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2021 Suptober

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Each chapter will be named with the prompt for that day starting with Chapter 2 which will represent Day 1 of the Suptober. Below is a list just to help everyone keep track. If there are any triggers that are not listed in the main tag list I will list them at the beginning of each chapter. I will also do the same with the pairings so that you can skip a prompt if you wish or don't enjoy that particular pairing. Most will be Destiel, but I do enjoy Debriel, Denny, and Jimmy/Dean/Cas (though they aren't twins 98 % of time when I write that pairing but when they are, there will never be anything sexual between the two of them, their only connection is that they are both with Dean.) Also there really won't be a set word count per prompt. Some might be super long, and some super short.Alright enough of my rambling, here we go!

2021 Suptober Prompt List by Winchester-Reloaded

1: Harvest
2: No Vacancy
3: Rainbows
4: Secrets
5: Nostalgia
6: Cemetery Boys
7: Young at Heart
8: Leather and Lace
9: Body Mods
10: Crossover
11: Pizza Delivery
12: Hellbound
13: Ladies Night
14: Stardust
15: Blue Skies and Apple Pies
16: Delightful D-bags
17: Last Supper
18: Inferno
19: Eighty-sixed
20: Library Hours
21: Missing him was dark gray, all alone - Taylor Swift 'Red'
22: Birthday
23: Undone
24: Movie Character Mischief
25: Sidekick
26: Happy Homemaker
27: Darkest Hour
28: Monster Mash
29: Chrome Chassis
30: Feathers
31: Masquerade

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Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Triggers: Homophobic language, slander, bullying.

"C'mon Uncle Cas we have to hurry or else all the good pumpkins will be gone!"

"'s 9am on a Saturday, I promise there will be plenty of pumpkins to go 'round." He grumbled as he pulled the blankets up tighter around his head.

Mornings were never Castiel's thing and he groaned as he shifted around in the lumpy guest bedroom at his brother's house in a bid to find a comfortable spot. He had just managed to find the least uncomfortable spot on the mattress and closed his eyes when all the air was suddenly driven from his lungs. He flailed wildly for a moment, tangling himself further in his blanket and then somehow tipping himself out of bed. With a frown in place he looked up over the side of the bed at his niece; her face schooled in an innocent wide eyed expression.

"Alright, alright. I'm up, I'm up." He grunted as he started to untangle himself from his blanket. "What's the hurry anyway?" He asked as he pushed himself up and stretched.

"Adam said my pumpkin was going to be stupid because I hadn't gotten it already all that would be left would be the half rotten ones." She huffed; her arms crossed over her chest.

"Why does it matter to Adam what type of pumpkin you have?"

"Because he's a jerk." She pouted as she looked up at him, her eyes starting to sparkle with tears. "He called my Grumpy Cat hoodie stupid!"

Castiel didn't know how it happened, or even who this Adam was but now he had unresolved beef with an unknown 4 year old because he insulted his niece. He allowed himself to be hurried through his morning routine, stopping only to put on the sock monkey hat that Claire had given him for his birthday before the two of them headed off towards the only pumpkin patch in town. His old truck bounced along the rutted road and he allowed himself to think of the last time he'd been down this way. The hard clench of his heart at the memory however had him shaking his head and focusing on the road. It was fall after all and even though it was the middle of the morning deer could still jump out of nowhere.

At the fork in the road he turned right and followed the hand painted signs for Singers Farmstead and Salvage Yard. The signs looked to have been painted recently, the lettering a bright green with orange drop shadow to make them pop and grab a persons attention. Humming to himself he looked over and watched as Claire stared out of the windows watching the farm land pass; the stalks of corn already browning and starting to fold in on themselves and the cows off in the far field idly wandering the gently rolling hills. Soon they were pulling into the cleared parking lot and Castiel was surprised to see so many cars there that early. In fact there were people standing out at the entrance chatting over steaming hot cups of something or the other that were being sold near the front gates as they waited for them to open.

"Ready Claire?"


With a fond smile he locked the truck and watched as Claire practically skipped over to the gates, her blonde hair shining in the sun. He drew closer to the little booth at the front and stared at the listings, not paying attention to the person behind it until the sound of a clearing throat caught his attention. Looking up he couldn't help but squint as he started at the long haired young man behind the counter. He seemed familiar and it took him a moment to place the face.


"Yeah?" It was the young man's turn to look confused before something clicked and the looked turned to cold dismissal. "Are you going to order or just take up space?"

He was taken back by the hostility, Sam Winchester had always been a kind hearted polite boy and yet the young man standing in front of him looked as if he wanted nothing more than to leap over the counter and throttle him. His mouth moved silently for a moment before he cleared his own throat and focused on the sign again.

"Uhmn, I'll have two of the warm Apple Ciders, one Adult one child."

Sam nodded his head and turned back around to get the drinks and Castiel took the time to let his eyes catalogue the changes in the boy. He had always been on the lanky side, but had grown into the long limbs, his hair was still the soft chestnut color it had always been but appeared to have some bleached highlights and he seemed to be at least 6 foot or even more.

"Here." Sam practically growled as he all but shoved the cups towards him.

"Sammy! What the hell?" Another voice called out and Castiel felt himself freeze as the warm baritone washed over him. "Look man I'm sorr...sonvuabitch.."

Looking up seemed to take all of Castiel's strength but once he did he couldn't look away from the bright green eyes set amongst constellations of freckles. Dean Winchester. He still looked as handsome as the last time Castiel had seen him; ironically in this same pumpkin patch. Only it had been dark with only the light of the moon playing over their faces as their lips met tentatively and their hands held each other close.

"Hello Dean.." His voice was soft even to his ears and he swallowed as watched the other man's face go passive.


Dean's voice was falsely polite, only his eyes showing any real inclination of how he felt. They stood there in awkward silence before it was broken by loud pitch wail. Startled by the sudden noise Castiel looked over to where a young boy was sprawled out on the ground holding his knee while Claire looked down at him. Concerned he started towards the two, not really noticing that Dean was instep with him until they reached the two children and Dean dropped down next to the boy.

"What happened?" He asked as he set the cups down and moved over towards the fallen boy. "Claire?"

"Adam said your hat was stupid." She said as looked at him.

"Dee! She shoved me!!" The boy wailed as he wiped at his face; his eyes full of big tears.

"Did not you liar!" Claire retorted. "You fell because you kicked at me and lost balance!"

"Adam..did you kick at Claire?" Dean asked as he pulled the younger boy into his arms and checked him over.

"N-n-n-ooo." The boy sniffled as he clung to Dean's flannel shirt.

"Adam.." Dean's voice held a note of warning even as he soothed the poor boy.

"She said...she said.." Adam started, his words overcome with hiccups as he started to cry harder.

It was Castiel's turn to look over at his niece, his eyes narrowed as she shifted from foot to foot and her eyes trained on the ground.

"Claire? What did you say to Adam." He asked.

"Nuffin.." She started...

"She said I'm a Losechester cause no one wants me!"

Adam cried harder and Castiel blinked before looking over at Clair again, a stern expression on his face.

"Claire apologize."

"But..but it's true! I heard Daddy talking about it with Mommy how Adam's daddy just dropped him off and never came back! He said...he called it.." Her face scrunched up in thought for a moment. "The Winchester special. Said all they do is leave."

Silence was thick around them and Castiel felt his blood run cold. He knew his brother wasn't a fan of the Winchesters, he had always felt that Dean was a bad influence on him when they were growing up but he'd never thought that his brother would ever be that callous. He risked a look over at Dean and seen the ashen look to the man's face as he hugged the younger boy close.




"I said leave. You're not welcome here."

With that Dean stood and headed back towards the booth, stopping in to say something to Sam before walking away, presumably towards the house that he knew was situated towards the back of the property. Standing he brushed his pants off before taking Claire's hand and leading her back towards the truck, ignoring the questions about why they were leaving. As they drove back home he fumed, his anger a slow building inferno until they made it to the house. He sent Claire off to find her mother before finding his brother sitting in his office going over some invoice or the other. He knocked on the door frame before striding in and slamming his hands down on the top of the desk.

"Yes?" Jimmy asked as he looked up briefly. "How did pumpkin picking go?"

"Did you know that Claire has been bullying a kid in her class?" He hissed out between his teeth, his eyes dangerously narrowed.

"What? Claire wouldn't do that." Jimmy frowned and put down the papers he was holding before folding his hands on top of them.

"She has been. His name is Adam...Adam Winchester and today while I was getting something hot to drink while we waited for the field to open she shove him down and told him that no one wanted him." His voice dropped down to subzero and he watched his brother fidget. "Said she over heard you and Amelia talking about them."


"James, she's four and she told someone else that his own family didn't want him and then shoved him down. That is unacceptable and as a parent I would think you would be appalled by that behavior."

"'s just the Winchesters.." Jimmy started, though his voice was wobbly.

The fury that had been tightly caged in his chest burst and he reached over the desk to grab his brother by the collar of his shirt, practically dragging him over the oak top. Fear flashed in his brother's eyes and Castiel felt a smug curl of satisfaction bloom.

"James Novak I can't believe you. 'Just the Winchesters' what does that even mean?" He hissed.

"You know as well as I do.."

"No James I don't. Enlighten me." He growled.

"Everyone knows about John and how he left Dean and Sam to fend for themselves our senior year. It was all anyone could talk about."


"He left them alone, it was the reason Dean stopped going to school. He started working at the dinner the next town over and at night he worked the Roadhouse." Jimmy's lip curled slightly. "CPS was called in but Dean had already turned 18 and had been taking care of the bills and making sure Sam was fed and clothed and went to school. Ms. Mills and Ms. Hanscum would take Dean his work to do and then allow him to take tests at their houses. Honestly Castiel with how infatuated you were with the boy I thought you knew this. Though I was glad to see you stop spending time with him, or you would have ended up just like him."

"What's that mean James?"

"You know.." Jimmy's eyes darted back and forth before he hissed under his breath. "Gay.." He made a face before clearing his throat. "The night he came to ask you to prom I was so glad you were out with that lovely girl April."

Blinking at his brother Castiel felt his heart stutter to a stop. He remember that night, April had needed help with a science chapter they were working on in class and he'd gone over to help. Dean had text him to ask if he was home and he'd only sent a simple 'not right now' back. It was the last time he'd heard from the boy and his heart broke. He'd been waiting, pining after his friend for as long as he could remember and he'd thought that Dean was going to ask him to prom; the brunette had seemed to try to ask him something a couple of times but had never finished the question or changed it at the last minute. Disjointed memories started to click together and he scowled at his brother.

"What did you say James?"

"What does it matter Castiel, it was years ago.."

His grip grew tighter on the collar of his brother's shirt and he yanked him a fraction closer. "You will tell me and you will tell me now."

"Fine, fine! I didn't say anything to him, but Father laughed at him and called him delusional and that he wasn't worth your time even if you were one of those sick freaks."

He let go of his brothers shirt and stumbled backwards, his eyes wide. He always knew that his father didn't approve of the "alternative lifestyle". Especially after Gabriel had brought home not only a young man but young woman as well and introduced them respectfully as his boyfriend and girlfriend. The argument that Christmas had been legendary and Castiel was surprised the fallout hadn't made it's way into the gossip column of the local paper. All the pain, all the anger, and all the depression he'd gone through when Dean just stopped talking to him and seemed to disappear rose up and threatened to choke him.

"He was a child James...he's our age and never..."

"He never left town Castiel. He's stayed here working those same two jobs. He's a loser and would have only drug you down with him."

Jimmy was standing now; rubbing at his throat where the slightly tint of red could be seen from the tight hold Castiel had had on the fabric.

"I can't believe you James. What about that good book you believe so much in. Does it not say to love thy neighbors? To help shoulder the burden when it becomes too much for one person alone."

He didn't wait for his brother to answer, instead he turned and left the house; slamming the door behind him as he climbed in his truck and headed back towards the farm. The closer he got the more his stomach rolled and tried to force itself out of his mouth but he tamped down on it, focusing on what he was going to say.

What he hadn't planned on was being on the wrong end of a shotgun the moment he climbed out of the cab. On the porch Sam stood with the rifle held steady, his lips pressed tightly together. Castiel held his hands up to show he meant no harm and he took a step forward, stopping when he heard the gun cock.

"One more step Novak and you become the casualty of a trespassing on private property." Sam snarled.

"Please Sam...I just want to talk to Dean.."


"Sam please." He took another step without thinking.

The sound of the gun going off startled him, but not as much as the pain that ripped through his chest as he was blown backwards. His head struck the ground and his vision swam before he blacked out, only vaguely aware of an argument going on around him.

Castiel didn't know how much time had gone by but when he woke he looked around, surprised to find that Heaven was a large room with worn red and gold wallpaper and books piled high everywhere he looked. He tried to sit up but groaned as fresh pain washed over him.

"Stop moving Genius." Came a voice from besides him.

Turning his head he seen both Dean and Sam sitting on chairs near where he was laid out. Frowning he brought a hand up to touch his chest, noticing for the first time that his shirt was gone and he was wrapped in ace bandages. He looked over at Sam, glaring slightly.

"You shot me."

"I told you I would." The young man responding.

"Enough." Dean snapped before sighing. "You're lucky, it was only rock salt. You're going to be sore for a few days but that's about it. A couple piece managed to do some damage but you were far enough away it won't do much." Dean rubbed his face before looking back at him. "Why are you here Cas?"

The old nickname was said unconsciously but warmth still spread in his chest at hearing it. He took a deep breath, wincing as his chest protested the movement.

"I wanted to talk to you.." He said weakly. "Dean I didn't know...I didn't..." He began as tears started to gather in his eyes. "I never knew what my Father said to you.."

Dean stiffened and for a moment Castiel was afraid that the other man was going to punch him. The silence was thick around them again, Sam glowering from the chair with his arms crossed over his chest and he and Dean locked in a gaze that Dean broke first as he looked away.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter." The brunette muttered.

"It does! I was waiting..." He swallowed as he struggled to sit up, groaning as his chest protested the movement. "I was waiting for you to ask....but you disappeared instead, you wouldn't talk to me and then you stopped coming to school...and I know why now but you just left me Dean.."

"Didn't stop you and Meg Masters from being the most talked about couple in school for the rest of the year." Dean grunted, his eyes still focused on anything else that wasn't him.

"I didn't have a choice Dean! You wouldn't talk to me, wouldn't even look at me the few times we crossed paths! I moved on out necessity but you didn't do anything to stop me. However it doesn't mean that I stopped caring about you, that I stopped thinking about you." He pressed, hoping that his words were enough to convince the other man.

The sound of Sam clearing his throat reminded him that they weren't alone and when he glanced over the younger man he noticed that the death glare that had seemed to be Sam's default expression was now replaced by a look of extreme awkwardness. Castiel sighed and eased back against the couch as he looked over at Dean once more. The brunette was now looking at his hands and Castiel had to shove aside the desire to reach out and take them between his own.

It was silent again and Castiel itched to do or say something to break it, even if it meant him getting up and just leaving. He was saved however from any sort of movement or speech by Dean speaking up even though the other man still wouldn't look at him.

"So what Cas? You thought you'd just show up and apologize and everything would be ok?" Dean's tone was gruff but it wasn't venomous and that gave Castiel hope. "I've got a four year old crying his eyes out thinking that no one wants him."

"Dean you have to believe me that I had no idea. I just got back into town a few hours ago. I always knew that James could be an Assbutt, but I never thought he could be so cruel and cold hearted."

Dean shrugged a shoulder, his eyes still trained on random things in the room. "Doesn't matter in the long run Cas. Everyone else around here thinks the same. But I raised one brother and he turned out...okish.."

"Jerk." Sam huffed fondly.

"Bitch." Dean quipped before sighing and running his hand down his face. "So I'll raise Adam too and make sure he's got the best start out there."

"And what about you Dean?" He asked quietly.

"What about me? I'll keep on keeping on. I'll stay working at the Salvage yard and the garage in town. I won't let anyone stop me from providing for my family."

Dean finally looked up and Castiel was lost in the twin pool of green; the gold flecks seemingly making his eyes glow in the low light. His throat went dry and he remembered the first time he stared into them, how his mind shut down and he'd walked into an open door.

"Ugh you two are killing me. If I have to sit here and watch you two sneak looks at each other when the other isn't looking I'm going to scream. So I'm taking Adam for ice cream and you two work out...whatever this is." Same stated as he stood.

"Sammy.." Dean started; his cheeks looking suspiciously pink.

"No. Work. It. Out. Just don't shoot him." Same grinned over him and Castiel shivered at the look. "That's my job."

Before either of them could say anything to the younger man, Sam left the room and moments later the sound of an engine starting and driving off could be heard.


"Dean I..."

They stopped and looked at one another, both of them watching the intensely and if the urge to just touch Dean early had been unbearable then the pure want to kiss him was going to be Castiel's death. Forcing himself to look away he carefully pushed himself to a standing position, wincing slightly but idly noting that most of the sting from the rock salt buckshot had subsided.

"I should get going..I'm sure I'm going to have find somewhere else to stay until I find my own place here in town."

"What?" Dean looked up at him, his head tilted slightly.

"I..sort have...might have...absolutely tried to choke my brother out over his desk after I left here with Claire earlier." His cheeks heated in slight embarrassment but he didn't regret it.

"Cas.." Dean stood then and moved jut a fraction closer and Castiel watched as Dean's eyes flicked quickly to his lips and then back up. " didn't have too, I don't want you to be at odds with your family..."

"Dean, James was wrong, is wrong. And I'm going to try and undo everything that he's done so far to Claire." It was his turn to step forward, this time taking more space away from between them. Gently and slowly so that if Dean wanted to pull away he reached up and cupped the man's cheek. "You are a good man, everything you do, you do for love. You raised Sam for love and I know you're going to raise Adam for love. The world could learn a lot from you."

Dean dropped his eyes and Castiel knew that the other man was fighting with himself, it showed on his face how he wanted to believe what Castiel was telling him but the phantoms of what he'd heard over the years were just as loud. Throwing caution to the wind he leaned in and brushed a light kiss over Dean's lips. It was like he'd touched a live wire, his lips tingled and he gasped softly before pulling away.

"I..uh.." He swallowed. "I don't regret that."

Dean appeared to still be in shock, his eyes wide as he stared at him and Castiel moved back; at least he'd not been punched. He didn't get too far before Dean reached out and grabbed his wrist.

"I know I'm four years too late...but there's this..Harvest dance tonight. We hold one every weekend from September up to the end of October or whenever it's took cold to dance outside in the old barn here....but would you...and you don't have to I get it...but would you..."


"You don't even know what I was going to ask."

"Doesn't matter..yes."

Dean snorted a laugh and Castiel grinned as he leaned in again, this kiss much slower as his chest exploded in a warmth that rivaled the autumn afternoon sun.

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Pairing: None
Triggers: Canon-typical Violence


Groggy and just barely able to move Castiel felt the world around him shake, the high pitched choral that heralded Michael's arrival ringing in his ears. An idea formed in his mind and without giving it much thought he started to move; his entire being on fire from the amount of power that the sigil had released when he banished the other Angels. Gritting his teeth he pushed himself to his feet and with the very last of his power teleported to the beautiful room just in time to watch Dean plunge an Angel Blade through Zachariah's skull.

With the light of a dying star the older Angel imploded; his wings charred into the floor where he fell. Later he'd pick apart how Dean had been able to watch him die without his eyes burning out like any other humans eyes would have. Groaning he gripped onto the large table next to him as he tried to find his voice.

"D-De-" He growled softly, his abused throat fighting the action. "Dean!"

The brunette whipped around, his eyes wide as he noticed that it's wasn't just him and his brothers anymore. Quickly he helped Adam over to where Sam lay before rushing over to Castiel's side; gripping him by the shoulders and pulling him upright.

"Cas? Cas what are you doing here?!"

"We don't have time Dean."

The sound of the choral was getting louder and it was almost to the point to where Castiel himself would have to cover his ears to protect Jimmy's hearing as the world seemed ready to shake apart at the seams. Blindly he gripped Dean's jacket and hauled him close until they were nearly nose to nose.

"I need you to say yes."

"What? Now you want me to say yes to Michael? You kicked my ass when I tried.."

"No!" He growled and pulled Dean even closer still. "Michael can't use you as a Vessel if there's an angel already using it. So I ask you Dean, do you trust me Dean?"


" you trust me?"


Light poured out of Jimmy's mouth and swirled around Dean for a moment before entering him on an inhale and with a bright flash of light the room was empty. Seconds later an anguished, outraged howl rent the air and Castiel smiled as the five of them landed in Bobby's panic room. It had been a gamble but it had worked and had them bought them a little time to figure out what to do next.

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Pairing: None
Triggers: Past Child Abuse, emotional abuse, fear

It was a dreary, rainy day where the world seemed to be awash in tones of grey and Dean pulled in a deep breath as he looked over at the Nephilim that was attempting to make himself small and unnoticeable in the run down motel room. The hunt had been a bust, what he and Sam had thought was a wraith turned out to be a Mortician with a sick fascination with using old techniques to remove parts of the body before embalming. Time seemed to have stopped and a glance at the clock on the wall convinced Dean that the hands were actually moving backwards.

Normally Sam was there as a buffer between the two and kept Jack entertained either by answering the kids million and one questions about anything and everything that he could come up with or he was working on a make-shift homeschooling regimen he'd put together. However Sam had gone out for food and hadn't returned yet, leaving Dean and Jack to exist in the same space while staying out of the way of other.

A few more minutes that felt like hours passed and Dean felt as if he was at his wits end; he was close to ripping his own hair out just for something to do. A quick glance over at Jack showed that the young boy was watching some show about dragon flies and whenever they would show the prismatic colors of the insects wings a small smile would quirk his lips. A thought tugged at Dean's subconscious and he frowned as he tried to pin it down, his eyes narrowed as he stared off into space.


Jack's voice was tentative and soft but it still caught the older hunter off guard and he jumped, his eyes going wide as he reached for his gun.

"Wha?! Huh?"

By the time his heart rate had slowed and he tucked the gun away he looked over and seen that Jack was practically cowering on the couch and a trickle of shame worked its way down his back. True he still blamed Jack for Castiel's death and the fact remained that Lucifer was the boys father. But looking at the fair haired boy curled in on himself caused something to crack in Dean's chest and the sudden unbidden flash of Sam curled up the same way as John yelled and threw things turned the trickle of shame into a wave that threatened to drown Dean whole.

Slowly and with his hands held up as he were approaching a wild animal Dean made his way over to the couch where Jack sat.

"Hey Kid..." He kept his voice soft, afraid of startling the kid any further than he had so far.


"So what's up?"

"You were staring at me. I just..I didn't know what I did wrong. Was the tv too loud?"

The waver in the young man's voice was the catalyst that turned the crack in Dean's chest into a gaping hole. Memories battered against Dean's mind, John screaming and throwing things because Dean had coughed or Sam had cried. John throwing bottles at him because he spoke up instead of being quiet like he'd been told. Jack might be the literal son of Satan, but he was just a boy; a boy that had come out looking like he was 15 but had no knowledge of the world other than what he had managed to learn from Kelly during the pregnancy.

"No kid..Jack. It's not too loud I was thinking of something..but I couldn't remember what it was.." He watched as Jack's face lit up slightly and glanced at the tv to see that they were showing rainbow iridescent wings of the Dragonfly again. "So you like Dragonflies?" Even to Dean's ears the question sounded lame and he couldn't help the deep ache as he remembered Cas and his affinity for bees.

"Sorta.." He nodded towards the tv where they were flexing the wings to show off the range of color. "How does something so small have all the colors contained within it? It doesn't make sense.."

"It's the way the light.."

Dean trailed off as the thought that had been nagging him finally became clear. He jumped up from his place on the couch and made his way over to his duffle and started to dig through it, so completely focused on task at hand that he didn't notice that Jack had followed him over. He scowled as he rooted deeper and deeper into the bag until his fingers brushed against the item he was looking for. With a triumphant 'aha!' he pulled out a clear crystal and turned around only to jump back in alarm.

"Dammit and...and Cas. Bells...we need bells." He trailed off, his chest aching painfully for a moment before he shook his head and held out the crystal to Jack.

"What's this?" The boy asked as he looked at the clear object, turning it this way and that before looking back at Dean, his head tilted slightly. Again Dean couldn't help but see Castiel staring back at him and he took a breath before he forced himself to speak.

"It's a Prism."

"A what?"

"A prism. It breaks up the invisible spectrum of light as it passes through it and makes certain colors visible. Though you being a half Angel you might be able to see more colors than we regular humans can."

He dug around in his duffle again and this time pulled out a flashlight. With a grin he held out his hand and when Jack placed the Prism in his palm he turned the light on and after a couple tries found the right position. He watched as Jack's eyes lit up as fragments of rainbows danced over the walls of the room. Wonder and excitement warred on the young boys face and Dean nudged him lightly and nodded his head towards the wall. Almost reverently Jack reached out and touched the spots on the wall where the rainbows shone.

After a couple minutes Dean placed the prism in Jacks hand and handed him the flashlight, watching quietly as the boy made bright spots of rainbow dance around the room, breaking up the grey that had blanketed the room and the two in it. Neither one of them noticed that Sam had returned and was quietly watching them from the door.

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Pairing: Gabriel/Dean Winchester
Triggers: None

Dean Winchester had a secret. Scratch that, Dean Winchester had many secrets and it only took Gabriel one meeting with the hunter to be intrigued. Sure there was the fact that Dean loved to wear panties; and boy did that flip a switch that Gabriel hadn't been aware of before; but under the tough exterior and could care less attitude, Dean was smart. And not just street smart, Dean was book smart and probably smarter than Sam if anyone had ever bothered to actually pay attention to him rather than just his looks. Which since Dean was Michael's destined vessel it wasn't a surprise that he was effortlessly intelligent. At least not to Gabriel. But the golden haired Archangel could and would bet both Lucifer and Michael's grace that no one (other than Bobby Singer who had taught the boy one summer because Dean was bored) knew that Dean could speak Japanese and Spanish almost fluently. Or that in his rare spare time that Dean enjoyed toying around with electronics just to figure out how they worked.

