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In The Neighborhood

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Sequel to Neighborhood Watch. Everyone is ten years older. Carl Grimes is going to be written in as Rick Grimes wayward nephew, with a bad attitude. The Greene's are gone, Dead or whatever....... Just gone, leave it up to your own imagination. 



'IS................... Sophia gonna be in trouble?' 9 year old Charlie Dixon looked at his Dad across the dinner table. Daryl glanced at Carol, Charlie got a kick under the table from Eden to make him stop talking and asking questions. His twin sister, Cameron glared at him her fathers glare begging him to stop. Jordan just watched tapping the table with a nervous twitch with one hand and started chewing on her lip waiting for someone to say something, they were all pushing their dinner around on their plates waiting for their Dad to explode or yell or do something, he never yelled or got angry, but this time they though he was going to blow his top,  'Cos she took your's and uncle Merle's car?'

Daryl had 5 kids, and Merle had 4 they didn't ask for a lot, for the past 6 years they had been working slowly on doing up a 1964 Mustang convertible and Sophia had taken it out to the lake without permission to a party she was told she was not allowed to go to. Daryl was pissed more than pissed. He was barely keeping his shit together. He was mad, they had grounded her last weekend because she went on a date with a much older guy and lied about going to the movies instead. Tuesday night she had sneaked out the window from the second floor of the old farm house to go hang with some friends. 

Today she had pulled the mustang out and gone without a care in the world. She was really trying them at the moment. Nearly 17, she'd been taught how to drive, but Daryl wouldn't let her have a car because he felt her attitude stank and she didn't need to be rewarded. He wasn't so soft on the kids as he used to be. He'd perfected the method of time outs and removal of treats.

His cute little Sophia who he'd adored since she was 5 was turning into someone he wasn't sure if he liked. He loved her but liking her wasn't always there. Carol was nervous she kept looking at the clock, she was worried. Sophia had been away for hours. She'd rung around some of the other kids parents and half were home already. Sophia had been banned from the lake because she broke curfew twice in the past two weekends. 

'She will be in trouble, yes,' Carol interjected. She moved from the dinner table, went outside to scan the road. They'd brought the Greenes farm 5 years ago when their 3 bedroom house was splitting at the seams. They had a padock of odds and sods animals at the end of their roads. Carol had long given up telling him no. She looked at the old ugly bitch that was lazing on the porch knowing that her days would soon be over and she would be replace quickly by someone else needing a loving home. He never took the young ones, always the ones no one would ever want.

She wandered down the deck to go greet the old donkey he brought home a month ago. They were slowly flattering her up. Daryl put in the hours to feed them, clean them helping her around the small farm. She didn't resent it. She loved it. She'd gone back to teaching part time at the high school much to Sophia's disgust. Carol needed it though after years of babies and diapers, adult conversations were what she needed.

Daryl come up behind her wrapping his arms around her. 'What do we do now?' He asked her.

'I don't know, close our eyes and hope for the best?' Carol offered.

He kissed her neck, they had been married over ten years but their affection for each other never failed, he never missed a quiet moment when they were alone together to be affectionate with her, he never took for granted that they had plenty of time later. When the kids were little and they had 4 under two he went months without alone time. There always seemed to be someone awake or sick or they were just too tired. Now the kids were older and they had converted the attic into their bedroom with a bathroom they could hear feet coming up the stairs, he put in a motion sensor that went off the moment someone put their foot on the stairs. He'd put in huge windows, so they could see the stars at night. He couldn't sleep with the door shut or without a night light but some nights the stars were bright enough he could leave it off.

'I don't know Carol,' Daryl didn't go on, they'd talked about a all girl boarding school if Sophia didn't pick up her grades and stop chasing boys. Daryl had vetoed the idea not wanting any of their kids thinking they were not wanted, but now he just wanted to get her through high school. 'What we gonna do with her?'

'She's a good girl, she's just ................. I can't even say she easily led, it was probably her idea,' Carol told him, he shook his head moving into kiss her. By parenting standards they were still young, not quite in their forties, it still sent a big freak out to their kids when they saw them kiss. Daryl just told them it was his house he could kiss their Mama when he wanted. They kissed a lot, held hands and snuggled together. Sophia constantly pointed out they were too old to be doing that. They just laughed, happy they still wanted to hold hands, and kiss. They kept the more heated kissing for the bedroom. Or when they knew they were really alone alone. They didn't see any harm in letting the kids see they were happy to kiss, hug and hold hands.

'I'm going to report it as stolen,' Daryl said quietly, Carol glanced at him wondering if putting the fear up her of going into the police station would put the fear of God up her.  'And get her picked up, we know which way she will be coming, I'm going to pull in a few favours,' 

Carol nodded, she didn't know if she agreed or not but things were getting out of hand quickly. They needed to do something she knew, but maybe he was taking it to far, but then at the same time what happened if she snuck out to meet the wrong type of boy.



'I said no!' Sophia had been kissing a boy she just met at the lake from another high school behind the changing rooms, he'd tried to put his hand up her shirt and she'd batted it away, she wasn't like that. She'd dated a few guys, shared a few kisses, she didn't know what was wrong with her tonight, she tried to clear her head a little.

'Your a tease,' the boy told her trying to kiss her again.

