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There was something to be said about kneeling at Peter’s feet, shoulders snuggly fit between strong thighs, and a mouth full of the wolf’s warm gently pulsating cock. It was purpose, focus, and belonging all rolled into one delicious task that brought Stiles immeasurable comfort. It was a bonding ritual between him and his mate that he never knew he’d needed but once had, wouldn’t give it up for the world.

As soon as he knelt, the world around him narrowed. As Peter pulled his cock from his pants and gently guided Stiles’s head forward, his heart slowed and his mind calmed. Once his mouth was full and the soothing scent of Peter’s musk surrounded him, Stiles’s mind melted, everything softening and welcoming him to let go.

Stiles knew he was safe, warming Peter’s cock as the wolf conducted his business. He didn’t have to worry about having all the answers, about being accountable to anybody but his mate. 

Peter always made sure to touch Stiles in some way, let Stiles know that he was there, that he was watching over Stiles even while busy. Those strong hands alternated stroking his hair or merely resting on the back of Stiles’s neck, further anchoring him to Peter, to the cock in his mouth, to the floaty feeling coursing through his body.

It was heaven. It was what he looked forward to after a long day, a long week. 

For Stiles, being a cock warmer for his mate was security. It reminded him that, no matter what, he had a place to find refuge, to get away from it all. Peter allowed Stiles to kneel before him regardless of what was going on or who was around.

The pack was very open sexually and it wasn’t unusual to walk in on members fucking. Or, like Stiles, to see someone kneeling before someone else, warming their cock whether for pleasure or peace.

It warmed Stiles all over to know that his pack members saw him giving back to their Alpha but also seeing their Alpha give him what he needed. It was an openness that helped their pack thrive.

It was also pleasurable to be his mate’s cock warmer. There was something to be said about having such a powerful creature at his mercy, to have the Alpha of their pack focused solely on Stiles as his cock slowly hardened. Whether Stiles got his mate to orgasm or not, Stiles always left the encounters buzzing with arousal.

He longed to taste Peter’s come, to be marked in that way. But he also liked leaving his mate wanting, waiting for the moment Peter decided to pounce.

It was heady and delicious.

A sharp pinch to the back of his neck pulled Stiles’s attention to the fore. His jaw was aching as he allowed Peter to gently pull him off his cock. He looked up at Peter, eyes connecting with Alpha red, and grinned. He didn’t know how long he’d been floating, mind wandering, but he could feel his own cock hard and leaking in his briefs and from the bob of the erection in front of him and the red eyes raking all over him, he could tell Peter was seconds away from pushing him on his back and fucking him in front of the pack.

They’d been having a pack meeting but Stiles hadn’t been able to concentrate so Peter had pushed him to his knees. Stiles had been so grateful he’d fallen right in, mouth full and mind gone.

From the amused tilt of Peter’s mouth, his mate knew Stiles had fallen fast and now couldn’t wait to use Stiles further for his pleasure. Stiles grinned in response and reached to pull off his shirt. 

Let the pack see, let them watch, and pant over their Alpha taking his mate. Stiles couldn’t wait.

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Derek could feel himself blushing, throat hot, cheeks tight. It wasn’t that he was embarrassed but he’d certainly never done anything like this. It was making him feel things. Definitely good things as his cock was unbearably hard confined as it was in his pants.

He knocked on the door to Chris’s apartment, heart in his throat. They’d talked everything through beforehand but there was still a hint of trepidation as he waited. It was mere seconds before Chris opened the door and what a sight he was.

Chris was dressed in slacks and a nice buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up past his forearms. He was wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope, the sight of which made Derek’s mouth go dry.

“Mr. Hale, good to see you. Please,” Chris stepped back, gesturing Derek inside. “Come on in.”

It took everything in Derek not to step into Chris and shove his nose against the man’s neck, breathing in those delicious hints of arousal. It helped to calm him down, knowing that Chris was just as excited as he was about this. Somehow, it made what they were about to do more real.

Fuck yeah.

He stepped past Chris into the apartment and noticed that some redecorating had been done. No longer did it look like a living room, instead chairs had been arranged around a coffee table to make it look exactly like a doctor’s waiting room.

“If you’ll just take a seat, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Derek could only nod and take a seat as Chris walked away and went into what would normally have been the man’s office but for the purpose of this visit was now, Derek assumed, a patient room. His anticipation ramped up and he rubbed at his thighs to try to calm his racing heart. Derek reminded himself that they had gone over everything that was going to happen tonight, there would be no surprises, and that almost made him hornier.

He knew exactly what was going to happen and every cell in his body was yearning for it.

He pulled at the collar of his shirt and took a deep breath which left him on a wheeze as Chris opened up the door to the room and stepped back out. “I’m ready for you.”

Derek shoved to his feet, nearly tripping in his eagerness. He caught Chris’s eyes and the smile the man sent his way eased some of his nerves. He managed to make it to Chris’s side without any issues and stepped into the room.

Derek had been correct, just like the living room, the office had been completely transformed. The couch from the living room now sat in the office along the far wall, covered in a white sheet, with the desk moved to the side of the room. There was the desk chair and another chair opposite it, presumably for him, the patient.

“Please, Derek, have a seat.” Chris gestured toward the patient seat and Derek tried not to shudder at the way his name seemed a caress coming out of Chris’s mouth. He sat facing Chris and waited.

Chris sat at the desk and picked up a file from the desk, flipping it open as he hummed in thought. “It says here you’re here for a prostate exam, is that correct?”

Derek nodded, mouth dry. Chris glanced up at him, seemingly looking for a verbal reply so he choked out a quick, “Yes.”

“Very good. Have you ever had a prostate exam before?”

God, the way the man was talking, it was a seduction Derek hadn’t been prepared for. Chris rarely talked when they had sex but Derek could see himself quickly becoming addicted to it. Another thing he’d have to talk to Chris about. Later though.

“No, I haven’t.”

Chris hummed. “Alright, let me just go through this with you. First, I will leave the room have you disrobe and put on the gown there,” he indicated a gown Derek hadn’t previously noticed laying on the couch, “and I’ll need you to remove everything. I will knock before coming back in, and then we will proceed. I will have you kneel on the couch, facing the wall, with your arms braced on the back of the couch as you bend forward. From there I will get some lube and insert a finger into your anus. It might feel a bit uncomfortable but I will be looking for your prostate and feeling around to look for any lumps or abnormalities. If at any time you need me to stop, just let me know, and we will resume once you’re comfortable. Any questions?”

“No,” he whispered, cheeks feeling hot.

Chris stood up and walked to the door. “Alright, I’ll leave you to get ready.” He quickly stepped out and closed the door behind him, leaving Derek to his thoughts.

It was going exactly as they’d discussed and he felt like he might cum the moment Chris put his hands on him. Derek wouldn’t have said roleplaying as doctor and patient was a kink of his but somehow he and Chris had stumbled upon it and there was no denying how it was making him feel.

He stood up and took off his clothes as fast as he could without falling over. It felt weird to be naked under the gown but it definitely ramped up his pleasure as the robe rubbed against his erection every time he moved. Before he could decide if he should sit back on the chair or on the couch, Chris knocked at the door and waited for a beat before coming in.

“All set?” Chris asked, making eye contact. Derek nodded. “Okay, if I could have you kneel on the couch, arms on the back, knees spread.”

Derek was quick to comply, blushing furiously as the gown gaped open at the back, exposing him to Chris’s eyes. He knew his balls were hanging hot and heavy between his spread legs and he could only imagine how obscene he looked, presented for his doctor’s eyes.

The snap of a glove made him jump and blush further, mortified and so unbelievably turned on at the thought of Chris, of his doctor using rubber gloves on him. Derek couldn’t quite tell what Chris was doing behind him and he had the fight the urge to look.

“Alright, Mr. Hale, I’m getting the lube now. I will be putting my left hand on your lower back and you will feel my index finger at your anus. Try not to tense up.”

With that said, Derek was able to relax into the touch of Chris’s hand on his back, grounding him and reminding him that he and Chris were in this together. He jumped a bit at the feel of the finger covered in cold lube at his ass but let the gentle petting on his lower back soothe him.

Without overthinking it, Derek let himself spread his legs further and present his ass to Chris just a hint more.

“There you go,” Chris murmured to him. Derek wasn’t even sure the man knew he’d said anything but it made Derek’s toes curl. “Now I’m going to insert my finger.”

Derek didn’t have time to process that before a finger was pushing its way into his hole. It was perfunctory, quick, and sent pleasure zinging through his entire body. It felt wrong on so many levels to be this turned on, even though it was only roleplaying. It heightened everything to the point where Derek was hyper-aware of his breathing, Chris’s breathing, the finger probing him, the squelch of the lube.

Everything built together to have him shuddering and gasping, hiding his face against his arms are his erection throbbed and bounced from the force of his arousal. He could feel sweat gathering behind his knees and at the crease of his elbows, along his brow and the back of his neck. He knew if he glanced down that pre-cum would be gathering at the tip of his cock.

“Doing alright, Mr. Hale?”

Derek knew his voice sounded strangled as he gasped out, “yes.”

“Now, everything feels okay,” Chris said, moving his finger around as if to demonstrate just how okay everything felt. Derek bit his lip to keep in a moan. “Just to be on the safe side though, I’m going to insert another finger, get a really good feel for everything around your prostate. Okay?”

Derek knew he was pushing back as Chris withdrew his finger, desperate to keep it inside him. He waited with bated breath for the feel of two fingers to enter him, to open him up and stroke along his prostate. The hand on his lower back rubbed in soothing circles as Derek canted his hips, waiting.

“I’m going to use two fingers now, Mr. Hale. Is that okay?”

That brought Derek back into himself a little, reminding him that while they’d agreed to everything, that Chris still needed check-ins. He was happy to oblige. “Yes, yes Dr. Argent. That’s okay, I’m ready.”

He tried not to keen when he felt two fingers breach his ass but wasn’t able to completely mask the sound. God, it felt good and dirty and wrong and perfect. The gloved fingers were so different from the usual that it pushed his arousal higher, the lube sounding different against the material as the fingers worked in and out of his ass.

“Fuck!” he shouted, unable to help himself as Chris’s fingers stroked heavily over his prostate. He was already so fucking hard that it wouldn’t take much to push him over the edge. 

“Everything alright, Mr. Hale?”

“Yes, yes, it’s fine,” he panted, completely focused on fucking himself as unobtrusively as possible on Chris’s fingers. “Just not used to that, Dr. Argent.” A balled-faced lie, he was intimately familiar with Chris’s fingers on his prostate. The roleplay just made it hotter.

“Very well, just a few more minutes, and then we’ll be done.”

Derek could swear he heard a smirk in Chris’s voice. It didn’t matter, his entire focus was on the smooth glide of those two fingers in and out of his ass, glancing against his prostate before full-on assaulting it. He knew he was moaning, gasping for air as his pleasure ramped up.

There was not a thought in his head anymore as he fully fucked himself back on Chris’s fingers, racing towards his orgasm. He could feel it building deep in his gut, flaring out from his ass and zipping towards his cock. On deep prolonged thrust from Chris’s fingers on his prostate was all it took for Derek’s orgasm to crest over him.

He shouted as he came, cum shooting out from his untouched cock. It felt endless, his ears ringing with the pleasure as Chris continued to milk him. He was still fucking himself back on Chris’s fingers, still chasing the last moments of pleasure as his orgasm started to fade. He felt boneless once it had fully stopped.


Chris hummed behind him as he finally, gently, removed his fingers. Derek could hear as he removed the gloves and tossed them into the trash can before he helped Derek turn around on the couch and collapse back against the armrest.

“How’re you feeling?” Chris asked, a soft smile on his face.

“Like I want to do that again,” Derek grinned, pulling Chris over to lay on top of him. Chris laughed in response as he leaned in to give Derek a kiss.

It was several moments later before they parted. “We can certainly do that again,” Chris said as he ground his erection into Derek’s thighs. “It was fucking beautiful watching you let go like that.”

Derek couldn’t help pulling Chris in for another kiss. He fucking loved this man.

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Stiles woke up furious, rage seething through his body just waiting to be set free. Of all the fucked up dreams to have, it had to be one that would literally insight him to murder. If he could think rationally, he would know that what happened in his dreams would never happen in real life, especially Peter cheating on him.

The werewolf was head over heels in love, Stiles knew that, had never doubted it in the entire course of their relationship. However, there was no rationalizing how he felt upon waking after dreaming that Peter did, in fact, cheat on him.

He wanted to maim the wolf, shackle him to the bed and show him exactly what he was messing with, go out, and murder whoever could tempt his wolf away from him. But it was just a dream.

A dream that had his spark flaring in his chest, aching to do something, anything. Normally when he was feeling this way, going a few rounds with Peter - either fucking or fighting - would make him feel much better but he didn’t even want to look at his mate.

Speaking of, said wolf rolled over in bed and dared to try and wrap his arm around Stiles’s waist. With an enraged growl that would make any werewolf proud, Stiles threw off Peter’s arm and flung himself out of bed.

His chest was heaving and he swore he was seeing the world in bloody red.

“Baby?” Peter questioned sleepily from their bed.

Their bed where, in his dreams, Stiles had walked in on his mate and some usurper going at it like rabid animals. He wished he had claws to rend and tear.

Stiles watched as Peter became more alert, using his senses to try and track what was going on with his mate. “Princess, what’s wrong?”

Stiles bared his teeth at his mate. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong is that you fucked some whore in our bed!”

Peter’s entire body froze as an incredulous look crossed his face. “And when did I do this, Princess?” he asked with a hint of a bite to his words. Seems he didn’t like the insinuation he’d cheat on his mate. Which was fair, considering it hadn’t happened but Stiles couldn’t currently think straight enough to help Peter make sense of it.

Peter knew better than to laugh out loud but it didn’t stop him from smirking at Stiles. It infuriated him more, that smirk that he so loved being sent his way now when he was feeling like this. “Oh, you think that’s funny?”

“Darling, you have to admit, it’s a little funny.”

Stiles glared, wanting to get revenge on his silly mate. It wasn’t funny, it was horribly wrong. Peter should know that even cheating in Stiles’s dreams was not allowed. Yet he had the audacity to smirk.

“Laugh it up, giggles. Won’t think it’s so funny when I do this!” Stiles snapped his fingers and watched as shackles clamped around Peter’s wrists and ankles. The wolf froze, staring incredulously at where he was bound before his eyes, shining bright red, found their way back to Stiles.

The wolf was close to the surface, straining against the shackles. He wouldn’t be able to get out, Stiles had learned long ago what would keep his mate in place. “Not so funny now, is it?” He asked, glaring at his mate.

“Stiles,” his mate growled his name, “take these off.”


“Princess,” and oh did Stiles love that nickname said in the subvocal growly voice, “you know I’d never cheat on you. Come here, take these off, and let me prove to you how much you mean to me.”

As much as he wanted to cave, now that his emotions were slowly winding down, Stiles couldn’t quite kick the last edge of irritation riding him. He wanted to make Peter pay for what he’d done.

Stiles hummed as if in thought. “No, I don’t think I will. Instead, I think I’ll make you suffer just a little bit.”

Peter’s answering growl worked a shiver down his spine but he wouldn’t be deterred. There was something about seeing his mate, his alpha, held down that really did it for him. He knew just the way to make Peter pay. 

