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No Jury Will Hear This Thesis

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"Don't be ridiculous, Dean," his father says. "It would be a waste of my time.”

"You know how good Victoria is at understanding alchemy," Dean says, because he knows appealing to fairness or kindness will not sway his father. "She would do great at the University. Wouldn't it be good to have a promising student in our favor? We don't have to worry about Gramme anymore, it would be an investment on the future.”

"I have no doubt that Miss Dallon did not fail her test,” his father says. “That isn't the point. She's a nobody, from a family of nobodies. It doesn't matter how good she is.”

Dean feels something close in his throat , fall down deep inside his guts, and he wants to protest, to deny, but his father continues, merciless.

"They were never going to accept her."