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Life's For The Living

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James POV

Later that evening we’re all gathered in the living room. Even Mammon, Lily and I. Even Pandora and Leila. All the animals, all the brothers and Lucien. It’s pretty noisy, but I can tell everyone is having a good time together. Everyone except for one, it seems.

“Right, I get it.” Leviathan whines at Leila and Lily, who both just refused the coffee he offered them. “Naturally, any coffee I make isn’t going to be worth drinking, is it?”

“That’s not…” Leila wants to explain, but he interupts her.

“Right, of course. I get it.”

“What do you mean?” Asmodeus has settled himself between his girls, still swooning over his pact with both of them and Solomon. Now he looks up, very surprised. “That’s not true, Levi. See? I’m drinking my coffee.” He demonstrates by taking a large sip.

“Sure, you claim it’s not true.” Leviathan seems to be determined to bring the overall mood down, it seems. Though we know he can’t help himself sometimes. He still wants to make up with Leila for blurting. But he’s going all wrong about it. “But I noticed you didn’t actually say it tasted GOOD, did you?”

Everyone blinks at him, stunned. What can you really say to someone determined to be negative? Leila frowns at him. She never drinks coffee in the evening, or she can’t sleep well, getting weird dreams. Maybe Lily has the same reason, but he won’t even let her explain that to him.

“So you all really don’t like it…” Leviathan sighs, depressed. “I knew it…”

“I’m sorry, what?” Asmodeus still tries to get the mood good again. “It really is good though, Levi. Isn’t that right, Belphie?”

“Don’t drag me into this.” Belphegor glares at him and Levi. “Seriously. I don’t want any part of it.”

“Levi, please don’t do this now..” Lily practically begs.

That doesn’t help. Leviathan starts spiraling now. He doesn’t even want to listen to Lily, right now. And Leila looks like she might burst into tears from his self-loathing. She and Lily look pleadingly at me: Maybe I can cheer him up with a game? Okay, I think I definitely have to do something about this. Before we know it he either locks himself up in his room for the rest of the year, or he summons Lotan on us.

“Come on, Levi.” I get up and pull him out of his chair. “You and I are going to slay some dragons.”

“Eh? What?” Leviathan looks confused and a bit alarmed, but lets himself be dragged away by me. I can just hear the collective sigh of relief from the others, before the door closes behind us.


I’ve dragged Leviathan to the new entertainment room in the renovated part of the Manor. I need to make him see that he can’t act like this to us, to Leila, when everything is still so raw and painful. Not unless he wants us to go back to Wizard’s Palace again. But how? It’s hard enough to get through to Leviathan when you have a pact with him and he isn’t spiraling…

“I...I...I…” By now he’s crying too… “I’m so sorry… Leila, she…” *sob*

“Come on Levi…” I rub his back. “It’s not that bad, I promise…”

“She must hate me! Everything I do around her is wrong!” 

Well, can’t argue with you on that but… “She doesn’t hate you.” I tell him. “You just need to give her more time.”

“But she restored the pact with ASMO!” Wow, I can feel his jealousy surge even through our ghost-like pact. So that’s what’s going on? “And I ruined things for Satan and Belphie. And I ruined things for myself!”

“You’re all brothers.” I tell him. “You should try to support each other in this, instead of being jealous of who we choose to restore our pacts with first.”


“Yes, first.” I smile at him. “I’m sure that I want to restore my pacts with all of you, once I’m ready for it. And so will Leila. You just have to be a little patient and not fight with each other about it…”

“I mean, I don’t know if we’re fighting…”

“But you made it into a sort of competition in your mind anyway, didn’t you?” I ask him and I just know I’ve hit the mark. “You can’t pressure us like that, Levi. Besides, we’ve always gotten along just fine before when there wasn’t a chance of having a real pact with each other anyway. Pact or not, it doesn’t change how we feel about each other.”

