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Our Future Together [DISCONTINUED]

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Will sat on the plane, staring out the window as he held Arianna.

He hadn't felt worse since he and Sonny had broken up the first time before they found their way back to each other. He would admit that he never had a lot of self-confidence, but when he got the job offer in LA...he had finally felt good about himself. Someone actually like his work and wanted him specifically.

Then the rug was pulled right out from under him. They didn't want him anymore, there were so many flaws in his writing...he wasn't even sure if he wanted to do it anymore.

Ari made a sound from where she was sitting in his lap.

Will smiled slightly. At least he had one accomplishment.

"Hi, baby girl," Will laughed quietly, "Sorry, I zoned out a little bit."

Ari giggled when he laughed. She had been doing that a lot lately...trying to copy what he did, or anyone for that matter.

"Are you ready to see Daddy Sonny again?" Will asked, holding her when she wrapped her little arms around his neck to hug him, "Did you miss him? I sure did."

"Da!" Ari yelled.

Will grinned, "Yeah, I figured you missed him. I'm sorry I took you away from him for so long," he sighed, "It was one big mistake, huh?"

Ari whined, staring out the window.

"We'll be home soon," Will smiled, "Home to Sonny."

Ari made a squealing noise and clapped her hands.

"Sir, could you please quiet your child down?" an older woman hissed from across the aisle. Will sighed, "Ma'am, she's a baby. It's one o'clock in the afternoon. She doesn't want to nap, she wants to be awake and she's excited to get to go home to her family. I'm sure you can understand."

The woman simply glared at him before going back to complaining to her husband about...whatever else pissed her off.

Will rolled his eyes and looked at Arianna, "Some people are grumpy all the time, Ari. We just learn to ignore them. Unless they're really mean, then we pull a mean face. Like a lion."

"Grr," Ari roared and rubbed his nose against his.

Will laughed, "Yeah, you're a baby lion, huh?"

Ari giggled, staring out the window again.

"Ready to surprise Daddy Sonny?" Will asked, looking at Ari, "Can you show me your surprised face?"

Ari just whined and reached for the door handle.

"I feel the same way," Will smiled. He walked in the door and held his finger to his lips, indicating for Ari to be quiet.

Sonny turned around, his phone still up to his ear.

Will smiled, "Surprise!" he said, just happy to see him again.

"I gotta go," Sonny said quickly, hanging up the phone, a huge smile on his face. He walked around the counter, "You're here."

"Straight off the plane," Will smiled, handing Ari to him.

"Hi, sweetheart," Sonny said, taking her quickly, "I have missed you so much," he told Ari, "She has gotten so big."

"I know," Will said, "And she was so well-behaved on the plane, weren't you, my little angel?" he smiled at Ari.

"How did you get away?" Sonny asked.

"I just did," Will shrugged.

I have to tell him, Will thought, But not yet. He's so happy...

"Why didn't you call me?" Sonny grinned.

"I wanted to surprise you," Will said and then looked at Ari, "See that? Look at Daddy Sonny, that's his surprised face. She's trying to copy, she does that now."

Sonny continued smiling at him, not saying a word.

"You really do look surprised," Will said and kissed him, his hand moving to the back of Sonny's neck. He pulled away and smiled, "I'm going to go get Ari's stroller, okay?"

"No problem," Sonny smiled and kissed him again, "Don't be long."

"It's just outside," Will smiled, walking out quickly. When he came back in with it, Sonny was talking to Ari.

"I can't tell you how much I've missed you," Sonny smiled, holding Ari.

Will smiled, "And me maybe? A little bit?" he tried.

"You know I do," Sonny said.

"So, is there anything to eat in this joint?" Will asked, changing the subject, "Because we are starving."

"They didn't feed you on the plane?" Sonny asked.

"Wasn't hungry," Will shrugged, "I'm sure everything was awful anyways."

"Well, I'll fix you something," Sonny said.

"Thanks," Will said, taking Ari from Sonny.