Stiles started slowly, unbuttoning his pajama top as Peter watched raptly. His mate’s eyes tracked his hands as they slowly undid each button, revealing more and more skin. Stiles let his top fall to the ground before hooking his fingers into the waistband of his pants. He shimmied them down his hips, slowly revealing that he was wearing panties.

Peter’s favorite panties, a blue lacy pair that cupped his dick and balls beautifully, outlining them obscenely for his mate to ogle. Peter roared at the sight of them, straining against the shackles. “Mate, please let me go.”

Oh did Stiles ever love to hear his mate beg. Too bad Stiles had no intention of letting him go any time soon.

The pants joined the top on the floor and Stiles turned around and bent over to grab them, wiggling his hips as he stood up. He felt incredibly sensual in just his lace panties, teasing his mate. It would do Peter some good to be reminded of how much he yearned for Stiles.

He threw his clothes in the direction of the hamper before turning to face Peter. It was gratifying to see the bulge he sported in his boxers, all for Stiles. Walking towards the bed, Stiles climbed on and crawled over Peter.

“There’s a good girl,” Peter crooned. “Now why don’t you untie me so we can finish this.”

“That’s not going to happen, Peter. I’m not your good girl right now,” Stiles shot back, seating himself right over Peter’s erection.

Peter tutted at him. “Now, now, don’t be a naughty girl. Only good girls get cock.”

Stiles grinned down at Peter as he started grinding against the wolf. “And who says I can’t have it?”

Peter growled and tried to snap at Stiles’s neck but Stiles had been expecting it and quickly sat back, all the while keeping it rubbing himself against Peter’s cock. “Did you forget? You bought your Princess all kinds of toys to play with.”

Realization flared in Peter’s red eyes, mouth dropping open in surprise before he grinned up at Stiles. “Well then, Princess , I suggest you go retrieve those toys.”

Suddenly Stiles didn’t feel like he was as in control as he wanted to be. Sure, Peter was still bound but his entire demeanor had changed. Still, it wasn’t enough for Stiles to want to stop. He was horny and wanted to see this through.

Leaning over to the side of the bed, he opened the bedside table and pulled out the vibrator and dildo that Peter had bought for him. The vibrator felt sinful when pressed against his taint and the dildo was just about the same size as Peter’s cock. This wasn’t the first time they’d used the toys together but this was the first time Stiles would be fucking himself with them while kneeling over his bound mate. He couldn’t fucking wait.

Stiles grabbed the lube as well before sitting back over Peter. He placed everything beside them on the bed as he rubbed at his cock through the panties. 

“That’s it, Princess, rub your little clit for me.”

Stiles groaned, unable to resists Peter’s dirty talk as he did what Peter said. It felt amazing, rubbing his cock while shoving his ass back against Peter’s cock. Stiles could probably cum just like that but he had plans.

He sat up so that he could shimmy down his panties, making quick work to throw them off the side of the bed. He snapped his fingers the lengthen the chain on Peter’s ankle shackles so the wolf could bend his knees for Stiles to lean against. Peter obliged him, as he always did.

Stiles sat back down on Peter, using the wolf’s legs to lean back so he could spread his legs and bare himself to his mate.

“That’s it, show me your pretty pussy. Get your fingers nice and wet with the lube, don’t want any pain for my Princess.”

Stiles obeyed, generously coating his fingers in lube as he spread his ass and trailed his fingers down to his hole.

“Start with one finger, we’ll work your little pussy up to more.”

Stiles slipped a finger into his ass, beyond turned on as he fingered himself for Peter. He’d lost the plot but that was completely fine. He could feel Peter rocking up into him so he ground down as he continued to finger himself, letting his head drop back in pleasure.

“Fuck, baby, you look so good. Now add another finger,” Peter encouraged him. “And get the vibrator, use it on your clit.”

Shuddering in pleasure, he reached for the vibrator before inserting a second finger, fingering himself, trying to reach his prostate as he flicked on the vibrator with his other hand. Stiles placed it against the base of his cock, groaning as the vibrations flared up his cock and shot pleasure straight to his ass where his fingers were buried deep. This had escalated quickly.

“Come on, Princess, let me help you. Let me fill that pretty pussy with what it needs,” Peter groaned, desperation seeping through.

Stiles was beyond caring what had started this, just wanted to end it with a good hard fucking, so he snapped his fingers, freeing Peter. His mate wasted no time grabbing him and flipping him onto his hands and knees, spreading his legs wide, readying him to be fucked. Stiles heard Peter squeeze some lube onto his hand before slicking up his cock and lining it up with Stiles’s hole.

“Is your pussy ready?”

Stiles groaned, nodding into his arms.

“I can’t hear you, Princess,” Peter crooned to him as he leaned over Stiles and whispered in his ear. “Tell me you want my cock to fill up your desperate pussy.”

“Fuck, Peter, yes, I want your cock to fill up my desperate pussy. Fucking fuck me now!” Stiles yelled, needing to be filled.

Peter roared out in triumph as he slammed forward, grabbing Stiles by the hips as he fucked him hard. “Princess thought she could tease me but look at you now, sobbing to have me fill your pussy.”

Stiles moaned, “Yes! Fuck!” Stiles grabbed onto the sheets, pushing himself back to meet Peter’s thrusts. He was so fucking close.

Peter bit at his ear then his neck before pulling away and resting his forehead against Stiles’s neck. “Do you need something, Princess?”

“Yess,” Stiles hissed, reaching back for Peter’s hand. “Rub my clit, please! I’m so close.”

“As you wish,” Peter replied before grabbing Stiles’s cock and stroking it. It only took a few strokes before Stiles was cumming, yelling out his pleasure. He felt Peter cum a few thrusts later before they both collapsed onto the bed, pleasantly worn out.

Peter chuckled before rolling off of Stiles, pulling Stiles along with him so they were cuddled up beside each other. “So, want to tell me what that was about?”

“Bad dream, you cheated on me.”

Peter rolled over to look down at him. “It was just a dream. You know I’d never do that to you, right?”

Stiles sighed as he nodded, leaning up to give Peter a kiss. “Yeah, I know, didn’t stop me from waking up pissed off.”

“Yeah, I think I caught that.” Peter laughed. They kissed for a few more minutes before Peter laid back down beside him. “What a way to start the day.”

Stiles couldn’t help but snort out a laugh. What a way indeed.

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It had been a long time, a lot of displacement and disruption since Derek had last felt like he belonged. Life had thrown so many curve balls his way, and he’d stopped dodging them long ago. He’d been sure that he was always going to be left out to float with nothing to anchor him.

Peter stepping in, giving him a place to rest his head, where he didn’t have to make the decisions, just had to follow a routine, it was a saving grace he never saw coming. Derek had found his anchor in Peter, someone that he was sure had abandoned him, changed by the fire and the destruction of their pack bonds.

Yet, glimmers of the Peter of the past poked through with something more . There was an understanding that hadn’t been there before, a bond that only they could have built from the embers of their past.

In Peter, Derek found the belonging he’d lost the night his house went up in flames.

All Peter needed from him, all he wanted, was Derek’s presence, in whatever way Derek wanted to give it. Peter didn’t judge him for wanting to kneel at his feet, didn’t look at him oddly when Derek needed to prepare food for him or do his laundry. Peter didn’t bat an eye when Derek came to him smelling of desperation, needing to touch Peter, massage his feet or rest his head on a strong thigh.

Instead, Peter rested strong hands on him, squeezed the nape of his neck, ran his fingers through his hair, let his guard down around Derek in a way he didn’t around the rest of the pack. It was heady and fulfilling, everything Derek didn’t realize he needed handed to him on a platter of understanding and love.

It wasn’t sexual but it was pleasurable. Derek couldn’t deny the buzz that ran through him as he watched Peter enjoy a meal he made or delight in the pressed lines of his dress shirts. Derek preened as he watched Peter inhale the scent of a freshly cleaned room, or groaned as he leaned back into Derek’s hands.

In serving Peter, and the rest of the pack, Derek found his belonging. And he would do everything in his power to make sure he never lost it.

Based on the feral grin Peter sent his way when he voiced those thoughts, on the strong hug Peter pulled him into that made it hard to breathe, Derek knew Peter felt the same way. They’d survived hardships beyond what most people had to, and in this safe space they’d created, the pack they’d cobbled together, they finally found their place in life and in each other

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Butterflies fluttered in Stiles’s stomach, excitement and arousal mixing with nerves. He’d always thought about having sex in public but had never had the chance. Meeting the Hales, being introduced to their lifestyle, had definitely opened his eyes and reignited his secret yearning.

Once a month the Hale pack gathered under the full moon, inviting supernatural creatures from near and far, to come join them for a massive orgy. They stripped and let the energies of the full moon take over their inhibitions, letting them connect with their baser selves.

Being newly introduced to the supernatural world Stiles hadn’t known what to expect when the Hales had first invited him to their full moon gathering. He thought maybe there would be food and some supernatural creatures transforming into their second selves, lots of chances to mingle and learn new things about this world he’d previously known nothing about.

Peter had told him there would be sex, had hinted that he’d like to see the colour of Stiles’s blush while he viewed their wilder side. Peter had propositioned him, asking to be his first of the night.

Stiles thought he’d been kidding.

But standing there, looking at all the naked bodies spread throughout the open field, Stiles could see that the werewolf had been completely serious.

It was glorious, and so fucking out of the realm of normal for him that he stood rooted to the spot, erection growing as his eyes didn’t know where to land. It was like every fantasy he’d ever had come to life. 

Some people looked completely human while others had were sporting fur, different coloured skin, tails and more. God, Stiles kind of wanted to know what that tail would feel like wrapped around his cock.

“Enjoying the view?”

Stiles jumped about a foot in the air, blushing furiously at being caught staring. He looked over his shoulder to see Peter smiling faintly at him. “Uhh.”

“It’s okay, I felt the same way on my first full moon. It’s all so salacious, isn’t it? The sensual motion of the bodies,” he stepped closer, whispering in Stiles’s ear, “the sounds, the energy.” Peter trailed his finger along Stiles’s shoulder, eliciting a shudder.

Stiles could only nod, completely captivated by Peter’s warm breaths on his neck and the finger rubbing gently up and down his arm. It felt wrong, it felt daring, to be standing before so many people with an erection straining in his pants. He wanted to rip his clothes off and offer himself to Peter in front of those gathered, join in the melodies of moaning and groaning, the slapping of bodies together.

At the same time, he wanted to turn tail and run, pretending like this was all a fever dream. Except he couldn’t make himself look away, couldn’t close his eyes because the images of sex and debauchery were burned into his eyes.

“You don’t have to participate,” Peter said, running his nose up Stiles’s neck. It took everything in him not to moan. “You can just watch, get a feel for it. There’s always next month, or the month after. Or,” Peter stepped away, leaving him feeling cold, “never. There’s no rule that says you have to participate. You can come and go as you please, fully joining or never.”

The sounds of sex filled his ears, making it hard to think. If he was being honest with himself he did want to join in, wanted to be taken again and again, surrounded by nature and other people, wanted to put on a spectacle and make other people pant at the sight of him being fucked. He wanted to let go and just be.

Though he wanted it, it was still hard to admit aloud. “And if I do want to participate, tonight?” He whispered, almost hoping Peter didn’t hear but knowing he would with his superior hearing. He glanced over at Peter and watched as a smile slowly grew on the man’s beautiful mouth.

“Well then,” Peter said, stepping towards him and turning Stiles to face him, “all you had to do was say.”

Peter cupped his face, strong fingers gently massaging the back of his head as he pulled Stiles closer for a kiss. It was slow and sweet, not at all what Stiles was expecting, and it made his toes curl as he leaned into it. Peter kept the kiss gentle which only made Stiles yearn for more.

When they parted it was all Stiles could do to stop himself from stripping right there. He didn’t want to rush this, wanted to savour this experience, his first time doing something like this. Peter seemed to understand as he slowly reached to undo the zipper on Stiles’s red hoodie.

“Bold choice.”

Stiles couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ve always felt like the sheep among wolves with you guys, it felt appropriate.” He grinned as Peter nipped at his lips in retaliation.

It felt like nothing at all when Peter pushed his hoodie off his shoulders and it fell to the ground. The werewolf was still fully clothed so Stiles took his turn helping Peter remove his cardigan. Of course, the wolf wore nothing underneath so he was bare from the waist up in short order. 

Stiles tried not to gape but fuck was Peter ever gorgeous. He let his fingers trail from Peter’s shoulder down his pecs, to his abs before following the little line of hairs down to the wolf’s waistband. He teased his fingers along Peter’s pants, desperately wanting to see what was underneath.

“Ah ah,” Peter tutted, “you next.”

It was as Peter was pulling his t-shirt over his head that Stiles finally noticed they had a mini-audience. He felt his heart take off, beating so fast that he knew most of the supernatural creatures gathered could hear it.

“Don’t focus on them,” Peter pulled his attention back with a gentle hand on his chin, “focus on me.”

Stiles nodded, looking deeply into Peter’s electric blue eyes. They were bright and captivating, speaking to a darkness that called to parts deep inside Stiles. It made him bold, knowing he had the attention of not only an assortment of powerful creatures but of Peter Hale, the Left Hand of the Hale pack, someone with blood on their hands and viciousness in their heart.

While it might only be for one night, right then, they were equals.

Stiles felt his magic rising, wishing to join in on the fun and he didn’t stop it. He knew his eyes were burning brightly, could see the surprise in Peter’s eyes as the man beheld him, and watched the surprise bleed into an all consuming lust. Stiles grinned, winking at those gathered around them, as he reached for Peter’s pants.

The wolf let him undo the button and push his jeans and briefs down to the ground. Peter gracefully stepped out of his clothing as he reached to divest Stiles of his pants and boxers. Kicking off his shoes, Stiles shimmied out of his clothes before bending to pluck off his socks.

While nerves still zinged along his spine it was freeing to be naked, to be just like everyone else. Aroused and waiting.

Peter’s hand on his cock had Stiles yelping out a moan as he rose on his tiptoes, following Peter’s hand as it stroked up his cock. He rocked into the motion as Peter slowly jerked him off, the nerves sloughing off as his arousal heightened.

“Put him on his knees!” Someone shouted, confusing Stiles before he realized they were talking to Peter.

“What do you think, my little sheep, want to go on your knees for me?” Peter asked, grinning wide.

Stiles didn’t bother to reply, instead kneeling in front of Peter and panting up at the man. Stiles felt almost high off the pleasure permeating the field. It was like his spark was soaking it in, filling him up until he felt close to bursting with energy.

He reached for Peter’s cock only to have his hands batted away as Peter gripped his cock and stepped towards Stiles. He took the hint and dropped his hands, opening his mouth wide and sticking his tongue out so Peter’s cock slid right into his mouth. He moaned around it’s girth, luxuriating in the heat of it, the musky tang of Peter and the taste of pre-cum on his tongue.

It was fucking heaven.

Peter kept one hand on his cock as the other moved to the back of Stiles’s head, urging Stiles forward to take most of his cock. Peter was much bigger than any cock he’d sucked before but that didn’t stop Stiles from trying to take as much as Peter would give him. 

