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Royale Selection

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Royale Selection

Prologue – The Lonely King

Chapter 1 – Natsuki Subaru

"I love you, I love you so much. Your bright smile takes away my nightmares, your voice calms me down when I'm being my usual idiot, your eyes make me only want to look at you and forget everything else, and of course your body makes me…"


"I wished for us to be together forever, for you to be able to achieve your dreams and I wanted to stay right next to you when everything fell in place. You deserved that and so much more. You graced everyone, myself included, with your ideals and we all followed you with our hearts but…"


"Why did you have to leave? Why did this have to happen to you… to us."


"I hate it, I really do. Without you, there is just so little and I don't know if I can continue… I just–"


Natsuki Subaru looked at the white-haired girl that raised her voice but still had the tone that spoke volumes of her love. The beautiful purple-eyed girl who should have had the chance to become a woman looked at her beloved and spoke her heart's desire.

"Forget about me."

Subaru was shocked, what did he just hear? How could he even dare to forget about her! She was his everything––

"Subaruu~, I love you so much and you must be hurting sooo much because of me. Am I selfish for wishing for you to remember me forever? I must be, but Subaru you can still remember me while finding love with someone else."


The half-elf looked at her beloved with the most heartfelt smile that ever graced another being and spoke with the faintest words.

"You deserve it, my King."

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

"Hero", "Great Demon Beast Slayer", "People's Knight", "Sin Archbishop Slayer" and of course "King" were titles given to one man who didn't care about them. Maybe in the past, there was something about the titles that gave some sense of accomplishment but now the real precious titles were forgotten.

"Rem's Hero", "Emilia's Knight" and of course the tile of『Husband』

Specifically of the forty-second monarch of Lugnica, Emilia.

Plain ol' Emilia, just Emilia.

Natsuki Emilia

In the end, nothing was the same without the both of them, may their souls rest in peace, and may the King's rule prosper!

"Your Grace!"

A man wearing the white Royal Guard uniform stood in front of Subaru, the man walked in like he belonged to be serving as a knight. It might not look like it because of the man's stoic appearance but both men knew each other really well.

"Oh? When will you finally speak normally to me, Julius?" Subaru questioned his old friend with a smile.

"Apologise, Your Grace but I can't allow myself to be disrespectful to you." Julius gave his usual smile, followed by a perfect bow. Truly fitting for the [Finest of Knights].

"One day you will address me like old times… I might even write down a Royale Order that says "From this day forth, Julius Juukulius is ordered to only speak informally against his King'', or something like that."

"I suppose I can't go against your orders."

Both men were smiling against each other, something that didn't happen a lot anymore, because of both their busy schedules. After the [Final Battle] Julius decided to continue to follow the merchant Anastasia Hoshin to Kararagi to keep on serving her but she was given a job in the Kingdom as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Or at least this world's variant of one as she was tasked with dealing with the neighboring countries to keep the trade going smoothly.

She also had a role in advising Otto Suwen, whose job was to control and stimulate the domestic economic affairs of the Kingdom. It shouldn't be a surprise that the both of them combined made a killer team. The majority of the current prosperity was made by those two, but we can't discredit the King for he brought many "Original Ideas" to the Kingdom that allowed a new era to be created.

『Golden Age』

"So Julius, why did you barge into my office?"

"The Sage Council has summoned you and I was tasked to bring you safely to them."

"The Sage's have asked for me? Any idea what they expect from me?" Subaru asked the knight.

"I have no idea, Your Grace." The knight answered but was he being truthful? Because it was common knowledge, everyone thought the same and that was…

"Alright, let's go. I have been filing documents this whole day ranging from domain disputes to merchants that ask for slave trading to be allowed in Lugnica and I think I deserved some walking around time."

"Of course you do, Subaru." The King looked at his friend and both laughed their way to the Sage's, while they didn't see each other a lot it couldn't be denied that both had become good friends over the years. From boys, they now became men, who treated each other with the respect they deserve.

After walking for a while they stood in front of the building called [Weiße Rose]. The building was created after his ascension to Kingship. It of course was to remember the late queen's accomplishments and memory.

[The White Rose]

The Queen didn't give up even when everything was crumbling down, she stood in front of evil to protect the innocent. Even with her heritage, she was able to change the people's opinion about white-haired half-elves. When talking about her appearance the future population will not think about the evil [Witch of Envy], but about the kind-hearted Queen.

"Thank you for accompanying me and making me laugh, Julius."

"I suppose we should drink another day like old times." Julius was trying to be courteous and invite his friend to some drinks but what he didn't realise was that Subaru's face contorted in pain.

"I suppose"

Subaru got himself together and gave the knight a small smile and walked inside. Something was about to happen that would change his whole life once again. The Sage Council, also called the Council of Elders Representative, lost the power they had before the ending of the royale selection but still was tasked to advise the current monarch. Subaru was able to become Lugnica's favorite monarch to date, the slum dwellers loved his innovations, the merchants saw great profit by his "Free Market" policy, and even the nobles who in all lost the most were happy with him.