"I can't believe you're here right now," Sonny said, getting close to them again and smiling.

"Well, believe it," Will smiled.

"How long can you stay?" Sonny asked.

Will went to say something.

"You don't have to answer that right now, I know the answer," Sonny said quickly, "I just know you've been busy with your writing or whatever, I know."

"Sonny, what's wrong?" Will laughed quietly.

"I just know that you're not going to be here long," Sonny swallowed, "You're going to go back to LA in a few days."

Sonny went to walk away.

"Sonny," Will stopped him, "I'm not going back to LA."

Sonny stared at him in shock, "Why not?"

Will swallowed, "Can we talk about that...after we eat?" he asked, putting Ari in her high chair.

"Is everything okay?" Sonny asked.

Will sighed, "As good as it can be. It's better now that I'm here with you."

Sonny nodded, "Okay...I'll get you something," he said, going into the back.

Will sat down, taking a deep breath as he did. This was it. He was supposed to tell his husband that he was a big failure now.

Will smiled weakly when he came back out and put a plate of food in front of him, "Hi."

Sonny kissed him, a smile on his face, "We already said hello, Will."

"I know," Will swallowed, messing with his hands nervously.

"So what happened?" Sonny asked.

Will took a deep breath, "I got fired."

Sonny's eyes widened, "You what?"

"I didn't expect it to be so hard," he whispered, "Th-They changed so many things. They gave me a millions notes and half of them contradicted the others a-and then they hired a guy while I thought I was still writing! I missed deadlines and I'm so, so sorry, Sonny. I missed you so much and I couldn't stop thinking of you and Salem and-" he started to ramble.

"Will!" Sonny cut him off.

Will stared at him with wide eyes, breathing heavily.

"I'm so sorry that happened to you," Sonny hugged him quickly.

Will took a shaky breath, "Sonny, I missed you so much. I never want to leave again. It was a stupid mistake and I-I'm so sorry-"

"Will, hey," Sonny said quickly, "There is nothing for you to apologize for. You tried your best, I know that. You always do when you write."

"I thought you would be angry," Will hugged him quickly, "I'm so glad you aren't," he closed his eyes, putting his head on his shoulder.

"I couldn't be angry at you," Sonny shook his head, "I mean...I should be angry at them for not liking my amazing husband's writing."

Will shook his head, blushing slightly, "Shut up," he laughed.

"I made you laugh, I'll say that's an accomplishment," Sonny said, "Eat your food, okay? I'll feed Ari," he said, searching around in the diaper bag.

"Thanks, Sonny," Will smiled at him. He bit his lip, "How have things been?"

Sonny took a deep breath, "We can talk about that later."

"Sonny," Will pursed his lips, "I told have to tell me. What's going on?"

Sonny ran his hand through his hair and sighed, "The new club...everything is a mess, Will. They want more money for the roof a-and we can't have a club without a roof."

"How much?" Will asked quietly.

Sonny took a deep breath, "Two hundred thousand."

Will's eyes widened, "Sonny, that's practically half of our savings."

"I know," Sonny swallowed, "That's why, uh...I'm going to ask Chad for a loan. He has more money than us, you know that."

Will bit his lip, "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" Sonny asked, "He's our friend."

Will looked at his hands nervously, "Well...maybe w-we should ask Victor."

Sonny raised an eyebrow, "I'm not taking loans from my family, Will."

Will messed with his hands, "I-I'm just saying...Victor doesn't have Stefano DiMera whispering in his ear. Chad isn't the same Chad we used to know. He spent months with Stefano. He's the new EJ."

Sonny shook his head, "Will, I trust Chad. I can't believe that you don't."

Will bit his lip, "Okay, Sonny. Take the loan from him," he shrugged, taking a drink.

"So now your mad at me?" Sonny asked.

Will shook his head, "It's your club, your decision," he said simply.

Sonny sighed, "Okay then."

Will glanced up at him, "So did anything else happen while I was gone?"

Sonny bit his lip, "Will, actually, I-" he started.