'The girl said no buddy,' a voice come from behind them, Carl Grimes walked out of the changing rooms, he looked mean. He had jean's on, a tee shirt and his leather jacket on. Sophia had seen him swimming in the lake a little way off with another group and know he was a muscly guy with tattoo's on his back. She didn't know if Uncle Rick knew he had them or not. She'd never paid him much attention. He'd been to their house a few times with his uncle in the past 6 months. He'd fallen in with a bad crowd they were trying to straighten him out. She'd  heard he was on probation and if he mucked up again he would go to juvenile detention. 

He was a badass, popular instantly, a different type of popular to what Sophia was, he was street smart, cool, he didn't say much but people wanted to be like him or his friend. Sophia was popular because she come up with the idea's, she'd planned the party at the lake, she wasn't preppy but people liked her, she was friends with everyone in the school but Carl Grimes. Mainly because when he arrived everyone switched from her to him. Before he arrived people copied her, wanted to be like her, hang with her. Now she was doing wilder and wilder things to keep her popularity up.

'What you going to do about it Grimes?' the boy asked. His words were slurred and Carl could tell he probably had his drinks spiked too. 

'Nothing, come on Sophia, they spiked the drinks,' Carl held his hand out to her, she realized why her head was fuzzy and she was kissing random boys. She hesitated for a moment and took it, following him around to the main part of the lake it was starting to get dark, she was going to be in so much trouble. There were  a few drunk girls, he'd just got out of the lake to find the girl he'd come with drunk dancing with some other girls he sat them down and had a guy from the science club watch them, he went to get changed to try figure out some stuff when he saw Sophia getting hit on by some guy.

'She drunk too?' another guy come up to him. It seemed there were twenty kids left and most were girls who were drunk. Carl was pissed. He'd tried to ring his Uncle discovering there was no phone coverage there the boys come up with a plan to split them up with sober drivers driving each car home. He'd though something was up, two guys brought drinks and handed them out, he'd been putting girls onto a rug on the side of the lake for the past half hour. Those guys left when they realized there were guys looking out for the girls at the lake. Carl and four other guys managed to get the girls sorted into cars to go home.

He was an arsehole but he didn't believe in taking advantage of drunk girls,  he looked at Daryl's mustang and groaned. It was only him and Sophia left she had her arm's wrapped around him, he looked down at her wondering why he ever thought she was cute, she was pretty stupid, he knew her Daddy wouldn't have given her his prize and joy to bring to the lake. Sophia was a bit of a wild card, he hadn't worked her out yet.

He'd given his car to someone else to drive. He was going to get into big trouble with his uncle he knew but he was driving home in style. He shoved a half asleep Sophia in the front seat and buckled her in. He started the engine and it purred like a kitten. He loved cars, he'd been secretly admiring this car all day, his uncle had shown him it in the Dixon's shed when he went there for some birthday party for the hundreds of kids the Dixon's had. 

He was only about a mile from the Dixon's farm, Sophia was sound asleep in the passenger seat with her mouth wide open when he saw flashing lights in the mirror, he swore and cursed and pulled over. He sat there tapping his fingers and wound down the window waiting. He knew it was Uncle Rick he could tell by the way he walked and knew the shit was about to hit the fan.

'This car has been reported as stolen,' He bent down and looked shocked to see his nephew at the steering wheel.

'Get out!' he growled at Carl. He looked across at Sophia clearly seeing she was drunk, he could smell it, 'What did you do to her? You took Daryl's car and went drinking with Sophia?'

Shane Walsh hopped out of the passengers seat to go see Rick who was trying to wake Sophia up to make sure she was ok, she mumbled at them to stop shinning the light in her eyes, and she was fine.

'Nothin', I didn't do nothing,' Carl tried to tell him, he knew he wouldn't be believed he never was, he walked around the back of the mustang fished in his pockets and pulled out a pack of smokes and lit one. He gave no fucks of the shit he was going to get in now. They though he got Sophia drunk and stole Daryl's car. He was going. He knew it. 'Fuck off both of ya, I did nothing and when she wakes she'll tell you,'

Carl pushed off the back of the car shoving his hands in his pockets seeing Daryl and Merle Dixon pull up in their truck deciding he didn't need their shit he walked off down the side of the road before they discovered he had left, his fists jammed in his pocket swearing and smoking. He pushed his hair out of his eyes and tried not to cry. He was done, he knew it, he had no chances left and if Daryl Dixon reported his car stolen when his own kid took it he wasn't going to be nice to the guy who no one wanted around because he made a few mistakes. 

He made it to the edge of town, kicking a stone as he went. He knew he couldn't go home so he just walked around and finally went into the park, sitting and smoking on one of the swings. Using his foot to swing back and forward. He ignored his phone. He was trying. He'd made mistakes, he was getting good grades now. It was all Sophia's fault, now he was going to take the fall. He didn't know how long he sat there, hours maybe, he did know he run out of smokes a while ago.

He heard the gate of the park creak open and clang shut, the figure looked around and he heard someone call his name, 'Carl? Carl?' he looked around the dark finally his eyes adjusting in the dark. He could see the bulk of Daryl Dixon walking towards him. Carl just shut his eyes and waited.