In fact every time they crossed paths Gabriel found a new facet of Dean's intelligence to be surprised by. Gabriel's favorite kernel of knowledge was that Dean's "GED" was really an honors Diploma that no one even knew he had. And how could they when they moved around so much and Dean never did his homework at home; preferring to do it in school and turn it in then. So when Gabriel had taken it upon himself to help Sam 'acclimate to life without Dean' he put the older hunter into his own pocket dimension where Dean could indulge his intelligence without hiding it. Once in a while he would drop by and just watch as Dean navigated the dimension; living up to everything he was capable of and living the type of life he deserved. One of his favored memories from that false world was listening to Dean chatter away with friends during his electrical engineering class and about designing an optical implant that could restore lost sight. It saddened him that he had to pull Dean away at Sam's insistence.

Still if Dean Winchester could have his secret then Gabriel could and did do everything he could to nurture that side of the Brunette and when they were trapped in TV land he designed specific scenarios that allowed Dean to show off his intelligence without him even knowing about it. The look on Sam's face when Dean spoke Japanese without even trying was something he treasured. And the fact that Dean had figured out he wasn't a Trickster at all and instead an Angel made Gabriel's chest warm in pride.

And if Gabriel harbored a soft spot for the older hunter; well that was Gabriel's secret to keep.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Triggers: Bullying


"I can't believe you came!"

"Haven't seen you since we graduated!"

"How are the kids?"

Around him conversations flowed and he shook his head to try and clear it all. It was all too much like high school itself and he excused himself, heading down the familiar faded tiled halls with no real destination in mind. He was honestly surprised at how much was exactly the same; the halls smelling of the thick wax used to shine them, the underlying smell of the metal lockers and the lingering scent of whatever had been served that day at lunch.

At the end of the hall he turned to the left; towards a door that despite being locked and chained could be opened just enough to let a person out on the small patio just beyond the door. When he'd been in school it'd been the place where the teachers would sneak off to for a cigarette between classes or when the students were taking a test. For him it was his safe space. No one bothered him out there, no one even knew he was there and it became his only respite from his fellow classmates.

Just like old times he leaned up against the wall and looked out over the landscape; though it was dark and he could just dimly hear the strains of music from the gym and the babble of voices. Humming to himself he let his mind wander, his eyes staring off into the darkness.

It had been a stressful day, he'd had two pop quizzes already and it wasn't even noon yet. Then came the football team where Gordon Walker smacked his books out of his hands as the rest laughed, each boy in the small group taunting him before taking their leave. With a huff he bent over to start gathering his books, grateful that the book slap had been the only contact at that point; he still had a healing bruise from where Cole Trenton had shoved him into a locker and the lock had dug into his spine. He was lost to his thoughts and didn't realize that someone had stopped to help and he jumped when a stack of papers were held out to him.

Scrambling back he looked up and his breathing stopped; his eyes zeroed in on the freckled face staring back him. The boy was dressed in a football uniform, it was Friday and all the players wore their uniforms that day--it was good luck or something like that.

"Here." The voice was just the right side of deep, as if it weren't sure if wanted to commit to being a baritone just yet.

Warily he took the papers and tucked them into a folder; his eyes tracking the other boys movements. Everyone knew Dean Winchester. He was the Varsity running back despite being a freshmen that had just transferred to the school. The girls all tittered about him in the halls when he passed, waving their hands at their faces as if they had caught 'a case of the vapors' as Scarlett O'Hara would have said.

"Thank you.."

A smile lit up Dean's face and he felt his insides turn to much and suddenly the girls reactions made so much sense. He could feel his face turn a bright red but there was nothing he could do so instead he focused on the floor.

"No problem. I'm Dean."

The brunette god in front of him held out his hand and he bit his lip as he lightly too the boys hand and shook it.


"Nice to meet you Castiel. I'm sorry about Gordon. He's a douche bag." Dean handed him the last book from the floor and all he could do was nod, still dumbfounded by Dean's smile. "Well if he bothers you again let me know."

Another smile and Dean was gone and he could only watch the brunette walk down the hall, a swagger in his step. A month later Dean was gone, his family moved for his fathers job.

It was a memory that was seared into his brain and always managed to bring a smile out of him. The sound of door creaking open caught his attention but he didn't turn around; hoping that whoever it was would let him alone with his thoughts. The sound of footsteps drew closer and he scowled as he turned around; his eyes widening and his breath catching painfully in his throat as Dean stood there smiling that mega-watt smile at him.

"Heya Cas..long see."

Chapter Text

Pairing: Benny/Hunter Corp Dean
Triggers: Canon-typical Violence

"C'mon Dean, you're better at Salt 'n' Burns than I am." He huffed in a falsetto as he packed up his bag. "You always get them done faster....the heat ruins my hair." He continued to mimic his younger brother even as he zipped up his beige coat and ran his hands over his hair once more.

With a scowl in place he dropped his bag into the trunk of his VW bug, making sure that he had his shovel packed this time. It would have been embarrassing to have to dig through the ground keepers storage shed like a common thief. Again. He sighed as he pulled up the file on the dash tablet and listened to it as he pulled out of the parking garage. From the specs and what Sam had told him it did seem to be a straight forward case, a restless spirit causing mayhem in the local cemetery after a mausoleum had been broken into and vandalized.

Despite it seemingly being a milk run Dean still had the tablet pull up information on the family that was buried in the mausoleum and listened intently as he made his way to the old cemetery on the outside of town. That had to literally be the only good thing about this case, it was so close to headquarters so once he got it all wrapped up he could head straight home and relax for the rest of the night.

The beams of his headlights bounced off of the headstones as he turned in and Dean felt a shudder crawl down his back. No matter how many of these did he always had the same reaction to entering a cemetery; his stomach clenching with the feeling of 'you're not supposed to be here'. He looked at the tablet to verify that he was going in the right direction when the screen on the dash showed someone approaching the vehicle from the side. Blinking he looked over but seen nothing but the neat rows of headstones staring back at him. Swallowing he continued on, the little screen on the dash blinking when it caught something else coming towards the vehicle.

It wasn't soon enough that he was pulling up to the mausoleum and he popped the trunk, another shiver trickling down his spine and he looked around to make sure that he was alone. As he closed the trunk he heard something snap off to the side and he whirled around, eyes wide but still he could see nothing and he swallowed thickly as he started towards the building. Using the electric lock pick that he'd gotten from local law enforcement at some point he let himself into the building, shivering violently as a blast of cold air rushed at him.

The file had said that only tomb in the mausoleum had been tampered with, the lid pried off and the contents disturbed. The report stated that nothing had been removed that they could see but Dean had the feeling that it might have been something small and now suddenly the milk run looked it might be something more involved. Huffing a sigh he stepped towards the vandalized tomb only to be thrown back against the cold stone wall. Groaning he arched up only to begin to flail as something closed around his throat. Sputtering he began to flail even more wildly in a bid to get free even though he knew that it was futile.

Blackness started to edge in on his sight and he silently cursed his brother for sending him out on this job by himself. If he died here he was going to haunt Sam for the rest of his days after this. Just as Dean felt himself going under the pressure on his throat eased and he gasped harshly, pressing his hand to his chest. The sound of footsteps echoed in the cavernous room and Dean blinked to clear his vision hoping to see what was coming towards him.

"Easy Cher.."

The voice was a thick, smooth Louisiana Cajun drawl and when Dean's vision finally cleared he looked up to see a burly man standing in front of him. He was wearing a newsboy hat, a thick wool peacoat with a white shirt and what looked like linen pants. All in all he looked like he stepped out of the 1920's.


"Here." The man held out his hand and Dean stared at the offered appendage. "I don't bite Cher..unless you're into that."

The smile the man gave was infectious and Dean found himself taking the hand and allowing himself to be pulled to his feet. Once standing they stood toe to toe for a couple moments just staring at one another before the other man stepped back holding his hand out again.

"Benny LaFitte."

"Dean Winchester."

They shook hands, Dean noting idly how warm the other man's hand felt and just how easily he'd been lifted from the floor. For the first time he noted that the tomb was aflame, the crackling sound of the fire almost cheery in the dank building.

"Uh..ermn...nice work. How did you know how to.." He waved his hand at the fire.

"I've been around a while, picked up a few thing here and there. I've been working on this for a bit. Took me a bit to find the stolen piece of jewelry."

The smile was back and Dean felt his stomach flip and he coughed to clear his throat as he reached up to rub at his neck.

"Ah,'re really good. I probably would have been the next ghost if you hadn't been around." He reached into his coat and pulled out one of the cards he kept in the zippered inside pocket, holding it out to Benny. "We're always looking for good hunters for Hunter Corp."

"Thanks Cher, but I don't think I'd fit in there too well. I'm more of a solitary hunter anyway." Benny said with a laugh though he pocketed the card.

"Well if you change your mind, my cell number is on the back."

"Tell you what, if I need some backup, I'll give you a call Cher."


"Have a good night Cher. Try not to get choked out again. Unless it's in the fun way." He looked back at the fire and chuckled before starting towards the door. "I'd get out of here Cher before the cops show up."

Dean didn't get a change to gather his thoughts before Benny ducked through the door and into the dark leaving Dean on his own. As he gathered his gear Dean let his mind wander and when he slid behind of his car he wasn't aware that the man that was occupying his thoughts was watching him from shadow of the tree line.

Chapter Text

Pairing: None, but hinted Dean/Castiel
Triggers: None

He waited just outside of the polished marble walls, his wings folded tightly against his back to keep from giving away his position. He felt oddly light, his body not weighed down by his gilded armor that he'd been wearing for what felt like a millennia as he guarded the border of Earth and Purgatory from Demon incursion. His face was clean shaven and his eyes shone with a mixture of childish glee and grace, making him seem much younger than his forty millennia would mark him.

Finally his target came sweeping down the steps, his rust and golden wings trailing behind him as he poured over a scroll and his face set in a hard frown. He practically vibrated with repressed energy and waited until his target was right in front of them. With a loud yell he launched himself, his green and gold wing wide and casting a large shadow as he tackled the other Angel to the ground. There was a scuffle for a few moments; his target swinging wildly and aiming for his face and head as he huffed and puffed out expletives and threats. With his combat training he easily ducked the attempts and with a well aimed leg sweep knocked his target down and pinned him; a large smile on his face as he looked down.

"Whoa, easy, tiger."

For a moment there was nothing but his targets hard breathing, his eyes wide and his wings still twitching hard though they're pinned to the ground.

"Dean?" He laughed and dodged another hit. "You scared the crap outta me!"

"That's 'cause you're out of practice."

He found his hand gripped and yanked to the side before the heel of his targets other hand was slammed into his back to hold him to the ground.

"Or not." He felt his side tapped twice and he grumbled, bucking up from the ground. "Alright, get offa me."

As he was helped up and he pulled the other Angel close, wrapping him up in his wings and just holding tightly. Their wings folded together, their feathers meshing and creating a colorful tapestry of greens, golds, bronzes, and rusts. After a moment he pulled away, smiling widely, taking in the other Angel's crisp suit and neatly slicked hair.

"Looking good Sammy."

"It's Sam. Sammy is the name for a chubby fledgling." There was a frown on Sam's face before it slipped away and he was smiling at him. "How have you been? The last I heard you were on border duty."

He held still as Sam started to check him over, the younger Angel tsking over some of the scarred over patches on his wings where no feathers would grow again due to injuries inflicted by demonic weapons. He dilligently flexed each wing when asked as he checked over the movement. It was only when he felt Sam's fingers stop and touch the dangling gold bauble at the upper arch of his wing that he knew the second half of his surprise was found out.

"You're engaged to be mated?"

Sam's eyes were wide and he nodded, his face pinkening as he reached up and touched the bauble while a smile ghosted over his lips.

"This....coming from the man that said he'd never settle down."

"Well, we all grow up some time Sammy." He pointed out as he scrunched up his nose and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Well most of us do anyway."

"Don't be upset because I'm still young at heart."

"Yeah, yeah. You keep believing that." Sam wrapped him up in a hug again, holding him tightly for a moment before moving back and clapping his shoulder. "So tell me about them."

"Oh you'll like him Sammy. He's a Garrison Commander. He's very smart, careful. He doesn't put his Garrison in any unneeded danger."

"Yeah? Then what's he doing with you?" A smirk played over Sam's face and he rolled his eyes before shoving him.

"I don't know, but I stopped questioning it. He's a good Angel, a good Commander. Michael's lucky to have him in his Army."

Smiles in place they started walking, each catching the other up on their lives that had passed during their separation and playfully shoving each other as they made their way home.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Triggers: Blood, and most likely inaccurate medical procedure and terminology.

There was something to be said about working the night shift at the ER. Castiel didn't know what it was, but there was something to be said. He'd just settled down at the nurses station to complete some paper work when his phone rang. Squinting he put his phone on the table and put it on speaker.

"Hello Meg."

"Hey Clarence. Hey, we've got one coming in.."

"Isn't this your night off?"

"Yeah, but I happened to be where it happened."

He sighed and rubbed his eyes as he responded. "What happened Meg?"

"So I was at the Rodeo"

"Really Meg? The Rodeo?" He scrunched his nose though the stray thought of his Cowboy calendar breezed through the back of his mind. It'd been a gift from his brother Gabriel and he didn't have a thing exactly for the esthetic, but he could appreciate a well toned man in leather and little else.

"Yes Clarence, the rodeo. Just because you don't go out and have fun doesn't mean I don't. I wanted to see some cute men with tight little asses riding bulls and maybe take one home. But are you going to let me finish now?"

"My apologies Meg, please continue."

"Thanks. Anyway it was getting down to the last acts of the show. And one of the cowboys.." the sound of someone talking caught his attention " his glove got caught in the rope and when he went to dismount he got drug and dislocated his shoulder. He was able to get himself free but then the bull turned on him and stabbed....I mean gored.." Her voice got lower and figured she was speaking to whoever was in the ambulance with her. "I don't work with cows you ass. Anyway Clarence, the bull stabbed him in the thigh but he's losing a lot of blood and the EMTS they had on stand by couldn't stop it. We're about ten out."

The call ended and Castiel sat and stared at the phone for a moment before he got up and headed towards the bay. He barely beat the ambulance there and stood off to the side as they brought in the patient. At first all he could see was a man in dusty chaps and jeans lying still on the gurney and then a taller man with long hair and wild eyes trying to keep up with the team.


"What's been done so far?" He turned to Meg, trying to focus her and not on the man turning an ashen grey the longer he laid on the gurney.

"Well they put his shoulder back into place, and they put a tourniquet into place but he still kept bleeding. I thinking the horn caught him somewhere else."

He nodded and barked at the team to get the man into the OR. He checked into make sure that Meg could handle the other man that had come in with the patient and she nodded so he hurried in to scrub up, running over every place in his mind that the bull could have punctured that a tourniquet wouldn't have helped. From the looks of the blood seepage it wasn't anyplace higher than the thigh so that was something at least. He just hoped that the puncture hadn't pierced the femoral artery or else there was going to be little he could do.

He was taken out of his thoughts by a knock on the door and he nodded as he turned to let the attending nurses glove him. He looked at the chart that was held out to him, reading over it quickly. The man's stats seemed to be rather steady with the only problem being the unstoppable bleeding from the puncture wound in the leg. They'd already cut the man's jeans off above the injured thigh, but Castiel couldn't help but notice that the man's chaps where nowhere to be found. Shaking his head he forced himself to focus on the area that had been cleaned and Castiel winced at the large ragged hole.

Once focused he found the tear and thankfully it wasn't worse than a small nick. He got it and the wound closed up and once he wrapped the area he had the man sent to recovery to wait out the anesthesia. He changed out of his bloodied surgery scrubs into clean ones and went to find the man that had come in with the patient. He wasn't that hard to find, the man could be heard yelling out in one of the waiting rooms.

"If you had been doing your job it wouldn't have happened!"

"Don't you put that on me Samuel Winchester. We were doing everything we could. You know better than I do that these things happen!"

The scene he came upon had him arching his eyebrow as the taller man was face to face with a shorter but broader man who still seemed to be wearing some sort of makeup. Meg was in between them but didn't seem to be doing much. Sighing he rubbed his temples before moving over and clearing his throat. When that didn't work placed two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly.

"Good, now that I have your attention. The patient is in recovery. The wound from the bull grazed the femoral artery, had it been a bit more to the left we'd be having a much different conversation. He's not awake from the anesthesia yet so I'd recommend getting a bite and getting comfortable. We'll allow visitors once he wakes." The taller man looked like he was going to argue but he pinned him with a look and the man backed down.

With a nod Castiel himself headed towards recovery, picking up the chart from the nurses station and then towards the man room. He skimmed the file, taking in the important information. His name was Dean Winchester, he was mid-thirties and had quite the list of previous injuries though non seemed to be as serious as the one that night. Shaking his head he ducked into the room and noticed that the man was beginning to stir on the bed; he wasn't waking completely but Castiel could tell from the twitching of the fingers and the shifting on the bed that it wouldn't be long. With a look at his watch he realized that he must have spent more time between cleaning up and speaking with those that had come in with Mr. Winchester than he'd thought.

He had just turned to call for a nurse when he heard a deep groan and when he turned back he felt caught in the greenest gaze he'd every seen. His throat went suddenly dry and he forced himself to swallow before he moved over to the side of the bed.

"Hello Mr. Winchester.."

"Dean." The man croaked. "Call me Dean, Mr. Winchester is my dad."

"Then, Hello Dean." He gave the man a smile before tapping the top of the man's hip lightly. "You're very lucky, though I have to you know why you're here or where you're at?"

Dean blinked at him and Castiel had the sudden feeling that he was about to become the butt of a joke. "Well are a doc right? Like a real one? This isn't one of my Dr. Sexy dreams? Though you are better looking than Dr. Sexy." Dean gave him a crooked smile and Castiel felt his chest constrict. "But I'm pretty sure it had to with the bull I was riding, Alistair mean sonvuabitch, throwing me and then taking a chunk outta my pretty hide."

His words were slightly slurred from the left over effects of the anesthesia but Castiel was almost certain that he didn't have a concussion. He nodded and placed the folder down on the side table in the room.

"That sounds about right, at least that's what they told me. Your shoulder was dislocated but they reset it before you were brought in so I suggest you take it easy on that front. As for your leg, you're lucky. The horn grazed your femoral artery, a full puncture and you wouldn't be with us."

"Wow, no need to sugar coat it doc."

"Most people do better with straight forward news."

"Uh, well thanks for the update." He shifted slightly with a grimace as he noticed the state of the jeans he was wearing. "Uh, do you have something else I could put on, these is rather...uh.."

Castiel nodded and opened the door to call out to one of the nurses to bring him a gown. He was rather surprised that when the man was placed in recovery that he hadn't been changed out, but a quick look at the fit of the jeans the man had on gave Castiel an idea why it was left until the man was lucid again. Gown in hand he turned to find the man already fighting with the button and zipper of the pants, a scowl on his face. He was about to offer some assistance when the button popped free and the zipper came down, revealing a sliver of bright pink.

Blinking and moving as if on auto pilot Castiel moved over closer to the bed, thrusting the gown out to Dean as an after thought while his eyes flicked down the sliver of pink and took in the now delicate lace detail of the material.

"Like what you see Doc?"

Blushing furiously he looked up and seen Dean wiggling his eyebrow at him, a smirk on his face. Before he got a chance to answer Dean began to slowly wiggle the the thick denim material down his thighs, pausing when he scraped over the bandaged wound but leaving them as he ran his hand over the pink material, cupping himself and letting out a soft moan even as he arched his back slightly. Breathing and swallowing became difficult for Castiel as their gazes caught and held and he opened his mouth to say something but a knock on the door broke the moment and Dean quickly tossed the blanket over him while Castiel turned towards the door.

Meg stood in the window and he took the opportunity to step out into the hall. He pulled a deep breath and leaned against the glass to keep from giving in to glancing back at Dean every few moments.

"You ok there Clarence? You look like you just ate a ghost pepper or something."

"Yeah..yeah. I'm fine. What do you need Meg? I figured you'd have left already."

"Oh I'm leaving, I just wanted to let you know that the tall Winchester is chomping at the bit to see his brother and I'll be taking the shorter man home with me." She grinned as she arched her eyebrow. "Rodeo Clown, has to know a thing or two about a good ride dontcha think?"

He shook his head before waving her off. "Thanks Meg, I'll let the other Mr. Winchester know he can come up in a couple of minutes. We're just getting Dean into something other than his bloodied clothing."

She nodded and patted his arm before turning and starting away. She stopped only a few steps away before looking at him over her shoulder.

"Pink is his color though."

Mouth gaping he looked from Meg back to the door and blushed to the roots of his hair as she cackled and walked away. As he glanced back into the room he had to admit she wasn't wrong.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Punk Castiel/Nerd Dean
Triggers: Jealousy, Sex Shaming, Stalking

One of the things that Castiel loved the most about his boyfriend was the sweet doe-eyes he'd get when Castiel came home with a new tattoo or piercing. He stood staring at the two silver hoops through his nipples and smiled as he pictured Dean's reactions to them. He and Dean had been a couple since the 10th grade when a game of spin the bottle at Benny LaFitte's birthday caused them to out each other to one another. Back then he'd been the picture of a small town pastors son; collared white shirts, navy or black slacks and he added a trenchcoat when the weather got cold. The smile that had been on his lips faltered as the memory of junior year resurfaced.

Junior year had changed them both, he started dying his hair and hanging out with Meg Masters and Fergus McLeod-- who preferred to be called Crowley--while Dean ditched the sports he'd been active in since middle school and started hanging out more with Charlie Bradbury, Kevin Tran, and others that fit more of an academia type vibe. In fact that year was very nearly the end of not only their relationship but their friendship as a whole.

As Dean put more effort into his studies, Castiel noticed that Benny and Lee seemed to attach themselves to his hips; asking every day for tutoring of some type or help with an assignment. By the time the middle of the year rolled around Castiel couldn't watch Benny and Lee with their poorly masked flirtations and he started to sit in on the tutoring sessions. At first he tried to pretend that he too was there for help but everyone knew his grades were almost as good as Dean's so that excuse only worked for a couple of days.

After the 3rd or 4th session Dean pulled him aside and demanded to know what his problem was; his arms crossed over his chest as he stared Castiel down. What followed was a screaming match where Castiel called Dean a stuck up prude who people only friended because they felt sorry for him or because they wanted free tutoring. The stricken looked that had passed over Dean's face had felt like a knife twisting in his gut. Before he could even attempt to take back the words or apologize, Dean removed the bracelet Castiel had gotten him one year for a birthday had never taken off since and pressed it into his hand.

For two weeks they didn't talk to one another, and Castiel even went so far as to actively ignore the the other boy. It had been the 3rd day of radio silence when he'd gotten his tongue pierced in a bid to focus on a pain other than the dull ache in his chest when he watched as Benny and Lee took advantage of the chasm between them.

The piercing was nearly healed when it happened; he'd been lucky and had minimal swelling so no one really knew he'd done it unless he was showing it off. Which was what he was doing that day in the hallway when Dean passed, the brunette explaining something Benny and wasn't even aware of Castiel being there until Meg made some lewd comment about him testing the ring out on her. He didn't reply but he smirked in response and the sinking feeling in his gut at the fallen expression on Dean's face as he walked away plagued him for the rest of the day.

By last period Castiel had made up his mind that he was going to put an end to the silent treatment. Either that or he was going to make things worse. Like a shadow he hung around Dean's locker just out of sight after the final bell rang. When the crush of students rushing to leave for the weekend cleared, Castiel wondered if he'd missed Dean in the melee of bodies. The worry turned to simmering anger when he seen Lee following Dean, the two talking and laughing with Lee too close to Dean for Castiel's comfort.

"You coming to the party tonight?"

Castiel tilted his head, Dean didn't go to parties. He didn't like the feeling of people pressing in on him. Castiel tried to swallow down the smug smile that threatened to break out at the turn down he knew was coming.

"No, Sammy has a soccer game tonight. I told him I'd be there."

"So stop by after. Save Benny and me from Gordon and Cole and all the rest of the asshats."

Lee's face turned sour as he leaned against the locker next to Dean's, his head tilted to the side so that his hair brushed against his shoulder. Castiel never wanted to punch someone more than he did right then as he watched Lee's eyes roam up and down Dean's body.

"Why do you two even hang out with them if you don't like them?" Dean asked; his head shoved deep into his locker as he searched for something.

"Team Solidarity. You now how it is."

"Well sorry. I've got study plans. Big test coming up."

"Fiiine. You're going to pass anyway you know. Whether or not you study tonight." Lee huffed before grinning. "But we're still on for the weekend right? Batting cages and bad pizza?"

That sounded like a date and Castiel felt his hackles rise. He knew that Benny and Lee had been plotting; he'd seen the way they looked at Dean even when Dean had been leaning up against him or sitting wrapped in his arms. He felt his lips peel back in a snarl, his blood starting to heat and his vision tunnel.

"Maybe. I don't know Lee."

"This about him?"

The inflection was clear, Castiel didn't need to hear his name to know that they were talking about him. He watched silently as Dean shrugged and looked down as he picked at his naked wrist where his bracelet once sat.


"Dean. You're my friend, so I'm not going to sugar coat this because you need a hard truth. But what he said to you and what he said about you; those most likely weren't thought of on the spot. He knew what would hurt you and he used it without thinking twice. And honestly he seems pretty happy having Meg hanging all him him. I know you care for him and he's your first...everything basically...but I think you were doing all the giving and he was just taking."

Rage started to build up in Castiel's chest and he took an abortive step forward, his hands clenched at his side. He practically had murder on his mind but the sight of Dean's drooped shoulders and the sigh that escaped him made Castiel pause.

"Maybe...but he wasn't always that way. And I think..well I guess it's hope really...that deep down he's still Cas.."

"Well if I was you, I wouldn't hold out hope. It's been...what...two weeks and not a word? I think that's your sign."


Dean's drooped shoulders curved inwards and the two fell silent as Dean continued to pack his backpack. Castiel watched from his spot as they left, Lee patting Dean's shoulder before they parted ways at the end of the corridor. He let Lee's words echo in his mind; shame and guilt clawing at his stomach when he realized that the other teen was right.