While Peter didn’t choke him, his mouth did feel full. He lost himself in the push and pull of Peter’s cock, the slow face-fucking. Stiles knew people were watching and it only made him hotter. It was heady knowing people were getting off watching him take Peter’s cock. It made him want to watch them as they watched him getting fucked.

As Peter was pulling back Stiles put his hands on the werewolf’s thighs, sitting back on his heels as he stared up at Peter. There was a pretty dusting of pink along the werewolf’s cheeks causing a burning of arousal deep in Stiles’s gut knowing he caused that blush. “I want you to fuck me.”

Peter growled at that, pulling Stiles forcefully to his feet and into a rough kiss. He broke away from their kiss, touching his forehead to Stiles. “Can I get someone else to get you ready? I’m afraid I’m having a bit of a hard time controlling my shift and I don’t want to accidentally scratch you up inside and ruin the night.”

Stiles nodded, completely uncaring about anything other than how quickly he could get Peter’s cock into him. He watched as Peter nodded to someone over his shoulder before he felt heat along his back.

“Seems it’s my lucky day,” a man murmured into his ear as calloused fingers caressed his ass. There was the snick of a cap before a cold finger covered in lube gently crazed his hole. Stiles felt his entire body tremble at the touch, grinding into Peter before pushing back onto this stranger’s fingers.

He’d never had sex with two people before, never had sex in front of a crowd, but it was certainly something he knew he’d do again. It was addicting having the attention of so many people on him. Made him feel sensual and sexy.

One finger quickly became two, the man’s talented fingers brushing against his prostate as he fingerfucked Stiles. Stiles couldn’t help the keening he was making, desperately holding onto Peter’s shoulders and biting at the werewolf’s lips to keep himself from cumming too soon. He wanted to come on Peter’s cock.

Two fingers became three and Stiles was fucking himself back in earnest, not wanting to let go of the feeling. “Now, now, you promised Peter here your sweet little hole. Don’t deny him. You can always come find me later,” the man whispered into his ear before pulling his fingers free, Stiles groaning at being left empty.

He didn’t even have a chance to see who’d fingered him so deliciously before Peter had him on his hands and knees. He moaned when strong hands gripped his ass cheeks, spreading him open for all to see. He arched his back, urging Peter on.

The werewolf didn’t waste any more time, pressing his cock into Stiles and gliding in nicely. It was still a bit of a stretch but Stiles relished the slight tension, bearing down and arching his back more. He wanted Peter as deep as he could get.

Peter’s balls hit his ass and Stiles moaned out, “Fuck, yes!”

They didn’t stay still for long, Peter starting up a hard rhythm. It was everything Stiles ever wanted, only made better when Peter grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, forcing him to look at those gathered around them.

Most were naked and masturbating to the sight of them fucking. It was fucking glorious. Stiles panted, eyes desperately trying to take in as much as he could as he fucked himself back into Peter’s thrusts. It was frenzied and wild, and rough and perfect.

There was a long drawn out moan somewhere in the crowd and that seemed to set everyone off, people cumming all around them. Stiles was so close, edging nearer and nearer, when Peter wrapped a hand around his cock.

That was all it took for Stiles to cum, shouting out his release as he fucked into Peter’s fist and back onto his cock. Stiles never wanted it to end.

Stiles collapsed onto his forearms as Peter finally released his cock and started fucking him deeply, chasing his own release. Stiles relished the feeling of being used to make Peter cum, squeezing down on the wolf’s cock as much as he could.

It wasn’t long after that Peter stilled as he came, hips pistoning in short little jabs as he milked his cock. Stiles groaned at the sensation of being filled, of being fucked deliciously raw.

When Peter finally pulled out Stiles collapsed onto the ground, rolling onto his back, uncaring that he was naked and outside getting mud and dirt on himself. Most of the crowd had dispersed now that they were done.

“I can’t believe I did that,” he laughed, turning his head to face Peter who was lying beside him.

Peter grinned. “Believe it, babe. If you’re up for it I’m sure there are many here who would love to further fill up your dirty little hole, I know Christopher would.”

Stiles felt alive in a way he’d never felt before, so much energy buzzing through him that he felt like he could fly. It took him a moment to ask Peter, “Christopher, the guy who fingered me?”

Peter hummed in agreement as he stretched out, seeming content to rest on the ground for a bit. 

“Mmm, I’d like that but I don’t think I can move. If he finds me I certainly won’t say no.”

“Well,” Peter said, eyes closed as he nodded his head to the left. “He’s right there, why don’t you let him know you’re up for a fuck?”

Stiles whipped his head to the left, following to where Peter had nodded. His mouth went dry at the sight of the older gentleman, a silver fox for sure, who was slowly pumping a beautifully full cock.

Oh fuck yeah.

“What do you say, Christopher? Want to fill me up some more?”

The man stepped towards him, hand dropping his cock so it bounced as he walked. “It’s Chris, only that buffoon calls me Christopher, and I’m ready when you are, baby.”

Stiles grinned as he pushed to his knees and dropped open his mouth. He couldn’t fucking wait.

Chapter Text

John Stilinski prided himself on knowing his city, on being on top of the goings on, and taking action where needed. He was the Sheriff, after all, and it was his duty to care for his people in whatever way they needed.

As he walked into the Centre, he couldn’t help but remember what had pushed him to start this initiative. 

One day Stiles came home from school, crying from the bully Alphas in his school, and John had known he’d needed to do something. His son was only 10 at the time, dealing with the loss of his mother, he didn’t also need to deal with trumped up little children presenting as Alphas and acting like that meant they owned the world. He’d needed his son to grow up into a world where it wasn’t the norm for Alphas to be aggressive, and where Betas and Omegas were seen as somehow lesser.

He’d known he was privileged, growing up an Alpha in an era where they were seen as near untouchable, had doors thrown open for them. He’d known he benefited and knew he needed to take that and turn it to good.

So he’d set out to change his city, knowing that to change the world he had to first change his home.

He’d started touting the idea of mandatory counseling for all Alphas, classes to help them understand their aggression and how to handle it in a healthy manner. Meditation shops for all with a deeper encouragement for young Alphas, anything to try to help change this mentality that being the biggest bully would get them everything they wanted in life.

But by far, his biggest success was starting the Alpha Centre.

The Alpha Centre held history lessons on the true treatment of Betas and Omegas, held yoga and meditation, and community outreach programs. However, it had one thing that was its beacon of ingenuity, a pioneer in fundamentally changing how Alphas saw themselves.

The O Program.

When the idea had first trickled into his head, John thought there was no way anyone would go for it. It was outlandish and outrageous, bordering on illegal. It had taken him a while to figure out how to promote it so that he wasn’t immediately laughed out of any room.

But when he’d finally put the idea out there, had a few trial runs, well, it couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

The O Program was the first of its kind but it grew and was now offered in multiple cities and was even in discussions to expand to other States. John couldn’t be more proud knowing that this idea which had grown out of a frustration for his son had turned into such a successful endeavour.

Beacon Hills was now touted as one of the best cities to live in and people.

The O Program taught Alphas how to let their guard down, to give up control. To enjoy themselves without feeling the need to prove themselves. It taught Alphas how to get on their hands and knees and get fucked - to reach a release that went far beyond what they thought they knew and to a realm that left them floating in euphoria.

The deepness of the orgasm, the manner in which the O Program achieved it, triggered a release deep inside the Alpha brain, leaving them healthier and happier and much less aggressive. 

And now he was here ten years later with a thriving Centre and a population that was benefiting from the change.

He smiled as he passed reception and went to clock in for his shift. He took more now that Stiles was off at University. Helping Alphas really filled a void in him that had grown when Claudia had died. He was happier and healthier, and he attributed it all to having a happy, healthy son and the Centre.

“Hey, John!”

It was Chris Argent, the Chief Medical Officer, who ran the Centre. John knew he’d never be able to give up being Sheriff so he’d looked for someone with a similar drive to help him start the Program. Chris had been a natural fit and he’d helped the place to blossom.

“Hey, Chris! How’s everything going?”

Chris smiled as he caught up to John and they both walked towards the locker room. “It’s been a pretty good day. We’ve had a few new Alphas, ones from out of town, that seemed resistant to what we were offering but by the end of our presentation seemed all on board. I haven’t talked to any of their Handlers yet but I’m sure their sessions are going smoothly.”

John smiled. That was the way with it for new Alphas, they always hesitated until the Q&A portion of the presentation when they got to talk to an Alpha who’d participated in the program. It almost always helped to ease their worries. “That’s good, that’s really good. I don’t think I’m scheduled to see anyone new today.”

Chris shook his head. “Nope, I was just looking at the schedule and you’ve got 3 regulars today. Tomorrow you’ll have a new Alpha and Trish will have all the information for you.”

“Sounds good. I’ll go get myself signed in and up to speed on my cases. But before I go, did you want to get together Friday, have a bbq? Stiles is coming in to town and mentioned he’d like to see you.”

It wasn’t that John was necessarily trying to set his son up with his best friend but he also wasn’t not trying to. If something came of this little crush the two had on each other, well, John wouldn’t stand in their way.

“Yeah, yes, definitely,” Chris spat out, clearing his throat as he seemed to gather himself. “I’ll be there, just text me to let me know if I need to bring anything.”

With a nod and a grin, John turned into the locker room as Chris headed off, presumably to his office.

It was quick work to get changed into his scrubs and clocked in. He took a moment to look at his schedule for the night, and the rest of the week, before heading to his first appointment. He couldn’t help smiling to himself, it was always a treat when he had repeat Alphas. They were always easy going and a delight to work with as they knew what to expect.

As he walked into the room he saw that his client was already prepped and waiting for him, a perk of repeat Alphas.

“Hello, Peter,” he said as he walked over to sit at the computer desk. The room was much like any patient room with a counter and sink, cupboards and a desk with a computer and chair. The biggest different was that instead of a bed there was a breeding bench.

It was padded and had restraints, with the ability to maneuver it so that the Alpha could be positioned ass up. It was all designed to help the Alphas achieve maximum pleasure while taking away their ability to control it.

As he booted up the computer, bringing up Peter’s file, he turned to face the Alpha. “How’re you doing today?” It was important for the Alpha care that they maintain a file on their well being so that treatment could be changed as needed to ensure maximum benefit.

“Oh, I’m just dandy, John,” Peter growled, eyes flaring in a sure sign of agitation. “Talia’s on my ass again about settling down, starting a family of my own, and you know how happy that makes me,” he finished sarcastically.

John made a quick note in his file. “I’m sorry that she’s still on about that. Why don’t you come over to my place on Friday? I'm having a BBQ because Stiles is coming home. Chris will be there too. It’ll be fun and get you out of the house for a bit. What do you say?” He watched as some tension drained from Peter’s shoulders. It made him wonder how long Peter had been carrying that tension around, if it had maybe been bothering him since their last session a month ago. He made another note in Peter’s file.

“I’ll be there, just let me know if I can bring anything.”

“Sure, I’ll text you later,” he said as he exited the file and turned to face Peter. “Now, are you going to need the restraints today?”

Peter nodded and shrugged out of his robe before getting onto the bench. “Yes, it’s been a hell of a week.”

“Okay.” He quickly washed his hands, put on gloves, and then went about strapping Peter in, making sure everything was comfortable. As he tightened the last restraint he watched as more tension left Peter’s body. It was a beautiful sight.

Making sure he had all the necessary tools in place John stepped up behind Peter. He started with massaging Peter’s back, rubbing at the knots he found and working them gently. He moved his way down the Alpha’s back to his ass, spreading Peter’s cheeks and rubbing them, getting Peter used to his touch before he reached under Peter to fist his cock. The Alpha was already hard and leaking slightly.

Though he was strapped down Peter still tried to fuck into John’s hand, moaning when he couldn’t move. Fuck if it wasn’t gorgeous watching the Alpha’s give in, seeing them let someone else take over.

“That’s it, Peter, just let me make you feel good,” he crooned to the Alpha. He pumped Peter’s cock for a few more minutes, letting the pleasure build before moving on.

John grabbed the lube, spreading some on his fingers, before circling Peter’s rim with his thumb. The muscles loosened enough that he could slip a lubed up finger in nicely, stroking all the in before slowly gliding out, letting Peter get used to the feeling of being filled. John let his fingers slightly graze Peter’s prostate, grinning to himself when it drew a moan from the Alpha.

He added a second finger, fucking Peter slowly, taking his time so that the Alpha could sink into it. Peter’s ass was still tight and while he knew what Peter was after, John was going to take his time getting the Alpha there.

He liked watching as Peter tried to squirm, trying to find a way to get John to move faster, but he was completely at John’s mercy. It was heady and delightful. His already hard cock throbbed at the sight.

“Peter,” he said softly, leaning slightly over the Alpha to whisper in his ear. “I’ve got you.” 

John stood up and added a third finger, scissoring his fingers to help loosen Peter further. He added more lube, helping his fingers glide in a nice continuous steady rhythm, in and out, in and out. 

Peter was groaning softly, eyes closed.

John removed his fingers and reached over to grab one of the medium sized dildos from the box knowing Peter liked them on the larger side. But to get the Alpha to that perfect place, John wanted to slowly work him up to it. He squeezed lube onto the dildo before rubbing it against Peter’s rim, letting the Alpha know what was coming.

Peter tried to tilt his hips up, tried to get John to hurry up, but John knew that wasn’t what the Alpha needed. He kept teasing Peter’s rim, rubbing the dildo in circles, dragging it from his hole down to his taint and back up. It was only as Peter seemed to deflate into the bench that John finally eased the dildo into his ass.

Peter moaned as the dildo went in, sighing happily as it filled him. John pushed the dildo in fully before pulling it back out, keeping up the same slow rhythm he’d used with his fingers.

A look down under the bench showed Peter’s cock was nicely red and steadily leaking pre-cum.

John continued the push-pull of the dildo, listening as Peter’s groans turned into moans. There was a softness about the Alpha that called to John, telling him that Peter was on the right path. He continued to fuck the Alpha, pushing him towards an orgasm. 

It took some time to push Peter over the edge at that slow pace but it was worth it as the Alpha cried out, hips straining as he came, cum shooting into the receptacle below. John kept fucking Peter until he stopped coming, body slumped against the bench.

“That was so good, Peter,” he praised the Alpha as he removed the dildo and put it in the sink to be cleaned. “Are you ready for the next part?”

Peter took a moment to answer him as John grabbed the condoms and pushed down his pants to just below his cock. He wouldn’t move on until Peter gave him the okay but he always liked to be prepared.

“Yes, I’m good.”

John smiled as he slipped the condom onto his cock. He added lube onto his erection, slicking himself up as he stepped up behind Peter. He rubbed his cock against Peter’s rim once before pushing in.

He groaned quietly at the pleasure of it, Peter’s hot hole sucking him in greedily. Peter moaned as he bottomed out.

He waited there a moment before pulling back out, starting up a slow rhythm to get Peter used to his cock. It wasn’t long before he could feel Peter’s hips flexing as he thrust in, encouraging him to go faster and deeper. This time John obliged him, picking up his pace until he was fucking Peter so hard the slap of their hips echoed in the room.

Peter was moaning continuously as he tried desperately to meet John’s thrusts. But that was part of the experience, being held down and forced to take a cock, forced to take pleasure that they wanted but couldn’t always ask for. John loved being able to give that to them.

