NOMU!”

The monster charges at him, crap, it’s faster now, dodging any swipes at him, sliding under while sticking his baton out to hit it’s leg, but yet again no effect. The monster twisted around, arms stretched trying to grab Izuku forcing him to jump away from the monster.

But as Izuku jumps back, the monster rears its arms, throwing it at Izuku. I can’t Block it! Dropping his batons and with as much power he can muster, unleashing Force Push with both arms on the monster just before it makes contact with him.


A shadow flew back a few meters, crashing into a nearby tree in the square, Izuku crashed into it after the force cushion and repelled him away from the monster punch. “Gah… Huff Huff” Izuku tries to steady his breath, wind knocked out of him. Using the force, he quickly pulls the baton back to him as he frees himself from the tree, his back hurting all over, Force speed is done. Izuku doesn't feel alright, he can feel something protruding off his back, but he’s standing up, standing straight in the face of the villains in front of him, fueled by pure adrenaline.

“You can’t be serious that those sticks are gonna do anything to NOMU, it’s created to destroy All Might, not lose to a toothpick” Shigaraki taunts

“This monster is created? Huff, to Fight All Might?” Deku question the handman

“Yes… So there’s no way you can do anything” the hand man says

Deku is running out of time and options, his force speed has been nearing its end.

“Maybe it’s easier to show you…” The hand man smiles “NOMU, get the girls”

“NO!” NOT THEM as the monster dashes away from him. Looking at the girls, Deku sees Jiro and Kendo dragging Aizawa's body near the stairs. NO, my force speed isn’t fast enough! I CAN’T LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO THEM!

Suddenly time slows down to a crawl again, as a familiar voice sounded in his head again

You know Izuku, is it about time?

I can’t… master wind-

Master Windu isn’t here, he can’t stop you from doing anything, are you really going to let your girls die? In the name of Master Windu? Who was the one that dragged them here?

Izuku can’t argue with that logic, he knows the voice is right, the girls lives are more important than keeping to master Windu ideals, but the voice is definitely dark in nature, There’ll be a catch

I don’t know… what should I do…

You’re not gonna let them die because of you Deku?

I can’t… i…

I’ll tell you what since we’re so short on time, i’ll just give you this, a demo, a taste, maybe you’ll reconsider the next time, and not be so indecisive

Time slowly resumes, Deku knows what he has to do, pointing his hand at the beast, he screams at the top of his lungs


Nomu which was moving at high speed rapidly slows down, surrounded by the force to slow all of it’s movements. It's still fast to the human eye, but it’s now visible rather than leaving an after image, the amount of time it lost being slowed gave Kendo enough time to turn around. Seeing the beast so close and a punch being thrown at her in slow motion she enlarges her hands, to catch it.

* BASH * * EEEEEEEESSSHHHHHHH * The sound of rubber being dragged fills the air of USJ as Kendo was dragged a few meters back from absorbing that punch from the “Slowed” Nomu.

“KENDO!” Jiro shouts as she sees her friend holding back the beast arm with both of her enlarged hands in a kneeling position. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Kendo screams, giving her all to hold back the monster's punch. 

“Well, isn’t that annoying, the kid has more tricks up his sleeves, what are your powers anyway?” The handyman annoyingly asks “Shigaraki, it’s time to go, the heroes will arrive any second now” the mist continues “Tch, let me at least finish off that brat, Nomu, finish her” Nomu pulls back it’s other arm preparing to punch Kendo into the floor, it swings down.


* BASSSSSH * as smoke fills the air from the impact of the punch

“Tch, more vermins” - Shigaraki

The smoke clears to see yellow lighting filling the air, slowly giving view to Hagakure catching the other punch with her own, now side by side with Kendo, each holding back a hand.

“Never thought i’ll be glad to see you” Kendo says to Toru “Never thought i’ll see you in this position, time to give this guy a 1-2, push on 3! 1,2,3!” Toru calls out

Both girls pushes the Nomu back with everything they have, and pulling back their arms to launch their counterattack while the beast is staggered

100% Detroit SMASH! !!” “ JUMBO FIST!!! ” Both girls launch their punches at the beast, creating a shockwave and smoke filling the area.

. . . . .

“I thought I said many times that Nomu was created to fight All Might, you think discount smash is gonna do anything?” Both Kendo and Toru see their fist, connecting with Nomu’s gut. Nomu looks down at the two arms that punched it, reaches out and grabs both of their arms.

“KENDO, TORU!” Deku prepares force speed, he was still holding his force slow on the beast. “Do anything and I'll make sure both girls will be paste before you even reach there” says Shigaraki, Crap… Izuku can’t do anything without jeopardizing their lives

“Let them go, you can have me” Deku says to Shigaraki “Hmmm… 1 for the price of 2? No way man, I'm taking all 3!” Shigaraki smiles with an evil intent



Everyone looks at the entrance to USJ, loud footsteps fill the air.


“I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, i decided to come and check on you all, and i just happen to pass by Ida on the way here, thanks to him, i got the gist… but it’s all right now” All Might is now fully visible on the top of the stairs. One hand on his tie, Izuku has never seen All Might so angry, so much anger, he can feel it overwhelm his force sense


“So it seems we get a game resume t-” * DASH, SWIPE SWIPE BASH BASH SWIPE! *

Shigaraki suddenly was facing the sky, wha?

All Might dashed in, grabbing his Aizawa, his students and dashing them away from the beast. All in a blink of an eye.

“I apologize Aizawa… Kendo, Hagakure, Jiro, Midoriya get Aizawa out of here”

“But All Might! That beast is created to kill you! It took a sma-” Hagakure managed to say before all might stop her.

“It’s OK Young Hagakure, i will take care of the rest” showing a peace sign

“Father…” Shigaraki picks up the face and places it on his face again “Again… the 2nd time father had to leave me… All Might was so fast i couldn’t even see… but he’s isn’t as fast as expected… NOMU GET RID OF ALL MIGHT”

The beast charges at All Might and the students, All Might immediately dashed in.


* BASH ** BASH ** BASH ** BASH *

I can’t believe it, my blows are not working at all! He continues to keep 

“Nomu has shock absorption, your blows mean nothing to to it”

Izuku was carrying Aizawa up the stairs, both Kendo and Hagakure were bruised from the beast, Kendo, whose hands are bleeding now, wrapped up in bandages provided by Deku’s first aid kit. Hagakure clutches her arm which is bloodied and still now looking very red, feeling the feedback from her smash still too great, being held by a makeshift sling for now, made by Jiro who is now tending to Aizawa injuries now.

“DEKU!!” a female voice was heard

“Uraraka!” the group says together

“Help us out with Aizawa here!” Jiro shouts



A loud sound a shockwave was heard in the main square

“All Might…” Hagakure voiced out of concern

“He should be fine, he’s the No.1 Hero for a reason, Kendo reassures her”

Uraraka reaches them, quickly tapping on Aizawa to make it easier for them to carry him up. Deku hands him over to Uraraka, when something doesn’t feel right with his force sense, it’s coming from the main square. 

“I’ll leave Aizawa to you guys” Hagakure suddenly says dashing down the stairs “Wait!” the group says. Crap, Hagakure isn’t in a good condition, i can’t leave the others behind what i- 

“Izuku, chase after her, make sure she doesn’t do anything reckless” Kendo instructs Deku, feeling concerned but can’t chase after Hagakure in her state. “You sure?” - Deku is conflicted and hesitates “YES GO! If anything happens to Hagakure I'll kick your ass!”

“OWW!!” All Might is in a pickle, he tried to suplex the beast into the ground but it backfired with the mist opening a portal to where he was about to suplex, creating another portal for the beast to grab him by it’s claws, right at his left stomach.

“Kurogiri, Nomu, pull all might in and close the portal on him” Shigaraki says to Kurogiri. “Gladly, I'll have the honor of cutting All Might in half” Kurogiri replies as Nomu starts to pull All Might into the portal.

No Good, I need to free myself from his grip, but i’m running on fumes now. All Might tries to free himself from the beast claws which are gouging into his flesh. Not good, I need an opening!

“ALL MIGHT!” Hagakure screams running at him. No! Don’t come! - All Might

“You fool!” Kurogiri appears in front of Hagakure

~ FLASH ~ A bright light suddenly fills Kurogiri's vision, blinding him.

“GAH!” Kurogiri screams, while Hagakure side-steps the mist, and continues her mad dash at the beast, “LET GO OF HIM!!!!”

* FREEZE * Ice starts to form all over the floor, Hagakure stops where she was, as she sees the ice covering Nomu causing it to scream in pain. The ice stops just before the edge of it’s claws, forcing Nomu to release it’s grip of All Might, who took this opportunity to escape by doing a backflip out of there. The ice continues straight at Shigaraki, who has to jump back to avoid the ice.

* BOOM * Bakugou appears grabbing the collar of Kurogiri, with Kirishima appearing at the back of Shigaraki, who was in the middle of avoid the the ice * BASH * “ GUH ” forcing Shigaraki to fall forwards onto his knees.

“Seems we arrived just in time to stop your schemes of killing All Might” Todoroki says to everyone at the scene. “NO FUNNY BUSINESS FROM YOU TOO, ELSE THEY’LL BE PICKING UP PIECES OF YOU FOR WEEKS!” Bakugou shouts at Kurogiri

Deku follows up behind joining the group that was just formed in the main square, entering a stance to prepare for battle again.



“You’re Mad” All Might replies to his speech

“Maybe… But I'm not a hypocrite, I will correct what is wrong with society, NOMU GET KUROGIRI!” - Shigaraki 

All Might stands back looking at the monster claw its way out of the Ice created by Todoroki, quickly regenerating it’s lost body parts. “It’s a monster!” Kirishima observes the scene happening in front of him. Suddenly the Nomu dashes right at Bakugou, right at Bakugou, All Might seeing this, dashing in front and position himself in front of Bakugou pushing him back and holding his guard up

* BASH !!!!* The shockwave of the impact blew the members of class 1-A back… staring right at where Bakugou once was, Nomu managed to free Kurogiri from Bakugou.

“Do you not hold back your punches? They’re just students” All Might said after taking the blunt part of the attack from Nomu “Hold back? Just like how that girl over there held back? Just like how that green brat tossed me aside like a ragdoll? Did they hold back? That girl punch could have killed a normal person! That fuck over there treaten to blow my colleague up, are these the actions of a “Hero”? - Shigaraki 

“I do not want to hear such nonsense from you anymore, surrender, I'll ensure no more harm comes upon you today!” All Might replies to Shigaraki.

“You think you can beat Nomu? Created and engineered to specifically fight you?” Shigaraki taunts All Might. “I will bring an end to this, defeating that monster is what i have to do, created to fight me or not”

“I think it’s too late for that, Kurogiri, release the rejects at them” Shigaraki says “But Shigaraki, they cannot be controlled” Kurogiri says surprised “It doesn’t matter, drop them on the students when Nomu charges at All Might, this is our final chance” Shigaraki says looking at Nomu “Nomu, kill All Might”


The beast roars before charging straight at All Might

“All Might! Let us help, we can take them on like we did just now!” Kirishima ask for permission to join the battle “No, stay back and protect the others” All Might replies

“You would’ve been in trouble if not for me” Todoroki reminds All Might “And for that i thank you Young Todoroki, But it’s time for me to do my job as a hero, just like you have seen many times” All Might says, taking a deep breath… I don’t have much left in me, i have to end this now... getting into stance


Izuku hears All Might voice in his mind, what?! Seeing All Might dashing straight at Nomu

* WHAMMMM !!!!!!!!* 

The two forces collide and create a shock wave to send everyone flying back, Izuku pulls down his goggles, to protect his eyes from the wind. Seeing All might going at Nomu with a frontal assault, going blow for blow with the monster.


“This is nuts!” Kirishima comments

Deku suddenly senses something, on top! “ABOVE US!” Deku quickly shouts, the students look up to see a portal open, a slime and a worm is dropped on top of them. They look exactly like the Nomu, only that there are more stitches on it.

“More Monsters prepare for combat!” Deku shouts as he force pushes one away from them and into the water. *SPLASH* the worm lands into the water. While the slime lands next to Kirishima. Kirishima quickly punches the slime, but his arm gets stuck and is being absorbed in “GAH, THIS THING IS SUCKING ME IN!” Bakugou quickly jumps in to try to pull Kirishima out with one hand blasting the slime monster at the same time.

The monster recoils from the impact of the blast freeing Kirishima’s hand, Bakugou saw this as an opportunity, pulling back his gauntlet and pointing it at the slime monster recovering from the recoil. “EAT THIS YOU FUCK!” 


Deku looks at the worm monster slithering in the water right at them, taking out his Stun baton, he taps the tip of it into the water and switches it on

* BUZZZZZZZZZ * The worm screams in pain as it spasm in the water. An arm appears in front of Deku “You can stop i’ll finish it” Todoroki places his hand in the water freezing all of it in front of him. Stopping it in its position in the frozen water.

I've already passed my limit long ago, but I have to persevere! I AM THE ONLY THING STANDING IN FRONT OF THEM AGAINST THESE VILLAINS, THERE’S NO BACKING OUT, “I’M A HERO WHO WILL SMASH THROUGH EVERY OBSTACLE LIFE PUTS IN HIS WAY!!!!” WHAM All Might Finally connects a good blow on Nomu, quickly grabbing the Nomu sending it Airborne, jumping into the air to slam it back down onto the ground “DO YOU KNOW OF WHAT I SPEAK VILLAIN!?” 

Deku feels the force pulling away, like how water retracts from the beach before a Tsunami.

“MAYBE YOU WOULD HAVE HEARD OF THESE WORDS VILLIAN” All Might slammed onto the ground where the villain bounced in midair. “ GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRAAAAAAAA!

* WHAMMMM !!!!!!!!* 

All Might punches the nomu in the air, sending it straight into the ceiling and out of USJ completely, exploding the area around the ceiling with debris flying everywhere.

“I’ve really gotten weaker, back in my days all of this would be settled with 5 punches tops, but now i had to throw over 300 of them” All might stops and look at Shigaraki

“Well villain? I think it’s best we put an end to this charade” All Might offered the Shigaraki

“Fucking cheater, overpowered shit, you didn’t GET WEAKER!” Shigaraki shouts “Where did your bravado go? What happened to your silly game?” All Might says, he’s out of time, there’s a lot of smoke coming off the ground, but it’s hiding parts of me who have already given way...

“Well, no matter, there’s a couple more in the stadium for you, you only got rid of one, good luck getting rid of the others” Shigaraki taunts. SHIT, there can’t be more can it, as he quickly looks back as Shigaraki smiles.

Bakugou blasted the slime monster with his gauntlet. Any normal being should be knocked out, but he knows better, pushing kirishima back. “Get back, we don’t know if it can take the blast” Bakugou says to Kirishima. “No way it was able to take that an…” the slime jumps out of the shadow and at both of them. “FUC!” Kirishima screams, he had to open his big mouth

Bakugou pointed both arms at the slime again, he did not wear the other hand gauntlet as he was expecting a rescue setup. He has to go all out now. 


“GET OUT OF HERE YOU FUCK!” Bakugou continues to keep blasting the area where the worm is.

Get Todoroki to freeze it! Kirishima remembers how Todoroki froze the Nomu, looking back, he sees Todoroki, quickly dashing towards the pond side, Kirishima calls out to Todoroki, seeing him still dealing with the worm. It freed itself, and completely ignored the ice in front of it now seemly unaffected by the ice now “TODOROKI WE NEED YOUR HELP”

“CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BUSY!” Todoroki replies “Todoroki san, i got this, go and help Kirishima” Izuku says to Todoroki. “Fine, if anything happens it’s on you” As he runs to the otherside.

Deku stares down the worm coming at him at high speed, he can try again, force slow? Was it? But it doesn’t stop, like he saw. Force push… if I push and hold him there? No time! I have to do it. Just like how I did against Bakugou!

Putting both of his hands out FORCE PUSH!! But instead of a blast, Deku constantly pushes the flow against the worm. It slows down again, but it’s still moving, water around the worm starts flying in the air from the force and it pushes against each other.


All Might saw the sight of it, Bakugou and Midoriya fighting their battles against more monsters. Shit! I don’t have any more juice left, PLEASE SOMEBODY. Looking back at Shigaraki, suddenly putting a hand through a portal…


Before All Might sees the hand right in front of his chest


“NOOOO!!!” Hagakure screams, pointing at Shigaraki's face, suddenly emitting a bright light straight at Shigaraki's face blinding him.

“GAHH!!!” Shigaraki retracts his arms to cover his eyes from the light, his irises still seeing white even after closing his eyes “KUROGIRI, KILL THE GIRL” Shigaraki screams “With Pleasu-” 


As the dirt in front of Kurogiri flys up, a shot! 

“Not one more step cowboy, the sheriff is in town” a man with cowboy boots enter the arena, more shadows follows behind him running into view

“Shigaraki, we need to go NOW!” Kurogiri exclaims “Get us the fuck out of here” Says Shigaraki as he’s surrounded by Kurogiri. “You’ll pay for this ALL MIGHT, YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS!!!!” Shigaraki says as the mist disappears into thin air

All Might stood there, not able to move anymore, Hagakure ran up to All Might “ALL MIGHT! Stay where you are! I’ll get…” 

“It’s ok Young Hagakure, go and get your friends to safety, i can’t move anymore” All Might says as Hagakure came into view of the other side of All Might, seeing his powered down form on one and his powered up form in another.


Hagakure turns around, running towards to 2 remaining beast

Deku was still holding back the beast, but it’s very close now, less than 5 meters separating the 2 of them. He's running out, he can’t hold this monster back anymore!!!

The worm came up close to him, pulling back the tail end of the worm before flinging it at Deku. * SMACK * Pulling up his Batons to block it, the impact still sent Deku flying, crashing into the water fountain in the middle of the square. Deku tries to recompose himself, before seeing the worm right above him!


The Worm staggered to the side, Hagakure came into view punching the worm. “I’m here Midoriya!”

“Toru!” Deku is relieved having backup

*WWWPOP!* The Worm seems to be angerer now, rushing at the both of them. Deku prepares himself, entering a dual wielder stance and Toru prepares her one good arm.

* SPLASH !* Red liquid fills both of their visions, as they see Vlad King punching the worm. Red fluid appears covering the creature before it solidifies, trapping the worm in its place.

“Sensei!” Both of the cry out

“Leave it to me, get to the entrance!” Vlad King tells the injured duo. Izuku and Toru nods

Quickly, the teachers of UA scattered around USJ, and a few of them started gathering at the main square.

“There’s a monster inside” calls out Kirishima still in a fighting stance with Kirishima and Bakugou

“So there’s a monster in this block of ice huh… Alright Listeners, just leave it to the teachers, go and join your classmates at the entrance” Mic says to the group.

“But…” Kirishima replies

“No buts, you have all done enough, leave it to the pros” Midnight appears before them

The trio understood the order and ran off the battlefield, leaving a chunk of ice right in the middle of the open area, the slime monster can still be seen, ice cracking slowly.

“It’ll break free soon, we will need to apprehend it when it comes out, prepare yourselves” Hound dog barks, looking at the cracks in the ice.

Looking around Midnight comments “USJ has never looked so bad… what did these students go through…” 


 <Somewhere in an undisclosed location>

A blackmist appears, slowly expanding to lay Shigaraki out on the floor, still blinded by that light attack.

“We were completely defeated… they’ve blinded me! The minions were USELESS! ALL MIGHT DIDN’T EVEN BREAK A SWEAT! YOU WERE WRONG SENSEI!”

“No I wasn't, I was simply… overly optimistic for a success, but it’s alright, you’ve survived the encounter, this will make the world aware of the League of villains” A voice from the screen was heard

“What of the Nomu?” another voice was heard

“I’m afraid he was sent flying, i don’t know where it was sent so i can’t retrieve it” Kurigiri replied

“Bah, no matter, we’ll just work on the next one, shame we lost such a fine subject” the other voice said


“Oh? Tell me more about them…. Tomura” the first voice says, a wave of his hand?

“16, 17... all students are accounted for Sir! Other than the 3 that left early with injuries”

“Thank you Sergeant” the detective says to the cat

“Today have been trying for all of you, those that have wounds please enter this way, others who are fine, we’ll return you to class, do not worry, you have the protection of the police all the way”

“Kero!” Asui raised her hands


“How’s Aizawa sensei?”

“Well, not good, it seems his arms were riddled with micro fractures and he is suffering from facial fractures as well, his bones around his eye socket didn’t fare well from the reports i’m getting, hopefully it won’t affect his sight, but it’s likely he’ll be on medical leave for the next couple of weeks.”

“What about 13?” Uraraka asks

“13, her back and upper arms have sustained serious damage, but she’s she’s alive, same with All Might, he’s not in critical condition, but he has to go through the usual medical procedures”

“What about Toru?!” Ojiro ask

“Ah her, she went with All Might to have herself checked by Recovery girl, she’ll be fine, we’ll make sure of it. Same goes for all of you too, Sansa! Make sure all of them are undisturbed on the way back. I have matters to attend to now.”

“Yes Sir!”

The student slowly boarded the police armored bus, bound for UA. The police have cordoned off the area, bringing out the thugs they found one by one in cuffs, loading them into the police van parked nearby. 

“Mr Principal, We would like to inform you that all students are accounted for, we’ll transport them back, we’ll make sure they will not be distrubed on the trip back.”

“Thank you detective”

“I have another report for you sir, the monster that fought All Might has been found, he was spotted in the neighbouring prefecture, we’re now bringing it into custody.”

“Excellent work detective, i’m more concern about the warping ability the villains have, we’ll have to focus on increasing security for such an attack if it happens again”

“We’ll have our investigators take a look on what they did to get into USJ, we’ll report any findings to you sir”

“Excellent, oh and by all means don’t let me hold you up, please conduct yourselves as usual”

“Thank you Mr principal”

a monster with multiple quirks… could it be? 

“Hound Dog” The principal calls out

“Yes Sir?”

“Take the necessary actions to secure the sports festival, double or triple the security if needed”

Chapter Text

Izuku lays down on a bed in an individual room, recovery girl came by and checked up on them, healed them wherever needed and left them alone in the room next to the infamiary to recover our energy. The room now remains Izuku and Kendo, both on separate beds, still wrapped up in bandages.

“Are you still worried about Hagakure, Izuku?” Kendo asks

“Yeah… she wasn’t looking good when she arrived, her arm was in pretty bad shape”

“Yeah, but she’s a strong person, she’ll survive, i’m more concerned about Aizawa sensei”

“Yeah, he was in the worst condition of us all...his eyes may be damaged… this could affect his hero career… that monster was still so strong even when Aizawa erased it’s quirk”

“Yeah, that monster was ridiculously strong, that guy with the hands… he said it was bio engineered to fight All Might, I was just wondering what it means, how did they even create such a thing?”

“You’re asking the wrong person here haha…” Izuku tries to lighten the mood “but i did sense really weird things from that monster, it felt like there was multiple beings inside”

“What was your quirk again Izuku? Multiple beings inside? You’ve been having headaches and panic attacks the past few days, is that related to today?”

“Possible… i just sometimes get weird gut feelings that’s all”

“Seems to me that weird feeling was pretty spot on, you felt it before the attack?”


“Do you have precognition as like a 2nd quirk you don’t know about?”

“P-pretty sure i don’t, it was probably luck” Kendo now even more curious after Izuku said that

. . . . .

“When you fought that monster, did you ever worry he might overpower you?” Kendo asks Izuku

“Yup, every move it made, I was scared it would suddenly change directions and have a direct hit on me” Izuku replies

“Same, when you called out to me i was scared, it didn’t even give off a killing intent even when it was in my face, when it pushed down on me i can’t feel anything but helpless in that situation…” Kendo said with a disappointed look

“You’re not helpless Kendo, without you there, it might have gone for Jiro, that would’ve been worse, without you, me and jiro may not have survived the mountain zone, just don’t think you’re helpless, that monster needed All Might to defeat it, you managed to hold it back, that’s not helpless okay?” Izuku reassures her

“Aw, Thanks Izuku, never knew you were such a good motivational speaker” Kendo says with a sarcastic voice

“Oh you’re just teasing me now”

“You were so cool deflecting those from reaching us tho, Where did you learn to do that?”

“My trainer, he was pretty harsh on me when we practice deflecting projectiles”

“Your trainer is that good huh...Does he have a dojo? What martial art is that?”

“It’s not a martial art, it’s… just practice and good reflexes, my trainer isn’t available, he had a call up for more important things”

“Shame, i’ve practiced Kendo for so many years and i’m definitely nowhere near your level when it comes to the blade, i can’t imagine what his would be”

. . . . .

“Hey Izuku… Were you afraid when Nomu came for me?”

“Yeah, i wa-”

“No, i meant afraid afraid”

“What do you mean?” Izuku questions

“Like… did you feel anything when it attacked me?” Kendo asks again pouting a little

Izuku has no idea what she’s talking about… is she talking about the voice he heard? How would she know? Trying to recall what he said... * are you really going to let your girls die?* Izuku recalls the voice in his head. His girls?.... Kendo and Jiro? What does the voice mean by my girls… Izuku starts thinking about the two girls he’s friends with, he never really had good relations with girls in middle and high school, always too afraid to approach and always too uninteresting and quirkless to be approached, now he’s good friends with them, Kendo was also his first real friend along with Ojiro and Jiro, he doesn’t know what to do with he loses them… what will i feel if i lose them?

“I was afraid i would lose you, i wouldn’t know what to do if i lost you” Izuku blindly blurts out.

Kendo went slightly red with that comment “When that monster went straight for the both of you, i panicked and got scared, i didn’t know what to do, i couldn’t stop it and , i can’t imagine losing both of you” Izuku continues as his heart rate starts to increase “If that monster was any faster... I wouldn't have forgiven myself if I did nothing and lost you… !”

“It’s ok, we’re all fine now, i’m here, the worst is over” Kendo whispers to him, placing her hand over his. Izuku looks at the hand placed on top of his… warm, and comforting… Looking back, Izuku looked into Itsuka’s eyes, teal fills his vision, she put on a smile for him with a little red in her cheeks. 

Both of them stared at each other, not a word being exchanged between the two, tension filling the air between the two of them. Kendo's mind is going crazy, what is she doing!? Why did she get up and walk to his whisper to his ear… Now looking right at Izuku, she can smell his scent from how close she was to Izuku’s face, who is now blushing up a storm. His lips suddenly standing out in her vision



* ROLL *

Surprising the both of them, Izuku quickly sat up

“So… uhhh… am I interrupting something?” Hagakure asks, looking at the scene in front of her with both of them looking at her now.


“YEA YEA, NOTHING, I WAS JUST CHECKING ON IZUKU” Kendo quickly removed her hand from Izuku and start shaking her hand in front of her

“Ah… errr, don’t mind me, just continue what you were doing” Hagakure tells them

. . . . . no one moved a muscle.

“Should I just go?” Hagakure ask the two of them

“Wait! No!” both of them responded in unison

“It almost looked like both of you were about to eat face when i opened the door… hahaha” Hagakure joked to the both of them, now walking back to the classroom after everyone was checked out by recovery girl

“I told you we’re not, i was just checking on Izuku”

“Sureee… whatever you say big sis, wait till i tell there others”

“We didn’t do anything! We were jus-” both of them said in unison

Hagakure smiled at the both of them, raised her remaining fist at Kendo “I was only joking, we went through a lot today, i just wanted to lighten the mood, will be looking forward to fight with you side by side again”

Kendo who is completely embarrassed now, composed herself “Same” replying the fist with a bump from her own, Izuku doing the same. 

* ROLL *

The remaining members of 1-A who stayed on campus waiting for pickup or escort home looked at the door that was just opened

“OH MIDORI IS HERE!” Ashido shouts before Jiro runs towards the door to meet them.

“Green, glad you’re still in one piece” Jiro said to Izuku “Both of you as well, you got grabbed by that monster in front of me… i couldn’t do-” a hand taps Jiro’s shoulder

“It’s ok Jiro, none of us could do anything to that monster, all it matters now is that we all did our best and learnt from this” Kendo told Jiro

“You’re doing ok Jiro?” Izuku asks, “Yeah, I'm fine, I'm more worried about both of you dumbasses, Kendo, why did you send Green to chase after Toru? I’m the least injured of the bunch of you” as Jiro starts to be emotional “It’s fine, it’s fine, all is well” as Toru grabs Jiro and pulls her in for a hug.

“Today was certainly crazy” Jiro says after Yaoyorozu briefed the trio that just arrived

“So What now?” Izuku asks the remaining members in the class, only Jiro, Hagakure, Momo, Ojiro, Ashido and Kendo remained in class, the rest of the class already made their way home, either picked up by relatives, took the police escort offered or didn’t care and went straight home after dressing down and collecting their belongings. Nezu has already spoken to the initial group and will be giving the class a day off tomorrow to recover and recuperate along with other instructions on what to and not to say if approached by the media, as the attack is now public knowledge.

Ashido was just overall worried about the whole class and decided to stay, Momo stayed as Vice rep to inform the others of what happened during Nezu debrief of the day. Jiro was just waiting, Ojiro was waiting for Toru to go back together

“We can take the offer for the police to bring us home, that would give us peace of mind” Ojiro said “I can go with Toru, we just stay opposite each other”

“Green and i can go back together” Jiro said

“We can go back together!” Ashido said grabbing Kendo’s arm said with confidence pointing to herself

“Actually…” Yaoyorozu said to the remaining class members “i got a car coming by, we could all go together, the driver would drop everyone off at their doorstep”

“All of us?” Ashido asks “A car that can fit all of us, ah! An MPV? That'll be great! Yaoyorozu, we could all go back together!”

. . . . .

“Is something wrong?” Yaoyorozu asks the group, currently in shock, not sure why they stopped in their tracks

“Yaoyorozu-san… when you said car i think we were all expecting what Ashido said… an MPV…” Izuku said weakly

“MPV? well...I guess this could also be called an MPV, it does serve a lot of purposes, it’s bulletproof for example! You need not worry, you’ll be safe! Our driver is one of the best in Japan!”

“Yeah, we’re not thinking of that kind of multi purpose…. But more of its price range” Toru replies.

The 6 of them now look at Yaoyorozu standing in front of a limousine, with a chauffeur in a suit, tie, sunglasses and all wired up like a bodyguard opening the door for her and her classmates.

Yaoyorozu, can I call you mummy?” Ashido asks


“I'm just kidding Yaoyorozu, but can I call you Yaomomo from now on?” Ashido asks

“Sure, i don’t mind any of you calling me that”

“man… i didn’t expect a Limo to show up at the gates, never been in one, never expected it to be this spacious” Ojiro says looking at the open space in the middle of the limo

“I know right! Today is a lot of firsts for us!” Hagakure says excitedly

“You could certainly say that… although a lot of the first you’re most of us experience today isn’t very positive” Jiro replies “We should take it as a positive experience, let’s not waste the sacrifice Aizawa and 13 sensei did for us, and put all the negativity behind us” Kendo said

“Yaoyorozu, you’re part of the famous Yaoyorozu industries right?” Izuku asks, noticing a the logo in the car

“Indeed i am Midoriya”

“Wow, they’re so cool! They do so many awesome engineering projects around the world! Always presenting something cool at I-Island!” Izuku exclaims

“Eh? Yaoyorozu is the same Yaoyorozu as the Yaoyorozu F1 team!? The only Asian F1 team in the world!?” Kendo asks 

“Yes i am of the same Yaoyorozu”

“EHHH? WAIT! You’re the only daughter of the Yaoyorozu family that was the runner up for the Formula 3 title in Europe!? What are you doing here?!” Kendo says, remembering watching a young Japanese girl climbing the motorsport ladder, slowly creeping in her inner motorhead knowledge

“I just returned to join UA obviously, it’s my dream to become a Hero”

“But weren’t you participating in Formula 2 this year? Is your dream not to become a Formula 1 driver?” Kendo continues

“Yes I am, I've already participated in a couple of races in Bahrain, but there’s plenty of gaps during the seasons. I just need a few weekends off to participate in their race weekends, I've received the principal permission. My dream is to be a Hero first, racing driver was my father’s and grandfather’s passion that was passed onto me, i respect that and am also giving everything i got there, i hope to race for my grandparents team one day” Yaoyorozu says with confidence 

“Wow, looks like i know what to watch when i get back home, good luck to your races” Izuku said writing down into the notebook labeled 1-A

“Thank you for your support Midoriya, we’ll do our best in this year's season to win the title this year!”

“Never knew you were so cool, Yaomomo!” Ashido continues to add

Izuku spent the next school day studying the holocron, trying to find anything on the Dark side or force slow, but nothing showed up. He’s getting worried that he’s falling to the Dark side and is unsure if he can control himself like Master Windu said many Jedi weren't able to. 