“Right...Okay… I’ll try…”

“Allright, now what games have you installed for us?” I flop down in the pile of pillows laid out in front of our big screen and grab a controller. “You better be at least as good as your counterpart, or I’ll wipe the floor with you!”

“Challenge accepted!” Leviathan shouts, grabbing his own controller and starts showing all the games he thought we would like. “Oh, by the way. You shouldn’t let Mammon use Crowe once you live here alone with him. He’s the worst! He keeps making purchases without asking. Before you know it you will be as broke as he is…”

“Good point.” I know Leila will be pissed if she finds out and probably tell him off, but if we can avoid it, it would be better for her. She’s already had enough on her mind. “Let’s come up with a password he’ll never guess.”

“Hmm… maybe something TSL-related, he’d never guess that, but…” He thinks out loud. “Okay, how about this? We’ll combine a word only I’d know with a word only you’d know. And that can be our new password!”

“I just hope I can remember it then!” I laugh, as we proceed to bounce words off each other, working out this new password for Crowe.

“Well, then you just have to call me up, won’t you?” He smirks triumphantly.

I pat him on his back. “Don’t worry, Levi. I would have called you for other reasons too.”

Eventually we’ve come up with such a complicated password, I’ll definitely need to call him up the first couple of times to help guide me through it. We keep Crowe activated for now, making sure the purchase feature stays locked. Then we finally started playing one of our new games. 

As we’re busy, I feel such a familiar companionship with Levi. It’s like we’ve always done it. He, Beel and Mammon always were my best demon friends. My brothers under a pact - though Beel was a bit something more than a brother, of course - who I always hung out with and had all sorts of shenanigans with. Somehow I feel the same is happening now. Somehow I know my pact with Levi is no ghost pact anymore, but a real one. He grins at me suddenly, even after I beat him with this new racing game. I wonder if he’s noticed it too? 


We’ve been at it for a while. At a certain point Lily and Leila came by to say goodnight to us and Leila gave Levi such a sweet smile that he drove his Devil Cart straight off a cliff. Much to all our amusement. Lucien went to get a book from our new library and sat down in the entertainment room with us, complaining we were making too much noise to sleep anyway. 

Lily must have helped Leila out for a bit, because she and Leila came down from Leila’s room again after having fed Pandora and put her to bed for the night. Bringing snacks and hot chocolate and tea for all of us and nail polish for themselves. Shado and Chimera followed on their heels. Either to cuddle, or for the snacks. They settled on a couple beanbags in the corner, softly talking and laughing.

Then Mammon walks in, in his arms his pillows and blanket. “Oy, humans!” He loudly whispers. “Y’all won’t mind me sleepin’ one last time in your room, right?”

“Of course not.” Lily, Leila and I don’t mind. 

“As long as you don’t shout.” Lucien looks up from his book. “And don’t think you can come here every night from tomorrow.” He tells him, earning himself a fond rough ruffle through his hair. 

Then Mammon flops down next to us, looking at the screen. “What y’all doin’?”

Leviathan looks at Mammon a bit sour. He probably wanted us for himself, but he’s smart enough to not start an argument, now that Leila doesn’t seem to be mad at him for his earlier outbursts. Probably feeling a bit satisfied about our pact too. Heh.

Soon after Mammon, the twins come sneaking in. Well, Belphegor at least moves silently, you can’t really be inconspicuous while carrying in a mountain of pillows and blankets.Then he quietly flops down next to Lily and Leila, after making sure they’re both comfy. Asleep almost instantly, as it seems. Beelzebub makes much more noise, bringing his own bags of snacks and chips, using the microwave, using the popcorn maker and so on. Then he sits down next to us, loudly munching and crunching, making encouraging noises as Mammon, Levi and I play our games. Soon Chimera and Shado have moved over to him, stealing from his snacks.