Gathering his own things he hurried home and after bribing his brother for a ride, he went to the next town over to pick up a surprise for Dean. It was Friday so he knew that Dean's father would be out late and that Sam would spend the night at a friends house after his game so he knew he had a limited amount of time. So limited that after his jaunt to the next town for Dean's surprise he barely managed to just barely beat Dean to the house.

He scaled the trellis next to Dean's window and climbed up and through the window just as he heard the Impala--the car that Dean's father allowed him to drive due to his good grades--rumble into the driveway. With his stomach now in knots he set the fresh pie on the bed and then sat down in front of it and waited for Dean. He could hear the brunette moving around the lower level of the house and he could practically see what he was doing; Dean was a creature of habit and did everything in a certain order.

After what seemed like a lifetime the door finally opened and he looked up to see Dean glaring at him. He'd seen Dean mad before but to have those green eyes he loved so dearly looking at him with unmasked anger made his chest ache harder.

"What are you doing here? Meg busy?" Dean bit out; his voice cold and so impersonal that it made Castiel want to whine.

"No. I wanted to talk to you."

"Look, I'm busy. Come back tomorrow and maybe I'll find time to fit you in between Benny's tutoring and my plans for later." Dean stated as he moved past Castiel without looking at him.

"Dean please.."

With a huffed growl Dean sat down in his desk chair and turned around to look at him; his arms folded over his chest and a scowl firmly in place on his lips. Castiel took that as permission to talk.

"Look, I've been a colossal Assbutt. I said things I shouldn't have." He started, his hands twisting in the hem of his shirt. "I acted out because...because I was jealous." Even as the words left his lips he realized how true they were. "You were spending so much time away from me.."

"And you've been up Meg and Crowley's ass." Dean cut in, his voice still cold.

"But they don't look at me like Benny and Lee look at you!" He pressed.

"Keep telling yourself that. Meg looks like she wants you eat you alive and Crowley...well he looks at everyone that way." Dean scoffed.

"It doesn't matter! I don't care about them."

Castiel felt the situation start to spin out of control and for a brief moment he wondered if he managed to push Dean away completely; the other boys' face gave away nothing of what he was feeling.

"Two weeks Castiel." Dean started and Castiel flinched at the use of his full name. "And you not so much as looked at me in two weeks."

"You didn't reach out either." He pointed out.

Dean's shoulders tensed and he had the quick flash of fear that now he'd pushed too far. Then just as suddenly Dean's shoulders dropped and he watched the brunette seeming deflate in front of him.

"I wanted too. After that first day. But you kept avoiding me. So I gave up."

Dean sounded so broken that Castiel couldn't stay seated. He got up and moved over to where Dean sat; dropping down to his knees and taking Dean's hands in his own.

"I'm so sorry Dean. I never meant for you to feel that way."

"I know Cas, I know." It was silent for a moment before Dean spoke again. "So we're just a couple of dumbasses?"

"I prefer romantically inept. Less dumb, less ass." They shared a soft laugh before he leaned in until there was barely an inch between them. "Can I kiss you Dean?" He breathed softly.

"I might hurt you if you don't."

Another soft laugh erupted and he brushed his lips over Dean's, teasing him before licking the seam of Dean's lips for entry. The last two weeks fell away as Dean opened for him, gasping quietly as Castiel licked into the brunettes mouth with authority. A shudder went through them both and he broke the kiss only to stand and pull Dean towards the bed.

Castiel's train of thought was interrupted by the sound of the key in the lock of their apartment and he quickly slipped a shirt on before moving over to recline on the couch. He and Dean both ended up at KU and after rooming separately their freshman year they rented an off campus apartment together and had settled into domestic life rather easily. They still had their fights, but they weren't what people would call blow outs; not like the one back in high school. They had learned early how communication was needed to avoid those situations.

He smiled as Dean came through the door; his hair slightly windswept and his glasses hanging precariously to his nose. Getting up he moved over and took the books out of his boyfriends hands as he brushed a kiss over Dean's lips. Normally the brunette would kiss back but instead Dean seemed to be antsy and shifting restlessly.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah..yeah...just peachy."

Castiel tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend. He knew Dean better than that and he knew that Dean knew that he knew Dean better than that. With a soft growl he backed Dean up against the door, his hands bracketing the brunettes head as he gently eased his knee between Dean's thighs and pressed up. A wince caught his attention and he pulled away concerned as he looked at the other boy.

"Dean..are you ok. Tell me honestly."

Dean shifted again before his fingers went to play with the button and zipper on his jeans. Quite normally that would be enough for him sweep Dean up and carry him into the bedroom but any sort of intimate time was the furthest from his mind right then.

"I...uh..see...I..." Dean stumbled over his words and Castiel felt something cold settle in his stomach; his surprise of his new piercings completely disappearing. "'s better if I show you."

Dean's fingers seem to tremble as he finally popped the button and eased the zipper down on his jeans. The first thing Castiel noticed was that Dean was wearing regular boxers, something he rarely did unless it was laundry day and he had nothing else clean. Then the boxers were pushed down along with the jeans; though they caught on Dean's thighs and didn't go any further. Castiel opened his mouth to ask what the point was but shut it again when he seen the wink of a barbell through the tip of Dean's cock with the other ball just visible under the glans.


"I wanted to surprise you.."

"You got.."

"An Albert. Yup."

He stood there staring at the piercing for a moment before he grasped Dean's wrist and pulled him close, kissing him hungrily. With a growl he nipped at Dean's ear, tugging lightly.

"Just wait until it's all healed and I can suck your cock. I'm going to edge you for hours just by playing with it before I fuck you into the mattress."

With a wicked grin he pulled back, nipping Dean's lower lip. "C'mon Love, let me teach out how to take care of that so we can have fun sooner."

He lead his boyfriend to the bathroom, his new piercings could wait for another day; today was Dean's day and he finally understood why Dean felt the way he did when Castiel got new work done. Just knowing that his sweet, nerdy boyfriend had his dick pierced was enough to make Castiel start to chub up and he couldn't wait to show Dean the pleasures of his new piercing.

Chapter Text

Pairing: None
Triggers: Mentioned Character Death

"Aww, c'mon Dad! Think of how cool you'll be if you do it."

He blinked slowly at his daughter. At nine years old she was already nearly as tall as he was--something he figured she inherited the same height genes that Sam had but overlooked him.

"Emma...I'm not accepting the part in that new Vampire movie. In fact I don't even like the fact that you read the books it's based on."

His nose scrunched up in distaste as he folded his arms over his chest. Sure his Agent did say that he'd be pretty much playing the same part in this movie as he has in previous walk on movie roles; a wilderness survival expert of some sort; but the twist was that he'd end up dead in this. It was a small start but his Agent had been wanting to branch him out for quite some time.

"What's the matter Dad? Afraid of Vampires?" Emma taunted from her seat at the kitchen island.

He glared at her smirk before shaking his head. Though there was no mistaking that she was his daughter, she looked like her mother and he felt a pang of loss. It had been a one night stand while was shooting on location and the next day she was gone; the number she'd given him fake and leaving him no way of contacting her. That was the first and last time he'd seen her and it wasn't until three years later that he even found out that he had a daughter. And that was only because her mother had passed and she was being dropped off to him by her mother's family because they didn't want to deal with the 'product of their daughters whorish ways'. Their loss.

His life changed that day for the better, no more late night parties, no one night stands, and no heinous travel schedule for filming. Everything from that day was about giving Emma the best life he could. Part of that however did not include taking up roles in campy Vampire movies that she could gloat about her Dad being in while at school. All in all he couldn't picture his life with out her.

"No." He scoffed. "I've worked hard to take a tiny walk on role on some no name tv show that only wanted me for like three episodes and turned it into a brand. I've done countless cameos in movies with this character and this will discredit it all."

"'s a Vampire movie, no one expects anyone to live unless is the character that the Vampire wants to kiss. Duhh." She rolled her eyes and mimicked his stance.

They stared at one another for a few long minutes before he sighed and nodded his head.

"I'll think about it."

Emma jumped down from her seat and ran over to him, kissing his cheek before bounding off. Her honey blonde hair trailing out behind her. With a found smile he headed into his home office and dialed his Agent, giving him the go ahead to accept the part. Maybe it was for the betterment of his career, or maybe it would kill it. But as he sat and stared off into space, contemplating what he'd just done he realized that everyone crossed over at some point and tried new genres. Fortune favored the bold as they liked to say.

"At least it's not witches." He murmured as he pulled up the cast list to see who all had signed on so far; it was always better to be prepared. His eyebrow arched at the named actor for the Vampire lead. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad being his meal at after all.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Alpha Gabriel/Omega Dean
Triggers: None



"Yes Cassie?"

"It's Cas..y'know what, never mind. I have a delivery for you."

"Cassie I don't work for you."

"No, but I'm not dealing with your pining scent stinking up my pizzeria."

"M'not pining."

He narrowed his eyes as his younger brother arched an eyebrow at him in return. They stared in silence at one another before he huffed and abandoned his seat by the door.

"M'not." He grumbled as he snatched the box from the counter.

"Gabriel I'm not judging you. You know that right? But you scent bonded quickly with an Omega you met in a bar. And that was a year and half ago. You know nothing about the Omega other than first name and that he had "eyes greener than emeralds left in the sun" which while is descriptive isn't anything to you can search for online."

"Judgy to me." He murmured. "I know, but he's out there somewhere and I know...I know he feels the same way. If he didn't the bond would have broken by now..I think." He brought his wrist up to his nose and inhaled slowly, a soft smile breaking out on his face. "It's still there, that soft scent of apples."

"Gabriel..scent bonds don't work that way, you know that."

"Then why am I still pining? Huh smart guy?"

"I thought you weren't pining."

He narrowed his eyes again at his brother; snapping his teeth at him in annoyance as the other had the audacity to look smug as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Just go, clocks ticking on this delivery. We can talk more when you get back. You might have thought up a come back by then." His brother laughed as he dropped a hat on his. "And at least spray some blockers on before you get to their door."

"Yeah, yeah."

Still grumbling he packed the pizza into one of the insulated bags before heading out to the delivery vehicle. It was an ugly old gold Lincoln, but his brother was adamant in using it said that it helped deter thieves. Gabriel wasn't sure that was true, he figured his brother was just sentimental and didn't want to let the car sit and rust away to nothing. He eased himself behind the wheel and took a moment to fix his hair before resettling the hat back on his head.

He typed the address into GPS and pulled out of the parking lot. As he blindly followed the automated voice he let his mind wander just enough that he wasn't a danger on the streets. Green eyes, soft brunette hair, and soft warm breath panting against his throat floated past his minds eye and he shifted in the seat as he felt himself start to plump up in his jeans. A chance meeting in a bar lead to a whirlwind two months that left Gabriel a mess when he woke up one morning and the Omega was gone, only a note hastily scribbled left behind and his lingering scent the only markers that he'd even been there.

A ping from the GPS pulled him from his thoughts and he eased the car into the first open spot near the house he found. Before exiting the car he spritzed on some blockers and worked the cockiest smirk he could drum up onto his face before he started up the walk. The house itself wasn't in the best condition, there was peeling paint and the stairs looked to be ready to cave in with the wrong step. In fact he would even go so far as to guess that the neighborhood pups called it haunted. Still he had a delivery and he wasn't going to let an old run down, possibly haunted house keep him from making it.

He knocked on the door and bounced on the balls of his feet as he waited. His eyes flicked from the ticket on the box to the ramshackle rails on the porch and then back to the ticket. There were noises all around him but he wasn't sure if they were natural or not and he honestly didn't want to think too much on it. Just in case. As he was close to working himself into a fit he heard the door knob rattle and he worked a smile back on his face even though his eyes were focused on the ticket.

"One large meat lovers pizza and one large veggie delight for...Michael...." His words trailed off as he finally looked up and right into the greenest eyes he'd thought he'd never see again.


The sound of his name coming from his..the Omega's lips was like settling into a warm bath on a winters night. He took a step forward before the sound of growling registered and he blinked, tearing his gaze away from Michael only to lock onto one of the tallest Alphas he'd ever seen.

"Dean?" The Alpha questioned, his arms folded over his chest as he started him down.

"...Dean? I thought.." He looked between then two his eyes slightly narrowed.

"Uh..well my middle name is Michael.." Dean uttered softly, his eyes cast down to the porch.

At first glance there were no visible mating bites but he knew that didn't mean anything. A slow, cautious inhale revealed what seemed to be a familial bond, not a mated bond. Another inhale brought another scent forward, softer than those around it. His eyes went wide, pup scent and not just any pup scent but his pup. The light apple and brown sugar scent from Dean was obvious but under that was the sweet, soothing scent of caramel. Before he could say anything the large Alpha was between them, growling loudly as he backed Gabriel away from the door.

"Sammy!" Deans surprised exclamation was barely heard over the taller Alpha's snarls but a moment later the green eyed Omega pushed himself between them two, his back to Gabriel as he glared up at the other Alpha. "Sam! Inside. Go check on Em. I'm sure your little posturing display woke her up."


"I said now Sam." Dean's voice was firm and in any other setting it would have sent a pleasant shiver down Gabriel's spine, but right then he was more focused on keeping his throat intact.

To say that he was hiding behind Dean wasn't completely accurate; the Omega was taller than he was after all. But it wasn't until Sam disappeared into the house with a huff that he felt himself began to relax. He pulled in a shaky breath and swallowed as Dean turned around; his eyes darting over the Omega's face and his fingers itching to do the same.


"You just disappeared."

"I left a letter.." Dean started, the sentence trailing off as Dean rubbed the back of his neck.

"All it said was, 'I'll be back, don't worry.'. And then you were gone and now you're back and that's great but you didn't look for me..."

"I didn't know your last name! And there's only so many times you can creep the same bar where we met and ask about a tiny caramel scent Alpha with amber eyes before people think you're a stalker."

"You had a pup! My pup! I can smell it on you."

That brought Dean up short and Dean's cheeks flushed a hot red as he shifted from foot to foot, his scent a mixture of embarrassed and sad.

"I didn't know right away. I went to pick Sammy up from Stanford. He uh...something happened and he couldn't be there anymore. Anyway a week or two back in town and I started getting sick every morning and unable to keep certain foods down. Sam figured it out first and I doubled my attempt to find you but no one knew you at the bar or could remember you. I even checked at others around the area but still nothing. So I gave up."

Gabriel shifted closer, wanting nothing more than to pull Dean close and scent him until Dean's scent was the only thing he could smell.

"I wasn't trying to hide her Gabe.."

"I know, I know." He gave Dean a little smile, just a slight lift of the corner of his lips. "So does Sammykins think I abandoned you? Is that why he's death glaring me from the window?" He winked at the other Alpha through the window, letting out a breath when the curtain swished down to hide him from sight again.

"Sammy..he's just protective. I told him everything once we confirmed I had pupped and he was extremely upset with me about it. But as time went on and I couldn't find you he mellowed and when Emma was born he just slipped into the position of her Alpha." Dean looked up finally, his lip caught between his teeth. "Do you want to meet her?"

"Of course! Emma? We had a little girl?" Gabriel tried to keep a lid on his enthusiasm but just thinking about a little pup, the perfect mixture of him and Dean just sent his excitement into orbit until he was practically bouncing.

"Yeah. She's got your hair color and once she loses the blue pup eye color I think she'll have your eyes. She's got my appetite though."

"Oh! The pizza's cold." Gabriel looked down at the boxes in his hand, a frown on his face at not being able to provide his Omega with a warm meal.

"It's fine, that's what ovens are for."

Dean smiled as he reached out to put his hand on Gabriel's arm. Warmth curled out from the light touch and he felt himself melt under Dean's soft look.

"C'mon Gabe, lets go inside. Your daughter is waiting on you."

And what started as another dreary day ended as one of the best nights of his life as he fell asleep curled up with his Omega and his pup.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Triggers: Homophobic Language, Child Abuse, Underage Sexual Abuse, Underage Sex Work, Child Prostitution, Verbal Abuse


Heaven was much better than Dean remembered. He enjoyed the fact that all the walls were torn down and it wasn't just a repeat of the good times. He also enjoyed waking up each morning cocooned in Cas's wings while Emma and Jack slept soundly in their beds. The quiet moments before the two young beings filled the homey cottage with the sounds of life were some of Dean's favorites; filled with soft kisses and whispered adorations between he and Cas and leaving him feeling at peace with himself and those around him.

Still something was off and every time Dean made his rounds to visit those he dearly missed, it weighed heavier and heavier on him. His mother had been around to see him, Cas and the kids in a bid to try and make up for the lost time she caused on earth but his Dad always stayed behind. At first Dean wrote it off as John trying to get used to the new way Heaven was run. It wasn't until Sam finally joined them that everything boiled over and Dean's peace was shattered.

Sam had been staying with him and Cas since his arrival, soaking in the calm and looking over the vacant plots of land that Cas had laid out for him. Though Eileen had not tossed off her mortal coil yet, Sam wanted a warm and quiet place of their own to where she could settle once she did arrive.

A heavy knock sounded on the door and Dean could tell from the instant tightening of Cas's lips who it was. Pulling a deep breath and pressing a light kiss to Cas's cheek Dean opened the door, a smile plastered on his face as he looked at his father. The man looked exactly the same as the last time he'd seen him and before Dean could even say anything John pushed past him into the home.

"Hello to you too Dad." He mumbled as he closed the door and followed John into the kitchen where the other man was staring down at Sam.

"You're here. No thanks to your brother." John started as he dropped down into one of the kitchen chairs.

"Dad..I died of old age because of Dean." Sam pointed out, his lips pressed thinly together as Cas did the same from his spot behind John.

The older man looked around the room, his eyes narrowing at how close Dean and Cas were standing; their shoulders brushing together as they sipped their coffee.

"Do you have to do that where people can see it?" John bit out when Cas leaned in to press a kiss to Dean's temple.

The two men moved apart, Cas glaring at John hard enough to smite him while Dean hid his frown behind his cup. His ears were tinged a light pink however and he kept his eyes down. He knew this wasn't going to be easy to deal with, John had never been accepting of things that were outside of the norm.

"It's their house." Sam snapped, his patience already wearing thin.

"Doesn't matter. No one wants to see that Queer shit. Thought the Big Guy himself was against that shit anyway. It's not natural, men belong with women so they can make children."

The sudden shattering of a light caught everyone's attention and as one they turned to see Cas scowling openly, his mouth open to speak but Dean jumped in first.

"Well first off, God is five so he has nothing to base anything on currently. But the old God..well he definitely didn't care. He liked both."

"No one asked you Dean. It's not natural and that's final."

A new shattering filled the air but this time it was the cup in Dean's hand; blood and coffee dripped from the wound on the palm where shards of pottery were embedded but the brunette paid no attention to it. His eyes were practically glowing green as he moved forward, all the rage and pain of decades having built up and been squashed down finally crashing over him.

"No, you know what's not natural? Letting a four year old take care of an infant. Teaching your child how to seduce truckers for cash when he's barely out of middle school. Letting your son 'rot in jail' because he got caught stealing food to make sure his brother had enough to eat." Dean's breathing was erratic and his heart pounded in his ears as he spoke while and he winced as a pain ripped through his back.

"If you weren't such a screw up.."

"No! I was not the screw up! I cleaned up your screw ups!" Dean yelled as he slammed his hands down on the table, lightening accompanying the action. "Even before Mom died I was cleaning up your messes! I was a child! A damned child! I never should have had to reassure my mother that you still loved her. I never should have learned the monetary value of different sexual acts before I even hit high school!"

Dean was unaware of the wide eyes pointed at him from all sides; his vision was tunneled down the older man who sat indifferently in front of him. He let out a pained hiss as the sharp pain his back grew worse. The soft sounds of footfalls dimly registered with him signaling that both Jack and Emma had been awoken by the commotion in the kitchen.

"You listen here boy.."

"No, you listen here you selfish, egotistical, obsessed bastard! I took care of my family. I made sure Sam had food through any means necessary, I patched your worthless ass up when you were too drunk to hunt properly. I made sure Sam made it to school, that he had money for field trips and that we had money to survive on when you left for weeks at a time!"

"I never.."

"Shut up! I was a father and a mother to my brother and while I wouldn't trade the bond it created between us, despite our own shit, I never should have been! I should have had a normal life, the normal worries a child has at that age. I should have never had to worry if a werewolf was going to bust into our motel, or if something else would come back to finish the job. Or if the trucker you sold me to for the night was going to leave bruises that I couldn't explain away if the teacher seen them."

The pain in his back was blinding by that time and Dean grit his teeth against it, his hands now fisted on the table. He could hear everyone behind him, but he couldn't make himself look away from John. This had been years in the making, each wrong done to him squashed down and hidden away because that's what a good soldier does, they don't question orders.

"You were so obsessed with revenge that you didn't care that you had Sam and I to care for."

"That thing killed your mother!" John roared as he stood up and stepped into Dean's space; forcing the brunette to take a step back.

"And you killed our father!" Dean spat back. "The only good thing you ever did for us was drop us off at Bobby's. He became more of a father than you ever were."

"Oh yeah, there's a prize, and old drunk..."

"No more a drunk than you. At least he cared if Sam and I lived or died." Dean's teeth were bared as the pain grew another few decibels more intense before the sound of ripping cloth filled the air.

John's eyes grew wide and he stumbled back, nearly toppling over the chair he'd been sitting in. His hand went automatically to his belt, whether for his gun or his silver knife it didn't matter because neither were there.

"Wha--what are you?"

"He's Dean." Jack piped up, a serene smile on his face. "Sort of. He's really Raguel's new form." He looked around to see looks of bewilderedness on everyone's face save for Cas and Dean who the latter was still snarling at his father. With a huff he explained. Raguel is the Angel of Justice, Fairness, Harmony, Vengeance, and Redemption. Well, he's an Archangel not a regular Angel. And now he's...Dean."

"You did this!" John spat as he pointed his finger at Cas. "You turned my son into one of these winged freaks."

"That's enough!" Dean bellowed, his wings snapping out and arching high. "This is my house and I will not have you speaking to my family this way!"

He felt a hand settled between the base of his wings and warmth started to seep through, calming him enough that his wings folded back against his back. He took a minute and a couple deep breaths before focusing on his father again.

"Heaven is supposed to be a place of calm, a place of peace. I know what my son was thinking by bringing you here. He knows I value my family more than anything. But you do not belong here John Winchester. I may not have pulled you out of hell but I can make sure you end up back there." Dean let a smile cross his face, though it was devoid of warmth. "You were thought to be the righteous man once a upon time but even the Demons of Hell seen you were twisted and broken. You were one of them from the beginning."

Just as Dean finished his sentence John lunged at him but with one quick side step the older man did nothing but rush past the brunette. There was a flurry of movement where everyone tried to reach for John at once but just as suddenly as the movement started it ended and all eyes widened as a rift opened behind John and Rowena stepped through, her lips tilted in a sardonic smile.

"Well, well, well. A family reunion without little old me? I'm offended." She tsked before arching an elegant eyebrow at the large wings folded behind Dean serenely. "Seems as if I missed a lot."

"Hi Rowena!" Jack waved with a smile.

"Wee Jackie Boy. Doing well I see with your Da's?"

The young boy nodded before his face shifted into a more serious expression. The voice that came from him next seemed to be more mature and Dean was certain it was more Amara than Jack speaking.

"Rowena, Queen of Hell. There has been a mistake, a soul that should have stayed in your kingdom had been brought here. It was an error of my own making, I thought a second chance with his family would help soften the damaged parts of his soul and he could heal. However it hasn't and he is unfit to be here. We want to return John Winchester.."

"So this is Johnny boy?" Rowena's smile shifted to a snarl for a moment before it turned to a more neutral expression.

"Yes. We release him into your care, I'm sure you have the to keep him."

The enormity of the situation finally sunk in and John looked from Dean to Sam, fear flickering across his face.

" can' won't..."

"I believe God has spoken John. You've made your bed now lie in it." Dean's voice was cold but he didn't look at his father, instead he focused his attention on the young Celestial, bowing his head in deference.

"You ungrateful little shi.."

The sentence was cut off as Rowena grasped the back of the older man's shirt and with a yank pulled him through the rift and as quickly as it opened it closed, leaving everyone to stare at the blank spot where they'd been.

"Soo..." Dean started as he flexed one wing. "I'm an Angel condom again? I don't remember saying yes.." He frowned even as he lightly drug a finger down one brightly colored green feather, the vane a shining gold and bringing out more of the color."

"No. You're not a vessel Dean, you are Raguel..or you were a long time ago. It seems as if he's been sleeping inside of you and this surge of just..Righteous Anger reminded him...err you of your purpose." Jack said as he shifted from foot to foot, his head tilted slightly to the side as he regarded Dean. "It makes sense though, Raguel has been absent from the Host for as long as I can pull from Chuck's memories; there's not even an image in Chuck's memory of what Raguel even looks like. I'm surprised however that Michael didn't sense him when he possessed you."

Dean scrunched his nose and extended his wings, blinking when they brushed up against Cas's; the other Angel blushing slightly at the intimate contact.

"And that's our cue to leave." Sam said as he started to herd Jack and Emma out of the house.

"C'mon Cas, show me how to use these bad boys." Dean wiggled his eyebrow, feeling lighter than he could ever remember. "In all the bad ways."

Chapter Text

Pairing: Garth/Bess, mentioned Sam/Rowena/Eileen
Triggers: implied torture of supernatural creatures

She had no idea how he managed to talk her into this. This was so far outside of her normal sort of activities that she felt as if she were lost in a forest at midnight.

"Garth, I don't know." She said as she stared at the door of the Bunker; her bottom lip caught between her teeth.

"You don't have to go Love if you don't want too. They'll understand and the invitation will always be open to you."

She turned to look at her husband, her nerves easing slightly at how at ease he seemed standing there. She knew Sam and Dean and she liked them, considered them extended pack even despite them being Hunters, but stepping into the Bunker, the fabled Men of Letters Bunker where horror stories of what they did to creatures that weren't human and some that were was daunting. Squaring her shoulders she looked from the door over to Garth, giving him a small smile.

