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Life's For The Living

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James POV

I’m feeling sad as well as relieved when Solomon transported our ragtag group of refugees to an old Manor he owns on the Isle of Man. I didn’t really want to hurt the others by leaving like that, it wasn’t their fault on how we are feeling right now, but we also couldn’t stay there with them, not yet.. We need some distance to heal. I was told we’re only a nine or so hour car and ferry ride from Serenity Manor. We landed on the paved walkway that leads up to the Manor. It's definitely older but still has a stately sort of charm. Not that any of that is very interesting to me right now. 

“ACHOO!” I can’t help the large sneeze that sneaks up on me as we enter the main entry hall. Dust floats in the air. That’s when I notice we’re not the only ones in the house. There’s two people, dressed like old fashioned maids. One of them is mopping the floor and another is dusting off the chandelier. I can hear the sounds of other people further in as well.

“Oh, I should have mentioned. I doubted any of the larger houses have been used in a long while, so I hired some maids to get the Manor in order. They’ll be gone by the end of the day.” Solomon assures us. “Unless you’d like one or two of them to stay and help out?” He asks, looking to Leila for an answer.

“...I’m not sure…” Leila looks to be a bit overwhelmed with the large property. And having to make a decision about that on the spot.

“I’ll let them come over once a week then.” Solomon decides. “And you can dismiss them whenever you feel you can handle things yourself. Now, let me give you all a tour of the property, it's been so long since I’ve been here…” He leads the way and we follow.

I barely pay attention as Solomon gives us a tour of the five bedroom, six bathroom Manor. Complete with a Library, office and workroom. Solomon has assigned us rooms, so there’s no arguments. Even though I don’t think Mammon has it in him to throw one of his normal objections out. The rooms are nice, but they don’t compare to what he has at the House of Lamentation or even Serenity Manor. I’d like to think he’s matured but most likely he’s just too depressed to care right now. 

I flop back on the bed, thankful that the maids got the rooms ready first. I feel like I could sleep the week away. You’d think losing pieces of your soul might make you feel lighter, but I’ve never felt heavier in my life. 


Lucifer POV

Two days have passed since James, Leila and the others left, leaving us with a bereft feeling in their wake. I had misjudged Leila. Seeing her keeping it together, taking care of her baby, healing Lily… I didn’t realize the depths of her anguish, until my pact with her snapped into place. Not even the loss of Lilith could compare to her despair of losing two mates. Losing our sister had nearly destroyed our family, like a slow-killing pestilence. I couldn’t allow myself to make the same mistakes again. I had to make sure we shouldered these burdens together. But I have to respect that she needs some time to give it all a place in her heart. That they all need that.

I was glad to be getting Lily out of the house today. She’d barely left her room these past days and we’d been taking turns coaxing her to eat and holding her as she cried. Lily, who hated others to see her cry, wept openly and honestly. Now, standing outside her door I brace myself. Although she knows of our appointment… Well, let’s just say I’ll be glad if she’s at least out of bed.

“Come in.” I hear her call, as if she could sense me outside her door. 

Walking in I’m relieved to see that she’s out of bed. Not only that but she’s gotten properly dressed too. None of us said anything, but seeing her basically living in one of Solomon’s old sweaters the past two days was making us ill at ease. 

“You look beautiful Lily.” I tell her with much fondness. Even though the dark circles still linger under her eyes and the smile she gives me doesn’t quite reach them either. 

I watch as she tugs on her dress skirt nervously. “I wanted to put in some effort, I don’t want Leila or James to worry about me.” She tells me. There’s guilt in her expression, probably because she knows that we’ve been very worried for her. 

I cup her cheek gently and make her meet my gaze. “I think it’ll do you some good to get some fresh sea air today.” I smirk when the mere mention of sea air brings some life back to her eyes. “I know you need time to grieve, but I don’t like seeing you wasting away in this room.” 

“I know.” She tells me quietly, trying to look away but I force her to keep her gaze on me.

“I know you feel lost, but we’re here for you and you still have much purpose and potential left in your life.” I remind her before releasing her and giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

“I’ve been thinking about that…” She confesses. “I had such grand visions of what our life would look like..” she chokes back a sob and I gently wipe a tear from her cheek. “Solomon was going to help me find my father after...and I’m not giving up on that. There are still people who need me here.” She says with a determination in her eyes that I’m relieved to see hasn’t been snuffed out. 