"Sonny?" someone knocked on the door, "Hey, the closed sign is up, but you hung up really fast, I wanted to make sure you were okay-" he froze when he saw the baby in the high chair and Sonny sitting across from someone.

Will looked confused when he saw him and then looked at Sonny, raising an eyebrow.

"Uh...yeah," Sonny said, standing up, "I surprised."

Will studied Paul and then swallowed, looking away. His insecurities immediately flared up. The guy was taller than him...and had bigger muscles...and obviously cared about Sonny.

Oh god, Will thought, It's Brian all over again. What if he decides this guy is better than me?

Sonny smiled, grabbing Will's hand and pulling him out of his seat, "This is husband," he said quietly. He picked Arianna up, "And this is Ari...our daughter."

Will smiled weakly, holding out his hand, "Um...hi. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Paul," he shook Will's hand and then smiled at Ari, "Nice to meet you too, Arianna."

Ari imitated the growling lion noise she had been doing on the plane and Will burst out laughing.

"Sorry, um," Will said, trying to stop laughing, "She's started learning which animals are which and she likes being a lion," he pursed his lips, looking at Paul, "So how do you know Sonny?" he whispered.

He was dreading the answer.

"We were together for a year," Paul said, "But we broke up after I said no to his proposal," he explained and smiled at him, "I'm just in town for my surgery."

Will stared at him and swallowed, going silent.

"Will-" Sonny started.

"I, uh...I need to go," Will said quickly, "I need to go tell my grandma I'm home-"

"You can just call her-" Sonny started.

"No, I need to go," Will whispered, putting Ari in her stroller, "I'll see you at home," he said quietly. He looked at Paul, "Nice meeting you," he said quickly, walking out.

"Was it something I said?" Paul asked.

Sonny glared at him.

Will knocked on the door of the DiMera mansion, trying to compose himself as he did. He was breathing heavily and trying to stop the tears.

Chad opened the door, "Will? Hey, man, when did you get back?"

"Today," Will took a shaky breath, "A few hours ago. Where's my grandma?"

"Oh, she's out of town on a business tip," Chad said, "I have the place to myself..." he trailed off, "Have you been crying?"

Will went silent for a moment before nodding, wiping his eyes.

"Here, come inside, it's cold," Chad sighed.

Will walked inside, pushing the stroller as he did, "I just...sorry. I really needed to talk to my grandma, I should go."

"Will, you can talk to me," Chad sighed, "We're friends, remember?"

Will gave him a suspicious look.

What do you really have to lose at this point? Your dignity? Will thought.

Will ran his hand through his hair, "I just, uh...I just found out that Sonny proposed to another guy before me," he whispered.

Chad sighed, putting his hand on his shoulder, "I'm sorry, man, that's rough."

Will swallowed, "A-And he's back in Salem," he whispered, "A-And he's all hot and bigger than me," he mumbled.

"Hey, you're hot, Will," Chad said. Will raised an eyebrow.

"I'm saying that as a friend," Chad said, "And...Sonny loves you now, okay? Sonny must have loved the guy in the past, but that's over now, y'know?"

Will bit his lip and nodded, "You're right, Chad," he sighed when his phone started ringing and grabbed it from his pocket, "You can see Ari if you want, she's in the stroller," he told him before answering his phone, "Hello?"

"Will!" Sonny said quickly, sighing in relief, "Where are you?"

"I'm uh..." Will pursed his lips, watching Chad hold Ari, "I'm at the DiMera grandma isn't here, we're just talking."

"You need to come home, Will," Sonny swallowed, "I just got you back...I-I don't want you gone again already. We just need to talk about this."

Will bit his lip, "Okay...I'll be there soon."

"Thank you," Sonny sighed in relief, "Will...I'm sorry I didn't tell you about him."

"I-It's fine," Will whispered, "It was before us. We'll talk more when I get home, okay?"

"Okay, I'll meet you there," Sonny told him, "I love you, Will."