"Do you know who all is going to be here?"

"Well Eileen for sure, Charlie and her girlfriend Stevie, Jody and Donna, Claire I think was coming, and Rowena I think said she was coming too."

"Rowena?" She asked; her eyebrow arching questioningly on it's own accord.

"Yeah, I think she, Sam, and Eileen have...a thing going on."

"Wha?" She blinked as the implications set in. "Oh."

She had slight knowledge of Rowena, she knew that in life Rowena was one of the most power witches and in death she'd become the Queen of Hell. Just knowing that she wasn't the only supernatural entity there helped ease even more of the nerves that were roiling in her stomach.

"And of course Sam, Dean, and I will be there."

"For Ladies Night?"

"Well someone has to serve you lovely ladies. This is a night for you all to relax. Sam and I will be manning the bar while Dean will handling all the food. And just wait until you taste his cooking, he's a master in the kitchen. Coulda been a chef that one."

Garth's smile was infectious and she felt the rest of her nerves melt away as she leaned into him. They stood there for a moment before she nodded and they made their way to the door. Whatever she'd been expecting to feel when she stepped through (she heard the stories, everyone knew that liquid silver was dripped on the wolves that walked through the door to incapacitate them) it wasn't the sense of calm and warmth that washed over her. They made their way down the winding staircase to what Garth called the war room where a large table was set with all sorts of foods and drinks and she was happy to see that there were some raw options for her to enjoy as well.

"Hey you made it!" Dean called out when they reached the bottom of the stairs.

He was dressed in a pair of hotdog lounge pants with a faded band tee with a white apron tied around his waist. He smiled as he made his way over and held his arms out for a hug. She smiled as she hugged back, rubbing her cheek against him and leaving a slight scent mark on him before she could stop herself. He grinned and then found himself caught up in a from Garth, the lithe man picking Dean up from the floor with ease. She watched as Garth left his own small scent mark on Dean before he put Dean back down and then let him lead them into a room off of the war room.

The adjacent room, which looked like a library of some sort had all of the long tables pushed to the sides and all of the most comfortable looking chairs pulled into a semi circle with a make shift bar set off to the side where Sam stood talking to a petite redhead clad in a flowing royal purple gown. Around the room the others were milling, some with small plates of food or a drink. She felt Garth squeeze her elbow before he followed Dean out of the room and for a moment she stood frozen in the middle of the room.

From across the room she seen Jody wave her over and she smiled as she joined the group and was introduced to Charlie and Stevie. As the conversation flowed around her, she sipped on the drink that she'd somehow acquired and smiled. Perhaps Ladies Night would become a regular occurrence for her after all.

Chapter Text

Pairing: None
Triggers: Canon typical violence


The light faded from around them and he blinked slowly before pushing himself to his feet and taking stock of the vessel and healing the wounds instantly and completely. He felt Jimmy squirming as Claire stared up at them, her eyes slightly unfocused. Gently putting Jimmy under he started towards the exit, he had to leave and quickly. Dimly he heard Dean calling out to him as he went.

"Cas, hold up! What were you gonna tell me?"

Dean's eyes were earnest and he had to divert his own before he could answer, the pit of his stomach feeling uneasy when their eyes caught again. Mustering as much authority as he could he set his lips in a tight line.

"I learned my lesson while I was away Dean. I serve Heaven, I don't serve man. And I certainly don't serve you."

With that he turned and walked away. In the very back of his mind he felt Jimmy stirring and he put him just a bit further under. Once he was sure he was away from any prying human eyes he spread his wings and pushed off. Despite every nerve in his body telling him to return to earth or Heaven he kept going until he was among the stars. He closed his eyes and just let himself fly; the feeling of atmosphere through his wings and the different resonance from each planet he passed helping ease the confusing knot his thoughts had become.

He recalled being there when it all began, how everything was dark on moment and then in a great burst of light things were moving; changing even as he watched. The movements of each planets rotations and paths were written into his very grace and he could feel each and every vibration from them as they hung in their orbits. It soothed something deep inside and he settled down on one of Jupiter's moons, letting the vastness of space swallow him. He watched comets track across the inky black backdrop of space, how the satellites kept to their own orbits despite the space debris' s multiple attempt to knock them out of their sanctioned paths. He felt Jimmy stirring again and he let him wake, inviting him to share the view.

"Where are we?"

"One of Jupiter's moons. I forget which one."

"Space? We're in space? How can I breathe?"

Jimmy was beginning to panic so he sent out soothing tendrils of grace to help ease him back down.

"You're fine. I am protecting you from imploding. I wanted you to enjoy something that many of your kind get to see in their finite life times."

Silence fell between them as he felt Jimmy's chest grow tight as the sensation of tears welled up in his eyes. Gently he reached up and pressed his fingers against the damp trails before pulling them away and studying the shimmering liquid.

"You're sad."

It wasn't a question and he felt Jimmy sigh, the motion sending shudders through their shared body. They grew in strength until it registered with him that Jimmy wasn't sighing, he was sobbing. Once again he sent out small tendrils of soothing grace to help calm him but he knew he wasn't doing enough; that he didn't know enough about human emotions to properly help Jimmy.

"I won't ever seem them again will I?" Jimmy asked; his voice quiet and broken.

"I won't lie, you most likely won't. You seen what happened this time. Demons won't think twice about using them again to get to you."

"Will they be safe if I stay away?"

"Maybe but I will have the Winchesters keep tabs on them. They are the most capable humans I know when it comes to protecting the innocents."

"Will other Angels call on Claire?"

"No, only my grace is tied to your family line. If any other Angel tried, she'd explode. Unless of course it were an Archangel, their grace trumps all other grace.."

A pained groan echoed through their skull and he winced as a wave of raw pain washed over him.

"So I can never go home and Claire may explode?"

"Yes...and No. Claire carries some of my grace, marking her a claimed vessel. No other Angel will touch her."

"You can promise that?"

"Yes, I can swear it."

Some of the pain eased in his chest and he sent another light pulse of grace through the vessel.

"So this is my life now? Just a voice inside my own head?"

"I can let you take control from time to time if you wish."

"But I can't see my family?"

"No. Unless of course I can work with the Winchesters and find a secure place, well warded to keep all manner of things out. But can you deal with just snippets of time with them?"


"One day I can promise that you'll be together again."

"In Heaven?"


"So I have to wait for my family to die before I can see them again?

There was a new emotion behind Jimmy's words now; Anger; and he understood. Still he knew what he was doing was for the best. The demons would not rest until they either killed Jimmy's family or Jimmy himself when he couldn't provide the information they wanted when they wanted it.

"Many apologies James. But yes."

Jimmy grew silent, the anger a soft thudding beneath their shared breast bone. As the silence grew longer he felt more and more ill at ease and he finally cleared their throat to break the silence.

"Let me tell you a story. I've been here for a very long time...from the time when everything was just..well you'd call it stardust I think, but it was just the emissions of dying stars that ignited and brought everything into being. I remember being at a shoreline, watching as a little grey fish heaved itself up onto the beach and an older brother saying 'don't step on that fish Castiel. Big plans for that fish.' I remember how it conformed to it's surroundings, adapted and learned.."

And so he told the story of creation as seen through his eyes from stardust that started it all to the grave dust that awaited the world at the end.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Pre Castiel/Dean
Triggers: None

"Come on Dean! You're going to make us late!"

"Hold your horses Bitch. I have to lock up first."

"Just hurry Jerk. I'm meeting Jess there and I don't want to be late."

A teasing remark sat on the tip of his tongue but Dean swallowed it away, the happy glow on Sam's face enough to keep him quiet for the time being.

"We just have one stop to make first."


"I promised Kate that we'd take Adam with us."

Sams's face fell before he scowled and Dean was reminded of Sam's age. At 16 he towered above Dean but he still held his rebellious, argumentative side that caused innumerable problems between Sam and their father. Thankfully with Dean being 20 and having enough money squirrelled away he was to take Sam and find them a rather comfortable and affordable apartment near their half brother.

"Do we have too?"

"Yes Sam. He's our brother. I figured you'd like not being the baby anymore." Sam glowered at him before turning to stare out of the car window. "Well he's staying with you. He'll cramp my style." He finally grumbled.

Dean shook his head with a laugh; Adam was 6 years younger than Sam and Dean let a soft smile ghost over his lips as he remember how gangly 10 year old Sam was and thankful that Adam didn't appear to have gotten the same gigantor genes.

"I'm sure he'll like it. He can be my taste tester."

"I can't believe you're entered in a pie contest that doesn't involve eating them."

"Hey! I make a mean apple pie. Everyone at the station says so."

"Of course they do. You're the only one who cooks."

Dean shot Sam a dirty look but the younger man was right. At 20 he was the youngest one at the fire station and the Chief worked hard to make sure that Dean stayed out of danger as much as he could, so as a result Dean frequently found himself as the resident cook for the station.

They pulled up in front of Adam's but didn't need to even to get out of the car, the younger boy bounded the stairs and climbed early into the back seat, smiling as he clicked his seatbelt on. Once he was settled Dean waved at Kate and pulled out into traffic.

"Hey Kiddo."

"Dean! Hey Sam."

Sam merely grunted in reply, his eyes locked on his phone. Dean caught Adam's eyes in the rearview mirror and rolled his, bringing a laugh from the younger boy.



"Good, I need a good helper today. I'm making Apple Pies for the pie contest. Think you can help me with that?"

"Yes! Did you bring the honey?"

Adam was excited and Dean smiled as he picked up a jar from next to him. It was an octagon shaped jar with a light golden amber color honey. The label was simple with the words "Blue Skies Wild Forest Honey". He handed it back to Adam, and watched through the rearview mirror as the youngest boy opened the jar and dipped the tip of his finger into the sticky substance and then licked it clean.

"Oh that's good!"

"Yeah, that brand always has the best tasting honey. I like to use the Lavender Honey in my cookies. This should help bring out the natural flavors of the apples."

"You're going to win for sure Dean."

He smiled into the rearview mirror, taking pride in the wide smile on his youngest brother's face. While he and Sam didn't have the best childhood and it had taken Dean everything to get away from their father, Adam just had his mother and when he'd tracked down the younger boy he was all alone after school and the haunted look on his face was something that Dean couldn't stand to see. After a few tense meetings with Kate where he explained just who he and Sam where and what his intentions were she let him take Adam out for a few hours to get to know him. It had taken a while to through the walls that Adam had built but now it was like the sun after a gloomy day when Adam seen Dean pull up in the Impala to get him.

"Well I hear there are some pretty good pie makers here. So we'll see. We'll do our best though and if we're lucky we can taste some of the others as well."

"You're going to get fat Dean." Sam piped up, his lips twisted in a scowl.

"Not with my job Sammy, I'm up and down ladders all day long. Some one has to save those kitties and I'm not jumbo size like you are." He winked at Sam with a grin but the other boy just snorted and looked back at his phone.

The rest of the ride was silent after that, Adam humming along with the music from the radio while Dean focused on the directions that he'd printed off the computer to fairgrounds. They were a bit early so it wasn't that hard to find parking and after handing Sam some 20's for him to spend on himself and Jess, Dean took Adam and they made their way to building where the contest was to take place. They stepped into the building and were quickly swept up in to the flurry of activity.

The space was set up like one of those tv cooking shows, there were individual cooking areas set up with a stove, a mini fridge, and all the cooking equipment one could ever need. With a grin Dean nudged Adam and they moved over to the table where three older women sat.

"Hello Dears, my name is Missouri, you're here for the contest right?" The first one asked, she was older with a warm smile as she looked up at them.

"Yes Ma'am. Dean Winchester and my helper Adam Milligan."

"Well don't you have the best manners I've seen in a while." Missouri laughed as she wrote down their names.

"Thank you Ma'am."

"Missouri is fine Dear, besides I've seen you before." She looked over at the woman closest to her and chuckling. "In fact I think we all have."

Dean tilted his head and tried to think of all his recent jobs but he couldn't place any of their faces.

"Good thing you're pretty Sugar." The woman to Missouri's right said, laughter clear in her voice. "I'm Mildred. And you're Mr. September in the Firefighters Charity Calendar."

Dean's face went red as the three women laughed again, Adam looking from them to him and then back again, confusion on his face. Before he could ask anything the last woman spoke up.

"Alright Ladies, can't you see the poor boy is embarrassed. I'm sorry, I'm Ellen and we're going to set you two up in the kitchen three down on the right. Has the bright blue circle on it."

"Thank you. We'll just be..going." Dean nodded his head and herded Adam away, his face in flames.

"Dean..what where they talking about?"

" Fire Station sells calendars to help raise money. That's all."

"Oh. Are you embarrassed because you don't like your picture taken?"

"Yup, that's exactly it. I don't like it."

Adam patted his arm in sympathy but stayed silent, something that Dean was thankful for. They found their station easily and began to set up what they needed. Dean cut the apples while he had Adam start on the dough for the crust. They worked silently for a bit before Dean started to explain to Adam the importance of a flakey crust and how to make the perfect crust from scratch. As they worked others started to filter in and they had just set aside the dough for the crust when a sound caught their attention.

Mildred and Ellen were standing up with Ellen having a microphone in her hand. The chatter around them died off and they all turned their attention to front.

"We'd like to welcome everyone to the yearly bake off. We thank you all for coming and it appears that we have some pretty stiff competition going on this year. For those of you that are new, you have 3 hours to create and finish your pies. After that we will have our judges." She waved her hand to the side where two men stood, one tall with dark brown nearly black hair and bright blue eyes and the other shorter with shoulder length brown hair and golden eyes. "Try your pie and grade you on the result. The best three will then be tasted again by all five of us and will announce a winner. With that out of the way, you have 3 hours,!"

The room was filled again with the sounds of clanking bake wear and chatter and Dean and Adam fist bumped before turning to their station and got started. Adam was tasked with the gathering of the spices as Dean strained the apples from the sprite he'd set the cut pieces in to keep them from browning as they worked. With a grin Dean mixed the spices with a healthy amount of the honey and then dipped a piece of apple in and handed it to Adam to taste. The younger boy bit into the piece and nodded, his eyes wide as he finished off the slice eagerly. Dean set a couple more pieces aside for Adam to snack on as they worked to assemble the pie

With a pot set on simmer, Dean blind baked the crust as he heated the apples and the honey and spice mixture, letting it bubble as he took the extra crust and had Adam cut it into strips so they could lattice it over the top. Once the pie was assembled Dean bit his lip and looked around, his eyes catching on an old time ice cream maker.

"What goes best with pie Adam?"


"Well that too, but I was thinking ice cream."

"But we don't have any Dean."

"Then we make it."

"You can do that?"

"Mmhmm, here let me show you."

Dean glanced back at the clock keeping track of the competition time and nodded, they had plenty of time. He pulled out his phone and found a pretty easy recipe for homemade Vanilla Ice cream and after pulling out all the ingredients he and Adam got to work, both grinning and playfully nudging each other out of the way.

By the time the warning alarm went off they were pulling their ice cream out of the maker and sitting it in the minifridge to keep it cold. With nothing else to do, they started to clean up, Dean washing the used dishes and Adam putting them in the dish strainer. The final bell went off and they pulled the pie from the oven where it had been left to warm after it was done and sat it on the counter, then waited as the judges went around. They were one of the last teams to get judged and Dean held his breath as the two men tasted the pie, the shorter one dipping his in the provided ice cream.

"This is amazing. There's something...I can't place the taste." The taller one said as he took another bite of his piece.

"It's delicious that's what."

They nodded and placed a marker on their counter before moving on to the next. Dean looked at Adam and high-fived the younger boy after they looked around and seen only one other marker put down.

"Dean! We're in the final taste testing."

"Sure are Kiddo. Told you we'd do it."

After the last few tastings a third was chosen and Missouri and Mildred thanked every one for participating and then called for the three with the markers to bring their pies up to the main table. Dean carefully carried the pie tin and Adam carried the ice cream, picking up the jar of Wild Forest Honey as a last minute decision. At the table the three set down their pies and introduces themselves to one another and then the judges again.

"Alright you three. We'll start with Mr. LaFitte's pie first, then we'll move on to Ms. Braedon's pie, and then finally Mr. Winchester and Milligan's pie."

Dean shifted from foot to foot as he watched them try each pie in turn, Adam adding some ice cream before drizzling a little bit of the honey over the small offering before stepping back next to him. The smaller man arched his eyebrow before tucking into his piece, the man next to him humming loudly as he took another bite of the pie with the honey drizzled ice cream.

"That's amazing, what was that you used?" He asked as he looked over at them.

"It's honey from Blue Skies Apiary. It's their Wild Forest variety. I felt it would really enhance the flavors of the pie." Dean said, his cheeks heating as the man focused on his face.

"I knew I knew that flavor. Cassie, this is your honey." The shorter man said, a wide grin on his face as he finished off his piece and helped himself to another. "Mm, Mr. Winchester, no matter what the outcome of this contest I want to extend to you an offer to make these and sell these at my Bakery. They will sell out daily in no time." He hummed as he swiped some more ice cream too. "My name's Gabriel by the way."

Dean looked between the two men, a blush on his face. "That's really kind of you, but..uh. I work for Fire Station 79 and don't really have the time to bake...but maybe on my days off I can make some to bring by?"

"We'll work it out, don't worry hot stuff. This is too good to not share with the public."

Clapping cut their conversation short and Missouri stood up, a smile on her face.

"Like I thought, we had some stiff competition, you three were the best of the best we had here today and it's a hard choice to make. But, first place goes to Mr. LaFitte, 2nd place to Mr. Winchester and Milligan, and 3rd place to Ms. Braeden. Hopefully we see you three again next year. I can't wait to see what you come up with for that. And don't forget that we have the Fall Bake Sale to help raise money for the town coming in mid October."

They were all dismissed after and Dean shook hands with LaFitte and Braeden, smiling down at the 2nd place ribbon in his hand. He nudged Adam and handed it to him to keep, ruffling the boys' hair. As they turned to leave the taller judge stopped them, holding out a business card.

"My name's Castiel, I own the Apiary where you get the honey you used. I would like to invite you to come try some of our new flavors...if you want."

"I'd like that."

"Good...good." Castiel looked like he wanted to say more but Gabriel called his name; waving like a mad man to get his attention. With an annoyed sigh he looked back at Dean. "I hope to hear from you."

"Yeah..maybe I'll bring you another pie to try, for a private tasting."

Dean laughed as Castiel's face turned red at the implications and he winked as the man turned to join his brother, running into one of the bake stations when he looked back at Dean and Adam. They may not have taken first place that day but with all things considered the itself was a win.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Crushing Cas/Dean
Triggers: None


It was a quiet day in the Bunker, Sam was out with Eileen and Dean and Charlie had shuttered themselves into the Deancave to over the upcoming LARPing event that she'd talked Dean into participating in while Castiel and Jack were talking about Jack's new powers. There was a commotion in the hall as Dean and Charlie walked down; their voices catching Castiel's attention. He looked up just in time to see Dean and Charlie enter the war room where he and Jack sat.

"Dude you collect D-bags like a dragon collects a hoard."

"They're not all bad." Dean hedged before throwing his hands up. "Alright, yeah, some of them are pretty bad, but there are a few.."

"I'm going to start calling you the D-bag collector."

The two fell silent as they realized that the war room wasn't as empty as they had thought; Charlie playfully ruffling Jack's hair as Dean patted the younger celestial's shoulder. Green met Blue and for a moment time seemed to stop; something that Castiel knew was not physically possible without outside interference and he currently didn't feel anything in the air other than a warmth from the way that he and Dean stared at one another. The sound of Charlie clearing her throat broke the gaze and Castiel could see the light flush of color over Dean's cheeks as he looked away; the red highlighting the dusting of freckles on his face. After that Dean was hurried out of the room by Charlie, the red headtalking a mile a minute about getting Dean fitted for a new Hand Maiden outfit.

Once they were out of earshot Jack turned his attention to Castiel; his head tilted to the side in a perfect imitation of the older Angel's signature move.

"Cas...what's a d-bag?"

Castiel opened his mouth but found that he didn't really know the answer. He thought he knew, but Dean had never had a problem saying the word douchebag before and neither did anyone around them. So it must have meant something else. He shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know. Must be something that pertains to Charlie and Dean's game."

Jack appeared to think it over before he too shrugged his shoulders and accepted the reasoning. After a bit more conversation he wandered off to finish the tv show that he'd been watching on his laptop. Castiel sat for a few moments thinking over the conversation with Jack before the nagging question of what Dean and Charlie had been talking about set back in. With his lips pressed into a thin line he pulled Dean's laptop over to him and after closing out of the various adult popups; and being extremely glad that Sam had given Jack a laptop of his own to use, he wasn't sure he could explain all of what was on Dean's lap top to the young celestial; he started to look up what d-bag meant.

It took a couple tries to find something that seemed relevant. He followed a couple links that looked promising and his eyes lit up as he found a website that explained everything. Interested he found a discarded legal pad and a pen and started to take notes.

Three days had passed since the conversation that Castiel had accidentally overheard with Jack when he received a notification to his phone that a package had showed up to the local post office with his name on it. He made his excuses for leaving, stating that he just an errand to run before slipping out of the Bunker. As he eased behind the wheel of his car he felt himself practically vibrating with excitement as he made his way to the post office. The box was light in his hands but he knew that the item it contained was of the highest quality and the subsequent ride back to the Bunker seemed to go quicker than the ride to the Post Office had been. He let himself into the Bunker; pressing his hand to the invisible sigil that had been painted there as a way to verify his and Jack's identity and allow them to come and go as they pleased from the Bunker. He stopped for a moment at the top landing to gather his thoughts and steady his breathing before he headed down the stairs where he was pleased to see Dean alone in war room.

"Dean, there you are."

"Yeah Cas?"

The older hunter looked up from the old book that he'd been looking at; Castiel was pretty sure that Sam had roped Dean into research; and Castiel's lips twitched into a slight grin as he took a seat next to Dean. Without saying anything he handed the box to Dean, watching the confusion filter over the other man's face.

"What's this Cas?"

"Charlie said you collect these the other day. I haven't ever seen any of these laying around so you must keep them pretty hidden. But hopefully you don't have one like this."

Dean tilted his head, his eyes squinted in extreme confusion at that point as he looked down at the box in his hand and then back at Castiel. He opened his mouth before shaking his head and after fishing a knife from his back pocket carefully cut through the tape.

"What...exactly did Charlie say I collected?" Dean asked as he started to shift through the packaging.

"The other day, you and Charlie were coming down the hall, she said you collected D-bags..."

Dean stopped, his eyes going wide before looking down at the box.


"Just look at it."

Dean looked as though he was going to something else but Castiel knew the moment his hand came in contact with the item. With his brow furrowed in thought, Dean pulled his hand out; a leather worked pouch with an anti-possession symbol branded on the buttery smooth hide hanging from his grasp.

"Uh..Cas? What's this?" He asked as he looked from the item over to Castiel.

"It's a D-bag. The website said that leather is the best for protecting the dice from getting scratched when not in play. If you want I can give you the website name and you can order more." Castiel felt around in his coat pocket before pulling out a folded piece of paper covered in his handwriting. "It's a website called Delightful D-bags and they do some of the best custom work."

A soft, fond smile ghosted over Dean's face as he looked at the bag, his fingers tracing over the anti-possession symbol almost reverently. Almost shyly; not that Castiel would ever associate that particular emotion with Dean Winchester, at least to Dean's face anyway; Dean reached over and covered Castiel's hand with his own, giving it a squeeze.

"Don't ever change Cas." He grinned as he gave Castiel's hand another squeeze before taking the bag back into both hands and turning it over as he admired the craftsmanship of it. "This is honestly the best D-bag I've ever gotten."

Warmth radiated from Castiel's chest as he looked at the happy smile on Dean's face and he felt himself fall just a bit further in love in with the older hunter. Green met Blue again, only this time there was nothing or no one to interrupt them.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas/Benny
Triggers: Sam having a temper-tantrum, light case of depression

The smell of bacon filled the kitchen and the shorter man looked over his shoulder to see his boyfriend sitting at the table, his eyes trained on the laptop in front of him. Tension filled the room and as much as he wanted to break it he wasn't sure about how to go about it. Instead he pulled the pan from the stove and set it to the side before leaning up against the counter and just staring at him boyfriend until the other man looked up.

"What Gabriel?"

"Are you just going to ignore him for the rest of your life?"

"He's choosing to leave."

"He's your brother."

That was apparently the wrong thing to say as the other man slammed his fist down on the table hard enough to make the flatware on it jump.

"He's choosing a damn Vampire!"


"No Gabriel. A Vampire. A low life, blood sucking Vampire."

"And you're dating an Angel. What's your point."

Gabriel frowned as he watched the gears in Sam's mind turn in a bid to find a way to turn Gabriel's words back on him. When he couldn't he sat in fuming silence.

"Your brother deserves some good in his life Sam."

"He had it with Cas, and he's throwing it away for Benny. Benny!"

" know that Benny is more human than Cassie or I. Right? We're wavelengths of light and intent. Benny was a human before he was turned."

"He's dangerous."

"Benny? Teddy Bear Benny is dangerous? To who? A blood bank?"

"He could turn on Dean and that's it. Either Dean is killed or turned. And Dean wasn't so impressed with being a Vampire before."

"And Cassie could accidentally smite Dean in a fit of pique. He's equally as dangerous. I know the whole Holy Tax Accountant get up makes him seem harmless but Cassie was a General in Heaven's army. He has thousands of bodies to his name, he was a highly regarded General, his name sang with praise from every corner of the Heaven's when he took the field. You thinking that Cas is less dangerous than Benny is an oversight of Cas's true power."

Gabriel sighed and shook his head before turning back to the stove and plating the food he'd cooked. He and Sam could go round and round for hours but he knew that nothing would get solved; Sam had inherited the stubborn Winchester need to be right from John and nothing short of Chuck himself would ever make him change his mind. Instead he set down the heaping plate and settled into his own seat, filling his from the multiple plates that he'd sat on the table. They ate in silence, nothing but the sound of silverware scraping against the plates until they were finished.