Izuku quickly scanned the Holocron contents like he did before, listing down every lesson onto his notebook labeled “The Force” he flips the pages looking for any references to anything related to his search, but his “Future” lessons are all about what he has already learnt with his time with Windu. Izuku pouts, but he thinks it’s time to take stock, writing down on a sheet of paper of his current abilities 


{ Name : Izuku Midoriya : Age : 17 

Scale: Grandmaster > Master > Advanced > Proficient > Competent > Intermediate > Novice > Beginner

Saber forms: 

  • Form I : Novice 
  • Form II : Beginner
  • Form III : Novice
  • Form IV : Beginner
  • Form V : Unlearnt
  • Form VI : Unlearnt
  • Form VII: Unlearnt
  • Jar'Kai: Beginner


Force abilities: 

  • Force Sense : ? 
  • Force Lift: Intermediate 
  • Force Push : Intermediate 
  • Force Pull : Novice 
  • Force Speed : Novice 
  • Force Valor : Beginner
  • Force Aura : Beginner
  • Force Slow? : ?
  • Force Crush?: ?
  • Throw Saber : Novice 
  • Force Jump : approximately 3.5 meters when at peak, 7 meters with Force speed.


Force crush and Force Slow aren't referenced in the holocron… is Master Windu not aware of it? That can’t be possible… Does he not want me to learn it? Is it a dark side power? He looks at the rest of the force powers he hasn’t even been able to successfully pull off, but is listed in the Holocron 

  • Force Stun : Unlearnt
  • Energy resistance : Unlearnt
  • Force Deflection : Unlearnt
  • Battle Meditation : Unlearnt (Mentioned, but no lessons)
  • Mind trick : Unlearnt (Mentioned, but no lessons)

Interesting… Mind trick? How does that work? Am I able to trick people while talking to them? Izuku searches in the holocron… no other mentions by Windu, that’s annoying. Switching to the Force resistance lesson, guess I'll take a look at this over the next few days..

The remaining lessons left that aren't Saber forms were about Jedi teachings and beliefs, along with a small bit of history of the galaxy which Izuku quickly went through, he always wondered how would outer space work, but there wasn’t much but a lot of politics, there were glimpses of different species. Wookies look tough and Twi'lek are pretty attractive to most of the galaxy standards. But that was all that was mentioned. There was those droids that Master Windu often complained about, B1 and B2 battle droids… they look cool enough. But there’s not much else about the rest of the galaxy disappointingly. No history on the dark side, no history of the sith. There was one lesson about the Jedi main tool, the Lightsaber, Izuku noted down, not knowing what it is yet, Izuku got curious, he never saw Windu wield anything more than a stick.

Filled with curiosity, Izuku decides to take the lesson now, upon switching to it, the images changed to a picture of a hilt. The voice of Master Windu fills the room, an audio clip that he has inserted into the holocron.

*The Lightsaber, a tool of the Jedi order, and often the weapon of the sith, in your world would call it a laser sword, some heroes i’ve seen use something similar, often for rescue operations rather than for combat. The lightsaber cutting power is almost unrivaled, able to cut through even the thickest of defences, eventually my young padawan, you will learn how to construct one if given the materials.


Lastly the most important component of the Lightsaber, the Kyber crystal, a rare crystal not often found on most planets. These crystals are force-attuned, beaming with concentrated energy, able to respond to living beings, often we bring our younglings to places with high concentration of crystals to find one that responds to them, unfortunately for you Young Padawan, i am yet to be able to find a source on earth. 

The crystals often come in many colors, Blue, Green and yellow are the most common in the Jedi order, historically the Jedi order used these colors as a reflection of the demeanor and position within the order. The color of the crystal would determine the color of the blade, Sometimes the sabers would require more than one crystal, mostly for situations for underwater.

Blue being the color of the Jedi Guardian, this Jedi focuses on the battle against the forces of evil and the dark side, they focus on combat training and use of the lightsaber.

Yellow is the color of the Jedi sentinel, this Jedi ferrets out deceit and injustice, bringing it to light. They focus less on combat and more on other skills and abilities.

Green is the color of the Jedi Consular. This Jedi seeks to bring balance to the universe. They mediate between groups, using powers to end conflict and preserve peace.

There are also other colors, Red is often used by the Dark Jedi and Sith, but it’s not always the case. Their crystal color is due to a process called ...

That concludes my lesson on the Lightsaber, you may have questions about it, but it will have to wait till I have contacted you after my mission. May the force be with you Young Padawan.

Izuku looks up, realizing he spent the entire afternoon writing down his notes, crap… I should really get dinner… I wonder if I will ever get a Kyber crystal… what color would it be? Izuku is trying to imagine him holding a Lightsaber, green in color… then blue… then yellow… hmmm well, not like i have a choice anyway, the Kyber crystal tends to choose the user, rather than the user choosing it, but Izuku can’t help but wonder...


The day when school was temporarily closed went by quickly, Izuku spent it studying lessons given by Master Windu, but we returned to school for lessons the next day.

“I wonder who will be taking over homeroom, i don’t think Aizawa sensei is in the condition to teach”

“Maybe All Might will be our replacement teacher!”

* ROLL * The door opens with a mummy walking in

“AIZAWA SENSEI?” most of the class was surprised

“Morning class and settle down”

Tenya quickly raised his hand “Sensei, are you sure you’re alright?” “Can you even call that All right?” Uraraka commented on his question

“My well being is not important, but what’s important is the next battle”

“Oh man… not again…” Mineta says

“UA Sports festival is approaching boys and girls and you must prepare yourselves”

“The Sports festival? Right after a villain attack? Won’t they think that it’ll be better to follow up another attack at the festival when the world is watching?”

“On the contrary, we’ll be going ahead with the festival, we must give a show of force that even after we were attacked, we remain confident and not duck and hide in fear. Police and heroes' presences will be increased as a precaution. But what you should be thinking about is the huge chance to show yourself off to the world”

“Top heroes around the world would be watching, if you get noticed by a pro, that’ll give you the standing for a brighter future than otherwise. Naturally entering a squad of a famous hero would get you higher status over other lower level side kicks and expose you to more experiences”

“But to even be noticed and be memorable to the people we’ll need to settle something first, something special and will be with you for the rest of your career”

“Your Hero callsigns”

“WOO! Now this is what we’re talking about!” Kirishima celebrates

“We’ll be using your Hero callsigns during the festival, to kick start your reputation… for better or for worse, it also doubles as helping to not expose everyone’s identity so quickly since most of you are still minors.” Aizawa lists “Placeholder names are fine too, but it has to be something appropriate”

“BECAUSE IF IT ISN’T THERE’LL BE HELL TO PAY!” A voice of a female filled the room “So the names that you would have will be known to the world, so unless you change it, the names will forever stick with you after going pro!”

“Midnight!?” The class said aloud

“Yup, Midnight, i’ll be having her to evaluate your naming sense, because i sure as hell have none” Aizawa says, getting into his sleeping bag

“Make sure you choose something you’re confident with, it will affect your future and the image you choose to project. As the saying goes, Names and nature often agree” Aizawa added

“Alright, everybody take a white board and a marker, start drafting out names, we’ll present it in 15 minutes” Midnight says

Izuku looked at his board… What should I choose?  * CALL ME LITTLE MIGHT, ALL MIGHT JR! ALL MIGHTY! MIGHT BOY! CAPTAIN MIGHT! * Izuku recalls his childhood, i if i were choose that now it’ll be embarrassing haha - Izuku giggles

Thinking about his powers now, influenced by the force, trained by the Jedi Master Windu of the Jedi order… how would he choose his Hero name? I wonder how Master Windu is doing now, he hasn't sent me a single message since he left. Is he that busy in America?... but then again he’s one to not initiate sending messages, Izuku pouts.

“All right class, whoever is ready can present your Hero name” Midnight announced

“Oui!” Yuga stood up and walked straight to the front. “Brave man, going first” Ojiro says



“If you take out the i and abbreviate it to just “can’t” it’ll be alot easier to say” Midnight looking at his name on the white board, “you could try Can’t Stop Twinkling” 

“Is that even allowed?” Ojiro wondered out loud.

“All right class, next~” Midnight continues

“Right!” Ashido comes out, quickly showing her name “You call call me Alien Queen”

“You’re aiming for that monster from the movies? It’s acceptable, but do check if you’re able to use the name without getting in trouble” Midnight


“My Hero name will be the Martial Arts hero, Battle Fist !” The class continues to give applause

“Thank you Kendo, well that leaves Midoriya”


Midoriya walks up, looking at his name, well this is it, quickly flipping it around to show the class.

“Are you sure about that? Midoriya” Ojiro said out loud

“Yeah, up until recently i didn’t like it at all, but it was given a new meaning, so i was happy so now” Izuku breathes in and says it out loud.

“I’m the Force Master Hero! Deku” Izuku said aloud, the class applauding with Jiro and Kendo smiling at his choice.


“Whew! That homeroom class was fun! We finally got our Hero names! And we weren’t even threatened to be expelled by Aizawa Sensei!” Hagakure says walking towards the cafeteria for lunch with the group

“But it gives us more pressure now, to live up to our Hero Name when we debut at the Sports festival!” Tenya says

“Yeah! We're gonna crush our opposition!” Uraraka says being extra determined.

OOOHHH, There you are, Young Hagakure! I have something to talk to you about, care to eat lunch with me?

“ALL MIGHT!?” the group says

“Wow i didn’t expect All Might to call out Hagakure like that” Kendo said finishing her lunch

“Yeah, he even asked her out like a teenage girl!” Uraraka says

“What do you think is going on with Hagakure, Ojiro? Tenya asks

“How would i know, probably something to do the the USJ, she was closest to All Might when the battle ended”

“Actually, maybe Toru has caught his eye, her super strength is quite similar to All Might! He could have taken interest in her!” Izuku said

<The group continue discussing this as a Red and white haired boy eavesdrop on the conversation>


The weeks went by, our student lives resumed back to normal, class and lecturers continued to keep us busy, everybody started to split into their own groups for the preparation for their debut as Heroes in training, and those two weeks that we were given to train, flew by… 

Declaration of war was issued between classes, especially between 1-B and 1-A. Some blonde and silver-haired guys kept going up to them screaming that they were the superior class or kept challenging them before thick vines wrapped them up and dragged them away.


The sound of wooden swords clashing in a training hall in UA.  * SMACK * *Hit!*

“”GAHH!!! IZUKU, your sword stances are all wrong, but yet I can't seem to get you…” Kendo complains

“I told you many times, i’m not using Kendo, Kendo” Izuku jokes

“I’m gonna get you for that pun”

“Come and get me then” Izuku said with one giving the approach me gesture, while the other hand holds a Shinai moving into stance

“YAAAAHHHH!!!!!” Kendo Charges in trying to take advantage of his one handed stance * SMACK ** SMACK ** SMACK *

“Man those two have been going at it for hours” Hagakure comments while sitting on the bench by the side

“Kendo is too determined now to beat Izuku, she hasn’t always been the best in sword fighting, but she never backs down” Ojiro replies remembering his own experience in Kendo.

“Yeah, but it’s kinda weird isn’t it?” Hagakure asks “Izuku quirk at first glance is supposed to be a telekinetic quirk in nature. But he’s able to spread that power around him giving abilities boost in speed, strength or defence, it’s quite rare, even rarer for them to focus so heavily on sword play, and so good at it too! He doesn't even look like the kind who holds a sword.”

“Yeah, His is a weird quirk alright, he’s also able to sense and predict certain things like what happened at USJ, it almost seems like he has multiple quirks and doesn't know about it” Ojiro continues, before looking at Jiro “Any opinions about Midoriya? Jiro”

“What? How would I know?” Jiro responded, she has a theory in her head that what Izuku is using isn’t a quirk based on analyzing the recording, but has no solid evidence “I don’t have an opinion honestly”

“GAHHHH!!!! WHY CAN’T I GET A HIT ON YOU ANYMORE!? YOU WEREN’T THIS HARD TO BEAT EARLIER THIS YEAR IZUKU!!!” Kendo shouts in frustration before charging in again “AGAIN!”

“This is gonna keep going on until she hits him isn’t it?” Hagakure says being a little bored

“Yeah… she won’t even give up if she senses Izuku letting her hit him… this is gonna take awhile…” Ojiro replies

“Yo!” a voice is heard behind, a reddish haired girl walks up to them “Who’s the boy?”

The trio looks at the girl… who is she… looking at her uniform, unsure how to respond.

“Oh, my bad guys, i’m Yuyu Haya, a year 3-A student, and from what i can tell, your senior”

“Oh? So you’re our Senpai!” Hagakure says

“Yeah, but don’t worry about me, i’m interested in that green one”

“Green? Why would you be interested in him?” Jiro asks frowning a little

“I’m the Vice chairman of the Kendo club, i’ve never seen someone so skilled in the blade… almost makes me want to change into my Bogu and charge straight at him” Yuyu says salivating at the thought

“Ah great, another Kendo type…” Ojiro scratches his cheek


“I swear i’m not using my quirk”

“Then why are you so GOOD!!!!”


“Yeah… seems he’s kinda booked for now, want to leave a message for green?”

“Sure” pulling out a leaflet from her bag quickly writing at the back of it before handing it to Jiro “You can tell him that UA Kendo club is scouting him, he can always come down to our clubroom, we’ll make the necessary arrangements, you can pass it on to orange as well, my number is on the back, you can contact me for anything, even for Hero course stuff” Yuyu winks to the group

“Sure, i’ll pass it onto them” Jiro replies, taking the leaflet

“Thanks, looks like i’ll be watching the first year sports festival with great interest, good luck for the sports festival guys”

“Thanks Yuyu Senpai!!” Hagakure waves back

* SMACK * *Hit!*

“AGAIN!” Kendo shouts

“Ah Come on… it’s already 10pm, we want to catch a train back Kendo!”

“JUST ONE MORE ROUND!!” Kendo Continues to exchange blows with Izuku who is using the sword with one hand, and a shorter one in another

A large crowd gathers at the entrance to the sports stadium section of UA, many heroes on leave, audiences, and the media are all queuing up on a Thursday to watch the first years Sports festival! An event that garnered a lot of attention from the public, often the place to see the future heroes in training in action live! People in the crowd all were talking about their own things.

“Man, they really bumped up the security for this year…”

“That’s because they are taking no chances after the villain attack at USJ”

“Class 1-A was the class that was attacked right?! Man what a chance to film them now, all the controversy would attract so many eyes!” 

“Ahhhh, so nice to get ourselves the VIP seats this year!” The figure sat down next to a tall man in the VIP room fully air conditioned with only a handful of other well respected heroes present, hands filled with the extra-extra large bucket of popcorn. “You really went out of your way for this one, pulling so many strings, looks like someone has caught your attention huh? You never went out of the way for anything like this Sir” the female voice said aloud

“Needless to say, i’m just here to confirm things” the tall man said

“Sure, i bet you’re looking at All Might’s kid” the girl bets

“Sharp and well informed as always Bubble girl ” the tall man replies

“Of course, I have a reputation to keep, you know?” Bubble girl smirked “so depending on how she did, you would try to pull her in for an internship?”

“Well, that depends on if i like what i see and if my hunch is correct”

“Since when did you trust hunches? You were always all about facts Sir

“Let’s just say it’s a little personal between me and All Might, i’m just unconvinced at his choice, his resources should have been placed elsewhere”

Chapter Text

“Wow, it seems this year freshmen are getting all the attention, it’s usually the 3rd years who are in the spotlight.” comments Kamui woods

“Since news that some of the freshmen fought off a villain attack even when completely outnumbered went public, it got everyone’s interest.” Death arms replies

“Wow… it looks like they’re attracting pro heroes from all over the world, i think i saw a few american ones by the side, this year freshman are crazy” Mt lady said, eating some Premium Takoyaki

“We came too with the intention of scouting them, but the tickets were already sold out, the ticket prices for the 1st year is oddly higher than the 2nd years this year” Woods added

“Focus guys, we can always watch the replay later, we’re on security detail” Deatharms told the both of them

<In the 1-A waiting room> 

The chatter of the class fills the air “Everyone? Are your preparations complete? We’re set to enter as soon as they give the signal” Kendo calls out to the class, everyone in their PT uniforms, created for them for this event

“Hagakure” Todoroki calls out

“What is Todoroki-kun?” She replies, a little odd that Todoroki is calling her suddenly

“On an objective basis, i think i’m stronger than you in terms of practical strength”

“Huh? What?” Hagakure got even more confused

“But you managed to get All Might's eye on you, right? I feel no need to pry into that but...” Todoroki says with a determined look “I’m going to beat you”

“Whoa? A declaration of war from one of the strongest in class?!”

“Whoa there, Todoroki! Let’s not get so-” Tenya calls out

“I’m not here to make friends, but whatever” Todoroki says walking away

. . . . .

“I have no idea what you want from me Todoroki kun, but suddenly walking up to me like that, but to declare that you’re stronger than me before we even fight isn’t fair, I'm going to go for it with all my might! We’ll see who’s stronger then”

Tch - Bakugou seeing what happened in front of him

“Guys! We’re up!” Kendo shouts coming into the room, signalling the start


The crowd cheers loudly with that introduction, as Class 1-A walks out of the hallway 

“Wahhh, so many eyes on us, i’m so nervous!”

The rest of the classes are introduced, all forming up as a contingent in front of a stage with the host Midnight on center stage.

“Now! Now, the briefing is about to start! But first, shall we invite the Player representative of the first years… The Explosive Hero Trainee! Ground Zero! of 1-A!” Shouts Midnight on stage

“Eh? Kacchan is our rep?”

“He placed first in the entrance exam remember” Sero replied Midoriya

“Yeah, the heroics entrance exam” a disgruntled voice was heard from a member of class 1-C, voice full of spite and hate. You don’t even need force sense to feel it.

Bakugou goes up to the stage, right in front of the microphone. Stares at the competition before looking up…saying with a straight face and voice

I’m gonna win, so make sure you’re giving your all so i can beat you without any excuses

“DON’T PUSH YOUR LUCK!” “THIS GUY, FULL OF HIMSELF!” some of the schoolmates started shouting out. “This guy is unbelievable! I’m so gonna look forward to crushing him”

Overconfident? No… that’s not it, if that were in the kacchan I used to know, he'd scream at the top of his lungs… What he’s doing right now is deliberately cornering himself, psyching himself.

“All Right!” Midnight continues “We shall move on to the first game! And this year's first game will be… WALK THE PLANK!

In this game all participants will run through a 2 kilometer track made out of wood around the stadium parameter before returning to the stadium! Participants will have to dodge obstacles and reach the end before the gas reaches the end! Only the top 40 students who finish will qualify for the next round!


Deku stands at the back of the pack, while everyone else has quickly taken up slots in the front.


The mass of students start dashing into the tunnel, Squeezing on the wooden platform that is flanked by water on the side. Deku starts running into the tunnel, realizing the group at the back is bottlenecked due to the number of people around him, as everyone tries to stay in the middle as some participants fall into the water around them, almost reminding him of the day the security alarm was triggered. 

Suddenly the force senses an energy coming from the front! Quickly jumping into the air, a breeze of cold air was felt as Deku sees a wave of ice covering the plank and around the legs of the students who were caught on it. Looking forward he saw Todoroki running away, the ice must have been his doing! Noticing many others also running alongside Todoroki, dodging the ice attack.

Landing back on the plank, Deku looks around… a dark green smoke starts to appear from the back of the tunnel… That must be the gas they said you shouldn't be caught by! Deku takes off squeezing through the people who were stuck. “HELP ME!!” “I CAN’T LOSE HERE”  the other students screamed in desperation. Exiting the tunnel Deku sees the front, most of Class 1-A and B is ahead, no time to lose!


Shouto runs up to the next obstacle, potholes on the plank? Really? Is something so simple gonna take him out? The pothole sizes can fit a couple people through, making parts of it hard to walk on as there’s not much space. Suddenly someone behind tries to jump him

“I GOT YOU NOW!!” Mineta shouts with 2 of his purple balls ready to be thrown in his hands 

*Smack* suddenly a ball hits Mineta in mid air sending him straight into the water

Shouto looks up, on both sides of the planks there’s ships with cannons pointing at the plank, firing soft rubber balls at high velocity! Suddenly a ball is fired right at him, straight at his face, *BASH* a loud sound was heard, a wall of ice appears to defend Todoroki, created just before the ball hits Shouto, ensuring the ball will never ever hit him.

“I see how this obstacle is…” as he advances forward, under fire from the ships around.


Deku finally arrives to the potholes, he looks at the ship in on the sides firing at all of the participants, dodging and avoiding the balls at the same time, Mineta suddenly appears next to him all wet

“Mineta what happened?” Izuku asks

“Got hit by one of those balls and fell into the water, there’s a ladder to climb back up but now I'm behind…  THAT HURT DAMIT!” Mineta screams as he runs off

Deku needs to get a move on, he looks up as a bird like a student took to the air, well, that’s easy for him… suddenly a hail of gunfire was heard, Deku looked up seeing the flying student before him getting shot down by anti air pellets hitting him! Those rounds are coming from the ship, THERE’S A MINIGUN!? They’re disencouraging flying...

Deku stepped forward, he can’t look in both directions at the same time… use the force izuku wait… he doesn’t need to! Deku closes his eyes, feeling the force around him, spreading it out as far as he can, letting it flow through the potholes sending a small wave back to him. It's just like how Master Windu taught him, it’s just like how he defended Jiro and Kendo at USJ. 

Deku steps forward with his eyes closed, just walking through the obstacles, suddenly he stops, letting a ball fly right past his face. Before continuing, completely missing the potholes even without Vision.

WHAT’S THIS? CLASS 1-A STUDENT DEKU IS GOING THROUGH THE OBSTACLE WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING AT THE SHIPS?! HIS EYES ARE CLOSED HE’S NOT EVEN LOOKING AT THE POTHOLES? The commentator screams through the television in a bar. Footage of Deku was splashed on screen live, seeing him effortlessly walk through the pothole and stopping and moving just in time before the balls even hit him 

The man viewing the television smiles, he’s finally starting to believe, feeling a sense of pride from his progress, as he sips at his cup of joe.

Deku reaches the end of the pothole obstacle, he can’t waste any more time, he’s walked the entire stage, but just before moving off he sensed someone still next to him, looking down he sees Mineta, standing next to him

“Thanks for the ride Midoriya” he winks at Midoriya running off


Shouto reaches the next obstacle, a hanging bridge! The bridge starts to droop a little for some reason, almost at water level, stepping on it, the planks move and shake alot like a droopy bridge!, making balance an issue for the young hero in training. He could freeze the entire path solid, but that would just create a solid bridge for the people behind, not a good idea, as he starts to walk the droopy bridge, it starts to shift side to side, forcing him to squat, lowering his center of gravity.

*BOOM* Bakugou jumps at Shouto from behind. “THIS DOESN’T AFFECT ME” Landing next to Todoroki, causing the plank to wobble and swing around alot. “YOU’VE DECLARED WAR ON THE WRONG PERSON YOU HALF AND HALF!!!”

Bakugou swings his arms to try to push Todoroki, forcing Todoroki to block, being pushed back a few steps but managing to freeze Bakugou’s hand a little. 

The bridge starts to wobble a lot as other participants start arriving. Damit!

Midoriya finally reaches the droopy bridge, he sees a lot of people are on it now, water now at chest height in the middle, with Todoroki and Bakugou leading the pack, he has no time now! Running forward

The fight between the leading pair was slowing them down as they pushed each other aside trying to take the lead, but with the cold water now at knee height it made it difficult to move forward. Shout thinks to himself he could end this by freezing the track but that will still create a path for the others. Bakugou thinks to himself he could just ignore him and fly away, but he’s still mad half and half and declares war on that invisible bitch.

Suddenly the loudspeakers announced * AND THERE’S A NEW RACE LEADER * both of them turned around seeing a familiar person overtaking them.

“Ah you guys should ignore me” Tsuyu says and continues as she continues to submarine her way through”

“Not so fast! Bakugou quickly fires a blast sending him airborne, and towards the other end of the bridge. Shouto has no time, he spent too long fighting Bakugou that others start catching up. 

* SPLASH * sounded in front of all of  them, water was sent flying from the impact of somebody landing in front finally revealing herself. Hagakure takes the lead after jumping with 5% of her power after running the downslope and jumping just before the water, landing in front of Tsuyu.


Hearing that Hagakure bolts off, with an electric aura coming off her and interacting with the water around her. Shouto didn’t hesitate quickly creating an ice platform for him to run on. Dashing to the end of the droopy bridge.

The 3 of them cleared the bridge around the same time all now sprinting towards the last obstacle. Which is in front of them… a MOAT ! With a bridge slowly lowering itself down. There’s no time to wait for the bridge, by the time it lowers itself completely, everyone would be here!

Bakugou was the first one to go airborne, as ballista fire filled the air from the castle in front. Using his blast he dodges out of the way. Hagakure quickly follows up behind by jumping up and towards the lowering bridge, managing to grip on it’s edges pulling herself up. Shouto has no time, a pillar of ice is created and he sprints up. 

The end was in sight for all 3 of them at the other end of the tunnel, Hagakure with her speed enhancement, Shouto creating ice in front of him to get a boost and Bakugou airborne using the explosions to propel him.



The crowd cheers goes crazy! 


Midoriya finally crosses the line, he’s spent too much time on the pot holes, the bridge was tricky but he eventually just force jumped over. The drawbridge was still too high for a normal person when he reached and force jump was able to clear it in one try.

. . . . .



  8. VINE
  9. DEKU


“GAHHHH I’M ALREADY ELIMINATED!?” Kaminari shouts, looking at the results screen

“It’s ok… you and Koda can try for the comeback games” Ashido told him, reassuring him

“Damn straight i will” Kaminari shakes his fist angrily


Izuku enters the rest zone, all of the top 40 are there other than Kaminari and Koda, all gathering into their cliques and chatting to themselves as the eliminated games are being played.


Izuku now grabbing a drink and looking at the standings, that was certainly a race, surprising Toru won!

“Wow Toru! That was awesome!” Izuku said to Hagakure

“Thanks” she said with a smile

“Not bad yourself Izuku, i saw how you cleared the potholes, that was insane, i’m pretty sure you have some sort of precog quirk now” Kendo said, disappointed at her own results

“Nah, i just trusted in my senses when i walked through”

“Your senses are out of this world, what should we call it then? Deku sense?” Jiro compliments

“Haha, i don’t know what would i name it yet” Izuku lied, Jiro fully knowing he lied

Soon after, Kaminari entered the rest zone alongside a purple haired student.

“GAHHH, I just made it out alive, everyone there looked like they were about to eat me alive”

“Then don’t get knocked out first you idiot” Ashido greeted him with a smack to the head


All remaining contestants please remain on the field. For the next game I want everyone to form groups of 5. The rules of the game will be explained in 15 minutes, for now I want 12 groups of 3! 

10 groups? What could this be? 3 members? What kind of game would this be?

“Izuku! Wanna team up?” Kendo calls out, causing Izuku to yet again flinch

“Kendo! Sure! We’ll just need one more” Izuku said

“Ojiro!” Kendo called out “Wanna join our team?” 

Ojiro looked at Kendo and then at Izuku… “Can’t do Kendo, i’m a bit locked by someone”

“What?” Both of them said looking behind Ojiro it’s Hagakure

“Yeah… if i join you Hagakure would be left out, i think it’ll be a good compromise for both of our teams if we split like this… so that i can also beat you Kendo”

“Damn straight!” Kendo smiled at Ojiro challenge “I’ll be beating your ass next” As Ojiro and Kendo give each other a fist bump

“Green! Do you have a team yet?” Jiro calls out from behind

“Yeah i’m teamed with Kendo for now, we’re looking for one more, you without a team yet Jiro?”

“Yeah, i’m solo for now”

“Great! Do you want to join our team?”

“If Kendo is alright with it” Jiro says to Izuku

“... yea i’m fine with it” Kendo says after hesitating a bit with a pout on her face…




The students starts spreading out to their assigned stations, ready to sprint to the middle to pick up the objective and get to the otherside which will count as their extraction location


Deku begins sprinting to the middle of the field, as a Yellow package drops right in the middle of all 12 teams, every team focuses on it making a mad dash for it. Deku already made plans with both Kendo and Jiro on what to do, looking at each other they split up, with Deku running straight to the extraction zone.


Looking into the middle, Deku sees Ida running around in the middle with the package in hand, the ground around him starts to soften, what? Is that one of the other team's quirks?

Ida quickly tries to escape the softing ground, but it’s too late, both of his legs were caught in the area of effect attack, which also caught out many teams. In his desperation he throws the objective in the air towards his teammate Yaoyorozu.

Deku saw his opportunity! Using the force to surround the yellow package and pull it towards him, just narrowly dodging Asui’s tongue, it changes course from heading towards Yaoyorozu and now towards Deku. 

Deku suddenly senses something on the left with his force sense, two horns suddenly approach him, dodging out of the way, he loses focus of the package as it drops back down onto the ground. Quickly surrounded by Vines.


Bakugou jumps into the pile of vines blowing up apart. “WHERE IS IT?” looking at the trail of vines to a Class 1-B student. Quickly Blasting himself towards the girl, he was quickly intercepted by a silvered cover student, throwing a punch. Bakugou quickly gave a blast to the left while he was in mid air, maneuvering out of the way of the punch.

* BOOM * Bakugou gives the guy a quick blast before continuing flying towards the girl. Now pulling the package out from her hair. 

“GET OVER HERE YO-” Suddenly colliding into nothing?


“Thanks Tsuburaba!” said the green haired girl now running towards her extraction zone. As another class 1-B student managed to stop Bakugou in his tracks

Bakugou, now mad, quickly bashes the wall in front of him but it doesn’t budge. “It’s gonna take a bit more than that to break my Air!”

* BOOM * The wall of air shatters, Bakugou quickly giving a blast to the 1-B boy

* BOOM *“GAH!!!”



The next objective dropped, Deku, knowing it’ll be dropped in Midair tries to get it with the force again.


A Mountain of ice now divides the field, as Todoroki now has joined the battle for the 2nd package.

Quickly getting up there, Ida grabs the package again.

WOOSH ** Smack * Suddenly Kirishima appears out of nowhere, crashing into Ida at high speed, forcing Ida to drop the package.


Again it was another opportunity for Deku to grab the package again focusing on the item *SNAP*WOOSH* it disappears again. Reeled in by a metal wire this time towards a pink haired girl.

“GOT IT, LETS GO!” Hatsume said to her team.

Shouto quick gets in front of the team “You’re not going anywhere with that”


Hagakure dashes at him to push him out of the way, surprising Shouto both of them in melee range of each other, Shouto in his surprise, leaked out a bit of flame. Remembering his promise, he switches it off * WOOSH *,  allowing Hagakure to push him back and away.

Hatsume quickly dashes past the 2, with Ojiro escorting her


Another Package drops into the battlefield, this time Jiro grabbed in by leaping off the ice created by shouto, with all the other participants looking out from below and ahead purple haired student who was waiting for the package to drop on him

“That Girl! Is she crazy? Where is she gonna land!?” The group below shouted with Jiro now dropping straight towards them

Deku seeing what happened quickly pulls up his hand, this time Jiro has the package, there will not be any interruptions! FORCE PULL

Pulling Jiro towards him now, towards their extraction zone. Two horns now appeared again in front of Jiro going straight at her. 


The horns dropped onto the ground, swiped away by Kendo “DEKU HURRY UP!”

It was a funny feeling for Jiro, now surrounded by Izuku’s powers, it feels tingly and warm, rather comfortable she thinks to herself, somewhat enjoying the moment.

Deku pulls her in close, but there’s no time to land her onto the ground, he prepares himself, seeing many other teams now running towards him


Jiro's face went super red, Deku pulled her onto him, quickly grabbing and carrying her  in his arms bridal style. Turning around dashing towards the extraction zone.


The crowd cheers in response...

Izuku enters the rest zone, looking around only the first and second team are around. Ah Hagakure and Ojiro made it!

“Green… you can let me down now” Jiro said with a red face, interrupting his train of thought

“Huh? Oh right yeah, I forgot, my bad sorry!” Izuku said, realizing that he was still carrying Jiro “It’s ok, just.. Maybe you could have let me down without carrying me off the stage like that” Jiro continued

Izuku looks around now… oops, he mindlessly carried Jiro all the way to the rest zone from the extraction zone… crap did everyone see that!?. Now also turning bright red. Now letting Jiro down from the bridal carry.

“Wooo! Spicy!” Crap, both Izuku and Jiro now looked at who was cheering, HAGAKURE!? “What’s the matter between you two? i thought it was so cute~”  Hagakure continues 

“I-i we-we were just distracted after getting the package” Izuku tries to explain to Hagakure “Must be pretty nice to hold her for so long in your arms light that eh? It was like i just saw a newlywed couple coming out from their wedding” Hagakure tease

“WHAT?” Both Izuku and Jiro said in Unison “NO IT’S-”

“Ok knock it off Toru, they’re cherry red enough, any more their heads would blow” Kendo interrupts “Awww, you’re no fun Kendo, maybe you would’ve liked to be the one being carried, maybe if i said what happened that day in the inf-” 

“WHAT, TORU YOU” Kendo quickly chase after Hagakure around the room, ready to swat her.

