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No Jury Will Hear This Thesis

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“Damnation!” Victoria says, and Dean knows her enough to know there is more than just anger in that word, to recognize the frustration and disappointment underneath.

It’s not fair. It was supposed to be, and it isn’t.

What are they supposed to do now?

“Damn them,” Victoria says again, softer. “Between that and the evil dragon…”

“I don’t think she’s evil,” Dean says, even softer.

He remembers, when she came to the Court, all fangs and claws and golden wings, he was in the room when she stood before them and spoke, citing justice in defense of a knight.

She could have killed them all in a breath, and all Dean could think of was bones.

“I met him. The Wallis Knight”, Dean says. “A few times, before he got arrested. He wasn’t very nice, but I could try to send him a letter? Talk it out? If the University isn’t as good as we thought, maybe… Well. I said he wasn’t nice, but I don’t think he was a bad person either.”

Victoria smiles.