However, this business with her father is dangerous. “We will all help you find your father. But you must promise me that you won't do anything foolish.” I warn her sternly. “I..We couldn't bear to lose you.”

She nods in agreement, giving me a lighter, more genuine smile before embracing me. I’m glad she seems compliant, but I never know with her. I’ll have to keep an eye on things even closer.


James POV

It’s the day before the funeral and Lily and Lucifer are on their way to visit us at our new home. The distance made it difficult for day visits and Leila wasn't ready to have guests stay overnight, so Barbatos made a portal that connects Serenity Manor to our place. Except Leila didn’t want to risk demons bursting into the Manor any time they pleased, so the portal can only be opened by Lily, myself or Leila. For extra security, the portal opens up at the guest house, which sits half a mile down the road on the cliff by the sea. To call it a guest house is a little generous, it’s more of a one bed, one bath cottage with a tiny kitchenette. 

I’ve decided to walk down and meet them. When I arrive I can already see them standing near the cliff's edge. They both have their backs to me, Lucifer’s posture is stiff and proud as always, his arms are crossed over his chest as if he’s about to give the wind a lecture for pulling on his coat. It’s still hard to look at him so my eyes avert to Lily. She’s wearing a long cream colored dress that is billowing in the wind, her hand is set firmly against her head to keep her straw hat from blowing away. I can’t hear what she’s saying but I can see her acting animated with her free hand, pointing down at the cove we haven’t explored yet. 

When they hear me approaching and turn to face me, Lily has an excited smile on her face. I can’t help but smile too, it’s so good to see her smile like that. The last time I saw her she was so numb and vacant, I hated seeing her like that. Maybe because I care about her, but maybe also because I didn’t like seeing my own feelings reflected in her face. My dismal thoughts are broken when Lily is suddenly in front of me, wrapping me up in a big hug. 

“Oh James! I’m so glad to see you. You didn’t tell me how wonderful it is here!” She tells me.

I can’t help laughing a bit. She reminds me of Leila, my cousin instantly fell in love with the property here. The gardens, lush rolling lawns, the stream that trickles through a small forest we haven’t explored and of course the sea shore nearby. Personally I prefer the city but it hasn’t been bad here, so far, we’ll see how long I last before it begins to drive me crazy. 

“Did you know there’s a mermaid down at the cove? You’ll need to be careful.” She tells me as we walk back towards the Manor. Lucifer has been silent the whole time, except for the nod of greeting he gave me. “Oh look Lucifer, they have a forest close by, and look at that hill over there!” She points. “I bet there’s fairies here, James. You haven’t seen or heard anything since you moved here, right? You should leave some cream out in a saucer every night, just in case.”

“I didn’t know, are you sure?” I ask her with a laugh. Leila will be delighted, although it does worry me some, thinking back to our camping trip at Lake Lo Lanthe. I believe Leila is already busy - she’s busy with a lot of things to keep herself distracted from her sadness and pain - with making bowls and gifts for Fae. She had to leave those behind, not thinking she would need those in the Celestial Realm, where we thought we would go.

“Mmhm.” Lily murmurs back, her eyes look far away in thought. “Actually, there’s something I need to tell you and Leila. Something I learned about myself recently.”

I can’t help noticing how stiff Lucifer looks, whatever it is, he doesn’t seem that happy about it. Or perhaps it’s just concern? I’m now more curious about what it could be, but I don’t press her to tell me. She’ll want to share the news with Leila at the same time, I’m sure. If there are fairies around I’d have to add onto Leila’s contingency plans. Ever since we moved here two days ago, she’s already made several emergency escape plans. Bags are always packed with the minimum essentials at all times. I can’t say I blame her after what we’ve been through, but it worries me too, I hate seeing her so distressed even though she does a damn good job of hiding it. 

Lily and I enter through the main doors of the Manor, but we turn when we hear Lucifer curse under his breath as he hits Leila and Solomon’s invisible barrier. Oops, forgot about that. “Sorry.” I grimace at Lily’s look of surprise and Lucifer’s frown. “One of the new security measures.”

I clear my throat and address Lucifer, I can’t seem to meet his eyes though. Not yet. “Lucifer, do you swear to do no harm against those who dwell in this house?” I ask him formally.

I can see Lucifer clench his jaw, before he says. “I swear.”