It’s no surprise that eventually Asmo and Satan join the impromptu slumber party as well, bringing their own things they find important. Asmodeus immediately shoves Belphegor to the side and helps the girls with masks and other beauty things. Belphegor grumbles in his half sleep, but settles again soon. Satan starts a conversation with Lucien over different subjects. For some reason they get along very well. Maybe it’s because of their unique circumstances of how they became one of the brothers? 

Even Lucifer joins the party at some point. Though I suspect it’s more that he wants to keep a watchful eye over his brothers. He doesn’t seem to be the slumber party type of demon. Heh.


Lucifer POV

It’s the 30st of September, still. Tonight, I finally have my whole family sleeping under one roof again. I would have liked it if it happened sooner, tomorrow we have to return to the Devildom where RAD will start again. But at least I got our strays convinced that it would be worthwhile to all have one final night and a breakfast together. 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning for that matter. Not us leaving for the Devildom, if I’m completely honest. But to the undoubtedly chaos that will be at the breakfast table. With the baby. And the cat. And Leila’s obnoxiously energetic creature. And our new brother Lucien. And our two new humans. I smile. Yes, it will be chaos. But I think it will be a good sort of chaos again, even if I can already feel the ghost of a headache beginning. It doesn’t matter. I heard Leila is skilled at healing away demon pain.

I’ve sent everyone to their rooms early this evening. I don’t expect them to go to bed immediately, but it’s a big day for my brothers tomorrow and I want them all to be rested and on their best behaviour when we start the new RAD year. We can’t show any weaknesses to the Devildom. Certain details must be kept secret and, no matter what, we have to show a strong, united front.

While I’ve just finished preparing for my important opening speech for RAD, I’m just realizing it’s been suspiciously quiet in the Manor. Is everyone already asleep? Is everyone in their own beds? Remembering the way Lily and Mammon restored their pact so intimately, I suddenly feel I should check up on certain brothers of mine. Just to be certain if they’re up to no good or not, I’m just going to have a quick look in their rooms, before I go to bed myself.

I soon discover that none of my wayward brothers are in their rooms. What are these idiots up to now? Do they WANT our new family members to leave us right away, again? I quickly make my way towards the east wing.

“YES YES YES YEEES!” I hear Leviathan’s voice coming from the renovated part of the Manor. Seems like it was a good idea to check up on everyone! What in the Devildom is my brother doing now, hasn’t he caused enough strife today?!

I open the door of the new entertainment room in haste, but my anger dissipates immediately as I take in the scene. It looks like everyone has gathered here for a sleepover. My brothers and our humans look up at me for a moment, but then continue with their activities. Which are looking very innocent. Leviathan is gaming with Mammon and James, while Beelzebub is snacking and watching them. Close by sit Asmodeus with the girls, it seems they’re doing some sort of beauty routine. Lucien and Satan are discussing something over a book, no doubt planning another prank, and Belphegor appears to be sleeping against the beanbag that Leila is sitting on, mostly being ignored by her, but it’s progress. There look to be more pillows and blankets than I remember should be here in the room. While no one is looking, I indulgently smile with satisfaction at the very normal scene of my family coming together.

“What are all of you doing in here?” I sigh after wiping the smile from my face. Everyone seems to be getting along well. Satisfaction aside, I'm slightly irritated. I did tell them all to go to bed, their own beds. “And why is Leviathan shouting like that?”

“Tsuchi moved into our village!” Leviathan tells me cheerfully, as if this explains anything. “She’s a half snake, half fantasy creature and hundred percent awesome!” 

He keeps on rambling about what must be the game he’s playing with the others, until Asmodeus interrupts him with a weary sigh. “Um, sorry to interupt your moment of joy, Levi. But like… Nobody knows what you’re going on about.”

“Exactly.” Satan agrees with Asmodeus. “Crowe, play the theme song to ‘Another Purrrfect Day for Kitties in the Devildom’. At max volume, please.” Leviathan must have taken Crowe with him.

“Got it. Playing the theme to ‘Another Purrrfect Day for Kitties in the Devildom’. At max volume.” Suddenly a hideously sounding nursery rhyme blasts over the new sound system at full volume and everyone breaks out in protest.