“Oh fuck!” Peter groaned. “I’m going to knot.”

And that’s what John had been waiting for. He picked up his pace, no longer holding back as he helped Peter along. He braced himself over Peter, grabbing the bench at Peter’s shoulders to fuck himself deeper into the Alpha. He could feel his own knot forming and he wanted to knot Peter just as the Alpha knotted the air.

He let Peter’s moans guide him, the pitch changing as he got closer and closer. John’s knot was getting bigger, almost catching on Peter’s rim as he fucked him. He could tell they were both close.

A hitch in Peter’s breath told John all he needed to know so he let go himself, fucking in hard and lodging his knot into Peter just as the Alpha came with a roar. It was fucking glorious being knotted in an Alpha as they themselves knotted. He could tell Peter was caught in the euphoric place of almost too much as his body milked John’s knot.

Peter’s hips couldn’t help the micro thrusts they were doing, chasing that feeling, as his thighs shook. John gently pushed himself to standing and rubbed soothing circles over Peter’s back. The Alpha beneath him was still cumming, his moans turning into quiet whimpering.

“You did such a good job, Peter,” John said as he gave a quick gentle squeeze to Peter’s neck.

It took awhile for Peter to finally come down though he was still sporting a knot on his cock as John slipped out of him. John quickly grabbed a small plug, lubed it up and slipped it into Peter to help through the final moments of his orgasm. It helped the Alphas to have something for their ass to clamp down on while they were still knotting, John had found.

He grabbed a soft cloth and started wiping Peter down, helping pull the Alpha back to the present moment as his knot finally subsided. John made sure to remove the plug before it started to agitate Peter before he set about unstrapping the Alpha. The Alpha was slow to get up, as most were after such an intense session, and John helped Peter back into his robe before leading the Alpha to the stuffed chair to sit down.

Once he had Peter settled, John quickly cleaned himself up and grabbed the toys that needed cleaning. “You take as long as you need to before getting up to leave, okay, Peter?”

He watched as Peter leaned back in the chair, eyes closed as he got comfortable. The Alpha nodded, not bothering to reply. John didn’t mind, that’s what he expected.

He slipped out of the room, closing the door gently, leaving the Busy sign up so that nobody would disturb the Alpha. The last part of every session was giving the Alpha time to come down from the high in an uninterrupted manner, taking as long as they needed.

John made his way to the sanitizing room, dropping off the used toys, before making his way to his next client. The night was off to a good start.

Chapter Text

“Well, well, well,” Stiles jumped about a foot in the air in surprise as Peter spoke up behind him, “what do we have here?”

He knew his face was bright red though he wasn’t embarrassed to be caught by his husband. It was more of a shock response. Stiles turned from where he was facing the mirror, hobbled more like it until he was looking Peter in the eye.

“Um, this is exactly what it looks like,” he finally replied after staring at Peter for a minute.

His husband nodded, eying him up and down. “This being you struggling to put on a cock cage.”

It wasn’t a question but Stiles answered it like it was. “Yes.”

Peter nodded again, seeming frozen in the motion as he pursed his lips. It was several more minutes before he seemed jolted out of his thoughts and stepped into the bedroom. “I see. And would you by chance be needing any help?”

Stiles loved that Peter wasn’t immediately laughing over this. 

“Yes, I definitely need help.” Stiles expected Peter to immediately close the space between them and help out with the situation. Instead his husband continued to stand just inside the doorway, looking at him. “Please.”

That seemed to cause some reaction as a glimmer entered Peter’s eye as he finally walked closer to Stiles. “What, exactly, seems to be the problem?”

He honestly couldn’t be sure if Peter was kidding but he gestured to his cock. “Uh, I think that’s pretty obvious.”

Peter tutted, shaking his head. “Oh, no, my Love, I need you to tell me.”

Stiles flushed, recognizing where his husband was going with this. “I, uh,” he gulped, trying to bring moisture to his suddenly parched throat, “I’m too hard to fit into the cage.”

“Mmm,” Peter hummed.

Stiles could feel his dick getting harder, anticipating what was coming. “I need—can you help me?”

Peter stepped closer until he and Stiles were almost nose to nose. Peter’s warm breath puffed against his lips. “And how would you like me to help you?”

Stiles felt his heart rate increase as he fought not to close the gap between him and Peter. He could feel the heat emmenating from his husband, it was such an addictive feeling, made only hotter by the clear arousal in his husband’s eyes. “Can you please jerk me off?”

“I could.”

He felt like he was going up in flames, the constricting feel of the cage only adding to his arousal. “Please, Peter,” he whispered, trying to encourage his husband without begging.

But Peter wasn’t having any of it. He waited patiently as Stiles waffled between giving in and being stubborn.

“Please.” He tried again.

Peter only smiled in response. “Please what?”

Stiles barred his teeth at Peter in a mockery of a growl. “God damn you. Please,” he stepped into Peter’s space, bumping their chests together, “jerk me off so that I can cum and we can get this cock cage on.”

“Oh, well, my Love, all you had to do was ask,” Peter grinned as he dropped to his knees in front of Stiles. 

Stiles’s breath wooshed out of him. He hadn’t been expecting that and the sight of his husband on his knees in front of him had him trembling, just like always. He would never tire at seeing Peter’s face so close to his cock.

Peter gently removed the cage and Stiles groaned as his already hard cock swelled even further. He put a hand on Peter’s shoulder to steady himself, thighs almost shaking in desire as Peter’s strong hand gripped his erection. It felt glorious.

Peter started off slowly, with long tight strokes that had Stiles moaning. It always felt heavenly when  Peter’s hands were on him. He tried to fuck into Peter’s hand but his husband stopped him with a hand on his waist. Peter kept up the maddeningly slow pace and Stiles grit his teeth.

He’d been hard since he’d shaved his pubes off, the knowledge of why he was doing it arousing him. So he needed to cum, almost desperately.

“Come on, Peter,” he encouraged while keeping still.

But Peter wasn’t listening, just slowly pulling on Stiles’s cock until he felt like he was going to scream. His balls were pulled up tight and his cock was so hard it was turning purple. He needed to fucking cum.

“Peter,” he whined, gripping Peter’s shoulders tightly.

Still, his husband kept up the slow pace, grip never changing. Stiles felt like his entire body was buzzing with the need to cum, feeling it everywhere. Deep, white-hot pleasure was zipping out from deep inside, waiting to burst free in a climax.

“Please, Peter, please,” he cried out, desperate to find some relief.

Like that was the signal he had been waiting for, Peter smirked up at him before leaning forward and swallowing Stiles right down. Stiles shouted as he instinctively fucked forward into Peter’s mouth, his husband allowing it as he gripped the back of Stiles’s thighs.

Stiles was so close that barely fucked Peter’s mouth at all before he was cumming deep down his husband’s throat, hips continuously thrusting to eke out every last drop of pleasure. He felt the pleasure zinging down his thighs, making his toes curl as he threw his head back with a heavy groan, hands anchored on Peter to keep himself upright.

Everything felt so much more sensitive on and around his cock thanks to his shaving. He felt overstimulated by the time Peter pulled off his cock, lips a fetching shade of just-fucked red. Stiles leaned down and captured Peter’s lips in a kiss, tasting himself on his husband’s tongue. It was an addictive taste.

Stiles stood back up and looked fondly down at Peter. His husband looked completely debauched kneeling before him, erection bulging the front of his pants. Stiles couldn’t wait to return the favor.

“Do you still want it on?”

“What?” Stiles looked at Peter in confusion.

Peter laughed this time. “The cock cage,” he gestured to said toy where it was lying on the floor, “did you still want me to put it on?”

“Ohh!” Stiles laughed, having completely forgotten what had gotten them to this place. “Yes, you know, I do. Still curious about it.”

Peter grinned at him, a slightly feral look to his eye, as he reached for the cock cage. Now that Stiles was soft, the cage should slip on just fine.

“Go clean yourself up first and then we’ll see about getting this onto you.”

“Right, yeah, that’s a good idea.” He headed to the bathroom as Peter climbed to his feet. He was wiping down with a washcloth when Peter stepped into the bathroom with him. Stiles’s eyes drifted down to the bulge in Peter’s pants, an idea forming. “Want to fuck me once we’ve got the cage on?”

If the answering flare of desire in Peter’s eyes was any indication, Stiles was definitely going to get fucked. He couldn’t wait to see what it felt like when his cock was caged.

Chapter Text

“You want to take me to a bathhouse?” Peter couldn’t help the smirk that curled up the edge of his lips. While he’d always had a leaning towards Stiles he didn’t think the feelings were mutual. It was quite bold of Stiles to suddenly proposition him in this way. He wasn’t going to say no. “Sure.”

Stiles gave him a stink eye. “Why did you say it like that?”

Ah, that was the game they were playing. Peter could handle that. “Oh, no reason.” He winked, surprised by the weird look Stiles sent his way.

“Look, it’s just Derek said no but I don’t want to go by myself, and I figured you would be the only other person interested.”

Well, colour him insulted. Stiles had asked his nephew first? And what was Peter, the dirty seconds? Oh, if he didn’t want to get his hands on Stiles’s ass and hear him moan, well he’d be more offended. As it was, he was just grateful that his idiot nephew had said no. 

Peter was going to capitalize on this moment and steal Stiles for himself. He was going to show the young man that he couldn’t live without Peter’s sexual prowess.

God, he couldn’t wait.

“So, when are we going?” He might have to move a few things around depending on when Stiles said but nothing was more important than this. It had been a long time since he’d had sex and he wasn’t going to turn it down now, especially not when it was Stiles offering. As much as he’d fantasized about this, he never thought it would come true.

“Uh,” Stiles scratched the back of his head, “now?”

“Oh,” he tried to hide his surprise. He’d expected, well, not today. It seemed sudden and bold . He was liking this forwardness from Stiles. “Alright, let me grab my things.”

He left Stiles at his front door as he went to get his bag, filling it with towels, shower sandals, lube and condoms. Peter adjusted himself in his pants as excitement buzzed through him. This had definitely not been in his plans for the day. He couldn’t wait to take Stiles apart, or let Stiles take him apart - he wasn’t picky.

He was back with Stiles minutes later, unable to contain his grin. Stiles seemed unperturbed, his scent giving nothing away. Ah if only Peter could crack open Stiles’s brain to understand what was going through his head.

Soon it wouldn’t matter, they’d be lost in each other’s pleasures and Stile’s scent would be singing. Peter would finally get to know what Stiles’s aroused-beyond-thinking scent would be. It would fuel his dreams for weeks to come, along with whatever they did today.

It took everything in him to ignore his cock but Stiles was walking out the door towards his Jeep and Peter hurried to keep up. Soon he wouldn’t have to ignore his cock, he’d have beautiful long fingers stroking him and playing with him. He shuddered.

The drive surprisingly didn’t take all that long despite the anticipation coursing through him. It was like he blinked and Stiles was parking the Jeep outside the bathhouse. 

Though it had been years since he’d last been here it still looked the same, if somewhat updated. All clean lines and soothing colours, a classy affair hiding a nefarious business. Walking inside, smelling layers of arousal through the air, had Peter struggling to keep control. It didn’t matter how clean the place was, scents lingered and arousal was a potent emotion.

They checked in at the front desk, paying the modest fee, before making their way to the locker room. Peter was completely unsurprised to find everyone inside naked. Stiles seemed to be surprised by it, eyes dancing everywhere and trying not to land on anything.

Peter smiled to himself as he followed Stiles over to a set of lockers. He was unselfconscious as he stripped down, purring silently in satisfaction as Stiles peeked over at him. It was cute for Stiles to be shy considering he’d asked Peter to come with him. Ah well, it must all be part of Stiles’s game.

Peter couldn’t help the bemused look that graced his face as watched Stiles slip on a pair of swim trunks. Was he going to perform a little striptease for Peter? Not that he was opposed to it, the thought actually causing a small flush of heat along his chest. 

“So, uh, we going in?”

The question pulled Peter out of his musings, looking at Stiles who looked slightly uncomfortable. It must have been Peter’s stare, he’d have to remember himself going in. Staring made Stiles uncomfortable. “Yes, of course.” He gestured for Stiles to precede him, and with one last glance around the locker room, Stiles headed into the bathhouse.

Even through the soundproofed room, Peter could hear the moans and sounds of sex. The smell was extremely strong and it helped push him over the edge to fully hard. Peter hoped Stiles didn’t play too hard to get, he wanted to get his hounds on Stiles immediately.

He wondered what Stiles would look like as Peter kneeled before him with Stiles’s cock in his mouth. Peter sincerely hoped Stiles blushed bright red.

Distracted as he was by the smell and sounds assaulting him, Peter full on walked right into Stiles’s back as the young man stopped in the doorway. 

“What?!” Stiles squeaked, trying to step back but Peter was in his way.

Peter glanced around the bathhouse, trying to see what had so shocked the young man. While some men were jerking off to the sight of other men fucking, Peter only saw groups of two men together, no threesomes. Nothing seemed out there or shocking. It was all beautiful and arousing.

“Peter,” Stiles hissed, “we—this isn’t—let’s go.”

That pulled Peter’s attention to Stiles. “What do you mean?”

Stiles’s face was bright red but in embarrassment, the scent pouring out of Stiles in waves. “They’re having sex!”

Everything clicked into place at that moment, Stiles inviting both him and Derek, the young man’s current surprise. “You didn’t realize this was that kind of bathhouse.”

Stiles shook his head mutely. He seemed frozen in shock.

Peter gently turned Stiles and walked him back into the locker room. He hoped he was hiding his disappointment. His erection was completely gone and he tried not to be sad that they wouldn’t be seeing any action from their current crush. Peter promised his cock that he’d give it attention later.

Stiles followed the motions of getting dressed, completely dazed. Peter steered him out of the locker room, through the lobby and to the parking lot in silence. They stopped beside the Jeep and Peter waited to see what Stiles would say if anything.

Many thoughts seemed to be firing in Stiles’s head. He seemed to come to a conclusion as he suddenly looked up at Peter incredulously. “You knew what this place was.” He didn’t wait for Peter to reply. “And you, what, thought I was asking you to come here and have sex with me?”

Peter could tell he had a slight blush gracing his cheeks. He definitely should have asked more questions before jumping right in. “I did.” No point beating around the bush since that was exactly what he’d thought.

“Peter,” Stiles sighed but a small smile graced his face. “The first time we have sex is not going to be in front of an audience.”

It was Peter’s turn for confusion. “What?”

“We’re going to have sex, that’s inevitable. But why would you ever think I’d want to fuck you in front of other people?”

Peter didn’t have an answer for that.

“And, wait! Did you think you were my second choice next to Derek ?”

Peter could only nod.

“Oh, no, this just won’t do. Peter,” Stiles stepped up to Peter, invading his personal space. “You’re my first, second and third choice. In fact, let’s go back to your place so I can prove that to you. Let’s go, right now.” Stiles shooed Peter over to the passenger side of the Jeep and it was Peter’s turn to helplessly follow instructions.

This day had started off with a surprise, turned back on its head, and was now heading back to what he’d first thought but had come in such a backwards way. While his head was extremely confused — relieved but confused — his dick did not seem to have the same problem, chubbing up in his pants as he settled into his seat.