"I love you too," Will said before hanging up. He cleared his throat, looking at Chad, "I'm going to meet Sonny at home and we're going to talk about how I'm not good enough and was his second choice."

"Will Horton," Chad snapped, "You are good enough and you were not his second choice. If Sonny was looking for a rebound in Salem, would he have waited a year for you?"

Will bit his lip, not saying a word.

"I hope you get chapped lips, you've been doing that so much," Chad said, "Now get out of here and go talk to your husband." "Right," Will stood up and smiled, putting Ari back in her stroller, "Let's go home, sweetie."

Chad watched after him before sighing when his phone rang. He put it on speaker.

Will walked out the door and then sighed when he realized he forgot his scarf and went back in. He froze up when he heard Chad talking to Stefano. He had no idea what possessed him to do it, but he pulled out his phone and started recording.

"And Sonny was ready to sign over his shares to the club," Chad was explaining, "Should've seen his face when I wouldn't take it."

"You have impressed me twice in one day!" Stefano laughed.

"Must be some kind of record," Chad said.

"You've not only neutralized Rafael," Stefano said, "But you also placed a Kiriakis in your debt."

Will's eyes widened and he held his breath so he didn't yell. He had to get the entire thing...maybe Sonny would see the truth...and maybe Victor could do something to stop this.

"You know, you set Sonny up, yet he continues to trust you completely," Stefano laughed.

"It's not like I don't like the guy," Chad said.

Will shook his head bitterly.

Screw you, Chad, Will thought.

"Look, listen to me," Stefano said, "You can like anybody that you want, you understand? But remember," he said seriously, "Leverage is always a good thing. Even with the people that you care about."

Will shook his head and walked out quickly, pushing the stroller. He headed in the direction of home. It was too late to go to Victor's now. He would go tomorrow after his meeting with Zoe.

Will walked into the apartment, quietly shutting the door behind him.

"I-I unpacked your things," Sonny said, "I didn't know you came here before you came to the club."

"I wasn't going to lug all that stuff around," Will laughed quietly, "I just dropped it here and left right after that," he said, getting Ari from her stroller.

Sonny took her quickly, "Sorry, uh...I just missed her."

Will smiled at him, "I'm glad you did."

"I missed both of you," Sonny whispered, kissing him quickly.

"She's probably tired," Will said as she laid her head on Sonny's shoulder, "Jetlag."

"Right, I can put her to bed," Sonny smiled at him, "You didn't really finish eating at the club after..." he trailed off and cleared his throat, "You should get something."

"Okay," Will mumbled as he went into the other room. He watched after him, not saying another word as he sat down on the couch, messing with his ring.

Sonny walked back out and smiled, "She's out like a light already," he walked over and sat down beside him, "Will, I-"

"It's not your fault," Will swallowed, "I-I haven't been able to talk...I was trying so hard to keep up with my job. I know you would have told me over the phone that he was in town if you could."

"Right," Sonny pursed his lips, "But I should have told you sooner than this. I proposed to another man before us...even if he said no, I still did it."

"I said I didn't want to know about your past," Will sighed.

"That's different, Will," Sonny said, "Will, I-"

"I don't want to know, Sonny," Will whispered.

Sonny swallowed, "He's just in town for surgery, he'll be leaving soon."

Will nodded, looking down, "Good," he swallowed.

Sonny hugged him, "It's been a long day for you...maybe we should go to bed."

"Oh, it's been a great day," Will laughed bitterly, "I had to admit to my husband I'm a giant failure and then got to meet the guy he proposed to before me who looks like he's a lot hotter than me," he muttered, standing up.

"Will," Sonny grabbed his hand and pulled him back down, causing him to stumble and fall onto his lap.

"Sonny!" Will scolded.

Sonny wrapped his arms around his waist, "Will, no one is hotter to me than you. What Paul and I had was in the past. What we have is now...I love you and only you, okay?"

Will stared at him before kissing him deeply, closing his eyes, "I missed you so much, Sonny," he breathed out against his lips.

Sonny kissed back, closing his eyes.

His family was home again.