“Noisy day as usual eh?” Ojiro said to Izuku “Yeah…” Izuku responded to Ojiro “What happened on what day?” Jiro asks “Oh, nothing much” Izuku tries to deflect with red on his cheeks

“So this is what 1-A is normally like shroom?” a short brown haired girl asks “It looks so much fun!”

The trio of Ojiro, Izuku and Jiro now turns to the girl “Ah it’s mostly between us, a lot of teasing between those two” Ojiro says out, turning around looking at the 2 girls chase each other

“I must say, they must have a lot of energy to still want to run after all of these games” The green haired girl says to the group. “Oh my apologies, we haven’t introduced ourselves, i’m Ibara Shiozaki, Class 1-B President”

“Oh! Nice to meet you Shiozaki-san, i’m the class Support rep” Izuku said “And the orange hair girl chasing the blonde is our President Kendo-san” continued Ojiro

“Yes, i’ve met her before in a meeting, i just didn’t expect her to be chasing that poor girl” Ibara says with worry “That girl is anything but poor” Ojiro said scratching his cheeks

“Oh and our classmate here is Kinoko Komori, also known as Shemage” Ibara introduces

“Nice to Shroom you~” The brown hair girl greets, sticking her tongue out

Shroom? The group thinks

“Oh! It’s you!” The pink hair girl suddenly goes up to Izuku


“WHAT?!” Surprising the rest of the group “HATSUME!!! CONEXT!!!!” Izuku screams



Winning teams

  1. Real Steel/Shemage/Vine
  2. Invincible Girl /Tailman/Mei Hatsume
  3. Battle Fist/Deku/Earphone jack
  4. Shouto/Creati/Slipstream
  5. Ground Zero/Red Riot/Uravity
  6. Shinso

“Whew! That was close, guys!” Uraraka said out loud 

“Dam it sucks to lose, but congratulations to all of you Kero” Tsuyu said to the group

“Ida that super duper speed was a crazy sneak!” Uraraka continues to chat with Ida

“Izuku” Kendo calls out causing Izuku to flinch again. “Have you seen Hagakure?” Kendo asks

“No, have you asked Ojiro?” Izuku replies to Kendo “Yeah i did, but he doesn’t know as well…”

“So you wanted to tell me something, what is it?” Hagakure asks Todoroki to face each other in a corridor.

“Endeavor It’s Been awhile, up for tea?” All Might asks the large flaming man

“All Might…” Endeavor looks at All Might with Spite

Chapter Text

Now, we shall proceed to the round of 16 tournament! We will determine who fights whom with this lottery! Midnight says to the audience presenting before her a giant screen

The group Izuku was sitting with looked at the TV screen in the rest zone, tension rising as they are all in the same room as the other person that they will be fighting soon.

“This is tense…” Ojiro said 


Bracket 1: Tailman/Shinso

Bracket 2: Deku/Earphone jack

Bracket 3: Ground Zero/Uravity

Bracket 4: Vine/Creati

Bracket 5: Mei Hatsume/Slipstream

Bracket 6: Shemage/Red Riot

Bracket 7: Invincible Girl/Battle Fist

Bracket 8: Shouto/Real Steel

Izuku looks to his side, Jiro now looking right at him. The two stare into each other's eyes before Jiro starts thinking “Oh dear, seems we’re match against each other on the first round” 

On the side, the two girls of Kendo and Hagakure looked at each other, smiling, perfect timing to see who’s really the better fighter

“Who’s Uravity?” - Bakugou

EH??? - Uraraka


You all know the rules, by either causing your opponent to surrender, cross the white line or rendering him unable to move. Feel free to show your skills off, we have recovery girl waiting in case of any emergency. But do not go so far to endanger each other's lives, we’re here to judge accordingly and interfere if we must. Any breach of rules will result in a disqualification is that clear? Cementos tells the two contestant, which is broadcasted


“Good luck” Shinso says at the start

“You-” Ojiro stops all movement suddenly, Shinso smiling at the result

“Now turn around and start walking” Shinso instructs, Ojiro turns around and starts walking



“What?! What’s That idiot doing!?” Kendo says aloud “He must have some sort of controlling quirk” Izuku theorizes with Hagakure covering her eyes, can't bear to watch this embarrassment.

“TAILMAN’S OUT!” Midnight announces through the screen “SHINSO ADVANCED TO THE NEXT STAGE!!!”

The screen pans to Ojiro, now fully aware of what happened, dropping to his knees with a shocked look. Must be bad to be Ojiro now.


Deku and Earphone jack walk up onto the stage. Earphone jack watches Deku, she knows there’s still doubt, he is clearly troubled by this matchup, he’s been trying to avoid eye contact.

“Green, this is awkward huh” Jiro says

“Yeah…” Izuku says not knowing what else to say, clearly troubled with the matchup. Jiro looks at Izuku “Look at me, Green, if you hold back because it’s me I won't forgive you” Jiro tells him “But what if i-” Izuku tries to reason “No what ifs, it’ll be alright, so i’m not gonna go easy on you” Jiro adds

Deku is still troubled, he could just push her out, but will she hate me for it? What if-

“Green, let’s make a bet, if i win you’ll never talk to me again, if you win i’ll do something you want” Jiro tries to stir him up

Deku hears this bet… what!? Why would Jiro not want to talk to me again? Why is she egging me on to beat her? Wh-... ok calm yourself down, she doesn’t want me to hold back just because it’s her… 

“Sorry Earphone jack, i was too caught up with it, i’ll promise i’ll give it my all!” Deku responds to her offer

Midnight hearing this, without context such a thing would excite her, but she smiles instead, knowing what Earphone jack is doing, 


Earphone jack charges straight at Deku, knowing almost whatever she did, it would be futile, but she won’t go down without a fight!

Deku goes into stance, lifting his hand up about to lift Jiro up with the force. Jiro quickly shoots out her jacks, extending it as far and as fast as she can at Deku. Deku sees the jacks coming, using a bit of the force to lift her, her body lifts off the ground, but her jacks are still heading towards Deku. Deku quickly pushes her away, but the jack manages to wrap around his wrist, using Deku as an anchor, she manages to slow down while in the air, putting all her strength towards it. 

Able to just land just before the line due to using Deku as an anchor, Earphone jack quickly tries to vibrate her jacks that’s wrapped on Deku’s arm causing him to flinch, but it was futile, Deku uses his other hand to motion her aside, causing her to be push back and out of the field


Jiro was on the floor, she’s out, guess this is it, looking up at the sky, a hand comes into view, Jiro looks up and sees Izuku offering her a hand to get up. She grabs the hand pulling herself up coming close to his chest, both of them nodded and smiled. “Good match Jiro” Izuku said, “Good Match Gr-.... Izuku ” Jiro teased, causing Izuku cheeks to turn red as the audience cheer for the two of them.



Izuku and Kyoka opens the door to the rest zone, still chatting about what happened during the match

“Oh you guys are back!” Hagakure calls them over. The duo walks over to the table they have gathered with Ida, Hagakure, Ojiro, Yaoyorozu and Kendo all gathered around chatting.

“We were chatting about Ojiro’s match” Hagakure says while Ojiro’s head now face planted on the table, clearly showing extreme amount of disappointment in himself “Midoriya, you’ll probably want to know what happen considering your next match”

“O-oh…” Izuku says not knowing what to expect “When the match started he said good luck, and i think i responded to it, next thing i know i was already out of the ring.” Izuku thinks about it, now feeling the stress from Ojiro’s account of his next opponent. “It could be a voice activated quirk… mind control perhaps” Izuku recounts “That was likely the case, Yaoyorozu has also reach the same conclusion before you arrived”


The match between Uraraka and Bakugou has started, Izuku looks up, he can’t help the feeling but worried for her, Bakugou isn’t one to be underestimated.


“Uraraka!” Izuku calls out

“Deku? What is it?” Uraraka answers, Izuku pulls out his notebook from his back flipping to Bakugou’s page. “I can help you plan out what to do against Bakugou, He’ll always start with a right swing an-”

“It’s ok Deku, i want to do this by myself” Uraraka interrupts him “Are you sure? He-” Izuku said with concern “Yes i’m sure. I can't keep relying on you for this fight. It will not feel like i’ve earned it if i won unfairly”


Uraraka… Good luck Izuku thinks to himself


* KABOOM !!!!* Sounded the entire stadium as Ground Zero creates an explosion at the falling rocks

Uravity flys back and almost out of the ring due to the power of the shockwave created by Ground zero while she was in zero gravity herself

That was close… round face got too close to me… bakugou thinks to himself as he catches his breath

“Huff Huff” Uraraka let out her breath, her plan failed, dropping rocks all over him didn’t do the trick… BUT I CAN’T GIVE UP, dragging herself forward to run at Bakugou!

Bakugou, seeing her determination, greets it with his own “THAT’S IT, THE MATCH STARTS NOW!!! URARAKA!...” Bakugou starts running towards her * Doosh * … the crowd went silent, Uravity fell, bruised all over, with her eyes blank. Bakugou stops where he is, she’s already beyond her limit, trying to force herself to carry on.


. . . . .

Bakugou stares at his competition, who is now completely exhausted fighting the constant attacks she’s been trying. Giving her all… now being lifted out of the battlefield by medical droids

*Tch* How annoying, that fucker must have helped her plan this attack

“Wow… that’s crazy” Jiro says “Indeed…” Ida Agrees, the room speaks calls out “May the next contestants move up to the staging area, thank you”

“I guess that’s my call, good luck guys” Yaoyorozu said as she got up

“Good luck Yaomomo!” the group calls out

“I want a clear and fair fight girls”

Both girls nods at Midnight, which gave the signal to start the match


Creati quickly reaches for her stomach area, halfway pulling out a flame thrower, as vines instantly launch at her at high speed. CRAP, I don’t have time to pull out a full flame thrower! Creati thinks to herself, needing to dedicate to that split second decision to creating a simple weapon first or a complicated flame thrower next

Quickly switching to her Arms she pulls out Parang a parang from one and a small shield from the other, she puts one knee on the ground to brace for impact putting her small riot shield up as the vines crashes into her, sending her back a few meters.

*SWIPE* She tries to counter attack at the vines, shaving off a few of them, before the vines pull back and launch at her from a different angle. Using the shield to block it again, she was sent back a couple more meters, the flamethrower still isn’t complete!. Creati knows she’s running out of space which was traded for time, quickly trying to shift the shield weight to the left and counter attacking with the right again. 

*ZIP* Looking down, she realized the attack was just a distraction! A few lone vines grabbed onto Creatis Legs, starting to lift her up, Quickly trying to swing the parang at the Vines that wrapped her legs, but it was too late, the vines lifted her up now being held by the leg up, she can’t reach the vines that’s currently grabbing her by the legs! 

*Woosh* The vines quickly toss Creati aside, quickly landing, stabbing the blade into the ground and drifting a little. Creati quickly pulls out her flamethrower ready to be fired!


What?! Creati looks down seeing one of her legs are now crossed over the white line… she wasn’t able to do anything all match, wasn’t even a threat to Shiozaki for even a moment...

“Ouch, that was harsh, a bad match up” Ojiro commented

“She didn’t have the time to pull out her flamethrower…” Izuku said aloud while he wrote on his notes.

“Yaomomo…” Hagakure said worried for her


“Is this a joke?” Kendo said watching the TV screen, Everyone at the table watched face palming themselves. This match was Slipstream Vs Hatsume… Logically they should be going at each other for victory… but Slipstream was just used as an advertising platform at this point… she could even win the game at some points but just released Slipstream to advertise the next product!?

“Gosh, i don’t feel so bad for my match anymore” Ojiro jokes


“YOU TRICK ME HATSUME!!!” Ida calls out to Hatsume, both of whom are now in the rest zone after their match

“Ah! Sorry about that, thanks for letting me use you” Hatsume says walking off

“Wait where do you think you’re going?” Ida ask

“Duh, to make more babies” she walks out of the rest zone. Confusing the others around about the word babies.



“Looks like our match is after this one Kendo” Hagakure says with a determined face 

“Indeed Toru, you will not get away from me this time” Kendo replies

The two rivals stare at each other, lighting seems to be coming out from both of their eyes to meet in the middle.

“Who said I'm getting away from you? You’ll be getting away from me by the end of the match” Hagakure starts to shit talk “We’ll see, i’ll beat your ass again” Kendo replies “Again? We didn’t finish the last fight we were in” 

Izuku and Ojiro just sat by the corner, looking at the two of them stare and shit talk to each other… oh dear… i don’t want to be here when one of them loses 


Everyone looked up at the screen, Kirishima seemed to be completely engulfed in mushrooms, with Komori trying to get him out of there… 

The two girls walk up on stage, staring each other down, ready to pounce at a moment's notice. Midnight calls out the rules to them again, making sure both of them are ready before giving the signal


The electric aura surrounds Invincible Girl, charging straight at Battle fist, crushing the concrete under her as she starts her sprint, Battle fist takes up a defensive stance, moving up slightly ready to take the first attack.

Invincible girl reaches battle fist and throws a punch, battle fist seeing that coming dodges to the side, sending Invincible girl past her. Seeing her opportunity, battlefist quickly swipes across while enlarging her hands in an attempt to push her out.

* WOOSH * Invincible Girl saw that coming, she jumps up and out of danger landing on the other side of battle fist, ready to flank her. Throwing a 5% punch at battlefist, battlefist quickly reacted by catching the incoming fist, quickly throwing her over her head

* SMASH * “Guh” Invincible Girl lets out a sound, but quickly recovering and rolling out of the way of a follow up punch Battle fist launched after she landed on the concrete. Quickly regain composure, she pressed the attack, launching a kick at her *SLAM* The kick connected but it was blocked by Battle fist enlarged hands. Battle fist quickly pulls back her first kick and launches a kick with the other, which was caught by Battlefist counter attack with her other fist. The two attacks met each other, creating a small shock wave pushing both girls away from each other, creating a gap and a moment to catch their breath. Invincible Girl then quickly tries again with another attack...

*WOO!!!* The crowd cheers on, seeing the hand to hand fight between the two heroes in training. It’s the longest proper fight so far. 



“Bubble girl, will you keep it down with your snacks” Nighteye complains

“But this match issh so good!” watching the 2 spar on the stage.

* AND BATTLE FIST REPELS THE ATTACK!! * The voice of present mic commentary fills the room

“Sir, what do you think of her?” Bubble girl asks

“A Waste, the more i see her the more unconvinced it should’ve been her”

“You think Mirio is the better choice don’t you?”

“Obviously, eventually the symbol of peace will retire, and you’re telling me this is who he chose? She doesn’t have what it takes to be what the citizens of this world are looking for, not the dazzling light, but only a faint one”


“Huff… Huff” Invincible Girl huffed out, tired from the constant attacks she’s been trying to pull, everything she has done so far yielded no results… She’s too good, she knows everything I would do, she’s one of the best martial artists in japan! … wait.. Martial arts?

Both girls, now standing apart, both catching their breath, Invincible Girl have been continuously throwing attacks at Battle fist, but most are blocked and the rest missed, Kendo hands have been bruised, but still able to continue the fight.

“Battle fist, Look at me” Invincible Girl calls out Kendo not lowering her guard but looks at her. “We should end it with the next attack” Invincible Girl offered. Battle fist looks at her, nodding “We should indeed”. Invincible Girl gave a thumbs up, Battle fist was confused, is this a ploy? “Whatever you’re doing, Invincible Girl, i can see through it, now just come at me with everything you got!” 

“Sure!” * FLASH * Invincible Girl thumb suddenly flashed a light, Kendo quickly hides her vision behind her expanded hands and peeking when the light dims. What? Where did she go?

Kendo puts her guard up, not knowing where she went, looking around her surroundings, she doesn't spot any movement. Eyes scanning around the battlefield she slowly approaches the middle of the stage, not knowing if an attack would come from which direction.

A Shoe suddenly appears to her left, moving and making noise, how can she be so sloppy? Battlefist quickly swipes at the air above the lone shoe. Nothing! Turning around she sees another shoe not knowing where she could be now. Another shoe appears in front of her. I’m not falling for that twice! Battle fist launches herself in the opposite side of her swiping with her enlarged hands

* Woosh * Nothing again?! Where could she be? Turning around she tries to look at her surroundings, trying to figure out where she was, suddenly the shoe moves a little more. What?

* FLASH * A bright light stunned her this time, now unable to see anything. Enlarging her hands in the direction where she saw the light, not knowing if an attack would come.

*Crunch* a sound from the left side? She positions one hand on the left to block any attacks while she has her eyes closed. * Tudd * What? Behind? 

*SMASHH!!!!* Battle fist tries to turn around, but Invincible Girl hits, sending her flying, landing on all fours, battle fist tries to get up, but another attack connects with her, there’s no time to think! Battle fist starts swiping her palms in all directions hoping to throw Invincible Girl off. But the swipes just made her more vulnerable. Suddenly she felt a blow on her chest.

Invincible Girl sends a flying kick right into her chest, sending Battle fist off her feet and onto where she wanted. Battle fist quickly recovered and entered another defensive stance, but still with her eyes closed.


Battle fist vision is still blurred, unable to fully see what's in front of her, her stun attack is crazy effective, she should’ve expected that, but she tunnel visioned into finding her by trying to find her by scanning her environment.

“Good fight Kendo, didn’t see that coming huh” Hagakure now in front of her, tapping her shoulder, raising her hand for a handshake “I should’ve tossed you out of the ring before you started pulling that light stuff on me” Both of them shook hands, with battle fist exiting the field with the help of Invincible girl

Izuku watches as the door to the rest zone opens, and both Kendo and Toru enter the room, proceeding straight to the table with the remaining participants.

“Both of you fought well! Certainly a battle worthy to attract the top heroes!” Ida exclaimed

“Yeah, both of you were well matched out there” Izuku agrees

“Yeah, i lost tho” Kendo was slightly disappointed but still put up a smile for the others.

“It’s ok, we’ll have our rematch eventually Kendo” Hagakure says

“You got that right, i’ll be beating your ass next time”

“That’s assuming you will even see my ass” Hagakure winks



Kendo joins the rest of the class in the stands, “Whoa, look who has come to join us!” Ashido says aloud alerting the class to Kendo presence “Class Prez!”

“That was a crazy fight between you and Toru!” Ashido compliments 

“That was a manly class rep!” Kirishima adds

“Thanks guys i-”

“Ara!?~ it’s the 1-A Class Rep! Already eliminated!? How unfortunate” A Blonde figure pops up from the other side of the wall. It’s Monoma… most of class 1-A thinks

“We still have our 1-B rep in the elimination, that’s strange, I thought 1-A would be better than 1-B! HAHAHAHA” Monoma continues 

* WACK *

“Dammit Monoma, I let my eyes off you for one moment and you go disturbing our school mates” A big lipped guy with brown hair said after smacking Monoma's neck “Sorry guys, do ignore him, he’s just a little too passionate about this…”

“Tell me about it” Jiro said, annoyed at the blonde continuous pestering of them

* FREEZE * A Glacier now appears in front of both classes

The TV screams with Present Mic commentary, A Silver looking figure now charges at Todoroki, the next moment the field turns white, with a giant ice attack being unleashed. A mountain of ice surrounded Real Steel, struggling to get out, Todoroki seemed to call out something…


Toru watches from the TV, seeing him shiver after launching his attack...


The First round is complete, he is the upcoming bracket! The next match will be the Force master Deku! Against the General studies Shinso! !!!

Bracket 1: Shinso/Deku

Bracket 2: Vine/Ground Zero

Bracket 3: Shemage/Slipstream

Bracket 4: Invincible Girl/Shouto

Force master?! Sir Nighteye thinks to himself, he remembers the one person who would call his powers the Force

Force master?! Bubble girl thinks to herself, she remembers the one person who uses the force

If I remember right, he’s the one with telekinetic powers… similar to Windu! - Sir Nighteye

If I remember right, he’s the one with telekinetic powers… similar to Master Windu! - Bubble Girl

Master Windu never told me he took on a student - Bubble girl frowns at the thought

Didn’t know Windu took on a student… i’ll be looking at him with great interest now - Sir Nighteye 

Deku walks up on stage, he looks to his opponent, Shinso… from the theories Yaoyorozu and him had was that if you talk to him, he’ll be able to mind control you. The strategy is simple… don’t open your mouth.

“Midoriya Izuku…” Shinso opens “Must be great, having friends?” 



“The previous round, you didn’t even break a sweat, must be lucky to have a bitch who is willing to throw the game for you, that fucking slut” Shinso continues

“What did you say!!” Izuku says, angered at his comments about Jiro starting to run towards Shinso

* Zing *

“And just like that, i win”


“No Izuku you idiot!” Jiro shouts out, her jack inside a wall, listening in, Kendo and Ojiro hears her, knowing what that means

“That dumbass didn’t even listen to himself” Ojiro facepalms 

“DON’T DO IT IZUKU!” Kendo shouts from the 1-A viewing platform



“Damn, it must be nice to be so blessed Midoriya, but I have my own future to secure… now turn around and walk out of bounds” Shinso commanded, his quirk brainwash, able to make anyone who answers him do his bidding!

Deku stands in an empty space, everywhere is just darkness, he doesn't know how he got here. Shit.. he answered Shinso, he threw the game right then and there…this must have been what Ojiro saw when he was controlled...shit, he insulted Jiro… “I should've known better…” Izuku said aloud, disappointed in himself

You should’ve, i still can’t believe why in the world you even answered him

Deku looks up… for the first time he sees the person behind the voice, confirming his theory…

Why? What’s the matter? You’re really surprised to see me here Izuku?


Looking at the source of the voice, he sees a person in a dark suit, with green spiky and messy hair… It’s himself… wearing Green Leader? No… Red Leader! Looking at the suit, it’s the exact same suit he has but he has a shade of Red in places where he had Green.

“Yeah, what do you want?” Deku frowns while questioning “I’m not falling for your schemes, i’ve heard what Master Windu said about your kind”

Again still stuck on the belief of Master Windu… you’re still stuck with his ideals, trying to emulate him, even willing to put others in danger because of it, your girls especially

Dark Deku was right, if it weren’t for his… contributions, Kendo and Jiro might have suffered a worse fate to the monsters at USJ.

“What do you want now then?” 

Want? You’re in my world now, it’s more of… what do you want?

“Huh? . . . . .What do I want?” 

You’re here because of your stupid mistake of speaking to that kid, knowing full well that your opponent is able to mind control people after they answer him. Now, do you want to free yourself from this mind control?

That’s not good, he’s definitely up to something  “Who are you really anyway?”

Me? I’m Izuku Midoriya

“That part is obvious, but what are you?”

I’m just simply a different part of you, of the force

“The Dark side of the force you mean” Deku continues to frown at Dark Deku

The Light, the dark… What's the difference? In the end it’s a means to an end. You want to be a Hero don’t you? Why do you not use your full potential? Everyone is out there giving it their all, and you over here, able to do something about it, just wasting it away, endangering innocent lives by only using a tiny bit of your full potential.

“I’m not! Master Windu said the Dar-”

Will corrupt you or so says Master Windu… he isn’t here, he doesn’t even want to teach you everything about the light.

“It’s not him it-”

The holocron having no space blah blah blah, it’s all excuses, he doesn’t trust you with those powers. That much is obvious. You think having the force is enough to be a Jedi? The Jedi is a life that you do not want, not forming any real connections and attachments, only learning the mysteries of the force, forgoing any selfish desires, not adventuring out to hide from the darkness and eventually teaching the next generation of Jedi the same thing and then die of old age. Do you want that?

“I-I… I want to try, I want to do good as a Jedi and a hero!” 

Good is a matter of perspective, if you want to be a hero, prove it to me - Dark Deku disappears and the area is consumed by smoke and darkness… before light appears and the scene around Deku changes… he’s back at the stadium on the stage?! Where’s everyone?! The sky… it’s dark.

<BGM: Your Master has deceived you>

Footsteps echo behind Deku, turning around, he sees Dark Deku walk onto the stage, Grabbing the hilt on his waist.


A Crimson blade with white core ignites from his hilt, a Lightsaber! It’s the first time Deku was able to see one so clearly, it looks so real. The lightsaber is made out of all metallic like materials, rounded with a black grip and has an activation button at the upper portion of the grip.

Well Izuku… show me your determination

Dark Deku slowly starts walking towards him, not good, I have nothing with me! *GRIP* Suddenly feeling the batons he has in his hands, how did it get there!? 

* WROOOM !* Dark Deku swings his blade at Deku, no time to think, he swings his baton at the saber

* Zzit !* The baton bounces off the saber with an extreme amount of force pushing Deku’s hand away, his baton now visible with a huge glowing dent which was shaved off, leaving him open, quickly jumping back to create space, Dark Deku follows him thrusting his saber right at him.

* Clank *

The saber from Dark Deku thrust straight into Deku. The sound of the baton dropping onto the floor was heard…


Deku caught the blade of the saber with the force from both of his hands pushing and shielding him from the lightsaber, it’s hot! Deku thinks as the force push stands between him and the blade going straight through his chest.

So Izuku? Is that all you can do?

He can’t push him back, he can't hold his blade from going straight through him forever! Closing his eyes, trying to give it everything he got!

* STAB *

The Lightsaber blade goes straight through Deku, straight through his hands, his heart and out from the back of his chest, he feels it but… he also felt no pain, opening his eyes. He's in a different scene… the USJ? Deku looks around, again it feels so real, the area around him, in the distance he sees Jiro and Kendo off into the distance facing away from him. 

***************************************************************Blood Warning Start

“Jiro! Kendo! I’m so glad to see...” He ran up to them … they’re not moving? Tapping the shoulders of Jiro, “Jiro?” Moving her around to him, he sees her bloodied face, with half of it smashed in, brain matter scattered everywhere on her hero outfit. Her only eye, pale and dead, moves to look at him. Kendo does the same, turning around, half of her face ripped off showing parts of her skull, one of her hands missing, her suit almost completely destroyed with a hole right in her left stomach with her innards dangling.

****************************************************************Blood Warning End

WHY DID YOU NOT DO ANYTHING IZUKU !” Dead Jiro screamed at him

WHY DID YOU LET ME DIE ?” Dead Kendo speaks shouted at him

“WHAT!?” Deku shocked and stepped back, it can’t be real! What’s happening!?

“YOU BROUGHT US HERE, IZUKU, SAVE ME!” Both girls said in unison, reaching out to Deku

Suddenly a shadow of the monster he saw at USJ appears behind the girls, placing its hands on both of their heads.

“NO!” Deku shouts, shouting in panic, reaching out for their hands

The floor opens up on him causing Deku to fall straight down, * SPLASH * landing into a pool of water. Deku is so out of it, he’s sinking deeper in the water now, not knowing what’s happening. Letting the water swallow him. His force sense triggered, looking to the side he saw a shark going straight at him with his mouth open, baring its sharp teeth at Deku, Deku closed his eyes.

* MUNCH * . . . . . 

Deku opens his eyes once once again, he sees the stars in the night sky, looking around, he sees Earth, slowly moving away from him... Deku reaches out but Earth just gets smaller and smaller, something taps his back.

Deku turns around, the scene changing once again to Takobah beach, not knowing what was that serious of events that just happened, leaving him completely out of breath. Dark Deku just stands in front of him facing away and into the sunset.

You’re not powerful enough, Izuku, if it were not for me, you, Kyoka and Itsuka would have died at USJ. If you want to be a Hero, you cannot be a Jedi, they are contradictions, you are already a contradiction as a Jedi Izuku. The Jedi are forbidden to form attachments but here you are, hopelessly attached to your friends, starting to fall for them.

Deku looks down, he knows what Dark Deku says is true, he can’t help it. Master Windu has told him that attachments as a Jedi is forbidden, but he cherishes his friendship with his friends, the girls that he is starting to realize his feelings for and willing to do anything to keep them safe.

Are you able to protect them? If they were to be struck down by a villain that you could’ve stopped, because you were forbidden by your dedication to the Jedi? The Jedi are lost, blind, naive… It’s time to evolve Izuku, the world is waiting for you.

“I… I want to protect them…” Deku says to Dark Deku “But… I”

Dark Deku turns around, placing his finger on Deku's forehead. 

I will be observing you Izuku, your actions, your path to become a hero, I will be there when you finally need me and accept me, refuse and you will lose what you love, lose what you are training to protect, when that happens you will lose all control and fall harder to the dark, than if you were to accept me. Consider my offer a mercy.



Izuku suddenly stops, the force flowing through him like a conduit channelling his anger into an area in his chest. * FORCE WOUND * rings through Deku’s mind, causing Deku to feel a pain that jolts him out of Shinso mind control.


“Holy crap… that scared me” Jiro sat back down

“How? You shouldn’t have been able to resist! WHAT DID YOU DO?” Shinso shouts to Deku

Deku, coughing and now completely out of breath, with all that has happened fresh in his mind, remembering what Dark Deku has said. Regaining his bearings he saw that he was just an inch away from getting ringed out.

Dark Deku… he had so much power to break me out of this… Saving me to convert me? Was it all a dream? Doesn’t matter, I can save it for later, what I need to focus on now is… Shinso! 

Fuck… He won’t answer me now, he knows how my quirk works now… Shinso thinks to himself

“So you were able to break free just like that… count me jealous, so much power”

Deku turns to look at Shinso, and starts walking up to him.


I do understand, you’re right… i’m blessed



Deku walks up to Shinso, quickly grabbing his shirt and pushing him. Shinso saw what was happening and threw a punch at Deku, Deku quickly pulled one his arms, forcing Shinso body to twist, losing all power to the punch.


Shinso, in his final desperate attempt, pushes Deku's face, and neck. In response Deku grabs both of his arms and uses his legs to push his leg off balance, performing a throw like he has done many times...

* SMASH !*


Chapter Text


“Woo!!! Izuku did it!” Kendo said aloud, shaking Ojiro who is sitting below her

“Scared me for a second there Izuku…” Jiro said aloud as well

“How did he get out of his control?” Kirishima asks Jiro “You were listening to them right?”

“I don’t know… Deku didn’t say a thing after the first part” Jiro replied 

“What did Shinso say to Deku to trigger him?” Uraraka asks

Jiro knows the answer, she heard it clearly that Shinso called her a bitch and a slut, she’s furious, if she’s down there she would strangle the life out of him. That’s why she understood why Izuku couldn’t control what he said… face turning slightly red at the thought of him defending her, going so far to almost throw the game just for her.

“I don’t know, the stadium was too noisy for me to what Izuku said” Jiro replies looking away from the group, too embarrassed to say the truth

“Speaking of Midori… Since when are you on a first name basis with him?” Ashido asks

“What?! I was just… he was just… he…” Jiro turned gone crimson

“I was just teasing you, you two are so close together it’s adorable! Especially when he carried you all the way to the extraction zone!~” Ashido teases

“No! There were just too many people around to land me safely!” Jiro tries to defend

“But that doesn’t give him the reason why he carried you all the way to the rest zone” Ashido added on

“WHAT?! How do you know that!?” Jiro was surprised “I have my sources” Ashido winked, pulling up her phone with a picture of Izuku carrying Jiro in the rest zone. Jiro looks at the picture… She knows exactly who took it… “TORU!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Kendo… could you stop shaking me” Ojiro asks Kendo as she was shaking him the whole time, pouting at the conversation next to her.


Izuku stands in front of Shinso, now standing after being tossed out of the ring. There’s an awkward silence between the two.

“Shinso… Why Heroics?”

“I can’t help what I long to be can i?” Shinso says walking off

. . . . . Before I trained in the force, I felt the exact same… but now…

“You were so cool Shinso!!!” The audience in front of the entrance to the rest zone shouts out

“You’re like the star for us normies!”

“You got into the top 8! That’s amazing! Even gave one of the top 4 a run for his money!”

“You’re Amazing!” 

. . . . .

“With these results, i can still come under review and be placed into heroics, just you wait Midoriya, i’ll show you up as a better hero than you will ever be…”

Izuku nods looking at Shinso “Then I’ll look forward to be working with you”

“WAAAHHH MIDORIYA!!! THAT WAS EDGE OF THE SEAT STUFF!!!” Toru says to Izuku at the rest zone.

“Indeed, Midoriya, i didn’t understand why you spoke to him even when you knew how he was able to take control of you, but nevertheless it was great watching you” Ida says

“Thanks guys!”


The TV in the restroom plays out of it’s speakers, Bakugou jumps straight for Shiozaki, who launched every single vine at Bakugou, even some trying to flank him, but Bakugou just power through with his explosions blowing up every vine in his way before finally holding her at point blank range, forcing her to surrender or be blasted in the face. 

. . . . .