Stiles reached over and squeezed his thigh before putting the Jeep into gear and taking off. That warm touch kept Peter’s focus until they pulled into his driveway.

Stiles turned the Jeep off and looked at him. “Well, we doing this?”

Peter growled as he threw open his door. “Get in the house.”

Stiles responded with a grin as he raced Peter into the house. Peter couldn’t wait to get Stiles naked for the second time today, though this time would end exactly where he wanted it. He couldn’t wait.

Chapter Text

Chris knew, in the back of his head, that as the son of a Sheriff Stiles would likely know his way around guns. However, it was one thing to know and another thing altogether to see the way in which Stiles handled guns. It was smooth, steady, confident, and really fucking hot.

Having been around guns all his life, Chris never would have said they turned him on. They were a weapon, a tool to be used. Yet, in Stiles’s hand, it was a seduction. He couldn’t look away as Stiles took apart, cleaned, and put back together gun after gun.

There was an elegance to Stiles’s hand as they seemed to caress the metal. There was no hesitation as he moved through the motions, each new gun familiar in his hands.

Chris wondered what those hands would feel like on him, how they would handle him if that same confidence would follow Stiles into the bedroom. He felt flushed at the thought and he tried unobtrusively to adjust himself as he felt his cock take interest.


He pulled his eyes away from Stiles’s hands to look at his face. Stiles was smirking at him as he slowly put down the gun he was currently handling. “You seem a little preoccupied.”

“No, I’m good.”

Stiles pushed back in his seat, crossing his arms. “Are you, Chris? Is that why you’re hard in your pants?”

Chris fought the urge to cover himself as Stiles’s eyes seemed to take him apart. It was a heady thing to be the entire focus of such a person. It only made his erection grow.

“You want to know what I think, Chris?”

“I feel like you’re going to tell me whether I want to know or not.”

Stiles smirked. “You are correct on that. I think that you like how I handle a gun and want to know if I’d handle your cock in the same way.”

Chris’s heart near stopped hearing his almost exact thoughts thrown back at him. He knew the spark didn’t have the ability to read minds but he was so perceptive that many times it felt like Stiles could.

It was like the world slowed down as Chris watched Stiles quickly snatch up a gun and load it. It was a thing of beauty to behold until Stiles turned the gun on him, locked and loaded. Chris’s heart picked up speed, his body frozen in place.

“Do you like how I’m handling it now?” Stiles asked as he pushed to his feet. Chris’s eyes felt drawn to Stiles’s face, their eyes meeting. He was lost in that gaze for a moment before Stiles stepped up to Chris, the gun at chest height now as he watched it come to rest on his chest. “Does this get you hot, knowing I’ve got your life in my hands?”

Chris had never been turned on by a gun in his life, especially not one that was aimed at him. But this was Stiles and as wrong as it was Chris had jerked off to thoughts of the young man. Having Stiles point a gun at him, smirk on his face, and hand steady?

“Fuck, yeah,” he answered, voice hoarse with repressed emotion. Chris felt like he couldn’t breathe, but his chest was heaving and pushing into the barrel of the gun. At any second this could all go wrong.

Stiles stepped closer, almost chest to chest but for the gun between them. Their breaths mingled, moisture gathering along Chris’s top lip as the heat grew between them. He licked his lips, watching as Stiles’s eyes zeroed in on the motion.

Stiles leaned forward and nipped at his chin, placing a soft kiss right after, before kissing his way along Chris’s jaw. Pleasure zipped down his neck as Stiles’s placed sucking kisses along the underside of his jaw. His cock grew, pushing almost painfully against his pants.

He felt himself leaning into the kisses, groaning as the gun pressed harder against his chest. Every beat of his heart only continued thanks to the steadiness of Stiles’s hand.

Stiles moved the gun then, dragging it up his chest, along his neck to rest against the underside of his jaw. Chris swallowed deeply, his adam's apple pushing against the gun.

“You look so pretty, Chris,” Stiles whispered in his ear, “eyes wide, pupils dilated, cock hard.” He leaned back so they were face to face. “But that mouth of yours, it looks sad, empty . Makes me want to see that lovely mouth of yours stuffed full.”

Chris knew what was coming even as Stiles dragged the gun up the underside of his jaw and over his chin to nudge at his mouth. He could feel himself leaking precum in anticipation as he slowly opened his mouth. Stiles was gentle as he nudged the gun into Chris’s mouth, careful of Chris’s teeth as he pushed the gun further in. 

“Oh, Christopher , you look divine,” Stiles purred as he slowly fucked Chris’s mouth with the gun. 

Chris felt himself drooling around the gun, the metal tang causing him to salivate. He felt debauched, messy, and completely at Stiles’s mercy. It was a heady feeling.

Stiles suddenly grabbed his cock causing Chris to choke on the gun. The grin Stiles sent his way was feral as he gripped Chris through his pants, continuing to fuck Chris’s mouth with the gun.

Chris was already so hard, aroused to the point where he knew it wouldn’t take long for him to cum in his pants like a teenager. He whined around the gun, trying to fuck into Stiles’s hand.

“No, my dear sweet Christopher, don’t try to force this. Just let it happen, let me take care of you.” Stiles leaned in and kissed the corner of Chris’s mouth. “Undo your pants for me.”

The demand was clear and Chris was helpless to do anything but obey. His hands were shaking as he reached to undo his pants, dropping his hands to his sides as soon as he was done. Stiles smiled at him in approval as he reached his hand into Chris’s boxers.

The first touch of Stiles’s hand on his erection caused Chris to jerk into Stiles, choking on the gun again. Stiles moaned in response, squeezing Chris’s cock hard before slowly jerking him off.

Chris was already so close, being at the mercy of both Stiles’s hand and the gun was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. He wanted to push until it ended in a glaze of euphoric glory but he also wanted it to keep going, for Stiles to never let him go.

He could hear himself moaning, muscles locked to keep himself in place just as Stiles had instructed. Tears leaked silently out of his eyes as he gagged again on the gun. He wanted Stiles to force it down his throat, make him take it.

He was desperate to cum, desperate to have Stiles be the one to get him there. His jaw was starting to ache and the friction on his cock wasn’t enough but he didn’t care. It all just felt so fucking good.

Stiles suddenly jerked the gun out of Chris’s mouth and looped his arm around Chris’s neck, pulling Chris in for a bruising kiss. The motion brought their bodies fully together and Chris couldn’t help but rut against Stiles’s hand, using their bodies as an anchor to push his hips harder against Stiles. 

Stiles moaned into his mouth, biting at Chris’s lips as he jerked Chris off harder and faster. Chris was so close that it didn’t take long at all before he was cumming all over himself and Stiles’s hand. He groaned long and loud as his orgasm seemed to zing all throughout his body. It seemed never-ending, his body shaking by the time stiles was done ringing the last bit of cum from him.

Chris slumped into Stiles, gasping for air as he came down from the high, mind whirring as he tried to come to terms with what they’d just done. He let his arms loosely wrap around Stiles’s hips as he rested his hand against Stiles’s shoulder. “I can’t believe you just face-fucked me with a loaded gun and I let you.” It was the stupidest thing he’d ever done.

“Don’t be silly, Chris,” Stiles said as he leaned back to look into Chris’s eyes, “this gun was never loaded.”

Chris was about to object when he finally noticed exactly what gun Stiles was holding. It wasn’t the one Chris had watched him load, rather, like Stiles said, an unloaded one that had been on the table. “You fucking little shit.”

“Don’t even pretend at being offended, you fucking loved it. You were hard at the thought of a loaded gun being in your mouth.” Stiles leaned in for another kiss, this one softer though no less exciting. “But, just so we’re clear, I would never endanger you that way. You’re too precious to me.”

Chris didn’t know what to say in response so he said nothing, instead leaning in to kiss Stiles some more. He definitely felt confused about everything that had just happened but one thing he wasn’t confused about was the bulge he felt in Stiles’s pants. That was something he could immediately deal with, so he slipped to his knees and reached to undo Stiles’s pants.

They would talk later, for now, he was going to lose himself in pleasuring Stiles.

Chapter Text

“Are you ready, Christopher?”

God, no, he wasn’t. “No.”

Stiles sat back on the bed beside him, stroking fingers through his hair, petting Chris, soothing him. Chris leaned into the touch, desperate for it. He felt unbelievably needy, from his aching cock to his pounding heart.

They’d been gearing up to this for weeks, and spent an hour today getting Chris ready. He was primed, ready to shoot off at a moment's notice, exactly where he needed to be for the next part. But, “I’m scared.”

Stiles pulled him in for a strong kiss, reassuring hands holding him tight, grounding him. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of in admitting that. I’ve told you, we only proceed as you’re comfortable. If today you’re not ready, we don’t do it. If you’re never ready, we never do it.”

Chris struggled to know what to say, how to explain that despite being scared he was desperate to let go, to experience the bliss he just knew would come. It was a secret fantasy he’d had for some time, and it was only after he’d started his relationship with Stiles that he felt comfortable enough to share it. Chris had allowed himself to give up control to Stiles and it had easily become an addiction.

He was always in control, had to be to do the work he did, but to come home and allow someone else to take over? It was everything he’d never known he needed until Stiles had given it to him.

Throughout his internal struggle, Stiles continued to touch him, petting his hair before gripping his cock tight and stroking his already purple erection. For an hour Stiles had stroked his cock, bringing him to the edge before pulling back as Chris gasped at the cliff of pleasure. Again and again, Chris had been pulled to the brink, his entire body vibrating and buzzing with the need to come.

His toes tingling, his heart pounding, his thoughts tunneled to one single thought - to cum. Again Stiles brought him to that point now, refocusing Chris’s mind to his cock, to the pleasure just out of reach. He thrust into Stiles’s hand, moaning helplessly, gripping the sheets as his thighs strained for that elusive release.

He was so close, just needed one last push. He threw his head back on a moan, jaw tight as he mindlessly rutted into Stiles’s hand. He was right there.

Stiles let go, petting him again as he cried out in dismay. Tears stained his cheeks as his entire body shuddered.

“We’re going to do this, Christopher, until I give you a ruined orgasm. It’ll be painful and absolutely fucking delicious,” Stiles whispered into his ear as he pressed a soft kiss to Chris’s forehead. Chris leaned into the soft lips, shaking his head as Stiles’s words penetrated into the fog of lust surrounding him.

“No, I want it.”

Stiles sighed as he rested a gentle hand on Chris’s chest. “Not today, Christopher. I don’t think you’re ready, and that’s okay.”

Chris felt more tears leak out of his eyes, this time in frustration. Mostly at himself but somewhat at Stiles for being so good to him. “No, please, Stiles. I want it.”

“Tell me, Christopher, what do you want?”

Chris stayed stubbornly silent.

“If you cannot even tell me what you want then how can you be ready for it?”

It was like that was what he needed to push him out of his head. Anger reared its head and he snapped at Stiles, “I want you to choke me. I want your strong hands to wrap around my throat and squeeze until I just about pass out. I want you to jerk me off while you do it so I cum. I want you to own me.”

Stiles grinned down at him. “Very well, Christopher. I’m going to take you to a high you’ll not soon forget.”

Chris nodded eagerly, heart rate increasing in excitement.

Stiles grabbed his chin, focusing him. “Do not forget, if at any time you need a break or want to stop, you tell me. I will be watching but I cannot read your mind, so you must use your signal. Do you remember what it is?”

“Yes, I ring the bell.”

When Chris had first admitted to wanting to be choked out they had discussed in depth how they would do it. Every precaution and safety had been put in place. On Chris’s right hand, on his index finger, was a small bell. All he had to do was flick his thumb against the pull to sound the bell.

“Exactly. You ring the bell and we stop, check-in, and either continue on, or we go with my other plan,” Stiles winked at him, “to ruin your orgasm.”

Chris nodded, he could do this. He waited for Stiles to start but then realized that Stiles wanted a verbal confirmation. “Yes, I’m ready.”

“Okay, then we are doing this.”

Chris expected Stiles to start right away, to wrap those long delicious fingers around him and start squeezing but instead, Stiles leaned in to kiss him. It was a gentle kiss, just as arousing as the biting kisses that Stiles liked to bestow upon him. Chris lost himself in the feel of it, his hips lazily rocking up into the loose fist Stiles had around his erection. 

Though he was distracted by the kiss, Chris’s entire focus shifted as he felt Stiles’s fingers caress the base of his throat. He moaned as Stiles’s fingers danced along his neck, touch whisper-soft, a tease that had his eyes rolling back in his head as he broke off their kiss.

“Please, Stiles.”

Stiles didn’t respond out loud but he rested his entire hand on Chris’s throat. It was a claim and a promise all in one. Chris had to open his eyes, had to look into Stiles’s eyes, see the love and devotion and surety shining brightly from them. It was all there, plain for Chris to see, along with emotions he couldn’t even name — all for him.

Chris felt extremely precious at that moment.

A squeeze to his cock had him gasping in surprise just as Stiles put pressure on his neck. He didn’t know which sensation to lean into, desperate for both.

Stiles’s eyes never left him, taking in everything. Chris felt safe enough to let go. He let himself relax into the bed, trusting Stiles to take care of him, to give him what he wanted and needed.

The pressure on his neck increased, making it just barely hard to breathe. Of course, that only caused his breathing to speed up in anticipation. He tried to bare his neck further to Stiles but the young man wasn’t having it. He tightened his hands, further cutting off Chris’s air and forcing him to pant as his cock throbbed in pleasure.

Stiles gradually increased pressure. Chris wasn’t sure what he was feeling, other than a lot of everything. His ears were ringing as the pleasure built deep in his gut, balls drawing up. He was barely aware of frantically thrusting into Stiles’s fist as Stiles held his throat down.

Dark spots danced along his vision, causing him to panic. His thumb grazed the bell and brought him down from the edge of frenzy, reminding him that he and Stiles had a plan.

He trusted Stiles with his very life. It comforted him as he fell to the darkness, embracing it.

With a gasp air surged through him suddenly, rocketing him up as pleasure burst inside him. He could barely breathe through it, gasping and moaning as his cock shot out jets of cum. Stiles fisted him through his orgasm, seeming to make it never-ending.

He didn’t realize he was gripping Stiles’s arms tightly, anchoring Stiles to him as Stiles lead him through to the end. Stiles leaned over him peppering him with kisses to bring him back.

Chris felt like his body had been electrocuted, energy buzzing just beneath the surface of his skin. Every touch from Stiles felt magnified. 

He was on the edge of oversensitive when Stiles finally let go of his cock. Stiles repositioned himself until they were lying side by side, the heat of Stiles’s body helping to keep his shudders at bay.

“That,” he croaked, throat tender, “was amazing.” He glanced over to see Stiles smiling at him.

“It was.” They kissed again, drawn to each other like magnets. “How are you feeling?”

Chris gave it serious thought. “Okay, my throat’s a bit sore and I feel like I’ve been struck by lightning. But I feel good .”

Stiles’s smile deepened. “I’m going to clean you up and then make you a cup of tea with lemon and honey to help soothe your throat. Then we’re going to spend the rest of the night, cuddled here. Or, we can move to the living to cuddle up on the couch and watch some TV. Whatever you’d like.”