“Crowe, turn that down!” Lily shrieks, her hands against her ears, but laughing.

“Lily flower!” Asmodeus shrieks just as loud. “Think of your nails!”

“We’re trying to play a game here, Satan!” Leviathan shouts furiously.

“Think of Pandora!” Leila scolds Satan sternly, but there’s no real anger in her eyes or her voice. “Lucifer, in or out, but close the door! We don’t want to wake her.”

I try to stifle a glare - I’m still not used to her speaking to me in this manner - and do as she says, stepping into the room, but not before having closely listened if little Pandora has woken up from Satan’s terrible choice of entertainment. It doesn’t seem like she has. 

“They all wanted to hang out for a final time, before having to go back to the Devildom tomorrow.” James finally explains what’s going on, while he’s keeping his eyes glued to the screen, playing Leviathan’s game. He should use that multi-tasking ability for more worthy pursuits. I’ll talk to him about it when he’s more comfortable around me. “First Mammon came in, then the twins and then the rest…”

“Focus, James!” Leviathan scolds him. “Or we lose Tsuchi!”

“Eh, don’t worry.” James laughs at him unconcerned. “I got this…”

“Do you all have to be so loud?” Satan defends his actions. “Lucien and I can’t focus on our conversation.”

“I’m not sure how that song would have helped with that.” Lucien snickers. “It even got Shado agitated.” He points to the cat who is hissing indignantly at Crowe.

“Besides, you can read in your OWN room!” Leviathan scolds Satan, as if he isn’t in the wrong room himself right now.

“Crowe, I’m hungry.” Beelzebub tells Levi’s AI, while sitting amidst his piles of snacks. 

“Sending a little snack recipe to your DDD.”

“Make it something big. Give me a huge amount of food.” Beelzebub munches.

“A huge amount of food. Got it.” The familiar whirring sound starts up.

“Absolutely not.” Leila interrupts. “Crowe, cancel that!” She orders and the whirring stops immediately. “Beelzebub, I told all of you to not use Crowe for something magic. You know I don’t trust that thing. Its magic is faulty.”

He pouts at her. “Sorry…”

“Oh, it’s all right…” She gives him a smile and conjures some food for him herself. “Here you go.”

“Don’t spoil him…” Belphegor smiles sleepily up at her from the floor. “He’ll only want more, you know…” I can tell my brother feels happy to see her care for his twin, but at the same time feels jealous, because she can’t give him the same effortless attention yet. At least she allows him in her proximity now.


In resignation I decide to stay and watch over them all. I don’t want any of my brothers to do something stupid and break the fragile harmony that seems to be finally forming. Eventually, it seems that everyone has worn themselves out. They start to quiet down. Leila has been away for a bit to check on Pandora and has returned with new refreshments for everyone. 

I’m pleased to see how much she tries to become a part of the family. I’m also glad she accepted Asmodeus and restored her pact with him, even though it surprised me a bit. I would have thought my gentle brother Beelzebub would have been more suited for her first choice after me. It seems I still do not completely understand her.

James has restored his pact with Leviathan. Leviathan made sure to let everyone know, much like Asmodeus did earlier this evening. Even though I don’t exactly understand why or how - Leviathan seemed to be on a collision course of self-destruction earlier this evening - I’m happy to see he seems to have gained much more confidence because of it. 


Most everyone has rolled themselves up in some blankets and I’m feeling strangely content. I see that James is looking for a nice spot to settle for the night and I move to intercept him. I haven’t had a chance to talk with him today. “James, over here.” I make sure to let him know I don’t want to hear no for an answer. “There is something I want to talk to you about.”

“Okay.” James shuffles over to me, careful to not step on anyone. “What is it about?”

“I just want a bit of a talk.” I tell him. “I know you’re trying to stay strong for everyone, just like Leila and Lily are. But I want to know how you’re really feeling?”