“Looks like work is cut out for you Midoriya…” Toru pats Izuku back

Izuku looking at the TV, Kacchan…


Slipstream has a plan, as he takes a look at the brunette in front of her, he’s seen Kirishima’s match. If he doesn’t take her out instantly, she'll overwhelm you instantly! No time to lose…

Recipro BURST !!

Toru was walking back from the toilet, her match is next, she needs to prepare herself for the match after Ida. Looking forward, a light source suddenly comes into view.

“Ohh? That is convenient” the flaming man says

“Endeavour?” Toru asks

“You’ve made a huge showing so far, what a wonderful combination of quirks, such strength and power, along with the power to go invisible… its versatility, it rivals even the pros, even All Might!”

Toru, getting a little confused “Oh… Thanks for the compliment, I gotta get going if you don’t mind” Toru side steps and walks away.

“Shouto has a duty to surpass All Might, his match against you will no doubt prove to be an excellent test bed, you better not let me down, do your best invincible girl, i have my eye on you” Endeavour says turning away.

Toru remembers the conversation she had with 

“Hey man, you know i’m not All Might, i’m not the right metric you want to measure your son against…”

“That’s obviou-”

“Obvious right~ So Shouto isn’t you, he’s not a metric you can measure things by”

* COLLAPSE * Smoke fills the entire stage created by smoke emitting mushrooms, slowly dissipating, revealing a collapsed Slipstream next to Shemage, completely surrounded by mushrooms.

“Sorry Slipstream… Shroom expects as much that’ll you’ll use your super move!” Shemage said, looking at the figure on the floor, now completely engulfed by mushrooms making it hard for him to maneuver along, with the sound of choking being heard. 

“I’ve just added a few… sleepy shrooms! Just don’t move shroom, it'll be over…shhhh” Shemage gives a cheerful smile

Midnight looks at the mountain of mushrooms where Slipstream was, he was completely covered, with not a hint of movement from him. “Shemage, we’ll have to stop to check on Slipstream.

“Sure! I’ll remove the mushrooms now!” Shemage quickly waves, and all the mushrooms start to detach from the ground… Slipstream was still laying on the floor, his body once covered in mushrooms, his exhaust still plugged with giant ones. Midnight approached to check… he’s breathing but unconscious…


“That’s unfortunate for Ida…” Uraraka says to the group.

“How did the mushrooms feel when they grew on you Kirishima?” Ashido asks, curious on how it felt.

“When i fought her it started by getting really tingly all over, once you are caught, it felt endless, i brushed off mushrooms after mushrooms but it still kept coming, then it started to feel very hard to breath, all you smell is mushrooms it fogged up my mind and i couldn’t focus” Kirishima replies, remembering his match with Komori

“Wow… she’s unstoppable, but I would think Ida would’ve reached her first considering his speedboost?”

“She said she used sleep inducing mushrooms and smoke creating ones to buy her some time before he reaches her” Jiro said, she listens to the conversations on the ground with her quirk.

“Did it affect him so quickly!? Holy cow!” Ashido says surprised “She’s like Midnight!” Kaminari follows up

“Whoever faces her next surely will have a hard time”


The crowd goes wild at the matchup, it certainly would be one to watch, two of them who have already impressed so many. 

The two stare down each other, not moving a muscle, the scene akin to two cowboys staring each other down.

The first thing he’ll do is to unleash an entire ice glacier, like he did previously. Hagakure thinks to herself

It’ll be bad news if I let her hit me with the power of her punches, I also need to be aware of her light powers. Todoroki thinks to himself.

“I want this to be a clean and safe fight, we will stop the fight if we have to” Midnight says to the two looking at cementos giving the signal


*DRAW* The two of them think at the same time.

* SHINE * A bright light was emitted from Invincible girl, straight at Shouto vision, but Shouto was prepared, he already covered his eyes with his shoulder while placing his other hand onto the ground. 

* FREEZE * A Giant glacier appears on stage, completely covering every part of the stage peaking where Invincible girl was. If he makes a big enough attack, he’ll catch her eventually. 

The crowd looks at the giant glacier now present on stage, it’s overkill, for a student… Shouto now moves his hand to cover his ice side, now shivering.


* TUD *The sound of an impact was heard * TUD * * TUD * * CRACK * The giant glacier start to crack


*SMASH*!!! A Giant hole was created in the middle of the glacier with Invincible Girl standing right at the entrance of it.

“I’M NOT DONE YET!” Invincible Girl shouts, the crowd cheers at the sight of her.

Shouto's reaction was instant, he quickly sent another ice attack at the entrance big enough to cover the hole, Invincible Girl seeing the ice coming, it’s not as fast anymore!? She’s still inside the hole she created, there’s no space to dodge!

Pulling her arm back throwing it right as the ice comes into range

SMASH !!!!* slows down but it still covers the entrance of the cave 

Shouto kept pumping ice into that hole, he doesn’t know if he got Invincible Girl, but the sound of her hitting isn’t happening anymore… but he doesn’t want to take any chances.


Shouto, now out of breath looking up… he sees something… SHE’S NOT DONE YET! Slamming his hands on the floor creating a barrier behind him

*CRACK**SMASH!!!!!!* The Entrance was blown wide open again, with greater force, all of the ice in front of the entrance all blown away, straight at Shouto, now covering his ice from the fragments the impact had made.

Invincible Girl walks out of the entrance a second time now clutching her hands, 2 of her fingers are red!? What did she do!?

Shouto, wasting no time launch a 3 ice attack at her, Invincible Girl quickly takes aim again, hand in a flicking position 

SMASH !!” Invincible Girl flicks the air, creating a wind impact shattering all the ice in front of her. Shouto, still protected from the barrier behind him, looks out, she’s now clutching her hand again, her middle finger is bright red this time

“SO YOU’RE NOW DESTROYING YOUR BODY TO DESTROY MY ICE? YOU’RE TRYING TO MAKE THIS AN ENDURANCE MATCH?! DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH” Shouto this time creating ice from his legs, straight at Invincible Girl. “ SMASH !” The ice is blown back again, creating giant cracks on the ice barrier Shouto has made behind him, looking at Invincible Girl now, clutching her entire hand with a pinky broken.

Shouto knows it’s his chance now, He launches another attack while running at her, Invincible Girl seeing the attack, switches her hand *SMASH!!!!* before revealing Shouto who have leaped from the top of the now broken ice, ready to strike her, she looks at shouto and smiles. “Lucky me”

* Flash ** Flash ** Flash ** Flash ** Flash ** Flash *

The stadium all cover their eyes, with screams being heard, a flash of light appearing before switching off and appearing again, repeatedly making it really difficult for anyone to see what happened, else they will be disorientated.


“GUYS! TAKE THESE!” Yaoyorozu hands her friends many pairs of sunglasses she created for them. Before looking back at the stage.

Shouto had to cover his eyes he falls onto the ground with his arms absorbing the impact, of the fall, he can’t see anything, not with the light being emitted being switched on and off repeatedly

*SMASH* Shouto ragdolls back a few meters, Invincible Girl kicks him while he fell onto the ground blinded by her, “GUH” shouto landing on his back. Quickly getting up covering his eyes from the annoying flashing.

“YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE!?” Slamming his leg on the ground, creating a line of ice which was slower than previous, dodged by Invincible Girl, who was still flashing. It was hard for her to keep reflecting the light off at her too, using One for all to fuel her quirk.

The flashing stops, Invincible Girl quickly lunges forward to punch Shouto, which connects with his stomach, sending him flying again. “YOU THINK I’M A JOKE!? LOOK AT YOU, A HYPOCRITE, NOW SHIVERING ALL OVER! EASILY SOLVABLE WITH YOUR HEAT FROM YOUR RIGHT SIDE, AM I WRONG?”

Shouto looks at her, eyes glaring daggers. “I WILL NOT USE MY LEF-”


“DID MY FATHER PAY YOU OFF? WHY ARE YOU EVEN DOING THIS? YOU’RE ONLY PISSING ME OFF” Shouto starts running at Invincible Girl, Invincible Girl doing the same, using Full cowling to close the distance faster, pulling her arms back. “YOU’RE THE JOKE” *SMASH* The punch connects and Shouto flys back. 


Shouto lands again… spitting blood out of his mouth “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE THING, MY FAT-”


Staring right at Invincible Girl, remembering the words of his mum, the happiness he felt, embraced by his mother *You are not a slave to your blood… it’s ok shouto, you can become the hero you want to be.*

. . . . .

* PUUUSSSSGGGGGHHHHH * Red flames spews into the battlefield

“Even though you said I'm the joke for not giving my all… you went out of your way to help your enemy, who’s the joke now?” Todoroki tells Hagakure “I’m gonna be a Hero!” Shouto shouts, with Invincible Girl smiling and nods once.

“In your current condition, it seems we should end this with one final attack, Invincible Girl”

“We should Shouto” Invincible Girl raising her good arm up.

“Don’t blame me for what happens next” Shouto calls out, blasting ice giants amounts of ice at her again.

Invincible Girl lifts her good arm up reaching for the sky. One for All give me your Strength! Light glows from the top palms of her hand before covered by her hands, closing to form a fist. Moving into a sprinting position, she dashes over the ice.


Shouto pulls up his right hand, melting all the ice around him. 



Giant soft cement wall raise in between the two


Smoke, and cement is tossed all over the stadium, from the impact of the two, shock waves rattle the stadium with a smoke cloud blasted into the air like a mushroom cloud.

*Tick* A pencil drops onto the ground in the rest room… the impact of that attack shook the entire rest zone. 

Midoriya looks at the giant TV screen, Shouto used his flames! Smoke still covers the entire stadium but… he wonders… Why did Toru force Shouto to use his flames?

“That was certainly something shroom” Komori says in awe at the power from the both of them


Midnight enters the stage, looking for both of the students. The smoke clears and she sees Shouto, still standing completely covered in ice to absorb the impact, looking on the other side, she sees Invincible Girl… on the other end of the stadium, clearly unconscious, falling onto the ground.


Endeavour is pleased, this fight came out better than he had ever hoped for, that girl did it, he’ll have to thank her later.

Walking up to Shouto, now in the locker room changing… Shouto sees his father standing right behind him. “The flame control on your right side is still unstable, like you couldn’t control it’s output. Now that you’ve abandoned all of that childish whining, you’ve finally become the perfect hero” Endeavour 

“We’ll have time to improve on that, you’ll come and intern with me, and i’ll get you back in shape”

“No… there’s no way i could just let go… it was just… i forgot about you in that moment”

. . . . .

“I’ll need to think a little” Shouto says, closing his locker doors, now wearing brand new PT shirts as he walks out of the room.

MIC: The stage is currently being reset for the next match, we’ll return in half an hour boys and girls! Enjoy your break!

“Do you guys want anything from the snack bar?” Jiro asks the group.

“Hmmm… Nothing for me…” Ojiro replies, “I’ll get a Black coffee” Kendo tells Jiro, “If there’s any Mochi I want some!” Uraraka added.

“Yaomomo?” Jiro asks “Ah it’s ok, i’ll be leaving soon” Yaoyorozu answers while packing her things. “Oh? Have something urgent?” Jiro asks. “Yeah i have a flight to catch, i’ll chat with you guys later”

A Flight? Looking around noticing someone is missing… “Where’s Ida?”

Jiro walks down the hallway, on the way back from the snack stands by the entrance of the stadium, taking a non visitors route. 

“All Might…” Jiro hears… that voice… Hagakure!? Maybe i can catch her coming back, get her something to cheer her up after the match. Jiro walks to the source of that voice.

“The reason you became a teacher at UA… was to originally find a successor right?” Jiro stops… she’s talking to who again? All Might? plugging her jacks into the wall.

“You’re saying someone else should have been the successor is that it?”

“Yeah… I don't know why… me? Not the others”

“It’s certainly true that here there are many good heroes in the making. One for all is the crystallization of Power, but if someone like Todoroki for example, had received my power, then we would have gotten a superhero with super strength to compliment his fire and ice, an almost unstoppable combination”

“So then… wh-”

“However… i used to be quirkless” 

Jiro widen her eyes 

“Cases like me were already a rare back in my days, my master did have a quirk, but she nonetheless believed in me and raised me”

“You’ve never told me that you were quirkless All Might!”

Jiro is in deep shit now, this is clearly way beyond her, All Might was quirkless? One for All? … that explains why Hagakure has super strength, even surprising Ojiro… who is her childhood friend!

“Now the sports festival ain’t over for you, go and join your friends and keep watching the rest” All Might voiced “Yes Sir!” Hagakure response.

Shit! She’ll be coming this way, I should get out of here.

“Oh Jiro You’re back!” Uraraka calls out

“Yup, i got you the mochi you wanted” Jiro replies now handing out multiple boxes of food “YAYY!!!!” Uraraka cries out “Kendo, here’s you black coffee” Jiro continues to call out “Thanks” Kendo responds

“Hey guys!” Hagakure appears behind her, both arms in slings

“Ah! Woman of the hour is here! That was a crazy fight!” Ashido comments, the group continue to chat about it

. . . . . 

“H-toru” Jiro calls out… why is she scared now “i-i’ve got you some snacks” Jiro gets out “Ah! You shouldn’t have Jiro, Thanks!” 

“Why are you sweating so much Jiro?” Kendo asks “A-Ah! I was just feeling a bit hot” Jiro replies… Get it together Kyoka! You’ve always learnt about others' secrets, what's the difference between this one and the others?!

“Okay then…” Kendo is suspicious of her, she never stutters in her speech like Izuku. “Oh! The next match is between Deku and Bakugou!” Uraraka says out, looking down at the stage. “I hope Midoriya wins, but Bakugou seemed to had the advantage the last time they met” Ojiro said


The crowd goes wild, with applause and cheering the two contestants on center stage. Somewhere in Musutafu, Midoriya Inko cries into her tissue “IZUKUU!!!!” The two classmates on screen now stand on opposing sides of each other, staring each other down. 

“Kacchan…” Getting Bakugou’s attention “I won’t hold back, i will not be your punching bag anymore!” Izuku tells Bakugou. “DEKU, I’M GONNA BEAT YOU DOWN SO HARD YOU WON’T STAND ANYMORE AFTER THIS” Bakugou barks back with anger in his voice.

“I want a clean fight from the both of you” Midnight says, aware of what happened in the battle trials. “If we see anything dangerous that would risk another’s life we will stop the match, Understand?” The two 1-A student nods, Midnight gave the signal to cementoss.


Ground Zero instantly goes low, creating a blast sending him off the ground but barely airborne, straight at Deku. Deku responds by raising his hand with an open palm facing the oncoming Ground Zero. Bakugou sees this, preparing his hands

FORCE PUSH ! Woosh* * Boom !*

A straight line of cement dust from the stage flies up into the air as Deku’s force push goes past, Bakugou in reaction fires off a small blast to the side to change his trajectory, followed up by another blast behind him to continue forward.

Seeing Bakugou now being so close didn't give Deku many options, the Deku don’t have many options, he still can use force buffs twice, but should he use it now, he won’t have it for the rest of the day! 


Bakugou is upon him now, no time!


The force surrounds Deku, flowing through his body, giving him a surge of speed. Everything move slightly slower now, Deku quickly gets into a defensive stance, Bakugou is likely to start with a right swing… wait… it could be a feint… as Ground Zero right hand starts to spark like a firecracker 


“Guh!” Deku lets out, jumping back from the attack, his pants slightly burnt. 

“YOU STILL READ TOO MUCH INTO THINGS DEKU!!” Ground Zero screams at Deku

* BOOM * Ground Zero blasts the ground behind him, swinging his left arm forward. Deku dodges to the side, and away from the attack, raising his arms up in response to push him. Ground Zero, seeing this, twists his body towards Deku swinging his right arm at him.

* KABOoom !*

A small shockwave rattles the stadium. “Guh” Deku lands onto the ground hard, knocking the wind out of him, *Boom* Deku hearing the sound, he opens eyes while laying down on the floor faced up, seeing Ground Zero flying straight at him. Deku quickly roll backwards *CRUSH*“ KABOOM !!!” avoiding the meteoric Ground Zero completely destroying the part of the stage where Deku was.

Deku quickly landed on his feet, looking up at the crushed ground where he once was. Ground Zero twists his hands, quickly throwing him into a spin, using it’s momentum to send him flying at Deku, crushing the ground in its path.

Not Good! I Don’t have the speed to dodge! Deku thinks Swinging his hands up to repel Ground Zero's incoming attack. But just as they were about to meet, Ground Zero unleashed a bigger explosion on the ground sending him up higher. Deku did not anticipate this, sending a force push into the smoke where he thought Ground Zero was going to be. Ground Zero quickly took advantage of his situation, quickly blasting into the sky and landing behind Deku, sending a fist straight into Deku who was in the middle of turning around.

Deku flys back, again his wind knocks out of him, bouncing off the ground a couple of times before coming to a stop… Not good, Force speed is already nearing its end. 

“Deku…” Deku looks up, Ground Zero looking right at him “STILL LOOKING DOWN ON ME HUH DEKU” Bakugou growls out. “Kacchan…” Izuku answers. “I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WON’T BE A PUNCHING BAG ANYMORE” Bakugou shouts, before blasting the ground around him to create smoke again.

Now unaware of where Ground Zero may come from again, Deku got into a defensive stance. Closing his eyes, feeling the force around him.


Feeling the waves returning to him, Bakugou is still in front, he senses his faint presence, that is getting closer. Now 10 meters in front, and little to his left! Deku opens his eyes, letting the force flow through him again. He’ll have to go now!

KNIGHT SPEED ! Giving Izuku his final burst of power as a small shockwave radiated off Deku. Before bursting forward towards Ground Zero. Busting through the smoke Ground Zero looks at Deku, crap! An attack, I can’t dodge it! Putting both hands together in a cross above his head.


Deku palm slams into Ground Zero’s arms. FORCE PUSH ! Sending Ground Zero back a few meters, the sound of Ground Zero rubber soles squeaking filling the area. In response to his attack, Ground zero points his arms down and behind him, sending him airborne again.  

Deku looking up, sees Ground Zero in the air, ready to slam down on him again. In response Deku goes airborne with Force jump, meeting him in the air with his arms pulled back. Ground Zero did not see this coming, he was already a few meters up in the air and suddenly Deku joined him in mid air. Not Good, he’s too fast again!

Deku pulls his hands back and throws the biggest punch he can and Ground Zero. *Woosh!* it missed, Bakugou dodged it in mid air, quickly grabbing Deku’s arm, pulling Deku in while putting his other palm on Deku's chest. Deku sees this and with no time to think “ FORCE AU-


An explosion erupts where both of them were in midair, like a firework in the sky. The audience were stunned. Finally from the smoke created by the mid air explosion an object lands back onto the ground. 

The smoke clears and everyone sees the result. Ground Zero standing over the unconscious Deku. Bakugou looks down, noticing Deku shirt is still in one piece, it wasn’t the explosion that knocked him out, but Deku was just out of energy to continue. “Tch”

Midnight walks up to them, checking on Deku, nodding to cementoss. 



Deku wakes up again, surrounded by white and curtains. What? Where am i…

“Glad you’re awake sonny” a familiar voice calls out “Wha?” Izuku managed to get out

“Looks like you ran out of stamina, you didn’t have any major injuries, so i didn’t need to heal you” Recovery Girl says, smiling at Izuku. “Try not to over exhaust yourself again like that okay?” Izuku nods at the advice, getting up from his bed. “Here have some gummies, it’ll help you regain some strength” 

*Roll* The sound of a door opening was heard

“Izuku!” “Izuku!” “Midoriya! Midori!” Kendo, Jiro, Ojiro and Ashido call out while at the entrance.

“Oh… hey guys” Izuku says “We were worried about you, Recovery girl said you completely ran out of energy and we weren’t allowed in until you were awake” Kendo said with concern. “You okay there Izuku?” Jiro asks

“Yeah, I'm just a little out of it… I shouldn't have used so many powers at once” Izuku said, scratching the back of his head. “And he shouldn’t for the next day, you need to recover sonny” Recovery girl comments. “Anyway the lot of you, you’re making too much noise, i’ll need to do a final checkup before i can release Midoriya, give us some time dearies”

“What were you even thinking? jumping right at him? All for a punch?” Ojiro asks Izuku. “Yeah… I kinda wasn’t thinking, I was more concerned with the time i left with my speed” Izuku replies. “Ah relax Ojiro, it wasn’t like you were in the semis anyway” Kendo jokes as the 4 of them walk through the hallway. 

“Anyway Izuku, Midnight was about to call you, the presentation ceremony is going to be held in 10 minutes, you’ll need to return to the rest zone” Kendo informs Izuku “Oh thanks, Kendo”

Izuku parts with the trio heading back to the viewing gallery, walking down the hallway towards the rest zone. Opening the door he sees Komori and Shouto in the room. Where’s Bakugou?

“Oh It's Midoriya Shroom!” Komori approaches Midoriya “That was a great match between you and Ground Zero” she compliments “Ah thanks Komori-san, he goes slightly red at the compliment. How about you? I think i’ve missed your match” Izuku asks

“Nehhh Not good, i was no match for ice and fire over there” Komori answers “I’ll get him next time shroom!”

Izuku gets onto the podium next to Komori for joint 3rd, shouto taking 2nd place the top step of the podium was empty… odd. “HMMM GRRRSHHHERR” Izuku looks behind, seeing Bakugou chained up being rolled on to the top step… isn’t that overkill?

Power loader looks at them, giving them the thumbs up, the podium lifts up, revealing themselves to the rest of the stadium, applauding them. Although many of them also wondered if chaining up the overall winner was a little overkill.

“NOW WE SHALL INVITE A SPECIAL GUEST!!!” The crowd cheers as a large figure lands in front of them. “All mi-For I AM HERE!-ght!” Midnight announces as All Might rises from the superhero landing he just made “Oops, didn’t mean to talk over you all might” Midnight apologies. 

“Anyway, Young Komori, Congratulations! Really proud of you to be waving the Class 1-B banner so far. If you train up your own strength, your own potential, your chances of taking it will increase! So in order for that to happen, you can’t only rely on your quirk” All Might says, placing a medal over her head, giving her a quick hug.

“Young Midoriya my boy, congratulations! I’m proud of your progress as would your master, keep this up and I'm sure you’ll be a fine hero. So work hard at it” Placing a medal over his head and giving a hug to Midoriya. “Thanks All Might i- …” Izuku thinks to himself… wait did All Might say Master?

All Might continued on to Todoroki, but Izuku was still in thought. Does All Might know about Master Windu? … speaking of Master… What do I do with Dark Deku ?


Watching this video was a robed figure, watching a replay of the Sports festival, there’s no doubt in this person's mind… This Deku is using the force… looking at the video title, UA University, the person enters it into a search engine... 


Chapter Text

The Sports festival is over for the freshman of UA, the class had a quick debrief from their resident mummy and homeroom teacher Aizawa before giving them the rest of the week to rest. Ida and Yaoyorozu are missing from the briefing for unknown reasons. After dismissal, Izuku went home with Kyoka, who was oddly quiet, normally there’ll be some idle chat between Izuku and Kyoka before reaching their places, but it was silent till they parted ways with a wave and “bye”.

It was odd, but Izuku brushed it aside thinking it was a lot of unpack after one day. Upon reaching home, which is now packed with soaked tissues from his mother, was greeted with the biggest hug she could give his son. After dinner, Izuku didn’t have any energy for anything else and crashed into bed after a shower.


* Buzz *

“Hmmm?” Izuku looks over at his phone over on the other side of the living room, it’s the afternoon of the next day. Izuku felt like he was still recovering from a traffic accident. * Buzz * His phone is buzzing more than usual. Izuku reaches out towards the phone, using the force to pull it towards him. 

Itsuka: Guys! Guys!

Kyoka: What?

Itsuka: Remember yesterday Yaoyorozu had to leave early?

Kyoka: Yeah, what about it?

Itsuka: She’s taking part in the Monaco GP!

Ojiro: The what now?

Itsuka: The support event for F1 at Monaco! A prestigious race event, one of the oldest tracks in the world! I saw Yaoyorozu's name in the upcoming F2 list, she had to leave early to take part in the practice and qualifying session yesterday. She'll be participating in a race today!

Ojiro: Wow, a race after the sports festival? Yaoyorozu sure has the stamina.

Itsuka: Yeah! Their race is about to start soon, you should catch it!

Izuku looks at the TV which showing the news currently, grabbing the remote to switch channels


Izuku paused, isn’t the Hero Ingenium Ida’s older brother?! Ida… 


* IT’S LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO! ” The commentator screams on air

In that one moment, 22 cars lined up on the grid, with 2 red and white cars in front, the 2nd car on the grid had the UA logo on it! It must be Yaoyorozu! The sounds of the engine roaring off the start line as the red lights turn off. Off goes the cars off the start line and into the first corner. 

The front row had a bad start, allowing the driver in 3rd catch up to the first two going 3 wide into the first corner, Yaoyorozu was stuck on the outside and tries to turn in, but with 2 cars by her side, she wasn’t given the space to turn, with no choice, she decided to slow down to slot in behind, but by doing that the car behind rear ended her, sending her straight into the barriers.


Ouch… Yaoyorozu knocked out the race in the first corner. Camera pans to Yaoyorozu leaving the car, looking absolutely disappointed, looks like it won’t do her any good… Izuku thinks to himself, watching the programme on TV.

A couple of days later, it was back to school, Izuku stood browsing the news on his mobile, and the people around him started noticing him. “Hey Bro, Bro!” catching Midoriya’s attention, a stranger gives him the thumbs up “You were great in the sports festival, you were so close too!” Slowly others started to take notice of the Hero in training “Oh!? It’s the guy in the top 4!” “He’s a little short for a hero” Izuku started to be embarrassed at the attention he’s getting

On the way to school, Midoriya notices Ida, in raincoat and rainboots running towards the entrance of the school. “What are you doing walking so leisurely?” 

“Ida! We’re early aren’t we?” Izuku respond to his claim of being slow

“A UA student should never just be on time!”

Izuku nods, about to ask about him and his brother

“If you’re worried about my brother, you needn’t be, it’s not cause for concern” Ida says with a forced smile before running off towards the entrance

“Ida is making you worried as well Midoriya?” A voice was heard behind him, turning around and he sees Toru standing there, her arms still bandaged from the sports festival. “Yeah… i just have a bad feeling about it” Izuku replies

“Morning Class” The tried and still bandaged Aizawa enters the class. “Today we’ll be doing something that’s important that we’ll need to sort out quickly” Aizawa continues, raising concern amongst the students.

“This is related to the draft nominations by pros i mentioned the other day, after the UA sports festival, many heroes would start to express interest in your potential future. Normally it’ll be the sophomores and seniors most of the pros would be interested in, but this year the freshman year was an exception” Aizawa says, clicking on a button

An image on the board appears, with numbers next to the classmates 

  1. Shouto Todoroki (Shouto) - 4,123
  2. Katsuki Bakugou (Ground Zero) - 3,556
  3. Izuku Midoriya (Deku) - 404
  4. Tenya Ida (Slipstream) - 301
  5. Denki Kaminari (Chargebolt) - 272
  6. Toru Hagakure (Invincible Girl) - 212
  7. Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati)- 108
  8. Itsuka Kendo (Battle Fist) - 37
  9. Ochako Uraraka (Uravity)- 20
  10. Tsuyu Asui (Froppy) - 18
  11. Eijiro Kirishima (Red Riot) - 14
  12. Fumikage Tokoyami (Tsukuyomi) - 10
  13. Kyoka Jiro (Earphone Jack) - 9
  14. Mina Ashido (Alien Queen) - 4
  15. Mashirao Ojiro (Tailman)  - 2
  16. Minoru Mineta (Grape Juice) - 1
  17. Yuga Aoyama (Can’t Stop Twinkling) - 1
  18. Hanta Sero (Cellophane) - 0
  19. Mezo Shoji  (Tentacole) - 0
  20. Koji Koda (Anima) - 0


“These are the tally of the nominations for the year 1 students, typically the results are more balanced, but this year 1-A was the headlines.

“What a huge difference between those who were eliminated earlier and those who made the top 8!” Ashido said aloud

“Hol up, why is Denki so high up in the list… he was eliminated in the first and second game!” Sero asks “Electric types tend to be in high demand world wide, no surprise there” Yaoyorozu answers Sero’s question

“YaaaHOO!!! So many offers!” Denki cries out in celebration 

“Oh? The 1st and 2nd places are reversed!?” Kirishima asks

“Seeing him all straight jacketed on the podium must have scared many of them off” Sero comments


“Just as expected Todoroki…” Yaoyorozu compliments

“A lot of that just gotta be because of my dad…”

“Based on this, regardless whether or not you received any interest, all of you will be participating in this Workplace experience. All of you have already dipped a toe in the world of pros unfortunately but I think experiencing such activities firsthand will prove more fruitful than studying in class. So i’ll be handing out the list of heroes that you’ll be able to participate this work study internship, i want you to think hard about it, many seniors have regrets choosing the pro to work with in their first years, so make sure you don’t make the same mistake”

“I’m going with Mt Lady!” Mineta announces to the class now discussing their list of heroes they’ll be able to go with.

“Mineta-chan is having dirty thoughts” Tsuyu said “No I’m NOT!!!” Mineta screams

“Kinda weird you didn’t get many nominations even when you reached the top 16 Mashirao” Hagakure asks Ojiro

“I know right… Maybe nobody is interested in me…” Ojiro said with disappointment

“Unlike me” Kaminari says as he shows off his papers “Don’t be too happy Kaminari, most of your offers are likely after what your quirk can produce, not you as a hero” Jiro tells him

“I can’t believe they only give us a day to choose! Man sucks to be in the top 2 huh, what a large list to go through” Sero adds to the conversation, scratching his head “I’m only given the default list… oddly enough i can go with lunch rush…” Sero continues “Huh? As what? Kitchen staff?” Kaminari jokes

Todoroki looks at his list, on the top of his list in bold, they’ve already sorted all the heroes according to rank. ENDEAVOR HERO OFFICE

“Eh? You’re going to Gunhead office Uraraka?” Kendo says with surprise. “Yeah! They nominated me!” Uraraka says with a punch in the air “I want to expand my horizons, focusing only on being a rescue hero may not be enough to go pro” Uraraka continues to explain her decision.

“EHHHH? YOU GOT AN OVERSEAS HERO TSUYU?” Ashido said with surprise “Yup, it seems there are some that noticed me during the first race kero” Tsuyu said with a big smile “But man, having the No.1 Hero of Singapore take interest is so cool!” Ashido continues after finding out “I think I'll be trying Uwabami! She’s popular and 1 of the 4 that sent an offer” Ashido continues to say

The class continues to discuss where they would be interested in going, Izuku looks at his pile, that’s a lot of offers, being on the podium certainly helped him. Looking at the top of his list, whoa! There’s certainly a lot of big names, the Pro Hero Crust right on the top of his list, looking down the list there are crazy offers from so many heroes! 

“Yo Izuku” Jiro calls out “Ah Jiro, what’s up”

“You know you can use my first name right? I’m already calling you Izuku” Jiro continues

“Ah, but i jus-ust not sure Jiro” Izuku continues, cheeks now blushing a little.

“Anyway, what hero are you gonna choose?” Jiro asks

“Ahh, i don’t know, i probably would take the full day to go through with this list, what about you?” Izuku asks Jiro

“I didn’t have many offers, but oddly enough Gang Orca sent in an offer, so i’m taking that” Jiro says

“Gang Orca!? He's in the top 10! Wow! He does compliment your abilities, creating hypersonic waves to paralyze his targets, similar to yours!” Izukuj said excitedly

“Yeah, but it was rather he was the top choice haha” Jiro says “What about you?” She continues

“Yeah, i’m not sure, i’ll probably need to go home and scan through, the top of my list is the No.6 Hero Crust” Izuku said looking at the top of his list. 

“Midoriya” Aizawa calls out

“Yes!?” Izuku answers 

“Please drop this by the support department before you leave, it’s papers for the finalized costume changes for your work study program” Aizawa said, dropping a packet on the teachers desk.

Izuku walks down the hallway to the Support department “Sure hope the door doesn't blow up on me again....” 

“Does it blow up on you often?” 

“Not exactly often but it happened the last time I was …” Izuku looks in the direction of the voice, he sees a head protruding from the wall next to him, blonde hair, with blue oval eyes.

“W-ww-what? Who are you?” Izuku asks the head

“Oh me, my bad, i should introduce myself” The head goes back into the wall. ??? what? 

Suddenly the voice is heard around him “I’m Mirio Togata, a senior, nice to meet you”

Izuku was confused, where is he? He couldn't feel his presence at all, and then he looked down.

“Wha?!” Izuku let out “Oh did I surprise you? My bad” Mirio apologies as a face on the floor now

“Wait, what is this? What are you?” Izuku asks


Izuku thinks to himself Mirio? Has he heard this name before? Could’ve heard it before.