The nobles were greedy people, always have been and will be but one thing that connects all the nobles above profit and power is the Kingdom of Lugnica. There is no question that the present Kingdom of Lugnica under the King's rule has never been better.

The Kingdom of Lugnica under the rule of Dragon King Natsuki Subaru has become a powerhouse that even Vollachia with the help of the other two countries wouldn't dare to go against.

Even the arrogant Vincent Vollachia, [King of Kings], has to show respect when talking with the Kingdom's representatives. Kararagi has nothing but praise towards the Kingdom because of the trade that is being implemented by Anastasia and Gusteko… let's just say that Gusteko's whole existence was saved by the Kingdom. This means that even the people in Gusteko look more favorable towards the Kingdom's regime than their own. Even today Gusteko is profiting from the Kingdom's affairs and nothing in the short term will change that.

Prosperity was everywhere except with…

"My King!"

"Your Grace!"

"Your Majesty!"

All the elders stood up when the King walked in, respect was shown to their ruler. Subaru was wearing black pants with a black t-shirt, but you saw some small parts of orange that were being shown and the cape finished his "Kingly" looks. While his hair was combed back when he was younger, now he has his hair down and the whole court agreed that the King looked dashing.

An attractive, still young man, without a…

"I heard that I was being summoned, is there something you need from me?" Even Subaru's voice changed, in the past, he was very expressive and loud and even if he still had some of those aspects present. You can hear the authority that his voice commands, something that nobody expected but in the years as a ruler, he continued impressing others with his maturity and actions.

"We indeed have to say something to you." Miklotov McMahon started speaking but was interrupted by another person.

"You need to have an heir!" Bordeaux Zellgef spoke hard but truthful words.

Miklotov spoke again, "Well, well, we don't wish to pressure you but maybe it's time for a new Queen. The Kingdom is prospering but the future succession isn't guaranteed so we do believe that the next step should be taken, don't you agree?"

He continued, "We know your feelings for the late Queen are still present and we can't force you but for the good of Lugnica please consider this old man's words."

The other elders followed with their persuasive opinions and sweet-talking. Subaru is almost 27 years old now and the Council decided that it was finally time to convince their King to find a new Queen. They continued talking and talking but Subaru wasn't listening because the only thing in his thoughts was…

"You deserve it, my King."

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


There has been an announcement from the Sage Council that the KING is in search of his NEW QUEEN! Our King, Natsuki Subaru, is once again searching for his soul mate. Nobody will forget the legacy of the late Queen Natsuki Emilia but the time has come for the royal family to continue its line with hopefully an heir coming in the short future!

I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled to see this ROYALE SELECTION. But who could be the new Queen? Don't worry, we of [Lugnica Times] have created a short but detailed list of potential candidates!

Our first candidate is ANASTASIA HOSHIN, who can forget the woman who is responsible for the economic success of the last couple of years. A woman of her caliber does seem like the perfect match for our KING! They work together and for the longest time, there have been some rumours about a potential affair between them…

If you wish to know more about that don't forget to read the next issue!

Our second candidate is CRUSCH KARSTEN, we all know that both are great friends but maybe, maybe there was more to the friendship than initially thought of. The beautiful Duchess has been one of the greatest Generals in Lugnica's history and if she and the King were able to slay the monstrous [White Whale] together then they also should be able to rule our Kingdom as King and Queen!

Our third candidate is the beautiful PRISCILLA BARIELLE, she has the love of the common people and the respect from the nobles, a perfect ruler some might say. What would the Kingdom look like if those two were to rule together? Let me tell you! EVEN MORE PROSPERITY, EVEN MORE WORK, EVEN MORE… EVEN MORE… EVEN MORE... EVEN MORE…

Our fourth, fifth, sixth, tenth, eleventh candidates…

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

The next day a new issue of the [Lugnica Times] was published with an apology of the head editor because of the behaviour of one of its writers for showing "a little bit of bias". The Kingdom was in uproar and some were intrigued, who doesn't wish to be Queen?

AN: Boom! What a beginning! Do you like it, do you hate it, come on, don't be scared and review my story. So if things weren't clear this is a story where Subaru became King after the ending of Re:Zero. He and Emilia married but for "some reason" Emilia died around the beginning of the ruling period and our boy Subaru is kind of alone.

Questions like what happened with Rem, Emilia etc will all be answered later down the line because this still is only a Prologue to show y'all the direction of the story. I can already confirm that the three above-mentioned candidates will of course play a major role in this story. If you wish for someone specific to play a role in the selection then please PM me and I will consider.

More will be revealed later, message me if things aren't clear but don't expect me to spoil you because even I don't know where the story is heading. Hopefully, this concept catches your attention because nothing is better than getting reviews saying people wish to read more. Have a good one and we all shall see what will happen in this Royale Selection!

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