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Life's For The Living

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Leila POV

James, Lily, Lucien and I have been hard at work the last couple days in preparations for today’s festivities. We wanted to have a nice traditional Halloween together. James unfortunately couldn’t spend the whole evening with us but I knew it was important for him to fulfill this role, despite any reservations I still have about Lord Diavolo. Lucien has made all sorts of unique home-made sweets - that might be a tiny bit magical, but harmless - for the children that hopefully might come to our doorstep for Trick or Treat.

We have Tricks too. We’ve transformed the driveway up to our door with some mildly spooky and magical effects. Like moaning pebbles on the path if people step on them and bioluminescent flowers and mushrooms that glow up as you pass by them. Shrubbery in the shape of fantasy animals that turn to the passersby, blink their glowing eyes or make a sound, and more of that fun stuff. Innocent enough to make it look like it's just some Human World illusion trick, but just a little more. We’re sure that the kids are going to love it! It was a lot of fun to do. Lily and I went a little crazy with fun ideas, now that she has her magic under control. The garden is already in a perfect state for winter! And also looks a little silly, right now, but Lily will have that fixed back to normal before Lucifer’s next visit. Haha!

I’m dressed up in a very festive witches outfit, at least a version of what the non-magical world imagines witches to dress like. Haha! It has a voluminous skirt in autumn colors cut shorter in the front to expose my high heeled thigh high boots and the back of the skirt flows all the way down to my ankles. The top is a matching bodice that laces up in the back to mimic a corset. It’s pretty sexy, but not too sexy of course, there’s kids coming to the door. We don’t want to traumatize them. Haha! I did think there was a bit too much cleavage on display so I camouflaged that under a lot of crystal necklaces. Yes, with real magical uses, but nobody would know if they’re not magical themselves. Of course I’m wearing my Celestial Light pendant among them. It shines softly, illuminating the stones on my necklaces prettily. I’m also wearing a large floppy witch hat that’s super impractical as I’ve bumped it against the doorway a bunch of times already. With this, I’m wearing much too heavy make-up around my eyes. All in all, I think I look pretty nice though.

Lily is dressed as a garden Pixie. Her bodice is a dark green with a lighter green skirt that is cut in varying lengths in a semi-sheer fabric that shimmers in the light. She’s wearing tan stockings and matching green ballet type slippers that curl up at the toes with bells on the end. Her hair is braided in a big plait and she has a crown on her head made of ivy and flowers from the garden. We’ve made delicate looking wings that look like the wings of a dragonfly and I spelled them to softly flutter and sing as soon as someone yells ‘Trick or Treat!’ Let’s hope she won’t get sick of it too soon tonight, haha!

Lucien and James decided to go with matching costumes, sort of. Lucien is dressed as a huntsman. Wearing a simple plaid shirt, vest and jeans with a fake axe. He looks very handsome, as he has been growing his hair ever since coming to this reality and now it is just long enough to tie it up in a small bun on the back of his head. James is supposed to be the big bad wolf or something. James is only wearing a wolf's mask with his normal clothes for the sake of simplicity since he has to change into his formal clothes later for Diavolo’s birthday party. 

I’ve made and decorated tiny hats for our pets, but I think only Chimera enjoys playing dress-up. She’s flying around proudly with her tiny shimmering tophat between her ears. Very excited for tonight and all the treats. Sir Piggy has basically slobbered his hat up halfway before he noticed it really wasn’t edible. I got a lot of indignant snorting from him and Lily had to feed him a few Solomon-kibbles before he wanted to cuddle with us again. Shado shredded his hat instantly and scolded me, asking me if I wasn’t right in the head. I shouldn't ever dare trying again to put on people's clothing on him. But he soon had forgiven me again after a few scritches under his chin.

I’ve dressed up Pandora as a cute fluffy kitty. Shado approved of this very much. She’s basically been asleep in the crib in the living room ever since dinner, because I don’t want to leave her alone in the far east wing, while we're all here. She’s an easy sleeper and Shado is cuddled up against her. They’re sleeping like two little fluffy kitties in her crib now. I couldn’t help sending a picture of them to Satan. He probably doesn’t care as much as my own Satan would have, but it’s as close as it gets. 