Before sensing a presence appear from behind him, turning around he sees a half naked man halfway putting on his pants

. . . . .

“Do you mind?” Mirio says with a smile

“Wha!? Of course” Izuku quickly turning back

This guy is a sharp one, Sir was right! Mirio thinks of what Sir said to him yesterday

“I hear the freshman will be starting their Work Study program soon” Mirio tells Izuku

“Yeah, where did you hear that from?” Izuku asks

“My mentor told me! He told me to specifically look out for you”

“Me? What about me?”

“My mentor did!” 

“Your mentor?”

“Yeah, Sir Nighteye is a really good mentor, you might want to take a look at his offer more closely”

“Sir Nighteye? . . . . . Wait, wasn’t he one of All Might’s Sidekicks?”

“Yup! Sure is!”

“Wow Thanks, i’ll take a makes sure to take a look at it” 

“Great, my job here is done, i be gone now”

Izuku suddenly doesn't sense his presence anymore… What a weird guy… naked? Wasn’t one of the top students at the 3rd year sports festival called Mirio?


*Buzz* *Buzz* *Beep*

“Nighteye speaking” Nighteye answers the phone on the desk

“Great, thanks Mirio” *Beep* Nighteye places down his phone.

“Seems like Midoriya is on track to join us?” Bubble girl asks

“Indeed… you seem quite invested for Midoriya to join us Bubble girl, never seen you so excited for an intern to join us”

“Yup! Just repaying my debts to someone i met in the past”

Nighteye frowns, in the past? Why hasn't bubble girl said anything about this before?

“Who’s this someone?”

“Ah it’s someone who helped me quite a lot before i became a Hero, his quirk is quite similar to Midoriya” Bubble girl replies with Nighteye becoming more and more certain the someone that bubble girl is talking about is the same person he’s thinking about

“Does this person also call his powers the Force?”

“Huh? Ah, Yes, he called his powers the force like Midoriya did”

“Interesting… to think that both of us have met this person before”

“HUH? SIR? You’ve met Master Windu?”



“Seems you and Windu are more than just an acquaintance” Nighteye continues

“Yeah..., he taught me how to gather intel and fight, most of which was why i managed to graduate as a Hero, i own him quite a lot all things considered” Bubble girl said with a little embarrassed

“You knew Midoriya was his student?”

“No, he never mentioned he took on a student”

“You’re still in contact with him?”

“Not exactly, he’s on an overseas mission in US currently, but he’s currently not responding to my messages”

“Okay” Nighteye places his arms on the table in front of him, it can’t be a coincidence that led to him getting Midoriya, regardless he’s going to get to the bottom of this. All Might has not told him much about Windu, but always seems to trust him more than his own sidekick, it irked him the wrong way, even Bubble girl seems to know more than she lets on about Windu.

The next day in UA offices, Aizawa checks the applications his student has submitted. Going through one by one. Flipping to Ida’s page, he’s accepted Manual as the Hero he wants to follow? Doesn’t he have better offers? Unless he has an ulterior motive?

Placing down his sheet, he looks at the excel file he has created to track which heroes his students are going to.

  1. Yuga - X-Less
  2. Mina Ashido - Uwabami
  3. Tsuyu Asui - Big Red Dot
  4. Ochako Uraraka - Gunhead
  5. Mashirao Ojiro - Death Arms
  6. Eijiro Kirishima - Fourth Kind
  7. Itsuka Kendo - Ryukyu
  8. Kyoka Jiro - Gang Orca
  9. Fumikage Tokoyami - Hawks
  10. Shouto Todoroki - Endeavour 
  11. Toru Hagakure - Gran Torino
  12. Katsuki Bakugou - Best Jeanist 
  13. Minoru Mineta - Mt Lady
  14. Momo Yaoyorozu - Fatgum
  15. Izuku Midoriya - Sir Nighteye
  16. Tenya Ida - Manual

Odd, some of the choices were really out of left field compared to who the caliber of Heroes that gave them an offer, Gran Torino? Really? She was given offers by other top 20 heroes but she chose a retired one? Midoriya went with Nighteye, an interesting choice, but he’s confident in Nighteye having spoken to him on multiple occasions, he’s also handling UA top student Mirio, that means Nighteye has spotted the next generation after him.

“Having to go through with your students' applications?” A voice was heard behind, Vlad King appears behind Aizawa 

“Yup, just finalizing details of their applications” Aizawa answers

“Great, I'm already done with mine, where are the top few students in your class headed?”

“Ground Zero is headed for best jeanist, Shouto is going to Endeavor, and Deku is going with Sir Nighteye”

“Sir Nighteye? An odd choice”

“Yeah, but he isn’t the only one”

“Oh?” Vald King raises his eye brown “Who?”

 “All of you got your costumes right?” Aizawa announces to the class, all of them now preparing to leave for their on the job training. 

“Yes Sir!” Kendo says to Aizawa

“Great, all of you should know that you’re prohibited from wearing them without permission and don’t lose the costumes”

“Goooooot iiiiiiiiitttt!!!!” Ashido says happily

“Don’t stretch out that “Got it” Ashido, and be sure to be on your best behaviour, the bus to the train station is waiting, that is all dismiss”

“Woo! I’m looking forward to this” Hagakure said with an excited smile

“Where are you heading?” Sero asks Kirishima

“Hiroshima, You?” Kirishima answers

“Ah that’s great, i’m only heading a stone throw away from here” Sero continues to chat

“Ida-kun, if you need someone to talk to, you can always talk to us” Izuku calls out to Ida

“We’ll go out of our way to help you, just let us know, we’re all friends after all” Hagakure continues, currently free from her bandages, left with small scars on her arms.

“Sure” Ida gives an assuring face before leaving for his bus to the train station.

Izuku got off the bus, now looking at the building in front of him, it’s rather plain. Entering the building, greeted by the receptionist and returning the greeting before entering the lift.

Woo, it’s all good, it’s just an on the job training for a week, no sweat. The lift stops and it opens the door, Izuku proceeds to walk down the hallway. “Unit number #05-01” Looking up, he sees the the sign #05-01, this is it, my first step to the agency, no clue what it’ll be like, the mentor to one of UA Big 3, All Might Sidekick! Izuku thinks as he gives a quick knock on the door. 

. . . . .

No response? It’s already 09:30am, is it still out of their working hours? Placing his hand on the handle and giving it a push, oh? It’s unlocked, pushing the door open. “Excuse me i’m Midoriya, the new inter-”


Izuku has no idea what he’s looking at, a blue skinned girl with a crop top strapped to a machine called tickle hell, with feathers arms tickling the her sides, crying from it.


“I told i’ll stop once you tell me everything you know about it” The thin man says before looking back at the entrance.

What the hell? Crap, what do I do, he’s Sir Nighteye isn’t he?… i’ll just greet him normally “Ah… Hello, my name is Izuku Midoriya, here for the UA on the job training, it’s nice to meet you” Izuku managed to say out without stuttering.

The tickle machine slowly stops “HAhaha...ha?” Bubble girl slowly calms down

Sir Nighteye slowly moves away from the machine and towards Izuku, staring right at him. Suddenly grabbing his face and pulling his eyes to take a look into it.

“Sir?” Izuku asks, it was already a weird situation to walk into, hoping he just straight up walked into the wrong office, but Sir Nighteye's thin silhouette is unmistakable.

“Hmmm… Less interesting than I would've hoped” Nighteye drops his hands returning to the table.

“Huh?” Izuku is confused

“I have no clue what makes you special, i don’t see anything in you that makes you different” Nighteye seems to complain

“What do you mean Sir?” Izuku asks

“Windu” Nighteye suddenly says, Izuku opening his eyes wide, Master Windu only mentioned he knew a few Heroes by Acquaintances, is Sir Nighteye one of them? Was All Might one of them?!

“I can see it in your face now, you are the student of Windu, a wielder of the force” Nighteye continues, seeing Deku’s facial changes as confirmation, he doesn’t have good a poker face

“Huh? … Whaa?” Izuku now unsure what to say 

“What makes you so special… Force Master Deku?” Nighteye quipped 

“I errrr….” Izuku says out

Nighteye continues to stare him down, it’s intimidating, unsure what to do.

“Sir, you don’t have to keep teasing him like that” Bubble girl spoke up, now free from the tickle machine

“I’m just feeling his resolve, so far I don't see any of it” Nighteye continues “Which will be the first order of business, I will need to know about your powers”

“Huh? Ummm Ah ok, i’m able to telekinesis-” Izuku spoke out

“No, i’m not interested in what you can do, i want to know what the force can do” Nighteye reforms his question.

“The Force Sir?” Izuku, now panicking, does he know about the force?

“He’s asking to what degree have you mastered the force” Bubble girl helps him out

“Oh…?” Both of them seem to know about the force, what can I tell them? They seem to have met master Windu before, why are they so interested in it?

“. . . i . . . am able to use the force at a basic level, able to use it to boost my abilities and manipulate objects at a distance from me” Izuku says

“But that’s not all about the force is it?” Nighteye continues his barrage of questions “What exactly is the force” Nighteye asks

“I..It’s like an energy that surrounds everything, and is just manipulated by us who is attuned to it” Izuku says out a simplified version of what he was taught

“Us?” Nighteye asks

“Y-Yeah… Master Windu taught me how to attune to the force to mold it to do what i want” 

“This force… you said attuned to it, when did you attune to it” Nighteye asks another big question. Izuku looks at Nighteye, he opens his mouth for a moment then thinks about it. If I said 1 year ago, what about the other 16 years of my life? Would he figure out that I'm actually quirkless?

“. . . i . .i. . . .” Izuku isn’t able to get a full word out, scared that he’ll compromise too much information.

“That’s enough, your reluctance to say anything tells me enough… Midoriya Izuku, final few questions, when did you meet Windu?” Nighteye asks again

Crap… another loaded question, so much information he could give away just from that alone… should he just tell the truth? 

“I… first met Master Windu last year” Izuku tells the people in the room. Bubble girl looks at him with worry.

“So basically… you were quirkless till you’ve met Master Windu and the Force isn’t a Quirk?”

“. . . i . . .it isn’t really a quirk” Izuku says with his head down

“I see, i suspected as much, your profile labeled you as quirkless till last year” Nighteye continues “So that means technically anyone can use the force?”

“No… Master Windu said that to be able to manipulate the force, one must be force sensitive, which almost everyone Master Windu has met isn’t”

“Have you met any other force sensitives? Other than Windu” Nighteye asks

“Yes… only one so far” Izuku looks at the big limited edition poster on the wall “All Might”

Nighteye is surprised, All Might would be able to manipulate the force if he tries? Is this why he trusts Windu so much? Much more than me? All of this questioning only adds more questions to ask, this boy isn’t even answering all of it.

“Fine, I'll end the questioning for now” Nighteye says, lifting the tension in the room.

“Accommodations have been arranged for you, bubble girl will see to it that you will be comfortable here. After that, meet me here at 11, we’ll start our training at the courtyard” Nighteye finishes, turning the chair away from the pair of bubble girl and Izuku

“That was intense wasn’t it” Bubble girl says with a light hearted tone, both of them walking down the hallway.

“Yeah it was, i didn’t expect both of you to know Master Windu” Izuku says

“Yup, it was quite the coincidence that both me and Sir met Master Windu without knowing that the other have met him” Bubble girl tells Izuku

Odd, Bubble girl also called Master Windu Master? Is she a student of the force? I don’t sense that she is force sensitive.

“Really? How long have you known Master? I’ve noticed you’re also calling him Master? Were you a student?”

“Ah, it’s been a few years, he’s taught me almost everything I know, so yeah, i was kinda like his student” Bubble girl tells Izuku, reminiscing her time when she met Windu when she was working part time. “Okay, this is your room, here’s the keys, there’s an office gym on the 1st floor and a pantry that’s accessible to everyone in the room next to the entrance to our office. Laundry and baths are done externally” Bubble girl continues, handing Izuku a set of keys and opening the door to his room. It's basic, a single bed, wardrobe and table with a toilet attached to it. 

Izuku enters the room, dropping his stuff next to the table before looking around, with Window giving visibility to the street as the only source of light right now.

Bubble looks at Izuku “Just asking, has Master Windu said anything since his trip to the US?” Bubble girl asks

“Ah… no, ever since that day i’ve been accepted to UA, he hasn’t sent me a message, i’ve been messaging him about my progress” Izuku explained the last time he had contact with him.

“You’re not alone, he’s gone radio silent recently, i wonder what he is up to” Bubble girl wonders




The large wall moves, opening passage to a deep part of the building. Windu stares at the depths to Chichén Itzá, a wonder of the world in central America.

“Sheesh, this place is so smelly, why would you even want to come to this place?” his blonde male companion complains.

“There are secrets in this place that i need access to, this place has a strong dark side pull, it’s likely an ancient temple” Windu explains again, slightly annoyed, why this guy has to follow him at all times on this trip? He can take care of himself

“Yeah, but it doesn’t explain why this would relate to our missing suspect?” The man continues to whine

“It has everything to do with our Suspect Captain ” Windu reassures the man.

Chapter Text


The sound of wood clashing at the courtyard of Nighteye’s office, Deku spars with Nighteye, so far nothing Deku has done managed to hit Nighteye, how? Once in a while Nighteye would throw a seal at him, forcing him into awkward positions to dodge or block it with the sticks he’s given.

“Huff . . . .  Huff . . . .” Deku gasps for air in the momentary break he was given. “You’re still so stiff, your defensive form is excellent, but you have zero attacking potential” Nighteye reviews, he’s been dodging all of Deku’s attacks, it’s predictable, and doesn't even need his quirk to foresee it.

“Let’s end this for now, wash up and get some lunch, we’ll be doing some partols today, so ready your costume and meet me at the front of the building at 1:55PM” Nighteye says, placing the towel in the basket nearby, heading back into the building.

Izuku falls to the ground, he’s exhausted, he tried to keep up with Nighteye, but he couldn’t hit him, it was a stalemate the whole way through but it always felt Nighteye could connect a hit with him at any time, Force sense or not.

Looking at the sky, wondering about the others. “Kyoka, Kendo… what are the both of you doing…”


Izuku opens his briefcase, he sees his hero costume, now with plates replaced, with a note of the chest piece. Peeling off the note, Izuku takes a look

Dear Midoriya, I have taken the liberty to change the materials for you for now, we haven’t completely figured out what kind of material your armor plates were using, and are working to restore and have the ability to reproduce such a material. For now we’ve replaced it with a Graphene material, it’s light, flexible, stab and bullet proof*! We’re designed it specifically to look weight and feel exactly like your previous plates have fun! Signed Mei Hatsume

Well, I guess even space materials will take some time for the support department to figure out, pulling out his vest and inspecting it, it feels very military like, but I guess it’ll have to do for now. Izuku placed it down, peeling off his clothes to put on the jumpsuit.


“For today, you and Bubble girl will roam the local streets, get to know the procedures of what a Hero do on patrol and surveillance” Nighteye informs Deku

“You should’ve already learnt why we do patrols in public, to reassure them while also being a deterrent for potential evil” Nighteye continues “But today i want you to try not only being a deterrent, but be aware of what is happening around you, see what you don’t normally see, try to gather and link new information you receive and ignore those that is not relevant to your mission. Listen to bubble girl at all times, she’ll give you the permission to engage if necessary, but your primary role is to learn and assist her in anyway possible, that is all”

“Yes Sir!” Izuku responds to Nighteye

“In this area we’ll often find trouble” Bubble girl points towards the market “We often get some hooligans who think they could get away with something an tries something funny, so we often patrol here during our lulls” Bubble girl continues to introduce the area

“lulls?” Izuku asks

“Yes, often Sir likes to investigate bigger cases involving larger organizations, but we’re in our lull currently as there’s no big case for Nighteye as of yet. Our Hero office is also half staffed right now Centipeder attached to another Hero investigation, and Mirio is focusing on his studies, so we’ll only call him in when it’s important” Bubble girl explains the office situation

“Oh? So Heroes are often attached to other Hero offices? Why isn’t the whole office attached to that case?” Izuku queries 

“Our assigned area doesn't have enough Hero offices overlapping us, so if we were to assign the whole team to another Hero investigation, it might stretch the other hero offices thin to cover our area. For Hero offices nearby overlapping our area, we’ll just need to notify them of our patrol route, timings and manpower. So they’ll ensure our patrols won’t be redundant.”

Izuku writes down in his notebook “OJT 1-A” It’s labeled. This is information he hasn’t heard in class, it’s great hearing this like on a 1 to 1 session with a real Hero!

“Currently our area of to patrol will just be the outskirts of North West Tokyo, we’ll also cover other parts of Tokyo if called upon, which rarely happens unless it’s a big emergency” Bubble girl continues to explain

“I see i see… “ Izuku continues to write down details, “what about night patrols?” Izuku asks

“Night Patrols would be the same thing, just that night time Heroes would tend to be more active, but for us we tend to only be doing Night patrols when the usual night offices are not available or if there’s an emergency, it’s not a popular timing to take haha... i know many friends burnt out quickly from this, but it tends to pay better as there are many crimes that happen at night in busy area” Bubble girl continues her lecture on Patrol.

Izuku happily writes down his downs while moving “So during these periods only you and Sir Nighteye will be on patrol?” Izuku asks

“Typically yes, but since we have a lovely intern with us, it frees up some time for Sir to search for newer cases, or in my case, clear leave!” Bubble girl says with excitement 

“Haha…” Izuku says, scratching his cheek, she’s really happy there’s additional manpower to supplement her.

“Relax Deku, I’ll give you a treat tonight as a celebration! Gotta treat my little Kouhai well” Bubble girl says with a smile. 

* Dooff *

Izuku drops on the bed, with a big smile on his face, so far the on the job training was great, Bubble Girl was really nice to me, we even had Sushi after dinner. Switching on his phone he sees the latest notifications from the group chat he has with his friends

Itsuka: Everyone doing well so far?

Kyoka: Yup, all peachy

Izuku: Same

Uraraka: I know Kung-fu

Itsuka: ???

Itsuka: What?

Uraraka: haha, i was just joking, it’s been good today, Gunhead was just training me in martial arts

Uraraka: He’s also so cute when doing it!

Itsuka: Oh? Seems we have a new Martial artist here! (✩꒳✩)

Ojiro: Don’t even think about it Miss Black belt in everything 

Itsuka: Oh yeah? Make me

Izuku: can’t even stop arguing when they’re separated -_-

Ashido: Grrrrrr 

Uraraka: What?

Ashido: I’m so annoyed!

Izuku: Why?

Ashido: I didn’t even do anything today!!

Izuku: You went with Uwabami right? Isn’t she super busy with commercials and sponsor deals? Would be an interesting side of Heroics

Ashido: That’s the problem! I didn’t even do anything, all i did was follow her carrying her stuff and bring her coffee!! I really felt the intern life

Itsuka: Well sucks to be you

Ashido: KENDO!!! HELP ME!!!

Itsuka: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ashido: I've been left for dead!!!!

Ashido: Anyways, how were your days guys?

Itsuka: Good so far, Ryukyu had us learn some of the intricacies that we haven’t learnt in class

Kyoka: Wow… better than my day, it was mostly paperwork, only good thing was me allowed to test my quirk on Gang Orca

Ojiro: Not much, hung around with Death arms, had chat and a spar so far before going over some paperwork. 

Ojiro: Saw Mineta, he’s probably regretting his choice right about now  

Izuku: Great! I had a spar with Sir Nighteye, he’s so good at dodging, I also went out on patrol with Bubble Girl, she taught me a lot and even treated me to dinner!

Itsuka: Dinner?

Kyoka: Dinner?

Izuku: Yup, treating her Kouhai well :)

Itsuka: You and her alone for dinner?

Izuku: Yup! The Sushi was pretty good

Kyoka: Must’ve been nice

Ashido: Izuku, i think you should stop digging about now

Izuku: What?

Ojiro: Oh my poor innocent fool


Ojiro: What?

Toru: I’ve spent the whole day fighting the Hero i’m interning with, i think i’ve never been beaten up so badly before.

Uraraka: Wow, he seems harsh

Toru: That’s an understatement right there

Itsuka: It’s okay Toru, just another 5 more days with him ;)

Toru: Bleh… i want to go on patrol already…

Ojiro: it seems only Midoriya here is lucky enough to go on patrol and have a lovely time with another girl

Izuku: WHat?!

The next day was more of the same, Sir Nighteye and I had a spar in the morning, followed by another patrol out, but this time with Sir Nighteye while Bubble Girl enjoyed her time off. Nighteye didn’t ask anything about the force this time, only lectures about paperwork, team up missions and how to request them, he also spoke about the Japanese underworld, things that he has been tracking over the past few weeks and the increased criminal activities in certain locations. 

“Your form is slightly unorthodox, how did Windu teach you such a fighting style” Nighteye asks during the spar session

“Funny thing, it’s multiple fighting styles actually” Izuku replies

“Really? What are they about?” 

“Master Windu taught me the saber forms of the je- that he mastered himself” Izuku said, Nighteye noticing his back pedal

“There are 7 forms, and to put it simply, the first form is the fundamental form, which he beat it into me when we started training, the 2nd form is a dueling form, i’m still rather new to it, the 3rd form is a defensive one, focusing on projectile deflection and defence”

“Projectile deflection?” Sir Nighteye asks

“Yeah, it’s using the force to assist we can deflect incoming projectiles away from us or our teammates”

“Interesting… What about the other 4 forms?” Nighteye asks

“Form 4 is more towards attack while being acrobatic which i’m still learning and practicing” Izuku answers

“I’ve not started study on the others, form 5 is an aggressive version of form 3, form 6 is a balanced form and form 7 is a chaotic form from what i understand, but that’s just a brief description of it” Izuku finishes

Interesting… so many forms that one handed man was able to teach, Windu is really a mysterious person - Sir Nighteye

On the 3rd day we’ve been assigned a Night patrol route, with bubble girl, so there’s spare time in the morning and afternoon, it was perfect time to hit the Gym for a few hours, Bubble Girl even came by the gym, Izuku blushing when she got close to him at one of the stations, she is pretty cute all things considered.

*Beep* Deku looks at the clock, 5pm, with his Nightshift starting in an hour's time, doing an equipment check just before moving out. A pain was felt through his head, odd, why would force sense feel this now?

“Deku, Bubble girl, we just received a urgent message from Hosu, patching it through” Nighteye calls out the two ready to go on patrol

“This is The Hero Fly! Requesting backup from all nearby districts, monsters are attacking Hosu! I repeat..” 

“Bubble Girl, Deku, go out to Hosu now, i’ll contact the overlapping Hero offices to cover for us, i’ll join you as soon as i can, you have permission to engage if it means saving someone’s life” Nighteye ordered the pair

Deku and Bubble girl nod and dashed out of the office. Sir Nighteye turns to his desktop, dialing nearby Heroes to make arrangements for this emergency.

Deku and Bubble girl get onto the Nighteye Sedan (A basic electric car), quickly making their way to Hosu as fast as they legally could. Deku tunes into his radio, keeping looking for frequencies that are reporting on the situation as they drive down the road.

“This is Hero Manuel, situation is bad, multiple hostile forces has engaged local heroes, police reinforcements have been called, I have been separated with my Hero trainee, requesting support to seek the Hero trainee Slipstream”

Slipstream? Isn’t that Ida!? Hosu? Why would he go missing? . . . . Remembering the news of his brother, hospitalized in Hosu general hospital… wait he can’t be!?

“Bubble girl! There’s a request to find a missing hero in training in Hosu, shall I respond to this request!?” Deku asks Bubble Girl

“Eh? We’re called in to assist with a monster situation, what do you mean a lost hero in training?” Bubble girl asks Deku while on the wheel

“The Hero manuel has requested for support to look for his missing Hero in training Slipstream, a classmate of mine, he was reported to have went missing when the attack happened, i would like to look for him, i don’t have a good feeling about it” 

Bubble girl looks like Deku… He doesn’t have a good feeling about this… he is just like Master Windu. “Sure” she gives permission “where do I drop you off?” “The nearest alleyway when we reach Hosu!” Izuku informs Bubble Girl 


Looking down on his phone, he sees a notification from the group chat “HAGAKURE: URGENT” with a location attachment

*Lick* *Zing!*

What? How did he get a nick in? I can’t move my body… 

“Your movements are too straightforward… thinking you could slip past my line of sight and bring me down like that… however… you are not all talk, there is worth in keeping you alive, as for your friend… not so much” Stain tells the Invincible Girl, her face bleeding slightly as her mask was cut by the blade, exposing her eye, she managed to get here before Stain could bring his blade down on Ida. But in the skirmish between the two, she was cut, after giving him a blow to the head.

“GET AWAY FROM HIM!” Invincible Girl shouts, trying to use her light quirk, but it isn’t working, looking at stain who is walking over to Ida

“Well, it is a pity, you could’ve saved him but you didn’t, going straight for me, blinded by revenge for your brother, I normally don’t take the lives of kids, but you are too far out to be saved! Farewell Ingenium” Stain says raising his blade up above his neck

“NO STOP!!!!!!!!” Invincible Girl screams, trying to activate her quirk, but it isn’t working



“Tch, another one” Stain says in disgust

Deku catches the blade in motion, just in time to save Ida. Deku quickly brings his baton up, sending Stain’s katana up and quickly using the force with the other hand to push him back. 

“I knew it, I was wondering what did Invincible Girl meant from that message, looks like i was right to get here as soon as I could” Deku says “Help is here, i will not let any more harm come to any of you!” Deku announces “Slipstream, Invincible Girl, are you able to move?” Deku asks

“I can’t move my body… after cutting both of us we are not able to move…” Ida tells Deku

“Yeah… i guessed as much” Deku looks at Hero killer, who is now staring him down

“Deku, get out of here, don’t get involved in this, take Invincible Girl and leave us!” Ida shouts at Deku

Deku draws his other baton, extending them out. “Leaving you is as good as leaving you for dead, i will not let anyone die on my watch as a hero! Not while I'm still standing” Deku answers, quickly tapping on his earpiece, he’s already exhausted a Knight Speed to reach here, he doesn’t have much more in the tank.

<BGM: Darth Maul & Savage opress theme, low volume>

Stain hears this… another one that might be worthy… he was also on Shigaraki kill list, along with this masked girl… It can't be a coincidence. Stain smiles creepily “Well prove it Hero!” Stain shouts as he charges forward with his blade on his side, swinging in just as Deku comes into range


His blade caught one of his batons, quickly letting go of the sword that was in his right hand reaching for a knife on his waist, throwing it as soon as he could and catching the katana with his left hand. 

Deku dodged by going low, the knife flying over him. An Opening! Stain thought swinging down the Katana with his left hand now


“What!?” Stain says aloud, Deku with the other baton held in a reverse grip in his other hand met the blade above his back. Seizing this opportunity Deku swings the unoccupied baton at the Hero killer, *Woosh* 

“Not bad kid” Stain remarks jumping back from the baton

KNIGHT SPEED! ” Deku suddenly shouts, letting the force flow through him to increase his speed, suddenly lunging forward

What? He suddenly got faster! The Hero killer swings the blade diagonally again, this time he doesn't catch a baton, Deku suddenly goes over him. Stain smiles, drawing his dagger with the other hand swinging upwards 


Deku catches the dagger with his baton, and with the other hand Deku swings down the other baton 

*tap* BUZZ*

“GAHHH FUCK!” Stain stumbles forward, feeling a buzz all over his body

Deku lands, taking his opportunity to lunge forward again, swinging both batons in a criss cross. Stain sees this, raising his blades to meet the two. Fuck! He can’t catch an opening with this guy, I need to disarm him! Hero killer repels one of the batons and catches the other with the teeth of his dagger when it swung at him.

*Twist* *Klunk*

The Hero killer twisted the dagger, forcing Deku to drop his baton in his off hand, swinging the dagger at the now open Deku.

FORCE PUSH! * Woosh *

Hero killer suddenly flew back again, looking up he sees the green hero with both palms with his thumb still over the baton in his main hand, What the fuck is this guy quirk? Looking down he sees Ingenium at his feet, good chance to finish this as quick as he can, he doesn’t want to spend anymore time here, raising his blade to finish him.

Suddenly a baton flew right at the Hero killer's face, swinging the blade to deflect it, looking down again… What?! Where did that kid go? Turning around only Native was behind him, and looking forward he sees Ingenium behind the green boy. “I’m not gonna let you hurt him!” Deku shouts at Stain as the both of them lock eyes

Suddenly he feels heat being generated behind him, no time to think time to jump!

* WOOOSHHH * Stain jumps, dodging a stream of fire that caught his leg. Landing slightly to the side, he looks back to see a dual haired boy

“Sorry Invincible Girl, you gotta text me more information for something like this” Shouto appears behind Stain, flames surrounding his left side in a new updated blue costume.

“It’s Fucking one after the other today, i can’t get anything done at this rate” Stain complains, contemplating his chances now, the green kid is clearly talented with the blade, and this fire guy seem like bad news, it’s time to go, aware of his disadvantaged situation and taking consideration his bruises and hits he’s received and his slightly brunt feet.

Pulling out two throwing knives on both hands, he stares down the two UA students, waiting for a lapse in focus. Suddenly the temperature drops, what? Looking down he sees the floor starts frosting, jumping up and over the frost, tossing knives in both directions. Deku quickly uses his baton to deflect the knives while Shouto creates an ice block to catch it. Now is the opening Stain has been waiting for!

Stain jumps off a bin and up the alleyway walls, grabbing onto the staircases and ladders on the way up, just before he reaches the top, his momentum suddenly stops midair...  what? Looking down he sees Deku holding his hand up, clearly using his powers to hold him in position in mid air. 

“YOU’RE FUCKING ANNOYING YOU KNOW THAT” Stain throws another knife at him, he’ll have to lose focus or have a blade between his eyes.

*FREEZE* and pillar of ice appears in front of Deku, catching the blade just in time. But the attack worked, Deku lost focus for a second, losing the Hero killer from his grasp, who promptly caught the edge of the rooftop and pulled himself away from the alleyway. Now with the Hero Killer out of sight, Deku took stock, he could give chase, he had a couple of seconds left in Knight speed, he could make the jump to the roof.

“SHOUTO KEEP THEM SAFE!” Deku shouts as he uses the force to grab his other baton, quickly using the remaining time of his Knight speed to hop up the building and onto the roof where the Hero killer was.

“Gah… I gotta get out of here” Hero killer about to dash to the next rooftop


“GAHHH WHAT THE FUCK” Stain looks behind, his muscles all tensed up from the hits he took

<BGM: Here (Hero A V2) low volume>

“I can’t let you get away” Deku says, catching the baton in his hands, Knight speed is over, his muscles now all tensed up from the effects.

“You should’ve have chased me down” Stain hissed “You don’t even know the condition of the others” Stain continues

“I trust my teammate, but i can’t let you go, you’ve hurt enough people, i let you go now and you’ll just continue hurting innocents, you’ll need to answer for your crimes” Deku rebuked


“Even so, who are you to judge, even if they are truly not deserving of their title, they still contribute to the betterment of society! I will not let you go, to save your future victims from the likes of you” Izuku argues 

Stain looks at Deku, he’s not the worst Hero, even he has something in him that makes a good Hero, he’s not all talk either.

“GAHHH WHY MUST I DEAL WITH SO MUCH NONSENSE TODAY!!!!” Stain draws his blade dashing forwards. Deku sees this, gripping his batons harder and starts moving towards the middle of the rooftop, swinging his baton to meet Stains blade


The two weapons meet, crossing into each other, Stain draws his dagger from his back, slashing at Deku *Ding!*. Deku used his other baton to meet the incoming blade, again locking into position. Stain again makes his move, pushing away the baton that caught his katana, sending both blades above their heads. Stain follows this up with a kick, his sole making contact with Deku’s chest, feeling the impact, Deku staggers from the hit, taking his opportunity again, Statin swings his katana down on his baton which is caught by the dagger.


Deku Sidearm broke in two, Deku quickly jumps back to reassess his situation. His 2nd baton is destroyed, smashed right in the middle and its dangling parts. Tossing the broken Baton aside, he grips both hands on the one he left, swinging to meet Stain who swings his katana at him again


The two clashed, Deku dodging some of the attacks and parrying the others, but he can’t find an opening to attack, he still has the upper hand! Izuku thinks as he rotates his baton to a reverse grip stance.


The duo weapons continue to clash, repelling each other, follows up by two exchanged strikes, but all the attack collects each other weapons, Deku clearly unable to find an opening and his riposte has all been dodged or deflected by Stain, clearly the weaker of the two in this fight, bruised up from backhand hits and throws, but not bleeding yet. 

*Ding! Woosh*

Deku blocks another swing from Stain and does a flip to avoid a kick from a toe spiked boot from stain. Upon landing, Deku pushes his hand out, FORCE PUSH echos his mind as Stain drifts away from him. The both return to a defensive stance, weapon in hand, Deku changes stances from a reversed grip to a form III stance “ Soresu ” bringing his baton up to head level pointing towards stain, his other hand in front of him, his left leg in front of his right. For a moment, none of them move, Stain looking for an opportunity while Deku anticipates his next move. Suddenly Deku hears movement behind him, quickly looking back from the source of the sound.