Two more plates sat off to the side, the chairs empty and the beer and accompanying tea long since warmed and cooled respectively. Sam glanced at it before getting up and stalking out of the room a scowl twisting his lips as he left Gabriel to clean up. With a sigh he snapped his fingers and it was as if there was no mess to begin with; no dirty plates or cooking utensils to even suggest that a meal had been made. He picked up the beer and sipped at it, sighing again as he looked out of the kitchen window, watching the shadows move across their back yard.

"I hope you know what you're doing Cassie." He muttered as he finished the bottle and set it down on the counter next to him.

He knew it wouldn't be too long before Sam realized that Dean wasn't leaving Cas behind, that the three of them; Benny, Dean, and Cas were leaving together to start something new and everything was going to come to a boiling point. When Sam inevitably found out that Dean was even switching his phone number and changing his last name it was likely that Sam would tear across the US to find his brother and attempt to bring him home. It was going to make the fight between Michael and Lucifer seems like a childs slap fight and Gabriel wasn't sure he'd be able to handle it.

In the back of his mind, had Gabriel known that their last meal together had indeed been their last meal together he would have made it last longer, encouraged both Cas and Dean to talk more about anything just to keep them there longer. He had been under the impression that they'd have more time. That maybe they weren't serious in their plan to leave. Not for the first time, he'd been wrong.

Sighing once more he flicked the lights off and went off to try and find Sam, hoping that he could at least lighten the mood somewhat. Though Cas's words did ring out in the back of his mind as he took in the sour expression on Sam's face.

"You're welcome to come with us Gabriel and to stay as long as you like. We'll have enough room."

The longer he watched Sam stew in his thoughts and lash out at those around him, the more he felt that maybe it was a good idea. Dean being Dean couldn't have too many Angel's looking after him after all.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Alpha Dean/Omega Castiel
Triggers: Blood, possessive behavior, mentioned sexual violence towards Omegas

He threw open the window in a bid to get some sort of air flow through the house though in the back of his mind he knew it was dangerous. An Omega in heat leaving open windows was practically an invitation for trouble. The only saving grace was the bite mark that sat just above his collar bone, marking him as mated. Panting he stripped out of his suit leaving pieces of it laying on the floor until he face planted into the cool cotton sheets on their bed where his mates calming Alpha scent wafted up with every move he made. Gritting his teeth he tried to fight down the whine that wanted to break free. Heats on their own were horrible but a surprise Heat was even worse.

The sound of the front door opening caused him to freeze and his mind raced as he tried to remember if he locked it. He strained his hearing only to catch the soft sounds of footfalls ascending the stairway and his heart slammed to a stop as they stopped on the other side of the door. His muscles tightened in preparation to either fight or run and he started to ease himself off of the bed to give himself a head start on movement. A deep threatening growl erupted from him as the door swung open only for it to die when he seen his mate framed in the doorway.

"Oh Angel."

Dropping his brief case to the floor by the door Dean moved over towards the bed, the red ring around his eyes the only indication that the Heat scent was affecting him. Suddenly impatient with how slow his mate was moving in regards of removing his clothing--honestly how dare Dean still be that dressed--he lunged, his hands yanking fabric aside until he could touch skin. With a happy purr he shoved his face against Dean's scent gland, mouthing at it as he wiggled around until he was straddling his mate. Dean hummed softly as his hands gently rubbed up and down his spine and he felt some of the fire beneath his skin subside.

"How'd you know?" He asked as his brain finally started to slowly come back online now that he had his Alpha to press against.

"Meg stopped by and told me."

"But your lecture.." He couldn't help the whine that slipped free; embarrassed that Dean had left class for him.

"It'll keep. Charlie is covering for me. My students like her better anyway. She's the cool teacher." Dean chuckled as he kissed and nibbled on Cas' scent gland lightly. "You're more important to me. Tell me Angel, what do you need?"

"Need you." He groaned, his Heat spiking again dragging him back under. "On your back, wanna ride you Alpha.."

He felt Dean shudder and knew that the Alpha's control was starting to grow thin. With a devious glint in his eye he rolled his hips; pressing down hard and throwing his head back wantonly so as to entice his mate.

"Angel..." Dean's voice wavered slightly, his hands digging into Cas' hips hard enough to leave bruises.

"Gonna be good for me Alpha? Gonna give me what I want?" It was a truly devilish smile that played on Cas' lips as he watched Dean nod his head vigorously. "Then lay down for me Alpha on your back, hands behind your head." He murmured with a hard nip to his mates lower lip before he moved off Dean's lap.

Had fire not been crawling through his veins with the intensity of fresh lava he would have admired how quickly Dean shed his clothing before situating himself as ordered. His normally bright green eyes were now a deep crimson as he watched Cas' every move, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. The smell of Alpha arousal was thick in the air but he knew that his mate wouldn't do anything unless told.

Cas marveled at his Alpha, the younger man truly a gift and if he believed in True Mates he'd say that Dean had been crafted just for him and him alone. A submissive Alpha to match his dominate Omega. Unable to deny himself any longer her stalked the bed, crawling up and dragging his body along his mates', effectively covering Dean in his Heat scent and slick; marking him in the most primal way. He licked his lips before trailing his tongue up the engorged shaft of his mates' cock, enjoying the way it pulsed and jumped at the contact.

"Taste so good Alpha." He purred as he swiped his tongue over the head to clean away the leaking pre-cum.

"All yours Omega." Dean panted, his voice little more than a growl in the back of his throat.

"Yes it is. My Alpha and my Alpha cum." He snarled as he bit down on one of Dean's hips, making the Alpha jerk wildly underneath him.

He wasn't possessive by nature normally, sure he had his moments, but when his Heat came it was all he could do to keep from leaving claiming bites from head to toe on Dean to warn others away. They didn't venture out into public even days before his Heat because he was too territorial and they had been kicked out a few places because of it. Even now with his mate staring up at him adoringly as Cas used him how he seen fit he could smell others on his mate's skin and it made him angry.

"Meg touched you." He snapped as he positioned himself sot that was hovering just above the purpling head of Dean's cock. "You let her touch you." He eased himself down with a calm that the fire under his skin belied. "You want her Alpha? You think about fucking her like you do me? Or do you think about her using you the way I do?" He took just the head into his body and then lifted off only to repeat the motion.

"N--no..only you Angel."

He could feel Dean struggling to keep his hands where he'd been told and his Omega keened at how well his Alpha obeyed. It was nearly enough to make him forget the scent of Meg on his mate. He could feel himself slipping further and further under, the fire in his blood now washing over him in crashing waves. As much as he wanted to continue to tease his mate as punishment he couldn't help himself and with a loud whine his head fell back in ecstasy at the feeling of his mate's cock stretching him almost to the ripping point.

He rolled his hips slowly, grinding down and pulling a choked groan from Dean, his hands gripping the pillow behind his head hard enough to rip it in two if he wanted. Though the movement was not only a tease to Dean but a bittersweet torture to himself, he continued the grinding; watching as Dean started to fall apart under him. After a moment he leaned down until they were chest to chest, their lips only inches apart and the air that was shared between them heavy with desire.

"If only I didn't need your knot so bad right now. I'd ride you until I came but make you wait and then present for me. I'd used my slick to work you open until you're begging for me to fuck you Alpha. And only when you couldn't take anymore would I give you what you want Alpha..fill you full of your Omega's cum and then plug your hole to keep it all inside." He bit down hard on Dean's lower lip and tugged. "You'd like that wouldn't you Alpha?" Under him Dean whimpered loudly and his hips gave an abortive thrust as his eyes flooded red again. "Maybe later, right now I need your knot Alpha, need you to fill me up. Can you do that for me Alpha? I need words this time." He purred as he rolled his hips again as electricity sparked along his nerve endings.

"Yes Omega..anything.."

"Good boy. Now I'm going to ride you but I want you to thrust as hard and fast as you can. If you don't knot me and fill me up before I get off I'll use my toy to knot me and you won't get off until my Heat spikes again. Understand?"

"Yes Omega."

A feral grin passed over Cas' lips and he barely got to sit upright before Dean started to thrust; his feet flat on the bed to give him leverage and the first one hard enough to nearly unseat him altogether. Taking it as a challenge he lifted himself almost all the way off before slamming back down, making them both moan loudly. From that point on there was no softness as they moved together as one; sweating shining on both their bodies and the room humid and saturated with their combined scents.

He could feel his release coiling tightly in the pit of his stomach and he opened his mouth to warn Dean that was almost out of time when the Alpha thrust up even harder than before. A garbled moan was forced out when he felt Dean's knot tie them together as the first flood of his release coated Cas' channel. The molten feel of Dean's cum pumping into him pushed Cas over the edge and he muffled his scream by biting down hard on Dean's mating bite hard enough to reopen the mark and fill his mouth with blood.

Panting he felt his eyes slip close and he faintly heard Dean murmuring soft praise against the top of his head. With a soft sounding purr he slumped against his mate, lazily lapping at the open wound he'd made as the fire in his blood receded; leaving only a sated, content Omega behind.

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Pairings: None
Triggers: None

When one hears the word 'bouncer' one thinks of bars or clubs or all sorts. One does not thing of quaint coffee houses with bright yellow bees painted on the sign or windows. So it had come as some surprise when Dean pulled to a stop in front of the building. He double and even triple checked the address before shrugging his shoulders and going in only to immediately stop and stare.

The layout was identical to any other coffee shop he'd ever been to over the years. Long wooden serving counter with a pastry case at the end filled with the sweets of the day, a row of different coffee machines behind the counter to make any number of drinks from plain black coffee to fancy teas, and a mixture of tables and comfortable arms chairs strewn about the main area. Off to the side and towards the back there seemed to be a small stage like set up and for a moment Dean allowed himself a grimace at the thought of beat poetry.

A non to subtle throat clearing brought him out of his thoughts and he turned to find himself face to face with what could only be described as a walking wet dream. Dark brown, nearly black unruly hair sat atop one of the most handsomely arranged faces--seriously did a god put this man together-- with the most striking blue eyes and plush looking lips he'd ever seen.

"Weren't you ever taught it's impolite to stare?" The inquired and Dean could feel his knees buckle at the throaty growl the man had.

"I was always taught that art should be admired." Dean quipped before he could stop himself.

They both stood there and stared at one another, Dean's cheeks heating as the other man arched an eyebrow at him; and damn if that didn't make his stomach flip in all the best ways. After a few moments; or maybe hours who knew really it wasn't like Dean was checking his watch; Dean cleared his throat and down at the paper he'd forgotten he had in his hand.

"So..uh..I'm here to see either Gabriel or Casteel Novak? About a bouncers position?"

"It's more a security position than bouncer." The man started, his head cocked to the side in confusion. "But maybe you'd know better than me."

"Are you Gabriel or Casteel?"


Dean opened his mouth to ask which one the yes was for but closed it again and looked around the shop once more.

"Um, no offense Mr. Novak but why do you need a security guard or bouncer here anyways? Most coffee shops just use surveillance cameras."

"My brother is trying a new line of 'medicinal' baked goods and as you can see we're not in the best part of town. Just last week we had an attempted robbery but fortune favored us and a couple of officers stopped in randomly for some coffee."

"Medicinal? You mean edibles right?"

"If you want to be crude about it."

Novak arched his eyebrow again, this time challenging Dean to say something about it but Dean's self preservation kicked in and he stayed silent.

"Ok, what hours are looking for to be covered?" Dean asked as he fought down the fluttering in his stomach.

"We're open 7am Monday through Saturday and close at 9. We're not open Sundays. Is that a problem for you?"

Dean felt his face blanche but he shook his head. They were long hours but the pay they were offering made it worth it.

"When would you want me to start?"

"Today if you're amenable."

"Normally I'm good with immediately. But today I'm moving my brother in with me. I can start tomorrow though for sure."

Novak went silent and Dean was certain that he'd just cost himself the job. His shoulders drooped slightly but then Novak nodded.

"Tomorrow is acceptable. Dress casual, we don't want to tip anyone off that we've hired a guard now."

"Yes Sir."

Novak regarded him with squinted eyes before nodding again and walking off. Taking the clear dismissal for what it was Dean left; stopping at the door to cast one more look over his shoulder at the shop before leaving.

7 am came earlier than Dean realized and he sipped at his thermos of home brew blearily, blinking and rubbing at his eyes alternately as he waited. He wasn't sure when his eyes slipped closed but the sound of something scraping against the pavement of the alleyway had them snapping open as he looked around.

"Well, well. Who do we have here?"

The man speaking was short in stature with brown hair and eyes to match and an amused expression on his face. Despite his size Dean could tell that the man could do serious damage if he wanted. He was dressed in Bakers Whites from head to toe which calmed Dean's nerves somewhat.

"Dean Winchester, newly hired security guard. And you are?"

"So you're the muscle Cassie hired yesterday? He never said you were so good looking." The man very obviously let his eyes travel up and down Dean's frame before speaking again. "Well Adonis, my name is Gabriel."

"My name's Dean.."

"I heard you the first time Bucko, but Adonis suits you so much better." He winked as he started to undo the locks. "So why are you here so early? Place doesn't open until 9."

"Uh...Mr. Novak said to be here at 7."

"Did he now?" Gabriel hummed. "That sneaky little shit. Well since you're here might as well join me as I get ready for the day."

Dean nodded and followed the shorter man inside, taking in his surroundings and trying to find himself a place out of the way so he wouldn't be under Gabriel's feet.

"Here Adonis, hair net. As much as I'd like to run my fingers through your hair to see if its as soft as it looks, the patrons won't like to find it in their food."

Dean scowled as he caught the item but slipped it on; making sure that all his hair was contained within. Once he was sure it was on he watched as Gabriel started to buzz around the kitchen like a little tornado. Soon the room was filled with the scent of baking bread and Dean felt his stomach growl in appreciation.

"You come in early like this every day?" He asked as he found starting to wake up a bit more.

"This is a late day. Normally I'm in at 5am and Cassie comes in at 7 to do the books and place any orders we may need."

"So why the change today?"

"Probably to break you in. The past few times Cassie tried to hire someone they never even bothered to show up once he told them 7."

Dean snorted and finished off his coffee. "So why the reason for security? Other than the 'medicinal' goods y'all have?"

"That's the main reason." Gabriel looked around as if to make sure that it really was only he and Dean before speaking again. "Cassie won't admit it but his most recent ex has been camping out in the shop and just causing all sorts of trouble and he doesn't feel safe. He move so that they wouldn't know where he lives but he has to drive around until he loses them in traffic before he can even go home."

Dean scowled and crossed his arms. "Why not a restraining order? Sounds like clear cut and dry harassment and stalking."

Gabriel sighed as he started to roll out dough. "Because they haven't made any threats or done anything...that we can prove. Plus cops are rather biased and think that as men we should be able to handle our issues ourselves."

"That's bullshit."

"It is. So you're here to keep my munchie goodies safe and keep my baby brother safe."

Dean nodded and settle down on a stool he found and he and Gabriel passed the time before opening with idle chit-chat and Dean learned that he'd been saying Castiel's name wrong the day before, a pinkish flush covering his cheeks at the mistake. He and Gabriel were in the middle of a game of one upsmanship of pick up lines with Castiel joined them; his hair looking even more unruly and his eyes appearing to be closed as he walked through the kitchen to the office and closed the door with a grunt.

"He's not awake yet. Give him an hour...or three."

"So I've been thinking.."

"Whoa now Adonis, it's only your first day. Don't want to tax you already."

"Shut it you Hobbit. Anyway...just hanging out all day is going to call attention to myself and people are going to notice when I'm here every day all day. If you want to keep me an uncover guard, then maybe I should be..employee or something along those lines."

Gabriel looked at him and blinked and for a moment Dean worried that he'd over stepped his boundaries.

"That's not a bad idea. It also gives me eye candy to look at. I'd call that a win/win."


The sound of the shorter man's name being called made them both jump and they turned to look at Castiel whom was standing in the doorway of the office with his arms folded over his chest.

"Yes Cassie?"

"Quit harassing the help and get back to work. I know today is mainly cookie day and you've got most of them baking now but maybe some other baked goods today too."

"Take the bee out of your bonnet Cassie. I'm making some mini pies to go out today. They're quick and easy and everyone loves pie! But why don't you get Adonis here a shirt and an apron."


"Because he's going to be our undercover boytoy."


"Fine, he made a good point, if he just hangs out all day people are going to get suspicious. But if he works here then he has a reason to be here all the time."

Castiel narrowed his eyes at them before shaking his head and heading back into the office for a moment before returning with a bakery work shirt. He handed it to Dean and then disappeared back into the office, shutting the door behind him.

"Alright Adonis, eighty-six the duds you got and get into that shirt. I'll show you how to work things up front so that you can play the role correctly."

With a snort he slipped his shirt off, ignoring Gabriel's wolf-whistles and slipped into the bakery shirt, smoothing it down and then turning to face Gabriel again. The shorter man gave him a critical once over before nodding and motioning for Dean to follow him and as they made their way to front of the shop Dean wondered if maybe he could suggest other things to help the shop; like maybe an open mic night for local bands and artists. Anything but beat poetry.

For the first few weeks all was quiet, Dean never even seen the person that was supposedly stalking Castiel and in that time he'd grown quite fond of both the brothers, Gabriel had no problem playing pranks on anyone and very often gave back ten times as much as he received made him Dean's favorite target while Castiel offered Dean moments of quiet introspection and always took his suggestions seriously and didn't treat him as just hired help.

It was a quiet morning, Dean was working on his Latte art while Gabriel bustled around the front end adding fresh pastries to the case when the bell over the door sounded; alerting them to a customer. Both men looked up but while Dean smiled at the taller man, Gabriel frowned and crossed his arms over his chest, the dish towel in his hand hanging limply.

"Good Morning! Welcome to Hive. What can I get you?" Dean asked brightly.

"I'm here to see the owner, Castiel. Please tell him that Arthur is here."

The man's voice was clipped, his British accent condescending as he looked at Dean, one corner of his lips tilted up in the smug smirk. Immediately Dean's hackles rose and he glanced over at Gabriel and seen his normally carefree boss glaring as if he could smite the man in front of him.

"I apologize but Mr. Novak isn't here today. I can take a message for you if you'd like?"

Dean tried to keep his tone even, the smile on his face now as forced as it would be during school picture day. The man looked him over, grinning as he took a card out of his suit pocket and placed it on the counter.

"Just tell him that I'm back in town and want to get together. But if he's not free, feel free to give me a call yourself."

Dean looked down at the card before snorting and tossing it into the trash besides him. The look on Arthur's face was priceless and Dean just soaked it up before he reached across the counter and grabbed the man by the lapels of his suit jacket and hauled him close. Once they were nose to nose he growled, his voice deep and dark.

"Listen here Douchebag, you're not welcome here. You've been told before and this is the only warning I'm going to give you. Now you can walk out of here on your own and never come back. Or I can escort you out and leave you in the back alley to fend for yourself." He smirked as he twisted his hands, tightening the fabric against the man's throat. "So Arthur old bean, what'll be?"

"I don't know who you think you are you American ruffian.."

"I think I'm the man that's going to show you just how many times you can dislocate a finger before moving onto the next."

Arthur's face drained and he swallowed thickly before he pulled hasty breath. Dean allowed himself a chuckle before letting go of the man's suit lapels and lightly smoothing them down as if nothing had happened.

"So if that will be all, you're welcome to leave." Dean's voice slipped back into the bright customer service voice he'd developed. "Have a good day!"

As soon as Arthur realized he could move he backed up and all but ran out of the shop; the door slamming closed behind him. Only when he was sure that Arthur was gone did he allow himself a laugh. Looking over he seen Gabriel staring at him with his mouth open and he could only laugh harder. Once he calmed down he leaned against the counter, one hand flat on the top and his other arm akimbo on his hip.

"So, do I still have a job? Or am I fired now since I scared him off?"

"Are you kidding? You're hired for life.' Gabriel snorted before he called out as loud as he could. "Cassie! We're keeping Adonis! If you don't marry him I will!"

Chapter Text

Pairing: Librarian Dean/Teacher Cas
Triggers: None


"Meg where are we going?"

"The library."


"You'll see."

And so he found himself being pulled along, his companion's hand wrapped tightly around his wrist as she marched onwards as if she thought he'd disappear into thin air if she didn't have the tight hold. Teachers and students alike moved out of their way as they passed; the two of them becoming the targets of multiple amused and critical looks as they moved past. As much as people like to call him oblivious he knew the rumors that circulated abut them and between them they spent hours laughing about them. Where he not strictly into men and found women even the least bit sexually attractive then maybe things would be different, however he and Meg learned earlier on that they were not compatible in any way but friendly.

"Meg I have a class coming up." He interjected as he gave a token pull of his arm.

"You'll be fine Clarence, I know you have already have everything planned out anyway."

She shot him a a smirk over her shoulder and he in turn gave her scowl but said nothing as they finally passed through the double doors of the library. Meg pulled him immediately down the aisle closest to the library desk and quietly moved books in such a manner so that they had a good view of the area.

"What the hell Meg?" He hissed, conscious that they were in fact in a library but annoyed that they were hiding behind the shelves like students bent on skipping class.


"Meg I don't have time..."

His words were cut off by Meg grabbing his face and turning his head so that he could see between the books she's moved out of the way. Words and breathing failed him as the spines of the books framed a broad shouldered back clothes in a charcoal grey sweater vest while dark green sleeves wrapped themselves around equally strong looking arms. Light brunette hair was combed over to one side before tapering down to close shaved sides and as he watched the man turned and his mouth went dry. The man had to be the most handsome person he'd ever seen; he had a square jaw with a sharp jaw line that was slightly stubbled and bright green eyes that were encircled with gold wire frame glasses.


"Mmhmm. That's our new Librarian. Rumor around the halls is that he's a friend of Bradbury and she talked him into applying. He's also got a certification in physical education. So maybe if we're good Santa will will grace us with him in those short shorts for Christmas."

"Don't objectify the man Meg." He retorted automatically, though his mind brought up several ideas involving those short shorts.

"Like your thoughts are so pure there Clarence. You're practically drooling all over the shelf." She snorted a she looked through the books at him at again.

The warning bell ran and he cursed as he moved away from the shelves and towards the double doors already knowing that he was going to be late. He didn't need to look behind him to know that Meg was smirking at him.

Class passed slowly and he was glad that the next period was lunch. Part of him wanted to go down to the cafeteria and sit with the other teachers and maybe catch sight of the new Librarian again but the other part warned him about making a fool of himself so instead he opted to stay in his room and enjoy his lunch there. He settled down at his desk and carefully pulled his peanut butter and jelly sandwich free from it's wax paper confines before starting to look through the newest batch of papers that he had to grade. He'd just taken a bite of his sandwich when a knock sounded on his door and he groaned as he called out best he could around his mouthful of peanut butter for whoever it was to enter.


Bright red hair flounced into the room and even with his mouth glued together with peanut butter he couldn't help but smile. Charlie Bradbury was a force of nature and he sincerely doubted that anyone could withstand her infectious good moods even if they tried. His eyes slid past her when he realized that someone had followed her in and the peanut butter he'd been working to swallow suddenly got stuck in his throat as he tried breath and swallow at the same time. The end result was him choking and flailing around like chicken with no head.

"Whoa...whoa...careful there."

A strong hand came down firmly between his shoulder blades a couple of times and he couldn't stop himself from staring up into the bright eyes he'd seen earlier. Despite his body telling him explicitly that he needed to breathe he couldn't seem to catch his breath; his brain unhelpfully noticing that the gold rimmed glasses helped bright out the gold flecks in the man's irises.

"You going to make it? You need the Heimlich? Or CPR?"

Breathlessly he shook his head as he continued to stare; taking in each feature of the man's face from close up and filing them away. Belatedly his brain realized that the man had brought up CPR and damn if that didn't kick start some rather delicious scenarios that sent a pleasant shiver down his spine.

"Good. I would had to be fired my first day for killing a teacher." He chuckled before winking. "I save that for the middle of my year depending on who bothers me the most."

"Dean, this is Castiel our Earth Sciences Teacher, Cas this is Dean our new Librarian and my Handmaiden." Charlie cut in, a smirk tilting her lips up at the side as she watched them interact.

"Charles.." Dean warned, his nose scrunching up in playful annoyance before he stuck his hand out. "Nice to meet you Cas."

"'m Castiel.." He stuttered out before blushing hotly. "I mean, glad to meet you too. Welcome to our school."

Dean's smile was slow and easy and he felt the warmth from the top of his head to the tip of his toes and he had the idle thought that he could live forever on just Dean's smile. He found himself answering in kind, his lips curling slowly into a smile of their own as their eyes connected.

"Alright, that's enough of the eye fuck fest you two." Charlie butted in loudly. "We have other people to meet. See you later Cas." She said as she began to steer Dean from the room.

Before they reached the doorway Dean looked over his shoulder, a slight blush on his cheeks as he spoke.

"You can find me during normal library hours, or if you find me later I'll give you my number and you can call me after hours."

With one last wink Dean was whisked away and he scrambled to pull up the library schedule. He'd never booked a slot so fast in his life, happy that he managed to grab the last for the day. His class would appreciate the break and if he scored the hot librarian's phone number then that was just a good ending to the day and hopefully the beginning of something even better.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Triggers: Grief, Mourning, Self Mutilation, Suicidal Actions, Canon-Typical Violence

Angels on their own have their own spectrum of color; his was made of greens and golds. It was only when they formed a mating bond that their world opened up to more colors. What once was only a life lived in greens and golds of every shade soon burst into blues, teals, golds, and blacks that held a faint shimmering of all the hues in creations. The only problem that resulted was when one of the mated pair died or broke the bond that all the color was leeched away from the remaining mate, so a world of color could become a world of grays in the snap of a finger. For that reason alone Angels tended to stay away from the Solider Angels or the Garrisons stationed in dangerous places. But he had no chance from the very first moment he laid eyes on the dark haired Garrison Leader.