We told Mammon that today’s the only day he can be seen in his demonic form, anyone will just think he has on an amazing costume. A few days ago I had to forbid him from entering any cash for prize Halloween costume contests though. We decided that we will have an easy dinner of pizza delivered, so we won’t have to fuss in the kitchen on top of everything else. 


It’s not long after we’ve opened our gates that we hear the excited chattering and laughing of children’s voices and adult voices alike. It sounds like people are really enjoying the effort we put in the spooky route they have to take to reach our front door for their well-deserved treats.

When we receive the first ring on our doorbell, Mammon beats me to the door with his demonic speed. I give him a warning glare not to pull any stunts like that in front of the children. At least nothing that can’t be passed off as a simple magician's illusion. 

“Trick or - …” Lily and I crowd behind him to get a glimpse of the two children on the porch, my guess is that their ages are around six and nine. Their faces are in awe of Mammon’s impressive stature standing there, I can’t see his face but I can imagine he’s smug, eating up their attention. 

“Are you a v-vampire?!” The younger one, a little girl dressed as a princess, squeaks. 

“Nah.” Mammon scoffs. “Imma Demon!” He boasts. 

This time the little boy, the older of the two scoffs in return, giving Mammon another once over.  He’s dressed as a knight and, puffing up his little chest bravely, he says, “A demon? Who are you supposed to be? Satan? Shouldn’t you be red with a pitch-fork then?”

Lily starts giggling next to me and I have to smile too, just imagining Satan’s surprised face if he had heard that! “N-no!” Mammon tells the kid indignantly. “Do I look like Satan to ya?! I’m THE GREAT MAMMON, AVATAR OF GREED!” He beams proudly, his arms crossed over his chest as he strikes a pose.

The little boy looks less than impressed now. “Never heard of him.” He shrugs then goes back to more important business. “Anyway, Trick or Treat!” Lily’s fairy wings instantly start to buzz and flutter and the little princess gasps, trying to see the much more interesting pretty fairy behind the demon.

I push Mammon aside, who looks like he might just start lecturing these poor children on who the ‘Great Mammon’ is, and I offer them their choice of treats. They now both gasp in awe as they look over the softly shimmering colorful choices that we wrapped up in transparent wrappers.

“Is that… REAL magical candy?” The boy asks us, as he now notices that I’m dressed as a witch.

“Almost real.” I promise them. “They taste magically yummy.”

“You’re both very pretty!” The little girl tells Lily and I as we replace a muttering Mammon at the door. 

“Aww. So are you sweetie!” Lily beams.

“Your dress is very beautiful, your highness.” I tell her as I give her a little curtsy. “And your knight is very brave!” The boy gives me a proud smile in return, puffing up his chest again. 

Lily and I have fun with these sorts of exchanges with the children who come through for the next couple hours until I have to leave it to Lily and Lucien while I help James get ready. I put Uncle Mammon on Pandora duty. 


After James, Mammon and Solomon have left for the Devildom to attend Lord Diavolo’s birthday party, I close the portal securely and return to the living room where the others are waiting. We decided to settle ourselves in the main living room of the Manor tonight, as it is closer to the front door. Now that it's later in the evening, things are winding down but we may still get a few stragglers so we decided to keep our porch light and pumpkins out until 10pm.

I’ve just sat down, when I receive a text.

Tristan <> Leila
< Tristan: Hey Angel!

I blush. I don’t know why he’s giving me a nickname like that. Sure, we've been texting and we’re friends, but still…It seems awfully forward of him.

< Tristan: We’re going to a Halloween party tonight. Would you guys like to come too?
> Leila: Sorry, can’t. I don’t want to leave my little brother to stay home all alone to babysit Pandora.
< Tristan: I didn’t know you had a brother?
> Leila: Oh yeah! A whole bunch of them!
< Tristan: Vivian is freaking out here by the idea of more grandchildren of Solomon.
> Leila: Oh, tell her not to worry: we aren’t blood related. We’ll introduce you to them some time.
< Tristan: Awesome. Can’t wait.
> Leila: Anyway... Lily, Lucien and I are just staying home hosting an enchanted Trick or Treat garden.
> Leila: With REAL magic, but you didn’t hear that from me!
< Tristan: Haha! Okay, I didn’t hear a thing!