“Then Lucifer, you are welcome here.” I tell him with a sigh and a sheepish look. I completely understand why Leila and Solomon guarded our house from demons, the least of which was to protect Lucien’s soul. But that was totally uncomfortable. I’ll make Mammon do it next time. Luckily Lucifer doesn’t ask me about it. He’s obviously trying to be on his best behavior, hoping we’ll move back sooner than later.  

The others have been waiting for us in the parlor. Shado is sunbathing in the window, Mammon and Lucien are playing a card game, arguing a bit, but mostly laughing. Chimera is scurrying about, admiring herself in the - too heavy for her to take - shiny candleholders and Leila is feeding Pandora. It’s a peaceful picture. Not at all what Lucifer expected, judging by the slightly surprised expression on his face. Heh. It is probably more peaceful here than at Serenity Manor. He shouldn’t have made assumptions.

Of course the arrival of Lucifer and Lily themselves, breaks the spell of peace. Which is sort of funny for me to watch. Chimera dives for him in enthusiastic greeting, thinking he’s the Lucifer she knows. He catches her, before she messes up his appearance and places her on Lily’s shoulder, which of course delights them both. Shado meows at Chimera, probably scolding her for waking him up from his nap in the sun, and comes over to greet Lily as well. Mammon seems to be happy to see Lucifer - even if he would never say it - and comes over to awkwardly shake his hand. They’re still a bit awkward together. Lucien and Leila just smile at our guests in welcome.

Now we’re all settled in the parlor after Leila has fed Pandora and put her down for a nap. She’s just returned with a large tray of tea and scones with jam and clotted cream for us to enjoy while we talk. “So what’s this news you had to share?” I ask Lily.

Lily launches into a tale about her missing father, something we knew about. “...Well, right before the bogeyman was released, I found out that my father is trapped in the land of Faery.” I’m definitely surprised by this news, but what Lily says next really shocks me. “I found out my father is half fae..which means I’m a quarter fae myself. Solomon and I guessed this is why I can’t tolerate the Devildom as well as you guys and it also explains my natural abilities, it’s my innate fae magic.” Lily has a wistful expression on her face, she’s excited to share this news with us but I can tell she’s thinking about Solomon too. 

“The whole story is that I’ve actually known about all of this since Lake Lo Lanthe, except I was bespelled to forget everything. I only gained back my memories right before the bogeyman incident and honestly I think I was only given back some of my memories. And it’s only because of a little flame spirit that decided he would rather be my familiar than work for the Fae that summoned him to spy on me in the first place.” 

Leila’s face lights up in excitement, hearing Lily tell her tale. “Ooh, Lily!” She hugs her friend tightly. “You’re a Fae? Finally I’ve met a real Fae in person! And you have an elemental spirit as a familiar?!” 

Lily giggles at Leila’s enthusiasm and Chimera dances happily between their shoulders. “Well a quarter fae anyway. And yes, he likes to take the form of a little blue Salamander. His name is Cinaed, but I call him Cinder.”

“How does Cinder communicate?” Leila asks with enthusiasm. 

Lily scrunches her brows. “Well..telepathically I suppose?”

Then a realization suddenly strikes Leila. “Oh! so this is why Chimera has been calling you ‘Sister Lily’. I honestly thought she thinks we’re sisters.” Leila exclaims in realization as they laugh. Leila launches into a whole list of questions that Lily hardly has any answers for, but we all smile, seeing her so genuinely excited about this news.

“At least Lily won’t try to kidnap Leila.” Mammon mutters under his breath to Lucien, who nods in agreement. They’re both a lot less excited about Fae in general, for obvious reasons.

Lucifer looks up a bit alarmed, hearing this. We never told our friends the whole story about what happened that night at Lake lo Lanthe, after all. I hope he doesn’t insist that we move back to Serenity Manor immediately for safety now. That won’t end well between him and Leila. But it looks like he’s holding his tongue. Though I can tell it takes a lot from him. He can’t protect us all the way over here, he has to trust that Solomon is doing that for him.

“We must soon discover all you can do, Lily.” Leila ignores them, already dreaming about research sessions about magic and Fae together. “Oh, this is so exciting!” 

While she’s petting Chimera, Lily continues her story. “I told James on the way up to the Manor that I can sense Fae activity in the area, it’s still very new to me and I have a lot to learn. But I’m eager to make contact again so I can finally find my father.” She tells us. 

“There’s no reason to rush into anything.” Lucifer warns her and I can tell by the look on her face this isn’t the first time they’ve had this discussion. “Fae are capricious and unpredictable. You have a lot more studying to do.”