Hero Killer, seeing his opening, throws a couple of knives at Deku. Deku, quick to respond, moves his baton to intercept, placing his baton at an angle to collect both of the knives, deflecting both knives away from him. Hero killer quickly took that opportunity to throw another 2 more at Deku’s hands to disarm him while running towards him, Katana at the ready. Deku, who didn’t have enough time to move the batons away from the first attack, got his hand cut and the baton knocked out of both of his hands, flying down into the alleyway, Deku sees this and smiles.

“WHAT ARE YOU SMILING AT!” Stain roars, it’s all gone to plan as he’s unarmed now, quickly closing the gap with him, slashing his blade at him, this time Deku jumps over stain. 

“I’m not gonna fall for that aga-!” Stain shouts

* FLASH * A flash light suddenly blinds Stain, courtesy of Invincible Girl now hanging on the ledge of the rooftop.

Force push !

*WOOSHHHhhhhh* * CRASH *

Deku pushes stain with the force off the rooftop downwards into a rubbish bin while he was over and a little behind him. “ SHOUTO THE BIN! ” Shouto, who was helping Native up, quickly creates a layer of ice and freezes the rubbish bin. “Huff… Huff…” Deku lets out, this is the first time he really had a sword fight with an opponent with real skill and killing intent, it scared him to the core, but now all he feels is relief, falling onto the rooftop with one of his arms dangling off the ledge of the rooftop looking down at the frozen bin.

“Is it over?” Invincible Girl calls out below. 

“Yeah… It should be over” Shouto says

* Taptaptaptap * “Deku!” a female voice and footsteps are heard in the alleyway. Shouto looks around, a blue skinned girl enters the Alleyway, looking at the few people standing and laying on the floor right now.

“Up here bubble girl….” Deku said lazily but loud enough to be heard below

“What? What are you doing up there?” Bubble girl asks

“Long story…” Deku says from above “But i need you to make sure the others there are okay, we just had an encounter with the Hero Killer stain!”

“Stain!? Where!?” Bubble Girl is surprised Shouto points to the legs sticking out of the rubbish bin

“Is… he alive?” Bubble questions

“Well, he’s frozen to the bin but not covered, so he’s just probably out cold” Shouto says

“I can’t even tell if that’s a pun” Bubble girls says trying to figure out what’s the situation.

“I’m Sorry…” Ida suddenly bows in front of Shouto “I’m sorry, all of you have to put your lives on the line because of me… all of you… I'm truly sorry…” tears leaking from his eyes “I became so blind i couldn’t see anything other than stain”

“Pull yourself together Slipstream” Shouto says to Ida

“No… i will not be using the name Slipstream anymore” Ida says with his head down

“Ida…” Hagakure says standing on the platform above, hearing Ida’s apologies

“I’ll  … I’m … I’m Ingenium from today onwards…  and I will work hard to prove that I am deserving of this name!” Ingenium  announces his new callsign

The group smiles at the announcement of the boy

Deku force sense suddenly triggers, what? Above him?

“WATCH OUT KID!” An old voice was heard




Deku suddenly goes airborne and sees the others getting further and further away? He looks up and sees the thing that is carrying him… A NOMU?! Grabbed and being flown away in it’s claws, blood leaking all over, dropping all over the streets below

“NOMU?!” Deku shouts out surprised

“DAMMIT!” The old man shouts, he’s too far to catch him!

Invincible girls powers up again, Full Cowling, ready to jump at the Nomu and grab Deku back, this is bad, with the wind created by the Nomu and her mask damaged and cut by stain, wind and light leaks into the mask, making it difficult for her to see the monster.

* BASH *

A shadow jumps up the alleyway rapidly, licking a bloodstain that landed on the railing.


The Nomu suddenly tensed up, falling down into the streets

All of those in the alleyway saw this, damit! they should have secured him first! Quickly running where the Nomu started falling.


The Heroes run out of the alleyway and onto the streets, seeing Nomu crashing into the floor with Deku landing next to it. 

<BGM: Subete wa Tadashii Shakai no tame ni>



Blood and brain matter leaks from the wound, the monster now clearly dead

“Guys, ready to fight, we need to rescue Deku!” Bubble girl announces to the group, all preparing themselves, Ingenium heating up his exhaust ready to use Recipro burst to dash in and out. Stain now gripping on Deku’s back, making sure he doesn’t move.


The group turns their head to the source of the voice “ENDEAVOR?!” The group said

Endeavor!? Stain looks back “ANOTHER PHONY!!!!”

“THE HERO KILLER!!!” Endeavor shouts, readying his flames

“Wait Todoroki!” The old man shouts

“The fakes must be rectified, someone… SOMEONE MUST STAIN HIMSELF IN HIS BLOOD AND THE WORD HERO MUST BE RESTORED” Stain Shouts, striking fear into all in front of him, blood going cold, all unable to move


The Heroes all unable to budge, the air became heavy, all stricken with fear, Native, fell to the floor. Deku feels it too, his force sense giving all sorts of signals. 

* DING *

Everything stops, the Hero killer dropped his knife, now standing still unable to move… 

“Huh?” Shouto says, dropping to the floor, the intensity was too much for him as well.

The air returns to normal, the heroes now able to move, watches Stain standing there, eyes blank, clearly unconscious.

Deku only heard it afterwards, but apparently one of the Hero killer's ribs perforated his lungs, it wasn’t as though he licked the blood of the heroes, but it seemed to everyone that he did, standing against the other side, alone.

* CRUSH * Dirt falls from Shigaraki hands as he disintegrate his binoculars

“Let’s go home Kurogiri” Shigaraki says

“Are these results to your satisfaction?” Kurogiri asks

“Dumbass, it all depends on tomorrow…” Shigaraki says “Why are those two brats here…” Shagaraki says as a comment as he enters the mist

* DING *

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have started our descent into Haneda International Airport, please ensure that your seatbelts are fastened. Once again we would like to thank you for flying Air Yaoyorozu, We hope you have a pleasant journey…”

A figure dressed in black robes looks out of the window, this is such a slow way to travel, she thinks to herself, but she came all this way for one reason… The Force

Chapter Text

“Now that I think about it, that was pretty impressive from us eh?” Hagakure says to the room

“Yeah…” Replies Todoroki, who came by to visit them

“Come to think about it… It’s a miracle that we’re still alive…” Izuku says, looking at his hands, there were a few moments that he could have killed me, but he chose to disarm me…” Izuku said, reviewing his fight

“Yeah… no doubt about that” Hagakure says “He was saying stuff about sparing those who are worthy”

“Why was he going to kill you Ida?” Shouto asks Ida

“I… I just-” Ida got out 

* ROLL *

The door to their ward opens and a few figures come in at once.

“Bubble Girl?” “Gran Torino!?” “Manual-san…”

“Oh? The youngsters are already awake” Gran Torino says “I wanted to lecture you, but you have a visitor”

“The chief of the Hosu Police precinct Mr Tsuragamae Kenji, he would like to have a word with all of you”

“Chief?!” Izuku sat up straight

“Don’t worry, all of you can remain seated, i know you all had it quite ruff” The Chief said “So you lot were the ones to stop the Hero killer, you’re all UA kids alright…” The chief said looking at the 4

“Regarding the Hero Killer… He’s sustained burns, fractures and some injuries that’s pretty serious and is under medical care now” The chief continues “The problem with this is that none of you have qualified licenses to cause harm to an individual, even if the attacker is the Hero Killer himself, it is quite the violation of the rules”

The 4 faces' expressions changed, now feeling the weight of his statement. “The few of you and the pro Heroes in charge, which is to say, Endeavor, Manual and Gran Torino, would likely be handed punishments, and for you, even if you were given permission to use your quirk to save someone’s life, it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to cause harm after he has exited the battlefield” The chief looking at Izuku 

“Wait hold on Sir” Todoroki stood up “If none of us stepped in the Hero Native would’ve been killed, if Hagakure didn’t arrive and called for help, Ida would be killed, same with Midoriya and me, at the time nobody else had noticed the Hero Killer appearance Sir. So you’re saying we should’ve followed the rules and let everyone die?” Todoroki give his argument with anger in his voice

“So if the end results are all right, we should not care about the rules? Is that it?” The chief asks “Saving people is what Heroes do! It’s their Job!” Todoroki continues, starting to walk over

“Stop, listen to what he have to say youngling” Gran Turino says

“Well, that was my opinion as the police, but officially, it’ll be settled discreetly” The Chief continues “A public announcement of what exactly happened would receive praise from the public, but it would also mean it would necessitate punishment.” 

“If however we don’t say the whole truth, it would just be concluded the burns and injuries he received was from a joint effort between Endeavour office and Bubble Girl and her partner to save lives whilst taking down the Hero Killer and back up that version of the story with evidence, it would mean we wouldn’t need to dish out any punishments, fortunately nobody external witnessed the event before it went to the street, so involvement of those without permission would be very easy.” The Chief tells the room

“So what will it be? The truth? Or a partial truth, that wouldn't need anyone to be punished publicly, especially for youngsters brimming with potential” The Chief said “There will still be consequences for those without permissions, but Native has insisted us to allow him to take the blunt of the punishments, so Manual, Gran Torino will only receive reprimands”

“At any rate, we need to take responsibility for our negligence as supervisors” Manual sighing “Sorry Sir, i shouldn't-” Ida tries to apologies

“It’s alright, you caused a lot of people trouble, so if you understand then never do it again” Manual tells him

“And Finally, at the very least, as a fellow Human who keeps the peace” The chief bows at a full 90 degrees “I give you my thanks”

“Gahhh, quite lucky i gave you permission before you ran off” Bubble girl lectures Izuku, now in the open area of the hospital. “Sorry Bubble Girl, kinda went ahead without you” Izuku apologies. “Just don’t do it again, Sir would kill me if i got a student killed and if not Sir, Master Windu would” Bubble girl says jokingly.

“Sure, won’t do it again” Izuku smiles, Bubble girl smiles back, indirectly she did benefit from this incident, even though Sir was displeased, but in the end they did save lives, so he wasn’t as upset

“Sir Nighteye would like to have a debrief with you when you’re discharged, i’ll come by with the car when you’re out, so just make sure you rest well, and message me when you’re discharged, see you then” Bubble girl smiles as she leaves waving her hands as goodbye for now. 

Izuku looks out of the window of the Hosu general hospital, taking in the sight for a while before taking out his phone. So many unread messages, oh boy, half of them were from his mum, looks like I have to apologize to her for responding so late… Switching at the group chat with his friends.

Itsuka: So everyone’s okay?

Toru: Yeah! Other than Ida who is getting checked now, the rest of us only had minor injuries.

Ashido: All of you are on the news, it’s crazy! Especially Izuku, your green hair was super obvious in that camera shot

Izuku: I was? What? News?

Yaoyorozu: Yes, news, you were seen in a shot next to the monster and Stain, however they did not mention any of you in the news

Ojiro: Don’t think there are many other heroes with that unmistakable green hair, worst still when he was just at the sports festival only one week ago.

Izuku: Ah jeez…

Ojiro: Look on the bright side… you’re gonna be a popular hero… not like me who no one even knows that I was at the sports festival :/

Toru: No worry Mashirao, I know you’re there!

Ojiro: -_-

Toru: But Izuku was bad ass! He held off the Hero Killer for so long


Itsuka: I’m not even surprised at this point

Izuku smiles, switching back to the phone app, ready to call his mother to tell her he’s okay… especially when his friends said his green hair was plastered all over the news


“IZUKU!!!!!” The speaker on the phone screams, Inko on the other side, oh dear, it’s gonna be a long phone call


At the end of the day, Izuku and Toru were discharged, Ida required more medical attention and Shouto went back to his workplace. Ida injuries were pretty severe, as the Hero killer cut quite close to the nerves of his arms, and now require some therapy before being discharged, but he’ll never regain the same level of control he once had with his right arm.

The battle of Hosu was the most talked about topic on the news today, but it seems most of the attention went to the capture of the Hero killer, making Izuku cringe a little every time he sees the news talking about the joint collaboration between Bubble girl, him and Endeavor, but the main attack on Hosu by the Nomus seem to almost glossed over, or is a secondary topic even if it did more damage.

Izuku now stands outside of the office of Sir Nighteye, ready to face him, placing his hand on the handle.


“Oh?” A familiar blonde notices the Izuku at the door

“Ah! Midoriya, nice to meet you again” Mirio says to Izuku

“Ah Mirio Senpai, nice to meet you too” Izuku says, noticing Mirio is in his Hero costume

“Going out for patrol?” Izuku asks

“Yeah, i am, was called in to supplement the manpower issue after the events at Hosu happened” Mirio tells Izuku 

“Ah yeah… heard there was quite a lot of Hero casualties during the fight” Izuku says

“Yeah, so here I am preparing, I heard you were at Hosu on that day as well” Mirio comments “Ah.. I was ju-” Izuku managed to say

“Ah, Lemillion, ready for patrol already?” Bubble girl appears behind Izuku

“Yup, all ready to go” Mirio says 

“Great, we should go now, Izuku, you can make yourself comfortable, Sir wants to talk to you, and after that you’re free for the rest of the day” Bubble Girl says, giving a thumbs up before turning around, leaving with Mirio

“See ya Midoriya, chat with you next time” Mirio waves as Izuku waves back


“Midoriya… You’re really a troublesome one” Sir Nighteye says to Izuku “You’re lucky Bubble Girl is able to cover what happened”

“Sorry Sir, but i had to interfere as quickly as possible else my clas-”

“I’m not talking about that Izuku, i’ve read the reports, my issue is when the Hero killer exited the battle you gave chase, knowing full well that you’re breaking the rules of engagement that was set out for you, you can defend yourselves and others in case of an emergency as you were given permission but you’re just an student without a license, you shouldn’t be chasing the Hero Killer for a duel on the rooftop” Nighteye lectures 

“I… just saw an opportunity to stop him, if I let him get away, he’ll continue to cause problems, and I wasn't thinking… i thought i could stop him by myself… but i couldn’t” Izuku said

“Then take it as a lesson for now, one of many lessons you will learn as a Hero trainee, just don’t make the same mistake twice, while yes, letting him go would cause potential casualties, that’s not your job yet” Nighteye continue to lecture

“Yes Sir” Izuku replies

“Now… moving on to another topic that would require your attention” Nighteye adjusted his glasses, catching Izuku’s attention “Stain, what was he after?” Nighteye asks Izuku, keeping his eyes on him.

“Stain?” Izuku said out loud “I’ve spoken to him during our duel, he seems obsessed with the ideals of being a Hero” 

“How so?” Nighteye asks

“During our duel, he said that Heroes are basically taking advantage of their Hero positions to feed their greed and pride…” Izuku answers, trying to understand what the Hero killer is saying “Those he has hurt are not innocent in his eyes… and only All Might is worthy, he also mentioned that he spares those who are also not all talk.. I think that’s why I survived our fight, there were many opportunities he could have cut me down but didn’t…” Izuku tells Nighteye, remembering the duel on the rooftop, it was likely he just wanted to disable me and run off… rather than to kill

“I see…” Nighteye responded “Did he mention anything about the league of villains?”

“No… I don't think he did” Izuku answers “Is the league involved in this? Now that I think about it, the monster that grabbed me was a Nomu…”

“Yes, the initial distress call was from a horde of Nomu that attacked the city, but it can’t be a coincidence that both the Hero killer and the Nomu’s were at the scene”

“You think there’s more to meet the eye Sir?”

“Yes, and i will be interested to get to the bottom of this” Nighteye tells Izuku


“Certainly was an eventful week for you Deku?” Bubble girl joyfully tease Izuku, both of them now preparing to go on patrol the next day, Deku’s work study resumes again after Sir Nighteye clears Deku for patrol for the remaining days left in his on the job training

“Yeah… too eventful, i just hope the rest of the week is peaceful” Izuku answers, he felt that nothing would beat that one skirmish in Hosu in terms of excitement.

“Agreed on you on that one” Bubble girl replies

Force Master Deku… ” a figure in a robe says, watching over the rooftop of a building in Tokyo, looking down on the city of Hosu, on the exact same street she’s seen the footage of the Stain killing the monster. She looks at her phone, showing the image of this very street where Stain stood.

Switching to a search engine, she combed the internet for any lead on this boy, ever since she saw footage of him at the sports festival. So many forums online talked about the sports festival, but not a lot of leads on this… boy, but she knows he goes to this school in UA and is currently working in Tokyo as some sort of trainee.

The girl looks up into the sky, observing the many construction and repair work going on all around the city due to the battle of Hosu that happened a couple of days ago, reaching into the force, if he’s nearby… I will sense him, trying to get a pull.


* Washhh… *

“What…?” Deku felt a chill go down his spine, a wave of energy just clouded his Force sense… he can’t sense anything now… what’s going on…

“Deku? Are you feeling okay?” Bubble Girl asks, the both of them now on patrol, on the streets of Tokyo

“I… I’m fine, i just have a strange feeling again, something bad is coming” Izuku tells bubble girl, one hand on his head, moving out from the streets and into an alleyway to regain his bearings

“What? Why?” Bubble Girl asks “Is this from the force?”

“Yeah, my Force sense is going crazy” Izuku says, unable to shake the feeling “I’ve never felt like this since before USJ… no this is worse”

“Worse? Are you sure? Should I reach out to Sir?” Bubble ask, grabbing her communicator

There’s no need for that ” A voice spoke out in English, turning around, both Deku and bubble girl saw a shadow dropping from the rooftop and into the alleyway, landing softly. 

“Oh i’m not liking this” pressing a button on her communicator anyway. Deku looks at the person, she’s practically radiating the force, overwhelming him. The person wears black robes and is clearly female from her figure and voice. His eyes focus on two thin silver and black hilts latched onto her waist… those look like…

Please, I come in peace, i just would like a conversation with that boy over there ” The robed figure tells the duo

Sorry, we’re on official Hero duty, i’m afraid you’ll have to come back another time ” Bubble girl says, standing in front of Deku in a defensive position

Perhaps I did come at the wrong time… ” the female looks at the two of them “ Maybe we could arrange something for now, my objective today is complete anyway ” The female says looking at Deku

What do you want with him? ” Bubble girl asks her defensively 

Just a chat… about the Force ” she replies

The Force? ” Bubble Girl is now even more so concerned, why would she know this?

Deku's eyes widen, realizing she’s a force user as well, but he can’t tell if she’s hostile or not, but his force sense is going off the charts.

Who…who are you? ” Deku asks the female

I’m… I was a Jedi ” the female tells Deku

Deku eyes widen even further, jaw dropping, not knowing there are others here on earth, Master Windu never mentioned if others survived the empire

A Jedi? What's a Jedi? Look, i recommend you to sta- ” Bubble girl call out to the hooded girl

It seems you’re informed of the fate of the Jedi, Deku ” The female says to Deku, noticing his Jedi order velcro patch on his shoulder.

Jedi… Do you know Master Windu? ” Deku asks the hooded figure

Ah… so it’s Master Windu who trained you after the fall of the republic ” the girl says “ I know Master Windu, he was one of the masters in the Jedi Council, highly trusted by Grandmaster Yoda and was given the title Master of the order... it is a surprise to know that he’s still alive, but that’s good to know

The tension in the air eased slightly as Bubble Girl and Deku now know that this hooded figure knows their Mutual teacher, but who is she exactly?

Regardless, I now know that Master Windu has a student here on earth, we’ll meet again at a more convenient timing, Young one ” the girl turns around walking away from the Hero duo, smoke starts rising to cover her, eventually completely disappearing from the hero duo sights.

“Deku…” Bubble girl says

“What?” Deku replies

“What’s a Jedi?” She continue asking

She doesn’t know what a Jedi is? Master Windu never told her? “It’s w-” 

“What’s the situation?” Sir Nighteye appears behind the duo

“Sir!” Bubble Girls say “We’ve just encountered a odd individual, who seem to be looking for Deku”

“Hmm? A Fan?” Nighteye asks

“No not a Fan Sir, he knows Master Windu” Bubble girl corrects

Sir Nighteye is intrigued now “Okay, we’ll take discuss the rest at the office”


“So you’re saying this individual is a “Jedi”” Sir Nighteye said the word with finger quotes, Izuku has been explaining to the two of them what is a Jedi and the Jedi order.

“Yes Sir” Izuku replies

“Throughout my life I've never heard of this Jedi Order…” Nighteye now more curious than ever. 

“Ah… Err, they’re like a very secret order that was disbanded a few years ago” Izuku quickly says as an excuse, he hasn't told them they’re not from earth.

“Why did you not tell me this before?” Nighteye inquires

“It was never my position to tell you this… Master Windu told me to not tell anyone about this” Izuku stated this reason “I didn’t know if Master Windu told anyone else either”

“Both of you really didn’t catch a glimpse of her face?” Windu ask the both of them

“No Sir, her hood hidden her face pretty well” Bubble girl replies

“I see, so this person is attuned to the force like you?”

“Likely, I sensed her before she revealed herself, so it’s likely we are connected to the force similarly...” Izuku replies 

“When was the Jedi order disbanded?” Nighteye asks

“I… don’t know, he never told me when he left the order” Izuku replies “But he mentioned he left the order before arriving in Japan”

“Oh!” Bubble girl suddenly says “I know when, it was about 6 years ago, i met Master Windu when i was working part time, he looked like a completely lost sheep when ordering food haha” Bubble says with a little giggle, remembering the good old days

“6 years ago… that was around the time i met him as well, so it’s likely this Jedi girl has more experience than you Deku” Nighteye states “She said she’ll be in contact with you soon?”

“Yes, she said we’ll meet again” Izuku replies

“Bubble girl, have you contacted Windu?” Nighteye asks

“Yes Sir, but he hasn’t responded to my message, it’s likely he’s off the grid somewhere” Bubble girl replies

“That’s annoying, but for now, just practice some caution, she’ll likely reach out to you again Deku” Nighteye tells Deku

“Yes Sir!” Izuku replies

“For now, tell me about the Jedi” Nighteye asks Deku


The girl enters her hideout, looking at the simple mattress on the floor in a single bedroom, she unlatches her lightsabers and places it down on the small altar by the side of the room. It was a good day, she found what she had been looking for, a force sensitive person, apparently trained by Master Windu.

Pulling back her hood with her hands, finally allowing light to reflect off her green skin, many small diamond shaped tattoos form a line between both of her cheeks. Removing her robes, and placing it on the hook by the door, now in a more casual looking dark clothes.

She goes onto her knees in front of the altar and starts meditating, her thoughts go back to the old name she hasn’t heard in a long time… Master Windu… Master of the Jedi order, a man who she used to trust before she felt the Jedi council was getting too corrupt and arrogant, allowing the Jedi to become pawns of the dark side, fallen from the light they were supposed to be serving, and in the end, failed the republic, she was right in the end… 


“Have you heard? The war is ending soon, reports of General Kenobi’s mission just came in!” A clone trooper on the terminal says to the other trooper stationed in a highly secure prison on the planet Coruscant, currently housing highly dangerous criminals of the republic, each cell is protected by a laser gate. In one of those cells contains a green skinned girl, now meditating, imprisoned and casted out of the Jedi order. 

“Seriously? I was finally deployed out and I ended up here for a year without seeing a single clanker?” another trooper complained

“You’re just unlucky Rook, you should’ve sent a recommendation to post to an active combat unit, you would’ve at least have a chance to seen some action” the trooper sitting down said to rook

“Yeah yeah, by the time they processed that request i’ll be retired by th-” Rook responds before getting interrupted

“Hold on, i got an urgent message” The clone trooper tells his partner


A surge of pain was felt, something has gone wrong, I can feel it in the force… the girl breaks out from her meditation, this pain… it’s horrible, she can feel it, the Jedi, so many of them, all at once…! She stood up, looking around, she needed to escape, the force was screaming at her that impending doom is imminent.

Looking out of her cell doors, she sees the two clone troopers, standing at the ready, arming their blasters. She looks at the terminal, it’s now or never, she’s still handcuffed with force suppressing cuffs, which suppressed her powers, but it’s worth a try. 

The trooper looked at each other, before turning to face a cell opposite hers, the trooper by the terminal pressed the top left red button, lowering the shields to the cell. She watches as the trooper points the weapon into the cell

* PEW PEW * Blaster fire was heard.

She widens her eyes… that can’t be right, they’re executing prisoners?!

Reaching out at the terminal, she tries to push the button on the console, any button! But to no avail, she wasn’t able to push anything. Looking back at the opposite cell, she sees the clone coming out of the cell, now looking at hers, not good, she needs to do something!

The clone “Rook” comes out of the cell, looking right at the next cell on the list, standing right in front of the cell, looking through the laser gate… odd, where’s the prisoner? She isn’t in her cell? Nodding to his team member back at the terminal, the laser gate is lowered, Rook points his blaster at the empty room doing a sweep for the prisoner, he can’t find her, he takes a couple steps into the cell, looking to the sides, nothing… Where is she? slowly going deeper into the cell. That’s not possible!? Rook clears the room The prisoner has escaped! Quickly turning around to inform the others

* BASH *

Rook drops onto the floor, unconscious after receiving a drop kick from the ceiling. The girl quick goes into action, grabbing the blaster and pulling the trigger a couple of times


Thinking it sounded like the clone just executed her, she searches the clone for a key, eventually finding one to unlock her cuffs. *Clang* The cuff lands on the floor, now free from the restrictions. She continues to loot the clone, removing his belt and strapping it onto herself, strapping it tight to ensure it doesn’t move around. Grabbing the clone comms device, and strapping it to herself.

“Eh Rook? Are you done yet? We need to report in” she hears from the hallway, as footsteps are heard approaching her cell. It’s the other guard, wondering what’s taking this clone so long with her “Rook? You better not be doing something stupid in there”

The clone turns the corner and sees the unconscious clone “WHAT?!” 

* BUZZZZ * Using the stun baton from the first clone, she launches herself from behind the wall and pushes the baton into the chest of the other, sending him back, unconscious.

The girl reaches down to the clone, unbuckling his belt, and taking everything of value on him and tossing him into the cell. It may not have anything that she might use, but blasters and grenades sell pretty well in the black market. Looking at her cell, she sets a timer for a few minutes on a Thermal detonator, rolling it into her cell.

*Beep* “CT 4488 Report on your status, over” *Beep*

Crap, she won’t have much time before they realize she’s escaped, quickly dashing to the terminal, she looks at the buttons… she’ll need a distraction, pressing all the buttons, unlocking all of the cells.

All of the laser gates of every cell in control from that terminal switch off, as the prisoners all start coming out of their cells, confused. She leaves her cell closed, looking through the database eventually seeing logs labeled 

Barriss Offee

She enters in her status field “Dead”, while continuing to extract whatever data that terminal can get into a datapad. Looking up, she sees the prisoners all now making their way towards the exit making a break for it. She presses the button to unlock the next gate, revealing the next part of the prison, she will have to make her escape under the cover of this Prison break.

* KABOOM !!!*

The sound of an explosion echoes through the rest of the prison, The clone commander of the prison looks at the explosion from the watchtower, what the hell happened?!

Turning around seeing all the clones standing there “Battle stations! I want a parameter formed around the prison, to recapture any prisoners trying to make a break for it!”

The prison guards all scatter, grabbing their equipment and arming it. The commander runs out of the room joining them.



The door to the property room opens, Barriss enters, looking at the thousands of lockers in front of her, all containing belongings of the convicts. Going to her locker number stated on the terminal, she pulls on the handle, it doesn’t budge, it’s locked, she tries the key to open it, it doesn’t fit. 

*Beep* All troopers shoot to kill, I want the situation under control NOW! *Beep* the looted communicator alerts Barriss

Not good, she doesn’t have enough time, moving back and waving her hand and using the force on the door to force it open. *WOOSH BANG* the door swings open and she sees the clothes she wore before she was arrested, best put it on now, looking down she’s surprised, 3 hilts in a transparent box, why is this here? Why wasn’t it kept with the Jedi order? Reaching down, grabbing the one in the middle, a silver Cylindrical hilt, she looked at it, gripping it tighter… closing her eyes, pushing the activator on the hilt.


The lightsaber fires out it’s blade, blue in color, looking at the hilt, it was in the same condition the last time she saw it.

* Sswwuup

The blade retracts, she reaches down about to place the lightsaber on the belt, before looking at the other two hilts, slightly curved with silver and black stripes down the hilt. Placing the original blue lightsaber back into the box, she takes out the two hilts, thinks about it and places them onto her belt, before proceeding to change out her clothes.


The door to the property room opens, a squad of clone troopers enters, scanning the room. “Spread out and clear the room!” The leader of the squad calls out. Blasters pointing up, sweeping around the room, looking for any movement.

“Sir!” One of the clones shouts out “One of the lockers are ope-” suddenly the room went silent. * Tah * all of the light switches off, causing the room to go dark.

“Men! Switch to night vision!” The leader calls out, the room lit up green for the clones, looking around for what happened to the trooper that went silent. “On your toes, we don’t know what’re facing” 

*BANG* Suddenly all of the locker doors in the room burst open, with its contents bursting into the room

“Guh, what the hell!” the clones shouts out in surprise, some of them falling to the floor as the door open in their face


A figure appears on the top of one of the lockers, wielding two crimson blades, lighting the room. The squad leader looks up, the figure is right in front of him, oh no! “OPE-” 

* VOOOM * * Tunk *

The squad leader's helmet hit the ground, rolling on the floor, the body collapsing onto the ground soon after. Barriss looks at the other clones, it’s been awhile since she’s had lightsaber practice, but now is the perfect time.


“Avoid Coruscant. Avoid detection. Be secret, but be strong. We will be challenged, our trust, our faith, our friendships. But we must persevere, and, in time, I believe a new hope will emerge. May the force be with you always.” The projection stops, barriss lays back on the couch, she was right… we were slaves to the dark side in the end… the republic has fallen and the empire rose in its stead.

It’s been a few weeks since her escape from prison, she’s been avoiding all of the clone partols, she doesn’t know if the clones are actively hunting her, but she’s taking no chances, after blowing up most of the prison. She’ll need to get out of Coruscant, do a bit of planet hopping, but for the first time in her life...she doesn’t know where to go…

***Flashback Ends***

Barriss Offee opens her eyes, the moonlight now shines into the room, it was a long meditation, she reaches out to her bag, pulling out the transparent box, pulling out the silver hilt lightsaber, the lightsaber she has not used in years, she has made up her mind, she has to save this boy from Master Windu before it’s too late, before he falls to the dark side with Windu guidance. She will take over his role as master, and with that she will rebuild the Jedi order!

Chapter Text

“WAAAAHHHHH” Bubble cries out loud, tears running down her face “MY KOUHAI HAS GROWN SO FAST”

Izuku can’t do anything but smile, scratching the back of his head “Thanks Bubble Girl, it’s been a pleasure working with you Bubble girl, i have learnt a lot from you this week” Looking at Sir Nighteye “Thank you Sir, for your advice and guidance, i have learnt alot from you this week”

“Make sure you apply what you have learnt” Nighteye tells Deku, who is now preparing to leave.

“Make sure to keep in contact with me, okay Deku? We’re both students of the same mentors, if you need anything, don’t be afraid to approach me” Bubble girl tells Deku

“Will do!” Izuku replies with a smile

Izuku leaves the train station, walking up a hill leading to UA. It’s certainly been an eventful week, he can’t wait to see the others in class, imagining the missions they might have gone on, all of the stories they would have, It’s so exciting!

After meeting the force wielding person the other day, Nighteye continued to ask about the Force and the Jedi with bubble girl listening in as well. Izuku probably told them too much, but still avoided details like how Windu came from space. Master Windu told him not to tell anyone, but Bubble girl and Sir Nighteye are likely trust worthy enough… I just hope Master Windu doesn't find out. 

Deku A female voice suddenly was heard

Deku turns around, looking for the source of that voice, it’s that girl from yesterday! Just standing behind him. Tensing up slightly, unsure what would she do

Relax ” she gestures with her hand that she means no harm “ Are you free now?

