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2021 Suptober

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Each chapter will be named with the prompt for that day starting with Chapter 2 which will represent Day 1 of the Suptober. Below is a list just to help everyone keep track. If there are any triggers that are not listed in the main tag list I will list them at the beginning of each chapter. I will also do the same with the pairings so that you can skip a prompt if you wish or don't enjoy that particular pairing. Most will be Destiel, but I do enjoy Debriel, Denny, and Jimmy/Dean/Cas (though they aren't twins 98 % of time when I write that pairing but when they are, there will never be anything sexual between the two of them, their only connection is that they are both with Dean.) Also there really won't be a set word count per prompt. Some might be super long, and some super short.Alright enough of my rambling, here we go!

2021 Suptober Prompt List by Winchester-Reloaded

1: Harvest
2: No Vacancy
3: Rainbows
4: Secrets
5: Nostalgia
6: Cemetery Boys
7: Young at Heart
8: Leather and Lace
9: Body Mods
10: Crossover
11: Pizza Delivery
12: Hellbound
13: Ladies Night
14: Stardust
15: Blue Skies and Apple Pies
16: Delightful D-bags
17: Last Supper
18: Inferno
19: Eighty-sixed
20: Library Hours
21: Missing him was dark gray, all alone - Taylor Swift 'Red'
22: Birthday
23: Undone
24: Movie Character Mischief
25: Sidekick
26: Happy Homemaker
27: Darkest Hour
28: Monster Mash
29: Chrome Chassis
30: Feathers
31: Masquerade