For a millennia his world was full of color and happiness, nights were spent cocooned in iridescent black wings and warrior strong arms. Then in the span of a blink of an eye his world went gray and shattered around him. A cry was wrenched from the depths of his Grace and he felt the host wince in sympathy. Within moments, or maybe days he lost track of time, his mates armor was delivered by the 1st lieutenant; their gaze to the side to avoid meeting his eyes. As they left silently he ran his fingers gently over the tarnished gold breast plate, his tears hitting the metal with soft pings and washing away the dirt in little runnels.

He shuttered himself away from the host after that; his grief all consuming until he could stand no more. Under the cover of twilight he made his way to earth and secreted himself away; warding himself from the eyes of the host and shutting down Angel Radio. Once he was left in silence he pulled a shining silver blade that his mate had gifted them as a mating gift and he pressed a kiss to the blade before he pulled his wing around and reaching back as far as he could started to hack away at the appendage. Pain ripped through him but he bit his lip to keep from crying out. Each slash, cut, and hacking motion cut tendons and bones until there was nothing left but the slightest of nubs against his back to even suggest he had wings.

Dead eyed he looked down at his once beautiful wings; the greens and golds of his feather spattered in blood and bits of muscle and bone from his frenzied cutting. Fire set into the mangled nubs of his wings and he swallowed down the pain as he started to pull the feathers from the wings, creating piles of feathers good to sell as they were and others that needed cleaned. He knew humans valued Angel feathers for magical properties and that by selling off the remnants of his own would allow him to live comfortably.

And so he traveled the earth, selling his feathers to shamans and witches alike, while gifting some to poorer parishes for luck. His Grace allowed him to experience the changing world around him and he watched countries rise and fall, watched families rise to power and then be forgotten. Soon as in Heaven he grew weary and he wanted nothing more but to stop, to just not be anymore. He wanted to leave the dull aching pain from his hacked away wings and the gray washed world; death was more preferable than this. Once again he secluded himself and with his silver blade in hand he bled his Grace out and the gray soon turned black and he welcomed the relief.

It was years later when his eyes slowly opened to take in the world around him, colors muted and memories of who, what he once was locked away. And he grew up; Dean Winchester, son of John Winchester and one of the children with Angelic destiny. In the back of his mind he knew something was missing, he could feel a void in his soul that no matter what he did he couldn't fill it. No matter how many people he surrounded himself with he felt alone and there was nothing he could do to change it. But he pushed it down, buried the feeling so deep down that soon he was accused of being as unfeeling as a marble statue and he liked it that way.

Then everyone left, first his father to hunt on his own because; in his own words; Dean was a liability and Sam to college because he deserved a life and there wasn't one in what they did. So he hunted and made a name for himself in the community. Still the empty feeling persisted, the dull ache now throbbing as he tried to fill the void. Around him the already muted colors dulled further as if a gray mist had descended over everything.

Even after he reunited with Sam the dulled colors maintained and the lonely feeling grew but now a dull ache along his spine accompanied it. Still he repressed it focusing instead on Sam and the mounting problems with demons. Then he died; his life given to bring Sam back, if either of them deserved life it was Sam. Then his dull colored world became reds and blacks and his ears rang with the screams of the damned. Days, weeks, months, years; maybe more who could tell, passed and the lonely empty grew from a small dark void to an aching chasm and the pain in his back burning like live embers were being pressed into the damaged skin.

Suddenly the reds and blacks exploded into vibrant colors and his ears rang with a different cacophony of voices. The burning in his back disappeared and he looked up into the brightest light he could ever remember.

"Fear not Dean Winchester for you are saved."

A hand reached from the light and gripped his shoulder, a sudden flash of pain ripping through him as a scream was torn from his abused throat. As suddenly as it happened the light faded and when he blinked he found himself in a wood box. Panic clawed at him and without a second thought he began to dig his way through the loosely packed earth. The first caress of fresh air on his face left him with his eyes closed and his face tipped up towards the sun. Another breeze blew past and he swore he could hear whispers.

They followed him to the abandoned gas station where high pitched screaming overwhelmed him until he couldn't take it any longer. Despite the screaming he swore he still heard words though he couldn't place the language. Even as he worked to make Bobby and then Sam believe that he was really him and not a demon copy or some other monster copy his mind was snapped back to the abandoned fill up station. As he thought of the screaming he couldn't help but realize that he felt full, felt whole for the first time in as long as he could remember.

So when Sam disappeared later that night and the screeching started again he talked Bobby into summoning whatever it was, he needed to know what it wanted. As they waited he felt his stomach tie up in knots, something big was coming he could feel it. The wind kicked up and suddenly he felt too big for his body, he felt as if he were going to explode. It was when the doors blew open that everything exploded, lights, some of the rotten wooden walls and colors. His knees buckled as he watched the being in front of him walk closer, the gain both familiar and foreign at the same time.

Despite his fear that Bobby was dead he couldn't take his eyes off of the thing in front of him, a flash of blues and black flashing behind his eyes.

"Who are you?"


"Yeah I got that, I mean, what are you?"

"I'm an Angel of the Lord."

The being barely got the words out before a blinding pain ripped through Dean's mind and he screamed as he dropped to his knees, his hands pressing against his temples to stop it. Across from him the being was talking, but the light drown it all out and he only realized too late that the blinding light was coming from him and not the being in front of him. It felt like his back was being skinned, the pain so raw and all consuming as pressure bore down on him, pressing him face first into the dirty flooring.


The pain in his back reached it's crescendo and he screamed as it felt like something was ripped from the very tendons. When he came too the first thing he noticed was that was covered in what felt like a heavy blanket done in greens and golds. When he tried to move he felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked up; the bright blue of the beings eyes unlocking something that had been buried deep inside.

"Cas?" He asked, his voice barely a whisper. " died, they brought me your armor.."

The being tilted his head, his eyes narrowed before they opened in shock. Slowly as if it were afraid of startling him, it reached forward with one dark iridescent wing. Without thinking, what Dean had thought was a blanket moved and he watched as another wing; his own wing; moved forward to mesh their feathers together. A bolt of electricity jolted them both and they stared at one another. Colors sharpened as they moved as one and crashed their lips together, their wings folding around them to block them from the world.

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Pairing: Castiel/Dean/Jimmy
Triggers: Dean's self-sabotaging ways

There were pros and cons to dating twins and for the most part the pros out weighed the cons. Pro: Only one birthday to remember. Con: Figuring out how to spend an equal amount of time with them separately before spending joint time together. Pro: Double the manly holding (which is absolutely not cuddling, nope) at night. Con: One twin is a furnace and the other an iceberg. Still there was nothing in the world Dean would trade time with his boyfriends for; they filled a void in him that he never realized existed.

As he planned out the twins' day he let his mind wander a bit; it was the first birthday that they were going to share as a thruple and the memory of how they came to be one snuck up on him.

He met Jimmy first, they shared a Lit101 their freshman year in college and had hit it off pretty well. They became fast friends and earned a reputation for outlandish pranks; both on each other and working together against others; as well as having thought provoking discussions in class. Dean had fallen quite hard for the blue eyed man fairly quickly but had kept it under wraps, he didn't want to lose a good friend because he couldn't think of anything he'd like more to do than to kiss him.

It wasn't until they attended a frat Halloween party where Jimmy had had just a little too much to drink that Dean found out that his previously thought unrequited feelings were in fact requited and the night ended with them curled up in Dean's bed trading lazy kisses; they'd made the decision to do nothing else until they were both sober. Turned out that being sober didn't change anything and after a rather intense make out session Dean and Jimmy went out bowling as a first date. To his surprise dating Jimmy didn't change their friendship all that much and Dean was sure that his life couldn't get any better.

Then came Castiel. The older twin and where Jimmy was loud and brash Castiel was quiet and reserved. Castiel transferred schools during the spring quarter of their Sophomore year and without a second thought Jimmy moved him into their townhouse, giving him the room that used to be Deans before they started dating. Things were a bit awkward at first and it took Dean a bit of time to catalog all the differences between the brothers and had mixed them up a couple of times; thankfully over harmless things and nothing major.

Dean and Castiel weren't as fast of friends as he and Jimmy had been; in fact for the first couple months they argued non-stop to where Dean picked up extra shifts at the garage and only came home when he knew Jimmy was there as a buffer. He hated it, but he wasn't going to make his boyfriend pick between him or his brother. He also couldn't take the feeling of being ran out of his own home and it came to a head one night as he walked through the door and Castiel came marching up to him, fire snapping behind his eyes.

"Where have you been?" He demanded, his voice clipped.

Dean blinked and then gestured down to his oil stained coveralls and equally oil stained hands. "I was working. We're a guy short and they've let me pick up the slack." His hackles raised when Castiel narrowed his eyes at him. "What? You got something to say?"

"I think the garage is a cover."

Dean snorted before shaking his head and trying to walk away. "You're right Cas. It's a cover. A cover for the damn bills and how I make sure we have enough food around here that we all like and money for fun nights out."

He was nearly out of reach when the other man grabbed the sleeve of his coveralls and yanked him back, sending Dean off kilter and crashing into him.

"What the fuck man?!" Dean snapped as he righted himself and yanked his arm away. "What the fuck is your problem?"

"You are! You're treating my brother like shit!" Castiel barked back, his face dark with anger. "You're never here, you work all these hours and only spend time with him at night and are gone before he gets up in the morning!"

Dean jerked back as if slapped, blinking at Castiel before growling and pushing up into his space.

"Fuck you Castiel. I have early classes, just so you know I don't plan on being a grease monkey my entire life. I'm in mechanical engineering classes and I scheduled them early so I could work and then spend time with your brother. I work so much so that Jimmy doesn't have too so he can focus on his studies. So you can take your judgmental attitude and shove it sideways up your ass!"

By the time he finished his rant they were nose to nose and breathing hard and Dean didn't remember who moved first and soon he was shoved against the wall with Castiel shoving his tongue down his throat as far as he could. It was only lasted a couple seconds before Dean was shoving Castiel away and wiping his mouth. They stared at one another with wide eyes before Dean turned and started towards his and Jimmy's room.

"Dean, I..." Castiel started as he moved towards Dean.



"I said no."

He hurried away after that, shutting himself into his and Jimmy's room and tried to make sense of what had happened. That was where Jimmy found him later when he got home, still dressed in his dirty coveralls staring at the floor.


Dean looked up and felt his chest ache as he took in the worried expression on Jimmy's face. While he'd been thinking things over he came to one conclusion, he was going to take the entire fall for what happened.

"Dean, what's wrong?"

Jimmy moved across the room and dropped down to his knees in front of him and reached out to take his hands. His expression was so soft, his eyes searching Dean's face and Dean couldn't take it any more. He felt like he was breaking apart inside, he didn't deserve that look from Jimmy, not after what he'd done.

"Jim..I.." The words stuck in his throat, and he closed his eyes so he wouldn't have to see the pain cross Jimmy's face. "I kissed your brother...I didn't mean too. We were fighting and then...then I kissed him. I'm so sorry." He didn't hear anything in response and he immediately jerked up from the bed and headed to one of the closets and began to yank clothing out and shoving it into one of the first bags he found.


"I'll go...I'll go..." He shoved a couple more things into the bag, including one of Jimmy's shirts.


He was tying off the bag when he felt a hand on his elbow. The ache in his chest turned fire brand and he took a deep breath to keep from letting out the tears that were trying to prickle at his eyes.

"Dean, look at me."

Jimmy's voice was soft and that hurt more than anything. Slowly Dean turned to look at the other man, his heart breaking at the look on Jimmy's face.

"Dean it's not your fault. I talked to Cas before I came in here and he told me what happened. " Jimmy's shoulders sagged a bit even as he reached up to hold Dean's face in his hands. "I know this has been hard for you, we're barely past the new stage and then my brother shows up. You've been so good, taking care of me, of us. Such good care that Cas has been jealous because he doesn't have someone to care for him like I do and he's been pushing you because of it. He hoped that you would have responded differently tonight and he could hate you.."

He listened quietly trying to process Jimmy's words. Castiel was jealous? Anger started to pool in his stomach but looking at Jimmy's face, the way his eyes were touching on every plane of his face he felt himself deflate. Letting the bag drop he wrapped his arms around Jimmy and held him close, nuzzling against his throat. They spend the rest of the night talking and Dean fell asleep wrapped up in Jimmy's arms.

After that things were strained around the house and Dean often felt that Castiel was watching him. Dean tried to ignore it, he even tried to smooth things over between them. But it soon became too much when Castiel kept invading his space and went out of his way to touch him in any capacity. When he brought it up to Jimmy the outcome was not what he'd been expecting.

The three of them sat down, Dean close to Jimmy and Castiel sitting in a chair across from them. It was silence for a few moments before Jimmy started talking, outlining something that sounded like it came straight from a penthouse forum letter. Jimmy wanted to know if Dean would be comfortable dating him and Castiel. Dean wasn't sure how long he sat there just looking between the brothers before asking if this was some sort of joke or trap. When the both of them shook their heads and said they were serious he felt the first bit of excitement unfurl in the pit of his stomach.

After agreeing to try it out to see how they all felt about it they went out for their first date as a thruple. It was the first date night of many. The sexual side of their relationship took a bit of navigating, neither brother were interested in the other, so threesomes were a rare thing though they all shared the same bed. It was trial and error but the more they worked on it, the easier it became.

The sound of the door opening shook him out of his thoughts and he smiled as Castiel walked through the door; his trenchcoat billowing out behind him as he moved. After a quick kiss they were out; he had booked them a tour of a local Apiary and watching Castiel take in all the information with eager eyes and asking all sorts of questions made Dean's chest glow happily. They ate a light lunch at the little cafe on the property, tasting the local honeys and buying a few to take home. They spend another hour at the Apiary before returning home where Jimmy met them at the door.

He kissed Jimmy and after helping Castiel put away their purchases he went and changed his clothes. As he linked his arm in Jimmy's he told Castiel that when they got back they were going out to dinner, he'd made reservations at their favorite steak house and with one last kiss to Castiel's cheek he and Jimmy left. Like him, Jimmy shared a love of classic cars and there was a car show in town currently so they spent their time admiring the older cars, taking lots of pictures and taking turns guessing what each one was worth before looking up the actual price.

The entire day felt like it passed too quickly and before he knew it they were seated at a table in the back of the restaurant; the twins looking resplendent in their suits and Dean felt himself puff up in pride at landing two of the hottest men in the world. He watched them chatting back and forth, a smile on his lips as they teased one another playfully. As he looked on he realized that there was no other place he wanted to be for the rest of his life. When they drew him into the conversation he shelved the thought but he was already planning their next birthday and a smile played over his lips as he imagined their surprise.

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Pairing: Chief/Dean
Triggers: BDSM talk, mention of Sub-Drop.

Standing in the dimly lit, graffitied walled outer room of what looked to be a warehouse Dean felt extremely out of his element. In the pit of his stomach he had the sudden unfurling dread that the two old men at the theater tricked him. That feeling only grew as a door off to the side opens and the shadow of a tall man falls over him. Blinking Dean doesn't know where to aim his gaze as he takes in the leather vest and pants that seemed to be more molded on than wore, to the dual chains around the man's throat and then finally it lands on the leather flogger that the man was swatting his hand with. Chief indeed.

"You are really going to get it tonight Big Boy."

Chief's voice, though not overly deep held just enough authority that Dean felt a little sizzle of something zip down his spine. Blinking rapidly as he pulled his gaze away he swallowed thickly before attempting to speak; stuttering slightly over his words.

"There's been a mis-misunderstanding, I, uhm, think I've been had."

Dean fought the urge to reach up and loosen his tie a bit even though it suddenly felt constricting. The grin that quirked Chief's lips sent another zip of something down Dean's spine and he swallowed again as he tried to find a safe place to focus his gaze on.

"Oh you ain't been had until you've been had by the Chief."

For a moment Dean could do nothing but stare and it wasn't until he felt a little dizzy that he realized that he'd forgotten to breathe. He pulled in a deep breath, his lips tilting down into a frown out of habit rather than actual annoyance. Before he could say anything Chief spoke again, his head tilted to the side slightly as he pointed at him.

"Oh and before we get started, what's your safe-word?"

Chief voice lost a bit of the deeper tone that he'd been using and Dean froze, his throat working to swallow thickly even as he opened his mouth to say something, anything that would get him out of this situation despite his body sending him clearly interested signals.


"You know, your safe word. You say the word and no matter what we stop. Or do you use the stop light method?"

"The what now?"

Understanding washed over Chief's face and he nodded to himself before sticking the flogger into his back pocket and walking down closer to Dean. With every step Chief took Dean felt his heart rate pick up and by the time the man was right in front of him he felt as if Chief could hear the racing of his pulse.

"Tell me..."

"D-Dean." He croaked when he realized that Chief was waiting for his name.

"Dean. Tell me Dean, why are you here? No offense but you look pretty out of your element." Chief's voice was softer than even before, but no less authoritative as he gave Dean every bit of his attention.

"Uh, I, uhm, I was sent here for information.."

"Really?" Chief's face lit up, another smile; this one more genuine than before; curving his lips. "Well whoever sent you, sent you to the right person. Are you new to all of this or have you dabbled in some before?"

"Well, uhmn, see..." Dean's mind was screaming at him to say that the information he was sent for wasn't the information that Chief thought it was. However his mouth seemed to have shut off the direct link between his thoughts and his vocal chords.

"New new then. Follow me." Chief turned and headed towards a door on the other side of room; pushing it open easily and then waiting for Dean to step inside.

He didn't know why he did it, but Dean stepped through the doorway and then waiting for Chief to join him; his attention momentarily taken by the warm inviting room they were in. It was set up like an old Victorian sitting room with comfortable couches and large over stuffed chairs placed about in the room and a large wooden desk and leather chair situated in one corner. Chief moved over to one of the large chairs and placed a rather large pillow on the ground by his feet after he sat. When Dean didn't move from his spot by the door he motioned him over, waving towards a chair that was in position to face him.

"Come. Sit down, please."

As of on autopilot Dean moved over and took a seat, his hands resting on his thighs as he tried to even out his breathing.

"First things first. Do you know anything about BDSM?" He nodded as Dean shook his head. "What about Domination and Submission?" When Dean shook his head again, Chief made a surprised sort of sound. "Alright so the actual Websters Definition of BDSM is Sexual preferences and behaviors involving physical restraints, an unequal power relationship, or pain. Including but not limited to including the practice of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadomasochism, etc. It's basically an umbrella term for anything that falls outside of what people consider the normal scope of sexual activities. It also means because there are so many variables that anything between you and your partner needs to be negotiated. You need a list of what your hard limits; or absolute never going to happens; are as well as things you would like to explore and what you're totally on board with. You with me so far?"

Dean's mind reeled with the information he was being given but he nodded; he supposed it made sense in it's own way.

"Good. Part of the negotiation is a safe word, and that's a word or movement if you're not able to speak that means everything stops. That word is to be obeyed at all times and that is something that not to be taken advantage of. Both you and your partner should have one and it needs to be something that one wouldn't normally call out in the throes of passion."

"Impala." Dean blurted out, his face burning as he dropped his gaze from Chief's face.

"That's a good one, is that the word you want to use Dean?"


"Good. Thank you. My safe-word is Cactus."

The smile that Chief aimed at him made a warmth bloom in Dean's chest and he felt his face heat more.

"Now looking at you, and please tell me Dean if I'm way off. You're not one for impact play; which means you don't like being hit or if you do not excessively. Am I close?"

"I-I find spanking enjoyable." Dean practically whispered.

"Hands? Belts? Paddles?"

"Hands...hands only."

"Thank you Dean. Next, and again please tell me if I'm wrong, you prefer not to be the dominate in the situation. From the set of your shoulders when you showed up, you're in control a lot of the time and you just want to let go, unwind and let someone else take the wheel for a bit. Am I correct?"

Unable to speak Dean just nodded his head, his gaze now trained on his hands as shame welled up and extinguished the glow in his chest. Self loathing was the next emotion to roll in; reminding him that he wasn't the man that his father raised. That if he was he wouldn't be seated in a room talking over this freak stuff with another man.

"Hey, Dean." Chief's voice cut through the chatter and he looked up. "You're lost in your head right now, where did you go."

"Uh..well.." Dean clamped his mouth shut and shook head.

"Ok, I want to try something. I want you to know you can safe-word out if you don't feel comfortable. But first, can you tell me your safe-word?"


"And are you using it right now before I explain what I want to try?"

Dean's brow furrowed before he shook his head. "No."

"Thank you. I know you seen me place a the pillow down by my feet. I'd like for you to come and kneel on it for me. Can you do that for me?"

Dean faltered for a second before getting up and taking the couple shaking steps forward before getting down on his knees. He wasn't sure if kneeling was different from being on his knees, but he was sure Chief would tell him if he was doing it wrong.

"Good Boy, thank you."

Warmth filled Dean's chest again and he dropped his eyes in embarrassment though he knew his face was probably the same shade as a tomato right then.

"Ah, praise." Chiefs words were soft, as if they were mostly for his own benefit. "Alright, next I want you to lean against my leg and place your head against my thigh. Can you do that for me?"

Dean felt his eyes widen as his brain processed double time what the other man was asking him. When he took to long to answer Chief lightly tapped his cheek with a finger to get his attention.

"Do you want to use your safe-word Dean? You can and I won't be mad. This is about your comfort."

Dean thought it over before shaking his head. "No."

Inhaling deeply he scooted forward, making sure to stay on the pillow and leaned against Chief's leg before laying his head on the man's thigh. The leather was warm against his skin and Dean could pick up the soft sent of leather soap and he felt his eyes close as the smell eased a bit of his apprehension.

"Good Boy Dean, you're doing well. I'm going to touch you, run my fingers through your hair is that ok?"


"Thank you Dean. Now I want you to focus on my fingers and how they feel. Can you do that for me?"


"Thank you."

With his eyes still closed he only startled slightly when he felt Chief's fingers in his hair tracing out nonsensical patterns. The warmth that had taken back over his chest started to fan out and he tried to keep track of what Chief was doing. Time seemed to slow to a crawl and the awareness of what was going on around Dean started to fade as he felt himself drift off, his body starting to feel as if it were floating. One by one the chains of Dean's every day existence started to break away until he felt as if he didn't have a care in the world. Right then his world existed of only the soft feeling of Chief's fingers in his hair and the warm fuzzy floating feeling in his chest.

He didn't know how long they stayed like that, the two of them enjoying the quiet but when Chief's fingers disappeared he let out a soft whine of disappointment. An equally soft laugh had him opening one eye to look up at the other man, a pout that he'd absolutely deny later, twisting his lips.

"You did really good Dean and judging by the look on your face you found subspace." Dean lazily rolled his shoulder even as he leaned heavier against Chief's leg. "Yeah, that's subspace. What I would like you to do now Dean is get up take a seat in the chair again. Can you do that for me?"

Dean's brow furrowed but he got up; his knees wobbly from the kneeling position. Like a new born deer he moved over and sat back in the chair he'd started in while his brain tried to reboot itself. Chief then stood and placed a hand on Dean's shoulder to get his attention.

"I'm going to get you a juice and a little something to eat. Wait here for me ok?" When Dean nodded, Chief ran his fingers through Dean's hair again. "Good Boy, thank you."

And then Chief was gone and Dean was left sitting in the room alone; his brain starting to unfuzz and his body slowly losing the warm fuzzy feeling. Right as he felt shame and panic set in Chief stepped back through the door, a juice box in one hand and what looked like a candy bar and some beef jerky in the other. Instead of sitting back in the other chair Chief took a seat on the couch and motioned for Dean to join him, not saying anything when Dean practically rushed to do it.

"Normally I like to do hold my submissive after a scene, which is what we just did. It wasn't a big scene, or all that intense but they don't have to be. But for this I will give you the choice, you can sit next to me, I'll put my arm around you, or you can sit in my lap while you drink your juice and eat your snack while I talk about what's happening now."

"I-I'll, sit next to you...I'm kinda heavy, don't want to break your knees." Dean joked even as his face heated.

"I doubt you could, but thank you." Chief settled in and raised his arm, wrapping it around Dean's shoulders and waiting until Dean started in on his juice and snack. "Ok, so what we're doing now is Aftercare and like Safe words this is non-negotiable. Any time you do a scene, whether big or small, intense or what we just did you are owed aftercare. This helps ease you back into a more stable mindset from subspace. If a submissive, which you are Dean I could tell from the moment I seen you and that's not a bad thing don't ever let anyone tell you different, is left after a scene without proper aftercare or without any at all it can result in Sub-drop which is an emotional and even physical low after an intense scene and can mess with your head from anywhere from a few hours to even weeks."

"So like..I can be achey or...chick flicky about things if this happens?" He asked as he finished off his beef jerky, suddenly more hungry than he could remember being.

"Yes and no. You can have depressive spirals, or any number of symptoms really. Chest pains, bursts of anger. After care helps negate that but that being said it still possible to suffer from a light bout of sub-drop so it is always important to reach out to your partner and let them know. In our case, I'm going to give you my phone number and if you starting feeling off, I want you call me. It doesn't matter the time. Understand."


"Good Boy."

Warmth bloomed in Dean's chest again and he was certain that if he were a cat he'd be purring. He ducked his head as he finished his drink and handed the trash to Chief when the man held his hand out. They sat quietly together after that, both just taking quiet comfort in one another and Dean feeling the freest he could ever remember feeling. He laughed quietly to himself as he realized that Chief at been right. He'd never been had until he'd been had by Chief.

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Pairing: Cas/Dean, Donna/Jody, Claire/Kaia, Eileen/Sam, Garth/Bess
Triggers: None

Anyone that knew Dean knew that his favorite Holiday after Valentines Day; or Unattached Drifter Christmas as it were; was Halloween. It was the one day of the year that he could let himself indulge in his nerdy side without repercussion. Not to mention all the candy. So when the Holiday rolled around, marking the first one they spent together as a couple. For all the time he spent observing humanity he wasn't sure where to start. He was pretty sure he knew what Dean was going to choose; according to Sam he only had two costumes that he rotated through each year, he was either Batman or Captain America.