Chris felt unbelievably loved and cherished. “I think some couch cuddles sounds great.”

“Couch cuddles it is! But first, let me grab a cloth.” Stiles kissed him one last time before getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom.

Chris watched him go, sated in a way he had never felt before. As Stiles reappeared in the bedroom Chris knew, without a doubt, that he loved that young man. He would wait to say it but he knew, deep down, that the warmth of that love would carry him on.

Chapter Text

Stiles raced through the forest, heart racing and laughter on his lips. This was his favorite part of the Mating Runs. Stupid Alphas set loose to follow their instincts and chase the scent that most called to them. It was absurd, relying on traditions from ages past that no longer had meaning in society.

Just because an Alpha caught an Omega didn’t mean they were stuck with that Alpha. Scents laced through with adrenaline and excitement colored the natural, altering perceptions in the heat of the moment.

It was really the Omega who chose, in the end. And it had nothing to do with scent but a multitude of things that could never be determined in an event focused on primal urges.

Still, Stiles liked the fun of it. Liked getting fucked by randy Alphas who thought he was the one . Liked the hint of fear that spiked through him when he was chosen, when his instincts told him he had to run for his life or else.

It was exhilarating. 

Breaking the hearts of poor saps was a bonus.

So far no Alphas seemed to be on his trail but he knew that wouldn’t last. This year the numbers were almost evenly split between Alphas and Omegas, unlike in past years when he’d participated and Alphas had outnumbered Omegas almost 4 to 1. While he enjoyed being fought over, watching rut drunk Alphas fighting over him, maiming each other in the pursuit of his slick hole, it was a disappointment when he wasn’t their sole focus.

With the numbers more even, it meant it might take longer for an Alpha to latch onto his scent. That was okay, it meant his body had more time to ramp up in excitement, for slick to loosen his hole and get him ready to be knotted. Arousal was a low-level hum throughout his body, making him even giddier.

This was life, the thrill of the high. Stiles looked forward to it, yearned for it even. Nothing in life could quite replicate the feeling of being prey, of instincts taking over and forcing him to react not think. To accept, not challenge — well, challenge a bit, it wasn’t in his nature to given in completely. 

Having an Alpha so singularly focused on him, on tracking him down and pinning him to the ground, so intent on using him, was a pleasure beyond words. It soothed his nature in a way nothing else could. While he might scoff at those who prescribed to the notions of Mating Runs, there was something to be said about the itch that it scratched.

Nothing calmed him quite like it.

Stiles was running leisurely as he reminisced about past Runs, past Alphas. He wondered if this year’s batch would muster up. He never learned their names, there was no point, they weren’t worth anything but the knot they could give him.

But he had favorites, ones who’d left a mark on him. Sometimes he’d use those memories if a knot didn’t quite meet his needs.

A whisper of movement far behind him let him know an Alpha was on his scent. It made his heart rate increase, energy and arousal pumping through his veins.

This was it, the moment he waited for, looked forward to each Run. His prey instinct activated, setting him off in a scattered manner that had no thought whatsoever. As an Omega, he was fleetfooted, his one advantage over the Alphas.

He used that advantage, letting it take him faster away. While his instincts didn’t allow for much thought he was still amused by it all. He ran with a smile on his face, his ears peeled for the slightest indication that the Alpha was closing in.

It was quiet, too quiet. He dared not stop but he whipped his head around, looking for any sign that his ears hadn’t heard. There was nothing.

Oh . This was a smart Alpha.

Stiles briefly wondered if he’d encountered this Alpha before but doubted it. Most Alphas didn’t relish their failures and wouldn’t likely return to the scene where their humiliation had happened.

Besides, Stiles had a bit of a reputation. Alphas knew of him or had heard whispers. He didn’t try to hide what he was after at these Runs, after all. He wanted to get fucked, and fucked hard, and didn’t care who knew it.

He heard a branch snap off to his right and his body took him left.

Minutes later a branch snapped to his left and his body took him right.

This pattern continued on for some time and even knowing that he was being herded, that this Alpha was smarter than any he’d enjoyed in the past, it didn’t change how he reacted. He knew he was running right into a trap, going where the Alpha dictated but there was no fighting it.

Slick was running freely down his thighs as he ran through the forest, naked. It was a delicious feeling, to be one with nature, the wind flowing over his body as he frantically tried to get away. It was his basest self and he couldn’t wait to be put on his knees and taken roughly.

Stiles couldn’t be sure where exactly the Alpha was leading him but when he came upon a river with a clearing on the other side, he guessed it was his final destination. He ran through the shallow water, letting the water cool him down as he slowed to a walk and finished crossing to the other side.

Though he no longer felt like he was running a fever, his body was still primed and ready. He turned and waited, eyes scanning the tree line as his instincts accepted that there was nowhere else to go. Now was the time to stop running and bow to his urge to present himself for the Alpha.

He didn’t fight that urge, gently getting to his knees and barring his neck just as the Alpha stepped into his sight. And what an Alpha to behold.

About Stiles’s height with deliciously thick thighs, a broad chest, and blue eyes he could get lost in. What really caught his attention though was the Alpha’s cock.

It was the largest he’d ever seen, already hard and leaking precum. Stiles’s mouth watered at the sight. He couldn’t wait to have that split him open and knot him up tight.

He waited, watching as the Alpha looked him over. And waited some more.

What the fuck.

He growled, barring his tiny fangs at the Alpha. The game was over, the chase done, the predator had caught the prey. It was time for the Alpha to stride over to him and take him. 

The Alpha merely smirked in response. “Oh, no, pet. We’re not doing things your way.”

Stiles frowned, no Alpha before had been coherent enough when they caught up to him to speak. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

“What are you waiting for?” he hissed in frustration. He was aching to be filled, his own erection leaking in anticipation of an orgasm. His hole spasmed, empty and waiting. He shouldn’t be waiting!

“You’ve been acting the predator this entire run, pet,” the Alpha responded, “you need to be reminded that’s not the way this goes.”

“The way this goes?” he barked, rage filling him. “The way this goes is you chase me, catch me and fuck me. You put that beautifully big cock in me and knot me up good and tight. You’ve caught me, so now you fuck me.”

The Alpha was on him in the blink of an eye, holding him to the ground. Stiles’s heart picked up speed as true fear spread through him. He hadn’t even been able to follow the Alpha’s movements which meant the Alpha had been toying with him more than he knew.

The Alpha’s eyes burned red, the sight so unexpected that Stiles froze. He felt like the rabbit under the wolf, waiting to be devoured. Stiles couldn’t tell if the Alpha was that close to being feral or if it was just an act.

He felt like his heart was going to beat right out of his chest.

The blood rushing through his veins drowned out all the background noise. Though only a hand on his chest held him down, Stiles felt like weights had been tied to the rest of his body, his prey instinct having completely taken over. He’d never felt this way before.

The Mating Runs was a game, something fun to do to fill a void deep inside him. There was nothing stating that an Omega and an Alpha had to be equals but maybe that’s what Stiles had always subconsciously been looking for.

Here, now, this Alpha was definitely on par with him. Had tricked him at his own game. While fear was the predominant emotion he felt, a trickle of appreciation ran through him.

The Alpha suddenly fisted his cock, Stiles gasping in shock and searing pleasure at the touch. He keened loudly as the Alpha set a brutal pace, jerking him to orgasm in seconds. He moaned through it as electricity seemed to zap him all over.

He was tingling all over as the Alpha let go of his cock and flipped Stiles over. It was natural to push to his knees so his ass was in the air, presenting for this Alpha. It felt right in a way this never had before.

He felt slick oozing out of him as he waited for the Alpha to do something. It was nerve-racking being watched without being touched. Every sound seemed heightened, his ears straining to pick up the Alpha’s slightest movement.

He arched his back, hoping the move would entice the Alpha to touch him. His cock was filling out again, turned on by the position and presenting for an Alpha that finally seemed worthy.

This was no longer a game, something to enjoy and move on from. The Alpha behind him meant something though Stiles was no longer capable of remembering what that might be.

“Please,” he moaned, hips gyrating, fucking the air in desperation. He was beyond rational thought now.

The Alpha cooed at him, “There you are. I’ve been waiting for my little Omega to come out. You can’t fight your instincts when it’s real.”

Stiles didn’t know what that meant but warmed all over at the pleased tone of the Alpha. That’s all he wanted to do, please the Alpha. If he did it right he’d be able to keep the Alpha, have that big fat cock all to himself, any time he wanted. And he wanted.

A warm calloused hand landed between his shoulder blades, pushing his chest down so he was fully presenting.

“Yes,” he groaned, everything seeming to slot into place. Finally.

“Such a good, pretty Omega,” the Alpha praised him, causing Stiles’s cheeks to heat up.

While he loved the Alpha’s voice, he knew there was one thing he wanted to hear that the Alpha had yet to say. He whispered, “Stiles.”

The Alpha rumbled in pleasure. “Ah, beautiful, sweet Stiles.”

A shudder ran through Stiles at hearing the Alpha say his name. It was perfection and seemed to settle his nerves. 

The fear melted away as the Alpha soothed a hand along his back —- they both knew the game was over, the time for predator and prey gone. This was a union now, an agreement they’d both signed when they’d registered for the Mating Run, the natural conclusion to an event that had gone on for generations.

“My name is Peter,” the Alpha, Peter, said right as he sunk two fingers deep into Stiles’s eager hole. “I want you to moan it when you cum on my knot.”

Stiles could only groan in agreement as Peter set a fast pace, fucking Stiles on his fingers until Stiles couldn’t help but fuck back into the Alpha. He felt dizzy with arousal, his cock straining for touch as his hole clenched around fingers that weren’t big enough.

He needed more.

As if Peter could hear him, the Alpha slipped in a third finger before quickly adding a fourth. Stiles could hear the gushing of his slick as Peter’s fingers fucked him gloriously hard. But it wasn’t enough.

“Please, I need your knot,” Stiles all but cried out, “ I need it!

“Are you sure you’re ready for it, Stiles?”

Stiles howled in anger as he whipped his head around to meet Peter’s eyes. “Just because I’ve decided to let instinct take me over doesn’t mean I’m not still here. You better put that fucking giant cock in me and put it in me now, or I’m going to shove you onto your back and ride you into oblivion. Have I made myself clear?” Stiles made sure to enunciate the question so there could be no mistaking his intentions.

Peter grinned at him, large fangs on display. “Crystal clear, my pet. Get ready.”

Except Stiles didn’t have a chance to brace himself as Peter pulled his fingers out, grabbed Stiles’s hips, and slammed himself into Stiles in the next second. Stiles shouted so loudly he was sure everyone in the forest could hear him.

Peter set a brutal pace, holding Stiles’s hips steady so he couldn’t fuck himself back on Peter’s cock. It was fucking glorious. The Alpha’s cock filled him up like nothing ever had before. He felt full to bursting in the best way possible, his hole gaping around the cock pounding into it.

Stiles tried to grapple onto the dirt but he couldn’t find purchase. He was completely at Peter’s whims, fucked as if he was just a hole to pleasure the Alpha. It aroused him beyond comprehension.

He could feel his orgasm building, a burning hot pleasure deep in his gut.

Peter grabbed his neck, grounding him to the moment and forcing the pleasure onto him. He couldn’t stop the pleasure as it grew, his thighs shaking and gut clenching.

Stiles was moaning constantly, baring down on Peter’s cock, greedily trying to keep it in. His orgasm lit him up, billowing out from his balls and bursting out of him. He shouted the Alpha's name as he came, body seizing as the arousal ballooned, taking him over. 

Stiles was still cumming when he felt the bump of the knot against his rim. He keened and arched his back, encouraging Peter to fuck it into him. He wanted it so badly.

The Alpha didn’t make him wait for it, fucking the knot into him several thrusts later, catapulting Stiles straight into another orgasm. He could scarcely breathe around the pleasure, gasping and panting as Peter gripped his cock and stroked him through it.

He felt like a livewire that had been set off, sparks zinging through him as Peter kept his orgasm going. The Alpha’s knot pressed against his G-spot, forcing his body to a semi-permanent aroused state. Though he’d finished cumming his arousal was still burning brightly.

His balls ached from all the orgasms but he craved more. He knew this knot could force him to have at least two more.

“Well, pet, that was fun.”

Even though Stiles’s face was smooshed into his arms he could tell the Alpha was smirking at him. “Fun’s one word for it. I think I’m in love with your cock.”

Peter outright laughed this time. “That works out then for my cock is definitely in love with your sweet O hole.”

Stiles snorted before he burst out laughing. “My O hole? You’re such a dumb Alpha. It’s a good thing your cock is literally to die for or else I would've had to scar you for that.”

Peter hummed in delight. “A good thing, indeed.”

They rested that way for a while, Peter petting Stiles soothingly before working him through another orgasm. Stiles decided he really liked Peter’s big hands on his cock, and everywhere else on his body as the Alpha gently moved him so he was sitting in Peter’s lap. It was comforting to be sat on the Alpha’s knot while he cuddled Stiles from behind, sucking hickeys onto his neck.

“So, pet, are you going to keep me?” Peter asked, amusement lacing his voice.

Stiles hummed as if in thought. “I don’t know, while I like your cock and definitely want it to knot me a few times a week, I don’t know that I like you.” Stiles could feel Peter’s answering grin pressed against his shoulder. “Though, you do smell really good.”

“As do you.” Peter placed a soft kiss on his shoulder before nuzzling into his neck. “And we’ve got a while to get to know each other now while we wait for my knot to go down. And every knotting after this one. We don’t have to talk in between those knottings unless you really want to. But I’m happy to use knotting you as an excuse to get to know you.”

Stiles grinned, amused by the arrogance of this Alpha, his Alpha. “Yeah, I might just keep you. But , I have a super important question that could make or break this.”

“And that is?”

“Star Wars or Star Trek?”

Chapter Text

Stiles had always had a hard time concentrating. At least, until he didn’t. He could hyper-focus to the point of being unhealthy, coming out of the fog hours, sometimes days, later. But, for the most part, concentrating on any one thing was a hard task for him.

It was easier if he set up to work on a number of different things all at once, that way there was a guarantee that at least a handful of things would get finished. Try to focus only on one thing? It was a guarantee that nothing would get done as his brain flew off on tangents or followed trains of thought that had nothing to do with what he was working on.

Which meant it was hard for him to relax. When your brain is constantly firing, it’s hard to silence everything. Sleep was the only time his brain was ever truly relaxed and even then, his nights were filled with dreams.

Sure, he had his meds, but he didn’t always remember to take them. He’d have a string of good days or weeks where he had no problem remembering, the routine he had to ensure he took them working. Inevitably, something would throw off that routine, and it was a struggle to start back up again.

It left him in a rut, where he felt shaky and unable to relax like his body was constantly vibrating. He just wanted it to stop, to just be where the outside stimuli didn’t take over.

It’s how Stiles found himself with Peter one night, the two of them sitting down to watch a movie but Stiles could not sit still. Normally visual stimuli, like the tv, could keep most of his focus but there was an actor that he knew he recognized and couldn’t remember where from, or their name. It was driving him crazy.

“Why don’t you just google the movie if it’s bothering you that much?” Peter asked, only half his attention on Stiles.

“No, I can’t—you don’t understand. I’ll figure it out, don’t worry about it.”