“The Fae on the Isle of Man are called ‘Themselves’ by the locals.” Leila tells us all, but mostly Lily, who is listening with enthusiasm. “There are a lot of fairy tales involving them. But a lot of them are about tricksters... I will do some research about them and…”

Lucifer heaves a sigh, he tries not to frown but fails. “She should look for him when she’s ready. I don’t plan on losing any more family members under my watch. Especially after what happened at Lake Lo Lanthe ” He tells us and we all feel the case is closed for now. Lucifer is probably right: Now is not the time to get lost in the land of Faery, on top of being dropped into a whole new reality. 

“What happened at Lake Lo Lanthe?” I can’t help asking. We were under the impression that Lily had an almost completely uneventful trip aside from their fairy flowers being stolen. 

“It’s a long story.” Lily sighs, clearly she doesn’t want to provoke Lucifer further but she gives us a look that says. I’ll explain later.  

“Leila.” He changes the subject completely now. “I still hope you and the others will join us eventually back at Serenity Manor. So, I still need a list of your needs. All of your needs.” He looks to me and Lucien as well, while avoiding looking at Shado and Chimera. Though he knows as well as anyone in this room that he has to fully accept them too, before Leila would even consider coming back.

She won’t point that out to him now though. “It won’t be soon, Lucifer.” Leila tells him softly, but in a way he knows she’s determined and cannot be persuaded to come back before we’re ready. “We need time. But of course I will make a list for what we need. I will have a list for you when I see you tomorrow for the funeral.”

“I would really like it if you came back.” Lily says softly as she reaches over to rest her hand on Lucifer’s arm. “But I also know why it’s not possible yet.” She’s doing her best to support Lucifer and the rest of us at the same time. I can’t fault her for it because I know I’d be doing the same if our roles were reversed. 

Lucifer nods and that seems to be the end of that conversation as well. “Before I forget.” He says, gesturing to Lily. Her eyes widen as if just remembering something too as she reaches into her bag. She hands a bunch of D.D.D.’s over to Lucifer who passes them out to the rest of us. “You will need these.” He tells us.

They’re already activated and ready to go, everyone’s numbers have been added to the contacts already. Lucien has been given a brand new number. I immediately notice that Lucifer has added himself to my emergency speed-dial. Looking up, I see Leila smile and nod at him. He must have put his number on speed-dial for all of us. A quiet reminder that he sees us as his family and that he will be ready for us whenever we need him.


Some lighter conversation follows until Mammon invites Lucifer to join him and Lucien for a game of cards. I was almost surprised to see how readily, almost eagerly Lucifer agreed to play. While they are distracted, the girls waste no time in exchanging conspiratorial glances before moving to the kitchen. Curious, I decide to follow them. 

“What type of Fae do you think live around the manor?” Leila asks, as she shows Lily her crafts for Fae gifts. The little wooden bowls and cups made out of nutshells are just as shiny as the ones she had to leave behind. 

“Well this is what I’ve learned so far.” Lily tells Leila in a hushed tone. As if she’s afraid Lucifer will over hear them and spoil their fun. Neither of them have noticed me leaning against the wall, as they start with preparing their little Fae feast. “The fae that typically still dwell in the Human World are mostly harmless creatures, some like to play pranks but most will leave you alone unless you offend them. I suspect you could attract a brownie if you leave out some bread and milk, cheese and nuts are good as well. Honey, cakes, cookies. Anything sweet, really.” She taps her lips in thought, while Chimera makes sure she’s on top of things, trying to steal sips and bites. “If I helped you bring the garden back to life you’d probably attract pixies. Although I’ve heard they can be as troublesome as they are delightful.” 

“That would be lovely!” I can already see Leila getting all sorts of ideas in her head when she tells Lily. “Want to go see the forest? We haven’t explored it yet.”

Lily nods her head enthusiastically. “I want to check out the hill I saw too. It reminds me of the one near Lake Lo Lanthe.” 

“Let's give them the feast over there then.” Leila starts packing up their preparations and grabs Lily’s hand as she pulls her towards the backdoor off the kitchen. I know Leila must be eager to hear all about that. “Mammon and Lucien wouldn’t like it if I started luring them to the manor now. Besides, Chimera would steal it all if I’m not careful.” She laughs cheerily and infectiously. It does me good to see her excited about something frivolous like this. She’s too serious and tense.