There is a pause in his texting and I’m just beginning to  assume this was the end of our conversation, until I receive a new one.

< Tristan: But tell me: You are all dressed up, right?
> Leila: Of course!
< Tristan: Great! Then send me a picture!
> Leila: Nope! Not doing that!
< Tristan: Aww! Come on, Princess Leila! Don’t be shy!

I just know by now that Cedric must have stolen Tristan’s phone. He’s the only one who calls me that. I smile and put my DDD away, telling Lily about the texts and she agrees with me. She takes out her own DDD and starts sending some texts too, but she just smiles mysteriously at me when I ask what she’s doing.


An hour or so later we’ve only had one more group of trick or treaters and I’m wondering if we should call it a night when the doorbell rings again. Lily has another suspicious smile on her face as we make our way to the door. 

“Trick or Treat!” 

I’m surprised to open the door to find Tristan, Cedric, and the rest of the gang crowding in front of me as I hear Lily’s wings singing beside me. “What are you guys doing here? I thought you were at a party?”

“You made it! Come inside!” Lily says and then everything makes sense.

Tristan looks a little surprised himself, maybe he didn’t know that Lily invited them without telling me about it? 

“Well we did go to the party.” Cedric says as he moves past a hesitant Tristan to come into the house. “But poor Tristan looked so glum we decided we’d bring the party to you!” He laughs. 

“Sorry..I hope it’s alright that we’re here?” Tristan asks me with a hopeful look. 

“Of course. Come inside.” I assure him as he walks inside and Vivian, Sybil and Elphias follow him with greetings of their own. 

Vivian is looking around with a curious eye as we escort them into the living area. “Does Solomon live here with you?” She asks, and I know what she really wants to know is: Is Solomon here now. 

“Solomon is in the Devildom with James tonight.” I answer her unasked question and ignore the other. I don’t need some ambitious girl my age chasing after my grandfather, showing up at random hours. 

“Oh..James isn’t here?” Sybil says, trying to hide her disappointment. Then she gives a friendly smile to Lucien and shakes his hand.

“You probably know it’s the Prince of the Devildom’s birthday.” Lily says. “James has his debut as Ambassador tonight.” 

“Really?” Vivian asks with a shrewd gaze narrowed on Lily. “I thought Solomon was going to give that role to you?”

Lily shakes her head. “That was the plan a long time ago, but the Devildom makes me sick, I can’t stay there for very long. James is much more suited to the task than I am.” She explains happily with no hint of resentment or regret.

“This is Lucien, by the way.” I tell everyone, feeling rude for not introducing him right away. “He’s sort of like our adoptive brother.” We might tell them the truth of our family situation at some point in the future, but for now this is fine. I see both Lily and Lucien nodding in agreement. “You all really have to try the sweets he made for tonight.” I continue proudly and Lucien beams.

“Right.” He says, showing the trays we have out for ourselves and the kids and have placed on a high side-table so that Sir Piggy won’t raid it. He’s not able to fly yet, thankfully. “Here we have Fairy Flower sweets and Fairy Ring tea. And over here we have Cherry Devil Crush, Shadow Caramels and Shadow Chocolate Cake from the Devildom. This here is Sweet milk tea, blue rose petals candied in crystal syrup and Blue Paradise inspired after old Celestial Realm recipes. Here in these bags we have Celestial, Devildom and Human World flavored popcorn. And then we have an assortment of Human World cupcakes that Lily and Leila made…” He pauses, looking at our creations. “Well… They taste good at least.”

“You can just say they look bad, Lucien.” Lily laughs and I giggle too as I see how our guests are frowning a bit at our misshapen cupcakes displayed next to Lucien's delicacies.

Like a gentleman, Tristan demonstratively grabs one of our cupcakes and I beam happily at him as I see him enjoying it so much. He’s such a nice guy! I’m glad we have met him.

“Are these really all recipes from the Three Worlds?” Elphias asks curiously, inspecting a Shadow Caramel that seems to darken as he holds it in the light and vice versa. “Interesting.”

“Yeah.” Lucien smiles proudly. “Though I’ve made them all less strong. So that it better suits the Human World.”