Except he couldn’t figure it out. He knew he’d seen the actor before. Just where from? He was twitching his fingers, drumming them along his knee, and biting the inside of his cheek. His brain kept jumping from movie to tv show to other actors, trying to find a connection. All while he fidgeted beside Peter.

Stiles knew if he kept it up that Peter would eventually have to get up and walk away for a minute, Stiles’s restless energy forcing the werewolf into action. Peter never said it bothered him but Stiles knew that his fidgety energy was almost infectious. If Peter wasn’t a werewolf, Stiles doubted it would affect him as much but Peter could hear his heart and every little movement, and in turn, it made the werewolf twitchy.

And most days that was okay, Peter would walk away and come back when he was calmer. Stiles would normally either figure out what was bothering him or cave in and look it up.

But not tonight. For some reason, his brain couldn’t make the connection, and looking it up felt like a failure. A failure against himself but still, a loss that he inevitably counted. 

Stiles was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice Peter turning to look at him until his partner touched his knee. He startled. 

“What’s up?”

Peter sighed, looking him over. “You seem more agitated than usual tonight. Any reason?”

Stiles shook his head. He could feel it buzzing beneath his skin but there wasn’t any tangible reason as to why .

“Do you want some help to calm down?”

Stiles hummed as he glanced back at the tv. “Um, I don’t really know what you could do. Are you suggesting we try running or something? Because let me tell you—”

Peter held up a hand to forestall him saying anything else. He waited for a beat to make sure he had Stiles’s attention before saying, “No, not exercise. I was thinking of a massage.”

Stiles looked at him doubtfully. “A massage.”

“Yes, but not just any massage.”

Stiles gestured for him to explain himself.

“I think we need to focus your brain elsewhere. I would like to try giving you a massage while you’re blindfolded and wearing earbuds with some soothing music. Force you to focus solely on your senses.”

Stiles wondered how that would work. Would it help calm his mind down? That would be a lot of different stimuli but maybe it could work. Would his sense of touch be more sensitive?


He jolted back to himself, a small grin lighting up his face. “You know, at this point, I’m willing to try anything.”

Peter gave him a soft smile in return. “Okay, why don’t you go upstairs and strip down to your boxers. Pick some music that you know helps calm you down while I go find something to use as a blindfold.”

“Yeah, okay.”

It was quick enough to get upstairs and stripping down to his boxers. What was less easy was finding music to listen to. Most of his music was video game music but that was usually amped-up music to help him study. He had a few bops and some rap, but nothing was really speaking to him.

He looked up as Peter came in the room holding what looked like one of their winter headbands. Guess that would work as well as anything.

“Find some music?”

“No, at least nothing that I think will do what you’re looking for.”

“Well, I have some movie soundtracks — would you want to try any of those?”

Before Stiles could ask which soundtracks he had Peter handed over his phone. Stiles found the music and scrolled through. Peter had a lot of jazz and blues which he’d like to check out later but Stiles kept looking for the soundtracks. He found Pride & Prejudice, Fantasia, and Lord of the Rings.

“Star Trek, really?”

Peter laughed, “Keep scrolling.”


“Yeah, I thought that might capture your interest. What do you say, that the one you’re going with?”

Stiles nodded eagerly, accepting the Bluetooth headphones Peter handed him. He was just about to put them on when Peter stopped him.

“Wait, before we start I just want to make sure you know what’s going to happen. Okay?” Stiles nodded. “Good. I’m going to have you lie on your stomach, with the blindfold covering your eyes fully and the music on. Make sure it’s not too loud but loud enough to cover up any external noises. Then I’m going to pour some massage oil on your back and I’m going to massage you until you’re a boneless mess. If at any point you need to stop, you just roll over, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.” Stiles pushed himself until he was more centered on the bed before slipping the headphones on. He started up the Star Wards soundtrack on shuffle before taking the headband from Peter and pulling it on.

It was a bit disconcerting to lie back while he couldn’t see or hear anything but he felt Peter’s hands on him, gently helping him out. It was reassuring, knowing he wasn’t alone.

Stiles felt the bed dip as Peter got on and then the warmth of Peter’s body as he knelt over Stiles. There was still enough room for him to roll over under Peter if needed, he wiggled around to make sure. Once he was settled, he jolted a bit at the cool sensation of the oil being drizzled over his back, goosebumps rising on his arms.

Peter’s hands landed gently on his lower back, gliding upward and spreading the massage oil everywhere. The slow gentle movements along with the warmth of Peter’s hands pulled Stiles’s attention so much that the music he was listening to faded into the background.

Stiles’s mind followed the path of Peter’s hands as they swept out along his shoulders, gently squeezing the muscles along the way. He applied pressure so Stiles felt the release of tension in his shoulders but not so much that it hurt.

It was slow, sensual movements over his back, along his sides, and up and over his shoulders. Gentle, sometimes ticklish motions that spread heat throughout his back as he sank further into the bed. It was like by taking away his sense of sight and hearing, Stiles was hypersensitive to Peter’s touch.

It was soothing and relaxing, yet arousing. Stiles felt the pleasure build up as Peter worked his hands along Stiles’s back.

Stiles hummed as Peter found a particularly ugly knot, gently working at it and around it until it was no longer irritating for his hands to be there. Stiles sighed as more tension left his body. He felt like he was floating on the bed, Peter the only thing anchoring him.

Peter was his lodestone, keeping Stiles’s complete focus. He anticipated Peter’s fingers gently crawling up his spine before following their path in swirling circles back down to the base of his spine. He leaned into the pressure along his right shoulder before following the hands to the left shoulder. He tilted his head forward so Peter could access more of his neck.

It was a dance they both knew the steps to without having to be taught. It was beautiful in its simplicity.

Stiles knew he was hard but it was an afterthought to the euphoria Peter forced through his body. He could cum but that would take away from the simple pleasure of this moment. He never wanted it to end.

He couldn’t say how long it went on for but his eyes started to grow heavy beneath the headband. Stiles’s breathing slowed down and he knew that it wouldn’t take long for him to fall into a dreamless sleep.

It was like Peter had worked some kind of magic.

Peter gradually lightened his movements until Stiles eventually felt him move off to the side. Peter took his phone from Stiles’s hand and gradually turned down the music until it was barely a hum in his ear before gently removing the headphones.

“Keep your eyes closed, okay?”

Stiles hummed in agreement as he allowed Peter to remove the headband. A soft kiss was pressed to the corner of his lips, and Stiles tried to follow as Peter moved away but the werewolf put a hand on his back to keep him down. “No, you just stay there. Keep your eyes closed and just let it happen?”

Stiles meant to ask to let what happen but he was already drifting off to sleep.

Chapter Text

When Peter walked into the house, all the upstairs lights were off which meant Stiles was already in bed. It had been a long week for both of them and Stiles had said there was a possibility he would take an early night.

He tried not to grin. They’d discussed the possibility of what could happen in this situation but since they almost always went to bed at the same time it hadn’t happened yet. 

While they’d done a lot of things in the bedroom this would be a first for them. Stiles brought it up one day, saying he kind of liked the idea of Peter using him, wherever and whenever. They’d talked about it on and off for some months before the idea of Peter using Stiles was he was sleeping came up.

To say it had made them both hot would be an understatement. 

Peter adjusted himself in his pants, his cock hardening at the thought of finding Stiles passed out, vulnerable to his whims. He didn’t rush up the stairs, instead taking time to make himself some food and watch some tv. It was nice to have a bit of time to himself.

Finally, he couldn’t help himself. Peter tried not to run up the stairs but he definitely hurried. It took him no time at all to get to the bedroom and walk in to see Stiles sleeping peacefully in the middle of the bed.

What a bed hog , he thought fondly.

Most nights Stiles slept naked and a quick peek under the blankets showed he’d chosen to tonight as well. Which worked out perfectly for the plans Peter had for him.

He knew his eyes flared bright blue. The prospect of sex with his mate always brought his wolf closer to the surfer. His instincts always clamored at him to mount and bite, to claim all over again. Stiles liked it, always encouraged it, which meant whenever they got hot and heavy he was always a little wolfy. 

Peter pulled his clothes off, trying not to let his claws rip anything. He was beyond excited and his lack of control was showing that. Stiles would be laughing at him if he were awake.

He willed himself to retract his claws, knowing he needed to open up his mate before being able to fuck him, and he couldn’t do that with claws. Thankfully he calmed down enough that his fingers were fully human as he grabbed the lube and eased the blanket off.

Stiles was sprawled on his stomach, legs spread invitingly. His cute cock was lying there, asking to be touched. And who was Peter to deny his mate’s little cock anything?

He settled between Stiles’s legs and leaned down to nose at Stiles’s soft cock and balls. He smelled warm and like home, absolutely delicious. He nuzzled them, grinning to himself as Stiles grunted and wiggled his hips a bit.

Peter felt a fierce sense of satisfaction having Stiles spread out so vulnerably before him. The trust Stiles had in him filled him with warmth. Peter never thought he’d ever have a relationship like this but now that he had it he knew he would do whatever it took to keep it. If Peter could find a way to have them live forever, he would make it happen. Though he knew Stiles wouldn’t be impressed by.

But that was a conversation for another time. Right now he had a mate to fuck.

He sat up and ran his hands along Stiles’s thighs, pushing them slightly more open. Taking a moment to enjoy the view, Peter reached forward and tugged at Stiles’s cock. He jerked it slowly, growling as it started to harden in his hands.

The smell of Stiles’s arousal filtered in, Peter’s responding grin to the scent all teeth. He’d relish opening Stiles up and fucking him deep, all while Stiles just took it, his arousal perfuming the air.

Peter thumbed at Stiles’s hole, delighting in how soft it was. He could fuck right in and Stiles wouldn’t fight him. Growling at the thought, Peter grabbed his cock, squeezing it to stave off anything. He was already so hard and he hadn’t even started. The reality of Stiles being open and pliant for him made Peter feel feral.

He leaned back down and licked at Stiles’s hole. He slipped his tongue right in without resistance. He groaned. Peter rimmed Stiles for a few minutes, enjoying the muskiness that built up as Stiles’s body heated thanks to Peter’s ministrations.

Stiles was so open when he sat back up that Peter was able to slip his thumb right in. God, it felt amazing how fucking loose Stiles was. He quickly grabbed the lube and squirted some onto his fingers, warming it up so that it didn’t wake Stiles up. He circled Stiles’s rim, getting it nice and wet before slipping a finger in.

Peter watched, fascinated, as his finger met no resistance and he was able to fuck his finger in all the way. Stiles was so warm inside, drawing Peter’s finger back in, almost as if eager to be full. 

Peter slipped another finger in, scissoring them to help open Stiles up. He kept the pace slow, not wanting to wake his mate as he continued to finger fuck him. Stiles was now fully hard but still blissfully unaware.

Peter hadn’t realized how much he would enjoy this but fuck was he ever.

He slipped in a third finger but there was no need. Stiles was so beautiful, delightfully, arousingly open for him. Even those times where Stiles was out of his mind aroused he was never this loose, always slightly tense in anticipation. Right now all he could do was take it, no instinct taking over as he vibrated in excitement. Peter was over the fucking moon about it.

He slicked up his cock before moving so he was leaning over Stiles. He planted his left hand beside Stiles’s shoulder as he lined up his cock with his right hand before slipping in. It was a smooth glide in, Peter balls deep without any trouble.

He groaned low as he planted his right hand beside Stiles’s other shoulder. He held steady for a minute, trying not to fuck into Stiles quite yet. He wanted to savor this moment of complete openness and vulnerability, no barriers blocking him from filling Stiles up.

He moaned as Stiles wiggled a bit before settling. His heart was racing with excitement at almost being caught. This was so sinful and wonderful.

Peter slowly pulled out before pushing back in. He knew he hit Stiles’s prostate when his mate moaned, his body knowing what was happening even as he slept on. He started up at a slow pace, balls already tight. Peter knew it wouldn’t take long, his arousal already so high.

He leaned to rest his head against the back of Stiles’s neck, breathing in his mate’s sleep warm scent. 

He fucked into Stiles, slow and deep. It felt amazing to use Stiles like this, as just a hole to fuck, a hole to use for his own pleasure. He moaned deeply as Stiles unconsciously clenched, adding just the right amount of friction to push Peter to the edge.

He let his arousal crest, his orgasm blowing over him like a wave. It hit deep and hard. He had to bite his lip to keep from growling out loud. It felt so unbelievably good. His balls were clenching as he filled Stiles up, the pleasure sliding down his thighs and up his back.

He fucked into Stiles until there was nothing left to give. He felt sated in such a deep way. 

Peter didn’t want to lose the connection so he slowly laid down on Stiles, resting most of his weight on his mate. He felt amazing.

It didn’t take long for Stiles to grunt at him in displeasure so Peter pushed himself up and slipped out. He already missed being inside Stiles but knew that he would be able to do it again another night.

Peter slipped out of bed and went to grab a washcloth. While he wanted Stiles to wake up feeling used he didn’t want him to wake up messy so Peter made sure to clean him up as best he could. He cleaned himself up before climbing into bed beside Stiles and pulling his mate over to spoon. He couldn’t wait to see Stiles’s face in the morning when he realized what happened the night before.

He hoped a sweet blush graced Stiles’s face and maybe Peter could show Stiles exactly what happened. 

Peter fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Chapter Text

Derek groaned as he reached for some food and Chris gently grabbed his hand and put it down. “Nuh-uh, pet.”

Derek blushed, warmth spreading throughout his body as Chris grabbed a piece of cheese and held it out for him. He almost didn’t want to take it but the humiliation was part of why he liked this so much. He opened his mouth to take the cheese, waiting as Chris didn’t give it to him immediately.

“Gentle,” Chris commanded, causing Derek to blush even more. He slipped his mouth over Chris’s fingers and made sure that his teeth only caught the cheese. He pulled the cheese into his mouth and chewed, watching Chris watch him.

Chris had called Derek his pet from the moment they’d started dating. It had never bothered him, rather he quite enjoyed it, but one night Chris had said, what if? What if Derek was his pet for a night?

Derek had scoffed at the idea at first but it had swirled in his brain, popping up at the most inopportune moments. He found himself wondering what it would be like to act like Chris’s pet for the night, to sit at his feet and crawl around on his hands and knees. To have Chris pet him, those strong hands gently running through his hair and down his back.

The more he thought about it the more he started to like the idea.

It escalated to the point where he found himself jerking off to thoughts of playing Chris’s pet in the shower. Trying to hide how much it affected him when Chris called him Pet. Of course, he couldn’t hide anything from Chris for long, his husband knowing all of his tells.

So Chris had cornered him one day, asking him what had him so preoccupied. Had nuzzled into Derek’s neck until he’d gasped it out.

The grin Chris had sent his way when he found out had Derek moaning and rutting against Chris. They hadn’t made it anywhere, Chris instead taking them both in hand and jerking them to completion together. 

Which lead to some more conversations before they’d ended up here, with Derek kneeling at Chris’s feet, a collar clipped around his neck. He was completely naked so Chris could see how aroused he was by this.

Chris hadn’t wanted to push him too hard too fast but Derek already knew he wanted to do this again, take it a step further. For now, though, he nudged at Chris’s hand again, asking for more food.