While it was helpful to know what Dean might be it didn't really so much as help him figure out what he was going to dress up as. He considered asking Sam for more help but didn't want to interrupt him any more than he already had. So instead he text Claire and after a string of laughing emojis she offered him some solutions so that they could form a match set. Of all the options she gave him he had a couple favorites, and while he was certain he could talk Dean into dressing up in a Cowboy costume he wasn't sure he could find a properly representative Roman Solider costume. After some additional thought he settled down on the superhero route.

Charlie had at one point suggested a Halloween party, and after a little bit of mixed begging and blackmailing managed to get both the brothers to agree; Sam going along easier with it than Dean. However in the end though anyone that knew Dean knew that he was only holding out because he had to keep his image intact. With a little eavesdropping it didn't take long for Cas to figure just which way Dean was looking to go that year. Plan in place he started to gather what he'd need; his costume was going to be a two part costume and while he had most of the first part, he needed to secure the second part.

By the time the day of the party rolled around and they found themselves all converging on Jody's house Cas was feeling a bit of apprehensive about his costume of choice. Still as more and more people flooded in he excused himself and slipped into his white button up shirt and normal suit pants that hid the blue spandex bodysuit underneath. Next came the tie and jacket and finishing the look were the thick black rimmed glasses. He spent a couple minutes in the bathroom trying to get the little curl that the internet insisted was the most important part of the look. He stared at his reflection for a bit before taking a breath and heading down the stairs finding most everyone milling around in their different costumes.

Jody and Donna were dressed as ancient Goddesses, Claire a Valkyrie and Kaia in what looked like a monks robe, Sam and Eileen were dressed as Raggedy Anne and Andy, Garth and Bess were dressed as characters from a book that Sam stage whispered was Shades of Grey while Jack was dressed as a scarecrow and Charlie was dressed in her Queen of Moondoor finery. Off in the corner Gabriel was dressed as the movie Loki and Benny was dressed in his normal attire but allowed his fangs to be extended. Crowley lurked around the edges of the group dressed as a Priest and Rowena played up being a witch, going more traditional scary than what she normally did. There were more costumes that Cas didn't have much idea about but he was scanning the crowd for Dean and didn't pay them all that much attention. For a moment his shoulders dropped thinking that Dean had decided not to join in with the costume party after all.

"Cas, buddy. It's Halloween."

He turned at the sound of Dean's voice and his throat went dry as he took in how the black suit hugged every plane of Dean's body perfectly. The black cowl hid most of the man's face but it had the added effect of accentuating the green of his eyes and for a moment Cas couldn't form words of any kind. Once his brain finally caught back up he offered Dean a smile before flicking his eyes around conspiratorially then popped a few buttons on his shirt and pulled the shirt open to reveal the large red and yellow S on his chest.


The blush that rose on Dean's face was worth the research he'd done and he swallowed down the laugh that wanted to bubble up as Dean pulled him from the room as they disappeared for a party of their own.

Chapter Text

Pairing: None
Triggers: Child abuse (mental & physical), depression

It was supposed to just be a simple prank. Something to liven up the quiet monotony of the bunker. And granted Castiel had warned him but in true Gabriel fashion he'd gone on ahead with it. He found both the brothers in the library; Sam was working on updating the Men of Letters database; both the new digital and the old hand written records; while Dean was proving to be a distraction. They were bickering back and forth with Sam looking more and more annoyed as Dean mocked him. Gabriel's lips curled into a small smirk at the passing thought that it was Dad's greatest irony; Michael's perfect vessel was just a human clone of Gabriel himself.

With a grin he plopped himself down into one of the chairs and waited for the boys to notice him. Which took longer than he would have liked but Sam was more focused on Dean and his mocking mimicry. When he finally was noticed, Sam threw his hands in the air with a groan and made as if to leave.

"Hold your horses Samsonite. I just have a quick question for you two and then I'll be out of your long, luscious locks." He winked as Sam rolled his eyes.

"Get on with it Gabriel, unlike some people I have things that need to get done before the next apocalypse."

Gabriel swallowed his snort as Dean rolled his eyes. "So we all know that Cassie is my sidekick. I mean, Archangel." He pointed to himself with a grin. "Seraph." He waved his hand dismissively towards where he thought Castiel was spending his time before pointing at the two brothers. "My question is....which one of you is the sidekick in the Winchester duo?"

He'd expected some more banter, maybe some competition of each one stating why they weren't the sidekick with a little physicality mixed in. Instead he watched Dean's face drain of any animated expression it had just held and dead silence at the table. Nerves, or something like it, he wasn't actually sure what they felt like, settled in his stomach as neither said anything or even looked at one another. Quietly Dean excused himself from the table and slipped down the hall to where Gabriel could only assume was his room while across from him Sam sighed and rubbed his eyes.

"Was it something I said?" He finally uttered in a bid to bring back some sort of levity to the room.

The looked he received in response was just sort of smiting and he was sure that if Sam had been an angel he would have been smote instantly; Archangel status notwithstanding. Without saying anything Sam packed up the books he'd been working on and disappeared himself leaving Gabriel sitting silently at the table. Confused, he stayed seated and stared at where Sam and Dean had been sitting and it wasn't until he heard his name growled loudly that he moved.


It was like a thunderclap, low and rumbling and he felt himself shiver in response as Castiel stood over him scowling. The Seraph's arms were folded over his chest and if his wings had been visible he knew that they would be twitching in barely concealed anger. The sort of nerves came back as he looked at Castiel, trying to work a smile or something like one onto his face.

"Heya Cassie..."

"Don't you 'Heya Cassie' me, Gabriel. What did you do?"

"You're going to have to be a bit more specific." He hedged as he looked away. "I've done a little of this, a lot of that.."

"You know what I'm talking about." When it looked like was going to argue, Castiel held his hand up. "Sam and Dean. What did you do?"

"Oh..right...that...." He rolled his shoulder in an attempt to appear nonchalant. "I just asked who was the sidekick in their Supernatural fighting duo."

"You what?"

Castiel's voice was devoid of all inflection, his eyes narrowed dangerously even as he took a step closer to where Gabriel sat. Archangels were supposedly the most fearsome of Dad's warriors and yet he felt like anything but that with the way Castiel was glaring at him.

"Sidekick. You know...who's Batman and who's Robin? Who's Shaggy and who's Scooby?"

"I can't believe.."

Castiel stopped himself as he pinched the bridge of his nose. Gabriel felt himself relax at that point, it was the worst thing he could have done. Quicker than he could have even tracked Castiel's movements the Seraph gripped his head between his hands and held on firmly. Before he could say anything or even attempt to move away images started to flash past his inner eye.

Dean at five feeding Sam from a bottle as his own stomach growled, Dean at 10 trying to keep Sam from finding out why they really moved around so much. Dean taking a hard cuff to the back of the head because was afraid and said so, Dean giving up his dinner because Sam wanted it. Dean taking beating after beating after beating because Sam ran away and couldn't be found. Dean wrapping a wound that needed stitches and told to man up and get a move on.

Through the visions Dean aged but one thing became clear, Dean was only useful because Sam needed someone to look after him or John needed bait. He was "trained" to be a soldier, to take orders and not question them. He was trained to be expendable, that he wasn't as smart as Sam or as good as John. Slowly Castiel pulled his hands away, his lips set in a thin line. Gabriel could feel his throat close and the pressure of pending tears against his eyes but worked hard to keep them from falling.

"I didn't know.." He started.

"No one does, not really. I only know because I pieced his soul back together after hell. I held every part, every memory, every flayed piece of him; body, mind, and soul. And if he finds out I showed you anything he'll probably stab me out of principal." Castiel huffed, a wry smile on his face. "Everyone sees him the same way, destructive, angry, boisterous. But he's not, not really and in fact most of the world--angels included--could learn from him. He was molded to be the perfect soldier, taught he had no use outside of caring for his brother or what he could do for his father." Castiel's eyes bore into his own. "Sound familiar?"

Gabriel looked down to where his hands lay motionless in his lap. It had been eons since he opened those particular cans of worms. Rigorous training under Michael and even Lucifer as back up if something should happen to them during a battle. He and Raphael made aware time and time again just how expendable they really were, how everything was about Michael and Lucifer in the end. It was part of the reason he ditched Heaven; left to find himself and put as much distance as he could between himself and his angelic family. Once again he snorted dryly at how Michael's vessel was just a human version of himself.


"I'd say try to make amends, but you're not high on Dean's Angel patience list. In fact Uriel is probably higher than you.."

"Maybe if I brought him a pie?"

Castiel shrugged one shoulder. "I have no clue but I'd stay away from the armory. He's using the Angel Killing bullets that Crowley taught him how to make."

"And that doesn't bother you?!" He asked; his eyes widening with all the applications and scenarios that presented.

Again Castiel shrugged. "I've earned my fair share of them over the years. Besides they had to do something with all the Angel Blades they've amassed."

Suppressing a shiver he watched Castiel walk off presumably to check in on Sam, but at the moment Gabriel didn't quite care. He snapped a pie out of thin air and cautiously made his way to the armory despite Castiel's warning. From the outside it was quiet but he figured that it, like the rest of the bunker was sound proofed and warded heavily. He took a moment to breathe and then swallowed hard before pushing open the door and peeking around it. The room was still quiet but he found Dean standing at a range in the far back.

Empty green eyes stared at the tight grouping on the target in front of him. If it weren't for the steady rising and falling of his chest as breathed Gabriel would have thought him a statue and he nearly dropped the pie when Dean spoke suddenly.

"I could shoot before I could write."


"I knew every way to kill anything that came for Sam, knew if it came to it I was to lead it away and if it caught me, then at least Sam was safe."

Gabriel set the magicked pie down and stared at the tight grouping as well, his lips pressed thinly together.

"Being the sidekick sucks."

"We aren't sidekicks kiddo, we're cannon fodder."

They sat quietly together after that; the pie refilling each time they emptied the tin until they were too full to eat anymore and their bodies too dehydrated to shed anymore tears.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Alpha Castiel/Omega Dean/Alpha Benny
Triggers: Explicit Sexual Content, Breeding talk


The scent of simmering gumbo and freshly baked bread wafted over him the moment he stepped through the door and he let out a soft groan as he kicked his boots off into the tray by the door. There was an additional spicy undertone that had nothing to do with the food being prepared in the kitchen and he felt himself start to slick accordingly. Arms wrapped around his waist and he startled slightly; he hadn't heard the Alpha enter the room.

"Welcome home Cher. Cas will be home soon."

"Mmhmm. I know, I just got back from making sure the hives were set for the week so we wouldn't have to worry about them." He frowned slightly even as he pulled in lungfuls of the Alpha's scent. "I can't believe he went to work knowing that his rut started this morning. At least you stayed home."

He turned around and stared into the crystal blue eyes of Benny through his lashes. Though Benny wasn't taller than him, Dean's Omega was working to make himself appear smaller to entice the other man.

"I did, I know how you get when you smell other scents on us when you're in Heat." Benny's grin was slow and easy as he leaned in for a gentle kiss.

Dean snorted despite the dig at his possessive nature though he could always point out that both Benny and Castiel were the same when they were deep in their ruts. They only wanted him to smell like them, all other scents were eradicated immediately. Instead he nosed at Benny's throat as his hands snuck up under the soft linen of Benny's shirt and teased the warming skin. They stayed that way for a few moments trading soft kisses and lingering touches before Dean pulled back slightly.

"Do you think I have time to make a nest before he gets home?"

Before Benny could answer the sound of a slamming car door broke them apart and they turned as one as the front door opened; the smell of electric ozone filling the room instantly. Castiel dropped his brief case by the door and was yanking on his tie; his lips pressed into a thin line while Alpha irritation bled into his scent. Red had already started to thread his eyes and both Benny and Dean realized at the same time that Castiel was further along in his rut than they had realized.

"Welcome home Alpha." Dean purred as he pressed up against then other Alpha, removing the man's trenchcoat as he nuzzled Castiel's throat. "Benny has dinner ready, but it can wait.."

He let the sentence trail off, watching as Castiel's eyes darkened, his hands tightening on Dean's hips as he looked over at Benny. The other Alpha tipped his head, exposing his throat in submission; his scent warm and heady but still calm. For right now Benny wasn't as far into his rut as Castiel and it was easier to let Castiel take control; later however it would be a different story.

Castiel reached out and pulled the other Alpha close, scenting him before kissing him hungrily. Dean stepped back and watched his Alpha's interact; how Castiel's hands gripped Benny's hips with the same possessive intent as when his hands had been on him. When they broke apart a thin red ring had formed around the outer edge of Benny's eyes and his scent spiked slightly.

"I'm sorry...I'm never usually so.." Castiel started even as he nuzzled against Benny's throat. "I like to think I have more control but both my mates meeting me at the door, smelling so delectable..." The sentence died with a growl and Castiel flushed, a thin curl of embarrassment now tainting his scent.

Dean moved up behind Castiel and caught Benny's eye over the Alpha's shoulder. Benny gave a barely noticeable nod before they began to tag team the Alpha between them. Within mere moments Castiel was stripped down to his boxers and Dean purred as he licked and sucked multiple marks along Castiel's neck and shoulders while Benny dropped to his knees and left his own trail of marks on Castiel's hips and thighs. Dean's purr turned throaty as he hooked his chin over Castiel's shoulder, his fingers dancing over the Alpha's ribs.

"Look Alpha, Benny wants you to knot his mouth." He murmured as he mouthed at Castiel's earlobe; chuckling at the tremor that worked it's way through the other man. "Do you want that Alpha? Or do you want to knot me and fill me with pups while I fuck Benny's face?"

The following growl was less human and more primal as Castiel turned his head and caught Dean's lips in a messy, hungry kiss even as his fingers tangled in Benny's hair and tugged him closer to his hard cock.

"Anything you want Alpha, we're all yours, we were waiting for you." Dean panted when he broke away for a breath.

"Bedroom. Now."

Castiel's voice rumbled with authority and both he and Benny scrambled to obey; the two of them leaving a trail of clothes in their wake. They didn't need to look behind them to know that Castiel was following them; stalking them to their room. Heat bloomed in the pit of Dean's stomach and he pulled Benny into a needy kiss, whining as he felt slick crawl sluggishly down his thighs. Benny growled quietly as he drug his fingers through the viscous liquid then brushed them over Dean's lips, chasing the glistening trail with tongue moments later.

"Getting started without me?" Came Castiel's growl from the doorway; his eyes tracking their every movement.

"Just getting warmed up for you Ange." Benny replied with a wink.

"Mm, my boys. Always so good for me."

Dean preened under the praise and a quick look over at Benny showed that the other Alpha was as well. With a playful smirk Dean motioned Castiel over to the bed, his skin already sweaty as he felt his heat creep on him. It was the first time their respective cycles had all synced and Dean was anticipating a weekend of fun. He felt Benny's thick fingers trail through the mess on his thighs again and he watched with darkening eyes as Benny swiped them over Castiel's lips only to chase them with his lips.

"He tastes so good Ange. He's so sweet."

Castiel's reply was a low snarl as he pulled Benny in for a biting kiss, his hands gripping the other Alpha's biceps tightly before he pushed him back onto the bed and followed him down; pinning him and scenting Benny aggressively.

"You both taste so sweet, made only for me." Castiel teased the sensitive gland on his throat. "My mates. Mine." His hand flashed out and he gripped Dean's wrist, yanking him down and subjecting him to the same treatment. "Mine."

"Yours Alpha." Dean whined as he writhed against the sheets; his body hot and his hole aching. "Need..." He was slowly getting beyond the ability to form words; something that had never happened before on the first day and he idly chalked it up to having two rutting Alpha's staring at him hungrily.

"Present Omega." Castiel all but snarled, his eyes a burning violet. " apologies..I meant please present. I want to taste you.."

If it were different Dean would have taken offense to the tone and it bordering just on the side of Alpha voice but as it were he quickly sunk into position; his head resting on his arms and his back arched.

"Please Alpha.."

"Of course, so good for me. You look so amazing Omega-mine." Castiel rumbled as he laid over Dean's back to bite at his shoulder and tug lightly. "I want you to let Benny knot your mouth, I want to watch his cum drip down your jaw where you can't swallow while I open you up and then knot you; fill you with my pups.."

Excitement rolled through Dean in waves and he opened his mouth eagerly; sticking his tongue out and teasing the head of Benny's cock when the other Alpha settled into position. Benny's groan was swallowed by the twin sounds of Castiel's moan and Dean's keening whine as Castiel dove face first into the slick soak crack of Dean's ass; slurping and licking up as much of the sweet liquid as he could. Benny took advantage of Dean's whining and slipped his cock past Dean's lips, thrusting shallowly as his fingers combed through Dean's sweatied hair.

For a while the only noise in the room was the slick sound of Dean's mouth slipping up and down Benny's cock and the wet smacking of Castiel's tongue working open Dean's channel in preparation for him. Dean was caught up in a feedback loop of lust; his eyes watering as he pushed himself to take more and more of Benny's shaft until he could feel the thickening knot against his lips. He looked up from under his lashes and watched as Benny bit his lip and thrust up hard; pushing the knot past his lips where it locked behind his teeth.

The first splash of cum over his tongue made Dean whine and hallowed his cheeks as best he could and teased the large vein on the underside to coax more out of the Alpha. He worked to swallow each load but some still escaped the corners of his lips and he felt it trickling down his jaw to drip onto the bed below him. The warmth of Castiel behind him disappeared and he let out a distressed cry, quieting down when Castiel was back to laying over his back; whispering praise into his ear even as he licked away the leaking cum from his lips and jaw.

Dean was floating; one Alpha giving him all the cum he could drink while the other rocked and thrust against his slick crack; the head catching every once in a while but never enough to give him what he craved. He tried to rock back but a sharp slap to his flank stilled him and he focused on swallowing around Benny's length, his tongue going back to cleaning away any missed spend. He was starting to float off again when Castiel seated himself with one hard thrust, his hands gripping Dean's hips to hold him still as he started a quick, hard pace. The fast rhythm jostled the cock buried in Dean's throat and he felt it release another load filling his mouth full to leaking again.

Time was lost to Dean as he rocked between the two Alphas, his eyes rolled back in pleasure as he alternated between purring and keening as loudly as he could with Benny's knot still locked in behind his teeth. Castiel's thrusts began to lose pace and the rapidly inflating knot at the base of his cock was soon too large to allow Castiel to pull out completely and he changed from hard thrusts to deep grinding movements; the knot pressing against Dean's prostate in just the right way that he cried out around Benny's shaft as he came untouched; his hole spasming around Castiel's knot and ripping the Alpha's first climax from him with a snarl.

When Dean came too he was held tightly against Castiel's chest and Benny's knot had gone enough for him to pull free and he was curled up in front of him, petting him and cooing at both him and Castiel softly. A sated smile stretched his lips as he leaned forward for a gently kiss before he wiggled his hips; wringing another spurt of cum from Castiel and making him whine.

"He's going to be insatiable." Benny chuckled as he pressed a cool rag to Dean's forehead and offered Castiel a bottle of water.

"Good thing we are going to be too." Castiel hummed; his voice wrecked as he ran his hand down Dean's side and hip lovingly.

Dean grinned and settled back down, noticing that the blankets had been moved around into a nest like shape; the room smelling of their combined scents. He closed his eyes; the scent of home, safety, love, and mates heavy in the air.

Chapter Text

Pairing: None
Triggers: Canon typical violence

He always knew that he had something dark inside of him. Something deep down that writhed and consumed him in the depths of the night. Something even worse than the taint of demon blood on Sam's soul; Sam didn't have a choice in the matter, he did and he fed the damning thing every chance he got.

There had always been plenty of dark times over the years but he'd always been certain that he could bounce back, that everything would end up ok. After all an Angel stood behind him, helped him when he was weak, showed him the light at the end of a dark tunnel. However now he was certain that this time was different, there wasn't going to be an okish ending, not for him anyway. Everything from the way he stood to the way he analyzed what was going on around him was wrong, that deep hidden dark stain was creeping more steadily from the lead sealed mental box he kept it in.

He knew at first that he cared about what happened to people, that he did what he did to help them. Now he knew he did what he did because he enjoyed the rush of taking a life--human or monster it didn't matter much anymore. His eyes flicked down to his forearm where he watched the Mark seemingly writhe on his skin, pulsating and burning through his blood and demanding more destruction.

Closing his eyes he tried to pull a deep enough breath that would calm him slightly, help him get himself back under control at least a little. Instead when he opened his eyes Cas stared back at him from the bathroom mirror; the Angel's face bloody and broken his blue eyes made brighter from the unshed tears gathered there. He wrenched the tap on the sink on and began to vigorously and viciously wash his hands in a bid ignore the image in the mirror. He risked another look at the mirror but Cas was still there; staring at him in that lost puppy way he had. Shame and fear welled up in his chest as Cain's voice whispered in the back of his mind, the tone dark and mocking.

'And then you'd kill the Angel, Castiel. Now, that one...I suspect would hurt something awful.'

Dread settled in the pit of his stomach even as he felt the mark call for blood. When he looked up again Rudy was staring back at him, his eyes wide and vacant. It became too much and he slammed his fist into the mirror, shattering before he batted the hair dryer off of the wall. Anger like he'd never felt before flooded his body and he picked up anything anything he could, smashing, throwing, destroying each thing before coming to a stop in the middle of the room. Before his eyes Cas stood, his shirt and soaked in blood but still looking at him so softly that Dean had the urge to punch him until the Angel realized that Dean wasn't worthy of whatever emotion Cas held for him that wasn't contempt.

Dark and seductive the Mark whispered for blood, any blood to sate it's hunger and Dean felt his palm itch for the hilt of the blade. He shivered as he gripped the hair at his temples and pulled hard; the sizzle of pain that zipped through him granting him some reprieve from the dark thoughts. He had to beat this, had to find a way to control this Hell trapped in his body before it could spill over into the world. A hysterical laugh built up in his throat as he realized he was now more suited to be Lucifer's vessel than Michael's. Though he was fairly certain that Lucifer wouldn't want to taint himself with the Mark again.

Dean knew he could never return to the bunker, he couldn't, he wouldn't put Cas and Sam in any more danger. A small voice whispered that he couldn't handle seeing them at him with fear in their eyes. In his rare moment of clear thinking Dean tried to come up with a plan to keep Cas and Sam safe, to keep the world safe. Soon it became clear that there was only one player left on the board that could help him. Taking a deep breath he penned a note to Sam knowing that his headstrong little brother would be looking for him. He left the keys to the Impala lying on top of the note and then slipped into the parking lot to boost the first care he found unlocked.

He had some shopping to do before he summoned Death.

Chapter Text

Pairing: None
Triggers: Canon-Typical situations

Dean knew Supernatural beings existed; he'd been trained from the moment he could hold a gun competently on how to kill them. And for the longest time he thought that was there was to life. Someone had to take out the bad guys so that everyone got to keep believing that monsters were only fictional beings. It wasn't until he met a lanky werewolf by the name of Garth that he began to question what he'd been taught. Aside from an over abundance of optimism and some terrible puns, Garth was the least dangerous thing in the world. Granted Dean knew that there were still dangerous monsters out there but he'd come to realize that they all weren't the same and it was enough to get Dean to step away from the life.

Sam had left for college, leaving Dean with nothing tying Dean down to hunting and after giving his Dad some sort of lie about a hunt Dean packed his bags and disappeared into the night. Two days later he ditched all his burner phones, keeping only one and blocking all numbers but Sam's--if he ever even called, the boy seemed glad to be rid of them, but he wanted Sam to have the option if he ever needed it. He dug through his duffle for Garth's phone number that he'd tucked away and after a brief conversation he was heading off a small town in Montana where Garth's pack called home.

Though Garth and by extension his mate Bess welcomed him with open arms there were many in the pack that were wary and he didn't blame him; the name Winchester had quite the reputation. But he put his head down and worked to settle into the town and after a while it was Garth and pack's pups that brought the rest around. He'd found an old abandoned cabin that sat on the every edge of the forest and with some general repairs and upkeep he had himself a comfortable place to live that was close enough to town to be included in things but far enough out that he had his privacy. Garth and the pups came around often and Dean enjoyed the company, watching them play and just chatting with Garth about what was happening in town.

A couple of months later Dean took up a job as a mechanic in the local garage; he might not need money what with all the fraudulent cards that he used sparingly but he was bored and this helped; and with prodding from Garth and Bess he agreed to take online night classes from a near-by community college. All in all Dean found himself falling into a comfortable routine, something just a little over 7 months ago he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to have.

While Dean was aware of the Lycan pack in town it came as a surprise to find that there were other beings that called the town home. The town Sheriff was a shifter, a leprechaun ran the bank, a Vampire ran the local diner and just a couple weeks ago a Trickster moved in and opened a sweetshop. Dean knew he should have felt afraid, should be on guard against all the monsters in town, but honestly? He had never felt more safe than in their small town. Whenever a new face popped up gossip made it's rounds and the fact that Dean was an ex-hunter was brought up and there was a bit of tension in the air until they realized that Dean meant them no harm.

All in all Dean had carved himself out a nice life, he enjoyed where he was and what his life was becoming. In fact he soon forgot what life was before he moved to town; all of the old memories and nightmares shoved way down deep and locked away. Yeah, life was pretty good for Dean; and then his past came knocking.

He'd just finished the long over due tune up on the rust bucket that Garth called a car when a familiar rumble caught his attention. It was if a bucket of ice water had been upended over his head; his straightened up and moved to stand in the open bay door of the garage. His eyes scanned the main drag until he found what he was looking for. There sitting across the street in front of the diner was the Impala; looking as black and sleek as he remembered.

The fear that had gripped him suddenly let him go and he grabbed the phone from his desk and rang the diner in order to warn Benny. The Vampire existed solely on bagged blood and animal blood and was one of the best people that Dean had ever known but he knew what would happen if he was found out. The phone rang twice before Benny's calm cajun accent rolled through the receiver.

"Guidry's. Benny speaking."

"Benny, you and Lenore have to leave." Dean hissed as if someone would hear him.


"No! Don't say my name. That black car sitting outside your place, it's full of hunters."

Dean heard the twinkle of bells over the door and he peeked out of one of the main windows and watched as his father and...Sam?...stepped through the front door. Was that really Sam? He was supposed to be away at Stanford. What was he doing with John? Millions of questions started to whirl through his mind and he didn't like any of the answers he came up with.