“Makes sense.” Elphias nods and pops it in his mouth, full of trust. “Hmm, not bad.” He approves with a grin.

Cedric doesn’t want to stay behind and grabs one of the bags of popcorn. “Devildom popcorn.” He grins. “I hear it’s very spicy.”

“Oh, it is.” Lily warns him. “Even if Lucien didn’t use actual purgatory spices…”

He isn’t listening to her and has already confidently stuffed a handful in his mouth. “Whoa!!” Cedric shouts and he quickly sips from the glass of milk that Lucien has already poured for him, having anticipated this. 

“Shh, idiot!” Tristan scolds him good-naturedly. “Don’t you see Leila’s baby sleeping over there?”

“Oh, sorry, sorry…” Cedric earnestly apologizes to me. “But seriously, that’s REALLY spicy! I’m breathing fire!” He grins as he takes more popcorn, alternating it with sips to douse the flames in his mouth.

“And this is just a mild copy. Real Devildom popcorn can make you actually do that.” I tell him with a laugh. “James loves it, but I personally prefer the Celestial popcorn. It’s so nice, it always makes me swoon.”

“I’ll have a taste of that then.” Sybil beams at me, taking a bag. “And I would like to try the Shadow Chocolate Cake too…” She can’t really choose as she browses our wares. “Oh, it is all so interesting and smells so great…” She sighs.

“You can taste everything, if you want.” Lily and I encourage her and Lucien beams, giving her a slice of cake first. “We have so many leftovers!” Of course we aren’t afraid that we have to toss them out, we were planning on giving them to Beel tomorrow.

Vivian in the meantime has secretly grabbed a piece of Fairy Flower sweets and is now nibbling on it with an expression of utter delight. I’m pleased to see her enjoying it. Lucien worked hard to figure out the recipe, after all. Then she suddenly lets out a squeak as Chimera lands on her head, asking for a crumb.

“Aah! What is that?!” She swats at Chimera and my poor little fairy dragon seeks refuge with me.

“Chimera.” I scold her sternly. “You can’t just land on people's heads to beg for sweets. Not everyone will like that.” I turn to Vivian who is looking at me and Chimera with big eyes. “I’m sorry Vivian. She’s still very young and impulsive. But she’s really very sweet.”

“Oh… It’s okay.” Vivian tries to fix her beautiful natural platinum hair, with a red face. “I was just startled.”

“Did you just say her name was Chimera?” Sybil asks as we all sit down. “Like the blue parakeet you had with you when we first met?”

“One in the same!” Lily laughs as Chimera now flies to Sybil and starts chittering at her. She recognized her and is now asking her for sweets, having not learned a thing from my scolding. 

As Sybil shares her cake with her, we quickly explain what kind of creature Chimera really is. Then our guests encounter another surprise when Sir Piggy comes trotting into the room. Enthusiastically inspecting everyone’s shoes, before sitting expectantly in front of Elphias, snorting encouragingly.

“Uh… So you have a pig too?” He asks the obvious, but we know what he means. “Or is this the cat?” He laughs as he offers Sir Piggy some treats.

Shado meows sleepily from his spot next to Pandora. Not appreciating being compared to Sir Piggy. They get along better now, but it is still not the sort of care he has for Chimera.

“A new addition to our household.” Lily laughs. “Sir Piggy. A real-life Shadow Hog from the Devildom. Didn’t Tristan tell you about him? I seem to remember that Leila talked about our piggy with him.”

“I honestly didn’t really believe it.” Tristan shrugs with a grin. “Something like that, or your fairy dragon for that matter, is not very common to have. Not even in the Magical Society.”

“Right?” Elphias asks a bit incredulously. “How in the world do you even get a Shadow Hog?”

“Probably got him off the black market. Privileges of being Solomon’s granddaughter?” Cedric teases, waggling his brows and earning himself an elbow from Tristan. 

“We did not!” I say, ready to defend my grandfather.

Lily laughs and cuts me off though. “He was a gift from the Avatar of Wrath and Sloth. Sorta a long story actually.”

“Those two are always stirring up trouble.” Lucien rolls his eyes. “But they actually did a good thing bringing Mister Oink to us.” He squats to give him some Solomon-kibbles and a scratch behind his ear. 