Chris smiled gently down at him which warmed Derek all over. He really was happy to please Chris in this way. Chris handed him another piece of cheese, hand petting Derek’s hair as he ate it.

“Such a good boy,” Chris cooed at him, pulling Derek up by the chin to gently pet him along his cheeks and under his eyes. Derek closed his eyes and leaned into it, relaxing into the gentle touches.

Though he was hard and really wanted Chris to fuck him into the ground, he was enjoying just being in the moment. There were no expectations, just that Derek listen and be a good boy. It settled an ache in him he hadn’t realized was there.

The night continued on in that way, soft and sweet. The collar kept reminding him of what was expected of him, and Chris was never far behind with kind words and solid commands.

It was easy to be his husband’s pet. To go where he was asked, eat gently as he was told, and loved and petted in a way he knew he’d yearn for later.

Derek’s knees ached a bit by the end of the night when Chris gently removed the collar and rubbed his beck. But it was all worth it when Chris lead him to the bedroom and proceeded to show him exactly how happy he was with Derek and their evening.

They would definitely be doing that again.

Chapter Text

Stiles grunted as Peter pulled their largest plug out of him. Peter and Chris had been stretching him all week in preparation for today and he was equal parts nervous and excited, but fully aroused. He felt empty, his hole trying to grasp at something, just begging to be filled again.

“Oh, Stiles, you’re so open,” Peter crooned as he swiped his thumb along Stiles’s hole. He shuddered at the touch that wasn’t anywhere close to where he wanted, needed it.

“You’ll be gaping before the night is over,” Chris agreed from somewhere further away in the room.

Stiles had never been able to take Peter’s knot so they’d come up with this plan, to stretch him over a period of time to get him ready. He was so fucking ready he knew he’d cum as soon as Chris fucked into him.

Stiles was bound to a breeding bench, unable to move, waiting to be fucked. Peter and Chris had talked it out, deciding that it was best that Stiles be unable to move so that he didn’t potentially pull away from Peter.

They all knew it would be intense.

He agreed with their decision, already wanting to wiggle. He knew once Peter was in him he wouldn’t be able to help trying to move into the motions, so he was grateful for the bench. He felt secure and ready, gaping open, waiting to be filled.

A warm hand on his ass surprised him but he heard Chris gently shushing him seconds later. “It’s just me. Are you ready?”

Stiles nodded. “Fuck me, please Chris! I’m so ready.”

“Mmm, have to give our greedy one what he wants, Christopher,” Peter purred, petting Stiles’s head.

Stiles mewled at the soft touch as he felt Chris’s cock touch his entrance. There was no resistance as Chris pushed in, making Stiles feel absolutely naughty. He felt like he could barely even squeeze Chris’s cock and that was saying nothing to how big Chris was. Just the plug they’d used was bigger, way bigger.

“Fuck, he’s so loose,” Chris groaned as he immediately started fucking Stiles. Every other thrust hit his prostate and Stiles moaned deeply, wishing he could meet each of Chris’s thrusts.

“Fuck, harder. Faster!”

A strong hand grabbed his hair, pulling Stiles’s head to stare straight into Peter’s eyes. “Tut tut, sweetheart, you take what you’re given. You’re not calling the shots here.”

He tried to nod but Peter still held his hair tight. Peter watched as Chris fucked him, taking in every emotion crossing Stiles’s face.

He felt like he was just a hole to be used and he fucking loved it. His hole felt sloppy and was doing everything it could to try to suck Chris in. The noises coming from his hole were making him blush.

“Fuck, Peter, he feels fucking good,” Chris moaned as he sped up, fucking Stiles hard as he chased his orgasm.

“That’s it, babe, fuck your cum into him, breed him real good,” Peter encouraged, hands running down Stiles’s back to grab his ass and spread his cheeks.

Chris hissed as his hips rabbitted into Stiles, making Stiles wish he could see what Peter and Chris were doing. 

“You ready, Stiles? Ready for me to fill you up?”

“He’s ready, Christopher, breed him real good.”

Both Stiles and Chris moaned at the image of Chris breeding him. It was salacious and arousing as fuck. He felt his own balls tighten as Chris grasped his hips tightly, movement speeding up even more.

“I’m going to cum, Stiles, tighten up.” Chris followed up that statement by spanking him, causing Stiles to clench as Chris started cumming. Chris moaned long and low as he fucked Stiles through his orgasm.

Stiles moaned along with him, almost cumming himself if it weren’t for a hand suddenly gripping the base of his balls. He gasped as it stopped his orgasm, his body buzzing. “Fuck!” he couldn’t help but shout, desperately wanting to cum.

He’d been on edge all day, all week really. Peter and Chris hadn’t let him cum as they stretched his hole, wanting him desperate and aching today. To be denied when he was right there made him want to cry even as his body flared up bright as soon as the hand let go.

“You’ll cum on my knot or not at all, all right, Stiles?” Peter whispered suddenly in his ear. “You’ll cum when my knot is plugging you up, as I’m breeding my pups into you. Got it?”

Stiles moaned as desperate tears spilled from his eyes. “Yes, yes, Peter. Please fuck me, knot me!”

A soft kiss was pressed to his head before Peter moved to his ass and Stiles could hear him and Chris kissing. Chris moaned again and Stiles could just imagine Peter’s hand grabbing his soft cock and gently pulling him from Stiles’s hole. He barely felt the movement, so stretched as he was, but he definitely felt it as Chris’s cum dribbled out from him.

“Ah ah ah, we can’t have that,” Peter tutted as he thumbed the cum back into Stiles. “You don’t want to lose any of the cum that Chris worked so hard to get into you.”

Stiles was startled as he felt hands gently turning his head. His eyes landed on Chris who was kneeling beside the breeding bench, gently carding his fingers through Stiles’s hair. “You ready, darling?”

Stiles was so desperate to get Peter’s knot, to cum, that he felt almost drunk as answered Chris. “Yes,” he hissed, just wanting something to happen.

Chris leaned in and pulled him in for a sweet kiss, distracting him, calming him. It was exactly what he needed. “Love you,” he whispered into Chris’s mouth.

“And we love you,” Chris responded, Peter grunting in agreement. “He’s ready, Peter.”

Stiles felt it when Peter pushed in. He still felt loose and open but he knew it wouldn’t be long before Peter’s knot would grow, catching on his rim before locking them together. He groaned just at the thought.

Peter started off slow, Chris’s cum squelching around his cock as he fucked into Stiles. It felt so dirty and Stiles fucking loved it. He loved being used by his mates, being fucked by one right after the other, filled over and over with their cum.

He couldn’t wait to experience being filled up with all the cum Peter produced when he knotted. Stiles and Chris had jerked Peter off together, getting him to know their fists and it had been eye-opening how much cum Peter had produced. Stiles felt greedy for it.

Peter slowly sped up his thrusts, one hand landing on the back of Stiles’s neck as the other gripped his hip tight. Stiles knew he would have bruises tomorrow. 

Stiles tried to arch his hips back to meet Peter’s thrusts but he was completely bound. His toes curled and fists clenched as Peter nailed his prostate. He could feel his orgasm rising again, building deep in his gut. His balls felt tight already.

“Fuck, it’s not going to take me long, sweetheart. Are you ready?”

Stiles felt like he’d been ready all week. “Yes, yes, yes,” he panted in time to Peter’s thrusts.

Peter sped up, even more, both hands now holding Stiles’s hips. Stiles tried to keep eye contact with Chris but it felt too good, he had to close his eyes to get the full effect of Peter’s fucking.

It felt so fucking good and he howled when he felt the first nudge of Peter’s knot against his rim. His rim felt hypersensitive from all the stretching. His belly quivered as Peter fucked the knot into him, every time it caught on his rim ramping up his arousal.

“Fuck,” Peter huffed, thrusting frantically into Stiles. “Fuck, I’m going to knot you, baby.”

Stiles moaned, impatient to feel Peter’s knot for the first time. He felt it growing, catching more and more as Peter fucked him. His balls tightened up again, his orgasm right there .

“I’m going to cum!” he shouted, tears streaming down his face. Chris gently thumbed away his tears, whispering encouraging words into Stiles’s ear.

“You got this, Stiles,” Chris kisses Stiles again before sitting back.

Peter roared as his cock caught on Stiles’s rim once and then twice before he fucked it into Stiles, so big it just barely popped in on the last thrust. Stiles howled as the knot locked in place, the knot pressed tightly against his prostate, forcing him to cum.

Stiles wasn’t sure how long he came for, brain floating as the adrenaline took over. His entire body felt electrified as he continued to cum, his hole milking Peter’s knot.

He felt unbelievably full and he knew his belly was bulging a bit. He felt sensitive all over like he’d dove headfirst into a hot tub. Stiles knew he was shaking, completely overcome, and overwhelmed but he couldn’t stop it.

He felt high. It was fucking amazing.

When Stiles finally felt coherent again, it was to Chris stroking his head and back as Peter nuzzled at the back of his neck. Peter’s knot was still locked in tight and Stiles moaned as it felt almost too much.

“You did so well!” Peter praised, placing soft kisses along his neck, cheek and finally landing on the corner of his mouth. Stiles felt too worn out to kiss him back.

“You took his knot so well, Stiles. Let Peter breed you up so good,” Chris praised him too, leaning back in to kiss him.

Stiles warmed at the praise, so fucking happy he’d managed it. It felt beyond good but also, “How long do you think we’ll be stuck like this?”

Peter and Chris both laughed as they petted him. “Not much longer.”

Stiles hummed, “M-kay. You’ll have to carry me to the shower, I don’t think I’ll be able to move.”

Both Peter and Chris agreed, already having planned for it. They all knew Stiles would be a wet noodle at the end.

“You just relax, sweetheart, we’ll take care of you,” Peter said as he pressed another kiss to the back of Stiles’s neck. Stiles closed his eyes, trusting his mates to take care of him.

Before he let himself float away again, he said, “We’re doing that again, but not for a while.”

Chris and Peter laughed and that was the last Stiles was aware of until he was tucked between them in bed later.

Chapter Text

Stiles cleared his throat as the phone rang. He was nervous but excited, as he’d never had phone sex before. Peter had suggested it when he found out he was going to be on a business trip for two weeks.

They’d never gone that long without sex and Peter knew how needy Stiles got. 

Stiles wasn’t sure why he was nervous about it but he could feel himself blushing as he waited, wondering what to expect. Peter was the one who was always talking during sex, Stiles left to moan and groan, and growl out Peter’s name.

“Hello, my sweet,” Peter cooed as he picked up the phone.

Stiles smiled at hearing Peter’s voice, he really missed his husband. “Hello, lovebug.”

Peter snorted which turned into a chuckle. “How very sexy, gets me right in the mood.”

Stiles laughed in return, relaxing as he was reminded that this was just him and Peter. Yes, this was a phone call where they were trying to turn each other on until they both orgasmed but he didn’t have to do anything but be himself. He could do this.

“You mean you’re not in the mood already?” Stiles asked with a grin as he stroked his bare cock. “Just the thought of listening to you has me half-hard already.”

Peter hummed, “I never said I wasn’t in the mood, sweet. With you, I’m always aroused. And I can already hear you getting started.”

Stiles blushed, not surprised that his werewolf could hear him slowly stroking himself to hardness. “I was excited and a bit nervous about this. Mostly excited.”

“It’s just you and I, my love.”

Stiles sighed out as his arousal amped up as he continued slowly stroking his cock. “Yeah, I know.”

“Good. Now, I want you to keep up that slow motion. I want you to edge yourself until you’re almost ready to cum.”

Stiles groaned. “Okay, and what are you doing?”

“Listening to you. Hearing your hand move over your cock, and your shaky breaths.”

“Does that turn you on? Hearing me pleasure myself?”

Peter growled. “You know it does. I love when you use your hands on yourself. Knowing you’re bringing yourself closer and closer to orgasm makes me wish I was there to lick and bite your neck, to edge you on.”

Stiles wanted to speed his hand up but Peter had told him to keep it slow. He moaned out, “Peter,” in desperation.

“That’s it, sweetheart, feel that desperation. Keep your hand nice and slow, add some lube. Get yourself nice and slick, I want to hear the wet glide of your hand over your cock.”

He reached for the lube and flipped open the cap, gasping as the coolness hit his hard cock. It felt amazing, the coolness sending a zing through him. It heated up quickly as he fisted his cock and reminded himself to stroke slowly.

“Are you using lube?” he asked Peter, his hips gently fucking up into his fist.

Instead of answering him, Stiles suddenly heard the sound of Peter fisting his cock through the phone. He could picture in his head exactly what his husband would look like. Sprawled in his hotel bed, strong thick legs spread obscenely as he fisted his cock, lube, and pre-cum making a mess of his cock.

“Fuck, Peter,” he moaned as he felt his balls pull up tight. Arousal burned brightly in his gut. “Shit, fuck, I feel like I’m going to cum.”

“Hands off!” Peter commanded and Stiles was quick to obey. He growled at Peter as his cock throbbed, his orgasm barely staved off.

“That’s it, good job, my sweet,” Peter praised him. “I’m close too. Listening to you almost reach your peak has my toes curling. Fuck, wish I was there to push you on your knees and fuck you until you cum all over yourself.

“Yes, dammit I want that too.”

“Okay, grab your beautiful erection again, start-up slow.”

Stiles grabbed his cock, hissing in pleasure as he flexed into his hand. He was still so close to cumming, it really wouldn’t take long.

“Okay, now I want you to start speeding up. Use those hips and fuck up into your hand.”

Stiles nodded, unable to respond but he knew Peter heard him anyway. He gasped as he twisted his hand over the head of his cock, throwing his head back and moaning deeply. Everything felt magnified knowing Peter was listening to everything that was happening.

“Peter, I’m close. Babe.”

“Yes, that’s it, let it happen. I’m right there with you,” Peter moaned. Stiles could hear Peter’s hand jerking quickly over his cock, the sound pushing him to the edge.

“Fuck!” he yelled as he came, fisting his cock hard and fast to keep his orgasm going. Peter’s moaning his name on the other end of the line urged him on. He kept flexing his hips, squeezing his cock tight to get as much cum out as possible.

“We’re definitely doing that again,” Peter growled.

Stiles couldn’t help but agree with a shaky, “Yeah.” Before he could think about it twice he snapped a picture of his cum covered stomach and softening cock, and sent it to Peter.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m making that my home screen.”

Stiles knew his cheeks flared bright red. “Don’t you dare!”

“Too late, I’m going to keep that there so I can look at it every time I open my phone until I’m home with you and can get my mouth on you.”

Stiles knew there was no point arguing, and it wasn’t like Peter would let anyone see it. He was very possessive of Stiles.

“Okay, you weirdo,” Stiles paused, before continuing, “miss you.”

“And I miss you, my love.”

“We’ll do this again tomorrow night?” Stiles asked, already knowing the answer.

“Definitely. I’ll be free around 7 pm so we facetime for dinner.”

Stiles smiled, already looking forward to it. “Okay.” He yawned, blinking slowly as tiredness crept upon him. “I think I’m going to call it a night. Love you.”

“And I love you. Sleep well, dream of me.”

“As long as you dream of me.” 

Stiles could hear Peter’s smile through the phone as he said, “Always.”