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Edge Me to Oblivion

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Kinktober Prompt - Barebacking/Edging

Bobby Nash knew the day would come when his two best firefighters, Evan "Buck" Buckley and Eddie Diaz would get their heads out of their ass and finally admit they love each other. Bobby loves them both, enough for Athena to recognize he needs one or both of them. Usually if they were to play, it would be Bobby and Buck or Bobby and Eddie, and each was unique in their own way. 


Eddie loved to be tied up and used for a night, while Buck loved impact play and being ridden into oblivion, which Bobby loved to do, because Buck's dick was magical especially after a paddling or spanking. Buck bottomed sometimes after, but he liked to feel the bed underneath his reddened ass and not a dick in it. 


Both relationships started before the men got to the 118, and continued well after. He married Athena, but explained that while he loved her, he also played with the two other men. She wasn't as phased as he thought she would be, having already suspected the sexual relationship with Buck, and knew something was up with Eddie. 


They approached him in his office, where he has played with both of them individually. Buck likes to warm his cock under the desk and Eddie likes to be fucked over the desk. Eddie closes the door and they both sit down. 


"So we're together," Buck said fast, getting a blank and unimpressed look from Bobby, "And you already knew that."


"Told you he already knew, Buck," Eddie replies, looking at Bobby, biting his lower lip. "What we want to know if you will play with us both at the same time. Teach us how to do things each other likes, and we will still need you in our lives… we both love you.”


Bobby is surprised by what they are offering. He was sure that once they got together, any play time they had would disappear. Apparently that wasn't the case. 


"You two want me to play with both of you at the same time?" he asked, thinking of the ways he could do so. 


"Yeah, obviously we get different things from each other but honestly? Having you direct me how to edge or use Eddie? Definitely loved dreaming about that." Eddie nods in agreement. 


"And to be tied down, and you two use me, at both ends, and edging me." Bobby stood there, turned on beyond belief. He has wanted to do this with both of them for so long now. Eddie and Buck knew the effect they had on him and playfully glared at them. 


"Lock the door." Bobby says, watching as Buck leans back and locks it. "Eddie, strip and sit on the couch, ass facing toward me. Buck, grab the lube and open Eddie up for us. And grab the plugs we like to use." 


"Oh and does Christopher have a babysitter tonight?" 


"Yeah, my abuela has him til tomorrow," Eddie replies, hands gripping the sofa and his legs spread to display his hole. 


Bobby noticed that it was still puffy and looked at Buck, "I fucked him this morning, thinking about what you would do." 


"His dick is magical, isn't it Eddie?" Bobby asked, palming Buck's dick through his pants. He nods to Buck, who plunges two fingers into Eddie, who pushes back on them. "I see he is still open from this morning, do one more finger, then we will do you." 


Buck shudders and Bobby smirks, knowing that Buck loves being full at times, and the plugs he has are vibrating ones. They will be wearing them the rest of the shift, with checks every two hours, reapplying lube and fucking them a little. Bobby loves being in Eddie, and will take every chance at being inside Buck. 


Sometimes Bobby allowed some of the other firefighters to use Eddie in the bunks, and he might allow that next shift. Right now, it's him and his boys. 


He plunges a finger in along with Buck's into Eddie, getting a low keen in response. "I'm gonna fuck you a little Eddie, then put the plug in you. You will wear it the rest of your shift, and at times I will turn it on. If we aren't on a call, I will have you come in here, take it out and ride my or Buck's dick for a bit." 


He turns to Buck, looking at his blue eyes, "As for you, you will also wear the plug, but I won't fuck you unless you want it. I will however in a couple hours, have you open me up and let me ride you while Eddie sucks me. I will make it vibrate also at various times, and if you get close, I will turn it off." 


"Green, sir," they replied, when Bobby continued, "Then we will go home, tie Eddie to your bed, and use him as our pleasure. If you want a spanking or paddling, I will do it in front of Eddie." 


Four fingers are plunging in and out Eddie, when Buck backs away and let's Bobby thrust his dick in all the way. Buck watches in fascination, looking at Bobby, questioning. He nods and he fingers where Bobby's dick is stretching Eddie's hole wide. 


"I'm sure eventually he could take us both, Buck." Bobby stops and Buck drops to his knees to finish Bobby off. Before he could, Bobby plugs Eddie and pats his ass. "That's all you get right now. Buck up here, and let Eddie open you up and then you two can get me off." 


"Bobby?" Buck askes, his eyelashes fluttering, "Can you fuck me a little too?" 


Bobby groans, and nods. "Eddie, open him up like he did you and Buck get me ready but now I won't be coming until we are alone together. Both of you can warm my cock but no getting me off." 