“I thought his name was Sir Piggy?” Tristan asks.

“That’s what Lily and I call him but everyone else seems to have another name for him.” I explain, rolling my eyes. Our piggy with a dozen names. 

“So that means we can give him a name too, yes?” Tristan grins, appreciating the humor of it. “Let’s see…”

“Hold on!” He’s being interrupted by his friend. “I want to hear more about the demons!” Cedric says. “It still blows my mind, I’ve heard terrifying stories of the Avatars but you make them sound like saps that bring you runty pigs for pets.”

Lily and I exchange a look and we decide to humor our new friends with a few harmless tales from our shared histories. 

It’s really fun to hang out with our new friends without any sort of drama, unlike what often happens with our trouble-making demon brothers. Though Cedric can’t help yelling ‘Trick or Treat!’ at random moments, just to let Lily’s wings flutter in excitement, once he discovered it. Lily isn’t bothered with it, anyway. I feel proud that they liked our magical garden and our costumes, asking how we did certain spells. 

“So, is there any news on when the apprenticeships start?” Vivian can’t help herself, but I can see that the other four are curious too. “And do you know what Solomon has planned for the five of us, by any chance?”

I bet that’s also a reason she wants to meet Solomon in person. So that he notices her and she will be chosen for apprenticeships this year. I guess it must be difficult for someone as ambitious as she is to have to wait her turn.

“Well.” I decide to tell them what we can. “Things are on schedule right now. We should be finished with the first rounds soon. I believe that afterwards Solomon will start assigning apprentices to all approved Sorcerers. Us too. I believe he plans for novices like yourself to do a couple of tests in the near future to decide who is in the first batch, so to speak.”

“Oh, I think I would really like to have you as a teacher, Leila.” Sybil beams at me, sharing another cupcake with Chimera and Sir Piggy. “Wouldn’t it be fun if that happened?”

“Yeah, I think I would like that too.” Tristan gives me a special sort of smile that makes me shy again.

“I dunno.” Cedric teases. “I think Leila will be much too strict. I think I would like James as my teacher.” He wiggles his brows at Sybil and she blushes a bit.

“There's nothing wrong with having a strict teacher.” Vivian lectures him, completely missing the fact that Cedric was just teasing us. “Is Solomon himself going to take on an apprentice?”

“I believe he’s planning on giving trials and training to the Sorcerers that lost a couple of their Virtues first, before beginning a whole new apprenticeship. Together with the new Sorcerers’ Council members that will be announced by that time as well.” I nod at her and she looks a bit disappointed. I tell them that none of us have any say in Solomon’s decisions on this matter. He’s still keeping a lot of his plans for himself. “I guess we will find out soon who we get as our apprentice. But I really hope that all of you get a good teacher this year.”

We talk a little more about their expectations. They all are very excited to finally start their apprenticeships and Lily and I keep telling them that we also hope the best for them this year. If they are chosen, we just don’t know for sure that they will be yet.

“Leila..” Lucien is talking low in my ear now. “It’s getting a little do you think Mammon is going to react to everyone?” I glance at the clock, and it is getting close to that time. It’s a shame to cut our time short but Lucien does have a point. Not that we can’t handle Mammon’s shenanigans but it’s not the time nor place. Looks like I’m going to have to be the one to tell them to leave... ugh, how awkward.

I join back with Tristan and Sybil’s conversation for a few minutes more until I have to interrupt. “Anyway, sorry to sound inhospitable, but you guys really should go.” I tell them when I see it’s only fifteen minutes before midnight now. “I’m not sure how our brothers would react to finding you here, when they get home…” Satan and Belphie already act weird when I get a phone call from Tristan after all, and Mammon is much more greedy and possessive. I’m not up for dealing with that tonight, it’s been a long day already.

“Leila’s right.” Lily backs me up. “We appreciate you stopping by though! Let’s do something like this again soon.”

“What, are you going to turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight?” Cedric jokes. Looking like he has no plans to get up from his chair anytime soon.

Lily laughs and teases him back. “No, but I might turn you into one.” She shows off her costume again. “I am a fairy tonight, after all. Bibidi, babidi...” She starts a fake incantation.

