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No Jury Will Hear This Thesis

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About two months after the admissions, Dean manages to smuggle Victoria into one of the University's libraries.

It isn't enough, of course. It can't be enough, can't replace teachers and peers and support, but it’s something, at least.

In a corner of the library, Victoria finds the admission books.

"Some of those date back to the University's foundation,” she says, “And they go uninterrupted right up until this year. The information must write itself automatically every time someone is admitted.”

She pauses, thoughtful.

"We could use them," she says, and elaborates when Dean looks at her in askance. "There are genealogy books on the Court, and the people affiliated to them. Records. We could compare, look at who was admitted, show the changes in patterns with the current dean."

She looks hopeful, happy, happier than Dean has seen her since the news of her refusal.

"We had better get started, then," Dean says.