"Oh and Eddie, maybe you can show Buck how you like to be used here next week?" Bobby says, as Buck encloses his mouth over his dick, and laps at the slit. He looks blissed out, like every time he has had Bobby's cock in his mouth. "Maybe Buck can learn a thing or two." 


Buck shudders, and Bobby makes note to maybe have Eddie be in control a little later. Buck usually is the dominant one, having been hurt too long and after street fighting, Eddie needed it sometimes too. But both of them submitted to Bobby beautifully and he wants to be able to teach them how to bring the other down. 


Soon Eddie has four fingers in Buck's ass, and Bobby is fucking his throat, when he pulls out. He knows that the two can't last the entire shift, so he decides to make them come now. He wants to see them make each other come apart. "Both of you are so good for me," he says, watching as Eddie tries to hump Buck's ass. "Can Eddie fuck you full of his come for me? And either you can fuck his mouth or ass. This will be the only time you come until I say you can." 


Buck nods, "Please, Eddie fuck me full of your come," and a light appears in Eddie's eyes and Bobby knew that he was going to be right one for Buck to lose control with. He can't wait until he can see how Bobby rides Buck and maybe have Buck ride Eddie. "I have a turn first Eddie, be patient." 


The brunette looks chastised, and Bobby also thinks maybe he should ride Eddie's dick to show Buck how to do it. Yeah, that's what he will do while Eddie is tied up. He lines up with Buck and slowly enters him relishing the heat surrounding him. He smacks Buck's ass hard, getting a full shudder of pleasure from the young man. "When you fuck him Eddie, you need to go slow then fast. I bet with you he would be a blubbering mess, begging to come." He accentuates his words with thrusts, bringing Eddie's hand where Buck's hole is stretched around his dick. "And maybe eventually he will allow both of us here, just like you'll get both Buck and I in you." 


Buck is rocking back on his dick, obviously not caring that he has a dick in his ass. "Your turn, Eddie. Fill him up then plug him." 


Bobby pulls out and stands in front of Buck, who is blissed out as Eddie takes him with one thrust. The sounds of Eddie's balls smacking Buck sound in his office, and Bobby is trying to get his erection go down, when he just mindlessly allows Buck to mouth at it. His lips were made for cock sucking, and Bobby just allows it until Eddie comes and sags against Buck. 


Buck lets him go, and walks around to see Eddie's fingers keeping his come in him. Yeah he will need to come in the ass soon. "How do you want to come Buck, in Eddie's ass or throat?" 


"Can I make a request before that?" Buck asks. "Can you come in me too? I need it." 


Eddie moves to the side, knowing Bobby will say yes. Oh how he loves his boys. "Of course, beautiful boy." 


Bobby allows Buck's hole to swallow him again and he just goes to town, coming in his ass mixing it with Eddie’s. Oh yeah, Buck will like to be used by the other firefighters like Eddie. He grabs the plug as he pulls out and pushes it in, watching as Buck swallows it. He taps it and maneuvers Buck to sit on the chair. He doesn't want to take the plug out of Eddie, so he motions to Eddie to kneel. 


"Make Buck come, gorgeous," Bobby says, placing his hand in Eddie's hair, directing him to Buck. Eddie opens his mouth and takes him all the way in his mouth and bobs up and down, with Bobby's help. Bobby forces Eddie to hold his breath for a minute then allows him back up. By then Buck is coming back to himself, and tries not to jerk his hips, when he realizes Bobby is controlling Eddie's head. 


"I bet he's close, go ahead and have him fuck your throat," Bobby says, giving permission for Buck to do so. Eddie sits still, allowing Buck into his throat and allows his to fuck his face until Buck stutters and floods his mouth with his come. Some dribbles out and Bobby scoops it up and tastes it. 


Eddie cleans Buck up, and rests his head against Bobby's thigh. "I will let you rest for a bit but chores need to be done. Don't think this is the end of our play, boys. We are only getting started." 


Soon Bobby is left alone in his office, and then he decides to go wander about, seeing if his boys were behaving. Everyone knew that Bobby played with them separately, but thought it would be common knowledge he would play with them even when they were together. 


He found them in the gym, getting some reps in then when they put the weights back, Bobby took his phone out and opened up the app. He decided to start with Buck, and turned his on, watching as he jerked and his erection started to grow. Eddie was sitting staring at it, looking around to see if anyone else was there. Bobby turned Eddie's on a little higher and caused him to jerk and then start to ride the plug where he was sitting. 