“The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve: Lovers, to bed; ’tis almost fairy time…” Cedric starts reciting as he’s being pulled up from his chair by Elphias. Maybe he’s a little bit drunk from our homemade cider and other drinks...

“Come on, idiot.” Elphias laughs, as his sister starts helping him.

“Tristan! Why aren’t you telling Leila how you feel about her!” Cedric yells over his shoulder to his friend and my eyes go wide in surprise, looking at Tristan. What’s this about?

“Ugh…” Vivian complains to her friend. “Really, Cedric?”

Tristan just grins at me, seeing me confused. “Maybe some other time, when I haven’t been drinking. I’m in no rush...”

I shrug and help them push Cedric, who really doesn’t want to go, out the door. “I could give him a princess dress at the stroke of midnight…” I tell them all and now Cedric looks shocked.

“You wouldn’t!”

“Bibidi, babidi…” I summon some Celestial light as if casting a real spell.

“Allright! Allright! I’m going! I’m GOING!” Cedric starts stumbling towards the front door, not risking having to go home dressed as a princess. Our new friends follow him out the door, laughing.



After our friends have left again, Lucien grins. “They seem like fun people.”

“They really are.” Lily smiles, stretching out over the sofa with a sigh. “Oof, I’m tired… Handing out candy all day long is no small feat.” 

“Yeah, I think I’m just going to hang out here until Solomon brings James and Mammon home.” I stretch out over another sofa. “Pandora is sleeping soundly and I don’t really want to disturb her now…”

“Imagine next year…” Lily rubs over her belly with a smile.

I nod at her and smile happily, staring into the fire of the hearth. I’m so tired… I could swear to see a little blue creature dancing inside the flames… Halloween holiday spirit must be playing tricks on me... 

Lucien smirks at us. “You two are a bunch of lazy girls.” He teases. “I’ll clean up then…”

“No, come sit with us!” I ask him. “We can clean up tomor-” My voice is drowned out by the chiming of the clock striking midnight.

Suddenly the creature I thought was in my imagination in the flames, jumps out of the hearth. It rushes directly to Lily, settling on her shoulder, making knispering sounds like fire, but it looks as if it’s chittering in her ear, much like Chimera always does with me.

“Cinder?!” Lily’s eyes go wide as she tries to understand the panicked blue flaming creature.

“What’s going on?!” Lucien voices my own thoughts as he and I are both feeling the tension, staring at the flaming creature on Lily’s shoulder. It doesn’t burn her and seems it wants to warn her of something. This must be her familiar she had told us about. 

“He’s warning me of an attack.” Lily tells us as she jumps up and looks around in a panic. “The Fae are coming for us, Leila.” She says, looking pale. ”We need iron..” I’m already rushing towards Pandora’s crib. We hadn’t thought to ward the house from Fae, since Lily has allergic reactions to some of the measures we have to take. And because there is no Fae activity this close to the city, we assumed it wasn’t necessary. 

Lucien grabs the iron fireplace poker and brandishes it like a weapon. “Are they already in the house? Should we go look?” He asks us. 

“No, let’s stay together.” I tell them. I don’t want to leave Pandora alone and I’m sure we’re stronger together. “I can sense something… bad…” Lily and Lucien nod, they sense it too.

I lift her from her crib and she softly complains. It is as if the sound she makes heralds the beginning of the attack.

We hear a strange rumbling coming from somewhere in the Manor. Then soon after a dark shadow slips into the room from under the crack of the door. Coming straight for Lucien and I instantly put my Celestial shield around us as I pull him closer with my free hand. More shadows are spilling into the room and that’s when we realize that our portal to the Devildom must have been breached. These aren’t Fae, they’re demonic spirits targeting Lucien. 

In seconds all the light in the room is snuffed out. We’re completely surrounded by the dark entities. The only light is coming from my Celestial Light pendant inside my shield and the eerie blue light given off by Lily’s familiar. The spirits outside my shield shriek and sizzle each time they come in contact with it. 

