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At the sound of the doorbell, Martin’s head jerked up involuntarily from where he was leaning against Douglas’ legs, curled cozily on the floor. Douglas looked down at him from his seat on the sofa, his fingers pausing in their quest through his sub’s hair. The FO chuckled, noting Martin’s expectant, excited expression – excitement mirrored in the speeding of his own pulse.


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“Go on then,” he ordered, gently. “Let our guest in, there’s a boy.”


Martin didn’t reply verbally – always a sign that he was dropping into subspace, that his brain was re-tuning to a different frequency from that which he required as Douglas’ (increasingly competent) captain. Instead, he stood and walked to the front door, anticipation evident in his springy steps – though he still wore his submission beautifully in the arch of his neck, his ducked head. Douglas had never been a dom who fantasised about seeing his sub crawl everywhere for him; for him it had always been about meeting his boy’s needs for praise and affection, using sparing chastisement to encourage focus on him - and only him - as the captain's dom.


Except tonight… tonight, thought Douglas, the idea was very much that Martin’s attentions wouldn’t only be on him. A shiver of expectant pleasure ran through him at the thought, and he stood as Martin led their guest by the hand into the room. “Ah, Herc,” Douglas said, and it was almost a purr. “You managed to navigate here alright, I see.” His eyebrow quirked. “Not like when you had to find Tokyo Narita in ’94, then.” He beckoned Martin back to his side with a crooked finger, and the sub folded unbidden to his knees to lean back against Douglas’ thigh, sending a warm throb through his dom’s core.


Herc smiled, unruffled by the tease. “Well, your invitation was…” he looked them both over and deliberately ran the tip of his tongue over his lower lip – “enticing, to say the least.”


Douglas felt Martin’s light quiver against him, had to bite back a smile at his sub’s transparent eagerness. He gripped Martin’s nape with a firm hand, urging him to look up and meet his eyes. “Are you ready?”


Martin nodded. “Yes, sir.”


Douglas smoothed his hand down, between Martin’s shoulder blades. “Good boy.” He released him. “You know where to go.” Martin smiled, blissfully, and pressed his side harder into Douglas for a moment before he stood and left the room, hips swaying in a way he could only ever manage unconsciously, when he was entirely focused on Douglas.


Douglas and Herc both watched his exit with appreciative eyes. Herc gave a low hum of approval. “It’s quite the treat you have there, you know,” he murmured, and Douglas just barely managed to keep the gloat from his voice as he responded ‘I’m aware.’


Douglas stepped closer to the other dom. “Need anything before we… begin?” he enquired, more as a matter of form than anything else.


Herc considered. “I don’t think so. I’ll need Martin to affirm his safeword before we start, of course.”


“Naturally,” Douglas acknowledged, and tried to conceal the approval he felt that Martin’s wellbeing was Herc’s first concern. He and his sub had indeed chosen well when selecting a participant for this. He gestured after Martin. “In that case – shall we?”


Herc grinned. “Lead on.”