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Cock Warming

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Shao Fei had been out of reach on a mission for the past four days and Tang Yi was about to snap. He knew he was acting dramatically since the last time his boyfriend cut connection for several days, it was simply due to a dead phone. Yet Tang Yi still felt close to exploding with worry. 


"It's fine, Boss," Jack said as he watched Tang Yi pace around his office, his face set cold as ice. He held his phone in an iron grip, refusing to part with it in case Shao Fei called or texted. 


"No it's not," he growled without pausing his pacing. "What if he's hurt? Or dead? Or fucking cold and hungry?" 


"Boss, he's not a dog," Jack laughed. "Shao Fei is good at what he does and the man can take a bullet like a champ. Plus, he promised to be home before tonight. If he's not then we'll go looking." Jack slapped a reassuring hand onto Tang Yi's shoulder, finally stopping him. 


Just as Tang Yi opened his mouth to argue, one of his men shouted that Shao Fei's car had pulled in. The boss quickly tossed Jack's hand from him before practically running out of the room and down the stairs. Shao Fei walked through the front door and smiled at his boyfriend when he came into view. 


His smile quickly disappeared when he saw the expression on his boyfriend's face. "Shao Fei! How dare you not call for four days!" 


"Sorry," Shao Fei said and before he could explain himself, the ex-crime boss engulfed him in a tight hug. 


"I nearly died from worry, asshole." Tang Yi nuzzled his face into Shao Fei's neck as his arms strengthened their hold across his back. "I fucking missed you so much. The house was so quiet," he mumbled against his boyfriend's skin. Uncharacteristically of the cop, he remained quiet in favor of letting the other man soak him in. He never stopped to realize during his mission how him failing to text or call would send his lover into such a deep spiral. He felt terrible. 


"What can I do to make it up to you?" Shao Fei finally spoke as he rubbed Tang Yi's broad back. 


Tang Yi took a moment to think as he nosed at the cop's neck. "I don't know, I just know I need you with me." He took a deep breath of his boyfriend's neck. "Fuck, you don't even smell like me anymore." 


Shao Fei sighed before kissing Tang Yi's temple. "Let's go to the bedroom. C'mon." He guided the man to their room, the boss still clinging to him, even when they reached the bed. 


"Damn it," Tang Yi choked, "You really freaked me out. You're not allowed on missions ever again." Shao Fei chuckled as he sat on the edge of the bed, Tang Yi closely at his side. "I hate this feeling, I can't get close enough to you to make it go away." 


Shao Fei hugged him tighter and nuzzled his cheek against his sleek hair. "I think I have an idea."




The cop kissed the side of his head again before he instructed, "I'm gonna need you to lay on the bed for me." Tang Yi pulled his head away to look at his boyfriend, before he nodded. Before he laid down, Shao Fei undressed them both and laid small kisses to the other man's exposed skin. After some time, Tang Yi finally laid on the mattress with his stomach facing up.


Shao Fei grabbed something from a drawer before he crawled into Tang Yi's lap, straddling his hips. "What're you gonna do?" Tang Yi asked as he gripped his boyfriend's thighs. He didn't like how far apart he felt from his lover.


"I'm gonna prep myself and then I'm gonna sit on your cock. You'll feel better, I promise." When Tang Yi still didn't look convinced, he leaned down to kiss his lips and calm him down. Tang Yi's arm came up to drape over Shao Fei's neck, keeping him in place. In the meantime, Shao Fei prepped his hole until he could easily slip three fingers inside.


When he deemed his hole ready, he removed his fingers and moved his lube-covered hand to stroke Tang Yi's mostly soft dick. Within a few minutes, he was hard.


"Need you," Tang Yi whined, the kissing no longer enough contact to keep him at bay.


"Ok, I'm gonna sit down now." Shao Fei slicked Tang Yi's hard dick up more before he lined himself up and sank down.


Tang Yi groaned as his boyfriend sank lower and lower. When he finally sat flush in his lap, Tang Yi felt significantly better. That paranoid, clingy itch that appeared while Shao Fei was gone finally disappeared. He sighed, happy and relaxed. It didn't feel exclusively sexual, what they were doing; instead, being deep inside the other man felt calming. Like a piece of himself that Shao Fei took with him was finally returned.


"Now come over here," Shao Fei said as he began to roll onto his side. The couple eventually landed on their sides, still connected, with their legs intertwined and arms wrapped around each other. "How do you feel?" the cop asked and the ex-mafia boss chuckled weakly and nosed against his lover's cheek.


"Amazing. You're the best."


Shao Fei chuckled against him, holding him close.


They stayed in this position all night, even after they fell asleep and Tang Yi's erection went down and slipped out. He felt satisfied for the first time after days of anxiety and desperately missing his boyfriend.