I am ” Izuku replies, one hand in his pocket, preparing to give a signal in case of anything

I sense doubt in you young one, i understand if you do not trust me ” She says

I’m just being cautious, that’s all, i still do not know who you are

Ah, how rude of me, my apologies, my name is Barriss Offee, it’s a pleasure to meet you ” Barriss unhoods herself, revealing her face to Izuku

Ah, Miss Offee, nice to meet you as well, i’m Izuku Midoriya ” Izuku replies, lowering his guard slightly

Ah just call me Barriss, now… i just want to talk ” Barriss asks Izuku, good to know his guard was lowered even after i offered my name, that must mean Master Windu has not informed him of me

S-Sure… what would you like to talk about? ” Izuku asks

Barriss smiles “ We could go to a more private location, are you in a rush? ” 

Izuku looks at the time, he have some time he can spare before he have to reach UA “ Sure, not at all

The both of them moved a small distance away from the sidewalk, near the entrance to UA, trees surround the both of them, as Izuku stood a small distance away from Barriss, still conversing in English

“How long have you trained in the force with Master Windu?” Barriss asks

“Ah ummm, about a year” Izuku replies

“A Year!? You were already able to sense me that day, that’s rather impressive” Barriss comments “It took me a few years before i was at that level”

“I had a good teacher” Izuku smiles, a little shy now

“I see, so I assume Master Windu has taught you a lot, where is he anyway?” Barriss asks

“He left a couple of months ago on a mission in America, since then i haven’t had contact with him” Izuku answers, shrugging his shoulders

In America? He couldn’t be looking for me? That can’t be good. “So he doesn’t know that I'm here for now?”

“I’m not sure, he hasn’t told me much about other Jedi” Izuku replies

“Hmmm, looks like our reunion will have to wait, in the meantime, how’s your Jedi studies? From what i’ve seen at the sports festival you did pretty well”

“Haha, yeah i did, Master Windu taught me so much, leading to where i am” Izuku blushes at the compliment 

“Shall we assess how much progress you have made?” Barriss offers “That tree, are you able to lift that?” Barriss points at a fallen tree

Izuku looks at it, it’s way heavier than he has ever lifted “I… can try”

“Do or do not, young Izuku” Barriss tells him, Izuku flinching at his first name being used

Izuku places down his suitcase with his Hero costume inside, points both hands with an open palms and closes his eyes, feeling the force around him and the tree, he tries to lift the tree


The Tree makes a loud sound, but it barely budged, Izuku puffed out a breath, he looks at Barriss shaking his head

“It’s alright young Izuku, it was still impressive for someone who only attuned to the force a year ago” Barriss nods, she is impressed, she can feel the power within him, it wasn’t as strong as some of the other Jedi she’s worked with, but better than your average youngling, what’s more, she can feel his emotions slightly loose, a hint of dark was also felt, she knew it, Windu teaching have poisoned this boy, she needs to take over as soon as she can. Barriss closes her eyes and confirmed her decision, she pulls out her old Lightsaber 

* Pssshhew*

Izuku's eyes went wide, he’s never seen a lightsaber live, it’s so beautiful,he can feel the energy radiating off from it as well as the force radiating from the lightsaber. “Wow… I've never seen a lightsaber before.

“Oh? You haven’t? Master Windu hasn’t shown you his?” Barriss asks, Izuku just stands there and shakes his head. “His was the one of the most unique, a rare color, not often found in the Jedi order…” Barriss remembers her master's lightsabers, Master Windu had that purple lightsaber that made him stand out.

“Did Master Windu teach you the saber forms?”

“Yes, but i’m still rather new, i’ve practiced Form 1,2,3 and 4” Izuku replies

“Good, let's test that out shall we?” Barriss switches off her lightsaber and hover her hands at Izuku, offering him her lightsaber “Come, try it out”

Izuku's heart was pounding, a lightsaber! She’s allowing me to touch hers!? It’s a dream come true, he reaches out and places his hand over it, she lets go of the saber and the weight was felt by Izuku, it’s lighter than his stun batons. Feeling the weight, he inspects the hilt, it’s silver body with a golden and silver emitter, two knobs to adjust the blade settings below the activator, at the back there is a black port to allow recharge of the saber. He points the saber to ground by his side, pushing into the activator strip

* Pssshhew*

The light saber ignites, a blue blade, slightly longer than his baton, appears from the emitter of the lightsaber, the core of the blade is white with a blue hue.

* Hmmmmmmmm * * VoomVoom *

The sound of the blade hums softly before Izuku moves the blade slightly, making a sound, it’s exhilarating.

“So enjoying it so far?” Barriss says, amused at how he became so excited just after holding her blade 

“Yea! I mean… Yes, i’ve never seen much less use one”

“Want to try it out?”

Izuku looks at Barriss “how?”

Barriss floated a few stones around them “Close your eyes, try to deflect them as i throw it at you”

Izuku nods, having done this before, he closes his eyes, blade at the ready, feeling the force around him surrounding everything, visualising it. A pull from the left


More rocks a launched at him, he continue to swing the lightsaber around him, deflecting it away from him


The sound of the rocks hitting the floor fills the air “Impressive, you’ve already progressed well for a youngling, want to try your hand at saber combat?” Barriss tells him

Izuku opens his eyes, looks to the ground, he sees the rocks he has sliced, slightly glowing from the lightsaber cut. “Sure”

Barriss uses the force to pull a tree branch towards her, Izuku looks at her, odd, i thought she had more lightsabers.

“I thought you had other lightsabers” Izuku asks, looking at her, noticing her two hilts on her

This boy is a sharp one “I do, but these were… taken off my opponents a long time ago, there’re… not my lightsabers, the one in your hand is mine”

“Oh.. okay”

“Shall we duel?”

“Wait?! What if I hit you?”

“You don’t need to worry about that!” She dashes forward at such speed! She swings the branch over her head and at his, Izuku moves his saber to block. In that instant she changes her trajectory, moving the tree branch down and striking his chest.


Izuku staggers back and falls onto the ground. What? He didn’t sense her changing the direction of her attack!

Looking up, Barriss lends a hand to him, grabbing it he pulls himself up “Care to try again?” Barriss asks Izuku


This time, she moves into a defensive position, Izuku looks at her, unsure if his swing would cause harm to her. 

“Your mind is clouded with doubt, clear your mind, and come at me” Barriss tells him

Izuku stops and thinks, yeah, he needs that, closing his eyes, clearing his thoughts and emotions before reopening his eyes, ready.

This time Izuku leads the charge by attacking first, swinging the blade at her from the right to the left in a diagonal angle *Voom* Barriss merely lowered her body, dodging the attack before placing her hand on his, twisting it back in the opposite direction.

* Tunk * * Sswwuup

Izuku drops the saber on the floor, retracting the blade, and is hand caught by barriss, completely open to hit. Izuku looks at Barris, her stick raised, ready to hit him, he can’t do anything! Wait, he looks down at her waist, using the force he pulls one of the hilt to him.

* Pssshhew* 

A crimson red blade ignites from the lightsaber, stunning Izuku * Bonk * Barris taps his head with the stick

“Well, i think that’s enough” she drops the stick and lets go of his hand, seeing that Izuku found out about the other saber color

Izuku looks at the blade in his hands, calming down a little, she did mention she got this from her opponents, but it was a surprise to see a red saber Izuku thinks to himself, switching it off, passing her back the lightsaber.

“You are still very rough, form is there but still needs a lot of practice” Barriss says to Izuku

“Yeah, i need to continue to improving myself” Izuku says rubbing his sore hands

“There will be time, you will need to join me for training if you seek to improve”

“Join you?”

“Yes, join me, i seek to rebuild the Jedi order, you would be a fine addition to the order”

Izuku looks down, the Jedi order? “But i’m currently training to be a Hero” 

“Hero? Oh, peacekeepers of this world?”


“The Jedi are peacekeepers of the Galaxy Izuku, we will do far more together” Barriss offers

“I..I...I’m sorry Barriss, i’m… still unsure about joining the Jedi order just yet… i want to complete my training as a hero first, when Master Windu returns i’ll discuss it with him”

Oh no it’s not good, if Master Windu returns and Izuku finds out about me, i might not be able to convince him then. I need to keep him interested, and expose him to the lies and deception of the Jedi council.

“When did he say he’ll return?” Barriss asks

“He mentioned he may take awhile, after i graduated from Hero school even” Izuku replies

“How long would that be?” 

“Me graduating? In 3 years time i’ll hopefully be a fully licensed Hero” Izuku says with a smile

“I see…” There is still time, if i can convince him soon, i won’t have to deal with Master Windu

* Woosh * Using the force Barriss picks up her old lightsaber, she looks at her old lightsaber, maybe if she can gain his trust, he’ll leave with her voluntarily, she reaches her hand out with her old lightsaber. “Take it”

Izuku is stunned, is she offering her lightsaber to me? “Really? I...i can’t accept this”

“It’s okay, i have the two more here, it’ll just be a gift, a padawan should always have their lightsaber after all”

“A gift?”

“Yes, all i ask is you to join help me rebuild the Jedi Order when i ask you to” Barriss tells Izuku her terms

Izuku looks at her, thinking of her offer, all she’s asking me is to join her when asked. “What if I refuse your offer? When would you ask me?”

“Do not worry Young Izuku, we’ll discuss those little details another time. This will be the first lesson from me, to always have a lightsaber with you, a jedi should never lose their lightsaber” Barriss tells him, adding more to her offer

Izuku reaches out to take the lightsaber for the 2nd time, but this time he can feel a sense of pride, his very own lightsaber? It almost feels unreal for Izuku.

*The Jedi is a life that you do not want, do you really want that? If you want to be a Hero, you cannot be a Jedi, they are contradictions, you are already a contradiction as a Jedi Izuku.* Deku remembers the words of Dark Deku. Izuku stops reaching out for the lightsaber, he pauses for a moment as he hesitates.

“What’s wrong?” Barriss ask Izuku, raising an eyebrow

“I...i… we should discuss this with Master Windu first, i don’t know if i’m ready for such a responsibility”

“Nonsense, you clearly are, maybe just a little rough around the edges, but with my training we would do so much together, far more than any hero on earth, traveling the galaxy to help others” Barriss reassures, placing her hand on his shoulder.

“Travelling the galaxy? Will I have to leave home?”

“Oh course Young Izuku, you can’t stay here to continue training, i’ll bring you to a Jedi temple, maybe in another star system and you’ll make better progress there, the sooner the better and after a few years you’ll be ready as a Jedi Knight”

Izuku thinks of leaving earth, exploring the unknown, exciting, but he thinks of UA, his family, his home, his class… Kyoka, Kendo… he can’t leave for a few years

“I know you are attached to this world, but as a Jedi you’ll need to learn to let go of your attachments, it’ll only lead to jealousy and hold you back” Barriss tells Izuku, sensing doubt

“I… can’t, not yet, i need more time to think about this” Izuku tells her as he pulling back his hands

“You don’t need to think about this Izuku” Barriss tries again “This is for your own good, i can teach you skills that Master Windu is not able to teach”

“I… can’t leave earth, not yet, maybe after i graduated as a Hero, i would talk to Master Windu about it”

“Master Windu won’t help you there, he’s too old fashioned for a Jedi, you won’t learn much more from him, i can be a better teacher, if we can leave for a Jedi temple now and train you, you will be more powerful than any hero on earth” Barriss says

“But i cannot give up my dream to become a Hero either, i have people i can’t leave yet” Izuku tells her thinking of his mom.. And his classmates “Sorry… i’ll need to think about it for awhile” Izuku says “I need to get to school soon, sorry Miss Barriss, we could discuss this another time, we could keep in contact until then” 

Exchanging contacts Barriss knows his mind is made up, he’s likely not to leave unless she pushes him, she watches him walk away, picking up his bags and suitcase, she knows she’s running out of time before Master Windu returns, she’s no match for the Master of the order, she needs to leave with him as soon as she can, but how… 

“I will get you, one way or another” Barriss hissed, now determined to rope him in any way necessary 


Izuku pushes aside the last bushes between him and the pavement, looking at the time he is still early *step* Finally he exits the forest, sighing, maybe he should’ve taken her offer, but he was just so unsure, looking out and forward wondering if he’ll regret his decision as he steps back to civilization.

*taptap* Izuku felt his shoulder got tapped, turning around he sees Jiro standing behind him, smiling “Hey there”

“Oh! Kyoka, fancy meeting you here” Izuku greets Jiro

“Fancy seeing you bashing your way out of the forest, you don’t see UA students come out of there randomly, what were you doing in there?” Kyoka questions

“Oh, errr, just saw something interesting and decided to check it out” Izuku quickly excused

“Oh? What was it?” Jiro asks

“Errr i- errr saw an animal that was pretty cute! Yeah! I saw a squirrel and followed it in!” Izuku quickly says to Jiro

This guy clearly needs a better poker face and voice Jiro thinks to herself

“Really…? Where did it go?” 

“Ahh… it went quite deep into the forest, and I kinda lost track of it” Izuku continued to lie “Ah! We should go now, we’ll be late if we don’t hurry up Izuku quickly walks away”

“Hey! We’re still early!” Jiro says walking behind him


“Let’s see here, Summer break is fast approaching, but as heroes in training, you have no reason to relax for so long…” Aizawa tells the class, 1-A tensed up, hoping it not something horrible again “We’ll be going to a summer camp”








Class 1-A erupted with excitement, hearing the news that they will be going to a summer camp during their summer “Holiday”

“HOWEVER” Aizawa emphasize “Should any of you fall short of a passing grade for the end of term test, then you’re stuck in school, in the remedial hell”

Time has gone by, studies has resumed and Izuku is back to the student life, the class went crazy discussing what they have experienced in their short internships, Uraraka turned into some Kung Fu monster, but still unable to go toe to toe with Itsuka, the both of them now having a mutual interest, joining each other in sparring sessions. Ida returned to class with cast holding his arm up, his injuries were too severe to recover in such a short amount of time, and he lost some motor ability to his right arm, but he’s still our extremely robotic and rule-abiding Ida.

Tsuyu had a great experience, the only one in class with an overseas internship, she made many new friends and have exchanged contacts, she went on sea bound missions to handle pirates in the straits of malacca and she have also learnt the bureaucracy of handling international Heroic and relief missions, it almost seemed she benefitted the most of the entire class.

Ojiro had a pretty normal internship, his highlight was a hostage rescue operation which he participated in. Kirishima had an internship with a 1-B student to do community work. Kendo had a pretty calm and fruitful experience with Ryukyu and made friends with someone in the senior class. Jiro did a lot of training with Gang Orca and his sidekicks, doing many simulated training sessions with them.

Shouto internship was pretty boring according to him, the only highlight was joining the battle against stain. Hagakure was pretty beat up… literally, the old man she went with apparently beat her up for 3 days straight before Hosu and lectured her to death after. Mineta suddenly achieved Zen for some reason. Momo seemed a bit down, her internship was pretty alright, only chasing thugs down at some market but it was mainly handled by Fatgum and our seniors, she still seemed beat up about her results at the sports festival and her recent race.

As the days go by, Izuku continues to learn whatever remains from the holocron, but he’s running out of content to study. He's still struggling to learn the remaining force powers within the holocron, but every other lesson has been completed and written in his notebook. Maybe he should’ve asked Barriss to teach him a few lessons but he doesn’t feel comfortable messaging her for some reason… maybe when he has really exhausted everything in the holocron first.

Thus brings us to today, 1 week left before the end of term test.

“I HAVEN’T STUDIED AT ALL!!!” Kaminari screamed, seeing his mock test result returned with a F and 20/20 position in class

“With the sports festival and workplace experience i kinda just forgot about studying HAHA” Ashido tries to laugh hers off with a big red mark 19/20

“Tell me about it… i don’t think i can stuff anymore things in my head…” Sero joins the discussion with a 17/20 on his paper

“It’s really a pity that there’s a practical test that is really tough huh…” Mineta says with a 7/20 on his paper

“I THOUGHT YOU WERE ONE OF US!” Ashido complains “A guy like you is supposed to be a lovable idiot, now who’ll want you?” Kaminari continues

“Oh… i dunno, the world i guess” Mineta smirks 

“It’s okay Ashido, Kaminari, Let’s do our best” Izuku says to the both of them, with a smile bright enough to match Hagakure quirk (4/20)

“We could always arrange a study session before the exams” Yaoyorozu says to the group (1/20)

“Really! You’re a lifesaver Yaomomo!” Ashido tells Yaoyorozu 

“That’ll be great Yaoyorozu” Ojiro says (9/20)

“Yeah, i’ll be interested, i still have some subjects that needs some brushing up” Jiro adds (8/20)

“YAOMOMO WHAT ABOUT ME!~~~” Hagakure cries out rushing to her table (16/20)

“Eh… with so many of you I'm not sure if I can…”

“Don’t worry Yaomomo, i’ll help you with the study group” Kendo chips in (6/20)

“Really?! In that case I must tell Mother to open the study hall” Yaoyorozu burst with excitement “Everyone, what kind of tea would you all be having? We have many...” she continues on and on with her plans for the study group

The group around could do nothing but to smile and nod to everything she says

“So… you’ll be having your own study group?” Kirishima asks Bakugou (15/20)


Eventually a few of us agreed for the study session after school on Saturday, the rest of the class apparently made their own arrangements with their study groups as well,Bakugou dragged Kirishima away with Sero and Kaminari tagging along. After school, all of the group who would be joining went home to collect their valuables and met at the nearest bus stop to Yaoyorozu place.

“Wahh… this place is huge” Ashido tells the group, looking at the surroundings, as trees surround the group

“I knew she was rich but this was another level” Kendo says to the group, walking alongside to the gate.

The group made their way to the address they were given, standing in front of the gate to the Yaoyorozu estate, the 6 of them can only stand that in awe. “So uhh… i guess this is the doorbell” Ojiro says pointing at the button with a speaker above. The rest nods at him and Ojiro proceeds to push the button 

“EVERYONE I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!” Yaoyorozu's voice was heard from the speaker “PLEASE, PLEASE ENTER” she continued as the gate in front of them opened.

The group walked up the small incline to Yaoyorozu estate, reaching the front entrance. The group saw Momo next to the same man suited up with sunglasses that drove the limo home after the USJ incident, standing in wait for all of them.

The group now find themselves in an extremely large hall, sat on a large wooden table, they books, tablet and writing materials all prepared. Momo wasn’t to be seen, she left to get something for everyone.

“Wow… i feel so out of place here, it’s making me nervous” Ojiro says

“Me too…” Izuku chucked a little

*Roll~~~* The sound of wheels rolling into the room was heard, Momo rolled in with a cart full of tea, snacks and other assortments of drinks.

“What is it?” Momo ask as everyone looked at her, a bouncy and soft aura radiates from her

“Oh… nothing” everyone says in unison.

*The sound of crackling fills the room* BOOM*

Izuku looked out of the window, he didn’t expect such a storm to come in when it was clear in the day, the forecast didn’t even show anything either. His force sense is blurring really hard as well, giving him headaches whenever he activates it.

“Izuku, you’re not feeling well?” Jiro asks Izuku, who notices his rising heart rate

“It’s just that feeling again, i don’t know why i’m feeling like this now” Izuku replies Jiro, head on his hands which is against the window

“The same feeling as USJ?”


“So far your gut feeling has always resulted in bad situations?”

“Yeah, that’s why i’m worried something will happen”

“Hey guys! It says on the news some highways have been flooded and the local public transport will be delayed until further notice” Ashido calls out, seeing the news on her phone

“Well… i guess we can stop here” Kendo says reorganizing her books “We should start to plan on how to get home”

“I could arrange transport back, but Yuki-san is stuck at the local mall” Momo tells her friends about the family driver. “Alternatively i could offer you to stay over for the night”

“A SLEEPOVER!?” Ashido and Hagakure scream with excitement “ALRIGHT!”

“But Yaoyorozu, aren't your parents around?” Ojiro asks

“It’s alright, my parents are on a trip overseas and we have spare guest rooms” Momo reassures Ojiro

“Well then there’s no reason to not accept a sleepover”

“WOOHOO!!!” Hagakure celebrates

“Deku? Are you alright?” Uraraka calls out, catching the attention of the room

“Yeah, it’s fine, i just need some air” Izuku tells Uraraka

“Izuku, what’s wrong?” Kendo now jogging up to Izuku

“It’s fine it’s fine, just a slight headache” Izuku reassures them again

“I could get some medicine and water for you” Momo tells him

“It’s fine, it’ll go away after a bit, i just need some fresh air” Izuku tells Momo

After a little decision with the group, Momo decided to allow Yuki san, the current house butler and guard to the estate the rest of the day off from where he is as he isn’t able to reach the household due to the flooding. The group decided to make use of the giant kitchen to prepare dinner.

“Whoa!!! It’s so big!” Uraraka comments as she enters the kitchen

“I know right, everything in this house is super sized” Hagakure says aloud as well

“What are we able to prepare for dinner?” Ojiro asks

“You can use anything you can find, we just need to clean up afterwards, i wouldn’t want to bother Yuki-san later on” Momo tells the group in the kitchen

Elsewhere in the house, Kendo, Jiro and Izuku were helping out setting up the table they will be using for dinner, after that they idly chat about school. The Kitchen group eventually came out, with many plates of Pasta, which all of them enjoyed. 

“I’ll go and prepare the guest rooms” Momo tells the group as she finish cleaning up

“Okay Yaomomo, i’ll help out” Hagakure tells her

“Hey! I got a great idea, why don’t we all stay in one room!? We could play games and…” Ashido tells the group of her idea

“One room?” Izuku said, face slightly red, Ojiro just looking away slightly

“Should be fine~ I know the both of you won’t try anything” Ashido reassures them “You’re not like Mineta or Kaminari at least”

“I guess that would be fine as well, much easier to organize the big room than many small rooms” Momo added to the discussion “Many small rooms? How many guest rooms are there” Uraraka asks

“More than enough to accommodate everyone, my parents often host events with guest staying over, so we have many guest rooms and a large garage to accommodate” Momo replies 

“I feel like checking out the garage if you don’t mind” Kendo asks Momo, with the cars peeking her interest

“Sure, i could give everyone a tour of the house”

“WAHHHH!!!!” Kendo says in amazement this isn’t a garage! It’s a showroom! As she sees many cars and motorbikes scattered around “That’s the Mclaren 720S! That’s the Ferrari 488! That’s the Honda NSX!” Kendo says aloud leaking her inner motorhead all over with momo giving her a tour and introduction of the cars. “It sure feels like a different world in here” Ojiro says, with Uraraka nodding

Izuku suddenly felt a pull in the force when standing in the garage, that’s weird, why would he feel a pull, is someone here? He looks in the direction of the pull, he sees a dark walkway. He doesn't have a good feeling about it, but he’s compelled to move towards it. Slowly stepping into the dark hallway as the others were busy looking at the cars behind him.

Suddenly everything went pitch black. What the? Izuku turns around and the path he came from was just emptiness. What’s happening?

Walking forward, the pull gets stronger, it’s weird, stepping forwards again, it just leads to nowhere, it’s like an infinite loop with nothing in sight in front of him. He keeps walking, towards the pull, before eventually stopping, feeling the pull ends right in front of him. He sees a triangle object in front of him. What is this? Why is the force pulling me here?

He observed the object, it seems it’s Pyramidal shape with gold rims and a red hue coming from inside it. It’s like attracting me to take it? What is it? Izuku reaches out towards the object.

“Izuku?” Jiro voice was suddenly heard

“Wha?!” Izuku screams, stunned by Jiro’s voice, the darkness quickly disappears, leaving Izuku in a large room with many different artifacts and objects.

“What are you doing?” Jiro asks “You suddenly disappeared”

“I… don’t know, i just felt a pull” Izuku replies Jiro as he regains his bearings of his surroundings. Looking back where we initially were looking at, he sees the Pyramidal object, but without the red hue… odd what is it?

“Oh? There you are, we were worries about you two” Kendo suddenly came in with Momo and the others following behind

“What’s going on?” Momo asks

“I don’t know, Izuku suddenly disappeared and i found him here” Jiro says

“Ahh… yeah, i just suddenly compelled to come here, found this object and tunnel visioned on it” Izuku says to Momo, standing next to the object

“Ah this… it was obtained by father not long ago, but i’m not exactly sure what it is” Momo replies

Izuku looks at the object “It’s like calling out to me, i don’t know why” Izuku says with a confused voice

“You can try and touch it if you want, just don’t break it” Momo tells Izuku


“Yeah, if that’s satisfy your curiosity” Momo replies

Izuku looks back at the object, he reaches out towards it, slowly letting his finger tips touch it. Surrounding his fingers around the object, he pulls it up, inspecting the object, he sees inscriptions on it… it seems familiar... but he doesn't exactly know why... 

He wonders if this object links to the force? He slowly closes his eyes, allowing the force to flow through him and into the object.

* GLOW *

“What?” Momo says in surprise

The object suddenly glows a red hue, but doesn’t do anything more than that. Izuku opens his eyes and sees, it’s now glowing Red, just like how he saw it just now… why? What is this? It almost feels like it’s a holocron, but it’s not displaying anything, he lifts it to eye level looking into the red hue, trying to figure out what it is.

Momo, Jiro and Kendo look at him, slightly confused. Momo specifically didn’t know what was going on, she touched the object before but it never glowed like how it is doing.

Izuku, unsure what to do, stops the flow of the force and it stops glowing red.

“Midoriya… What was that?” Momo asks

“I… don’t know, i just felt like my quirk can sense and interact with this item”

“Sense?” Momo asks

“Yeah, like there was a pull to this item” Izuku replies, placing the object back

“I’ve never seen that glow like that” Momo comments “What did you do?”

“I flowed a bit of my power into it, it glowed but it seems it doesn’t do more than just glow” Izuku replies

The group eventually left, the others saw what Izuku did and thought it was a quirk detector, but it wasn’t when the others tried to interact with it. * CRACKLE, BOOM * The sound of thunder fills the bedroom. The 7 of them are gathered now, with many futons joined and spread around the floor, snacks littering the area, now idly chatting.

“You know what we should do?!” Ashido says with excitement “Truth or dare!”

“Yeah!” Hagakure agrees with her

“Aren’t we a little too old for that?” Izuku says, sweating a little

“No such thing! Now is the prime of your life! We should experience such things before we graduate! It’ll be a simple game, don’t worry” Ashido tells Izuku “I guess it’s fine” Kendo reluctantly agrees as Ashido quickly jumps up and grabs an empty bottle and places it in the middle.

“The first spin will determine who will ask the question, the next will be the person doing Truth or dare and the following spins will questions or dares will come from the previous person” Ashido lays out, placing the bottle in the middle, everyone nodding

“Now let's play!” She spins the bottle, with it eventually pointing at Momo “Eh?” She seemed surprised “Okay! Yaomomo, you spin it now and you can ask a question or give a dare to the next person” Ashido tells her

“Okay” Momo grips the bottle and spins it, slowly pointing at Kendo “Ah… it’s me so early…”

“K-Kendo-san, truth or dare?” Momo asks politely

“Hmm… let’s start it off slow, truth” Kendo replies

“Ummm… errr…. Do you enjoy tea?” Momo asks, completely unsure what to event ask

“YAOMOMO!!! That’s too simple!” Ashido complains “You gotta ask more interesting questions”

“Eh? I just asked what was on my mind” Momo tries to defend herself

“It’s fine it’s fine” Izuku tries to calm Ashido down

“Haha, but to answer your question Momo, i do enjoy a good cup of tea” Kendo answers her question”

“Oh? What tea did you like?” Momo asks

“Hey! One question at a time Yaomomo” Hagakure butts in

After a bit of discussion, Kendo grabs the bottle and spins it. Eventually landing on Uraraka, Kendo looks at Uraraka “Truth or dare?” Kendo asks Uraraka “Errrr Truth!” Kendo visibility switches gears and asks “Do you have a crush on somebody in class?” 

“Woooo!” Ashido and Hagakure say aloud, not expecting the Class rep to ask such a question so soon “Wah? Crush? Comeon Prez, you can’t ask these kinds of questions”

Ashido pops her head in and reminds her that she has to answer or perform a forfeit. “What’s the forfeit tho?” Uraraka asks, Ashido stops, wondering what’s a good enough punishment for the group…. I know! “You’ll have to take off one piece of clothing” The room went silent staring at Ashido “What? It’s a punishment”

“You can’t have these kinds of punishments! There are boys here!” Jiro complains With Ojiro and Izuku nodding “Who’s side are you two on?” Ashido asks the boys “Anyway, it’s a punishment only, if you can’t fulfil the conditions set, then the punishment would apply… and we should not have any lewd dares” After a few moments of thinking, eventually all agreed, some begrudgingly.

“So Uraraka, your answer?” Hagakure asks with a smirk “Ummm… i… don’t know”

“You don’t know?” Kendo raises her eyebrows “Well.. i don’t know if it’s even considered a crush, just noticing… that’s the truth” She starts rubbing the back of her head

“I think that’s technically the truth” Jiro said, plugging her jacks onto the floor “I don’t sense a lie in that statement

“Well I guess that settles that” Kendo said, satisfied with the answer “Oo? We can use Jiro as a lie detector” Ashido says “What?” Jiro blurts out.

Uraraka spins the bottle and eventually landing on Ojiro

After a few rounds, Jiro is bright red when Ashido asks if she has had a relationship before, which she answers with a no. This time Jiro spins the bottle landing on Izuku, Jiro takes a look at Izuku and smiles, maybe it’s time I ask. 

“Truth or dare?” Jiro asks Izuku, Izuku thinks, well can’t go wrong with Truth “Truth”

“Do you have a crush on anybody in this room” Jiro asks

“Damn girl, that’s a loaded question” Ashido answers

Izuku went bright red, shaking in fear from the question, what should he answer, what if she finds out… looking at both Kendo and Jiro… crap what if they find out it’s both of them, what if… do I just answer truthfully? Izuku slowly calms down… he could answer vaguely

“Errrr… Yes” Izuku answers

“OOOOooo Who is it?” Hagakure asks

“It’s only one question right? We’ll get back to you eventually” Hagakure warns Izuku

Izuku spins the bottle, landing on Hagakure “Truth or dare” 

Hagakure answers “Truth” Izuku smiles “How exactly does your quirk work?” Izuku asks, curious on how does the super strength and light manipulation work

Hagakure's heart stopped for a moment, opening her mouth, she opened her mouth a little before she answered… “Well, I have always had light manipulation since young, but the super strength didn’t appear till I started working out. Somehow my… body absorbs light and converts it into strength!” She tries to answer 

“Hmmm it’s a lie” Jiro says, smirking, she knows what the real reason is, but she’s playing along, what a scoop she had a few weeks ago, catching All Might and Toru discussion about her quirk, if she’s not wrong, her super strength is from All Might

“A lie? Nooo.. that can’t be right, why would I lie about that?” Hagakure tries to get herself out of her situation “My light converts into strength?”

“A lie”

“I don’t know anymore… Can I just take a punishment?” Hagakure tries to run away by taking the punishment

“Jiro, are you sure she’s lying? The reason sounds reasonable to me?”

“I’m just watching her heart rate” Jiro says “Considering she’s willing to take off a piece of clothing means she knows she’s lying”

“Toru? Are you lying?” Kendo asks

“No… of course not…” Hagakure replies to Kendo trying to gather some support

“That’s a lie” Jiro answers

“Why you…” Hagakure complains as she took off her socks 

After half an hour of embarrassing truths, the bottle lands on Jiro, Hagakure smiles with a evil intent, time to get her revenge “Truth… or Dare”

“Crap…” Jiro knows she is screwed…  “i...I choose… DARE!” Jiro screams out closing her eyes, going full send on this.

The room was shocked, never thought Jiro of all people would choose to dare, and placed so much power in Hagakure’s hands, overflowing with power Hagakure gives the biggest sinister smile she could come up with.

“Well… Dare… huh… brave” Hagakure says to her “Get it over with” Jiro calls out “I dare you to… sit on the lap of the person you like the most in this room”

. . . . .

Jiro face goes crimson red, she was honestly hoping it was some stupid stunt if it was a dare, jumping into the pool, dancing, singing, anything. But sitting on the person she likes the most in this room, smartass, she cornered Jiro, she probably knows i have feelings for someone in this room, i could always sit on another girl's lap but that would give him wrong ideas… breathing in and out, calming herself down she stood up, with determination, walked over, and sat down without warning.

“EH!?” Izuku and Kendo is stunned, Jiro suddenly sat on his lap, his cheeks go red and processing a million things at once “OOooo” the rest of the room went, Kendo visibly pouts

“She said the person I'm closest with, we’re pretty close right Izuku?” She low key tries to change the question “Ahh… right…” Izuku says, his brain is overclocked now, he’s over the moon, Kyoka considers me her closest friend, she feels so warm he feels her back leaning onto his chest, her hair at Izuku's nose level, the smell of shampoo fills his nostrils, his mind flustered, cheeks crimson, but yet he feels a sense of comfort.

Jiro grabs the bottle “Guess it’s my turn to spin eh?” She spins the bottle and it happens to land on Izuku. “Ah, Izuku, guess it’s your turn, truth or dare?” Izuku nods to her statement and replies “Truth” still with a red face

“In that case… I want to ask…” Jiro prepares herself, this may backfire a little but she can’t help it anymore “ What’s the Force ?”