“It’s hard.” He tells me in all honesty. “I spent some time with the twins today and Levi. And I know I really love them just as much. But it’s only been a month since we lost our own family, Lucifer.”

“I see.” I nod at him, as I help him settle in some blankets and pillows next to me. “I suppose it really is harder for humans…”

“Oh, I don’t know.” James tells me sleepily. “We need our time after a loss, but we won’t turn into demons…” That cheeky little…! 

I can’t help a chuckle. More and more I understand how my counterpart must have felt about this boy. He has a very special talent to put everything into perspective. “You’re a nice boy, James. I’m glad you chose to restore your pact with Leviathan.”

“Yeah.” He sighs. “Me too. I feel a little bit more whole. Maybe it takes a very long time before Leila and I have accepted all of you like that, but we’ll get there. Don’t worry, Lucifer…” It sounds like he's almost asleep now. It’s a good sign that he feels safe enough in my house, that he can. I should let him rest.

“If you say so, I’ll believe you, James. Good night.”


Late that night, very late...

Belphegor is awake. For some reason, he can never be fully asleep when Leila is around. She’s too distracting, even if she does nothing. Even if she’s just lying there, fast asleep with the baby com next to her pillow. He knows why this is: He wants to carry her to her own room and be her mate. He probably can’t rest well in her proximity before that happens. Now that she’s here for good in his life, she belongs to him. But he can’t force her, like Diavolo tried to do in that other reality. He doesn’t want to scare her. No, she has to choose him. He NEEDS her to choose him, desperately. And it will take a long time before that happens. IF it happens, now that Leviathan made it so much harder for her to trust him. And it’s going to be torture for him, more than it was before when she was still his counterpart’s mate. At least then he knew that it was impossible. Everything is uncertain now. But he will be careful and patient with her.

He should be smarter than this. Be less of a masochist and just go to his own room to sleep there, instead of lying here awake right next to her. Lying on his back he hears the sounds of everyone else sleeping. Even Lucifer. But he doesn’t want to leave. Even if he can’t sleep, it’s comforting to know she’s this close to him. Even if she doesn’t want to be their mate, not yet, he and Satan both know that she is. They will watch over her from now on and won’t let anyone else get too close. No matter if she chooses to restore her pacts with the others first, everyone will know she belongs to him and Satan. Unless she chooses a human… 

Ugh. Belphegor rolls to his side, carefully not to wake her; he wraps his arms around her. She can’t choose a human. Who does she even know in this reality? Still the thought of it… They need to keep her away from human males, somehow. He growls softly. They couldn’t stop Lily from choosing a human, either.

Now he’s honestly happy for Lily. Even though he isn’t exactly happy to know who the father is. He knows once she discovers the secret in her belly herself, it will make her a little sad, but also happy. He’s been listening to her belly more often when they were napping together the past week. Lily still doesn’t know, but the sound is still steady and going strong, even if it’s still faint. He will keep it a secret for as long as possible.

Thinking about Lily made him remember something. Something he needs to check on Leila. Maybe it’s too soon. She obviously never told anyone when she was last intimate with one of her mates. But it doesn’t hurt to check. He carefully listens on Leila’s belly too. No extra heartbeat. He definitely feels relieved. If Leila was pregnant from her previous mates, it would have made things much more complicated for him! But she isn’t. She’s all mine now… He smiles and wraps his arms around her again, softly kissing her cheek, making sure not to wake her.


A little further in the room, Lily lies curled up against Mammon’s chest. Mammon’s sleep is also restless. He’s definitely nervous about returning to the Devildom. Leaving his humans behind and going with his new brothers. What kinda sense does that even make?! He tosses in his half-sleep and then he feels Lily’s little hand patting on his chest. The little gesture calms him down, she must have done this often with his counterpart. Whenever he’s gotten the chance to cuddle with Leila, she also did this in their previous reality and recently back at Wizard’s Palace whenever she didn’t want to sleep alone. It’s so cute. He grins his crooked grin fondly and gives Lily a little kiss on her head. All my little humans are adorable… How can he even think of leaving them behind?