Watching them get close, he turned them off seeing them sag. Oh Bobby was going to have fun with this. "Buckley, Diaz, go clean the truck," He yelled, grinning madly. 


They had a couple short calls, and Bobby watched in amusement as the plug brushed up against their prostates on the bumps in the truck. He knew the turnout gears blocked their erections, and when they got back to the station, he nodded to his office. He was gonna have Eddie sit on his dick while Buck warmed Eddie's. 


They rotated every few hours, having to relube the plugs and each time make them sit still, while it vibrated. Next time he would find a thrusting one. 


Their shift ended, and Eddie and Buck had been edged close to orgasms about four times since they came. He knew he would need to put a cock ring on them to make them hold out for his plans. "I will follow you to Buck's loft," Bobby says succinctly, watching and they dress into their civvies and follow them out to their cars, watching their asses sway together. He assumed they came into work together and noticed only Buck's jeep. He was usually right. 


Bobby parked and followed them up to Buck's apartment, where they let him in, and when the door shut, he grabbed the first person, which was Buck and slammed them against the wall, kissing him deeply. Buck's erection was prominent against his hip, and Bobby needs to stop. Eddie is standing there, eyes blown with lust and longing and Bobby steps up to him and devours his mouth. 


They were his before they were each other's and he knew how to make them putty in his hands. "Buck, you have rope right?" 


The blonde nods, shifting. "Both of you use the restroom and make sure you're clean. I'll grab water and snacks, and set up what we will be using." 


Bobby strips to his boxers, and rummages through Buck's toy chest and grabs the rope, hooks, paddle and cock rings and lays them on the bed. Bobby wanted complete access to Eddie's hole, and cock so he hooked the bindings to the head and footboards. Eddie would be spread out like a feast for him and Buck to devour. 


They come up to the bedroom at the same time, naked, their cocks half hard. Bobby doesn't make them kneel, so he motions to the bed. "Eddie is going to be tied up, and fucked and ridden by both of us. You will not come unless I tell you too. Before that, I will paddle Buck in front of Eddie's face, where after he will eat Buck out. Then I will ride Eddie, so Buck can learn and will come in Eddie's ass, and Buck will also, then Eddie will come in Buck. All that ok?" 


"Totally green," Buck said, while Eddie rolled his eyes playfully. 


"Also green, put me how you want me Bobby," Eddie says, as Bobby cups his face and kisses him deeply. He takes the cock rings and places it on Eddie. 


"Spread eagle on the bed, Eddie," and Eddie does exactly that. He grabs the ropes and threads it around Eddie's ankle, and ties them to the hooks at the end of the bed, and takes his arms above his head and ties them to the headboard. Now he is at their mercy. 


Bobby starts on Eddie's legs and takes the plug out, testing the resistance and laps at Eddie's hole. He tries to squirm but can't, and sags when Bobby's ministrations continue. He stops for a minute "Buck, his nipples are sensitive, start there." 


Buck kisses Eddie first, then takes a nipple between his fingers and rubs it, getting a whine from Eddie, while spears his tongue in Eddie's hole, getting it nice and wet. He stops and moves to kiss the inside of Eddie's knees and thighs, before enveloping his dick with his mouth. Sucking hard, he watches as Buck bites around his boyfriend's pectorals, sucking on his nipples. With the dual stimulation, the cock ring prevents Eddie from coming and he tries to thrash. Bobby realizes they might be closer than he thought and decides to speed up the timetable. He can take his time later today, and will allow Eddie to ride him and Buck to fuck him, making sure they know they are in control too. 


"Buck, present for your paddling," Buck scrambles, knowing Bobby wants his ass near Eddie's eyeline and leans his head down, mouth near Eddie's weeping dicks and ass in the air. The brown eyes are still blown with lust and eagerly await the show. "You will receive 20 swats, enough for you to feel it when you ride Eddie and when he eats you out." 


"Yes, Bobby," Buck replies, when the first swat is placed against the underside of his ass cheek. Eddie watches as Buck's ass is reddened by the paddle, and licks his lips. Soon the twentieth swat is placed on top of the plug still in Buck's ass, getting a cry from the blonde. Bobby soothes him and takes the plugs out, his hole gaping. 


"Time to sit on Eddie's face and for you to get me ready for Eddie's cock. Later you will fuck me while Eddie rides me, but we don't have the patience right now." Bobby says, lowering Buck's gaping hole to Eddie, who looks ready to devour it. He strips off his boxers and straddles Eddie, his ass to Buck. 