“Leaving without me?” I ask them, just when they’re about to leave the manor. I can’t help grinning in satisfaction as they both give a frightened start. 

“Oh, James.” Lily gasps with her hand over her heart. It’s really hard not to laugh right now, seeing the guilty looks on their faces. 

I end up joining them on their little excursion. Not because I'm terribly interested in meeting Fae, but someone has to keep an eye on these two Fae-crazy girls. Chimera, of course, has joined us as well. Happily chattering on Leila’s shoulder, she’s taken the glamour of a little blue parakeet. And Shado walks in front of us, his fluffy tail held high, proudly leading the way. We don’t spend too much time in the woods, Lily doesn’t sense anything living there, only magic that is old, as if something had passed through but is gone now. 

“I want to check this out again on the next full moon.” Lily tells us as we sit around an old oak tree at the top of the hill she wanted to see. I notice our climb up the hill has left her looking tired, unusual for someone as athletic as she is, it’s probably the depression. I know I can relate.

The girls have just made a little party area for the Fae on a small flat stone. Laying out all the gifts they prepared for them. Leila is feeding Chimera and Shado little treats, to keep them away from stealing from the feast. 

We have told Lily about what happened when we visited Lake lo Lanthe. How two groups of Fae battled over us and how Leila got enchanted during the revelry afterwards, having no memory of that herself. And Lily has now told us all about what happened to her at Lake lo Lanthe as well. Not exactly the same adventure, but there are a couple of similarities. How she had fallen into a faery revelry but had no memory of it afterwards. Later, she met a Fae, right before the bogeyman incident who gave her memories back. If I didn’t already know better, it would have been hard to believe.  

“I have a good feeling I can get into the land of Faery from here.” Lily tells us now, confidently. It seems odd to me, I don’t know what would give her that impression. Nothing seems out of the ordinary to me. Fae magic must feel different than what we’re used to. “I couldn’t feel it until I knew what I was looking for.” Lily says as if reading my thoughts. Here I thought only Leila could do that. Heh. Or maybe it was obvious by my raised eyebrow. “Even if you and James aren’t Fae.” She tells Leila. “I bet if you visited Faery, you’d be more sensitive to it.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.” Leila nods. “You have to teach yourself to open up to the magic, just like with the other energies we’re used to by now.” She gently pets Chimera in her bird appearance. “I can’t really sense Chimera’s magic, maybe she’s too little…? It’s not because she doesn’t have any magic.” She explains to Lily. “She breathes fire, can glamour herself and can make flowers and fairy rings during her own little moon dances.”

“Hmm, maybe it’s because it's her innate magic ability and she is tiny. Different from casting a spell?” Lily muses out loud. 


I’m about to say something when our new D.D.D.s start blowing up with messages and calls. I guess the guys realized we left the house. “Hi Mammon.” I say, answering his call. “Ow. You don’t need to shout. We’re just on the hill.” I glance at the girls who are responding to texts. “No, we didn’t see any fairies.” I laugh. “Sure, don’t worry. Bye.” I hang up. “We need to come back, and immediately.” I tell the girls with a smirk. “Or else…”

They both roll their eyes in unison, but stand up and dust themselves off anyway. When we walk back we see Mammon and Lucifer coming up on the path up the hill to meet us halfway. Leila gives them a very stern frown, surprising Lucifer, because by the look on his face he was about to give us a scolding for sneaking off, himself. 

But before she can say something, Mammon already shouts. “I know what ya gonna say! We didn’t leave Pandora all alone in the house. Lucien is with her.” 

That dissolves Leila’s frown immediately into a smile and Lucifer seems to decide to not start lecturing us. By the look on his face, he completely forgot about Pandora napping in the house when he took Mammon with him for his search for us. Caring for the baby doesn’t come natural to him yet. 

We all had a pleasant rest of the day, despite the circumstances. It was a nice change, seeing Lily and Leila smiling easy and excited over something. I know it doesn’t change anything, the grief will still be waiting for us when the distractions end. We all want to get along together, because it is none of our fault that we are in the situation that we’re in. But by the time Lucifer and Lily go home, I’m ready to collapse from exhaustion. Dealing with Lucifer, so soon after I felt the other him dying… It’s too much. I miss my own Lucifer and Beel. I miss them all, so much. Tomorrow is the funeral. Maybe it becomes more real to me then. Maybe.

Just before I descend into sadness again, my new DDD starts buzzing with texts again. I open the chat to distract myself. I don’t want to feel sad, after the nice day we had together.