Then he senses something. A strange, faint thumping sound, like a heartbeat. Different than the usual human heartbeats he can hear in the room, but familiar. He knows he’s heard that sound before. When was it? Leila was up in the Celestial Realm… She sent a message with her DDD… There was this thumping sound…

“What the…” Mammon curses. Some people around the room complain to him in their sleep, telling him to be quiet and Mammon quickly swallows the rest of his curses that threaten to spill. 

He lies down next to Lily again. The sound comes from her. It can’t be Leila, he would have known. He carefully moves his ear over her stomach, until he hears the obvious thumping sound near her lower belly. There’s no denying what he’s hearing. A second heartbeat! Lily is pregnant?! Who is the father?!! It takes all Mammon’s wits to not start loudly shouting those questions. Of course HE is the father… Who else could it be? Ugh! His new brothers are going to kill him! 

He needs to be responsible about this though. Because of Pandora, he’s already got some experience caring for a baby. He knows what it takes. He needs to start saving grimm… Ugh, that’s goin’ to be torment! But a new Nephilim in the family will be cute. He can already imagine his own little squirt playing with Pandora… Does Lily know? Should he tell this news to his new brothers already? Dammit! He’s SO dead! Maybe I better wait a couple o’ weeks...


Mammon keeps tossing and turning as he thinks about this all. Not noticing how Belphegor is leaning on one arm, looking at him with a glare: The way his new idiot brother Mammon is acting right now will wake up Leila. Which means he has to let her go again. It seems that Mammon has just discovered Lily’s pregnancy as well. And seeing him worry like that must mean he thinks he’s the father. Ugh… What a moron… Belphegor rolls his eyes and tries to fall asleep again.



James POV

“...I’m still tired.” Belphegor yawns, looking grumpy. We may have made it extra late last night and all didn’t get much sleep. It must be even worse for him. “Oh, hey… Satan. Make a cup of that for me, too.”

“Make it yourself.” Satan sips from his coffee, while trying to lure Shado on his lap. It’s not working. Instead Chimera comes to check if he has a treat for her. Heh. “It’s not like the espresso machine is hard to use. You just press one button.”

“Hmph, jerk.” Belphegor glares at him, getting up almost as if it is too much effort. “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

“Asmo, careful.” Lucifer warns Asmodeus, who is balancing two trays with smoothies towards the table. “Don’t step on the vacuum cleaner.”

The roomba whizzes just past Asmodeus' feet and Shado quickly chases it to reclaim his throne. “D’ah! Yikes!” Asmodeus almost drops both his trays, obviously not used to a cat around the house yet.

Leviathan laughs as he watches Shado doing his rounds on the roomba. “...Hey, remember back when we first came to the Human World…” He smirks at Satan, who looks after Shado with a goofy grin, taking pictures with his DDD. “And Satan didn’t know what the robot vacuum was? What did he think it was again?”

“A vehicle for cats!” I laugh. That’s pretty much how we had the guys from our reality believing all the time and Shado only proved our point.

“Right, that was it!” Leviathan laughs. “Pff lolol a VEHICLE! LMAO”

“Well, he isn’t entirely wrong, anymore.” Leila laughs. “Look at Shado enjoying his ride.”

“Besides, I was trying to say that it can ALSO be used as a vehicle for cats. Even though it was designed to be a vacuum cleaner.” Satan’s face is flushed, both from embarrassment and a bit because Shado looks so cute on the roomba. 

“Oh no...uh-uh!” Leviathan keeps teasing. He looks to be feeling much better today. “That’s a lie and you know it. You were totally convinced it was a thing cats ride on!”

“Levi, sit down and eat.” Lucifer sighs tiredly. He probably should have just gone to his own room last night, instead of keeping watch over us. “Beel, you’ve got whipped cream around your mouth.”