Chapter Text

What’s the Force ?” Jiro ask Izuku

“Huh? The force? It’s my quirk” Izuku tells Jiro who is sitting on his lap, due to Hagakure daring her to

“That’s a lie” Jiro says to Izuku, slowly leaning back onto him

Izuku's heart rate skyrocketed, it’s beating so hard he’s pretty sure the whole room can hear it. Everyone is looking at him, unsure why would his statement would be a lie

“It’s… something my quirk manipulates”

“That’s another lie” Jiro says again

“It is! It’s something… that my quirk can feel and sense around me, allowing me to manipulate it”

. . . . .

Jiro this time didn’t say anything staring right at him, the others look at the two of them unsure what is happening.

Izuku is panicking hard, unsure what he is able to do… wait he looks down, preparing to go to his last resort, he could take a piece of clothing off, but Jiro is sitting on his lap and leaning on his shirt, if he takes off his shirt she’ll be so close. Izuku moves his hand down ready to pull his shirt off.

Jiro sees this, and immediately understands what he is about to do, her earphone jack goes down to wrap around his shirt, stopping him from pulling it off

“Com’on Izuku, you can’t be chickening over a simple question?” Jiro says softly into his ears, a smug smile wrapped around her face, obviously teasing him.

“I-i don’t know how to explain this K-Kyoka i-

“Jiro, what's going on?” Kendo asks

“It’s nothing, I was just curious how does… Izuku powers work”  Jiro says shaking shrugging it off “We’re done here, we can go to to the next person”

“Huh? Well okay?” Kendo says in confusion

“Yeah... okay, that was weird, let’s continue with the game?” Hagakure asks

“Yeah.. sure” Izuku says, reaching for the bottle, still slightly confused and a little out of breath about the whole thing. While he was reaching for the bottle, Jiro whispers into his ears as he leans down.

“I’ll be waiting for an explanation” Izuku paused for a moment, slowing down to process what was just whispered into his ears.


Izuku spins the bottle, reaching Hagakure. “Toru, Truth or dare” Izuku asks

“Hmmm… let’s make it spicy… Dare!” Hagakure replies with excitement, Izuku thinks to himself, wondering what would be a good dare… wait! Pulling out his notebook and flips to Hagakure’s page, where did he store that notebook Jiro thought, looking at the Hagakure page in front of her now, wondering if Izuku wrote her down in his book.

“I dare you to take off your mask and show us your eyes” Izuku dares

“What? You wouldn’t” Hagakure starts blushing

“We could dim the light down to a point where you wouldn’t be blinded” Momo tell us 

“But.. But…” Hagakure says… she thinks to herself, she could always accept the punishment, but it’ll be even more embarrassing… Okay, she calmed down looking at the group “Okay… I'll do it, just… promise me to not tell anyone about it” the rest of the room nods “Momo, could you turn down the lights to their lowest settings?”

“Sure” Momo replies standing up, reaching for the wall knob, turning it down as much as she could before it switches off. The light in the room dims to a slightly orange hue due.

Hagakure reaches for her face, placing her fingers on the side of the mask and pulling it off. The room went silent, all staring right at Hagakure, her eyes were squeezed shut when she pulled it off, she opened her eyes very slowly, revealing her eyes to the 5 others who had not seen her eyes. A grey pupil grey surrounded by a bright blue iris with white sclera , it’s so bright that it almost feels like her irises were glowing in the dim light.

“Whoa… so pretty” Uraraka says, looking at her eyes

The game carried on for a few more rounds, during the period, Kendo was dared to do handstands till she got her turn again, Momo was dared to kiss someone in the room. The group later played to uno before everyone decided to go to bed for the night. 

The sunday morning light shines into the guest room with 6 of them, all sleeping all over the rooms in many different positions, Ojiro was sleeping on his side with his tail out with Hagakure using as a pillow, Ashido was sleeping sloppy face up snoring the loudest, with Uraraka sleeping next to her hugging a pillow to sleep. Jiro was sleeping in a futon next to Uraraka, balled up in her blanket. Izuku… was sleeping sitting up, hands on his knees almost like in a zen pose for some reason Momo thought as she got up observing the room. 

Quickly Sneaking out of the room making sure she didn’t wake anyone in the room, Momo made her way out to the Garden to get some fresh air. The sky is blue with almost no cloud in sight, a surprise considering yesterday's storm. She notices Kendo doing some exercise in the open, with a slight blush as she remembers what she did during the games.

Later when everyone was awake, the house butler Yuki prepared breakfast for Momo and her guest, Uraraka was in awe with the amount of food that was prepared for breakfast, she could probably skip lunch with the amount she ate, a small cost saving measure she thinks to herself.

After breakfast the group said their goodbyes and left the estate, escorted by her butler. Momo went to the showroom, filled with treasures and artifacts her dad and her granddad have been collecting over the years, switching on the lights to the room she beelined straight to the one object in the middle of the room, to the Pyramidal object near the middle of the room. She reaches out taking a hold of it, she observes the object like how she did many many times, she tries focusing her quirk towards it, her hand starts sparkling like how she creates an item from her body, trying to make it glow like how Izuku did last night. But to no avail nothing happened, she doesn’t know how Izuku did this... she hasn’t seen this glow since her granddad touched it.

Over the next week the written exams were held for the entire week for Class 1-A and 1-B. Maths, Science, English, History, Geography, Social studies, Japanese, Hero theory, Law were the papers they took. By the end of the week 1-A was exhausted, but there was still one more test to pass, the practical exams.

It wasn’t that hard, with teams being randomly generated and asked to protect civilians from a robot attack and they were judged on their performance as a hero. Izuku was paired up with Mineta, Tokoyami and Tsuyu, easily taking care of all of the robots in their test. Uraraka, Bakugou, Kendo and Todoroki breezed through theirs almost without a problem, minus Bakugou insistence to not needing the team before being bitch slapped by Uraraka, it almost became a civil war before the robots showed up. Koda, Hagakure, Shoji and Jiro did well, with Jiro scouting for where, when and the numbers of enemies attacking and Hagakure and Shoji dispatching them. Tenya, Yuga, Kaminari and Momo held their ground easily with their flexibility.

Kirishima, Ashido, Sero and Ojiro weren’t as lucky as the only team that didn’t pass the test, mostly stemming from the lack of range they had in their team with Sero being the only one, but was a blunder in their plans caused Ashido to accidently melt his tape when he was swinging.

“Morning Class” Aizawa says to Class 1-A, it is the Saturday after the week of exams with Aizawa addressing the class in the homeroom “I hate to say that some of you have failed, and as such…” 

The few of them that know that they didn’t do well for the practical braced themselves.



“There were no failures for the written exam, however for the practical. Sero, Kirishima, Ashido and Ojiro all failed. However, the summer camp is a bootcamp to begin with, so the students who failed are the ones who needed it the most. And While i did say that the students who fail will be able to go to the camp, you’ve all earn yourselves special remedial periods during the camp, so prepare yourselves”

“Guh…” Ashido said out loud.

“A one week boot camp eh?” lda reads handout passed to them, the camp is in 3 weeks time, the class started gathering to talk about it “It seems the packing list is quite extensive, we will need pretty big bags for all the stuff we need to bring” Izuku says reading the list

“We don’t even know where we’re going… the packing list doesn’t exactly indicate the location” Kendo says, observing the list “We’ll still need to buy supplies” Izuku says “Like Night vision goggles!” Mineta says aloud

“Ah! In that case, the exams have ended, let's all go shopping together as a class!” Hagakure suggested

“Yeah! That’s a great idea, this will be the first time, yeah?” Kaminari says with excitement

“Yo Bakugou, you should come too!” Kirishima calls out 

“LIKE HELL I WOULD” Bakugou snarls, leaving the classroom

“So we’ll arrange to meet tomorrow at the Kiyashi-ward shopping mall, it seems to be the perfect location for all of us” Kendo announced to the group going, most of 1-A decided to join minus Todoroki and Bakugou as they have other matters to attend to. “If there’s any issue, just let the class chat know, we’ll sort it out, so for now, everyone is dismissed!” Kendo dismissed the class after having the discussion after school. The class slowly made their way out of the classroom after that.

Izuku and the group started chatting as they left the classroom, chatting about what they are gonna buy tomorrow at the shopping mall. As they idly talked about their shopping list and their plans Momo asked them something

“Oh by the way, are all of you free next weekend?” Momo asks the group of them

“Yup” Says the whole group there minus Hagakure

“Sorry, i kinda got booked for something for the whole of next week”

“It’s okay, I just wanted to invite al-” Momo said before All Might appeared in front of them.


“All Might!?” The group says in surprise

“YES IT IS I” ALL MIGHT says with a smile, appearing in front of them

“It’s Okay All Might” Hagakure says to him, before waving the group goodbye following All Might

“I wonder where the two of them are going” Izuku wonders, Jiro looking at him, it’s not really her business to say anything considering she has a clue why All Might calls her out “It’s not the first time too” Jiro says with a smirk

“It’s probably because of her powers being so similar to his and maybe he has taken notice?” Ojiro says

“Or maybe she’s All Might secret Love child” Todoroki says, with a finger on his chin

. . . . . 

Everyone there stares stares at Todoroki, Jiro even let a laugh out

“What?” Todoroki ask the group of them, not sure why they’re so confused

“Nah… That can’t be possible… can it?” Uraraka says aloud, waving her hands in front of her, the idea that Hagakure is All Might child seems a little far out

“Both of them have blonde hair… both of them have super strength… both of them have the same energy to them… “ Todoroki replies, he’s been cooking on this theory for a while, even researching her age and where All Might was reported to be at the time.

“You’ve got a point there Todoroki… But it does seem a little unlikely” Momo says, trying to imagine the theory

“Nahhh that can’t be possible, i’ve seen Toru’s dad, he have similar light manipulating powers as Toru, but not as potent” Ojiro says, challenging his theory “And her mum is a speedster and damn good martial artist, if she’s the secret child of All Might, how would she get her light powers from while getting All Might powers?” 

“Hmm… maybe i need to go back to the drawing board with the theory” Todoroki says

Jiro smirks, they have no idea what the truth is, she recalls her time eavesdropping on the conversation between Toru and All Might “Speaking of which, what were you about to say Yaomomo?” Jiro asks momo

“Ah, it’s about next week, i will be attending the I-Island Grand Prix F2 race, and i have some spare tickets and would like to invite all of you to the race”

“I-ISLAND GP!? I’M IN” Kendo says with excitement 

“Isn’t that one of the biggest events in motorsports?” Ida asks “Will it be expensive?” Uraraka asks, knowing her bank account is a little empty 

“Do not worry about your expenses, i can arrange accommodations for you there” Momo reassures Uraraka

“Really?! Awesome!” Uraraka says with excitement “You’re the best Yaomomo!”

“I’m In too! I think the I-Island Expo is also next week! It’s a once in a year event! No way i’ll miss out on it” Izuku says with excitement as well “I’m in too if Izuku is going” Jiro says with a smile. “Count me in” Kendo and Ojiro replies replies

Eventually the group planned out and made the necessary arrangements for the trip with Uraraka, Kendo, Izuku, Jiro, Ojiro, Ida agreeing and making arrangements with Momo to get to I-island, apparently Todoroki would be making his way there either way as he will be accompanying Endeavour.  

The next day most of Class 1-A met up at the shopping mall ready to get the supplies they needed for the summer camp. 

“Wah… It’s a big mall alright” Ashido says with excitement 

“Indeed, it was just opened last week and boasts the most shops in the prefecture.” Ida tells the group, having research on the mall before arriving

The class started to move as a large group, idly chatting as they shopped, once in awhile they were stopped by random strangers who recognized them from the sports festival, with many of them, especially girls asking autographs from Todoroki and Izuku, with both Kendo and Jiro pouting by the side, annoyed at the attention Izuku is getting.

“Guys! It’s taking too long!” Hagakure complains “We’re never gonna get everything by today at this rate” It has been an hour since they've only visited 2 shops that were not relevant to the packing list.

“Hmmm i think we’re too large to move around efficiently” Izuku theorize “Maybe we should split up into different groups to buy stuff from the packing list for all of us?”

“That’s a great idea Izuku!” Kendo says with a smile

“That seems logical” Ida says as well

“Then we shall do that, how do we split up for the task?” Ashido asks

“We could spit into groups of 3 and get the items we need!”

Class 1-A eventually agreeing to the plan and splitting up in groups of 3, Izuku, Itsuka and Kyoka were tasked with getting the sleeping bags for everyone, now on the 3rd floor of the mall. Both Kyoka and Kendo look at each other, just slightly annoyed that it isn’t them and Izuku alone

“Is it me or is there some tension in the air?” Izuku asks

Both Kendo and Jiro stare at Izuku with a deadpan, he is clearly clueless about this. Eventually they made it to the shop with sleeping bags and they started comparing quality and price to determine which is the best for everyone. They also have to consider larger sized classmates like Shoji for his bags.

“Really? Kinda weird that Mineta size is out of stock” Kendo comments, unable to find an extra small for Mineta. “We could just roll him up in a cheap one and call it a day” Jiro jokes before looking at Izuku, who was staring at a All Might themed sleeping bag, he reaches out for it before he hears a voice in his ears

“Don’t think that’s a good idea Izuku” Jiro tells him

“What? Ah! No, I was just curious about it” Izuku waves it off, but as he waves it off before he suddenly feels a jolt in his head again, placing his hand on his head.

“What’s wrong? Is it your power again?” Jiro ask with concern, prompting Kendo attention as well

“Yeah, i don’t have a good feeling about this, there’s like something dark in this mall, i can feel it” Izuku says, oddly this is the first time he could feel something that isn’t just the force, for the first time he can feel actual darkness. 

“It’s okay Izuku, let’s take a break shall we?” Kendo tells Izuku, handing him a bottle of water “Here drink, you’ll need some liquid in your system” 

Izuku receives the bottle, pops open the cap and drinks from the bottle, before handing it back to Kendo. “Thanks” 

*Buzz* Jiro takes out her phone receiving a notification from the 1-A messaging group

“Guys…” Jiro tells the both of them, now to looks to Jiro

“Shigaraki was here” She tells the both on them, both Izuku and Kendo jaw dropped instantly

Within minutes the mall was evacuated and Class 1-A gathered at a corner near the police blockade. Hagakure, Ojiro and Momo were missing from the group, but from what the messages and officers said, they were safe. Hagakure seemed to have a brush with him while shopping and they had a conversation before Ojiro found out and put an end to the situation, however when the students were about to give chase, they were threaten that he’ll rampage the mall if he’s pursued, they decided to take the right option to not give chase seeing there’s many innocent lives at risk. Soon after the group decided to call it quits and ended the day, with everyone agreeing to source their own items then.

At night Izuku writes down in his notebook, it seems that his Force sense was able to detect Shigaraki from a distance, it was a first from him, he never felt dark or light before, he wasn’t sure what it was, but he’s pretty sure it was darkness. 

“Gahh…. I wish Master Windu was here, maybe he could help me with what I felt there” He still can’t detect any difference from anyone else, and all he has is his theory. He looks at his phone, before coming to a contact that may help him, but he still has mixed feelings about her… should i ask her about it? Izuku thinks to himself, looking at the number Barriss provided him a couple of weeks ago.

“I wonder what she's doing now?” Izuku wonders about Barriss

“So you’ve changed your mind?” Giran asks 

“Yes… Starting today… that will be my creed, i will need a squad to complete our objective” Shigaraki tells Giran

“Very well, I’ll gather the squad, i expect a bonus from this” Giran tells Shigaraki

“You will get your bonus Giran” The voice answers “Great! Then i’ll start gathering the crew” Giran says as he leaves the bar

“And you…” Shigaraki looks at the hooded figure. “You will get the boy”

“Then we have a deal” The figure says

Chapter Text

I-Island, An artificial moving city, inhabited by over 10,000 scientists, basically heaven for anyone even remotely interested in technology, originally created to gather the world’s talents to research quirks and support items, it soon turned into the central place of all things technology. During this time of the year, the annual I-Island Grand Prix is held alongside the I-expo, a exposition showcasing the results of various research and development, attracting the attention of many tourists, Heroes, entrepreneurs and the ultra rich all into one location, the perfect boiling pot for investors to find investment, partners, and to build a network.

It’s made mobile to protect the scientist and research from villains, and with a security system that rivals the world’s superpowers, no villains who committed a crime on this island got away with it. I-Island is also a place where quirk usage isn’t prohibited and many attractions encourage visitors to use their quirks.

*Ding* We would like to thank you for flying Air Liberty, we would like to welcome all of you to I-Island, currently situated in the middle of the indian ocean, the time now is-...

“Wah! Guys! We can see I-Island from here!” Izuku said with excitement looking out of the window seat to his friends around him

“Wow! It’s bigger than it looked like in the pictures” Uraraka also says excitedly

The group of Izuku, Kendo, Jiro, Ojiro, Momo, Ida and Uraraka walks through the security scanner, seeing their profile pops up as a hologram in front of them, the room turns green before the gate in front of them opens up. Revealing the I-Island central Plaza, a long wide road that leads all the way to the other end of the island, the middle of which is occupied by mobility devices and the side occupied by pedestrians walking about, maybe colourful buildings and many other displays line up on the side of the road.

The streets are filled with many tourists, people in suits, reporters and their crew all there for the I-Island attractions and it’s upcoming I-Island Grand Prix and I-Expo on the weekend. 

“Wow! This looks amazing!” Kendo says, taking in the scenery around. The 1-A group made their way down a large flight of stairs. 

“Anyways, we’ll be headed to the continental to check into our rooms” Momo tells the group, the group nods as they make their way further down the stairs.

“Welcome Miss Yaoyorozu, we have been expecting your arrival, please, leave your luggages here and we will bring it up to the rooms that we have arranged” The hotel staff informs Momo and the group of 1-A students behind her. The hotel lobby oddly enough is probably the least flashy and teched up area the group have seen on I-Island, a somewhat homey vibes warm orange hue lighting the room with a fountain in the middle, equipped with a bar by the side with patrons being served.

“Wahhh!!! It’s almost like we’re back at Yaomomo estate!” Uraraka compliments as she enters the Penthouse on the top floor. The lift directly opens into the room with the view of I-Island behind glass panels. To the right a living room equipped with a large TV with an oval dining table that is able to seat about 10 people, a kitchen is also seen behind a counter with a robot manning it, busy organizing the kitchen. To the left lead to a few rooms, one of which leads to a small personal gym and the rest being bedrooms.

“Wow… this is the first time i’ve been to a hotel like this” Jiro adds

“Please, make yourselves comfortable, the race events won’t start till this afternoon, but i will have to go down now to do a track walk” Momo tells the group, she pulls out from her bag a few lanyards “These lanyards would get you access the paddock on the weekends, you can visit the VIP section and all, the card would also allow you access to the I-Expo, so feel free to explore while i’m not around” Momo continued handing each of the group members a card. Izuku took a look at his silver card on the lanyard, seeing his face with a smile, noticing his the number on the top right #22.

“Sure! Thanks Yaoyorozu/Yaomomo” the group says as they received their card.


“WELCOME TO THE I-EXPO, PLEASE SCAN YOUR ACCESS PASS BEFORE ENTRY” A thin humanoid droid tells the group in front of the gantry

*Beep* “Welcome Mr Midoriya” the gantry speaker plays

Izuku taps his access pass on the reader before the gantry gates open in front of him, stepping through, he sees the many many many booths that line up the largest building on I-Island, on the front row he sees the biggest booths occupied by famous corporations that work on support gears, weapons, technology and many more, one of the booths front and center was advertising a new defence droid that will be replacing I-Island defences soon, the same droid that told the group to scan the access pass at the gantry, the droid seems rather familiar to Izuku for some reason, but he can’t put his finger where he has seen it before. Quickly whipping out his notebook labeled (I-EXPO) he intends to take notes of what he sees and maybe perhaps one day get them to integrate such technology into his suit.

“Wa… this is intense, never thought support companies have the resources for this” Kendo says looking at the booths in front of her  

“Corpo types makes the most money in the end, dealing with post villain attack contracts, pro hero and self defence equipment is also big money in some countries, some countries local authorities still don’t rely on quirks and heroes to ensure the peace, so they’ll need equipment to keep up with quirks” Jiro tells Kendo “Still can’t beat a good fist” Kendo argues  “Say, you seem to know a bit on this end Jiro” 

“Yeah, i had to go through a little bit of this when i was selecting my hero equipment, and the support equipment industry is quite interesting when you really read about it” Jiro answers.

The group started walking around the area expo, looking around at the latest technologies on show, some of it range from really simple and practical tools that make sense on the Hero kit, to some really outlandish kits like 4 extra claw like arms controlled by some neurological interface, the guy even dub it the octopus, it’s quite the something.

But it was obvious the main attraction of the expo was the Constructor’de Industries of Shield, or CIS for short. Their display was the first generation defence battle droids, an easily mass produced series of droids that is armed with non lethal blasters, stated to take over the defence of I-Island starting from this weekend. The droid is also able to be reprogrammed for other roles, other than being enforcers, it can pilot vehicles, perform laborious work, and even administrative roles.  

After a couple of hours the group stopped by the side to have a break, Izuku and Jiro collected plenty of business cards, some of the equipment looked like it could be of use to them. Ida, Uraraka and Kendo went off to get the group some drinks and Ojiro went to the toilet.

“Wow, after an hour we only went through this many booths? How long would we take to go through all of these booths?” Jiro tells Izuku, looking at the many cards in her hands

“All of these on this floor? There’s even more upstairs” Izuku answers “There’s more!? How does anyone even go through all of these in a week?”

“Well, we’ll see, there-” Izuku continues before getting interrupted by a loud voice

“A NEW HIGH SCORRRRREEE!!!” screams a commentator at a nearby booth “With a score of  2,233,185! By our newest entrant… INVINCIBLE GIRL”

“Hol’d up a minute… Invincible girl? Kyoka, did I hear that right?” Izuku looked at Jiro

“Nah, you heard that right, Toru can’t be here… can she?” Jiro replies

“Let’s go check it out” Izuku says as Jiro nods, both of them walking towards to booth

The both of them approached a station that has what seems like a dummy with a big sign labeled PUNCH ME. But what stands out the most is the blonde girl with a mask standing there, in a very familiar outfit with a red glove…

“Izuku, It’s Toru!” Jiro says with surprise

Yup that’s Toru al- … odd, why is force sense reacting to something, someone strong in the force is here? 

Izuku looks around trying to find the source, before meeting eyes with a girl with a pair of glasses, both of them locked eyes for a little too long. Who is this person? Looking at her, she seems to be from a more american origin and seemed to be around his age with blonde hair, glasses, wearing a white and red outfit with a cute ribbon on her collar. The both of them continue to stare at each other before Kyoka stood in front of him, with an annoyed face 

“Oi earth to Izuku wake up” Jiro shakes Izuku before he regains focus

“Huh? Ah yes, what is it Kyoka?” Izuku asks

“You have quite the nerve eyeing up someone like that” Jiro say to him with an annoyed voice, sending a elbow into him

“Huh!? * OOF * No, WAIT Kyoka i-i was just-” Izuku tells Jiro, recoiling from the elbow

“Oh? GUYS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?” Hagakure appears in front of them

“Huh!? Ah yea! Toru i-we were surprised to see you here as well” Izuku replies to Hagakure

“Oh? Toru, are these two your friends?” the blonde girl asks Hagakure

“Yup! These two are my classmates from UA! Was just surprised to see them here”

“We’re here for Yaomomo race this weekend here, you said you were busy this weekend, didn’t expect you to mean that you were busy here”

“Ah! I was just accompanying All Might on a trip here to introduce myself to an old friend that may help me out with my quirk” Hagakure tells the two of them “Oh and this the old friend daughter, Melissa shield”

“Call me Melissa, Pleasure to meet the both of you” Melissa introduce herself to the hero duo

“Ah! I’m Izuku Midoriya, and this is Kyoka Jiro” Izuku introduce the two of them “There are also others here that may join us”

“Ah, hello, Izuku and Kyoka” causing Izuku to flinch slightly again, it seems she’s raised in an environment where first names are used

“Oh? Who else is here other than Yaomomo?” Hagakure asks

“Kendo, Ida, Uraraka and Ojiro” Jiro answers

“What? Ojiro is here and he didn’t even tell me? The nerve of that guy!” Hagakure playfully jokes

“Anyway, what’s up with that stare between the two of you?” Jiro asks Izuku

“Huh? Well I just sensed something around there, that’s all I wasn't staring Kyoka!” Izuku tries to put up a defence

“Sense something? You’re able to sense something here?” Melissa asks

“Oh it’s nothing it was just a weird feeling, that’s all” Izuku tells her

“Ah, okay” Melissa tells, slightly confused by Izuku

“Oh? TORU? IS THAT YOU?” Uraraka calls out “Ah! Ochako! You’re here too!” 

Soon after, the group gathered again, with everyone introducing each other to Melissa. Apparently All Might has booked Hagakure to go on this trip for a couple weeks now, and forgot to tell us like how we forgot to tell her we were here.

“Oh! And Melissa here is an inventor here as well, we were out here testing her new prototype” Toru shows her hand with a red colour brace on her hand “It’s supposed to reduce stain from my attacks when i increase my strength output” 

“Yup, it was made for another Hero who was having trouble with his strength quirk recently, but since he didn’t need it yet i was getting Toru here to test it” Melissa adds 

“Whoa! A real inventor, what else have you invented, do you have a booth here?” Izuku asks Melissa

“Ah not much, really, and i don’t exactly have a booth here, my dad do though” Melissa replies

“Oh your dad… wait… shield..., are you the daughter of David Shield!? All Might former Sidekick?!” Izuku asks in surprise 

“Haha, you’re quite sharp Izuku” Melissa says, causing Izuku to blush a little at the annoyance of Kendo and Jiro “But yeah, my dad is David shield, he’s currently displaying a new defence droid” she continues

“Oh? Defence droid? Is it the one with the largest presence in front of the expo?” Jiro asks

“Yeah, his company is aiming to get more investors for his droids as it rolls out this week” Melissa tells the group “Whoa that’s so cool, maybe you’re be the one front and center one day” Uraraka tells her

“Maybe, but i’m not exactly very good on stage like my dad is” She says with a blush “Either way, let me guide you around since all of you are friends of Toru”

“Sure!” The group answers

“R4!” Melissa calls out as a droid on wheel rolls up to her “bring up the map of the Expo” she tells the droid

“Bee boo!” The droid suddenly flashes a hologram like image in front of the group, stunning all of them

“Oh and sorry to introduce, this is my assistant, R4M7” Melissa introduce the group “he’s like my personal assistant since i got him running, but you can call him R4”

“Duuu!” The droid sounded off

“Wow, you can understand him?” Izuku asks

“Yup, had to learn a whole other language for it, but it’s not a big deal”

“That’s insane… I Island is certainly made different” Uraraka comments


“Whew that was quite the tour Melissa” Kendo thanked her

“Indeed, it was the most informative and wonderful tour, you have been an excellent guide!” Ida continue praising Melissa

“Oh it’s nothing” Melissa says as she blushes from the praise, she has been leading them around the expo for another hour, it was time for lunch, as the group is now gathered at one of Melissa recommended cafe to have a meal. “I’ve just lived here all my life, so i know I-Island like the back of my hand”

“Your whole life? You’ve never travelled to other countries before?” Kendo asks

“To ensure the safety and confidentiality of the scientist and their family, most residents don’t travel out to keep the information from leaking out” she explains 

“Won’t it get boring after a while?” Hagakure asks

“It’s okay, I-Island got a little bit of everything as we can’t travel, so a there’s facilities for everything you can think of, like our robo chef is able to basically cook any dish from anywhere in around the world at a very high standard” Melissa continues to explain “This cafe is one of those as well

“Hmmm, ish so nice” Uraraka says taking a bite out of her mochi

“Uraraka! You shouldn’t speak with your mouth full!” Ida lectures her showing his slightly robotic movements 

“Duuuu” R4 speaks out

“Haha, he’s not doing the robot R4” Melissa says to R4, placing a hand on it’s head “he’s just very expressive”

“How long have you had R4 for, is it sentient?” Jiro asks Melissa

“Hmm, i got him up and running like last year, he’s been super useful since then, as for sentience… His AI is really extraordinary, he seems like he's aware but i’ve never really been able to crack the code to his programming” Melissa says about R4 “Bee!” R4 says with an excited expression

“Was it not developed by you?” Jiro continues asks her

“Oh, R4’s AI was it was given to me by my dad’s friend as a gift, i had to fix it up and give it a body” Melissa answers the origin of R4’s AI “Initially it was just the damaged head of R4, but after some tinkering i managed to get R4 to boot up and the rest is history”

“Wow, was your dad's friend an inventor like you?” Izuku asks

“Ummmm, not really, he didn’t really tell me where he got it from” Melissa tells Izuku, but unbeknownst to her, Jiro picked up on something.

“Huh… quite nice of the person to gift you something like that” Kendo says

“Yeah, i helped him out on a few things and favours, and in return he gave me R4, and since then R4 has been helping me create new inventions” Melissa says

“Wow, you’ve done so much more than me for someone the same age as us, what’s your quirk? It must be amazing” Uraraka asks

“Oh… ummm, i’m errr i’m actually quirkless” Melissa says embarrassingly. Izuku looks at her, is that why he’s able to sense something from her? Could she be force sensitive like me?

“Oh, i’m so sorry i didn’-” Uraraka quickly tries to apologies

“Ah, it’s okay Ochako, you didn’t know, i’ve just learnt to adapt to it” Melissa says with a smile



“What is it boss?” 

“All Might is here” Says the disgruntled man

“ALL MIGHT?! BUT WHY? Oh no… i hope he won’t interfere with the plans” A timid man says

“Knowing his reputation, he will, change of plan will be needed, Nobu” the boss calls out “Yes Sir?” Nobu replies “Start planning to take care of All Might if he’s at the after party” The boss asks Nobu “Yes Sir” the man salutes before walking off

“IQ, get some more manpower on this island, we’ll need it to pull of this operation” the boss tells the timid man

“Y-Yes Sir!” The timid man replies before looking back at the computer screen, who continues to gather intelligence and coding something on a separate screen.

The boss walks out of the room, to see the waters around I-island, he takes out his phone and dial a number. 

“Sam, we’ll need to change some aspects of the plan, All Might is here” The boss says to the person on the other end of the phone “You already know? Good, make sure everything on your side runs smoothly, else our client won’t be very happy, Wolfram out” 


“And this is the lab that I use” Melissa waves her hand over the panel which slides open the door, revealing a decently sized and pretty organized room, many cabinets fill the sides with a workbench right in the middle which is slightly messier than the rest of the room. Melissa steps into the room to be followed by R4, the rest of the group follows in.

“Wow it looks so professional” Izuku says observing the many different gadgets and tools in the room, before noticing the many trophies and accolades that fill the top shelve of one of the cabinet “And really talented too” 

“Actually i wasn’t getting very good grades, that’s why i studied hard, to become a hero” Melissa says trying to humble herself

“A Pro hero?” Izuku asks

“Nah, i gave that up really early, i’m quirkless after all, but i aim to be a hero that supports the heroes, indirectly fighting for peace, a support hero in a way” Melissa says as she grabbed a screwdriver “Toru, the gauntlet please” 

Hagakure pulls off the red bracelet that she was wearing on her hands and hands it to Melissa “I was just calibrating something that suits Toru pretty well” Melissa said with a smile, unscrewing something on the bracelet while connecting a cable to it “It would allow her to use her full power without receiving the feedback she normally receives”

“Wow! That’s such an upgrade for you Toru” Uraraka tells her

“That’s right, and it’s all thanks to Melissa!” Hagakure says with pride

“Wow i wonder if there’s any support gear i that you have that would help me” Jiro asks

“Hmmm, let me see what i can do” Melissa says as places down the items she was working with and opens a side door revealing another workshop-like room, but with many different boxes with labels. Izuku walks into the room in awe at the number of boxes in the room. He sees Melissa digging around in one of the boxes for something that may help Jiro when he suddenly feels a pull from the other end of the room.

“Hmm?” Izuku wonders, as he looks at the workbench flushed by the side of the room, something is pulling him towards it? He slowly walks up to the bench laying his eyes up on the item on the table. He sees the item, that can’t be right can it? He recognizes the item on the table, it’s a little different from the others he has seen, but there’s no mistake… it’s clearly what Izuku think it is

The only difference he noted is the back end of the hilt has a large and thick cable connecting out from the back of it to a large box, the size of a couple laptops stacked on top of each other. Izuku reaches out and grabs the hilt. He places it in front of himself and points the emitter up, placing both of his hands on it and his palm on the activator.

“WAIT IZUKU DON’T TOUCH THAT!” Melissa shouts seeing what’s Izuku is doing

* Peee-Pe-Peeee …… Pssshhew*

Yellow fills Izuku Vision as a beam with a yellow hue and white core ignites from the hilt Izuku is holding, the room goes silent bar a rough crackling sound coming from the beam Izuku is welding catching everyone’s attention. 

“This…this is a Lightsaber ” Izuku mutters staring into the blade of the lightsaber, which isn’t like any that he has seen so far.