New Family (11)

< Lucien: Check this out!
< Lucien: *Picture of Lucifer holding Pandora.*

I smile, remembering when it was taken. Leila had brought Pandora down after her nap and asked if Lucifer would want to hold her. He was a bit hesitant about it, but agreed. One of Pandora’s toothless smiles at him was enough to soften up his whole stern expression. It was so endearing and Leila was beaming with pride at the two of them.

< Satan: (Shocked-Demon sticker)
< Belphegor: (Surprised-Demon sticker)
< Leviathan: (Shocked-Demon sticker)
< Asmodeus: Oh my! Lucifer! How adorable!
< Asmodeus: (Demon-in-Love sticker)
> Lily: You should have seen it! It was so sweet...
< Lucifer: She is quite a well behaved baby. There may be hope for this family yet.
> Leila: I love that picture! Thanks Lucien!

< Beelzebub: Leila, what does Pandora eat now? Is she already old enough to eat Roast Roc?
< Belphegor: Ugh, think about it Beel...
< Beelzebub: Right. She doesn’t have teeth yet. It probably needs to go in the blender first. (Nodding-Demon sticker)
< Beelzebub: I like chewing, but drinking your food is sometimes nice too. It goes down faster, so you can eat more. (Eating-Demon sticker)
< Lucifer: (Frustrated-Demon sticker)
> James: (Laughing-Demon sticker)

I can’t help laughing. Beel has such strange ideas about food, no matter what reality he’s from. I just love this demon, even if it is painful to be reminded of my own, like this. It still makes me smile.

> Leila: She now drinks only milk, Beelzebub. Breastmilk or Formula, depending on my production.
< Beelzebub: I wonder what that tastes like…
< Mammon: (Shocked-Demon sticker)
< Leviathan: (Shocked-Demon sticker)
< Satan: Don’t even think about it!
< Belphegor: Ugh, don’t be weird to Leila, Beel. 
< Beelzebub: Sorry…
> Leila: It’s okay. Soon she can start tasting pureed food. 
> Lily: I bet that will be adorable for pictures too!
< Satan: Messy food pictures of Lucifer and Pandora. (Laughing-Demon sticker)
< Mammon: Those will go for some good Grimm!
< Lucifer: Don’t you dare! (Threatening-Demon sticker)
> Leila: Don’t you dare! (Threatening-Demon sticker)

I laugh again when I see Lucifer and Leila react exactly the same at exactly the same time. They are more alike than they would ever want to admit! Heh.

< Mammon: Oy! I gotta make some cash! I got zero in this reality!
> Leila: You know my rules about posting or selling pictures of me or Pandora, Mammon!
< Mammon: Aww...
> James: You never had any cash anyway! (Laughing-Demon sticker)
< Mammon: Don’t tell THEM that, James!
< Leviathan: LOL We already knew that, Mammon. Obviously no Mammon ever has any money.
< Mammon: Oy! Whaddya say?!
< Lucien: Wow… This escalated quickly…
< Leviathan: By the way…
< Leviathan: Not to sound insensitive, but is Lucien now part of this family too?

Uh-Oh, sounds like Leviathan is a bit jealous… I hope Lucien won’t take it personal.

< Lucifer: Yes he is.
< Mammon: Course he is!
< Mammon: He’s my littlest bro and don’t any of ya dare callin’ him a Chihuahua!
> Leila: Aww, Mammon! I’m so proud of you! (Hugging-Demon sticker)
< Lucien: Thanks, Mammon. (Shy-Demon sticker)
< Mammon: Sure thing! The Great Mammon ‘ll watch over ya!
< Mammon: You’re more of a Dachshund anyway. Y’know, since you’re taller now. (Grinning-Demon sticker)

Lots of laughing, snickering and grinning demon stickers follow this comment.

< Lucien: Ugh. Jerk.
> Leila: I’m suddenly less proud of you, Mammon…
< Belphegor: So I’m no longer the youngest of us brothers?
< Belphegor: I don’t know how I feel about that…
> Lily: I’m sure you’ll be just fine. I for one, am happy to relinquish the role of youngest in the family to Pandora!  
< Belphegor: (Rolling-Eyes-Demon sticker) Fine, no one can compete with her for the role of youngest.

More nonsensical conversation follows until deep into the night. Everyone is trying to cheer each other up. Nobody wants to think about tomorrow and the funeral right now. And I think that’s fine.