Lily starts launching her own celestial attacks that are stronger now since she’s joined her ring with ours. Lucien growls, probably feeling useless in the face of these spirits. It must be hard for him but I don’t have time to dwell on that now. There’s too many spirits and Lily isn’t strong enough to take them all down and I need to focus on keeping the shield up. We need help. 

“Does anyone have their DDD on them?!” I ask, struggling to be heard over the roaring and shrill shrieking of the demonic spirits. 

Some of the stronger spirits have begun hurling the weaker ones against my shield to attempt to weaken me. They have a long way to go, before I give up my shield!!

“Mine’s in the other room.” Lucien says but is interrupted by a crash, as if glass is splintering somewhere. Is someone breaking in?! I can only hope it’s our friends and family returning from the Devildom, but I fear it’s only the Fae that we were warned of. 

Suddenly we hear the large windows of the living room shatter as well. The solid darkness of the spirits surrounding us suddenly breaks up and we can once again see what’s going on in the room. 

All sorts of odd and strange creatures have flooded into the room and most of them are now fighting off the demonic spirits. Are these friendly Fae, I wonder? My question is quickly answered as a creature that looks like it lives in the swamp waters tries to tear through my Celestial shield with its sharp claws and hisses at us, revealing a mouth full of needle-like teeth. It manages to actually tear through it. How? Nothing is supposed to penetrate it! Swiping at Lucien with a clawed and webbed fingered hand, Lucien shouts and hits the creature with the iron fireplace poker. The iron burns the Fae as if it had been heated over the coils, one more hit has the creature retreating back outside of my shield where it's immediately attacked, its soul sucked away by a demonic spirit. I try to re-enforce my shield again, but it’s so much weaker against these Fae, it seems. They use a type of magic I’m not familiar with and haven’t learned a defense against, yet.

“We need to get out of here!” Lily shouts as she’s stopped her attacks on the spirits. “As soon as the demons are gone they’re coming after us.” At the same time the door shakes and suddenly flies open from an unknown, but terrible force. More spirits and entities of different sorts enter the room and I can’t help but scream in terror as I see one of them taking the form of an enormous wolf, snarling viciously.

My own scream is drowned out by one from Lily. My head whips around and my eyes go wide at the large Satyr looking creature that has dragged Lily right out of my shield and slung her over its shoulders. A short ugly little man with only one eye and an awful, wicked smile contorting his face, stands next to it.

“Let her go!” Lucien jumps out of my shield, his poker held up to strike the beast. At the same time I see Lily’s familiar, Cinder, burning the arms of the creature that bellows and begins to drop Lily. 

“Lucien! No!” I try to stop him, but I’m too late! Because the enormous wolf attacks as well, colliding with Lucien as it launches itself at the other beast. I watch in horror as Lily is dumped unceremoniously on the floor and Lucien’s body becomes trapped between the snarling battling Fae creatures. 

I clutch Pandora to my chest, trying to figure out how to launch an offensive attack that won’t leave my daughter vulnerable and won’t hurt my friends in the process. Lily is trying to get up from the floor but she looks disorientated and the ugly little man has grabbed her by the hair, he’s stronger than he looks. Her blue flaming familiar tries to burn him but he’s prepared with a water spell that has her familiar retreating back inside the hearth to grow in strength again and renew its attack in Lily’s defense.

The ugly little man laughs with cruelty as I hear an awful snapping sound and see to my horror how the Satyr-like beast snaps the wolf’s neck. Lucien, covered in scratches, bellows in desperation as he smashes the fire poker over the head of the Satyr-beast, causing it to finally fall to all the other wounds the wolf had inflicted. Lucien collapses with them. The remaining dark spirits in the room all descend on Lucien, but it seems that some of the other Fae spirits and creatures that came in with the wolf, start defending him now. I don’t have time to think about it. I need to get him back under my Celestial shield and fast!

“Ahaha! You’re out of allies now!” The little man laughs wickedly at me and shakes Lily by her hair causing her to moan in pain and grab at his hands. “You better surrender yourself and your pretty babe too, girlie! Because I’m getting my hands on you either way! Your shiny shield won’t w-”

“Never!” I screech at him, taking my chances and blasting him away from Lily with an elemental spell and I quickly move over to where Lucien lies unconscious now. Lily joins me, still seeming foggy headed and I worry that she’s suffered a concussion in her fall. 