Beelzebub just keeps munching, looking like he couldn’t be happier today. It makes me both happy and sad, seeing him this way. I decide to help him out and I levitate a napkin over to him to wipe. “Thanks James.” He smiles so cute at me that most sadness disappears. He immediately keeps on munching and soon his mouth is covered with something else. Oh well…

Belphegor looks impressed. “So you and Lily don’t need to recite an incantation anymore to use simpler magic like that?” He grins at Satan and Lucien, who both grin in return. Oh boy, they’re already planning for a new prank, no doubt. I see Lily shrug with a little smile my way. We already know it.

“We’ve been practicing a lot.” She tells him. It’s true. Every time she came over to our other mansion, Leila has been tutoring us in Solomon’s absence. “Soon we have to face the Society again.”

*yaaawn* “...Mornin’…” Mammon comes in, loudly yawning and looking very sleepy still. 

“Mammon! Look out!” Leviathan tries to warn him. “Shado on his roomba!”

“Eh…?” Mammon asks groggily. “Wha? AAAAH?!” Suddenly Mammon is launched backwards to the living room next to the dining room and he lands on the couch, then he falls off it. “Oy! Leila! That blast of wind, was that really necessary?!” He stands up, fully awake and very indignant.

“You were about to step on Shado.” Leila explains innocently as almost everyone looks at her with surprise. “I didn’t want you to hurt yourself, or him.” She focuses again on Pandora who is bouncing on her little legs on Leila’s lap in excitement! Her uncle just flew through the room and her mommy did that! “Now, Pandora. Try this…” 

Leila has recently started to give Pandora more solid food, usually fruit mashed up in some sort of horrible looking sauce. Pandora eagerly tries it, but then loses almost everything again, because it's a different kind of texture and taste that she doesn’t know what to do with. She still seems to like the taste of it, though. As she keeps eagerly opening her mouth for the spoon.

“Well done, Leila.” Lucifer compliments her with a smirk towards Mammon, who comes grumbling to the table to finally eat his breakfast. “Mammon, hurry up. We don’t want to be late on the first day of RAD.”

“Next time ya do somethin’ like that, be GENTLER about it!” Mammon scolds Leila with a glare. “No more sendin’ me flying, got it?!”

“It looked pretty funny.” Lucien tells him with a grin, earning himself a glare as well. “And she blew you onto the couch. It’s not her fault you fell off…” A good-natured argument between the two of them follows.

“Hey!” Suddenly Lily is protesting when Mammon takes the mug of coffee out of her hands and drinks it himself in one go. “My coffee…” Lily pouts. 

“Ya sure ya should be drinkin’ that stuff?” Mammon fidgets while Lily and the rest of us wonder what’s up with him. “I mean...ya got those bags under your eyes and you’re lookin’ a little thin.” He grabs someone’s smoothie and pushes it towards her.

“Rude.” Lily mumbles, rolling her eyes. 

“Moron.” Belphegor grumbles under his breath, barely heard by most of us. I catch Leila eyeing them all suspiciously. Leila and I exchange a look: Something is going on.

“So, you’re all going to summon us to the Human World from now on, right?” Beelzebub asks. “So we can still visit?”

“No, Lily hasn’t learned that yet.” Leila tells him. “And I don’t have my pacts restored with all of you…” They all look like they want to fix this right now, but stop just in time, seeing Leila’s still hurt expression as she thinks of the death of our own demons. She shakes it off, though. Putting on a brave face. “Barbatos and I will make a special portal today, after he closes off your rooms for the Human World. You can come visit us through that.” Preferably not all at once . I read from her face.

“We will let you know the schedule soon.” I tell them for her. “It’s still overwhelming for us, to…”

A lot of shouting about who has the right to go first erupts while I’m still explaining. Lucifer sighs before shouting at them. “Quiet, all of you. Hurry up and eat your breakfast. We’re running late.”