"Cher? You still there?" Benny's voice jerked him back from him mental downward spiral.

" and Lenore..."

"I'll send Lenore now. You've been working too hard. I told you to take it easy Cher. You're almost 9 months along."

The threw Dean for a moment before he realized what Benny was doing. He hissed a quick 'be careful' before hanging up and pacing the garage. As he did so he shot off texts to Garth and Bess so that they could warn the rest of the pack and then sent another to Gabriel their new resident Trickster.


He turned at the sound of Lenore's voice and he winced at how pale she was and how she trembled violently. Because Benny sometimes spent a lot of time at garage, Dean had a couple of blood bags stored and he grabbed one for her. He waited patiently as she drank; his eyes glued to the door across the road.

"Dean, what's going on?" She asked after she'd drank half of the bag; the color already returning to her face. "How'd you know they're Hunters?"

"That's my Dad and brother." He started softly, his eyes flicking back to the window just in time to see John and Sam exit the diner and head towards the garage. "Shit! They're coming."

With wild eyes he looked around the small space, there wasn't really place he could hide and even if he locked the doors he didn't have time to flip the open sign to closed. Pure panic flooded his system and he stared as John raised his hand to knock. Before it could land there was a bright light and Dean closed his eyes with a hiss.

He wasn't sure how long he was out but when he came too he felt as if his entire body was made of cement.

"You ok there Deano?" Came from his left.

Blinking took extreme effort and Dean idly felt if it was even worth it. Even trying to place the name of the person speaking seemed to be too much effort so he settled for rolling his head as far as he could to the left. His vision was blurry but after a couple more blinks Gabriel's face swam into focus. His brow furrowed as he blinked again as he started to take in his surroundings. Where was the garage? Why did it look like he was in a rundown warehouse.

"There you are Ken Doll. Welcome back. I wasn't sure we'd get to you in time."

"What?" Then as suddenly as if a live wire had been placed against his spine and he sat up; groaning and pressing his hands to his eyes. "Where's Garth? And the pups? Are Lenore and Benny ok? Gabe, what about your sweetshop?"

"What are you on about Deano? You've been Djinn chow for the last few days."

Dean's brow furrowed again as he tilted his head to the side while he tried to sort everything out, most of it a tangle of what was real and what was fake. With a groan he flopped backwards, scowling as the world around him settled back in and weighed him down. He tucked away the dream to pull out when he was alone; at least one version of him deserved have something nice.

Chapter Text

Pairing: None (crushing Cas)
Triggers: None


While he could admit that he wasn't the best when it came to judging what marked a car as a good car he was fairly sure that the barely mobile pile of rust that Gabriel had purchased at the auction was not considered good. Still his brother seemed extraordinarily proud of it so he gave the other man a long suffering grin and hesitantly inquired as to what Gabriel planed on doing with it.

"I'm taking this beauty out to Singer and Winchester Auto Repair. Going to make her mint again." Gabriel's chest puffed put in a pride and he could only shake his head at his brother while idly wondering just what 'mint' was going to cost him.

And while it shouldn't have, it still surprised him when Gabriel managed to rope him into taking the car out to the auto shop on his own. The drive over had been harrowing, he was certain that just one wrong bump and the car would fall to rust flakes around him or rattle itself to pieces. Be that as it may when he pulled into the parking lot of the garage he out an audible sigh of relief and took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself. Aiming a glare at the car he headed towards the office; ringing the bell when it appeared that no one was manning the front desk.

"One minute!" Came a muffled yell from somewhere in the back.

He shrugged and wandered around the office, taking in the pictures of what like prior restorations that were proudly displayed on the walls. He was looking at the set of before and after pictures of a black muscle car when the sound of a throat clearing startled him.

"She's a beaut ain't she?"

He turned to face whoever had spoken but all of his words dried up on his tongue. Standing before him was a god, or at the very least the son of one, maybe Apollo? He felt himself staring and immediately flicked his gaze back to the picture.

"It...she is very...uh, good looking." He cringed and waited for the man to laugh at him.

"Not a car guy?" Came the surprising reply.

"No, not really."

"Don't sweat it. Not everyone is." He tucked a dirty oil stained rag into a back pocket before speaking again. "Name's Dean, what brings you to S&W today?"

For the first time he noticed the man's outfit and on anyone else the stained coveralls and dirty streaked face would have been off putting but on Dean it only highlighted the man's natural good looks and toned body underneath. Aware that he was staring again he cleared his throat and turned to motion out the window at the rust pile parked front and center. He seen Dean's eyes widen; he didn't know that eyes came in that color green; when they landed on the car before turning back to him.

"You drove that here?"

"Yes, my bro.."

"Dude why didn't you call? We woulda sent Benny or Garth out with the tow truck."

"I didn't think of that..but my brother Gabriel.."

"Gabe's your brother?"

"Unfortunately, but he was adamant that you all could fix...that."

He waved his hand back behind him to indicate the car again and he watched as Dean's eyes slid past him again; widening once more as he stared a bit longer at the car. A look of almost child like wonder and excitement passed over Dean's face as he started to move towards the window.

"I'll be damned..he actually found one."

"What a rolling tetanus accident?"

An almost offended look crossed Dean's face then and he looked back at the pile of rust on four wheels to see what the other man could possibly see in it.

"That's a 1951 Pegaso Z102. One of the rarest classic cars in existence. She needs a little work sure, but once I'm done she'll be turning heads again like the classy lady she is." Dean's voice was almost wistful as he turned to stare at the car again. "Did Gabe say anything about color or if he wanted anything special done?"

"Not to me, but I'm sure he'll stop by at some point."

"Hmm, do you mind if I take a peek under her hood?"

What? No I don't mind. You are the one that's going to be working on her."

Before he even finished the sentence Dean was out of the office and he furrowed his brow as he followed; still unsure if there was anything worth saving on the car no matter it being a rare classic or not. By the time he reached Dean the man already had the hood up and was bent over the side to get a better look. He allowed himself a moment to just appreciate just how form fitting Dean's uniform really was before he coughed loudly to announce himself.

When Dean didn't move away from the car he moved over and peered in along side the other man, the machinery, hoses, and wires making his eyes cross in confusion. Still it was obvious that Dean knew his way around because he was poking things and then writing stuff down on a little note pad that he seemingly pulled out of nowhere. He stood quietly for a couple moments until something shiny and very obviously out of place.

"Dean?" When that didn't anything more than a grunt in response he reached out and gently touched the guy's shoulder, jumping back when Dean jerked. "Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." His hands were raised in supplication to show he wasn't a threat.

", I'm sorry man. When I start cataloging things I get caught up in my head trying to make a list of everything I need."

Dean gave him a lopsided grin and he felt his stomach flip in response. He wanted to say something witty or just say anything at all, instead all he could do was stare at Dean and he felt his cheeks heat. Swallowing he finally pulled his gaze away and looked back over at the car.

"Oh..umh, I seen something..shiny?" He finally blurted out.

"Yeah? Where?"

He'd been ready for Dean to mock him so the honest question caught him off guard for a moment. "Uh, over here." He moved back over to the car and pointed down to a spot that was only slightly visible through the inner working of the engine bay. A stray beam of sunlight caught the spot and it winked up at him. He watched as Dean squinted and then started to gently move things around to get a better look before sucking in a breath once he got it a clear view of the area.

"Well fuck me running.."

"That sounds uncomfortable."

There was a beat of silence before Dean started laughing; his head tipping back as the sound of his laughter rang out over the parking lot.

"Oh man, that..." He wiped at one eye before taking a couple deep breaths to calm down. "I needed that. But what you seen is Chrome. Most cars in that day in age only had small chromed pieces, but the really wealthy they had everything chromed plated so they could show off their wealth. All the little embellishments you'll see once I get her looking better will be chromed, but that..that is the chassis and whoever owned this knew that no one but the person who maintained the car would see it. They wanted to flaunt their wealth to everyone."

"That seems like a waste of money."

"It was, still is if you ask me, but those rich people like for everyone to know just how rich they are. And knowing Gabe he'll want to keep it. Gives this lovely lady an extra touch of pizazz."

He turned and looked back into the engine bay and shook his head, it seemed as if even mobile piles of rust had silver linings as well.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Cas/Dean
Triggers: None

Being an Angel meant that there were just some things that were unavoidable in life. One of those things was molting and while it was itchy and more often than not ugly it honestly didn't cause too much of a disruption to one's life. Most Angels were taught as fledglings how to care for their wings during a molt and how to groom them properly before and after; however Dean was not born an Angel; not really though Jack couldn't really explain what happened, how an Archangel had stayed so far buried that no one knew he still existed; so he was missing those vital lessons.

Coming home to find Dean scratching at places in his wings and grumbling brought a small smile to his face and he watched for moment before approaching the other Angel.

"I was wondering when this would start for you." He said as he combed his fingers through one wing, savoring the soft feeling of Dean's feathers as he removed some loose ones.

"What is this?" He scratched again, a groan slipping free as he found the right spot.

"You're molting Dean, you're losing old feathers and growing new ones."

"What? This actually happens? Do I take dust baths too?" He frowned as he moved his hand to a different spot, feathers floating to the floor of the cottage as he scratched.

"If you wish." He grinned as he started on the other wing, gently working the feathers free and letting them drop. "It does help if you use too much wing oil while grooming, soaks it up."

Dean aimed a glare at him over his shoulder as he moved his hand again, more feathers falling as he scratched. Castiel eyed the growing pile and started to make a small list of things he could stuff with the discarded feathers; pillows, comforters, quilts, and many other useful items.

"What are you grinning about?" Dean huffed, his lips twisted into a scowl as he continued to scratch.

"Just thinking about making us some new pillows out of these feathers after we clean them. Maybe a couple for Jack and Emma too. I think they'd enjoy some real down pillows."

"Cas there's a lot here..." Dean said as he looked at the piles that were growing. He looked back up, his eyes wide and a slightly panicked expression on his face. "Cas what if I scratch them all out and they don't regrow? Will I just walk around with wing bones but no feathers?"

Dean calm down, you will never lose all your feathers at once. Each molt cycle focuses on a different grouping. This just seems extensive because it's your first molt, not to mention you have more wings than I have and they are slightly bigger."

He watched Dean relax a bit, his fingers now stroking through the feathers instead of scratching like he was before.

"I still have a lot to learn don't I?"

"You do Beloved. But I'm here to help you through it. For now lets get these all rounded up, washed and then use little bit of each of our wing oils to soften them and give them a bit of our scent. It will be calming to those that use the pillows, specially Emma and Jack."


He nodded, leaning in to kiss Dean's temple before returning to the wing he'd been working on the two of them enjoying the peaceful domesticity of the moment.

Chapter Text

Pairing: Cas/Dean
Triggers: High handed actions, purposeful spread of misinformation


It was tradition that the Royal Family held a Halloween Ball every three years, it gave the neighboring nobility something to look forward to and plan around. There were only two rules that had to be followed, everyone was given a domino mask if they did not wear one themselves and everyone was sprayed with scent neutralizer upon entering. It allowed everyone to enjoy the night without secondary gender roles coming into play. Most everyone knew who the others were but they enjoyed the "anonymity" of the masks.

There were excepts however when it came to the scent neutralizer where it just didn't work. True Mates was one; they would always be able to scent one another and so far at each Ball at least two pairs found each other. Normally it ended in their happily ever after, but sometimes it ended in tears. His own ended in a fearful escape from the castle and in July a small bundle with blue eyes, sandy hair and freckles.

"You're going." It wasn't a question, but then his brother never knew how to ask those.

"I have too, you know one representative from each noble family is asked to attend." He swallowed as he worked on attaching the buttery smooth leather to the wing form. "It's a great place to make connections."

His brother's Alpha scent turned sour as he held his nephew; the young pup wrinkling his nose at the change in scent before laying his head down on the Alpha's shoulder.

"No it's not and no you don't. I could go..."

"Why so you can talk politics all night? That's not going to broker any connections."

"We're country nobility Dean. We're little more than peasants to most of them and you know it. You just want to find your Alpha."

His face burned as he played with the leather, gently stitching the leather to the frame. Shame bubbled in the pit of his stomach as he thought of the lie he'd told his brother; that he had no idea who the Alpha was, only that he was a fellow nobleman. And he was. He was just the Crown Prince and when he'd removed his mask, Dean had panicked and ran, ripping himself free of the knot that had tied them together. It wasn't until months later that he'd realized that their tryst had resulted in a new life.

"I don't have an Alpha outside of you." He mumbled.

"Hmm, well at least one of us will be present for the engagement announcement of Prince Castiel and Lady Masters."

He felt his blood run cold and his hand dropped the heavy duty leather needle he'd been holding as he looked up at his brother.


"You didn't hear?" When he shook his head his brother continued, a long suffering expression playing about his face. "Lady Masters had come looking for a mate and Lord Novak felt it would benefit both of them if Prince Castiel and Lady Masters were to mate. Tonight is supposed to be the official announcement."

"Oh..I guess I have not been paying much attention to the local gossip." He uttered.

He cast a look down at the leather in his lap and then over to the embellished domino mask done in hand dyed red leather and topped with two horns. He had planned on going to the Ball dressed as a Demon as that was Castiel had panted against his lips as he drove in him.

"Surely you are not of this earth, a Demon you must be to enrapture me and make me take leave of my senses so fully."

"If I am a Demon, does that make you merely a man or an Angel?"

He shook his head and picked up the wing. It did not matter if the Crown Prince was getting engaged to mate another, what they shared was not anything more than a feedback loop of lust drunk pheromones. A good time and nothing more, if the Prince were to find out that he were nothing more than a lowly poor country nobleman he would have been disgusted and sent him away to begin with. His eyes wandered over to his son, to the soft smile that always seemed to play about his face. Jack was an angel and Dean would repeat the same error a thousand times over if each time he got to hold his pup tight.

"Well from what I've heard around the market Lady Masters is cruel, she has no love for those around her and talked openly about moving Prince Castiel back to her home land."

He worked hard to make sure that the resulting shoulder roll was nonchalant. "We are not to judge, just because there are those that do not like Lady Masters does not mean that she and Prince Cas..tiel do not love one another."

His brother made a face before shrugging and gently laying Jack down into his bassinet. "Perhaps, but we both know that the true measure of a person is how they treat those that work for him. Bobby taught us that."

Dean fell quiet and went back to work on his wings, part of him wanting to just put them away and forget about the Ball but the other part wanting just one more last look at the Prince. His brother left him alone for the rest of the day, their younger half brother coming and going as he followed them both around to learn the duties of the small village they commanded. He was small, even for an Beta but he wanted to prove himself and Dean found himself mothering him when he came 'round; feeding him until he complained his stomach would burst and sending home enough "scraps" to feed him and his mother for an entire week.

He had finished his wings by nightfall; the hand dyed black and red leather resting on his bed as he slipped into the complimentary black and red leather tunic and trousers he'd made just for the night. It was close cute and flattering; showcasing his hips without it being too obvious as well as the breadth of his chest and shoulders. The last part was his domino mask; the base of the mask black with red and orange flames worked on to it with the two horn a deep blood red. It was a flattering outfit that even his riding cloak didn't damper.

Jack was settled in the small mesh enclosed play area that Sam had learned from one of the village women. It allowed the young pup to explore but not get into trouble. With a smile Dean leaned over the side and pressed a soft kiss to Jack's forehead, nuzzling him until the young pup giggled and pressed a messy open mouth kiss to his cheek.

"You be good for Uncle Sammy, I'll be home later."

Jack tilted his head, his eyes narrowing as if he were thinking over the words before he laughed and clapped his hands. Chuckling he combed his fingers through the pups light hair and stopped in to leave Sam some last minute instructions before he mounted his horse and pointed it towards the palace.

Winchester; though a small village was closer to the King's castle lying just far enough to need it's own nobility to care for it but close enough that with a fast horse it was only a few hours ride. When Dean reached the castle the Ball was already in full swing and he looked up at the flickering lights in the castle windows and swallowed hard while he carefully removed his wings from where he'd carefully packed them and fitted them into place. There were small leather strings that ended in loops that he slipped around his wrist that allowed him to move them slightly to make them more realistic.

He stole one more look at the castle before squaring his shoulders and slipping his mask into place. He waited patiently in the line, closing his eyes and mouth as they doused him in scent neutralizer before waving him through. Nerves were starting to build up in his stomach again as he followed a group into the main ballroom. Around him everyone was in various states of costume, some more elaborate than even his own and some in their every day finery with a bit of powders used to pale complexions. He let his eyes wander, taking in the full food tables and various drink tables set up and he wandered over; stopping to talk to a couple people and exchanging pleasantries.

One man managed to capture his attention, his accent unlike anything he'd ever heard before and they fell into an easy conversation. Just from the look of the man he was an Alpha and Dean watched as his eyes swept over him trying to place his own designation. He opened his mouth to put the man; Benny LaFitte fresh from overseas he'd found out; out of his mental misery when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Excuse us Lord LaFitte."

Thunder did not compare to the sound of the voice behind him and Dean felt his spine stiffen, his hand tightening on the glass in his hand. He seen Benny giving him a concerned look and he tried to smile; though he was sure it was much more a grimace. With a nod the other man nodded and melted into the crowd. The hand drifted feather light down his shoulder to his elbow and gripped it firmly.

"Come with me."

"I, uhm.."

Normally Dean had a quick wit with a smart mouth to match but right then he could only focus on the smell of honey and he swallowed down the whine that wanted to break free. The man behind him didn't give him any chance to speak and began to lead him from the room, the gaze of many turning to watch them making Dean's face burn and keep his gaze to the floor.

Once they were out in the hall he found himself crowded up against one of the stone walls; hand gripping his hip and crushing their bodies together. A nose was shoved against his throat and the soft, ticklish feeling of the man snuffling around his throat bringing a quiet moan up from the pit of his stomach.

"You came. I didn't think you would.."

The words were breathed into his neck and he felt the warm trail of a tongue tracing over his scent gland.

"I shouldn't have."

"But you did."

He gently nosed Dean's cheek before stopping and pulling away; his eyes squinted and Dean realized where Jack got the expression then; when he found the spot where Jack had gripped his face before he'd left. He pressed his nose tighter to the spot and inhaled deeply. Dean's nerves started again as the man growled.

"You've pupped." He grabbed Dean's face, forcing their eyes to meet and their gazes to lock.

Dean's eyes narrowed instantly as he jerked his face free and in a quick movement he brought his hands up and placed them on the man's chest and shoved--hard. He was surprised enough that he stumbled back and Dean didn't think twice before he tore off down the hall, his wings making small flapping sounds as he went. He wasn't stupid, he knew as long as he stayed in the castle he would be found so he ducked out of one of the wide open double doors that lead to the outdoor flower gardens and took the long way around to where the horses were stabled.

Reaching the stable he allowed himself to slow; casting a glance over his shoulder to see if he'd been followed. Seeing the coast clear he felt his stomach clench, whether in relief or in disappointment he wasn't quite sure. He took a moment to pull in a couple deep breaths to calm himself before approaching the stable master post, the sooner he got home the better he'd be.

He never made it to the post; a hand shot out of the dark and drug him behind the stables, that same hand then pressed firmly over his mouth. Staring at him were bright blue eyes with the barest tinge of red to them. Lips were pulled back in a snarl and he found himself pushed against another wall.

"You shouldn't run, you know we like chases."

The words were growled against his lips before they were taken; the other man's tongue snaking between his lips when he pulled a breath. Dean's hands fisted in the fine linen shirt, whether to push him away or pull him closer he wasn't sure, the intensity of the kiss swallowed him whole and he felt a whimper claw itself out of his throat only to be swallowed away. Breathing became a luxury and Dean was certain he was going to pass out only to gasp in a breath the next moment when the man broke away.

Anger flushed hot under Dean's skin and he shoved at the man again, only this time he didn't move; instead he stood there, their chests pressed together and watched as Dean fumed. He wanted to hit him, but even in his rage Dean knew that striking the Crown Prince would be a death sentence. In the end he settled for glaring at him, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Don't you have somewhere to be? An engagement to announce perhaps?" He bit out.

"No, not unless you're proposing to me."

Dean's brain short circuited as he stared at the Prince. Eyes the same color of Jack's stared back at him and suddenly Dean had to leave, he had to get away.

"No, of course not your Highness." He tried to wiggle himself free but the Prince only tightened his hold.

"That's too bad. Guess I'll have to do the proposing then."


"You heard me Omega. If you won't propose to me, I will have to propose to you." The Prince explained as if he were speaking to a three year old.

"You don't want me." Dean's mind was racing as he tried to think of a way out of the situation. "I..I have another Alpha's pup.."

The sudden movement of being jerked forward and then spun around and pressed face first against the stable took Dean by surprise and he yelped as he felt the Prince rain down harsh slaps to his ass as he hissed into his ear.

"I don't like liars Omega. You have my pup. I can smell his scent all over you, our scents perfectly mixed." He rubbed the area gently as he nibbled on Dean's ear. "And one of my knights reported to me that there was a small pup in Winchester that matches the age of one conceived during the last ball."

Ice took up residence in Dean's veins. "I'm not from Winchester.."

Another hard slap to his ass before the Prince was rumbling softly in his ear again. "What did I say about lying? Imagine my surprise when one day I was riding through Winchester and seen out in a metal forge a very handsome Omega, broad of shoulder and strong of arm. He looked to be round with pup and I was enraged at him working in such dangerous conditions and demanded from the closest field hand who the Omega was only to be told it was the Eldest Prince of Winchester and that he had been taken advantage of by some no good Alpha and left to raise his pup all his own. I asked them a few more questions and to my surprise I was told that the Eldest Prince of Winchester had green eyes that looked like precious jewels and a scent of warm baked bread. Just like the Omega that ran from me.."

Dean shivered and closed his eyes, swallowing hard as he felt the Prince mouth at his throat again, a hand moving from his hip to his stomach and press.

"I missed our first pup and how you glowed as he grew, safe and protected. I missed his first squall as he came into this world. You kept him from me.."

"D-don't...don't take him from me... please.."

Dean's scent soured and his voice dropped to a whisper. Movement behind him stopped and he trembled as he stayed pressed against the stable wall; the rough wood the only thing grounding him at the moment. His heart constricted at the thought of Jack being taken from him, the little pup had become the light of his life and his soft giggles and laughs brightened even his darkest day.

"I'll leave Winchester, I'll go'll never see us one will know..." He rambled.

"No!" The word was snarled and Dean flinched, curling into himself.

"Your Highness please. Would not your mate think it strange that there is a pup that resembles you but was not of your mating?"

"I would hope not." There was confusion now in the Alpha's voice.

Another thought soon took root and Dean wasn't sure it was better than thinking about them taking Jack from him. "Is she barren?"


The confusion was more pronounced then, and Dean could almost see the head tilt. He let out a shaky breath as he worked to swallow, his throat clicking with the effort.

"Yes, Lady Masters."


Suddenly the warmth of the Alpha was gone and Dean wrapped his arms around himself. After a moment the sound of laughing caught his attention he turned slightly to see the Prince doubled over laughing. Confused now it was Dean's turn to tilt his head and narrow his eyes.

"Your Highness?"

"You believed the rumors?" He gasped out as he straightened up, a grin still on his lips. When Dean remained silent he moved forward and gently gripped Dean's arms. "Omega, it was all Meg's idea. She said it would drive you out of the woodwork, that you'd be jealous because I was yours as much as I realized that night that you were mine." He reached up and gently cupped Dean's cheek. "I didn't know if you'd show up this year, especially after going through a pregnancy all on your own. But she assured me it would work, that you'd come back, even if it were to only see if the rumors were true."

Dean felt his face flush and he tried to look away but the Prince wouldn't allow him. Instead he closed his eyes, pulling a breath and forcing himself to say the words he rehearsed over and over since that night despite the tug in his chest.

"Your Highness, I am nothing but a poor country noble. I work the land with my people. I am uncouth, I am irritable on a good day, and down right unmanageable on a bad one. I would not make a good mate for you. You'd be better off with someone of Lady Masters status. If you must take Jack, please let me spend at least one more night with him before do."

"Jack? Our pups' name is Jack?"

"You may change it if you wish your Highness."

Dean felt his throat threaten to close on him and he stopped talking; his head tilting down to tuck his chin against his chest. The silence from the Prince was telling and Dean felt his eyes start to water.

"Omega..Omega please look at me."

Dean shook his head, he couldn't bring himself to do as asked. The Prince huffed a sigh and Dean flinched when he felt the large, warm hands of the Prince grip both sides of his face gently.

"Omega, I am not taking our pup from you. I am not mating Lady Masters. I purposely spread a rumor in the hopes you'd come tonight and I could see you again. Your eyes have haunted my every waking moment. I need you and I don't care what your patents of nobility are. Do you remember what I said that night?"

Dean nodded slightly, still unwilling to look at the Alpha. "Surely I am not of this earth, a Demon I must be to enrapture you and make you take leave of your senses so fully."

"Yes, and you asked if I were a man or an Angel. Truth is I still don't know. What I do know is that without you I am half a person, the sun is less bright, and flowers less colorful. I know that I want to wake up each morning to see you snuggled in our bed, face lax in sleep and round with our pups. I want to go to be each night with your name on my lips like a benediction as we cling to one another. I want our pups to fill the halls of the castle and the castle grounds with laughter and every other emotion known to man."

The Alpha's voice was so sincere Dean forced himself to open his eyes and he was rewarded with the sight of the Prince's eyes staring at him as if he were something holy. Slowly the Prince reached up and removed his mask, letting it drop to the ground.

"Please Omega, remove your mask and show me your face. Allow me to see the face of my one true Beloved."

Dean swallowed hard and reached a shaky hand up to undo the strap of his mask, his eyes closing as he pulled it free and let his own mask drop to the ground.

"Tell me your name Omega, I am at a disadvantage. You know mine, but all I know is that you are the Eldest Prince of Winchester, your people protected your identity, wary of my intentions."

" name is Dean."

A smile spread over the Alpha's lips as he cupped Dean's face again and leaned in, brushing their lips together gently.

"Hello Dean."