"You know what I like," he says, as Buck grabs the lube and spreads it amongst his fingers. He's trying not to suffocate Eddie, who is eagerly eating Buck out. A large finger is making circles and then plunges in, getting a grunt from Bobby. He takes it back and plunges in two fingers, scissoring them to stretch Bobby, then comes back with three carefully avoiding his prostate. He tries not to rock against them but Buck is very talented and attuned to Bobby. He pulls away and takes Buck off Eddie's face. 


"I want you to watch how I take his cock, so that you can ride him." Bobby says, deciding to face away from them, so they can see his hole stretched around Eddie. He balances on Eddie's thick thighs, fingers brushing against his winking hole, and lowers himself onto Eddie, who just whines along with Buck. 


Eddie isn't as thick as Buck, but still manages to fill him fully and Bobby wonders if he could take both of them. That is a question for another day. Getting comfortable, he rides Eddie in earnest, knees squeezing Eddie, and stops when he's about to come. He looks back, and both of his boys are staring at his hole. 


"Buck, you eat me out for a minute, then I'm fucking Eddie because i need to come. Then you can come then Eddie." Buck nods and dives for Bobby, his tongue delving into his stretched hole. He sucks at the rim, and drives his tongue into Bobby. Bobby is shaking with need and crawls away from Buck, who looks sad. 


"Fine, Buck, come sit behind me and you can choose to come in me or Eddie. You can help me come." Bobby didn't have to spell it out and Buck scrambled over Eddie to kneel behind Bobby, 


"I wanna come in Eddie," he whispers, getting a nod from Bobby. He fingers Eddie a little bit, and thrusts in, relishing again in the heat that encompasses him. He doesn't hold back, as Buck assaults his hole with his tongue and fingers. Eddie has tears streaming down his face, from the edging all day and the precision Bobby is fucking him. He loves to be used, and Bobby is just using his hole as a means to come and he does the second Buck nibbles at his rim and prods his prostate. He goes as deep as he can, letting his release fill Eddie up. 


"Thank you for being a good hole, Eddie. You will come soon enough ok?" Eddie nods, speechless from being used and how  he was going to be used some more. "It's Buck’s turn. Do you want a plug after we are done?" 


Eddie shakes his head, which Bobby understands. His hole will be even more puffy after the thorough pounding he has received along with wearing the plug and cockwarming Bobby for a half hour in his office. He slips out, and Buck stands up watching the cum spill out.

"Take your turn Buck, and don't hold back. Eddie loves being used." Bobby says, stretching out next to the oldest boy of his. He rubs his hands all over his body, tracing scar and pepper kisses along his throat. 


He watches as Buck enters Eddie, and his eyes close in bliss. Eddie smiles, eyes watching the man now pounding his ass. They lock eyes, still remember Bobby is there and he can tell Buck is getting close. "Go ahead, Buck and come. Fill Eddie's ass more," Bobby encourages, watching as Buck's hips stutter and he moans loudly as he comes. That boy is so beautiful when he comes. The taller man sags for a moment, when Bobby beckons him over. 


He lubes him up, takes off Eddie's cock ring and maneuvers Buck on Eddie's cock, facing his boyfriend. He unties Eddie's legs and arms, and when Buck settles fully on Eddie, they look at Bobby for permission. 


"Go ahead and ride him Buck, make him come." Buck tries but is too tired for his orgasm, and Eddie bucks into him, so Bobby takes pity. Buck climbs off and cuddles into Eddie's shoulder, and Bobby sinks onto Eddie's cock, still stretched from earlier. 


"Go ahead gorgeous, fuck me like you would Buck. Come in me so I'm dripping with your seed," He feels as he's flipped on his chest, surprised by the energy and strength, and let's Eddie take what he needs. Eddie slams in and out of him, grabbing Buck's hand and placing it on Bobby. 


This is what Eddie in control is like, and Eddie traces his finger around Bobby's hole and fucks him with abandon. Bobby is surprised he's hard and feels his third orgasm approaches. "Eddie, come when you need, oh…." Bobby says, when he comes tightening around Eddie. The former Army medic spills into Bobby, and drags him to the side so Bobby is between Buck and Eddie. 


With Eddie behind him, his cock softening in him and Buck throwing his boss's leg over his, opening him to have Buck's soft cock brush the underside of his cock. Both boys play with his hole, and fluids are dripping everywhere. 


Bobby knows they will still play in the future, and he knows now that if he ever needed to cede control, they would absolutely take care of him. Soon they all settle into sleep, limbs tangled. 


(Bobby wakes up to a cock in his ass, and a cock near his face, and he isn't mad. His boy found each other, and they are finally finding themselves. He'll be used so they are happy. And when he tells Athena, she smiles and uses him some more.)