I huddle us all in my most powerful shield to keep everything that is still attacking us at bay. Trying to balance the Celestial with the elemental as best as possible. Pandora is crying from the top of her lungs now. No wonder. I’m already grateful that she’s unharmed and so far none of our pets got caught in the scuffle and I call them to me. I know they’re brave, but they would have been killed by now, if I go by how many times Lily’s creature has been extinguished and has refueled itself. 

“Lucien.” Lily calls to him, trying to wake him. 

On the surface we can’t see a reason for him to be unconscious. He has scratches on his face and arms and one wicked, deep looking bite mark on his forearm that’s still slowly oozing blood. Something must be wrong with him internally. It’s like he’s slipping away. I can’t lose anyone else! I’m praying my hardest that someone will come to our rescue. But I can’t help crying. Everyone is in the Devildom and there's an army of attackers in the Manor. How are we going to survive this?! What’s going on with Lucien?! Has he been possessed by one of the evil spirits that descended on him already?

“Here, give Pandora to me.” Lily offers, sounding groggy, but determined. But I don’t want to. I need to protect them all! “Come on, Leila. Trust me.” She insists as she puts up her own shield now too. “Let me help, so you can help Lucien.”

I notice that her shield, even though not as strong as mine, seems more effective against the little ugly man and his horde of evil Fae. I nod at her and trust my baby to my friend and try to focus on reviving Lucien. He’s not dead. His soul is still there, shining and pure as ever before. But something else is with him there too, I can sense it. It wants to overtake him. Corrupt him? I can’t let that happen! My little guardian angel and friend. My little brother. I can’t lose anyone else. 

I barely notice how suddenly it seems that the pressure of the attack has been lifted from my shield. I vaguely hear people shouting our names and I hear demonic roaring and then suddenly it’s all over? Someone is talking to me, but I need to focus on Lucien.


Lucifer POV

Upon arrival, we find Lily, Leila and Lucien huddled together in the middle of a wrecked living room. Leila has put up a blindingly bright Celestial looking shield and we need a moment to get used to the light before we can take in the scene: She’s crying and looks terrified as she’s holding Lucien's head on her lap in support. He looks to be unconscious and she’s trying to revive him. Lily sits next to them with a screeching Pandora protectively in her arms. She has a bruise on her forehead, but otherwise looks to be doing fine. She has put up her own greenish shield around them too. Maybe it’s a Fae shield? I didn’t know she could make those, let alone one that’s looking that strong, but maybe this is what it means for them to be able to access each other's abilities.

It doesn’t matter right now. They’re surrounded by all sorts of spirits and Fae creatures, some are attacking each other and others are trying to break through their shields. This is a full scale attack on my pregnant sister and my sister with her young child! How did they get here?! A few seem to be defending them and some are already defeated, but I can see that my brave little sisters can hardly do more than keep them at bay, trying to protect Lucien and Pandora and each other at the same time. 

“What’s goin’ on here?!” Mammon shouts, he’s holding some sort of strange snarling creature by the neck that dared attack him. It doesn’t give him any answers other than obscenities.

“Is that a baby?” I hear Phoenix's annoying voice behind us. 

“How DARE they attack our family!!” Satan is the first one to roar in fury, seeing his sister and his chosen one under siege like that and he jumps at the next odd looking creature that attempts to breach their shields again, grabbing its head and snapping its neck. 

Belphegor and Beelzebub are quick to follow and even Astaroth loses his icecold calm and furiously beheads some sort of Fae creature with a spell, without Solomon having to command him to. James and Solomon start banishing the dark spirits, who want to possess Lucien, with their light spells, while Simeon and Luke rush to Leila’s side to help with Lucien. But first Lily has to lower her green shield for a moment, it doesn’t seem she knows how to let specific individuals through like Leila can. The rest of us quickly spring into action as well to defeat and banish the remaining assailants.

Once the room is cleared of invaders, either because they retreated, fled or perished by our hands, we can finally reach out to our sisters. But Leila isn’t letting us demons in. She’s completely focussed on Lucien, who looks alarmingly pale with drops of sweat forming on his head. The battle doesn’t seem to be over yet for him.