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Train accidents happen

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“Please stop..?”

Getting uncomfortable, Yuuji shifted side from side, nearly tripping over someone's foot. The other, older man, feigned innocence. Under his glasses pure lust could be seen.

“Hm? Is something wrong, young boy?” Licking his lips, you could see the way he looked at the pink-haired male up and down, clearly checking him out. It unnerved the 16 year old, looking for an escape route.

“N-no, everything is fine! Just.. could you please move?” Ignoring the man's boner and short puffs of air, obviously stating his hunger for him. Trying to get away, he started to wriggle, but with no avail. It was only aggravating his current predicament.

“Hah.. eager, I see? Hungry for-” grinding down his crotch just right above Yuuji’s backside, indicating his obvious hardness. “-this?” Starting to tremble, the younger whimpered with dread. Shaking his head left to right, he opened his mouth to start calling for help, but then a clammy, chubby hand prevented him from it.

“Shh.. don’t you think that’s unnecessary? If I were you, I'd shut my pretty mouth and suck it up.” Grinning widely, the old geezer started to open Itadori’s shirt, slightly grazing his nipples.

Tears gathering in his eyes, Yuuji accepted his fate; to be used as a fucking slut on a public transport. He was supposed to go meet grandpa in the hospital.. not meant to be doing.. whatever this was. Ashamed, he silently praid, that he’ll come out of this situation unharmed.

Good boy.” The older man, Sano, purred in delight. Sweat dripping from his eyebrow to the bent boy's thin nose, he began twisting and squeezing Yuuji’s surprisingly supple bosoms.

Already crying, staining his rosy cheeks, Itadori turned pilant under the other's touch. Hearing a light shuttering, as if someone was taking a photo, he whipped his head left and right, finally spotting a teenager about his age. Flushing even brighter, he silently pleaded for the other to help. Finally making eye contact, he noticed that their visible eye was reflecting.. passion? No.. it was.. desire, lust to be exact.

Eyes widening and sobbing even harder, losing all hope, he felt Sano unzipping his pants and stuffing his hand, fondling with his already dripping precum cock from the earlier stimulation.

Snickering like a child stealing a cookie, the elder starts unzipping his own pants hastily, already excited with the retrospect of probably stealing this fine teenagers virginity. Not wanting to waste time, he suddenly yanked Yuuji backwards, taking both of their boxers off. Almost vibritating from the joyment, he shoved his swollen erection into the pink haired males ass, promptly ripping it and a muffled scream from his victim.

Violently shaking, trying to get out, call for help, his blurred vision landed on the boy filming his voilention. Prying the gross, sweaty fingers from his mouth with quivering hands, he whispered to the dark haired teenager:

Please.. hel..”

Then promptly passed out, unaware of the distressed shouting all around him.